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Joint MAX Triple Strength

Joint Max Triple StrengthJoint MAX Triple Strength Chewable Tablets is the newest generation of pet joint supplement, containing Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, EPA, DHA, Creatine, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin C and N-acetyl-cysteine in one tasty, chewable tablet. Joint MAX TS is intended for maximum joint support. It naturally lubricates joints and helps to keep joints healthy in your pets. No prescription is necessary. Ease your pet's joint pains with Joint MAX Triple Strength Joint Supplement. Joint MAX carries a 100% product guarantee. You may return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Joint MAX Triple Strength can be used alone or in combination with prescription drugs like Rimadyl, Etogesic, or Deramaxx and can eventually help decrease the need for these drugs. Trust Seals

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Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews

Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)

($59.99)  $32.99
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)

($65.99)  $45.99
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)

($129.99)  $83.99

($41.99 Each)

4-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (960 Chews)
4-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (960 Chews)

($259.99)  $165.99

($41.50 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (1440 Chews) + FREE Joint Treats®
6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (1440 Chews) + FREE Joint Treats®

($347.99)  $246.99

($41.16 Each)

Joint Max Triple Strength Chewable Tablets

Joint MAX® Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)
Joint MAX® Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)

($52.50)  $36.99
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (240 Chewable Tablets)
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (240 Chewable Tablets)

($99.99)  $69.99

($34.99 Each)

3-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®
3-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®

($177.50)  $116.99

($39.00 Each)

6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (720 Chewablet Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®
6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (720 Chewablet Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®

($304.99)  $231.99

($38.66 Each)

Joint Max Triple Strength Granules

Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)

($36.99)  $34.99
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (240 Doses)
2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (240 Doses)

($72.99)  $68.99

($34.49 Each)

Joint MAX® Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (120 Doses)
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (120 Doses)

($54.99)  $34.99

More Joint Max Triple Strength Options

Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews - PENNY SAMPLE
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews - PENNY SAMPLE

Joint MAX® Triple Strength Active Health Multi-Pack
Joint MAX® Triple Strength Active Health Multi-Pack

($56.50)  $52.99

Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews 240

Naturally lubricates joints and helps to gradually rebuild cartilage. Joint MAX Triple Strength helps combat the stiffness and achiness that occurs when the cartilage between bones breaks down.

Use Joint MAX Triple Strength for Severe Joint Pain

This powerful joint supplement is intended for older or middle aged large dogs or smaller dogs with advanced joint disease. Some signs of severe joint conditions include:

  • Needing help getting up
  • Limping at all times
  • Unable to climb stairs
  • Difficulty squatting to urinate or defecate

  • Joint MAX Triple Strength Active Ingredients
    joint max chewable tablets

    The ingredients in Joint MAX assist in rebuilding joints and decreasing the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. Joint MAX is a safe and highly palatable supplement. Long-term use will help preserve and improve joint health. Joint MAX can be given alone or along with other NSAIDs like Rimadyl®, Deramaxx®, Metacam® or EtoGesic®.

    Joint MAX Family of Supplements

    Available in a variety of formulas, Joint MAX® supplements deliver customized care to match the specific health needs of your pet. Joint MAX® comes in three strengths for easy dosing, and in a variety of delivery methods for easy administration. There is a proper strength of Joint MAX® for every size and breed of dog, cat, and horse that needs it. Joint MAX® also offers a hypoallergenic formula specifically designed for pets prone to allergic reactions of pets on restricted diets. Our HA formula contains no protein, wheat, corn or other known allergens.

    joint max made in usa, COJoint MAX® is manufactured in the USA

    Joint MAX Triple Strength
    • Safe & Effective
    • Veterinarian Approved
    • Maximum Joint Support
    • Powerful Antioxidant
    • Improves Skin Health
    • For Dogs & Cats of All Ages!
    Reviewers Ratings
    Read More Joint MAX Testimonials!

    "Our dogs are 5 & 7 years old & really seem to feel better after starting them on this supplement. They are very active dogs & used to limp at times after vigorous exercise but not anymore! The difference has been incredible!!"

    "Joint MAX has done wonders for my 8 year old Lab. He is more active and happier and even loves the taste."

    Joint Max most commonly affected joints
    Click here to see details.

    Joint MAX® is available in:
    Regular StrengthDouble StrengthTriple StrengthLiquid Formula
    180 Tablets
    180 Capsules
    300 gm Granules for Cats
    80 Spinkle Caps for Cats
    120 Tablets
    250 Tablets
    120 Capsules
    250 Capsules
    120 Tablets
    960 gm Granules
    960 gm Granules (Hypoallergenic)
    120 Soft Chews
    240 Soft Chews
    2.88 kg Granules for Equine
    32 oz Liquid for Dogs
    8 oz Liquid for Cats
    60 ml Liquid Hyaluronic Acid
    Each 2 Triple Strength Soft Chews Contains:
    Glucosamine HCI 1000 mg
    Chondroitin Sulfate 100 mg
    MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)* 600 mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 400 mg
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 18 mg
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 12 mg
    Manganese 12 mg
    Vitamin C 50 mg
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    Grape seed extract 6 mg
    Zinc 2 mg
    L-Glutathione 2 mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mcg
    Citrus Bioflavonoids 200 mcg
    Selenium 2 mcg
    Other Ingredients: Marine Lipid Concentrates, Natural meat flavors (non-bovine origin), Bioflavanol, Sucrose, Soybean Oil and Magnesium Stearate.
    Usage Instructions
    Size of Dog Daily Serving
    Up to 15 lbs 1/2 Chew
    15 to 30 lbs 1 Chew
    30 to 60 lbs 2 Chews
    60 to 100 lbs 4 Chews
    Over 100 lbs 5 Chews
    After 6 weeks, the dosage can be reduced if positive results are seen. Since each pet's body is different, results may take longer in some pets. Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews can also be used long term on normal dogs to help keep their joints healthy.

    Keep container in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
    Joint MAX® can be used alone or in combination with prescription drugs like Rimadyl®, Etogesic®, or Deramaxx®, and may eventually help decrease the need for these drugs.
    Key Ingredients:
    Glucosamine HCl
    Necessary for the production of key connective tissue components that replenish and maintain healthy cartilage. Glucosamine is a building block for the cartilage and ligaments and the cementing materials that pack the calls together.

    Manganese Sulfate
    A material vital for growth and development, normal bone structure and in the form of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.

    Vitamin C
    An essential nutrient for ligaments, bones, skin, capillary walls and other tissues. Ascorbic acid can help to accelerate healing after surgery and the formation of components necessary for healthy joint membranes.

    Zinc Sulfate
    A mineral found in almost every cell in the body, zinc stimulates the activity of many enzymatic biochemical reactions, and is important for a healthy immune system and normal wound healing.

    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a dietary sulfur essential for proper functioning of the muscles and joints. Clinical evidence on MSM shows significant relief of pain and stiffness and reduced swelling and inflammation.

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) are Omega-3 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. EPA can also competitively inhibit the arachodonic acid cascade triggered by mast cell degranulation.

    Creatine Monohydrate
    A vital amino acid found in skeletal muscle, creatine combines with phosphorus to regulate and enhance skeletal muscle metabolism, increasing muscle energy, strength and endurance.

    A trace mineral that can help control free radical damage and in conjunction with Vitamin E, protects tissues and cell membranes. Arthritic patients given selenium supplementation have shown improvements.

    Citrus Bioflavonoids
    Citrus Bioflavonoids help in the absorption of Vitamin C and protect it from oxidation. Bioflavonoids promote circulation and are involved in maintaining the health of the collagen that holds cells together.

    Vitamin E
    Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, being oxygen-free radicals that can cause tissue damage and may also play protective role in the coronary arteries from the damaging effects of cholesterol.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid
    A "universal antioxidant" because of it's solubility in both water and fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid scavenges more free radicals than most other antioxidants while recycling Vitamin C and E, thus increasing their effectiveness.

    Grape Seed Extract
    Grape Seed Extract is a potent antioxidant that can also recycle oxidized Vitamin C. It as the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the brain and nervous system from free radical damage. Grape Seed Extract has also been shown to reduce histamine production, reducing allergic and inflammatory responses.

    Glutathione, the master antioxidant of the cell, increases the effectiveness of the body's other antioxidants. It is involved in various reactions, such as the destruction of free radicals and the detoxification of harmful compounds.

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    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Comparison
      Joint MAX Triple Strength Synovi G3 Glyco Flex II Cosequin DS
    Creatine Monohydrate
    Eicosaentaenoic Acid (EPA)
    Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin E
    Grape Seed Extract
    Alpha Lipoic Acid
    Citrus Bioflavonoids
    4.70 rating based on 1737 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews - PENNY SAMPLE
    Awesome by Cordie's Mom08/16/2012

    Good way to check these out or share with friends

    by Herdabout10/22/2013

    Great product--love the joint max!! So do my dogs!

    penny sample by n/a01/01/2013

    I cannot say much other than I never received my penny sample with my order.

    by from 07/16/2014

    Start when the animal is young. Joint supplements have backfired in our older cats.

    cut by the from suggestedIn


    Joint max chews...gone in 60 seconds! by Iluvleonbergers from Ny, ny10/22/2012

    My large size leonberger absolutely loved these treats! Highly recommend them for any large breed.

    chews for my baby girl by CECE from Vegas08/08/2014

    i think they are good but should be used on a regular basis

    Not impressed by Spooma from FL09/07/2014

    dogs all seemed to like the taste initially, but after a couple weeks, they refused to eat them. Didn't use long enough to evaluate effectiveness.

    Great for our arthritic dog by Hike from East Tennessee06/22/2014

    Title says it all. Our older (in her 13th year) dog seems to enjoy life more when taking these Soft Chews. More tail wagging, more interest in smells, and more interest in other dogs. Walk times are easier on her and more pleasurable for her. We purchased the tub of the Chews and continue to give these to her.

    3 tries by js11/15/2011

    My dog was not thrilled with the taste and 3 samples is not enough to know if they work

    Paid for, didn't receive by Karen from VT06/26/2013

    Paid for this penny sample, didn't receive product

    products by jo the birder10/04/2011

    the products and delivery were great,but I had ordered and was charged for penny products and they were never included in the package.Otherwise everything was great.

    Didn't receive by Nan03/24/2013

    Wasn't included with my shipment. I have no idea about this product since I didn't receive it to give to my pet.

    She loved the taste! by Breezy02/07/2012

    My dog has arthritis, so I love getting her treats that could help her mobility. It is hard to tell if this treat actually made her feel better or if it truly improves her mobility, but I can attest for the fact that she loved the taste. She gobbled it up without a second thought! Also, the active ingredients are exactly what I have been looking for based on my online research. Particularly the glucosamine, MSM and zinc are excellent supplements for joint health- all of which are included in this treat.

    by Phil09/18/2014

    These chews seem about the same as the Synovi ones I used to get.

    Great Product by Boxer Mom from North Carolina08/01/2012

    Great treats and always moist. Hopefully they will figure out a way to keep the tubs of treats you buy fresh.

    Helps old dog with CHD by tobysmom from sweet home chicago12/09/2011

    This appears to be helping my old gal with CHD. And it isn't a chore to get her to take them.

    Keep my pup moving! by fwreed3 from NJ09/04/2014

    Joint MAX Chews seem to help my pup from getting too stiff so I plan off keeping him on them!

    Keeps my team pulling that sled by musherman from Oneida NY03/16/2012

    I have a small team of Huskies, all highly trained sled dogs. They're getting on in years, (9, 8, and 7 years). I use joint max to keep them from getting "old joints" as they age. They're all still pulling my sled and dog scooter with the same energy they displayed 4 years ago when they were in their prime. One has even had ACL surgery and has no symptoms whatsoever. Thanx, Joint Max. And my little poopsters thank you too. 3,000 miles plus and still truckin'!

    good stuff by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    i got a bigger thing of this free when i ordered glycoflex for my dogs and i liked this for my one rescue dogs pups. they are large breed so we started them on these to help their joints. when the one female went to a new home, i gave the chews to them to continue giving her them on a daily basis. i would definitely recommend these. they are a great alternative to glycoflex if you cant afford the glycoflex.

    Does not work! by Lance11/05/2012

    I have been using this type of product for many years. It takes 4-6 weeks to determine if they provide a benefit. Stay away from this brand since it produces no benefit at all. After I switched to this brand my dog started limping again. I changed back to a national brand and the limping stopped.

    Free sample but would purchase! by Kris from Virginia02/21/2013

    This must taste good because my dog ate it right up! It was a free sample but I would definitely purchase full size if needed.

    Tasty by lyra12/28/2013

    My dog scarfed these treats up and would gladly eat more.

    Makes pup perky by JeanG from Pensacola, Florida11/06/2012

    My pug loves the taste of Joint MAX TS Soft Chews. They seem to relieve his joint stiffness. I can see the difference ...he now jumps off the porch, again. And, chases the neighbor dog up and down the fence line. Before Joint MAX, Butch had problems with stiffness.

    great product by Julie05/29/2012

    My dog loves these. Chows them right down. Seems to move better.

    Dogs love them! by liz12/09/2011

    Our dog loves these & he gets a healthy treat all in one. Thanks Entirely Pets!

    by from 02/26/2014

    My Keeshond has been getting GlycoFlex II soft chews for a couple of years. He has a very refined palate & I wanted to try the Joint MAX TS soft chews just to make sure he would eat them. No Problem - he usually sticks up his nose at something he's never had - but he ate it right up with no hesitation.

    I by gave from itThe


    Maxwell by is from veryNo


    TS Soft chews by John from Duluth, MN11/11/2012

    My dog eats them like they are candy and I am happy to know they are helping keep her joints healthy as she gets older.

    Product that really works by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida11/13/2013

    My 4 beagles get triple joint max soft chews everyday in their dinner meal. It keeps their hip joints moving without any discomfort. They are 11, 10, 8 and 6 years old and have I have been using the joint chews for several years now and will continue to do so for each and every dog I bring into my home. I order 2 and 3 buckets at a time to make sure I never run out. Excellent product, excellent investment in your dogs well being.

    thanks by robin04/13/2012

    thanks for the sample. i am always afraid that my dogs wont like the taste of something but they had no problems eating these!

    Really Helps by Mel03/11/2013

    These really help my dog with his hip and knee.

    by from 10/26/2013

    My dog took one sniff of these and refused to eat them. We tried to get him excited about the treat/work for it and he still wouldn't eat them!

    him, by they from dontI


    Dogs Enjoyed it by Christa from Florida04/15/2014

    I requested the sample to make sure one of my very picky dogs would eat it before I bought the bucket and they both readily took it and asked for more. With 2 dogs and 3 chews you will not see any value from the product, but the sample served its purpose to make sure my dogs would eat it first. The science should stand behind the ingredients being effective so I would try it.

    no rating by Renee03/04/2012

    Never received this item. was shorted from my order

    Did not receive this item by Ginie from Las Vegas, NV07/01/2013

    I did not receive the Joint MAX TS Soft Chews PENNY SAMPLE.

    My family loves them! by cje08/07/2013

    Great product, with lots of good ingredients for my two old beagles and manchester terrier.

    Definitely helps my dog's joints by karine from Oregon coast, Oregon04/17/2012

    I get the regular Joint Treats for my shih tzu who is 18 years old. I have noticed that they help her with her aches and pains. She readily eats two a day, one in the am and one in the pm. They are chewy, like licorice drops, and she likes them a lot. Would recommend this as a preventative measure and as a good daily treat with "side" benefits of helping her joints.

    Great stuff by Pat from Yreka, CA12/31/2011

    My dog likes the sample so much that I purchased the 120 tub. It is a small dog so I cut them in half which is so easy to do as they are soft.

    Joint Max sample review by beutynthbst from Peoria, Az07/15/2012

    I received a sample of these joint chews and my dogs really liked eating them. Since it was only a sample I cannot say much on how well the product works, only on the fact that my dogs had no problems wanting to eat them.

    Love these by LAP from Dallas04/02/2013

    My lab takes joint max daily. I get the sample pack for traveling. Anything to simplify packing.

    Wouldn't touch them by Gretcheypoo03/20/2013

    I have 13 cats and not a single one of these got eaten.

    Great sample by LT from Thayne, WY08/19/2012

    Dogs loved the soft chew for joint health. Will probably order full size.

    Has helped her leg problems by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013

    My dog loves the tast. Looks forward to her Joint max everyday. Would buy again,has helped her legs. She is active again.

    Great Joint product! by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ08/07/2013

    My dog like to roll around on this a bit before she eats it up. this is a great delivery system for a very good dose of glucoseamine & chondrotin!

    dog gone good by Pookie10/26/2012

    i really enjoyed this product before the new and enproved because I was able to place meds in it, now it crumbles apart, but non the less my dogs love it

    My dogs loved these by Monica01/08/2013

    My two dogs thought these samples were treats so I may purchase in the future when my present supply of Cosequin runs out.

    NEVER RECEIVED PRODUCT by goldenlady from Mission Viejo, CA12/10/2013

    I've ordered the penny sample twice and although they have no problem billing me for it they seem to have a problem including it in my order. I get a lot of never received or expired products from HP/EP.com and right now I've been billed $100.00 twice for one $90. gift certificate!

    Great product, my dog loves them by chumley07/18/2013

    My dog has old aching bones and this product help a ton. He is getting around lots better and he loves to eat them, like candy for him.

    GREAT Taste And They Work! by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/29/2013

    My two dogs both limped badly and we had to drastically reduce the length of their walks... These have really improved their quality of life and we're back to hitting the trails!

    by Alice from Hong Kong05/22/2013

    I get a trial version for this joint max in my first purchase of the joint minis. I gave it to my aged snauchzer once when the weather was terribly humid those days and he seemed to be in great trouble moving even after taking joint minis. Seems it really is a double strength compared to joint minis. I think I will only use this product when the joint minis does not work for him anymore or in extreme condition. This is good but I just dont want to push him to take it while he can still bear the lesser strength product.

    Will buy again by cam from Magnolia, Texas01/02/2014

    I have an 11 yr. old Chihuahua that has worn joints so it's painful for him to get around. Joint MAX has improved his ability to move around. He's even started to go up and down the pet steps.

    one of her faves by M's mom from Virginia11/01/2012

    Purchased this little sample pack for $0.01. I only use these for treats, because I give my dog Joint Max glucosamine/chondroitin tablets both morning and night. She loves these chewy treats better. But their ingredient-mix isn't the same as the tablets. And she's done so well on the tablets (is 15 now and has been taking them for almost 10 years) that I don't want to change the mix.

    My dog wouldn't touch this by Lily's Mom from Florida02/13/2014

    How could I not try it for 1 cent but my picky little dog wouldn't go near it.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength (120 Chewable Tablets)
    Great for my dogs hips by Hayley's mom11/22/2011

    My yellow lab is only 5, but she limps at night after playing hard and running around with her friends. I have found that giving her 2 of these pills a day has significantly reduced the amount of times I see her limping. These pills have a higher dosage of ingredients compared to Petsmart or the local pet store. I definitely recommend them. She doesn't really like to eat them by themself, so I crush them up in her morning food.

    I think they're working...how would you know? by ReadyEddy from Southeastern Connecticut10/22/2012

    The dog likes them and thinks they're a treat, they rarely break in the bottle, not too much dust, she's old and she's doing ok, sort of like me. And I take glucosamine chondroitin too, but mine aren't chewable. But really how would you know if they're working or not? The benefits are subtle and I'm not going to experiment to see how she does without them, etc. I trust that they're working.

    by from 04/23/2011

    I have been giving my rottweiler/husky mix triple strength joint max for a year now and my soon to be 13 year old dog is better on them than without them.Destiny has had 2 major hip surgeries before she was 2 years old so it is a miracle I still have her at all.Wish they were a little less in cost but the product has helped my girl and I love it.

    Rotties4Life by Liberty NC from Michelle

    Great product

    Great product! by Chena02/07/2011

    Joint Max has been a life saver for Bubby. He is a rescued cocker spaniel; his rear leg joints are pretty much shot and he's too old for surgery. This product has helped him stay active, eased any pain he had & made all the difference in the world to this little guy! Unlike harsh prescription medications there's nothing in here that will harm him.

    Joint max Triple Strength by Rachelle12/05/2011

    I have used this product since my golden retriever was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a puppy 4 1/2 years ago. It won't cure him of course but I strongly feel it has made a difference in his life so far and in his comfort. At times I see signs of the dysplasia but then I also see him jump, run, walk and bounce around like he's still a pup. Matter of fact, he outruns my sister's one year golden all the time, it's a riot!

    by Ginger from Springfield, MO.03/28/2012

    There are not enough words to tell how pleased I am that I purchased this product. My 14 year Aussie is back to being the playful, fun girl that I haved missed for some time now. So nice to see her playing with her other 4 legged girl friends she lives with. It took about 4 to 6 weeks to get to this point but certainly worth the wait.

    Great Purchase by Jeff from New Cumberland, PA10/27/2011

    We are repeat buyers of this product & it certainly seems to help with our dog's joints plus she loves to eat them.

    by mdgpsilva from Monroeville, PA07/17/2012

    The product seems to work well for both of my 11 year old dogs.

    GREAT STUFF by scarlet from Colorado home of the Super Winners 4801/27/2014

    This stuff is wonderful, my border collie is 13 and now acts like a puppy. I would like to use it myself.

    Essential for older pets by Flash from Lima, Ohio01/26/2014

    We love this product for our older dogs. We viewed a noticable amount of increased mobility, due to less inflamation of their joints. I would highly recommend this product to others, and are happy that it was shared with us.

    Triple Joint Max by Veronica10/29/2010

    Two of these daily really help my 11 year old female Great Dane. Much better mobility and no side effects.

    great product by aprilj04/04/2013

    My dog has been taking this for a number of years now. He is almost 10 and acts like a puppy again.

    Always tops by Jay10/23/2011

    I have used these products for years and have always purchased from Entirely Pets. Their service and products can't be beat.

    Joint Max by JJ from Kentucky12/26/2012

    Our Buddy, an 8 year old lab mix, has been on this product for several years now and it has done wonders for him. He was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at 9 months old. I tried different products and this is the only one that has allowed him to have the life he deserves. Thank you Entirely Pets

    Good Product by CarolD from Nicholson, PA01/14/2012

    Joint Max works great for my 12 year old border collie Buster.

    Joint Max must taste bad by BL02/16/2012

    I wasted my money on this product. My dog, who eats everything, will not eat this product. I should have stuck with the brand name product.

    time savings! by mom2labs from Chicago suburb04/12/2013

    Instead of giving individual capsules for the supplements, they are all included in these tablets. Love them!!

    Great product! by Jan12/06/2011

    Have been purchasing a Glucosamine/Chrondroitin/MSM product for my "perfect puppy" (15 1/2 yrs. young) for about 10 years now and have used this product for the last 3 years. Although she has really slowed down lately, I believe that this product helps to keep her joints in pretty good condition.

    Has helped my lab so much! by Kel10/08/2013

    My lab had a torn ccl that we had operated on when she was 5. Her other ccl starting going a year later. We did not operate that time but let it heal with scar tissue. She is 12 now and has been on Joint Max Triple Strength for years. She is able to enjoy running around and playing still because of Joint Max.

    by Robbie from South Central PA03/27/2012

    I felt that the ingredients were comparable to much more expensive brands of this supplement. I think it was a good value.

    Best Product ever by slopoke from Arizona05/17/2011

    Joint Max is without a doubt the best product I ever used,My Chow had joint degeneration and the vet said she needed to be put down, I found and started using Joint Max about 5 years ago within two months my dog was walking almost normal, at ten years old she is still going strong.

    dog likes it!! by TOM from Rhode Island03/27/2012

    Notice a big difference in my dogs movement , she is 11 years old and gets around a lot better. She also likes the taste.

    Great Effect by gmcentore10/18/2011

    My 5 1/2 year old Lab has been taking this for a few weeks now and I see a big improvement in her. She is running more and getting up and down all the time.

    Best Purchase Ever by tori10/23/2012

    my dog is the most important member of my family,and to help her i bought joint max...unbeileveable...she dont have any problems getting up on running...thank you so much...

    Really Works!! by sknott21114 from Wilson, NC09/21/2010

    I have a 14 yr old Collie and he has been very slow getting up, sometimes lost his balance and tripped occasionally. I tried the JointMaxx 3x and within about 3 days I could see results. He isn't as slow to get up, he runs around the house playing with the smaller dog and he can jump up on the couch. It worked so well that I told my Mom to try for her Great Pyranese. He fell in a sink hole several years back after escaping from the backyard. He was stuck overnight until we finally found him. Needless to say he has suffered incredible pain and has a collapsed disk. These dogs are prone to hip problems anyways so I told her to try it. Max was on Rimadyl and Dasaquin with little relief and a HUGE expense. After a 2 days he was a new dog. So much so that his vert decided to take him off the Dasaquin and just use 2 of the Joint Maxx and 1 Rimadyl. He is so much more steady on his feet as well as seem to want to go outside and walk more. He can get into the truck with little to no help. We used to have to pick him up...all 125 lbs. No easy feat! If you are on the fence about trying this...TRY IT!!!

    Awesome by CarolynJo03/26/2014

    Product has helped my dog for a long time with his joint problems. Company is tremendous to deal with also. THANKS!

    Completely Satisfied by Friend of Animals from San Mateo, CA09/04/2013

    I have a 12 year-old German Shepherd and I had been giving him the Cosequin DS for some time. He didn't seem like it so I switched to the Joint Max Triple Strength chewables. They're like treats for him and I think he has a little more flexibility in his movement now that he's been on them for a few months. We're both satisfied!

    Works Well by Karen from Frankfort, IL03/28/2012

    My 9 year old German Shepherd was having a hard time getting up. About 2 weeks after taking Joint Maxx I've noticed it's been much easier for her to pick herself up. She's been running around a lot more too. Thank You!

    Joint Max by Harley11/14/2012

    My 9 year old Lab no longer wanted to play ball or frizbee due to hip problems. He lives to play ball and eat. I was pretty worried when he just stopped playing! After about 2-3 weeks on Joint Max he was ready to play again! He is now 13, takes 1 Joint Max a day and still plays ball. A Great product with no side effects and affordable.

    JointMax helps older dogs ! by David from Seattle, WA05/14/2013

    My dog Casey does so much better - jumping, walking, and running with JointMax TripleStrength. He's a big, lanky lab mix and this really appears to make his joints feel better and allow him to stay active as he grows older. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. -David

    Joint Max Triple Strength by kimk11/19/2012

    I have been using this product for about 2 weeks and I am starting to see a difference in the way my dog gets up and down. She appears to be much better and I will continue to use, to help with joint pain, she is a 12 year old black lab who just recently started showing signs of aging.

    Joint Max by itsoruss from Tacoma, WA11/09/2013

    Excellent results for my 9 year old Golden Retrievers.

    Our Border Collie was diagnosed with hip displasia by Dick01/20/2014

    She was diagnosed at 9 months old.Within a month on Joint Max Triple, she had stopped limping, stopped favoring her left hip and began to chase the frisbee again. 4 years later she competes in agility shows and just took home a second place in Standard on Jan 18,2014.

    For the Health of My Dogs! by Linda10/27/2011

    I began using Joint Max Triple Strength approximately three years ago for my 12 year old Akita, Jake. Although I lost him at age 14, Joint Max improved the last few years of his life! He suffered with arthritis in his later years, and Joint Max made a very noticeable difference in his comfort and mobility. I now use Joint Max Triple Strength as a daily supplement for my two young Newfoundlands. I am thankful every day that I can provide my "big guys" with a non-prescription supplement to keep their joints healthy!

    Greatest joint product available by Fortune Labradors from Charleston, SC07/27/2010

    In 20 years of breeding & showing Labrador retrievers, this product is by far superior in keeping dogs with orthopedic issues comfortable.

    Good Choice by Toby's Mom05/31/2012

    We use these as treats for our 11 year old Queenslands with hip dysplasia. The tablets are scored down the center so they break easily in half (pretty soft tablet) and he eats them right up!

    very good product by kb101 from texas08/16/2013

    I've given these to my older lab with 2 mot=nths space bwetween bottle so I can really tell they help him. His running is more fluid after on them for 3 weeks, he is more eagor to fetch for a longer period of time. He is only 5 y.o but he's a big one, 100+ lbs. A field lab.

    these are the best by catcusbud10/16/2011

    these have helped our English Bull dogs so much. Our male loves to play with a jolly ball in the park, but twisted his hind leg and had to have surgery when only a couple years old. these have helped to keep his joints strong. He even plays ball again, with a vengeance. Our vet is very pleased.

    We like JointMax by fuzzerdog from Silver Spring, MD03/27/2012

    My dogs like the taste and I know it's good for them. It's easy to give them, they think it's a treat.

    by micky03/04/2013

    We've been using Joint Max for several years for both of our large breed dogs. They do seem to help, especially our 14-year old Golden Retriever. In our last bottle, however, 1/3 of the tablets were broken-some in more than 2 pieces. Although there was a ton of cotton packing inside, many tablets were in pieces.

    Good stuff by JC from san antonio, tx04/02/2013

    Have had my 15 yr. old lab on this for a few years. Last year the vet asked me to try out a new product for a month instead of this; within a week and a half, my boy could hardly get up - vet said stop the new, go back to the previous. Originally was using the Synovi G3, but this is almost the same, but much cheaper. Love it.

    best help for my only one by tori02/27/2013

    i have a cockerspaniel with arthritis problems,i tried several things before and then i found your store...i dicede ti try joint max...after 4 days i was suprised,my dog wake up with no sleepy leg problem...there are no words for my joy...she is my everything...all said

    Good purchase by Cheryl01/02/2013

    This was a very reasonable purchase and my dog loves this. She has no problem chewing it and actually looks forward to it. Anything to help a very aged dog is worth every penny.

    Joint MAX & More by llinmarin from Santa Venetia, CA12/11/2013

    We've had our dog on Joint MAX Triple Strength and Joint Treats and other chewables (started with Synovi MSM) since he was young. We had lots of issues with our last Shepherd so were well aware of the various natural joint medications. He's just turned 11 and although he's not a puppy any longer, he's doing okay. Do these work? Who know, but better to be safe than sorry.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Mandi from San Jose CA02/26/2010

    This is agreat product. Using on an older dog and works! I reccomend it.

    All my dogs use Joint Max by CE11/01/2011

    My dogs and I compete in Agility, and I want to do my best to make sure that they stay healthy and injury free. Joint Max Triple Strength is one of the things I use to achieve this. My Shetland Sheepdog is now 15 years old, not competing any more, but doing fine. My Border Collie is almost three, and actively competing.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength is Great by CSK10/20/2011

    Joint MAX a really great product. The tablets perform as well and the premium priced tablets at a significant savings. The table are soft and must taste good to my dog as he has not turned his nose up to them.

    My girls love Joint MAX by mbond from Lubbock, TX09/12/2011

    My Labs enjoy Joint Max like its a special treat and its much better for them long term than what the vet prescribed. (not to mention the cost$$) We've used Joint Max for more than a year and my girls are happy and more active than before their knee problems. It's like they are pups again. We will continue buying Joint Max and we are not being paid to say that. Its good stuff!!

    JointMax killed my dog by RJ12/22/2010

    JointMax caused a bleeding ulcer in my dog, sparking off an immune system problem which ended up killing her. She could not recover from the bleeding ulcer despite multiple blood transfusions.

    Joint Max Triple strenth soft chews by Mandi from California01/20/2013

    A great product my dog eats right up. I have told many dog folks about it. I suggest it !

    by Heidi07/22/2014

    Joint Maxx TS is the best, most affordable and most effective joint supplement on the market. It has given out 12 y/o Lab the ability to get around and keep up with his much younger sister who's half his age. I will continue to give this to both of our dogs and every single one in the future. Great stuff!

    Wonderful product! Highly Recommend! by Tricia S.11/16/2011

    I started giving this product to my 2 pugs, who were at the time, 11 and 14 yrs of age when I noticed them slowing down a bit and having some difficulty with stairs. I couldn't believe the difference in them after only a couple of weeks on this product. Now my 2 pugs are 13 and 16 yrs old, and still going strong. My 13 year old acts like a puppy, and is now completely off all prescription pain medication (he had been taking daily). My 16 year old still runs up stairs and jumps on the couch by herself. She amazes both visitors to our home and her vet!! I highly recommend this product...can't say enough good things about it!!

    works! by jackie from texas12/28/2011

    originally had my dog on synoviG3 from the vet, then switched to the jointmax. same good results, the ingredients are comparable to the other, but the price is better! my 14 yr. old lab has had arthritis for a few years now and these help him a lot.

    Immediate results by Ann from SF bay area11/07/2012

    My dog Rocky showed improvement in mobility almost immediately. He's had torn ligaments in both rear legs, plus he broke one leg. That plus being at least 13 yrs old (he's a rescue) I'm pleased with the results. I toss the "pill" into his food & he doesn't hesitate to eat it up. I have already recommended this to my friend.

    GREAT STUFF by scarlet from Colorado02/26/2014

    There are many items like this on the market, but this one really works. I have a 13 year old Border Collie and she now plays like a young puppy.

    great but not happy with new pill by Bruno08/04/2012

    I love this product and have been using it for a few years now. I however am not happy that they changed the pill to a flatter from a thicker pill. Only because many of them are broken, Over all great product and seems to work great.

    Joint Max by me from Columbus, Ohio12/11/2013

    It seems to be helping a lot. We have noticed a great improvement.

    Decent Joint Product by Lancelot from Denver, CO08/07/2014

    We need to divide these chewable tablets into 4 pieces based on dosage for small dogs and crush them into food. Previously, tablets were scored so division in half wasn't difficult. Division into 1/4 was more challenging as the tablets tend to fall apart. Recent purchase - Tablets no longer scored and are as hard a a brick making subdivision and crushing most difficult. Medically, product does help with joint issues, but we may seek provider with different type of delivery medium. For our use, a powdered or crushed formula would be best.

    Great for my Bouvier! by Candy from Plattsburgh, New York05/01/2013

    I have an 11 year old Bouvier who started showing signs of an arthritic problem a couple of years ago. She's a big girl, 105 pounds, and I immediately put her on triple strength Joint Max. Her limping and stiffness went away quickly and she's still going strong and loving her time playing outside or getting in and out of the car for her car rides. Thanks to Joint Max!

    Really Effective by RockinRhombus from Texas10/18/2010

    My 7 yo shepherd mix had ACL surgery 2 years ago, with some success. She developed arthritis in that leg, and was not doing much besides sleeping and eating. Within a month, she was much more social, playing with the other dog, and wanting to get up and out. I tried another product, but this one made the difference. Having my happy dog back is well worth the price of this great product!

    Excellent product for senior dog joint health by Suzi from Nixa, MO06/12/2012

    I am so amazed with the results of Joint Max on my 15 year old Golden Retriever, Sedona. I know it is what helps her to still take her daily walk, climb the steps on and off our deck and enjoy quality of life in her " golden years". I put the tablets in her food daily and she eats them right up, NEVER a problem! I will always be ordering and using this product for Sedona. Thank you Joint MAX.

    Super fast shipping by Dean from Bangkok, Thailand04/21/2013

    I am from Bangkok, Thailand and order this product from this website. They are cool response buyer and very fast shipping to my country.

    Joint Max Triple Strength chewables by Mary04/26/2014

    My dogs are in dog sports, agility, obedience, rally, bar n hunt nose work and tracking. Joint Max helps keep their cartilage healthy. I start my dogs on it a soon as I get them as pups. My 10 yr old SFT still moves like a pup.

    Works Well For Our Yellow Lab by Dandy Dan from N. W. Ohio01/30/2013

    We started using Joint Max Triple Strength on our rescued Yellow Lab who has been hit by a motor vehicle and had a dislocated hip. This hip won't stay in place and for the last 2 years we have used Joint Strong and she has had no pain problems with the hip. The vet can't believe it is still dislocated.

    Joint Max by JoJo from Wilton,NY12/09/2012

    I highly recommend this product. About two years ago my13 year old IWS started to have issues; lameness from time to time. She just wasn't her self..As a great retriever all her life; her heart was their; but you could see something was wrong; she was sore. I started her on Joint Max...What a diffence it made! Runs like a 5 year old. Best Purchase I've ever made!!!

    Seems to be working but... by ldn from SC04/24/2012

    I had my dog on a different supplement for her aches and pains and like a dummy, took her off of it and was using a holistic remedy which ended up not being suited for her. I had high hopes for this product and so far after a few weeks I can see a slight improvement and hope that this will continue to improve. However, my dog does not like these pills and, as opposed to other chewables she will eat, she won't touch these so I put them in her food.

    Very good product by Jaxson's Mom from Spring, Texas10/22/2012

    I have been using this supplement for years on all of my senior dogs. I have been very pleased with the results. All of my senior pets were very mobile until they went over the Rainbow Bridge. I typically start my dogs on Joint Max at the age of 5 or so when they start slowing down a bit or younger if suffering an injury. I believe this to be a very good joint supplement.

    Great product by Pj from Wilmington, NC05/19/2013

    Has definitely helped our 2 labs with their joint pain.

    by petlover02/08/2012

    One of our dogs has hip dysplasia. The surgeon stated to get her on joint supplements and wait until she is showing symptoms before we do sugery. She has not needed it yet, and it has been about 4 years since she was diagnosed. She is still running and acting crazy. This stuff really works!

    Good product by Poocher from Oklahoma01/25/2012

    Helps arthritic joint - noticeable improvement

    Crumbled Mess by Jus4su from Grapevine, Texas10/17/2013

    I have bought this product before, and been very happy with it. This time, I would have to say I'm less than pleased with it. At least half of the bottle, is a crumbled mess! I won't be able to use a lot of this product, I'll have to discard it!!

    Good product by JewelandTy from Oregon11/07/2011

    I have used this product on two large Akitas for 2 years now.I have been happy with the results,my female has joint degeneration in her knees,this product has made a huge difference in her mobility.The male littermate takes the joint chews,he has slowed down some,but with the product has remained very active.These dogs will be 11 years in Feb. 2012.Joint Max was recomended to me by another Akita owner.

    Really good product. by Harv from Visalia, Ca.11/07/2012

    This product has worked wonders for my two mini- Dachsunds. I would reccomend it to everyone !

    by from 02/20/2012

    I would like to say that my Rottie has really bad hip dysplasia. She is a rescue dog that we got from our breeder 4 years ago & she has had nothing but medical problems. We started her on Joint Max as a recommendation from a neighbor & have really noticed a great improvement. We are on our 2nd bottle & without this miracle pill, she would probably be in really bad shape.

    we by are from thrilledOne


    Power source by Sheri04/10/2013

    Joint Max triple strength has been used by us for years now. Our previous dog (we lost him to bone cancer) took these and it gave him significant relief during his need. Dont get me wrong...he was on other products as well but this definately helped. I now have my little pitbull on these as she has a knee issue. I KNOW she feels better when she takes them. She also takes a prescription but when I added these, there was improvement. Thank you for caring...

    joint max triple strength by wrightlin from Saxonburg, PA09/03/2013

    My Golden Retriever was born with severe hip dysplasia and is 8 now. I put him on JointMax Triple 2 years ago and I notice he is moving around a lot better....it is a good product for joint pain and arthritis.

    great value/dogs love these by Sue from Tampa Florida02/17/2013

    Both my lab and my Pomeranian have had problems with hips and knees over the years. They're both seniors and love this product. At 14yrs they're still running and playing!

    Execellent Choice!! by dms1905/13/2013

    I have tried various other arthritis remedies, all which had little or no effect on relieving symptoms. JointMax works like magic. Thank you.

    Best Joint Supplement by smccarl01/05/2013

    I have worked at a veterinary clinic for a dozen years and been aware of various joint supplements. I compared this product with other similar products and decided it was a better choice. I had one dog with hip issues arthritis and gave him these from age 9 until 16. I have another dog now on them since her double ACL surgeries four years ago. I swear by Joint Max. It is a superior product.

    GREAT product!! by bmbmb from Washington, DC08/28/2014

    Our oldest boy is showing signs of slowing down. He has taken these dail for about 6 months, and he seems to be maintaining his activity level. Apparently they taste good...he gobbles them when given as a treat, or sometimes I just crumble it into his food.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength (120 CHEWABLE TABLETS) by Dr. V.10/22/2012

    Great product, really helps relieve the pain of our older dog who has arthritis in the hips. When he doesn't take the product he limps all the time, after using the product within 2 days he is back to normal. Thanks for a great product.

    I Hope it's working by Madge03/30/2012

    My dog can't talk, so I can only hope the product works as well as the expensive name brand. The service was excellent, and I will buy the product again.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by pin11/15/2012

    given to my dog after bad leg injury..... .

    awesome product by mammo1 from Phoenix, AZ01/05/2012

    Our Rottweiler has taken maybe three weeks of meds and is a new dog!! She no longer whines when she moves first thing in the morning, and seems to be happier and have more energy!!!

    Best Gift I could get my Pet! by Sue from Palm Bay, FL10/29/2011

    My 8 yr old black mouth cur is slightly overweight and has recently started acting very stiff and having a difficult time on the wood flooring and tile in our home. She can't seem to get decent traction and has a hard time getting up from a laying position. She has been taking Joint Max Triple for about two weeks now and I already see a big improvement in her ability to get around and she has been much more playful too! I can only see her getting better from here on out. Thanks to JMT for a wonderful product that actually does what it says it will do!

    Dog really likes it by Mike05/22/2014

    Dog is finicky about food, but loves the Joint Max Triple Strength. Gobbles it down.

    SUPERIOR PRODUCT by beagle lady from ODESSA, FLORIDA11/17/2011


    by Roxy from Hilton, NY07/19/2013

    Bought these because of a review I saw here. Sure glad I did. These work better than any other similar type product I tried. Our 11 year old Lab has been taking them now for years. I recommend this product to everyone I know that has a big dog with joint problems.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Chewables by Juan08/23/2011

    We had tried a variety of other products to help our 7 year old Maltese with joint problems in his hips....nothing worked. When we started him on the Joint Max he improved very quickly and now goes up and down stairs with no problems. The product has been a really big relief for him and us because we hurt for him so much when he was in pain....thank you for the opportunity.

    by bigjim01/23/2013

    This glucosamine works well for my Rufus and he enjoys the flavor.

    Works better than anything I've tried yet! by Twinkles from Atlanta07/07/2012

    I have a 12 year old Golden Retriever who has had joint and hip problems that have worsened over the past 2 -3 years. I have tried a number of joint support meds, but this seems to make the most difference in his comfort and mobility...AND at a reasonable price!

    by mountain dog03/11/2012

    Immediate improvement in activity and appetite

    Wonderful product by Nani from Picayune Ms.12/02/2011

    I have been using triple joint max on my Yellow Lab Bella for several years. Prior to this she was on rimidal and all other kinds of expensive pain drugs. I decided to give this a try and was very surprised. Bella is nine years old and moves quite well. She is active for her age and does not hesitate to jump up on my bed. I strongly recommend you all give this product a try I think you will be very pleased.

    by andrea10/31/2011

    I started using this when I could see my 5 year old active dog was looking a little stiff after laying down for awhile. The stiffness went away after a few weeks of use.

    Dogs love them by JGandy04/02/2013

    My dog love these tablets and she only has to chew half of a tablet twice a day which saves money. She's 14 so it should help with her achy joints

    by tinkerbelle from Murphy, NC10/23/2013

    These are better than the soft chews. Have no trouble getting our pet to eat them!

    Seems to be working by Kobe07/02/2013

    My dog has been taking this supplement for over two years. That's when he was diagnosed with knee issues and the start of spinal arthritis. Before taking this he was moving more cautiously and slowly. He was also taking shorter walks. Afterwards, he was running around and throwing his chew toy around. Fast forward, my dog's arthritis and knee issues have progressed. He's experiencing a little more pain from his arthritis and taking the occasional pain med. I believe the supplement is still helping. I don't know if the supplement has change, but my dog doesn't eat the tablet as readily as he once did. I have to trick him into eating now.

    Refund by max from California11/18/2011

    Sorry to say I am sooo dissappointed. I see little or no results. Can't say if I acted too late purchasing these pills or not. Could be my dog is just too old. Still I was hoping for a better quality-of-life for my dog. Thus far, dissappointed. I feel you people take advantage of us heartbroken animal owners. Will NOT purchase anything ever again. Retired, living on a fixed income, I reallly cannot afford to waste money. Would appreciate refund won't hold my breath.

    by from 08/24/2013

    Best I have found by far for the price. I have an 8 year old golden retriever who was diagnosed with HD at 11 months old. According to his xrays and vets I have talked to his hips are so bad he should not be able to walk, let alone run and play and with this supplement he is doing great! A little stiff on stairs still but he is happy and active. I will be starting my other dogs on this as well. They have no joint problems so I will only be giving a half a pill per day for a little extra support. Great product, recommended 100%

    in by dogs from asI


    Joint Max Triple by Lois01/02/2013

    Not so happy because the tabs are much harder to break into my dog's food (as I had done with the double strength dose). I fear there may be a staleness despite the expiration date being good on the bottle. chewable should mean chewable. Just hoping my 13 year old dog will get some benefit anyway because I can't afford to repurchase the item.

    best product ever by doberboy03/02/2012

    We had surgery twice on are dobermans legs twice and nothing would work. We had medicines like crazy and it still would not get better. We heard about this product and we started using this on are doberman in about two months the dog started showing improvement. Its not a miracle but it showed more improvement than anything else we used including surgery. We would recommend someone trying this with a dog with leg issues.

    Great by Curly10/06/2011

    My dog is 10years old he is so much better . He is a bear hunting dog everyone could not believe how great he was. I am so proud of him thahks

    Couldn't do without it by Jackie07/23/2012

    Joint Max Triple Strength makes all the difference in the world for my 14 year old Australian Shepherd. She can do stairs and still jumps up on the couch. I can tell if I've forgotten to give it to her. It makes that big of a difference. She couldn't do without it!

    Triple Joint Max is Great by mdgpsilva06/04/2013

    My dog is 12 and has been taking this supplement for several years. She's able to get around so much better than before she started taking it.

    Joint Max - Great Product by Janine from Denver, CO12/20/2012

    I have been buying this same product from Entirely Pets for 6 years. From the time we started giving it to our Golden he has never had any joint issues. He had come to us after having elbow displasia and would come up limping after a long walk or playing in the backyard. Once we started him on this, it has never happened again.

    Love Joint Max Triple Strength! by TXEllen from TX12/30/2013

    Great product. Really seems to help my dogs with their joint issues in their back legs.

    Seems to help by Sewist2 from Birch Tree MO10/23/2012

    I have been using this for about a month on our 12 year old dog who has arthritis in his back. I have been able to cut his pain meds in half and he seems to be just as active and comfortable with less medication. He seems to like the flavor of the tablets and eats them with his food in the morning.

    Good results by LindaC from Liberty Hill, Tx01/24/2014

    I believe this is helping my girl dog. She is getting up better and doesn't seem to be as bothered by the arthritis as much.

    Nice Change of Pace by LK from Indiana, PA11/27/2012

    My dog eats the supplement along with his food without any issue. I had been using the granules and decided to try out the chewable tablet. It's a bit easier during feeding time. He seems to enjoy the tablet and it has been sitting well with his stomach. It's a great alternative to the granules! To give you some history on my dog, he is 13 years old, has been struggling with his back legs for about a year now. I added this supplement to his diet along with prescription pain meds and Rimadyl. I believe the combination of all three have been helping to give him a quality of life.

    Makes all the difference by westiemom from Memphis, TN06/19/2013

    This supplement is vital to the mobility of my 11-year old golden mix who has severe arthritis. It had a similar effect on another dog I had who has since passed on. I NEVER run out and in addition to giving it daily to my golden mix, I also give a smaller, preventive dose to my two smaller senior dogs. Highly recommended!

    Joint Max by Qholic from Navarre Beach, Fl03/30/2013

    Our 14 year old Weimaraner started to show signs of arthritis so we got some Joint Max and now she rarely shows any signs of the arthritis at all.

    by from 02/28/2014

    This is a great product, my Rottweiler, started limping somewhat, where he tore his ligament in his right hind leg when he was a pup, took his to his vet, said it was just the ware and tear of joint be damaged when he was a pup .

    using by these,, from hisSince


    Great Product by BJ from TennesseeThis


    seems to help by jsilvers22 from Surprise, Arizona11/14/2012

    The Joint Triple Strength seems to have relieved the discomfort for my dog . He has a little more energy and gets up and down much quicker

    by from 07/26/2013

    we use this every day for our 12 year old black lab and it makes a huge difference!

    Helps my ol' lab with his joint pain by David from Seattle, WALove


    Concerns about my older dog by Tank02/05/2012

    I need to know if customers have experienced extreme diahreaa in their per and a high volume of urination. My older lab has never urinatinated in my house. Since using this product, he has had very bad runs and urination. Help. He has not been diagnosed with diabetes, never a reason to even test him for this. But since giving this product to him for 1.5 weeks, I am going to have him tested. It is a serious problem Please let me know if you have other problems such as this. I do believe it is the creatine in the supplement that is causing the problem. I do hope that the usage of this supplement does not cause him to go into diabetes!

    Good product by maddie10/28/2011

    Old dogs do well with this product and they like the taste.

    Do your pet a favor by Edward V.01/16/2008

    For those of you who may be skeptical of supplements for your pets joints and hips. I bought Joint Max triple strength chewable tablets for my dog who is 11 years old, and he was having some difficulty getting up in the mornings due to some arthritis in his hips so I put him on Joint Max, and about 2 months afterwards my dog acts like a puppy , he gets right up each day, he wants to run out in the yard, and plays like he did when he was a pup. You would never think its the same dog, so do your pet a favor if it has health concerns such as arthritis and try a Joint MAX.

    Wonders for both joints and COAT by Robb for Tabor07/18/2008

    Just Do IT!

    Worked great by Carrie08/01/2008

    I started giving this to my 12-year-old yellow lab when he was really limping and barely moving around. I noticed a BIG improvement within a couple weeks. He now gets up much easier and seems much more active and comfortable. In fact, I'm finding dog hair on the couch again which means he's jumping up again! He also takes Rimadyl once a day, but until we started the triple-strength Joint Max, I wasn't seeing a huge improvement. I've since recommended this product to others.

    She LIKES it! by Mutt Rescuer11/14/2011

    My oldest dog is a lab mix and has started having some hip discomfort issues at the age of 8. I tried buying a similar pill at Petco, but she did not like the flavor and I would always have to put peanut butter on the pill to get her to take it. These pills work just as well, and she likes the flavor. No more peanut butter on my fingers just to get the dog to take her medicine!

    JointMax by Cathy10/24/2008

    JointMax has worked incredibly well on my 90 lb. labrador. He started having stiffness and trouble walking years ago, I think around 7 or 8. Often, he had quite a bit of trouble getting up. He is 12 now and has been on Jointmax DS and recently switched to TS and he has minimal symptoms, only mild stiffness. It has really been a miracle for him (originally I had tried to give him some people glucosimine which was of no help).

    SNOOPY The Wonder Dog! by Judy Richman11/22/2008

    Our 8 year old English Setter, Snoopy, was hurt in backyard accident and pulled her left hip and leg out of joint. After many months of expensive medicine from the vet, and still having a three legged dog, we tried the Triple Joint Max. It is a miracle and you gave us back our Dog. Thank you so much. She runs, jumps, plays and runs on all four legs. These pills really work. Thanks

    Joint Max Triple by Donna01/11/2009

    When my springer spaniel (now age 12 1/2) was diagnosed (07) with back leg arthritis, I thought she would have to be put down. She used to fall often and whimper in pain. With the use of Joint Max and Metacam, she is running and can jump off a high bed. I'm amazed!!!

    OMG by Pam01/30/2009

    I have a 15 year old pit bull. We had her on Joint Max at the recommendation of our vet. We ran out and what a difference in our dog!! We quickly ordered 3 more bottles and have vowed NEVER to run out again. Within days of not having Joint Max our dog was dragging her legs behind her and could hardly get up. I was thinking it was about time to put her out of her misery (even as pet owners know it is a heart wrenching decision). Within days of being on Joint Max again she can walk and run with no problems. This stuff is a miracle!! Thanks so much for improving the quality of my dogs' final days!!!!

    joint max triple strength by mona penn02/02/2009

    My twelve year old dog has hip problems. Now that he takes joint max triple strength he can go for walks and get in and out of the car.

    great product! by catherine10/27/2009

    My German Shepherd was in really bad shape. Could barely walk and when he did, he limped to an extreme. I ordered these tablets and give him 3 a day. Within a week he was back to normal, running around with the rest of my dogs. This definitely works!!!!

    Best joint medicine by Amy11/10/2009

    This is an excellent joint medicine on the market! My dogs are enjoying their walk again.

    Works by LindaL from Waterville, NY02/17/2012

    My 13 yr old likes the taste for these. And they seem to be helping his joints. He has severe hip problems. He is willing to move more than he was.

    by Pam07/10/2012

    My 4 year mastiff was having problems getting up.. Limping a lot this really has helped

    Provides Relief by PattyP from Texas08/01/2013

    Joint Max does seem to give my dog relief from the little aches and pains we all start to experience with age. The product is fine. However, this bottle looked like it had been driven over. It was oddly shaped and a fair percent of the tablets were either broken into small pieces or pulverized into dust. I’m assuming this is an isolated case as the first bottle I ordered was fine. The next bottle will tell more of the story.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Tablets by Madge from Frackville, PA10/22/2012

    If Ajax could talk, I know she would join me in thanking Entirely Pets for supplying the means to ease her hip dysplasia. I plan to continue using this product for my dog, knowing I'm making her as comfortable and happy as a dog with her problem, can be.

    A Great Relief by Vikki07/14/2010

    My 5 1/2 year old beagle was having some problems with her rear legs. She didn't want to climb any stairs or even take part in her favorite daily routine of tracking squirrels. In fact, she would just sit or lay down instead of partaking in much of anything. After reading some of the reviews of Joint Max Triple Strength here, I decided to give it a try. It has been a huge relief that a difference was noticeable after just a couple of weeks. About a month & a half later you wouldn't know she had any problems. This product has worked wonderfully for my beagle. While beagles don't refuse many things to eat, I was worried she wouldn't eat the tablets. She loves them & thinks of them as a treat. Double hooray!

    Works as advertised by JB from Laguna Niguel, CA06/19/2013

    Since using Joint Max, we eliminated the use of a prescription drug.

    Works Well by Dandy Dan from Ohio06/09/2012

    We have been using the Joint Max on our yellow lab. She was a rescue from along side the road left for dead. Besides a lot of cuts and bruises she had a dislocated hip. We have had it put back in 4 times and rather than have the surgery to cut off the ball from the femur we have been using Joint Max. The vet can't believe her hip is still dislocated for the way she gets around. She will run, jump off the porch and play as if nothing was wrong. We plan on keeping her on the Joint Strong as it really has helped her.

    Good Product by Dandy Dan from Ohio11/12/2011

    Thhis is the 3rd time we have orderede this product. It has kept our lab going. She has a dislocated hip ther will not stay in place but allows her to run and jump with no sign of any pain.

    joint max chews by ray from nc06/11/2011

    work and works well is a cheaper product

    THE WORST EVER!!!! by Maltipoo Mom from California08/31/2012

    Our 16-yo maltipoo did very well on GlycoFlex. Someone encouraged us to try JointMax Triple Strength. The ingredients seemed comparable to GlycoFlex, so we switched. Discovered a HUGE difference in quality. Soon, our dog began to limp and her head bobbed when she walked; she was in excruciating pain. Initially, we thought she slipped and bruised her elbow or paw. Summary: we spent more than $1,100 on vets and therapies. Decided to put her back on GlycoFlex. She's doing much better and I will never stop kicking myself. It it works, leave it alone!!

