Frontline Plus Cats

Frontline Plus for Cats

provides your cat with the most complete spot-on flea and tick protection available. In addition to killing 98-100% of adult fleas on your cat within 24 hours, Frontline Plus contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae and keeps all stages of fleas from developing. It effectively stops the development of new fleas, and completely breaks the flea life cycle. It kills all stages of 4 major ticks including those that may transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's completely waterproof and is gentle enough for use on kittens.

Frontline PLUS for Cats - 3 MONTH
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 3 MONTH

($51.99)  $37.99
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 6 MONTH
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 6 MONTH

($102.99)  $72.99
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH
Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH

($198.99)  $145.99

($73.00 Each)

Temporary Price Reduction!Frontline Plus for Cats provides your cat with the most complete spot-on flea and tick protection available. In addition to killing 98-100% of adult fleas on your cat within 24 hours, Frontline Plus contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae, too, and keeps all stages of fleas from developing. By effectively stopping the development of new fleas, Frontline Plus completely breaks the flea life cycle. And, Frontline Plus kills all stages of 4 major ticks including those that may transmit Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It's completely waterproof. Order now and save on Frontline PLUS for cats.

Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required!
  • Guaranteed US EPA approved.
  • Over-The-Counter topical kills fleas & ticks in under 48 hours
  • Protect against Lyme Disease!
  • Per Dose: $11.66

  • Directions for Use:
    Remove applicator from child-resistant package. Hold applicator upright and snap applicator tip away from face and body. Place applicator tip through animals's hair to the skin level between the shoulder blades. Squeeze applicator, applying entire contents in a single spot to the animal's skin. Avoid superficial application to the animal's hair. Only one applicator per treatment is needed. Caution: To prevent harm to you and your pet, read entire label and enclosed directions before each use. Follow all directions and precautionary statements carefully. Use on CATS only. Do not use on Rabbits. Do not use on Other Animals.
    4.50 rating based on 213 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Frontline PLUS for Cats - 3 MONTH
    Did not work. by Ron from Treasure Island, Fl.02/27/2014

    I have 2 cats and this did not work on either one. Wasted money on it.

    It works! by PeggyC from Chicago, IL12/30/2013

    Noticed that after only 1 tube very little sign of pests on our long haired cat. By tube 2, no sign of fleas. Very pleased with product.

    Frontline PLUS for Cats by Mimi+203/06/2012

    I tried the Sargent's brand last time and it left white spots on the cats. I'll never try cheap again

    by from 07/02/2013

    Frontline Plus for cats by kitty4 from Fulton, NY07/07/2014

    Very unhappy with the product. The product did not kill the fleas.

    I order this product monthly by AJANELC from Los Angeles, California10/17/2011

    it works on my cats. they have been free of leas since I started using this product

    by Christine from Seattle, WA11/08/2011

    Thsi is a great product and a decent price also.

    Only product of its kind I will use on my cats by doglover from Dickinson, ND10/24/2011

    Since starting my cat on this he hasn't had any fleas at all! It works great and is easy to apply. I know it will work just as well for our new kitten who is ten weeks as soon I make sure it's ok to apply to her.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by marti from Boston, Ma04/22/2013

    I have been ordering Frontline Plus for my adorable cat for many years now and he has not had a flea or a tic and he is as clean as can be. I love this product and will continue to order from EntirelyPets. I hope to be able to order this product for many years. He has even gotten use to the application and doesn't mind it at all. Thanks EntirelyPets for supplying this to us cat lovers.

    by from 10/05/2013

    Good bye fleas & ticks! by Crayola03/23/2012

    My grey tabby is flea and tick free! My home too! We live around pasture so she is exposed to many possibilities of a lot of fleas and ticks. I have not found any on her or in my home. Also a side benefit is the reduction in chewing on the fur. Frontline Plus has sure been a plus for us! Kills two pests with one product. I also love that it can be purchased without a prescription. Thank you!

    Works better than anything else I've used by Chris W from Georgia09/08/2013

    No issue with fleas or ticks when using this. Used a less expensive brand first and it didn't last long so I went back to Frontline. Highly recommend this product.

    Frontline Works by Carbeg from St. Louis, MO04/15/2012

    After finding a flea on my indoor cat, I decided to purchase frontline for cats. The product has worked for years on my 10 year old dog. Since applying the product about 3 weeks ago, I haven't seen a flea since. I will continue to use this product during the spring and summer months.

    For politically incorrect cats.... by Goldie4 from Baltimore, MD12/25/2013

    ...who are still allowed to venture outside on their own. I have been using this for my indoor/outdoor cat for a few years, and it has kept her happily flea-free. Highly recommended!

    Great product at best cost by Grannie03/22/2012

    I am always satisfied with my purchases from Entirely Pets. I have purchased my Frontline Plus products for years and have never been disappointed. They do the job and the prices are much better than local vet offices. My packages arrive in a timely manner and are in good condition. I have tried other flea controls and they don't seem to be as effective and some have even discolored my pet's hair.

    Best Purchase Ever by jamipo from KALAMAZOO MI06/27/2013


    Frontline Plus for cats by Dups from Groton CT12/30/2013

    Great stuff, used it for years for my cat and dogs. It does a great job!

    by from 01/09/2012

    vet recommended by Lynn11/28/2012

    Best product for ticks especially and also all stages of fleas.....will not use anything else! My outdoor kitties are very susceptible to picking up ticks at our farm, and this prevents them from doing so. Hardest part is getting my cat to relax while I apply it.....only takes seconds but my one cat is so suspicious, she freaks any time I try to pick her up. She is the one who most often gets the ticks! This product works great when I get it on her!

    BEST tick protection by Shodogz from Fancy Gap, Virginia04/13/2014

    Here on our Virginia farm, we find lots of deer ticks. Thanks to this product, I can be assured that both my cats and dogs are protected. I would definitely recommend this.

    Really good stuff by Janice from Laurence Harbor,NJ07/26/2012

    My cats go outside and will suddenly come home completely infested with fleas. Frontline Plus has never let me down to take care of the problem and my cats are soon happy and comfortable again!

    by from 07/05/2012

    I still see one or 2 fleas every few days, but they are sluggish, so they are dying...

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    Frontline Plus for Cats by Ree10/18/2011

    Our cats are inside/outside and we live in the woods. Frontline Plus for Cats lets us live peacefully without flea worries. I remember the time when I had to give them flea baths (a horrible experience for both of us...) and then douse them with flea powder. Thank this company for modern technology.

    Great Service & Price by NaomiG07/19/2012

    I received the items quickly and at a great price.

    by Granny L11/30/2012

    I ordered just what I needed for our cats at a low price and received it very promptly. I am very satisfied with this company and the quality products they carry.

    good delivery by gin08/01/2012

    Product was fine but the timely delivery was exceptional!

    works very well by windmill from Florida03/13/2013

    I have been using this product on my cat for 15 years. He is an outdoor cat , and has never had a flea or tick problem.

    maybe ok by bauer08 from pa11/03/2012

    We have never had a flea problem until the year. We've used flea products on our dog, but never on the cats. This yr the cats got them. We've been using frontline plus, seemed to work at first, but the fleas came back, even though we've been using it every 30 days. The last application actually made our oldest cats (8 yrs old) fur thin our in the application spot... the other 2 didn't have this problem. So i can't give it 5 stars for these 2 reasons. Although it is better than another product we used that made all 3 cats have bad reactions to it. The one shed badly for about a month and the other 2 had small spots of hair come out...poor things! Seems as though nothing is completely safe for all animals as they will all have different reactions. I still trust frontline plus the most for my cats, but i wish it worked better on the fleas!

    Works for Kitty! by Thea from San Francisco, California04/24/2013

    Frontline Plus is the first flea/tick/lice product that has worked for Kitty; a once-feral cat who still needs to spend time each day out of doors with the bugs. Not only does it work, Kitty actually relaxes when he receives his montlhy application of freshly-scented blue liquid between his shoulder blades; he doesn't even try to lick it off!

    Great product by Debbie from Nashville, Tn07/08/2012

    Fast shipping, great product at the BEST price.

    Flea Free by 9027501/26/2012

    I recommend this product if you want to keep your pet flea free. I like the price at Entirely Pets. It is around $20 cheaper than in the pet stores. I also get my purchase within a week. I am very happy with the entire process.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by angelplum53 from Pittsburgh, PA01/16/2015

    My cat was using Advantage for fleas but last fall he got a tick so I switched to Frontline Plus and he has been flea and tick free!

    Did Not Work for My Cats by mawmaw03/07/2013

    This did not work at all for my 2 indoor cats. Nor does Advantage. I have heard that the fleas can build up a tolerance to these meds....? Just like viruses do in people... Anyways, I won't waste my $$ on these products again.

    by from 11/02/2013

    FRONTLINE by CATHY from MIAMI, FL06/06/2013


    Best purchase and fastest delivery 8) by Jan07/27/2012

    I was referred to Entirely Pets by a friend and I am happy to say I am Entirely Satisfired. 8)

    No more fleas and ticks! by Scott03/31/2009

    Best price I've seen on this product. Works great!!

