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Zodiac House & Yard

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Itís your job to keep your family and pet safe from ticks and fleas. These creatures thrive in hot and humid season and can invade your pet and your home. Creating much more than just a nuisance, ticks and fleas are carriers of life-threatening diseases some of which can be transmitted to humans. Simply put, you cannot afford to don a casual approach when it comes to dealing with ticks and fleas in your home. The best way forward is to buy a quality home and yard treatment product that can kill the existing parasitic population and prevent future ones from ever occurring.
Zodiac House and Yard treatment products promise to do just that. These products use potent ingredients to disrupt the life cycle of the parasites and they work amazingly well in quickly controlling a serious infestation. Zodiac Yard and Garden Spray comes with a sprayer attachment and is perfect for killing fleas and ticks present on shrubs, lawns, and trees. Zodiac Fogger kills ticks, fleas, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, and spiders in your home. If you have a flea population dwelling in your carpet, then the Zodiac Carpet and Upholstery Spray should be the weapon of choice. Check out the entire Zodiac House and Yard treatment product line to order products that suit your needs.

Read the precautionary statement printed on each product label before usage. These products are for yard and home treatment only and thus should not be applied to pets or other animals.

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