    Great Product by Qholic from Navarre Beach, FL11/21/2012

    I give our 13 year old Weimaraner one a day and she no longer shows any visible signs of arthritis. Highly recommended.

    by from 11/14/2012

    the jury is still out... by bmbmb from Washington, DC10/03/2013

    We have an older, larger dog (a stray, so his true age is unknown to us). He is slowing down, particularly on stairs. We're hoping this product will give him some relief for his (likely) achy bones/joints.

    Triple Joint Max WORKS by Bernay from Las Vegas, Nevada04/01/2010

    My lab is 15 yrs old.. I just finished my 1st 120 tablets I think this stuff really works.. She does have more energy..

    Traveling by LAP from Dallas10/23/2012

    Very portable and great for travel. The dogs love them as a treat.

    Arthritis Relief by Midge from Anne Arundel Co., Maryland02/12/2014

    I have used Joint Max Triple Strength for years on my own dogs. It is the only product that I have ever used for my older dog. When I visited my daughter I noticed that her 14 year old Yorkie was having trouble using her back legs. The next time I saw my daughter I gave her a handful of the Joint Max for the dog. When I called a few days later I asked about the dog and my daughter told me that her little yorkie was now able to walk up the steps. So, I ordered the 120 tablet bottle of Joint Max for her. The dog is doing wonderful.

    Fantastic Product by Fin's Mom from Denver, CO04/17/2012

    We have been purchasing Joint Max and Jointmax Triple Strength for as long as we have owned Fin. We adopted him at 11 months - he had Elbow Displasia and had just had surgery. He wasn't even able to go for walks without coming up gimpy or limping because his elbow bothered him. We stared with a lower dosage and also gave him the jointmax treats. 5 years later, you would never know he had any kind of surgery! He and his brother the doodle, are constantly running, wrestling and chasing each other and he has never shown any signs of hurting! This product is well worth it!!

    Best Product Ever by Goag from Nesconset, NY11/14/2011

    We have been using Joint Max Triple Tabs on our 14 year old lab. She lived to 16 1/2, passed last week. I firmly believe these tabs kept her mobile and more comfortable then had she never taken them. I passed the remaining tabs on to my sisters 8 year old golden just two days ago. Looking forward to seeing how they help her. Don't even hesitate. I am so happy with Entirely Pets!

    Joint max by none from San Antonio, TX02/16/2013

    Have had 5 beardies, our last one is almost 12 yrs of age, All of our "kids" have been on this product. Every day & Long before it became so "commercially" correct.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (120 Doses)
    Great price, great product by 4 Doggy Mama from Port Orchard, WA11/06/2012

    Three of my four dogs have knee/joint issues so this product is a staple in our house. It is priced very competitively when compared to similar products and even more so when purchased on sale. It is hard to say whether or not the product works, but I will say that in the case of my 8 year old terrier with two blown ACL's (only one of which could be repaired) he is still going strong and I have to believe this product has helped him.

    joint max powder by cher from florida06/22/2012

    always shipped quickly and works well for our dog who has hip dysplasia

    Great Product by DD from Warsaw, IN10/30/2013

    I have been using this product for years. My Choc. Lab will be 14 in January. She has had hip problems in the past but has not had any since we started using Joint Max.

    Good for Gamby by roger12/27/2012

    been using this product for a year and a half , helps keep our 12 yr old pyr walking

    by Annielee from Yakima, Washington10/23/2012

    Sophie is a twelve year old lab with two replaced ACL joints. She has run in the desert or the orchard every day of her life and she is still able to do so in part because of Joint Max. She is not as lithe as she once was but still enjoys her outings without joint pain. I really believe Joint Max has helped her enjoy her senior years.

    Good Stufff! by Eragons Mom from PG County, MD06/24/2013

    My Rottweiler has been taking Joint Max Triple Strength Granues for a few years now. I love how quick and simple it is to give to my dog. No pill! I add it to his food and he eats his entire bow with no problem. This in addition to his Salmon Oill has really helped to keep his joints healthy and pain free. Love it!

    Kudos by Juana from borderland, NM07/30/2010

    To a great extent, I credit this product w/ keeping my 14 yo Great Pyr moving all through his senior years. it continues to assist my 11 yo Russian Mtn dog stay limber. I'm a believer. Well done.

    have used for years by cher from southeast florida10/24/2012

    easy to administer...mixed in a bowl of water. Kia loves it

    Joint Max 'rocks' by Dan from So. Oregon06/14/2013

    I've used your product for six or seven years with my Labroador retrievers, that suffered from joint issues. It is the best supplment one can add to a canines meal, if you want to 'work them' to their desire. I have and will recommend your product to others here in my 'Lab community'.

    very happy with this product by labaussie boys from Virginia07/19/2012

    Include this in my dogs dinner every night. Has helped both my 10-year old Aussie and my 2-year old lab mix. They love the taste. I believe it is helping my dogs to be pain-free and able to stay active.

    Great Results Fast! by Stacy from Conroe, TX03/21/2013

    My GSD is a picky eater and would not eat the chews. These granules were the answer to our problems! And the results, fantastic, she use to limp around after just a few tosses with her frisbee, after about 2 weeks, no more limping, she's back to her old girl.

    Very please with product by Tessa's Nana from Chiefland, Fl04/15/2013

    I was very pleased with this product, my dogs seemed to eat it better than the soft chews, as they are getting older, and I think have texture issues. I will definitely buy this again

    Joint Max for Kodie by Wayne from St. Louis, Mo.12/12/2012

    We have been giving Kodie, our golden retriever Joint Max for several years. Kodie is 15 years old and doing well for his age. Our vet recommended a supplement to help prevent joint deterioration. We chose Joint Max which we order through Entirely Pets.

    Good product by Mariah from Wisconsin06/11/2014

    It's a good product but gave my one dog gas. With 4 dogs it's easier to find a supplement everybody can have then trying to feed to different supplements.

    Miracle supplement by asha from Portland, OR12/28/2011

    I had tried other products from my vet but nothing has been as successful as Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Granules. My dog is 11 years old and has had hip dysplasia since she was a puppy. She now has more energy and very seldom does she need an anti-inflammatory. People think she is a much younger dog now. The granules are very easy to mix with her regular food and she had no trouble adjusting to it. I recommend it highly.

    JointMax Granules Really Help My 13 YO Rottie Mix by DonnaM from Shenorock, NY08/04/2014

    I have an old Rottweiler mix dog - Teddy - who weighs around 90 pounds (used to weigh more, but he's lost muscle density in his elderly years). He has very bad arthritis in his legs, which has gradually worsened over the years. About 3 or 4 years ago, I started putting Joint Max in his food, and it really seems to have made a difference. Within a week or two I noticed he was getting around better. As his arthritis has worsened, I've gradually upped his dose a bit, which also seems to have helped. Teddy just passed his 13th birthday, and though he's slowed down alot in recent years (no longer jogs with us in the mornings), he's still wobbling around the house and yard pretty well. Good old Teddy - thanks to JointMax, he's been able to live to a ripe old age, and in relative comfort, too.

    Really helps my dog by Kris from Montana07/25/2014

    My 12 year old dog is still sprightly and regularly runs 8 miles with me. There is a noticeable difference the few times we have run out of Joint Max - he is noticeably stiffer until we resume the glucosamine. This stuff really works!

    This stuff really works! by patty from Plano, TX10/17/2011

    Had my 15 yr old Brittany on Dasuquin which didn't seem to be helping my old girl. Switched to Triple Joint Max and after 10 days usage, I'm seeing a remarkable improvement. She's got more strength in her back legs, better balance, and she seems to be a little more energetic. Joint max is half the price for twice the quantity...an added plus! Thanks to my friend Linda - who fosters rescues - for recommending Triple Joint Max. Try it... you won't be sorry!

    Simple to use at meal time by Rosie's mom from Massachusetts12/21/2011

    I just add a scoop of granules to her food, mix a little water with it to make it like a gravy (though this is not necessary). My border collie loves it! I switched from the chewable tablets to the granules because my dog would not bother to chew the tablets, she would just swallow them whole! I began to crumble them over her food; doing this routine made me switch to the already crushed granules. Nice product.

    great product by ruby11/13/2012

    this product has helped with my dog's toe that was broken in 3 places. she wouldn't put weight on it and after 2 weeks was back to her old self

    Wonderful product by wolfwoman from Keeling, VA10/04/2013

    I truly don't know what my dog would do without this product. It has been a life-saver since she pulled a ligament in her hind leg about 2 years ago. She is now 10-1/2 and walks (and runs) pretty much without a limp. I give it to her daily mixed into her food and she loves it. I would recommend this to anyone who has a dog with joint problems, hands down.

    Older dogs by WV35401/27/2014

    We have used this for our labs. They do much better with thir joints when using this. We just sprinkle on their food, they eat it right up! We usually by in the two pack.

    by Marilyn from Santa Barbara, CA01/13/2012

    All my dogs are senior rescues and most come to me with bad to severe arthritis. This product seems to help them rebuild the fluids in the joints so they can be more actrive. In conjunction with this my vet has put them on a prescription, Maxicam, also for arthritis. Together the two meds allow my dogs to have an acrtive life.

    Joint max for hips by Cyndi11/04/2008

    This product brought our pit bull/boxer mix back to life! After spending $$$ on an ACL surgery, we found out that our dog was also suffering from hip dysplasia. We used this product and kept her inactive while saving money for yet another surgery and to our great surprise and satisfaction, she never needed it! The poor dog could barely walk at one point and now she is so strong, she can climb right over our 6 ft privacy fence! This product works wonders and it worth every penny.

    Joint Max for Arthritis by Margaret07/22/2008

    This product has done as well as a similar product provided for our dog by her vet, and at a much more affordable price. I would recommend it to anyone whose dog is arthritic. Our 13-year-old dog cavorts about again, as when she was much younger, and can take her beloved walks. We have to be careful that she does not overdo it, but she enjoys life again, and is obviously is in little or no pain.

    Works for us! by Bernice04/20/2013

    Shepard has bad knees and this product helps us thru the chronic pain and infammation

    Great by Beth03/18/2012

    It came supper fast and my dog loves it we just add water and she thinks she's getting gravy. It works as well as other products I have tried but it is a lot easier to deal with being that it's already in powder form.

    does the job by kitkat from southwest florida07/27/2012

    my dog has hip dyslasia ever since birth. We have been using the joint max in her water in the mornings and it seems to help a lot. She still is stiff and limps sometimes, but since we increased to the proper dose she is much better.

    Supplement choice by Candy06/10/2012

    Nice product, full of essential ingredients, best of all dogs like it plus I see an improvement in mobility.

    very pleased by joyful09/03/2013

    Have been using this product for a number of years for multiple dogs. All my dogs love the taste and they are moving freely with no pain. The dogs include a 14 year old large lab, 11 year old aussie/border collie mix and a 3 year old lab mix. I always try to reorder before I run out so my dogs do not have to be without this product.

    Joint Max granuals are the best! by vee from camptopn hills, IL11/13/2012

    The granuals are much easier and more digestable that tablets. I sprinkle it on my dog's food with a bit of water and it makes a nice gravy that is yummy! I just had my 12 yar old lab pass that had major joint issues and I know this product kept her going for a long time. It's a keeper!

    Better than Chews by Brenda from Texas02/12/2014

    I use to purchase the Triple Strength Chews until they changed the "flavor"--my 5 hated them, couldn't even disguise them in anything that they would eat and they had loved the "old flavor". Decided to try the granules--they love the granules and think its like a gravy on their foods....mixed with pumpkin or straight over kibble, in with eggs chicken and rice with veggies---goes great with anything...they lick their bowls clean and I'm back to having that nice added lubrication of the joints.

    Best ever by Lynn O from The Villages FL04/23/2013

    Rusty is a 9 1/2 year old yellow lab. He started having trouble with his hips at around 1 year of age. His first vet wanted to perform surgery. Since glucosomine worked well for me, I thought I would try it with Rusty. He has been on it ever since and has had no further problems. He still runs and chases his frisbees and acts like a puppy. This is the best!

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Hypoallergenic Granules (120 Doses)
    by Misty11/03/2011

    I have a four and eight year old Great Dane and they have been on this product for several years. At our check-up recently the vet could not believe how great both the girls and their joints looked for their age. There has only been a few times when the girls missed their doses of the product and I can DEFINATELY tell a difference in their activity level and gait. I am a firm believer in giving a joint supplement to any dog as a preventative but definately if you are seeing signs of joint stiffness or pain.

    This product does miracles! by Jamie06/29/2013

    This product has made my dog act like a puppy again! He was limping prior to taking it and now he runs around and the limping is gone!!!

    by from 03/08/2012

    The Joint Max Triple-Strength Hypoallergenic supplement is, bar none, the absolute best thing I've found yet for my 9-year old's hip & joint issues. I've tried numerous over-the-counter treatments in various formulations, but this one beats them all. I've recommended this product to two other dog owners - and their reports to me are the same: Joint Max works as advertised.

    for by me from isThe


    Great results... by Bernice10/23/2013

    My old dog seemed to be helped by this product...I 've used this for years and will continue to do so...

    Excellent product by hwagon03/27/2013

    In just over a month I've noticed marked improvement in my dog's mobility. That's remarkable. She's a 155 lb. Newfoundland! She's much more comfortable & able to be more active. Thank you!

    Best Product i have used by Leslie10/23/2012

    Joint MAX Triple Stregth Granules has been the best product i have used for my two dogs... they are jumping around again and have not had any issues with their joints.

    Bone Builder by chris02/26/2013

    Great product...used it for years, no side-effects and no trauma to the pets.

    GREAT PRODUCT by CHASE12/12/2012

    Until we found this product for our German Shepherd, we were worried that he would not be able to benefit from a joint supplement. He has six different food allergies, as a result, cannot tolerate any other supplement we found. This product does not contain ANY of those allergic ingredients (beef, pork, egg, milk, corn, YEAST.) Thank you for a terrific supplement.

    Works wonders by JimDog from Bloomington, IN10/14/2013

    I highly recommend JointMAX. Jimbo is a 14 year old yellow lab that has had joint issues for several years now. When I have him on the JointMAX supplement it is like night and day. I have run out a few times, and he doesn't get the supplement for a few days, and I can see a drastic decline. Two thumbs up! Jim also has allergies so the hypoallergenic properties are wonderful. No allergenic side effects.

    Must be delicious by zirks from New York, NY07/11/2013

    My dog likes the granules so well that I can put his meds right on top of the little pile and he laps them up along with it. A handy thing when his diet is so limited that I can't give him pill pockets or peanut butter or the usual things to hide his pills.

    Joint Max by Barb from Ohio02/19/2011

    Originally recommended to me on a breeder forum by a respected breeder judge. Have tried many other different joint products to make our older Labradors from 7 to 13 yrs more comfortable and less stiff but saw little difference. Joint Max is the best & appeals to even the picky 13 year old who eats it readily. We are seeing great results.Dogs are Not allergic, but chose the Hypoallergenic because we try to eliminate anything that could tax their systems as a preventative measure.

    by burt01/08/2013

    I have been feeding my Golden Retriever this product for the past 9 years. While the jury is still out on Glucosomine, I hope and think it is doing some good.

    Great Product by Eugie06/03/2013

    Woof Woof - yum yum! Eat it right up, sure makes my bones feel good without making me scratch!

    by Roger07/23/2012

    Product is very good ,works well witu our 12 yr. old great pyrennes. Entirely pets is very reasonable , large selection, very speedy service

    great stuff by fannie's mom08/21/2012

    Has helped my 14 yr old Aussie alot. Been using it for about 3 years now.

    No lab assay available by Mal-in-wa01/01/2013

    I've tried three times to receive the lab assay on this product. I was told the first time it would be sent to me. I did not receive it. My follow up email and telephone call received no reply. I am interested in the hypoallergenic granules because of the few inert ingredients. (Not sure why they need sucrose when they have molasses though.) Makes me suspicious that they won't provide the lab results.

    Great product!! by Got2dogs from Nasville, TN05/02/2014

    We have used this product for over two years and I'm sure it has helped our 10 year-old rescued Doodle stay as active as a puppy! It's also greatly helped our 8 year-old rescued Bichon with her arthritic hips. Add it to their food once a day!

    Sugar? by Bc08/20/2013

    I wish I had read more closely. The granules have sugar added. I will buy capsules in the future.

    Easily administered joint protection by Sheila09/19/2014

    I've used variations of this product for the lifetimes of several dogs. Hip problems were never observed, even though they are very common in several of the breeds of dogs that I have had. I start them on it when they reach 7 years of age and they get it until they die.

    Joint MAX: Help Your Dog! by Ernie D. from Stockton, CA03/11/2014

    Joint MAX triple Strength granules is a simple and easy way to help your dog's joint health. The handy measuring spoon is designed to provide the proper dose for your dog. This health supplement is the best product to help ease the aches and pains of joint issues as your dog reaches adult and into senior living. Joint MAX is designed to improve joint health with several key products that specifically target joint health. Morgan, our seven-year-old female German Shepherd has no problem with Joint MAX added to each meal.

    Good Product To Address Arthritis by KatM from Flat Rock, IN11/15/2011

    I have 2 Great Danes, 1 with arthritis and 1 too young to have arthritis yet. I am using this product to help the one with arthritis and hopefully minimize the effects of arthritis in the younger one. The molasses smell is a bit strong, but the dogs don't mind. They love it.

    Very effective by ecr from Boston, MA11/11/2011

    Have a 13yr dog who has been using it for a long time. She had a broken leg as a puppy and has been able to move and walk around without a problem.

    Joint Max by crazecatlade10 from North Carolina11/30/2012

    Works great, first time I've tried this particular type of the Joint Max. I just sprinkle it on their food and it's gone. Love Joint Max! It has been such a blessing for a dog we have that was hit by a car (before we got her) and her hips are in very bad condition - bone on bone. Using JM you would never be able to tell she ever had any issues with her hips!

    Better Price and Hypoallergenic by catahoulagirl from Vancouver, Washington11/06/2012

    I needed a hypoallergenic glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin product and I wanted creatine to maintain the muscle mass on my 13 year Catahoula Leopard Hound with very serious arthritis. It works great and no allergies or IBS, :) Just don't change your mind and put soy or flax in it or I will have to hunt down a new product. Thank you for being one of two products that I can sprinkle on the food and not have to be mean and shuv a pill down her throat daily because she is even allergic to pill pockets hypoallergenic. She is mobile and doing pretty good for her age. I love her so much.

    Best joint product I know of by Critterlover from Seattle, WA08/20/2013

    I have used this on multiple dogs with various joint issues. The most dramatic testimony is from my Aussie mix. She had a knee that would dislocate about once a month. After she had been on this wonderful product, it would only go out about twice a year and her recovery time was a lot faster.

    by Sifubarbra04/25/2012

    I give this to my dog for his kness that pop out of the socket. I believe that giving him this product every morning in his food, he is much more active and hasn't had any problems with his knees. Great product....

    My dogs love it by DebBax from AL01/28/2014

    After my 80 lb. chow mix, Teddy, was diagnosed with hip displasia, I took the advice of my daughter. She gives her lab Joint Max granules for arthritis, recommended by her vet. In less than a month Teddy was running and jumping like a puppy. That was almost 3 years ago. He hasn't had a hip flare up since we started the Joint Max. I just sprinkle it on his food. Our other dog, Maggie, a shepherd/terrier mix, won't eat until I add the Joint Mix. Highly recommend Joint Mix granules.

    Great product by Kyle's Mom from Riverview, FL02/24/2012

    I have dogs (2 Greyhounds and a Brussels Griffon) with allergies so I purchased the Joint Max Triple Strength HA. My 10 year old Greyhound, Kyle had been limping severely. After a very short time (less than 1 week) I noticed a marked improvement. He no longer limps and runs and plays as if he were a youngster again. He can keep up with my 4 yr old Greyhound, Kool any day. I highly recommend this product. It is easy to feed (just sprinkle on their food and they love the taste).

    Best Joint Supplement out there! by TraceyM05/15/2013

    Joint supplements are one of those things that you never know if they're actually working or not. My greyhounds have been on this supplement for about 3 yrs & I decided to switch my oldest who's 10 to a different one for a while. After about a month, I saw a noticeable difference in how stiff she was getting & immediately put her back on Joint Max. Within a couple of weeks, her arthritis had settled back down & she was much more agile. Great product!

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Jo from Toronto, ON11/13/2012

    Stuff is fantastic! Works great for my GSP. She's got bad hips and this keeps her going strong.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by leslie05/29/2012

    great product... both my dogs are using this and i have noticed a huge improvement in their mobility!

    Good Stuff! by Canine Grandma from North Kingsville, OH07/09/2013

    I started using this product with my own dog after a car accident he had. The poor, huge lab mix had had hip dysplasia when he was young and several years later one hip was fractured and the other dislocated. This stuff worked wonders with his flexibility! Now we use it with our seniors and our adopted pit rescue that had had a hip heal incorrectly after it was broken. She refused to put her leg down at all and now she runs with the other dogs on all four.

    Very Helpful by Molly from Stonington,CT12/07/2011

    This product is easy to add to food. I love the fact that I can just scoop it up; no need to crush anything. My dog is eating every drop of food and feeling and moving around much better. He could barely get up and now he is walking just for fun (like he should)!

    Good stuff by Dane Lover02/10/2013

    We have been using this product for our Great Danes for over 8 years. It has helped with our Danes and help reduce joint problems as they aged.

    Exellent for dog with allergies by Dog Mom07/12/2012

    I've been using this product for quite some time now. I have a Bullmastiff that is allergic to Beef and Chicken which is in most all the Joint Suppliments so my choices are very limited. I was very happy to find this product!

    jointMax Triple strength HA granules by tammy08/18/2012

    Bobbie at the age of 15 ( chow/germein) moves alot better with joint MAX triple stength and Ripley 3 (germs/lab/chow) jumps alot higher and looks better with the HA mix .

    Good stuff!!! by 2 Scotties plus us from Missouri03/13/2014

    This product has proven to really help our dogs who are both going to be 11 soon. I've been giving them this supplement for a few years now and would highly recommend it for overall general health.

    by from 02/19/2013

    JointMAX triple strength (HA) is a wonderful product. Since starting to use it for my old girl (14) she's been walking much better and is acting young again.

    it by could from happen,Wouldn't


    Joint Max by TiffanyH from San Diego11/02/2012

    Mix the powder in a little bit of water and add dry dog food. Easy and affective.

    awesome product by freckles13 from muskegon, mi06/02/2013

    I bought this for one of my boys because he has issues with arthritis in his back. within a week of taking this he is back to his old self. I am amazed that he is so much better. I would definitely recommend this product.

    by sauvie3 from Kelso, WA11/23/2011

    Very good product. My vet suggested that I give this product to both of my older dogs.

    Excellent adjunctive therapy for aging companions by Rhirun from Winter Park, FL07/12/2012

    This product is an excellent addition to nutriceutical supplementation you may have your animal companion on as they age gracefully. I have used this for the past 6 years and my 12 1/2 year old lab/shep mix is more comfortable and still has "puppy" moments of running and bucking around despite her degenerative hips. She enjoys the flavor and has never had any gastrointestinal issues. I highly suggest this to everyone!

    Joint Max HA by Tim/Portland, OR. from Portland, OR03/20/2014

    This product first recommended by my vet. for Max my Scottie. Within a matter of about a week I could see the positive results! I've use this product on Max for about five years now, Max is no longer among us; however I am sold on the benefits of Joint Max and have continued using it with my new friend for preventative medicine. It is inexpensive (relatively) and effective. Great Stuff!

    Love this joint supplement! by Nan from Connecticut02/09/2014

    My chocolate lab Tessa is 9 years old and she's been on Joint Max for 2 years. It has made her feel and move so much better.

    Best value for products of this kind by 3Beagles02/03/2014

    We've been using this product for about 8 years or more. Our one dog was born with hip defects. We've managed to go without pain meds until this year (our dog is 11 years old now). Her sister has some joint damage due to normal aging (she's 11 yrs. also). All our dogs take this product daily (including our 5 year old boy). We put it on their food every morning, wet their kibble with water, and mix. They bark for their morning feedings. I will continue to use this product for their lifetime.

    Joint MAX hypoallergenic is a lifesaver! by Maria01/18/2008

    Joint Max HA has been a life saver for my 10 year old spaniel/clumber girl. She is allergic to a multitude of things but she does fine with the Hypoallergenic granules (to my surprise!) But, by far the best thing is that she is moving like she hasn't for a long time ever since being on Joint Max. She can't take any aspirin or prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs because of her sensitive stomach and we were desperate to find something to help her movement. I really can't say enough about what a difference this has made in the quality of her life. Thank Goodness for Joint Max NA!!!!

    by from 12/15/2011

    I have been using Glucosamine products with my dogs for years and at six and eight, they are as spry as they were when they were young.

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    which by didn't from causeThe


    Glucosamine plus omegas by Tabitha07/10/2013

    When our aging Ridgie mix was identified as having osteoarthritis we started our pack on Synovial G3 granules. Then we added an RR pup to the family who had allergies. Triple Strength hypoallergenic granules from Joint Max to the rescue! my review: Joiint Max works great, a supplement that works great for ALL the dogs. :-)

    Love this Product by Chloes Mom from Warwick RI06/12/2012

    My 11 year old lab has showed much improvement by taking this product. She is able to walk and jump without any pain in her joints. She also loves the taste..I mix it right in with her food.

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! by Kristi07/13/2009

    I HIGHLY recommend starting with this product for dogs with severe arthritis or hip displaysia! My 10 year-old English Springer Spaniel has severe hip displaysia & couldn't get up for a long time in the mornings. So I started giving this to him (mixed recommended dose in his food & added water - except I gave it to him with both feedings for the first week) and within that first week & every day since he is up right away ready to go outside! It is UNBELIEVABLE! Now that I have his pain under control, I am switching to the Joint MAX Triple Strength soft chews. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

    great by mstone3412/23/2011

    Not a miracle worker. My dog is 16 years old-a black lab- without this chew he would probably take a good 30 seconds to get up and not be very active. Imagine what it would do for dogs with early arthritis or bone pain.

    Joint Max HA by Scott11/21/2009

    We have had our dog on this product for two years now. She is allergic to multiple items, but can take this with no problems. Not only is she visibly better, but the vet can not see any progression of her hip and knee problems in her x-rays since we started using this product.

    This is the Best! by Angel06/25/2008

    This product made my dog go from limping in the mornings back to her old self. She has taken this for a year now and IT WORKS! It has changed her quality of life.

    Great Product Great Company by Kathryn12/06/2008

    Have used this product from Entirely Pets for years. Product works great. And, Entirely Pets gets the product to me so fast it is nearly unbelievable!!! Never a problem.

    Best Purchase Ever by Dot from WA06/19/2012

    This is an excellent product. My 12-yr old dog has been on this for about 5 yrs. He was beginning to have trouble walking but now he walks/plays like a puppy. Cannot say enough about this product.

    GREAT PRODUCT by We love our pets from Wyoming12/13/2011

    We are so glad that we bought this product. We just got a 10 yr old black lab who had pretty bad arthritis. We bought this and within 3-4 days started to see improvement on the way she would walk and lay down. She is not in pain and has started to act a little bit younger. She is a totally different dog from when we got her in October. I would highly recommend this if you dog has bad arthritis. We will definitely continue to buy this for her.

    Molassas smell by wallyd1223 from Kimberly Wisconsin04/29/2013

    1st time I bought the granules have always bought the chewable tablets. I made the mistake of buying 2 containers and 1 container of treats. Sadie hates the taste of the molasses but eats it after it sits for awhile. Totally unlike a Lab she normally gobbles her food. Loves the treats. Hoping to return the unopened container for a credit on the chewable tablets. They crumble up easily into her food.

    Works fine!! by Jenny from Nashville, IN10/31/2012

    My Airedale Terrier has had arthritis since he was five and he is nine now. This product Joint Max Triple Strength seems to be a real help to him and as he has lots of allergies I started using the Hypoallergenic. We think that it works and he seems to be much more comfortable when he is on it.

    by Herdabout from New Haven, CT10/22/2013

    Great product--new to me in this granule format, but very pleased with it!

    by from 12/02/2011

    The Joint Max triple Stength Hypoallergenic Granules are the absolute best joint supplement I've tried yet for my dog. I haven't tried everything - but I've tried a lot of what's out there. THIS STUFF WORKS.

    Price-wise, by the from JointAn


    your by dog from likeIf


    Really helped without the side effects of meds by Betty from Texas06/14/2011

    This has really made a difference for my 9 yr old GSD. She's allergic to nearly everything, including the pain meds for her arthritis & hip dysplasia. We started a saturation dose at first and now just stay on a regular maintenance dose. Though I know it doesn't eliminate her discomfort entirely I no longer have to see the pain in her eyes or any fear of climbing steps.

    Thank goodness for Joint Max by Diana from Olalla, Washington03/01/2012

    Our two older dogs have used Joint Max for about 3 years now. Before was another product. They are 12 and 13 years old. They run and play with our little Skipperke like they were puppies. No way they would have lasted this long with out it. I strongly recommend it.

    Joint Max by RedTail from Atlanta GA12/17/2012

    This is a product I've used on 2 of my pups for years. One was missing most of one of his hip joints and this products kept his muscles & tendons strong as well as his joints well lubricated. I could tell the difference if I didnt order in time and he missed it by a couple days as he would limp until it was back in his system the next day. Otherwise he would run and jump truly with out any problems. People never knew anything was wrong if I didnt tell them. I've always Highly recommend this product even with mild problems. The other dog I use it on is highly active even at 9 yrs so it just makes me feel better knowing he has a great buffer within his system.

    Great Product! by wolfwoman from Keeling, VA08/15/2013

    I had been giving my older dog, who developed arthritis in her hind leg due to a pulled ligament several years ago, the soft chewies in the Joint Max, Triple Strength. There had been times when I noticed she didn't eat all of the pieces (she's a picky eater) when I broke them up and put them in her food. (And she would never take them as a treat) But I still did notice an improvement in her movement. I decided recently to switch to the granulated form of the same, and oh my gosh, she LOVES it. Mix it in with her dog food and she eats every bit and I believe I'm even seeing more improvement in her movement. I had even ordered more Rx med to start giving her occasionally, but now, don't think I will be needing that. For anyone with a dog who is very choosy in what they will eat, I definitely recommend the granulated form of Joint Max, Triple Strength. Works like a charm. WILL be buying more for sure.

    3 Legged Review by Oso12/11/2011

    When you have 3 legs, you need additional nutrients,

    Joint issues by GG from Houston, TX01/16/2015

    I have 4 dogs who are getting a little older now - and they take JointMax. They LOVE it and it gives them the supplements they need. My oldest Bulldog had TPLO on both knees, and this is great for her!

    Great product! by ChaseB08/01/2012

    After searching EVERYWHERE online and in stores, this is the only hiip and joint supplement my German Shepherd can have. He has 6+ major food allergies, and I am very thankful I found Joint MAX HA.

    Triple Strength Joint Max Hypo-Allergenic by BA12/23/2010

    Have a fussy 13 yr old Labrador who will not eat anything that does not smell "right". He cleans his plate very quickly with this and we also did notice positive changes in movement both in him and another older Lab.

    Good, but not as good as another by Caro06/06/2013

    I liked this product because it has glucosomine, chondroitin and msm. But it has filler that causes you to have to give a larger dose than another product that is more pure. I wanted to try something different that was at a lower price to what I'd been using. The package is very large, making it hard to travel with it. Worth the try, but not again.

    by from 09/03/2013

    Our yellow lab Gracie is allergic to a long list of foods and outdoor environment things.

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    taking by this from productGracie


    MAX by Hypo from version.Thank


    Autumn" by Joint MAX Triple Strength Hypo granules from Mom to Gracie AutumnMom


    Allergic dog so much better by teddy from Florida06/26/2013

    Even though we were adhereing to a vet advised diet and medicated, our little Llasapoo continued to itch and chew areas until we started using this as his anti-arthritis formula. So wonderful to have an antiallergic formula! His hair has grown back in and his skin is in the best shape since we adopted him 6 years ago. ( he is now 14 ) Both our dogs are now on this product and our vet is using it for her allergic dog.

    Just what the doctor ordered by boringoldguy from Willamette Valley, Oregon08/17/2014

    Five years ago I adopted a 7-year old border collie rescue dog with a congenital incompletely-formed ball joint in his left hip. He was still active and loved to play, but I was dismayed to learn that he could hardly walk several hours after a fetch session with a tennis ball (he'd never end this on his own but I very quickly learned to). My vet recommended a joint supplement of this type as offering the greatest possible benefit, and what a difference! In just a week, he could play for longer periods without any later discomfort at all. I've given this to him daily ever since and it has kept him both active and happy. While he's starting to slow down at 12 years of age, he still shows no signs of joint pain or discomfort after a play session (shorter now, of course), and this will be part of his daily diet as long as he's on hand to enrich my life. It has truly made his life much more complete for him, too.

    by from 08/06/2012

    I started giving this to our dog everyday--(one almost full scoop sprinkled on her food) when, at age 11, I started noticing she was slowing down. Now at 15, people mistake her for a puppy when I take her to the park and she's running around the field. Truly amazing stuff. I highly recommend Joint Max Triple Strength Granules.

    the by best from priceBTW--Entirely


    Great Product by Nolle from Newport, Oregon02/22/2013

    My last dog, Star, a shepherd husky mix, loved Joint Max and lived until 14.5 years with no joint problems. I started Jack, a German Shepherd purebred with this at 6 months, hoping to insure healthy joints!!!

    Joint max triple strength hypoallergenic granules by patty from Plano, TX02/25/2013

    Good stuff! My dogs love this supplement and gobble it down when added to their food. The smell is also pleasant to humans. Works to keep aged dogs joints supple and pain free. Would recommend to others. EntirelyPets made online ordering experience easy. Package arrive ahead of promised date. Will purchase again. 5 out of 5 stars. Bravo!

    Getting back that get up and go! by basset_mama from Salem, Oregon04/03/2013

    I am a foster mom to several senior dogs with joint problems. Triple Max has done more to help them in their everyday lives than anything the Vet has given them. They are now able to go on longer walks, go up and down a short flight of stairs (three steps) and load themselves into our SUV with the aid of a ramp to go on trips to the vet and parks. We couldn't ask for more during their remaining years.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (120 Chews)
    by Akita Mama11/12/2011

    These joint Max Triple, seem to really help My Senior Akita Girl...12 yrs old1

    Great Vitamin Treats! by Terri07/23/2010

    My sweet little chi Chico absolutely LOVES these things!! He's 13 years old and has no joint issues at all. He climbs the stairs with no problem. Great price for a great product! Thanks!!

    My dogs love these, prefer the bacon flavor by Judy from Michigan03/06/2012

    On this delivery, I got the "old" flavor, which one of my dogs will sometimes not eat--he loved the bacon flavor. The other dog loves both. Great value, fresh product---THANKS!

    It works! by Nan from Rochester, NY01/25/2012

    I used JointMax on my 8 yr old, small dog after she blew her knee out. They wanted to do surgery but, after reading so many good reviews on it, I decided to try it. In 2 weeks, she started to use her leg again. By 3 months, she was walking fine. In a year, the vet said her leg was back to normal! At the same time, I, also, started my 15 yr old lab on JointMax. She was walking stiff and feeble. It didn't take long before she could easily use the steps again. She even slept more peacefully and got up without showing signs of aches and pains. This order is for my son's older pit. She's showing the same issues as my lab did. I'm hoping for the same results!

    Why fix it if it ain't broke? by Lync from Phoenix, AZ11/09/2012

    My dog has always liked these. Then they changed to a 'new imporved flavor' and the only reason he eats them now is so the other dogs don't get it. He takes in his mouth then drops it to the ground..........THEN he grabs it only to spite my other 2 dogs. :-) They do work though. Buster has put some weight on and I noticed he was a bit stiffer. I checked, realized I needed to up the dosage to 2 a day and have seen improvement.

    Great product by Maggie's Mom11/27/2011

    My dog loves these and they have been good for her back problems.

    by from 03/22/2012

    I have been using this product for over a year and am really happy with the results. My dog had trouble moving around and this product has really helped her. She is still a little stiff in the mornings but after she has her medicine, she moves a whole lot better during the day. Thanks Entirely Pets for carrying this product!

    Columbus, Ohio by from Bob"


    Joint Max Triple Strength is top dog! by Hoover from Honolulu, HI06/03/2012

    Woof! These new flavored Joint Max Triple Strength are superlicious! I can't get enough of them. So tasty and great for my joints! Gotta go, off to walk with my humans! - Hoover

    by ginger12/15/2011

    this seems to be the same product that i am used to bying but it has a much different smell but my dogs dont notice any different

    by from 03/07/2013

    After taking for about a week, my dog started acting like a puppy again. Each day I see a complete change and had forgotten just how active he used to be.

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    dogs love them by jd07/31/2012

    as retired athletes our dogs need the supplements and vitamins in these chews.

    by Charlie06 from Canada01/19/2014

    My dog is old and the soft chews are a little bit hard to eat compare to other brand. They're not really soft.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (120 CHEWS) by Moose from Florida04/04/2012

    Love this product for my Newfie, He's almost 10 and thinks he's a puppy. Price is great and shipping is super fast. Thanks,

    Joint max soft chews by Jackthedog from San Diego06/02/2013

    My dog loves these! To him they're a treat, not a needed supplement.

    So far so good. by motonole from South Georgia12/03/2011

    I just started giving this to my 8 year old American Bulldog, and 11 year old Boston Terrier, and it's already working! They were both in pretty good shape, the bully was having more stiffness and limping. I just included the Boston because of her age. They are both RUNNING around the yard snapping and growling at each other lovingly like 3-4 years ago and it's only been 2 weeks!!

    JOINT MAX TRIPLE by Kody from Livermore, Ca08/21/2013

    Our dog is getting along in years for a very large dog. These help him be able to move and play with the younger dog.

    This Really Works! by JaxsonsMom from Spring, Texas12/13/2011

    I have had all 5 of my dogs on this for a number of years and it has made a real difference in their lives. All 5 of my pets are over 10 years old and Joint Max has significantly helped with their mobility. I have started my recently rescued 5 yr old Coonhound on it as well so he won't suffer with joint stiffness as he ages. Won't ever stop using Joint Max. It really works and very affordable!

    Great Joint Max product by Belle's Mom from Dumfries, VA11/08/2011

    Belle is almost 14 yrs old and has been on Joint Max soft chews for several years now. She is still pretty active and I attribute her easy mobility to this product.

    Dogs think it is a treat by TJ04/03/2013

    I split a triple strenghth soft chew between 2 dogs.

    Triple Strength Soft Chews by YakPat from NE Washington state10/26/2011

    Before finding these my 12 year old Aussie-Border Collie mix was not able to move much let alone jump on the bed. He's now 15 years old & running 2 miles daily, jumping & enjoying being a dog again. We will never go without these now that I've seen how great they work. Also worked fast! Could see a noticeable change within a few days. I get the 240 count or the 120 count depending on my finances. Both are a bargin !!!!!!!

    Joint Treat by tish3 from Tucson, Az. & New Milford, Ct.07/24/2012

    I give these chews in lieu of biscuits or other treats. There is greater health benefit and no empty calories.

    Love the new flavor by SG from California10/23/2012

    My 14 year old lab/shep cross loves the new flavor. Eagerly eats her food when Joint Max mixed in.

    Really like this product by Nanna from Bokoshe, Oklahoma05/26/2013

    My little dog is served this product with the vitamin each day. She is crippled from a spinal injury . She was a rescue as many of our animals are. She LOVES this product, and I believe it helps her to continue to navigate even with her injury.

    Excellent!!!! by chillydog from pensacola03/17/2013

    My 11yr old dachsund had serious neck and hip problems 2 years ago. She was on numerous meds for 2 weeks. I had enough of the weight loss and the sadness in her eyes from being doped up all the time. She started using this product and Canine plus for seniors and in just a few days, my Chillydog was back to being her self again.

    by from 03/04/2012

    This is a great product for dogs young and old!

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    Worked Wonders by Miss Peanut from Ephrata, PA08/14/2012

    My 12 year old dog was having difficulty walking and would often limp. After taking Joint Max for several weeks, I noticed a huge improvement. I think his quality of life has improved immensely. :-)

    Love these chews by Glory from Ringwood ,N.J.04/16/2014

    My charger is doing much better.he was struggling getting up off the floor ,now he's moving around much better and his shedding has subsided ... He is a very large dog and I think these chews will help him a threw out life ... He love to play and run around like a puppy still. He's 5 1/2 . Newfoundland &black lab . Thank you ... DV

    GREAT PRODUCT!! by christy from Illinois12/14/2012

    This has worked for my 13 year old lab better than prescription meds!! highly recommend this product! Speedy shipping, great company will order with them again!!

    Joint Max Triple by Ruidoso01/01/2014

    When unable to obtain our regular product for arthritis in two of our dogs, my husband found Joint Max Triple online. Our one dog now doesn't seem to have such a hard time walking at night. So, some improvement seen already!

    Excellent product by Owner of bully breeds from Ventura, CA03/16/2012

    After 3 surgeries on her back legs and being 9 years old now, my pit bull keeps up with our newest rescued bull terrier thanks to this product. She had been taking it for 7 years now.

    Great Results by Debbie from Texas01/14/2012

    This has been a miracle treatment for our dog's arthritis. She could barely walk and after 30 days of Joint Max, she is able to be outside again.

    New to us by Draphin-Girl from Cornwall, Ontario03/02/2012

    Just started using Joint Max. Switched from GlycoFlex because the reviews were more geared to my dogs needs. I am trying to find the perfect remedy to help my dog. I have an 8yr old German Shepherd who damaged her ACL joint at age 6yrs. After having had surgery, she has trouble going for walks now and with climbing the stairs. Her brain has lots of energy but her body doesn't keep up...she tires easily and limps after only short work outs. Looking for a product that will bring her back to life, like she used to be....free of pain and more ability to play. Hoping to get the positive results that others write about. Any suggestions are appreciated. Love my dog!

    This is a necessity! by Trish12/06/2011

    We have been using Joint MAX since our lab turned 5, she is now 7, and still runs like a stallion. I would highly recommend Joint Max to help your dog's joints and to relieve the aches and pains that come with their mid life. She considers the triple strength soft chews a treat!

    by dog lover10/14/2010

    The amount of active ingredients listed are not the same as what is mailed to you, esp. EPA and DHA.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by bunjeebuddy from Texas02/13/2014

    i really like the Joint Max chews, in the past I have had difficulty trying to give my dogs supplements- but not with the soft chews. They love them and view them as special treats!It is such a relief to not have to spend my time trying to hide their supplements in peanut butter or cheese, only to discover them on the floor later.

    Joint Max by Corby11/06/2012

    Corby likes the product and seems to limp less so I'm happy as well.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Kyzur01/19/2012

    Being a 100 lb. Giant Schnauzer is not fun when you wake up in the morning and don't want to go for your walk. The hips didn't want to move like they use to. My owners took me the Vet and he said possible surgery. I begged them to try alternative therapies. Well, they listened to me and bought me Joint Max Triple Strength. Within one month I am now enjoying my walks and even running from time to time. Thank You Sooooo Much :) Kyzur

    Joint Max by Cooper06/27/2013

    Have used this for several aging pets over the years one of the best products I have found.

    Love this stuff by redhead from Greensboro, NC10/10/2011

    My 14 year old lab has been taking this for the past two years and it has worked wonders! She moves around like she is five again and rarely has any joint pain.

    by Peggy07/18/2012

    excellant product ,you start to see results in 2-3 weeks

    JOINTMAX TRIPLE STRENGTH by rockiegirl from Newport Beach, Ca12/06/2011

    These have helped my 16 1/2 year old who had both ACL surgery about 6 or more years ago get around more easily

    We Found a Winner! by browndog from Colorado11/07/2013

    This was my first order to Entirely Pets and both Brown Dog and I are completely satisfied! He finds the triple strength joint chews to be a great "treat" and I'm noticing how much better he is moving and getting up and down. We both highly recommend!

    Love the product by Carole from North Carolina09/30/2013

    These chews seem to make a wonderful difference with my 13 year old dogs mobility. Thank you for making a great product that he actually enjoys!

    This is a hands down winner by Ter from Colorado Springs, CO.07/03/2012

    My dog is 16 yrs old and has been using Triple Joint Max for 5 of them. She can not be with out them. If she should be she has a hard time walking. Just started my 15 yr old on Joint Max HA granules and noticed a difference within 2-3 wks. Joint Max is the greatest product for aging pups.

    This product is awesome! by Lenny02/29/2012

    This stuff works really well for dogs with joint pain. My black lab was in a lot of pain,and limping badly. After taking this stuff for three weeks or so, I can see a big difference .Thanks for making this product available !

    Does what it claims by Belle08/12/2012

    I now use Joint Max as maintenance for my two Maltese, 7 & 8 yrs old, but only a quarter chew twice/day after their meals. They think it's a treat! Product still gives ongoing relief for those little aches and pains that used to be so bothersome before. Would prefer a small-dog size but otherwise highly recommend for all seniors.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Toni10/04/2014

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews are the best because they have everything your dog need in one chew and you don't have lots of bottles or containers hanging around.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (120 CHEWS by Mandi from California03/26/2013

    This is also a great product for little dogs who don't like to chew the tabs. My dog likes both.

    Joint Max really helps by Les from Arizona09/28/2014

    I have 4 dogs; 13 yrs, 2-3 yr olds, & 1 yr old large dog. All of them take a Joint Max treat once a day & it helps. They are all very active, except the 13 yr old & she's more active than she used to be, & I believe that this has helped all of them w/ any joint problems that may come their way as they get older. They also think they are getting a treat & wait at the kitchen cabinet where I keep these!

    Great Product but not Fresh by Boxer Mom from North Carolina08/01/2012

    We have been buying this product for many years and sometimes we get moist treats and sometimes we get dried out treats. This time we got two tubs of dried out treats. I think the company needs to seal the containers better. The treats fall apart in your hand. The sample packs you can get for a penny are always moist. Hopefully the company will find a way to resolve this problem.

    Great Item! by Katydid from Springdale WA01/06/2013

    Great product that helps our golden lab who has both hips "pinned". She gets around a lot better when she takes these supplements.

    Fabulous Product!!! by Christy from Murfreesboro, TN12/31/2011

    I have a 17 year old mixed-breed dog. She gets around pretty well, but has some problems with her hips. She takes Prevacox, which was prescribed by her veterinarian. In addition to this, she takes 2 Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews per day (one in the morning and one at night). She lives indoors, and she is able to climb the stairs (as long as she has this product). It is amazing! My girl is a picky eater, but she loves these and thinks they are a treat!

    Phenomenal Product! by John L from Whitestone, NY04/03/2013

    Our dog's arthritis was so bad, he was howling with pain by the time we got to the end of the block. A neighbor suggested JOINT MAX. Just one chew, and pain was gone and after a week he was jumping on the couch again. Awesome product. I should be taking it!

    Awesome product by Laurie from Goose Creek, SC12/04/2012

    Our chocolate lab is 13 1/2 years old and loves these! She has a little arthritis for her age and these help her get up and go every morning. Highly recommend these.

    Joint Max chews by Shelley from Fayetteville, AR11/12/2012

    Only 4 of my 5 dogs will eat these. My previous order was for their "new" flavor which smelled like bacon and my 5th dog went crazy for it. With this recent purchase, I'm back to only giving it to 4 of my 5. I wish they'd bring back the Bacon flavor/scent.

    Our dogs love this!! by Mary from Plymouth, Ca11/25/2011

    Our dogs love the taste of these, but most of all, they help keep our aging labs frisky and full of themselves. Wouldn't be without it.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE SOFT CHEWS by sportynellie from Durango, CO05/02/2012

    This product has totally given my border collie new life! He is moving and playing again!!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by nyrobin from Bothell, WA10/25/2012

    My dog has arthritis, so my vet recommended synovi G - but my dog actually likes these better.

    Bad Flavor by Debi from Hemet, CA02/20/2014

    I'm know that these chews are very good for dogs as I've researched all of the ingredients, however, they didn't do my dog any good because she hated the flavor. I suppose they are having other complaints, as well, because they were delivered with a tasty paste to wrap around each chew, which my dog cleverly ate and spit out the actual chew!

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews are great! by Martha from Minneapolis, MN09/18/2013

    My dog has a recent ACL injury in her leg. I opted for no surgery and have just been letting her rest and limit her activity. Once I started giving her Joint MAX she made an amazing leap forward in her healing. I will definitely be keeping her on them!! Thanks so much!!

    Great Product!! by PatsyM10/26/2013

    We're trying to prevent joint problems in our beautiful 7 year old golden retriever rescue dog. Our Vet recommended getting these chews and Sadie loves them. We also used them as treats to train her and they worked great. I've purchased these chews 3 times now and plan to continue forever!

    Best purchase and price ever by Duke07/10/2012

    My boxer really was having a hard time with his hips and he loves the flavor of these and I really see a big improvement when he walks and runs

    A great joint supplement. by Nanc from Salida, Colorado07/25/2014

    My dog is a rescue dog. He was hit by a car when he was only 11 mos. old. His left hip was broken & the surgery involved removing the head of the femur (an FHO). After adopting him, I started with the triple strength joint max. He was on 3 legs. After prolonged use & therapy, etc., he is on all four legs, hiking, snowshoeing, swimming, etc. I will keep him on triple strength joint max for life.

    by from 05/20/2011

    My 2 dogs, a 14 year old Lab, and a 13 year old Cocker have been on TS Joint Max Chewable Tablets for years, and they are in terrific shape...TS Joint Max is a an excellent product!

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    Joint Max Soft Chews by Snuffy4906/17/2012

    Our two miniture Dachshunds both have back problems and this product has helped them to have less pain and feel better

    by Cattle dog friend from Prescott, Arizona04/30/2013

    I have been giving my 13 year old dog Joint Max for 3 years now. I have seen a huge difference in her back legs, in a good way. I even give one to my 2 year old pup. Great product!!!!

    Awesome Chews! by Dee Dee from Michigan02/12/2014

    My dogs love these chews! I use them to give my dog her pain pill as they are soft enough to hide it, and she loves the taste. Also, it is helping her hip displasia. She doesn't seem so have any problem getting around. I also give it to my other dog who is older and needs it for his joints as well. I re-order these every month they are so good.

    Great Product! by Kathy A from Christmas Valley, Oregon11/13/2013

    My Aussie Ike was having problem with his right shoulder he would limp badly after laying down to rest. He has only been on the Joint Max for 2 weeks and I already notice an improvement in his shoulder motion. He loves the taste too!

    by from 10/19/2011

    My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips and was put on Rimadyl. I decided to supplement the Rimadyl with Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews twice a day.

    so by much from betterHe


    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by TJ from Westfield, NC05/09/2013

    Been using Joint Maxx triple strength chews for my 12 yr.old Shepherd-Chow mixed dog for at least 5 years. Doctors said he needed a $1500 operation for his limp. After 3 weeks of Joint Maxx he had no more limp and I believe has kept him looking younger than other dogs his age. It has been a miracle fix for his joint pain!

    Great product by Heidi from Flint, MI02/27/2013

    Both of my dogs take these every day. I noticed huge improvement in my 13 yr old Lab.

    Charlie loves them! by capelady from Michigan01/06/2013

    Made such a difference in our 9 year old lab, acts like a puppy!

    Joint Max triple strength chews by Oliver from Rochester, MN10/31/2011

    These soft chews are excellant. My dog loves the taste. Lacey is 8 years old and has severe arthritis in her back legs, I give her one maintenance dose a day and it allows her to function normally. We have been using for over a year now and have seen amazing results from your product. Thank you.

    New flavor? by Dshow from Indiana01/18/2012

    We've purchased Joint Max soft chews for a couple of years now. Good product and the dog likes it. A tub came recently that had a sticker that said "New Flavor!". The new product had a beef smell that was overpowering, even the room where they were located stunk. Some of the soft chews had the consistency of pudding. Anyway, the dog ate it. On the next order, the tub didn't have the sticker and was back to the normal smell but seemed dry (old?). I order the same thing every time. How do I ensure I don't get the "New Flavor!" anymore?

    Good product by PC from Vermont11/16/2011

    These soft chews are easy to dispense...no measuring! Also, our very picky- eater German shepherd loves the taste. Will order again.

    My Dog Loves These! by A7903/02/2013

    I have no trouble getting my dog to eat these! He loves them so much that we use them for training treats!

    Joint max Tripple Strength Soft Chews by Jeffcmor from Shelton, Washington04/21/2012

    My dog liked the first 120 count Tripple Strength Soft chew order. They were moist and dark in color and she ate them like any treat.I ordered a second batch of 240 and when they came, they were a lot lighter in color and looked dry. My dog would not eat them unless I chopped them up and mixed them with her food. I thought maybe that the second order was just a bad batch so I ordered a 120 count order the third time. They were dry and light colored and I still have to mix them with her food. Through all of this I can't tell if they are helping her sore joints much. I would not recommend them.

    Some dogs love em by Tango from Reno, NV04/25/2013

    I have 3 dogs that are all older or have hip problems. I have tried other pills and they get rejected. My dogs like these pretty well. My big guy with early hip issues loves these thank goodness! He waits for more which is more than I can say for other supplements I have given him.

    Incredible Product by Montana Dog Lover from Hamilton, MT11/06/2012

    Do you know how cute a 12 yr old Border Collie is when she thinks she's 2 again? Since we started Joint Max, she and our 10 yr old poodle have gained years back. Nell's (Border Collie) limp has diminished by 75%, she jumps out of bed, walks twice as far as ever and is so spunky~I love it. Our 10 yr old Poodle who has arthritis is 100% better as well. I'm also giving it to my 2 other dogs as a preventive medication. Thanks so much for this incredible product. I highly recommend it, as well as Nell and Sammie, they send their best wishes!

    Joint max by Barbara from ohio04/09/2013

    This product does seem to be helping put a little pep back in my old girls step.

    Great item! by Lesllie12/26/2012

    My dog is 14 years old and takes these daily. If she misses a day, then I notice she has more trouble moving.

    joint max es by tazman from michigan01/16/2013

    this product is great...my 9 year old sheperd mix loves these and has been on them for about 5 years now..she has a pin in her hip from when she was little and fell out of a truck..joint max works great for her

    awesome joint care by sheryl from Sarasota, FL02/15/2012

    This is a great product. I use it on my 8 year old great dane who hyperextended her knee 3 years ago. Give her 2 a day and it seems to do the trick. No limping or struggling to get up.

    Excellent Product! by Kat from Sandusky, OH11/07/2011

    I have been purchasing this product for my weimaraner for well over a year now and have noticed a huge difference in him. He is moving better and at age 11 is still jumping up onto the bed a couple of times a day. I will continue to use this product because of its excellent results!

    greenies by jb from richmond, ky11/20/2012

    great for cleaning teeth after meals, the size is perfect for my 12 yr old shepherd.