    Harryboy by Harry Jaye09/03/2009

    This product is fantastic. Major infestation cleared in one day. My cat can now sleep in peace. Thank you from Mitzi

    mixed bag by artistpowell10/24/2011

    Frontline has not worked entirely. I thought it would kill all fleas within a week or so, but I'm still finding them and using Capstar once a week, which has a limited timeframe it works. Frontline is expensive and not all its cracked up to be.

    good by mikey05/24/2008

    This product immediately took care of a major infestation of fleas and flea eggs and larvae on our elderly cat. It was the only thing tha

    Best out there by Phast Eddie10/20/2008

    Frontline Plus for Cats protects my outdoor cats and us when they come inside. I've tried several different product types and this is by far the best!

    Great Product by mb10/25/2012

    Saw no fleas after using it on my cat. Works great

    Frontline products for fleas by bubbak9 from Fairborn, Ohio01/02/2013

    I spent almost $200 buying Frontline for cats and put it on them three (3) weeks apart as suggested by the Veterinarian and the fleas were still rampant. Then I used Advantage II for cats and it worked great. I called Frontline at least twice and they did ---0--- about refunding money or making a visit by a local pest control agent to see what they could recommend.

    not so good by Miss Sarah from Portland Maine11/06/2012

    I bought this due to the reviews. I saw that frontline was better than revolution. I have used all 3 months and have yet to see results. My poor cat still has fleas. Im going to have to try out revolution and see what that does.

    good flea protection by katcon from Lake Orion, Michigan07/28/2014

    One of my cats goes outside and has, on occasion, brought home fleas. Not any more! He gets a Frontline application every 30 days from April to November and we haven't seen a flea since we started the program.

    Great purchase by Sherry from Wilmington, NC03/28/2012

    I have always used this product. It works!

    speedy response by blossom from Virginia10/13/2011

    I ordered on Friday and had the product on either Monday or Tuesday of the next week. This has occurred every time I have ordered from entirely Thanks for excellent service.

    Always come back to entirely Pets; for years now! by catangel from pittsburgh, pa.11/17/2011

    Product is great, but even better is the outstanding fast delivery! Never had a problem with EP''s service!

    Best purchase ever by Mouse from Addison, MI02/23/2012

    Frontline plus is an amazing product. It took care of the problem plus it's so easy to use. I really love the lower price as well.

    Great product by MileHiGramma from Denver, CO06/03/2012

    My vet recommended Frontline for my new shelter cat. It is very easy to use and works well. He appears to have flea bite allergy and his fur-pulling stopped within a few days of use!

    excellent product by trainer10/05/2011

    I have used Frontline Plus previously for my dogs and as expected it is an excellent product for my cat. She had no reactions and any fleas have been eliminated.

    by from 08/15/2012

    I bought a three pack of your Frontline plus and it seems that we have more fleas that before we put it on the cats. I had one on me when I entered my car today. I have purchased this product from many different websites and this is the only I have had this issue, it usually work immediately Are you selling a quality product or is this a knockoff of the Frontline Plus.

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    by from 07/17/2013

    Plus for Cats by jollybees from Grand Rapids, MI01/13/2013

    One of the better products, reasonable priced for packaging

    by from 11/03/2011

    Easy Purchase by skyketch from Austin, TX06/18/2013

    Exactly what was needed and was easy to order on-line.

    Never Fails by Eddie from Branford, CT02/04/2013

    Frontline PLUS for Cats never fails. It always works. I've been using it for years and there's never an issue with fleas or ticks on my outside cat.

    great for tick control by teddyf04/30/2012

    i have an outside cat who quickly became a tick target in early April. I ordered the frontline and with 1-2 days all were gone and i have not seen another tick on him as well. I will continue to purchase this product as it works fast!

    Frontline no more by Frances from Morgantown, WV10/13/2011

    It seems to all of the Frontline (dog & Cat) users in West Virginia, that the fleas are resistant to Frontline now, we are having the worst flea season on record and the Frontline does not even pretend to help. Used to be when you put Frontline on it would kill the fleas, 3 days, 5 days after applying we are still combing out healthy happy fleas...

    great price for a good product by carley from New Hampshire09/07/2014

    I saved about $10 by buying this from Entirely Pets instead of from a store, or from my vet. I have two cats, and a dog, and am on a fixed income.

    Frontline Plus by ceejay01/11/2013

    I've been purchasing this product from Entirely Pets for two years, they ship my order faster than any mail service I've ever seen. On a ground delivery I will receive my order in 3 days on average.

    Love Frontline Plus for Cats by Cryss P from Pittsburgh, PA05/30/2012

    It's easy to apply. The cats don't mind it. It's kept my home and cats flea free for years. Doesn't cause any irritation. The only thing that could be better is the price. I have 3 cats and it can be pricey.

    by chandy11/01/2012

    great for protecting pets from fleas! and very safe for sensitive pets

    Frontline PLUS for Cats by drwho4u11/15/2012

    Easy to use. Did not cause any skin irritation at the application site.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by d51cowart from League City, TX12/31/2012

    This product didn't work. I applied according to directions, but it didn't seem to affect the fleas. Using a flea comb, I could comb out lots of fleas every day after applying this, even though Millie is an indoor cat..

    Kills ticks & fleas by LaVerne from Missouri07/21/2012

    Works good. Kills ticks & fleas .Recomend this products for other cats. Easy to apply once a month.

    Fleas! by Annie from S. W. Florida06/21/2013

    Are fleas loosing sensitivity to these products? or are there just that many fleas out there that they are overwhelming. I cannot get rid of them even with putting Frontline on every 2 weeks!!! This is getting too expensive (4 pets on this stuff). I dont think this works anymore. Advantage doesn't work anymore either.

    Fleas gone by maisie from tacoma wa07/03/2012

    Works very well. We never see a flea in our house. No kitty side effects.

    by from 10/30/2011

    All My Pets still have FLEAS !!! by littlestarur11/17/2011

    Frontline is no longer working on killing and preventing fleas. Never had a problem before but now it doesnt work. Even my vet isnt carrying the stuff anymore.

    by merlin10/25/2012

    Great product! Love to order from this site because shipping is always very fast.

    excellent product by Lisa from Ocean Grove NJ04/02/2013

    Keeps the fleas away with minimal effort. Only wish my cat didn't recognize the sound of the package opening...

    lots cheaper than the vet by roxpot07/31/2012

    We live in Loudoun County, VA, the epicenter of Lyme's Disease, so a high quality flea and TICK product is essential. Frontline Plus works very well against both. One of my cats seems to react a little more negatively to the Frontline Plus than the Frontline Top Spot - squinting and squirming. Both Frontline varients are effective. EntirelyPets is substantially cheaper than the vet for this product. Only Costco can compete with the EntirelyPets price, and Costco does not always have the cat version of Frontline. Delivery is prompt. I try to bundle my products so that I do not pay shipping.

    Frontline Plus by lilbit1211 from Franklinville, NJ10/24/2012

    Frontline Plus works better than other flea and tick products.

    Good Stuff! by Crazy Mike from Ashby, Mass08/08/2012

    My cat is an outdoor stray I took in. He was loaded w/ fleas and ticks, and after a short time, and with monthly doses all year( he still goes out evey night) I have had no issues at all! great product, and yes, I would recommend.

    Poor performance by Pat from New York08/21/2012

    The Frontline Plus for Cats does not appear to be working. I have used the brand in the past and was satisfied but after using the product several days ago, my cats still have fleas.



    by from 02/23/2011

    For dogs or cats, this is the best product available OTC. I've tried others, but I keep coming back. And the EntirelyPets price is fantastic!

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    Frontline Plus for Cats by She Gave Good Sunflower10/30/2011

    I am not thrilled about having to use pesticides, but fleas are miserable for pets and humans. We have found Frontline to be the safest flea control product for cats and the one with the least side effects.

    Never Received by None Product receiver from Cato NY10/12/2013

    We never got the product It was never sent we can't review something we never got!!!

    Best product by Carolyn from Pahoa, HI03/27/2012

    Been using Frontline for a while. No fleas or ticks on our cat, and I've noticed when we're outside with Jingles, mosquitoes will come close to his face, then fly away. Note: product does not claim to shoo away skeeters.

    Fleas, Yucky! by anne from Sarasota, FL06/10/2013

    This summer the fleas here are Terrible! Advantage is like putting nothing on and Frontline is only marginally better. I wish there was something else safe that worked better. The fleas seem to be becoming resistant to advantage and frontline.

    Works Fine by theoldman08/29/2010

    We've been using this product on our cat for several years. Never see signs of any kind of insect on him. Occasionally a dead bug will fall off him,though. The product doesn't seem to bother the cat at all.

    Keeps Maddog the cat safe by crazymike from Central Ma.07/19/2013

    I have been using this for a couple years when i adopted a stray/abandoned cat. He was full of ticks and fleas. Since I have been using this, we have no problem with either anymore. It works as stated.

    no flea problem by gardengal08/24/2013

    been using on the cat a couple years, no flea problems

    No fleas by golfpro from Hendersonville, TN07/18/2013

    Been using Frontline for eighteen months and have never seen a flea.

