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Unique Cat Toys for Cats

Unique & Fun Cat Toys can help keep your cat happy and healthy. Watch your cat spring into action with interactive and life-like toys. Playing with cat toys not only is fun but gives both you and your pet great exercise. Pick up some great cat toys for your feline friend today.

Cataction Magneticat
Cataction Magneticat

($13.99)  $10.99
KONG for Cats
KONG for Cats

Turbo Scratcher
Turbo Scratcher

Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")

($6.99)  $5.39
Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")

($6.99)  $5.39
Panic Mouse
Panic Mouse

Lattice Balls 1.5 Inch (Per Ball)
Lattice Balls 1.5 Inch (Per Ball)

($0.99)  $0.49
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy

($5.99)  $3.89
Loofa for Cat - Assorted Colors
Loofa for Cat - Assorted Colors

($2.99)  $1.99
Play-n-Squeak Mouse
Play-n-Squeak Mouse

($6.95)  $3.99
Nobbly Wobbly II
Nobbly Wobbly II

($6.95)  $3.99
Classic TailChasers (Assorted)
Classic TailChasers (Assorted)

($4.99)  $3.49
Play-n-Squeak Mouse with Door Hanger
Play-n-Squeak Mouse with Door Hanger

($6.99)  $4.99
Remote Control Micro Mouse Micro Mini Racer
Remote Control Micro Mouse Micro Mini Racer

($14.99)  $13.99
SpotBrites Laser Toy Exerciser
SpotBrites Laser Toy Exerciser

Bergan Turbo Track
Bergan Turbo Track

($22.99)  $15.59
Petstages Cheese Chase
Petstages Cheese Chase

($19.99)  $16.99
Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair

($4.99)  $3.99
Petstages Fishy Fun
Petstages Fishy Fun

($4.99)  $3.99
Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants
Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants

($21.50)  $16.99
FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy
FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy

($22.99)  $18.99
Unique Cat Toys for Cats
Unique Cat Toys for Cats

FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs & Cats
FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs & Cats

($35.99)  $27.99
The Cataction Magneticat is a dynamic new toy that will mesmerize cats with its magnetic motion for hours! Opposing magnetic forces keep the bug moving on the end of its line. No batteries needed!

All it takes is a little nudge by your cat and the magnets hidden inside the base of this intriguing toy will keep the toy in constant motion. Your cat will be fascinated by the sway and spin of the hanging ladybug.

Simple snap together plastic base with a steel cat pole and durable magnetic ladybug toy. Approximately 14" x 14" x 13" tall.

  • Simple "snap and play" assembly. No tools required!
  • Sturdy molded base
  • Steel "cat pole" with durable woven play line
  • Full color dangling magnetic toy
  • 2.92 rating based on 13 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Cataction Magneticat
    chewed within first 2 minutes by buff from flemington nj03/05/2013

    I've had this product before and it worked beautifully, but this time one of my cats promptly chewed the cord and separated the toy from the arm, effectively destroying it.

    good idea, poor execution by Glorybe05/02/2012

    The toy is too large to be interesting to most cats. In any case, it utterly failed to draw the attention of any of my cats.

    Favorite Toy by Captain's Mom10/29/2012

    My new cat, Captain, is not very interested in toys, but this is one of the two he will play with. Yes, I had to super glue all the parts together, as he quickly learned how to pull them apart, but several months later, it is still in action and he still loves it. Rolls around on the floor with the spider between his paws, jumps on the base, gets the string wrapped around the wire. I'm getting another one for him for Christmas so I will have a backup if he tears this one up!

    No Interest by Spence11/28/2012

    Very disappointed. Cats who generally like new toys showed no interest whatsoever

    A fun toy by Ros10/26/2011

    All of our 5 cats have had an enjoyable game batting this little bug around. They have had lots of fun with it.

    fun for kittens by echo11/06/2012

    The little guys enjoyed this, older cats pretty much ignored it.

    Cataction Magneticat is great by JD from Seattle, WA area01/19/2010

    Our old lady kitty who is not interested in playing with anything will play with this toy. She even initiates playtime on her own!

    by from 05/11/2013

    Great simple toy by practicetnr from Indiana07/16/2011

    My senior cat is pretty lazy but he is fascinated by this toy. He lays next to it all the time even when he's not playing with it. It's amazing how such a simple toy can be so intriguing for him. Occasionally he will chew on the place where the toy connects with the pole and pop off the toy. Then he walks around with it in his mouth making that noise that cats make when they have caught a tiny creature. Luckily it pops right back in.

    Portrayal not quite accurate by CB from East Norwich, New York12/31/2012

    This does not seem to work as well as advertised. The cat smacked it once or twice and the whole thing bent. It is not that well made and the magnets do not seem to match up and stay matched up.

