Zymox Otic

Dirty ears can lead to some serious infections. ZYMOX Ear Solutions and Cleansers are 100% safe and extremely effective against harmful bacteria, fungus and yeasts that cause ear infections. ZYMOX otic uses the LP3 Enzyme System with naturally occurring enzymes, Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme and Lactoferrin that have powerful antimicrobial properties. They do not contain antibiotics, so you can feel good about treating pets with sensitive ears, too. You can use ZYMOX otic on dogs, cats, and small pets.

ZYMOX Ear Cleansers provide a gentle, non-toxic way to manage your pet’s dirty ears. They are made with natural bio-active properties for mild microbe control. No harsh chemicals or irritating cleaners are in this cleanser.

ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear Solutions help in aiding the treatment of infections including Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Proteus and Malassezia. It’s easy to use and no pre-cleaning is required – in fact, it could disrupt the enzymatic activity.

Entirely Pets carries Zymox otic with hydrocortisone and in hydrocortisone-free solutions. We offer a vast selection of sizes for acute or chronic ear conditions, from convenient 1.25 fl oz packs for travel, to gallon jugs for multiple-pet households. Help make clean ears the norm for your pet; but ZYMOX otic today.

Zymox Ear Cleanser (4 oz)
Zymox Ear Cleanser (4 oz)

($11.99)  $8.99
Zymox Ear Cleanser (Gallon)
Zymox Ear Cleanser (Gallon)

($109.99)  $59.99
Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5% Hydrocortisone (1.25 oz)
Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5% Hydrocortisone (1.25 oz)

($22.99)  $12.99
Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free
Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free

($18.72)  $11.99
3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free
3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free

($41.99)  $31.99

($10.66 Each)

Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)

($17.72)  $13.99
3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)

($53.16)  $34.99

($11.66 Each)

Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 fl. oz.
Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 fl. oz.

($46.99)  $32.99
Zymox Otic (8 oz) Hydrocortisone Free
Zymox Otic (8 oz) Hydrocortisone Free

($79.99)  $57.99
Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - 4 fl. oz.
Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - 4 fl. oz.

($46.99)  $34.99
Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - Clinic Size (8oz)
Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - Clinic Size (8oz)

($79.99)  $60.99
Zymox Retail Ear Cleanser (4 oz)
Zymox Retail Ear Cleanser (4 oz)

($13.99)  $7.99
Zymox PLUS Otic-HC Enzymatic Solution (1.25 oz)
Zymox PLUS Otic-HC Enzymatic Solution (1.25 oz)

($29.99)  $22.99

Zymox Otic

with hydrocortisone is used for the treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, an inflammation of the outer ear characterized by chronic swelling and pain in the outer part of the ears. Simply touching the ears of your pets can hurt them and can lead to aggression.

Zymoc Otic is manufactured by PKB Animal Health, a well-known manufacturer of pet care and veterinary products. It provides quick relief for your pet and also eliminates the bacteria and fungi that caused the infection. It is safe to use as a long-term medication and is especially beneficial for persistent cases of otitis externa. Zymox Otic without hydrocortisone is also available, but it may not be effective for swollen or inflamed ears. Hydrocortisone can also help reduce the itchiness and redness that is often present in this type of condition.

Cleaning your pet's ears after applying Zymox Otic is important in order to remove the solution that has accumulated in the ear canal. 

Zymox Directions:
  • No prior or post cleaning required
  • Apply liberally to fill ear canal
  • Gently massage, working medication into infected area
  • Permit pet to shake their head to remove excess
  • Treat once a day for 7 days for acute infections
  • Treat once a day for 14 days for chronic infection
    Active Ingredients: Lactoperoxidase system plus Lysozyme, Lactoferrin, Hydrocortisone (1%).
    4.95 rating based on 66 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Zymox Ear Cleanser (4 oz)
    Excellent Product by Turbodog26407/15/2012

    This product has worked wonders clearing up my Lab's ear infection. I initially used the product following my vet's examination and recommendation for its use.

    ears by Shad03/31/2012

    We have an Airedale whose ears get wax build up. using the Zymox enzyme cleaner followed by the cleanser keeps us from the Vet for something easily done at home. We highly recommend this product

    Excellent Product by Texas Dad from East Texas Piney Woods10/31/2013

    My catahoula has ear trouble. Zymox cleans away the irritation and gives quick relief. Both she and I are happy customers.

    very good by sandy from korea04/26/2014

    i like it, my dog ear verry terriable. but this product theraphy. amazing!!!

    it works by bulldog owner01/11/2015

    When we adopted our adult English bulldog, he already had permanent disfigurement from an ear hematoma from chronic infections. This product cleared it up within 4 or 5 applications, and it has not recurred. His ear went from angry red and very swollen with copious discharge, to pale pink and clean as a baby's bottom. LOVE and would buy again, if need be.

    by from 10/31/2011

    Enzyme based, non-oily formula that works very well with both cats and dogs.

    as by a from generalCan


    Best Money Saver Ever by Barb from Puyallup WA01/14/2013

    Three of my four dogs had an ear infection. I took one in to the vet a couple months ago and I spend almost 200.00 on the visit and meds. I couldn't afford to take all three so after researching home remedies I found this. It was highly recommended. After 5 days of treatment there was no more stuff coming out of the ears and they weren't trying to clean each others ears. As soon as I see one of them licking the others ears I will start cleaning the ears to get it taken care of right away. This was well worth the money and will continue buying it.

    Best ear cleaner I've used by tmk from Upper Michigan03/31/2013

    We use this ear cleaner on our Dachshunds and have the best results.

    Very pleased by Donna from Manahawkin, NJ06/23/2014

    My dog now 9yrs. old has been suffering with ear infections his hole life. Constantly going to the Vet & being on meds. Finally I tried this product (read about it in The Dog Journal magazine). Lo & behold it DOES work. Been using it for about 3 mts & so far no ear problems & no vet visits. "Can't live without it" so said by my dog Oreo!!!

    Zymox could save your dog's hearing by Sue from Berkeley, CA01/22/2013

    Zymox ear cleaner works in synergy with Zymox Otic products. The enzyme system in Zymox Otic will not work properly if combined with an ear cleaner that changes the pH of the Zymox Otic. If using the Zymox Otic for an extended amount of time, the Zymox cleaner should be used periodically to rinse the ears. I work for a poodle rescue group and groom and rehabilitate homeless poodles. Zymox products have saved the life of my current foster dog who came to the shelter with filthy, matted fur, alopecia and inflammation from a generalized skin yeast infection and ears infected with yeast and Pseudomonas. Dogs with severe conditions need veterinary care and Rx drugs as well. Dogs with ear infections should also be seen by a veterinarian to make sure the ear drum is intact before putting anything in the ear. Putting any product in an ear with a ruptured ear drum can result in hearing loss). Zymox products were a key component of her recovery and she remains infection free with weekly Zymox care (Zymox Otic without HC, Zymox shampoo, Zymox rinse, Zymox cream (for skin folds) and Zymox Ear Cleaner). They are reasonably priced and gentle. EntirelyPets has the best pricing and shipping cost for these products.

    Good purchase by Pat from Newport, NC01/21/2013

    I'm very pleased with the ear cleanser. It does a good job.

    Customer service by Gidget10/29/2012

    I was very pleased with the product but the customer serives that I recieved was terrible. When I called to inquire about my order they said that they didn't see my order so I ordered the product again. So in turn I recieved the product twice. The only thing that customer serive whould do for me was refund shipping on one of the products. Well i order from this company again time will tell.

    Yeah! by carole09/29/2009

    Great stuff. My pup has had chronic ear infections for 6 years. I've tried it all. This stuff works! Her ears have never looked better! Thank you for a safe and effective product.

    The BEST ! by Dee Beck02/18/2008

    For problem ears (like cocker ears) this eliminates yeast or bacterial infection. You only need the hydrocortisone product if there's inflammation - otherwise the hydrocortisone-free will do the job. Dermatologists LOVE this product.

    Excellent by MIn'gyur from Vermont12/13/2011

    My vet gave me samples of this product to use on my tri color cocker spaniel puppy. Its a wonderful product for safely keeping ears clean. I purchased several bottles to have on hand. I was very impressed by the fast delivery.

    Great product! by coreilly1 from Providence, RI01/03/2013

    My Mastiff has had ear infections since we rescued him 5 years ago. He wouldnt let us use anything to wash them with the exception of a paper towel. We tried many different products with no luck until we came across Zymox. This really works well and does not sting his ears as far as we can tell. Great product.

    Good Stuff! by Belle08/12/2012

    Easy to use. Cleaned the ears. No harsh smell. No allergic or other reaction. Seemed to actually provide relief to dog from scratching at ears after first treatment. Have thrown out every other ear cleaner I've tried since using this product!

    by RAMIE08/06/2012

    A good purchase made to clean my dog's ears

    Lasting Relief by Momo from Puerto Rico08/24/2014

    Cassie has had chronic ear infections for the past 7 months. Through some extended research, we have addressed her diet and made some modifications to her daily care and lifestyle. All of which have proven to reduce her incidences of ear infections. It is even tougher in a warmer climate. Zymox is one of the things to use topically to keep her ears clean and to keep her comfortable with long term relief. It is a very good product. Chronic ear infections need both internal and external care and changes in order to minimize any more occurrences. Maintenance is key.

    It Does the Trick! by HB04/06/2012

    I have a lab with occasional bad ears. She is prone to yeast infections in them and Zymox is the only thing that clears it right up. I can't afford a trip to the vet every time her ears flare up - keeping her ears cleaned with the Zymox cleanser saves me a bundle!

    3 Cats with Yeasty Ears by Susan from Nova Scotia04/30/2014

    Zymox cleans well but after 2 weeks of dilgent use, all 3 cats still have the yeast infection. It's not a cure. A bit disappointed. Off to pick up some Surolan.

    Very good product by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/23/2013

    My vet recommended this product to clean my dog's ears and it works great

    Great Product by Donn951 from Hometown IL04/08/2013

    Zymox works on ears and clears up infections and is much better than a vet visit

    no more ear problems by Samy12/05/2012

    We haven't had an ear infection since using this product I am telling all my clients with dogs with bad ears about it.

    Great stuff by Jill08/16/2012

    This is the cleanser my vet uses in her practice, and I now use at home. My golden has ear infections often and this seems to keep down the issues if I used it every other day

    Good stuff by Dawn03/20/2013

    I have a dog with problem ears, Zymox is what seems to work for him. I like the cleanser because I can use it with the Zymox if I need to and when I flush his ears out with the cleanser it seems to stop the itching.

    Another great product! by Kimbo10/16/2013

    We love the Zymox line of products. Very effective.

    Best product for dogs with frequent ear issues by JimJ from Fort Worth, TX05/17/2013

    I have tried just about every product available over the counter to try and give my dog some relief from her frequent ear problems due to yeast and dirt buildup. This beats them all hands down, and is a lot cheaper to buy here than from a vet. Since I have been using it, the vet remarks each visit about how good her ears look. Just a squirt in each ear and a little base massge does the trick. For infections, I use the Zymox Otic which also works fast. Just remember to follow the directions on the Otic.

    a+ by donswife05/21/2013

    great preventive once cleared up. his ears look great

    by from 08/07/2013

    After years of scrips from the Vet that didn't work, one young Vet in the practice mentioned this cleanser to me - it's awesome. Cleans out the nasty yeast that my 2 Labs accumulate in their ears, and since I check their ears regularly, the bacteria doesn't have a chance to get started.

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    service by is from excellent,Buy


    great product by aevans from Tennessee07/27/2012

    does a great job maintaing the ears! He's so much better now!

    I use this for product for yeast bac. in ears by Bear01/02/2012

    I have used Zymox for 2 years and been pleased with the results. My dog gets yeast bac. buildup in his ears. If I use this twice a week it really helps to stop him biting at his paws and digging at himself.

    by from 02/19/2012

    I began using this after using the zymox drops to treat my cockapoo's waxy, yeasty ear - a chronic problem we have with his floppy ears.

    once by a from weekI


    Best stuff ever! by dani18 from New Hyde Park NY09/28/2013

    Our dog had frequent ear infections, that became very costly. Now using this product and the Zymox with hydrocortisone, no more problems.

    Great product by Viv from Michigan02/07/2013

    This is the best product for cleaning my chocolate labs ears !!! Try to stock up on it when they have it on sale or offer free shipping.Highly recommend this product !!

    by Liz from Louisiana07/15/2014

    works really well in conjunction with the zymox drops.

    the best by DRS from SJU PR12/15/2013

    The Zymox line of ear products is the best one can buy to clean and to treat ear infections. It is more effective than other brands and medications, even otomax.

    Use this weekly by Dandysmom from Tennessee01/13/2013

    I have one dog who was deaf after using a vet prescribed ear medication. Now I use the zymox cleanser which has the same enzymes as zymox. It completely cleared up a yeast infection in one of my girls.

    Very good product! by Princess from Chicago, IL01/26/2012

    I use it weekly to clean my german shepherd's ears. One of her ears flop and that one has a tendency to get a build up of wax. I like the way this product breaks down the yuck in her ears without any stinging. Afterwards I take cotton bads, moisten them with the product and wipe the excess stuff and build up that was in her ears. It really works. Just wish they made a larger size. I run out of the cleanser too fast.

    by Kmadams from Fort myers florida03/19/2013

    Very easy to use. Our boys do not have problems with us using it on them!

    It's been helping for years by Ruthe from Michigan12/09/2012

    Three drops per ear, twice a week, swabbed out with a cotton swab keeps ear inflammation in check.

    fine product by iws joe from Bellingham, WA10/11/2013

    worked better than any other cleanser we've tried.

    Amazing by Gabby from Chester Uk09/10/2013

    I would thoroughly recommend this product along swith the ear solution of the same make. Detailed instructions and easy to use. My two Italian Spinones have benefited from these products. Thank you Pet King Brands and Leclede Inc.

