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azmiraAzmira offers the best in holistic animal care including herbal, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and organic topicals. Homeopathic formulas have been used for decades for safe, natural care of pets with a wide variety of health issues, including allergies, joint support, digestive issues, urinary tract and organ system support.

Azmira offers a safe alternative to conventional medicines for many pets.

Azmira Holistic Animal Care D'Toxifier (1 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care D'Toxifier (1 oz)

($14.99)  $11.49
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox (1 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox (1 oz)

($18.99)  $14.49
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Grape Seed Extract (120 Capsules)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Grape Seed Extract (120 Capsules)

($51.99)  $39.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care SeaSupreme (12 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care SeaSupreme (12 oz)

($23.99)  $17.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care SeaSupreme (6 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care SeaSupreme (6 oz)

($15.99)  $11.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 (100 Softgels)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 (100 Softgels)

($24.99)  $18.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (2 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (2 oz)

($18.99)  $13.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (8 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (8 oz)

($55.99)  $42.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Garlic Daily Aid (180 Soft Gels)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Garlic Daily Aid (180 Soft Gels)

($19.99)  $14.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Sea Supreme Shak'r (2.5 oz)
Azmira Holistic Animal Care Sea Supreme Shak'r (2.5 oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
Azmira Holistic Animal Care D'Toxifier is used for supporting proper digestion, elimination and nutrition or herbs to build the body's response. Use just a few drops at bedtime for an initial two weeks then once a week for maintenance. Can also be used as needed for temporary symptoms of imbalance including allergies, arthritic discomfort, urinary dysfunction and digestive upset.

Azmira's D'Toxifier process benefits prevention and reversal of acute or chronic symptoms by reducing toxic waste in the body which is the cause of disease. This combination also promotes the use of available nutrients to fuel healing and long term wellness.

Arsenicum, Berberis, Iris, Thuja, Juniperus, Phytolacca, Solidago, Taraxacum, Ethanol.
*Do not give with food. Please wait at least 15 minutes.
Give 2 to 4 drops regardless of body weight, or as directed by a health care practitioner.

Use: Repeat one dose at bedtime for intial two weeks, to promote general detoxification, then one dose weekly for maintenance. For acute symptoms give one dose every five to fifteen minutes for the first hour, then every hour after until symptoms are better and continue with one dose two to four times a day until reversed.
Arsenicum, Berberis, Iris, Thuja, Juniperus, Phytolacca, Solidago, Taraxacum, Ethanol.
4.60 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox (1 oz)
If you have puppies this product is a must! by Sixstar Danes from Southern California01/07/2012

Puppies put so many things in their mouths that they often end up with loose stools and upset tummies from Giardia & Coccidia and the like. I've used this product with multiple successes and am very glad as its so much gentler on their systems they chemical wormers. Very easy to give too. :) I put some in a little bit of apple juice & water, soak a small amount of bread in it and top with some raw honey and pups just gobble it down!

Azmira Parasitic Holistic Animal Care by TamJam from Bloomington, Indiana06/03/2014

This is one product that works fine for me. It is a lot more cost effective than a really steep vet bill and all the toxins he might use instead. I like that it can be used not only for a killing of current parasites but also to maintain a parasite free pet. Or as in my case 17! I will post the ones I just got up on this computer. However this is not recommended for use in very young kittens! SO be sure to read the instructions before using it.

great product by 4irfokfgl; from Palmyra, PA08/09/2014

Animal owners have peace of mind knowing their animals are protected from parasites and heartworm in a holistic way. This offers them a healthier animal as well as no complications from side affects.

Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic DTox by Tammy from Bloomington, In.05/22/2014

I have on 2 or 3 or 4 times taken different cats to the vet for the Giardia nasty! The cost was each time out of this world. I bought some of this stuff and gave some to my son for his cats and both of our formerly sick cats are just fine. Keep in mind that neither of us had to administer a fulll 2 weeks of treatment to restore our cats back to good health. Now given the choice, I would much rather buy some of this and have it on hand and use it on my cats than have to haul them in to the vets office and pay an arm and leg and have to force them to swallow a nasty liquid daily! None of my cats like that. I can put this into their food and they eat it all.!I like that this is an herbal remedy and cost effictive.