    Neat idea! by Mary11/06/2011

    The magnet makes the bug's movements look very real and it moves by itself for almost a minute. Unfortunately, my cat is very picky and all she has done so far is rub her head against the pole. Oh well!

    didn't meet expectations by cat foster mama12/06/2011

    This is a cute toy, and great idea. However, it is definitely not sturdy enough. My cats always get the string off the metal pole, and the metal pole is always bending out of position. So - great in theory, but not in execution. They do love it when it is working, though.

    It's OK! by roteflea03/15/2012

    My cat is still playing with it, she learned very quickly how to unsnap the bug from the hanger, fixed that problem with a bit of super glue, can't get it apart now, so she still fascinated...

    Not Worth buying by LAY03/12/2012

    This toy is so boring. I thought the beetle would be running up the string and coming down. But it just moves or rotates if pushed. My cat just looked at it once but then never played with it.

    by from 01/16/2013

    Limited C-attraction by Andreaandi from Queens, NY12/30/2011

    A clever toy, if only my cat played with it for more than five minutes since I got it.

    Featured Reviews for Kong Kickeroo Cow Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
    Color by Lena07/10/2012

    The kickaroo is a fun toy for the cat... a boy who recieved a pink kickaroo, despite the color on the display being black. I'm glad he likes it, but I hate pink.. I was disappointed it came in pink, but happy to see him attacking it and having fun.

    Great fun for cats by Diana from North Carolina08/16/2012

    My cats just love this toy! Chance was tossing it up in the air and just all over it. Never has he done this with any other toy :-)

    Featured Reviews for Kong Kickeroo Tiger Pattern Wrestling Catnip Toy (11")
    Save your arms! by Angela of Texas from Texas09/24/2010

    My cats love this toy as a replacement for attacking forearms or legs. Sometimes we engage play with the kickeroo by simple dragging it along the floor. Most times, one of the cats will get all wound up and try to "hug" one of us so they can get that back foot action going on while biting, at which time a people part is quickly replaced by the kickeroo to save on bandaids! Works like a charm. They love having something this big to kick, claw, and chomp on all at the same time. I think it makes them feel powerful or something.

    Great cat toy by Peyton07/04/2009

    My kitty loves this toy. She plays and sleeps with it every day.

    Dink's favorite by Pete12/05/2011

    My dog Dink loves all of his Kong plush animals, but this one is his favorite.

    Featured Reviews for Lattice Balls 1.5 Inch (Per Ball)
    Bizzy Balls by Ms. Lori from pittsburgh, pa05/26/2013

    Great Price and liked the idea of buying just the amount i needed.

    Lattice Balls by Kathy07/10/2008

    My parakeet loves them!!! She uses them for foot toys or to carry to the top of her cage and drop...

    Cheaply made, will not buy again. by vrmhugs1957 from Fontana, CA04/23/2013

    This item is cheaply made, and I will not buy them again. I bought this for my bird and he broke them in just a minute of play. I found the same sort of cat toy at the local 99 cent store that not only gave me 4 for 99 cents, but they were made of a higher quality plastic and were therefore sturdier.

    Cheaply and poorly made, even for the price. by vrmhugs05/14/2013

    I found the same type of Lattice Balls 1.5 in a 4 ball package at the local 99 cent store that were made with a thicker and stronger plastic and they sold it 4 for 99 cents. My bird Charley broke up the Zanies right away but is still playing with the ones from the 99 cent store.

    My cats have always loved these by Marialow01/02/2012

    My cats have always played with these. They are light and make a jingle noise and they can carry them around. My 2 9 month old kittens really love them. Only problem is, they keep getting tramped on and breaking so we constantly reorder them.

    Featured Reviews for KONG Dr. Noy's Plush Squirrel - Cat Toy
    FURRY fun by Jay from Florida10/29/2012

    As soon as I took this out of package my cat grabbed it and began tossing it in the air.He stopped briefly to rub against my legs in a feline thank you. Then he went back to playing with squirrel. That was a year ago and he still loves his toy.

    Not for my cat by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/22/2012

    My kitten has his favorite toys but will play with just about anything - I have had this for a while now and he hasn't so much as touched it. Not a winner in my book

    Good value. by Connie from Owensboro, KY06/06/2013

    My cats have been rolling around in the floor with this quite a bit, high as kites, because of the catnip I put in the pouch inside. It comes with enough catnip to re-fill 4 or 5 times. And it's good for holding and kicking with their back feet like Kangaroos having a seizure! They love it, and the price wasn't bad, so I am very satisfied with it. Took a month to get my $54-worth of items from Entirely Pets. I had to threaten to cancel the order, then they sent them immediately. But as for the toys, I am happy with them. Don't want to give the toys a bad review just because of the company selling them, because that wouldn't be right. So I recommend this toy, two thumbs up, just like the Play N Squeak. They haven't played with the other toys yet, just smelled them. Time will tell.

