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Felisyl Immune System Support

Felisyl Immune System Support

Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (3.5 oz)
Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (3.5 oz)

($12.00)  $9.99
3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (10.5 oz)
3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (10.5 oz)

($47.58)  $27.99

($9.33 Each)

6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (21 oz)
6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (21 oz)

($65.99)  $53.99

($9.00 Each)

Felisyl® Immune System Support (60 Soft Chews)
Felisyl® Immune System Support (60 Soft Chews)

($24.99)  $9.99
3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (180 Soft Chews)
3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (180 Soft Chews)

($50.99)  $27.99

($9.33 Each)

6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (360 Soft Chews)
6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (360 Soft Chews)

($97.99)  $53.99

($9.00 Each)

Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (5 oz)
Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (5 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
3-PACK Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (15 oz)
3-PACK Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (15 oz)

($38.99)  $29.99

($10.00 Each)

6-PACK Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (30 oz)
6-PACK Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (30 oz)

($74.08)  $56.99

($9.50 Each)

Felisyl Immune System Support for Cats is a safe nutritional supplement for your cat if it has a condition that is responsive to L-lysine. L-lysine has been known to reduce the harshness and number of occurrences of herpes simplex viral infections. These infections result in fever blisters and cold sores. L-lysine is an effective ingredient of Felisyl Immune System Support for Cats. In cats, the herpes virus is considered very contagious. What makes it so problematic is that it is a very common cause of upper respiratory infections (URIs). Symptoms of URIs include eye discharge and sinus congestion in your cat. You may also notice some squinting of the eyes and sneezing as part of the effects of an upper respiratory infection. Felisyl Immune System Support for Cats can help. Felisyl is an easy to use nutritional supplement that kittens and cats alike seem to find tasty. It is easy to administer by simply mixing it in with their cat food. Other benefits to Felisyl Immune System Support for Cats are that it helps promote healthy tissue, encourages respiratory health, and can even help with your cat’s vision. It is effective, easy to administer, and has some nice additional healthy side effects. Administration: Approximately 1 to 2 Soft Chew L-Lysine daily.
chicken liver flavor, starch, L-lysine, water, soy lecithin, canola oil, brewer's yeast, glycerin, oat flour, barley flour, rye flour, oat meal, calcium sulfate, maltodextrin, sodium alginate, sobric acid, propionic acid (a preservative), mixed tocopherol blend (a preservative).

Guaranteed Analysis per Chew
Moisture ......... 18.6 %
L-Lysine ......... 250 mg

Give 1 - 2 chews daily.

Warnings: For animal use only.

Store in a cool dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Felisyl® is a manufactured in the USA in FDA and USDA approved facilities following current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) GUidelines.
4.67 rating based on 21 reviews
Featured Reviews for Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (3.5 oz)
Only product to help my pet. by Buddy from Jackson, TN08/21/2013

This is recommened by my vet. Only thing that can build his imm. system

Felisyl by Sandy from New York12/14/2012

Used the product for my cats who were sneezing and it seemed to help them a bit. Their eyes are no longer dripping as they were, so perhaps it works as stated.

by Barb12/03/2011

I give this to my 4 cats on a daily basis. Very pleased with results.

Felisyl Immune System Support by Queen B from New Castle, DE11/23/2012

It seems to work as well as other brands. It dissolves better in food than other brands. It's slightly cheaper, however, I believe the dose is slightly larger.

my cats love this by Karen11/30/2012

this product is very palatable, one of my cats even tries to lick it right out of the jar!

Good product! by FosterMama from Boston09/24/2013

Easy to give to kitties with a little bit of wet food or even add a little water. My cats love it and it keeps their sniffley episodes down. Love it!

My Ferals Like It by kirvls from Colorado09/17/2013

They like the flavor and it gives them the Lysine they need.

Felisyl by Pam from Enuclaw, Wa03/15/2012

This product helped my cat conquer his sinus condition better than a whole series of antibiotics. It seemed to greatly improve his immune system.