    SAY GOOD BYE TO VET BILLS by Trister from NC01/08/2014

    This is one of 2 products that I keep in the house for ear "issues" This product is designed for regular treatment. I use it when Tri starts to shake his ears. Zymox products are great

    Fabulous product! by Deb from Wake Forest, NC02/08/2013

    Zymox is the best product we've ever used for our dog's multiple ear yeast issues. It works quickly, is easy to use, no side effects. Smiles all around!!

    Use weekly by Anita from Boise, ID02/14/2014

    My dog has severe allergies; this works great and is easy to apply.

    Very Good Product by Mare from Venice, Fl03/02/2013

    I have a long haired Dashund & with his floppy ears he tends to get ear infections. You just put the drops in & you do not have to clean the ear & it clears it up in no time!

    Wonderful Product by cmiller from Canton,Ohio03/15/2013

    Our Mini Schnauzer has had ear infections for 2yrs on and off.We have tried everything from home remedies to repeated trips to the vet!! I found this product while researching on-line and gave it a try--why not at this point.First I bought the Zymox w/Hydrocortizone,applied it daily for one week then began rinsing his ears with this cleaner once a week from that point on.And to our amazement the ear infections are long gone and his ears are healthy finally!!!!!! Follow the directions and watch the magic,I'm a believer in this product.Thank you Zymox!

    good. by sandy from korea07/24/2014

    good product. but smell not bad. soso. i nevere this product buying

    Works fabulous by Hofmaster200101/18/2013

    This was a good value as we have used this product for years and this is the best price we have found so far. We have a Bassett hound and they always have ear cleanliness issues and this stuff works great and it was recommended by our vet.

    Great Ear Cleanser by Jean G from Pensacola, FL06/11/2013

    Zymox ear cleanser does not cause irritation. It actually cleans and soothes ears that are dirty or crusty. Removes that foul odor caused by bacteria.

    Greatest ear cleanser on the market by dmjbutler from Puerto Rico12/17/2013

    I have bought many different brands of ear cleansers and this one is by far the most effective and fastest to work.

    zymox ear cleaner by klm from Michigan06/24/2012

    Have not used this before but it seems to be a very good product if it is anything like the original zymox ear meds then I know I will truly love it

    Best ear cleaner by kca06/01/2014

    I have tried many ear cleaners over the years, and this is the best. My dogs have allergies and are prone to ear infections. No infections since using this product, and it seems very gentle.

    Clean ears, no smell by legendaryhound from Ohio11/29/2011

    Both my dogs have floppy ears, one more so than the other. They do not like the process of cleaning but this product does a great job of breaking up all that smelly stuff so it is easier to clean out.

    Awesome ear cleaner by Dogtrainer from Fl04/18/2012

    I love this product and use it on all my dogs. I recommend it to my clients also.

    Zymox Ear Cleanser (4 oz) by MJMC from Hanover, PA08/01/2013

    Great ear cleaner. Bought several and will buy more. Cleans earwax and leaves a fresh scent.

    Happy Dogs by hostalover from Twin Lake, MI10/11/2013

    Our labs have always needed special extra care for their ears. This product can be used on our chocolate lab, who is allergic to just about all products. She actually now allows me to clean her ears where in the past she ran and hid from me. Our Black Lab has ears that are continually dirty, so at times this is used 3-4 times per week. Never any reactions or stinging. He is much happier with clean ears and so are we!

    Amazing Product by patricia03/28/2010

    Makes ear cleaning effortless. I have and will continue to recommend this product.

    The only thing that has worked! by Sal from East Lansing, MI04/03/2012

    We spent years treating our "special" pit bull and his allergies with abx, steroids, and benadryl from the vet. We tried this 2 yrs ago using it regularly and his ears have been infection free since then. He only uses benadryl 2x/day and has not been on steroids or abx since then!

    Can't live without it by Princess Kyra from Ellicott City, Maryland09/13/2013

    This was recommended by our vet as the other ear cleansing products we were using on our dogs was actually irritating the inside of their ears so bad they had further ear problems. We use this once a week and it really keeps their ears clean without causing further harm.

    Zymox Really Works!!! by Leelee07/30/2012

    I have a small dog, and I noticed that he had LOT of wax in one ear. I didn't want to take him to the vet and risk high bills as well as high risk to his health, So I looked here. This product has helped Tremendously in reducing the amount of wax and helping his ear feel better--I would recommend Anyone to try this (or the Zymox ear infection one) before taking your dog to the Vet. It is cheaper, safer, and more effective!

    Heaven by JMD from Texas02/28/2012

    Our CKCS has had major ear issues for his 10 years of life. He usually hides from me when he knows he is about to get his ears cleaned and/or medicated. This does not happen when I use the Zymox ear products. I am totally sold on all of the Zymox products.



    Zymox Ear Cleanser (4 oz) by Gallup32602/26/2013

    Excellent and Gentle Ear cleaner for dogs.

    ear cleaner by Maddy03/03/2013

    I am happy with the results of the cleaner for both my dogs. Their inside of their ears looks cleaner and healthier.

    Great product by PM - Albuquerque, NM01/24/2013

    Ordered this product after looking at the various treatments for my beagle's ear infection. I felt pretty confident of my choice after reading other reviews on different websites. My dog had no problem with the Xymox after the 1st dose, and after 5 days, the infection cleared. The price on entirelypets.com was the best price I had found, and I will return to this site should I need other pet health products. PM

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Ear Cleanser (Gallon)
    Ear cleaner by Deb from Florida01/04/2014

    Good but greasy. I do feel confident with this product

    Zymox Ear Cleanser by Ozzie from New Jersey06/12/2013

    A must have together with the other ZYMOX product line. I use them with my Persian Cats and Cocker Spaniels. Excellent product.

    Good product and great service by Satisfied Customer from New Hampshire12/14/2013

    I recently ordered the gallon of Zymox ear cleaner. The product arrived very quickly and at a reasonable price. I have ordered from Entirely Pets several times and have been consistently satisfied with their service,

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Enzymatic Ear Solution with 0.5% Hydrocortisone (1.25 oz)
    Great Product by Nancy from Honolulu, HI11/14/2013

    My pug had chronic yeast infections in her ears, and this has been the only product that works like a champ. Better than what the vet prescribed, without the vet visit charge. She even sits still for the application, like it's a releif to her. And it's so affordable too.

    Lifesaver by beagle lady from Bulls Gap, Tennessee05/10/2014

    I have a small beagle girl that has always had major problems with ear infections. I have tried different antibiotics from the vet, but none would eradicate the problem. After researching online I saw this product and decided it was worth trying. I am so very pleased with the results. Star's ear looks better than it has in years. Nice and lite pink like it should be. The product was easy to use. No cleaning the ear first. I love natural products and I very much like the way this product works. I definitely would recommend it to anyone whose dogs have had chronic ear infections.

    The best by DRS from SJU PR12/15/2013

    If you need a product that cures an ear infection, this is your best bet!! Super effective.

    Best ear cleaner by Jo from Northern CA11/05/2014

    I tried this at the suggestion if my vet. This is the best ear cleaner I have ever used and I have used a lot. I have had 5 golden retrievers which all needed ears cleaned frequently. I have foster senior rescue goldens now. Zymox is a life saver for these seniors.

    Excellent product for your dogs first aid kit! by Virginia from Florida10/18/2014

    This is an excellent product ! Aside from preventing overuse of antibiotics like so many doctors do, these drops have done wonders for my golden retriever and especially any floppy eared dog needs to have this in their first aid kit. It works fast to! I have recommended it to friends who have dogs a number of times.

    excellent product by Deb03/05/2014

    Cleared up my cat's long term ear problem in a week. Better than the much more expensive prescription ear drops from my vet.

    Great ear meds! by Mimi04/23/2014

    Zymox is the only ear cleaner and medication that will keep our dogs allergies under control. No more scratching and head shaking with Zymox!!

    by Sopharoo08/31/2014

    Arrived promptly. Cleared up ear infection in a few days!!!

    by ricky11/05/2013

    After years of yeast problems in my newf's one ear, and having to clean his ear daily of black gook, finally a product that works! After one week of Zymox, his ear is as clean as a whistle! He is finally free of pain and discomfort. I wish I had heard of Zymox sooner. I would highly recommend Zymox to everyone because it works!!

    Excellent Ear Cleaner for Dog by My2Princess' from Toledo, Ohio05/18/2014

    This works great, easy to instill and within days my dog has relief from the irritation of yeast and pollen

    Ear Solution by Spencer from Azusa, CA07/07/2013

    I was very impressed with this product because in 24 hours my pups ear looked good. I saw the redness go away and easy to clean. The other great part of this product is how easy the application was. My pup let me apply the drops, rub the drops from the outer ear. In 4 days I could not believe the difference in my pup:) He stopped scratching his ear and was ready to play fetch:)

    by bee06/19/2013

    excellent products and service as always very happy with entirely pets

    Great product! by Suzy from Albuquerque08/02/2014

    This is a great product. I wouldn't use anything else. And believe me, I think I've used them all before I tried Zymox.

    Really good product by Kathy from Sycamore, IL05/02/2013

    The last Schnauzer we had, Hershey, had chronic ear infections. Daily use of Zymox Ear Solution kept him in good shape. Our newest Schnauzer, Rusty, had a little ear issue so I purchased the Zymox and it cleared right up. Thanks for having the product in stock and delivering so quickly.

    Best product for ear infection by Julie from Rhode Island08/04/2014

    This solution is truly a solution for an ear infection. Use as suggested and within a week the infection is gone. We recommend it highly.

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free
    It works. by Tabitha10/23/2012

    We have a dog w/ allergies, food and external, part of his regime is regular ear cleaning. We switched to this product from the one w/ hydrocortisone 3 months ago. It works just as effectively, but w/ out the hydrocortisone. Our boy is 7 yrs old, so happy to have a less invasive product that helps his daily comfort.

    by LW from MI05/30/2012

    cleared everything up quickly. great product.

    Solved ear problem by aj from Milwaukee, WI12/02/2012

    KatieBaby had one ear that had a persistent problem. Vet made number of diagnoses and treatments; it kept coming back. This product cured it, and it didn't hurt her ear - some of the vet stuff made her cry on application. Problem did come back after four years, bought this again and problem gone. We won't be without it.

    by naejnz01/02/2013

    This product is okay. It took two whole weeks for my cat's ears to finally be clean. I then followed up with the cleanser.

    This worked by MC from Dallas, Tx06/21/2012

    to clear up my puppy's yeast ear infection

    Literally a life saver by Kate from Poplar Bluff MO03/24/2012

    I live on a reclaimed swamp and I've had 3 cats die of chronic ear infection after several years of prescription treatments that helped little or not at all. After discovering Zymox, my remaining kitty ( 4 lbs, 15 years old) now lives a healthy, comfortable life. The treatment has to be on going but it WORKS!

    We love this !! by Andrea from Southern, IL10/20/2011

    Our vet told us to put this in our dogs ears before their bath and they would not have as many ear problems and he was right.

    Xymox - good preventative treatment by barrya from Corrales, New Mexico11/06/2012

    i have twin brindle mastiffs, now looking toward 9 years of age. The female is very prone to getting her ears clogged up with wax and such. Regular administration of Xymox helps prevent problems for her. Good purchase and good play to get it. Thanks!

    Sale price is higher by Gloria06/24/2008

    I have heard great things about this product - but I noticed that the sale price is higher than the regular price, which is odd! Just thought I'd mention it!

    excellent product by Lois Binetsky02/05/2009

    My cat has a chronic ear infection. We have tried many medications and I saw an article on Zymox on one of the Vet. internet sites. I tried it and it has helped immensely. I administer it to her for 2 weeks, then wait a week for the next dose and now her ears have stopped draining. My cat and I are both relieved and happy/

    Sale Price Is Not Higher by Lynn02/22/2009

    If you look closer the regulare price is $18.72 NOT $10.72 which is what it looks like with the line through it.

    It really works by Nancy Miller11/29/2009

    I have two 7 year old miniture schnauzers. One of them has had chronic yeast infections most of her life. I love my girls and take to the vet whenever the need arises but didn't feel the meds. they would give her over and over worked long term. Last week she started again and it was really bad. I was looking for an answer on line and came across Zymox and your site. The reviews were awesome and a seller for sure. I bought Zymox meds and cleaner - it came in two days, after the first application she seemed 75% better. 5 days later she is soooo happy . Thank you to all the people who shared their stories. I think she will have healthy ears for a very long time. Blessings, Nancy Miller

    by from 02/19/2013

    My poor Golden/Lab mix, Caille, has suffered for a long time with chronic yeast infection in her ears. I've used all the prescribed meds from the Vet, along with recipe after recipe of home made, alternative concoctions...nothing worked.

    rescued by my from nowWhen


    14 by days from nowI've


    excellent, by and from IThe


    Entirely by Pets, from forThanks


    low price delivered fast and best of all it worked by lyda from Sarasota Florida06/11/2013

    Now I am going to order eye medicine lots cheaper then going to the vet..

    Zymos is fantastic by Callie01/13/2012

    Our three-year old Standard Poodle has suffered with chronic ear problems. I should have taken the advice of a wise friend and ordered this years ago. I finally did, but only after our dog suffered a severe ear infection. It was treated with antibiotics and medicine from the vet, but started to come back within a week of clearing. I was frustrated, but so happy I had Zymox on hand. After the second application, the "cheesy" smell was gone and it appears we are well on our way to resolving this problem. I am going to keep Zymox on hand, always. Thank you so much.

    zymox otic is great! by annie04/12/2012

    This product really helped with my poodle's ear infection. I highly recommend it!

    Works Wonders by Nana from Northern Central Florida11/04/2011

    I have a 15 year old Westie who has experienced several ear infections (yeast) over the years which have been treated with the typical Vet issued cleanser and antibiotic. Due to rising costs; with her last one; I tried this on my old girl. She had totally inflamed ear canals once more and a crusty lesion-like scabbing in her ears. I could not believe how effective Zymox was! I used the hydrocortizone free type (the green label) After 7 days; it completely cleared up and both ears looked healthy again. I was so relieved for her. Amazingly, she hasn't had another problem since then! I love this and just purchased more for my other young Westie pup. It is very effecttive and I am glad to have found a natural product which really does what it promises!