    Great Toy by LP05/31/2012

    I bought this and two other gifts for my daughter's brand new kitten. The toys varied widely in type and size as cats are so unpredictable. I just re-ordered THREE more so that my daughter can swap out the much loved little beast, which has been dragged through the house and is always nearby. She was worried what would happen when number one finally wore out and wanted reserves!

    Refillable by Tammy from Midwest01/13/2013

    The catnip was old. But the toy is nice and I grow my own catnip but due to the drought in the midwest the crop was not so good this last year. This is washable and refillable, bonus! As long as I can keep the dog from taking it outdside, she has taken a liking to it also. Cats do like it they can pick it up and carry it around like real hunters.

    Squirrilly baby by lthur1512/27/2012

    Excellent toy for my cat. After playing with it he gives it a good cleaning. This is his second one since after a year of his attentions the first one was looking rough.

    Featured Reviews for Loofa for Cat - Assorted Colors
    dog-faced loofa for cats. by lieper12 from Nashville, TN12/07/2012

    A major hit! First, the loofa was put on the table casually and then sniffs of interest were ignored. My sister's cat gathered up the loofa and took it to the living room to play with and then hide. Other cats then approached, as did those dogs. The loofa is small enough to bat around and carry, but large enough to last through cat attacks. The only down side is no red loofa dog for cats.

    cute and fun by Recycler29 from SC12/18/2012

    all three of our cats loved batting these around! Fun toy but of course, got pushed under the furniture all the time!

    My cats, Penny and Fritz loved these. by rozcats05/30/2012

    I volunteer with the Humane Society of Greater kansas City. They use Kong toys for their animals waiting for adoptions. They recently put a need for more Kongs for the shelter in their volunteer newsletter, Cyber-Tails,' which received a lot of donations. So, I finally bought a few that my cats love.

    my cat's couldn't care less by MamaTam from WA state12/29/2012

    I hoped they would play with it but it lays on the same spot of the floor for the past 2 weeks now =( The price was right, but the play factor, no.

    Cute toy by stray cat magnet from Ohio07/23/2012

    Not big enough for bunny kicking, but if your cat likes to bat, toss or carry toys they may like it. Has slight catnip smell - can be enhanced by storing with catnip.

    Loofa for cat by kiki from West Palm Beach03/03/2013

    I bought this toy for a friend of mine for her cat, she said her cat loves this toy

    Big fun in a small package by jabbers54 from Sacramento, CA05/05/2012

    I thought the toy would be too small for my Maine Coon cat, but she loves to love it, then bite it.

    Large crinkly cat toy by Loki'sMom from Wisconsin12/02/2012

    This is a version of the popular Loofa toys for cats. It is a little on the large size, but there's crinkle material and catnip inside. If your cat likes carrying large toys around, he or she will love this. (My cat hunts a rubber duck at night)

    Don't bother by dandy01/07/2013

    Nothing here is worth it....................................................................

    eh by Catmandoo from Gastonia ,nc ,usa ,earth , sol, milky way gal.12/05/2012

    no bells, no whistles, no squeeks,,, but is cheap.Its what it is.

    Not interested by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA05/06/2013

    My cats haven't touched this at all, even if I put it in a bag with catnip.

    Looks are deceiving by EllieHarman12/24/2012

    This toy is much smaller and cheap looking than expected.

    Excellent toy by fogbow from Alabama03/23/2012

    My four Siamese are crazy for these. They carry them all over the house.

    loofa cat toy by n/a01/01/2013

    they are so cute and my kitties love the crinkle sound.

    The most HILARIOUS toy! by The"Taz"mania&Hunterduo from Milner, Ga.11/23/2012

    This toy was so much smaller than I expected so make sure you look at the measurements. But my Taz instantly loved it. He took off with it immediately. Carrying it in his mouth like he had caught a bird, up his tree and proceeded to guard it. Then all the sudden he will jump down and take off at top speeds and just play and attack his toy. Great product! I have to get 2 more. One for my other cat Hunter and one for my Pomeranian who loves to steal it. So fun to watch! This product gets a 4 star for sure!

    Not for my cat... by mc from VA04/06/2013

    Thought she should try this one, since she was liking crinkly sounding toys from time to time. But, she won't even touch this one. Not even once. Dunno why, not even out of curiosity. Is a fine product though if your cat actually likes these types. Very cheap and very cute.

    Loofa by shannon12/04/2009

    My cats go crazy for this product! It is just as great if not better than the jingle balls!

    Featured Reviews for Play-n-Squeak Mouse
    My kitties love this! by Mommie Human05/16/2013

    As soon as I took this out of the package and tossed it on the floor by my cats, it squeaked in a realistic mouse sound, and both my kitties started playing, batting this around while it kept squeaking. It was fun to watch them having fun. My senior kitty spent about 20 minutes playing with this toy - she is about10 years old. My youngest is about 1-1/2 years old and loves having something different to add to his play toy area. My kitties always become interested if I toss the squeaky mouse near them and they begin playing with it. It's larger than the small mice toys you get at the grocery store with three in the package. It has brown fur and a brown tail that is like a thick felt.

    by Bibi from Corpus Christi, Texas06/29/2012

    My cats love the squeek. They roll on their back, flip the mouse in the air and chase it across the room.