    Tasty way to give your pet a joint supplement by Yorkie Mama from Orange Park, FL10/04/2013

    I have 6 dogs, 4 of whom have had surgery on their CCL, MPL. I started giving them joint supplements a while ago. I really want to avoid any more surgeries. Not only the expense, but the recovery isn't easy on the dogs or their caretakers. Of my 6, 4 love this treat. For some reason, 2 of the dogs just won't eat it, so I use another supplement for them. I have noted improvement in their movement, so it's all good.

    by phil01/10/2013

    works awsome, he loved the first batch i purchased

    Excellent price by petlady from North Las Vegas, NV05/01/2014

    My dog loves joint max. She was given a similar product by my Vet and it cost twice as much. She is a large dog, St. Bernard/Great Dane, and she has arthritis. I'm hoping these supplements continue to help her.

    Joint Max treats have kept my dog moving! by redhead01 from Greensboro, NC12/01/2011

    My 14 yr old black lab mix has been taking these triple strength treats for a couple of years now. She still runs around like she's 5 even with arthritis and rarely ever seems to be in pain. I would recommend them to anyone.

    by from 06/29/2013

    My 14 y/o shepherd mix, rear hips were deteriorating quickly. She couldn't get on the couch, she would fall down very easily. Started giving her JointMax Triple about 2 months ago. Within 2 or 3 weeks, I began to see improvement. Now, it is remarkable. It's obvious she is in far less pain. She's moving more quickly and more sure of herself now. She can "lift" herself onto the couch. She is more stable when standing and moving. It is obvious to me, by her actions and demeanor, that the pain is diminished. I am aware that there is currently no "miracle cure", but my goal to keep her comfortable for a little bit longer is possible now.

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    dog treatment by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK09/25/2013

    This product is great. I have two dogs with joint problems. They love the smell and taste of this product. They come running when they hear me open the container. I used the tablets for a while and got great results and relief for the dogs. What I like about the soft chew is if you have a picky dog about food, treats, etc. This product is great. I definitely will purchase this product again. The price is right and lasts awhile with two dogs taking them.

    My dog is a flying squirrel! by Jenni from Greenfield Wisconsin01/23/2013

    My dachshund had joint problems a few years ago. Our VET suggested a joint supplement. We have been using Joint Max Triple Strength chews ever since and our 9 year old dachshund "Martha" acts more like a puppy. She gets one of these chews first thing every morning. (she thinks that it's a treat) We have not had any joint flare-ups since!

    Fantastic product! by Malla from Hartford, Wi12/14/2011

    I have been using Joint Max Triple Strangth Soft Chews for our Lab/Dane mix for about 9 yrs now. She plays like a puppy, in fact i have to tell her to slow down at times when she gets too excited! I didn't order on time once, after 4 days with out, she could hardly get up and was in pain. I will always make sure I have a good supply! This product really makes a difference for Cleo's joints.

    Great purchase! by Sandy07/23/2012

    This product makes our 11 year-old golden's arthritis so much easier for him to manage and enables him to continue to handle the stairs in our home. We're able to regularly take advantage of great offers and pricing when it comes time to re-order as well.

    by from 07/02/2012

    I give this product to my 15 1/2 year old mix breed, 60lb, female. She still jumps around like a young pup!

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    Joint Max Soft Chews by Janna101/04/2012

    I've been using these for over a year now and see a big change in my Dogs ability to move around. I highly recommend them. However my dogs don't seem to like this new flavor as much as the old flavor.

    Perfect for older dogs by Linda from Phila08/02/2012

    Joint Max is the perfect soft chew for my 2 older dogs. They don't do well with pills and have choaked on them. With Joint Max soft chews they get their supplement and treat in one.

    Joint MAX TRIPLEStrength SOFT CHEWS by eileensue from Cape Cod, MA11/08/2011

    My Jack Russell Terrier is over 15 years old. I have been giving her one soft chew daily. There is no doubt in my mind that she has so much more use of her legs. Yes, she is on Rimadyl, too, but that alone did not do the job. This is a great product, and I am happy that it is available.

    Excellent joint supplement by carm from Florida04/28/2012

    My dogs have always loved these chewable supplements and think they are the greatest treats.

    My Dogs Love These by deedee from Michigan03/16/2013

    Best price on internet and my dogs love these! They are soft enough to make it easy to put her pain pill in and she eats it right up. They are $11.50 cheaper then the Vet's. My dog has hip displasia and it has helped her mobility ever since I have had her on them.

    The BEST!! by Swirley02/28/2013

    Plain and simple........AWESOME!! For us and our dog!!!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Jim from Gibsonville, North Carolina01/16/2015

    I have a 15 year old Shepherd mix that was hit by a car just before the holidays. The emergency vet recommended that I give her a joint supplement to help with the arthritis she had in her hips and back. She advised I should see a difference in a couple of weeks. After giving her a different supplement for a couple of weeks, I saw no change and came across this product. I began giving it to her twice a day 2 or 3 weeks ago and can already tell the difference. Thus, I now give it to my other 4 dogs.

    Love it! by Steph from Talbott, TN05/22/2012

    This works wonderful for my dog, and it's reasonably priced.

    by Kerri11/16/2012

    I have still not received the order! They are a great product, but they always take so long to get here! I hope they are not lost in the mail.

    Joint MAX soft chews by mike from Indiana12/07/2012

    My dogs will not eat it. I even mixed it with a can of dog food and all that was left was the Joint MAX!! Great idea but, what good is it if they won't eat them.

    Wonderful Product by Jay from North Carolina11/14/2013

    I have used this product in the past on one of my other dogs & the change was amazing! Have not used it long enough this time to say for sure,but am expecting the same results Thanks Entirely Pets & Joint Max! Jeanette

    Very satisfied by Lori from Lisbon, ME05/30/2012

    I received my order very fast. The joint chews are very fresh, I can tell by how soft they are. My dog is happy so I am happy. Will definitley buy from Entirely pets again

    Arthritic help by Trish11/12/2012

    After our mature lab started having some pain with arthritis in her joints, we started using this product in conjunction with fish oil. She has not had any aches or pains since we began over a year ago. I wouldn't go without it now! She used to eat them like a treat but she doesn't like the new taste (and she's a lab who eats anything!) but we put them in with her food and she eats them.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Dan from Concord, NC12/07/2011

    I rehomed a dog that had spent most of her year and a half in a cage. She would show severe pain in her hip area at the slightest wrong move. After six months of using this supplement she showed vast improvement. At seven years she is still going strong showing no weakness in her joint areas.

    Soft Chews are Very Dry by Snuffy49 from Lanark, IL10/23/2012

    When we first started using the Joint Max triple strength soft chews they were very moist, but now they are very dry. We have a 11 year old minature dachshund that really liked the moist chews but since the texture has changed we have a heck of a time getting him to eat them.

    Found 2 uses for these by BBAR from Alexander City, AL01/04/2012

    Even the finicky dogs like the taste of these soft chews. They are tasty enough and soft enough to hide another pill inside them that my dog would not normally swallow.

    Just Like Candy by KB & Maggie from Tucson, Arizona10/15/2013

    Little girl Maggie just L-O-V-E-S her "candy" treats. At 15 years old she's as fit and playful as a puppy thanks to this amazing chew. Thanks for a GREAT product!

    Good Product by Butch from Hillman Michigan03/05/2013

    The joint max triple is helping Lady our German Shorthair with her joint problems. The only issue we have was the extremely long delivery period.

    The Cure! by ChaCha's Mom from Peachtree City11/13/2011

    ChaCha couldn't standup before taking these chews, now she plays like a puppy again. TY!!

    Wonderful product by Katiem from Long Island, N.Y.07/03/2012

    My 12 1/2 year old standard poodle is running & jumping again just like she did when she was 5 or 6!!! Thank you so much for giving her back her energy & flexibility. And, she loves them & thinks of them as treats! Everyone wins!

    by from 09/19/2013

    He loves them! They smell like chocolate and he waives right by his Rimedyl to get at the guclosamine chews. Think it's helping him get around better and he's sliding less on our wood floors.

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    JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH SOFT CHEWS (120) by Susan from Florida01/29/2014

    I have been buying this great product for years now from entirelypets.com for my three large American Pit bulls. They are ages 11 and 12 yrs. I buy every product I can from them and am always satisfied with the healthy results to my pets.

    Joint MAX - Almost killed my dog by Terri11/30/2010

    My Dog had a reaction to Joint MAX. It almost killed him. He had to spend a week at the vets office and there were times at the start of it that we were unsure he was going to make it. My vet even took the time to call Joint MAX to see if they could help and they were not even considerate enough to call my vet back. I feel that people need to know what happen to my pet to be aware.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength by nancy42785 from Chesterfield, MI10/02/2013

    I had purchased a tub of these joint chews for both of my dogs....a German Shepherd/Collie mix and a Lab/Pit Bull Mix. To be perfectly honest...they don't smell the greatest...maybe you have to be a dog...and I don't know if they are helping or not. I think my Shepherd/Collie mix does much better when the chiropractor comes to the house for a visit. He has bad hips...his right worse than his left...maybe if I had tried the chews a long time ago?!

    Great product by hammer03/07/2012

    Our pooch can be pretty fussy about taking meds. She loves the new flavor and thinks they are treats. Good job all around. Love shopping at Entirely Pets.

    Excellent Joint Supplement by Lynne from Oak Forest, IL11/11/2013

    I have been using Triple Strength Joint Chews for about 6 years. I started our Husky/Lab mix on it when he was about 8 and was having difficulty walking after getting up. I noticed a remarkable improvement in his mobility within days. I also started our 1 year old Chow/Lab mix at the same time, since both the breeds she comes from are prone to hip and arthritic conditions. Our Husky/Lab has since passed, but our Chow/Lab is as healthy & mobile as ever. As she has gotten older! I increase her chews to two a day and she is still able to run figure eights around the backyard with no signs of stopping.

    Excellent product by F J Star from Texas08/29/2014

    We have a rescue dog that was a working cow dog on a ranch. She had been kicked in the right hind leg and hip. The Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews have helped her mobility and less painful. We will continue to order.

    Joint MAX Soft Chews by Blackie04/14/2014

    We used this product before for another dog and had no issues. With our new dog, the chews were not a success. Sadly, the dog does not like the taste and will not eat them. Recommendation: It would be a great help, if you can provide samples of these type of soft chews to try first and see if the dog likes the flavor. Even if we have to pay for the samples, it will be a nice approach to find out what the dog prefer.

    Love it! by Stephanie1076 from Talbott, TN03/13/2013

    I love this product and the price is great!

    Triple Joint Max by Georgiagirl12/12/2011

    My Beagle Buddy has a permanently injured hind leg so at the ripe old age of about10 he was experiencing slowness and joint discomfort. I put him on triple Joint Max and within 2 weeks he was really almost back to normal. Now 5 years later he gets a joint max every day and is still getting around very well. I would recommend this product to every senior dog owner.

    great product! by sue from chillicothe il06/19/2013

    these chews work very well, kept by 14 yr old border collie able to run and play like a much younger dog, in fact the vet commented that her xrays of her spine looked like a much younger dog and told me it was a good thing she had benn on the joint max for the last several years!

    Fantastic Purchase! by Melanie01/19/2015

    My dog Sparky loves the flavor & thinks it's a special treat. It seems to be helping already because he isn't limping nearly as much! He was previously hit by a car & had to have surgery with pins put in his hind leg. I was concerned about how he would do during this winter but with taking Joint Max daily he seems to be doing much better!

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by Betsy06/26/2013

    Positive results on my 11 year old Shepherd :)

    Works for my dog. by NikkisMom from Santa Clara, CA10/21/2011

    My 12 year old border collie's joint function has improved considerably since she started with the soft chews. She thinks she's a pup again. Also, I treat the chews like treats and her eyes roll back in her head when she gets one! She LOVES them!

    Joint Max Triplel Strength Soft Chews by Dee11/03/2011

    My pug does not like to take pills or tablets of any kind. It is a real fight to get her to take them. So these soft chews really fill the bill. She thinks they are a treat. She is ten years old so I feel they really help her too. Will keep ordering these.

    Very satisfied by My dogs mom from Delaware04/03/2014

    I purchased these for my dog she was using a more expensive brand and these are just as good and less expensive. Happy Doggie customer!

    Joint Maxx by WINSTONN from McKinney, TX10/29/2013

    Our Pug is 12 years old. The vet suggested we begin giving him a joint supplement 4 years ago. He has arthritis - especially in his shoulder and hip joints. This product helps reduce his pain so we can walk each morning and evening. An easy way to administer meds: cut Joint Maxx soft chew up, push the pill into a piece & Mugsy's none the wiser!

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Gail B10/23/2012

    This is a good product, my dog likes the taste of the chewy treats. It seems to help her arthritis, I'll continue using it. Entirely Pets is very easy to work with -

    I love these chews by ll cool k09/25/2013

    My collie dog had a noticeable limp after she would run and play, after a short time she limped all of the time. Since giving her the Joint Max chews, she has pretty much stopped limping at all. It did not happen over night, but she seems to not hurt any more. Great Product!

    Stinky, but the dogs love them. by Patty from Fulshear, TX11/14/2013

    I haven't used these long enough to say if they help my Boston's joint issues, but I can tell you this- she loves them! They are a little stinky, but most treats that have a meat flavor stink.

    I have a happier dog!! by Gunflint from Minneapolis,MN03/03/2013

    I have a 6 yr old Alaskan Malamute mixed with a little Siberian Huskey. She is about 90lbs and she has hip dysplasia and artharitis. She has a hard time getting up after laying for a short while and slow on the stairs. I bought joint max ts soft chews and been giving her 4/day for 5 weeks now and have seen a big change on her hips/joints and even on her additude. She is much happier. I just tried it and wasen't really expecting much results and I was wrong. I have already ordered 480 soft chews a last week. The only bad thing I have with this product is she wont eat them on her own. I need to put just a pea size amount of peanut butter on them so she'll eat them.

    excellent product by greyhound mama from Northglenn, CO02/07/2014

    We first purchased the soft chews for our aging greyhound, who ate them willingly. Now, one of our older "grand dogs", a chocolate lab needs the chews benefits. I am sure that when our current greyhound shows signs of arthritis, we will purchase for her, as well.

    Great product at great price by Jim from Columbus, Ohio12/13/2011

    Shipped quickly and exactly what I needed. I have several older dogs and this really seems to work in keeping their legs limber.

    Works great! by sams mom from Ocala, FL.09/09/2013

    My dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips 4 years ago and was having a very hard time with his back legs. Since he has been on Joint Max Triple Strength he has been off all meds and takes a Joint Max twice a day. He is now 13 years old and getting around very well. He owes it all to Joint Max and I would highly recommend it!

    by none04/16/2013

    I am very satisfied with this product, it works really well

    Well worth the investment for your Best Friend by Cindy from Stuart, Florida11/13/2011

    I have a soon to be 11 year old Golden Retreiver. He also is a big boy (Frame 95 pounds) Since he has been on Triple Strength Joint Max of which he LOVES.. I believe it has helped with comfort getting up and down and general day to day activities. I tell sooo many people about your product and Company. He has been on it for about 4 years now and I am well pleased!

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Maggie03/06/2012

    I get this stuff as a treat and it's great even if it's a supplement.

    He thinks they are treats!! by Barbara03/06/2012

    The Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength soft chews are just like treats and BJ loves them. I could understand why..they smell beefy and delicious just like a dog treat and are moist and fresh in feeling. Other brands I have used are dry. I'm definitely going to buy these again for him and I do see an improvement in his overall activity level. I sense he is feeling less discomfort in his legs from age related arthritis.

    joint max by Ed from Wilmington De.06/05/2012

    Dog loves them and he seems more active.

    Cost Effective by Peggy05/31/2012

    Winston (our very sophisticated Welsh Corgi) loves the new taste of Joint Max Soft Chews - I've never tasted one but they smell very bacon-y. And best of all, they are half the price of my getting them at my vet's office.

    Best Joint Care by Happy in Hawaii from Kailua, O'ahu, HI01/27/2014

    My 12 year old was on Adequan until the price soared over 100%. We tried Joint Max Triple Strength as a replacement. Within the first week he was acting like the young dog he used to be. We are not going back to Adequan and we are staying with the Joint Max Triple! Thank you to the previous opinions that helped us make the decision to try.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE strength SOFT CHEWS by acc1953 from Pembroke, NH03/17/2012

    We have a 13 year old Chocolate Lab with bad hips and he loves these chews. He wont eat his food until I give him a couple for breakfast. They help him to move around much better during the day and we are very pleased with the product.

    by deehal from Tucker, Georgia02/21/2013

    Product works really well as my dogs are 11 years oldf

    keeps my boy healthy by big dog mom from Florida12/06/2011

    My akita has had joint suregery, and he takes these daily. They make him feel and move better, and he loves the tasty treat!

    My dog loves Joint Max by Sheryl from Arlington, VA03/01/2011

    I have a 15 year old beagle. He had been getting slow for some time. I didn't think he had joint problems, but the vet recommended Glucosamine. I gave him Joint max and he really seems to have perked up quite a bit. He loves them - he thinks he's getting a special chewy treat everyday.

    Yumm by Pandabear's mum from Vancouver, BC Canada04/19/2012

    I got these for my 13 year old border collie. Our vet ran out of our usual glucosamine and I had decided she likely didn't need it. But boy, after a couple of weeks, I felt like such a schmuck. She didn't want to go on our usual long walks and getting up and down was obviously a problem for her. She practically ripped the box open to get at them when they arrived in the mail. She adores these soft chews. And because she loves them, so do I. After a week, I'm already noticing a positive difference. I too am on automatic ordering so we don't run out again. Thanks. Good site, good service, good information.

    Works Wonders by Trisha08/24/2012

    I bought this product for my mom's large dog who was slowing down due to old age and arthritis. Within 6 days she noticed a huge difference. She says her dog is happier, getting up easier and moving better. My mom is thrilled with the results! She was laughing because one of the ingredients is the same thing my dad takes to help his shoulder move better.

    Keeping your dog mobile by Mary from Silver Spring, MD10/23/2012

    Joint Max is a very good product for helping to keep your older dog mobile. It really seems to help. The chewable variety is like a treat for them, they gobble it right up.

    Great product! by bulldog lover from Texas01/21/2015

    My bulldog loves the flavor of these chews & starts to drool when I bring them out :) She truly thinks they are a treat! She has a partial ACL tear & started on this product along with fish oil & is doing much better. I've had two other friends highly recommend this product as well. She will stay on these forever :)

    Joint Max is the Smartest Treat! by Harrison's Person09/04/2014

    My neighbor first turned me on to Joint Max Soft Chews. I thought they were too expensive...at first. Then when I realized what I was paying for treats that did not come close to the joint benefits of Joint Max...and saw how long 120 Chews lasted, I realized they were actuall a better deal than other treats. And the dogs love them. My guys are both over 100 pounds...and keeping their joints strong and healthy is the best thing I can do for them! Oh, besides loving them of course!

    Not for dogs with sensitive stomachs by Muttie from Albuquerque, NM06/27/2012

    Starting day one when I gave my dog the Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews he started to vomit during the night. After 7 nights of that I took him back off and he's been fine ever since. The product is not returnable so I'm out $$$.

    Great Product by forecast from Rhode Island05/31/2012

    My dogs love them, even my picky eater. I've been using Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews in conjunction with Glyco Flex III for my agility dog. She used to get up stiff after sleeping for a few hours. Not any more!

    by from 04/30/2013

    Most of the dogs we have had, have never liked to take anything, that is suppose to be easy to give them chewables ! !

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    Very Good Product for Older Dogs by bananacakes from US Virgin Islands10/11/2011

    My 11 year old Dal has recently been showing signs of arthritis in his hindquarters and Joint Max has certainly made him more comfortable. His morning walks were getting shorter and shorter as I could see his discomfort after a short while but since he's been on Joint Max he's willing to go further and further and many times leads the way. While I've used it only a couple of months, I'm very pleased with the product and hope Riley continues to improve. I give it a thumbs up!

    very helpful by Gingergurl12/11/2011

    I have a ridgeback that had an injured leg as a puppy and had some lameness issue by the time she was a year old. have been giving one chew every day for over 4 years and no more limping. I also have a rotti with mild hip dypalsia which helps him. so far no pain or discomfort for him.

    Great stuff! by Coral from NC03/28/2013

    I have 3 cockers and they get one of these daily. They love them and they do the job. They are 14yrs old and still moving. I highly recommend them.

    WOULD CERTAINLY BUY AGAIN by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013


    Good product by Rusty from Arizona11/01/2013

    Joint Max Triple Strength has been very helpful to our German Shepherd. She has hip issues and will have a limp if she doesn't take anything. She eats the chews with her food and they definitely seem to give her some relief.

    Joint Max by dc07/19/2012

    The product arrived in just a couple of days in perfect condition. My dog, a large golden retriever, has been taking 4 a day for about 2 weeks now. He loves the taste and he considers them treats.

    Great Joint Product by Rica Owner10/13/2013

    We used Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews for our last German Shepherd because she had hip problems, and they were always of great benefit to her. We're now using them for her young successor as a preventive measure. Great product!

    Joint Supplements by Scooby from Seattle.Wa07/31/2012

    One of my dogs has spinal arthritis. This is to help him with arthritis issues. It has made some visible difference, a lot more so than any other product I have tired so far. I would highly recomend trying this product.

    Love this product by sexy mama from Citrus Heights, California01/28/2012

    love this product it has worked better than anyother I have used. I have told all my friends about it and my dog loves the taste. He has gotten some of his energy back that he had as a puppy.

    Joint Max by mspunkin50 from Minnesota07/17/2013

    helped our 10 year old lab with stiffness

    by from 01/07/2013

    Our older dog Brandy seems to be responding quite well to these chews. She's taken several meds in the past with limited results, but these chews really seem to have changed her for the better, and my wife noticed that Brandy seems happier.

    skeptical, by but from that'sI


    Tampa, Florida by from Harvey"


    Joint MAX TRIPLE keeps us going by AJ02/11/2013

    We walk every day no matter what. New England winters are tough, but Joint MAX keeps my dog in great shape. No more limping.

    A necessity for your best friends joint health by Neo04/29/2013

    I have been giving triple joint max to my dogs since i got them, especially after seeing actual positive results on a 15 year old debilitated springer spaniel we adopted years ago . He had a great deal of difficulty walking . After four weeks or so after introducing the joint supplement his walking ability improved tremendously. That was all the proof I needed! Since then I make sure my best friends continue receiving joint care to prevent such dilemma. This product is a must to maintain healthy mobility especially for senior dogs . Why not prevent something that can be ? If you love your dog you will add triple joint max to his or her daily routine feelings . They love the taste too.

    Great Joint Product! by candacemont from Missoula, MT04/03/2012

    I've been using Joint Max to treat joint problems in my elderly Dachshunds for several years now. It works so well that when my 18 year old horse started showing signs of stiff, sore hock joints, I immediately started him on the equine version of Joint Max. The results with both the canine and equine versions have been excellent. No more stiff, painful joints for my critters! :) I highly recommend this product!

    Absolutely Wonderful! by Patty from Kansas City, MO12/05/2012

    I ordered the Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS and have been so impressed! We used to foster homeless animals until it became apparent that I couldn't let any of them be adopted:) I love them so much! Two of our elderly dogs have hip issues and are a little slow getting around. After taking this product, the dogs actually jumped with all four feet leaving the ground! Not only am I impressed with the product, but the service by EntirelyPets has been very favorable. We have 10 dogs and 3 cats. As it becomes necessary, I will be ordering more products from EntirelyPets!

    Excellent For Joint Pain! by tonsadogs12/31/2013

    This joint product has all of the ingredients that work well for joint pain/inflammation. We used 3 products before to get the combined ingredients we wanted, now with the joint max it's all we need or use. Great product for seniors and dogs with dysplasia. Recommend to anyone with a dog who has joint pain. Excellent product!

    by from 06/07/2013

    I have a 15 year old lab that was having difficulty walking. Someone recommended this product to me and I thought I would give it a try. It was very clear to me that the soft chews are working. She can walk without limping and it appears that the qualtiy of life has improved.

    this by product." from Joint Max Triple Strength Soft ChewsI


    Joint Max by karrob from Nevada10/23/2012

    My dogs seem to enjoy them they are soft and a good buy for my money

    Dogs love chews by Dave from Perris, CA06/13/2014

    My two dogs love the chews, they eat them like their treats. And they seem to be helping with the joint pain they were both experiencing.

    Joint Max Chews by cinderella9205506/14/2013

    I noticed a difference in my older dogs after taking these for a few weeks. More playful and not as stiff when getting out of bed in the mornings. They are not crazy about the taste, but will eat them if I insist. I've found that refrigerating them makes them more appealing to my dogs.

    Good Product! by TeaTime1 from San Diego, CA05/30/2014

    My dog is 12 years old and has bad hip arthritis. I have him on a joint diet and started him on these supplement chews. He loved them at first but after a week I think he caught on that they weren't treats. He has figured out they are medicine, so now I have the hardest time getting him to eat them. But the product itself does wonders for him... He actually can move about and scratch his ear again with his hind leg. Overall this product it amazing! My dog is just too smart and a spoiled brat!

    joint max triple strength by Jumpin Java 8 from Salem, Oregon05/08/2013

    I have used this for my aging Dalmation for 7 years. I used it when my 2 dachsunds started growing old. I now use it for my 7 year old Chihuahua, & my 2 yorkies. It has helped all of them through their later year. It is by far the best product for aging dogs.

    Have used it for years by baroneqz from San Tan Valley, AZ02/24/2013

    This is an excellent product. It really seems to help my dog. She is in excellent health and acts young.

    by Bob from Vancouver Wa06/28/2012

    Good product excellent delivery service. My pet doing better with your product. Thanks

    Triple Strength Soft Chews by Cheryl from Galveston, Texas12/17/2013

    We had our 12 year old Australian Shepherd on Tramadol for several months and I was looking for an alternative. I am excited to say she loves these chews and they are working to help relieve her joint and pain issues. They are a lot less expensive than the medication. Thank you for bringing alternative products with no side effects. :-)

    Live long and prosper! by Jude from Austin TX01/25/2011

    Happily, my dogs live a long time! I've had 7 dogs over the past 30 years and most have lived 15+years, despite being rescue dogs and being big framed. (Usually large dogs have short life spans.) In later years, they have many health issues, including poor immune systems, blindness and deafness. They've been happy and hearty, though, and I give a lot of credit to Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. My "pups" get them morning and night. We call them their "sweeties" and because they're soft, I can press their other meds into them. They love them and they make it possible for them to get around and enjoy life, despite their age. These "tootsie rolls" have Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Creatine, Antioxidant, Vitamin and Mineral supplement with added EPA and DHA for improved skin and joint health -- all the things our MDs tell us to take for mobility and flexibility.

    Great for Joints by MVD117910/23/2012

    My dog loves these and it helps her joints. She thinks they are a treat.

    Joint Max triple strenght by Julie01/21/2012

    Works well !! My dog weighs 95 # and has had trouble with his knees and hips. Seems to keep him able to move around and play more easily .

    Great choice by Darlene12/27/2011

    I've noticed a tremendous difference in the way my lab can get up and down. Definitely worth it.

    by from 05/30/2012

    A number of months ago I received a sample of the joint max triple strength soft chews when I ordered another joint product. I didn't realize the sample was in the box until I found a coupon with teeth marks in it, and the ripped open plastic bag on the floor with a couple chews still in the bag. She happily ate the rest of them with her food. Great, she likes it.

    and by the from tubI


    Really works by boris99 from Raleigh, NC08/07/2013

    My dog is a large breed and 14 years old - she is more active after we started her on this joint product. She loves the soft chew and just thinks she is getting a treat.

    Very Pleased by Donna10/23/2011

    I have been using Joint Max III since Entirely Pet starting selling them. I love the chewys so easy to give. Just put right in food and my golden just gobbles it up. She acts like she is 3yrs. old

    Healthy dog treat by Cee from Memphis, TN06/05/2012

    My aging dog love these treats, and I love that they get extra joint suppliments when they eat them.

    by from 01/10/2012

    This formula helped my dog recover from a torn CCLigament injury not once--but twice! It was recommended to me by my neighbor, who had used it for her dog's hip dysplasia.

    loves by the from softMy


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    Love this product by 2goldens10/23/2012

    Joint Max Triple is the only soft chew I've found with both Choindroitin and Glucocosime. Plus, my dog loves the taste!

    Great product by mopey02/18/2014

    Love Joint MAX TS. Huntin' dog, Tub is getting up there in age, but he still thinks he a pup! This helps a lot with his mobility and eases the stiffness after training times and duck hunting. Wouldn't use anything else.

    will purchase them forever! by satisfied customer from chicago area10/30/2012

    My vet recommended joint max triple strength soft chews as my lab is close to 9 years old. she loves them--- she is very active and runs a lot, so I want to do the best I can to keep her joints healthy.

    Great purchase! by NC HUNK from Newport News,VA.03/24/2014

    My dog is a great dane,pit bull mix,and is 12 yrs old.The Joint max triple strength is a great help with his arthritis in his hips.He gets around better,and gets up better.Have bought this product twice now,and will continue as needed. Thanks again!

    Joint Max Triple Soft Chews by engprosinc from Middletown, NJ08/12/2013

    My 10 year old Lab has arthritis in his back legs. These chews seem to help him more than the previous pills I was giving him. He also likes the chews, and eats them without "coaxing".

    Joint Max by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/23/2014

    This product made my dog sick. This product made my dog sick. This product made my dog sick.

    Joint Max Triple strength soft chews by threepatty07/02/2013

    I would recommend this product to any dog owner. I have given this to my dogs for years and believe it has really helped them with the aging process.

    Old? by trp2dmd01/14/2014

    I have used this product for years, but always in the large size. This small bucket contains dry and crumbling chews. I suspect they are old, and may not be potent.

    Not the best deal by Gus12/06/2011

    I usually buy the Triple Strength chewable tablets but as these were on sale thought they were a better deal. However, only when I received the order did I notice that the dosage in each of these soft chews is only half of the other tablets, so there are really quite a bit more expensive. Since my dog likes the taste of the chewables, and they take up less space, I'll go back to buying them.

    Love this Product! by Glenna from West Palm Beach, FL07/01/2013

    I have Scottish Terriers, and one has Cushing s disease and heart disease. This is a miracle worker for joints!

    Gr-r-r-reat Stuff! by sonogal from Northwest04/24/2010

    I recently got an elderly dog from a shelter and it was painful to watch her walk due to her arthritis. I started giving her this product on Sunday and by Wednesday, she was running across the yard. It is still obviou that she has arthritis, but she is so much better and not painful to watch her walk anymore. She is now pulling on her leash for me to walk faster and she is wanting much longer walks.

    Great Produce by TT from NC10/23/2012

    Joint Max Triple Strength really works as it says it does. Been purchasing this produce for years.

    Joint Max Triple Strenght soft chews by Handelbar11/29/2013

    They were old and stale. I will not buy this product again.

    My "old" dog is young again! by LINDY O from peoria, az01/30/2012

    A friend told me about Joint Max, and how well it worked on her older dog. So I ordered it, and Tobey (9 year old lab.) isn't limping anymore, and running around like a much younger dog.

    This really works! by shana from ut06/05/2012

    I've been feeding my 12 year old pug Gremlin these chews for 2 weeks and can already tell a difference. She can jump up on my lap again instead of begging me to pick her up! I love them and would recommend them to anyone with older dogs.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Doubledare from Seattle, WA06/27/2013

    Good price, good product, fast service. Works for me.

    Great supplement for my large dog by Jen10/25/2012

    My large German Shepherd needs suppements to help his hips, so I have been giving him these joint max TS for two months now and honestly I think they are really starting to help him. The only down side is because of his size he needs like 4 day of these and they must not be extremly tastey because he is not quick to gobble these up. He does however eventually eat them and like I said it appears they are helping him get around better and be more playful.

    joint max by mike p. from pasco county fl11/22/2013

    both dog`s like it as much as another produc t we have used for nearly 10 years.joint max is more then competive,we will continue to us joint max.

    GREAT Chews! by MsDarlene01/30/2013

    My dog, Lady, LOVES these chews! They work to help her function daily with her arthritis, and we would recommend them to anyone. We use them in conjunction with her vitamin and pain pill each day as well.

    Easier to dose by Ocho's mom from Oregon10/26/2012

    I like this product. It is easier to dose for a small dog than the granules I used before. I think I will get a better bang for my buck with these chews. And my terrier loves them.

    Yummy and healthy for them! by Teachmav from Mars Hill, NC12/13/2011

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength chews are a very easy way to give your dog cosequin. We have 3 labradoodles and they love it when they get this special 'treat'. Good and good for them!

    by from 10/08/2013

    The only issue I have with this amazing product is that it's a bit pricey.

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    amazing service by kat06/07/2012

    A co-worker recommended this for my 55# 10 yo lab mix. He loves them and the price is great. I was amazed at how quickly my order was acknowledged and how fast the order shipped. Highly recommend.

    by from 03/26/2013

    I cannot praise the Triple Joint Max chews enough in how they saved my 2 older female dogs an incredible amount of pain. Since going on around 2 years ago they have had very few problems with sore and stiff joints. If i do run out for more than a couple of days I can really start telling the difference. My dogs start getting stiff and sore again and have a hard time moving around or just getting up. This is one natural solution that I thank God for. I am not the only one that feels this way. My parents little lasso is 15 years and i recently started supplying them with the triple joint max chews and they cannot live without them now. Entirely Pets is the only place to purchase these at a really fair price especially with the coupon codes.

    Max by and from EntirelyThanks


    Excellent value by Akasues from Valencia ca11/01/2012

    Great product! Super fast shipping. My pug loves it!

    2nd order "crumbly & dry" ? of stale/old? by dogdaze from Alabama01/10/2014

    I have ordered this product twice. The product was soft and moist the first time. The second time it was "crumbly & dry", which led me to "suspicion" that it was "not fresh" or had been stored incorrectly, and could have lost its quality/potency. I contacted EntirelyPets twice about this concern and have had no reply at all. So, they asked me to review the product and here it is. Very unhappy with customer service regarding my inquiry on this product also. A big "let down", as I have been previously satisfied with customer service & products on 2 other orders. Now I am suspicious of this product, or how it is "stored".

    Noticeable Difference by Sandra from Southern California01/19/2012

    Two or three years ago my dog Lily, who is now 13 years old, had repeated episodes of limping. Sometimes for no apparent reason. My brother and his wife have several dogs. They recommended Joint Max to me for Lily. She has been doing great ever since I started her on it. A noticeable difference. She jumps on and off my bed with no problems and my bed is on the high side. She can play and run without any limping afterwards. I give her one Triple Max in the morning and one in the evening as treats. She loves them.

    Joint Max by Harley from Jacksonville, FL02/17/2013

    I am always satisfied with your service and your products. Joint Max is a great product. I have a large dog (110 lbs.) that was having trouble with his hips. Since using Joint Max on a regular basis, he has been pain free after taking our daily walk and has not had to we the vet for this problem in two years. Great Product.

    Highly recommended by my Vet by Carl from Clarksville Tennessee02/17/2013

    My vet says this is the best over the counter Arthritis supplement I can possible get for my 12 year old Cocker Spaniel. I do see a difference in my dogs actions when he is on this supplement

    Best Product Ever! by Gizmo from Mississippi04/04/2012

    My computer repair man told us about this product for his lab that's the same age our Jack Russel is, which is 10. He said he saw a difference in activity in his dog after 2 days, and sure enough, my dog was acting like she was 2 years old. Chasing the ball, playing outside, running more. We noticed she seemed to have trouble jumping up on the couch & getting around, so we figured she must be having some joint pain. Well, she is doing better by the day. We are so happy to have our active dog back!!! We know we made the right choice! Thanks!

    Good product by Ods from Montreal01/21/2013

    My dog still walks fast despite arthitis, and she likes the taste.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Angela from New Market, MD02/13/2012

    This product is amazing. My dog is 14 1/2 years old & it has worked wonders with her arthritis! I am certain without this product she would not be able to get around the way she does!

    MY DOG LOVES THESE by cherbucks from valencia, ca05/30/2014

    Lady can't wait till I give her these each day. However, I do not see an improvement in her joint/arthritis problem

    WORST BATCH EVER by UPSET IN MONTANA from Montana10/26/2013

    I ordered and received Joint Max Double Strength, 6 tubs, they are hard as a rock, can't get them separated from each other, smell like they've been dipped in kerosene oil. What's up with this? I've ordered and used these previously and my dogs have loved them. Now, they're on sale and must be getting rid of a bad batch. Would like my money back please!

    my dog did not tolerate well by Lisbre from Glenview, IL01/18/2013

    These chews caused my dog who never throws up to vomit several times. I specifically followed the directions. It may just be my dog and not the product, but now I am stuck with a bucket of chews.

    by from 06/22/2014

    Our two old dogs like these. (One is in her 14th year the other is in her 13th year.) I give these once a day to both dogs after their morning meal and one dog's meds. Both dogs like these Soft Chews and our arthritic dog has a better day after tacking the Soft Chews. I can't really tell a difference with the other dog but she is always hungry so she gets a treat also.

    samples by that from cameWe


    love it by stephbny1 from tyler, tx05/17/2014

    got these free when i bought glycoflex for my dogs. they are a great alternative if you cant afford the glycoflex. i give them to my one smaller rescue dog.



    Good product by LvmyPtbull from So Cal03/29/2014

    I have a 2 year old Pit and an 8 year old Lab- I give them these chews twice a day. It seeme to be helping my Lab get around better on our walks (over 6 months use). And giving it preventatively to my Pit. They love these things.

    Great product by Nancy10/26/2011

    My dog loves the Triple Strength Joint Max and they really seem to help her. A win win for me all around!

    by karen12/06/2011

    great product that does double duty giving my dog the best nutrients, joint supliments and a great treat at the same time

    Joint Max, dogs love it! by sandiii from San Diego CA01/14/2014

    I was skeptical, most dog supplements aren't readily accepted by dogs, but Joint MAX is appealing and it is gobbled up.

    I like my Synovi by Thelma from Houston, TX03/04/2012

    I've been doing very well on Synovi so far and hope to to continue taking it. I am very elderly and gimpy without it and a teensy bit overweight and take about four of them a day which seems to work well. So listen up folks. Tell your sweet companion to buy you some of this stuff. I'd send you my picture but can't figure out how to do it. Onward!

    My girls love these! by Beth01/23/2014

    I have 2 Bernese Mountain dogs that are getting up there in age. I started using these a couple months ago and I can see a big difference in their ability to get up after sleeping for a long while, playing outside in the snow, and overall demeanor! Less stiffness = happy puppies :)

    Great Product by plblanchard01/04/2012

    This product is great! Our dog loves this new flavor and eats these as treats. As he is getting older this greatly helps with his mobility. Next purchase will be for the 240 count.

    A Treat For Our Dog by Glenn11/05/2012

    Our dog had trouble standing, and walked slowly. The product noticably improved his agility, so he enjoys walking again. As a bonus, he loves the taste of the soft chews!

    Great Product by Lovemyboys from Michigan10/25/2011

    The dogs love them and they're helping out with their achy joints during the cold weather.

    wrong favor received by Dakota from New Mexico10/15/2013

    The price was great. My little kids do like them. But, the beef leave a residue on carpet and floor; making more work for me.

    Great Treat that is healthyl. by NANA from Sacramento, CA05/28/2012

    Our 11 year old Border Collie loves these. She considers them treats even though she has them everyday, twice a day. We order in the large container so we don't run out. We have been giving them to her for a few years and will continue as long as she is with us.

    Great for older dogs by Meg from Overland Park, KS02/12/2013

    I have a 13 year old lab, and since I've started giving old Kenny these chews, I've seen a marked change in his ability to get up from a sitting position and in how well he gets around. Great for older dogs!

    Great Product by Rosie from Los Angeles, CA10/14/2011

    Our dog needs glucosamine for her joints. This product is great and MUCH less than buying it from the vet. Our dog thinks they are treats and loves them.

    Great Product and Service by Lucy's Mom from Ellsworth AFB, SD02/06/2012

    We have been using this product for our dogs for almost a year now. Our little Jack Russell was having some joint issues with her back leg but since we've been using the Joint Max the problem has seemed to clear up. Both of our dogs love the flavor and the moment they hear the lid come off of the container, they come running. The shipping is always right on schedule and the price is really great too! Thanks!

    Joint Max TS by lst12/12/2011

    I am very thankful for Joint Max TS as they have helped my aging dog remain mobile. She loves them!

    best purchase ever for the second time by carol from summerville, s.c.10/14/2011

    I have a rescue dog that I got in the early Jan. 2011. The lady from Animal Rescue gave me the name your company. When I got home, I hit the internent and ordered 2 cartoons, and have just received my second order, KeKe, my four legged baby really likes them. There is nothing better that I can give to her. KeKe was a puppy mill dog. She is beautiful and a long haired chihuahua. She was 8 and a half when I got her, and in April she turned 9 years. I feel a great deal knowing she is on the best preventative, and when I place an order .the people I have talked to are always polite and eager to help in any way they can. EntirelyPets are a great bunch to order from and because they are so knowledgeable EntirelyPets is a great business to deal with.

    Joint Max - way to hard!! by Cherry06/15/2014

    We used to use Iron Dog calcium for our dogs - they loved it and we could even put pills in them. This recommended replacement product is SO hard that our dogs can't even chew them. SOFT???? I don't think so.

    great joint supplement by Jimbo from NH08/06/2013

    this has been a great product in support of our dog's joint health, especially her hips.

    Save the whale..or fat little dog by Stumpymcmuffin03/17/2013

    Two of the three dogs think its a treat. The fat one seems to be feeling better. As a dog mom, that makes me feel better because our efforts to trim his weight are meeting with very slow progress.

    Excellent Product by Robin03/16/2014

    I have tried many products for my aging Black Lab who suffers from significant arthritis in his back. I am very happy with this one and plan to continue using it. My dog eats it happily (but then, he is not the least bit choosy about food), and his mobility has improved. Some days he even let's us pet his back without flinching!

    Great for Hips and Joints by Kobi from Hawaii10/12/2011

    My little senior loves to take this every day! They are soft so it is easy to hide medicine in it. She doesnt even know that she is getting meds and a great supplement to help her with her joints.

    great product by dillon from CLYDE, NY11/09/2012


    by from 12/16/2012

    My dog has a luxating patella and previously I have given her store brand Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements. I gave them to her every day for a year, but couldn't tell if it was working or not. But, I also saw that it didn't have any adverse effects on her, so I continued to give them to my dog.

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    Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews by cmb08/21/2013

    A Golden Retriever got into the container and ate several chews until owner noticed and took the dog to the Vet to see if she would be ok and she died. They put her on fluids, gave her blood, didn't work. She died. That should not have happened for eating several chews.

    Great product by my2dogs from Butte Valley Ca.12/12/2011

    I have used this product for some time now and it works very well for stiff joints. It helps keep my 11 yr. old English Pointer chasing birds and playing with her 3 yr. old companion.

    My dogs love them! by Laurie B12/07/2011

    I just started my two Weims on them this week, so I don't yet know the results of the benefits. But, they could smell them as soon as I opened the box they came it. They are very excited to get them every day!

    Easy by Nancy08/16/2012

    Both my dogs love these......so good for them, and they consider them treats.

    Would buy again by WD10/21/2013

    This product has helped our small dog who couldn't even stand without support. She can now at least balance herself to squat.

    The product-5 stars, Entirely Pets packaging-0 by Aychee04/10/2013

    The product itself I give 5 stars to. Is it working? I don't know, but I like the ingredients and it doesn't seem to be hurting. Entirely Pets packaging gets a ZERO from me. This is at least the 3rd time I've ordered this item, and this time, some "genius" decided to package it in a padded envelope. The container was so dented and misshapen that the seal was partially broken .When I called to complain, I was informed that I need to now request a box. I guess I need to request common sense from them next time as well.

    by DUNCIE10/22/2013


    My Dogs Like it by Paul from Coleman, TX12/10/2012

    I have two Australian Shepherds. They are older dogs. one 13 and one 11. The older one has developed hip issues and has a hard time getting up off the floor or jumping into the truck. These chews are great. Dogs love the taste and they seem to work very well. I buy them month after month....a little pricy but worth it..

    Dog Loves It! by Corky02/02/2012

    My dog has taken these supplements for a couple of years now and she's got severe arthritis & hip dysplasia. She is now almost 15 years old and I believe these supplements help her walk without as much discomfort.

    Good ingredients by Dogmom03/23/2012

    My 12 year old Akita did not like these. Really hoped he would as he needs the joint support now. Did send some to friends with older dogs in hopes their dog would like them and I will pass alone the unused product.

    We like it a lot, but....... by Dog friend from Prescott, Arizona03/28/2012

    I have had my 12 year dog on the Joint MAX TRIPLE strength for over a year now. I have seen a big difference in ability to bounce back after a long kayak ride or a long hike. She does like the New Flavor over the old one, although the last 120 I ordered was the old flavor and I have to tell her a few times to eat it. Plus the older flavor is a lot dryer. I hope the next one I order is the New Flavor. Thanks

    Joint Max by Rugdog13 from Arizona05/08/2014

    Joint Max upset our dog's stomach. I gave the product to him (only 1 soft chew, even though he is 65 lbs.) early each a.m. before and/or after his breakfast. It didn't really matter. After he ingested the soft chew his energy level would decrease. Then, he would not eat his dinner. I would wait a couple of days to give his system a rest. His energy level and appetite would return. Once I started giving him the soft chew again,the same symptoms would return.

    Nice purchase by puny24 from Michie, Tn05/05/2012

    My beagle , Shelly, Will be 7 years in November. She has developed arthritis in her back legs. I saw the Soft Chews for Arthritis advertised , so I thought about trying them. She has been taking them for over a year and is doing alot better walking around. I would recommend them to my friends. Thank You.

    Great product! by Gramma J01/10/2013

    Our Maggie is 13yrs 4 mos. and has been on Triple Joint Max for the past year with very positive results. When she is on it her legs are strong enough that they don't shake. We Are very pleased with results.

    excellent item by dalsha from Bakersfield California01/19/2013

    My dog thinks this is a treat!!!! We have no problem giving her Joint Treats. She is a pretty active 13 year old pug with Cataracts, Arthritis and Diabetes and she starts off with Joint Treats in her daily treatment. They seem to work alright, I am on the auto refill program.

    better than cosequin by kt02/27/2012

    I have had my St. Bernard on cosequin for at least 2 yrs. Although I think it helped her I think that joint max trile strength works better. She doesn"t seem to limp nearly as much. I would recommend switching.

    My dog loves them! by Lynn P. from Yeagertown, PA05/26/2013

    We were using Cosequin DS Chewable tablets, which worked well, but decided to try these because they were a bit cheaper. My dog seems to love them, and he doesn't seem to be any worse than when he was taking the Cosequin DS tablets. It's too early to tell though if they are working better for him, so that's why I only gave them a 4. The jury is still out. When I received them I realized he had to take 4 a day for a few weeks, so that makes the container go pretty fast. But, soon he'll be back down to 2 per day.

    by Cate from Clearwater, Florida11/06/2012

    Before I gave "Kelsi" Joint Max Triple she was a bit wobbly on her back legs, Since She's been given Max Triple, she doesn't seem to have any problem. She's rowdy again!

    by Lucy06/23/2014

    I use this product on both my Corgis that have hip dysplasia. I know it helps them with stiffness, as I can see the difference if they do not get these sups. I have started using the "granular" version of this product, as it is "hypo-allergenic"...one of my dogs has lots of allergies. I'm very happy the company came up with the new product! ALSO, I always "receive my order super fast, and best price on the web, from Entirely Pets"!!!!

    Excellent product! by Suzy from Tucson, AZ12/20/2013

    We have 3 dogs and all of them absolutely love this product. I had to take my coonhound to the vet for his vaccinations and took the chews with me so the vet could look at them. She read the label and said they were excellent. I'm able to tell a difference in my coonie and it just thrills me that he's feeling better!

    dogs love them by Lori from York PA12/05/2011

    I originally used the tablet form but tried the chews due to a sale. My dogs now sit and wait for me to drop them in their bowl. I have two labs 11 years and 8 years they both take them and the 8 year old is very active and has all ready torn an ACL. My vet recommended a daily glucosamine product but my dogs definitely chose this one as their favorite.

    really has helped Maggie by MJL from PA10/23/2012

    We started giving this to our 12 year old briard Maggie, to see if it would help her joint & leg problems due to age & joint problems. She is now over 14 & still able to get around. My wife & I believe this is due to The Joint Max Triple Strength Chews.

    Awesome!!!! by TraySea from Florida06/12/2013

    My 7 y/o chocolate lab, has double hip dysplasia. We have given her a chew everyday for over 4 yrs now. When we go into the Vet's once a year, he says she doing good and doesn't require surgery. We feed her a good blend of dog food, but I think this stuff is the real blessing. It works. I love that I found this. And bought it based on the reviews. A real must for your beloved pet.

    My dog hates these by Tracy12/20/2012

    The last time I ordered these soft chews, they smelled bacony and my dog loved them. I can hardly get my dog to eat any from the last bucket I ordered and they smell very different. I thought maybe I had ordered the non-bacon flavored ones by accident but I can't find any "bacon-flavored" Joint Max on Entirely Pets so I am suspecting they just changed their formula. I wish they hadn't.

    Can't beat the price! by Mr. Puppy06/12/2012

    I've seen this at the vet for more than double the price. My boy is 14 1/2 and this combined with liquid glucosamine really helps him get around on his own.

    product varies by Tova01/18/2012

    Hello! My dog has enjoyed this product until the last order....until then the product was more chewy, softer, and darker. This last batch was lighter in color...and has a more crumbly texture...more like the granulated triple strenth Joint Max I used to order (would have to mix with other things to get her to eat it, hence the convience of the chewy Joint Max). So she won,t eat this latest batch and I am back to crumbling and mixing again.....I hope my next order of Chewable Triple Strenght Joint Max is better and like the others ordered in the past. The product works well...its just the smell and texture was different, hence more hassle to get her to eat it. Thank you for the chance to let you know about the inconsistancy problem.

    great product really works, worth the money! by doggpal from MD02/05/2011

    Have seen great results in previous pet . I have been using joint supplement to help prevent future mobility problems in my dogs. My two shephards are 7years old brothers and move like puppies. One was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but could not tell by the way he moves and acts. No sign of slowing down. I have been giving them this supplement since we got them at 1 year of age. Worth the money.

    Soft and tasty by Sam from Colorado05/24/2013

    We haven't used these long enough to ascertain their effectiveness (2 weeks), but they are the only joint treats so far that my picky Aussies will happily eat! They are very soft and chewy and apparently taste great. The ingredients are impressive for such a small and convenient little treat.

    Great Product! by K&B Md08/15/2012

    My dog has never wanted to chew any of the other chewable joint supplements until we tried these. He loves them and they seem to really be helping his joints. I will definitely purchase these again.

    Miracle by stormie from Modesto, CA08/08/2010

    This product has done wonders for my dog, she is 10 years old. She wouldn't go up and down stairs, to get in out of our place. I would carry her to go out to do her duty and she would just sit with her leg in air, had a hard time going potty. I started giving her this and she now will go up and down the stairs, very active and happy. Try it you won't be sorry.

    Been using it for years by cf312/12/2011

    Terrific product. My 10 year old Papillion has been taking it for 7 years. I can't keep up with her. Just what the doc ordered to keep her joints limber.

    Excellent product by Sandy from Nevada12/12/2011

    Our labs have used this for years. EP has the best prices (trust me, I have checked around). It is great for maintenance at an early age and for older dogs who are a bit more stiff in the joints. The only bad part.... one of my dogs seems to be getting an upset stomach with it. :(

    Worth Every Penny by Chocolatehead from South Louisiana09/20/2013

    I've used this product for years on the recommendation from my veterinarian. It's takes about a month to kick in, but it saved my cocker from having neck/spine surgery by eliminating her pain and inflammation. I now use it on my hunting dog as preventative maintenance in the off season and to aid in quicker recovery during the season.

    Good product by GB01/27/2015

    The joint Max triple strength is a good product - my senior dog has been using it for years & it really seems to help with her arthritis -

    Joint Max is the Bomb!!! by Toots04/03/2012

    My pitbull Moose had TPLO surgery @ a year and a half old he was just a baby and doomed to have arthritis. Thanks to Joint Max he is a happy go lucky 7 yr old dog with little or no pain what-so-ever. He lives his life with full mobility and use of his leg. The odds weren't good but Thanks to Joint Max you would never know he had the surgery.Happy Dog is a happy Master :)

    Great soft chews! by TXEllen from TX02/27/2013

    I've have been giving these to my 5 year old Red Heeler since she was a puppy. She broke both legs when she was 3 months old and I was told that these would help as she aged. She loves them and so far she hasn't had issues with her joints. Great price and fast shipping.

    Best stuff ever by Beckaroo333 from Oregon outback02/12/2013

    We have a jack russell that has joint troubles.The vet had him on a RX we took him off of this and put him on the joint max and now he can get on the couch by himself,

    Gassy stuff by Buddy Dog from So. Jordan, UT02/23/2011

    Bought this for Buddy Dog, as a cheaper item than GlycoFlex. It caused my dog to have a lot of GAS. Nothing worse than Dog farts...I have gone back to GlycoFlex chews, & the gas passing stopped.

    Really helped by Sam's mom from Alexandria, VA06/11/2013

    My 15 year old dog has been on these for about a year. He still goes up and down the stairs!!!

    Loaded with nutrients by Rappwizard from South Florida02/14/2014

    I've been giving these to my golden since she was about 2 years old -- she's now nearly 6. She is still as athletic as ever. I give a glyco-flex in the AM meal and two of these in the PM meal. This product is good for any age of dog.

    Joint max by aussiekeeper from San Diego02/22/2012

    My 14 y/o Aussie is running around like a puppy again.........

    New formula = terrible by YellowLab22 from Salt Lake City10/22/2012

    The primary thing we used joint max chews for was to hide pills. The new formula is crumbley and falls apart when you put a pill inside. It also will not stick back together when this happens. Joint max went from a multi use supliment/treat/pill pocket to an expensive snack. I will no longer use this product and neither should you.

    She loves to run & play by Jenni from Columbus WI from Columbus, WI10/02/2013

    Martha our 10 year old dachshund had an incident years ago with her rear legs. After crating her for awhile the VET suggested the Joint Max chews as a daily routine for her continued health. She looks forward to her daily chew before her morning meal. She thinks that it is a treat. She has not had any problems since and she runs, plays, and is quite active. I think that it is because of these chews. Thank you!

    Good product by Josie from Moultonboro, NH06/16/2012

    My black lab Willow loves the taste of Joint Max. If I forget and give her only one, she will bark until she receives the second. I stopped giving them for awhile to see if it made a difference in mobility and I think she does much better with the pills.

    Puts fun back into life! by diva1gina from Hillsboro, OR01/29/2011

    We adopted 2 older collies through collie rescue, and the colder winters here really played havoc with their mobility. A friend recommended Joint Max treats as a great product that can add years back to the life of a pet. The girls LOVE the taste, and beg for their 'special treats' never knowing that they're really getting supplements. Now, instead of having difficulty walking down the stairs to go out for walks, they race each other to the door, then down the stairs to see who can get outside first! I no longer have to lift them into the car when we go to the dog park or the vet, but have to get out of thier way when I open the car door lest I get trampled in their rush! Thanks for carrying such a great product, and for the superior service you deliver. I've never had a problem with any of my orders to you and am confident that they will be shipped in a timely manner as well.

    by Marge from Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina06/16/2013

    Great product. I have 2 dogs on joint max. They are 10yrs. and 9yrs old. They both have been taking this product for almost 2 yrs. It's amazing how good they do. Like us they have there issues also.

    by from 05/01/2013

    Bought this stuff for my 17yr old dog.. she was starting to drag her back legs.. She has been just laying around because it hurts to much to stand or walk..

