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Azodyl for Dogs & Cats by Vetoquinol

Azodyl Kidney Treatment

Azodyl Caps helps to slow down uremic toxin buildup and prevent further kidney damage in dogs and cats. It is a breakthrough in veterinary product. Azodyl for dogs and cats works by providing natural Enteric Dialysis through the use of beneficial bacteria that support kidney function. Azodyl uses a mixture of three urease positive bacteria that work to actively reduce toxins in the bowel and circulatory system.

Special Storage & Delivery Instructions:
Azodyl is required to be shipped on ice. Store Azodyl in the refrigerator. Keep this medication out of the reach of children and pets.

NOTE: Vaccine Shipping includes ice packs and is shipped via overnight delivery which the best way to ensure the Azodyl is received at a cool temperature.
This method does incur a flat rate fee of $29.95, regardless of the number of bottles or other items you purchase.
Other shipping methods are not guaranteed to arrive quickly or cold and incur an additional charge of $2.99 per bottle of Azodyl ordered for the ice packs needed. Trust Seals

Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)
Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)

($75.99)  $61.99
Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)
Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)

($42.99)  $23.99
Azodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol
Azodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol

($126.99)  $70.99
Azodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol
Azodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol

($254.99)  $137.99

Helps clear harmful toxin build up in the bowel through a patented
formulation of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria (Kibow
Biotics®). Through these beneficial bacteria, Azodyl
metabolizes and flushes out uremic toxins that
have diffused into the bowel.


Azodyl is a patented formulation of naturally-
occurring beneficial bacteria Kibow Biotics®)
that can be used to support renal health.


Helps support normal function and
health of kidneys


This treatment is important for pets with
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which begins
with azotemia. Azotemia occurs when nephrons decline and non-protein nitrogenous compounds build up, impairing the kidney's ability to filter and eliminate waste. Azodyl helps reduce azotemia and slows the progression of CKD. Azodyl is safe to use and is compatible with other therapies.


• Reduces circulating uremic toxins through natural Enteric Dialysis
• Slows down uremic toxin buildup in the blood
  and helps prevent further kidney damage
• Minimizes the clinical and biochemical
  consequences of reduced renal function
• Ideally suited for use in IRIS
  stages II to IV


• Easy-to-administer, enteric-coated capsules
• Compatible with other therapies


Azodyl capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal's favorite food or treat. Keep refrigerated at 4º C for best results. Fresh water should always be available for the animal.

Azodyl FAQ

NOTE: We recommend Vaccine or Priority Shipping for Azodyl. Vaccine Shipping includes ice packs and is shipped via overnight delivery which is the best way to ensure Azodyl is received at a cool temperature. Other shipping methods are not guaranteed to arrive quickly or cold.

Read More Azodyl Testimonials!

"My kitty is now 18 1/12 yrs old and his kidney values continue to improve on this along with daily subq fluids.He's been on it since he was 17 yrs old. We had to take him off for about 4 or 5 weeks and the kidney values declined. As soon as he was back on it, they improved. Please ask for extra ice packing in the summer when ordering. The last shipment I got the gel packs were warm and we had 90 degree temps. This can destroy the bacteria that is so important for the success of this supplement."

"Love the product. Has really made a difference in my cat. Have been buying it for years."

"The new, smaller pill size is great and contains equal amounts of Azodyl as the larger caps (so I've been told) I'm fortunate with my cat who takes pills easily without any struggle or fuss. Only downside I've found is the small pill occasionally slips out of the pill popper I use - but that doesn't often happen. As for the efficacy of the medication, it seems to be helping my cat's comfort and also appears to inhibit the progression of his kidney disease. It's not a cure, but it is an excellent suppliment in treatment."

"This product was recommended by my vet for my 19 year old cat to help in keeping the kidney levels where they need to be. They have done that and for that I would have others consider it."

Azodyl is Available In:
Azodyl (60 Capsules) Azodyl (90 Capsules) Azodyl (180 Capsules) Azodyl (360 Capsules)
Azodyl is a nutritional supplement for supporting renal function in cats and dogs. Allow free access to fresh water during administration.

Administration can be for the life of the animal.

Store in a refrigerator.

Animals weighting up to 5 lbs: Give 1 capsule daily
Animals weighing 5-10 lbs: Give 2 capsules daily (1 capsule a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)
Animals weighing greater than 10 lbs: Give 3 capsules daily (2 capsules a.m., 1 capsule p.m.)

Capsules should be given whole and not opened or crushed. If necessary, administer capsule with a piece of the animal’s favorite food or treat one hour before the main meal.
Kibow Biotics® [E. thermophilus (KB 19), L. acidophilus (KB 27), B. longum (KB 31), Psyllium husk].
4.81 rating based on 93 reviews
Featured Reviews for Azodyl Small Caps (90 count)
For Kidneys by Billie from TN02/12/2013

This really helps! My lil girls Windy is 15 1/2 and showing signs of Kidney problems. Praise GOD she is still acting young and not having to get subqed!

Azodyl by JSG12/12/2012

I have been using the Azodyl for one of my cats. It appears to be working very well. Just switched to the new smaller casule and it is easier to give it to her. I would recommend it.

Great for Small Cats! by Elvis P from Fort Worth02/20/2013

The smaller caps are perfect for my small cat. No more opening the large caps and mixing with water to get it in her (not recommended but the only way I could do it). My girl has been holding her own for three years now on Azodyl once a day and other meds. The extra overnight shipping is worth it. Very well packed. Arrived cold.

by from 07/15/2012

The new, smaller pill size is great and contains equal amounts of Azodyl as the larger caps (so I've been told)

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Azodyl by Priscillalea from Barefoot Bay, Fl06/24/2014

As always the 3 bottles arrived cool and safe..I have 3 cats on Azodyl for CRF and it really seems to help. As the heat of summer arrives in FL one more ice bag may be needed all but one had melted......just saying..... thanks so much

Great product by Sydneys9910/15/2013

Great product, small caps are easier for small dogs to take. Product shipped as ordered. Great customer service. Thanks.

by from 03/05/2013

This is the first time I have tried the new smaller capsules. It is much easier to administer for our cat and they go down every time. The larger capsules were a hit and miss many times.

John L. by Huntsville, Alabama from Great

Much Better For Cats!

Azodyl for breakfast. by DC from Singapore10/07/2013

One of my kidney cats is 15yrs old having taken Azodyl/Kibow (what it was previously called) for 7+ yrs. My kidney cats have tried many kidney cat supplements, the only one that i am still giving is Azodyl....in addition to Fortekor + SubQ. I live in Asia and a friend hand-carries the bottles back from US which is a great hassle....still worth the trouble.

Working well for us by Larry from Singapore10/23/2012

Our cat was diagnosed with CRF over a year ago. Our vet prescribed Azodyl together with Epikatin. So far her blood levels have not only remained stable, but have actually improved and at her last blood test her levels were just in the normal range. I believe this stuff is working, by removing the bad stuff within her gut before it enters the blood stream. The new smaller pills make it easier to buy and dose.

Detox Your Cat by Leo Major11/07/2012

My twelve-year-old cat was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease ten months ago and was given only a few weeks to live. I live in Europe and had to import Azodyl from the USA. Since I started using Azodyl, he has not only regained his appetite but skips around sometimes like a much younger cat! He seems very content and I'm enjoying my 'extra time' with him. It's a real shame this product isn't available in Europe.

Best Purchase by Foxmolder from New York11/21/2012

Received this really quick will order again

Arrived hot, ice melted, will not refund my money. by Yorkie lover from Atlanta, Ga.06/06/2014

The product is a good. I ordered this of this site in order to save money, I'm on a fixed income, my dog is in kidney failure. I had 3 options for shipping, I chose the middle one, I really thought when I got it, the product would be cold, it was warm so I spent 53 dollars for nothing. I called EP and tried to get a refund but spoke to a rep that tried to make me feel stupid. I am going today to my vet and pay another 50 + to get my dogs medicine. I feel that I should not have had any shipping choices for that reason. This medicine is a prescription med, most pet sites will not sell it. The rep did say that if I'd had lived in California it would have been ok, I'am really discussed. I have never had an experience like this before that oh well, your tough luck and -50.00 for nothing. Be aware.

Azodyl Small Caps (90 count) by M.J. from MA10/03/2014

This past summer, XieXie, our 20 +yr. old cat, had been diagnosed with kidney/renal issues. Her Doctor prescribed this medicine (twice a day, with a mandatory companion dose of age/ weight appropriate "Pepcid" medicine. Thanks to her Doctor's astute diagnosis, shortly after she was placed on this prescription medicine regimen, her urinary elimination has been greatly reduced and she's been able to return to her purring and caterwauling, wonderful self !

Great product! by Kel02/02/2014

My dog was born with a liver disease and these capsules have been a life saver!!

Exactly what I wanted by PEG from Frederick, MD01/26/2014

The Azodyl works great as a probiotic for our kidney-challenged senior cats. Due to personality differences, one cat takes it orally and the other in her food. Both cats are doing well.

Amazing Results by Marty Jo02/06/2014

Azodyl is miraculous. It's quite strange to see a dying cat become happy, playful, and energetic. I almost think the cat understands how much the medication helps him, because now he looks forward to taking those capsules each day!

Shipping Costs by SusieQ03/09/2014

My cat is in renal failure and this product was given to us by our vet. This is a VERY expensive product due to having to be refrigerated. The shipping costs are almost as much as the actual cost of the pills. I have to give 2 capsules every day to our cat and this is costly. I'm paying $30 to ship this product and the pills are around $44 and I'm spending this every 45 days. This product arrived cold, it was packaged with an inexpensive ice pack wrapped in bubble wrap and then in a "cold" type envelope all packed inside a box and is shipped overnight. That CAN'T cost $29.99 come on give me a break!

Great Price for a Med My Cat Has to Take by aj from Huntsville AL09/14/2014

My vet recommended I give my older cat Azodyl when her kidneys began to fail. The small size makes it easier for her to swallow.

Kept my old dog alive by Annie01/15/2014

My 15 yr old chi mix has been on this twice a day for a year to help with her kidney problems and our vet cannot believe how much improved she is.

Smaller size by Moorea from San Diego, CA08/18/2012

This is the first time I purchased the smaller Azodyl capsules for my cat. Still too big for a cat to swallow, so I'm still opening the capsule and mixing the powder with water, but at least it is less powder. Our cat is at least 15-years old. Being on Azodyl the past couple years is saving her life. I highly recommend Azodyl for cats with kidney problems common to older felines.

Azodyl in CRI by leszek2401 from Warsaw, Poland10/01/2013

The best help for your cat in chronic renal insufficiency. It's not cheap for overseas buyers, but for the friend...

Best Product ever!!!!! by Bob06/26/2013

Azodyl is a miraculous product, it worked amazingly on our cat of 19 years, I will definetely order this product again and again.

Impressed with prompt service and proper shipping by Travelandstyle from New Jersey09/05/2012

Just placed my first order for Azodyl 90 count capsules with EntirelyPets yesterday. I selected the overnight shipping option as this supplement should be refrigerated. They charge a steep $30.00 overnight shipping fee. However, my order arrived today via FedEx in an insulated sleeve with three cold ice packs and each of the two bottles of Azodyl were individually wrapped in their own ice packs. That's FIVE total everyone. I was blown away ! I recommend to everyone to pay the overnight fee for how it is delivered. It's worth it for my cat's improved health. Bravo, to Entirely Pets!

Excellent Product by Joni from Wisconsin06/18/2012

My 20 year old kitty has been taking Azodyl for a couple of years now and has not had any problems. I really like these small capsules as they are easier to administer and I think they are digested by the small kitty tummy better than the larger caps. I also want to say that the overnight shipping is well worth the extra cost as my order arrived in a very timely manner and the ice packs were still cold and partially frozen. Good job Entirely Pets!!!

Great product...but, overnight shipping is a must! by Very Sad Customer...08/01/2014

My experience with this item is very BITTERSWEET. It certainly helped my dog with failing kidney function, but it MUST be shipped overnight, and shipped with frozen cold packs, as the bacteria is temperature sensitive. I ordered this several times previously and asked for extra cols packs. I never used the overnight shipping and it always arrived cool. BUT, the final time I ordered it, they did not add extra cool packs even though it was mid-summer. It took three days to reach me and it was very hot, I knew instantly it was ruined. I immediately took the internal temps with a digital thermometer, and documented with pictures and sent an email. It took two weeks for their absolutely useless reply. Not only did they not replace or refund me, but in the mean time I ran out of Azodyl, AND MY DOG QUICKLY DECLINED AND DIED...I am no longer a customer of Entirely Pets! They never replied to any of my three follow up e-mails, and they never have apologized. They just ignored me. VERY GOOD PRODUCT~SLOW and BAD SHIPPING PRACTICES~BEWARE~ THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST EVER!

Help for an old cat by Mr. Wild Thing's Mom11/23/2013

Our vet recommended Azodyl, and the product seems to be helping keep him well. Our 15-year-old cat has been in chronic kidney failure for more than a year, but he's still active and doing better than we expected. The smaller capsules are easier to give to a cat. He has learned to accept two capsules, which is good for us because it's not easy to pill a cat!

What a deal by Twinks from Albuquerque, NM08/29/2014

My cat has kidney disease and requires this med. The vet charges $84 - this was on sale and even with overnight shipping it was only $60!! It arrived in LESS than 24 hours - what a surprise. Great customer service! My cat is much easier to pill with these as they are a smaller capsule and it is the exact same product as I got from the vet.

Very satisfied by priscillalea from Barefoot Bay, FL11/14/2012

I ordered Azodyl, a product that must be kept cold at all times. It arrived exactly when it was supposed to and was nice and cold. Have always been very satisfied with your service. Thank You

Azodyl by Teri from Mo08/18/2014

The product is great, But do not by from Entirelypets, it is not kept cold. You get it hot so it is not good. Then they do not reply to your e-mail about it....... Not at all happy with Entirely Pets.

Wonderful Product! by Mirage from NJ05/01/2014

Worth a try if your cat has kidney disease. You have nothing to lose only something to gain by giving this a try (and they are not paying me to say this) My cat was diagnosed with kidney failure due to kidney stones, and was not expected much time left. Her numbers dramatically decreased while using this product in about 2 weeks time. She is doing great and this product is worth it! She has been on this for almost 2 years going strong! Consult the company's product information should your cat be on an antibiotic or other meds, you just have to time the administration of both so effectiveness is not decreased for either med. Some vets do not know this--at least that is from my experience.

Probiotics for Dogs by Lily06/07/2012

I've been giving this product to my dog Gidget for a little while now....she's enjoying continued good health at 13....thanks for giving us options that are natural!

Easier to give by HarleysDad100 from Burbank, IL.09/29/2013

Many times the larger capsule was left in the food bowl and we had to break out the peanut butter. The smaller ones are easier to stick into her food and never left behind. The smaller one is just as effective. If you have a smaller breed or large breed, like mine, the small capsule is highly recommended by me.

Keeping our puppy alive by Brooke from Wisconsin09/02/2014

Our ShihTzu puppy was diagnosed with renal dysplasia, genetic, and we have been giving her 150 ml of subcutaneous fluids daily and Azodyl for small dogs twice daily. She is now 16 months old and the vets did not think she would live to 6 months. You would never know she was sick. Highly recommend the Azodyl. We also give her low protein diet.

Smaller Capsules Good for Cats by Moorea from San Diego, CA10/31/2012

My 15-year old cat has been on Azodyl for about 2 years. Her Kidney follow-up test show her urine is concentrating in the normal level. Now these capsules come in a SMALLER size for cats! Thank you, for making these available for felines. This product allows my cat to feel great and continue her pet-therapy visits to hospitals, senior homes, and veteran facilities.

Improved kidney function by Rena from Naples, FL04/01/2014

Within a six month period after administering 3 capsules of Azodyl per day ( 2 in am 1 hour before feeding and 1 in pm 1 hour prior to feeding), my 15 year old male cat Mikey showed an improved Creatine level, initially 3.4, now 2.9. Additionally, there was no further weight loss.

Azodyl helps old Cougar by Terri from Tyler, TX07/24/2014

I have a wildlife sanctuary and many of our older cats get kidney failure. One of the products we use when diagnosed is Azodyl. We have used this product on an old cougar and tiger. Entirely Pets is great about shipping on time and having the best prices.

Impressed with COLD shipping by Trdmrk86 from Florida03/26/2013

Azodyl needs to stay cold at all times, so shipping was a concern of mine. To keep cold, overnight delivery in a cooler bag with ice packs is necessary. Entirelypets.com's shipping was impressive! Each bottle got it's own ice pack and then extras in the box too. Other websites charge extra for all those ice packs. To compensate for the costly shipping order several bottles at a time for the best savings. Still saved a fortune compared to my local vet!

by Nurhan from Istanbul12/08/2013

Looks much better eats more ..we catch the second chance :))

Azodyl by OscarThe WeenieDog from Western Connecticut02/15/2014

Azodyl Small Caps saved Oscar's life. Oscar suffers from renal disease. This supplement, along with an RX dog food and quality vet care have made him a happy pup!

wonderful product by Chuck01/13/2014

I have a number of geriatric cats whose kidneys are failing. I started them on Azodyl six months ago. Since then there has been no decline in their kidney function.

