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While the mighty lioness stalks her prey on the Serengeti, your fuzzy friend is forced to stalk your ankles for dinner. Don't let the mighty queen down! Give her some of the best, affordable cat food around found at EntirelyPets.

Sure, they'll eat the occasional errant fly or skittering spider, but for the most part, cats have earned their reputation for being picky eaters. Providing a balanced diet can sometimes be a challenge, but what about cat ownership doesn't feel like a challenge sometimes? (Mostly, it's because they own us and we can't admit it.) At EntirelyPets, all our food is approved by our veterinarian team, so we carry some of the best brands around. From crazy kitten to snuggle senior, we've got you covered.

Check out our selection of dried cat food at some of the best wholesale prices around. We have foods in all sorts of flavors, designed to satisfy all sorts of diets. You can manage hairballs and urinary tract infections all while knowing your cat is enjoying full, meaty tastes like salmon, chicken, turkey and more.

Our wet food can also provide the same benefits, with the added bonus of easily digestible luxury. Help your cat maintain a glossy coat and healthy skin, all the while reveling in bold flavors, vitamins and minerals. If your cat needs a bit blander diet or one that is recommended by a vet, we carry both wet and dry foods that lean to the softer side of bold, while still providing all the necessary nutrients.

Why not give freeze-dried a try? Shelf stable, but packed with all the flavor of fresh and raw food, you just add water to wake up your cat's taste buds. Our freeze-dried products are made from some of the best ingredients available, and their processing method ensures that more enzymes stay active when flash-frozen as opposed to dried.

Be sure to consult your veterinarian before drastically changing your cat's diet. Their digestive systems are notoriously finicky. (Cats, not veterinarians.)

Dry Cat Food

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Freeze Dried Cat Food

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