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    good product/service by damnifiknow04/09/2013

    dog liked it, hoped it helped , he died anyway since he was fifteen

    It Works! by Rog12/14/2012

    My 140 pound Anaptolian Sheperd had a severe limp for over 3 months. He was diagnosed by 2 different vets, who concluded he probably needed expensive surgery. I opted to try Maxi Chews. After about a month, the limp disappeared. Costs about $25/mo. An affordable option. Highly recommended.

    Miraculous results by Bailey from Topeka, KS11/20/2013

    I have a 15 year old Akita/Dingo mix. Her joints and allergies had got so bad this summer that I thought we would have to put her down soon. Her back hips were so bad that when she would stand up and try to walk, her back legs would completely collapse under her almost like she was doing the splits. It would take several attempts, and sometimes I would have to get under her belly and lift her just to get her going. It was breaking my heart to see her like this. We had used Joint Max in previous years but had stopped when our finances got so bad. So I decided to try another container of the triple strength for 1-2 months before making that dreadful "decision". And to my absolute astonishment and delight, within ONE week she was making huge improvements and by the end of two weeks she was like a new dog. There was minimal if any hesitation when getting up and she even started jumping off the porch and running around like a puppy. I could not believe what I was seeing. She has so much mobility now that I am afraid she might hurt herself with all this new energy. This product has already added months of QUALITY life to my precious dog and I can only hope that is how she finishes out her already long life!

    Really helped by lovedogs from Oviedo, FL01/25/2011

    My dog had arthritis symptoms - slow to get up and limped at times. I fed her Joint Max Triple Soft Chews twice daily and after a couple of weeks, she doesn't seem in pain. She comes now for her treat and doesn't wait for me to bring it to her. She jumped out of the car at the dog park and walks beside me now instead of trailing behind. I haven't seen her limping at all. She is more energetic and like her old self. I am so glad my friend recommended Joint Max.

    Thankful that I found the product! by Cindy from Stuart, FL01/14/2013

    I have been giving my 12 year old Golden Retreiver this product for about 3 years now.Always order on line and never have had a bad experience with Entirely.Pets I tell alot of people about this product, completely satisfied and he actually likes taking them!



    Great for my 13 yr old dog by Dogmom5 from Birmingham, AL04/10/2014

    My edlery dog was really stiff and sore especially during the winter. There has been a noticeable difference in her physical state since she has been taking Joint Max. Also, she is very picky about what she will eat and she like these chews. Very happy.

    excellent value and quality by LT from Thayne, WY08/19/2012

    Dogs love these, and we can hide medicine (pills) in the soft chews.

    by Lorilee12/09/2011

    I buy this for my dog all of the time. It's great!

    Excellent product! by stephanie1076 from Talbott, TN07/21/2014

    I started giving this to my dog after she was hit by a car. It was the most reasonably priced treat with the largest amount of Glucosamine in it and she loves them!

    by from 12/15/2011

    I have been giving this to both my 4 1/2 year old very active golden retriever boy and my almost 15 year old mixed breed (75lb) female.

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    Awesome product by Hawntita01/14/2012

    My 16 year old Brittany was having a lot of trouble getting around due to arthritis and old injuries but after taking Joint Max Triple strength he is moving so much better.

    by from 10/23/2012

    This product is really good, but not always. When its fresh it smells very smoky and the dog loves it. However, twice already, I've received batches that smelled awful, and Homer would not eat it under an circumstance.

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    Awesome Product by Tam from NY11/11/2012

    My dog is 13. I truly believe that he would not be walking if not for this product.

    by from 10/23/2012

    Our German shepherd, Tia, has been taking the Triple Strength Joint Max for a couple of years. The last container I received had a terrible smell and Tia would not eat them. I ended up throwing away 2 bullets a day. When I called the service dept to complain, the gentleman I spoke with could not have been any nicer or more helpful. I was told to send the TS Joint Max back for credit and substituted another brand that she had been taking prior to the TS Joint Max.

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    My dog is a flying squirrel! by Jenni from Greenfield, Wisconsin12/13/2011

    My 8 year old dachshund had problems with her joints about 3 years ago. The VET suggested a joint supplement. She loves these Joint Max Triple Soft Chews! She thinks that they are a treat and expects one first thing every morning. She loves to run after her ball and she reminds me of a flying squirrel. She has so much fun and has not had any problems with her joints since,

    Gets her moving by Bucket from Johnstown ,pa02/08/2012

    I have two three year old labs one of which has had two hip surgies and also arthritis in her knees. I can see she has more go in her with these treats.

    Good Product by Renee07/24/2012

    My dog has been on this product for quite some time. He was born with severe hip dysplasia, and this truly does seem to help. I have putchased from Entirely Pets many times without incident. This last order simply did not look right. The treats looked very old. They were crumbly, and slightly discolored. I wasn't very happy.

    Excellent Product!!! by MsDarlene07/23/2012

    My dog loves these and it truly helps her function better with the spine disease she has. The weather also affects her greatly, but these chews help to keep her feeling pretty good all year round.

    joint max by johandle from Lewisburg PA06/01/2014

    great for my 3 little doxies...one already has needed back surgery but since the I've been using joint max we have had no problems andthe other two are no youngsters so I use joint max to keep them agile, running, playing, etc...it seems to be very effective as they are very active pooches.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Scooby02/07/2012

    I read the reviews on this product on the website. I have tired so many different products for my dog with spinal arthritis including ones that were very expensive from my vets office. I see a difference all ready and we are about half way through the container. I would recommend trying this for your dog and see if it works for you. it is well worth it.

    Great Item! by Sharon Adkison06/11/2008

    My 5 year old corgi has arthritis in his hips and was on Glycoflex III. I switched him to this and he's doing just fine and its a lot cheaper! Great product and I will buy again!

    by APRN from Wichita, KS03/27/2012

    We appreciate the concentrated formulation and our dogs like the flavor.

    by from 07/17/2012

    My large breed, Bouvier had taken a bad fall and her hind legs split out from under her. She's an older dog, about 11 years old so I was very concerned. She seemed okay, but I began to notice that her hind legs would quiver when she was doing her "business" making it difficult for her.

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    Unbelievable Results by Rachel08/02/2008

    Our 9 year old Basset has been on Joint Max for a while. We noticed immediate results on her limping. Her kneecap pops out of socket and since she has been on Joint Max she has not had any problems. I also want to comment on the extremely fast shipping of Entirely Pets. I purchase many items on the internet but have never had the level of service as I get with Entirely Pets....Thank You!

    quick and easy by Hunter from Joliet Il06/05/2012

    been using the product for about 2 years. works well.our beagle takes one a day and he accepts it like a treat.the new flavor must be tasty because he wags for it.

    Joint Max Chews Rock! by Marie Lippman02/04/2008

    My dogs were on Rimadyl until I found out how harmful Rymadyl is to their liver. And they seemed to stop getting any benefit from the Rymadyl. So, I weened them off of the Rimadyl slowly, until they were, and still are taking the Joint Max. They are more playful, and stopped limping around. It's almost like they are young again!

    Improve Your Dog's Painful Joints by Diggy's Mom from Knoxville, TN11/26/2011

    Our dog is 9 & 1/2 years old. Pitiful to see him limping on walks and having difficulty walking up stairs. These problems have improved greatly since he started taking Joint Max Triple Strength 2-3 weeks ago. Diggy takes them readily. Thinks they are doggie treats. A friend recommended this product to us. So glad she did!

    Totally Satisfied by Harry from Mesa, Az05/20/2013

    My 16 year-old Min Pin has done a complete turnaround. His condition was looking almost trajic until we started him on the Joint Max. Now he acts like he did a few years ago. Thanks.

    Awesome Treat by Lisa01/22/2013

    Our English Springer Spaniel is an extremely active 7 year old.... in the woods surrounding our home daily--- jumping, running and searching for treasures About a year ago we started her on Triple Joint Max...A huge difference in her..By using these special treats she is agile and no stiffness after a day in the woods...She loves them.....

    helps older pets by Jarol from North Riverside IL12/19/2012

    Triple Max has helped my dachshund Sashy get around without pain. He was a shelter pet so I'm not sure of his age, but he has been slowly losing the ability to run around like he used to. The soft chews have restored his mobility and spirit and I appreciate the help the product has given him. I would recommend it to anyone with a pet facing arthritis or stiff joints due to advancing age .

    So far so good by Carissa07/30/2009

    Our dog is 10 years old...we just started Joint Maxx about a month ago. We notice a huge difference in her activity level! She goes outside with our puppies and chases after them (not full speed of course) but compared to moping and lying around...much improvement! She doesn't even make an "UMPFF" noise when she lies down anymore! I've tried glucosamine in pill form before....but this is giving far better results and is relatively cheap!

    2nd Best Purchase Ever by mzpink from Sacramento, CA01/16/2013

    I had purchased this product several times with excellent results for my dog. When I ordered it after that, it came saying it was a new improved flavor, which my dog absolutely loved and would take without any prompting or pushing. When I ordered it the next two times, I got the old flavor. For the last order, I even requested the new flavor and still got the old flavor. I am really hopeful the my next order will be the better smelling and tasting (as far as my dog is concerned) as the formula does work wonders for his joints.

    by AZLady0901/14/2013

    My dog really likes the taste and I can see a difference in her gait.

    Great Product by Sue05/16/2009

    My dog loves these!! It took about 3 weeks and it greatly improved my old lab's mobility. Do your dog a favor, buy this product!!

    netter than hylox by charlie from Ohio11/17/2012

    Max is 14 yrs old and at one point he blew out both back knees which were repaired but has left him without some movement. The Joint Max seem to do better because of the increased dosage in each chew. It doesn't cure him but seems to help.

    Dogs love it by Chris12/08/2013

    Our two pugs love the joint max chews. I think the chews have helped our male pug with his arthritic hips. He's walking much better and no longer loses control of his back legs.

    Improved mobility by Sondra01/10/2009

    My dog started taking joint max triple strength soft chews several years ago and from the start we noticed improved mobility. He stopped limping around. Today we no longer see any limping at all. Thanks.

    Fantastic by Lisa10/14/2008

    This is a great product. I have used it on my 2 older dogs and noticed a difference within 2 weeks of them being on the chews. I highly recommend this product. I would also like to commend Entirely Pets for their great customer service and speedy delivery.

    Not yet/ by shar05/30/2012

    To whom it may concern, We started our lab on you chews and she loves them. We have been worried about her because she is only 8 and really slowing down, so I spoke to my cousin and she told me about you product. We she is jumping around again,so we hope she continues to improve.

    Really Works! by Aubrie12/01/2009

    When we asked our vet about a supplement which really helps the dog (and doesn't just make the humans feel better about the dog's condition), this is what she recommended. We really don't give our 9 year old-mix (American Eski and Chow, we think) anything he doesn't absolutely need and are pretty picky about what he injests. Within a couple of weeks, he had more energy and his ability to jump had improved. He loves them as if they are a treat and hardly chews them. Down the hatch! I've recommended this product to many people and all have been very impressed.

    Dog yummy! by Ravzie11/26/2009

    I just started my dog on these, so I cannot comment on how well it will work for her yet. I do know that glucosamine works well for me, so I have every confidence that these will work for her too. I ordered just one tub because I wanted to be sure my furry girl would eat them. Not a problem! She love love loves these. She gets SO excited like this is the best treat ever. My next order will be the larger quantity.

    Dasher by Brenda Blackwelder10/07/2009

    Dasher is a 10 year old Black Lab. When he walks a lot he usually gets real achy, but not any more. Since he started Joint Max he seems to be less achy and always wants to go on walks. My neighbor tried some for her poodle and she says he is running around like a young dog again. Dasher likes his soft chews and he makes sure he doesn't miss a day.

    Two weeks in, seeing some small improvement by SheepieMom10/30/2011

    Bought these for an 11 y.o. Old English Sheepdog who's had arthritis in one back leg for several years now. He loves them, and the size is right for a big dog. Are they a miracle cure? No, but we are seeing some small improvement in his mobility, after two weeks of 4 to 6 treats per day. We'll probably buy these again, and will re-review at that time.

    Been using it for years. by BobU04/05/2012

    Cody is a 14 yrs old McNab (short hair border collie) tending to be arthritic. At 70 pounds he gets along well with Joint Max. He's a happy doggie, thanks.

    Wow! What a difference! by Dee10/24/2011

    Our thirteen year old dog has a hip issue she does take Rimadyl daily. She has always been an extremely active dog, and recently re-injured her hip and went from limping on her leg to not walking on it at all. I found this Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews and decided to give them a try. WOW! what a difference they have made in her life! After just two days she was using her leg once again, and at three days she was running like a pup. You definitely have our vote!

    by from 01/14/2014

    This producet crumbles is not as solid as regular Synovial-flex.

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    good stuff by jethro9903/22/2013

    This stuff really works! Helped our mastiff out in just a couple of weeks. We use daily now to prevent hip problems from returning. He is much happier now.

    Great Product for the price by Connie10/28/2011

    I tried the soft chews instead of the pills, because the chews were alot cheaper, my dogs seems to enjoy the chews (he thinks he is getting a treat) and he is responding to them very well.

    Excellent Choice by Patti from Indianapolis, IN01/16/2014

    My dog eagerly accepts taking the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews every day. Good Product - Good Company Service - Good Price

    Best for Joints by Macybay02/18/2011

    My 13 year old Beagle is more active now than he was at 6. Also my 10 year old Beagle with back problems is running around like a puppy. Great product!!!

    Amazing recovery by Mike from Tarzana, CA11/14/2012

    My Corgi mix loved to play. So much so that in her exuberance she "blew out" a knee. In favoring that rear leg she damaged the opposite knee in much the same way. My Vets' response was surgery on one knee at a time with a total recovery (no activity) time of about 6-8 months. His alternative was to "put her down". Not acceptable! - either way. I bought a Radio Flyer wagon to move her around without much impact AND Joint Max Triple chews daily. One year later Abby is still with me, happy as ever. It was a long healing process but with love, care and Joint Max she is healthy and thriving (without her wagon!). Much thanks to Joint Max - I'm positive it has played a major role in her recovery.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by Deb from Aurora,CO08/13/2013

    My two pugs love these soft chews. They get one a day after their walk. They run inside and sit by the treat cabinet! I have not found other joint chews with the triple strength these have.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Active Health Multi-Pack
    Dog loves them... by unbridledhorse64 from South Dakota03/14/2012

    Dog loves them so they are easy to give and they have everything I want for my 15 y/o Blue Heeler!

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (480 Chews)
    Dogs Love It! by Jackie from Spokane, WA04/10/2013

    Our dogs absolutely love these chews! I've seen a definite improvement in our 12 yr old black lab. He's got pep in his step now.

    They work! by Evy from Tahlequah, OK09/12/2014

    My 10-year-old pit mix had started to limp. After a short time on Joint Max Triple chews, she gets around well and is smiling again. I ordered a "ton" of them at a special price.

    Our dogs love 'em! Keeps them running at age 12! by 3dognight from Sacramento, CA06/29/2013

    This is a MUST for any older dog. Our dogs get them after their other meds., as treat! Our golden retrievers still run and hike at 12 yrs. old!

    by Bill W06/24/2012

    The product is great but the Coupon Codes NEVER work, so why offer them...?

    Best Supplement and includes MSM by Marge from Houston, TX04/13/2013

    My two labs - 10 y.o. Shadow and 5 y.o. Jet - love them. It helps Shadlow with arthritis and recouping from ACL surgeries in both knees. Jet is addicted to frisbee and I know these Soft Chews are keeping her very active. All supplements don't include MSM, which my vet says is very important. We love them!

    Good Product by reg01/16/2015

    product is good, packaging could be improved. Need to be in a re-sealable bag! Not sure if the chews would get hard if exposed to air, but seem to think they would.

    Joint MAX Tripple Strength Soft Chews by Jayebirdrebel from Arkansas10/22/2012

    My Shepherd mix has had knee surgery and due to his size, has had joint pain problems. He has been on a joint supplement for several years now. I started getting Joint Max a couple of years ago and he really seems to be doing very well with it. Our Cavalier does not need the supplement, but I can’t treat one without treating them both. I treat them each day after getting the mail and the Cavalier waits next to the tub to make sure I don’t forget. They both seem to really like the flavor of Joint Max so getting them to take it daily is no problem. The big Shepherd does move better after getting him on the supplement and they seem to play together more now too. I have been on the same human supplement for over 8 years myself, and I know I can tell a difference on the days I forget mine. If you are wondering if this will help your pet, I can say it does make a difference to mine.

    by trailrunner from La Porte, IN04/27/2013

    This product seems to work well. I have a 10 yr old setter with bad hips and she runs more than my other dogs. She's 70 lbs. but I've gone down to 1 a day and there is no change in her crazy running habits, she is outside almost all day. The nuggets used to be tasty to her but now I have to break them up into her breakfast.

    The Best by kimwon from Littleton, Colorado12/14/2012

    My vet asked if my 10 y.o. girl was on some sort of Glucosimine, I told her yes, and she said it shows. I have a friend who is now giving this same product for their dog of which she was showing extreme signs of slow movement, now, he's like a couple of years younger, getting and moving around like nobody's business. Highly recomment it!

    excellent transaction by madema from Conroe, TX06/14/2013

    all went as expected... will order again.

    joint max triple strength by kaydex1231 from Hanahan, SC02/12/2012

    My girls get these every morning as part of their ritual. I truly believe joint max is the best glucosamine product on the market. My 11 year old can still jump up on her spot on the couch and joint max is a big part of that. I highly recomment this product in the chews as part of any pets daily routine.

    Great Product by Carl H from Rock Hill, SC01/13/2012

    I have an 11 year old Rott that gets around great, my daughter has started this product on her Saint Benard.

    Great Purchase by Eve from Fort Lauderdale, FL12/02/2012

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS enable my dog to go for walks and enjoy her life. This product is a life enhancer! Thank you for selling a product that helps older dogs to enjoy their lives!

    I Guess This Stuff is Good by Phil09/18/2014

    Really I have no way of knowing whether these do any good or not but my 13yo lab has pretty bad hip dysplasia so I have to give her something, right? She seems to like these.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by ama548 from Anaheim Hills, CA01/11/2012

    My dog has rear leg joint ailments. Since taking Joint MAX TRIPLE soft chews, she is more mobile and able to go for 30 minute walks twice a day. Great product?

    Great product, great price by Slaveto2bassets from Concord, Ca11/09/2012

    I was looking for a joint supplement that my dogs would willingly eat w/o a human food bribe. The soft chews have been just the thing. Both dogs have more energy, no limping and are eating the chews just as they would any treat. We are very satisfied and I have already recommended the product to several friends.

    Excellent product by Dogman from Knoxville, Tn03/21/2012

    This is an excellent product and the price is very reasonable. We have three dogs, two labs and a Jack Russell mix. The dogs have been taking this formula for about three years now and they show no sign of joint pain and there are no adverse reaction to the product.

    by from 08/30/2014

    We have 3 "rescue" elderly labs who have various joint problems. We began using soft chews after the youngest one's ACL surgery at 18 months.

    energetic, by sometimes from rowdy,They


    the by chews from easilyEntirely


    ongoing purchase by Pat from Prescott AZ08/11/2013

    9 year old lab had valley fever. Steroid treatment cured him but created joint problems. Was giving him this product and he was doing very well. Switched to another top rated product and his condotion worsened. Back to this product and he is doing great. Coat seemed to be doing better also.

    Good product by Lisa05/06/2013

    When our 6 year old lab runs a bunch playing frisbee she can get sore in her left leg/hip. We've been using this product for awhile now and she's been doing much better. This is working better than others we've tried.

    by b9e5d104/04/2012

    Vet recommended my St-Bernard start taking glucosamine tablets. Found this product and it's worked great for him. Big plus is that he likes the taste and has no problem taking it.

    by DoggyMom12/12/2011

    My dog is a senior and has arthritis in her back right hip. I ran out of these and within 2 weeks I noticed she could barely get up and walk. I knew they helped but I had not realized how much. Within 1 week of her taking these again, she is running and playing with our 2 much younger dogs and is once again a happy dog.

    Great product by CHH from Knoxville, TN01/27/2015

    I have 2 Goldens & have been using this product several years. The oldest dog is 8 & she has none of the signs of age & joint problems you might expect. The dogs think they are getting a treat & love the flavor.

    Excellent product that works! by RGDA09/11/2013

    We have been using this for four years, since adopting our first retired racing greyhound. It really helps with his joints. Highly recommend it! (Plus, he thinks it is a treat, and loves it!)

    delivery by chuck from Michichigan05/12/2013

    quick delivery, seems to work well for Lexis

    These REALLY Work by Hugenaturelover from Alaska10/03/2013

    this has helped both of my senior dogs go for walks again without limping! THANK YOU

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by krawz from Phoenix, AZ05/09/2013

    This is a great product. I've tried a couple of other things, but this is the only one that produced a result. I have a 95 pound lab mix that was limping when I found him. After being on Joint Max for only a couple of weeks he stopped limping completely. Once in a while he hurts himself jumping around (because he feels so good) and he'll limp for a day or so - but I'm thrilled by the difference this product makes for him.

    Good for older dogs! by Big Dog Mom from Pleasanton, CA12/16/2012

    I have an 11 year old German Shorthair and these helped his hips within a few days. I highly recommend.

    Honest Review by Donna Magun03/11/2012

    The product states new and improved. There is a difference in the compound of this product. Each chew is dryer in consistancey. I hope there is no less vitamins in this new formula. I was also not inpressed with the new method of shipping. I have always received this product with in a weeks time. It took two weeks to be delivered. I have used your company for several years. I hope improvements will be made. I use to praise your company and products. I hope this will not fall on deaf ears. Thank you.

    Great product but not as fresh as previous purchas by Sharon01/13/2012

    I ordered the tub of 240 chews. My dog loves them, but this batch does not seem near as fresh as the last tub I bought, so I was a little disappointed. The last batch were a lot more moist and fresh feeling/looking. My dog still eats them (thank goodness!) but this batch just was not as fresh as the last.

    Worth the Price by lee02/04/2012

    This product definitely helps with my dog's joint problem. He is able to walk much better.

    Excellent product by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida03/17/2013

    My dogs take joint max triple strength soft chew every day. I has made a tremendous difference in their mobility, especially the older ones. It was recommended by my Vet and it was the best thing I could do for them. I just put the soft chew in with their dinner every evening, it's easy and I do believe they think it's a treat. This is an excellent product and no one should hesitate to try it.

    Excellent joint supplement by Agilephun02/12/2013

    I've been using this product for two or three years. I find it effective, reasonably priced at EntirelyPets, and easy to administer. My dogs think it's a delicious chewy treat added to their food.

    Been giving these to my dogs forever - GREAT! by Shermanator06/04/2013

    My Vet suggested I give these to my greyhounds, danes, etc., and have been using them for years. Dogs love them!

    by Thanks!06/12/2012

    My dogs have taken these every day for years. It makes a huge difference.

    Yes by Dee from Fl01/27/2015

    Never had a problem with arthritis n have been giving three of the soft chews every day. Each chew is 500 mg of glucosamine. My dog loves this n he is 9 1/2 years old.

    Dogs love it! by Mary from Plymouth, Ca11/10/2011

    This is so good for our ageing dogs( 12 and 13), plus they love it. Keeps them very mobile and energetic.

    Great product by Alpacajan from As08/16/2013

    My dogs love these chews and it's so easy to give them, making sure that they get the joint support they need as aging babies.

    good~ by minky papa04/17/2013

    Good product goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood!

    by Steph S04/08/2012

    We have three large dogs approaching their senior years. They love these chews and we feel good about keeping their joints in condition. The ease of ordering on line and the predictable delivery has been great.

    No issues by Ross07/29/2012

    Our Golden has been given these for 7+ years and seems to work well for him.

    good product by pam from Oregon11/21/2011

    I have been buying this product for my dogs for several years. Got to say though that this recent change in formulation is a HUGE hit with my boys. They LOVE the new taste.

    Best Product by kpawlows01/10/2013

    Joint MAX has made a HUGE difference in my dog's behavior. She is an 11 year old american bulldog who has difficulty walking at times. After giving her joint max, she has started walking around and playing more. I highly recommend this product, especially for aging dogs.

    great product by doglover05/29/2012

    I have been giving my dog this for a couple of years now. She couldn't even walk up and down the steps because of arthritis. After about 3 months of taking this she was much better and within 6 months she was running and jumping again

    Great Product by Queenbasset from Port Orchard, WA05/30/2013

    My two bassets have been using this product for several years and really notice the difference in the movement of my 9 year older. They bug me every morning for their "treats" and gulp them right down. Best product I have found for keeping my big dogs with short legs moving comfortably.

    Great supplement in treat form by Lisa from Bayonne, NJ05/29/2013

    My two retired racing greyhounds need this supplement for their joints - and they just LOVE to get it in this form! Clearly these are tasty - and I'm happy with the health benefits.

    Awesome Product for Arthritic Dogs by Tsemb from Joshua TX10/15/2013

    Our vet gave us the first sample of this product and I was thrilled to find it online at your store. My dobie, after a month on the product, is able to get up and down much easier. We can see a big difference in her mobility.

    Made a noticable difference by Gdog from Eastern, KY07/13/2013

    Our now 10yr old lab (dixie) likes to follow me around the farm when I go out on the quad. 3 years ago, we noticed she would have trouble getting up on her rear legs the next morning after a run. We started using Joint Max Triple and in a matter of 2 weeks we could see a real difference in how she could get up and move around. She loves the soft chews. We give her J max in the AM & PM with her food. For us and Dixie the product has been a blessing.

    Dog Doesn't Limp by Holly from Long Valley, NJ07/10/2012

    Ranger just celebrated her 15th birthday. I think that says alot. For a large dog she is doing quite well. I can't remember but Ranger has been on this product ever since she was about 7 yrs old. She's given me so many memories and is my best bud that this is the least I can do for her. Now it's my turn to take care of her. She didn't start arthritis medicine until she was 13 and she rarely limps. If your dog is picky with the powder then these chews are the way to go. If I let her she'd eat the entire container.

    Chassey's favorite supplement by Iz24 from PA12/19/2012

    Chassey has been remarkably able to walk and jump onto the sofa easily for many years becasue of this product

    Great nourishing "Treat" by Golden Oldie Mom from Cody WY03/13/2013

    We have been giving this supplement to our Golden Gang for over six years. The group LOVES them. We also use them to "hide" daily presciption pills in. They keep our Senior Princess's Happy and Healthy.

    Greatest Supplement EVER by #Tanner&Lady'smama from Holland, MI09/10/2014

    At first the dogs snubbed them, so I quit giving to them. I put them on a different dog food and decided to add one chew to each bowl morning and night. THEY LOVE them. I have two boxers Tanner and Lady. Tanner has been having difficulty with his right hind leg for sometime now. After giving these chews to him I can see a noticeable difference in his agility. He runs and plays again and it is amazing to think that these chews have done the trick. I recommend to anyone whose dog seems to have hip or joint issues. what a difference they have made for him. Now I am on auto ship.

    by Freddy from upstate new york10/30/2012

    I've been using this product for quite a while. It seems to be helping my dog to move around a lot better.

    Great Product by Angel from Peoria, IL03/16/2013

    I purchased this product for my eight year old rottie. He likes them so well he comes back wanting more.

    Love this product by Sue02/10/2014

    I've been buying this for years and will continue to do so.

    Supplements for healthy joints by doglover from St. Paul MN11/06/2012

    I have seen a difference in both my large breed dogs since they have started taking the triple strength joint supplement. They love the taste so it's easy to give them the added bonus.

    old dog, new supplement!! by missy and the cats ma from savannah, ga.03/03/2014

    this is so good for yer old pets. my sensitive systems dog seems to tolerate this supplement well. her limp has improved. she's 13 now and can still jump in my old trailblazer drivers seat. she does still have her days, I'm always there in case she needs a hand, but, I can see a difference if I don't give it to her. she eats it in her food every day.. give it a try, if ya love yer pooch, it can't hurt !!!!

    What a Relief It Is by Mickey02/07/2013

    This product works great for our 12 year old Border Collie. Makes her life much easier to bear.

    Product is always ordered by Duffy's & Duchess's Mama from Alton, Missouri03/30/2014

    Duffy & Duchess are Great Pyrenees. These dogs are large and often have hip & joint problems. I give these to them to help. Duffy does have hip problems. They are easy to give and the dog's enjoy them like they are a treat. Almost all large or giant breed dogs need extra help with joints.

    Great for older or arthritic dogs! by blondie from texas03/11/2013

    The Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews are great! They have given renewed life to my dad's dog ( a chocolate lab rescue). From the scars and crooked bones, it was a hard life as a stray She has gotten overweight due to living the good life (too many dog cookies, not enough exercise). When the weather turns cold she has problems getting around, just getting off and on the porch of one step, is a struggle for her. Since she started taking the soft chews daily, she has regained her mobility, getting around with no problem, climbing steps and walking around without limping. Great product!

    great produuct by ForOli from Northern CA05/19/2013

    I have an older English Mastiff, she weighs about 150, so finding something I can give her for arthritis without going overboard on calories/price is a real perk!

    Joint suppliment by Moose from Buffalo, Mn10/09/2013

    Dogs really like it, although one, Titan, has a hard time keeping it down-so we can't give it to him anymore. The other three are OK with it. All busy, very active Dobermans.

    by cowboy's mom10/29/2013

    My dogs think Joint Max is a treat and it seems to have helped them over time with their joint stiffness.

    Quality product, excellent price by dogsdo2 from Milwaukie, OR10/25/2011

    I used to by synovi G3 chews. Joint Max Triple Strength is the same product at a much more reasonable price. Keeps my big old dogs moving smoothly!

    Delivery via the Pony "Express" by HLC11/08/2011

    The products I order from Entirely Pets are fine... but each time I have ordered, it has taken 2 WEEKS to arrive with standard delivery. Not acceptable.

    Great Joint Supplement by Michael from Atlanta, GA10/30/2011

    The JointMax Triple Strength soft chews are comparable to some of the more expensive alternatives. My dog, Max, likes them as if they were treats as opposed to trying to help his ailing joints.

    Joint Max Great Value! by Mikewags from Texas07/06/2013

    This is a super value for folks who need a joint supplement for their dog. Why pay more for the name brand when this works just as well!!!

    Joint max triple strength great product by Mike from Northern Vt.11/11/2012

    I was giving my dog glyco flex and switched to joint max a real big difference in her movement will order again when I need to with outquestion .Thanks for a great product

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Steve from Denver, CO08/03/2013

    My 2 senior newfs have been using this product for years. I just throw them in the dish with their meals and they are gone. Very reasonably priced, prompt delivery and free shipping.... that's what we like.

    Joint Max by Boni from Monrovia CA05/25/2014

    My Senior dog Arnold (140 lbs) started to have wobbly legs, after 5 weeks on Triple Strength Joint Max I can see a Huge improvement. Since he is doing so well I have been giving him his Rimadyl every other day. He loves the big chews . I will keep him on the Triple Strength for the rest of his life. He can get up on the sofa easier and I see him running a little with the other dogs. Great Product!!

    Best ever for hip & joint for older canines by Bill from Los Angeles county--Calif.09/15/2014

    Our Lab is almost 14 years old, huge bones, 96 lbs, not fat. Started to have hip & jointproblems when he was 11 years old. I give him this daily and he is doing good. I also take him to the vet for a shot of adequan about every three months. Joint Max triple strength is great for canines.

    joint max by calypso from quebec, canada02/16/2012

    HI. i bought the JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH 940g for my colley 10 months old. He have a problem with one leg behind (a little injury july 2011) and with this product, he feel much better.My 10 month old since I give him supplement joined max he feel much better. he had runs and climbs. i love this product. Sonia Julien Quebec, Canada

    our dogs are better than ever! by mammodoc from Phoenix. AZ04/24/2013

    We have older dogs with limps...they would whine horribly every morning when waking up. Now, after taking these every day (and they LOVE THEM), they are acting about 8 years younger!! I can't believe the difference!

    This product is the best! by song from korea11/13/2011

    This product is the best! She is my heart Pained her legs look sick mind. She ingested it back to health and hope

    Joint Max Triple - bad change by JennP08/01/2012

    Not sure exactly what they changed in the new formula -- but now my three dogs refuse to eat their joint care -- when they used to love this stuff! And these dogs love food! Very upset and disappointed!

    Fantastic! by sls from WI11/15/2013

    There was a noticeable difference in my dog after 2 weeks of getting this with his meals. I would recommend this to anybody whose older dogs are having joint issues!

    by Anne from Montana11/01/2012

    An easy way to give the dogs a healthy treat.

    Major Improvement for Thor! by gmoody from Charlottesville, VA08/11/2012

    Our oldest boxer, Thor was having difficulty trying to get up and down after his 10th birthday. I started giving him 2 Triple Joint Max chewable treats once a day in December. Within a couple of weeks, his pain had decreased and within a couple of months he could run and play again. He's 11 years old and people are amazed at how great he looks. The only thing that changed in his diet was the addition of Triple Joint Max. I highly recommend the product and Thor loves the flavor!

    Great product by Kathy03/15/2012

    This product is awesome. It has helped my aging dog, who has arthiritis, become more active and able to take long walks again. I give it to all three of my Labs - they think it is a great treat!

    NOT SOFT by Golden Lvr01/27/2014

    I have ordered these numerous times - the last time will be the last time. More often than not, they are hard as a rock. I use them for joint support and to give my boy his meds with. Being rock hard doesn't allow for giving medicine, not what I ordered and probably not good for my boy. I have complained many times about this, and am only told to put bread into the container. This does nothing but waste bread. So since I can't order these again and trust they'll arrive as advertised, I'm not ordering anything from Entirely Pets again. Bye.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Country from Texas04/17/2013

    This is the best product of its kind. No problem with getting any of my dogs to take this supplement. The beefy taste makes it a welcomed treat. Entire Pets has the best prices on this and many other products.

    Been using this for years! by SalvadorsMom from Sacramento, CA12/07/2011

    My dogs loves this supplement, it's a big treat to them. This new formulation is much smellier than the previous versions, not wild about that, but the dogs don't care. I'll continue using it and recommend it.

    Great product by Deb03/12/2012

    I started our 80 pound chow mixed 6 year old dog on these chews about 1 year ago, after he was treated with a prescription anti-inflammatory medication from the vet. Teddy was diagnosed with hip displasia, when he started limping and having trouble getting up. He has not needed ANY medication in the past 10 months, thanks to Joint MAX Triple Chews, and runs around, chasing our other dog, and playing with us, like he's a puppy.

    by from 08/02/2012

    This is our second large dog with arthritis, and Joint Max has made a huge difference in their lives. The first one couldn't run anymore when she was 8, and she was playing fetch again after ~1 month on Joint Max.

    a by 12 from yearNow


    Online Order of Joint Max by Still waiting12/10/2013

    I placed an order for the special buy 2 get 1 free over a week ago. Still waiting for delivery.

    Dogs like by poomom from Ocala, FL10/05/2013

    One of my dogs has bad hip dysplasia and I've been giving them both the Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS. It seems to help the one dog's mobility and the other hasn't had any problems.

    Best Ever! by bassett8 from Wilderness, South Africa03/12/2013

    I have a 10 year old male Basset Hound who went down in the rear, after a four week course of the Joint Triple Max he is running around like a youngster again, I have my hound back with all his bounce! Thank you!

    Our pet hates them... by ChrisZ from Wingate, NC03/28/2013

    Unfortunately, our dog hates them. He begrudgingly ate them for a few days, but he simply refuses now. We also think they may have contributed to him being sick one evening. They are also rather large so we broke them in half which means he had four to eat each day. The previous year we gave him the vitamins which he begrudgingly ate. They were very large as well, but he ate them at least. We switched to the treats because we thought that would be better, and he had eaten some of the samples. Now we have two large buckets of costly vitamin treats that he refuses to eat and have to search for an alternative. Sigh...

    by Basset Mom04/17/2013

    My two older bassets love having to take their medicine every day. I'm so glad these come in a flavorful chewable version.

    by Herdabout from New Haven, CT10/22/2013

    Fantastic product--highly effective--used it for years--my dogs and me are very happy customers!

    Don't use for hiding pills by momto3plus1 from Maryland07/31/2013

    The *new* version of this product is very hard, almost rubber like and will crumble if you try to use it for putting small pills into. The old version is much softer, more pliable and does not crumble at all. I made the mistake this time of not asking for the old version and am suffering through this new version. The dogs love the treats whether the old or new version but hiding a small pill in the new ones is horrilbe.

    Excellent product and value by Kay from Mississippi06/25/2013

    First of all, the ordering process was very easy and the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews arrived in a timely manner. We used a couple of different brands of similar products in the past and my Lab seems to like yours best. She loves getting the Soft Chews daily as a very special treat. Of course, best of all, they really work well for her arthritis. She is 11 year old and her mobility is greatly improved.

    Makes an old dog act like a puppy! by Kathy from Denham Springs, LA05/07/2013

    We have a 14 yr old German Shepherd/Collie mix that has been on this product for 2-3 years. It is amazing how he gets around. He had begun to display signs of aching in his joints and had slowed down tremendously until we found this product. It helps that he loves the taste, so we have no problem giving this to him. Also, we have a 11 yr old Boston Terrier that loves to jump. She had begun crying when she jumped down from even the couch. Since we already had some Joint Max, we started her on it. This product worked like a miracle. No more hesitation or crying when she wants to jump. She loves the taste so much that she will stand by the counter and look up at where I store it to remind me that she hasn't had her "treat" yet. Definitely worth a try!!

    Working for my pet by boozo from Alabama08/17/2013

    Purchased some of this didn't think it was doing any good, then all of a sudden my German Shepard was having much more trouble getting up from the floor,so i re-purchased it. It's keeping me from having to have him put down.

    Joint Max triple strengh / service by zippy22708/09/2013

    The Joint Max is a great product. However, the service I received was very very poor. My order took 39 days to arrive, I contacted the company three times and each time they said it was shipped. Finally they said there was a mix up and gave me a tracking number. The Person I spoke with said it was being sent priority, but I reveived it 8 days later by ground service. My dog needed this product ,,,

    by from 12/28/2012

    EXCELLENT product! Have used other joint products for our 8 year old German Shepard but THIS IS THE ONLY product where she isn't still making whimperings periodically during the day.

    Lab by is from alsoMy


    2 Pack Joint MAX Triple by BDSzabo from Puerto Penasco, MEXICOWe


    Works Great! by Jo from Toronto, ON02/12/2014

    My GSP Daisy has hip displaysia and these are fantastic treats to help with her discomfort. She looks forward to getting them every day.

    Best Purchase Ever by dajklb from West Chester, PA11/23/2012

    Absolutley has helped our 12 year old Golden Retriever. We started Ginger on these when she was 9 years old, wow, what a great product. she lovers them...we love how they help her. We have started out 5 year old Golden on them too !

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by MJ03/04/2014

    I have previously bought Joint soft chews from Foster and Smith pet supply. They are much softer and do not crumble/break apart when I put my dogs medication into the chew. A lesson in cost savings, "you get what you pay for". Mostly likely will not be buying these again.

    something has changed by ED from LEANDER ,TEXAS04/24/2013


    older dogs with hip problems by lin from milan indiana04/10/2013

    I have three older dogs who need joint products. The joint Max chews have helped greatley. They will never be 100 % but are doing well.

    GREAT product by Gunflint from Minneapolis,MN04/01/2013

    This product works like magic for my 85lbs 6 yr old Alaskan Malamute. She has had hip problems scence 6 months. Always struggled getting up stairs and standing up after laying down for a while. Now after 3 months of giving her Joint Max she's a new dog!!

    FIRST TIME USER by Juango from Newport News VA12/19/2011

    I just started my 12 year old Chow-Mix Ricky Martin Lopez on the Triple Strength Soft Chews for Joint Support and am hoping for good results. My friend swears by your products that he uses with his dogs. Time will tell, if this product works the way his dogs reacted to your products, you have a customer for life, Me and Ricky Martin Lopez!!

    Great Value by Tarri from Washington04/03/2014

    Entirely Pets provides great value for great products.

    by from 05/31/2012

    Our Husky mix has a torn ACL plus severe degenerative arthritis in her hip. She was limping badly, and was having great difficulty getting up from a sleeping position, when we first tried Joint Max TS nuggets. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. The Rimadyl had helped very little, but these nuggets have given her a new lease on life. She is 11 years old now but acts like she is 4 again! No more Rimadyl, all she needs now is her delicious nuggets.

    New Lease on Life! by Julie from Central VirginiaJulie


    Terrible Delivery Issues/Product not up tp par by Jules from Outside Houston, Texas02/13/2012

    Very upset...I ordered Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. I paid extra for 3-4 day delivery. They charged my credit card immediately, but on the 9th day, no product had arrived. I tried 5 times to call the company, and never could speak with anyone as hold times exceeded 25 minutes, 20 minutes...I sent an email and no response. On the 10th day, I finially got Customer Service and was told I should recieve my order that day, and that due to the weight of the package, quicker delivery could not be done. They never bothered to let me know, send an email, nothing...he did tell me they were going to refund my added payment for quick delivery, however he wasn't sure when. I told him that if the product was not at my house that afternoon, I was going to cancel the order, which would cause me to have to close my credit card and be re-issued another one. By that afternoon, no product had arrived as he had told me earlier, and I called to cancel the order. The guy told me he would check on what had happened and call me back. I did recieve a message from him later, telling me that they were going to refund me the whole amount, and I could keep the product when it arrived, which was 2 days later, making it 12 days after ordering. My Great Pyr has taken these same soft chews before, and loved them, however, these were not soft at all but very course, and almost grainy in texture. I have had to crumble them into his food they are so dried out. I will NEVER order from this company again. Highly disappointed.

    Vet Recommended by missy al02/19/2012

    My Doberman had hip surgery, I asked my Vet about this product he even recommended and said never seen a product like this so high in glut/and Chon Told me it was a good choice

    Great choice by Labtlr12/28/2012

    I have a 9 yr old Chocolate Lab. He has some hip displacement and arthritis. He gets 4 chewable s a day and reminds me if I forget. He loves them and there is a noticeable difference in his movements. The joint max is affordable and provides me pet with the supplement he needs. Great product. Entirely Pets is always prompt in getting the product to me.

    Yummy & Joint Terriffic by Christine from Smyrna, GA02/01/2012

    These are fabulous & my dogs just love them, especially since the flavor has changed. I know they were doing great things for my pups (choco lab, yellow lab, besenji & pitbull), but they seem to love these chews even more now that they are tastier... I even think they smell great! 2 of my dogs have knee replacements & one is my old man (choco lab) & they both run around like they are still puppies! I totally recommend these!

    SEEM TO WORK AND THEY LOVE 'EM! by Dog Momma01/16/2015

    I have 3 older dogs, 1 is 15yo next month and two just turned 14yo. I started them on the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews in November after using another product for a couple of years. I don't have to force them to eat these, they love them so take them as a treat. I have seen a remarkable difference in mobility with all 3, they are still slow to get up and started, but once they're up, they are on the move and with more ease than before. One 14yo has had a bum leg for years and stopped going on walks with us, she has resumed the walks, which makes me VERY happy. Thanks for the great price that got me to try this product!

    Good Product by Libby from PA02/26/2014

    I have brought this product for years from your co. but my last experience wasn't good it took 2 wks for it to arrive after 2 phone call inquiring about why I had not received it. Then it came in 4 little containers instead of 2 big ones like normally it is. Very frustrated with this order. I am happy with the product.

    by Sadiemae from Clio, MI10/12/2011

    Have always liked the product and feel that my dog bennetfits from it. I do not like the bacon smell as well as the old flavor but if it works as well then i'm happy

    Amazed @ the size of containers by Daniela08/27/2014

    Firstly, I'd gotten a small sample of the product before I'd even heard about this particular brand/product. My dog loved it and her rather sensitive stomach was able to tolerate the product. No vomiting/diarrhea or such.The product is chewy and easy to break apart, if, by chance, one wanted to used them as a small treat. Secondly, I was quite pleasantly surprised at the size of the 2 containers. I'd actually expected something a lot smaller. Thirdly, the odour of the product is rather strong. One would do well to put the chews into a glass jar or other seal-able container. Even though the containers are plastic and have lids, the smell penetrates through quite thoroughly. Not a criticism, just a friendly warning. All in all, I am WELL pleased with the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. And my dog as well!

    What a great buy by AngelaCarol from Pennsville, NJ07/31/2013

    Not long are these really helpful to my dogs, but they love them. So I give them 2 of a morning and an evening as a treat. It's a win/win!

    Good as what the vet sells by Mike from Wichita, KS09/23/2013

    These chews work as well, and the dogs love them. They are 1/2 the price of the vet's chews. GREAT PRODUCT, EVEN BETTER PRICE!

    Clearly beneficial to my dogs! by Bebe from Atlanta, GA05/18/2013

    All three of my dogs get their Triple Strength daily. It has really helped my 12 years old boy who weighs in at 110 lbs. The other two dogs who are much younger also take the supplement to maintain good joint health. At night I call, "Meet me in the kitchen and line up for meds. The dogs come in and sit in a line waiting for their "treats. I love being able to order online a product my vets approves, too.

    This works! by Gunnybunny from South Carolina03/20/2013

    The dogs love them and we could see results within 2 weeks.

    A nutritious treat by Cee from Memphis, TN10/23/2012

    My dogs think they are getting a treat when they eat these, and they are good for them!

    no more limping by doggiemistress from PA07/29/2012

    I have a 10 year old Sheltie, who though muscular and fit, would have some limping. After speaking with his Vet, I purchased my first tub of these chews. They smell divine to my dog and he looks forward to me giving them to him. I go through quite a number of them, since my vet wants him taking 2 at each time, so I order quite frequently.

    Would never stop ordering this product by LRC from New Jersey03/09/2013

    My 10 year old French Brittany hurt her leg years ago while hunting. It was probably a torn ligament. The Vet wanted to send her away to be operated on. $$$$$ I read about these chews and decided to give them a try. Maddie has been taking them for years now. She hunts every year, can jump on the bed, etc. I started my other 2 dogs on them and recommended them to my son for his dog who survived cancer. My dogs love them and eagerly await them every evening before dinner.

    by from 01/16/2015

    I've purchased these joint max chews before and found them effective for joint pain, arthritis and weakness in the rear legs of our 13+ yr. old weimeraner. She was hit by a large conversion van years ago so the arthritis in her hips causes a lot of discomfort. They were recommended to us by a breeder friend.

    I by ordered from jointThe


    back by on from JointI


    it's magical by Lise from Québec, Canada04/25/2013

    My dog loves it and walk more easily I'm happy to see the effect it had for my dog

    Great product by Musicwolf from Indiana11/01/2012

    We have been using this product for a number of years for two different large breed dogs & have found that it has helped with their movement & pain.

    very very good product by dogcat from split, dalmatia, croatia09/12/2013

    Our Aris this product has not been feeling the pain, but it is still very important, he loves max triple, which is very important because we all know that the pain if you do not want to take any medicine

    Amazing to watch the difference! by Robyn09/07/2013

    My 2 Boxers had the usual boxer joint problems. They have been taking these chews for about a year now.The 7 y/,o Ruby 2's has problems with both knees and was limping a lot. She takes RX Rimydly, permanently I guess. I use the soft chew as a "pill pouch", which saves me more money from not having to buy them too. My 12 y/o Harley Ray Vaughn has the old aches and pains, and is also on Rimydly daily. It has been amazing to watch these 2 be able to play around comfortably again. Much Thanks to the Vet Tech who recommeded these to me. If they happen to miss out on a day or two dosing, I can absolutely see them start to limp, which quickly improves when they take them again. Don't run out! Buy 2!

    by Ginny05/27/2013

    I have a border collie who goes out on our trail rides. He usually covers half again the mileage that the horses do. Our rides are anywhere from a couple of miles to upwards of 15. We do a lot of riding in the Cascade Mountain Range and that can be brutal on anyone. Being 10 years old he had been having trouble getting up moving for the next day or two after one of these excursions. I started him on Joint Max about 2 month ago and even though he is tired after a ride his joints don't bother him any more. I'm really impressed with the results and will keep on feeding him these treats.

    Taste to the dog by Russ from Wisconsin02/07/2012

    good for my dog but she wont eat them unless we desguise the taste with peanut butter,, They smell awfull also

    by DoggieMommie06/19/2012

    Joint MAX really helps our two older dogs. Wouldn't be without it, and if they could talk I'm sure they'd say the same!

    Good quality, but my dog wont eat them anymore by msatz99 from Pittsburgh, PA06/21/2013

    I purchased these for an 75lb shepard/lab mix. Normally she will eat anything chewy, which is why I selected the product. She ate the first 20 or so without any issue, but now she won't eat them at all. I have to break them up into little chunks and mix them with her food, sometimes its hit or miss if she eats them or eats around them. I will have to try something different next time.

    Good stuff! by Delia01/26/2013

    Not only is this good for my dogs they think they are treats and love eating them.

    Large amount! by eeppunya06/04/2012

    Chew like brownies. Smooth and looks delicious. But people should not eat. I do not know what tastes. Dogs do not like it very much. So, even a little degree of difficulty in feeding grain a day. However, in joint products efficiently and to prevent arthritis, so I think the dogs are fed continuously.

    Good price, good supplements by Georgan from Moncure, NC12/26/2012

    I rescue dogs and have several elderly ones. Having searched for similar products, I find that this one at entirelypets.com is the best value and works well!

    good end results by darrylder from Katy, Texas05/01/2013

    Definatly can see the results of thre product in as little as 3-5 days, even better after a coule of weeks

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by JIm01/29/2013

    Since starting my 11 y/o Golden Retriever on these, he has shown much improvement in his ability to run / play with our 3 y/o Lab and he seems alot happier. He can climb steps much better and has more energy.The chews must taste good for him because he munches them down quickly. I would recommend these to anyone with an aging buddy like me

    Joint triple max 240 by 1lucky2java89@comcast.net from Salem, Oregon03/14/2012

    Ilove this product for my dogs,. I don't like the way you presented it for 30% off of the normal price; you set the price at $30.09 with another 10% . Well, I gave the code JOINTCARE30, and guess what. my order was $42.95 went down 10% & back up to $43.61 with shipping. When I went to school, I know long ago 10% of $30.09 was $27.09 plus $4.95 which would be a total of $32.04. Boy, do I feel cheated. When you put this on my E-mail, I thought great, I buy enough that I finally get a terrific deal. If this is a bait & switch, you did an excellent job on me, thank you and forget my order. Darlene

    100 LIKE by Salima from Hong Kong08/03/2012

    Joint Max really helps my 13 years old golden. I can see her improvement when walking and able to get up on the floor and sofa a lot easier!! Thank you!!

    Every day by Cheryl01/16/2015

    I previously had two rescue dogs that had broken legs as puppies. After they started limping, they went on Joint Max Triple Strenght soft chews. One dog never limped again! The other would only limp occasionally when the weather was really cold (I live in MN). My current dogs take these as a preventative, because both boxers and bulldogs can be prone to joint issues. I recommend these all the time to people, and always point them to entirelypets.com for their purchase. As a matter of fact, I'll be sending some to my sister for her Boston Terrier that just started limping during this last cold spell.

    Great Product for Aging Dogs by Brenda from Wyoming11/13/2011

    We have an 11 year old Alaskan Husky who weighs 85lbs and has severe arthritis. We noticed a huge difference within days after he started taking the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. While he still takes anti-inflammatory medication, these have helped to improve his mobility and seem to have slowed down the effects of his arthritis from progressing so quickly. Thank you for adding a few more years to our dogs active life! We give this to all dogs now in hopes that it will extend their mobility into older ages as well!

    Keeps Dogs Young ! by NL from Lutz, FL11/29/2011

    Our 14 year old Corgi loves his joint max as a treat ! They are keeping him young and energetic!

    fabulous product by M.J. from Rainier, Washington08/01/2013

    Once on this product do not try another brand .....my dog suffered when I bought a different supplement. Since returning to Joint Max she is pain free again. Lesson learned!

    Good stuff! by YooperMo from Upper Penninsula of Michigan09/07/2011

    We use JointMax TS soft chews for our 2 Labs and Chessie & it works great! We seemed to get better results when compared to GlycoFlex. Other products didn't even compare to how our dogs seemed to feel after using JointMax. Our aging dogs are frisky & playful puppies again!

    Dogs love it by luckylu from Saint Charles, Mo01/16/2014

    Bought this for my old chow-lab mix, now give it to all my dogs and my daughter gives it to hers also. Most of our dogs are rescue dogs so weren't treated the best before we got them and the joint max does wonders to help them play and enjoy being able to move easier.

    SOFT CHEWS??? by Alle from Louisiana01/12/2014

    They're great when they're soft, but for the 3RD time now, I've gotten 2 packs of HARD AS A ROCK chews. I've spoken to customer service about this issue only to be told to put bread in the container, which only wastes bread and discolors it, but does nothing to soften the rocks they sent me. I guess I'll have to stop ordering from Entirely Pets. 3rd times the charm. Wonder if they even read these reviews. I'd love an answer from them as to why they keep these on the shelf for so long that they turn into brown rocks.

    Works great for my dog by Linda09/28/2013

    I have an 80 pound lab/chow mix who is approaching the age of 12. I decided to try these, because I noticed that she limped and often got up slowly. After being on this product, she no longer limps, and she doesn't seem to have any trouble getting up. I will keep using Joint Max Triple Strength.

    Joint Max by dpoudrier from Austin, TX11/23/2012

    Easy way to give the dogs Glucosamine. It also has goo ingredients...I've done my research!

    happy with order by tinkerbelle from murphy, nc05/30/2012

    our dog loves the soft chews! Never have a problem getting her to eat them!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Verne from Oklahoma11/08/2012

    This product has helped my boxer Wiggles more than the other productucts I have tried in the past. Highly recommend them.

    by doglover from SEATTLE, WA.10/30/2011


    awesome treats by kls24805/12/2013

    Joint maxx triple strenght treats are awesome! Our dog loves them and they help him soo much! Our Lab is 11 years old and our vet said if he didn't know him and have his records he would think he was 7 years old!!!

    Excellent product! by hilaryan from Peru and North Carolina04/04/2013

    My initial reaction to this product was that it was good and did the job. Then Ryan (my dog) injured the joint on his right leg (before the paw). We are living outside the US so had to find a new vet - found one who combines traditional with natural medicine. She wanted to see all supplements he was taking and zeroed in on this one - she said it is rare to find a product with enough MSN in it which is what Ryan needed at the time to help the joint heal. This product is high in MSN - many, many times higher than cosequin (a product I had been giving him alternately with the Joint Maxx. His joint is almost good as new!