Helps with Chronic Renal Failure by Sugarman from Bayside, NY05/29/2014

My vet recommended giving Azodyl to my 4 year old Siamese cat who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure to help remove toxin buildup. While I am unsure how well this works, I am willing to try anything to provide my cat an improved quality of life for this terrible disease that he was apparently born with.

Life savior for my cat! by muttki from Warsaw, Poland09/25/2013

My cat Toffi suffers from severe kidney insufficiency and Azodyl has been simply saving his life ever since he had started to take it several years ago. "Take" is an extremely gentle description of fights we have with every application of it so I appreciate very much appearance of "small caps" on the market as it is much easier to throw them down his throat. Especially that he takes two caps in the morning. Polish customs regulation allowe me import free of charge only 5 bottles of Azodyl so I would really appreciate 3-packs of small caps!

good product by hawthornedon from DeRidder,LA04/01/2013

It was a good product at a reasonable price

Azodyl by ricats01/16/2014

I ordered this via Amazon and it used to come in a box and have multiple ice packs. It was great packaging. Now it comes in a bag with multiple ice packs, so it's still good, but not as good as when it was in a box. It seemed to stay colder in the box. Happy with the product and the price & shipping can't be beat.

Not sure yet by Walter02/26/2014

We have to give this capsule to walter with food wrapped around it otherwise he spits it out We will not know if it is working until his next blood test in April.

Love the 90 count by Kim from MA06/23/2013

Thank you for providing this product in a 90 count bottle. It has helped my dog prolong his life. I highly recommend it for anyone with a dog with Kidney Issues.

Azodyl is great! by Beanie from Hamilton, NJ05/15/2014

First of all I think that Azodyl really helps my cat with the kidney disease. He is stable and his kidney values have improved. The 90 count bottle is easier to administer since the pills are so much smaller than the 60 count bottle. The pills in the 60 count bottle are huge, I would definitely recommend this product and also get the 90 count.

Great by Kishi23 from Houston01/01/2013

I use these caps along with Epakitin for my min pin that experienced an acute renal episode about 6 months ago. I haven't taken her to the vet again to check her kidney levels since starting this a few months ago, but she does appear happier and more active.

Excellent product by GM02/26/2014

Bought for my 13 yrs old siamese, whose kidneys were not so great anymore. After 2 months the lab results came back within normal range. This products is saving my kitty's life.

Came fast and cool! by chris from Washington, DC06/22/2012

I accidentally left the box in my car on a 90 degree day for two hours and the cold packs were still partially frozen! Adding this to the care regime for 16 year old CRF Kitty. Since they are small, they should go down without too much of a fuss!

Azodyl Small Caps (90 Count) by Shelly from Eden NY08/15/2014

Very satisfied with the product, very satisfied with the price, and very satisfied with the quick delivery. Had been ordering from a different site, and paying quite a bit more for the product.

Small caps easy to administer by TJ from Winston-Salem, NC04/13/2013

My vet started my Yorkie on 2 Azodyl per day. The vet's office only carried the large version. It was next to impossible to give a small dog huge capsules. I started researching and found the same meds in a small capsule. That made life easier for me and my pet. Azodyl must be refrigerated and it was shipped with a cold pack. Thank you Entirely Pets!

Works by Azodyl03/23/2013

My best friend Katie of 14 years has kidney failuure. She wasn't eating at all until I started using Azodyl along with sub-q. She has put on almost a pound.

Saved my dog from renal failure by bella from Tonawanda, New York12/31/2012

Penny was very sick with renal failure. After several expensive blood tests her levels were very high. The vet thought Penny was in serious danger. A friend recommended Azodyl as her dog also had renal failure and her dog survived 2 years longer. Without any other choice, Penny was put on azodyl 7 months ago; eats Kidney food; no protein; takes I.V injections every other day, and is thriving. She drinks from her bowl, eats her food and love walks. Thank you Azodyl.

It does work! by BetsC11/27/2012

Since giving this medication to two of my cats with kidney disease, their BUN and CREA have gone down instead of up. I believe this product works and will continue giving it to them.

by from 01/03/2013

Our Vet recommended this product for our 10 year-old Rat Terrier mix for early stage kidney failure. We go back to the Vet in February with hopes that the product is helping her. She has experienced no side-effects from the medication and seems to be doing great thus far.

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Loved The Small Caps!!! by Bernadette02/23/2013

I purchased Azodyl once before in a larger capsule. When I wanted to order a larger quantity, I noticed that they also came in a smaller capsule. The difference in size made it SO much easier to "pill" my cat. I'm very pleased that I discovered the smaller version of the same medicine. I was also very pleased with how well the larger quantity of the medicine was shipped and without shipping cost to me.

by BirmanLady from Southern California05/03/2013

Good prices... Fast delivery... Thanks!!

Azodyl by Kittypix04/05/2013

Seems to be helping my wonderful cat who has Chronic Kidney Disease.

To save my friend life by kolorek from Poland, Warsaw12/31/2012

Hi, I am from Poland. I have a cat (it's my best friend), unfortunately he is ill (he has renal dysplasia). Thank God, I can buy Azodyl - I can save his life, so he is happy everyday and he give me a million kisses everyday. Azodyl it's the best medicine to help my friend.

Great product by Plf from New Jersey06/09/2014

My dogs kidney functions improved after taking azodyl.

by judyw from Lancaster, PA04/27/2012

5 years ago, my 7 year old boxer was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease on both kidneys. She has been taking Azodyl ever since and is still symptom free.

hope it works by naturegrl from nature coast,fl11/22/2012

Just started using this so will with hold judgement on efficacy. The cats DO NOT like the taste so am mixing with barley cat and administering with a syringe.

by from 07/30/2012

be highly pleased

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good!! by rose977 from njbe


Azodyl by Wimpercat10/22/2012

Without any doubt, this product, which must be shipped cold, arrived in excellent condition. It is an essential component for keeping my two cats with CRF healthy.

Too soon to tell ... by Digger's mom from Methuen, MA02/20/2013

I won't know how the Azodyl is working until new bloodwork is done. My cat has only been on it for a couple of weeks, and I also give him Kidney Support Gold. He wasn't sick, but his numbers were a little high. He has one small and one lumpy kidney, but he's been doing well. I'm hoping the two meds improve his numbers and surprise his doctor.

Good but way too expensive by KyCatMeowmy07/19/2014

I use this product with some other products and Chinese herbs on my cat who is in renal failure. It helps move toxins thru the bowels rather than the kidneys and gives the kidneys much needed relief. Unfortunately, the more popular it has become the more the price has gone out of the ceiling. Also, these are caplets. They must be swallowed whole. If you are unable to pill a cat it won't be easy getting it into the cat. Based on weight my cat takes three per day. One 90 cap bottle only lasts one month. It contains live bacteria so it must be refrigerated. To arrive to your home "cool" you have to pay express or overnight shipping which is out of the ceiling. I have other cats that I use other brands of probiotics/prebiotics on. They are three times less expensive and work very well at getting my cats to use their litter box. I have been considering changing my cat in renal failure to the less expensive brands which seem to do the same thing as Azodyl.

Saved My Baby's Life by tammy24557 from Gretna, VA08/22/2014

A little over a year ago, my cat was diagnosed with renal failure and was only given a 50% chance to live. It was a hard decision but I was not ready to let him go so my vet suggested I try this product along with Epikitin to help with his kidney function. Now, he is normal and you wouldn't even think anything was wrong with him. I am so thankful for this product. It has really helped him and given me a little longer with my baby. I highly recommend this product if you have a pet with a similar diagnosis.

Awesome website and product by bubblepoplop from Singapore07/14/2014

Awesome product. Efficient shipping + ice pack which was a relief. Sooooo much cheaper than getting it at the vet - phew! Thanks Entirely Pets!

old dogs, bad kidneys by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA11/21/2012

I have two dogs in kidney failure and one that is heading that way. Azodyl is keeping the first two alive and helping that third. I open the capsules and mix it with food things, thus, I have no problem giving, and dosing, the med.

Azodyl-good product. by at from NJ01/24/2014

It does seem to reduce serum creatinine in cats. The smaller size is the right size for cats; they cannot take the larger size. The option for overnight shipping on ice is particularly helpful to preserve effectiveness, especially in warm weather. Entirelypets is apparently the only source for this product in the small size.

Great product by brdrcol from northern CO08/25/2014

Our one dog has been on this product for years and his kidney and urine levels have been normal since he went on it. Some places do not keep this product refrigerated when shipped; I was glad to find a good price and refrigerated shipping with Entirely Pets.

holistic treatment for renal problems by nan from sunny florida06/21/2014

Prolongs the life of your pet with renal problems. Since cats are difficult pill takers, I twist open the capsule and the powder can be mixed with a little fluid which my cat licks off my finger. A lot of vets are recommending this product and have it for sale in their offices. It is cheaper to buy online....no prescription needed.

Azodyl by Chaseco09/26/2014

Product is working for my dog. However I was not able to get another order, because Azodyl is in short supply. I appreciate that EntirelyPets let me know right away that they were out and would send me the medicine as soon as possible. I would recommend that if you need this medicine that you have EntirelyPets send you automatic refiles.

Best Renal Supplements by Josey from Detroit Michigan12/03/2012

My dog has been on these for 6 months now, after being diagnosed with renal failure with only a few months to live. Today, she's frisky and playful, which she wasn't when we went to the vet and she put my dog on this supplement. Best decision so far!

Great for CRF Cats! by Kitchycat from Illinois09/18/2014

My cat has been taking Azodyl for about 4 years now. I believe it has helped keep her BUN levels down. I recently started another of my cats on it too. I have had CRF cats in the past that didn't have Azodyl and they didn't last as long.

by from 03/06/2014














excellent results by Iris from voorhees, new jersey10/13/2013

My 13 year old mixed breed kidney levels were much better after taking azodyl. I will continue to give them to him

by from 01/30/2014

I have two small dogs, about five pounds each. They have renal failure and our vet put them on Azodyl more than three years ago.

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Recommended by my Vet by mom07/27/2012

Seems to be helping my cat with kidney disease. He is even gaining a little weight. He's also on Epikitten.

Delivery problems by Linda09/13/2013

The probiotic arrived 9 days after the purchase, just good to throw. There is a real issue with the delivery knowing that this product must stay cold in order to work. It's unfortunate.

by from 07/28/2014

been using this product for over a year and find my cats kidney function and hydration has been stable.

off by it from herWhen


Excellent Supplement by BeeBarRazzle from Fayetteville, NY07/22/2012

My kitty is now 18 1/12 yrs old and his kidney values continue to improve on this along with daily subq fluids.He's been on it since he was 17 yrs old. We had to take him off for about 4 or 5 weeks and the kidney values declined. As soon as he was back on it, they improved. Please ask for extra ice packing in the summer when ordering. The last shipment I got the gel packs were warm and we had 90 degree temps. This can destroy the bacteria that is so important for the success of this supplement.

Greatest supplement by Bev from Boynton beach, Florida07/17/2012

Love the product. Has really made a difference in my cat. Have been buying it for years

by from 09/16/2014

I think, usually , this product works great for my 21 year old cat. It arrived without a cooler as before and the product was very warm. I called and was told it could be at 90 degrees for up to 3 days. I find this suspicious and will not order from you again.

susiejok by from thank

product is great, but shipping was faulty

Good service by Socks from Orlando Fl07/14/2012

Great service. The pills arived all the way to Orlando Fl and the freeze packs were still frozen

by cb10/30/2012

The product works great on our cats kidneys. The product was received in a chilled shipping container that kept it fresh.

Not The Best Shipping Experience by Kat- from Pleasant View, TN12/17/2012

The shipping was delayed so I called to inquire. I was told it would be shipped out that day and an email sent with teh tracking number. When I did not get the tracking number, I called back in two days. My 2nd call the customer service rep was honest and helpful. When my product arrived, it was supposed to be chilled. The product was hot. The product cannot be used now. I called customer service and was told, "Oh, it should be fine." Whatever...........my vet said NO! I will not shop with Entirely Pets again.

Azodyl for kidney cats by DC from Singapore11/04/2013

My 16-18 yrs old cats have been taking Azodyl for a long time-since Kibow days. The small 90-caps are an improvement - easy to pop in cats' throats and to hand-carry multiple bottles (packed in ice) half-way round the world. Azodyl is well worth the trouble.

Extended my cat's life by barbara from plymouth ma07/16/2013

She is 21 years old now and was diagnosed with kidney disease 4 years ago. Vet suggested Azodyl. At first I thought it would be difficult to administer the large pills (like the smaller caps). My cat cooperated nicely so I am able to easily give her a pill every day.

Vet prescribed by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC12/31/2013

I would only recommend this if a veterinarian suggested it. One of my dogs has kidney disease and his vet recommended this product. I purchased it from them until I found it available here at entirelypets.com. Azodyl does appear to be helping Murphy!

best product by Adina03/21/2013

Azodyl works like a charm. The shipping was fast and I received the package very well vraped and at proper temperature.I am very pleased.Thank you Entirelypets!

Product Extends Life of Cat by birminghamqueen from West Chester, PA09/08/2014

My cat was diagnosed in renal failure in November 2012. She is not a cat that I could easily give sub-cue fluids to as I have done with other cats in renal failure. I came across this product and figured I'd give it a try. My cat has been on it for two years and is still acting normal. I would definitely use it again if one of our other cats is diagnosed with renal failure.

Best Purchase Ever by Susan11/03/2013

Two of my cats got chronical kidney problem, and my vet recommended Azodyl. It really work for us.

Not sure by Nikki07/30/2014

I'm not sure if this is working since I haven't had my dogs kidney values retested...but I will say I'm disappointed in the sender(Entirely Pets)..when I received the product it was warm even though it was shipped in cold packs. The cold packs were very small and would only keep something cooks for a few hours at the most...I will never order this product from this site again.

by from 06/18/2012

When our 15 year old dog was diagnosed with kidney disease, our vet recommended that he take both Azodyl and Epakatin, both manufactured by Vetoquinol. Their website states "Studies show that Azodyl administered orally on a daily basis has the potential to decrease BUN levels and prolong survival in renal insufficiency." Caring for a pet with kidney disease can be exhausting and it was miserable trying to get him to swallow these pills each day. The manufacturer states that they cannot be crushed but must be swallowed whole. Sometimes he'd vomit up the pills. There were several times when I questioned whether it was worth it to try to keep him on this supplement, especially since he did not seem to be improving and we had no idea if it was working.

dog by refused from toEven


Couldn't live without by ClaudiaCortez from Los Angeles, CA07/23/2013

This product along with Epakitin and Pet Kelp and KD Canned Diet has my Vet stunned as to how my yorkie is still alive...His levels were out of this world and I was told he would possibly die that night I was determined to try everything and I'm glad I didn't give up as it has been 2 years and he is so happy and healthy his levels are still elevated but no where near where he was and you would never even know it and his appetite is amazing. I recommend this to everyone who has a dog or cat with renal failure.

A Life saver by Gab from Florida02/24/2013

My 17 year old Cat has renal failure and she is taking Azodyl for two years and is doing very well.

by from 08/24/2013

Love the small capsules. So much easier to give to my cat. My Vet only has the large capsules.

quickly. by They from wereReceive


FANTASTIC PRODUCT! by Cat Listener10/25/2013

22 Months ago my vet said my 17 year old kitty had severe kidney disease. I was told Azodyl, along with daily fluids might help some but the disease was fairly advanced. Howard is now 19 and still enjoying life. His vet said his kidney function has greatly improved so I feel Azodyl has greatly helped to prolong his life.

Brilliant product by Bonnie from Ireland03/13/2014

I was told my dog had Kidney failure and there was nothing I could do. Someone told me about Azodyl and my dog is doing great. She has put on weight and her coat is better than it has ever been.

Azodyl for Cats by Sparky04/18/2012

It would be nice if the dosage was written on the label. I ended up calling the company who makes the medicine to see if the dosage was the same as the larger capsules! They called me back and there is the same amount of medicine in the large and small capsules. Entirely Pets was not able to answer that question for me.

Featured Reviews for Azodyl (60 Small Capsules)
So far, so good by Randy01/26/2012

We started our cat, Raphael on Azodyl at the end of December (he is Stage II for CRF) and just had a blood test for creatinine and BUN at a little less than 30 days. I'm pretty sure it reduced the creatinine to 2.1 from 2.4 (about 13%), although the BUN did go up to 41 from 38, but that could be related to his high protein diet. We will continue with Azodyl and see how he does over the next few months. We are lucky that he is a good pill taker, so we don't have to open it and put on his food.