Felisyl by jj05/20/2013

works really great it really helped and looking forward to ordering more in the future

Not the answer by Pauladimi from Las Vegas Nevada02/26/2013

I have cat with diabetes and allergies. it does not help him at all. I was hoping to avoid going to the vet and getting him a steroid shot

by from 03/04/2012

My cat does not like "treats" so I bought the powder version of Felisyl and put it in his food. He does not know the difference and he eats it! YEAH!!! No force feeding!!!! Something you do not want to do with a cat. (CLAWS)

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by Benji's mom03/04/2012

The cat loves his food with sprinkles of FeliSyl on top and has zero hair balls if given daily.

product probably fine but the cat won't get near i by max's mom from west palm beach04/05/2012

They say it is flavorless and odorless. The cat doesn't think so. Right now I am back to crushing human lysine tabs and then mixing them into soft food to hide it. Right now, that is fine but may try sneaking this into his soft food again soon to save me the trouble of mashing his pills. Too early to tell how this will work.

Kitties Are Crazy for It! by foxfyreutk from Tennessee12/31/2013

I had been mixing granules into canned cat food, but that is a very expensive treat. Thought I would try the kitty treat version. Both my cats are crazy for it. They try to open the bag themselves and remind me it's time for their treat. Far easier and not nearly as expensive as the powder.

ease of use by Query11/29/2013

So can I just add this to dry food left out for self feed of 1 to 16 cats?

it works great by cathy from indiana08/20/2013

my cats caught the feline cold from a new cat I got they were all sick. I looked up what to give them to help them. this is the lysine and its in this product works great to keep it under control, nobody has gotten sick again . I put it in there food and they don't even know they are eating it.

Good product by Dawn from New York, NY03/10/2012

I used to buy a more expensive brand, then found this one. The color turned me off a little (I'm used to a white powder), but my cat doesn't know the difference and I have no problem putting it in her food.

by Katzhse from Tucson, Az11/24/2012

I have been sprinkling this on their dry food so at least they get some when they eat. If i put it in the wet food they won't eat it.

oral powder by Anita10/24/2012

This works well mixed with wet food...we do have a couple that will eat it right out of the bowl before the food is added....it does a good job of helping to control virus'

FABULOUS Felisyl L-Lysine Granules by iluvcats from Louisiana01/22/2015

This product is EXACTLY what I have been needing for my two kitties! These granules have proven to be the very BEST product to deliver the 250 mg of L-lysine necessary for my cats health needs. I was using the L-Lysine in a pump, which is tuna flavored. The extra strong smell seemed to be a deterrent, even though they both love seafood flavored wet food. They would walk away and leave the food to spoil, causing me to have to open another can of food. When one of my cats recently had a herpes breakout (sniffles & runny eyes) I had to put the stinky tuna flavored thick L-lysine from the pump on my finger and stick it in her mouth to insure that she was being treated properly. The granules don't have a scent; both of my cats lap up their wet food; and my sweet kitty is now 100% well in less than 2 weeks! Like normal, I put the wet food in the bowl with water; mix it up; then put the tiny scoop of L-lysine granules on top; gently stir so that the granules are just barely mixed in - they lap it up and get 100% of this vital nutrient! I HIGHLY recommend this product! It is AWESOME!!

Good stuff! by Kaye6311/13/2012

My cats loved this and I will be ordering it again!

Works very well by moms_2slow from Wilton, CA08/16/2012

This product has a very yeasty smell, so my cat loves it. He has slowly improved on the product, so I am quite happy.

Great product by Bruiser04/13/2014

When shopping for a Lysine supplement for my FIV positive cat I had been used to the Viralys gel. Seeing as how the Felisyl brand was half the price I thought I'd give it a go. I feel that the powder allows me to be more accurate in the dosage. And my cat has transitioned very well. I will definitely be back for more when my supply runs out.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (10.5 oz)
by from 04/10/2012

My vet told me to add lysine to my cat's food. He had a herpes infection when I rescued him. The lysine is supposed to help recurrences and thus far Simon has had none.

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Great product by DustyJ from elgin tx06/15/2013

Cats like the lysine powder (all 9 of them) - a first! easy to put on wet or dry food. I use a slight spray mist of water which helps the powder stay attached to the dry food and voila it is eaten without problems

Felisyl by Kazuye from Los Angeles08/17/2014

My cat caught the herpes virus while a kitten at the animal shelter. Felisyl helps her from getting so much sneezing and stuffy nose symptoms. I mix it into her food everyday and she doesn't mind it at all.