    Great Quality by LBK11/12/2011

    My cats have been having a blast with this mouse! It squeaks too!

    Play-n-Squeak Mouse by Lucy from SC02/04/2013

    Great product and Lucy loves them. She bats them around and jumps on them many times a day. She has 3 for all her play areas. Her cousins ordered several after seeing how much fun she was having. Surprisingly she never tires of them.

    FUN TOY! by amy03/11/2012

    My cats love this mouse! I actually bought 2 so they each could have one! They toss it around like a real mouse and have so much fun with it. Some toys they show no interest in, but this is one that they play with all the time. I think they really like the noise it makes too.

    This is perfect for a kitten that likes to stalk by Cher12/31/2011

    Our kitten likes to pounce on the mouse, and just hold onto it for awhile, then he takes turns playing with all his other toys from your website.

    Best Cat Toy by Guera from Mexico City, MEX02/13/2012

    My cats Love their play and squeak. It's the best toy I've ever gotten them. The play for hours on end. I have several scattered throughout the house.

    by from 09/26/2010

    My cats love these mice! They throw them up in the air, against the wall and at each other! They love the squeek - and to be honest it freaks us out on occasion it sounds so real!

    a by battery from whichThey


    Best Kitten Toy by Nancy10/20/2011

    My 7 month old kitten loves the squeaky mouse. She plays with it for hours.

    Squekey Mouse by jojo from CT01/08/2013

    1st one didn't work. The company was very nice about replacing it or giving me a refund. The second one works fine so far.

    Dog LOVES this mouse! by Sherri02/22/2008

    My schnauzer does not like any toys except for this one. He thinks it's a real mouse and will move like lightening trying to catch the thing. I have it on a thick elastic string so I can pull it around the house. Even after I put it up, he searches for it. It's a great toy.

    One of My Cat's Favorite Toys by Rox12/08/2010

    My cats love these mice. They throw them, carry them around, I never know where I will find them.

    Great toy by Osborne10/10/2008

    Hi....We have an old snow of a cat who is now 14 years old. He is usually 'too cool' for cats toys....until we found this. He loves it!! Plays for ages with it. Just had to buy a new one, as we trod on the old one and 'killed' the sqeak. Without the sqeak, he is not interested, so proves it works.

    Very Lifelike by noran from Lakewood, CO.02/21/2013

    My cat is a very patient hunter. She will wait for ten minutes for Play & Squeak to make a move. She either is convinced it is real or she has a wonderful imagination.

    Play n squeak mouse by Prancer01/03/2013

    In order to make it work the directions said to pull tab at bottom of mouse. THERE WAS NO TAB ON THE BOTTOM OF THE MOUSE or anywhere else. My experience with Entirely Pets has been terrible.

    Cat's best friend by CB from East Norwich, New York12/31/2012

    My cats love little mice to play with. This one with the squeak was especially fun to play with. They were tossing it around right away.

    Featured Reviews for Nobbly Wobbly II
    Great indoor toy by LSG from Cincinnati, OH11/30/2012

    Great for indoor playing but not so much for outside since it can accumulate dirt inside.

    Chewed in 5 minutes by Carrie from North Andover, MA11/20/2012

    My tough chewer bit pieces off the nobbly wobbly II in less than two minutes of playing with the toy. She enjoyed playing fetch with it, but unfortunately it did not last at all.

    longer than most by jason07/08/2008

    i bought this item for my ACD puppy who will destroy anything. it didn't last as long as i thought it would. she eventually got down to really chewing it and over two days broke it, ring by ring, leaving little ring bits everywhere.

    Nobly. Wobbly II by Martha04/28/2013

    Writing the review for Romo our darling Beagle. This is the only toy he has as this is really strong rubber & at least lasts a little while. All other toy are ruined the first day due to his ver strong bite. He love to play fetch with this. Can't find them at the pet stores but googled & found your store. Very durable toy & priced reasonably. Have bookmarked your site & will be ordering again. Also only a couple of days it was here .

    NOBBLY WOBBY by HANK12/11/2011

    The product is great, but the entirelypets.com service is awful. It took over 2 weeks for the product to arrive and none of my inquiries received responses. I doubt I will use entirelypets.com again and will definitely not recommend the site. The product is available on other sites.

    Not Appropriate for Cats by Deb01/09/2012

    This was listed under Cat Toys & I ordered the smallest available. It is far too big and hard for a cat to play with. It's cute & a dog will probably like it so I will give it to a friend who has a dog.

    dogs love it by cbaaa10801/13/2012

    nobbly wobbly is a fun toy however it doesn't seem to be as strong as previous ones.