Excellent Product by Cheryl05/28/2013

My vet recommended 2 capsules per day of this product for my cat, who is 19 years old with kidney disease. Because this product is quite expensive, my husband tried giving just one capsule a day...everything seemed okay for about 3 weeks. Then my cat became very lethargic, reclusive, refusing to eat and I feared the worse. We tried to figure what was making her like this, then after realizing that the only change we had made was reducing the amount of Azodyl, we restarted the 2 capsules per day and within 3 days, we seriously had a new cat. She was alert and active, wanting attention, and an had an appetite again. Lesson learned...no matter how expensive, I've spent a lifetime with "Sassy" and I won't compromise her health ever again. This product really works! I'm a skeptic of everything...but not of this product.

Hard to administer but worth it by BettyY from Florida07/10/2014

My elderly CAT had bladder infections and renal issues. The Azodyl, taken along with Epakatin seems to have stabilized him. He is more active, interested and has better appetite. It's a bear to give however - he wouldn't swallow it; was not fooled by pill pockets and ran off whenever he saw me reach for the bottle. Finally bought a pill popper online (could not find locally in stores). It makes administration so much easier!

old dog, bad kidneys by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA11/04/2012

My Daisy is 17 years old. A Chi-Terrier she is as stuborn as they come. Giving pills is an adventure with mixed results. So, I open the capsules and mix them with a little wet food and the med gets in her no problem. I doubt she would still be alive without Azodyl, her kidneys have been shot for over 2 years...

Continues to improve kidney function! by Fur Baby Momma06/08/2013

My senior kitty Max with early stage kidney disease has been on Azodyl 2x/day for the past 2 years. His kidney function lab values have not only stabilized, but they continue to improve. It is important to give this product as directed (keep the capsule intact). The capsule is designed to protect the probiotic bacteria inside from stomach acids and release the bacteria when the capsule reaches the small intestine where they can break down kidney toxins. If the contents are taken out of the capsule and then administered, the stomach acids can kill the bacteria rendering the product useless.

Azodyl for feline renal failure by Pat10/04/2011

My kitty is about 18 and renal failure was diagnosed 18 mo ago. He was failing and doing poorly and then I started Azodyl. Overnight his breath was normal and his energy level and appetite came right back. He's gained weight and overall is doing very, very well. It has really been wonderful to have my sweet guy back.

Azodyl used for CKD in Cats by Robin from Yakima, WA09/10/2013

I ordered the Azodyl after I received a special e-mail highlighting Chronic Kidney Disease in cats. My cat has CKD and was very ill and just returned from the vet. She got dehydrated due to the heat, I didn't realize this would happen, I guess I should have known. She receives daily sub-Q fluids and the Azodyl. She is doing so much better, I am so grateful for finding this product. She eats about 1/2 of the renal vitamins so hasn't warmed up to those as much. This product is a must have for cats with CKD. You will need a pill gun to get the pill into them in an efficient manner and intake state. According to the vet, this product is great for dogs as well.

Miracles do happen! by Sophia's mom04/07/2013

My 8 yr old greyhound was diagnosed with severe kidney disease, with a "guarded" prognosis. She had stopped eating, her creatinine and BUN were through the roof, and she was losing protein in her urine. I have been using Azodyl for 1.5 months, and she has made a miraculous turn-around. She is eating again, she is playful and happy, and has energy for our walks ... still some low days, but nothing like where she was 2 months ago when I thought she might not make it more than a few weeks! I also am using Chinese herbs, and I think the combination has given her a new lease on life. Truly a gift, thank you Azodyl!

Greatest product ever by Bev12/26/2012

I have been purchasing this product for years. I truly believe it has extended my cats life. If all goes well she will be 20 years old this January. There is no doubt in my mind that it is because of Azodyl.

by from 07/30/2012

be highly pleased

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good!! by rose977 from njbe


Great Product by Bonnie from Ireland12/05/2013

I bought this for my dog who was diagnosed with kidney failure and the vet could do no more for her. Since starting it she has now gained weight and is eating better and more active than she was.

Good Product by tsmith3 from Murfreesboro, TN11/04/2011

This product was recommended by my vet for my 19 year old cat to help in keeping the kidney levels where they need to be. They have done that and for that I would have others consider it.

azodyl works great by trudy04/18/2010

My 10 year old yorkie was in renal failure. My vet recommended azodyl and alumunium hydroxide. Within two weeks her creatine levels were back in the normal range and in one month her phosphorus levels came back to the high normal range. I am very pleaed with the azodyl.

cheapest around by shanenewton11/02/2011

Am very impressed by the cost of the Azodyl. It cost $50 for the same quantity at the vet and I found EntirelyPets.com to be the cheapest around. Especially when I can get 3 bottles at even a cheaper price. Thanks!!!!!

azodyl by jane09/13/2010

My female Boxer, Teddy will be 14 in October. She has been on Azodyl since she was diagnosed as being in the beginning stages of kidney failure in January. It's now September, and her kidney funcion has been steadily improving, and she is doing well. I am very happy with this product!!

Greatest Supplement Ever by Bev04/01/2012

My cat has been taking this product for 4 years and has totally improved her kidney function. Its truly amazing

by Linda Schmid from Palm Springs, CA07/25/2014

(My cat doesn't mind the taste of it in her food), good product

by from 12/10/2011

I've used Azodyl for nearly a year now for my terrific cat Casper, who was diagnosed with kidney failure last January. Until I found it, he was not doing well at all--was losing weight, had little appetite, and required subcutaneous fluid every day (NOT a popular activity with him!). Once he had been on Azodyl for awhile, though, his appetite picked up, his health improved markedly, and the fluid requirements went way down, with intervals as high as 10 days or so.

Azodyl by to from aI


Amazing Azodyl by Tollgaard from Everson, WA10/24/2011

Azodyl works wonders and has helped my cat with failing kidneys for over 4 years!!

Really helps by mmm04/30/2013

My 18 year old cat's kidney's were beginning to fail. Her coat was greasy and she was losing weight. This product made a huge difference.

worth a try by jeanne07/10/2014

I wish someone had told me about this product sooner. Unfortunately my cat died recently. She was over 1 year into kidney failure and we were doing fluids, etc., etc. But I heard about Azodyl and tried that for her. She seemed to really perk up quite a bit I think she felt better, her appetite definitely picked up. If you have a cat with kidney problems, I would definitely use Azodyl as an adjunct to the fluids. Just from her response to it, it certainly seemed to help.

Lab results don't lie! by Lucky Cat from North East02/13/2010

I was a skeptic, but after Lucky's creatinine went to 3.8, and BUN to 70, I put him on Azodyl, Rubenal, and Vetri-Science Renal Essentials. He doesn't tolerate the renal diets, but has been on a lower protein/phophorus one. After 3 months on these 3 products, his creatine is now 2.1, and BUN is 58. It's definately worth trying-the proof is in the numbers.

Saving Trixie by sweetheart from Corona,Ca.08/04/2012

I love shopping Entirely Pets. My 16 year old cat, Trixie has CRF, which means, chronic renal failure. When I found out what product might help I looked online because the vet was so expensive, I found Entirely Pets online and have been ordering Azodyl now since March 2011. It's so easy to order online and the shipping is very fast. So far Trixie is doing Great! Thanks You Entirely Pets!

Renal failure has improved! by dogman from Banner Elk, NC11/11/2011

One of my Shiloh Shepherds was diagnosed with early renal failure. Since using azodyl his numbers have improved a lot.

Azodyl - A Worthwhile Purchase by Louise07/29/2013

Azodyl has kept my cat, Fred, alive since he was diagnosed with kidney disease in March. I didn't expect him to live one month but it's already been four months. I'm grateful for the effectiveness of this medicine!

Product Works!!! by Jen78 from Las Vegas, NV10/31/2011

This product works well it's been helping my precious cat for 20 months now. I wouldn't EVER go without giving it to him. He's been on it since the day he was diagnosed. Only complaint I would have is getting the product. It has to be refrigerated the pills can not reach over 80 degrees as this destroys them. My vet overcharges and I order online. When the pills arrive with ice pack they are not always cold so it's a catch 22 on whether they are over the recommended temp.

Hopeful about Azodyl by animal lover01/09/2012

Our cat has just started taking Azodyl and we are hopeful that we will see a positive effect on her next lab work. She tolerates the capsules by a "pill shooter" well. Unlike the first time I ordered Azodyl, this last order was packed with just one "ice pack" and was lukewarm when it arrived. Since it was sent priority mail, I am hoping that it did not lose its efficacy.

Keeping my cat alive by Moorea from San Diego, CA12/09/2011

Our 18-year-old cat was diagnosed with renal failure over a year ago. Our vet prescribed Azodyl. We sprinkle one capsule of Azodyl on a tiny bit of canned salmon an hour before her breakfast and dinner. We are thrilled to report Moorea's urine tests show normal results and she is able to continue her volunteer work as a therapy-pet, thanks to Azodyl. One important note: Azodyl is a supplement which MUST be kept cold, even when being shipped.

A Life Saver by Vinny from Las Vegas, NV10/30/2012

This product has not only prolonged my aging dog's life, but also greatly increased the QUALITY of her life. Without it, her kidneys would have failed long ago.

Great Product by Debs11/23/2011

This product has greatly impacted the wellness of my cats renal failure. It has been an excellent find and I would highly recommend it to others with pets that have a similar condition.

Highly Recommended by Abbalina10/19/2008

Before giving my cat this supplement, she had lost a lot of weight, was very lethargic and had almost no appetite. In just a few days after starting her on Azodyl and Epakatin, her appetite improved and her energy levels were up. After a few weeks, she was back up to a normal weight. The only negative comment I have is that the capsules are quite large and may be difficult for some people to administer to a cat.

Azodyl by Jordan Turner from Madison, WI05/09/2010

Azodyl is keeping my 15 year old cat stable. His blood tests showed that he's not getting worse. So thats good, I give Chippy 2 pills every day, as well as Purena Veterinary Diets, and fish oil. He seems to be doing ok.

Geat product by Pam03/04/2008

This is an amazing product! My 2 year old Lab has CRF and this product is helping his kidney levels decrease. He has only been on it for a short time and has had amazing results! I am thrilled with the savings (compared to buying through the vet) and the fact the medication was shipped overnight in a refrigerated container!!!

great ! by charlie from Wisconsin04/25/2012

My dog is having kidney issues and the azodyl seems to be helping

Review for Product/Not Seller by Ally03/15/2009

I have been giving this to my 12 yo fem. Pomeranian with the beginning stages of kidney failure for about 6 months along with Hills K/D diet and Aluminum Hydroxide. While I'm not sure if it's only one or the combination of these three but her kidney levels have remained steady, if not shown slight improvement. I just open the capsule and mix the powder in with her wet food and she eats it with not problems.

Very Helpful by Kim from MA03/08/2013

This product has helped my dog tremendously. He takes this with Pet Tinic every morning for his decreased kidney function. He does not mind taking them at all and actual looks foward to it.

AZODYL by jazmin from NEW YORK03/12/2013


Shipping Azodyl by K B02/12/2009

Our Vet was very concerned about ordering this medication online. She states this medication must be refrigerated and kept cold. Ordered this product three days ago, it was shipped two days ago. It was received cool and shipped in a cold pack. Checked the expiration date and was exactly the same timeframe as our Vet - from dispensing to receipt - two months. Very happy with this purchase and Entirely Pets service. Thank you.

MIRACLE DRUG by Lisa11/18/2009

I realize AZODYL isn't a drug - it's a supplement, but what it did for my beloved (15 yr. old) kitty Buster, WAS a MIRACLE! One day a few months ago, Buster was his usual perfect self in the morning then at around lunch he wasn't right and by the next morning he had ALL the signs of full renal failure (unfortunately I've already been thru it ...). I freaked out and spent the next week working w/our vet, trying to hand feed, etc. - basically doing anything and everything we could think of as Buster went steadily downhill. By that Friday he could hardly stand, would barely lick the baby food, and honestly it looked hopeless. In desperation I searched the web looking for a miracle and came upon everyone's reviews of Azodyl. We were lucky enough to be able to pick it up instead of waiting for it to be shipped over the long holiday weekend - I'm sure Buster wouldn't have held out that long. Needless to say - it WAS the MIRACLE I was praying for. Today Buster has gained back all his 12.5 lbs. w/the energy of a kitten and only a couple of minor little ticks that remind us how sick he was and how grateful we are to have him back ...YES, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT & A HUGE THANK YOU TO ENTIRELY PETS!!

great product by Lara Chetkovich06/08/2009

A friend recommended this when my cat went into catastrophic kidney failure--two vets told me to put her down but one vet said she might have a few more weeks left in order to say goodbye if I tried this product, IV fluids, Ba Wei Di Huang Wan and assist-feeding. If you have a CRF cat with severe disease, then you know they have problems with severe constipation and vomiting which can be a nightmare. The combination of psyllium and probiotics is perfect, but I supplement this with a pinch of extra psyllium, and sometimes a cap of fish oil, in addition to her phosphorus blockers and lactulose, and she is regular as a metro bus. She has survived over 9 months and has a good quality of life.

Azodyl by None11/17/2012

This product is really helping my 18+ years female cat who was diagnosed with kidney failure in Dec. 2011 and the vet just about gave her a death sentence. I tried the vet's solution, which made my cat worse - she could not eat, lost more weight and pulled out her chest fur. She was dying. I then took her situation into my own hands and gave her quality food which she ate by herself, I mixed various homeopathic remedies for her and started her on the Azodyl. Today she has put on weight, her fur grew back, she eats well, urinates in the cat box and is doing well for a cat her age.

Happy by Skate from Lafayette Louisiana10/15/2011

Found this web site totally by accident. When I saw the med or supplement if you will that my cat is taking I stopped and investigated further. Not only did the site explain the supplement better than my doctor, it was half the price! My cat is doing well since being on this product. No kidney episodes in 2 years. Only complaint or concern I have is that the product has to stay cold. Need a better system for assuring this. My last bottle arrived barely chilled. Hoping it is still effective.

6 Month Results - Excellent by Randy from St. Paul, MN07/11/2012

Just had our cat, Raphael tested for kidney blood values. He has been on Azodyl since end of December 2011. Creatinine is down from 2.4 to 1.8 and BUN from 38 to 31. Our vet was impressed with the results, since she has no other cats on this supplement.

AZODYL by Amy01/11/2014

My vet charges me $60.00 for a bottle, an I pay half that now that I know this site! Thank God I found it as this stuff really has helped my baby!

HOT by J T07/07/2014


Working Well For My Cat by JSG from LA, CA01/25/2013

New smaller capsule easier to administer. Helping to control the health issue

GREAT PRODUCT by karina from miami06/13/2014

THIS is an important medicine for my cat's kidney function! WE were in a house fire & she was lost & I rescued her but she did not get enough water.. I was told this product is very good for the cat! I RECOMMEND IT...it comes in small capsules..my cat is finicky so I hide it in her food..supposed to be taken WHOLE not crushed or broken but in extreme circumstances I have to try and open the pill to sprinkle it on the food as she needs to get this substance in her system...THANK YOU...excellent product! fast delivery...nice customer service!

Best Supplement Ever by Amelia from San Diego, CA03/16/2013

This so called "dialysis in pill form", has saved my dog's life. I'm convinced that without, he would not be among us anymore. I am so glad my vet put him immediately on Azodyl after the diagnosis of chronic kidney failure. It has made such a difference in his life, it really works.

May be a miracle treatment by Max's Mom from ID01/25/2011

Our cat was diagnosed in kidney failure in June of 2010. He was not expected to live until August and it was recommended we put him to sleep. After research and a consult with our vet we decided to try one last thing, Azodyl in combination with the food changes we had already made. Soon he started eating, playing and was back to his normal self again. A month after starting Azodyl he caught a mouse outside and proudly brought it home. It is 8 months after his "death sentence" and he is happy and active. With a low phosphorous diet and Azodyl, he is living La Vida Loca and we are grateful for each day. (Note: We are only using 1 Azodyl/day and open the capsule to sprinkle on a teaspoon of wet food - the capsule is large for a cat).

Poor shipping by dogman11/13/2012

I have been ordering products from Entirely Pets for years. This is a very good product for dogs with renal failure. It has helped my dog greatly. It is not cheap and must be sent in an ice pack and you must be received in a couple of days. My orders average over $125.00 per month. I have always received free shipping. I did not receive this order for seven days. I called them and they told me that to be assured that I get it fast I needed to pay $29.00 for expedited delivery. I will not order this product again since they make plenty of money on it and the shipping is ridiculous!