    Great Product by Sami11/07/2011

    Works great on my Goldie who keeps getting black gunk (Not Mites) in his ears.

    Great for ears by Ellen from Herrin,IL02/13/2013

    Fast shipping.Great service!! I use this for cleaning my 2 maltese's ears.The main reason i buy it, is to squeeze a few drops in their ears before i bathe them. The veternarian told us to do this to avoid ear infections and it works!! I've been doing it for years.Thank you Entirely Pets for selling me the same product my vet sells,but for way less money!!!

    Only good for washing down sink by scacountor from Los Angeles, CA04/30/2010

    Worthless waste of money. I spent $20 on this product and if this company had a soul it would return my money. The only thing this did was prolong my dog's agony. If you are an unfortunate soul who does buy this product, what you should do is wash it down the sink and fill the bottle up with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 white vinegar...you will notice a difference in your dog's ear the 1st time you clean it.

    by me from houston tx07/26/2013

    Works wonders!!! Would highly recommend!

    Miracle !! by Vmyers69 from Florida06/29/2013

    It really worked with my 14 months Labrador, she had this ear infection for almost 3 months Veterinarian gave her some medication but after medication is gone she have the same problem, Tired of seeing her like that and after all the money expended with the Veterinarian I read reviews of this products and bought it, I am very happy with the results, my sweet Labrador is doing very good, and now she can enjoy the pool again swimming with us I used it for 2 weeks and now I've been almost a month without any problem in my dog ears!!!

    great product by Vicki from Glendale Az10/17/2013

    I use this on my dog & cat's ears. It helps instead of my taking them to the vet for the visit & the medication

    by Blue from Maine10/29/2013

    My dog has had lots of waxy buildup in one of his ears for many months. I was cleaning it with a witch-hazel based "mild" cleaner at least once per week and often several times per week. His other ear remained clear and clean, but the bad ear would improve, then worsen, then improve, yet never fully get clear. The Zymox is so gentle, he doesn't budge when he sees me bringing it to him (the cleaner made him run for cover) and after just a couple days of use, I saw much improvement. If you stick with it for the full two weeks, it works well. My first pass, I stopped after a week thinking it had done its job, but the wax returned. This one will remain a staple of my dog-care routine.

    cheapest price online that I found! by karensharley from York, Pa12/08/2012

    I looked everywhere for something for my dogs ear infection and found at Entirely Pets had the cheapest price for the best value! It helped my dogs ear infection almost in 24hr period as well!! I would recommend Entirely Pets to everyone!

    by from 01/13/2013

    As always, I am very happy with my ordering experience through EntirelyPets.com. Their pricing for this product was the cheapest I could find anywhere, plus I was able to use a discount code at checkout, and shipping was fast.

    give by this from productUnfortunately,


    Didn't see desired results by Misslissa08/31/2014

    I think my dog suffers from allergies and that's why he shakes his head. This product is designed for infections. Therefore, it didn't work for my dog. It has worked in the past on my dogs.Given the price, it's worth a try. I will keep the remainder on hand in case they get infections.

    by Shaker08/26/2013

    Used on a regular basis, this keeps my dogs ears clean and does not dry them out.

    Quite good.... by rpowens2512/28/2013

    This prduct has helped my dogs ears which have a terrible, terrible infection....he gets them all the time, and not always willing to spend a fortune at the vet, I decided to give this a try....it has helped his ears quite a bit, and I would recommend it to anyone fighting the same battle with their dogs ears.....I will purchase it again.

    Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free by billwlsn from PA08/11/2014

    Works great, just follow the directions, your pet will appreciate it.

    Best value to get the job done by Punkin from Jacksonville, Florida11/05/2012

    My adopted Pug came with severe ear infections. It took 4 months of antibiotics to clear it up. I started using Zymox products immediately and she has been fine ever since. The cost of the ear medication from the vet was very expensive and Zymox is doing the job just fine.

    Zymox by Ann from wolfeboro, NH04/11/2012

    This is the best daily cure for Cocker Spaniels and their ear infections.

    Worked fast! by Elfy77 from Chicago10/20/2013

    My cockapoo had red ears with a brown dirty crust around them, they weren't ichy but smelled foul. I put this in this ears (unwashed) every night for 1 week, and it completely cleared it up. Great product. Def recommend it!

    good stuff by dogmom from lansing, IL03/10/2013

    Zymox came highly recommended by a friend, who had an ear issue with her dog. Totally cleared up the problem.

    Can You Hear Me Now??? by maryalba from Providence, RI08/20/2012

    great for relieving ear aches - used as directed and he was back to normal and answering to my commands in no time at all! Perked his ear right back up!

    Great product by Lynn11/06/2012

    My dog had an ongoing ear infection for over a year. All the medicine the vet gave me would work for a bit then come right back and eventually didn't work at all. Her ear was oozing and sore, the vet suggested a allergy specialist. I went on line and read about zymoc and ordered some. It took about 5 weeks of using it once a day and I changed her food to a all meat dry food. The infection is gone and stayed gone for over 3 months now. I think it was a combination of no grains in her food and the zymox.

    Best for ear troubles by carebear10/07/2011

    Absolutely wonderful product. The best I have found for my cocker spaniels!

    amazing product by patricia03/28/2010

    Fast, effective for yeast and bacteria, I have also had great results as topical for skin irritations on my hairless. I have and will continue to recommend.

    by Leah Boxer01/09/2013

    Works great for allergy dog. Keeps ears clean.

    Excellent for Ear Problems by Ferretgirl_Tjaden11/21/2012

    Zymox is great for ferrets with chronic ear trouble. Was originally given to me by a vet for a ferret whose ears were always very nasty and seemed to have some balance trouble. Package says to use for 7 or 14 days depending on the problem, but he was on it for the rest of his life. I now have 2 more with chronic ear trouble that I use it on, and it works great for them too.

    Excellent product for ears by DD from Bella Vista, AR09/22/2014

    Keeps itching under control and ears clean.

    by from 07/18/2014

    I am still having a hard time believing this product works!!! Our sweet little 3yr old Burmese cat has been suffering with chronic ear infections (bacterial & yeast) and allergies, which cause him to scratch his fur off and create bloody wounds, since we brought him home as a kitten. We have spent many thousands of dollars at the vet over these 3 years on deep ear cleanings, bi-weekly antibiotic shots, yeast medication, itch medicine, and allergy shots. We even make him homemade turkey meals! His condition would clear up for brief periods of time, but even on bi-weekly allergy shots, he would flair up and be a bloody, hairless mess once again.

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    sweet by Burmese from BoyI


    Product is great! by Sharon from Warren Ohio09/03/2013

    I actually ordered the wrong Zymox as I always get 1% but I got the Zymox free and it seems to be thicker and works much better for our St. Bernard's ears.

    It works by Robinlouie05/30/2012

    Because of many allergies, I treat my Dobie girl as holistically as possible. She was starting to smell, baths and ear cleaning did not work then I realized she was shaking and digging at her ears. Apparently a very deep ear problem that was not showing up when I cleaned her ears. I had used Zymox in the past with great success (much more effective and less expensive than the stuff the Vet prescribed for her) and was very happy with the results , so was she. Again after 7 days the smell and ear shaking and digging is gone. Why don't Vets use this medication??

    Zymox otic by Mag05/07/2013

    A Fantastic product! I tried many products & personally i think Zymox works best for my furkids! Thumb up ! Thank you Zymox.

    REALLY WORKS by BERTIE from Atlantis, FL06/05/2013

    a great product that has helped my dogs chronic ear problems -

    Seven dogs and lots of ears to keep healthy! by Dannie from Southern Ohio11/08/2012

    After purchasing this product from my vet, I was very happy to find this product on EntirelyPets to purchase. I have seven Labrador Retrievers and it is a must to keep their ears healthy. Buying Zymox through EntirelyPets saved me $9.00 per bottle so I bought several bottles.

    Zymox Otic, Hydrocortisone Free by Grandma09/13/2013

    I love Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free. ( I don't like cortisone & its side effects ). I also love the Zymox Rinse. The enzyme combination in these products are not only extremely safe and natural, they are also the same enzymes found in some human products like Biotene mouth wash. The enzymes ability to control growth of bacteria & fungi is excellent and totally natural. I hate toxic chemicals. These are products I recommend to anyone & trust completely.

    Zymox Works! by CJMcKinney from Benson, AZ02/29/2012

    In her five short years of life, my dog Tamsin has had more ear problems than a whole pack of dogs. She's had recurring chronic infections, surgery for a hematoma -- and one vet wanted to clean her ears under anesthesia every three months! After trying all the prescription medications for her ear problems, I ordered Zymox Otic. It works better than any of those things. It's easy to administer, doesn't cause her any discomfort, and the symptoms of her ear infections have dramatically faded. Zymox really works!

    It Works! by pacman1234 from Rockford, IL12/18/2011

    My Pug dogs vet Highly recommends Zymox, It works very well! keeps his ears clean and trouble free. I have been using Zymox for the last 8 years,

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) Hydrocortisone Free
    great price, second try by durocher2009 from Oliver,BC04/15/2013

    great results with the hydro version but ear issues came back after 3 months. Trying the hydro free and cutting out the carrot and cucumber treats to eliminate possible allergies. Darn Sharpee mix....poor girl. Would still suggest to all to try Zymox. It's a great product and my girl had great results but she may have allergies to certain foods and I'm in the process of elimination. Unlike ear cleaners, she sees the bottle and comes to me because the Zymox offers relief to her discomfort. $3000 in vet bills to figure the problem with an online purchase of $30 being the closest solution? Give it a try.

    HC FREE ZYMOX ear by leigh from CA11/16/2013

    I live in southern CA, where allergy season is all year round. When I first started this product, it was March 2013. Gradually, the itchy ears and scratching stopped completely. But understand, that I use it EVERY DAY. It has no HC and safe for daily maintenance.

    Lifesaver -- recommended by our vet for our dogs by Princess Kyra from Ellicott City, Maryland09/13/2013

    During allergy season we use this on both dogs daily for up to 14 days then clean the ears with the Zymox cleanser with the purple label. The dogs actually like having drops of this put in their ears and gently massaged in. It really stops the dogs from itching their ears and the ears don't get any brown buildup. We can't go without this in our house.

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
    Entirely Pets = Terrible Customer Service by SonyaW from Raeford, NC10/23/2012

    I only give the product a low rating based off of the poor customer service I received when returning the product. 2 months later and I still haven't received my refund for the item that was returned the day it was received.

    Worked geat by Linda12/24/2012

    Worked great really helped the ear problems.

    zymox otic by kathyjean10/09/2011

    It worked. What can I say? I was extremely frustrated with his odor from his ears, the vet stuff only worked while you used it, and I researched on line and found this and read reviews and people said it worked, so I thought, maybe it will,,,and it worked!! His ears are cleared up, and I am very happy with this product. I would recommend it highly. THANK YOU!!!

    Wish I found it sooner! by Eggie from South Carolina08/14/2012

    Our lab suffers from a chronic ear infection in one ear and the other ear becomes infected only after a weekend at the lake. We have been to the vet COUNTLESS times only to have the chronic ear flare back up days after the prescription treatment stops. We've tried every OTC product the big box pet stores sell. Our poor dog shook his head constantly and would scratch the sides of his face bloody when his ears were really acting up. He also HATED the prescription medicine - I assume it burned or something. But since we started the Zymox, the shaking and scratching stopped after the FIRST DAY. The sometimes infected ear cleared up in 3 days & the chronic ear is much better, but I assume it will take longer to clear it up since its been infected sooo long (and the only reason I gave 4 stars - if it actually goes away I'll change to 5.) Plus after about a week, he didn't mind me putting the Zymox in his ears. It used to take two of us to hold him down for the prescription & other OTC products, but now he lays down and lets me not only put the drops in but wipe his ears out with a washcloth. If someone had told me that would happen some day, I would have laughed at them. I will NEVER be without this product on hand.

    wonderful product by denise03/08/2012

    I have used this product for years but it was only by prescription and now i am thrilled that it is available without one. It worked great on the chronic ear infections and does not make the ears all greasy.

    Ear Magic by Navy Mom from Bklyn, NY08/20/2014

    No more spending $$$ at the vet to ears mess that don't work this stuff is ear magic

    Best Treatment by ET04/02/2013

    Healed up my bulldogs ears great by using it daily for a week! Using it weekly now and really helps keep our boston's ears cleaned too! Highly recommend!

    Zymox Otic by Luette from Port Angeles, WA07/02/2013

    excellent product for allergy based ear infections. My vet first prescribed this for an ear infection, and I was happy to see it available online. Works quickly, and is a wonderful relief to the dog.

    worked great by billie from Mesquite tx.06/17/2013

    I used this product on my chow chow and it fixed his ear problem after using 2 days.

    Works every time by gwreidmo from Kennesaw, GA06/22/2010

    I own a cocker spaniel and she gets ear infections (yeast infections) all the time with her long ears.....this stuff works and soothes her ears with Hydrocortisone. I stocked up.

    by from 12/30/2013

    I brought this in hopes that it would help with my little girls ear problems.The cost to take to the vets was so pricy so I thought give it a try.

    product by this from isWhat


    by paulette from sterling,mass11/01/2010

    thank you soooooo much. you have saved me from another $300.00 trip to the vet. i have only been using Zymox for four days and my dog has completely stopped shaking her head.

    Excellent by dogs1971 from No Kingstown, RI10/27/2011

    Vet Dx yeast ear infection. Have previously successfully used this product for general ear irritation w/ my Goldens consistent use over 10 days and cleared up beautifully

    I wish my vet would of told me about this sooner by Gidget10/25/2012

    I wished my vet would of told me about this product sooner. This has cleared up my dogs ears nicely.

    Great product by Joan from Arizona03/05/2013

    My dog suffers from grain allergies and gets itchy feet. This spray heals her feet and keeps her from chewing her toes off. Thank you for making my dog's and my days less stressful.