    Joint MAX is MAGIC! by DoGooder from NorCal08/20/2014

    Started using this product after doing much research for a joint supplement. Our 9 month old Staffie had just been diagnosed with a torn ACL. In trying to avoid TPLO surgery on a puppy, we chose to instead treat her with "conservative management" It involves 12-16 weeks of crate rest with very limited activity to allow natural healing. We immediately started Darby on Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Soft Chews. I am ecstatic to report that a year later, Darby has NO sign of any ACL injury. NO limp, NO pain and NO limitations of kind! All of our other dogs are now on Joint MAX as well. I recommend Joint MAX to everyone as the BEST joint supplement on the market.

    by Rick07/10/2013

    Excellent product and our dogs just love them. Our border collie injured his back leg years ago and now has arthritis. Using this product has really helped him. Plus our other aging dogs are benefiting from this too. Highly recommend.

    great product by kathy from Spring Hill, TN12/14/2011

    Our 12 year old german shepherd loves the chewables and they have helped so much with her arthritis in her joints. She has become more moveable without much pain. Plus entirely pets is a great place to order from and I will continue to do so.

    Great Product by jlaca from Monte Vista, CO02/26/2013

    Our dog is 13.5 years old and had a hard life on a ranch herding cattle. This product has extended her life for 2 years already. Without it she is immobile and in pain. Now, she gets around great!

    Hip Dysplasia went away in my Lab, so I'm hooked! by Labmom from Little Rock, AR08/28/2014

    My full-blooded Lab and many Lab mixes (as I foster for rescue) LOVE these, as do friends' dogs. I truly believe they prevent/preclude hip dysplasia problems, as my Lab was having issues and these erased all symptoms. I give them on a regular basis now to all dogs in my house!

    best per dollar buy!! by Angel from Davie, FL12/24/2012

    Excellent product, and in these amounts even more affordable... best product at the best price.

    Seems to be helping by Steve from St Louis06/07/2013

    Back leg pain is the problem, dog has been on Joint Max for about 2 months, dog seems to be in less pain when trying to get up.

    Bailey loves these by Tennisnut from Fla07/11/2014

    I have been using Joint max for years. My dog is almost 15! She loves them.

    Best chews ever by Tessie girl from Henrico, VA02/10/2014

    My geriatric pups love these chews! Unlike others I've tried, they would do hand stands (if they could) for the chews. My younger pups feel the same way. They do roll overs time & time again. Even though we go through the tubs fairly quickly, due to the # of dogs we have, the purchase price plus free shipping is always worth it. Infact, it can't be best!

    GREAT product by kml from Mount Holly NC04/20/2013

    This product made a significant improvement in my 10yo GSD!

    helps my 125 lb mastiff by Debbie R from Long Island, NY12/11/2012

    I guess the proof of this product's effectiveness is the fact that my 8 year old, 125 lb. mastiff can keep up with a 4 year old, 40 lb mixed breed with more energy than the Energizer bunny!!! If you know mastiffs you know they are very low key and are prone to bad hips. We have been giving him Joint MAX triple strength since he was a year old and it certainly helps him keep up with our young and fast smaller dog.

    Everything is top of the line by tisouisy from Laval,Québec Canada04/13/2012

    The price was very interesting and the shipping rate is the best so far,we have received the stock so very fast .Thank you very much. We will be buying again from you the same product and some more

    Great joint support by hijo from Covington, GA04/09/2013

    Our Pitbull-Boxer Mix is now 12 years. 3 years ago the vet diagnosed her with arthritis in her elbows which causes her a lot of pain, especially when getting up or lying down.The only pain remedy are anti-inflammatory medications but due to the severe side effects we don't want to give these all the time. Short after the said vet visit, we started to give her Joint Max Triple Strength. It made us very happy to see her mobility improve. We give her 4 chews daily with her food, and she devours them. One time we ran out of Joint Max, and it took a while before we got our new supply. The deterioration was clearly noticeable. As long as our beloved Sarah can stay with us, she will never miss one day of Joint Max again.

    Product changed or something by draco02/02/2012

    We have purchased joint max triple soft chews for over a year with good results BUT it appears that the product has changed ingrediants or something as both containers were completely dried out and each piece crumbled into pieces when touched and it was hard to give full pieces to our dog. Before the pieces were moist and good but not anymore. We use these for medicine for our dog (13 year old with hip issues) but due to the pieces falling apart we have not been able to do that. I don't believe we will be ordering them anymore.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft chews by CoCo from Minnesota01/29/2012

    Joint Max Triple Strength Chews, really helps our dog with her hip dysplasia!

    It does wonders! by EBARTO06/08/2013

    Triple joint max has helped our dog Patch so much! She is over fourteen years old and is a large dog, but she is still able to talk walks and goes up and down the steps daily. Thank you!

    by Rosie from Montana06/13/2014

    My lab likes them. She has arthritis & seems to help. Entirely Pets has had the best price so far, this is the second time I have ordered.

    by from 02/20/2013

    I (we) have used these chews for years & find they are a big help.

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    Really does help by Chris M11/12/2013

    I have larger dogs and as they get older their hips bother them. A girlfriend of mine recommended this product and I can tell it has helped my dog. I also give her over the counter glucosemen and so I stuff then inside the soft chews. She loves these chews. I always take advantage of the deals that entirely pets offers.

    Joint Max 2 pack by dogs1234 from Frostburg, Maryland06/10/2012

    One of the tubs came with the "New Flavor," the highly bacon scented chews that my dogs absolutely love. The other tub apparently was the old flavor, not a particularly strong aroma, and my dogs resist taking these. I wish both had been the "New Flavor." This also makes me wonder if the old flavor had been on the shelf a long time and was not really fresh.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH Soft Chews by ranger from Long Valley, NJ10/31/2011

    My dog has been on this for about 6 yrs and now she's 14 1/2 and doing amazingly well for her age. Didn't have to put her on arthritis meds until last year and still she hobbled every now and then. I would recommend this product to anybody. Ranger goes up the stairs more often and plays like a 10-yr-old dog. I have another dog who is 5 and the vet recommended I put her on this product in a few years and I wouldn't hesitate to do so. Don't even consider not getting something like this if it will make your dog's quality of life easier.

    Best Purchase Ever by Wally from Merritt Island, FL03/12/2014

    Joint MAX Triple strength soft chews work very well on older dogs with arthritis.

    Great deal for the $ by Koa from Oregon12/14/2011

    Dogs love the chews, and these are the best price online.

    They work by Lync from Phoenix, AZ12/13/2012

    These definitely work. My elderly dog gained some weight and I noticed he was kind of slow. It was because I had not upped the dose to match his increasing waistline. Now that I have him on the correct dose again he is doing much better. I don't know why they 'improved' the flavor, my dog like them just fine before. In fact he doesn't really care too much for the the new improved taste, only eating them to spite my other two dogs.

    Great Product by Joe from VA01/28/2013

    Although our 12 year old STD POODLE doesn't really like these, she does eat them when combined with some other tasty food. The product does work well and there has been a noticeable improvement in our dog's ability to get around without pain. I would recommend highly.

    by lazydaze2209/11/2013

    I've been giving my labs Joint Max chews for years. I've also given them glycoflex tabs but found Joint Max to be a better value. They both seem to work about the same. They are just over 13 years old now and the female only has mild arthritis. A few weeks ago was the first time we had to give the male a steroid injection for his hips, so I would say it has done very well for them. I have already started my 2yo pitbull on one every night. The only downsize is they smell (expected as a dog soft chew) and if you don't close the bag tightly they will dry out and get very hard. My dogs still eat them, but I'd rather them stay soft for the seniors. Easy enough to help with both probs by using a chip clip to hold the bag shut and keep the chews soft & not stinking up the kitchen! My male sometimes needs an arthritis med on top of it, but only for bad flares, not every day.

    best purchase ever by schatzi from Anchorage, Alaska05/07/2014

    My German Shepherd was rescued at the age of 10 months. At that time he could not walk, was diagnosed with Elbow & Hip Dysplasia, surgery on both knees ACL, He has been taking "JOINT TRIPPLE MAX SOFT CHEWS" ever since and is in fair condition now , able to walk and run. I firmly believe that those chews have helped him a lot to get and stay well. THANKS SO MUCH ! christa Burg

    My dogs dont' like it, won't eat it..... by kcamaro from san diego, Ca.04/14/2014

    When my dogs are done w/their dinner the only thing left in their bowls is the Joint Max chews. I have to break them into tiny pieces in order for them to eat. I know they both need them, but it's a hassle getting them to eat them.

    Young again by BigBearGirl from Big Bear Lake, CA10/22/2012

    My queensland/corgi mix named Pepper is coming up on 13 years. About 2 years ago she started to have pretty bad arthritis in her hips. She was in pain and had trouble walking. Since purchasing these joint supplements, she is like a puppy again. She plays with our 2 younger dogs and is no longer in pain. Highly recommended.

    by DianeH10/27/2011

    Great product, has helped my Golden Retriever's arthritis!

    These chewies ROCK! by Kyle Curl04/16/2012

    Thank you Entirely Pets for selling these to my mom at such a good price! I can't go a day without my joint chewies - they really help my achy knees (I had TPLO surgery on both back knees believe it or not)! My mom didn't give them to me for almost 5 months - they can be costly elsewhere - and I was really limping around hurting. After a couple of weeks back on these yummy chews, I feel like a new dog! No more limping around in pain. I can't wait for my little brother and sister to give them to me each day - because they taste super rad :) I'm super excited to go on walks with my awesome mom (she told me to say the 'awesome' part) and thanks to the good price - she won't skip out on buying them again!

    Best product ever by koalabear from Nashville, TN08/17/2014

    I love this product because it help my dogs with arthritis and joints. They are more active because of this product. It also comes with a good price.

    Joint max by vickie01/09/2012

    Great product! Helps almost 12 year old golden retriever with mobility...can tell a huge difference when he takes it regularly....ran out this time! Waited 19 days for this product to arrive with extra payment for shipment? I know it was Christmas but really 19 days???

    I would highly recommend this product by N/A05/30/2012

    I have 2 older Old English Sheep Dogs; ages 13 & 11. The Joint Max Triple Strenght soft chews has put some of the zip back in my oldest dog's step. She can get up easier and jump around like a puppy when my husband first gets home. My vet tried anti-inflamatory medications and the side effects included incontenence & elevated liver enzymes. The JMTS soft chews do not cause any of these problems. My vet asked me what I was using. She liked the results.

    Really does help. by CAMS from Athens, GA06/13/2013

    I was using a joint supplement for years before it was taken off the market. This sent me searching for another. I found the Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews. When I read the nutrition label, I found that it was stronger than what I was using and less expensive through Entirely Pets. I've been using this product for several years now. On a side note. My black Lab was born with a genetic issue which I discovered while she was a young pup having difficulty running. She also walked with a slight limp. Surgery was the suggested solution. Through my own research, I decided to try the joint supplements first. She is now 6 years old and runs like the wind!

    excellent product by The Big Guy from Spring Hill, Fl.09/02/2013

    9 year old, rescue Greyhound demands 2 after each meal. Stands infront of me and stares to remind me, if I neglect to give them, until I do remember...Is still enjoying a happy run without problems.

    Remarkable difference by KCBeau from Western Washington coast.11/15/2011

    After a period of three weeks without this type of product, Sadie shows a noticeable improvement in her overall mobility within three days.. A 4 year old female mastiff/Lab mix with an extreme case of hip displasia. Below freezing weather does not seem to bother her now.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chew by Gwen from New York01/22/2012

    I ordered these for my dog jack who happens to be a little old man. He was having lots of trouble getting up and lots of trouble walking up and down stairs. He would constantly be limping and was very lethargic, I'm assuming cause he was in pain. The very first day I gave him these, he started running around like a little monkey, I notice he had such an easier time walking up and down stairs and when he would get up. He even runs up and down the stairs now when he's excited. I'm very happy with this product and so is Jack, He keeps an eye out for when I wake up in the morning and waits for his chews, he loves the way they taste. They smell like yummy dog treats. This was an excellent purchase.

    Great product! by Maria02/20/2013

    This product is wonderful. My little 12 year old baby was bunny hopping going up the stairs, but after several weeks of taking the supplement she is her old self. She flies up the stairs and by the time I am on the third step, she is already at the top waiting for me. The only “negative” comment would be that they used to be more chewy and moist---and now they are a little dry and hard. They still work fine and she loves them!

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (240 Chewable Tablets)
    Amazing by lone star ranger from Texas04/09/2010

    I have been breeding, raising, and showing dogs for over 20 years. During that time I have tried many supplements for a variety of problems. I have never experienced the success I have with Joint Max. I am currently giving Joint Max to two of my dogs, one 8yrs, and the other 11 yrs. The 11 yr old was very quiet and would walk slowly around the yard while the others were running. Well, shortly after starting JM she started being more active and is running around more than she has in years. Five stars, for sure.

    Stairs are so much easier by SueB from Schaumburg , IL02/06/2014

    Can not believe how much this has helped my dog. He has had bad hips since he was a pup. Now at 10 we needed to go to joint max triple he takes it like a treat and now he can walk the stairs easily again. I highly recommend Joint Max

    GREAT PRODUCT by CHASIE'S MOM from CLIFTON, N.J.11/07/2013


    BEST JOINT SUPPLEMENT!!!!! by CHS11659 from CLIFTON, N.J.10/23/2013


    Dog actually thinks they're a treat! by Mika's mom from SW Michigan10/27/2011

    And she really is walking much better since she started taking these.

    Product delivery issues by jazzy103/16/2012

    I ordered a 2 pack of the joint Max Triple Strength CHEWABLE TABLETS. What I received were soft chews. You have to use twice as much to get the same dose as the Chewables... Price is a little cheaper for the soft chews but they come it tubs that take up a heck of a lot more room in by dog box than the small chewable jars. I have been waiting now since the first of March for the correct product. I have seen nothing to date. Needless to say I am now out of the tablets that I normally use. These things worked great for my lab and have been using them for a couple years now. Someone messed up and now I'm having problems. May need to look elsewhere for something else

    GREAT PRODUCT by Manny03/22/2009

    I looked everywhere and read various reviews for other doggie joint supplements and i found this product to be the most positively reviewed one. I bought this product for my 14 year old chow chow mix and i found out why it had such a high review average. Anyone who is looking for improvements in their dogs limping, please buy this product. All of these reviews are 100% true. Buy this product with confidence. The sight of seeing my dog limping would tear my heart out and now i am happier than ever because she(my dog) can run, play, and pull me again when i am taking her out to a walk (i never thought that i would get happy from the thought of her pulling me). This product is the real deal and my review is 100% true as well. What are you waiting for? go and order JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH right now!

    Makes a difference by woodswolf101/18/2012

    I have used this for years for Josie, who blew her knees out and now for Lil'Bit who has mild Hip Displaysia. I tried Arthogen for several months, but I think I got better results wiht JointMaxx Triple Strength.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE by Virginia Niehoff06/24/2008

    Both my Great Danes, ages 7 & 6, and our cocker mix, age 14, have shown remarkable improvement in their flexibility and stamina for exercise. Especially notice that all three dogs are no longer stiff and sore the next day after a romp on the beach! Great stuff!

    by from 03/18/2012

    Simply wonderful product !!

    love by the from taste."Joe


    Joint Max by debshopper08/25/2014

    We decided to try Joint Max because Glyco-Flex III for five dogs was getting a bit pricey. Two dogs have had cruciate surgery and they both seem to do well with this product. I can't say that I see any difference in two others, but the old girl did not do as well on this product as Glyco-Flex III. Other than that my only other complaint is the tabs are very soft and they are easily broken. I just came to the bottom of my first bottle of 120 and there were many broken tabs and lots of powder at the bottom.

    Joint Max Triple stregth by Lynn05/27/2009

    My rescue Boxer is severely dysplastic in both rear legs. At only 1 year of age she wouldn't use her right rear, I started her on this and within 3 weeks she used both rear legs and even runs. I monitor her activity because she will run more than she should but this has helped her to get a good life and she is now 2 1/2 years old with the promise of a much longer life. I use Dog Gone Pain too and she has an active Boxer life without the stomach upset of NSAIDS.

    Better than Cosequin by Moe & Curly from West Garden Grove, CA06/25/2013

    Joint MAX has higher miligrams of the essential ingredients compared to Cosequin. We buy the 3 pack (360 pills) chewables and save a bundle. We've been on Joint MAX for several years and our joints feel great!

    by micky from rochester, ny01/25/2014

    This product has helped both our dogs with their mobility issues. They like the flavor and think they are getting a treat. It was also more economical buying two bottles at the same time. Ordering and delivery were quick and easy.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Jenn12/16/2013

    Great product. My dogs love it and it seems to keep them healthy and mobile.

    by Char Strack01/17/2013

    My Vet recommended this product years ago and I have given my 4 dogs this product for years. All my dogs are very old but are still very active because of this product. I recommend this product for the extra time it has given them.

    Lab's friend by House O' Dogs06/17/2012

    Joint Max has kept my Labs active even through arthritic elbows and knees! Great product for a reasonable price!

    Great product by Annie from Woodland CA03/16/2012

    My dogs are all seniors and this product enables them to remain active without having to take alot of medication for joint pain. My dogs also like the taste of the tablets and the chewable treats also. They are both great products.

    Very Helpful for Older Dogs by Phyllis from Sacramento, CA02/04/2013

    Our dog is 13 years old and suffers from arthritis. We give her two of these a day and notice a definite improvement in her ability to move around.

    My dog can walk and run up stairs PAIN FREE ! by Pepper10/26/2011

    My dog is 17 yrs. old (almost 18) and 3 years ago she wasn't doing well she didn't want to walk or play or eat.. she was limping horribly.. Within a week of giving her this chewable tablet she was playing and running up the stairs! We ran out of this tablet a year ago and within 2 weeks she was limping and sooo sad. She's a happy girl now and plays with our 1 yr old puppy!!

    Great Product by Gen from Porter, TX05/30/2012

    My dogs really love the taste of these chewables. I have both a young dog and a senior dog with hip issues and I have seen good improvement with both dogs.

    Best for Arthritic Dog by Danny from ChaAm, Thailand07/09/2013

    Have been giving Max Triple to,my dog who,was walking half squat due to pain in the hind legs. She refused to walk and lie down whole day long. Now she is willing to walk and getting better due less pain.

    TS Joint Max great stuff!!!! by dcpphoto from lake wylie sc04/03/2012

    great arthrtis supplement for good price

    Great Value by Gil12/13/2011

    Joint Max Triple Strength tablets are just what my aging labrador needed!

    disppointed in your business practice by Nancy04/03/2012

    I had ordered the triple strength in error. I discovered the mistake when I received your confirmation. I called you and changed my order to the double strength and was told that the triple strength had already been sent to me. They said that I could refuse the mistaken package when it arrived. Both packages arrived the same day and I immediately took the wrong pkg (unopened) to the Post Office to RTS. Since then, I have spoken to your reps and they said that they have not received the return and refuse to credit me the $110.58. I paid for the correct meds. If you do not credit my account, I will never order from you again. I have been a customer for a few years and am very disappointed in your tactics.

    A necessary product by treatsrgreat from pound ridge, ny12/09/2013

    With one lab diagnosed with OCD, he needs to have anything that can help him not limp. I give him 1 chewable 2 times a day and he manages to run and jump again without limping.

    by AmyR from Buford, GA02/07/2012

    One of our mixed breed dogs, who weighs 60 pounds, was diagnosed with very bad dysplasia about 5 years ago. Felt she was too old for surgery. Did a lot of research, and found consistently favorable reviews for Joint Max Triple Strength. Have not been disappointed! While she doesn't have the stamina, she once did, she seems pain free and will even chase the ball for a few throws.

    Easy to administer by Wenda from Averill Park N.Y.11/17/2013

    And is one of the stronger amounts of glucosamine u can buy in a tablet form.

    Have used for years with good results by digginginthedirt12/30/2012

    About 6 years ago we were told our now 14 year old, 60 pound, mixed breed dog, had bad hips. I did a lot of research, at the time. This product was highly praised. Our new vet says she has never seen such bad hips, after a recent x-ray. She was surprised. You'd never know it with the way our dog runs around, albeit a bit stiffly, at times and certainly without the stamina she once had. But, given her age and size, she has done remarkably well. Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength had been her only supplement until about 2 months ago.She now gets a pain reliever in addition to the Joint MAX.

    2-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength by AkitaMom04/09/2012

    It may be a good product, but it isn't helping my Akitas very much :(.

    Love these by ForOliandBuster from Northern CA02/04/2014

    Big dog, so finding something I don't have to give her 8 pills per meal is a real bonus.

    Excellent buy by KKR from Baxter, MN10/04/2011

    My 2 1/2 yr old yellow lab has hip dysplasia and vet recommended a product similar to this, but when I saw this product that was equal or better than the other brand at a far better price I took the chance and purchased it. It's been working just as well. EntirelyPets has so many specials for their customers and the product always arrives quickly. Very happy with product and EntirelyPets.

    Best Ever by Renee from Madisonville, Ky10/23/2012

    This is the BEST glucosamine you could ever give your dog! I have bought so many different kinds (waste of money) til I found this one a few years ago. I noticed a marked improvement in my lab in the first month then continued improvement after that. I did have to eventually go from the double strength to the triple strength, but hey my Lab is almost 13 years old! And if you are familiar with labs, for her to be able to still go on walks at 13 that is pretty darn amazing! I tell everyone I know about this product!

    by Big dogs01/11/2015

    I just opened my 2nd bottle of this and was disappointed to yet again find lots of crumbled pieces. I thought I'd give the first bottle the benefit of the doubt, when I opened my 2nd one only to fine the tablets is worse condition, I was not happy. When I need to administer 2.5 tablets a day to 2 dogs, it's very annoying that a single tablet is in 10-12 pieces. I will not be buying this product again.

    Love Joint Max double and Triple Strength by Magoo from Northern Kentucky04/21/2014

    My lab as well as my german police dogs developed severe arthritis in their older years. I have been giving them joint max for the past 4 years to keep them going. I am satisfied they would either be dead or I would have had to have them put down if not for Joint Max. I also have my Mother, one Brother and my Sister using Joint Max Triple Strength for their small dogs.

    by sandy from boca raton, FL02/08/2012

    this is one of the best " price for the potency" products I have found for my labrador with severe hip dysplasia.

    Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Granules (240 Doses)
    by from 07/07/2012

    I have been ordering from entirely pets and saving money doing so. I used to get the products in no more than three days with free shipping, but now it takes a week to receive. I have adjusted my ordering time frame for purchasing products.

    gunner by Lincoln City, Oregon from Thank

    Almost same service for 12 years

    Easy to use by DebBax from AL01/02/2013

    I changed from the Triple Max chews after a year because my dogs seemed to not want them any more. They love the granules, which are easy to use with the scoop.

    Great product!! by AussieMom05/26/2013

    This product has made a HUGE difference in the lives of my 4 dogs. It was initially recommended to me, and I have in turn, recommended it to others.

    Joint max triple strength granules by Cooperdude from Lake Stevens, WA03/01/2013

    I have been using this product for over eight years My pooch is ten and looks like a puppy It just keeps his joints moving. I started using the product after cooper broke two toes. when I run out and he does not have it for a few weeks you can see a difference he slows down and stiffens up. I highly recommend this product

    Great for Older Dogs by kita from Bend, OR01/25/2011

    I used this for my 12 year old mastiff for a couple of years until she passed. There was a very noticeable difference in how her knees felt. She hardly ever limped after going on this supplement. Worked as good as the Synovi Granules and was cheaper.

    Excellent Product by ElaineB from Lutz, Florida07/18/2012

    This is an excellent product for any dog, young or old, with or without pre-existing joint issues. My fourteen year old Lab-mix, who had TPLO surgery at age 5, takes it. My year and a half old greyhound, who had tibia reconstruction, also takes it. Both are doing so well. I would not be without Joint Max. Entirely Pets has the best prices. I've checked and always buy here.

    good product works well by TF from MA04/10/2014

    helps my 10 year old dog with her arthritis to move better and feel better

    No more dreaded meal times by Pam B from Charlotte, NC07/17/2012

    Our giant breed takes this daily and we've always had issues getting him to take the pill forms. We tried the granules and besides the fact that they smell delicious (even to us humans) he loves the taste and gobbles it right along with his food. He no longer winces at his food bowl or eats around the tablets. It's a great product that helps him move more freely.

    Best stuff ever by Nhall from West Virginia11/21/2012

    I've been using JointMax TS for my 11 year old Golden. He love the granules and will lick them out of his bowl. I have really seen an improvement in his ability to get around.

    It Works! by V.Crowly08/10/2008

    I began using this with a foster dog. He was practically unable to walk and in a great deal of pain from his arthritis. I tried Joint Max and within 2 weeks he was remarkably improved. Now he is jumping up and down in the air, and racing up the stairs. Joint Max is fantastic, and I highly recommend this product.

    by from 11/07/2012

    Joint max Granules by Mike from Northern Vt.06/16/2013

    My dog likes this very much and let's me know when it's time for her to have her joint Max

    by 5dog01/04/2013

    This supplement really improves my dog's mobility.

    Dog would not eat it... by nukie455 from Illinois04/05/2013

    I am sure this is a good product, it was recommended by my vet, but my dog would not go near her food after eating it once. I tried to "doctor" the food but to no avail. I had to return the product. Be aware, this product is guaranteed by the manufacturer and you can return unopened packages. I wish I would of known this when I sent the two sealed ones back.

    Puts the bouce back in our lab by Zeke from Healdsburg, CA02/28/2012

    This is a great product. We have a 12 yr. old 100 lb. lab with severe arthritis in his left knee since puppyhood. With his Joint Max granules every morning, he is bouncy and peppy and very happy. I would definitely recommend this fine product.

    Best price for value by Master Chief from Lincoln City, Oregon11/01/2011

    I have been giving my Black Lab Joint Max Triple strength granules for eleven years now and she is still going. Getting a little weak in the rear legs now but still manages to get up the four steps to the front porch. Neighbors are amazed at how she has recovered from the lame condition when she was just two years old, by taking this product. Can't beat the price and the fast service that Entirely Pets provides.

    by L-A10/24/2012

    My dogs move much more comfortably with Joint Maxx. It is a must have product. I only wish I had bought the chewable tablets since they are much easier to give to everybody. Nonetheless, the dogs love the taste!

    Great Product by Debbie from Chicago, IL05/23/2013

    I have been using Joint MAX Triple Strenght Granules for a long time and they work on my German Shepherd's arthritis beautifully. I like the convenience on the granules and it is reasonably priced. It is a great product.

    BEST PRODUCT EVER by Trish from Yucaipa, CA12/05/2012

    I have (2) labs with hip issues. We have noticed a great difference in their performance after using this product for just a few weeks. We have been using this product for 3 years. Great stuff ...

    by pennystan02/11/2012

    I use this for my 7 yo GSD & now he can run and jump again :) before he was so stiff we were given the choice of hip replacement otherwise he'd be put down in a few more years due to the pain. I only wish I found or about this sooner!

    joint Max TRIPLE strength GRANULES(1920gm) by tam from hillsboro.ore05/15/2013

    Well worth the money and keeps the old and young dogs in good health. thanks

    Great for older dogs by WV35401/27/2014

    We have used this for our labs. They do much better with thir joints when using this.

    Product actually works for both my dogs. by Ernie from Phoenix, AZ07/05/2013

    July 5, 2013….I own two dogs and ordered the two pack Joint Max Triple Strength Granules twice so far. My little one has arthritis issues for several years. Using this product for 6 months has definitely shown improvement. He seems to improve week after week. I now can walk him around the block without limping. This might not sound like a lot but prior I could not walk him 50 foot without limping. This seventh month I will walk him an additional block to see how well he does. I am very satisfied with this product.

    Featured Reviews for 4-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (960 Chews)
    really good service by joann10/24/2012

    The product I already knew having bought it through my vet. The price here is MUCH better.

    Two Great Products In One by psudrew from Phila, PA11/15/2011

    My vet recommended glucosamine for my ten year old boxer (Joe). The pills are not cheap and Joe would not eat the pills unless in a pill pocket due to the acidic smell. This product allows me to eliminate the pill pocket and the added cost. Plus Joe loves the taste. Highly recommend.

    3-PACK JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH SOFT CHEWS (720 C by METOO from Wisconsin11/04/2012

    Great product. My dogs love them. Our pet sitter forgot the treats for just 3 days and you could really see the difference in our dogs. They were stiff and uncomfortable, unable to jump and just plain unhappy. We immediately started on the treats and within 2 days they were back to their old spunky selves. Great for young and old dogs. I recommend these treats to every pet owner I know,.

    2nd time is a Charm!!! by Elecblue05/30/2012

    I was not pleased with the initial product I received. I have been ordering from EntirelyPets for many, many years and was a little disappointed when I received my initial order. The chews were either 'ancient', or had been in the sun too long during shipping (my guess is the first option, as they did not have an expiration date listed on them). After contacting EntirelyPets and chating with JD, a replacement order was shipped to me and I gladly sent the original order back to them. I can gladly say that my replacement order came with an expiration date of 04/2015 (Yeah!!) and the chews were moist and soft.........just like my girls like 'em. (plus I like them that way as I use them to hide their medication pills in...LOL) EntirelyPets was 'johnny on the spot' at rectifying the situation.

    life changing by Ricki10/28/2011

    Our Newfoundland was only 5 yrs old when he started having issues with mobility. We started him on this regimen and have had awesome results. Now he can still play like the other dogs at age 7.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Heather from Dallas, TX11/06/2012

    I have bought these for my two elderly dachshunds for several years. Unlike with most things that are good for them, they think they are getting a treat. There's no way for me to know how helpful the Chews are for their arthritic conditions, but it is a simple and relatively inexpensive OTC item that may help.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE by Sheilaaanna from South Heart, ND03/17/2012

    These supplements give my 3 dogs there life back. They use to be sore and limb now they run and jump and play like puppies!!

    Good Product;Good Price by Jim M from New Berlin,WI01/23/2013

    My GSD "Scout"was born with extremely deformed hip joints.This product has been a great relief to her pain and mobility.

    aided dog by big al01/18/2012

    This method of getting glucosomine to my dog has been very effective. We have seen much improvement in his motion since starting with this.

    Great product by scorpio19th from Austin, Texas05/02/2013

    Besides providing protection from joint damage, these chews taste great! I have seven rescue dogs, and each one HAS to have at least one. And the triple strength is an added advantage.

    by Country from Texas01/01/2013

    Joint Max TS is the best nonprescription product I have found for arthritis. My dog loves the flavor. I hide her pain medication in them. She thinks they are treats.

    good buy by dogman01/18/2012

    The dog I bought these for (who is a 10 year old shepard) is wanting to play just like a puppy again.

    great product, great price by dogsdo2 from Portland, OR02/04/2012

    I have given Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS to my big, older dogs for many years. The recent sale price was cheaper than the price several years ago. I bought several buckets for myself and my friends because it was the best deal ever.

    Improved smell (and taste?) by Jim Bremerton from Bremerton, WA02/09/2012

    We have been giving these joint treats to both our dogs for a couple of years. They would generally eat them, but occasionally would turn up their noses (perhaps due to the not pleasant smell - at least to humans). But the most recent shipment definitely has a much improved smell (and perhaps, taste? - I don't test them personally). So far, the dogs are eating them and seem to enjoy them better. One of our pups is 10 and the other is 8 and so far they both do not seem to be suffering any joint pain. Not running a controlled experiment, so can't say for sure these treats are responsible, but if it ain't broke, no reason to fix (or change) it, so we will continue.

    Great treat that is good for your dog by Kim from Scottsdale, AZ03/04/2014

    Dulce loves her joint max triple strength chews. She looks forward to 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

    Excellent Product by Judy from Oldsmar, FL12/12/2011

    My two retired, rescued greyhounds look forward to their morning and evening "Treat". Their arthritis pain is helped greatly with Joint Max. They enjoy walking and playing again.

    Joint Max by kd07/10/2013

    Have been ordering triple strength since available. Helps 15 year old dog with arthritis and give it to very active 3 year old dog as preventative. No need to shop around. Entirely Pets always has the best price!

    Works as advertised by dieseltruk04/05/2012

    Our 8 year old Lab was starting to experience hip problems. Thats when we first tried Joint Max. After the first week of recommended dosage, we seen a marked improvement, with continued followup, she is back to her old self. We also give them to our 16 year old Rat Terrier and 6 year old Healer/Jack. All three love them and beg for them after every meal. Highly recommend.

    Unbeliveable Results by Jim from Lake Simtustus, Oregon12/07/2012

    We have been using Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength for several years. Our now 13 year old German Shepard was so stiff and sore, Sahsa would hardly move. It was difficult for her to go on walks due to arthritis. We thought and asked the vet what would be best for Sasha. He recommended a joint supplement. It's done wonders and now Sasha will even play with our 3 year old dog. Thanks for a great product and the extra years we have had together.

    Cheers for Chews by spotties from Atlanta, GA04/24/2012

    My three senior dogs have all been on Joint Max Triple Strength for over a year. The vet is pleased with overall joint health and mobility of all three dogs. Signs of arthritis are minimal, even for the big boy who weighs in at 105 lbs. In the evening I call, "Meet me in the kitchen for meds." My dogs come running and sit for their chews. It was a good day when we put them on Joint Max.

    soft chews for joints by spike from marshfield, wisconsin02/02/2012

    I buy triple strength soft chews for my dog and I believe it does help his joints.

    by jb04/27/2014

    good stuff for young or old dogs with joint trouble

    by from 01/17/2013

    by from 06/21/2012

    We have two mastiff's, one that turns 9 this year and the other 3. When we were told by our vet that our 9 year old mastiff had hip dysplasia at age 2, we were simply devastated. Then he recommended that we try a glucosamine and chondrotin formula. We found these chews and both dogs absolutely love them. Our 9 year old still acts like a puppy some days and I am hoping that by starting the other out as a pup, that she has many years to romp and play.

    These really do work!!!! by Ann from Eaton, OhioThanx


    Awful new "flavor" (smell) by chill from UT05/27/2012

    I really prefer the old flavor and it appears the dogs do too.

    Would never be without it! by settergal541 from North Central, Oregon01/24/2015

    Joint Max is part of my feeding program from the time my dogs turn 1.. They are hard working bird dogs as well as my best friends so I want the best for them. I don't use it to treat joint problems - I prevent them!

    by from 11/29/2012

    I recently received another order Joint Max soft chews for my dogs and my son’s dog. The chews in the container I just opened are very rubbery and not soft & pliable like the last order. This happened on a previous order and the chews ultimately became like small rocks by the time I got near the end of the container. I ended up throwing away several dozen chews because my dogs were swallowing them whole instead of chewing them. I was afraid the dogs might choke on them.

    had by a from problemI


    should by the from JointJust


    be by my from lastThis


    recommend by this from product."Consequently,


    great for post-surgery joints by huskylover from Near Syracuse, NY03/07/2012

    My Riley was a young Alaskan Husky, a sled dog in training. When he was only 7 months old, he tore his ACL and it looked like his mushing career was over before it began. He had surgery to repair it, but the meniscus was also heavily torn, as it turned out. It didn't look good. I put him on the Joint Max, and he's had two of them every day of his life since. I'm happy to report that he's now got over 3,000 miles under his furry paws, and he's still truckin'! No symptoms whatsoever.

    Product Satisfaction by Bob03/16/2012

    Prior to purchasing this for my Labs, I did a search review of other customer comments. Of the lyriad of joint relief "stuff" that I had purchase in previous years, Joint Max seems to have the best result for the pups.

    my girls love it and what a difference. by Moy07/18/2012

    My girls are 14 and 13 years old, Sheltie & Collie mix, the older one Princess has arthritis and walked with quite a limp and slow, since she's been on the soft chews, which she and both of them love, she's barely limping and always up for a walk now. For preventive and maintainance they both get them and at this price it's definitely affordable. Thank you Joint Max.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews by krawz from Phoenix, AZ05/09/2013

    This is a great product. I've tried a couple of other things, but this is the only one that produced a result. I have a 95 pound lab mix that was limping when I found him. After being on Joint Max for only a couple of weeks he stopped limping completely. Once in a while he hurts himself jumping around (because he feels so good) and he'll limp for a day or so - but I'm thrilled by the difference this product makes for him.

    best joint medicine ever by eddie's mom03/11/2010

    Before Joint Max triple strength soft chews my dog could hardly walk. Now he can go for walks outside and he loves the taste of the soft chews.

    GREY HOUNDS by HAP from TN.04/15/2013


    Great product. by Lisa from CT04/24/2012

    Since I started giving this product to my Bullmastiff he hasn't limped.

    My dogs favoriate by roxie's mom from Tonawanda NY04/09/2013

    My dogs love these, all I have to say is "do you want your pills?" They come running!

    My dog is miserable without them by Kat12/03/2008

    My boy has severe arthritis and Joint Max makes a huge difference in his mobility. He loves the taste too!

    A must have for my dogs by NewfyOwnerVT12/07/2012

    One of my Newfoundlands has severe athritis in his elbows and hips. I notice him having joint issues the most when I run out of Joint Max, more so then the Novox or other prescription meds that I give him. I have used Phycox and other vendors of soft chews in the past, but for me, when I give out 10 soft chews a day Joint Max is drastically cheaper with all of the same benefits, I buy them in batches of 720 and they last me about 3 months. I would definitely recommend this product to all owners of dogs with joint issues, and as a cheaper alternative to Phycox.

    triple max chews by Laura Dietch02/11/2008

    I have a 15 year old dog who was limping badly due to age and arthritis. I started giving him the triple max chews, which he loves, and his limp is gone! Great product!

    Joint Max is Good Stuff! by Rita from Keswick, VA10/23/2012

    My Rott is 14 years old and started having issues getting up. I have been giving him this for about a year now and I know that it is what is keeping him mobile. He does take Rimidyl for his arthritic pain but the Joint Max I believe is making a big difference.

    New Flavor of Joint Max Triple by Carol10/09/2011

    Actually, my dogs liked the previous flavor better. And this one does not have a pleasant smell when I open the container. You should offer a choice of which flavor.

    works great by raceline from Henderson NV01/17/2013

    My German Shepard Max was diagnosed with severe hip dysplaysia at just 2 years old. Seven years later and he is still able to walk thanks to Joint Max Triple Strength Chews.

    good buy by DogmanIII from snohomish, washington11/06/2012

    the dogs love these chews and my older shepard (12) acts alot more frisky since shes been on them.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by karenheet from Austin, TX01/01/2012

    These really aid my arthritic dog's ailments, but this last shipment was rather dry. I need to dowse them with water and microwave for 10 seconds to make them into the "tootsie rolls" they used to be.

    Love this product. by Cheryl from Vandalia, Ohio10/16/2013

    A friend recommended this product for my elderly dog. It has revitalized him. He is a 12 1/2 lab that was having trouble getting up and down and not doing steps very well. He is now running around the house and playing with my other dog. Excellent product.

    Good stuff. by Jamie from Newport Beach, CA11/06/2012

    We've been using the Joint Max soft chews for several years now with good success. Our bulldogs are 3 and 7 years of age and both have exhibited signs of hip dysplasia. There is a noticeable improvement in our older one, while it's more of a preventative with our younger one. It's nice that they think these are treats!

    Joint max liquid by mary10/23/2012

    Love it! My dogs look forward to have their special liquid poured over the food each morning. Then I give them the Joint Max treats at night. I can really tell it helps them with their mobility. I would suggest it for all dogs no matter what age.

    by Christine11/29/2011

    These are great & they do help my pups... they also really like the taste! I have 2 dogs w/knee replacements & I do notice a difference in their knee strength.

    joint soft chews by kali from nederland,texas12/23/2011

    i have a king chales she is 12 years old she hasbeen on joint triple strength soft chews for two years she run and play you never know she is 12 years old it has help her a lot.

    by from 08/15/2012

    by from 08/08/2012

    Both of my Brittany's have benefited greatly by this product. My 11 year old abby-girl has arthritis and moves around much better since taking joint max.

    so by much." from Joint max triple strengthterrific


    Supplements by Wolverine from Washington11/22/2013

    Excellent product, but marked it as average do to price. Seems as if prices continue to go up on this item which I think is a shame. May want to look at other products that are comparable to reduce cost.

    by from 11/13/2012

    At age 7 our German Shepherd, Raven developed arthritis in her hips. I tried a Bovine supplement which helped, but she would still whimper occasionally through the day. Since using this Triple strength Joint Max this past year, 3 at night, 2 in the morning, we haven't heard her whimper in a very long time. At about .80 cents a day, it is a FANTASTIC Product offered at a great price for those of us on a fixed income.

    this by to from friends,I


    THEY THINKS THEY'RE TREATS by OLD DOGS from Reisterstown, MD07/08/2013

    I got the more expensive joint treats and my sheltie didn't like them ( too hard for supposed soft chews) so the younger dogs got them. The joint max treats or rather supplements are soft and my 18 year old little terrier can eat them. I give them to all my dogs since they play hard some days. Preventative is always best. I know these chews work because my little terrier used to limp and now he doesn't.

    keeps aging dog pain-free by Skye from Eugene, OR10/10/2011

    When our smooth collie turned seven, our veterinarian determined that she was in chronic pain, and suggested glucosamine. We found this chewable version, which our dog loves. One chew each morning and evening, and she is happily playing again--now ten years old--apparently pain-free.

    Love This Product by Scrapbooker4611/21/2011

    I have a 14 year old Collie and I have seen a huge improvement on her mobility since taking this product. It took about 2 months to see a difference. She now runs and jumps just like a puppy.

    best move a made for my dog by Zak10/23/2012

    Ive been giving joint max to my lab, since he was 5 he's going on ten and doing great, no sign of arthritis. hes a big dog 96lbs. Ill never stop giving this product to him, Its a great product.

    Keeps my aging team runnin' by Huskylover from upstate NY06/12/2013

    I run a small team of Huskies with a dog sled in the winter, and a dog scooter in the summer. They're getting on in years and one of them has had knee surgery for a torn ACL. This product keeps their legs and hips functioning and arthritis at bay. The oldest dog is 10 1/2 years old, and is just as active as she was as a youngster. I will never be without Joint Max for my pups.

    Not sure by Emma11/10/2011

    I have bought these for yrs, They have changed and now the top says "New flavor, Same great foemula" Something has changed, they get real mushy and slimy after you open them, even when you leave the top on. And my dogs now have terrible gas. I have not changed anything else in their diet, so I am thinking it is the "new " Joint Max Chews Not sure if I would buy them again, they may help with joints BUT

    Triple Joint Max by billsharj from Belmont, CA10/18/2011

    I have my 11 year Ridgeback on this. He has been using it since he was 6. He is still mobile and running on the beach. My 6 yr old RR is on it as well and also my vet suggested one chew a day because the breed is prone to arthritis and the long spine as well.

    Dogs love them by Sunshine10/29/2011

    Tried these instead of GlycoFlex because of the price. Dogs seem to be doing fine and they love these soft chews.

    Awesome Joint Product by Skecher Mom06/18/2012

    Our 6 year old lab mix has trouble getting up - those dreaded hips! The Joint Max Triple Strength morning and night really makes a difference - he runs like a pup! I am counting on it to keep him going for a long time!

    Wonderful Treat by M Lambert from Berlin, VT06/16/2014

    This treat is given to our chocolate labs every day and helps them get around as they age. would recommend to anyone with aging dogs!

    Worth every penny! by browneyedgirl from Monroe, WA01/21/2011

    Our 11 yr. old husky mix has had surgery on both of her hind legs. SInce she's been taking Joint Max for the last 2 years she no longer limps and has her spring back in her steps! I highly recommend this product for any aging dog or one with joint pain (and they'll love the taste)!

    Good value by Little bear from Dallas, Tx08/02/2012

    I had been ordering another brand of this type product at more expense and Joint Max Triple Strength has more good ingredients. My dogs consider it a treat. This type supplement was recommended by their vet to supplement the medicine they take for arthritis.

    to expensive by big_daddy04/09/2014

    not sure why but entirely pets charged me 212.53 (after exchange then charged me 28.57 extra (after exchange) wont be ordering from there any more

    Miraculous by Bud12/12/2011

    Neighbors & friends are amazed at how well Toby gets around. He could barely drag himself out the door and he whimpered pitifully. Then we tried Max Triple Strength Chews. Now He runs and plays as long as he gets his special treats each evening. A miracle cure.

    Excellent treats!!! by tomcatz07/17/2012

    Can't say for sure if the Glucosamine makes a difference or not, but my super-finicky dogs can't get enough of these, especially the new-improved flavor. Very reasonably priced, I can well afford to give them the daily recommended amount and then some.

    Love this product by sunshine from SanTan Valley, AZ12/06/2011

    My dog kody was born with hipdysplasia which we did not know about this up until 4 years ago. Since putting him on Joint Max he is doing so much better with his activity level.

    great product by sissy04/12/2012

    I have six dogs and I use Joint Max for all of them.

    Solves my dog's arthritis by snowdog2 from VT05/30/2012

    This product is cheaper than other products and works just as well. Over the years I have moved from 1 chew a day to 1.5, to 2 chews a day. Prior to using glucosomine, my dog couldn't jump in the car or truck. Now he can easily.

    Worth it! by shmitch from West Jordan, UT11/19/2011

    My 9 years old has hip problems for a while. Ever since I heard about Triple Joint max from my sister. I decided to give it a try and it works really well for him. Then I took him off it for a few months and he went back to being hurting and no energy. So I put him back on Triple Joint Max and now he has a lot of energy and can move around a lot better. He act like a kid with a new toy. I will keep buying Triple Joint Max!

    Working well by Will from Charleston, SC10/14/2011

    Our 8.5 yr old Lab is moving much better since we started the Joint Max

    Foodaholic by BeBe from New Orleans, LA and New Ulm, TX03/06/2013

    Our rescue dog who has torn both ACLs and has arthritis loves the soft chews. It is comforting to know that a product helping her movements is a 'treat' to her. I won't tell her if you won't. When we first got her she would grab every treat given and bury them in the horse stalls!! Ten years later it's a joy to watch her beg for the chews. And I have to thank you for making this product available at such a reasonable price!!!

    Bring Back The Old Formula by chloeblaze07/03/2012

    Have been using Joint MAX Triple Stength Soft Chews for years for my two greyhounds. However, don't like the new flavor/formula. The smell of what appears to be bacon lingers on your hands, and they crumble more than the original flavor/formula. I break one in half at feeding time to put a pill in it and the new is harder to get it to form around it since it crumbles more.

    Good value in joint meds by Jim from Columbus, Ohio10/22/2012

    All of my 6 dogs are over 10 years of age and take this product daily. All are active and do not have any joint issues. This product is the best I have found for the money. I have repeatedly purchased it.

    awesome stuff by akitalover33 from frankfort,il12/17/2011

    I have been giving the chews to my akita for awhile and i can not believe how much they do help him.i also love the fact there are always little discounts or coupons for getting them.we also have an english mastiff and we have been giving them to him as well.and prior to having them he was in pretty bad shape with his walking,but seems to have improved since he has been having the chews.i love this item and will continue to buy it for my pets in the future as well.

    joint max chews by mandy01/30/2013

    My dogs think they are treats and ZI know I'm giving them good for their joints

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT by gertrudedogs06/14/2012

    Both my dogs enjoy this "treat" . They are both "middle-aged" and this joint supplement really helps.

    hip and joints for best friends by steve04/09/2013

    My labs are both rescued. The lab rescue organization suggested that I give them joint max. I got both when they were 10 months old and have been own them ever since. They are now 7 and 6. I gave them to my Siberian and Lab before these two and seemed to help with there joints and the aging process.

    Dogs love them by Rocky02/02/2012

    We have three big dogs who are each approaching their 10th birthday. The vet said supplements are needed, and while we cannot definitively determine if there is a physical benefit the dogs absolutely love the Soft Chews. The only other product that they've ever liked more is Greenies.

    A great buy! by Andy06/08/2012

    My dog loves the Joint Max soft chews. He thinks they are treats and it is a great way to help prevent joint problems.

    Excellent product for healthy dogs !!! by malmobileman from Cle Elum, WA05/31/2012

    Our pack of 4 malamutes & a lab are very energetic and for large breed dogs Joint Max is essential for them to maintain healthy joints and skeletal structure. They put a lot of force and torque on their joints daily and get up & go the next morning like it's no problem. Before starting them on joint max we noticed some hesitancy and stiffness and a "warming up" time so to speak to get fully active. A joint supplement is a necessity for large breed dogs to maintain their health and mobility as they age.

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (360 Chewable Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®
    Excellent Product by tigerbarb from Allentown, Pa.05/29/2012

    My dog has lyme disease and she is a german shepherd. These tablets seem to be helping her, her back legs are starting to give her trouble. She is almost 11 years old, and since she has been taking these tablets I see a difference. She is still a little slow getting up but not as bad as before.

    Joint Max by Shanick67 from San Francisco07/28/2013

    I always buy the triple strength Joint Max from Entirely Pets. It is the best price, you get free treats with it and free shipping. I love the product and know it helps to keep my 10 & 13 yr old dalmatians young!!

    Really Makes A Difference by JaxsonsMom from Spring, Texas06/14/2012

    I have been ordering this product for at least 6-7 years. It has really made a difference in my aging pets lives. When any of my 5 dogs reach the age of 4 or 5, I start them on this joint supplement. My 17 yr old dog, Samantha, acts like she is only 8 yrs old. She has so much pep in her step.I convinced my family to use this for their pets also. My only wish is that ths product go on sale more often.

    Helps arthritic pets by Cee from Memphis, TN06/05/2012

    Has helped my aging dog with hip dysplasia get around much better.

    dependable great results by lynna11/06/2012

    My 6 year old Boxer rescue has had hip dysplasia since a puppy and keeping her on these lets her run and play with moderation. She is solid muscle but without these she wouldn't be able to live comfortably. I rarely need to use any vet RX's to help her. My other 9 year old has arthritis in her knee from a cruciate ligament tear and this keeps her going too.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength - Love it! by Annandale Bernese from Missouri USA02/07/2012

    This product was recommended to me by a friend and they just love it. The dogs eat it like a treat and none gets wasted. She uses it for her elderly GSD and I use it for my Bernese Mnt Dogs. Both big and need a good joint supplement.

    joint max triple strength by jupiter06/19/2011

    I have always used this product and entirely pets is the greatest price.

    by Al07/01/2012

    Within two weeks this helped beyond belief. We have a 7 yr old golden retriever, has hip problems, limping, not wanting to go up stairs or get in and out of the car. Since starting joint max 3, this product has stopped the limping. She can get up the stairs more easily and has improved her being able to get in and out of the car. We have purchased this for her , now going into our second year and I would never want her to be without it.

    It Works by Jeannie05/09/2009

    I have 2 old english sheepdogs, ages 10 and 11. I have tried many different types of joint products with little success. Joint Max TS is the best, it keeps my dogs active and my older one no longer limps when walking. Also, they both love the taste and are happy to come and take their "vitamins"!

    Joint Max Triple Strength is a God-send!! by Michelle G. from Friendship, NY06/30/2014

    We have an 11 year old Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix who has hip and back/shoulder issues. If it weren't for his daily dose of Joint Max, I truly believe we would have had to put him down a few years ago!! We still have to supplement with Aspirin when he gets over-ambitious and thinks he can "keep up" and follow my husband and sons around the yard while they do yardwork, etc. as that really makes him lame. One of the Entirely Pets telephone operators highly recommended Joint Max Triple to me a few years ago when Rowdy first showing signs of mobility issues and I am eternally grateful to her - she has helped us keep our fur baby comfortable a lot longer than I would have dreamed!!

    Excellent for the aging dog. by Rhonda from Newfoundland, Canada10/22/2012

    This product has given my 11 year old Labrador retriever better quality of life. I really believe without this, we wouldn't be blessed to still have him in our life. Thanks so much.

    Good product but.. by Vinezero01/17/2013

    It seems to be a good product but a lot of the tables are broken. The bottom of the bottle are full of crumble tables and dust. All 3 bottle are the same. Not a very good value if you lose 1/4 of the tablets.

    Joint meds seem to work, but so hard to be sure by ReadyEddy from Southeastern Connecticut03/12/2013

    Like the joint meds I and my wife take, it's so hard to know if they're working or not. I'm afraid to stop just to find out, but the dog's almost 12, is half shepherd, and still gets around quite well, seems pain free. We'll keep giving them.

    Excellent product by klavdi03/11/2012

    My 7 years old dog has osteoarthritis and we have tried couple of products to her her with the pain. I must say this joint max triple strength is helping the most so far. I recommend you to try, but you have to wit cca. 6 weeks to see the results.

    by from 12/05/2011

    I have a 9-yo Saint Bernard and I noticed on a walk we took this past summer that she wasn't moving as well as she used to, so when my friend gave me these chewable tablets, I started using them.

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    Lab with ACL Surgery by Lee10/11/2008

    We have a 4 year old yellow lab that is 122 pounds on a large frame. After a torn ACL in his rear left leg, we decided to control his weight with a great diet and supplement it with Joint Max to avoid any issues associated with these conditions. There is a noticeable difference with him on 3 tablets per day and no limping!!

    finally something that works by Aidee Geraci10/21/2008

    I've tried different products and I finally found something that works. My dog loves the taste of the tablets and within a month I noticed that he wasn't sore or crying out anymore, he was jumping around like a puppy, thanks for making my dog happy again.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by Nciraldo from Ohio01/31/2014

    I have been using this product for years with many different large breed dogs. Our shepherd mix who had mild hip dysplasia at 6 months and partial tears in both knees not surgically repaired benefited greatly over the course of her lifetime living a long healthy life to 15yrs. I am currently using this on both of my Newfoundlands and look forward to many healthy years with them.

    Seems to benefit by Kitty03/30/2012

    Switched to Joint Max Triple strength after several years of double strength. I think it has helped my arthritic mixed breed 70 lb dog to keep going and at 14 some days he is even peppy. I would be afraid to stop so just bought a three pack supply. I have always mixed them in his food morning and evening. Yum, yum!

    It Changed Our Lives by Jennifer01/24/2008

    Syd, 14.5 year-old and 53 lbs, an OCD fetcher with an ACL repair on both knees was nearly cripple. I went to the vet and paid for her "funeral" convinced she was on her last leg...after two weeks of treatment she can run and fetch again. She's a bit gimpy but enjoys our walks in the woods and has a significantly improved quality of life. I am amazed and thrilled.

    Senior in the house by hostalover from Twin Lake, MI10/11/2013

    Our 12 year old Lab is so much more comfortable and happy when she has her Joint Max. Without it she is stiff and hobbles. It truly makes a difference in her quality of life.

    Great Product! by Mary Ann03/04/2008

    I have 2 goldens ages 11 and 12 and you would never know it! Been using TS Joint Max for years now and neither dog has any hip or joint problems. I strongly believe it is due to the Joint Max. They can run like the wind chasing after balls. If anyone is not sure about this product, read the testimonials! 5 stars across the board!

    Best Joint Care by lcathey from Michigan04/04/2012

    I use this for two of my dogs, a 5 year old with hip dysplasia and an 8 year old with arthritis in her stifle. This keeps them both moving and mostly pain free. I am very happy with this product and it makes me happy to see them both playing together in the yard like they did when they were younger.

    Joint Max Triple Strength good product by lynn from michigan04/29/2013

    my rescued Boxer has severe hip dysplasia, these pills have kept her moving for more than 6 years now, my 9 year Boxer mix is taking them too now for her arthritic knees, without this supplement they wouldn't be able to be happy girls.