A BIG DIFFERENCE ALREADY by Kathy from Waymart, Pa.01/01/2012

Just started using Azmira Holistic Animal Care Giardia & Parasitic D'Tox for my three year old Golden Retriever, Maggie, who was diagnosed with Giardia in late November, and my Vet prescribed PANACUR for her along with ALBON. I must say she has only taken 3 doses of it with food and seems to be so much better. I hope this works for her. Hats off to Holistic Animal Care for developing such a great product.

Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care Grape Seed Extract (120 Capsules)
Works wonders!! by Jules from Beautiful Texas Hill Country11/20/2013

I was told my dog would have to have major surgery for luxating patella and I would only be able to walk him for 10 minutes. I put him on the Triple Joint max immediately after doing research. This was five years ago and my blue lab, he's a black lab and blue healer combo turned 9 this month and we walk 2 - 4 miles every single day. He weighs 70 pounds and I give him 2 every day and have almost never missed. He thinks they are treats. I saw a change in him in 2 weeks. I am planning on walking him back in that vet office and recommending they do some research before recommending a surgery on your beloved pet that never works and would have crippled him for life.

Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care SeaSupreme (12 oz)
Sea Meal by Mona from Hong Kong12/12/2012

This product used to be more than 5 years, since my dog is a cream chow, his nose will be turn to red, so I used this product to keep the nose in brown.

Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care Vita E 200 (100 Softgels)
by Stiggy01/23/2013

my vet recommended this for my dog to assist in keeping his liver enzymes at a normal level. i know this supplement isn't wholly responsible for the improvement we've seen, but it's honestly cheaper than medication like Denamarin and my dog eats it like a treat. we're very pleased with this product.

Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (2 oz)
Yucca Drops by Shannon04/25/2012

My dog has had issues with allergies ever since he was a puppy. I've tried SO many different things! It was not only expensive but produced little results. I heard about yucca drops and thought it was worth a try. Initially I ordered a different brand but it worked GREAT! It didn't take but a few days and he stopped chewing and licking his itchy spots. I thought I'd give this brand a try because the price was better and the quantity was more. It works just as well. The only thing is, the dosage recommends 7 drops twice a day. I've found that, for my 75 lb. dog, I only need 7 drops total (4 in the morning and 3 at night).

Works Great! by davidbld10/22/2012

Works great for my cat who is allergic just about to all cat food.

IT WORKS! by kitkat6510/08/2011

My 8 yr. old German Shepherd has had hip dysplasia since he was 4 years old. I have had him on joint supplements but it just wasn't enough to relieve all of the pain. I decided to add Yucca Intensive, in addition to the joint supplements, based on the reviews. I have seen a definite improvement in his mobility; he can get up from a sitting position much easier (no more yelping) and he is not as stiff in his walking.

Perhaps a slight difference? by Latika88 from Minnesota08/05/2012

I've been using this at four times the recommended dose (as I wasn't seeing results at the instructed dose) for the last year for my dog who suffered a bad case of seasonal allergies (or at least that's what the vet thinks) last summer. He had to go on prednisone (steroid) just to open up his airways as bronchodilators and benedryl wasn't working due to his pre-existing condition of tracheal collapse. He is also susceptible to calcium oxalate bladder stones so thus can't be on prednisone long, so I was frantically searching for a safer solution for this year's allergy barrage. I came across this which appears to be the only natural anti-inflammatory for dogs out there aside from salmon oil (which he is on as well). Well, this summer has rolled along and he is starting his coughing fits again at roughly the same time he did last year, however I THINK it is less severe than last year. Time will tell though. So all in all, this really seems to be the only option for natural steroid like supplements and it seems to work well for other people according to reviews. At the very least appears to have tempered the severity of his coughing this year.

Great Addition for Alergy Relief by hinsd from San Diego, CA08/27/2013

After adding to my dog's food for less than a month I notice a big difference with his skin itching allergy problem. I plan to continue as part of my usual plan that involves using Be Super Clean Shampoo, Be Soothed topical spray and fish oil Omega 3 supplement. Those can all be purchased here at reasonable prices.

by from 12/13/2011

After trying everything for our little 10-month old terrier mix, I didn't have really high hopes for this. But WOW. He had such itchy skin, he was constantly chomping on himself and scratching. He was on an all-natural vegetarian food, definitely had no fleas, and I tried several topical treatments as well as fish oil and others.