    No more ear worries!!! by Maggie03/04/2013

    When I bought this product, I was hoping that it would not go onto my list of failures. I have a Border Collie mix, and his ears have been trouble from day one. The vet was not able to identify what the problem was....why he kept getting brown smelly discharge. He even did a scraping from my dogs ears to look for lice. Nothing was found. After trying several brands and many of my own methods, I no longer have to worry. I apply the Aymox Otic with hydrocortizone once every other week, and my dogs ears are fine. Thats it!!!! Great product!! I am a very satisfied customer.

    Excellent Product by Ginger from Greensboro, NC06/21/2012

    This product was really awesome. Cleared my dogs ear up within 3 uses.

    A Must for Labradors by Elaineski05/29/2012

    This is absolutely the best ear med for dogs that I've used. Labs are known for ear infections and this one does the trick!

    Excellent product! by Jen from Crystal Lake, IL07/31/2013

    This worked very well on my goldens ear infection without having to take her to the vet.

    Remedy for stinky ears by lauraann68 from Central CA03/19/2012

    Used this on my Shih Tzu who had stinky ears. (Do not substitute this product for professional veterinary care. It works great, but let your dog's doctor determine if the drops can solve your dog's condition.) For us, it did the trick.

    Great Ear Treatment by AaronMc from Atlanta, GA12/17/2012

    This does wonders for ear infections! It knocks out yeast and baterial! Amazing product!

    And then I've gotten clean by dabalmom05/17/2011

    And then I've gotten clean And then I've gotten clean

    Chronic ear infections by Jj12/20/2014

    Zymox is amazing. Works better than anything the vet gave us.

    Worked better than steroids by Jeanne03/06/2013

    My dog has had constant ear infections, and I have taken her to the vet several times coming home with steriods and ear drops with the vet stating it was caused from allergies. When I decided to try Zymox, I found that my dogs ears have improved tremendously. I have to say my dogs demeaner has changed and she acts like she feels so much better. I would recommend anyone with a dog that is having ear problems, try this product. It works.

    Good product..works! by sharpeimom from Fairborn, OH12/14/2013

    Zymox seems to soothe my dogs pain that comes with irritated ears and heals them quickly. It is not as messy as some and has a thicker consistency that doesn't sling out when he shakes. It saved me a trip to the vet which is a blessing because he gets them often. Would definitely buy again.

    A Miracle Cure by Vince_K from Warrington, PA12/26/2011

    Our Lab CoCo has suffered from chronic ear infections for ten years. Nothing has helped short of a trip to the Vet and weeks of treatment. With Zymox Otic she is back to playing with her offspring. In less than a week the scratching crying head shaking and odder is GONE! She doesn't run away from the treatment as with others. My only regret is that she has had to endure so much discomfort prior to this discovery. Zymox Otic would be a bargain at any price!

    very pleased by Mare from Venice, Fl02/15/2013

    This was much cheaper than my vet. It is a great product & I would reccomend it to everyone. My dog has lomg floppy ears , so he is pron to get ear problems but this product clears it up fast.

    Awsome by Babslynne from Washington05/14/2014

    I am so happy I bought this product. My Pekingese has allergies so he kept getting this re-occurring ear infection. I used this product for him for 7 days, even though it looked like is was all cleared up by the 4th day. I will always keep this on hand!

    Worked Great by Pitbullbobby from Springfield Illinois10/29/2011

    Was given a different cream, (also more expensive) from my vet for ear infection. I went through the entire bottleand she was still digging, and scratching at her ears. I found this website, and product while researching ear infections. I orderd it, and within 6 days my Raven was cured!! Great stuff!! And saved me a helluva vet bill. I purchased this product on customer reviews alone... And they were right.

    Zymox with Hydrocortisone by koko08/16/2013

    This product was the only one that helped my dogs smelly ears. I took my dog to the vet due to a bad odor in the ears and scratching problems . The vet said there was no infection but I should wash his ears out weekly. However, even though I did clean and wash my dog's ears they still smelled and itched causing him to scratch , resulting in bloody ears. So I got Zymox with Hydrcortisone and the smell ,itching and scratching went away. Use as directed on the label.

    Wonderful product!! by Susie01/17/2012

    This product worked wonders on my dogs ears. Ears were "waxy" and smelled awefull. After a few days there was a noticable change and cleared up after a week.

    Saves$$$ by elliemae7 from Southeast Michigan08/26/2013

    Spent so much money at vet getting my poor cocker spaniel's ears healthy. Then - discovered this product! It's amazing and saved me so much money b/c I would apply it at first sign of an infection and could now cure it at home! Sadly, my 4-legged baby is now gone, but highly recommend this product for yours.

    Lend us your ears by Sally from Albany, New York03/14/2013

    The Zymox OTIC and also the ear cleaning products work great!! I had 2 dogs with ear yeast, fungus, and infection. Tried many different products from the vet, with little results. A lady told me about Zymox, ordered it that day, and the ears have been wonderful ever since.

    Great! by Anna from Sweden03/23/2013

    My dog seems to feel much better now! A cheap and very good product.

    a Godsend! by jessylynn from Small Town, FL12/07/2012

    My lab mix has had such problems with his skin, hair loss, and chronic ear infections. I could always get control of two at a time, but its difficult and costly. I tried the Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone because I liked everything I read about it and I was desperate. It worked! Within a few days I noticed less odor, less build up, and he wasn't shaking his head as often. I opted for the 14 treatment, given the recurrence. After a week, his skin affliction improved, I suppose that was brought on by excess yeast accumulation in his ears. He regained his "spunk", if you will, and is back to his normal, happy demeanor. I'm amazed at how well Zymox Otic works and so grateful for it.

    Best Medicine Ever by Melissa from Pittsburgh, PA06/04/2013

    I've tried a lot of different ear products and this is the best by far. My dog practically begs to have me put this in his ear. It's not straight liquid so it feels better for him and he stops scratching after use.

    by Lozzer from Ballina N.S.W. Australia.06/13/2012

    Zymox otic is doing a good job with my cats infected ears, but I do think the Zymox plus does a better job. When it is possbile I shall be transferring back to the Zymox Plus. Still this product is producing a better result than the antibiotic/fungal drops given by the Vet. The Vet I now use is very interested in the product especially the Zymox Plus.

    Zymox Otic Worked! by Misty07/21/2012

    My Dachshund, Corky, was shaking her head constantly. I used Zymox Otic and within a couple of days the symptoms disappeared completely. Also, I ordered from Entirely Pets on a Saturday morning and the package was waiting for me Monday when I got home from work! Fastest online shipment I have ever received, which was great as Corky was in an aggitated state with her itchy ears. Thanks!

    Seems to work as well as prescription by Daisy's mom from Omaha, NE04/20/2014

    I've always gotten a prescription for my dog's ear infections, but Zymox has worked just as well and I believe it's a little cheaper than the prescription was. I've bought it a couple of times now and have been very pleased with the results.

    Zymox by TanknBean from upstate NY10/30/2013

    This is a great product for any pet! My pug gets a few ear infections, where inside his ears the lap part, turn red and he shakes his head a lot. After applying Zymox for the 7 days his ear clears up and he is more comfortable! I recommend this product entirely!

    Hopeful by SaltyDog from Little Rock, AR01/22/2012

    My black lab developed an ear infection in his right ear only. After several trips to his vet and getting the same perscriptions time after time with zero results, I researched and found high recommendations for this product. At ropes end, I ordered with hopes this would help my poor dog. To use, it says to NOT clean his ear, and to apply daily. It's as thick as syrup and difficult to tell how much is reaching his ear canal, but guessing at least some gets down in there, with massaging. I have not completed the 14 day therapy, but it does seem to be helping, if only a little. The odor is not nearly as overpowering, but his ear still seems to be seeping - but difficult to judge since I am not to clean his ear. The residue from this product leaves his hair matted and sticky and is hard for me to resist trying to clean it up but I want to give the product every oppurtunity to work so I'm just leaving it as is. The dog tolerates the daily applications very well, much better than the vet perscribed Mometamax which wasn't helping anyway. He's on three antibotics - Ciprofloxacin, Cephalexin, and Amoxicin and has had injections of another axin that began with a B that I can't think of it's name right now. Nothing seems to be working, only providing temporary results. Has anyone had success with some other treatment? I'm 8 rounds deep into antibotic treatments and have spent several hundred dollars. Very frustrated at his vets attempts to treat my dog's ear infection and my concerns seem to fall on deaf ears (no pun intended). The vet does have the training and the sheepskin and I am only a regular guy but. Anyway, this product seems better than any other I've tried and seems worth the few dollars.

    Great results by Debnh from New Hampshire01/11/2010

    Zymox Otic is the only ear solution that completely clears up our Weimeraner's ear infections. Now if we suspect an ear infection we simply use the Zymox for about three days and any symptoms are gone that fast!

    Zymox by SueM from Niles,Mi02/21/2014

    Thank You ,Just what we needed .Best Buy Ever

    Great Stuff!! by Griz from Talmoon, MN04/30/2012

    I have 2 Shih-tzus that have had almost constant ear infections. They've both been to the vet several times for antibiotics and the infections kept coming back. After one application of this ointment and no more head shaking and scratching. Over a week, now and no more infections. I won't be without this in the medicine cabinet ever again..unbelievable!!

    Best Purchase Ever by Becky from Summerville, GA09/15/2014

    Zymox Otic has been a blessing for our dog. She has had ear problems since she found us and came to live with us 11 years ago. She is now 16. The vet has given us quite a few prescriptions over the years but Zymox Otic seems to work the best and clears up the problem for longer periods of time. Thank you so much.

    Very effective by golden girl05/17/2011

    Works like a charm and so quickly.....very impressed. Great find.

    Excellent Product by beagle lady from Odessa, Florida07/19/2013

    I have used Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone on my beagles for many years with excellent results. My Vet told me to keep it on hand which I do with my other OTC pet medications. Excellent product, does the trick, easy to administer. It is excellent for minor ear problems and irritations. Saves me a trip to the Vet office and the extra expense. Keep it on hand, you never know when you'll need it.

    no more ear infections by dani18 from New Hyde Park NY10/14/2013

    We tried this product at the recommendation of our groomer. What a difference! No more ear problems and no more vet visits for it.

    Zymox Otic by starnorthwest from Stanwood, WA08/06/2013

    Best product I have ever purchased. It works and with in a day my Chloe's ears were better the red went away and so did the scratching. I have been using it ever since at the first sign of trouble. The vet even said how nice her ears were at her last check up. So I recommend you try it, you won't be disappointed and your pet will be happier!

    Same as you get from vet by Brenda10/26/2012

    This stuff is awesome and works fast. Best meds I've ever used for my dog's ears.

    by Shannon P.01/13/2012

    This product worked great! It cleared up my dogs ears within days. It caused no discomfort to her ears. I will always keep it on hand!

    This stuff works by V in Vestal12/18/2012

    My retriever has allergies. His ears get full and infected regularly. This stuff keeps it under control. My vet first gave me this. Glad I found it here and can skip the repeated vet visits.

    Greatest ear product on the market by Dmjbutler from Puerto Rico12/17/2013

    I would not buy anything else for my dogs. I have also started using the Zymox ear cleaner as well. Great product!

    Great product that works! by Walt from Knoxville, TN05/30/2012

    Our westie had been having problems with ear infections lately and another trip to the vet was in order. That would have been the third visit for antibiotics and the problem would return each time. I bought the Zymox based on reviews and I have to say, it works great. No more soreness and scratching of the ears. It's been weeks now and we have a happy dog.

    Zymox Otic is great! by Cate11/05/2013

    We have a cocker spaniel with recurring ear infections. The thick, goopy medicine the vet puts in her ears gets all over those long cocker spaniel ears and it takes forever to get it out of her hair. So, I decided to try Zymox Otic. What a difference! It is a clear liquid, no mess, easy to apply, no vet expense, no scratching of the ears, and the ear infection is gone!!! So glad I tried it!

    by Buddy07/26/2013

    Works quickly and thoroughly, and our pet is comfortable.

    Awesome Product by susan from columbus, ohio10/15/2011

    this is a great product! I would use this if you don't have the money to go to a vet.

    Zymox by rainbow from new york08/26/2013

    Our Golden has had problem's with his ears since he was a baby . We were told about this product and it is so amazing . Using this product has cleaned his ears and he doesn't scratch them and cause them to bleed . The smell has also gone away too. He seems to be a lot happier.

    Next best thing! by tdr03/01/2013

    This products is a life saver for my dogs ears without going to the Vet. I got the same effect using it. love this stuff!!!!!

    its the only thing to use for ear infection by anid from lima, ohio01/16/2015

    my dogs vet used to sell this to us for infected doggy ears...but the prices here so SO much better. there is no better place to shop for doggy necessities.....the ear ointment requires no cleaning of the ears before use and after doing the 7 day treatment the infection is ALWAYS totally healed it's the best thing and so is the web store .

    fantastic by sherrysol from Roseville, MI11/07/2011

    I have been struggling with my dogs cronic ear infections for a little less than 1 year. After several expensive trips to the vet and unsuccessful solutions, I decided to do some research on-line and found this medicine. Since there is no cleaning of the ear to be done, this was one less step I had to take since my dog is very ear sensitive and wouldnt allow me near them. After only 7 days I can say for the first time, hes infection free.

    Good product and fast shipping by Clouddgail11/06/2012

    This medicine works as good as what the vet prescribes only half the cost! My dog has sensitive ears and he has no problem with this medicine. Fast fast shipping

    zymox by klm from Michigan06/24/2012

    zymox is a great product that anyone with a dog or cat with bad ear problems should keep on hand for it works wonders and it does not get resistent to the animal like many products that you use on an animal that has pseudomas they get resisitent to many of the ear meds and they fail to work, this helps keep it in check I highly recommend it.

    Zymox works by pearl from Portland, OR04/01/2013

    I use Zymox regularly for my dog's itchy, red, inflamed chronic ear problem.. So glad a friend recommended it to me as the veterinarian didn't help much with my dog's problem.

    No More Itchy Dirty Ears by Joe06/02/2014

    My dog is a Labradoodle with floppy ears that are prone to getting dirty/waxy and various infections. I have tried several products over the years ranging from those that don't work at all to those that do a halfway job. The Zymox immediately stopped the itching and head shaking and the ears were clean and shiny in 3-5 days. Especially easy to administer since it is a gel form and also didn't bother the dog like liquid. This was recommended by our Vet.