    So far so good by JimInPA from Camp Hill, PA06/07/2014

    It's still early in the season but we haven't had to deal with any fleas yet. The crucial time will be mid-summer and I hope I can maintain this rating.

    great product by meems from memphis, tn05/04/2012

    I feel confident when I use Frontline Plus that my cats will be protected from fleas and ticks.

    Use Frontline by firelfy11/14/2012

    This is a good product that does its job! We live in the country where there are ticks. I apply Frontline Plus to our cats every other month. They have never had fleas or ticks. If you price this item in a pet store it is much more expensive than buying online.

    by mermaid from FL.05/09/2013

    This product kept the fleas off all 3 of my cats.

    Rusty by Michael from Boston, MA03/16/2012

    I have been purchasing Frontline Plus for my cat for several years now and he has not had one flea, tick or anything else and he does go outside in my yard. I have told many people with cats about this product and how to order it through your website and they have. Every one of them have told me how great the product is and what a better price it is than their vet and how convenient is to order online through Entirely Pets.

    well worth it by chyna's mom from Tacoma, WA12/16/2011

    I've found this to be the best ever. It goes to work right away and I have a much happier " Kitty"

    wonderful product by reg10/23/2012

    Frontline works great on my cat. Make sure that you do use it every 30 days as directed.

    Will not purchase again by Melissa from Maiden, NC08/04/2014

    I normally use frontline on my cats but this time the fleas were back on my cats in 3 weeks. Switching back to Advantage II.

    The best product for my cat by Joannie from Binghamton, New York07/02/2013

    my cat is an inside and out animal. This works for me, plus is much more reasonably priced than if I bought it from the vet. Can't afford their prices. Go for the yearly shots that's it.

    Awesome Product ;-) by Buffy from Ft Lauderdale, Fl07/31/2013

    Love this product. Works great when used with Capstar. I haven't seen any fleas on my cat since I have started to use it. Highly recommend!!!

    by from 09/04/2013

    Tick Prevention by CCRinNYC from New York CIty07/14/2014

    I use Frontline to keep Lyme-carrying ticks off my cat and away from my family. Right after a dose it seems to repel ticks; after three weeks I find that ticks will still crawl on him, but they die quickly after they bite. Wish Frontline kept the repellant quality for a full month.

    by from 05/16/2014

    Using this on one of my cats who likes to be outside. Cat is about 3-4 years old, and this is only the second season he has had Frontline Plus protection. (This product does not work on my other 2, older cats -- think one cat got immune after 13 years of using; the other cat has very dry skin and Frontline Plus does not work on cats with dry skin -- spoke to Frontline and they were the ones who told me this).

    so by will from continuePrice


    Frontline by chevsam3311/06/2013

    I only use Frontline on my pets - have tried others but I think Frontline is the best.

    Great price by maxie from Raleigh,NC10/17/2013

    Frontline works great! Never had a flea on my cat

    Satisfied by bixyrae from IL10/23/2012

    I was very happy with this product, however my cat did get 1 tick on her. She's an indoor-outdoor cat so that's to be expected. I was very happy with the service from EntirelyPets!!

    Always a good value and on time shipping by Annie from Front Royal, VA07/11/2013

    Time after time for your cat or dog, Entirely Pets has good prices on practically anything you need. And they ship quickly. BONUS... they frequently have sales and free shipping!

    entirely pets by sher from independence, or03/30/2012

    very fast delivery, great prices, good service

    Works fast by cat10/23/2012

    Works fast to kill fleas. Was initially very happy to finally see an end to these critters. I must say that less 2 weeks into it, I saw the fleas coming back. Very epensive to maintain. Wish that it worked the full month that it states.

    Frontline Plus for ats by moi from Ct.06/29/2014

    Wonderful product- deals not only with fleas but also ticks. I would advise everyone to buy this product.

    effective flea control by heyjan from Norfolk,Va05/08/2014

    Although the cat runs away with the first sniff, it is not that difficult to sneak up on him and apply....and it does keep the fleas away!

    Fronline Plus by kiki from West Palm Beach07/30/2012

    Very good product i will buy again after the three months application is finished

    Execellent price and delivery by calfitting from Malden, MA10/12/2011

    Great pricing and quick delivery. I will use again and would recommend to a friend.

    yep, have purchased this product for a long time by Toot from Wilmington, NC07/05/2012

    This product has always worked on my cat.

    It didn't work by Becky08/30/2013

    I used the frontline plus on all 3 of my cats and it didn't work, they continue to have fleas.

    best product for flea control by Katcon from Lake Orion, MI10/23/2012

    Last year we had a terrible flea problem because my vet didn't bother to explain the flea life cycle until the problem was really bad. Once I got it licked I used Frontline every 4 weeks on both cats and never saw a single flea or any dirt this summer. I tried some cheaper products and they didn't work nearly as well.

    by JD03/17/2012

    Prompt delivery. Much more affordable thru I've been buying it from the vet and, of course, paying a small fortune. Will continue to buy it from & save myself a bundle. Thanks

    Good purchase experience by Dino10/22/2012

    Entirely Pets had the product I was looking for at a reasonable price. Ordering was easy and the shipment arrived very timely. Thanks Entirely Pets.

    best purchase ever by sheri from oregon12/16/2012

    Products are top quality, good prices, and arrive very fast. I've been ordering from EntirelyPets for years, and have always been totally satisfied.

    Featured Reviews for Frontline PLUS for Cats - 6 MONTH
    Frontline Plus for Cats by JF from Raleigh, NC12/06/2011

    I've been using this product for years and it works great. Just make sure your pet cannot ingest (lick) the solution. It is an insecticide and can make pets sick or worse. Follow the application directions.

    Works well by mzedly11/06/2012

    I alternate with Top Spot. Good price. Very effective.

    Terrible service and follow-up!!! by Onnie's mommy from Mount Vernon, NY10/25/2012

    I ordered Frontline (great product) and received an email that I needed to verify my credit card. No problem. I called and verified it. But then 2 weeks passed. I called and they said there was a note stating I wanted to cancel my order. How was that even possible?! It took an additional 3 - 4 weeks to get the product. I spoke to a manager and asked, "Aren't you concerned your customer service rep cancelled my order. That can't be good for your business." He didn't seem to care that this happened or that as a customer, I was very unhappy. But in the end, he reluctantly agreed to speak with the cust serv rep who cancelled my order and follow up with me. He also said I would receive a 10% discount on my order for my inconvenience. I'm still waiting 4 weeks later! No commitment to make sure customers are satisfied. None at all.

    by Mad Cats from Rutherfordton NC05/30/2012

    Easy to use; keeps away ticks and fleas.

    by Bimini1302/07/2013

    Don't know why but the boxes of Frontline Plus I purchased here worked soooo much better than the ones from PetSmart and they were cheaper!

    Fast Delivery by Sadao02/07/2012

    I'm impressed with the product selection and the fast delivery.

    Very Satisfied with purchase by Magruder12/13/2011

    Have used this product before. I am always satisfied with the product and the service.

    Considerable savings over Vet. prices!!! by Sabian from Crimora, VA12/13/2011

    This product comes highly recommended by my cats doctor. Having 3 cats, the savings at Entirely Pets was wonderful.

    Disappointed by Disappointed03/13/2012

    This is the first time we've ever purchased Frontline from this website and we won't be making that mistake again. I contacted the manufacturer to see if maybe there was a problem with this particular batch of Frontline, since we've given the cats two months worth and we still have an issue. I have never had that problem before when I have purchased the product from other outlets. The manufacturer has opened a case and will refend/replace, but I won't go through this website again. I would recommend the product to a friend, I just wouldn't recommend this website to anyone.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by llen7702 from Rochester NY07/24/2012

    Great product and have'nt seen fleas for 2 yrs...also the best price on the internet...much less expensive than the vet.....a real win-win

    by from 01/01/2013

    Frontline plus for cats by FeistyAmazon from East Bay, CA09/07/2013

    Terrible. After shelling out $70 for the product and putting it on my cats, within one week they were itching again! And this wasn't the first time it happened.

    Best Price anywhere for Frontline Plus by redrubies from Southington, CT12/21/2011

    I've shopped around looking for the best price on this product since it's very expensive and has the most competitive pricing and fast shipping.

    Did not work by catlover10/28/2012

    before i even applied this to my cats i read the instructions on how to use it. then after i read them i applied this as stated. I waited at least a week with not luck. my poor boys still had flees. so i ened up going to the vet. i do not recommend this to anyone. waste of my money

    Great product and best price by cbenc from Ambler, PA03/10/2013

    My cats got fleas from the dog. This product killed the fleas the first month, but since the dog is infested with fleas, will treat the cats for a few months. Fronttline PLUS really works.

    by from 10/30/2012

    Works well for the most part by Tracey from Lynchburg, VA11/06/2012

    seems to work well for the first three weeks or so. I start to notice more fleas and ticks toward the end of the 4 week cycle.

    It didn't work by rickiartist12/19/2012

    The product has not worked the last three times I've purchased it. It did work previously. When I brought this up with my vet, she said that the fleas are becoming immune to the formulas they are using. I had to switch to a newer product, which is a pill that is given once a month.

