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Zoo Med Terrarium Products

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc designs and
manufactures products for reptiles, amphibians, birds and aquariums including UVB lighting for reptiles, heating, foods, terrariums, and substrates.
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Easily clips onto most clamp lamp domes to provide additional safety. These galvanized steel covers will prevent children and pets from touching heat lamps and will help prevent fire in the event that a clamp lamp is knocked onto the ground. Available in 3 sizes.
Featured Reviews for Zoo Med Repti Ramp Bowl (XLarge)
Perfect fit by mccapers from Grove City, OH01/23/2012

I'm a fan of Zoo Med products. This one met with all my expectations. My tortoises/turtles took to this right away. I especially like the ramp feature which is especially good for my smaller chelonians.

Featured Reviews for Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier
Awesome! by Jessica from Baltimore MD01/29/2012

Awesome item! My frogs will definitely love it!

Repti mist fogger by Denis from NY05/29/2012

This is a decent product. Only drawback is they don't last long. My last one went a year before crapping out, but until then it worked great. Make sure you use distilled water or it won't last half as long!

great product by Fish12/02/2011

I already had a feeling this was a good product, but the fact that Entirelypets sells it for far less than anyone else I could find I would not buy from anyone else. The only thing that went wrong was they had to backorder my order but I'm sure that's just a fluke so I will be ordering from them again. Oh before I leave the Reptifogger is great so far, I just hope it last for a long time.

by Nicole05/21/2013

We bought the humidifier for our mini greenhouse. It works well for what we need. It was imperative that there was a sensor and settings control.

When humidity is needed... by NettieT from East-Central Wisconsin01/23/2012

This product does the trick. However, the motor doesn't always seem to last as long as one might hope. I have a ball python and as she is a tropical climate snake she needs higher humidity in her cage than my home could regularly provide. This is my second ReptiFogger, and I ordered two more just to have them on hand in the event the motor(s) went. The price here was much less than several other sites or physical stores I browsed, so I will definitely return to EntirelyPets.com to place future pet need orders.

Never buy, make sure you buy an upgraded fogger! by jacknjill from Oregon11/30/2012

Seriously, how did this get 5 stars?? People I know including myself know if you buy his you are paying for it hunk of plastic that will last 3 months! that's it! and it is such a hassle to get it to work again, then it break 2 weeks later!

Great deal! by Scorpio12/02/2011

This works great! Paid only $15 for a $60 fogger! Wish I would have bought more at this price! It fogs well, and very fast. Keeps a moist, humid environment. Would recommend for any reptile, needing this! Well worth the price paid! Will be back!

by Anthony from boston, ma12/04/2011

works perfectly.. just make sure you fill the base with water before you turn it on otherwise it wont run.

Works by Mekleo04/03/2013

This works great at making humidity where there is none.

Perfect for Terrariums by Steve Meszaros11/19/2011

These are perfect for keeping high humidity in your tank. The only thing I dont like about them is they have an on off switch so youll have to get a timer to moderate the levels of humidity in your environment but other than that this one is perfect. Its a sonic humidifier so what that means is that it uses bolts of electricity between two metal diodes to instantly evaporate the water and turn it to steam which takes a lot less time to reach your desired humidity levels. CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION!!! IF YOU LEAVE IT TURNED ON AND IT RUNS OUT OF WATER YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF BUYING ANOTHER ONE!!! that's the whole reason I am buying mine on here. Also if you buy it now for $15 that is a huge deal, they are usually 50 at petland and other store like that. Enjoy!!

Featured Reviews for Zoo Med Repti Rock Corner Bowl (Small)
Nice bowl by Beth from CA01/18/2012

The material is a nice plastic which has been easy to clean. Underneath the bowl is solid so the cage strata doesn't get stuck in any crevices which is fantastic. I took off one star because the picture to me looked like the back is higher than the front so I was surprised when the edges were all the same height.

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