Azodyl by Milk from Honolulu, HI07/01/2014

My lovely cat has kidney problem for 4 years. I have been using this product since then. It doesn't have any smell and I put one capsule to wet food then she he can take it. She takes couple kinds of treatment and I don't know Azodyl is working or not but I feel she is getting better so I will continue to use this product. cupel

This is Great Stuff! by SHPIPE from Fredericksburg, VA12/28/2011

Our 13 year-old German Shepherd mix was off her food with elevated protien levels and deteriorating kidney functions. Our Vet recommended we try her on Azodyl and we did. Spice has made a complete turn around since starting her on this product, and all her levels returned to normal before we even finished the first bottle. This product has been such a blessing and we thank God for it and for the improvement in our girl's health!!

Great Purchase, But... by Sassy08/28/2013

My 17 year old dog has been on this medication for a couple of years and I have paid triple the price at the vet's office. The price is great, but my only concern was that it arrived and was hot. This medication is suppost to stay cold. I even did the two day arrival and all the ice had melted, Next time I will overnight and request more ice put with it.

by from 01/26/2011

Last April, my 15 year old kitty Little Boy had his yearly blood work up and I was informed that he was in very very early stage renal disease. Little Boy's vet told me that it wasn't uncommon for him to be diagnosed with this condition because of his age. Little to say, I was crushed.

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by Billie from TN02/27/2013

Great stuff! Thank GOD for this everyday!

A Miracle Product! by Momcat from Avenel,NJ10/05/2011

When our dear cat Georgie was diagnosed with kidney disease a couple of months ago we were devastated.There is no cure, but one of the meds our vet gave us to at least help keep Georgie comfortable was Azodyl and from the day we started him on it, his condition has really improved remarkably. I've seen lots of super-positive feedback online from others using this product on their pets with kidney failure and it's all true. Azodyl is like a miracle in a bottle. It's a very easy to give small capsule and along with Epakitin, Liqui-Tinic, & daily IV fluid it's an essential element of Georgie's treatment. This stuff is an absolute godsend and to us it's worth it's weight in gold. And thanks to Entirely Pets, it's affordable, too ---- nearly half the price our vet was charging us for it.

Azodyl by Shana10/23/2013

this product has been highly recommended for years and is supportive of kidney issues in cats. i have had several cats through the years on this regimen. Make sure that you receive it on ICE! and immediately put in refrigerator or it can lose all potency as it is live probiotic culture. I do recommend it.

by whiskerfan from Calif.12/12/2011

EntirelyPets has the best price around on this product-Azodyl. We've had excellent results with our three older cats who receive it twice a day mixed with baby food for their kidney dysfunction. Our vet recommended it, and their health has improved greatly. I recommend trying it if you have older cats with the same problem.

by from 12/04/2012

I have a long hair Shih-Tzu, she gets brushed everyday. This product makes brushing her so much easier. Her hair is softer and smells very nice.

by from Thanks

:-)" by John Paul Instant Detangling Spray from MarBearMary


Lean Treats by hotstuff from Campbell, CA11/15/2012

I love getting these treats from you because of your fast delivery and the treats are always so soft and fresh. Only once I received a batch that was a little dry, but it hasn't happened again. Your web-site is very is to order products from. Everything time I get an order, I always mail a package or two of the treats to my brother in Arizona for his pup, and I also send some to a girl friend of mine in Minnesotta. All the doggies love them. Thanks so much, Catherine Marotta

Best price I've seen. Great shipping. by catmistic from Minneapolis, Minnesota11/24/2011

I purchased this product for my l9 year old cat Alexis. She has kidney failure. This is the best price I've seen. My vet charges almost $10 more for the same product. The shipping was amazing.

Amazing Drug by Josh from Cleveland, Ohio07/30/2010

I rarely write reviews as well, but felt the need to share my story. My dog was diagnosed with kidney failure and bladder cancer. i have her on a selection of supplements, but the Azodyl, when introduced, was just amazing. She is on her eigth month now and holdin on. The Azodyl is the miracle! Entirely pets has been a great site to order from, you can truely order with confidence.

Really Works! by Tennesseean from Knoxville, TN01/21/2014

My cat has been fighting renal failure for 2 years next month. My Vet recommended that he take this twice a day along with IV fluids and Science Diet K/D food. This product has played a BIG part in keeping my cat happy & healthy!

Super Fast Shipping by Dawn from Salem, OR06/29/2013

I bought this product due to the reviews on some dog kidney disease forums. My dog has only been on it for 1 month, but a follow up appointment/blood test showed his levels went back to normal. I decided to purchase 3 more bottles and was shocked at the super fast delivery. I will take him back for another blood test after we go thru the 3 bottles and if his levels are normal I will keep him on it just to be safe. He is feeling really good. He is a 14 year old Jack Russell and this elevated kidney level problem started in Oct. I would suggest anyone that is facing this scary health issue to put their dog on this product and give it a try.

by from 01/23/2013

The service at Entirely Pets is fast and easy.

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by from 02/14/2013

My mature older male cat - Mr Mikey, has renal failure. I learned of this product three years ago when studying holistic therapies. (He can not swallow the capsule so I sprinkle it on top of his food with other supplements).

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Azodyl for dogs by Pam11/27/2011

This is a great product. Our vet prescribed it for both of our dogs when they were experiencing kidney issues. It kept our 15 year old Shar Pei going a full year longer than she would have had she not been on Azodyl. Our other dog gets it about every 6 months to keep her kidneys from developing crystals.

Very good Supplement by Gab02/20/2012

Do to my Cat's illness, (she is 17 years old, blind, deaf and in renal failure) my Vet recommended Azodyl ones a day for the rest of her life, and that was two years ago. I'm very thankful for the recommandation because my Cat would not be alive today.

Completely Satisfied by MrsRoss from Kansas City, MO05/03/2010

My Boxer Cashis was diagnosed with CRF a little over a year ago at which time my vet prescribed for him Azodyl along with Hill's Science Diet KD. We seen a 100% turn around in his health and overall well being since then. Cashis goes for a urinalysis and blood work every 3-4 months to check his kidney values and the vets continue to be amazed at the fact that he had held the same figures since the original diagnosis. You see, he is in Stage 4 of CRF and apparently it is rare for a dog to maintain their figures, weight, and overrall health the way he is. You would never even imagine that he was sick if I didn't tell you. When we first found out he had CRF he was given a 1-2 year life line at most. Well, he has already surpassed 1 year by 2 months and continues to impress us all by holding strong. So, I strongly reccommend this product to anyone in this same position and furthermore I strongly suggest buying from this website as I have been able to purchase 2 bottles for the price of one at my vet's office. My package came promptly and chilled as promised... Great Job Entirely Pets and thanks for the HUGE SAVINGS!!!

Expensive but worth it by Agnes the Cat from Indianapolis, IN12/12/2011

I began giving this to my 18-yr-old cat who was diagnosed with renal failure. She actually likes the flavor when I break open the capsule and add a bit of water or food. It seems to keep the "coughing" to a minimum and she has not shown any other symptoms. Whether this has kept anything from progressing, I can't say but she didn't show any symptoms other than drinking a lot before anyway.

Azodyl Works!!!! by glpost10/18/2011

Wendy our cat has reduced kidney function and was not eating and was losing weight. After a week on Azodyl she is eating, ganing weight and has more energy. Simply amazing.

Helping with kidney function! by Dandysmom from Tennessee01/13/2013

Since starting this and epakitin, my girl's blood work is staying in the same range so her kidney function is NOT declining like it was before starting epakitin and azodyl!

GREAT by RAY from FOREST PARK,IL.02/28/2012


Awesome by Sheila02/13/2008

My dogs were in renal failure due to the dog food recalls last year. MY vet recommended this supplement and I am so happy she did! My dogs are alive today, when they were pretty much knocking on deaths door.

by from 10/25/2011

I have to admit I was skeptical about this product, but the only alternative treatment for my REALLY OLD cat's renal failure was sub-cutaneous fluids 3x/week, which seemed inhumane/traumatic.

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My cat is alive and kicking by aklamka1 from Warsaw11/02/2012

Azodyl I brought from the U.S. to Polish because it does not sell here. Saved the life of my catkin. She runs, jumps and enjoys life like a healthy cat, and before that it was very bad. I do not need any drips and frequent visits to the vet. I highly recommend. Thank you very much also the team store "Entirely pets" for instant dispatch and resolution of any related Azodyl sourcing problems. I Grett

GREAT For CKD cats by fishyu11/20/2012

My cat was diagnoised with CKD and she has been showing a lot of symptoms of not feeling well etc. After tking Azodyl for 2 weeks, her blood test showed her BUN level went substantially down (although creatinine was only reduced for a bit) but I hope it will help my cat with a greater extend after 1 month or so taking Azodyl.

One year results by Randy01/29/2013

Our cat, Raphael who is almost 10 and 1/2 has been on Azodyl for a year and one month. His latest blood tests were excellent - creatinine is at 1.6 (from high of 2.4) and BUN is at 34 (from high of 38). We see no kidney related issues at this time and our vet is impressed by the results.

Fast efficient shipping! by Ken12/05/2012

This product needs to be kept cold. It arrived with extra cold packs and was as described. Product seems to be working according to improved blood test.

Arrived fast and COLD! by Ken11/21/2012

Item was perishable and had to be shipped cold. It was shipped with multiple cold packs. Great Job!

Worth Every Penny (or Dollar!) by FL Gal03/20/2013

When my cat was diagnosed with renal failure I researched my options and decided to try Azodyl (also highly recommended by my Vet). Although my cat was in the beginning stage of renal failure I did not want her condition to worsen. I give her one pill each morning and she continues to live a "normal" life...She will not eat the "healthy" low protein cat food but she will take an Azodyl each day so I suspect that's why there have been no new symtoms and she continues to be in good health.

Azodyl by torwal83 from Coldwater, MI12/19/2011

I am trying Azodyl product out and using in conjunction with my Epakitin 300 as my vet recommened and so for great results!! Happy with my choice! Renal failure is a horrible thing and with these types of meds it makes life more bareable!!! Thanks Torre

Great help by dogman from Banner Elk, NC01/27/2012

I have a Shiloh Shepherd six years old who was diagnosed with renal failure a year ago. We started using Azoydl a year ago and his creatinine and bun numbers have come down. He is eating well, gaining weight and very playful, all good signs.

Azodyl is a Miracle by bella from Tonawanda, New York11/01/2012

My little Penny was suffering from renal failure and the only the Vet said I could do was IV fluids. But a friend recommended Azodyl and I ordered it, and Penny has rebounded so well and is active, loves to walk, and play. Even the vet was amazed at her blood test results. He can't believe how she has improved. It might not be a permanent fix but she has lived longer than the 6 month ago blood test identified her with severe renal failure. Thank you Azodyl for saving my little Penny. . Vivian

by Tracy O11/27/2012

Awesome product! my cat was diagnosed with kidney failure 5 years ago and this medicine keeps her moving right along with quality in her life!

Azodyl by angela from Warern, IN10/24/2011

this is a necessary medecine for my cat to livev, and this is the best price I have found so far, plus the coupon I was sent. Great product.

One Healthy Cat by Pat from NC02/09/2014

Azodyl is a wonderful supplement for cats with kidney disease. My 4 year old Maine Coon mix is thriving. These are easy to swallow too. I just pop one into the back of my kitty's mouth, close his mouth, and then blow on his mouth/nose. He swallows it quickly. EntirelyPets shipped the product quickly with cooling packs, and their price was great. Thank you so much.

Life saver by Trisha from Jupiter, Fl05/01/2012

I have a 20 yr. old calico kitty that turned diabetic at about 15, over a few years her kidney levels started to rise and my wonderful vet recamended Azodyl 2x a day unopened- she explained that the pill gets to the stomach and opens up to get the best results. It was scarry at first based on the pill size but believe me cats can swallow it hole. It was a matter of life or death for my little girl I wasn't going to let her get away with giving me a fuss- just bribe them with something they love afterward and they will get use to it- temtations work for me. With in a month of being on this med. All her levels went back to normal, 5 Years later and she still has normal levels. I can't rate this product highly enough, it has given me years of a quality life with my girl I wouldn't have had. I just read they make a smaller pill now too in a 90 count for those to afraid to push the pill. If your hesitating just give one bottle a try its worth it..And do use it as directed. Oh I was also told that the meds stay good for several days even if not ice cold- which I have gotten some batches that were cool to almost warm with no difference to my cats health.- one other thing my old girl is on that works great is duralactin (great price here) for her arthritis- the only anti inflamatory that works for cats this one can be opened in wet food I give one a day and it helps her keep walking, She has sever hip displasia which I never imagined cats could get.

Wasnt enough time to tell by Laura from sioux falls, sd12/06/2013

I had them overnighted to me yes very expensive but who wouldn't want to try everything to better your loved one. only after a week of these our dog passed away so we weren't really able to see if they helped or not as it can take a week to actually start helping. Going back I have no regrets on trying this product but I wouldn't do it again. I dropped 60 bucks and have a whole bottle to do what with...the shipping was fast of course and the ice was just fine.

Greatest supplement by Bev03/17/2012

My cat's kidney function greatly improved since taking Azodyl. Amazing product

Great product! by Debby from Grand Island, NY02/17/2012

My cat's vet. prescribed this product for his kidney function. He has been alert and eating! Doing much better after 2 months...

wonderful product by fancy nancy from avon lake, ohio02/16/2012

My 13 year old Yorkie is in early renal failure. This product has made good improvement in her lab values. I mix it in her food and because it has no flavor, she licks her bowl clean. The Vet thinks she is on the road to recovery. I'm very grateful I found this product. Thank you, Nancy Hanna

lifeline by cabot10/04/2011

This medication is keeping my 18 yr old cat alive. One tablet per day sprinkled into his wet food does the trick.

Amazing Product!! by Sam's Mom from San Diego, CA10/25/2011

With consistent use and following the directions exactly, Azodyl eventually brought my cat's BUN down from a whopping 105 to 63 over about two months time. I am thrilled, needless to say and he is doing great! I was concerned about the size of the capsule and at first, mixed the contents in with a small amount of food but the product is not effective this way. Barely made a dent in the BUN value, it remained very high. Azodyl really must be given as directed. That is when I saw the real difference. He swallows it just fine with a Pill Pocket securely wrapped around it. I also gave it once by opening his mouth and placing it at the back of his throat, closing his mouth until he swallowed and that was also no problem. I would recommend checking with your Vet about how to do this correctly though. I am very thankful for this product!!

My vet simply calls "Miracle Dog" by superdancernyc from Astoria, NY04/19/2012

UPDATE from my review 2 months ago: My 17 year old dog has been using Adozyl for 6 months now. We almost had to put him down back in October but he is still going strong! We give this pill as recommended along with 150ml of subQ fluid every night. Last December, his creatnine was 3.45 and BUN was 115; in Feb, his creatnine was 2.99 and BUN was 65 and last week, creatnine was 1.90 ans BUN was 42!! That's close to normal as he can get! Thanks Azodyl! Looks like he's going to be with us longer!

Azodyl by J'08/04/2014

Although there is little empirical evidence that this works, there is anecdotal evidence that some cats are helped with kidney dysfunction. Unfortunately, the product must be kept refrigerated to be effective. The shipment was wrapped in cold packs but the Post Office just left it on the doorstep without ringing the bell. I don't know how long it was out there in 80 or more degrees. I paid additional to have it shipped priority mail.

An Excellent Probiotic by Susan G from East Palo Alto, CA02/17/2013

I like this product very much but sometimes it's hard to hide it in the food. It's not supposed to be opened up but administered as a capsule. Although it's sometimes a hit or miss situation, I continue to feed it as my cat has kidney disease and I'm sure it helps.

Great Purchase by Honey10/05/2011

Without azodyl I don't think our little 13 year old 4 pound miracle would have made it. Azodyl and fluids were recomended by the vet, now 3 years after renal failure, she's still feeling strong, enjoying life.

Great product by Pam from Denver, CO12/28/2012

We give our 9-year old dog Azodyl twice a year as a preventative measure because she has had occasional kidney/bladder issues in the past. Since she has been on Azodyl she hasn't had any issues. Our Sharpei, who passed away last year, was on Azodyl for two years prior to her death, and we know the Azodyl prolonged her life.

Wonderful Product by Carol from Portage, Wisconsin08/03/2010

My 15 year old beagle was diagnosed with acute kidney failure just before Christmas, 2009. Even with the recommended diet, I was giving him subcutaneous fluids once a week to control toxin levels. I decided to try the Azodyl, and since I have been giving it to him, I haven't had to give any subcutaneous fluids for the past seven months. His BUN and creatinine levels are significantly lower, and phosphorus levels are normal.

Azodyl by Kittypix10/04/2014

Easy to give this nice small size capsule to my cat, hope it helps her with her chronic kidney disease.