    Frontline Plus For Cats Works! by CJR from Illinois02/20/2013

    After having an infestation of fleas several years ago, we've used Frontline Plus on our cats ever since, and we've never had a problem. SO easy to use, and it works like a charm!

    by from 05/15/2014

    Not working by V.V.10/19/2013

    I noticed a few fleas on my cat recently so I thought that I'd try Frontline Plus. After using this product on him twice, it hasn't helped at all. In fact, I'm noticing even more fleas and also "flea dirt" on his bedding. Will need to try another brand.

    by Lynn from CA11/06/2012

    Totally necessary product for a country cat!

    Top Quality Product by IslandMary54 from Central West Coast of Florida06/25/2013

    Have always used Frontline Plus on our dog and cats and it really does the trick at keeping those horrid Florida fleas at bay. EntirelyPets offers some great deals and I'm always waiting and watching for the best ones to come along. Sure beats the retail prices at our Vet and keeps our furry animals healthy and happy. Have also found that FrontLine Plus sometimes lasts as long as 6 weeks before having to re-apply. Definitely a Bonus!

    Great buy by Pippin5 from Cameron Park, CA11/27/2013

    I always buy my Frontline from Entirely Pets. I have tried many flea and tick products, and this is the only one that really works.

    Frontline losing efficacy? by Joan09/23/2014

    I put it on the cat crooked and late. The cat licked it off. Then we got fleas. The vet says she has noticed problems with Frontline possibly losing its effectiveness.

    frontline plus by jv12/16/2013

    works--needed a few months of treatment to take care of a flea problem on 2 indoor cats--however--with daily fine combing--the product has worked --will continue for the next 2 months

    Works Great! by fwreed3 from NJ07/12/2014

    I use frontline on all my cats and dogs and have never had any problems with fleas or ticks!

    Great price on a necessary item by heyjan from Norfolk,Va11/06/2012

    keeps fleas off my indoor cats, and off my rugs and furniture; use every month in summmer, ever 6-8 weeks during cooler months

    Frontline by Dennis from Middle River, MD01/18/2012

    We use Frontline as our flea control. It's easy to apply and always works. We also used it on our dog before he passed. Excellent product, price and service. I will continue to order from EntirelyPets

    No fleas or ticks by animal lover06/06/2013

    I've used Frontline on my dogs cats for a number of years. They are "in and out" pets, but I don't have to worry about them getting fleas and bringing them into the house. Works great! Fast delivery is a bonus!

    VERY DISSAPOINTED by Wanda S from Bath, NC07/09/2013

    Used this on 5 cats. 7 days later they were still scratching fleas. Called Entirely Pets they gave me contact number for Merial the company that makes the product. They told me basically, that they do not guarantee their product and there was nothing they would do about it. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. WILL NOT PURCHASE FRONTLINE PLUS AGAIN.

    Great Price!! by Maggie'sPackLeader from NC01/09/2013

    Our vet quit selling this and went to something more expensive. Luckily, I was able to find it here for a great price! Works great for our outside cat who lives in the garage!

    Good stuff for cats by paisleygirl from Houston, TX10/07/2014

    This is a good product to use on your cats (inside/outside). I used to alternate between this and the Advantage; so the fleas don't become resistant-it just seems to work better this way for me.

    Great product, great price by Annie from Front Royal, VA10/14/2013

    Frontline Plus for cats is an excellent product. Not only does it rid your kitties of irritating ticks and fleas, it kills the flea eggs and larva, keeping your home flea free as well! Think of the old days when you had to use flea powder and bomb your home, etc. What a pain that was. And as usual, Entirely Pets is fast, reliable and you have a wide selection of products at a great price.

    Great product. by catlady03/20/2012

    Great prices. Quick delivery with Entirely pets.

    Usually good! by reani11/06/2013

    I have had nothing but good results with this product until this year. it has been a terrible year for fleas so I don't think it is the products fault as it did succeed for the most part, just didn't last as long as usual. Treated the house with knockout and that did the trick.

    Works for my two cats by Tuesday's mom07/29/2013

    Frontline for cats product was exactly as pictured and described. Good price and timely delivery.

    Frontline Plus Cats by Donna from Rochester, NY12/23/2012

    Excellent product! No worries about fleas at all!

    by from 12/15/2012

    I am not all that impressed by Frontline Plus. On one cat it did great! He even goes outside for 30 minutes a day!

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    Frontline Plus for Cats by Pumpkins Dad11/08/2011

    So far, so good. 3 years without fleas! We have 3 cats and they are all clean!

    Frontline Plus for Cats by cindy06/26/2012

    Quick delivery and excellent product, this is my 2nd order and I highly recommend them!

    Frontline Plus for Cats by AHummer from Matthews, NC05/27/2012

    My indoor cat has flea allergies - one bite and he's scratching and biting until he's raw. The vet recommended that I apply Frontline every three weeks. As long as I stick to the schedule, he's fine. I've tried other less expensive brands and they just don't work. Entirely Pets offers the best prices, prompt delivery, and good customer service.

    Fine product by Maggie05/02/2012

    I can't really compare this to other flea/tick products as this is the only one I use. I have always been pleased with the results, so why change.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by GiGi from Pittsburgh, PA10/15/2013

    I've been using Frontline for my 3 cats for years. It's easy to apply and non-irritating. My cats go outside almost everyday in our enclosed property. They have never had a problem with fleas, ticks or any other insects.

    Works pretty well by Katcon from Lake Orion, MI02/07/2012

    I wish my vet had talked with me about the flea life cycle when she first spotted fleas on my one cat who is allowed to go outside. I have been fighting fleas for almost a year. Frontline works well but it needs to be used for 3 to 6 months on all your pets, even if they never go out. You also need to vacuum daily, wash all bedding every couple days, and use an insect spray in areas that they frequent. The products that say they are just like Frontline don't work so buy the real stuff.

    Great service by Cutie07/31/2012

    I am very pleased with the service in that I received the product in two days. Thank you for keeping up the great service and delivery.

    Excellent product by antiquescollector01/30/2013

    I use this product on my three cats every month. It has been very effective in controlling ticks and fleas.

    vet reccommended by LHAMID from Roseville, CA11/05/2013

    Good price, really fast delivery. My vet suggested I use this on my cat and she has never had fleas since we have been using it (6 years)

    Flea Resistance by jilybeany07/06/2014

    I have used this product for years but it seems the fleas have developed a resistance to it. I just tried Advantage on my cat and it seems to be working! i hope they don't develop a resistance to this product down the road as well.

    great product by KitKat's owner06/06/2012

    Really good price through entirely pets. Fast service However, order it ahead of time before the next treatment so that you don't run out.

    slows fleas down by marilou196748 from texas04/01/2014

    I applied the product to the nape of my cats heads. I have 5 cats. and they aren't scratching as bad. I vaccum every few days to cut down on the fleas too. I've, also, washed their beds. I'm hoping the fleas won't be as awful as they were last summer. I'm going to apply more frontline plus this next month & hope for the best.

    Gets Rid of Fleas! by Beachmom from Myrtle Beach, SC04/17/2012

    Recommended by the vet for my cat with flea allergy. Does an excellent job here in SC where fleas are prevalent -- no fleas year round!

    Good Solution by DickK05/30/2012

    Sara spends most of her time outside. I've compared Frontline Plus with the other products and it's the best solution to the flea problem in my environment. I've been using it for 7 years.

    Using it for years by Arlana from Tampa. FL03/08/2012

    Having an indoor cat, I still use this as a preventative because I do have a dog in the house as well. With the dog being exposed to the outside, fleas and ticks can still come in the home. My cat is well protected with this product.

    by Penny10/19/2011

    Good product. Fleas die within 2 days. Use on 2 of 3 cats and it keeps fleas controlled.

    Flealess Cats by Kay from Cincinnati,Ohio01/10/2013

    We have been using this product on our 2 cats for quite some time now. They both stay outside a good deal of the time. One is a long haired and the other a short hair and we haven't any problem with fleas since applying this monthly prevention.

    love it - no fleas! by Lynn R01/19/2013

    this product rocks! never have a flea problem.

    Works by Duck 31 from Palmer MA10/15/2013

    Works well so far when used as directed. No fleas yet and have used it for several years. However, occasional ticks do show up.

    the real stuff by 2petowner from Owego NY11/06/2012

    The frontline plus sold on is the real stuff, approved by the US FDA/EPA . Other on-line pet suppliers sell the non-approved frontline plus and then give you an extremely hard time when you try to return it because it is not approved for use in the US.

    Excellent product by jcallen from Harrisburg, PA05/29/2012

    Have used Frontline Plus on my cats for years and have never had any problem with fleas or ticks.

    not exactly alike by candide from Berkshires of Massachusetts01/23/2013

    There's a big difference between the Frontline plus I used to get from the veterinarian and what I get from Entirely Pets: it costs about 30% less and sometimes the savings is even more.

    works the best for cats by gotti from ny05/09/2013

    used others,this product works the best,been using for several years now

    by from 10/23/2012

    I've used Frontline Plus for several years now because it really is the most effective anti-flea/tick product for my regional climate. Summers are dry, very warm, with cool nights but fleas & ticks still enjoy the weather. Frontline Plus absolutely puts a hault to their presence.