    Excellent Product & Value by AQ from MO10/25/2011

    My dog LOVES these! They seem to last forever! Great price!

    Nobbly Wobbly by kiki from West Palm Beach08/13/2012

    My dog loves this toy, worth the money, my dog is playing with the toy right now

    Make you dog happy by Curt B11/09/2008

    I have a 2 yr old lab mix and she loves both nobblys. I've bought them for relatives and neighbors dogs. They all love them. Plus small Nobbly for the cats.They bring fun to all fir persons.

    nobbly wobbly by c.holton07/11/2008

    my beagle loves this ball--it just does'nt last long

    Featured Reviews for Classic TailChasers (Assorted)
    by from 05/11/2013

    cats love these by sandi from South Carolina11/06/2012

    A+ toy for our cats. they take them out of the toy basket every day.

    by from 10/26/2011

    Bring this back!! by Roz from West Fargo, ND03/17/2010

    It's really too bad this item is discontinued! Both my cats loved it as well as my nephew's recently-adopted 10-year-old cat!

    Don't Bother by dandy01/07/2013

    Nothing here is worth it....................................................................

    Assortment? by LittleD from Tx03/01/2013

    All 4 cats love this toy. I purchased 1 at Christmas time and 2 others recently. However, All of them are the same (the green one). Starting to think there is no true 'assortment'.

    Cats love it by Kitty Foster Mom05/05/2013

    I foster both dogs and cats. All of the cats and kitties seem to love this toy. It is the first one I use when I am trying to get someone to come out of their shell.

    Best Toy Ever by Cathy from Greensboro, NC12/29/2012

    Our cat absolutely loves this toy. Bought him several toys for Christmas and this is by far his favorite. He plays catch with it and carries it in his mouth around the house. You never know where he is going to leave it. Great toy!

    my cats love them by cat owner from kennett mo05/06/2013

    Order more than one. I got two and wished I had ordered more. Hours of laughing at the cats playing with them.

    TailChasers by Brown04/09/2013

    My cat LOVES this toy! It is too funny watching her play with it as well. Only thing that disappointed me was.... The website shows 3 TailChasers when you purchase But we only received one. I thought I was buying all 3 but I wasn't I guess. This is a Great Toy for your cat!!!!

    fun toy by daisy2 from California10/22/2012

    My kitties love to drag this TailChasers all around the house. Great fun. Buy at least two so you have one on either end of the house.

    Gotta have it! by Cece11/13/2011

    Hot toy. My cats played with this toy till they were pooped. Great toy. Buy more than one. You won't be sorry.

    Featured Reviews for Play-n-Squeak Mouse with Door Hanger
    My Cats LOVE this toy! by Lauren from Michigan02/08/2011

    I have two cats and they absolutely love the sound of the squeaky mouse when they bat at it! I'm buying another one today. :]

    Great Product by ME from Lothian, MD04/23/2013

    Cats love it. They like the squeaking sound. It's also long enough for our older cat to reach without having to jump.

    Bouncy by Gypsy12312/18/2012

    The elastic could be a little longer on this one. People with shorter doors could adjust. The cats play with this one for only a short amount of time before losing interest. Ones that hang lower get more playtime.

    Very high quality by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY11/20/2012

    The mouse is very realistic, but made with polyester fur, which I appreciate. It makes an extremely realistic squeak, too. It has stood up to 3 visiting cats playing with it at once and seems durable as well as thoughtfully designed..

    Featured Reviews for Remote Control Micro Mouse Micro Mini Racer
    Entertinment for pet and owner by Glwolrt01/21/2012

    Bought this as a gift and it is wonderful entertainment for the cat and it's oner

    Terrible by Matt02/04/2013

    I bought this thinking it would be fun to play with the cats. It worked well for about 3 minutes & stopped working!

    by from 01/01/2012

    Having great fun with this toy for cats. It is a little tricky putting on charger, but other than that, no problems and kitties are enjoying playing with it.

    use." by remote control mouse from dhVery


    not impressed by random03/22/2012

    Um... the mouse was suppsed to be gray like in the picture and when you get it, it looks nothing like that. It's a peach/tan color and looks unrealistic.

    Very Disappointed by roteflea03/05/2012

    So excited about ordering this for my curious cat, very difficult to remove back battery panel, screw pratically made of plastic, grooves worn after first attempt to remove, put in 2 brand new batteries, charged up mouse, lasted less than 2 minutes of play and remote would only go in one direction, used it twice, now completely frozen and won't work. Waste of time and money.

    by skippy02/23/2013

    my cats had fun chasing the mouse around the house.

    by Hester's Mom01/21/2013

    This product will only hold a charge for about 5 seconds. Do not buy it, it is a waste of money.