I have my dog back! by Faith10/17/2012

When I heard that Faith was verging on kidney failure my heart sank. I lost another dog to it a few years ago. It took 2 weeks. When I started the Azodyl, Faith's BUN was 105. After 4 months of treatment, it was 55. The vet said she had to call the lab to be sure she had received results for the right dog! Last time we tested it was 42. Thank you, Azodyl! Oh! I called Vetoquinol for help. Their customer service person, Shelby is very friendly and helpful. She corrected my vet and said never to break open the capsules. Just shove them down your dog's throat! I did and I am so very glad!

Excellent product used with Epakitin by minnmo from North Brunswick, NJ11/07/2011

I have been giving this to my dog along with Epakitin for over the last 2 years. At that time the Vet said she only had 3 months to live and she is doing great and going strong just reaching her 17th birthday! I believe this product has helped.

Amazing Stuff by ShellK from Westchester, NY04/21/2010

I rarely write reviews and usually don't believe them, but after reading all the raves about this product I had to try it for my 6 year-old Kerry Blue Terrier who was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. Amazingly, what they say is true -- after being really sick and nearly losing her twice, after 6 weeks on Azodyl 3 times a day she acts like a puppy and is eating like a horse! She is also on blood pressure meds, but I credit the Azodyl for her amazing recovery. Believe it....it works!

Good Price by UPSDAVE from Abingdon, MD06/17/2012

Cheaper than most other internet stores and by far better priced than the vet

Azodyl by mary from Wilmington, DE03/20/2013

Great to start your cat on when in renal insufficiency - my 15 year old has taken it for over a year now and has NOT progressed into renal failure. Would highly recommend this product.

Featured Reviews for Azodyl 3-PACK (180 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol
Amazing medicine by JC from San Antonio11/05/2011

My cat has been on Azodyl for over a year and it is amazing. I sprinkle one capsule on her food twice a day. Withing a week or two she had stopped vomiting the clear foamy liquid and she was purring and rubbling my ankles again. I could really tell that it made her feel better. I buy 3 at a time and pay for overnight delivery. It arrives on my doorstep with the ice packs still frozen. Even with the shipping charges, I save about 30% over what it would cost to buy it at the vet. It is a probiotic so you have to keep it in the refrigerator or it will go bad. The microbes perform dialysis in the gut. Amazing.

Great Delivery by Josie from Singapore04/29/2012

Ordered Azodyl for my 9 yrs old suffering fm kidney issues. Was worried that delivery would take 10-14 days with international USPS as stated in the standard shipping. I was very glad to received it by the 5th day after i ordered it. Item was nicely packed with ice pack and was still cool. Great savings for me and now I have confidence to get my supplies on time. Thank you Entirely Pets for your great service. Greatly appreciate it :)

Treats kidney problem by The Hermit IX from Virginia12/29/2013

This is the second Abyssinian cat that had bad kidney values that I have treated with Azodyl. My first lived over a year after showing signs of poor kidney values. It eliminated the need for sub-Q fluids.

Azodyl by AJSanson03/15/2013

My cat has been on this for almost 4 years now. She went into kidney failure after being given Metacam for pain after a tooth removal. She is doing great! I highly recommend this medication!

Azodyl helping my kitty by jane12449 from NJ11/07/2012

My elderly male cat has renal problems. The vet suggested I try giving him Azodyl capsules twice daily. Have been doing that for about 6 months now, and his kidney values have improved a bit. That's all that can be hoped for - that they not get any worse. Have found that the cheapest way to get the Azodyl, which is not cheap, is through Entirely Pets, which sends it ice-wrapped via Fed Ex so that it arrives cold and I can put it directly into the frig.

PET OWNER BEWARE by Berry07/11/2013

I strongly recommend that if your pet is on Azodyl which require refrigeration to continue to buy directly from your vet. I changed from the vet to EntirelyPets, paid the additional amount to have the pills overnighted in a freezer pack and started giving them to my cat. He died with 10 days. The manufacturer said that if the pills were not kept at the proper temperature they were ineffective. EntirelyPets offered to pay for the return of the pills so they could resell them

Extremely Valuable by Larry from Pennsylvania05/17/2014

This product is a huge help for all geriatric cats.

Great Product by Gypsy's Mom from Nyack, NY05/01/2014

Azodyl is a life saver! If your pet has CRF or any kidney problems you need this product. It needs to be shipped cold and ordering directly from Entirely Pets is the best way to go. Fast shipping, best price and good customer service.

Excellent product by jcoombes02/09/2012

This product has made a huge difference. It came promptly and on ice. I have a 15 year old male cat with 2nd stage kidney disease. He has been very ill and I thought we would have to put him down. The vet started him on this and it is truly amazing. I soak it slightly in broth and put it down his throat. He then drinks the broth. He doesnt't like taking the pill, but he enjoys the broth. Also, tuna water works. You can't stop old age, but you can improve quality of life. Good luck to other older kitty owners....

cat wasn't eating by MSTILES from California03/19/2014

Going on 15 years little tortie was losing weight. Vet said her creatine was high and it was causing her appetite to be decreased. Went through all of this with another cat. Ordered Azodyl to be given twice a day. She's eating better now. Capsules are small and must be given whole so it can desolve in the intestines. This is tricky. Pill poppers work but sometimes the pill gets stuck in the cat's throat. Pill pockets DON'T WORK. I bury it in a ball of food she really likes and sometimes it takes as many as three tries before she swallows it. This is the only issue.

So Far So Good by Odie from Nashville TN03/22/2012

So far so good with the Azodyl. I feel my 17-year-old cat is eating better now on the pill and staying awake more. We are supposed to be giving her two a day but only giving her one. We have to liquiefy it and shoot it down her throat. So as I said before so far so good. She has only been on it about two weeks so I am excited to see how she is doing in two months.

by Penny01/29/2012

Shipped fast and packed cool. great company to work with

by from 10/30/2011

This is a very good company to do business with. They have always had in stock the items I needed. Their prices are very reasonable. They ship fast and know proper shipping procedures (keep at room temperature) for Azodyl.

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by from 05/29/2014

My beloved cat Mikey was diagnosed with early stage 2 renal failure; his Creatine and BUN levels elevated. After taking Azodyl for @ 6 months, 2 capsules in am 1 hour prior to feeding, 1 capsule in the evening 1 hour prior to feeding, Crea levels started to drop. More significantly, he is not losing any more weight.

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This product helped save my pet's life! by Jewelz03/01/2012

My little 10 yr old dog has renal failure however, this supplement has significantly improved the quality of her life AND the cost at EntirelyPets is much cheaper than my vet!!!!

Works for my cat by Lenny from Pomona, CA07/20/2014

There really isn't too many options for cats with Kidney failure, this is what the vet recommends and seems to work. The new smaller pill size is easier to administer. Be careful you don't order an advance supply from Entirely Pets like we did as some of the bottles expire in a few months before we will use them and Entirely Pets will not do anything about it.

Life Extension for our cat by Momcat12/12/2011

Our cat was diagnosed being in the beginning stage of kidney deterioration common with aging cats. She was 15 at the time. I give one capsule twice a day, in breakfast and dinner. At my vet's instructions, and contrary to those of the manufacturer, we open the capsule and sprinkle it on her food. She has maintained her good coat, kept her weight on, and will be 18 in April. We are very pleased with the results. Worth every penny we spend on it.Of course, your results may vary as each case is unique and complex.

Azodyl 3 pack by MS10/23/2012

I was pleased with the purchase I mad of Azodyl in a 3 pack. The product came next day delivery and was packed with ice packs that were still cold when received.

azodyl - saved our kitty! by marty from Mobile - Al12/04/2012

our Chocolate Siamese - Cocoa-Puff - 17 yrs. was suffering from kidney failure - we lost another one previously to the same disorder before this Wonder-product was developed - it has completely restored Cocoa to his original (seiously as a fixed cat can be) Machobut tender self - can't say enough kind words about azodyl.

Awesome product by bmsbrenda10/27/2011

This product has basically saved my dog's life. She was diagnosed with renal failure and because of this medicine her kidney values have returned nearly to normal!!!

by from 12/10/2013

I was advised by my vet to give our oldest kitty who had gone into kidney failure these capsules. After the first purchase from the vet I started searching online for better pricing. Not only was this a really good deal, but they offered the kind of shipping that this product requires to stay viable. Some other sites may have had the same or a bit better pricing, but no one else offer overnight with refrigeration.

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Great product by briarrose from Chicago IL11/06/2012

When combined with Epakitin & Vet solution Aller G-3, it has kept my dog's kidney function stable for almost 2 years.

Azodyl by LorettaD from California08/05/2014

We have been giving our dog Azodyl for about a year, since being recommended by our vet. It has made huge difference in his bowel movements. He used to have very watery stools. Since being on Azodyl and a special dog food, he is back to having normal bowel movements. I would recommend Azodyl to anyone whose dog has a sensitive stomach.

Very good! by Sabrina05/08/2014

I'm very satisfied, my cat appears getting better.

3 PACK AZODYL by DAWSON08/02/2013


Azodyl by kokoab107/29/2014

This product gave my cat with CKD more energy and has so far has had no adverse reactions. I put 2 capsules in his mouth daily.

Azodyl is Great! by Princess from Shelton, CT02/18/2013

I have been giving to my 9 yr old Pomeranian for about 2 years now. . She seemed to recover . I have a couple of suggestions.I give him the Azodyl, first thing in the morning and another at about 5PM. For the morning feeding, I clean his bowl carefully (no soap residue) and ensure he eats before I administer the pill. I want to ensure that she is not going to throw up. I also try to get him to eat before bedtime. I also have a water and I keep it refreshed with clean water a couple times a day.

azodyl is amazing! by deedee06/13/2014

We have a 20-yr-old cat who was diagnosed with kidney failure nearly two years ago. The vet didn't really think we could do anything about it, but he suggested we try Azodyl. He's just as amazed as we are. Kitty not only is still alive, but she's vastly improved -- more lively, increased appetite, gained weight, etc. We also switched her away from dry food to wet food, and we add a lot of water so that it's almost soup-like. Just sprinkle the Azodyl capsule in there twice a day, and she's good to go.

Azodyl by GW from WV10/23/2013

I have ordered Azodyl many times. Entirely Pets always ships with packs of frozen gel. I have always used USPS Priority Mail. This time USPS seems to have lost the package - what should have taken 4 days took 7 days. The frozen gel was melted and the Azodyl may have been compromised. Ugh.

by Kim02/19/2012

This product seems to be keeping my Kitty healthy 2 years after she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Products good, but expiry date is way too close by Barram05/14/2014

Recieved in early May 2014 and the expiry date of all three bottles was October 2014. I think the expiry date should be clearly mentioned, if it is the reason for the sale price.

Azodyl 3-pack by Max03/05/2012

My cat has renal failure and needs Azodyl; Entirely Pets has the product for over 40% less than what the Veterinarian charges. Be sure to pay expedite shipping to make sure it gets to you before ice pack melts. They also have Epakitin powder at greatly reduced price, which you may need along with Azodyl.

Would not recommend unless your vet suggests by PetloverC04/27/2014

This did not work for my older cat with kidney disease. Actually seemed to make him more ill. While is seems to work well for some animals from reviews, I would recommend asking your pet's vet before using. The things my pet's vet suggested worked very well.

Great prices by Buzz from Simpsonviell, SC10/20/2011

I saved a lot of money on the meds. Will continue to shop at Entirely Pets.

Great Product by Terry from Tennessee05/02/2013

I've used Azodyl in the past on Renal Failure dogs and have been very pleased with it's results. Highly recommend Azodyl for Renal Failure pets.

Azodyl by Chris07/21/2014

When my cat was diagnosed with stage 3 renal failure I researched treatment and came across Azodyl. My vet said it did not work but I read so many good reviews I thought I should try it. I have been giving it to my cat for almost 2 months and I have seen a definite improvement. I will take him back to the vet in 2 months to get his numbers analyzed again. Entirely Pets has the best price on the internet and it was delivered in cold packaging. I will reorder when the time comes.

Life rescuer by muttki from Warsaw, Poland, Europe06/06/2012

Azodyl saved my most beloved cat's life! He has been suffering from heavy uremia for the past few years and since he takes Azodyl his condition significantly improved. And your service as well, because after first dramatic deliveries lasting for approx 4-5 weeks, now I receive it after 5 DAYS! I hope - thank to Azodyl - to enjoy my cat's company for many years to come!

by from 06/09/2012

Does its job. 17 year old dog has an appetite again. If you are going to use this supplement, include a good anti-acid (10 mg of pepcid or like) and don't forget a daily dog vitamin. Make sure you give azodyl with food. Don't open pills just deliver into mouth and make sure they swallow.

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still going at 20 by dreynolds12/06/2013

One year after being diagnosed with kidney disease, our 20-year-old cat shows no signs of deterioration after being on this medication. It's easy to use--just sprinkle into their food. We add extra water to help her kidneys along.

by from 12/26/2012

I've ordered this several times from Entirely Pets without problem. But I ordered it again several weeks ago and it hasn't arrived. The tracking info just says "pending" and an email sent to the company a week ago got no response.

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It has potential by Roz from MI10/26/2011

Based on my research of the azodyl (called Kibow in the human form, which gives more information on the product), i think it has potential to help slow the progression of CRF. But i can't say based on laboratory values because i haven't repeated the labs. I am currently using it with my less advanced CRF cat once a day by sprinkling it in his canned food. This is not the way the company says to give it BUT the capsule size is too big for a cat (size 0 and it needs to be a size 3 for a cat). So it is palatable to this cat but wasn't to my more critically ill cat who wasn't eating well anyway. With the very ill cat, I did try putting the powder into a smaller capsule but enteric coated capsules are next to impossible to come by so i used a gelatin capsule. The animal needs to be eating to keep the capsule moving through their GI track. I wish i could be of more help as this is a very heartbreaking disease when the animal becomes more advanced. Overall, i think it is worth a try in slowing the CRF because it does make sense that bacteria could help with the toxic byproducts of the protein in the pet's diet.

by from 07/05/2014

I still think this product is a very good product as I read many many good reviews about it and saw that many people from europe are ordering it from the US despite the huge shipping costs and the fact that it cannot stay out of the fridge for too long (decreases efficacity).

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Wonderful product by Kelly W from Texas01/25/2013

I own a pet store and I have recommended this product to several of my customers who's dogs/cats have kidney disease. I use it daily to help support our foster dog who is a senior dog with kidney disease. His numbers have stayed stable since he has been on this product and a holistic food.

Azodyl by DD from Michigan11/14/2012

comes packed well in cool packs Have been using for about 4 years for our yorkie with kidney failure.-He was very ill for a good while but now is doing great as evidenced by almost perfect blood work. Our vet was not familiar with the Azodyl but now uses it for most pets with kidney issues. It works that well. First urine test after starting this and the vet thought I brought in another dogs urnie.ha! We are using it now on all our yorkies 17,16,12, and 5 years old

Shipping sucks... by Steiner's from Pittsburgh, PA07/28/2014

Not sure if product is still good.. Required to be refrigerated as per bottles instruction and when it arrived it was warm and the ice packs were cool. I paid for proper shipping and this was not done. For the price of this product, the could ship it with proper cooling...

Perfect Purchase! by fallrivernan from Bend, Oregon04/14/2012

I used to purchase Azodyl from my vet, but I had to drive half an hour and pay more, so I was very happy to be able to order from Entirely Pets and receive my product in a very timely manner, and packed so it was still cold. My dog is doing better, I'm sure, to Azodyl. She is eating better, and seems to have more pep.

Excellent by Kary05/20/2013

Prompt overnight delivery. Medicine still cool.

by from 11/11/2011

We've been purchasing Azodyl from EntirelyPets for our Dog, Brillo. She's 16 years of age and combined with Azodyl , a healthy diet and exercise she's doing great. We really like the three pack Azodyl purchase along with your great delivery times.

service" by Great Price and Delivery from Choopies Momthanks


This really works by DD12/12/2011

We've been using Azodyl for 6 years and our yorkie is still with us and doing very well. Kidney and liver labs are perfect and they had not been when first dx'd with kidney failure. He is now 11 years old.

Helped with Kidney functions by Cocoa's Mom from Sonoma, CA01/02/2012

This product, which was recommended by my vet, seems to have helped my almost 18 year old cat maintain his kidney functions at acceptable levels. Prior to starting him on Azodyl, he had very high levels of liquid going in and out - now that all seems to have stabilized.

by from 10/27/2011

What a great product. My 16 yr old cat, Geronimo, has kidney disease. The AZODYL really controls his Kidney disease and gives him more quality time on this planet. I highly recommend this product and ENTIRELYPETS for feline/canine care products and food.

for by your from help!Thank


Keeping our puppy alive by Brooke from Wisconsin09/16/2014

order this. Give twice daily, give SubQ Lactated Ringers solutions daily. Our puppy that was supposed to die in a couple of weeks is alive and healthy 15 months later!!