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    Great product!!! by roxs from Boston,Ma12/13/2011

    I have used other flea products for my cats and they did not work like Frontline Plus.

    Best flea control by Michele02/26/2013

    This is the best flea control -- I've used it for years. And I never skip a month, even during the winter, as I live in the south and our winters can be mild. I have indoor and indoor/outdoor cats and it works great!

    Frontline is... by Wayne from Wisconsin07/18/2012

    I have been using Frontline Plus for cats for 4 years. I am very happy with it and you can't beat the price at

    by Carla04/03/2012

    Its still alittle too pricey. You have competition at Wal-Mart now for a third of the price.

    works great by jen from Jeannette,Pa08/15/2013

    Works great will continue to buy!!!!!!:.)

    Frontline - recommended by my vet! by Cat lover10/22/2011

    Good product, good price, good service - and FAST!

    Great deal on a product that keeps our cats happy. by 5catFamily02/10/2012

    Our cats are more playful, and responsive to affection when they've had their Frontline Advantage. And with having 5 cats (4 neighborhood strays) Entirely Pets makes it easier to afford to keep them happy. That makes us happy!

    by mommab11/06/2012

    Great product. Started working within 24 hours after I applied to my cats.

    Safe product in my experience by cherieopoo02/09/2013

    No complaints- product works as it is advertised. My cats go out and go who knows where! Once in awhile comb a flea or two out of them but I'm sure they are in the dying cycle. Have not had any flea problems inside my home.

    Good Stuff at a Great Price by Iceman from Virginia03/28/2012

    My cat and I live in the woods. This stuff is the best for killing fleas and ticks and Entirely Pets always has the best price with reasonable (and fast) shipping. Two Thumbs Up!!!

    Best Flea Preventative by Kim11/29/2011

    When trying to decide which flea/tick preventative to use on my pets, research put Frontiline Plus ahead of the rest. It kills fleas at all life cycles and also protects agains several other parasites. I have never seen a single flea on my pets since I started using Frontline Plus over 10 years ago.

    Frontline PLUS by AHummer from Matthews, NC01/24/2013

    My indoor cat has a flea allergy. If he gets ONE bite, he starts scratching and pulling his hair out. If this happens, it's $200 to the vet for antibiotics and prednisone. So the vet said to put Frontline on him every three weeks. This stuff WORKS!!! I've been using it every three weeks for several years. No more outbreaks and trips to the vet. Don't use the cheaper stuff. It doesn't work. Thanks Frontline and Entirely Pets for the best price on this item.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by Ron from Villas NJ11/16/2011

    Simply put, there are no fleas on our 3 indoor cats, and it's easier to apply than some others we tried. Our cats HATE getting flea medication (usually screech and run!), but we can apply the Frontline so quickly and easily, they don't even know they've been squirted! They're happy / we're happy...

    good choice if ticks are a problem by mom of kitties from Alvaton, KY07/03/2013

    Ticks are a big problem where I live and his product works well. Sometimes it takes a day or two for a tick to fall off of a cat who won't let me pull the tick off.

    did the job by ziggy from Hixson TN11/30/2013

    Used Frontline for the first time. Took 2 treatments for fleas/flea dirt to be controlled. My cat got fleas while being boarded at our vet's kennel. She didn't have fleas for years, as she is indoors. However, this year was supposed to be worse than others. I was pleased with the price and speedy service. Thank you, Entirely Pets. I am a satisfied customer.

    Works well on ticks. by DJ06/02/2012

    This product works well on ticks, but not on fleas. I have to purchase another product for the fleas everytime.

    Frontline + by chickenlady from Roseville, CA06/26/2012

    I use this product for both my cats. No a flea to be seen. Good product!

    by Mary from Bunnlevel NC11/08/2012

    I find my cats are throughly protected with Frontline Plus. This year was really bad for ticks. What ticks I found on the cats, when I went to take them off, just fell off. It is costly, but the money is well worth it.

    by from 10/10/2013

    frontline does it good by Lynn R04/25/2012

    this stuff is really good...does the job everytime. never have to worry about fleas or ticks!

    Great Product @ Great Price by amy7552 from Tennessee07/01/2012

    This is the only product for Flea & Tick control that I use for our cat, and I shop around for pricing quite a bit because it can get pretty pricey. Entirely Pets had hands down the best prices.

    frontline for dogs and cats by clana from maryland07/31/2012

    excellent product and service, have used this website for years and referred many friends to it

    Reliable product by Sandy01/01/2013

    I always puchase Frontline Plus for my cat and my daughter's cat that lives in NC. I have used this product on my cat for years. My cat does spend time outside in the summer and we have never had any problems with fleas or ticks. Our daughter's cat which had past issues has not had any problems with fleas or ticks since using the Frontline Plus.

    Sale by Bandit12/11/2011

    Excellent product Great sale price on black Friday!

    Works excellent by outdoor girl from New Albany, PA11/19/2013

    Had a problem with ticks on my cat....had used another brand. Switched back to Frontline Plus and the ticks are gone!

    No Fleas in Sight by Lissa from Myrtle Beach, SC11/18/2011

    Haven't seen one single flea on any of my three cats since I started buying Frontline Plus 3 years ago!! Love It!!!

    great service by jcallen from Harrisburg, PA05/14/2013

    Price of product was average, but service was excellent...received product within days of my order.

    Wonderful Product by maxie from Raleigh,NC12/15/2013

    Best prices and service always at Entirely Pets!

    by fuzzy from portland,oregon03/18/2012

    love the product and your prompt service

    works great! by fdm1959 from maryland01/24/2013

    Use this product on our little stray outdoor kitty. works great! she isn't bothered by fleas and ticks all season long.

    total convenience by CB11/07/2011

    Ordering was so easy, got the right product, great price, and it was delivered in 2 days!

    Great flea control by cat Lover01/11/2012

    I have three cats who love to be outside most of the day but come in at night so flea control is very important to me. Since using Frontline Plus for cats I have not had a flea problem in my home and the cats are definitely more comfortable. It's a great product and I will continue to order.

    Good Purchase at a Fair Price by benubi from Illinois02/13/2013

    Last summer my cat Bruce got fleas and I could not get rid of them, I tried everything! A friend of mine told me about this product and after 2 or 3 rounds of medication I have not seen a flea on him or anywhere else! Also, the price was great, so much LESS than getting it from the vet!

    Frontline Plus by kara from Lexington, Ga12/13/2011

    great product that keeps my cats from itching all year, even on ticks. Delivery time is very quick.

    Great Product by Migs07/17/2012

    Have used this product on our cats for years. Great on keeping off fleas and ticks. Price is better than I can do at any of the vets' offices.

    Great Price! by Jeneene from Ohio02/04/2012

    I have 4 outside stray cats that I have adopted. They live inside/outside of my garage. Even with heated beds and a heated water bowl in the winter months. Starting in the spring I keep Frontline Plus on them through till late Fall. Buying the 12 month package deal with the free shipping over $85 is the cheapest way to go!

    Doesn't work. by Ka09/18/2013

    Gave to our indoor cars for 6 months AND bombed almost weekly. They are still crawling with fleas. It does NOT WORK.

    by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC05/27/2013

    We have a lot of ticks and fleas in NC and this product does really well keeping my cats tick and flea free.

    Great Product by amy03/11/2012

    I have 4 cats, 3 of which go outside all the time. We live by woods and have no problems with ticks or fleas on the cats when they are protected with Frontline. I like that it doesnt leave their fur all greasy either. This product does what it says. Ive tried other "cheap" brands and they DO NOT work. Dont waste your money on the knockoffs.

    wrong by ed04/17/2013

    i ordered 6 months of frontline plus for cats and ordered 3 months for dogs. i received 6 months for dog and 3 months for cats. Order Number 8260040

    by from 07/09/2013

    by Janyce04/24/2012

    Easy to use, works great, and the price is great too!

    Laura by Laura from Gibsonville, NC12/06/2011

    Do not use any other brand! Plus the cost is very good with Entirely Pets!!!

    Great Product by cecil10/18/2011

    This is great product. My cats usually scratch all year round. Now since I've started using Frontline Plus, they scratch alot less and no fleas or ticks spotted anywhere.

    Tried & True by JohnnyB02/13/2012

    Its been around awhile and used by many. Recently brought in new cat from the outdoors. Frontline Plus has done its thing as advertised.

    Great service & price! by etain from Oregon03/18/2012

    Always great & fast service! I have ordered from Entirely Pets several times and am always greatly satisfied.

    Best Flea and Tick Control by ZaEvies from San Francisco Bay Area, CA12/13/2011

    This product does exactly what it claims. I have not had any problems with fleas over the last couple of years, ever since I started using Frontline Plus.

    Does what it says by Boo06/02/2013

    I've got a cat with a flea allergy so it's very important the fleas stay off of him and out of the house. Frontline is expensive but it certainly delivers.