    Works Great by catlover from Pinehurst, NC10/19/2011

    Recommended by VET for dirty itchy ears that is a result of yeast infections.

    Great product by Kim01/17/2013

    This product clears up ear infections very well without antibiotics.

    Best Purchase Ever!! by Deb01/24/2013

    Zymox Otic is the best ear medicine for yeast, and the delivery was fast.

    Yeast killer! by Frank07/03/2013

    Zymox is a great product for those dogs with chronic yeast build-up in ears

    Good for Bulldogs- saves me $$$ by Jennifer from Austin, Texas11/28/2010

    I have a rescue bulldog with allergies with ear problems. This stuff works wonders for my bulldog and cuts down on visits to the vet to save me $$$.

    Nothing Else Like it by ebo from chicago05/15/2011

    My little furry baby (otis) use to suffer from bacteria in the ear. He would always come up to me like as if something was wrong and would make a little sound and rub his paw over his ear. I tried almost everything to clean his ears out, even the prescription the doctor gave me but it still didnot work. So a friend told me about zymox otic, i used it for about a week and it was like a miracle, i could tell lil otis was happy and himself. so just to make sure I took him back to the vet and the doctor said his ear was clear, I couldnt believe it..i was happy myself!!! thank you so much

    My Dog Hates This Stuff by Misty from San Diego, CA10/20/2011

    My dog hates Zymox but I love it. It's the only thing I've found to wipe out the nasty, brown, yeasty stuff in Sooner's ears. The vet's medicine didn't do much good, was expensive, and we were constantly dragging him in for rechecks. Now I always keep a spare bottle of Zymox in the house, and when Sooner starts to shake his head, I know just what to do. Works almost overnight. Who knew?

    best ear med. by adkcape01/21/2013

    The product is better than the vets meds. Relief from itching as soon as it is applied. Redness gone in a few days. Worth every penny. Good service too.

    SO FAR SO GOOD by skotd04/30/2010

    I had been trying the white vinegar/Alcohol and Vinegar/water in my 10 year Aussie's ear. Did not have much affect on the white/yellow drainage or redness and swelling. It did keep him from itching the ear, but the oozing got worse and think the solution was making the redness worse. Also have been doing yogurt with his meals since first day. After 4 days or no improvement I ordered Zymox with Hydrocortisone. Orderd Monday night, paid for 2-3 day and received Wednesday. Not bad seeing it was coming from CA and I am in GA. I was not in town for first does, so my wife gave him it. When I came back about 24 hours after first does the swelling and redness were all but gone and the oozing had all but stopped. Just had some crust around ear. Have given 2 more doses and no more oozing and swelling is gone. Ear is a little red, but almost back to normal white. Very happy did not have to go the antibiotic route, only wish I would of ordered on day one. Best $20 you can spend for a ear issue

    Love it, love it, love it! by Mom of Many from Maryland10/22/2012

    When my mom's kitten developed an ear infection, I sent her Zymox. I found out about the excellent product on a really helpful website by a veterinarian (Dr. Roger Ross). His website explained exactly how to treat my dog's recurrent ear infections. His praise of this product led me to buy the clinic sized bottle. He was so correct, this stuff is fantastic. My dog's ears are dramatically improved in 2 days and completely clear in 5 or 6. It has been 2 years since I stumbled on his post, "What we do with Chronic, Recurrent Ear Infections". My dog still gets infections a few times a year, but now I can treat it quickly and cheaply.

    Better than Rx by CatGuy from PA04/02/2014

    I have a cat who is prone to yeast infections of the ear. I have found this product to be more effective than the prescription antibiotic, and it is safe for long term use.

    Excellent Product by EImlay999 from Dover, De.07/10/2013

    I got this product for my dog who is half Basset Hound and has long , floppy ears. They had been bothering him so badly, he was scratching the insides raw! After only 3 treatments, they were no longer bothering him at all! Wonderful product!

    same as the vet,half the price by Boots from Scotttsdale,Arizona07/01/2013

    this is the only thing thats gotten rid of his "stinky" ears" a yeas infection schi-tzu are prone to

    A good product by BabeBailey from Fort Wayne, IN10/15/2011

    This product is good for the continued maintenance of my pug's ears. It helps keep them clean and guards against yeast infections that she is prone to get. It was also recommended by our vet.

    indispensible product by lodenhl03/03/2012

    This product is amazing for treating my dog's ear infections and I have been unable to find it anywhere except at Entirely Pets. When I realized one of my dogs needed to be treated and I was almost completely out of Zymox, I placed an order on Saturday morning and was pleasantly shocked when it was delivered on Monday! Thanks!

    Finally the solution by littlefrieda12/31/2011

    After spending more than I could afford to alleviate my Choc Lab's ear problems, I took the advice of other reviewers and tried the Zymox Otic. Anna is no longer troubled with irritated ears from built up crud from yeast. This discomfort has gone on for a year since she came to live with us. It's a certainty that she suffered with bad ears long before she became a part of our family. I agree with every other reviewer that praises this product.Zymox Otic has made Anna's quality of life better.

    Best thing for our allergic dog by Sallynurse from Lansing,MI01/16/2012

    We have used this for about a year now and it is the ONLY thing that keeps the ears of our allergic dog cleared up. We have occasionally tried to stop using it and his ears always become infected again.

    Great product by Sharon10/23/2012

    My dog has chronic ear infections due to unusually narrow ear canals. This is the only non prescription product that has helped and it started helping within the first or second application. I will definitely be buying more of this product in the future.

    GREAT product! by Missi B, from Pittsburgh, PA08/03/2012

    My 1 year old Beagle has been having problems with his right ear for months and his other ear started bothering him too, so I tried this stuff. Within a week of giving it to him, the left ear was back to normal color and within a couple more days the right (more irritated) ear looked great. He seems to no longer be in any discomfort. I am going to buy another bottle and apply when needed. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!

    Helps itchy ears! by Ashley08/03/2012

    One of my English Bulldogs gets really itchy ears and tries to rub his ears on everything. So I put a little Zymox w/ hydrocortisone and it helps his itching in about 10 minutes. Plus the next morning all the gunk that was deep in his ear canal is brought to the outer canal for me to clean.

    Worked Great! by skybleu81810/23/2012

    When I began using this product, my dog's ears were so sore she could barely let me touch them. After just one use, I saw a huge difference. After the second use, when she saw me reaching for the medication, she sit and was very happy to let me apply it. It definately made her feel better, so I feel better!!

    Affordable and effective by Lucy10/25/2012

    Used this before when purchased from vet. Much cheaper on this site. Product works great.

    Works good by lee from Dauphin Island, Alabama12/04/2013

    So far it has worked real good and kept him from scratching his ears so much

    by from 01/09/2012

    Great Product by Cat11/07/2012

    This is a great product! I have purchased this product from Entirely Pets before. Always arrives really quickly. I have 2 yellow labs. One has chronic ear problems as we live on a lake. This product takes care of his ears and saves on trips to the vet.

    The best for your ear problem by Ranger from upstate NY02/18/2012

    My dog gets yeast infections in both ears. You know the black sticky yucky stuff. This product works very well. It takes us about one week and the old dog is just as good as new. This works better than what we used to by at the vet for more money. Well worth the money.

    Miracle medicine by StephyB from PA04/18/2010

    My lab suffered constantly from ear infections. Many many expensive trips to the vet and costly meds weren't helping, it always came right back. Tried this and were on day 5 and his ears appear to be cleared up and very little scratching and shaking of his head occurs. Sooo glad I tried this. I'm confident if I have this on hand I will no longer need to go to the vet for this problem and save lots of aggravation and money, and my buddy will be happy too:)

    by Lunchldy4002/19/2012

    This stuff is amazing! My dog has suffered with his ears for two years and I have tried everything. Within two days he was a happy dog! And so was I. I was tired of seeing him suffer. I continue to use it once a week. And will definately buy some more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

    ear drops by zeus07/14/2012

    the ear drops work very well at about a quarter the price of the ones I get at the vet

    awesome stuff by hounddog06/26/2013

    dog suffered for 6 monthes with itching, scratching, dark ear discharge. Used zymox for 7 days, problem gone. Very happy customer. recommended to a friend for same problem.

    Use this! Dog finally stopped scratching! by Gigi from Halifax NS03/20/2013

    These drops did what no prescription drops have been able to do for my dog's chronically itchy ears. After at least three trips to the vet, three useless prescriptions (and about $350 out of pocket), my dog was still suffering from what appeared to be the same unspecified chronic ear problem. I decided to try this product after doing a lot of research and reading numerous positive reviews. I used it as directed: daily, for two weeks. Lo and behold, the scratching stopped. Always go to the vet first, and do whatever you can to prevent the problems (clip the ear hair, remove wheat from the diet) - but do give this a try if you haven't seen success within a reasonable amount of time.

    by Katie from Boston, MA01/24/2013

    My dog, Tiberius, kept digging at his ears. The Vet said that there was nothing noted to treat but something needed to be done to stop the constant digging in his ears. I put this product in my dogs ears every month or so and it keeps him happy.

    by from 06/28/2012

    This stuff will clear up ear infections that 100's of dollars and antibiotics at the vet cannot. Just follow directions carefully; it's real easy: just put drops in once a day, and do not wipe ears out at all untill treatment is ended in 1-2 weeks, and it has worked perfectly for our dogs the 3 times we have had to use it.

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    Wow! by Sharona03/07/2012

    I can not believe how great Zymox works on my Golden Retriever Ted's chronic ear infections! The enzymes in the product took care of his stubborn yeast issues. It actually works better than the prescription ottomax at a fraction of the cost and with less oily residue on the exterior ear. I am very satisfied and so is Ted!

    by from 02/19/2012

    I have a floppy-eared cockapoo who has frequent ear wax build up and subsequent ear infections. Not ony does this cause discomfort to my dog but also to my wallet for many vet visits for the vet to tell me what I already know.

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    LOVE IT by Meri06/05/2012

    This stuff works so well. My dog's ears are so much better. It has to be one of the best products I have ever used.

    by from 12/04/2012

    This medication was originally supplied to me by a vet for my dog's ear infection. It cleared up the problem quickly, but when I asked for a refill a few months later, I was told I needed to bring the dog in before they would supply it. While this is an appropriate suggestion, it's not always possible or affordable - especially for a simple medication.

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    Zymox Rocks by GwenCAz from Tucson, Az11/02/2013

    We have a three yr old Basset hound which we adopted 5 months ago. We've never had a dog with long, floppy ears so this was a learning time for us. After spending over $1000 in the first month on vet bills and medication it was time to find something new. Zymox worked after the first day and did what all those meds from the dr couldn't do: cleared up her raging ear infection and got rid of that awful funky smell. Thanks Zymox, you gave a customer for life !

    Great produce that works by Sue from Arizona07/01/2014

    These ear drops are great. I use whenever my guy starts itching the ears which keep the problems under control. Less expensive than the vet.

    GREAT stuff for ears! by Hootie05/12/2013

    This product makes it simple to clean up messy ear problems. It is viscous and harder to "shake loose" of the ear canal and therefore is less messy than most. It also does a GREAT job of relieving itching.

    Incredible Fix by Boomer & Jake's Mom from Austin, Texas03/19/2012

    Excellent product for knocking out a nasty ear infecton in my Rottwheiler. Recommended by my Veterinarian daughter, this product did everything she said it would. Was easy to use, and Boomer didn't seem to mind the treatment. As a matter of fact, I've ordered this product twice...just feel better having one on hand for any future issues, but just a little goes a long way! Highly recommended.

    EXCELLENT EAR WASH by Dottie from Blackwood, NJ05/30/2012

    I am very, very pleased with the Zymox ear wash that I ordered from you. It has helped my Shih Tzu tremendously with her ear problem. I recommended you to my neighbor to purchase products for her dog, and I will certainly order from you again. Thank you so much, and my dog Macy thanks you too!

    Works Great! by Kim from Hopewell, Virginia01/03/2012

    This product worked as stated. My male Westie has cronic ear infections because of his allergies. I will order the larger bottle next time and keep this on hand at all times. Thanks

    Great product by Bella10/11/2011

    Her ears would not stop itching....since I have been using this she no longer diggs at her ears ALL NIGHT...thank you

    Saves me a ton of money! by Cocker Owner from Minneapolis, MN10/06/2011

    My cocker gets constant ear infections and someone told me about this. I put a drop in each ear about twice a week and now she doesn't have smelling itchy bright red ears. Saves me time and money going to the vet and getting meds for her infections. She is soooo much happier without ichy bright red ears. Really good stuff!

    Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) by Gallup32602/26/2013

    Excellent product that helps clear up Dog Ear Yeast infections and relieves ear pain associated with the infection.

    Cut your vet bills by purchasing this here! by JimJ from Fort Worth, TX09/28/2013

    If you have a dog with chronic ear infections, or itching and scratching, this product works well to keep it in check. I have used both HC and non-HC potions, and have seen the same results. We use it as a preventative, and also per the labeled instructions. Get the Zymox ear cleaner too, as it works great.

    Excellent Ear Care Product by JB12/12/2012

    My dog had a severe ear infection and this product not only made him feel better almost immediately,,,it healed the infection and was so mild on him he didnt even mind future applications.

    Fast working. by Schultze from Venice, FL05/10/2013

    Great product, my dog's ear infection was cleared up in a few days. Thank you.

    This product changed Rocky's life! by Gen from Hickory Hills, il07/17/2014

    I adopted Rocky from a shelter last Fall. He is a nine year old lab mix. As I discovered, he had a chronic ear infection. We made several trips to two different vets; however, nothing seemed to clear things up. A friend recommended you to me and, also, suggested this product. After following the directions, there was a dramatic improvement in Rocky's condition. His suffering has gone and he seems to look forward to periodic maintenance treatment. Many Thanks!

    Great Deal by Jessie from Reading Pa07/18/2013

    They had the cheapest price and the lowest shipping cost.

    by from 04/26/2013

    This product is the only thing that I have found that actually works to control my dog's yeast infections.