    Very Disappointed by roteflea03/15/2012

    After 2 days , this toy was a total bust. From the beginning it never went but in one direction and the charged mouse only lasted a few minutes. Also, after my cat caught the mouse for the 4th or 5th time, the bottom completely fell apart on the mouse. Then I was worried she would swallow one of the small metal or plastic pieces. Would never try this again.

    DOA by jpau0008/04/2011

    It never took a charge and never worked. I confirmed that I had it properly connected. I did not return the item because it wasn't worth the hassle. It seems that many brands of these small RC mice have problems.

    Featured Reviews for Bergan Turbo Track
    Good choice of pet toy by Ros10/26/2011

    Our cats liked this toy. It has provided them with hours of fun.

    by from 03/16/2012

    PROS: Bought several to make a confusing squiggle for my cat; Blur. Very easy to setup and all pieces used. Joints don't upset ball roll or present sharp edges. Easy to change path to keep it interesting. Great product and recommend it.

    warehousing by though. from ProductCONS:


    so so product by The cat sitter from Alexandria, Virginia01/22/2012

    not well designed - cheaply made - pieces want to fall apart easily - but the cat still liked it and i guess thats what counts

    Got exactly what I ordered by Lynduc from Melbourne, Australia03/19/2012

    Was a bit nervous about ordering from Australia to the US, but the turbo track arrived very quickly and was exactly what I ordered. Our cats really like it and I would recommend Entirely Pets as a good seller. Thanks.

    by from 07/14/2011

    I bought a Turbo Track and Nitro loved it so much I immediately bought another one to keep him really entertained.

    is by that from itAn


    Bergan Turbo track by zooie6804/17/2012

    My cat loves this interactive toy, gets him alot of play time. May not stay together that long , we'll see.

    Most Popular Toy EVER by clovercat from Oxford, Michigan01/03/2012

    We purchased two Bergan Turbo Track sets a few weeks ago and our cats, ages 7 and 12 weeks, have already put a TON of mileage on them. Each set came with a ball, but the light-up ball (available as a separate purchase) is motion-activated and definitely a must-have. The ball always stays in the track, though it can be easily removed or replaced by pulling the tracks apart. It is worth noting that of our many dozens of cat toys, turbo track is the only toy that cannot get lost and doesn't require human intervention. I frequently hear the babies playing with the track at night, though it doesn't wake me up after I fall asleep. It's a great option for times when no one else is home. We've found this toy to be as much fun for one cat as it is for two (or more) cats. I highly recommend purchasing two sets, as hooking them together multiplies the fun factor several times over. For the record, the EntirelyPets.com price for the Bergan Turbo Track was almost half of what we'd seen anywhere else, and we received our tracks 3 or 4 days after we placed our order.

    Featured Reviews for Petstages Cheese Chase
    Best Multiuse Purchase Ever by louise from Cambridge, MD05/22/2012

    Our cat Louie loved this toy and would play with it of hours. He would get of tired he would finely give in and take a nap. He was a year old then now 3 his toy has been taken over by our 6 month old King Charles Spaniel Sophie for the last 3 months. Louie was quite taken back by this. Since we have had Sophie since 6wks her Poppy (my husband) just bought her a new one. She has already chewed up the yellow ball and tries her darnest to get the purple ball. She pays so much there are times we have to take it away from her for fear of a heart attack. No lie she is very determined to get the ball out. Love to watch her having so much fun.Is there any way that I could buy extra balls for this toy? PLEASE!!!!!!

    Cats were uninterested by Lisa from Silver Spring, MD07/04/2012

    4 cats of varying ages could not figure this toy out. Maybe they are all slow . . .

    Great product by Ginger from Independence, KY05/02/2012

    My cats absolutely love this toy! They have both spent hours playing with it.

    Entertaining by Marion10/20/2009

    My 6 month old kitten loves the cheese chase. I put little toys in the holes on top for him to dig out. It keeps him entertained..:-)

    Featured Reviews for Petstages Dental Health Chews Pair
    Great toy by T-Bear05/12/2013

    I periodically put these in a jar of catnip and leave for a few weeks. When I give them to her she goes bananas munching, chewing and playing with them.

    My kitty's not too interested by am from Portland, OR06/16/2013

    Great idea, maybe some cats would like to chew on it, but mine's not interested.

    Loves to play catch with these! by Cathy from Greensboro, NC12/29/2012

    Our 2 yr old indoor cat loves to play catch with these. We have a 4 story cat tree. He will be on the top and when you throw these up to him he will catch it and push it off the tree so you can throw it back to him. He also with play catch with it on the floor.

    Cat Toys by sj11/14/2011

    They are too small. They get under the refrigerator.

    Great for dental hygiene by redwinggirl from Detroit, MI11/07/2012

    Our cat loves these chews. We are constantly buying them and Entirely Pets has the BEST deal there is on these. The biggest benefit is great dental check-ups at the vet. Highly recommend.