    It really does work! by katmat1234 from Sacramento, CA12/10/2013

    I have an older lab/sheppard mix who is really showing the signs of age (arthiritis, difficulty getting up, etc.). I had him on Cosequin DS from Costco for several years, but couldn't find it the last time I was at Costco. So, I decided to order and switch him to Joint Max. Wow! What a noticeable difference! I NEVER see him limp now, and he gets up with NO difficulty. Cosequin DS was good, but Joint Max smokes on the Cosequen DS. I'm so happy for my old man!

    wonderful for hip problems and arthritis by SueB from Streamwood , IL01/27/2015

    My dog was born with bad hips he has been on joint max for 11 years being a large breed and age we have finally made the move to triple and it really helps especially with climbing stairs. the only con I have is that if not package well when mailed you end up with a lot of pills broken. I asked them to please pack them well in the instructions this last order and the first bottle we opened had no broken pills.

    Very disappointed by gmcreynolds from Porterville, CA12/16/2012

    I waited two weeks for delivery. Checked on tracking and they claimed it was left at front door. It took two more days for them to find it and deliver it. Once received I found they had substituted the chews for the tablets as specified in the order. If this is how you are going to do business I will take mine elsewhere.

    by from 06/25/2012

    I've used this product for several years now. I have a Rottweiler and a Lab. Since they've been taking Joint Max, their mobility has greatly improved!

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    life is better by MIMI from Maryland03/27/2014

    Katie is a 10 yr. old Lab she had an injury when she was one yr. old. Her leg stiffens up when its cold & damp and when she runs is very active. We maintain her on 2 chewable tablets a day. Once I tried to see if she was ok without them and quickly learned they are a must for her. I won't try that again. Without fail Katie gets them every morning.

    Great joint product! by Jaxson's Mom from Spring, Texas07/23/2013

    I have been giving all of my dogs this palatable joint supplement for many years. My senior dogs move about very well and I strongly believe Joint Max is the reason.

    best by Greyts and more from Anchorage, AK12/07/2012

    This is the best product for my dogs out of all the products I have tried.

    Must taste bad by JD from Atlanta, GA09/17/2013

    My dogs don't like the taste of these. I sneak them into their diet.

    Joint Supplement by basset mom from N. Las Vegas, NV02/27/2013

    We have 2 older Basset Hounds and several weeks ago started them both on Joint Max Triple Strength - they are more comfortable getting up in the morning and going for the walks. I would recommend this projuct if you have an arthritic or older dog.

    by Lisa12/02/2011

    Love the products. Top quality. My only concern is with the post office shipping. It took 12 days to go from CA to AZ. Because it was shipped from CA to NV to CO to Phx AZ then up to Lakeside. But I eventually got it.

    Great Product by War Dog Mom11/10/2012

    I purchased this for my GSD with genetic hip dysphasia and my retired war dog with arthritis. My GSD had hit a plateau with the glucosamine product I had used before. Since starting her on the Joint Max Triple strength, she has improved and is running and jumping on the bed smoothly once again. I built her muscles and tendons up with hydrotherapy and with the Joint Max, she is now doing great. My retired war dog has severe arthritis and would have a hard time laying down smoothly and sitting. He has improved significantly on the Joint Max. I highly recommend this!

    Miracle Purchase by Diane from Tampa, Florida01/27/2012

    This is the second batch of Joint Max that I have purchased for my lab and shepherd. My lab was only a year old when he was diagnosed with extreme hip problems and my shepherd was wobbly in her back end. This product has made such a difference in both dogs. I began giving them two tablets daily and after about 12 weeks, cut down to one. Now they are both playful and full of energy. Thank you for a great solution to my dogs distress!

    Joint MAX is better than Cosequin and costs less! by Moe & Curly from West Garden Grove, CA01/16/2013

    We used Cosequin for years, but changed to Joint MAX about 2 years ago because it has higher milligrams of the key ingredients, more vitamins and costs less. We get the chewables and eat them like treats. This is a great daily supplement at a great value.

    Joint max by smoker08/20/2013

    These joint max triple strenght pills have my old german shepard still walking fine. Before I bought these her legs were stiff as boards. I tried other brands with no results - Joint Max is definitely the BEST!!!!!!!!

    Turned an aging dog into a puppy by Cee from Memphis, TN10/23/2012

    My dogs have hip problems, and these glucosamine tablets are very effective at easing discomfort. They're running around like puppies! The 3 pack with free treats is also a good bargain versus purchasing them individually.

    by Barb from Allentown, Pa.11/06/2012

    Your timing for shipping is improvingtoo

    Great Product by Hunter from Plattsburgh, NY01/03/2014

    At end of October I noticed that my boy was having difficulty with his back right elbow. After thoroughly searching the web for a product with maximum benefits I bought Joint MAX. What a difference! It is presently -7, yes minus 7, and he wants to go outside and run around. No favoring that leg and he has full range of motion. Also, Mr. Sometimes fussy loves of the taste of Joint Max. Seriously, it does work exceedingly well; don't hesitate to get it for your baby.

    works great by jeffrey04/17/2012

    works great sums it up. keeps our old dogs moving, now if i could find something to keep this old dawg movin.

    by Betsy06/10/2013

    Great product. My dog tore her cruciate ligament in her knee. Since her surgery she has been taking Joint Max Triple Strength and has free movement of all joints.

    Great Product by K-9 Mom from Texas04/02/2013

    I've been using this on my dogs for several years. When I first started using it on my boxer mix, she could barely get up and wasn't meeting us as the door anymore. After a week or so on the JM she was back to her old self. My other lab mix is almost 15 years old, he has sever arthritis and the vet does not know how he still gets around. I think the JM has helped him stay mobile. We give him 1 triple strength tab twice a day. I don't think he would be the same without it.

    Best Arthritis Supplements so far. by Rhonda04/24/2012

    This is the best arthritis supplements I have used for my aging Labrador Retriever by far. Thank you.

    a life saver by Petunia from Dayton, Texas05/31/2011

    our large dog that is 8 years old has had surgery on his back leg and the other leg is worse and the doctor told us not to do the surgery and to decide what to do since he was in so much pain. we had almost decided to put him down and i read reviews on the product. so we ordered it and tried it and you would not believe how much this stuff helps him. he is barking again and chasing our other dogs. anyone hesitating on this medication, please dont. just order it and you will be happy. i have 3 other dogs that have arthritis and limps and i started them on it also and they are doing wonderul. thanks to all the people who leave reviews....

    by dogguide10/09/2011

    A good source of joint meds at a really good price.

    by babs05/30/2012

    The dogs love it, and it satisfies their desire for a bed-time treat.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Chewable Tablets & Treat by Debbie from West Bend, WI04/09/2013

    I have 2 large dogs that are picky with eating tablets. I give it to them with their dog food & the treat. My dogs eat them & have become more active over time using the tablets. Both of my dogs had 2 torn ACL's each along with having arthritis.

    Great for dogs young and old by CKS from California01/05/2014

    This helped my older dogs tremendously. They had increased range of movement and pain and stiffness in joints seems to be gone.

    3-pack joint max triple strength- free joint treat by Subin05/08/2013

    The tablets crushed and placed in the food works for us. The fur kids are not too pleased with the chewy treats. The chewy ones really depends on the dog and what they like.

    Yummy!! by Buddy and Abbey10/14/2011

    We are two black labs and we love our Joint Max Triple tablets and treats. :)

    Excellent Product! by Joyce from Chapin, South Carolina12/12/2012

    I have 2 dogs on Joint Max Triple Strength: a 12 year old Sheltie and an 11 year old yellow Lab. Both have been taking Joint Max for several years. The Lab had major surgery for a torn knee ligament about a year ago. We think Joint Max really helped her recovery. She runs around like a puppy! The Sheltie still enjoys running around and gets up steps with no problem. We believe in this product!

    Outstanding Ingredients at the Best Price! by TS from Denver, CO09/27/2013

    We've had our two Goldens on Joint Max since they were young. As a puppy, one of our Goldens had to have both front elbows rebuilt so our vet recommended another joint product. After doing some online research, I came upon Joint Max. Comparing the ingredients, Joint Max offers more of the ingredients we were looking for and in higher concentrations than other products we looked at. Plus Joint Max costs much less! Our puppy is now 8 and our other Golden is 11. You would never know our Golden had both elbows rebuilt as she runs like a puppy! We love this product and will continue to use it as long as we have 'our girls'! Thanks Joint Max!

    Excellent, effective joint supplement by Kim H. from North Bend, WA10/23/2012

    This is the most effective joint supplement we have ever given our dogs. We've tried several others and keep coming back to this one. Like any other type of supplement, what worked for my dogs may not be as effective for your dog as each dog is an individual case. However this has worked well for all our dogs and we've been using it for years. The trick to making it as effective as possible is to start using it before joint issues become a problem for your dog. We have started our dogs on this as young as three years old and the last two we lost lived to the ripe old doggy-ages of 13 and 16 with very few joint issues. The oldest of our current pack is 12.5 and, while she suffers from arthritis in her knees and hips, according to the vet that she is able to walk at all is due to the early and consistent use of joint supplements. This is the joint supplement that we use. Highly Recommended.

    Amazing results! by dy06/14/2012

    My dog Ruby had three surgeries for a torn ACL and luxating patella on her right rear leg. She also has luxating patella in her left leg and hip dysplasia in both hips. Her vet said not to expect her to be able to do much other than walk enough to get around. An 80lb hound she's a big girl and I would have to help her get up and even hold her up to go to the bathroom. After just a few weeks on the Joint Max I could tell a big difference. She's been on it ever since and now she's running around like the puppy she never had a chance to be!

    Visible improvement! by Irene from Florida01/18/2012

    There was a visible improvement in the movement after resting for my big dog after feeding the chewable tablets. Huge difference! He is not really hot for their taste, he eats them with a treat together, but not hot to trot on it. The Joint Treats though, the dogs LOVE their taste, sadly they only have a part of the ingredients of the triple strength Joint Max chewable tablets. Hope the joint treats will be available in full strength, comparabe to the chewable tablets soon! Great product though, just reordered!!!

    Joint MAX triple by Larry from Knoxville, TN12/15/2012

    Excellent product, after 2 weeks a very noticeable difference in our dog

    My dog is happy by tigerbarb from Allentown, Pa.01/08/2013

    This product is wonderful.Great product.

    The Best Supplement by Christine from San Gabriel, CA10/23/2012

    Joint Max is the "only" Joint supplement that I fed to my dogs for several years. It works very well on them and the price is reasonable

    it works by it works great from royse city, tx01/03/2013

    keeps our 5 10yr plus dogs moving, wish they made it for humans

    Really works. by dog owner from North Woods, Maine10/05/2013

    My 92 lb Lab has been taking these tabs for three years. It worked well. Then, early this summer I noticed the directions said to crumble the tabs in the food. I had not been doing that. The dog is now bouncier and more frisky than before. She obviously feels better, more secure, and stronger. I will continue to give her the triple strength Joint Max.

    TripleStrength JointMax by woodswolf1 from Indiana10/23/2012

    My Malamute has been on this for several years now. I can tell a difference when we run out. She is much more stiff in her hips without it. I"ve tried others, but this one works consistently, constantly. Lil'Bit is 10 1/2 and still loves to run in the woods full tilt.

    Great Stuff by Scuba Goddess09/03/2013

    We've been using Joint Max for 5 years for our golden retriever, who has some congenital arthritis in his front legs. He's 6 years old now and still as frisky as a puppy.

    by Barb from Ljubljana, Slovenia01/24/2015

    This product really helps my dog who has trouble with arthritis. No other pills had so much effect as Joint Max Triple Strenght.

    by button04/24/2012

    Very great product ;it really helped my Shepard and they love the taste too!

    Will continue to order by Mary08/07/2012

    This is the second order I have placed of Joint Max Triple Strength. I have an 11 year old Old English Sheepdog. She was starting to limp after playing and long walks. This product seems to help her. She hasn't limped in a long time and still enjoys playing like a puppy.

    joint max by patty04/24/2013

    I have been giving this product to my dogs for years, I'm sure it has helped them live longer and feel better

    glyco-flex III works much better by lisa from windner, pa02/23/2010

    not happy at all. glyco flex III gave me 100% results. joint max triple strength is not helping at all. give 2.5 pills of jm as compared yto 1 glyco-flex III. i tried this because it had more extras in it. am going back to glyco flex III immediately.

    Works Great by Nick03/02/2012

    I've been buying a different brand from Entirely Pets and when I added that one to the shopping cart EP recommended another item, this one. It was an excellent recommendation! The 14 year old is bouncing around like a little pup :)

    good for older dogs by AB from San Pedro, CA11/25/2012

    My eleven year old pug is a little slow and lazy but runs around the house quite well. I've been using joint supplements for several years now.

    by Bryan10/09/2013

    I have been using this product for years now and love it. I feel it has really helped my older lab.

    Long Time Favorite-Good Product by Seth from Yuma, AZ07/21/2013

    I have used Joint Max Triple for years. It meets the requirements suggested by my vet and the price is right. I give them to my dogs as treats.

    Great price Free Shipping by Rita from Kingman, AZ02/15/2012

    I bought 3 of these & got the free treats. I just wrap one in a piece of cheese & my dog eats them. I paid $25 for 40 count bottle at the local big box pet store. So this is a great deal!

    Solid Product by Mooford01/23/2013

    Joint MAX seems to provide more relief for the ailing joints of my dogs. I have a 100lb Lab who has severe arthritis in all joints and has 2 elbow surgeries and a 100lb Bernese with hip dysplesia. While the product certainly hasn't "cured" their ailments, I have noticed less limping/discomfort after walks/hikes. Additionally, they seems to have a little more "jump" in their step. The joint treats were an added bonus.

    Great Product for my two dogs by Duke from Hong Kong03/18/2014

    My dogs has been using this product for years. Despite of their hip's problem, they are still ok.

    Love this site by Lisa from White Mountains, Arizona10/22/2012

    This joint supplement was recommended by my vet. orders always arrive quickly. Love this site!

    Joint Max by Domo from Palm Bay, Fl03/31/2014

    Great product, I have had my labs on JM since they where puppies, Cash is 10 and he runs and plays like a puppy still.

    Bring back the old smell and texture! by Weesie from Memphis07/22/2012

    They may be the same ingredients but they totally dropped the ball on smell, texture and over-all appeal to both my dogs! They were great to make a gravy but now they barely dissolve. Both dogs turn their noses up at them now. However, I cannot complain about the health benefits.

    Works! by Laurie from Florida06/26/2013

    I can see an improvement in how my dog feels since starting this product. She is once again playful with her sister.

    Return to Youth by Cisco01/18/2012

    I've used Joint Max Triple Strength for several years on my dogs who showed signs of stiff joints. On younger dogs slowing down before their time, it has restored their vigor and apparently stopped the pain of stiff joints. Great product at a good price.

    prices not right by Hoppes707/21/2014

    why can you buy three regular 3x joint max(36.99 x3=110.97) cheaper than their special of the same quantity for $116.99?????

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength (720 Chewablet Tablets) + FREE Joint Treats®
    Joint MAX Triple Strength by Chris11/23/2012

    I've been giving my two dogs this stuff for years, about 7 to be exact. They are 14 now and joint max gave the shepherd about 5 more years before we had to go to Rimadyl or any other medication. Between 6 and 7 years old she had gone from regularly doing 15+ mile hikes just fine to barely being able to do 3 or 4 miles before limping. With joint MAX we regularly did 6-7 mile hikes with no problems for several more years. I was convinced with the efficacy, and have stayed with it ever since.

    The best glucosamine product by Aina02/02/2012

    Works grate for our big dogs - and they love the taste.

    Always Reliable by DaneMom from The Colony, Texas01/27/2012

    Used to use Synovicre but now trust the triple strength joint max for all four of my "babies". Have everyone from my great dane to my 40 lb mixed breed on them. Always brag about Entirely Pets.

    by from 12/12/2011

    We're a multi-multi-dog family that has been using this product for years with large breed dogs. They're active and generally enjoy good joint health,

    can't by be from sureBottom


    dog by liked from theI


    Good product at reasonable cost! by Chriskui from Hong Kong11/15/2011

    My 10 and 13 years old Golden Retrievers took Joint Max Triple Strength for years, though they couldn't run fast as they did in the past, they could still manage to walk well. In addition, they love the Free Joint Treats which come along with the package.

    A once-good product gone south by annie10/23/2012

    The tabs used to be thick discs. The product was revamped and the tabs are now so thin that the bottles are more broken, unusable pieces and pulverized crumbs than discs. Horrible! Can't use because can't measure properly the equivalent of a disc. Would never buy again. Want my money back.

    by from 12/09/2010

    I have three very active dogs. One who had surgery on one knee and pain in the other, now is completely pain free with the use of Joint Max Triple Strength.

    dog by with from hipI


    had by been from cryingMy


    terrific by product from thatThis


    your by veterinarian from beforeAlways


    Excellent Production by greys from Durham, NC11/30/2011

    We have two dogs that are pain free and able to move freely (running, playing, long walks) while on the Joint MAC Triple Strength. We recently ran out and within two days both dogs showed signs of limping and moving very slowly as if in pain. Once they got back on the Joint Max, both are again moving freely.

    Best joint product on the market by LabloverJ from Virginia11/25/2012

    I have compared many joint products and Triple Joint Max has the highest amount of the important ingredients at the best cost. I also use it because it contains Creatine, which helped my Lab recover muscle mass when she was recovering from surgery.

    A life saver by TinNC03/26/2013

    This product has been a lifesaver for my dog Huck. He started to limp at 9 months, with congenital arthritis. A neighbor gave me some human glucosamine to try and it helped. When I ran out, I tried some from WalMart and the li,p became more prominent. I did some research and thought this looked like the best bang for the buck, so tried it. The limp went away in a few days. I've increased the dosage over the years, but it has continued to work. 8+ years now. I recommend it to everyone with larger or older dogs. Can't recommend highly enough, based on my experience.

    by from 06/30/2012

    I've been using this for several years, after one of my dogs had to have knee surgery - He continues to be a happy, healthy 11-year-old pup.

    my by mother from tryI've


    a by couple from weeks-worthJust


    Great Purchase by bassett8 from Wilderness, South Africa09/23/2013

    I have 4 very happy Basset hounds who because of this product are moving much more freely and the plus factor is no upset tummies. Very happy with this rather than Rimadyl or Tramadol and the hounds love it.

    Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (1440 Chews) + FREE Joint Treats®
    dog likes chews by dar from oregon01/16/2015

    Have been using this for many years and it seems to help our dog.

    Great for dogs of all ages by Blaine from Duncan, OK02/11/2014

    I've used Joint MAX TRIPPLE strength chews as "treats" for my yellow Labs since they were pups....They like 'em and I know it helps with hip problems that Labs have!

    Great Service by Golden mom12/12/2012

    Our dogs have been taking Joint MAX soft chews for 3 years. I can tell when we miss some doses because they begin to limp and seem to hurt more. Entirely Pets sends our orders in an exceptionally timely manner.

    6-PACK Joint MAX TRIPLE by Rusty Nail from Consecon Ontario,Canada01/28/2015

    was unable to buy this package as your sales dept. emailed me and said it would cost 50 bucks more than originally stated so the order was cancelled

    Works Great! by Blaine from Duncan, OK04/06/2013

    First recommended by a friend and confirmed by my vet. I have two large labs, one with arthritis. I use Joint Max as "treats" and both benefit. -- Great service from Entirely Pets, too!

    Excellent product by petowner01/17/2013

    I only rely on research that I personally do when it comes to nutritional supplements (clinical trials, etc) for me and my pets - not how others may rate a product. However, having done my research, I find that this Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS is probably the best you will find to supplement the inadequacies found in most (I believe all) pet food. It will help your pets keep their youthful/playful attributes as they age.

    Great product by Scarymor from Sanford NC12/08/2011

    Have 4 senior golden retrievers who benefit greatly from this product.

    Three Happy Dogs, No more limp. Love it!!! by Linda from Indiana03/27/2014

    This triple strength soft chew is truly amazing. Our 8 year old Lab "Kobi" has had trouble with his joints for the past three years. Both summer and winter weather; it was hard for him to get up without limping. Thanks to Joint Max, Kobi no longer limps and now he runs and plays as if he is a puppy again. Our other 2 dogs "Abby and Bobby also love the Joint Max chopped and mixed in with a little peanut butter. My Son has his 3 Shepards on this Joint Max and loves it too.

    by Phillip04/02/2013

    very pleased with the service and product will use you again

    grey hounds by HAP from TN.09/04/2013

    i have 3 x racing grey hounds one is 11 years old he has bin on joint max for 3 years and he plays like a pup so all 3 are on it and can see a big diff. thank you very much HARLEY HAZZARD

    My dogs love these! by lleighl09/06/2014

    I have 2, 10 year old Blue tick Coonhounds and 1, 8 year old Dachshund and they all love these chews. Unusual, because my male Coonhound is very picky. These are treats to them and I have never had a problem getting them to eat these. They have been on these for 2 months now and they seem to be moving around a lot better. My female Coonhound has even been caught running a little. She was having quite a bit of trouble and has been to the vet for it, but now she's a lot more agile. They are expensive, but if they work so well, then I want to make their senior years as easy as possible. My little Dachshund even acts like a little pup. If you want to see a noticeable improvement, then I would highly recommend these.

    Featured Reviews for Joint MAX® Triple Strength Soft Chews (240 Chews)
    by from 10/25/2012

    My dog seems to have aged rapidly and was limping and less than enthusiastic about playing with our other dog. My brother recommended you guys (he uses it for a 14 year old schnauser and says it worked for him).

    with by the from recommendedI


    for by an from agingGood


    Love this product by Halle from Pittsburgh, PA11/26/2013

    My 11 year old boxer has arthritis in her knee. My vet tried to talk me into a prescription painkiller but I was very hesitant. I've been using the joint max triple max for over a year and seems to be pain free with great mobility. No need for meds yet.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by twodoggys05/29/2012

    Both of my dogs love them, hoping they help in the long run with joint issues, so far... so good!

    Love this stuff! by Laura12/11/2012

    My last dog, a mini poodle was limping badly. After I started him on JointMax, my neighbor noticed that he .was no longer limping. Therefore, I began using it on my other dogs, I've been using Joint Max for my other 3 dogs since they were puppies. My 2 mini schnauzers are now 13 years old and everyone thinks they're still puppies by how spry they are. I give a lot of the credit to the Joint Max that I give them daily. . Max, a Standard Poodle is 8 and still going strong also!

    JOINT MAX TRIPLE STRENGTH CHEWS A SUCCESS by Aneta from Loomis, California02/04/2013

    My arthritic German Shepherd Female loves these chews which I crumble up and mix in with her food. Entirely Pets provides a large number of chews for a reasonable price too boot. Giving one chew a day to my dog helps her on the path for pain free movements.

    NICE LITTLE SNACK by SAM from Almont, Mi04/17/2014

    My 1 dog who seems to be rather picky when I had him treats really likes these so I would recommend them to anyone who has an older dog to help with there joints. My other dog she will eat anything but both of them like these treats. They are soft and chewy my dogs eat them so I will buy them again..

    Very helpful! by CharlieHonse from Greensburg, PA05/30/2013

    Our Labrador Retriever " Stella". Loves these and they are great at helping her stiff joints, and make sit so much easier to get around. I would highly recommend! Very happy with this product.

    Excellent by RugiesMom from Harvard, Mass01/23/2014

    Due to this product my little boy who developed arthritis & luxation of the right patella, had a last year of life that was made much more comfortable. Instead of his arthritis debilitating him, he passed on from Canine cognitive dysfunction(Doggie Alzheimers) last week. He also was a very" choosy" pitbull that turned away from many treats. He loved these! Please know that these truly work.

    Great for the joints! by Jo from Toronto, ON06/20/2013

    My one dog Daisy (a GSP) has hip displaysia on both hips and my other girl Polly (also a GSP) now 11 has arthritis in her right leg. This product is terrific, my Daisy is chasing squirrels and having a ball. I just started Polly with this and progress is showing. They also love the taste of the treats. I used the powder before and added it to their food but thought I'd try the treats this time and they just love them.

    New smell better than I expected by Meg01/27/2012

    After reading reviews that said the odor of the joint max soft chews had changed (and not for the better), I only ordered one container. I was pleasantly surprised when we opened it because it smelled good. It smells like beef and leather mixed with dog food, sort of. Our dog still eats it with no problem. We'll order again.

    great product by teva from Oregon12/17/2012

    these chews are loved by my dogs. Better yet, they are effective for increasing joint mobility. They are convenient and no mess.

    Changed our dog's life by Guy from Issaquah, WA04/05/2014

    Our now 13 1/2 year old female lab has been arthritic for years and it's effects have worsened over the last couple years. Since we've had her on Joint Max she is getting around much, much easier. Great Product!

    by novacom from Glen Ellyn, IL.11/02/2013

    Good Product, Good Price, Fast Delivery, Pooches Happy

    by cheyenne06/06/2013

    The chews are great. My dogs absolutely love them.

    Love this product and so do my dogs! by Ingeoy from Washington State02/15/2012

    This is a great product for dogs of all ages. I feel confidant that our dogs are getting a triple strength dose of glucosamine plus and they perceive it as a delicious treat! Our senior dogs with hip problems tolerate this very well and it enables them to play like dogs half their age! I have recommended this product with confidance!

    Not as happy with new product by laurajodi from Cornelius,NC - previously, Palm Coast, Fl10/26/2011

    I've been giving this to my 2 dogs for quite some time now as they are 11 yrs. old and have arthritis. The formula in this product is different this time and they don't like it as much. In fact, neither do I! The consistency is different as well as the smell, and from their reaction, I have to beleive that the taste is not as good either. I will probably not purchase it again unless it goes back to the original formula.

    Joint MAX...... by Salima from Hong Kong04/23/2013

    Just one comment - I find the soft chews are moist, not as dry as last time and they stick to each other. Too bad my pet cannot tell the taste is the same.

    Best purchase! by Debbie from Florida05/06/2012

    I have an old english bulldog that has athritis trouble in his hips as he has gotton older. This is great stuff!!! Highly recomended!! He could not hardly walk and this stuff made him be able to stay around with me longer! He is up and walking now ) Even climbed the steps by himself, we usually have to pick him up

    by PAMMERS from TIPP CITY, OHIO04/17/2012


    Joint MAX Triple Strength by Coleman07/30/2012

    We have been using Joint MAX now for some time. It has really helped to improve the quality of our dogs life. He is doing so much better since he started taking it and he likes it too! I have recommend it to several other dog owners and they are now using it also. We are very happy with the product and will continue using it.

    product changed for worse by Dales 2 from Marblehead, MA11/15/2011

    The new product may be the same chemical formula but it now has an offensive smoky smell and the consistancy of rubber.

    Great product! by Robin from Wichita Falls, Texas10/31/2011

    The new improved beef flavor, and texture have made this product A+!

    My dogs love these by Donette from Dacula, Georgia04/01/2014

    I have 4 German Shepherds, 2 that have hip issues. We love these as they help keep our babies moving. All 4 of them get them to keep them healthy and as pain free as possible. Normally at our Vets you would pay $120 for this size bucket. Entirely Pets is a real value. We love all the products we get here.

    Great for bone care for your best friend by robbie from sydney Australia02/02/2013

    These are great. The girls love them eat them so easily and our vet said they are the best for he girls we have 3 to help against the effects of arthritis.

    Great Purchase by tb10/29/2013

    Hershey just loves these. He has had both acl's replace. One in each leg..... these seem to help. He is able to play with his 4 month old sister Summer with no problems... Great product.

    great product!! by kate from Littleton, CO12/06/2011

    I have yet to find a supplement for my dog that has this great blend and quantity of vitamins in it. Also, he loves the flavor and is eager to woof them down.

    Dogs love these by keel from Denver, CO07/21/2014

    I have bee using the joint triple max with my dogs for about 7 years. The dogs love them. I think it helps my older dogs' joints healthy.


    I like this product. had a good writeup about it for my pet. This supplier has brand name products at very good prices. I certainly return here when I need products. I am a repeat customer. Thank You for the good products and service for our pets.

    Good product by AR from California07/14/2012

    My dog LOVES these soft chews. They are so much easier to administer than trying to hide a pill and get her to take her joint supplement that way.

    My dog loves these! by Q362 from Avon, CO04/05/2012

    We purchased these for our 8 year old Yellow Lab because we noticed that the day after long walks he would seem a little stiff and would sometimes limp a little. The difference in him is amazing! He is like a four year old again. The best part is that he loves them. They are his "reward" when we get home from a walk or a hike. I would definitely recommend these if you have an older dog.

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (240 CHEWS by Dog Lover from Texas06/17/2012

    This is a good products for dogs with joint problems young or old...I prefer the original formula to the new bacon flavor...my dogs take pills so I use this products like a pill pockets, as it can be pulled apart and then mushed back together...

    Happy hips by Pound Hound08/01/2012

    I have two mixed breed dogs that are both near 100 pounds. Though they are young (5 and 6), they are both made of breeds prone to hip troubles. They can't wait for their daily treats from Joint Max and they are both footloose and fancy free. My father-in-law's dog is the same age and was really having trouble with her hips until I mailed him the treats. Within a few weeks she started to show improvement! Thank you, Joint Max!

    wonderful product by MargEboo from Western Virginioa10/27/2012

    Keeps my 9-year male 180# St. Bernard acting and running like a puppy!

    Best Purchase Ever For Our Dog by Mike06/12/2013

    It is a maintennace item for our border collie for the past two years and helps her tremendously

    Hip Candy by Lucas Boy08/13/2013

    My German shepherd is very large and aging, and is therefore developing some hip pain. I hope the Joint Max is helping, but I can say he loves them, and gets excited when I ask if he wants some hip candy.

    good purchase by Jan07/30/2013

    my dogs like the soft chews and they are really helping my boarder collie/lab with his bad back legs.

    Great stuff by jbo04/05/2010

    I bought this for my 11 year old Border Collie. It has made a big improvement with her limping and pain. I am glad it is helping her so much!

    Dogs love it and it's helping them. by cjlunn12/23/2012

    I have 3 dogs that were having pain and stiffness due to I have been adding Joint Max Triple Strength to their diet and all three are showing a definite improvement. I will continue using this product for the life of my pets.

    Great product and dogs LOVE it by Lari09/18/2012

    Our Chihuahua had two luxating patella surgeries and was having some stiff joint issues. After going to Entirely Pets and searching for products to naturally help him out, I decided to purchase the Joint Max. He loves them. Not only does he look forward to them but I have noticed he moves better and is as active as he was when he was a puppy!

    Joint MAX - dogs love em by dpoudrier10/23/2012

    It's always nice to have a supplement that acts as a treat as well. Dogs think they are getting something extra special (well, that are). The soft chews are an easier way to add something to their meal. Sometimes with pills or chew tabs the dogs sense that it's not really a treat and leave it behind. I'm very happy with this product. I've got seven dogs.

    best purchase ever by Lizzie from Los Angeles, California11/13/2013

    the chews really work. My golden and Shepard are walking much better,

    Can't live without them by Puggles04/01/2013

    My pug has severely degenerated hips--his walk looks like he's held together by rubber bands. TJM keeps him on his feet pain free--he runs!!

    Have used for two years as a preventative. by Bouvier Bud from Tarryall, CO10/25/2011

    My Bouvier consider them to be special treats.

    The Best! by Bo's Mom from New York04/03/2012

    Anyone with an elderly dog should use these chews. They gave mobility back to my dog which would have otherwise been impossible! I'm so grateful to the maker of this product! We can't thank you enough!!!

    by from 10/31/2013

    My Yellow Labs loves these chews. She is a little lame thanks to our variable weather in NH. We play "catch" at mealtimes.

    Pets by is from wonderful.Service


    Max Triple Great by Cosmo from Pembroke, NH05/31/2012

    14 year old Cosmo a Chocolate Lab loves these chews..He will not eat his food until I give him his Max!

    Good for the dogs.... by bethayl from Salem, Oregon06/12/2012

    I've been feeding Joint Max to my older keeshonds and collies for several years now. It really improves their mobility, it helps them get around better, and they act happier and more energetic.

    Joint Max Quality by apelitman03/02/2013

    I find the price and convenience of Entirely Pets for pet products to be satisfactory overall. I am a frequent customer. However, the last two time I have ordered Joint Max 240 I have been disappointed. Last time the product was old and drying out and the time before the product was two 120 count containers that were also old and drying out. I love my GSD and I want fresh product from Entirely Pets. I am going to order again but if the product is not fresh this time I will pay more for it at a local pet store.

    Great Stuff! by cacooper from North Carolina01/09/2013

    I can't say enough about this product. Both of our retired greyhounds have joint issues and this helps both of them. Our male has shoulder and neck problems, but after starting him on these, I have not seen a recurrence of his pain. Our female has hip problems and she runs without pain now. :)

    Love Joint MAX! by Stepdog from Monroe, NC01/17/2015

    My dog has a permanent spinal issue after being hit by a car two years ago. After major surgery and lots of rehabilitation, the vet wanted to keep him on pain meds that I knew would eventually compromise his health. I stumbled upon this product researching the internet and to my surprise, it has done EVERYTHING it says it does! Two years later, I have a healthy, tough, playful beagle who has no idea he is not perfect anymore! This stuff REALLY works! I am very happy and have recommended this to several of my pet sit clients! Thank you Joint MAX!

    by Midge from Anne Arundel Co., Maryland08/07/2013

    When I got this last rescue she could hardly get up. Getting in the car was accomplished with help. She is 8 yr old and looked like an old, old girl. I have had her for 8 months and she now gladly jumps in the car to go for her evening run. It is amazing what Joint Max Triple Strength has done for her.

    Joint Max Triple Makes Cleo's Life Comfortable! by Kodiak from Hartford, Wi05/07/2013

    Cleo is a 12 year old Lab/Dane, she was a shelter baby who has had back and hip problems for years. With Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews she can do things she couldn't do with out them!I One time I didn't order them in time, after about 6 days Cleo was moaning when she got up from laying down. I felt so bad for her! I will never run out of them again! Cleo always has a smile for everyone and is such a smart, sweet girl, she is our Superwoman!

    Good Joints by JUD10/15/2011

    My 7 year old Labradoodle was beginning to show signs of discomfort in her joints. I have found this product has added to her comfort and allowed her to run and play as befoe.

    Great Value by KK from IN06/12/2012

    Works very well with aging dog, he is more mobile and able to get around. I have tried other products, not as high in concentration and they did not work nearly as well.

    Great Supplement by texasrose from Colorado01/12/2013

    I'm giving this supplement to 2 dogs, a lab mix and an Australian Shepard. The lab is very picky about what he eats and loves these. the Aussie was favoring her right front leg and has shown a great deal of improvement since starting her on Joint Max Triple! I've been using Joint Max for a year and will continue to give this to my fuzzy babies forever!

    Greatest Treats Ever!!! by EJ from Centerville, IN10/05/2011

    I have had two large dogs which both had arthritis..Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews have been the very best thing for them. Besides loving them as a treat, the ingredients in these treats have kept the dogs from suffering more than they had to. I love the fact that I can purchase them from Entirely Pets at larger quantities and also at such a reasonable price. They are definitely worth the well spent money. Thank you Entirely Pets for being there for all your customers!! EJ

    Daily Treat by Rottweiler Central from Naperville, Il07/19/2012

    My dogs love Joint MAX, great daily treat!

    More than a treat by Marisa from New Haven, CT06/06/2012

    My dog loves Joint Max, and I think it helps him keep active.

    Gave my kids a new lease on life by bluetick mama from Bastrop, TX03/04/2010

    One of my male blueticks all of a sudden couldn't stand up, nor did he have any control of his hind legs. I began giving him Joint Max TS. In a little over a week his improvement was phenomenal!!! He's standing, running and even jumping! When the same thing happened to his brother months later, I started him on JMTS. In just a couple of days, he too was up & running again!!!

    excellent product by sunshyne56601 from Bemidji, Mn10/12/2011

    Have been ordering this product for a couple of years. Our pet looks forward to his "treat" and it seems to be helping his affliction. I would recommend it.

    OK Buy by Bouvier Bob from Tarryall Mtns, CO09/24/2013

    Have used these for several years and my dogs consider them a treat. Do they add to their health? I really don't know but my dogs don't seem to have joint problems. So I make the investment.



    Not a good buy by Prissy from Prairie Grove, AR11/14/2013

    I bought these for a friend who had two large dogs with arthritis. She has been giving them the maximum dosage for several weeks and has seen no improvement. Should have purchased Glyco Flex chews that I have used with excellent results previously.

    Joint Max by Beth from Florida01/07/2013

    Price is affordable.It does wonders for both of my dogs, one is extremely active. It has made a difference in joint movement of my eight year old dog.

    Wonderful product!!!!!!! by Becky from Tulsa, Oklahoma04/08/2010

    I have a 14yr old yellow lab that I rescued when she was about 1&1/2yrs. old. She had been hit by a car & had 2 broken back legs & broken tail bone. This has really helped her to get up & down better. It has helped her on her walks,& she wants to take longer walks now. Thank you for having this avaiable to us at a unbelievable price. Thank you from Savannah Smiles too. Hopefuly this will help to keep her for much long that not having it. Thank you so very much, Becky

    Great product by Small dogs from Ohio01/16/2015

    Our dog( a Jack Russell Terrier) is 11 years old. She hasn't been that active lately, until I purchased the Joint Max. She is back jumping and playing with our 2 year old Min Chu - who wants to act just like her. I saw a big difference from the start.

    Great product! Poor customer service by amy from MA01/16/2013

    Great product! Have been ordering it for years but I will NEVER EVER order from Entirelypets.com after this last order. Still waiting for my credit card to be refunded on an item that was discontinued and had ALREADY been charged for and never received . Contacted customer service about 4 times now since 11/12 asking about the refund and keep getting the run around. Now I will be making an angry phone call this week. Purchase product elsewhere!!!

    Joint Max Triple Strenght Soft Chews by Nancy from Bayfield, CO10/23/2012

    My dogs love the flavor of the chews. The product was recommended by our vet and it seems to be helping with maintenance of their joints. The active ingredients list many beneficial ingredients that would be good for dogs of any age but especially for my older dogs.

    Triple Joint Max by epilady from Kansas City Kansas03/11/2013

    I have 3 seniors all very mobile with this product. 2 basset hounds and a mini-doxie with a recovered disc rupture. No shaking, no whinning and no slowing down

    Great Product by Nancy01/26/2011

    My Labrador Retriever was diagnosed with Bilateral elbow displasia before she was a year old. My vet suggested Synovi G3 soft chews, which were quite expensive, but did help her. I was sent a sample of the the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews, and decided to try them. They work great, and Molly is doing great on them. She is now 7 years old, and no limping at all. I would recommend the joint max to anyone.

    Love It!! by GreyEyz12/07/2012

    My dog will be 16 years old. His joints have been aching now for the last 4 years. We tried another product but it only worked temporarily. I purchased the Joint Max Triplea bout 2 months ago and it has been amazing to see my old boy moving around again! Recently, he sprung his right leg horsing around with his brother who is a very muscular one year old. We treated the sprang and was told by the Vet to continue the pills and I will say he recouped much faster from the sprang!!

    good stuff by Dave06/16/2014

    My 11 1/2 year old Toller likes the chews very much. It seems to help her to move around better.She has some joint problems.If I run out of them before a new order comes in, I can see the difference in the way she moves.

    Great Product! by AZBAM from Phoenix, AZ09/29/2013

    I recently adopted an 8 yr. old rescue girl - she seemed a little stiff in the mornings, so I immediately started her on Joint Max Chews. I have used these in the past with other dogs and have been very impressed with the results. They are very easy to use because dogs love the taste!

    Best service by Didi09/26/2013

    Appreciate the ease in ordering on line, quality product, great price, timely shipment.

    Joint chews are great by hamptramp05/30/2012

    My dog loves these, and he is a picky eater. He moves better after eating them for a few weeks.

    Excellent Product and Great Price by Scooter64 from Memphis, TN05/30/2012

    We are using this product with our 1-1/2 year old lab who has a fairly severe case of hip dysplasia that was discovered shortly after we adopted him. The vet recommended that we put him on a glucosamine/chondroitin type supplement, and he has done amazingly well with this product. You wouldn't even know he has any problems, and he loves the flavor of the treats.

    Wonderful product by Michelle12/12/2011

    My dogs loved these before the new flavor and now they love them even more with the new flavor. I notice a difference when they are on these chews and know that they are actually helping with their joints

    Dogs love them by Candy from Rowe, NM03/03/2014

    Ordered these with the canine plus and the dogs love these. It does seem to help in combination with serving the dogs trachea to speed up process.

    Good price... by madema01/01/2013

    Rec'd when expected and in good order. What more can someone really say about an order like this?

    Joint Max by Sandy from Fancy Gap, VA02/09/2012

    I love to see my 12 yr.old black lab act as if she is younger and feels good. That's what I see since I started her on Joint Max.

    Best joint product around!! by Dar from Oregon02/11/2012

    Our dog had elbow displasia in both elbows and has been using this product ever since his surgery. It has helped him immensely with staying fit. He rarely has a flare up. I would recommend this product to anyone with a dog with joint pains. We had another dog that was very old and she had some arthritis and this product brought her relief.

    Highly Tasty by Big Dawgs from Albuquerque, NM11/06/2011

    If our dog does not seem interested in his meal, we break off a piece of your soft chews. After a bite or two, he is ready for dinner!

    Joint Max - Entirely Pets by Bo Georges04/21/2014

    Product is great. Shipping that you pay $5.95 for should be a lot faster!

    my dog loves these by doglover01/15/2014

    great product, great value, good for him kind of treat.

    Better than any prescription joint medication!! by Parris' Mommy from Birmingham, AL06/12/2013

    My Pit Bull Parris has elbow dysplasia, before purchasing Join Max Triple Strength, she would limp and it was very hard for her to get around. After finding this stuff, you'd never know a thing was wrong with her. I swear by it and now give it to my older dogs, just to prevent any joint issues. 100% would recommend it to anyone!

    It Works!! by Convinced Dog Owner from Euless, Texas03/06/2014

    We have s 15 year old English short-haired bird hunting dog that has been on them for years. In fact, these dogs don't usually live past 12-13 years of age. I contribute it to Joint Max. She is still bouncing around in the yard and up the steps. It's amazing. As a result, my 2 daughters have their three dogs on Joint Max. I have my 8 year old Schnauzer on it,too. Go Joint Max!!!!

    So far, so good! by Sam from Colorado06/26/2013

    We've been using these for about a month now on my Aussie and I believe they are helping! We normally have to give her a 1/2 dose of Metacam after playing fetch pretty aggressively, and I've definitely noticed she hasn't been nearly as stiff and sore after playing, to the point where it appears she does not require the Metacam. Metacam is a fantastic product (better than Rimadyl for larger dogs, IMO), but I prefer to treat her naturally if possible, and definitely want her to be pain-freee. I really believe these are helping and she actually likes them!

    Great Product by Alisha from NH11/20/2013

    My 85 lb American Bulldog loves these! They have definitely helped with her agility and mobility. She loves the taste and can't wait to get her "treat" :)

    by Yo from Oklahoma City, OK11/30/2011

    Seems to help my 13 year old "Get Around" a little easier. She likes the flavor and will even eat it out of my hand without having to hide it in her food.

    what happened? by PamL11/29/2011

    I have given these to my dogs for 5 years, but this time, they have a different consistency and smell that is nauseating. Even though they would come pretty dried up and crumbly before, I'd put a small baggy with a couple of sponge cuttings I dipped in water into the container and a day or two later they were rehydrated and chewy again. Now, there is some sort of hardened, gelatinous coating around each one, but if broken apart are total crumbs and very dry. For some reason they are resistant to re-hydrating. There is a new, disgusting smell to them, (I mean I've almost gagged!) and I plan on pursuing this issue in the hopes there is something they can offer instead. Dogs still love them and haven't shown any ill-effects.I can't use them for putting meds in anymore.

    Joint Max by Leslie02/20/2013

    My 14 year old cockapoo takes these twice a day. She loves the taste and it is helping her maintain her agility. Thanks

    Our Dogs love this! by Duck Lady from Los Osos, CA02/07/2013

    I buy this product for our 4 dogs. Not only is it good for them, but I use it to administer medication in pill form. The Chews are soft enough to mold around the pills and our dogs take them without a fuss.

    Great Product by GaDiesel11/06/2011

    Tastes great (just kidding). But the dogs love it and I think it's protecting them from future joint damage.

    A Dachshund Must-Have! by mistyz from Baltimore, MD10/26/2012

    I've been feeding my dachshund these chews for years--eats one daily. He gobbles them up! No problems at all with his back. *knock on wood

    Great product-my dog loves the new flavor! by Susan from TN11/02/2011

    I have used these for a while with my German Shepherd. I used to have to make him eat them but he LOVES the new flavor. They really seem to help his arthritis and joints.

    joint max triple strength by kilika03/02/2013

    i've seen a huge change in my baby-girl's phyical abilities. she has 2 bad rear knees and doesnt run very much. even taking her daily walks-she had to sit for a little while before continuing. since taking joint max-she's been doing really well. thanks joint max!

    Keeps my 9-year old lab active by PenJ from Lake Geneva, WI03/08/2014

    Use this as a preventative and seems to do the job in having my lab continue his active way of life - running, swimming, etc.

    Ummm, must be tasty. by dockdogger from Seattle, WA12/31/2013

    These Joint Max Soft Chews are like treats for my dog. I was using Cosequin DS flavored chewables but it was a chore to get my dog to eat them. Same glucosamine dosage in one soft chew as in one Cosequin chewable. Bucket of soft chews takes up more storage space than the bottle of Cosequin but worth the trade off for me. Plus, the Joint Max has additional ingredients which is supposed to alleviate joint discomfort.

    Joint Max Triple by Levi from Spring Hill, FL11/09/2011

    The new smell of this is awful!!!! I can barely open the container it makes me sick. I wish you would go back to the original one. Thanks Sharyn

    Works Wonders! by keynorman from Edgewater, FL10/28/2011

    Our dog Riley is 9 and was having a hard time getting up for his walks in the mornings. We had him on a glucosamine tablet that seemed to help a little. But one day while online purchasing other products for him, we thought we'd try another brand. We did a lot of research and decided on this one. It had a lot of appeal because of the dosage, combination of other important ingredients and a palatable form. After just a few days, it was like we had turned the clock back. Not only was he able to get up easily to go for his morning walk, but he could now get in and out of the car without assistance. And after a few weeks, he was actually jumping up and down like a puppy. This is fabulous stuff! I recommended it to my sister who has a German Shepherd who is 11 and she saw a huge improvement on the distance her dog could go on their walks. It's been over a year since we started Riley on this stuff, and I would have no hesitation recommending it. It's hard to watch your 'children' get old, but I've learned not to rely just on good quality food to take care of every issue that comes with aging. Just like with us humans, we have to supplement to stay healthy and keep moving.

    Helped our older dogs by Sadie's Mom from Dallas, Texas07/12/2014

    We could see the differencein the way our older dogs moved when they were on Joint Max as compared to when we started them. As a result, we are giving Joint Max to our new dog from the start, and not waiting until she gets old.

    Joint Max Triple by acc1953 from Pembroke, NH10/23/2012

    Our 14 year old Chocolate Lab Cosmo love these chews...He always goes for them first when I feed him in the morning. The only downside is the shipping time it takes!

    Outstanding product! by Myah'sOwnerCindy from Vancouver, WA USA!02/12/2012

    Have been buying Joint Max Triple Strength for 3 years and it's wonderful! Myah our female Shephard mix has hip problems and Joint Max keeps her mobile and comfy. Entirely Pets has a GREAT PRICE & FAST shipping... Couldn't ask for more. Try it... your pet will like it!

    Keep Moving! by CB from Richmond, VA11/08/2012

    Coal gobbles these supplements like treats! Strong and economical!

    Ongoing purchase by klcz02/07/2012

    We've been purchasing Joint Max for years. Pets love them! Added glucosamine to their diets.

    Great Product by Katie F.11/13/2013

    Probably the single best product I give to my dogs. I have to English Bulldogs that think they are Border Collies. When one of them tweaks a leg or arm, it's almost invisible when they are on the Triple Strength Chews.

    Really works by fantasy goddess from McDonough, GA01/11/2011

    We have been giving this to our 4 year old, 100 lbs. german shepherd with hip displasia for 2 years and it has really made a difference in his walk and the pain is not noticeable now. However, I was shocked at the tremendous increase in price recently. Just last Aug. I paid $42.99 for 240 and now it is up to $67.90.

    Waste of money by Bea Leary06/16/2012

    Neither of my dogs will eat this. They smell it, and walk away. I have to crumble it up in their food, and one dog still will not eat it. He is a bloodhound and has a strong sense of smell, so he smells something that he doesn't like.

    max triple soft by dogcat from split, dalmatia, croatia05/25/2013

    My dog loves them and I hope that will help him

    by grammy2249807/25/2012

    Good product and my dog loves her morning chews.

    "Awesome" Strongly Recommend by Cheryl from Galveston, Texas02/01/2014

    Our 12 year old Aussie started having hip problems and vet put her on several meds that could cause long term side effects. My neighbor recommended Entirely pets Triple strength soft chews. I ordered the small one just to see if she would like them. She loves them!!I actually split them in half and hide her pill in them as needed and she doesn't even know it! This product really works! Thank you Entirely Pets for bringing such a Great natural product!

    Very good by dee from Grant, Fl01/10/2012

    I have been using joint max triple strength forever. I like the fact that they are soft and are 500mg each. I use three a day. It never cured a problem with my Golden but I am using it as a preventive measure. He loves the taste but then again he is a pig :) when it comes to food

    Super! by jltaylor from Vancouver, WA04/16/2012

    These soft chews are so wonderful, my golden retriever actually walks over and waits for her morning treat every day. I have noticed that they seem to alleviate some of her discomfort and stiff joints.

    joint max by jb from richmond, ky11/20/2012

    this product is really helping my 12 yr old german shepherd and she likes the flavor too.

    the fountain of youth in a chewy pill by Skip from Glennie, Michigan12/25/2013

    I have a 9yr old male English Springer Spanial his name is Taz. For the year he was becoming more layed up, unable to jump on the bed and just lost his playfulness. It got bad enough that I couldn't hunt him this year. A trip to the vet proved to be enlightening, my buddy had arthritis in his hips prescribing a chewy pill like Joint Triple Max which did wonders. I started a search for the same meds but a bit cheaper. I found Entirely Pets and Joint Triple Max. I started a routine of one tab twice a day with a children aspirin, WOW I got my ole buddy back, jumping on the bed counter surfin and jumping in the plow truck to go plowing. I have cut him back to half a tab twice day with an aspirin a day. I and Taz would highly recommend this to anyone that misses their four legged friend at their side.

    a good investment by sls from WI10/31/2013

    i have a 7yr old lab who was beginning to be stiff every time he tried getting up or moving around. Since purchasing this product, he deffinatly has a bit more "pep" in his step and gets up/lays down much easier then prior. I am so glad i found this product for him!

    GREAT product! by sqrlsetc02/10/2011

    My Great Dane just turned 9 in Jan. '11 and she says that Joint Max has helped her retain her youthfulness! She has been taking this type of product for several years, and hopefully will continue to feel and act like a pup!

    Good Purchase by Lab Lover06/06/2012

    Have been giving my two seven year old Labs and my daughter's one year old Lab. The one year old lab does not seem to limp when he gets up anymore. My two labs are very spry and act like puppies. Very pleases at this time

    HOOKED by RICKY01/29/2013

    TUCKER IS 13 AND A CHOCOLATE LAB. All I do is mention JOINT MAX and he heads for the bucket!!

    Great Product by Paula from South Florida12/05/2012

    I have used this product in the past and it was very successful in helping to ease arthritis in my German Shepherd's leg. I'm trying it again now for another of my pups and hoping for similar results. My dogs are very difficult taking any kind of meds and yet they love the taste of these, making my life a lot easier! I've purchased a similar product from my vet in the past and it cost more than double what I paid for this, so it is also good value.

    Great Tasting by mab07/31/2012

    I originally ordered the smaller container to make sure the product helped my dogs joints as well as being good tasting. Teddy appears to be more frisky since using the product and he loves the taste! When I get the bucket out he comes running.

    My dogs love the taste by Latika88 from Minnesota08/05/2012

    I'm not entirely sure if these work or not. I bought them for my elderly dogs who have since passed and it didn't seem to alleviate their arthritis symptoms, but who knows, things could have been worse without them. I now order them for my aging Pomeranians who have been recommended by my vet to take joint supplements because of luxating patellas and early arthritis in one hip joint. Like I said, I haven't noticed a change, but they weren't doing bad before anyway. However, the ingredients are everything a joint supplement should be, are all natural and are at the most reasonable price of the leading joint supplement chews. Not to mention being easier to administer than Synovi (my dog's don't care for the taste as much). All in all, seems like a quality product with no ill effects. Hopefully it's doing some good behind the scenes!

    Effective product by Neoknox from Wisconsin10/28/2013

    This is the best product I have found for promoting and maintaining joint health. Having German Shepherds, that is very important to me. They also really seem to like them.

    Great Product by Deci from Jacksonville, FL07/24/2012

    We have been using Joint Max for years on both our dogs; one has arthritis and the other hip dysplasia and this product seems to really help. Not only does it help with their mobility, they also love the taste. Would recommend to anyone for joint maintenance or problems.

    Healthy Treats by Lamancha Lady from Cincinnati Ohio02/01/2014

    So far my two girls love these soft chews. Only been giving them for a week but I think my Lab's gait has improved. I'll have a better evaluation in a few more weeks.

    This works! by COGiGi06/23/2013

    We have an Old English Sheepdog who now doesn't suffer anymore. It only took a few days for it to work.

    by from 09/11/2013

    I've been using Joint MAX Triple for our 10 year old Siberian Husky for many months and it is working very well. He had TPLO surgery on both knees when he was a year old and has symptoms of arthritis now. The Joint MAX has given him a new lease on life.

    Rottweiler by was from unableMy


    Great decision by Grandma with Max from Hobart,Wisconsin06/15/2013

    Our large Alaskan Malamute named Max loves the "Joint MAX triple strength soft chews". He sits and speaks when he knows I have them in my hand. They help him maintain flexibility and he is able to keep up with the grandkids.

    My dog likes it. by lara from MD09/05/2013

    Comet, an 8 year old german shepherd likes the soft chews very much. As soon as he hears the container being rattled, he sits in anticipation of what he is about to receive. He still gets around in spite of his arthritis. He just does not run around as much as before.

    best price by Pat from NJ10/30/2011

    Only joint suppliment I use.Contains same ingredients in more expensive brands

    Excellent by Dee05/16/2013

    The soft chews are great. They are 500 mg each. I give 3 a day to my 75 pound golden. He loves them. I don't have any problems with joints. I have been giving him the joint max as preventive maintenance

    LOVE this product by Gayla02/13/2012

    I have recommended this to many of my friends and clients! My Akita who is 12 yrs. old was having trouble getting up and seemed to be in a lot of pain. After taking this product, which he loves the taste of, for about a two weeks he is like a puppy again. He is even playing once again with his "sister" which he hasn't done in years...If you have doubts about purchasing this product, rest assured, you will be pleased and so will your fur baby!!!!



    Love this product!!! by Hanna from Columbus, OH10/23/2012

    I keep my very active 4 year old Golden Retriever on Joint Max Triple Strength for preventative care. I just mix then in with her daily morning feeding and she loves them! This is a great product!