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    Great Product !!! by Art C from NW Chicago Burbs'01/15/2013

    Works great !!! Our dog actually comes to us when she sees the bottle !!!

    best purchase ever by Sharon from Warren Ohio11/22/2012

    Our Vet reccommended purchasing Zymox for our dog's ears quite awhile ago. I have always ordered it from you and received it very quickly! You provide great service and quality products.

    by hotshot6928 from Buffalo, NY05/17/2013

    We have a Yellow Lab pure bread that has been fighting ear infections for years. We were spending a lot of money at the vet with medications that would only remove the infections for a short time. The infection would return usually in a month or 2 giving us another reason we had to go back to the vet and spend a lot of money again. We tried Zymox Otic w/Hydrocortisone and it took about 2 weeks and suddenly his ear infections were clearing up and the inside color of his ear changed from a darker red to skin color, a nice soft pink. He is 10 yrs old and his attitude changed as well and he is very perky and acts like when he was a puppy! We cannot believe the change! We had our doubts, however we stand behind this product 1,000,000,000%. Very simply it did exactly what it said it was going to do, just follow the instructions.

    FINALLY relief for my dog! by jojack66 from LaCrosse, Wisconsin05/16/2013

    My dog, a Cockapoo, has had chronic ear infections.I was treating them with prescribed Mometamex and they would come right back after treatment.I cleaned her ears with expensive ear wash as well.It was getting so frustrating as my poor dog was either scratching her ears raw or yelping in pain whenever you touched her ear.I came across your site on a search for a natural treatment for dog ear infections and found Zymox.I figured I had nothing to lose and had already spent a large amount of money treating her ears already.I ordered two bottles just in case I would need to keep treating her ears to get them cleared up.I followed the instructions on the bottle and her ears were totally cleared and healed in about 3-4 days.That was about a month ago.For the first time EVER she has not had a return of her infection.I am BEYOND pleased and so is my dog Gertrude!

    by from 04/16/2013

    i have yet to receive this product. could you please check on it. i can dispute the caharge but i would rather have the product. thank u.

    steph by from stephanie

    Zymox by Vicki from Orlando, Florida03/10/2014

    Our dog is prone to chronic ear infections, and this seems to be the only thing helping him.

    great product by bluegirl from richmond texas05/28/2013

    its a good product if your pet is having some type of ear fungal problem its actually same product I get from the vet. wonderful!!!!!!



    by mindy01/14/2012

    my product arrived right on time and was 1/2 the cost of the same product from pet meds...will definatly order again from entirely pets again.. My dog suffers from chronic yeast infection of the ears

    Zymox Otic by Geri from Mississauga, On.06/03/2012

    7 years and 3 vets have not been able to help my lab with his ear infections, finally I found something that works. If you have constant problems with you pets ears you have got to try this.

    Zymox Otic by Mary from Palmer, MA04/13/2014

    I was amazed at how well this product worked. My dog suffers from ear infections (yeast/bacteria) and it was frustrating going back & forth to the vets. When I heard of Zymox I just had to give it a try and with 1 bottle her ears are back to normal. Absolutely love it!

    Helped but didn't cure by Judy08/30/2013

    My 10yr Springer Spaniel has had ear issues for most of his life. I tried Zymox Otic looking for a miricle... it seemed at first to help his outer ear inflamation but he still seems to have flair ups. I am willing to continue trying...

    relieves itching by flasunshine from Seminole, Fla.01/16/2015

    My cat has allergies and the vet had prescribed these ear drops. They help to soften any build-up and relieve itching.

    Easy To Use & Worked Fast! by Donna from North Carolina07/22/2013

    I bought Zymox Otic w/Hydrocortisone for my Yorkie who was having issues with one of his ears. He scratched at it constantly. It was red, irritated and had a smelly brown wax. I read that Zymox Otic w/Hydrocortisone was the best thing to treat external ear issues. I used the product as directed - and what made it easy is there was no need to wash out his ear. It said it worked better on dirty ears. (!!) Within 3 days, his ear was no longer red, and he wasn't scratching. I used it for the total of 7 days recommended and have had no issues since.

    Excellent by Cal from Stony Plain, Alberta - Canada08/18/2014

    After 2 days treating my dog's ear, there was a noticeable improvement and less odour from the ear. After 4 days, it looked like it was clearing up. I persevered for a week but there was little difference between days 6 and 7 - she must have been a sever case because only after a full 12 days treatment, her ear was pink, smooth and odour free. She still gets a lot of wax build-up after a few days but a quick dose of the Otic and it clears it out nicely. Best product I have tried. More effective, faster acting and way cheaper than the endless antibiotics and expensive junk the vets kept peddling me.

    Great stuff! by Cynthia from Tampa FL10/15/2011

    Works wonders for my golden with chronic yeast ear infections!

    Chronic Ear Infection by Dustin12/12/2011

    We have tried everything to help my dog. This stuff really works. It is so easy to use too. Just put the drops in the ears and repeat once per day. There is no cleaning before or after. My dogs ears are clean and healthy now for the first time. If you have tried other products like us and they have failed then I recommend that you try this.

    Best Price by Vicki10/04/2011

    I purchased a different product from the Vet, so I asked entirelypets which would be the same since they did not sell the exact ear cream. I recieved an email with the answer. Ordering is so easy.

    Great Product by Animaluver from Ohio09/12/2013

    This is a great product especially for dogs that have droopy ears. It is so easy to get water in their ears when bathing, that I make these drops part of my gurls bath routine..........reassurance of warding off damp ears & preventing infection.

    zymox otic by jim02/08/2013

    Everything I buy from entirely pets has been great I would never buy from another site i feel confident with your products

    very good by hummingbird from Louisville Ky03/08/2013

    product started working as soon as i used it

    Awesome - works fast by kyconeng from Fort Myers, FL07/06/2014

    After vet visits, months of treating, one week treating my pup's ear infection with Zymox Otic, it was GONE. And is still gone after 7 weeks. You get an ample amount to have on hand incase you need it again but, ....maybe I won't even need it :-) I can't say enough, it worked unbelievable fast. Please believe this review. Well worth the money.

    itchy ears by lou from hamilton ontatio can.11/17/2012

    still using seems to be better,still shaking his head every once in a while

    WOW- "Happy Dog" Ear Infection Drops by Happy Customer from Sandpoint, Idaho 8386402/07/2013

    I have a German Shepherd that was continualy getting ear infections. He was miserable and would even quite eating. Every time it was off to the Vet for an expensive visit. The Vet used ear cream and it would clear it up for awhile then the infection would come back and off for another expensive visit. I tried some over the counter ear infection medicines but it made matters worse. I did some extensive research and decided to try Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) which was a drop in the bucket compared to the vet bills. I followed the instructions and after one application I was astounded it worked. Happy Shepherd -Happy Owner..... I highly recommend this product!

    Zymox Otic by Itchy10/28/2011

    It was so nice to be able to just order this stuff online when we already knew what the vet would say and what they would prescribe to us. Our old, stinky dog, constantly afflicted with ear infections was relieved completely within three days and hasn't yet had another bout (about a week and a half later). It saved us so much money and offered relief for Stinky in the time it took us to get it in the mail. We'll be ordering this again.

    Grest for Ear Infections by JD from Miami, Fl06/17/2013

    One of the better OTC products for ear infections I have tried so far! Good value

    Highly Satisfied! by Crowns from Las Vegas, NV12/31/2012

    I ordered two products from Entirely Pets, an ear cleanser and the Zymox enzymatic hydrocortisone ear drops. By mistake, only one of the products arrived. Entirely Pets corrected the mistake immediately and resent my entire order. Both products worked great and I would not only recommend the product but Entirely Pets also.

    ZYMOX OTIC EAR CLEANER by D B04/18/2013

    EXCELLENT PRODUCT TO KEEP DOGS INSIDE THEIR EARS HEALTHY. HIGHLY RECOMMENED PRODUCT `best price from Entirely Pet I have ever gotten in the 10 yrs of use from vet!

    The best OTC solution for chronic ear infections by Heather from Salisbury, Maryland01/11/2012

    Our cockapoo has suffered with chronic ear inflamation and itching for over a year.We tried everything... Strict but healthy doggy diet, keeping the ear hair pulled, ears dry, and wax-free, flushing... But nothing helped until Zymox with hydrocortisone. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G results!! Our pup, Emmy Rue, is so much happier now. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a floppy eared dog who is prone to ear infections or yeast.

    Ear Infections by CJ from St Petersburg, Fl11/03/2011

    This is a miracle product. I discovered it after hundreds in vet visits and nothing work. It works fast, targets all infections, and reduces the swelling that was painful to my pup she cried. I have a lasho apso, floppy earred, she is almost 4 and had 4 infections. Afterall and everything, this product works superbly! I recommend the Hydro cortizone due to helping with swelling and inflammation that causes the pain. This is one product that is always in "her" medicine cabinet. Its a cant live without if you have a pet, prone to ear infections. MIRACLE PRODUCT

    Excellent product! by Angela11/29/2011

    This is like a magic cure! A few days and my sweet doggies ear was all better.

    GREAT by LM from Chesapeake,Va11/18/2011

    This was an amazing product.....my dog is loving this stuff and he is acting better then he has in a long time. I ordered a bottle for my dads dog and he feels the same. My sister also uses this and same result. No better med for the ears!!!!

    awesome by dday01/12/2012

    this product is unbelievable and better than what a vet has prescribed for yeast or bacteria infections with my two labs. I will always keep on hand!!!!!!!!

    Excellent product by Mona from Hong Kong04/11/2013

    my dog seem the doctor 2 times for the ears infection, but there are no improve, after I found the ears drop from Entirely, Wow~ it excellent ^^ only 7 days my dog was recover~

    Works Great by Jeff10/24/2011

    My Golden Retrievers are constantly having problems with their ears, due to moisture, etc., ZYMOX OTIC worked immediately, relieving itching and discomfort. I highly recommend this product.

    by from 03/01/2012




    Best ear care product for pets by alleypets from Los Aneleles06/29/2012

    It really works after 2 week's treatment! No more brown stuffs coming from the ear canal. the regular cleanser just good for cleaning only. save an expensive trip to the vet. great product.

    Great product by Bucky64901/16/2015

    My dog Shadow gets ear problems every now and then. It is very costly to go to vet. Office visit and then to buy the meds. I thought I'd give this a try. It works like a charm. Took care of problem. I'll keep this handy for any flare ups.

    Love this product! by Kimbo10/16/2013

    We have Westies that get alot of ear infections. Once we see one starting we immediatley start the Zmox solution and by the end of the 7 days their ears are clear.

    happy ears by sassy stanley from burlington, vermont06/27/2012

    This is the best OTC medication for ear infections that we have tried. My two long-eared Tibetan Terriers have chronic problems with ear infections so they have learned to hate the appearance of that ear cleaning syringe. No need to use it with this medication since it is applied without first cleaning the ears. They still dislike the treatment, but not as much, and they are certainly happier pooches with the result.

    An exceptional product. by Amarillodude from Amarillo, TX02/17/2014

    This is the only product I have found to solve my dog's ear problems. When he starts rubbing his ears on the floor or grass, I immediately start the Zymox treatment. In a few days, his ears are better.

    Zymox by Fergie01/31/2013

    So far my dog seems to tolerate this product well,

    Excellent Product by Turbodog26407/15/2012

    This product has worked wonders clearing up my Lab's ear infection. I initially used the product following my vet's examination and recommendation for its use.

    Great product by nancy from MI11/18/2011

    This is the only ear product that has worked for my dog's chronic ear infection. It was easy to use & less stressful for the dog because I didn't have to clean the ear before applying the Zymox. The infection was improved within 2 days & cleared up in a week of use.

    Great product! by Labbymom from Mokena, Il03/27/2012

    I have a 7 year old lab who has had some ear problems. I used the last of my dogs prescription medication for ear infections and needed more. I found Zymox on line. It cleared up her ears, and I didn't need a trip to the vets office.

    Zymox by Kristi08/07/2013

    Zymox is wonderful to treat drug resistant ear infections in dogs tried everything with vet before this.follow the directions and give it a week or two and the ears will improve!!!!

    Awesome ear infection remedy by Griffin10/28/2013

    our dog suffers from chronic ear infections and what the vet sold us doesn't hold a candle to Zymox Otic with Hydrocortizone!

    Zymox by Jim from WV12/30/2012

    I was very impressed with your service !

    by Liz from Louisiana07/15/2014

    works really well in conjunction with the zymox cleanser.

    Zymox by pat from Arkansas01/21/2015

    A very useful product in combating both bacterial and fungal causes for otitis externa in dogs

    Lifesaver for my dogs Ears by wendyjo3 from Wheeling, WV06/21/2012

    I purchased this product for our lab/border collie mix dog. He has always been prone to terrible ear infections and has even had surgery on his ear because of them. Nothing has ever helped his ears, not even the $700 surgery!! Then by the grace of God, I happened upon Zymox when searching the internet. The reviews sounded good but I am always a skeptic. We decided it give it a try and just 2 days into the treatment, his head shaking and scratching have vanished. I am more than impressed with this product. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Our doggie is feeling so much better now thanks to this product!

    Amazing product by Heybetsyg from South Berwick, Maine06/01/2012

    Ii highly recommend the zymox otic HC1%. My poor dog Watson was having chronic ear infections and it was costing a fortune at the vets. My poor buddy would even wake up at night crying. Iwas at wits end, the vet told me to give thisa shot! Oh my with in 24 hours he was able to sleep through the night and also stopped whimpering.I used it as directed and now I use it once a week. For my best buddy, it is a miracle working treatment.

    Reliable by Jenni from Ohio08/18/2012

    This product has always given our puggle relief from ear infections. She gets itchy and sometimes starts snorting and this always helps her.

    Finally an answer by susans5505/03/2013

    I have a 7 year old cocker who had to have bilateral ear canal ablation and bulla oseteotmy surgery done before she was even two due to chronic ear infections. She has had external yeast, and fungal problems ever since. Have tried every systemic and topical treatment ever prescribed, as well as some home remedy tries. Some would clear them for a few days. Within 5 days of treatment with this product her swelling and inflammation were reduced, and no drainage noted.

