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  3. Zoe (3/15/10)

Zoe (3/15/10)

Name: Zoe
Breed: Boxer
Submitted by: Ellyn D.
Location: Dracut, MA

This is my sweet dog Zoe. She is a seven year old boxer and we live in Dracut Massachusetts. Zoe loves to play with her stuffed babies, and pounce on them and just carry them around the house for us to see. She loves treats of all kinds, and gets plenty. At times we will enter a room and there she is on her back with her limbs in the air and all that moves are her eyes, we really don't know why she does this but it makes us laugh everytime.

She recently was diagnosed with cancer and her best option was to have her back leg amputated. It was a hard decision and as heartbreaking as it was for us, it was the right decision. It's only been five weeks since her amputation but she is getting aroung just fine and sometimes forgets she is missing a leg and ends up in a sitting position with the "what was that all about" look on her face. Zoe does all the things she was able to do with four legs but is no longer in pain from her tumor. Her favorite things in life are her people and we love her dearly. She is amazing and very brave for going through what she has and we are very blessed to have her as part of our family.

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