    Relief From Fleas! by buffer66 from Portland, OR08/04/2014

    This product for cats seems to work far better than the current experience I am having with my dog with the same product/brand. Not sure why, but my cats don't care about that! They are just happy that they are getting relief from those darn fleas! Would purchase the same product again.

    Worst buying experince I have ever had. by DLF from Greensboro, NC11/26/2011

    This is the 2nd time in as many orders that this company has shipped us the wrong product. After 15 days we are still waiting to receive the correct product. The product is great the service is terrible. We will not return as customers of this company. Years ago they were the best but they have lost their focus on customer service and quality control.

    Best flea treatment by gaantra from Newville, PA10/23/2012

    Controls fleas very well. This is the only treatment I use.

    happy with purchase by norainfl from Ormond Beach Florida02/20/2013

    Entirely Pets is the best on- line supplier of Frontline Plus products. There are often sales on the products I need. Shipping is amazingly fast. I am very satisfied with Frontline Plus products for my two cats. Brothers Jett and Tippy. Wish they were as happy. They know when application time is and try to avoid the inevitable.

    fantastic by lin from New York11/04/2011

    I thought I would save money and I bought a cheaper brand last month. After 3 days, I notice something on my cats neck. To my surprise, he had 6 ticks on him. As I look further, I saw fleas running around is head area. I freaked out since I have 2 other cats that stay in. I ran to the closest pet shop and they were out of frontline, the second pet shop I went to a second pet shop and they were out of Frontline also. Finally the third pet shop had 1 box of feline frontline, 6 months supply. The day I seen the ticks on my cat, I immediately ordered the Frontline from Entirely Pets, but I knew it would not come in time, so I had to buy the 6 month supply at the third pet shop which was so much more expensive than Entirely Pets. I was only 4 days late with putting the Fronline on my cat and he was infested. I learned my lesson. You get what you pay for. I put the Frontine on him after removing all the ticks and immediately noticed no more fleas. Frontine rocks.

    by nhpetlover11/29/2012

    Reliable product. I tried the generic version and was disappointed. It's definitely worth the money to use the brand name.

    frontline plus for cats by Sheila12/01/2012

    works great ! I have 1 cat allergic to advantage and frontline plus keeps him flea free .

    Good deal by steph10/23/2012

    If you have a cat, you need Frontline constantly (trust me, as soon as you stop, the fleas will nest and wait for the perfect time to hatch and attack) so getting a 6 month supply makes sense.

    Frontline Plus For Cats by Ed L.04/19/2009

    Fast acting, Long lasting, and actually does all it says it will.. We have one outside cat and three inside and that used to be a problem with fleas and ticks..not now with frontline. Easy to apply with no side effect we can see save the fact our home is free of ticks and fleas!

    by from 09/20/2014

    fg by chastain05/22/2008

    good infestation of fleas and flea eggs

    frontline plus for cats by d .fitchpatrick09/27/2008

    i have used frontline plus for years with good results thankyou debfitchpatrick

    WORKS GREAT!! by Wendora07/25/2014

    I have tried other brands in the past, but Frontline works the best for us! We have had nothing but good results.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by Dick02/26/2008

    This product immediately took care of a major infestation of fleas and flea eggs and larvae on our elderly cat. It was the only thing that worked !

    Good product! by shellymarie114 from Etna, Ohio03/14/2012

    Frontline Plus is much better and way more effective than the original formula. I'm glad I tried it !

    Featured Reviews for Frontline PLUS for Cats - 12 MONTH
    Best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL04/16/2012

    I shop everywhere and found this to be the best price. . We live next to a forest preserve and Frontline Plus is the only one that keeps ticks off the dogs for a whole month. The indoor cats sleep with us so we're protected a bit too!

    will do by chris from seattle area06/16/2014

    although none of the current flea medicines are full-proof, I find Frontline plus will eventually solve your flea problem. last year (2013) our indoor cats got infested with fleas before we realize there was a problem. It took a major effort over a 7 month period to finally rid the cats and house of fleas. Fleas seem to becoming resistant to what's available to us today. Although Frontline plus did eventually work, it was a real hassle getting there.

    satisfaction by lupe01/14/2012

    I have purchased a few times from this site and it have always been to my satisfaction.

    NOT ONLINE by ceb10/25/2012

    I've used this product for 10 yrs with success.BUT, this recent purchase online of Frontline Plus for cats did NOT work. I tried for 2 mos with this product from this website and the fleas kept getting worse. I took my cat to vet and it was explained to me that Merial(the mfgr) will only guarantee their product that is sold thru vets not online. In other words, there is no quality control for what is being sold online. I bought some from my vet and yes, it was more expensive, but within 24 hrs my cat(s) had stopped their incessant scratching. We will have to hire an exterminator as well. I will not be buying this product online any longer. Merial also backs up their product guarantee thru the vets with a promise of paying for any extermination if fleas are still a problem after using Frontline for 3 consecutive months. Only guaranteed if it was bought through the vet. Hope this helps all you cat lovers out there.

    Important to Protect Outdoor Pets by John from Eastern Long Island, New York01/15/2014

    Our three cats go out a lot during good weather Spring through Fall. We live in an area with ticks, both Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, as well as fleas. Frontline Plus protects the cats very well. We almost never find fleas on them In the late Fall when the ticks get desperate we occasionally find a dead tick. (Apparently killed when they bit and before they sucked blood) Years ago we had a dog who got Lyme Disease, and cats who got tape worms from the fleas. We never see that anymore. Also Flea powder and flea baths were a lot of work

    Entirely Pets purchase by darncat11/27/2011

    I will not buy from this company again. Right after I placed an order, the product went on sale. Of course, I was not offered the sale price until I called the company and complained. Shoddy customer service. The rep on the phone was rude and I decided I do not have to buy from companies like Entirely Pets.

    satisfied times nine by Sally10/23/2012

    I used the Frontline Plus on nine cats. None had any side effects, and most important, no fleas! I also used the Frontline for dogs on my dogs with great results.

    by bearcatmom from Doylestown, PA04/15/2012

    Best price on Frontline Plus that I've found any place. I LOVE a bargain!

    Keeps the fleas away! by fwreed3 from New Jersey07/17/2013

    I use this year around and my cat is indoors and outdoors and I have never had a problem with fleas or tics.

    Disappointed by High jack fleas 4706/15/2014

    I had used Frontline a long time ago but it became ineffective. I switched to Advantage II and it, too became ineffective. Frontline Plus was no better.

    Best Value by gjs12/20/2011

    This product works great on my cats, it is better than any other flea treatment I have used.

    does a great job on ticks by djw06/28/2012

    I've been using this product for years, it does a great job keeping our cats tick free.

    check manufacturer by tawnya11/06/2012

    If Frontline is manufactured in France, it is good to use. But if South Africa or some other foreign country, I would NOT use - my vet reported dangers from that country. But vets sell the Frontline from France.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by sjf from MA03/25/2014

    I have used this brand for many years on my cats and it works great! Entirely Pets has competitive pricing and is always the cheapest. I have never had any issues with this company.

    Reliable Service and Products by Rusty04/23/2012

    You can always rely on Entirely Pets to carry U.S. EPA approved flea products. The price is always competitive. Their service is excellent and delivery is always on time. I have used Entirely Pets for years and will continue.

    Great product! by curlyq from Nashua N.H.03/06/2013

    I have 3 cats and this product does what it says. My cats don't have any problems with ticks or fleas. It is easy to use and Entirely Pets always has the best price and great service. I've been a customer for many years now and I happily recommend them to others.

    by Slay from CT06/12/2012

    Great product, great price! I will continue to buy from Entirelypets!

    Works great! by John from North Carolina06/10/2013

    The Frontline Plus works great to keep my cats flea and tick clear. No other products are as good.

    Works well by Sparky18 from Stamford CT05/22/2013

    Have been using Frontline on my cats for several years and found it to be totally effective for fleas, and reasonably effective for ticks. When I do find a tick on one of my cats it's usually dead...

    No Fleas by Pat K from NY03/30/2012

    I've been using Frontline for a few years now, and I strongly recommend it. Apply once a month (except winter) ... I haven't had to flea bomb my house since I began using this 5 or 6 years ago. It really works for my cats.

    Works well by Ms.H from Suffolk, VA09/10/2013

    We've been using Frontline Plus for cats on our family for years now and it is still the best flea product we've found.

    by fluffy08/05/2013

    excellent product,my cats haven't had a flea or tick since we started using the product 3 years ago.

    frontline by tim from va.06/06/2012

    it is just fine the cat are ok with it thanks

    by from 03/07/2012

    I have been using 1800pedmeds. Your prices are a lot better and I will be buying all of my pet needs here.

    quickly." by Frontline for Cats from CherleAlso


    Returned it, EP kept my money by Boston Holly10/23/2012

    I've used this product for years with success. My vet confirmed that my dog and 2 cats have fleas. To save a few bucks purchasing on line will cost me the price of the product PLUS $300 in extermination fees.

    Reliable by Jeff from Santa Cruz, CA10/08/2013

    Frontline works reliably. Neither of our two cats ever has fleas. We use Frontline every month and have done so for years and years.