    She loved these... by mc from VA04/06/2013

    ... for a about a week, now she ignores them. She will still bite occasionally when shes frisky and they're one of the few toys she still likes; so, I'm just happy for that! Also very strong against her constant need to rip up all toys I give her.

    by skippy02/23/2013

    my cats liked these from older to young and liked carrying them around the house.

    Fun Cat Toy by Mollie12/17/2012

    I don't know if it cleans the cat's teeth, but my cats have fun with them. This is the second set I have bought for them.

    Good toy to add to you cats toy box by g's cats07/02/2012

    These are fun for the kitties, especially the younger cats. They chase, toss and chew. My little female even plays fetch with it; I throw it and she brings it back.

    Aids Dental Health! by Pilgrim03/14/2012

    My cat loves to bat these chews when I "dangle" them for her to play with. And a recent wellness exam at age 3.5 years, revealed no calculus on her gums at all! This has always been a maintenance problem. The Dental Health Chews are in regular use in my house now, for 3 cats!!

    Featured Reviews for Petstages Fishy Fun
    Fun toy by SueWigren01/10/2012

    My cats LOVE this toy! They carry it around the house and bat it around the floor. They also like to play fetch.

    Crackling Cat Toy by K1dd from Denver, CO12/13/2012

    If your cat loves things that crackle, you'll love this toy too. My cat keeps herself entertained for hours attacking this kind of toy. She's an indoor/outdoor cat so it simulates bone crackling sounds for her, like a real kill!

    Kitty loves these! by Anna Bo Bana10/23/2012

    Our kitten learned to play fetch with these! She absolutely loves them. I need to order a case of them!

    My kitten's FAVORITE toy. by swanton83177 from New Castle, PA04/22/2012

    My kitten, Liger who is 2 yrs. old would not touch hardly any toy, then I bought him this fishy set at PetsMart I believe, he would play with this toy for hours and hours. Here we are probably a year or so later and they are shredded. One is lost here somewhere in the house, but he still loves the shredded one. I had to search forever but I got it!!!

    Fishy Fun #1 by Lou10/12/2011

    I purchase this toy because one of my three cats LOVES to toss things. Most of the cat toys seem to big and he ignores them. I gave him the fish and he just lite up. He throws the fish high into the air and them parades around with the ribbon tail hanging out of his mouth. I will have to order some more in case he loses them. Difinitly worth the price. The entertainment from watching him it great.

    Featured Reviews for Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants
    hot pants! by cece11/13/2011

    My cats took to the crazy pants immediately. They are made with a crinkly material which makes noise and then they have catnip, what a combination. OMG They loved it. And one of the cats went to sleep in the pants. They use it everyday. A must have for your kitty cats.

    cute and cat loveable! by Tracyisagator from Jupiter, FL12/18/2012

    the kitten was the brave one, but my 3 year old soon started to play with it also. They loved their early X-mass present!!

    Great Entertainment! by Scooters Mom from Phoenix, AZ01/14/2013

    Purchased this as a gift and as you can see, he loves it!

    Cats Loved it by CB from East Norwich, New York12/31/2012

    Both my cats loved this right away. They kept running through it and hiding in it. It is also well made.

    Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants by Suzy from Aurora, CO06/13/2013

    My cats are 10 and 11 years old. They still love catnip but neither of my cats played with Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants. They had absolutely no interest in the product. I gave the pants to a neighbor who has 4 younger cats. She said they play occasionally with the toy.

    Not crazy enough by DonnaJay01/21/2013

    These pants look funny and seem like a great idea but they were not a big hit in my house. Maybe it's my cats, I have three and none of them are really into the Crazy pants. :(

    Featured Reviews for FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy
    not just entertainment for the cats by JamKirch from Sacramento, CA12/28/2011

    I purchased one of these for my parents cats, they love it and use it daily. The cats can't wait for the laser to be turned on everyday. With the handy timer you can set it and forget about it! Really the best part is to sit back and enjoy the show. It does not need a large area and can be moved to display on the wall or floor or both.

    Best cat toy I've bought by "G" from Plano, Texas01/01/2013

    Excellent toy my cat loves. Occasionally it gets stuck on Manuel mode and you have to tap the top of it upside down to get it working again on the 15 minute "auto mode". The buzzing of the motor sometimes distracts my cat instead of playing chase with the laser. But overall, it's a worthwhile cat toy that I'm glad I bought.

    Not what I expected by Lo from MI04/03/2013

    My cats hate this toy. The beam moves too fast, so all they do is watch it and never chase it. There is also a setting for a steady beam, and they still weren't interested in that either. So basically, it is a paperweight for my coupons.