This is Great Stuff! by annetta from kansas03/29/2013

Felisyl helps the immune system of cats. My cats have frequent sneezing and it takes care of it. Likely the vet said it's probably from cat herpes. But many cats have this. Any time a respitory problem...cold or stuff like that starts...give them felisyl. It's best to not give daily unless your cat has a severe or ongoing problem. It works for my babies and it may likely make your vet trips much less needed.

great product by dustyj from austin, TX02/26/2014

I have a cat with a chronically irritated eye and she is also FIV positive. My veterinarian had suggested l-lysine to help decrease the viral load and she suggested this. I sprinkle some on a bit of wet food or spray water on her dry food and sprinkle some on it. She gets her doses twice a day - no hassle.

Felisyl recommended by my vet by Tutti from Los Angeles02/06/2013

Great product especially for those of us that have more than 1 cat because you can use it every day in their food and it strengthens their ammune system. I am on my 4th container. Entirely Pets has the best price according to my vet.

Felisyl Immune System Support by I don't have a nickname from North Carolina07/01/2013

The cats like it, Use it to help keep foster kitties healthy.

by Cat Lady03/23/2012

Have had the cats on this for years to keep down the symptoms of the kitty herpes type illness. They like the taste and it works well. Much easier to use than the paste and more economical too.

Very nice product by vj from IN12/14/2012

My cats must like the taste because they eat it up when I sprinkle it on their food!

great stuff by fostercatmom from Indianapolis, IN08/19/2012

I have volunteered with an animal shelter for over 10 years. We put lysine on the food of all the cats because it helps with the herpes virus that runs through all shelters. It doesn't cure the virus, just helps to keep it from replicating. This version is flavored and the cats like it.

good value by Tuxcats12/17/2012

There are other L-Lysine products, same ingredients, at a higher cost, on the market, and at the Vet's office. Happy with product, price, and great service.

Excellent purchase price by cati from Kansas08/07/2013

This L-Lysine HCI supplement for cats is less expensive than the vet recommended Viralys. So far, it has been just as effective to address herpes in my cats. The best part about Felisyl is that the cats actually eat it readily when mixed with canned cat food.

not just for feline herpes by mindymoon12/14/2013

I took in a very sick stray 3 years ago He had an upper respiratory infection so severe that 3 different vets weren't sure he would make it. He also tested positive for Feline HIV. Vet suggested Viralys for immune support. I've had him on Felisyl for 3 years. After months of TLC and antibiotics, he got healthy and gained weight. His coat is beautiful, eyes and ears clear. And he has stayed very healthy since. I think the Felisyl helps, so will continue it for the rest of his life. I add a scoop to his wet food once a day.

My cat liked the Viralys better by MaryAnnSanDiego from San Diego, CA07/06/2011

I had been using the Viralys powder for about a year with no problem. Just decided to try the Felisyl since it was a little cheaper. My cat backs away from ANY food I put down with the Felisyl mixed in. Eventually after complaining for a while, she will eat! I will go back to the Viralys so I won't have any food issues. Both products seem to work the same, however.

by Kazi's Mom06/07/2013

This product has done a good job keeping my kitties from having feline herpes return. It is a good immune system builder.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support Granules (21 oz)
It really makes a difference! by Rae from Memphis, TN04/27/2011

My Siamese cat has a bad case of herpes, because she was left untreated for so long before she was adopted which means she will always show some symptoms no matter how good the medicine is. We tried other brands of lysine powder and pastes that cost more money than the Felisyl, such as Viralys. None of them made the difference that Felisyl made for our cat. She has less frequent eye watering and sneezing compared to the other brands. She seems happier and more full of life!

by I don't have a nickname from North Carolina06/16/2013

Have used this before. It helps the immune system in kitties.

My Cats Love This by Karen from Outer Banks, NC04/01/2013

I have several rescued cats that take l lysine. This is the one product that they all love, I can just sprinkle it on their food and down it goes. One kitty won't even eat unless her food has it! highly recommend

by from 12/20/2012

I have four indoor kitties and we were constantly having upper respiratory infections. My vet suggested that I put them on Llysine to help with the symptoms. The cost was exorbitant to say the least. So I started looking around and found Entirely Pets.