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Yucca Intensive by Rehna from Ponchatoula, La. and Abingdon, Va05/25/2012

My 8 year old pug struggled with stairs and hills when we moved to Virginia from Louisiana. She stopped taking long walks with me. I started her on the Yucca Intensive and within a week she walked a mile and after two weeks we were back to our 2 mile walks every day. I am amazed and have now started our 10 year old hound on it and same results!! Love this stuff. It really works!!!

Dog moving around much better by Placid Palms07/09/2013

My dog is 10 and has had ACL surgeries in both knees. Seeing your most active dog who loved running, fetching and swimming turn into a dog living in pain was very hard to see. I was looking for a an alternative to steroid medications to help with her inflammation and arthritis. Since being on the Yucca, she is moving about much better. She is on a pain medication and coupled with the Yucca her life is much more happier and less painful. I recently purchased a 2nd bottle and will keep her on Yucca for the rest of her life.

It DOES help after all by Andrea from Boston06/11/2012

I wrote a positive review in Dec. 2011 for my terrier's itchy skin. I had hoped that the drops would help my senior Standard Poodle with his stiff hips, but they didn't seem to. Well I kept at it and now I think it has definitely helped him. We went out of town for a week or so and my kids failed to give Leo the drops. When I walked in, instead of happily rushing over to me, Leo struggled to stand up. Nevermind what I said to my kids (they're young adults), but after going back on the drops he was moving around very well again and has been doing great overall. I'm very happy and am re-ordering the drops now. They go a long way. Best money you can spend.

Yucca Intensive vs. Rymidal by Axel from Elkhart, IN07/21/2014

At about 3 mo. my GSD had a slight limp. At 5 mo. he was in pain and barely walking on his front leg. Took him to the Vet and had x-rays done, they showed nothing wrong. The Vet gave him Rymidal and said to keep him quiet, only leash walks, no intense exercise. He possibly has Panostetic or Pano (puppy growing pains). Giving Rymidal on a daily basis to a puppy concerned me so I only gave it to him when he was showing signs of real pain. He was doing better then it flared up again (worse than the first time). Back to the Vet, sent original x-rays to a specialist and still no problem was observed. Back to Rymidal. I did some research. I started my 6 mo. puppy on Adult Food, Glycoflex and Yucca Intensive (twice a day). He is doing really well, its been a month and no flare ups or limping. He's running, playing ball and taking walks daily. I add the Yucca Intensive to warm water and pour it over his food. And No Rymidal!



Can't do without by shepgirl0602/08/2012

I use Yucca Intensive for my 5 year old German shepherd. She started limping several years ago for no apparent reason ( x-rays revealed nothing ) I did some research and came across Yucca Intensive. I like it because its Holistic with no side affects. Works great and now I use it together with Chondro Flex. Our Dog hasn't been limping for months now !

Featured Reviews for Azmira Holistic Animal Care Yucca Intensive (8 oz)
Miracle in a bottle by Katrinka21903 from Perryville, MD07/15/2013

I originally bought this to help a skin condition on one of my dogs. (He wouldn't take it in any shape or form!). But I started giving it to my older lab who has arthritis. The difference after two weeks was noticeable, after four, amazing. She started to run and play much more than before the Yucca. She's been on it about 2 years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. If you need a secondary incentive to buy...I am highly allergic to poison ivy, to the point where I have to get steroids almost every time I get it. I tried putting some of the yucca on as soon as I felt "the tingle" (if you are allergic to it, you know what I mean!) It either stops it from breaking out at all, or clears it up in 2-3 days. Best thing I've use in all my 50+ years!

Helps our lab move by Kathy06/16/2013

I originally bought his for allergies in my small dog. I started giving it to my lab for arthritis and the difference is very noticeable. She is much more active now that she is on this regimen...even friends have noticed. Will never be without it!

Works great instead of steroids by jacksonsmom from Arizona10/05/2011

Enabled my dog to avoid steroid shots that he had to have yearly. Stops itching and scratching if used faithfully. Wonderful product with no side effects.

Not impressed by guest06/03/2014

Unfortunately, it didn't help my dog at all who is suffering from atopic allergy.

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