    Awesome! by :)11/01/2012

    I have a cat with chronic otitis. She's had so so many combinations of medications from the vet. Nothing worked. I found this product while doing some research for natrual remedies. I noticed the ears began clearing up within 24 hours. After 10 days her ears were pink and clean! What I love best is you apply it once a day and there is no rinsing or wiping between applications. My cat seemed to appreciate that as well! :)

    best purchase ever by shar04/04/2014

    My dog has allergies and his ears get infected, this stuff works, I don't have to take him to the vet when I know all it is is allergies, best stuff ever.

    Working Good! by P-Tree11/12/2011

    Finally something that works for my dog's chronic ear infections. After numerous vet bills and products, nothing has helped on a continuous basis. The Zymox has stopped the yeast and irritation in her ears. I am hoping the hydrocortizone in the Zymox will help with the swollen inflamation that she still has. Would recommend this product highly.

    great med by shirlm from stockton, ca02/19/2013

    works wonderful, never go anywhere without it.

    Recommended by Poppyblu from Ft Lauderdale, FL02/24/2013

    I have recommended this product to a friend whom has a Palmers Russel that swims in the sea each day and she was concerned he may have too much water in his ear, or an infection. I told her to just place some on a cotton wool pad and apply to the ear.. NOT to squirt it into the ear canal. She said it has helped with his irritation. :) and it is no longer a problem.

    by kammak11/30/2011

    Works great, no digging, wiping etc. in the dogs ears to clean them out!

    The Best by Lyn from Minneapolis, MN03/29/2010

    My dog developed a severe ear infection, so I went online to look up some possible products that could help her, but still made a vet appointment as well. I ordered this product based on reviews I had read, ordered it from this website on a Thursday and kept the Friday vet appointment. The vet sent me home with about $125.00 worth of product and the Zymox arrived on Saturday. I didn't want to waste the $125.00 so I used the washes and medication my vet gave me for 2 weeks and then returned to the doctor. The infection was clearing up, but not as quickly as they hoped, so I stopped all the vet's medications that day and started her on Zymox the following day. I applied it and then removed the excess liquid with cotton balls. I knew at that moment this would work because with one cotton ball I removed more excess gunk and infection from my dog's ears than I had done in the previous two weeks with the vet's medications. I then put another drop or two of the Zymox in my dog's ears and within 24 hours she was better. Now I put this in her ears every one to two weeks to keep her infections at bay.

    otic by donswife05/21/2013

    a real life saver. we have struggled for a year with black yeast. this stuff has brought relief and pink ears

    by from 01/26/2012

    This is a great ear product, without a doubt. It's not as drying as other products, and is non-irritating.

    vet by done from a**Salty**-


    by from 07/20/2013

    Zymox Otic works as advertised. My cat suffers from chronic ear infection. The relief after applying Otic is almost immediate, no more scratchting, no more complaining about achy ears.

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    my by first from orderThis


    Great for the Ears by Renee from Alabama10/23/2012

    I buy Zymox Otic for my Lab's ears. It seems to really help. One day I clean with peroxide, then the next 2 or 3, I will put the Zymox in. I do this about once a month. It really helps and does away with the scratching and much better than the vet bill. Thanks so much.

    Good Stuff by Val01/13/2014

    Ongoing ear problems with English Setter. Food allergy problems. Been trying different food for 5 years (homemade for 3). Still haven't figured out digestion/allergy problem. Used up old ear med from vet - used for 7 days. Thought infection was gone but came back. Vet bills for cats exceeded $400 this month so excited I could buy this without prescription. Been using for 2 weeks - finally looks like cleared up but to be sure, will use until bottle is empty.

    Best Product for Chronic Ear Infections by Foxyspet06/09/2011

    My standard poodle Fonzie is on his fourth day. He is painfree and ear is healing. Have been on five different treatment plans with vet since I got him in November 2010. I will recommend this to any client with ear problems. It's a miracle treatment.

    Great product by Chris W from Georgia09/08/2013

    I am a repeat buyer of this..one of our dogs always had issues with ear infections which meant a trip to the Vet..since I found this and began using it his ears are better and no more infections. What I like about this product, besides the fact it works, is you don't have to clean the ears first AND it soothes the ears so the dog isn't scratching/digging at his ears because they are uncomfortable. It's easy to use and a little goes along way. Love this product - USA made!

    Amazing by paralegal1999 from Bergenfieldn NJ01/19/2010

    My poor lab suffered from horrific yeast infections. NOTHING worked. The stench was horrible, but not as bad as the pain he was in. In 1 day Zymox made a HUGE difference and cleared the infection in less than 2 weeks. If I even see a bit of redness, I use the Zymox for a few days and no infections. This poor dog was on benadryl and tylenol for pain for over a year and now he's pain free and drug free. Thank you ZYMOX!

    Great stuff by BCMom from Loveland, CO02/22/2013

    I'm very happy with this product. My Border Collie has ear infections and this has given her a lot of relief in just a couple of days. I will always keep it on hand. LOVE Zymox products and very happy they are made in the USA. Also love the great service from Entirely Pets, quick shipping time too!

    Zymox otic with Hydrocortisone by Mag05/07/2013

    This is a miracle product! I've spent hundreds on treating my pet's ears with ineffective results.Finally,I decided to try Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone(1.0%) after reading the reviews. Initially,my poor dog won't even let me touch his ears due to pain... but guess what,after a few times of usage, he allows me to put the medication into his ears & I see great improvement -the ears were less swollen and smell free! My fur kid is happier than before! Thank you Zymox!

    Works great by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/23/2013

    My doctor recommended this product when my dog had an ear infection and it cleared it up in no time.

    by Amy from Illinois07/09/2012

    I love this product. My dog has chronic ear infections (yeast) and this product clears it up within a couple of days. And you can't beat the price compared to a visit to the vet.

    by Sassrn from Michigan08/31/2013

    We have used Zymox ear drops and shampoo for 3 yrs now. They have been the only products, including prescription meds, that have helped our allergy prone pit bull. His ears and skin have cleared up and stay that way because of these products.

    zymox ear drops with corizone. by anne from lima ohio08/07/2012

    the vet uses this product for ear issues and infections. i can get it from EP for a much better price. it cures infections and even when the dog just has itchy ears...it clears up the causes. and keeps the ears healthy.....It Works. the best thing i know of for the doggy ears.:)

    AMAZING results! I'd give this 10 STARS if I could by Shheeeshh from Akron, OH12/05/2012

    When I saw all the great reviews, I knew this had to be a good product but I was absolutely amazed how quickly it worked!! My 11 yr old Maltese had a nasty ear infection in both ears. Shaking her head, scratching constantly. She didn't even flinch when I poured the solution into her ear canal and massaged it in (normally she fights getting her ears cleaned and can't wait for the opportunity to escape). It instantly soothed her. I was expecting her to jump down and shake her head. She didn't even shake her head. It was like instant relief for her. We used it daily as recommended for 7 days (and did not attempt to clean her ears during that time - although I wanted to badly!). After a day or two the nasty ear smell vanished. We continued the dosage for the full week just in case. As in some other reviews, she did seem to go temporarily deaf at times during that week she was medicated. As soon as we discontinued the dosage, her hearing is back to normal. Can't even put a price tag on this product. It is priceless!!!

    great product by dani from New Hyde Park NY08/03/2013

    Our dog has had numerous ear infections and has been constantly scratching his ears. It cost us a lot of money to see the vet and get meds that helped somewhat. This product works magic. He no longer scratches and hopefully he won't get another ear infection.

    Great product by Al02/29/2012

    This is the only product that helps keep the ears of my dog healthy. I use it regularly.

    Zymox by Cheryl from New york11/03/2013

    My yellow lab mix has had ear problems since the day we adopted him. His ears would smell so bad and the poor baby would scratch and shake his head constantly. The rescue I got him from had him on antibiotics and it did clear up pretty well , but I noticed within a few days of going off them it would be back. We went through about four cycles of Antibiotic's with our vet with same results. I read about zymox and tried it, along with limiting the amount of grain, corn and soy in his diet the zymox works wonders. At first it was every day but now once a wk or ten days is perfect! And I've found the absolute best prices at Entirely Pets, by far!

    Not really the products fault by lolly from California11/28/2012

    Never got the product. Ordered together with another product so it made a little more sense to pay the shippping but it was back ordered so they were going to send the products separately. Entirely Pets ended up charging my credit card 3 times putting it over the limit and long story short, I told them to stop putting the charges through and just cancel it but the first product had already shipped. What a mess! I ended up having to pay shipping for the one product which made the product a little expensive and ended up not getting the zymox :(

    by from 06/04/2010

    I had just about given up. I have a cockapoo who has had an ongoing ear infection that will not clear up. We've done antibiotics that he vomits up, we've done ear solutions to the tune of large dollars and it always comes back and takes days to make a difference.

    order by this from morningI


    Healed my dogs ears. by Sharcaft01/30/2014

    My little dog had a long standing ear infection..ear was scaled, red, and lymph node under ear was enlarged.. Zymox was recommended by my google search, ordered it, and applied as instructed. His ear showed improvement in two days and after two weeks his ear infection appears to be healed.

    Great for ear infections by Bosco from California08/07/2013

    Bassett Hounds and other dogs with long ears can suffer from chronic ear infections. Zymox is much less expensive than the vet prescribed antibiotics for ears, and if used regularly keeps the dreaded ear infections away. The blue bottle with the cortisone helps with the itchy ear that accompanies ear infections. My vet approves of using this on a regular basis.

    it works by dianey from glendale az08/03/2010

    i have use this with my dog that has yeast in her ears, she does not fight me when i use it instead of the meds the vet gives me. i think because it does not burn.

    by Koli Boy01/27/2012

    This was the best thing ever for my beagle boy Kolohe. He always gets ear infections due to his floppy ears. It used to be $200 a pop to get medicine for him, but now I know. I would recommend this product for everyone that has to deal with ear problems. 5 days and ear infection GONE!!!

    great stuff by littlewop51 from woodsfield oh05/27/2014

    this zymox otic is great stuff, my dog gets ear infections all the time, I used to take her to the vet, which was always a hundred bucks, the zymox clears her ears up fast an is just as good as the stuff I bought from my vet., only its a lot cheaper, if your dog has ear trouble, this is the stuff to get,

    by Love My Springer01/17/2012

    My dog as a light pollen allgery and this works just as good as the meds from the vet and costs at a fraction of the cost!

    Great product by lharris4fa409/02/2013

    My dog had stinking, oozing, itchy ears for months. My vet only gave me something to clean them with. I used this product and within a few days the smell, discharge and itching were greatly reduced and after two weeks he wasn't scratching at his ears anymore. I now use it whenever his ears start to bother him and it keeps them clear.

    Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone by Avidgardener from Chicago Suburbs10/10/2011

    My dog had chronic ear infections and would shake her head so much that she would get pockets of blood in her ears which would have to be drained. I faithfully used the products that the vet gave me but as soon as I stopped using them, the infections came back. The vet treatments just kept getting longer and longer with no relief. A friend suggested using Zymox products. Within 3 days, there was a noticeable improvement in her ears and the shaking. I have not had to take my dog to the vet for an ear problem in 2 years. I swear by this product and will use no other.

    Saved me $$$$ by Jill from Florida01/24/2013

    The Zymox otic solution was amazing.....saw relief after the 1st treatment.....no missed work, no money spent at the vet!! Thank you....I have a happier pup:). Would highly recommend the sight and the product!!

    finally! something that works! by Elle05/30/2012

    my poor dog has struggled with reacurring yeast in his ears his whole life. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market, and have spent thousands over his 11 years. THIS WORKS! And I like that fact you dont have to continue to clean out ears that causes head shaking, irritation and over drying of his ears as well, he's already suffered through having hematomas in the past from products that dont deliver. This stuff kills the yeast, soothes his ears, and keeps them in healthy condition. I love my dog and really hated seeing him suffer needlessly from products that just didnt work. THIS DOES! He loves to swim, so I also needed something to use routinely to keep the moisture in check, just a quick treatment once a week provides excellent maintenance care as well. My vet highly recommended it too, and has started prescribing it to others. I buy it online as its cheaper. I like the fact I dont ever have to pay a vet bill again to diagnose the same problem to get a medicine that will work. I simply buy Zymox and keep it on hand.

    Such an Ear saver!! by Barbie from Biloxi, MS11/04/2011

    Vet wanted to charge us 140 for a visit plus 50 for the meds. glad we know our lil husky/dachshund has chronic ear infections and that entirelypets made it easy for us to buy the medication. 7 days of placing it in his ears and he hasn't whined about them hurting since and the directions with the product were very helpful too since we usually get oral meds for his infection. Thanks!!!

    by from 06/27/2010

    My beagle had problems with wax in her ears and every 6 months I had to bring her to the vet because it was so bad. They cleaned her ears and gave her ear drops to put in her ears for 7 days plus anti-biotics. About 1 1/2 years ago I talked to the vet and asked if there was some ongoing treatment. She prescribed a squirt of ZYMOX once or twice a week as needed. Now I check my dog's ears on Wed and Sat with a washcloth. On Wed I will give a squirt of Zymox in the ear if I find something and on Sat. I give a squirt in both ears. Ever since I started this routine I have not seen anything (unless she rolls in something stinky). The vet said that her ears haven't looked better.

    ZYMOX is FANTISTIC!!! by Tony B.Zymox


    zymox by ladyspain01/17/2013

    This stuff is amazing. Gets rid of ear infections without going to the vet constantly.

    zymox otic solution by sandy07/26/2009

    This stuff is the best. I usually don't write reviews but I just can't believe how good this stuff worked. I have a golden retriever and he has had ear problems since day one. The vet finally told me the only thing left was a $3000 surgery. I don't have that kind of money. I read reviews on this stuff and thought I would try it, what did I have to lose. 2 weeks later his ear was all better. I'm ordering more now his ear is starting to get yuckie but I haven't treated his ear in 3 months. In the 9 yrs I have had him that's the longest his ear has been clear. So if you have a dog with ear problems buy this stuff it REALLY works!!!!!!