My Vet Recommended this product.... by PatMac from Fort Worth, TX03/16/2012

Our 19 year old cat went into a kidney/renal failure. For a 19 year old cat, he has been healthy until such, and after rehydrating him, with fluids, he was back to his old self. Our vet had previously used and talked about Azodyl for renal failure cats. He explained that protein affects the kidneys, leads to more destruction of the kidneys, and cats being carnivores, and can't completely restrict protein (and he doesn't care for the K/D diet-the cat not the vet!) but that Azodyl can help with the protein breakdown, that there is "good bacteria" in Azodyl that does this. He has had great results since! Excellent product. Another vet had not even heard of Azodyl. It is probably underused.

Azodyl Best Purchase Ever! by Northern AZ. from Northern AZ01/26/2013

Our 15 y.o. cat is doing great. 18 months into kidney failure, we have a very exact regimen. Azodyl is an extremely important part of each meal, along with Epakitin force feeding, and subQ hydration. She romps like a 10 y.o. The commitment Entirely Pets makes to customers is great. I've tried other suppliers before landing on entirelypets [doorstep] website. Cold shipping is extremely important for the Azodyl. I also refrigerate the Epakitin. Great service and prices!!

Too close to expiration date by Jane07/15/2014

I ordered 3 of 3 packs(total 540 capsules) on July 2014. The expiration date of all nine bottles I received is October 2014. I have only one dog and I have only three month to consume all 540 capsules. How disappointing!

Really great product by EarthPrincess06/20/2014

This is a great product and they do ship it cold. As far as price, I don't think it can be beat. This is an expensive medication anyways, but this price for the shipping is worth it. I would definitely recommend this.

by from 11/28/2011

This web site offers the best prices that I have found for the products I use. And, overnight means overnight! Not always so with others. I was paying for $63 for one bottle of pills at my vet and with Entirely Pets the pills were $25 a bottle before overnight shipping and $34 after.

have by a from customerEntirely


GREAT by RAY from FOREST PARK,IL.02/28/2012


seems to be just fine by ed from NJ10/23/2012

lot cheaper getting this here rather than thru vet

by from 11/15/2012

Thanks to Azodyl & other kidney supplements, my 18 y/o cat's Creatinine is now normal. It was high (2.8). But, I have to give God the credit, in large(est) part because it was a miracle only God could do.

on by Azodyl from (3)Mickey


AZODYL OFFER by Rachel46 from FLORIDA01/16/2014


Kidney probiotic by kjbergy from Lafayette, CO01/05/2014

I don't know if this is helping but a vet recommended this to a friend who hydrates their cat with sub Q fluids and gives him one of these each day. I added it to my kidney sick cats as one is on sub Q, one too skinny and small for sub Q and one not on sub Q yet but all three are on KD hard food with some Fancy Feast soft food as treats. My friend's cat has been on sub Q and Azodyl for a few years now and like my cats is over 15 years old. So it is worth a try I think.

by from 11/01/2011

I an thrilled that I can purchase my pet's meds at a great price, considering the vet charges $60 for 1 bottle, and I can get 3 for $75. My only issue is that I purchase these along with the dry food for shipping conservation, but THEY DON'T SAY REFRIGERATE ON THE BOX!! I even sent special instructions last time, and still, NO REFRIGERATE on the box!!

for by the from medsI


by from B."


Thank you Azodyl! by superdancernyc from Astoria, NY03/17/2012

My dog is 17 years old and was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure 5 months ago. We were told he will not have much to live but to make him feel more comfortable, my vet recommended this pill. We have been giving him this pill along with 150ml of subQ fluid every night and the result is pretty remarkable. Back in December, his creatnine was 3.45 and BUN was 115. A month ago, his creatnine was 2.99 and BUN was 65. He might not have much left but he seems to be enjoying his life and is in good spirits! Thanks Azodyl!

by from 12/20/2010

After diagnosis of renal failure I did further research in holistic care (my two rescue cats were on Wysong and raw meats, fruits, vegetables) but I had given them a treat of what turned out to poison kidneys (won't mention name).... the regular vet gave them a few months.

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products." by Great product from sazureThanks


Keeps our Schnauzer's liver under control by Ron from Tampa, FL03/21/2012

This is one of several natural remidies that we are using for our Schnauzer's liver issue. It seems to be holding his liver condition status quo which is excellent considering what he was born with.

Azodyl by Agazillion05/05/2014

I am buying from Entirely Pets because my prescription form my vet is too expensive. I have to by 3 bottles but save about $50.00 doing so.

by from 03/20/2014

Life saver by Bill from Wake Forest, NC12/28/2013

It has proven to be an effective drug that has extended the life of our cat.

by RDossett from Ozark, AL12/02/2011

The veternarian placed my pet Abby on this supplement. She needs it to aid with her kidney function. It has worked a miracle for her. Entirely Pets provides the best price and has the ease of receiving it directly to my home without the hassle of running to the vet every month. Thank you.

best suppier: 15 y.o. cat younger than ever by northern az from Northern AZ02/03/2012

our female kitty was diagnosed over labor day with CRF, less than 30% function- she's doing great with azodyl, epakitin, & rehmannia eight, also use vetoquinol's renal K+. We bought a water fountain, she loves it- also doing sub Q hydration every 3 days now. This cat is doing great, with Entirely Pets support- they get the supplies to us overnite- a must to ensure integrity of the azodyl- note about azodyl- at first we had to mix it in the force feeding meatballs- but after a couple weeks no more problems, she swallows caps. We do force feed a small amount 2x a day, mainly to get the supplents in her properly. Thanks Entirely Pets. accupunture picture taken in Sept. next photo taken in Dec'11.

Life saver by jcoombes from nm09/30/2013

I have an 18 year old cat with 2nd stage renal failure and Azodyl really did save my cat. His creatinine levels are down, He is feeling better and is more active. The shipping is expensive but it is worth it.

by from 12/11/2013

My vet suggested this supplement for my cat, who is 17 years old. Since using it, her lab work has come back improved. I believe it afffects the uric acid levels.

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by from 08/20/2010

We had previous experience with several of our cats with this product, one of which was involved in a clinical trial.

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Sent back by karsmitty from Pennsylvania03/30/2012

I ordered this product for my cat, who is in very early stages of CKD. I should have only ordered 1 bottle, not 3, my mistake. When I opened the bottle, I realized how large the capsules are, & knew there was no way I would get this down my cat's throat. It's just too big IMO. I tried opening the capsule & sprinkling some on my cat's canned food & mixing it in, but my cat refused to eat any of it. I returned the 2 unopened bottles. Unless these could be manufactured into a much smaller package that a cat could swallow whole, I can only see this being used for dogs.

Excellent product by Snow10/08/2013

My 18 year old cat started having Kidney issues and the vet suggested Azodyl. This product has helped him greatly. The bottle suggests two per day for his weight but I started giving him 3 per day and he is doing much better.

Product seems to work by Ron06/24/2012

Although the price of Azodyl increases every few months, this is a good product. Another increase in price and I will find something else that will work with my dog. The price increases are the reason for my four stars. Well packaged to keep product cool.

Amazing effects by Susan in Norco from Norco, CA11/08/2012

I've been using this on my 17½ year old cat for about 2½ years now, and though it won't repair kidney disease, it has kept her BUN and creatinine nearly normal. She also gets Epakitin and I give her subQ fluids every 2-3 days. She looks just like she always has. I would highly recommend both the Azodyl and the Epakitin.

Azodyl 3-pak by Nan from Bend, Oregon10/29/2011

My products arrived in a very timely manner, and the ice packets were still cold. I saved money by buying from Entirely Pets, and will order from them again. Excellent purchase!

KEEPING MY GIRL HEALTHY! by KELLYGMOM from Northeastern, PA01/10/2013

A year and a half ago my 11 year old JRT was in kidney failure and I never thought she would live. She's still here and people think she is a puppy. She will be 13 in February. This product is a miracle. She would not swallow the capsule so I open it and sprinkle it on her food twice a day. It is wonderful!

Cosaquin by Jon from CA10/23/2012

Great product, and your pricing is very competitive. Unforunately, I had to put down my wonderful dog Misty. Will be ordering from you, when I get a new dog. That probably will be awhile, as Misty and I were so close. We truly rescued each other, over 10 years ago. Aside from above, would highly recommend your site to any animal lovers.

never arrives cold by LCW07/24/2014

Product is fine, if ordered from another vendor. I have gotten this product from entirely pets via Amazon, and it arrived hot. Entirely Pets recommended that I order directly from them, and again it arrives hot and wet, even though the weather was cool outside. They need to work on their packaging. I won't order this product from here again.

Azodyl - worth the money! by Kamac05/30/2012

This product is keeping my 'kidney cat" healthy! We have been using it now for 8 months, and he is doing very well. I had never used the entirelypets.com site before, but their shipping was prompt and the medicine was properly shipped in a little cooler with cool packs. No hesitation to use them again!

probiotic for Cat...Azodyl by jb from Washington State12/04/2013

This product has been a literal lifesaver for my cat. Recommended by Charlie's vet, Charlie, who suffers from kidney failure, was able to gain 20% over 6 weeks and stabilize his weight. He is much more alert, active, and aware than previously. And, for an 18.3 year old cat, that is saying something. He is still pretty adventuresome, running up and down stairs, and demanding to go out and check out his back yard. This experience encourage me to try the human form of the product. I too had a positive experience.

Great pricing by Cat owner07/07/2013

Best price for Azodyl I could find. Arrived timely and still cold.

excellent product by smudge2201/25/2012

This product has been extremely helpful in managing my cats renal failure. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a preventative product to aid in this aliment. She has shown signficiant improvement since being giving this supplement along with Epaktin.

Works very well by babsno1fan from Lee's Summit, MO10/14/2013

My dog has special issues in that he not only had acute onset chronic renal failure which required him to need to have a lower protein diet (most of which are higher in fat to accomodate the lower protein), but he also had acute onset severe pancreatitis which required him to need to have a lower fat diet (which are likewise accomodated by a higher protein content). At his last blood work, his creatinine had dropped to within the normal range and his BUN, while still elevated, had dropped 14 points and was only 11 points above normal. I am thoroughly pleased!

by tomf35212/11/2011

Items were shipped qiuckly and correctly

Azodyl 3-pack 180 capsules by Betty from Boca Raton, FL03/14/2013

Great value for the money. The product seems to make a difference for my 13 yr. old Westie who has trouble with her stomach and incontinence.

Helping my cat with CRF by CMS in Brooklyn from Brooklyn, NY02/13/2013

A high end animal supply store recommended Azodyl to me for care of my geriatric cat with Chronic Renal Insufficiency/Failure. We have been using it for several years now, in combination with sub-q fluids & quarterly bloodwork to monitor his health. The illness progression has been significantly slower since we added Azodyl. I appreciate that EntirelyPets has a great price on this product and ships overnight with ice packs to maintain the pills (which must be refrigerated).

azodyl is so popular medicine by rupiI06/26/2014

so popular medicine in korea packaging is so hard nd safe but it arrived warmed, so pity I think this has to be ordered in winter or fall

High prices, shocking service by Poppy's Mum from UK01/26/2012

I ordered the product on 2 January when I was told it would take 8 days to ship to me in the UK. This was important as I needed it urgently. The product was not even dispatched until 7 Jan and finally arrived on 25 Jan. The product is supposed to be kept refridgerated and although it was shipped on ice, this had long since melted after 18 days in transit so who knows if the product that cost $85 will even work now! International shipping is $36.50 on the website but I was charged $39.49 and no mention of any further charges so imagine my surprise when I got a letter from Parcel Force in the UK demanding a further $10 VAT and $20 'Handling Fee'. A massive $70 total shipping, Never again!

by from 09/17/2013

My very elderly (16+) small mixed-breed terrier has failing kidneys and some dementia. Since being on Azodyl she is much improved - she is happier, has more energy, is more responsive, and is just like her 'old, young' self. Very happy indeed.

Entirely by Pets from tooThank


Appears to be helping by Hawk22271 from Abita Springs, LA05/13/2014

We have a cat with elevated Bun & Creatnine levels. Have started her on renal foods and giving her two pills per day. Levels are still elevated but have come down since starting her on this protocol. Time will tell.

Highest Recommendation by Jean from Sebastian, Florida03/11/2012

My nine year old pomeranian looks like a litte red fox. He has renal failure, is blind, deaf, and all of his teeth have been pulled. Azodyl is the medication our vet recommended. He is now gaining weight, eating, running, walking and barking. He is alive and doing great and this product is worth it's weight in gold. Thank you for helping us keep him healthy!

Great product and even better service. by Mr.Bill from San Jose, CA12/06/2011

I have been using Azodyl for several months for my 19 year cat's declining kidney function. Very easy to use in powdered form sprinkled on Spunky's food. The vet assured me that only a minimal loss of activity occurred when breaking open the capsules. As great as the product is the overnight delivery of the meds on dry ice was as promised and arrived in perfect condition.

Great natural product for my poodle by JenniferLedford from Alameda CA10/13/2011

Our little Baxter had a miraculous recovery from acute kidney failure. Thank you God! After that his specialist recommended Azodyl for a natural dialysis in the stomach. He has been taking it ever since and every time he gets blood work done his numbers are normal. Entirely Pets offers the best price I have found so far for this invaluable product!

Great service, great product. by Sue from San Francisco06/05/2012

Azodyl is very effective in treating feline renal problems. It was delivered quickly and kept cold with ice packs. Good price also.

Happy this exists by Susan08/11/2009

Purchased this at Entirely Pets and noticed a nearly immediate response from my sick cat! She is more playful and doesn't hide now. Am grateful for this product. Azodyl and Epakitin are winners in my book.

A Fine Purchase, but No Tracking! by Greta from Pennsylvania06/24/2013

I have been using this product for about a year for my 18-year old cat. I believe it helps her out. However when I tried to track the progress of the shipment online, it kept telling me it was "in warehouse" or something similar. I kept checking for at least two days after I ordered--then the package finally arrived overnight delivery (perishable product). Luckily I was home when it came. The very next day I got an email saying it had been shipped. This is the first and I hope the last time this feature does not work correctly.

Very Impressed! by Boriana09/22/2009

I already knew how great this product is; my 18 year old Siamese Suzy came back to life eating better and grooming herself again! I am also truly impressed with how professional and efficient is everyone I spoke with at Entirelypets.com; package arrived earlier than I expected it and still on ICE!! Thank you Entirelypets.com for the great price, as well! My very first experience here and I trust you with my Suzy's life!!

Axodyl Is Great For The Dog by Westernbabe from Hamilton, OH10/24/2011

This is a great product for a dog with renal problems. It has made a big difference with his overall health for my mom's dog. The renal dog food from the vet plus this vet recommended product has made him feel perky, healthier and no stomach problems. I highly recommend this product if you vet suggests it.

Highly recommend this product from Entirely Pets! by Azodylrocks03/08/2013

This product always arrives cold and packaged well, unlike other company's I've ordered from. I would highly recommend Azodyl from this company. The price is a lot cheaper then getting it from my vets, even though it has to be shipped overnight.

Warm and worthless by Lisa03/14/2013

These arrived totally warm with all of the ice packs long since melted. Entirely pets customer service informed me that it was my fault for not getting special shipping.

Healthy choices by Lily03/27/2014

We love the Azodyl capsules for our overall good health! My 3 small dogs get one capsule daily mixed with some sardines and its their favourite time of day! Thanks for carrying such a great product!

Azodyl 3-Pack by Doug from Sterling Heights, MI02/18/2012

Azodyl is helping keep my dog's kidney function at lower more acceptable levels. He is getting older (15 years) and our vet said he would probably have to take this supplement for the rest of his life. Since finding Entirely Pets, through an internet search, I have been able to reduce my cost of Azodyl approximately 50%. Am extremely happy with both the product and my savings.

azodyl with the new year coupon by Carl from corona,ca.01/30/2012

I saved with the coupon, it was like getting 1 free bottle of azodyl! I buy it every few months for my 16 year old cat "Trixie", who has CRF. She's been on this product for about a year and she looks better and is eating much better. Ordering from Entirely Pets has made it so easy. I order on line and it comes in the mail within a few days! Thanks Entirely Pets! Your loyal customer, Carla Celano

Great Delivery by animal lover02/09/2012

I received my order quickly and it was packed very well with ice packs. Thank you!

Works for my elderly cat by HChan11/29/2011

Multiple vets told me this was worth trying when my cat started showing signs of minor renal insufficiency. They said if you wait until the kidney function declines, it's not likely to work. I started my cat on it almost a year ago, and she also gets subcutaneous fluids every other day. After almost a year, her kidney function has not declined at all- it remains slightly insufficient only. I believe this does work, since the only other cat I've had who also experienced renal insufficiency declined pretty quickly with fluid treatment only.