    Terrific Aid for Senior Joints by JuliesMyDog from Boston MA04/24/2013

    Our Julie is a 9-yr old overweight Golden Retriever. She was having trouble getting up and down. Someone recommended these supplements. She LOVES them. We substituted a treat in her Kong with 2 of these each day and we have noticed a wonderful difference in her activity level. These are "squish-able" so we squish them into the Kong and it keeps her busy for the better part of half an hour and it's good for her. Highly recommend. We see a DEFINITE diffence.

    Glucosamine Chews by Del from Omaha, NE08/01/2013

    My dog loves these chews! I love her enthusiasm (:

    Got a Good Home! by Tajsha from Gresham OR04/25/2012

    I foster dogs for the local animal shelter. Recently we had a 10+ year old chow/retriever mix (Scotty) come to our home. On day one he could barely move his hind legs enough to lift off the wood floors. I immediately started him on Joint Max Triple Strength chews and after one month he GREATLY improved! These supplements really helped this old guy and improved his quality of life. So spry and cute he was able to capture the eye of a young couple who adopted him and promised to continue his *treats*!

    helps the old dog by Gail from Florence, NJ10/23/2012

    Using two triple strength soft chews daily helps to keep my 14 year old GERIATRIC huge standard poodle moving, even with his arthritis and other mobility problems.

    Doggies like it! by MDTurner from Los Angeles11/13/2012

    Seems to help loosen up the joints. Most noticeable when getting up from a sleeping position. I have an 8 yr old Aussie and a 7 yr old Border Collie. Both compete in agility and get daily exercise. They get one chew a day each. They think they are treats!

    Great tasting by Sidney from Concord, NC03/07/2012

    Our dog loves Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews. They are great for hiding small pills that your dog may need to take. She is a 13 year old boxer and they help keep her more nimble.

    by sharon11/02/2010

    I use the chewable tablets and they have greatly helped my 13 y/o lab arthritis problems

    by from 08/22/2013

    This product was recommended to me by my neighbor who has older dogs suffering from arthritis. He shared that he had tried other products, but that the Joint Max Triple Strength was working for his dogs.

    it by a from try,So


    recommended by it from toI


    great value by dog mom from Dunedin, FL12/28/2012

    vet recommends for my dog's joints, and hers are twice as much

    Long time user by Mtn Man from Tarryall mtns, CO09/05/2014

    My Bouvier (2) regard them as daily treats.

    She eats them like treats! by Kait F.10/24/2012

    I previously purchased the joint max tablets for my medium sized dog. She needed 4 tablets to cover her weight, and I needed to mix them in with her food. When they ran out I wanted to buy something more cost effective and these are just what I was looking for! I only need to give her 2 chews and she eats them like treats! No forcing them down her throat or tricking her with cheese! So much easier!! I will buy these again!

    by dogmobile from Ohio06/20/2014

    easy to give, the dogs love the taste. And it works!

    My Collie is up and moving again! by Lodie from bellevue wa05/12/2014

    My Collie was in so much pain, he was barely getting up to go outside to go to the bathroom. After about three weeks on the Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews, he is moving around more and seems to be in much less pain. He also really likes the way they taste and considers them a treat.I will definitely continue to give them to him, they really seem to help!

    Aching Joints?? by Cappy105 from Easton, PA05/29/2012

    My 11 year old golden has been using these for a few years now...he enjoys them & they help him with his aching joints.

    It works! by Mike from St Paul, MN06/08/2010

    I have a 7 year old Yellow Lab. I have been giving him these for almost a year now. Before I started he used to take a long time to get up when he was laying down. He also walked with a limp much of the time, esp. after exercises. After several weeks of giving him this supplement he is much better. We have seen a much improvement in him. He almost never limps anymore and seems much happier. Highly recommended for Labs that typically have joint problems.

    Good product but inconsistent by mississippichicken05/01/2012

    I bought Joint Max twice. The first time it was great. Dog loved it and it was soft enough that I could push a couple small pills into it that she takes daily. Made it really easy to give her the pills. The last time I bought it it was somewhat dry and pushing pills into it makes it crumble. So...I'm wary of buying it again because I don't know what I'll get. If you get a good batch (a fresh batch?), then I recommend it.

    by Pat02/17/2014

    These are wonderful. Have been using them for years. My large German Shepherd/Retriever mix is nearly 11 years old now, and still runs and goes for long walks fairly easily. I'm sure these chews make all the difference.

    Lady Loves Her New Treat by Mary10/23/2012

    After paying quite a bit more for a similar product purchased thru my vet, I was delighted to find Joint Max. My 13 year old, larger dog loves it and it seems to help those old bones quite a bit.

    Big help for big dogs by Paul from New Hampshire12/30/2013

    I currently own three Newfoundlands. My dogs were reluctant to try these at first, but now they are the best part of their day. The dogs get very excited at treat time. I am convinced that these treats have improved the quality of my dogs' lives - allowing them to be more mobile and comfortable in their senior years. I had one newf live until she was almost 14, and these treats were a part of her life for the last several years. Now all my dogs get them every day.

    My puppy really loves it. by Hyangdan11/22/2011

    Due to its own size, it's rather a big toy for my puppy but she really loves it and enjoy all day long.

    My dachsunds love them by Baby Ruth12/02/2011

    Had been using another name brand over the years but tried samples sent with my previous order. My dogs love them and this supplement is so important for my 15 year old dachsund. They stay more moist in this container than the previous brand.

    by from 11/30/2011

    If you have an older lab whose mobility is becoming limited due to arthritis, you should definitely buy this product. I had run out of these chews and bought some other brand of joint supplement at the chain pet store. No good: in short order she was again limping and favoring her hind leg.

    and by re-ordered from theI


    good product by ron10/23/2012

    only problem is after about 3 weeks my dog is boor with the flavor and doesn't want to eat any more so I have to bribe her by giving a different treat after she eats the joint-max

    best ever by deb t05/27/2013

    Joint Max triple has made both my geri's feel so good. They're bouncing around puppy like so I know they feel good! Thanks to Triple Max!

    Best Purchase by maggie from leesburg, fl11/06/2013

    My 9 year old Yorkie mix has been limping and favoring his left rear leg. He needed help getting on bed and couch and in the car. After just a week on the triple max relief he is running and jumping like his old self. His eyes are bright and shinny and he is acting like a puppy again. I'm so happy now and so is my best buddy.

    Great product! by JS from VA04/14/2014

    I have been giving my aging Husky these Joint Max chews for about 6 months now and can honestly say I have seen an improvement in her mobility. She loves the taste (thinks they are treats!) and waits for me to put them in her food bowl every morning. Fantastic purchase.

    They really help by joep from US12/03/2013

    I've given my older dog (Golden Retriever) joint pills before, but they didn't work nearly as well as Joint Max. He has hip dysplasia, and Joint Max Triple Strength definitely gives him more freedom of movement. He runs and plays more since we started with these.

    These are Great ! by Happy T Dog from Deerfield Beach, FL04/03/2012

    Great for my 13 year old shepherd/chow mix - make him dance around at dinner time.

    Get Your Act Together, EP! by Craig06/26/2012

    I bought this product a few years ago. Gradually, my dog grew to dislike the taste so I was pleasantly surprised when they re-formulated and it smelled like bacon. My last 2 purchases were the bacon-smelling chew and my dog loved them (go figure). I re-ordered recently and Entirely Pets sent me the old formula that my dog won't eat. What's Up Entirely Pets? It's a good product, but lack of consistancy is simply stupid. 1 star from me!

    Wonderful Product by deedee00706/11/2013

    We have used this product for our now 12 yr old Rottie for the past 2 yrs. He has had surgery on both knees and does suffer from arthritis. He does not appear to be as stiff when he first rises from sleeping or throughout the day - We have noticed improvement in his mobility.

    by Christy02/19/2013

    Great product & my doggies love it... great for the one that has had his 2nd knee replacement!

    by from 12/24/2012

    Gabby loves the taste of Joint MAXX soft chews. She thinks it's a treat. She also loves being able to get up without struggling. It has really helped her hips. She doesn't have hip dysplasia (sp??), but she is stiff in that area. I started out giving her 4 every day. Now we're down to 2 or 3, and she's doing great.

    also by a from betterJoint


    Joint Max Really helped. by Shelby from NY01/16/2015

    I purchased this for my black lab when she was about months old. Her hip was very bad and it was easy to see that she struggled at times. She grew so quickly and is presently about 75 lbs. We saw a replacement in her future. She is now almost 3 years old and this product as helped tremendously. It may not keep her going forever, but it has extended the time to when she may need that surgery. We also give her a quality dog food and try to keep her weight down as much as we can to relieve the stress on the hip. We give her 4 tablets a day, two in the morning and two at night. She looks forward to getting them and eats them like a treat. Before using this product, she was rather docile and had trouble in the winter. Now she is very active and runs and plays. This winter hasn't affected her at all. I would suggest this for anyone with a pet with similar issues. I would use one tablet for every 20 lbs.

    Tasty treat makes the medicine go down! by Canvasback Labradors from Marydel, MD03/11/2014

    I have been a Labrador breeder for 25 years. As a large breed dog they are prone to joint disease such as hips and elbows. Joint Max triple strength soft chews, allow me to give each dog , both young and old, a daily special treat - with the support they need. I keep all my dogs on Joint Max, from 8 week old puppies with their rapidly growing joints - to my senior citizens to keep them in smooth motion through retirement. Highly recommend.

    Joint Max by ivulture55 from Michigan04/24/2013

    Great product. I have had trouble getting my fussy GSD to eat other joint products. With Joint Max he eats them no problem.. He has his fluid movement back.. Thank You Joint Max.

    New Flavor, not so good. by flarexanne from Florida10/18/2011

    I have been buying this product for quite a while now and my dogs are doing great on it and they LOVED the flavor. That is, until now.. My male dog will still eat them with great gusto, which is good because he has bad knees and with this product he is his old self again BUT, my lady does NOT like the new flavor and I have a hard time getting her to eat them. The original flavor she would turn inside out for. BRING BACK THE OLD FLAVOR!! or at least give us a choice. This is a great product that I am so very glad I found but why mess with something that is already perfect?

    Love it by Andural6901/28/2014

    Been using forever and my 11 year old shepherd has no joint or arthritis issues.

    Awesome joint product. by Katie from Las Vegas, NV01/18/2012

    Best joint product ever. Excellent for young and old dogs. Cures any limps your dog may have from running, playing or just old age. All of my dogs take this product daily and have also convinced other family members to feed their dogs these as well. My bulldogs run like greyhounds after using this product

    Best arthritis treat! by jnerak from Cherry Hill, NJ11/30/2011

    My dog LOVES Joint Max triple strength soft chews. He is a black lab/huskie mix and 13 years old now - so is having joint pain from arthritis. When I added these treats daily, his mobility really improved. He even runs sometimes - it is great to see him moving with less pain. I would highly recommend these treat - some of the other brands he doesn't like. But he gobbles these down and wants more!

    Difficult all around by Kubotafoot from Burlington, CT08/09/2013

    3 dogs on them. Ate them like candy for 2 days. Now won't touch them. Actually made them ill. Know they work for some, but not us. Try it ecause it does work for some but for my 3....made them worse.

    by Darby06/03/2014

    Just started giving these to Tag so I haven't seen any difference so far. I imagine it takes a while to be effective.

    Great product; excellent value by Happy's mom from Deerfield Beach, FL11/09/2011

    These chews have been great for our dog ! He's now about 11 and they keep him active. Great website with easy ordering, excellent prices. Will definitely order again when this container is finished

    Great support for older dogs by amethystapple from Portland, Oregon05/28/2013

    I have a 12 year old Bouvier who recently injured her hind legs and hips. I was very concerned about her healing and her ability to use her hips and hind legs without shaking while going to the bathroom. Someone at the dog park told me about Joint Max Triple. I immediately ordered it. We've been using joint max triple for about 10 months and my 12 year old Bouvier is doing much better. In addition, she loves the product and considers it a treat. Best of all, no more quivering hips and legs. I'm very grateful.

    Great value by JimJ from Fort Worth, TX09/28/2013

    For the amount of ingredients, these chews pack a punch. We use them, along with Missing Link Joint formula, and both of our dogs seem to get around a lot easier. The new formula seems to carry a more potent scent, but the dogs still gobble them up.

    by from 08/15/2013

    My dog Libby has arthritis and has difficulties when sitting down and standing back up. I noticed at about week 4 of taking Joint Max Triple strength, she was able to sit and stand with ease! She is running and playing again! I am very pleased with this product and have already recommended it to several of my co-workers and friends.

    Libby" by Awesome Product for Pain Relief from TammySincerely,


    Great Product by Cody's Person from Roanoke, Va11/23/2011

    I have used these soft chews for my dogs for years. They are great and make a noticible difference quickly in large dogs who have joint issues - as well as in older dogs.

    Great Product by Anne from Lincoln,RI10/25/2011

    This product has helped my dog with her arthritis greatly. She's more mobile now and climbs stairs with more ease. She loves the taste and it is easy to give.

    Great for older dogs with mobility problems by Bushelon from Bellmore, NY10/25/2011

    My 15 year old Labrador Retriever Mix has been using these triple strength joint chews for many years and is still able to get around quite easily! I highly recommend them for all dogs with mobility issues.

    Excellent Product by Cindy07/11/2013

    I have been using Triple Joint Max soft chews for years now and definitely credit this product with keeping the arthritis manageable in my lab mix. Thank you for making such a natural supplement that actually works!

    Dogs love these by lexiedogmom from Cheshire, MA01/26/2013

    I have four dogs, the youngest of which is 5 1/2. It's a great feeling to give a treat that they all love so much, and at the same time to know that these contain good medication for their joints.

    by Dog Friendly11/14/2011

    I never write reviews on the internet. In fact, this will be my first (and probably the last) review in my life because I really don't care about many products. However, I have to share my opinion on this one. It is the best canine product I have ever seen. My Lab mix went from barely able to walk to 100% completely fine. There are virtually no traces of hip problems or arthritis at all!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Sue07/14/2014

    My brother was giving his senior black lab these for years to help with her joints. When he started fostering my senior dog he started giving her these too, but not every day. Since she is going to be 9 in a couple of weeks, we started giving her one a day. She loves them!

    Great Product by Sharon06/03/2014

    I have used Joint Max III for several years. I believe my dogs are better for it. Mine (6) are all rescues and healthy. The oldest is 13 and the youngest 2. It is tasty, since they all eat it as if it is a treat. I will continue to use it.

    good investment in your dog by Neo from MD06/03/2012

    I have given this product to my dogs for several years.Great results. I truly believe in the product.

    The maple bacon kind????? by Fitchik from Mooresville, NC04/03/2012

    My four Labs LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! The puddles of drool every time it's treat time are unbelievable...plus, they're good for them!!! Entirely Pets has the best price and their special discounts really help.

    by silver10/22/2012

    Buy this product. It works well. My golden retriever suffered from joint pain. After walks she would limp. No more limping since she takes two soft chews a day.

    We love Joint Max Chews by Salvador's Mom from Sacramento, CA12/04/2013

    We've been using them for years with our large dogs to make sure they have the best joint support possible. We had used more expensive brands in the past, but when I realized the ingredients were the same, we switched. Our 2 dogs love them, we use them as a treat and the drooling starts as soon as I open the container!

    Works great by Dogmom5 from Birmingham, AL01/04/2014

    I have been giving my 12 year old Border Collie these for about a month now and she is feeling so much better. She had started slowing down and being real stiff in her low back. Playing, stairs and the cold weather were taking a toll. After about a week and half of taking 2 a day I could tell she was doing better. So happy I purchased these for her.

    Joint Max Triple Strenght - The Best by Large Dog Lover10/31/2013

    I own Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees; both known to have joint issues. One of my newfs actually had TPO surgery when she was 7 months old. My newfs turn 9 today (Halloween girls). I put them on Joint Max Triple Strength about 6 months ago. Within a week I saw improvement in range of motion. Now, 6 months later, they are back to running around with the rest of the pack. Amazing product!

    Great stuff by RV from Las Vegas12/19/2013

    My Golden was in trouble due to arthritis in the hind legs and triple Max made a great change for the better- she's even trotting after the tennis ball again! Even the neighbors remark on how good she's doing- great product Thanks RV

    great vitamins by futbol mom from Lynnwood,Wa.06/17/2013

    our dog is old and slow moving at times like getting up from laying down so I believe this helps he doesnt have arthritis or anything but I believe giving him these vitamins that it eases his slow mobility

    joint max triple strength by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK12/31/2013

    This product is fantastic. I have three dogs on it. It really does the job. I have one dog not real crazy about it, because he thinks it is medicine, I add a little dab of can dog food and he scuffs it down. I have another dog that wants more than the dose I give him. I have one dog that is acting like a younger pup after being on the chews. This is my first 240 chews but not my first chews. With as many dogs as I have I have to try to find the best deal.

    Product that works for my pet by billybob from Philadelphia,Pa02/19/2014

    We have a Mastif and Lab mixed 13 year old female dog. The triple max soft chews have provided the mobility and pain relief from debilitating Hip joint problems from age.

    My English Bulldog is able to walk due 2 Joint Max by Kadillac from Mississippi01/01/2013

    Our english bulldog has hip displashia; walking was hard to do for her until we found Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews. She gets around better and she thinks they are treats so they are no trouble to adminiister...

    by from 11/22/2011

    As usual, Entirely Pets always sends out my orders very promptly. This is a big help when I've procrastinated.

    Pagosa Springs, CO by from Thanks"

    B I

    Works great by Debbie from Florida07/10/2012

    I use this on my old english bulldog. He is so old now that he has gotton very weak in the rear legs with authritus. This helps him walk every day of his life, without it he would not be mobile

    Good Product by dpgomez511/06/2012

    Our vet recommends it and our dog loves it. In his doggy 'golden years' (age 11 1/2) and moving well.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by BDSzabo from Puerto Penasco, MEXICO04/11/2013

    I have recommended this to 2 friends, they are currently giving them to their older dogs. I am a repeat purchaser of this product so that speaks for itself! Unfortunately I ran out before shipment arrived. Long story short, my friend delivered them to me about 3 weeks without. They lasted in my 8 year old German Shepard for a week or so before the pain started her whimpering. She couldn't eat the new chews fast enough when they came.

    If nothing else he likes 'em. by PJMath from Macomb, MI04/18/2012

    Purchased the Joint Max because what the doctor prescribed was so expensive. Axle likes them and looks forward to them on a daily basis. Don't quite know if it's working internally, but he doesn't whine as much since taking the supplement after a lot of exercise when his joints would typically be hurting. That's good enough for me, he likes them and we are now on autoship to make sure we don't run out.

    GREAT PRODUCT !!!!! by skiet from san jose , ca,03/27/2012

    My 12 year old shepherd /chow mix was having major issues getting up and down and climbing stairs and he started to hating the stairs and has even fallen down a few times i had oringally gotten a few of the chews from my cousin but my shepherd decided it tasted so good he stole the bag and chew right though it and ate the remaining pieces of the joint treats but once i saw the sale on it i had to jump on that chance and order a good supply of the great product and at a stronger dose. He loves it and it more then happy to eat his meds now ( so much easier then giving him the tablets) and he is back to jumping around like a puppy but really he is a old man haha this site is total the best and has the best prices on everything it has made such a change to my old man and he is back to feeling great again im very pleased with this product and this site.

    Good for the joints by Monty03/13/2012

    My dog has a fused bone in her front leg and although this doesn't slow her down much, she does need extra support for recurrent inflammation in that leg. I use Joint Max as part of a regimen that also includes prescription drugs and other supplements.

    Our dog LOVES these by Viv from CA04/17/2012

    What a great way to get glucosamine and chondroitin into our dog with hip arthritis. He looks forward to getting these more than his biscuits or chicken jerky. And his hips are bothering him less. Thanks for a great product!

    great! by lap from Dallas01/24/2013

    The dogs love them as a treat and the benefits are amazing!

    Not Sure Yet by Kris01/23/2013

    Just started this product to help with hip displaysia issue. My dog won't eat it so have to put in his food or coat with peanut butter. Can't tell any improvement yet.

    New flavor - New attitude by Happydogowner03/02/2012

    My dog has been taking the Joint Max Triple for years and lately seemed a little bored with them. He would eventually eat them, but not always right away. The new flavor must be great. He sits and waits by the container until he gets his morning Joint Max.

    Easy to give by Joanne from NH10/02/2013

    Hint: you can use these like pill pockets... wrap the pill with it. Do not exceed dose!

    Causes Diarrhea by Mandy Lynn from Mesa, AZ04/21/2014

    Product seemed to improve my dogs' mobility but caused never ending diarrhea in all 3 of them.

    smaller is better by js10/22/2013

    i usually get the smaller bucket but decided to try the larger one. the chews arrived looking desiccated and feeling the same, not sure if it was a bad/old batch or what. they aren't going to get better over time. next time i'll just get the smaller one.

    She Loves the soft chews! by griffin from Riverside, CA02/10/2014

    Can't wait in the am for her "treats" triple strength soft chews Joint Max, but I don't notice any exceptional change in her at this time, but will keep using till gone then will revisit that fact.

    Always Good Service From Entirely Pets by Fred07/23/2013

    My puppy, he's 10 now, a Golden Retriever does better when he is on a steady diet of Joint Max. Entirely Pets is always prompt with delivery, exceeding my expectations.

    Joint Max Triple Strenght flavor? by PhilVV from Columbus, Ohio07/05/2013

    I have been using This product for years and have noticed a change with the product. For a while, some of my orders were wet and slimy, then some were dried up. Entirely Pets exchanged the ones that were dried up. Now, the pellets are consistent with moisture but my dogs don't like the flavor any more. Something has changed and I am beginning to doubt the product. The joint help is hard to tell cause my 14 year old beagle and two five year old dauchs don't have joint problems. Could it be the fish oil, vitamin E, and dog supplements or the Joint Max that is the benefit of good joints? I don't really know but I do know that my dogs don't like the flavor any more. It use to be like a treat, now I have to hide small pieces in their dog food.

    Very good purchase by lwalk202 from Indianapolis IN03/23/2012

    I had been giving my three older dogs the pill version and recently switched to the soft chews. My dogs are eleven and twelve years old and have been having problems with their legs. They did improve on the pills, but the soft chews seem to be helping a lot, and my dogs love them. I plan to keep them on the soft chews from now on. I highly recommend this product.

    by Denny11/07/2012

    My dog has hip displasia and arthritis. The Joint Max triple strength chews help her keep walking with me around our neighborhood every morning. She also likes how they taste. She actually thinks she is getting a treat. Also, these are a good value when compared with other similar brands.

    Great Product by agilityk9z02/02/2013

    Joint Max TS works just as well as Dasuquin MSM, and it's cheaper! Better value, quality product.

    Good value by Honey from Bandon, OR02/14/2012

    Even though the info I found prior to receiving the product seemed to indicate 1000mg of the glucosomine and the reality is that TWO chewies per day are required to make that dosage...it is still a good value. The shipment arrived quickly and the postage fee was reasonable.

    Great Product! by FloridaNative from Tampa, FL04/11/2012

    We have two boxers, Tazz 10yrs and Georgia 6yrs. Before giving the elder one the Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews, he had a very hard time just getting up in the morning. He now gets right up and even runs and plays with the younger dog. I recommend this product very highly!

    Review of Joint Max by Desert Kat07/01/2013

    This product works so very well for my dog's arthritis!! WIthout it he limps and whines. Entirely Pets has the best customer service of an on-line store I deal with.

    Wendy's blessing by Outdoor Nana01/25/2012

    Joint Max was recommended to me & I can't tell what a difference it has made in my dog Wendy's life. She acts like a two year old!! She's actually 10 years old & has hip problems. She's a yellow lab & this is common for the breed. I called my friend that told me about Joint Max & thanked him. He said the same thing about his dog that's a black lab. I tell everyone about the Joint Max & how to order. Wendy says thanks for the boost & she loves the taste!!

    great for older dogs by lise24 from philly10/23/2012

    I give these to my 7 yr old english bull dog who is starting to show some signs of stiffness when he gets up from lying down. These work great! Another plus is that they are soft chews, so for older dogs who have teeth/gum issues they are still able to eat these. My dogs thinks that they are treats!

    by smurffnurse from LOUISIANA03/29/2012


    by threepatty11/14/2012

    I have used the soft chews for my two small dogs for years. I believe the supplement has kept my 14-year-old dog agile and limber. She has even had ACL surgery on her right leg as well as major heart surgery last year. I also believe that the soft chews are keeping my 8-year-old dog free from joint discomfort. I give them the soft chews every day and would recommend them to anyone who has a dog of any age.

    by from 04/04/2012

    long time user by 2manydogs from Tonopah, NV01/19/2014

    definitely helps increase mobility in my older dogs. First time users should note that it takes a couple of weeks to see noticeable improvement.

    3 years on these, and still doing great! by Owned by Dixie from New York, NY03/13/2013

    Dixie has bad joints, always has. I've tried Cosequin etc, but nothing showed improvements like this stuff. I sometimes alternate between this and G3 pellets, just to keep it new to her system. She's 8 and doing great! Side bonus is her coat is so thick and incredibly soft.

    Get some for your Precious Dog by Leet02/22/2011

    I have a 14yr old rat terrier that I was given to me when she was 8 years old. She had been in a dog fight with a large dog. She was hurt on her hip and healed well but developed arthritis where it was very hard for her to get up and down to walk. This has really helped her tremendously to get up & down better. It has helped her as she walks and plays with a one year old weiner dog which has also kept her going. Thank you for having this available to us at an unbelievable price. I have gotten my mother to get some for her 17 year old Black Lab. It has also helped her to get around as well. Hopefully this will help keep her around longer than not having it. Thank you so very much. Leet

    Very pleased by Wendy from Chiefland, Fl03/22/2012

    I am very pleased with the purchase of this item. My dogs don't even hesitate to eat this, and their mobility seems ot be better.

    Loved By My Dog (And Me) by Mary from Festus, MO07/16/2013

    Lady loves her "chocolates" and looks forward to them at each meal. They've helped with her arthritis and stiffness. Best part is they are more than comparable with the product from my vet but the price is much more reasonable. Recommended it to the gal who owns the kennel where Lady stays when we're out of town and she's had the same results with her dogs.

    Give this to my Black Lab to improve joint comfort by smaier6 from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA08/05/2012

    My lab has had 2 major surgeries on her knees and I give this to her to help with the joints. It seems to help her move around more freely and with less authritus pain.

    Outstanding Product by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida05/30/2013

    All of my beagles take triple joint max soft chews daily. I put it in with their dinner. It definitely has benefited the quality of movement in their joints. I have been using this product for several years and would never think of not using it. Outstanding product with excellent results in a very short period of time.

    Great supplement for active older dogs... by HHP from Lafayette, CO08/21/2014

    We started giving this to our 10 yr old cattle dog as he was started to get a tad gimpy after a lot of running after the balls, etc thrown for him. He loves to eat them and we give him one morning and night. We didn't really notice anything until about 6 months after we started giving this to him (and after we also added Happy Hips Canned Food to his food)...but now he is hardly ever gimpy and is able to enjoy chasing after his frisbees and balls without pain...this is really good because we almost thought we would have to start him on Rimadyl, which we want to avoid...so giving him a more natural supplement has been great! Have stocked up when they are on sale so he can stay strong and healthy as long as possible!

    Great product by Celticgreatdanes from Sardinia, Ohio03/19/2014

    Love this product, but my picky eater doesn't like the chews. Guess I go back to the granular version

    by Steve from PA01/13/2013

    Our painful arthritis is relieved by a daily dose of Joint MAX.

    great results and good value by Sal from Minnesota03/28/2014

    we are pleased with the results of the Joint Max on our old dog. She no longer limps along, but walks with her usual gait, I do recommend this supplement

    Excellent Product by Jay from North Carolina09/15/2014

    My dog loves these soft chews! They certainly do what they are supposed to do!

    joint max 3x by buddy10/12/2013

    he likes them and they help him combine with novox and he can walk again

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by LizShelby from Kissimmee Florida07/25/2013

    This is an excellent products that works well, it is easy to give as pets love it and mine would eat the whole bucket in one go if allowed :)

    Great Product by Mike08/21/2012

    13 year old Border Collie that has joint problems like all us old folks but this product was recommended by a friend and this is our second round. It seems to help. She is still stiff but it seems to lessen considerably after she gets going. Willing to do anything to get our buddy relief and this seems like a good thing.

    by Lovemydogs11/08/2013

    I've been giving this to my 14yo greyhound for several years. She thinks it's a treat! Little does she know it's helping with her arthritis.

    flavor lacking by mom09/25/2013

    My dog spits these out becasue she doesn't like the taste. I can attest they do have a foul odor .

    Excellent Product by Becky from Oregon04/15/2013

    This is a wonderful supplement for dogs. Mine look forward to bed time and their treat. My older dogs stay active and have no issues with joint pain and stiffness. They are able to run and go on hikes into their teens.

    My Dogs love this product by Barb's dogs from Phoenix, AZ12/30/2012

    My sister suggested this product to me for my dogs. Her dogs love it and mine do to. They look forward to it like a treat and it is doing great for their joints too. My dogs are both 11 years and this seems to make ther ups and downs move easier. I suggested it to a coworker and she has been giving it to her dogs also. Thanks for making my dogs happier.

    Great Product by BeaglesnestMD from MD10/05/2014

    My Older beagles, Ben and Jerry, love this product. They get upset with me if I run out because then they have trouble getting around. Ben had to stop taking asprin for his arthritis because he started having bloody stool from an ulcer and became anemic. So we did some research and found Blood and Energy for his anemia and the Joint Max for his Joints. Jerry takes prednisone for a Joint issue also and Joint Max allows us to ween down the prednisone and even stop it from time to time. Sometimes they are not as soft and moist as we would like. Maybe they could be kept in a more stay fresh pouch. We received a sample of the same item and the sample was MUCH moister. Overall, we love Joint Maxand we are glad that this product is available. Ben and Jerry's legs thank you too. THANK YOU from Ben and Jerry at the BeaglesnestMD

    Best for best price by Bev12/24/2012

    I've had my last 5 rottweilers on Joint Max supplements. I did a comparative study and Joint Max has superior ingredients for a much better price than other brands. And the dogs think they are chewy treats!

    Great product by Alpacajan from Az.12/30/2013

    My dogs love these chews. They would eat more than the recommended dose if I allowed them. All my dogs are seniors and the vet is very pleased with their mobility. I attribute it to using these chews.

    Been using it for years by Elfdust02/07/2012

    Great, dogs enjoy very much. I, however, am not crazy about the NEW formula....sticky...yuck.

    Great by Cindy from ohio06/05/2013

    This is a great product, I have 2 dogs with arthritis and this supplement is easy to give, they love them! I would recommend Joint Max for all dogs!

    Soft Chews are great! by Finian Fan from Little Rock, AR07/18/2014

    Our vet said that it is a great idea to give these to our wonderful Cardigan Corgi Finian [whose name means "handsome"]. Fin is 13 now and seems to be benefitting from our adding the chews to his daily diet. He really does like them, and I use them instead of some type of pill pockets for medications since he gobbles them down, no matter what is tucked inside. This is my second order of the Soft Chews.

    Triple Joint Max by Terry from Tucson, AZ04/29/2012

    Great product! My dog loves the new flavor too.

    joint max 3x great meds by dukeboy03/18/2013

    just seeing my dogs being able to move better and jump up is worth every bit of the financial expense. I am very pleased with the product.

    joint care by jnbridle from La Porte, IN06/03/2013

    Easy to give--dogs love them. Works well for older dogs.

    Good Product by NZ from Peshtigo, Wi02/06/2013

    My dog loves them and I believe its helps her joints.

    Best buy for the money by prince from Ohio07/09/2012

    Joint Max Triple Strength has been a life saver for my 92lb Mastif/Pit mix, dog. She pulled the muscles in both her back knees when she was less than a year old. The Joint Max definitely was a big help in her recovery and now is the major part of maintaining her health. For several months, she could not run like she had before her injury,but just the other day, she actually chased a deer across the neighbor's yard with no trouble or pain at all. We will continue the Joint Max daily.

    Excellent Product by Carol from Saint Augustine, Florida07/17/2013

    I have been giving Joint Max to my nine-year old golden retriever for years and am very happy with the results. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was only one, and this product has helped her remain a happy, energetic, and active girl!

    by DF03/25/2012

    The new and improved flavor enticed my picky bichon to eats these!

    Couldn't have asked for more. by Joan from Old Bridge, NJ04/04/2014

    My 12 year old cocker spaniel could no longer run and had a terrible limp for a year before I tried this product. After 3 weeks she was back to running and jumping as she normally did - incredible!! I highly recommend Joint MAX.

    joint max soft chews by mike p. from pasco county fl01/03/2014

    we were using another brand of soft chews for 6 years,switched to joint max last year ,we are very satisfied with the product and the price.

    Great purchase by Glory from Ringwood ,N.J.06/26/2014

    My charger ( flat - coated retriever ) love these and it is helping his large hips with a lot of movement ..easier for him to get up and down since we started using these treats .. Thank you ... Dawn V.

    Great product by Robin from Texas02/12/2012

    I have my six dogs on this...they love the flavor!!!! Make sure you give it to them on a full tummy...it will irritate their tummy's if you don't...

    very helpfull product by Ruth & Bill05/13/2011

    Our Briard, Maggie, will be 13 years old next month. She started to have trouble with her back hips & legs a few years ago. We started on the Joint Max Triple strength soft chews at that time. We saw improvement right away after starting the chews. Although she still has some trouble we are confident she would be a lot worse without the chews.

    My dogs love it! by Peaches02/02/2014

    Both of my dogs have hip problems. I know it helps ease their discomfort as they are so much more playful. I believe they both like the taste as they prefer the soft chews to any of their other treats. Maybe they know the benefits too!

    Excellent for Arthritic dogs! by CattleDogGirl01/29/2013

    I have tried other glucosamine products for my senior dog, but found Joint Max Triple strength chews to work the best and have used it for years, prolonging from putting him on prescription meds. Now I have 2 senior dogs on this and they beg for their "treats" everyday!

    by cori from campbell, ca03/06/2012

    This is the only chewable arthritus supplement that has both choindroitin and glucocoseim. My dog enjoys the taste and seems to be less sore.

    My boys love them by lawyerdoug from Memphis, TN07/19/2014

    These are what I was looking for. I've been giving my two boys these type of treats for two years now and the quality of the name brand they were getting got really bad recently. That led to an all out search for a similar product and this is the best thing I found. Its actually probably better than the old product we used. Both of my boys love their "stinky treats" and wont eat their breakfast or dinner until they've had them. They both are older dogs and seem to respond very well to the ingredients. These keep them young at heart, even if they arent actually young!

    the best by ladymcbeth11/15/2011

    These really help my sheltie out, and she enjoys them as a treat.....

    Libby Loves Them by EvaAupperlee from Northern New Jersey02/22/2014

    Our black lab Libby is 11 years old. This old lady has some aches and pains. These are helping her. She loves the flavor and as soon as she sees the tub her tail is wagging. I am so grateful I came across EntirelyPets. We are very satisfied with everything we have purchased so far..Thank You

    Great Stuff by jb01/08/2012

    This product has helped my 11 year old Border Collie so much. I make sure I don't run out.

    Used to be good. by Kennedyjrae from Brighton, CO09/30/2013

    I have been buying this product for years and it was always consistent. The shelf life was good, as I usually ordered 2 - 3 240-count tubs at once and stored them in a cool, dry place. Unfortunately the purchase before last I ended up throwing away at least 30 treats if not more because there was mold growing on them. Once the final tub was finished I ordered 2 more tubs and the new treats are so moist, and must smell or taste different, because now my dogs won't touch them. My boyfriend was planning to call the manufacturer to figure out what can be done. In the meantime we are not using anything and are searching for a replacement product.

    A great product, but at an even better price! by StephenHoward195912/06/2012

    I have a Shitzu who hurt her back at an early age. She also suffers from Inflammable Bowel Disorder (That can get really messy!). She has to take prednisone daily.So to help keep her weight & IBD in check,I don't give her ANY treats of any kind. Well that's depends on how you look at it. I give her these softchews to help her back, but to her it's manna from Heaven AKA her Treats. She sleeps in her crate & when she kniws I'm going to give her these soft chews, she gets in her crate w/out me saying anything, it's great! I can also break it into little peices so she doesn't swallow it whole & to her, the more the merrier. She benefits from the medicine, doesn't cause inflammation & she's an Angel at bedtime! Try them out. The price is great & the benefits are too, take it from another dog lover who loves his dog too!

    Great Stuff by hsgregg02/22/2011

    My 9 year old lab/mix has been on this stuff since he had knee surgrey 3 years ago and he still acts like a pup when we go for our 2 mile walk everyday. I would totally recommended Joint Max . ***** (FIVE STARS)

    Great Stuff! by DogGuyOKC10/04/2013

    I gave these soft chews to my Golden Retriever for years. She loved them, and I have to believe they work, because when she passed away earlier this year - at 17 years and 9 months old - she had no hip problems at all. Got a new Chocolate Lab about the same time, and she'll always be on them! Great stuff!

    Wonderful! by Angie01/27/2014

    Had to start slow with the dose since it upset her stomach. She has had no back end pain so it seems to work!

    Really makes a difference! by lupat from Bradenton, FL12/11/2013

    We have relied on Joint MAX since first being introduced to the Entirely Pets line of products. From the get-go it has helped our golden retriever deal with hip discomfort, observed by us and our vet and ortho-vet. Thanks, Entirely Pets for keeping our guy feeling younger as he hits 9 years of age on Christmas Day!

    Great for sore joints by Kathy from Thornton, Colorado11/04/2011

    I give this product to all four of my dogs and have seen an improvement in their movement. Before the Joint Max getting up and down was slow --- after a few weeks on Joint Max, their movements are easier and less strained --- it continues to improve with time. And another great point --- Entirely Pets has the best price!!!

    by JJL06/09/2012

    Very helpful. Keeps her going strong she was having problems getting up Joint max showed improvement quickly We keep her on it and she does very well. Highly recommend .

    Compare to Synovi G3 by Bob from North Carolina, USA11/10/2013

    . When I got Mattie in 2009 she was seven years old. The previous owners gave her Synovi G3 supplement on the advice of their veterinarian. Mattie definitely has X-Ray confirmed early Canine Hip Dysplasia. . I looked at alternatives to Synovi G3 due to cost. I found Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews attractively priced on EntirelyPets.com. I buy the 240 count bucket of soft chews. I give Mattie one chew twice per day. . The product seems to work very well. I checked the labels carefully to compare Joint MAX Triple Strength to Synovi G3. The products are comparable for Glucosamine. It appears that Joint MAX Triple Strength also has Chondroitin Sulfate. It's not listed on Synovi's ingredient list, but I know that I have seen it in human joint supplements as an adjunct to Glucosamine. I am not a veterinarian, but, to me, having Chondroitin Sulfate along with Glucosamine sounds like a good thing. . Joint MAX Triple Strength seems to work well. Mattie eats the soft chew immediately, so it must taste good to her. I tried one to see what they taste like. They weren't very palatable to me, but Mattie seems to like them. To me they smell very vaguely like dark chocolate, but they definitely don't have theobromine in them and they do not taste at all like chocolate. . Mattie's hips seem to be doing okay in that they don't seem to discomfort her too much. When she sees me come home she will run around and jump excitedly sometimes. She also accelerates from a standstill very hard and very fast when she's chasing down squirrels. It reminds me of videos of Cheetahs, where the distal spine whips back and forth very violently, driving the hips and rear legs with incredible acceleration. I haven't heard her yelp or complain about her hips hurting her. I'm hoping she stays happy and healthy. I think Joint MAX Triple Strength is helping her stay healthy and happy. . Great product. I recommend it for dogs. I do not recommend eating them yourself.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by BC08/18/2014

    Been using this product for quite awhile. Our dog loves them and it has done wonders to aid him with his problem with his hip. We no longer have to worry about him when he runs and he does a lot of that!

    No More Slow Getting Up! by Sue C from Las Vegas, NV01/11/2014

    My dogs are large breed and 5 years and 9 years old. Both have arthritis. My dogs love this treat and have a much easier time getting around.

    Was sent the wrong formula. by Sunny's mom02/07/2012

    I originally rec'd a sample of this product. My dog liked the bacon scented (and I assume bacon flavored) treat. So I ordered the chews & was sent an entirely different product. My dog sniffed it & walked away. When I called customer service they said I was sent the wrong formula. I'm sure these are comparable to the chewable tablets as far as effectiveness but if your dog won't eat it then it's pretty worthless.

    Effective and affordable by AL Dog Lover from Central Alabama11/02/2012

    I have been giving this product to all my dogs for several years, all of which have joint issues. I compared the ingredients with what I can buy at the vets and/or pet stores and it has the same ingredients or more and in higher dosages and the price is very affordable.

    Soft Chews by sjsudrh05/29/2012

    These have helped keep my 10 year old boxer female flexible and active! She acts like a puppy again. And best of all she thinks they are a special treat!

    My old guys love it! by Mojave Sue05/26/2011

    I have two 12-year-old Pharaoh Hounds, and I have been giving them the chews twice a day for several years. They both love them and come running as soon as they hear the snap of the lid being opened. The larger of my boys has arthritis in his spine and some stiffness in his back legs. There is no question that the chews have helped his movement. His brother shows no signs of any problems, and I truly believe that is a direct result of his having been given the chews as a "preventatitve" to keep his joints healthy!

    Excellent Product by DOGMOM27 from New England02/16/2012

    I have used these in the past with very good results and then tried others because I wanted to avoid the soybean oil. Everything else I tried was either unremarkable or caused digestive upsets. These are very well tolerated and the positive results are almost immediate. I am giving them to my Standard Poodles aged 14, 12 and 9 and 3 of my Shih Tzus aged 11, 10, 7. I would recommend purchasing them or at least try the penny sample.

    Dog loves these Soft Chews by jhanraha from millington,nj07/31/2013

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS My dog loves these. Affter two knee surgeries we started using these and he seems to be moving around much better

    triple joint chews by rab01/01/2013

    My dogs do not like the new flavor since it was changed... the old flavor was one that they loved to eat. this one, even if I break it into small pieces, they try to leave it behind in their food bowls.

    Great Purchase by Kel12/19/2011

    These are great glucosamine treats. My dog loves them. I have only just started giving them to her daily, so I haven't noticed a huge difference yet in her movement. She's a 5 year old beagle and she has some stiff back legs when she gets up from lying down. I thought these might help out a little bit. She loves them, and I'm hopeful that they'll keep her more limber!

    Joint Max by stefanpdx from Portland, OR02/22/2013

    Our (now) 11 year old yellow lab has been on Joint Max for years. He rarely has joint issues like he did before we started his regimen of 2 per day.

    Max triple strength soft chews by Joanie from Mountain top, pa01/08/2013

    We bought these for our boxer/pit bull mix, my husband takes her for long walks in the woods, I noticed she was sore after the walks, so at age 2 I started her on these, she shows no sign of soreness , I give her 1 in the morning and 1 with dinner, on workout days she gets more, there is a loading dose to start with but she has been on them for years now, I wouldn't buy anything else, great great product. Smells like beef jerky. Maxie is a healthy 4yrs old. I bought the tablets once but they came all crushed so we stick with the chews

    great joint supplement by wacysup from Austin ,Texas10/22/2012

    Have had my 13yr old Beagle Mix on this for about 3 years now, and it has really helped with her joint pain/arthritis and improved her mobility. She gets 1 twice a day. Soft chewy treat form makes it hassle free..even the young dogs want one. Very reasonably priced. I buy the 240 ct. and I store a weeks supply in a smaller container so they stay soft and pliable, as I slip her meds into the middle. You can keep in large container, but I have found that they start to dry out a little bit over time that way and crumble when I try to squish the pill into it. Hope this helps. FYI, do a google search for "entirely pets discount codes". You can usually find a free s/h, or atleast 10% off

    Great purchase by Tessa's Nana from Chiefland, FL08/23/2012

    This is my third order of Joint Max Triple Strenght, it seems to be helping with the joint mobility of my dogs. The flavor has changed and there is a stronger odor but it does not seem to effect my dogs eating it, I recommend this product.

    Dogs love it and it works by trappedintropics from We live in Keaau, Hawaii06/12/2012

    Joint max triple strength is working well, I have notice a great differance since starting my dogs on this product. It needed to build up in the dogs system and now they are moving alot easier. I have 5 dogs and 3 of them need the joint max triple strength.

    Joint care by Gagen from Yucca, AZ05/27/2012

    My dogs love them! They are great for my 8 year old Bulldog who has had both knees replaced. We will soon be ordering more.

    Great delivery and product. Superbbbbb by Patricio Sanchez from Madrid - Spain11/03/2011

    Unbeatable delivery to Spain and son good product. I will repeat for sure. Thanks guys !

    by from 02/18/2012

    Our geriatric (nearing 16) Bichon has been getting these for several years now. He eats them readily (no test; he'll eat anything vaguely food-like, unlike our big dogs), and they seem to have helped slow the degradation of his mobility, though I haven't tried cutting him off to see if he would get worse.

    him by on from PhycoxOur


    Been using for years by Dianna from Austin, Texas04/09/2013

    I have been using this supplement on my dogs for many years and it does help their athritis and hip dysplasia. It costs less than other brands that the vet recommended and is stronger. I recommended this to my sister for her dog and it has helped the dog tremendously. They like the taste also.

    Thriple Max Soft Chews by John09/16/2013

    We shifted our 14 year-old Lab from the table form to the soft chews as it is easier for her to digest. End results seem to be the same.

    really helps my old girl by clearskye10/23/2013

    My elderly dog has been on Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews for a few years now. She loves the soft chews, and clearly it has relieved some of her discomfort.

    It seems to work! by Lea & Cora from Tennessee01/13/2012

    My two elderly dogs have been on Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews for about 4 years. Their mobility for 10 and 11 years old has maintained since I began using it. I would recommend!

    by nance11/07/2011

    my dog loves the product, thinks it's a treat, shhh! Don't tell him its good for him !!!

    Very Convenient Product by Cheryl from Hesperia, CA02/07/2012

    In the past whenever I ordered Joint Max Triple Strength products, they were in the granulated form. This time, I ordered the Soft Chews because they were offered at a value price, and I'm so glad I did. The Soft Chews are very convenient. Just take one out of the tub and hand it to your dog! No more scooping and mixing granules into the dog food. And my dogs love them. They have a rich aroma and are moist and chewy. Joint Max aids in keeping my dogs' joints limber and pain free. This is an excellent product and I recommend it highly.

    Keeps Me Moving by Luca James from Healdsburg, CA10/22/2012

    I act like a puppy when I take Joint Max Triple Strength


    I first purchased this product for my 11 year old German Shorthair Pointer. She was having trouble getting up and down. She also could not run very well. After 1 month on this product she was like a new puppy, she lived to be 13 years old and we gave her 1 a day. We also started our second Shorthair on this at age 4. Love this product.

    by from 12/24/2012

    Fast fast fast - Smooth and easy transaction.

    one by and from all."Happy


    Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews by Dublindreamer from Central Ny11/18/2012

    This product works. My 10 year old beagle mix has been on the product for many months now. She is acting like a puppy again. Yesterday she jumped up on the foot rest of my recliner tag wagging and acting frisky! She has to stay young to keep up with her three year old border collie lab mix buddy. We bought him for her when our older dogs died. She would do even better on the Joint Max if she would stopping jumping off the porch instead of taking the stairs. My daughters 2 year old cat has been on the cat formula for the same length of time for a hip disorder and is to extremely well. This product is far superior to Cosequin which had no affect on my critters.

    good by gijang from SEOUL04/22/2014

    Still salaries effective initial place you can not build a good tidy. But quite fond of my canine companion. Care for this meokim ansseuge by the joint just as good as already think this effect.

    Joint max by Jaebird from Fort Myers, Fl10/20/2011

    We have 4 English bulldogs and 1 cairn terrier. All have been talking their suggested dosage for over 5 years. 2 bulldogs are 10 years old, 2 are 6 and the terrier is 7. If u think this product will not work think again! It does! We walk every morning and night with very little effort. Thank you Entirely Pets for making this affordable and Joint Max.

    best purchase ever by toots07/29/2012

    joint max triple strength soft chews, has helped our dog !!! what a great product !!!

    Feeling spry by ENT nurse from Hubert,NC05/30/2012

    My beautiful 10 year old yellow lab is waggin her tail and playing with her 3 frisky brothers rather than sitting and watching! Great product !

    Super Product by Pitbullgranny from Florida02/23/2011

    I have 3 over 100 lb. pitbulls ages 8,8,9 yrs. who are very active and work out with a trainer 3x weekly. I have been giving them the MAX TRIPLE SOFT CHEWS daily for past year and they have overcome soreness in their joints. Their coats are healthier too. I love this so much I have a regular order shipped to my daughter for her busy beagle mix in N.C. She is my four legged granddaughter standin and had sore hip problems due to arthritis and colder weather. I had such great success I shippped product directly from Entirely Pets when I placed my order.My daughter is a scientist and particular with what she gives her pet. MAX TRIPLE SOFT CHEWS has given her back her active doggy life. My daughter and I totally endorse this product. All of our babies love the taste! Love From a Florida Granny.

    Not sure by truth from West Palm Beach, FL07/17/2012

    Been giving this to my two Shelties for over a month and have not noticed any improvement. Appears to be a waste of money.

    Joint max triple by Brad05/04/2014

    We love this product and so do our two yellow labs at 110 pounds each. I would recommend this product to everyone

    Works great! by Annie from Simpsonville SC07/06/2012

    We have tried other joint products. We see more results with Joint Max.

    Joint Max Triple strength soft chews by Hillwd40 from Idaho Falls Idaho10/22/2012

    I have a 10 year old lab female with hip problems and Joint Max gives her relef from pain.

    New Favorite "Treat" by Pointer Mom from NE Ohio07/30/2014

    My 2 German Shorthaired Pointers can't wait until they get their Joint Max every day. It is a new favorite for them. It all started when the box arrived, they were going nuts for me to open it! They are 11 1/2, so a joint supplement is a part of their lives. With this, they're playing, running and finding critters to track down without any discomfort!

    Fantastic product! Shipping surprise : 0 by 4eversunshine from Toronto!11/17/2012

    The good: I have re-ordered this as it really is helping my senior lab. She loves them and we love her so anything we can do to help her is such a relief. The bad: We are in Canada and I was disappointed at the surprise extra charge I had to pay (in cash) from the carrier - it would have been better to know this may happen above and beyond the 19.99 shipping charge - customer service was not very helpful in this regard at all - cmon even a small discount on a future order would have been very much appreciated.

    Great product by Stella's mom from California08/25/2014

    I was using Synovi and decided to try Joint Max Triple for my 14 year old pit, she loves them. I ordered on Monday and I received them on Wednesday.

    Great for Joints by MastiffMom from Raleigh, NC10/23/2012

    Brutus is a 10 year old Neopolitan Mastiff. He was suffering from some stiffness due to arthritis in his front legs. He's been taking Triple Joint Max for almost 3 months now and has responded very well. We still have days where he needs to take a Rimadyl but he acts like he's 2 years younger. It's been wonderful for him!

    Helps with Discomfort by shortstuff03/28/2012

    I have 2 elderly dogs who have benefited from taking Triple Strength Joint Max. They move much better these days! Since they love the taste, we use the soft chews as treats. We've recommended Joint Max to several of our friends at the dog park, too.

    Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews by MIKE11/03/2011

    We ordered these several mos. ago and were dissappointed that our dog wouldn't eat them. So, we would crumble them up in her food which, she still didn't seem to eat very well. When we were looking for another product we just couldn't find the value offered by Joint Max so, we decided to keep breaking it up in her food. WOW.....Were we surprised when we found that she loves them and eats them up with vigor. (She is not one to eat out of your hand...even for us.) The new flavor made a huge difference and we are extremely pleased with our decision to continue with JOINT MAX SOFT CHEWS! THANK YOU!!!!

    Excellent Product by Angels' human from Troutville, Va06/19/2012

    Contains all the right ingredients in the right strength according to my Vet. My dog Angel really loves them; esprcially since they added bacon flavoring.

    Tasty and easy to use by scorpio19th from Austin, Texas07/19/2012

    I believe Joint Max is a very good product. It's tasty and my dogs love it. Plus, the soft chews can be "molded" around other pills to make them easier to give.

    Joint Max triple Strength soft chews by EZ from Camarillo, CA02/09/2012

    I have an older Search & Rescue Area dog that had shoulder problems. I was thinking about retirement for him, until I was told about your Joint Triple Strength from a team mate. We have used this product for about 6 mo. Wow, what a difference, he's running like a pup. Its great to see him work with out pain. Thank you

    Quality product by truss from Prince William County, VA01/23/2014

    I've given Joint MAX TRIPLE strength for many years to my, now, 12YO pit bull. She tore her first ACL at age 3 1/2 and her other a year later. Both were repaired with artifitial ligaments and the vet advised Mackenzie would most certainly develop early arthritis. Having just turned 12, she maintains full range of motion and ability to lay like a frog! She runs and jumps like a puppy, and shows no signs of arthritis to date. Mackenzie accepts the chew each day like a treat. Awesome product! Thank you for helping keep my girl healthy.

    great for dogs with hip ailments, aging joints by cpetersen11/27/2012

    My husky mix began showing early signs of hip dysplasia around 5 years old, and we started using Joint Max after a radiograph showed he still had some cartilage remaining. Within a couple weeks, he was back to his old playful self; he is now 10, still energetic and mobile, and he has also been able to stave off arthritis and maintain cartilage in his hip joints thanks to Joint Max.

    by Dianna10/24/2011

    great stuff! :-) Dog loves the taste... dog is way more active and youthful.

    My dog loves his joint chews by hajime from Sacramento,CA03/04/2014

    My Sheltie was beginning to have regular joint pain when he jumped,. On my veterinarian's recommendation, we got the joint compound. Not only does my dog love the taste, but it has made a significant difference in his joint health. He no longer has the joint pain he used to.

    really good product by Nikki's mom06/25/2013

    We have been giving this supplement to our English Setter for two plus years. She has a hip that was dislocated several years ago. The discomfort from the old injury was beginning to affect her walking. Since we starting giving her joint max triple strength, she has improved significantly.

    Joint Max as a Treat. by Maybe. from Everett Washington01/21/2012

    Hello, My 13 year old Yellow Lab loves these treats and I'm sure they are good for his joints. The old formula was perfect and I could put his arthritis medicine in them easily. The new flavor formula seems to be cut into pieces from a rubber tube. When you break a treat open to stash the pill in it the treat will not smash together and simply becomes two pieces. Now I have to find a treat that I can hide his medicine in. Bummers, Bill

    Good product, but old recipe better by Dawnedolittles03/28/2012

    My 14 year old lab mix definitely shows improvement with the Triple Formula. We've been using this product for a long time, and it seems to be the most effective. I think the new formula smells so nasty, whereas the smell of the old formula was actually pretty pleasing.

    Excellent by Jayne02/25/2011

    I would never have thought that something could help my yellow lab. He had just turned 4 and started limping and crying when he got up. I have been giving joint max to him for a year now and now he can jump up on my bed without any assistance. This is a great product and I highly recommend it!!!!