    Best thing for my cats!!! by E. Gold from Michigan09/27/2013

    Was safe to use on my cat that was nursing 8 kittens and took care of the fleas on the kittens as well, all my cats were flea free within 3 hrs of application, and entirely pets shipped it fast with no problems. Recommend this to every I know who has pets!

    Frontline always by justme from MA12/11/2012

    Frontline is the best product and quite frankly the only product on the market that treats ticks (not at good as it used to) and fleas for my wonderful outdoor/indoor family member (cat).

    never fails by lv from NC03/17/2013

    I have used this product for my cat for many years and it has never failed me. We do have mosquitos in this area and i wish they had something like the advantix but they do not have for cats yet so I stick with what works.

    Reliable Product by June Bug10/18/2011

    Last time I tried Advantage II and my poor cats suffered. I'm back to Frontline PLUS.

    Great for flea control by golden lover01/07/2012

    This was very easy to put onto our new cat who tends to be skittish. It is great to have a product like the one we use on our dogs to control parasites on the cat also.

    great product by anita from utica, new york03/16/2012

    great product for my 3 cats. Always great prices,fast delivery, customer service.

    best purchase ever by dee from Philadelphia,Pa10/25/2011

    frontline plus was recommended by a vet, over ten years ago and it still has proven to be an effective reliable product. I am confident it will continue to do the job it was created for and would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to rid their cats and kittens from fleas. EntirelyPets also makes the product affordable and the free shipping is a plus.I would consider this the best purchase ever. .

    Excellant flea and tick protection fro my two cats by Mary from Bunnlevel NC09/10/2013

    I find Frontline flea and tic protection is the best you can buy. I have woods woods on two sides of my home. For some reason the fleas have been terrible. With the flea and tic protection put on once a month I have not seen one on them. Also I have not seen any tics this year on either cat

    Beware of where Frontline is made! by Kat10/23/2012

    My cat had a bad skin reaction to Frontline and my vet showed me the small print on the package where it says which foreign country made the stuff. So now I only buy flea meds from my vet -costs a bit more but worth it!

    by Cat Lady06/11/2012

    This product is easy to use and it works and an ounce of preventions is worth way more than a pound of cure when it comes to fleas and ticks. I went one season without it, big mistake! I have 5 cats and a dog so buying in bulk was a money saver for the year.

    Great company & product! by Maggie07/19/2012

    The product is effective & the company is honest, efficient, and the package arrived promptly.

    Frontline Plus: product old? by Canjanwill from Florida03/14/2012

    I spent over $200 on Frontline for three families. We were trying Frontline over Advantage II to see if there were better results. Horrible mistake. All three families have worse problems now than they did before using Advantage II. The scratching is constant for all the cats involved. Either this product from here was old or Frontline does not work. We mixed all the doses up so no one family had just one package. Parts and pieces were given depending on the number of cats. If anyone else has experienced this, please reply. I feel I have definitely wasted at least $200 and will probably be cautious, if not sure, of ordering from this company again. And I have made many, many orders over the last couple of years!

    Excellent Product by 207lisaz from Lewiston, Maine10/07/2011

    Frontline Plus has helped my 3 cats stay flea free for many years. This product works great!!

    Fleas gone by pip910/31/2012

    Frontline works for all 4 of my cats, including the one allergic to flea bites.

    cat by astro07/06/2013

    it works ffgdgbfdggbgdgdfgdgdgdggddggggg ----------

    A blessing! by Bev from Pembroke, MA09/23/2013

    What would we do without flea med? Nice to know that it is safe!

    Great for repeling fleas and ticks from cats by Pat V from Scotia, NY07/07/2013

    Works great to keep the cats clean of nasty parasites.

    My kitties are safe by Suz from Averill Park, NY05/21/2013

    Both of my kitties are explorers. Frontline keeps them free or fleas and ticks. If it could keep mice off my front porch, it would be the bext product ever!

    by from 09/12/2013

    consistently dependable by pogo22pogo from Connecticut06/12/2013

    I have used this product for years. It has always kept my cats tick free.

    frontline plus for cats by Sheila06/28/2013

    Works well for my cats.Very happy with the discounted prices on the 12 month supply.

    GREAT product!! by CATMOM715 from N WISCONSIN01/10/2012

    I brought fleas in to my indoor only cats late last summer and, unfortunately, didn't think that I needed to treat them because they WERE indoor only boys.........WRONG!! Frontline Plus is very easy to apply, works quickly, and doesn't leave that icky sticky mess that many products do. The price at Entirely Pets was great too........which means a lot when you have multiple pets to dose.

    Watch when you open! by Toomanycats from Central Kentucky10/24/2011

    I guess this works okay for fleas, but using it is another problem in itself. I use this on 8 cats monthly and there isn't a problem with half of the cats. The other half seem to be in pain when I squeeze it on their neck. Also, in September, as I was opening a packet, I also caught the covering on the back of the vial, opening the entire tube and loosing that application. I called the company and returned the ruined vial to them. I was to receive a certificate for a replacement. Well, that hasn't happened and it has been over 4 weeks. Will be switching to something else.

    flea product by Lamblady08/22/2013

    Another disappointment. Did not kill the fleas, what is up with these products. Will not purchase this one again

    Perfect protection for my cat by JoviGirlTP from Tennessee07/03/2013

    Best product I have found for my indoor/outdoor cat.

    prevents infestation by Lana6404/26/2012

    I have 4 cats, and one goes outside. Frontline prevents an infestation in my house by keeping the fleas at bay. Also, Frontline seems to be better tolerated by my older cats (11 yrs.) than other spot on flea products.

    Thankyou Frontline by Dyna09/13/2008

    Since using Frontline I no longer have had any fleas on my cats or in my house! Flea free for 2 years! I recommend this product. Oh, it also reduced the # of ticks my cats brought home.

    by from 08/06/2008

    Works Great - No Fleas by Patrick03/03/2009

    I have been using this for years. Works better than anything else I've tried. I haven't needed a flea bomb since using Frontline.

    by from 02/01/2009

    Best Flea protection ever by Dana Fillmore05/23/2009

    Frontline is the only flea protection that works on my cats and dogs. We live in an old neighborhood with lots of squirrels and they carry fleas from one yard to another. Spraying yards just doesn't work.I tried the "natural" products and they made my cats extremely ill, I thought they were going to die. Fronline does a great job and my cats don't get sick.

    by flyjy10/07/2013

    works good, & easy to apply.Cheaper than buying at the vet.

    Very Economical by Cat House from Arcadia, CA08/22/2013

    Entirely Pets is the best value that I have found for the products that I use.

    by bruin10/19/2011

    Worked great on the fleas--not so well on the ticks.

    Good product by Gail T.12/01/2012

    Frontline has always been my choice for flea products and your price beat everybody else hands down!

    by debc03/07/2013

    Frontline Plus is a great product, have used it for years on my cats and feral cats.

    I have used for years by dolly from Virginia Beach, VA10/12/2011

    It was the real thing and not from a foreign country with a different cat on the front of the box. Must be careful who you order from.

    best purchase by tigger7746105/03/2013

    this product was cheaper than I've been paying and it came with free shipping and came in a timely manner.

    Great Product/Great Price by Deb's Friends from Atlanta, GA11/29/2011

    Our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. So we do not want unwanted fleas & ticks in our home!!!!

    Great Company To Do Business With!!! by Anniekins02/03/2014

    I have ordered multiple times from your company. Each time I have been pleased with the price, delivery time and customer service couldn't have been more helpful. I have recommended your company to everyone I know that has pets, and that's a lot of people. Thanks.

    "HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN" BY THE FOUR GIRLS by Pat from New Smyrna Beach, Fl03/17/2012

    I have been using Frontline from Entirely Pets for quite some years now. I could not have been more pleased with this product, the price is so reasonable and the shipment is immediate. 'Immediate" is the word for how quickly the fleas disapear. I started out with only 1 homeless kitty but I think she spread the word around to the other strays that if they come to live at my house they won't be constantly scratching anymore And their fleas will be gone. Now I have four kitties.

    Great stuff by Christine from Rhode Island08/08/2012

    I have six cats and a dog. All go in and out most of the day. We live in New England and there is plenty of fleas and ticks. Not once have I had a flea or tick problem since we began using this product. Highly recommend it.

    by from 10/22/2013

    Frontline Plus for cats works great on my cats.

    a by review from ofBut


    by Rabbit05/30/2012

    Excellent since it kills adult fleas, eggs, and ticks

    Did not work well by dolly from Chesapeake, VA11/23/2013

    This was not successful on my cats this time. I used another product recommended by my vet and it worked much better.

    by Lin from Wilmington NC10/27/2013

    Never fails to so the job. Reasonably priced and fast service.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by northcountry nurse04/13/2012

    This is an easy-to-apply and very effective tick control for CATS. Comes with little sticky notes for your calendar so you will remember to apply once per month.

    does the job by cat-a-tonic from Ohio10/20/2011

    This is what is recommended by my vet. I have a number of cats. Although they are indoor pets, (except for the occasional visit to the porch), we seem get fleas in the house about once a year. Using Frontline for two consecutive months will completely stop the infestation. It seems to take two treatments for my cats - I think because I have a big older house and the cats are all over and that I have a small herd, - it takes a little longer to make sure that the flea cycle from cat to cat is truly broken. My thanks to EntirelyPets for its great pricing.