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Featured Reviews for Felisyl® Immune System Support (60 Soft Chews)


by sashay08/15/2012

Product smelled rancid, cats would not touch.

Great product! by Kim2012 from Chicago, IL11/11/2011

I had been crushing up L-lysine pills and mixing them in my cat's food until I found Felisyl L-lysine chews. Now I don't have to worry about my cat getting the correct dosage if he doesn't eat all his food. He loves these treats, which is a big compliment coming from this picky Burmese boy!

by Kaye6311/13/2012

Only a few of my cats liked the taste of this. I won't be buying it again.

Great product by purrs from Merritt Island, Fl02/11/2014

This is a wonderful product if you have kitties with the herpes virus. The plus about this product over the other lysine chews that are available is that you feed less. Most other chews require that you feed 2 chews to get the recommended dose of 250 mg lysine, that equates to 4 chews a day required for the recommended daily dosage of lysine. With this product each chew is equivalent to 250 mg lysine and therefore you use less. The price is very good so it is overall a great product for the money. My kitties love the taste as well.

Great for feline eye infection by Gina from New Orleans, LA06/07/2012

my vet recommended lysine for Max's eye infection and it has cleared it up. He loves the treats and begs me for them each morning. Much better than the power you sprinkle on their food because you know he is getting the exact amount he needs

Value by Cindy from South Carolina12/05/2012

This is a great value. One soft chew a day and my cats are healthy and it is very cost effective.

Huge disappointment this time around. by MrsD from Erie, PA12/11/2012

I have bought these treats many times & never had a product issue with them, until my recent order came. I ordered 3 bags, & ALL 3 bags were nothing like these treats usually are! The treats were as hard as a rock, a very light tan in color; as opposed to the dark brown color they are supposed to be, & they had an odd; almost rancid odor to them. The expiration date reads 1/2014, but no way are these fresh! Kudo's to Entirely Pets for immediately offering to send me 3 replacement bags! Their customer service is as always, fantastic. I hope the new bags will be alright.

good flavor by vikka's mom from upstate New York12/14/2012

We have 4 cats on L-Lysine. The treats make it much easier to administer than pills or powder. All the cats like the the flavor of Felisyl .

It all depends by tcgg from NJ04/23/2014

They are a little tough so some cats won't like them. I have to kind of squish them a bit so the break up for my cat and even then, she is not thrilled with them.

by from 06/04/2012

After trying several brands of Lysine treats that not all of my kitties would eat, I decided to try this brand & I'm glad I did.

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Great for Cats Missing Teeth by LindaD303 from Northglenn, CO04/03/2012

My Siamese cat is missing all of his chewing teeth and these chews are soft enough for him to eat. He's a very picky eater and likes the flavor of these chews. I have noticed that he has less eye discharge with the lysine supplement in these.

UPDATE to previous review on Felisyl by MrsD. from PA12/21/2012

The replacement shipment that EP's was kind enough to send to me, was just as bad as the original order I bought of these. I did notice the lot numbers & expiration date, were the same on the replacements as they are on my orginal order, making me believe this might be an inferior batch from the company who makes these. Both shipments of Felisyl I received, were very light tan in color & as hard as a rock. Nothing at all like the dark brown soft treat they used to be. I hope the compnay who makes these treats doesn't plan to make them the way I received them, because I will not be buying them anymore if they do.

by from 01/08/2013

Wont purchase again. by MrsD from PA01/09/2013

The last 2 shipments of Felisyl were nothing at all like the product I used to get. EP's was kind enough to send me a replacement order to see if I just got a defective batch, but the new batch was just as bad. The treats used to be a very dark brown & very soft, but the 2 batches I received were a light tan & hard as a rock, & smelled nothing like they once did. I was not going to feed my kitties these Lysine treats; when they looked & smelled totally different from how they once did. I dont know if the manufacturer of these treats changed the formulation or not, but I will never buy them again. Kudo's to EP's for their excellent & prompt customer service in resolving this issue.

Great L-Lysine Treats by Mitch from Pittsburgh, PA02/07/2013

The cats love them. Not real hard to get them to eat them at all.