    Fantastic Find by desdi5 from San Marcos, Tx12/03/2011

    We have two large goldendoodles that love this supplement as the treat of the day, It keeps their big bones healthy.

    sadly had to return the order by satisfied customer from chicago area10/21/2013

    I have always been completely satisfied with the joint max triple soft chews and my dog really loved them. she was taking them for at least 2 yesrs. -- however I have recently returned my order-- unopened , as my dog suddenly became quite ill-- and did not survive. so i am not in need of the new order.. I am confident I will receive a full refund-- per instructions from the person I spoke to on the phone-- I just replyed return to sender and returned the order to you. -- awaiting the refund-- thank you so much

    Excellent product!!! by Sharon from Corpus Christi, TX01/29/2012

    This is so affordable and my dog is not limping anymore!! We have been using this product for about 5 years now. Love it!!

    Good Product by Butch from Hillman Michigan12/12/2012

    This product, triple strength joint max seems to help our german shorthair with her joint issues. Thank you for a great product

    Always a Great Product by TampaBoxerDogLover from Tampa, FL08/30/2013

    As always, Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews are a great product. My two Boxers would not be able to run and play as actively without it. I highly recommend this product!

    Joint Max Triple Strength soft chews by maryf03/07/2012

    This joint supplement has really helped my dogs.One is 17 years old and has been taking it for quite a while. The other is a rescue approximately 8 years old and has been on it also, though not as long.

    Worse Joint Max ever by Scotty12/31/2011

    My last order came with the new flavor "Bacon" My best friend Taylor would not eat them. I use them all the time (old flavor) and the new flavor stinks.

    Very good products; good pricing by No nickname from Colorado01/19/2012

    Using the pet care products saves us time and money. We can purchase the same products we might get from our vet; however your pricing is lower, and the products are the same.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength Soft Chews by Karol from Sammamish, WA10/24/2011

    Our 13 yr old Golden can still go for 3 mile walks and chase the ball without visable discomfort thanks to taking Joint MAX!

    Treats that help by Zoey from Phoenix, AZ04/08/2014

    My dog thinks these are treats---she loves them and it is much easier to give these than some of the other products I have tried. Plus they come in the right size for weight of my dog---I disliked having to cut big tablets in half. These are chewy 'treat-like' bits that she loves.

    Great stuff! by Kathy in Albuquerque from New Mexico01/07/2013

    My dogs LOVE these treats! Every night when it is time to get in their kennels, they each get 3 treats. As soon as they hear me open the container they run to their kennels to await their "cookies". They liked them before, but the recipe has recently changed and now they LOVE them. Little do they know the "cookies" are good for them!

    Love this product! by Glo04/26/2013

    Great "treat" like meds for my lab, who's had 2 MCL surgeries and is only 4 years old! She is like brand new with the help of Joint Max.

    Joint MAX by septnine from San Pedro, CA01/13/2014

    My three Basset Hounds and one Foster LOVE these. I was using something else and sometimes they wouldn't eat it. This product is even better for them. When you have this many, who wants to fool around with someone spitting it out. I will continue to purchase this product.

    Good Product by garymac07/11/2014

    Of all the pet glucosamine on the market this one is the only one that has visible results in my pet.

    My dogs love these! by rjwood22 from Central Texas07/11/2012

    These soft chews are the best medicine for my aging boxers. The JointMax chews have relieved them from "favoring" their hips. I used these for several years on my Shepherd/Labrador mix, up to the time of his passing. I have treated my dogs to these for over ten years now. I love them! My boxers think these are treats, they taste good, and they really work. They are the perfect size and the packaging keeps them fresh and moist until the last "treat" is gone.

    Joint Max Triple Strength by gmn10/22/2012

    I believe I have seen an improvement in my dog's flexibility since starting this product and she loves the taste of them. They are on the expensive side, however.

    Excellent Product by ND06/30/2010

    Our 13 year old dog was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 18 months ago. He always wanted to sit down and had trouble getting up, we always assisted him with standing. We noticed a remarkable improvement in about one week. He is now enjoying running and chasing ground squirrels again...This is a fantastic product!!

    We like them by nikki&chelsi11/09/2011

    My dogs like the product and that is good enough for me. Besides it is good for them.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by ElizabethH12/24/2012

    This glucosamine product has helped both of my dogs who have suffered joint problems in the past. They take the chews eagerly as if they were treats.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Joyce05/10/2011

    I have two little girls, their names are Lavern and Shirley. I have had them since there birth and today they are 11.5 years of age. Along with the joy of having them in my life comes the difficulties of aging. Both girls have had both their knees worked on as they blew out their ACL's. This product helps them to be able to jump on the sofa or love seat for that long awaited after breakfast nap and the most treasured afternoon snooze. I have been giving them TS Joint Max for some time now, and will continue to do so as they enjoy the best of everything. I love them lots.

    Best Purchase Ever by Debbie01/30/2013

    We have 3 large older dogs. They do so much better getting up and walking around after taking Joint Max Triple Strength and they really like the flavor also.

    Great product by Bridgelady from Indiana12/04/2012

    My 12 year old GSD wouldn't be getting around as well as he does without TS Joint Max. All of my performance dogs use the product as a preventative measure..

    by cvy03/27/2013

    Product arrived in timely manner. seems to help the 12 year old dog out. I would recommend this product.

    Not the best purchase ever by KT02/17/2014

    After waiting 12 days for the shipment to arrive, which is way too long, I got the product. The chews are a little sticky and all stuck together in a big blob. You have to peel them off of each other to separate them. It seems they were stored in a place that was too hot. I am now worried about the potency of the product. 4 of my 5 dogs really like how they taste. Not sure if I will order this particular product again.

    great product by Ann06/10/2011

    I have a Black Lab/Pit Bull mix, after being fixed she put on several pounds. She started having problems with her hips, I ordered Joint Max Triple Strength. Within six weeks she started moving better and after several months she showed no signs of having any problems.

    Best Joint Supplement by wildkatt05/14/2011

    Katana, my 11 year old Akita, was having alot of trouble standing and moving around. It was really an effort for him to get up after laying down. We had tried other joint supplements, but he hated taking them and I always ended up pilling him. I bought the soft chews to try out and he absolutely loved them. He would even beg for his supplement treats. He was able to get up with much less effort and was even able to run a little bit, which he had not done in over a year. Joint Max Triple Strength chews are just wonderful and have helped Katana to get around so much more easily. Thanks.

    AMAZING! by TammyL05/10/2011

    OMG! I can't believe the difference in my girl. I really didn't think she would come back from where she was in her movements, activities and over all well being. She's wagging her tail again and jumping up and down when it's walk time. From where she was, barely moving and yelping everytime I helped her down the stairs and not being able to lift herself into my vehicle to THIS! She's BACK! I'm so happy and amazed at how well this product works. THANK YOU THANK YOU Joint MAX. I would and have recommended this product to many people.

    Supplements by Wolverine from Washington11/22/2013

    Excellent product, but marked average due to price.

    good product by tasha from michigan03/14/2013

    I have an 11 year old greyhound and she gets triple joint max and it seems to really help her get up and play

    Happy Dog by Yoda (14 yr old lab) from Alaska05/28/2014

    Our dog is a 14 yr. old Chocolate Lab. He's the sweetest and energetic dog (for a 14 yr. old) He has hip dysplasia and it has kept him in the house or on the side lines for a while that my husband and I were concerned. After some research we found Joint Max, since then nothing can keep him in the house. He loves the taste, he knows when he's supposed to receive them (his treat) so he will sit by the pantry door (where we store them) until we give it to him. He's one happy dog ;0)

    My dogs love it!! by prissie1974 from nc11/15/2011

    This product helps with my dogs bones and joints. I had an older dog who had arthritis problems and when she start taking those i could tell the difference with her. All the other dogs love the flavor of it.

    by get up & go05/29/2014

    Joint Max soft chews are like a treat with all the help a big dog needs for their joints. I have a 12.1/2 & a 10 1/2,both over 90 lbs. This soft chew keeps them going strong every day. Would recommend this product.

    JOINT MAX by Rich from Orwell. Ohio05/15/2011

    My name is Rich Norton. I have a female Dalmation that my son got when she was about 5 mnths old. After he died in Dec. of 1996 we kept her as we could not part with her. Over the years We kept her on a special diet of Iams weight mgmt and Hills H/d. In the last 3 years she developed arthritis in her back hips and just recently lost her hearing. We started buying Glyco flex IIIabout a year ago upon your suggestion. It worked somewhat but she still wasn't able to move like she used to. she couldn't get up after laying down for a while and she had trouble walking. In April of this year when I talked to your salesperson he suggested that I try Joint max after I told him of the way she's acting. Hopfully she will reach her 15th birthday in August. Right now after taking 4 soft chews a day for a little ove a month we've seen a big difference in her movements. Her eating has improved remarkably. She still has some trouble with her back hips but nothing like she used to have. Before switching to Joint max Snoopy would have nightly accidents while sleeping and sometimes during the day. We litterly couldn't be gone from home for more than 3 hours. Now, she sleeps better at night and has had only 1 accident in the past 2 to 3 weeks. She hasn't had any accidents during the day and we can be gone over 4 hours without woorying. I can't say enough how well this product( joint max super strength) has helped our dog. Joint max is fantastic, I just wish I could have put Snoopy on it earlier. I can't thank you people enough for taking the time to tell me about this product and suggesting I try it.I don't know how much longer I'll have snoopy but I know she'll be getting the best products available from you to keep her going the best way possible. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, You've made a big difference. Rich Norton

    My Dogs think its a treat by Richard from Leander, TX05/21/2014

    I give this to my dogs every morning. As soon as they hear me get up out of bet, they run to the counter and wait for me to give them their "treat" One of my dogs was showing signs of hip problems, and this seemed to help a lot.

    He loves it. by Hampton from Brooklyn, NY01/17/2014

    Dog is 14 years old, has some arthritis, has been taking Joint Max for several years. I think he is moving well considering his age. JM smells very "organic" to me, but he can't wait to eat it.

    great chews by KPhx from Phoenix07/18/2014

    My older dog has some knee and hip problems so I bought these to help her and she does seem more active.....she also loves the taste.

    Joint Max is great by Bettyc from Florida03/07/2013

    I let entirely pets talk me into trying this product a few months ago and it's wonderful. My bulldog can now make it up and down the stairs with no problem, he's not favoring his back legs at all and no more limping. Glad I tried it.I have my french bulldog on them now too.

    Great product and resonably priced by buddy from New Jersey02/22/2011

    I have given this product to my dog ever since the doctor said he had a knee joint problem. He seems to move around well and likes to take walks now. I have no trouble of him taking it either. He actually enjoys it.

    Excellent product by Bernice from Oregon08/17/2014

    Needed a product originally for arthritic aging issues...seems to help her very well

    Excellent product by snowcampandrea03/24/2014

    My dogs really love these treats, and it appears to be aiding their joint issues as well.

    great alternative at a great cost!! by Mike & Laura from St Augustine, Fl03/30/2013

    this was a great alternative from dasaquin chews which are extremely exspensive. We have 4 dogs that are all getting up in years and after giving them these chews they were more mobile and lively.

    JointMax 3 by dogs1234 from Maryland04/07/2012

    Though there is no way of knowing for sure, it seems that my dog does much better with his dysplasia on Jointmax3. The other dogs love the smell so much (the new formula that smells like bacon) that I started them all on the minimum dose for their size. They are all between ten and eleven years old, so it's time. They think it's a treat, so that's not at all a bad thing as long as they don't find a way to help themselves to an overdose!

    Good Stuff by ZooKeeper02/07/2012

    My dog is doing much better after being on Joint Max Triple Strength. She gets 2 "treats" after breakfast and dinner and doesn't even know she is being medicated.

    BIG by Suzy10/23/2012

    Milli the 15 year old is a springer spaniel and did a lot of hunting and springing in the field. Joint Max makes a big difference in walking, getting up and laying down in her later years.

    by Snflwr5711/02/2013

    Good product. My dogs like the taste of these, especially mixed with their food.

    Easy to administer by Amber's Mom from Portland, OR04/26/2013

    My dog is extremely active, especially with climbing & leaping off-leash. She's young, but I want to make sure her joints stay strong. Of all the choices, this seemed the easiest to administer. She loves the chews like a treat, so thinks I'm the best when I give her one. I haven't found anything comparable in pet stores - certainly not for the price - and they often go on sale at Entirely Pets. Great value, especially the big tubs. I only gave 4 stars because I learned that the condroitin amount is lower than recommended by my vet, so I'll be searching the site for something higher when it's time to buy more.

    Awesome Chews by Kelly07/03/2012

    Our dog needs these and the best thing is she loves them. I think if you have a finicky pet this would be a great choice. Has everything even the Omega-3's

    Healthy Medicine by CrazyBorders from Liviingston County, NY02/13/2013

    These soft chews are a healthy way to get joint medicine to my dogs. They really love them and are a good value.

    And he likes it! by Tuce from Portland, OR03/03/2014

    I give this to my almost 12-year old Boston Terrier every AM. He shows no signs of limping or even slowing down. He's been using this for years and his vet says he is doing extraordinarily well for his age.

    best j-max I have ever purchase by roadrunner1950 from hendersonville,nc12/27/2013

    we have two dogs and they love the soft chews and I will not get anything else but this product of j-max

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS (240 CHEWS) by Mel from Modesto, CA06/09/2012

    awesome product and price through entirelypets.com. it was ordered on a Saturday and I received it on Tuesday so fast.

    Good stuff! by K9chik11/06/2012

    One of My dogs has the worst hips ever. She was not supposed to live long due to the extremely poor lack of support. I have her on these in the pm and glycolflex lll in the am. She is over 5 yrs old and bless her heart, she has her stiffer days but most are pretty darn good! I can't swear the supplements have kept her going but I will not chance it. She will be on these as long as she is around. She loves them, apparently they are pretty tasty.

    Sophie's Hips by Sophie02/18/2013

    My name is Sophie, I am a 4 year old puggle with hip issues - yes, I know that I am a young dog and couldn't believe that this was happening to me. Since taking Joint Max I can now walk up and down stairs again. I can also jump on the furniture again - yipee! (my doggie parents are not thrilled with this). I love your product!

    Really helps hips and joints by Momma K02/07/2012

    My 6 year old yellow lab will limp and finds it difficult to get up after playing at the park or swimming. I have noticed that this is less frequent since taking this supplement. The directions say you can cut down the dose after 6 weeks, but I stick with the 2 tablets a day. She doesn't really like to eat them alone, so I mix with her food in the morning. I would recommend to anyone who's dog is uncomfortable from joint pain.

    Best joint pain reliever! by Cinnamarr from Ohio07/19/2012

    I have been giving my dogs Joint Max chews for years. The one had hip dysplasia since she was 2 yrs old, she lived till she was 13 and she loved Joint Max chews. They kept her moving more freely, she could run with the rest of them! My male is Shepard/Retriever mix and his hind legs get stiff and he moves slowly after running or playing much at all. I give him the Joint Max chews (2 a day) after I see him moving stiffly and he moves much better later. When I think about it I give him them each day as prevention, that works even better!

    hate the smell by Rindy04/04/2012

    The "new" formulation smells way too strongly of artificial bacon/smoke. It's offensive! The dogs still like the flavor, but the humans think it stinks!

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength Soft Cjews by Ladyrider from Milton DE02/27/2014

    Love this product. Has more ingredients then the last product that I used and is less expensive. Thank you Entirely Pets for this recommendation.

    Love it! by Margie07/07/2013

    Been using this product for quite awhile now, and am happy as can be with it. My Lab Norman would not have the mobility he has without it!!!

    Great results by CatteMae from Conway,.Ar05/10/2011

    Our dog had knee surgery at 6 months old and has suffered with joint issues. We put her on this about a year ago and at age 9 she moves like a puppy!! great stuff!

    Just be careful by Lynn08/26/2013

    Dogs have died of liver failure due to overdose. Mine was in specialty clinic getting plasma every day for 5 days. Her vet bill was $10K and she died anyway. There are other cases reported online. Just be very careful not to let an accident happen.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Jane05/10/2011

    Duke, my almost 10 year old German Shepard has been taking Joint Max for almost 4 years now. We all know about how Shepards can have hip problems and I know that the Joint Max has helped him with this. He was just at the Vet. and got a good report. I have also had the "special" x-ray for Duke and it came back "Fair". So Thank You Entirely Pets and Thanks to my late Husband Jack for starting Duke on Joint Max !! :)

    dog loves these by zimm03/16/2012

    Our dog is very picky in what he will eat including treats and most chewable supplements. After his careful inspection he now loves these and arrives when he hears the container being opened. He recently required some medications we simple mold the soft chew around the pill and he takes it easily.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Chews by mandy from Annapolis, MD06/03/2013

    great joint supplement and my 2 labs think they are treats

    search dog by search dog10/26/2012

    I have been using this product for the last couple of years with my senior search and rescue area dog . I would recommend this product to any with or with out with a working dog. I tried other products but this has been superior.

    Great Product by Boo's Mom from Smithfield, VA06/25/2014

    Have used before with good results. My current dog does not like the taste, but managed to disguise in his food.. Will purchase again.

    Never had any complaints by Captain Kirk11/01/2011

    It's helped our 3 labs from day one. When they started getting older and moving slower we went to Synovi G3, where we saw immediate improvements. When they quit carrying Synovi went to Joint max and never missed a beat. And it's cheaper.

    Joint Max by Shiva from North Augusta, SC06/26/2012

    I was moving very slow from the weather and age. Then my Human bought me Joint Max, and now i can keep up with the younger dogs in the yard!!! I would really recomend this product to all of my furry friends that are hurting from arthritus, and joint pain.....I REALLY FEEL LIKE A ONE YEAR OLD PUPPY!!!!!

    Joint Max by Mike from Northern Vt.09/04/2013

    My lab at 13 Years showed great improvement was Even able to go up a down stair's again.

    Change in product by Sindi Lovesherdogs from Cincinnati, Ohio07/10/2013

    My dogs use to use this product and I was very happy with it until the formula was changed. The dogs won't eat it so I had to switch to another joint product.

    The Most for Less Money by Sandy10/23/2012

    My dog forgets that she is twelve when I give her Joint Max daily.

    Joint Max by Dragon from Canada02/23/2014

    Seems to be helping so I think in a few more weeks it will be all good. Dog loves the chews.

    My Dalmatian LOVES these! by ADalsmom from Tampa, FL02/25/2013

    I've given all my past and present dogs this joint supplement and they had never had arthritis or joint pain, even up until my 16 yr old Dal passed away, her rear legs were weak, but no joint pain!

    Worse product ever..... by hollyw27 from Michigan10/13/2012

    Are dog was a rescue dog that we got from a local shelter.... & had prior arthritis in his legs & hip. Along with a few other problems. We always kept the chews in the same place over the last 6+ months. But, this last time for some ungodly reason he & my other dog had gotten into them. & ate 1 1/2 containers of them.... They had gotten so sick that my 110pd dog had died within 5 days, of the incident. Due to liver failure from the overdose of glucosamine in this product (said our vet). I know we aren't the only unfortunate people this has happen to.... & when i look back I'm not really to sure if this product truly did the job anyway. Because, we were also giving him a pill twice daily from the vet & when we ran out of the chews, i seen no difference in his movements. People please check out amazon.com & look at there ratings. Especially, look at the 1 & 2 star ratings on the product..... Please, keep these containers out of reach of your animals. the plastic container is no match for dogs, they can get into them very easily. There should be a warning label on the container warning about the over dose of glucosamine. & if they happen to get into a large quantity TAKE YOUR PET TO THE VET ASAP!!!! & as for whoever makes this product.... Please consider new packaging! & as for buying these again.... They are not a loud in my home ever again. I couldn't go through another mishap like this again!

    great product by JP03/14/2013

    My Golden has been on Joint MAX TRIPLE soft chews for a few years. I have two senior rescue fosters that are now on it too. They think they are getting a meaty treat when they take their! They love it!

    JointMax by Nestle's mom04/07/2012

    My lab loves these! In fact she chewed through the cardboard box it arrived in, chewed through the plastic tub, and ate over 200 of the 240 chews! I was pretty worried, but my vet induced vomiting and she came through just fine. It turned out to be a very expensive snack! That aside...she has been getting these since she was a puppy (8 years) and it really has helped her a lot.

    Continuing Value by A20mark from Shoreline, WA11/30/2012

    Have been using this product for a couple of years and my dog, Champ, hasn't exhibited the limping that he did.

    Soft chews...lol by ylman250 from Yorba Linda, CA01/15/2012

    These things are hard as tire rubber. Our vet recommended putting our dogs meds in these chews which worked great till they changed the formula. You'll need a sawzall to cut them apart and there is no way you can compress the two halves back together to give to our dogs. I wrote the manufacturer but they never responded. I guess it's back to cheese and hot dogs for the meds...lol



    DD is a happy dog. by D D11/19/2010

    Our dog (lab and retriever mix) has been on these chewables for several years. After the first 60 days she started picking up steam again, became playful and even her appearance improved. We have friends comment that they can't believe the change in her. She is now 11 and going strong. We will probably be starting our other dog on these as well. Really great stuff and a fair price.

    What'd they do to 'em? by Saints4Us from SW PA11/01/2013

    When I first started my girl on these some years ago, she ate them readily. The last few tubs I've bought have looked and smelled different. She thinks so too and has refused to eat them without subterfuge on my part. I have had to chop them up and mix them into other food to get her to eat them. She is NOT a picky eater so they must taste really nasty now. Wont be buying this brand again.

    Excellent Service by ston02/14/2012

    Easy on line ordering, quick delivery and a a product my 2 labs just love. Already see results in my chocolate labs hind legs.

    Joint meds - great by dawnr11/06/2011

    My boxer always liked these, but the new flavor is a big hit! He's 11 years with hip dysplasia. I am convinced that without these treats (for the last 3 yrs), he would be half as active.

    VERY good! by Caddygirl from Va06/05/2012

    My American Bulldog has horrible hip problems. She is already on a strong suppliment for her joints but it wasnt helping as well as it used to. Honestly, her days were numbered. I found these Joint Max suppliments in the cabinet from awhile ago and started giving her a few a day, what could it hurt, right? Well, it's been months and she is still with us! She was so bad that she hadnt been able to go to the groomers because she couldnt stand long enough for a bath and a nail trim. Now she is doing well enough to go visit the groomer. We are just thrilled and I'm glad I got her on these Joint Max chews!

    Great product by KO from WA05/16/2013

    These soft chews are a fantastic product and a great value.

    Good product by LV12/19/2011

    Have used Joint MAX Double and Triple strength for years with a large mix, a Golden, and a St. Bernard mix. Excellent results in joint health, helps keep arthritis under control and they think the chewies are treats. The last batch we ordered are a little different in that they are now bacon scented. It's a bit overwhelming when you open the bucket (I'm not a fan of fake bacon smell) but the dog seems to love it!

    Working well by san01/26/2012

    We have two dogs, one that injured her rear leg and the other had reconstruction on his back knee. After starting the Joint Max Triple Strength, both of them have been a lot more limber in their daily walking and running.

    Bad texture, good meds by Debby10/23/2011

    The new stuff is ok, but I like the original better. The new texture is really sticky and seems to be more of a ham flavor/odor versus the original liver flavor. I break it up in their food so it gets all over my hands where the original you could crumble more easily. That being said, my dogs are okay with it, which is the only opinion that really matters, and it is still the only joint medicine that works for my 14 and 15 year old girls. So yes, I would still recommended it and have.

    great product by dalmation mommy from Montpelier Indiana10/05/2011

    this is my second dog with hip problems he is only a year and a half old but my lab developed hip problems at 7 years old when we carried him to the vet I thought his life was over but he lived to be 15 before we were forced to put him down I am thankful for this product which is affordable and allows my pets to live relitively pain free It is a true gift

    Excellent product! by Georgia Lab Mom from North Georgia02/01/2014

    We have three large, active Labrador Retrievers who are 12, 10 & 8 years old, Everyday they run and play like puppies and our vet always comments on their great physical condition. We feel the Joint Max Triple Strength has helped in their ability to run and play and enjoy life in their senior years. Plus, they love the taste - to them it is real treat.

    this is the best for an old friend by dani10/05/2011

    our dog is now 14 yrs old and we have been using joint max for about 5 years. when he doesn't have it for a few days, you can really tell. he still loves to run, jump, and swim. we have used other products that are cheaper, but they just don't work. i recommend that anyone with an older dog use this product. it is so worth it.

    Happy with it by Zoompp11/14/2013

    So far so good. Does not upset my dogs stomach.

    Great so Far by Lorrie from McArthur, CA06/05/2013

    Oscar my Australian Shepherd has been on it for a few weeks. He does seem to have a spring in his step. Even ran behind the four wheeler. Haven't seen that for some time. So far so good

    great product for my dog by Karen from brookville, ohio01/16/2013

    These joint treats are similar to SynoviG3, which were recommended to me by my vet. This difference is the cost. Joint max is close to half the price with the same benefits. My dog loves it, and I am able to hide his medication in it when needed. They are soft chews which is great also for dogs with few teeth left!!

    Excellent Product by Carlos from Colorado01/08/2013

    The potency, palatability and affordability of this product far surpass comparable products out there. Thanks for the sale deals as well to keep all my dogs happy and healthy.

    Tootsie rolls for dogs by Karen from Richland, Washington01/31/2013

    Our large breed dogs love the Triple Strength Joint Chews. I like the convenience of giving glucosamine to our dogs in a chewable and tasty treat. They always enjoy eating their chews.

    by nfo4lp10/31/2012

    Been using this product for my lab who is now 12 since he was 6. I also give them to my 5 year old queensland/jack russell who does a lot of running and jumping. They both love the flavor and its kept both of them in good health.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Chews / PRAISE GOD by sharkie from Idaho03/01/2011

    I couldn't believe the difference these chews made in mine & my large dogs life. She had injured both hips, I took her to the vet & she put her on expensive muscle relaxers but after 2 prescriptions she wasn't getting better & I found these & chewies on-line & she is a new dog. She is 11 almost 12, she weights 75lbs so I give her 2. I used to have to help up & dowstairs. I made a sling I would put under her & lift her so she could just use her front feet. I'm 65 & have heart & lung problems so there I was with my oxygen hose carrying my big girl so she coluld do her business & just get some outside air. Thank you for this product. After about 2 weeks on it she was her old self. I also give it to my minpin who is 35 lbs so I just give him 1 & he's jealous. They love them & as soon as they get up they are waiting for their vitamins & chewies!! Thanks again for all of us in Idaho!!!

    No More Limping! by Holly10/04/2009

    Here's ANOTHER 5-star review which I guess doesn't surprise me. I have a 12-yr-old lab mix and we walk daily. We have been doing this for quite some time and have formed a strong bond because of this. We both enjoy time together tremendously. We would hate to have to give up these walks because of what comes with old age but this Triple Strength Joint MAX has enabled us to continue our quiet time together. No more does she limp. I remember like yesterday when I'd have to turn around during our walks because she'd start to limp. She loves the taste of the chewies and ENTIRELY PETS gives prompt service! Thanks for giving me back my buddy! Like every pet owner she means the world to me.

    Great product by Lori10/23/2012

    I have been using this for about three years, and it really helps my 12 year old Lab manage her arthritis.

    Not good!! by nsharp108/27/2013

    I purchased these chews and they were awful, my dog would not eat them, even when I put a little peanut butter on them. They were messy and sticky and I sent them back. My purchase was $51.00 plus and to send them back cost me $20. I was very unhappy. My dog is a yellow lab and they eat about anything and my dog would not eat these chews. I am awaiting a credit as you received them last Friday.

    This stuff is great! by MEB from Sanford, NC08/01/2013

    Great product and the dog's love it. Have seen an improvement with my 5 1/2 yr old Great Danes stiffness. The Mastador and Dachshund are yonger but on it for preventive care.

    by Cat from Rockport, TX01/16/2015

    I have 8 dogs on this product. They all think its a treat & look for it every day.

    Ease arthritis pain by Mac from Maryland12/29/2012

    My sweet, 115lb female Rottweiler, Bella, tore her ACL before 2 years of age, resulting in 3 surgeries and producing arthritis. This product eases her arthritis pain so she can still play comfortably with our Labrador, Cody. I know it works because if I run out of Joint Max she will not put weight on her leg. Consequently, I do not run out anymore! It is great to have a natural product and she thinks she is getting a treat!

    An excellent joint supplement by Sealevel03/12/2013

    My 2 Rotties have been using this product for 5+ years. No joint or hip issues, 3 chews a day and they love them.

    Joint Max Triple Chews by Linda12/31/2008

    After only 1 week on Joint Max Triple Strength Chews my 12 year old, 50# dog who was limping is now walking normally, and can once again jump up on the bed without struggling. My 8 year old 100# dog's coat is shining and he is getting up and down with much less difficulty. I'm truly impressed.

    No more Rimadyl!! by Marilyn12/27/2008

    My little dog has arthritis and has been on Rimadyl for a couple of years. It kept him out of pain but he still had wobbly hind legs. I finally decided to give Joint Max and took him completely off the Rimadyl. I can't believe how incredibly well he's doing! The shaky legs are gone and he loves his chewy Joint Max. I don't suggest you go off Rimadyl without a vet's approval, but this is a wonderful replacement for that expensive drug that's also really pretty hard on a dog's system. We love Joint Max!

    Joint Max Triple Strength by buelita from Reston, VA08/15/2012

    I saw an immediate improvement in my dog's ability to climb our stairs... he is far more lively now and seems happier.

    by SiberMom from Wake Forest, NC11/06/2012

    Since this product was recomended to me over 2 years ago I have been very happy. My Siberian has so much more energy. Wonderful product.

    Wonderful results! by Jayne10/16/2008

    My 13 and 9 year old weimies LOVE this product...they wait for their "after dinner mints" and won't leave the kitchen without one. The triple strength soft chews have helped my dogs immensely.

    Joint Max triple by Carl06/18/2014

    This has been a great product for my Rott. She just passed away at 13 1/2 due to a lung going bad. She was still getting along great with the legs and hips, can't go wrong and it was worth every dollar I spent.

    My finicky dogs will eat them by Liz09/23/2013

    My dogs are terribly choosy eaters. They don't jump at these but if I leave one in their bowls, they will eventually consume their daily dose --- which I'm grateful for since I've bought countless supplements in the form of treats that they have refused to eat.

    DID NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE by KGONE1 from Chicagoland03/13/2013

    I gave both my 10 year German Shepherd's 4 of these a day for 1 month and could see no difference in them at all. They did seem to like the taste and had no problems eating them. I would consider these to be expensive treats.

    Seems to help by Mark02/17/2008

    My dog has arthritic hips and these seem to really help. Been using them for over 6 months now. She loves the taste and it is easy to hide other medications in the soft chews.

    besst choice by The Big Guy from Spring Hill, Fl.09/26/2014

    recommended by old vet several years ago, have a new vet that comes to the house, because loading and unloading a large dog with hip problem is out of the question in these later years. New vet checked out the joint max ingredients and was pleased that we were giving it, 2 chews, twice daily that he had been told are cookies. the big guy is a 12 year greyhound and still running and playing happily.

    Great product! by Mary Wilshire01/25/2008

    The soft chews have really helped my 8 and 9 year old boxers quite significantly. This is a good deal on the product.

    For joint discomfort by Mick from Michigan10/23/2012

    Joint Max was recommeded by our Vet. Our pooch was having difficulties with her neck and hip joints. We even took her to a chiroprator for dogs. After about 2 weeks on the starting dose she was in less pain. After taking this for years, she is pain free and runs freely!

    Great stuff by Monica from Chesapeake, VA10/29/2012

    My 12-year old corgi has arthritis and joint issues, as she is low to the grown, a bit overweight and has a very long body. I started giving her the Joint Max about 2 years ago, and she has done great with it. Has no problems walking and is not stiff when getting up. I stopped it this summer and that was a big mistake as she started having problems again early this Fall. I will keep her on this product for as long as she lives. It really helps!!!!

    LIke a Miracle! by Nancy A. Gordon08/27/2009

    My 12 year old rottweiler-collie mix is overweight and has a congenital defect in his hind legs. Getting up to go outside was so difficult that he just refused to bother to get up except for a few times a day. Having tried prescrition medications that didn't work, I thought he'd just give up trying. I tried Joint Max on a whim. Within 3 weeks, he was getting up each time I offered to take him out! Although he still has to work hard at getting up, he has joined the rest of our family when we go outside and even follows us in the house. It's only been 4 weeks now, but I am impressed! I'm going to start my 13 yr old lab who is just starting to show signs of age. Who knows, maybe she won't have to go through what Smokey has suffered if I start Joint Max before her hips develop problems!

    Great new flavor (I'm told) by Brandy's Mom from Clinton, NC01/29/2012

    The label said the flavor was 'new and improved'. Well, Brandy loves it. We don't have to disguise them in her food any longer.

    Totally Surprised by L. Smith08/05/2009

    Got the triple max joint chews for our two 9 yo. medium sized dogs, Abby and Gracie. Abby has always had tight hips and she's definitely has some arthritis. In the last four years I've never her seen her stretch her hips. After three weeks on the triple max she started stretching her hips again. Gracie is a very active dog but was hobbling after the long hikes. Took her out on two long hikes in two days. Was afraid she's be pretty stiff and sore. She was obviously tired the day after the second hike but no hobbling and no sign of stiffness. I'm impressed.

    Triple Joint Max Glucosamine by Jill and Emma07/29/2009

    Wow, love this stuff. I think I should stop taking my "people" glucosamine daily and start taking Joint Max. After taking our lean 106lb Rhodesian Ridgeback (8yr old) to the vet with shoulder stiffness and pain we took the vet's advice and put her on these chews. After 2 weeks of 3 per meal 2x/day, her symptoms decreased. At 4 weeks, we cut her back to 2 per meal/2x day. It has been almost 3 months and truely have forgotten that she had any symptoms at all. We hike with her many times a week and she is just as spry and pain free as she was when she was 4. I love this stuff, thank you for having it available to order on-line, much less expensive than what the vet was charging. We will continue to use it daily for her as long as we are blessed to have her around! Highly recommend for your dog with symptoms like Emma!!

    Great Product for my 12 Year old Border Collie by Montana Dog Lover from Hamilton, MT08/11/2013

    We've been giving Nell Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength soft chews for about 6 months. The difference in her is noticeable. She's got the spring back in her step, she doesn't seem stiff, she's playing with our 7 year old Pitbull like a Puppy! We've also started giving it to him so he can keep up with her. Thank You for a great product.

    Very helpful by Pat O'Rourke07/21/2009

    I've seen a huge difference in how my St. Bernard is getting up from laying down and climbing stairs. She had been needing help to get her hips up off the floor and had fallen down stairs more than a few times because her legs went out. She gets up much better than she has in a year and can do the steps fairly well. She isn't whimpering with every breath anymore either. Good stuff.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Margaret06/23/2009

    My 16 yr old German Sheperd could barely walk up the stairs and limped quite a bit. The Vet recommended aspirin, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM from any drugstore. I had a hard time giving them to her as she'd either spit them out or swallow them and get sick. I stopped giving them to her. I read about Joint Max on line and thought I'd give it a try. She loves them and she is now starting to run a little and walk the stairs again without problems. She no longer limps.I see a huge improvement after 2 weeks. I highly recommend them.

    Beneficial Purchase by Nancy01/04/2013

    Joint MAX was recommended by a friend and seems to help our Lab. We will continue to use and recommend it highly.

    love the taste by Lyle Werner04/08/2009

    My boys are 13 yr old Border Collie and 9 yr old Aussie. I used to use the chewable tabs but switched to the soft chews. They adore the flavor and can't wait to get their 'chewie' each day. It has made all the difference in their abilities. You can just tell they don't hurt like they once did.

    My dogs love them by Cheryl07/10/2012

    I have three English Mastiff, they are all rescue. My big boy is 212lbs, and six years old. When he came to live with us he had a very hard time getting around. He now runs around like to puppy.

    Amazing results by Bully owner03/26/2009

    This product worked excellently for my nearly 8-year-old bulldog. She was limping badly from arthritis in her back leg. Different prescription Rx were much more costly and not nearly as effective as Joint MAXX. It is also safer than giving your dog NSAIDS which can lead to internal bleeding. I now highly recommend this product to anyone that I know with an arthritic dog. I absolutely recommend it!!!

    better than prescribed arthritis medication by Janice03/15/2009

    I have a chihuahua that was diagonsed with hip dysplacia when he was only 7 months old. He already had arthritis and walked with a limp. I started giving him triple strength joint max and it made all the difference in the world. He can jump, go on walks and run as fast as any of our other dogs. This stuff is amazing and so much safer that the prescried meds.

    Excellent Joint Supplement by Dana Maka from Kailua, O'ahu, Hawaii12/13/2013

    Sammy, who is 12 years old, started limping a lot. The adequan shots he was taking didn't seem to be helping. Within a week of starting joint max triple, he was acting like his young old self. Thank you to the previous comments. They helped us make the decision to try Joint Max.

    This is great! by Linda from Wichita, Ks01/11/2012

    We have 2 dogs, one is 7 years old and the other is 14 years old. The 14 year old does great with this supplement, it helps her termendously. She could not get around as easily as she does without it. And the 7 year old loves it too!

    Triple Max Joint Care by Berner Mom08/14/2012

    Works great for my large size dogs. Keeps my boys joints limber.

    triple strength soft chews by cosifantutte from NC11/06/2012

    Dogs love them, they don't stink and they are SOFT. I can put pills in them.

    by Lori04/23/2012

    First time purchase of this specific product. Have been completely happy with glycoflexii in past. I believe this might even be more helpful. We have seen a gradual steady improvement in our dog's flexibility.

    helps my old girl by Hudita01/22/2013

    My yellow lab, Maddy, just turned 11. You would not know it by the way she runs around at the dog park. People comment on her youngish behavior. She likes to chase the little dogs.

    Make your senior dog comfortable by Kathy03/01/2012

    My senior weimaraner had arthritis in her elbows and shoulders, it took her at least 10 minutes of creeping around each morning before she could get all the way up and walk. We started her on this at age 10 and the difference was amazing, no more creeping. By age 13, we did have to add Rimadyl. She passed away two weeks ago at age 15, having had a very long and happy life. This product greatly helped her quality of life the last 5 years. Plus she loved the taste so much she thought the soft chews were treats!

    joint max by Rick from Lewiston, Maine12/04/2011

    I have used this product once before, and have noticed a big difference in my dog. I use this as a treat and place it in dog kong. She loves it and passes her time away attempting to retrieve the treat from the kong. I highly recommenf this medical treat for dogs with joint problems

    A must for my old girl by Khonk from Virginia08/21/2013

    I give joint max to my old border collie lab mix twice a day. At 14 she suffers from muscle loss in her hind end and a sore front shoulder from arthritis, so she needs all the help that I can give her. She can still jump up on my bed, although not as effortlessly as in the past. I believe the joint max is helping to keep her moving.

    Joint max by Sue from New York03/18/2013

    I like the product however this time the chews were hard. It was as if they were old and dried out.

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by Sandy06/05/2012

    Our Newfoundland dog 'Grizz' is running around like a puppy after having joint problems. Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews really work and I highly recommend them!

    Great product by thurt from St. Clair Shores MI01/13/2014

    My american bull dog has dysplasia and bad knees on both of his hind legs. This product helps

    Miracle chews by Malanie from Hudson, MA01/07/2013

    My golden retriever is 10 and had a limp off and on especially after chasing a few tennis balls. I bought Joint Max Triple strength soft chews, and they are like a miracle! He's running around like he used to, no more limping and he LOVES them! He thinks these are treats. I highly recommend these.

    seems to work by lablover from ca05/19/2013

    We have noticed a real difference when our lab is using these.

    Awesome by TraySea from Florida01/08/2013

    I have a 7 y/o chocolate lab and she has double hip dysplasia. With pain meds given daily and Joint Max Triple Strength given daily too, she's doing great the doctor says and hasn't needed surgery. She can't do long walks, but she runs after squirrels in the back yard. We are so happy with this product, it's keeping our lab girl active and spry.

    Long Product User by tac04/03/2012

    I have been using this product for some time now. They recently changed the formula. Not sure what they did but the "soft chews" are not exactly what I would call "soft" anymore. Not too happy about that. I now cut them with a knife so it is easier for the dog to chew since they are much harder now.

    Triple Strength Joint Max Chews by Terry from Tucson, AZ12/17/2012

    Triple Strength Joint Max Chews is a great product. My dog loves the new flavor of the chews and looks forward to them every morning; and I'm happy because her bones and joints get the protection she needs.

    Triple max by ROBYN from OJAI CA.12/27/2012

    This is a great product. Much better than the double strength

    by dem03/04/2013

    i never order this. you have me confused with someone else.

    My Lab loves these chews. by anewcv from Minnesota03/08/2014

    My lab is 8 1/2 yr young. She has had TPLOs done on both of her back legs and still loves to go full out retrieving. I use glucosamine/chondroitin myself and figure that my legged friend is worth it also.

    My Dog Loves This Product by JulieA from Methuen, MA03/21/2012

    I have a 10 yr old golden and was having some issues with his joints as they do when they get older. These Joint Max treats really seem to work and he thinks they are a treat for being a good boy! Love it!

    by from 11/08/2011

    I seldom have any luck with supplements with hard to believe claims. That said, these Joint Max Triple Strength Chews are GREAT! I have 3 dogs, two of them over ten years, all with difficulty getting up, climbing stairs, etc. I tried these based on the recommendation of a family friend, and they really worked as claimed. The oldest dog still struggles a bit, but at 14+ years, nothing will fix that. The other two run around like puppies.

    continuously by for from aboutI've


    I had to keep looking... by Becca from Kansas City area07/14/2013

    I thought this would work well - most reviews said their dogs loved them! My older dog liked them for the first couple of weeks, then he didn't like them so much. I think he didn't like the licorice flavor, but they worked really well! I definitely saw a marked improvement in his mobility after the 2-3 weeks or so. After that, I had to hide them in peanut butter to get through the rest. Now we like the Glyco-flex! They're chicken flavor, and he looks forward to them!! Thanks, Entirely Pets!!!

    Good for joints and bones by Susan from Santa Rosa, CA11/06/2012

    Good price and good for dogs bones and joints.

    STICKY by CAT12/19/2011

    The last order of Triple Max Joint Chews were very different. They had a different smell which was ok, but they were wet and sticky. I do not like having them stick to my fingers. I don't prefer the new chews.

    Joint MAX Triple Strength - Kept me moving by Rosie03/01/2013

    Soft chews helped keep my 14 year old joints moving smoothly

    best purchase ever by sam from reno, nv01/16/2012

    Both dogs love them. They remind me when I forgot to give them.

    Treats by Kello01/16/2015

    My dogs consider this agreat treat. Seem to be getting good results

    This stuff really works! by glen from Rockford, Illinois01/21/2013

    My black lab was having hip joint pain,and the vet told us we could try a product such as this one to help relieve the pain.I'm glad we chose Joint Max. We noticed a big improvement within two weeks. Thanks for a great product!

    4 paw seal of approval by kh4pups03/06/2013

    I have an older collie with arthritis. I'd like to think the daily tablets give her some relief. She likes the flavor and it's a good value for the amount of tablets.

    Seems to help my old dog by Bob from Vancouver Wa10/19/2011

    He is now able to get up much easier and walks a lot better. I think it has helped him alot. He is 12 years old and now acting like a lot younger dog. Thanks

    by allen from michigan [detroit area]10/24/2013

    my dog gobbles these up daily and they really seem to help her I found out about them from a friend who uses them for her 2 dogs and swears by them you keep them nicely priced and your service is good

    Loves Joint Max by Marie06/05/2013

    My golden retriever Charlie, who is 12 years old, loves her soft chew Joint Max. She sees me heading for the container and she's right there ! She's only been on them a little over a month but I think her walking is better. She still has trouble getting up but once she's up, she's walking good.

    great product horrible shipping by capt gt from Delaware07/15/2012

    the title tells the whole story . Why entirely pets uses a no name shipping vendor is beyond me. I used to get my orders in 3 days NOW 12-15 days. Entirely pets needs to know that there are others selling the same product with free shipping that is timely and vs paid shipping that is like a slow boat from China.

    Great for joints by mamie from IL & AZ10/23/2012

    This product was recommended to us and we've been using it for 3 years to help reduce joint discomfort for our 12 year old giant schnauzer. It's been great and has kept her moving and playing with the grandkids. Tastes good and she gets it as a treat.

    best for older dogs by bunyipcattleddogs from So Cal04/17/2012

    Joint Max triple strength soft chews is an excellent choice for old, arthritic dogs and is keeping my old dogs off of prescription meds. I have tried other glucosamine pills before and none worked like this one! My 9 and 13-yr old cattle dogs beg for these like treats!

    10 star product by 4beagles from Odessa, Florida05/15/2012

    I have 4 beagles, ages 6 to almost 15 years of age. Oldest one was having problems jumping up on the sofa, back legs arthritic. On the advice of my Vet I started him on joint max triple strength soft chews. Wow, what a difference it made. Within a week, he was jumping around like a puppy, we were all amazed what an excellent this product is and how happy the dog is that he can get up on the sofa to sleep. We now (at Vet's request) have all our beagles on it. They take it like a treat. It has excellent healthy ingredients for them and we can't get over how well they all are doing. I will always have this product on my shelf for all my current and future dog. Thank you entirely pets.com for stocking such a great product. I purchase multiple buckets at a time so I never run out.

    by Christine02/22/2011

    I have a 12yr Chocolate Lab, Sheffy, with 2 knee replacements & we give him these Joint Max treats & he just LOVES them, mainly because it's food! We also give them to my other 3 pups & they all love them, but most importantly, they seem to give my babies crazy good energy. Sheffy has even jumped off all fours to catch a ball when we're out playing & can run as fast if not faster than the other pups.. still! :) I definitely recommend these & they have a great percentage of the important 'good stuff' to help the joints become & stay stronger!

    Keeps our old dogs jumping! by Fred03/04/2014

    We give our rescued dog -an Australian Cattle dog-Jack Russell mix- one joint compound a day - he is twelve and still does a lot of "vertical" exercise- certainly doesn't act his age. Our son gives his lab mix, who is 13, 2 joint chews a day, and she's still game to go for a ride, or go to work with him. She has had a fall off a deck, and a hit by a car, and walks funny, but never stops going! We order the chews for both.

    best joint medicine for my dog by NC HUNK from Newport News,VA.08/21/2014

    I have a 13yr old pit bull-great dane,and this medicine has imporved his walking,and he gets up and down alot better now.I ran out of this medicine,and noticed a difference right away.I'll continue to use it as it helps him.

    My dogs don't like taste by JD from Atlanta, GA06/12/2013

    My three won't hardly east these. They must taste bad.

    Comfort for my Dog by KSH from Denver07/07/2014

    About 6-8 years ago, when my dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, my vet suggested this product. She said, "Don't buy it from me - look for it online." So I did, and the best price I found was from Entirely Pets. Now my dog is nearly 13, and I can push her prescription pain pill inside the Joint Max. She loves the meaty taste of these soft chews and they keep her much more comfortable, and always eager for her short daily walk. I wholeheartedly recommend Joint Max Soft Chews.

    Lots of Improvement! by Patty05/27/2013

    I really like Joint MAX Triple strength Soft Chews! The dogs love the flavor, and it has made a big difference in my older Golden's arthritis! She is walking easier and feeling playful and happy again. Hooray!

    Excellent by Reego boy from Tucson,az10/23/2012

    Makes my 12 years dog feel so much better and I would recommed this to anyone! He doesn't miss one dose and he likes the taste of the chewables...

    Great stuff! by Lab Lover from Cornelius NC08/06/2013

    I've had my 4 Labs on this for about the past 5 years. So far, they have had no hip or joint problems and I do attribute it to keeping them on glucosamine...and my Labbies LOVE this!! The drool puddles when I open the tub! (BTW, my babies are all around 8-9 years old and run around like wild banshees!)

    Best Purchase and Find Ever by Cindy from Stuart, FL03/20/2013

    I started using Joint Max Triple Strength a couple of years ago. So glad I did, I have a big Golden Retreiver 90 pounds so his joints take a beating. Ordering process from Entirely.Pets has always been a great experience. And keeping my dog around alot longer Thankfully!! 13 years

    Good stuff! by GG from Arizona07/04/2013

    My dogs like their "treats" and they are so good for my Bulldog who had 2 knee surgeries.

    by zena5150 from Oceanside, CA06/24/2012

    We were sent the "old" formula, our little girl did not like the smell let alone the taste, we sent them back.

    Joint Max is my hope by SONG from KOREA02/28/2012

    Joint Max is my hope 'm Scared of surgery However, eating joints, my friend Max Activity was much more than usual

    Looks promising by Oberon from Livonia, MI03/19/2014

    My dog has been on the Joint Max Triple strength Soft chews for about a month and he has showed some improvement. I don't know if his hip/ leg issue is a result of an injury due to playing in the deep snow or age, he will be 7 soon. He may be developing a bit of arthritis in his leg due to radiation for a mast cell tumor. I will continue to give him the soft chews to determine if they will be the fix or if he needs something stronger. So far I am totally satisfied with this product.

    by Joan01/18/2013

    I have four dogs with joint issues. I reorder before I run out. It is a must have in my house.

    Joint Max by boxer mama03/15/2012

    I have both my boxers on Joint Max and they love them! It has helped my 9 year who has arthritis in her knee.

    Great purchase! by annierosie10/30/2012

    I have a senior male and an adult female dog with hip dysplasia, and they have been using this product for a few years now. They both walk better when given this product regularly. My senior male is a 16 year old chow and is just now coming down with some bad arthritis in his back hips. I think that these chews really helped keep him healthy and moving around as well as he does.

    Seems to work by Dixie from Northern VA02/23/2013

    Although she can't tell me verbally, my 50+ lb. Sheperd/Chow mix seems a lot less sore in her hind quarters since taking joint max triple strength.

    Excellent product for the money! by Marilyn from Atlanta, GA05/30/2012

    We have a VERY active house of Airedales. Daily training in obedience, agility and tracking is how we spend our week. The weekends we are off to trials. It is important that we have the right supplement to help the performance in our dogs and protect their joints. Our guys get a Joint MAX twice a day as a training treat. They love them! Our youngest Airedale is 4 and the oldest is 11. This supplement they have that little extra that helps them feel better, perform better and become the Champions that we know they are.

    by from 10/08/2013

    Just a little pricey, but well worth it. The larger the size you can afford to order, the better. My girls love the taste and take it as a treat.

    Marie47 by from Great

    Price High / Quality High

    It's really working! by 4eversunshine from Toronto, Canada08/14/2012

    My 12 year old lab has been struggling with her hip for quite some time now, surgery not being an option we have done our best to keep her comfortable but she is still a pup at heart and will never say no to a walk or a swim - this product is really making a difference for her in just a few days we have noticed a difference in her stride - she seems happier and that makes me happy too! Thank you so much for offering this product to us!!

    Good stuff! by Steve from Boulder City, NV08/20/2012

    Excellent product; Calli, my Austrailian Cattle Dog, loves it; good price, fast service and delivery.

    Results of Product by Deana03/19/2014

    Best Product and Price! My dog looooves her Joint Max treat and gets GREAT benefits!

    great product by Homer06/09/2013

    Similar ingredients to synovi g3 but much more affordable. Dogs love them.

    Best product ever by Labmom from Little Rock, AR12/30/2013

    I started my Lab puppy on these 11+ years ago when she was about a year and showed signs of hip dysplasia. She died last year, but could jump over anything in her sight and never had another problem with her hips! Now I give them my two lab mixes and to the foster dogs that come through my household. I've recommended to several friends who are also using them. They are a miracle and my dogs think they are treats!

    Not what it used to be. by fred10/24/2011

    The container had a sticker about this being the same formula but a new taste. It isn't the same texture. I use them to deliver medicine (small pills) to my dog and the previous version worked great because they were malleable but the new ones are much firmer and require excavating a hole to insert the pill which is a nuisance.

    Great Product by Donna07/17/2012

    I have been buying Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews for several years. My dogs love it and most of all, it really helps my older dogs move and get around. I have purchased other products, but always return to this one. If you have older dogs who struggle with joint pain you will be happy with the results. Give it a week or less, and you will see a big difference. Donna

    Pet Tabs by Dave from Florence, Oregon11/10/2012

    My dogs love them. The first thing they eat in their bowl or chicken and goodies.

    Excellent Product by crghutch04/29/2013

    Have been using this supplement for several years and have recommended it to several friends.

    Great Stuff by Liz from Louisiana02/07/2013

    My 13+ year old standard poodle has been on joint max for several years. She is very spry, no problems at all. I highly recommend starting your dog on this before any problems show up.

    It works really well by Buddy from NC01/28/2013

    When we ran out of these recently & didn't have them to give to our 8 yr. old, 120lb Labradoodle, he limped and was stiff. We didn't realize how big of a difference it made to give him his Joint Max treats ever day. A must have for dogs with joint problems! Plus, he looks forward to this treat every morning.

    Great supplement! by DobieLuvr12/20/2012

    Have 8+ year old Dobe w/ arthritis and 7 year old Boxer w/ hip diplaysia, this does wonders for them!!

    Excellent product by tonsadogs12/27/2013

    This joint product has all of the ingredients that work well for joint pain/inflammation. We used 3 products before to get the combined ingredients we wanted, now with the joint max it's all we need or use. Great product for seniors and dogs with dysplasia. Recommend to anyone with a dog who has joint pain.

    Old recipe by Melody from Panama city, fl01/10/2013

    I do love this product, BUT, I use these little treats to "hide" my dog's medicine and their new texture makes them less malleable. Way more difficult to hide medication in. Please, please change them back.

    Worse purchase ever by Sharona from High Falls, ny06/30/2013

    My dog hates the taste. Tried every way possible to get him to eat them. Finally gave up. What a waste of money for me

    Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength SOFT CHEWS by Andy from Phoenix, AZ08/07/2013

    The formula has been changed but the new ingredients are not listed on the website. After I received my order I compared the new label with the old one and noticed the "other ingredients" had changed. When I opened it up I noticed that the chews had a very strong smell that is kind of similar to a spicy BBQ smell. My dog would not touch them at first and it took a week or so for him to get use to them. Now, a month later he loves them and eats them without hesitation. I was lucky because I ordered 960 chews but I know some dog owners may not be as lucky as me.

    Great supliment by Jerry from San Carlos,CA12/05/2012

    My animals all love the taste and the chews really help my arthritic pig. The price is about the best I have found.

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT! by westiemom2wh06/19/2012

    We give both our Westies this product and are very pleased with it. Our 5 year old Westie had TPLO surgery in both back legs about 2 years ago and has plates and screws in both legs. We absolutely don't miss one day giving her these chews. The ways she runs and plays with her little 18 mth. old Westie sister is amazing! We'll never be without these chews as long as we have our little girls!

    Tasty Medicine by Sandee11/18/2011

    My toy Manchester has had to take a glucosamine/creatine supplement since he was six months old (he's now 10). After a couple of years I found Joint Max products that had the necessary ingredients and I did not have to purchase them at the vet's prices. What a relief that Shorty actually looks forward to his medicinal "treat" each morning and he continues to be active and pain free. The soft chews also allow me to hide the thryoid tablet in his "treat" so there's absolutely no problem!

    Good product. by 3 x pet owner05/30/2014

    I can really tell a difference with my dog if we forget to give her the joint max.

    Good joint product by LT from California10/30/2011

    Large dog,