AZODYL- MOST AMAZING PRODUCT EVER!! by BIG RED from Huntington Beach, CA05/04/2012

I have been purchasing this item from Entirely Pets for 3 years now for my 16 year old male tabby Maxwell Smart. We have been living with kidney insufficiency since late 2009 and Azodyl has been a LIFE SAVER for my precious Maxwell. He has been taking 2 of these amazing capsules twice a day for almost 3 years ( every day without fail). We go to our vet every 3 months for a blood panel checkup; namely to monitor BUN and Creatinine numbers. I am PROUD to say that his numbers have remained STABLE for almost 3 years!!! Purchasing Azodyl in the 3 pack from Entirely Pets is always an excellent experience since their orders are always shipped in a timely manner and packed very well with ice packs since Azodyl MUST be kept cool in order for it to maintain its effectiveness. JOB WELL DONE Entirely Pets!!! Thank you from both Maxwell and Mommy!

This is a super product!!! by Ann from Bellevue, WA06/01/2013

Two and a half years ago, our veterinarian was very concerned about the severe weight loss of our cat...then 11 years old. He ran a blood test, and Chloe's bun reading was 88, indicating severe kidney failure. He put her on Azodyl, 2 capsules a day, for the rest of her life. Number of capsules depends on the weight of the cat. She is now almost 13 years old, and her bun reading has continued to lower, now down to 62 - normal for a cat is 35. She will never get to that point, but the Azodyl has made the difference.Chloe has gained back her weight, is pretty active and eats well...a KD diet and lots of water. We also give her a Ringers infusion every 4 days. At the beginning of this kidney failure, our vet said Azodyl is certainly worth a try to continue her life. We are certainly convinced.

Great Price/ Fast Delivery by molly's mom10/16/2011

I couldn't be happier with this company. Molly has kidney disease and needed her meds quickly. The other companies had raised their prices which forced me to keep shopping. Entirely Pets had the best prices on the meds AND the shipping, and my purchase was here in two days, packed on ice.


Because the directions say "overnight shipping rquired" I paid $32.97 to have it overnight shipped only to be dissappointed that this is the third day and I still haven't received the Azodyl. Upon contacting Supervisor "Nelson" at Entirely Pets I was told "it will be there tomorrow" which will be day four. My order was over $350.00 and there are advertisements all over the website saying "free shipping for orders over $85.00". Bottom line - good product, terrible service

Keeps her going by T's momma03/26/2012

Our mini-goldendoodle was born with congenital kidney disease. Once we found out, we took her to a kidney specialist who recommended her current medicine regimen, which includes her taking Azodyl every day. Our pup will never be "cured," but she is full of energy and life!

Azodyl really helps cats in renal insufficiency by mary from Wilmington, DE03/05/2013

This product was given to my 15 year old cat who is in renal insufficiency. The thought is, it will help slow down the progression of renal failure. Though expensive, it along with wild Alaskan salmon oil, has stabilized my cats blood work for an entire year so far. I would recommend this product and Entirely Pets who give fast service, ship cold as required for this product, and the best price I have been able to find. Highly recommend both the product and Entirely Pets.

Great Price! by Lady's Mom from Chesterfield, MI03/10/2013

This med is keeping my baby girl alive. She was diagnosed with kidney failure a year ago and has lived a pretty good life since then (way longer than the vet predicted). I'll continue to give them to her until the sad day comes. The price is much lower than what the vet was going to charge me too!

by donho from Pacific Northwest05/19/2014

Has the additional benefit of Probiotics which helps keep our cat's flora in a good place. Less urine in the litter box to scoop, so helps reduce litter usage too! Believe it has helped our cat's hydration levels as well.

by Karen from Columbus, IN09/19/2013

This product has certainly helped our 17 year old cat. She has kidney disease and giving her Azodyl has increased her appetite and assisted in her maintaining weight.

thankful to know this product by Chris from Milledgeville, GA05/31/2010

one year ago my Siamese cat started loosing weight, he also vomited a lot. Consulting a vet, I was told your cat is old, just watch him or try a different diet. I went for a second opinion: blood work revealed, that Sam had gone into renal failure. He is been on Azodyl for one year, his lab results have not worsened. He is a happy cat again

Azodyl excelent purchase by DRHUMMELC from CARACAS , VENEZUELA08/19/2014

from Venezuela , i appreciate being abble to find this product. i have a beautiful 13 year old schanuzer mini dog that Azodyl meed to have a better life. thanks Entirely pets

Excellent blood test after 2.5 years by rdschreiner06/27/2014

Our cat Raphael just had a blood test for kidney values after being on Azodyl for 2.5 years. His creatinine was 1.4 (the high was 2.4) and BUN is 34 (high was 38). We do have him on lower protein diet, but clearly Azodyl has a very positive impact in managing his stage 2 kidney disease.

Azodyl Is Great by Westernbabe from Hamilton, OH12/11/2011

The vet diagnosed my 12 year old Jack Russell with kidney problems (renal) and advised this product would really make a difference. I have been using it for 3 months now and amazed at how much it has helped him. I highly advise asking your vet about this product if your dog has renal problems.

New life for our cat by Cromedog11/06/2012

We have been using Azodyl for over 2 years now and it has saved our cats life. She has is 14 years old and runs around the house like a much younger cat. A truly amazing product.

Azodyl by Jake's Owner04/22/2012

My 5 year old cat has the kidneys of a 15 year old cat. Our Vet gave us little hope he would survive. With special food and Azodyl his kidney damage is stable and I believe saving his life.

Excellent product! by Shado2 from Chicago, IL11/02/2013

My veterinarian recommended that my 10 yo male cat take Azodyl 2/day. Searched around on internet and your pricing was the best.

Azodyl for kidney support by Catmistic from Minneapolis, Minnesota03/27/2012

Wow. This product is great. My vet recommended it for my 19 year old cat Alexis about 3 years ago. She has been taking one cap every day and from the results of her blood tests it works. My vet is really reasonable in regards to what he charges, but I found that I can purchase this product online from Entirely Pets for about half of what it costs when purchased from my vet. The shipping is fast and amazing. A great company.

Thanks! by Kathi from Minnesota04/16/2013

Glad I found Entirely Pets.... great price on this Azodyl. I wont buy it anywhere else now!

by from 06/07/2012

My little dog, Murphy, a red pomeranian, looks like a little red fox; he has renal failure, is blind, deaf and has had all of his teeth pulled.

him by on from AzodylOur


by from 11/16/2012

Although this is costly, by purchasing in a 3 pack, I saved and items were shipped cold pack and arrived within a day or two. I do take the capsules apart even though it is recommended that your pet take it whole, but so far her urine specimen shows minimal amount of protein,so it has gone down even this way.

Entirely by Pets from isCustomer


Very fast shipping! by ssong from Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea04/12/2014

My dog is 19 years old. I purchased the second already this product. It is a supplement of chronic renal failure. BUN number was turn around to eat this product. It was as good as I can not believe the body of my dog . I is to feed the dog steadily my Azodyl! And, delivery it was very early. It began shipping on Monday, the product was passed in the house on Friday.

Excellent product by joy253208/26/2013

My little Leon, according to his vet, had no hope of recovering from his deficient working kidneys. He's always had renal problems, even since he was a young cat, and last October the vet gave us no hope for him. She said he could eat whatever he wanted (he'd been all his life on a diet), as he was not supposed to live more than a few weeks at the most. She talked about this excellent medication, which was not available in Spain or in all the EU. Anyway, we decided to take the risk and order. The product arrived in perfec state, cold and excellently packaged. He started taking it, together with isotonic serum every day, one pill a day. Now, despite being 14, he is still in very good health, as lively and lovely as always, sharing his precious little life with us, making us happy every day. I'm convinced that couln't have been possible without the Azodyl. Thank you very much indeed!!!

Azodyl + Epakitin does help CRF by Patch feline age 14+11/28/2011

Patch has been taking Azodyl and Epakitin for over a year. His bun, creatnine & phosphates lowered significantly and stayed lower for over a year.

Great online shopping experience. by Linda C.10/30/2011

The price was so much better that what I was paying at my Vet's office. Packaged great (refrigerated product) and shipped quickly. Thank You, I will visit again and recommend.

AZODYL by ngibb10/31/2011

My dog was having kidney troubles and this product seems to have worked wonders. In May, I thought she was near the end but my vet recommended this product and she is doing great now. She is an 11 year old JRT and I hope to have here for at least a few more years. Hopefully, this product will make it a possiblity.

by from 02/26/2013




It works! by BetsC07/30/2014

My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease in March 2011 and her numbers are still in the early stage 3 range. My vet is amazed. I truly believe this product has helped to extend her life.

Great non-prescription medication by Sar from Chicago, IL05/06/2014

I have a cat with kidney issues and Azodyl has kept his count at normal levels. I am so pleased I am able to purchase this product from Entirely Pets and not from the vet, as he charges over twice as much for the same product.

Seems to be doing the trick! by Lyn05/02/2012

Bought the Azodyl for our 14 1/2 year old Lab. Seems to be making a diff with her kidney readings. Also using Denamarin...cant say enough about this one as well. Entirely pets are beyond great at shipping the Azodyl because it needs to be chilled. Dont charge and arm and a leg for this type of shipping. Thanks Entirely Pets for helping me to keep our girl healthy and here!!!!

Keeps my dog alive! by AlliGatorRater12/29/2011

When I found out my dog was in renal failure he was knocking on death's door. His labs were so high my vet was surprised he was still alive. After 3 weeks on Azodyl and subq lactated ringers his labs recovered so well that my vet was at a loss for words. She had never seen such a response! Now he is on a 3 per day Azodyl and 3/wk Lactated Ringers which maintains him quite fine. Worked wonders for my lab/chow mix!

Sydney My Greyhound by Joyce from Franklin, NC 2873410/29/2012

Sydney is now 11 years of age. She has had Kidney disease for about 5 years. Her Creatinine and BUN were high. She has been on Epakitin for all of the five years. About three years ago she started also on Azodyl. Incredibly her Creatinine has now returned to high normal. This is an outstanding product. It is best to have it shipped overnight.

besy deal for yhe money by greg from acworth. Ga.09/09/2013

I've had my Bassett Bentley on Azodyl for 1.5 years . It has help him significantly. Thank you

Fast Shipping by Ang from Pa07/12/2013

My Aussie mix, Becca has been on Azodyl for almost a year. Entirely pets always ships it fast and the cold packs are always still cold when it arrives. I am very happy with the product and and would recommend it to anyone who had a dog with kidney problems.

The right price and fast delivery by HarleysDad100 from Burbank, IL.01/08/2013

My Tessa, a German Shepherd, requires special food and medications for her ailments. At her advance age, we want her to have the best and to make sure she is comfortable and with us for as long as possible. Good pricing with the fast delivery is helping us greatly.

Very pleasant surprise by Milena from Belgrade, Serbia09/27/2013

I have placed the order , and was really suspicious...I live in Serbia, Europe, far, far, far away from Entirely Pets...Azodyl is something that my dog needs desperately, we cannot find it in Europe... and what happened? ...WONDERFULL SURPRISE :-) The shipment was confirmed, sent and delivered in very short time :-) Thank you so much !!!

bad kidneys by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA10/24/2012

My vet prescibed Azodyl for my Scooter who is in total kidney failure. In combination with other things it must work or my girl would not be here anymore.

Good stuff by Kate01/21/2008

Our dog seemed much perkier as soon as she started taking azodyl. She has been in CRF for over a year now. She has been taking azodyl for about 9 months.

Azodyl for Kidney Failure by Alyse from PA10/25/2011

The product I purchased for my elderly but alert and active Maine Coon is identical to the medication I purchased for him at my vet's office after he was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. By ordering online from Entirely Pets, however, the savings were considerable. My cat requires a bottle of 60 capsules every three weeks. At my vet's, Azodyl costs nearly $50.00 per bottle. Through Entirely Pets, I was able to buy three bottles for about $108.00. I was able to track the refrigerated shipment, which arrived within the specified 24 hours so that the capsules would remain cold. I am hoping that my guy will do well for a relatively long-term on his new diet and this medication, which he is able to swallow in tuna water. He is the final remaining member of our gentle family of Maine Coons. The savings through Entirely Pets are helping me to pay the vet bills and to supply him with the products he needs to improve his outlook.

My pet responded well by Julie09/30/2008

Within 3 or 4 days of starting these capsules, my dog Lucy started eating normally again and was no longer throwing up. She has been taking them now for about 2 weeks and I am so glad that my vet recommended them.

Excellent by Elaine06/30/2008

Our Vet reccommended this and it really works. I have seen a big difference in both of my cats with kidney disease. They have been on it for almost a year now. I love shopping with Entirely Pets. They are great!

Miracle!!!! by Maria06/03/2009

This stuff works!!!!!!!!!! My 10 year old cat was just diagnosed with kidney failure, devastated and willing to anything, i give him Azodyl once a day in his food and he gets fluids sub q every other night, i swear i have a new kitten! Amazing jumping playing his levels are perfect!! Drug should be mailed refrigerated and entirely pets DOES IT RGHT

The real thing by Teresa11/19/2008

This seems to work the same as the stuff I get from my vet only less than half the price...I'm happy with this and it really does work. It was recommended by my veterinarian....My dogs BUN and Creatinine are close to normal with the use of this medication. I only wish they'd try it on humans! I'm a nurse and work with people with both chronic and acute renal failure. Teresa, RN in North Dakota

by Linda02/04/2014

Very happy with Azodyl. Helped our senior dog with kidney issues. Also a great price.

AMAZING! by Susan06/17/2009

Our dog has made a complete turn around since starting this medication. He takes two in the morning along with 1/2 a pepcid and one more in the late afternoon. And, he's back to his old bouncy self! Truly a remarkable change!! We saw a difference within 24 hours and it's remained that way for the past 3 months. It's wonderful - now if they could get something like this to work for people!

Azodyl- really helps my old cat by KevinA from Folsom, Calif04/29/2012

I have a 17 yr old cat with kidney disease. The AZODYL has really helped keep his disease under control and keep him stable. I am grateful to Entirelypets for being so prompt about sending this when I order it and having a good supply on hand. With some luck, Geronimo(my old cat) may just be around awhile. Thank you EntirelyPets !!!!!

Could improve ice packing. by Marilyn07/05/2014

The product is great,however, the packing does not include sufficient ice packs to keep the product cool upon arrival.

thanks for your service by filomarti from Manchester, UK05/08/2013

Thanks for your service, delivered and packed as promised, unfortunately it was kept by UK Customs 6 days, but its not your fault at all. Thanks again we got it cool.

Do NOT buy temperature sensitive items from here. by Maisy07/13/2014

. The package took 4 days to get here, the cooling packs were hot and the product was ruined. We had throw the product out because our kitty was starting to get worse and when we switched back to a bottle that was not damaged she improved.

Works really well by Jules from Baltimore, MD02/14/2010

My 12 yr old dog has been on Azodyl for over a year and it seems to have helped her alot. I'm not sure if she would have lasted this long without it.

Great product, but not so good shipping service by BrendaZ from Murrells Inlet, SC11/15/2010

Azodyl has been a lifesaver for my CRF kitty. However be careful ordering from Entirely Pets. They don't always ship on time, hence the product does not always arrive in the time you would expect it to. I recently had a breakdown in shipping. I place the order on a Monday and they did not ship until Wednesday. I ordered 2-3 day priority and it's now 8 days since I ordered it and I still don't have my order. And customer service hasn't been very helpful about this. I'm very disappointed...

great product by bteeter35 from Farwell, MI04/03/2012

this is one of several products I purchase here due to the fact I foster yorkies with liver issues, and these products assist the liver to work less strenuously and help the dogs to live long and happy lives.

Featured Reviews for Azodyl 6-PACK (360 Small Capsules) By Vetoquinol
Good stuff by Scotty dog mom06/25/2012

Can't say enough about this product. I swear by it. I truly believe my Scottie would not be alive if it were not for this stuff. Use it as directed. Give it about 30-45 days to "kick in", then have your dogs bloodwork run again. You will see a difference in BUN and creatinine levels. I have been using this since it came on the market about 5 years ago.

Azodyl is keeping our dog healthy by Farm Girl10/14/2011

We are so fortunate to be able to purchase Azodyl from Entirely Pets on line and have been doing so for almost 2 years now. Our dog's blood tests are consistantly showing that her BUN count is stable and most importantly, not increasing! Thank you Entirely Pets for providing this product to consumers on line. We appreciate it!

Effective by Barb from Pensacola, FL01/23/2013

We had a black and silver male schnauzer, Gunnar, born with congenital kidney problems. His prognosis was not good; however we kept him on K-D diet and Azodyl by Vetoquinol and he did well considering his limitations. Unfortunately, we lost him two weeks ago at 3-1/2 years old to renal failure.

Simply Excellent Medicine by LifeSaver from Maryland09/30/2013

Using Azodyl for long time and can say that this was a Life Saver invention. Entirelypets improved their delivery times this years, alll credit to them.