Best Purchase Ever by Angel01/21/2013

Great product. Our 4 cats love these. They keep the symptoms of the herpes virus away.

Not the same by TheresaL from Cleveland, OH03/08/2014

I usually buy Vetri-Lycine for my cats; 250mg l-lycine chewy treats that I give to the ones who need it (four or five) and they love it. We make it a fetching game. I thought it wouldn't make a difference buying this brand instead - Felisyl - and they completely rejected it. They would chew it and spit it out. I was left with gooey lumps all over the kitchen floor. I unfortunately had ordered multiple bags but rather than go through the hassle of trying to return and get a refund, I just threw them out.

Felisyl by cat lady from Dallas, TX01/21/2015

The cats are not eating this treat and I have 11 cats, none of them liked it. I ended up giving them L-Lysine smashed and mixed with their food.

Helps Eye Deposits Reduce dramatically by mochalatte01/27/2014

In a few weeks, with twice day dosing, she ate it with her dry food but I HAD TO DICE IT UP BECAUSE IT IS TOO HARD FOR HER TO CHEW BUT she ate it if cut up and mixed with her dry food. She is very finicky and ate it. Her eye issue and breathing improved the first week by 50% and the second week by 90%. Once a day she may have some issue and I give her one a day now and one day she had no eye deposit in her tear duct and it has only been two weeks! The product needs more moisture though because even sealing the bag it does dry out to become very hard when the bag still has 1/3 of the contents left at 2x a day.

Bad Purchase by skiestwo from New York03/25/2014

I have two cats, one I call the goat because he eats anything including things like duct tape, paper and who knows what else. Well neither cat will touch this stuff. I gave it to them and they didn't even think about it, just sniffed it and walked away. My neighbor has three cats and we tried it on them and the same result. Waste of money!!

cats like them by gloworm from Alabama01/20/2013

My cats like this treat and it is an easy way for them to get their medicine

Best purchase for my cat by BABS from FL12/02/2012

My cat Lilly has upper resp. disease. She is responding well to Felisyl Immune System Support soft chews. Sneezing and sniffles has decreased. Have already purchased 6 more packages. I would recommend this product.

Felisyl by Ruralex12/13/2012

I purchased these as back up in case I run out of the Enisyl-F paste. The kitties love them so I think it's a good alternative to the paste. Only problem was some of them were broken up so it affects the proper dosage.

Cat loves them by SherylM from Miami, FL10/15/2013

My cat wouldn't eat other Lysine treats but loves these.

My cats love them by SnapLilly06/10/2012

I usually get the Enisyl-F Lysine treats, but they were out this time. I decided to try the Felisyl. You only need 1 or two and both my cats love them. They are about the same price but you can give them less. They are more like a soft treat the others are a little harder. No complaints from the cats and they will not eat anything they do not like.

Good for the kitties :o) by GreenBee from East coast of Iowa01/16/2013

Several years ago we adopted two kittens who had upper respitory issues. Our vet suggested trying L-Lysine. It helped get them healthy (I believe) and I really think by keeping them on the L-Lysine it helps keep them healthy.

Great product! by Joan from St. Joe, Michigan04/22/2013

Felisyl (l-lysine) works wonders for kittens vulnerable to upper respiratory infections and cats with eye issues. I give daily as a treat and it keeps them from visiting the vet.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (180 Soft Chews)
by from 02/06/2014

Used as therapy treatment for my Tuxedo who was exposed to Feline Herpes as a kitten.

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My cats love it by Ely03/19/2013

I have two cats with herpes of the eye and both are happy to take 1 tab each am and pm.

GREAT discovery by Carol from Ft Lauderdale Fl05/30/2012

The cats don't know there's medicine in the chews, they think its a treat! They eat them up fast. I try and hide an Anixtane tablet in between 2 of the chews. Someone should make a pill pocket out of the soft chews.

Helped my cat a lot! by RaIrCo2412/06/2012

My cat had sores from her feline herpes and Felisyl helped a lot to let them heal and go away. Glad I purchased this.

Felisyl L-lysine by Joan from Michigan01/02/2012

I have used L-lysine for my cats with eye issues for about 2 years. I recently found this product and use is regularly as it keep their eyes clear and helps with irritation from herpes virus. This product is soft so was helpful for my friend who has an elderly cat who does not tolerate the hard treats. He also has had success with this product. I strongly recommend!

