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Your dog is never happier than when she sees your face and your cat is never happier than when he hears you say, "don't do that!" but he does it anyway. Keep those senses sharp with help from EntirelyPets. Some eye and ear issues can be treated right at home, and our affordable prices make your pets' health easier to manage. They'll be right back to loving and ignoring (or lovingly ignoring) you in no time!

Our wide selection of medications for ear and eye ailments can help you improve your pet's health. Dogs and cats can develop infections just like people can. If you've ever had to deal with itchy eyes or the pain of an ear infection, then you know your pet is hoping for some relief.

Common ear problems in cats and dogs include earwax buildup, ear mites and ear infections. While all of these may cause your pet some pain or discomfort, they should not be ignored. If left untreated, many ear issues can get so bad that they leave a lasting and irreversible impact on your pet's health, or may even require surgery. Be aware of symptoms like obsessive scratching or rubbing of the ears either with a paw or on surfaces, frequent head shaking, or signs that they can't hear like ignoring your commands or not turning their heads toward you when you beckon them.

You'll want to keep those puppy dog eyes bright and baleful! Eye problems common in both cats and dogs include irritation, infection, tear stains, discharge and dry eye. Keep an "eye" on your pet by often examining their eyes for any issues. The sclera around the eyeball should be clear and bright, pupils equal and reactive, with limited discharge if present. Check to be sure the third eyelid is fully recessed, and examine the inside lining of the lower lid - it should be pink, not overly red or white. And even though they may love it, take care to keep your furry co-pilot's head inside the car when you drive to avoid injury from debris, dust and other foreign objects.

Always consult your veterinarian with any questions relating to your pet's health. Contact them immediately if you notice any unusual discharge, redness, swelling, hair loss, smells or crusting of the skin around your pets eyes or ears.

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