Fast Service! by ShyArtist10/28/2011

My product arrived very quickly. I was very pleased.

wonderful product by tallredbird101/15/2014

I foster for a small dog rescue that takes in yorkshire terriers with MVD and shunts that also require surgery to repair. Azodyl is given to each of these dogs in conjunction with a vegetarian food and other supplements to maintain the dog in a healthy way. I personally fostered a male yorkie that lived to be 15 years old on this regimen after he was deemed too ill to care for by his owners who dumped him at a shelter at the age of 11.

Bad Shipping by Dave04/10/2012

This is the 2nd time ordering, this time ordered on a Sunday night with Priority mail shipping to assure it would be delivered before the weekend (as prior time was held at Post office over the weekend). Product was not shipped till Wednesday, was delivered in Saturday mail, but all "frozen" sleeves were completely melted and no where near cool. After spending this kind of money, have no idea whether product is any good. Will have to find another vendor next time, will not be fooled into thinking they can handle shipping this a 3rd time.

by lazymuf07/25/2013

Has worked very well for my pet and is the best price I have found for item.

helps "big" cats too! by mtroop11/06/2013

We get this for In-Sync Exotics. It helps their large cats (lions, tigers, etc) who have health issues and makes a big difference. Plus, EntirelyPets is the only place that ships it correctly so it stays fresh and works correctly. Thanks!

Excellent by Elaine09/15/2008

Our Vet reccommended this and it really works. I have seen a big difference in both of my cats with kidney disease. They have been on it for almost a year now. I love shopping with Entirely Pets. They are great!

Seems to work by sciurid from Seattle, WA06/05/2012

I don't believe that this product is proven to reduce kidney levels but the first year of our cat being in kidney failure with twice daily Azodyl doses her levels remained stable and the second year, her kidney levels did finally lower quite a bit so we are pleased with this product.

Good stuff by Kate09/15/2008

Our dog seemed much perkier as soon as she started taking azodyl. She has been in CRF for over a year now. She has been taking azodyl for about 9 months.

Lifesaver by Sheila from Chicago, IL11/30/2013

I have a samoyed born with renal dysplasia. Her kidneys are the same size a cat's should be as well as mishapen. She was not expected to live past 2 years of age. We found a renal specialist that prescibed a combination of an ace inhibitor, baby aspirin, Azodyl & Epikitin. She turned 5 this past October. Needless to say we are thrilled these products exist. She would not be alive without them.

grat service by bandette from mulberry fl02/21/2013

vey please with price and service thank you

azodyl by Carolynn12/18/2008

My 17 year old cat has been on azodyl for approx. 1.5 years. She has alsotbeen taking meds for thyroid and heart problems for 2 years. It was about 1 month into her treatment with azodyl that I noticed a remarkable change in her health. Her coat was shiny, she acts like she is in her 2nd childhood, her appetite is amazing. I would strongly recommend this product, as far as I am concerned it is the azodyl that gave her back her health.

Excellent Product by Jane from Chicago, IL06/17/2014

My 13 yr. old Pointer was pretty much on deaths doorstep with kidney problems when my vet recommended azodyl. It was like a miracle, my guy perked up, gained weight, good lab results, and got back to his old self. His life has become much better because of azodyl. This product was a God send for us!!!!

by from 04/02/2012

azodyl 6 pk,great price by lolwrh03/30/2014

Pkg comes each bottle wrapped in cold pack plus cold packs through out whole carton It, cost a bit more to ship, but never a problem with delivery, very speedy and always very well insulated. My dog needs this meds has kidney problems and the price is the best so far

It works!!! by Bailey from PA05/30/2012

I am thrilled, my dog was starting to show kidney failure and started taking Azodyl a month ago and we went for blood work in just 4 weeks he is at normal levels

Cat's Quality of Life better but no Change to Labs by Owen from Maryland02/07/2012

My almost-17-year-old cat has moderate stage kidney insufficiency. I have been managing that with various meds and prescription foods recommended by my veterinarian. This had been working pretty well for 2 years. Since kidney disease is progressive, despite our best efforts my cat's creatinine and BUN levels were starting to rise so the vet suggested I try Azodyl. The cat weights a little over 9 pounds and has been on 2 capsules/day for 3 months. After about 3 weeks his quality of life began to improve: better appetite, fewer bad days (from 1 or 2 per week to 1 every 2 to 3 weeks). I was surprised when his latest labs showed no change to his blood chemistry. For the time being, I'm continuing the Azodyl since it does appear to help how my cat is feeling. But - at least so far - I have not seen the reductions of waste products I was hoping for.

Azodyl purchase by zoez03/12/2012

The product unfortunately was not cold when it arrived. The cold packs were completely melted. The product left on Tues., but we did not get it till Fri. afternoon. For $29.97 shipping, I feel it should have been sent overnight or more cold packs. I have no idea now, if the product (which requires refrigeration) is still effective and I have 6 bottles of it.

Wow by Sammie11/15/2011

I ordered 6 pack of Azodyl using Vaccination Overnight Shipping to ensure the product was packed with ICE packs. It was shipped from Oakland CA to Orlando FL Next Day Air - arrived on time and the Ice Packs and foil insulated envelope inside the box were still ice cold. Thank you for doing what you promised!

Helped my cat Fred by truthlover from Dunsmuir, Ca.07/06/2013

I know this product helped my cat Fred stay with me longer. He began refusing treatment from me after about three months. He would run away and hide and it was very unpleasant for all concerned - so I stopped giving him the azodyl and sups and herbs I was giving him. Within a week of stopping treatment- he began to have kidney infections and extreme discomfort. but for that 3 months I know that the combined treatment helped him.

Good product for animals with kidney disease by Terri from Tucson, AZ09/11/2014

Azodyl is used for animals with kidney disease. I firmly believe it has helped my 2 cats who have kidney issues and Azodyl has come out with a smaller size of the capsules that work much better with cats. The only downside is that it must be refrigerated (thus, overnight shipping is required) and to be effective, needs to be given 1-2 hours before a meal. It is given twice a day, so sometimes the timeframes can be difficult to manage. I have used Azodyl for a couple of years and plan on continuing to use this product going forward.

a big help for my cat by lamorevero from Germany03/11/2014

my cat use Azodyl 4 years. it is shame we can not find it in Europe so I have to ask friends to bring me from USA. product is fantastic. I would reccomend .

Perfectly packaged and cold by missparker07/22/2014

Entirely Pets shipped Azodyl perfectly cooled and delivered well packaged. The product is heat sensitive and can spoil easily so it had to be shipped overnight. I have ordered Azodyl twice so far with excellent results. I will continue to use this company. Much better price that through my veterinarian. I saved $126.00 on 6 bottles!

really happy with the product and price by tartanrocker10/17/2011

...my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog has has kidney issues since we got her, and will require kidney support pills for the remainder of her life....my vet introduced me to this product, but charged a ridiculous mark-up price, so I researched online, found Entirely Pets, and ordered....this is my second purchase, and I am very happy with the product and service.

best service by ckost from Hazle Township, PA11/23/2011

We are very famaliar with the product since Madison has been on Azodyl for one year. However, I was overwhelmed with the expeditousness of the service. The 6 pack of Azodyl (which requires constant refrigeration) arrived within 24 hours in a container with 5 "frozen packs" and was chilled perfectly.

AZODYL by Amy Moore from Idaho11/26/2013

Best price, an only thing that has turn my pets health around so much that her labs look great! Also she is like her old self again! The shipping is great too;-)

Azodyl purchase by xxxyyy04/28/2012

Shipment of Azodyl requires refridgeration during the shipment. Entirelypets.com packed the items in styrofoam with coolants, and they arrived chilled, as required. Entirelypets is careful to ship not for weekend delivery, and it arrives at a business address Mon-Fri. Good work. (Any rights I waive in connection with this review are not waived concerning any other activity in which I might participate.)

Affordable supplement treatment by cat mom11/27/2012

Thank you for carrying this supplement. We have used Azodyl for several years now in cats who have had severe kidney damage. As a result of this additive to regular veterinary care, we have been able to extend our pet's lives at an affordable price. This is the same product our vet sells for more than three times the price.

Azodyl by MS10/02/2013

My cat was near death when I took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and the vet prescribed sub cutaneous fluid and Azodyl daily. I was able to purchase the Azodyl from Entirely Pets for about half the cost the vet charges. It arrives the next day and always still cold with plenty of ice packs. It has been a year and a half now and my cat is doing fine.

Great price and speedy delivery by skinnybelly from Singapore03/06/2012

I ordered this product from Singapore and the delivery was really speedy, and the price is really competitive too. Very happy with my purchase.

by from 12/03/2013

Our Shih-Tzu has been diagnosed with stage 1 or 2 kidney disease. Our vet put her on an antibiotic for three weeks and Azodyl for thirty days. After two weeks we took her back for a checkup and he suggested we might want to continue the Azodyl. He basically told us it was our decision and we could research it on the internet and decide. We decided to continue it and began an internet search in order to try to find the cheapest price. Our search led us to Entirely Pets.

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Great product by 2 Dog Lover from L.A., CA06/12/2012

I have been purchasing Azodyl from Entirely Pets for over 2 years now. Our dog has had great results with this product taken along with thyroxine for his hypothyroidism. Great price. It's shipped with cold gel packs wrapped around each bottle. Love it! Thanks!

Azodyl by Kat from Burnsville, NC03/03/2011

I have a cat that was diagnosed with kidney failure approximately 7 years ago and has been taking Azodyl for 6 years. She was 5 years old at the time of diagnosis. It has worked wonders in allowing my cat to live a full life, along with subcutaneous fluids and a KD diet, and she is healthy and happy. For anyone thinking of long term care for a cat with kidney failure, this drug works really well!

The gift of life by Mikmin02/09/2013

We started buying this product 3 years ago when our dog was first diagnosed with kidney failure. I know this medicine has extended his life, and given us more quality time with him. I don't know how much longer he will be with us, as he also has other health issues.I would definitely recommend this product if your pet is suffering from kidney failure.

Great for treating kidney failure by JenDye2104/03/2012

This product has helped my dog for years. The vet did not think that she would make it through her kidney failure. She pulled through and has been on Azodyl ever since. She went 4 years with no kidney problems and is just now starting to show signs. Our vet increased her dosage to the amount recommended on the bottle and her kidney numbers are once again improving.

Azodyl by Jules05/30/2012

This is such a great product and the 6 pack is so worth the price. It needs to be refrigerated so I have this sent overnight.

by from 05/27/2012

Staying alive by Roccon from Sierra Nevadas04/25/2013

Convinced this med has kept our mastiff happy and well. We were prepared to lose her when azodyl was rx'd. Her renal function stabilized and we are so pleased.

Azodyl by Jan from Las Vegas, NV04/23/2014

My Shih Tzu has kidney failure and he really does not like to take the capsules of Azodyl prescribed by our vet, but with the new small size it is easier to sneak them in his food. When we first discovered he was ill it was very sad, he was in pain and made messes all over the house. Since he has started taking Azodyl he does not have bad episodes. You wouldn't even know he had any problems at all and it has been 6 years!

Good product by chris from Limoges, France11/16/2011

We can't find Azodyl in France. My cat still living with this product. He has a rhenal problem for 2 years. Thanks

Great Product shipped from a Great Company by kmdardok from Ardmore, OK09/27/2013

Azodyl is a wonder drug for those of us who have animals with kidney failure. But since it has to be refrigerated, I was skeptical about ordering it online. I had done that once before and the shipper didn't pack it in enough ice and when it arrived it was hot. EntirelyPets IS A DIFFERENT STORY ALTOGETHER. Not only did they pack it with lots and lots of ice, they were courteous, shipped fast, and sold a a great price. I highly recommend Entirely Pets.

Shipping by lcps11/13/2011

It was very strange that we only received half of our shipment but nothing was noted on the packing slip. I had to call to get the remaining items.

Azodyl by Dell from Singapore11/30/2011

I have given Azodyl to my kidney insufficiency cats for many years. It used to be called Kibow. With Sub-Q & Azodyl several of my kidney cats live normal lives. 15 yrs old Hobbs' creatinine is just that tiny bit above normal range for the past 7 yrs. 14yr old Bagheera has kidney stones (ultra sound) and Ba has 2 tabs of Azodyl daily - one in the morning and one in the evening besides daily 100-150 ml Sub-Q fluid. It is a lot of trouble getting Azodyl to the tropics and it has to be hand-carried back to our cats. If i don't believe it works, i won't have done it.

by from 11/06/2012

If your pet has kidney disease, please consider trying Azodyl.

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by Wong Ching Wan, Fanny from Hong Kong10/29/2013

Very disappointed that I bought Azodyl sent when all the ice is melted and become room temperature, Why goods 19SEP reach the post office UNTIL 13SEP I was received, the product has Invalid, A waste of money and time, and delay my dog's condition, I am helpless, you cant exchange it for me.

Positive effect on creatinine levels by Larry from Singapore11/09/2011

Our cat started Azodyl, together with Epikatin and a renal diet after being diagnosed with early stage CRF. We were committed to being away for 3 weeks during which time she did not get her Azodyl but remained on Epikatin and a renal diet. Subsequent blood test showed that her creatinine levels went back up, so by way of deduction we assume the Azodyl did indeed have a positive effect. We'll see now that she is again on Azodyl daily what the results are on her next test, but logic says that a prebiotic and fiber are never the less good. Price from entirelypets was best we found and service was excellent.

Azodyl very effective for renal failure by alyse from Pgh, PA07/29/2012

Azodyl helped my 16-year-old Maine Coon to combat renal failure for over 9 months. His blood tests initially showed substantial improvement and then demonstrated that he had stabilized. His ultimate demise was caused by cancer, unrelated to the renal failure. I was able to give Percy the Azodyl easily in diluted tuna water. He literally ran for the dish when he saw it twice daily. The Azodyl always arrived overnight, chilled, as promised, with considerable savings, since I could order a 6-pack of bottles for the same shipping fee as for a smaller number of bottles. With the end of Percy's life, I have given the last full shipment of Percy's meds to a dog in renal failure at my vet's, so that the meds are not wasted and can continue to help another family to enjoy the life of a companion animal for as long as feasible.

Beware of these Sales-Expiration Dates Are Short by VanassaW from Tennessee08/15/2014

This is a great product for cats with kidney disease. You have to ship using the Vaccine Shipping. I just purchased a 6 pack of this product because of the last good sale but when I received the bottles, the expiration date was 12/14. That means if I was completely out of a previous order, 1 of the bottles will be expired but in fact I still had some bottles left from a previous order so more will be expired. Never had this problem before so I'm very disappointed with what is going on with in the company. I sent an email complaining but never heard anything back.

very good product by Chuck from Houston TX08/15/2014

four of my cats have kidney problems. They have taken azodyl for about a year now and the symptoms have stabilized or reversed! I order six or eight bottles at a time to minizize serum shipment costs and this vendor on the last order shipped product that would expire before being consumed. Tends to ship product with short expiration dates.

A Very Good Buy by Andy from Ormond Beach, FL10/28/2011

Entirely Pets had the lowest price on Azodyl. I should know, I checked at least a half dozen other websites. I had concerns about having such a valuable and perishable item shipped to me. Entirely Pets was good about getting back to me by e-mail correspondence (several times). The 6 pack of Azodyl arrived overnight and was still cold in the Florida heat. The product seems to be helping my cat's kidneys. She's not drinking the volume of water (and urinating) as much as she had been. Hopefully, this will help extend her life.

Azodyl tablets by Yorkie rescue from Oakland, CA02/06/2014

daily use of this product for small pets with impaired kidney function has resulted in normal-range bloodwork after 1 or 2 months.

Highly Recommend! Great Company Geat Product by Shirley Chan from Hong Kong10/26/2013

I'm from Hong Kong. And my English language is very poor. My 15-year-old dog with kidney failure are taking Azodyl has been three years. Bun & Crea are maintained extremely well. Previously Azodyl are purchased in Hong Kong, I am afraid that when I buy the wrong temperature in a foreign shipment and lose effect. This is my first time ordering from overseas. Very grateful Entirely Pets Mr.William Jose helped me order Azodyl and other pets Supplements. And parcels delivered very fast on just three days in Hong Kong While shipping charges are very expensive, Even plus Express International shipping cost When I received is still frozen and ensure that no spoilage And the price is cheaper than in Hong Kong to bought it. Therefore Entirely pets is very trustworthy.

by soraya from switzerland08/13/2014

Excellent supplement for cat with chronic kidney failure

Good product for kidney disease by Christian from Limoges, France10/23/2012

It helps us to save our cat. We can't find it in France. So thanks a lot for this product.

by from 01/04/2012

We have been giving our cat azodyl who was diagnosed with severe kidney disease.

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Azodyl by mardee11/26/2013

My vet prescribed Azodyl for my pet to improve his kidney function. Entirely Pets is half the cost of what my vet charged. My only complaint is Entirely Pets put me on a auto ship and did not send notification prior to shipment. I do not remember requesting auto ship.

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