SERVICE by Cindy01/17/2015

After not receiving the product for weeks after my order this time...I called and was told it was back ordered with no expectation of delivery date. I cancelled the order and went to 1-800-pet meds. My cats needed that and it was detrimental to their health to have had to wait without any idea it was not available !!

Most Economical by Cindy from South Carolina11/01/2013

My vet had quoted me an outrageous price for Lysine when my cats came down with a herpes virus. This product keeps them symptom free at a fraction of the cost!

by from 02/23/2012

I recently purchased 3 packs of the Felisyl Immune System Support upon the reccomendation of my vet. Allof my 5 cats enjoy them and come running when I open the bag. It's still too early to determine the full effect, but I'm planning to keep feeding this product as a part of their daily diet.

Drexel Hill, PA by from Rob"


by Mar from Loudon,TN12/01/2011

I am giving the Felisyl lysine to 2 of my cats. They are not crazy about the treats but will eat them & that is all I ask. Too early to tell if lysine is helping the herpes.

he won't eat them... by puzzled1 from new york city09/11/2014

even if I break them up into tiny pieces. They're not soft enough for my old guy. I found another brand that are softer and he'll eat those.

My Cats Do Not Like These by Christine01/29/2013

I thought I would try these Lysine Treats becasue the price was much better than the Enisyl-F Lysine Treats. My one cat will not eat them & my other cat throws them up right after. I would not recommend them if you cat is picky or has a sensitive stomach.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Felisyl® Immune System Support (360 Soft Chews)
My "go to" Lysine chews by Heidibear03/25/2013

I have rescue cats and some have "eye" issues and benefit from Lysine. Well, there are many forms of Lysine out now, thank goodness but all of the ones my cats are supposed to like...they don't! They are so difficult!! Anyway, These chews are the most moist you can get and are easy to chew. I just widh they had more Lysine per chew, and for that I would add the 5th star! Can't have it all though huh? Thank you!

by Anita03/16/2013

This is an excellent product but the last couple of batches have been hard not soft and my cats won't eat it....I sent emails about that and they are supposed to be sending some out to replace the last ones I got...but this batch is hard too....

One of the Best purchases ever. by BABS from FL12/08/2012

My Cat Lilly is doing good on this product her sniffles and sneezing are lessoning. It is much easier to give her the treat. Though I must cut it in three pieces and put it with some of her other treats. Its much simpler to get her to eat her immune support soft chew. That is why I reordered 6 more packages. She is currently doing well on 3 treats a day. She is also much more alert and active. with her upper resputory illmess.I would recommend this product to other cat lovers. Try it.

by from 04/24/2013

Last winter I purchased a three pack. My cats loved them. They were "fish" flavored, dark colored and moist. I recently received a six pack shipment. These are chicken flavored, beige tan and harder. All three cats turn up their noses and walk away.

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wonderful by Neeter06/11/2012

Our cats really love them...no trouble getting them down...great for when I am not feeding wet food...

Featured Reviews for Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (5 oz)
Never again by clady01/20/2015

I use L-lysine for my cats on a regular basis. I thought I would try a cheaper tube of it figuring it would be the same and I would be able to buy it from a less expensive source. Not only did my cats turn away from it, but it was very runny. If that wasn't enough, it took forever to be shipped to me. After a week, (which is longer than what I normally have to wait to have the competition to get a similar product to me) I received an email saying this product was on back order. Really? That would have been nice to know before I ordered it. No thanks...I will stick to my regular online supplier from now on.

Tastes Horrible by Willie J from Arkansas05/12/2014

6 cats and not one nibble. Will go back to Viralys gel.

Seems to be as good as vet brand by bgfuqua02/24/2014

Seems to work as well as vet's brand at lower cost.Easy to mix with food.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Felisyl® L-lysine Gel for Cats (30 oz)
better flavor please by Shelly from Bakersfield,CA01/22/2015

I loved the dosage size but my cats do not like the flavor. 4 cats out of 4 say blaa! I haven't given up on them acquiring a taste for it but it is becoming a battle. It looks like I will have to mix it with food and that's no fun for me. Outside of that issue I would buy it again.

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