    FroliCat BOLT Laser Pet Toy by Leslie01/05/2013

    This is the best. I realize how important it is for an indoor cat to get enough exercise. This is the easiest way to give my rescue cat a good workout. In the past, I was doing more running around than the cat. This toy has both auto play and interactive play features. Meo loves the BOLT and so do I.

    best of breed by iggypoo04/05/2012

    this is the first of 1000's of entertainment devices i have purchased over the years for my cats, that actually is worth it...i wish it had a speed control and a timer...but for the money, it is the only thing that my cats stay focused on. I did a bit of a mod, by enlarging the window at the bottom becasue it when set at the lowest angle, it hits inside the cutout

    with caution by MT Pets from Montana12/06/2011

    The dogs look into the laser light so it is best to hold it yourself and point it where you want so they won't be tempted to look up when it hesitates. So far the cat likes it and does not look into the light. But there is always a chance she will. They all love this game. This product comes with a laser radiation warning.

    Featured Reviews for FroliCat DART Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy for Dogs & Cats
    Cats and dogs love it! by yearbookgoddess from Virginia01/04/2013

    We all love this great toy! The only thing that could be improved is the laser shooting up and down, not just side to side. However, it entertains our cats and golden retriever daily. The timer makes it easy to set and go.

    great for energetic kittens! by natakie12/08/2012

    I love that I can program this to run for 20 minutes and it will entertain my energetic cats while I do other chores around the house. It does eat batteries so I recommend getting a couple of rechargeable batteries but I would absolutely recommend getting one!

    not worth it by jennyanydot from SF Bay area03/06/2013

    My 2 cats love chasing a laser dot, but this product was a dud with them. The first machine I received ran, but oddly had no light source. The replacement was easy and free, but makes so much noise that the cats focus on the base and not on the laser dot. They do not interact with the laser at all, and the noise is loud and distracting, so this product was not worth it for my cats.

    My Animals love it! by Noah01/17/2012

    I have two dogs, and three cats. They all love this thing!(Unfortunatly not at the same time) As soon as my cats hear it turn on they come running into the room ready to play. I love the idea of the adjustablity of the time and speed; it keeps them preoccupied for as long as I want. My dogs love it too, but sometimes play a little to hard around it and can knock it over. Its a small inconvienance, but worth it to see them play like puppies again!!

    by Maree02/19/2012

    This product is great. My 4 cats go wild chasing the little red dot. I especially like the fact that I can alter the speed, and that I can set a time limit for when it will turn itself off.

    LASER SHOW!! by JamKirch from Sacramento, ca01/09/2012

    My cats have the smaller version, bolt. Now the dogs get to play too. This bigger laser toy goes a full 360 and makes for lots of running and playing. After the first 5 minutes every pet in the house was exhausted. It makes a little noise but not loud at all. HIghly entertaining to watch the cats and dogs play and chase the laser.

    NOISEY - BE PREPARED TO BE IRRITATED by shadowcat from Albany NY11/10/2012

    I have only had this for a few hours. My (8) cats have all pretty much checked it out. Those that like the lazer lite do seem interested in this and were playing and chasing the lite. HOWEVER this thing is really noisey. Ever buy that cat toy with a ball inside a plastic round tube that they spin around and around? That's kind of what this sounds like. I dont't quite understand why they were not able to make something QUIET! I was hoping to turn this on so my cats could play while I slept at night. Fat chance of that happening! I would say you get what u pay for but for almost $30 you expect something halfway decent. Now of course I read the reviews and I am not expecting much. It breaks down quicky and then you are stuck with another piece of junk. You know what? We all need to stop being lazy pet owners and get off our butts and play with our pets anyway and not try to find stupid cheap alternatives to our company. Trust me they enjoy us much more - you can see it in their eyes when you are down on their level playing with them. I'll use this when I don't have to listen to it and then toss it away after it breaks.

    Very Good Purchase by Paul11/15/2012

    The laser works great and Shaggy loves it. It has a timer so we can set it for a period of time and let her chase it. The only thing that I can see as a draw back of the laser is the laser light radius is alittle close to the base, so what we did is raise it up by putting it on a basket to get the laser radius alittle farther out and now it works great. She has a ball with it.

    by Inna11/06/2012

    my dog got so additced to this product ... He couldn't stop playing. if I will hide it - he will cry forewere. I am not sure it is a good toy for a dog. But he sure liked it a LOT.

    In Love with FroliCat by AngieA from North Highlands, CA11/02/2012

    I have a lot of cats and being that they are indoor only, I try to play with them often so they can get some exercise in. One of their favorite toys has always been the laser pointer. Unfortunately that hasn't been my favorite toy since I have to keep holding down that little button. My thumb always starts hurting! When I first saw FroliCat, I knew I had to get one. Let me tell you, Best Purchase EVER!!! My thumb thanks you FroliCat, lol. The cats do, too. Longer and more often play time for them now. I love that it has a timer button as well. I just set the timer and know it's going to turn off in x amount of minutes. I get forgetful, so this is big for me, and the life of the batteries. My cats & I highly recommend this to everyone. :)

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