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SuperPet Home and Accessories

SuperPet Home and Accessories

Super pet

products are great for keeping your pet happy and healthy. Small pets may enjoy Super Pet apple orchard sticks, which are healthy additions to their diets, or the play tunnel, which is perfect for hiding and for traveling around a cage. The Super Pet come-along carrier is ideal for taking pets with you when you travel, and the chew-proof water bottle can help prevent your pet from digesting plastic or other objects. If you like to take your pet for a walk, harnesses and leashes are available to suit small animals. Explore these products to find the best toys and items for your small pet.

Super Pet Hamster Potty
Super Pet Hamster Potty

($9.99)  $5.99
SuperPet My First Home Large
SuperPet My First Home Large

($141.99)  $85.99
SuperPet My First Home Medium
SuperPet My First Home Medium

($67.99)  $29.99
SuperPet My First Home Tank Topper
SuperPet My First Home Tank Topper

($45.99)  $34.99
Super Pet Play Tunnel
Super Pet Play Tunnel

($10.99)  $6.99
SuperPet Super Sleeper, Sleep E Tent
SuperPet Super Sleeper, Sleep E Tent

($18.99)  $13.99
SuperPet Igloo
SuperPet Igloo

($6.99)  $4.99
SuperPet Woodland Get-A-Way Large
SuperPet Woodland Get-A-Way Large

($15.99)  $11.99
Super Pet Hamster Potty The Hamster Potty can be placed anywhere inside of any hamster or gerbil home and it comes complete with free sample of Potty Litter and sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter. Yes, you really can potty train your small animal pet!
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for SuperPet My First Home Large
lovely by Rahmin Jawaid12/30/2009

dis ting is osome, my guinea piggy loves it and its amazing

Featured Reviews for SuperPet My First Home Medium
Awesome Cage!!!!!!! by Falcon10Baseball from utah06/18/2013

Best Guinea pig cage i have ever owned!!!!! Ive had my guinea for 2 years and have gone through 5 cages. This one is my fifth cage and is the best by far!!!!!!!! GET THIS CAGE!!!!!!!!!!

misleading to customer by size samantics from nj06/15/2013

i was very dissatisfied. the cage home got here and the packaging was all types of banged up. when i began assembling it i realized for one it didnt match the measurements that they had said. it is smaller by about 3 inchs width and length wise since the measurements they give you are taken from the lip rather then the actual tray peice that the critter runs aroudn in.

Featured Reviews for SuperPet My First Home Tank Topper
It's okay... by thisway from Greenwood, IN01/02/2013

We purchased this for my daughter's rats. When we received this topper one of the cage wires was busted on it and the cage door at the top broke within a day of having it. It will work as a temporary cage until I can get a more sturdy cage.

by from 11/23/2010

I purchased a tank topper for my daughter's first gerbil. At the time he was so chubby you couldn't tell where his head ended and his body began. After just a few weeks, he was much trimmer.

few by drawbacks from toThere


Great for rats by Lyn from NJ07/02/2013

This is a lifesaver. The parts may be plastic and gerbils are known for eating through plastic. Wire shelves is a great big no no for any small animal. I used linoleum in one and carpeting for a second one. Do your homework, people, before purchasing. This does exactly what it is suppose to. Most poor reviews are due to lack of knowledge before buying.

Featured Reviews for Super Pet Play Tunnel
Good Purchase by Trappy from Kenmore, NY10/28/2013

Currently, I am using this product for our pet rat. He does seem to enjoy it.

good buy for the money by sas08/28/2013

our ferrit loves this tunnel and sleeps in it all the time.

Featured Reviews for SuperPet Super Sleeper, Sleep E Tent
by Trappy10/11/2013

Our rat loves the tent and spends most of his time in there. It was well worth the money for his enjoyment, comfort, and security as he gets used to a new home.

i love it by guinea pig lover from claremont .N.H04/28/2011

i recomend it to small animal owner my guinea pig loves it one thing i just need to say is it may look exspensiv but at petco .com it is 14.99 but at there store it is 19.99 i love it my pet loves it to

Warm fuzzy by rattie from Duluth, GA01/16/2013

Good addition to the various sleeping hideouts for my rats.

Featured Reviews for SuperPet Igloo
fabulous houses by kk12/12/2011

my guinea pigs love their new digs! Love the color choices too

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