    No Adverse Reactions by Dan in Ohio03/03/2008

    My veternarian recommended Frontline PLUS after giving my cat, Stormy, a shot of atropine to counteract a severe reaction to a store bought "famous brand" of flea control. The Frontline worked like a charm and with no adverse reactions.

    Great purchase by Chrys10/19/2011

    A must have for our multi-cat household. We've been using this product for years and have been consistently pleased with the result.

    by from 02/10/2012

    Frontline plus is great by Witzy09/30/2013

    frontline plus is an effective, cost friendly product for both our dogs and cat.

    Frontline plus by Siderf05/03/2012

    We have never seen a flea or larvae on any of our pets. This is an excellent product and a mainstay in our home!

    by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC04/02/2013

    I'm very satisified with Frontline Plus for cats. I buy it every month for the cats in my shelter. I also put it on a couple of little possums that hang around my back porch at night.

    No More Fleas by MoeBaz from Titus, AL05/31/2012

    I had been using another product, but the cats (3 of them) still had fleas. My house got infested with the pests. I switched to Frontline Plus, fumigated the house, and -- No More Fleas. Works great.

    Fantastic Item by Marlene10/23/2012

    I have purchased this product for the past two years for my cats. I highly recommend it. My cats don't mind the application and it works better than any flea control I have previously used.

    Frontline is good stuff by Berkshire cat lover from Berkshires, MA06/27/2012

    This flea and tick treatment is a real advance over the flea collars and powders and shampoos I had to use on my cats back before spot applications containing fipronil came on the market. No more flea infestations in the house and because we live in a tick and Lyme disease area, less worry that a tick will make our cats sick or ride into the house on them and make us sick.

    great product / best price by KWEENHALLOWEEN from WAUCONDA, IL11/06/2012

    I do a lot of comparison shopping and with 7 cats & dogs, I have to pinch every penny

    great by Pixie07/22/2013

    great product at a great price. love the free shipping as well. Thanks!

    by from 10/29/2013

    by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC07/04/2012

    I have a shelter for abused and homeless cats and I use Frontline on them every month. It works...

    by LORI from CLEVELAND, OH07/09/2012

    the product was great and I will continue to use it for my animals.

    It Works by RedBelly from Balto.,MD03/28/2012

    Frontline Plus for cats continues to work for both of my cats. Effective at killing fleas and deterring ticks. Only con is that ticks do still attach themselves to head & neck region only. Haven't found any product that provides head to toe coverage for ticks. Overall I'm pleased with the product and would recommend it.

    Hands down the best most complete protection. by cminniect from Bethany, CT03/27/2012

    We've used Frontline plus for our cats for years. We live in a rural area and have lots of deer. Where there's deer there's ticks. Haven't had any issues with ticks or fleas on our cats ever. We apply once a month, no muss no fuss and feel secure that our cats will be protected.

    Love This Product by Karen from Russell, PA10/26/2011

    I purchase this product regularly. It works great for me and I purchase the largest quantity because of having 3 cats. I like Entirely Pets because they have great prices, fast shipping and I can just order from my computer instead of running around to find the product.

    Recommend Entirely Pets and Frontline by wendy04/27/2012

    Entirely Pets has special offers quite frequently and the Frontline works very well on both cat and dogs.

    best by catspots from greenville, tx07/31/2012

    love it. Easy to use, works as it is suppose to and does not cause irritation to the skin.

    fleas bad this year by crazycatwoman from florida04/11/2013

    I usually purchase the Advantage multi spot on but they are eating my 7 cats alive no matter what so I tried the frontline plus this time... The fleas are still winning...

    Great product at a super price!!!! by Anniekins from Shavertown, Pa03/19/2014

    Very happy with your website and your company. I spoke with a customer service rep on my last order and it was painless. He was very helpful and nice.

    Frontline Plus for Cats by SmileyAnn from Long Island, New York03/29/2012

    This is a good and safe product and does what it claims it kills fleas and if your cat doesn't have any it prevents them from getting fleas.

    No Fleas Yet by Cat Owner06/05/2012

    We have been using this product for several years. It works great.

    Love Frontline Plus by Betty from Longview, WA11/11/2011

    I think Frontline Plus is the best, longest lasting non-prescription flea control spot-on product I have used, and I live in a area where fleas abound. I just wish my cats liked the actual application better!



    Extremely Reliable Flea Control Product by Anna11/11/2011

    I have been purchasing Frontline Plus for years and apply the treatment once a month. The product works incredibly well.

    Great Product-Great Price by JudeMc11/07/2011

    The review title says it all. Frontline PLUS works on my cats (I am surrounded by woods and deer so need to ward off ticks and fleas). Entirely Pets offer it at a great price and delivery is incredibly fast. I ordered on Monday evening and it was delivered on Wednesday... for less that $5. Now THAT is excellent service!

    by from 10/22/2012

    NO FLEAS by Deb from Illinois08/05/2014

    Have been using this product and purchasing from Entirely Pets for while. Love the product and Entirely Pets has been has delivered fast and efficiently.

    best flea & tick prevention by Carole from Clifton, NJ07/03/2012

    i always buy the Frontline Plus for all of my cats because it works fabulously at eliminating pesty parasites. use once a month and never worry about bringing unwanted guests into your house! the 12 pack is super-economical, especially when combined with one of Entirely Pets monthly coupon deals!

    Excellent service and great price for pet oweners by MikuCutieChocolatte from Union City, CA08/22/2012

    Since I have three cats who were all homeless kittens, I ordered the 12 month Frontline Plus as I do apply flea treatment for three of them at the same time. The product was shipped on the day I placed the order and received the very next day. It is nice to live in California for that reason, but their service has always been so speedy and handled with care. Thank you so much for all you do for pet owners for the great price as well. I keep coming back to you.

    Great value by Jean from Maryland04/10/2013

    works on both fleas and ticks, easy to apply, good price

    Works good! by Luna from Pennsylvania05/27/2014

    My cats roam the woods so they get lots of ticks if I don't treat them! I used this product and it works great, just be sure to mark your calendar for reapplication in 30 days. I found two ticks and realized that it had been a month almost exactly.

    Glad to get it by TB03/04/2013

    Ordering in my home is convenient. It comes quickly to my door and I have it for my pets

    Frontline for Cats by Sally from Utica NY03/10/2012

    Quick shipping, good packaging, best price, safe to use, and effective with cats.

    by from 04/22/2013

    We've been using this product for years. It was first recommended by our cat's vet. We have tried similar products due to the lesser cost or their claims of providing superior results. Yet, we have never found a product to be superior regardless of the cost.

    the by product from weFrontline


    Great product by Crazy cat lady from Western Pa.12/02/2012

    We use Frontline Plus on our cats because it effective for killing ticks as well as fleas. It is amazing that with multiple cats in the house, we do not have fleas! One of our cats goes outside and with using Frontline Plus, he does not get ticks. Good stuff!

    Always Love Entirely Pets! by Bunkie from Heber Springs, AR06/18/2013

    Entirely Pets website is so easy to order from - just place the order & it's done! And, the order comes directly to me when it is promised! The other plus is that Entirely Pets offers this Frontline product at less cost than anywhere else I have priced it - I will always order from Entirely Pets!

    Frontline takes a back seat by suzare11/14/2012

    I have used Frontline Plus on my cats for many years, but recently after dosing them three times, I have not killed a single flea. I asked Entirely Pets to exchange this product for another, but they would not do so, so I had to pay for another brand in full. When you have six cats, that can really add up. I also contacted the manufacturer and they insisted I had not properly treated the home in spite of me telling them I had done so twice and have found no fleas in the furniture or rugs, etc. Then I contacted my veterinarian and they said they have also had many complaints about the Frontline products not working and are recommending a different brand. Something has changed with this product in spite of claims that it has not. All I can tell you is that it is now totally ineffective in killing fleas and I would try a different brand.

    A consistently good company by Andie08/14/2014

    I have been ordering pet products from Entirely Pets for many years. They have been consistently efficient and my purchases always arrive in a timely manner.

    by from 12/05/2011

    I have used this product for years and my three cats have remained flea and tick free. My cats are outdoor/indoor cats so keeping them flea proof is very important to me. Additionally, I have not seen the cats experience any side effects.

    product by with from theI


    Frontline Plus by GA from Alabama06/25/2012

    I have two cats and just reordered a 12 month supply of Frontline Plus. I recently took one of my cats to the vet cause he had tape worms. The vet asked what flea medicine was being used, I told him Frontline Plus. He recommended a switch to Revolution since Frontline Plus isn't working for one of my cats. I asked another vets opinion and they agreed Revolution is a better product. I was hoping to return the Frontline Plus supply and exchange for Revolution but found out Entirely Pets does not carry Revolution. Can I get a refund? I have used one tube. When will you carry Revolution?

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