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Zentonil Plus

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Liver Support Supplement for Pets

The liver performs some crucial functions in dogs and cats. It filters toxins out of their blood, produces bile that helps digest fat, and stores glycogen as a backup source of energy. When the liver is not able to function properly, acute or chronic liver problems can occur. Common causes of liver problems in dogs and cats include diseases such as infectious canine hepatitis and fatty liver disease, certain medications and exposure to harmful chemicals. Liver problems produce a variety of symptoms ranging from jaundice to chronic vomiting. Liver problems require proper veterinary care. Supplements that support healthy liver function can also help.

Zentonil Plus for dogs and cats is a supplement that is designed to provide help for acute and chronic liver damage and mild liver disease. It is also used to help treat or prevent liver problems that occur due to drugs such as NSAIDs. The active ingredient in this product is S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), which makes liver cell membranes stronger. This helps repair liver damage, supports the formation of antioxidants that help protect the liver from free radical damage and promotes healthy liver function. Zentonil Plus for hepatic stress comes in the form of flavored tablets for cats and small, medium and large-sized dogs.

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