    Only purchase ever by Nitaruth from Elizabethtown, Ky.06/01/2014

    This is the only medicine for my shitzu's chronic ear infections I can buy without a perscription that really works..Can't live without it and alot cheaper from Entirely Pets that regular pet stores....'

    Zymox by Edee08/04/2009

    This solution is a miracle over the counter drug. I have a hound with ear issues that were a continous battle. My poor dog was miserable. As soon as I see a hint of ear trouble, this stuff clears it up. Get it!!

    Worked like magic by allbeef from Denver12/20/2013

    This product saved us an expensive trip to the vet! Thanks!!

    Zymox Otic by Patricia08/19/2009

    My Laboradorhas had ear infections for over 12 years and has even had surgery on both ears for hemotoma's from shaking his head so much. I've spent a FOTRTUNE at the vets on tests and medicine and I have to tell you this is the best medicine I have found and not to mention this mediciane is much cheaper than what my vet was charging me for it. It was delivered to me in 2 days !!! I love this website and will be a faithful customer. (my dog thanks you also).

    Zymox Otic by Jennifer10/29/2009

    This is the best medicine for ear infections I've ever used--over the counter and prescription. My Newfoundland suffers terribly from yeast and bacterial infections and prescription drugs barely address the problem. Zymox works incredibly fast. After just one day there is a huge improvement and in no time the infection is gone. I love this stuff.

    Zymox Otic by Lucy05/30/2009

    I ordered this with hesitation. I have tried so many things. My yorkie kept an agitated ear for many months. The vet just told me he had allergies, but he never gave me anything for it. He would have fever in the ear, with swelling & terrible itching. One day I was checking in the computer for something that I thought would help. I saw Zymox Otic. I told myself, Oh well, what could it hurt? I could not believe it. After using this twice, my yorkies ear had completely cleared up. It is so wonderful to see my little yorkie not scratching his ear with it being feverish & swollen. Thank you, thank you. I will always try to keep this on hand.

    Smart buy! by bkeck05/06/2012

    Held true to its word. Instructions said to use for 7 days. Saw results in 3. Worked better then the expensive prescription from the vet. My dog thanks you!

    This works! by Sandra06/09/2009

    Just have to say that this stuff really really works. We have a German Shepherd that has had ear issues since he was a pup... this is the ONLY stuff, prescription meds included.... that works. Use for a week or so to get under control, then periodically to keep problems at bay.

    Works on Staph Infection by Lisa M06/13/2009

    My dog has had recurring ear infections which have resulted in loss of hearing. She was recently diagnosed with an antibiotic resistant staph infection of the ear. I tried oral and topical antibiotics but nothing seemed to completely heal the ears. I'm happy to announce after about 10 days on the Zymox that her ears look normal and her hearing has returned. I plan to continue maintaining her ears with the cleanser and the hycortisone free otic solution.

    THIS IS A GOD-SEND! by Dawn W06/16/2009

    My 5 year old 3/4 collie 1/4 shepard mix developed a nagging ear infection that was nothing short of miserable for him! I wanted to see what I could do naturally before major antibiotics... had this express shipped, 1 application and he was almost back to himself, 2nd application and he was back to normal! That fast!!! AMAZING! My only complaint, you can't find this stuff anywhere but the internet! YOU AND YOUR DOG WILL NOT REGERET THIS PURCHASE!! Thanks for a quick cure for my dog!

    A real find by Betty04/12/2008

    I have been using Zymox for about 5 yrs on my Yorkie and it works for us to keep her ears clear . I keep it on hand ALWAYS

    red ears by Peoplefood from Bedford, VA11/21/2012

    Molly was forever scratching at her one ear and it was red inside.. I used the Zymox on it and in a few days the redness was gone and Molly didn't have to scratch anymore. Easy to use, clear directions.

    Zyox Ear Drops by Diane04/18/2008

    My char pei mix had monthly ear infections, for which the vet insisted on seeing her over and over again- very expensive and they always returned. We treated Nadia once and now we put drops in her ears twice a week. We have not had an infection in over a year. It is an INCREDIBLE product!

    Ear Medicine Works Great by Chance from Bangor, ME04/23/2012

    Awesome. Does the trick. Takes the pain, redness, and smell away quickly.

    Amazing! by Lisa05/25/2009

    This stuff is amazing and I will be sure to never be without. Worked better and quicker then any medication I have received from the vets.

    Greatest Product Out There by OnceaNana from Mesa, AZ12/30/2011

    I have been struggling with ear problems with my dog for years. As a last resort I found Zymox and purchased it from Entirely Pets. It has truly been a miracle!!!! No more head shaking, scratching and best of all the odor is gone :) Thank YOU!!!!

    A wonder product for floppy earred dogs by Lady on the Beach01/07/2014

    Zymox is an amazing product. I have owned cocker spanial dogs for years, and this product is the very best for treating their ear problems. And the strange thing is, after the dogs initially get used to the drops in their ears, and the relief from the itchy smelly ear funk, the dogs never resist the drops in their ears again.

    Works well by Hofmaster2001 from Grand Rapids, mi06/26/2013

    Stops the ear scratching from irritating itch. Anyone that has a Bassett hound knows what I am talking about. This stuff is awesome.

    This product works!! by EM from Canada02/13/2013

    This product works. I used it for my dog who had itchy ears and would constantly scratch. He stopped scratching around the 4th day of use. You have to use this for the full week to 10 day duration but I guarantee this really works!!!

    by Teacher199906/07/2012

    I purchased this product for my beagle who has chronic inflamation/itching in his ears. Zymox worked to soothe and clear up the redness, itching, and inflamation. I have tried many other products, but this one worked!

    Great Medication by Sherry from Atlanta, GA02/11/2012

    Great service! Ordered the product and it was mailed immediately.

    worked wonderful by Red Texas from San Antonio, TX05/16/2013

    After much spent at the vets on ear infections I decided to give this a try, best thing ever!! His ears cleared and look wonderful. Very easy to use. I tell everyone I know about this wonderful product.

    Wow Really Works FAST by greatstuff! from arrington, tn10/02/2011

    My poor golden was suffering so bad with ear infections. I took her to the vet where I was given washes, drops, 2 weeks of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory meds, and steroids~pills galore to help her....Well, it didn't! I decided I wasn't going to spend another $200.00 on worthless and dangerous pharmaceuticals and try to find another solution. While searching the internet, I found Zymox and ordered it out of desperation after reading great reviews on it. WOW! It actually cleared her up in 7 days! After her second treatment she was compliant about taking the meds and you could visibly tell she was feeling much better. I could not believe it. She is still bouncing around all over the yard instead of moping about. It has now been a couple of weeks after treatment and her ears still look great. I am so happy. I have ordered more to keep on hand just in case she gets another one. Thanks for such a great product!

    Works by minischnauzer3003/26/2014

    This clears up my mini schnauzers ear infections and I use weekly to keep his ears happy.

    Worked quickly by Luz Maria from Canada11/03/2011

    Easy to use and worked very quickly. My dog did not mind the application process either.

    by ryna11/01/2012

    have used it a long time ago,and it is great stuff.

    Thank you!, Thank you!, Thank you! by Greg from Calgary, Alberta, Canada06/13/2014

    My 4 year old Lab has suffered through the last year with a nasty yeast infection in his ears. He loves the water, and as a result, his ears were constantly infected. Vet visits, triazole chemistry creams, (including female OTC creams)--nothing worked. Cleaning his ears was a traumatic event for all involved. I read about Zymox on the internet. Began a 2 week regime, and within 3 days, he stopped itching. Ears are clean. Product is excellent!

    Great product! by Suzy06/14/2014

    Zymox Otic is the best ear product that I've ever bought. It works!!!! Thank goodness. Our poor Beau (Black Lab) was often miserable with whatever it is that is chronic in Labs. We desperately tried many things, and of course knew that we were going to have to go the expensive veterinary route, when we saw Zymox and thought "What the heck, it's not expensive." We actually could not believe it when, after one application, the relief that Beau felt was so obvious, and we were thrilled. It does not cure the condition forever, but whenever I see that his ears are starting to bother him, I get out the Zymox. Yes! Do your Dog a favor and buy this product.

    Best product for Spaniel's ears! by Jennifer10/23/2011

    This product ALWAYS clears up my cocker spaniel's ear infections and Entirely Pets consistently has the best price with super fast shipping. Highly recommend!

    all better! by Clydie10/22/2012

    My lab is prone to ear infections and when he starts itching his ear and it starts getting red we just put in the drops twice a day for about 5 days and he is all clear! Beats going to the Vet for a visit and prescriptions all the time.

    Great product! by Myatuk03/04/2012

    Zymox otic works great on my dog's ears. He no longer has to suffer with itchy, painful ears! It is super easy to use, and does what it promises!

    Great product by SerenaB from Missouri12/31/2012

    Clears up our dog's ear problems without a trip to the vet and without the possible side effects of mometamax. It is a chronic problem for her (2-3 times a year.)

    Saving me hundreds! by Brianne from Melbourne, FL01/25/2012

    Our Molly was boarded over the long christmas/new year holiday and when I picked her up both ears were bright red on the inside and she was constantly scratching at them and shaking her head. She's had several ear infections in the past so this really wasn't a surprise to me. The vet was closed for the night so I went online to see if there were any home options other than diluted vinegar when I ran across the entirelypets.com website and the Zymox product. I bought a bottle and paid for overnight shipping. When it didn't arrive when it was supposed to the company made it show up on my door the very next day and credited me back some of the shipping cost (excellent customer service). My wheaten quit scratching at her ears almost immediately and within 3 days both ears seemed to be cured and we haven't had an issue since. My vet bill would have been well over $100 for the visit and meds, and I still have plenty in the bottle in case there is a next time (and because she won't stay out of the pond out back, I'm sure to have a next time). I'm so happy that I found both Zymox and the enterelypets.com site. :)

    Best.Product.Ever by DogMommy from San Antonio, Texas04/20/2014

    My lab mix had problems with her ears since she was a puppy with a dark waxy buildup and odor. She constantly scratched her ears and I tried a variety of remedies and vet meds through the years with no real improvement. I used this for about 14 days and it seems mild as she was quite tolerant of the application. Now her ears are NORMAL!!! I still use it once every 2 weeks as maintenance dose, but I'm not even sure she needs it. My dog and I LOVE this product!!!

    Best product ever by Dy from Maryland09/27/2013

    Zymox worked on my daschund within the first few days. I will continue to use this product when she has inflammation in her ears again. will definetly buy again.

    Vet asked for name of product by Happy Tails in Texas12/08/2014

    My lab spends a lot of time cooling off in the pool during the hot Texas summers. Many trips to the vet for persistent ear infections. He had his checkup today and the vet called me to ask me what I was using for his ears. This is a fantastic product and saved us lots of time and money to the vet!

    It works! by beaner from Livonia, MI11/04/2011

    I have been fighting ear infections in my 11 yr old dog for many years. The medication from the vet only kept it at bay. Zymox has cleared up his ears in 10 days. I'm impressed!

    ONLY thing that works for my beagle by lcook13004/30/2014

    I have an 11 year old Beagle who is extremely prone to yeast and bacterial infections in her ears. Her ears will swell so bad sometimes, I can't even get medicine down in them. Zymox is the ONLY product that works for her and works consistently. It is worth every penny I have ever spent on it.

    by from 04/20/2010

    We adopted our papillon over a year ago - when we got her she had severe yeast ear infections! The vet gave us the meds to clear up the initial yeast infection ... but in a matter of a few days the black coffee ground looking gunk was back. The vet tested her and said there was no yeast and no infection and said it was probably allergies. She showed us how to deep clean her ears.

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    many by good from reviewsThere


    works by as from wellThis


    love this product by cats from Harrison, Mi12/19/2012

    my dog has a problem with her ears i took her to the vet and paid $80.00 for the exam and meds. the next month she had the some problem. a friend told me aboutzymox, i bought it and used it for a cpl days. now 3 days a month i use this and my dog is pain free for the rest of the month.

    Helps itchy yeasty ears by maxie from Raleigh,NC10/17/2013

    My cat has been using this for over 5 years as he has a yeast infection in his ears and this helps him

    IT IS THE BEST FOR THE EAR!!!! by CINDEE12/07/2011


    worked for my dog by Contessa from Fresno, CA10/15/2011

    Got this product timely which was great because Hercules was miserable. Shaking his whole head, itching none stop and whining. Once the drops where in he would shake a lot but after a few days it was much better. It took the whole week to clear the whole infection up but well worth it. Thanks for saving me a trip to the vet!

    Worked great on itchy ears by ButterCup from Westchester County NY04/28/2013

    Followed directions and itchy ears were all better in a week

    Keeps me from spending money at the vet! by Bee04/16/2014

    My dog has had on-and-off ear infections for years. Sometimes vinegar and water would help, but only for a while. Othe times my vet would give my dog percrption medication--not inexpensive. I did some research and found this product and now I've been using this for years with my veterinaian's blessing. It works for my dog! I don't know how it would work on serious cases, though, because as soon as I see some debris on my dog's ear or smell that stinky yeasty smell, I treat. Zymox Otic is great!

    Great product! by Roberto09/07/2013

    Inexpensive and effective product. My dog loves it and doesn't react to it like other ear medications.

    End Your Dog's Ear Misery by Nancy Hartzog from Birmingham AL10/25/2011

    My dog, Maggie, had been bothered with an ear infection (yeast) for weeks. She was shaking her head and scratching her ears day and night. Rather than spend a fortune at the vets, I decided to go online and see if I could find a solution. I found reviews of Zymox Otic , HCL1.0% that were glowing and decided to give this a try. My dog and I are so glad I did. I followed the instructions and she was well within a week but felt better immediately. She even liked having the medicine put in her ear and willingly came to me when I picked up the bottle, laying her head on my lap so I could treat her. All I had to do was pick up the bottle and say, "ears" and she came running. This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who has a dog with ear problems.

    Excellent Product; Great Service by Tujack from Homewood, AL02/05/2012

    My miniature Dachshund seems prone to yeast infections in her ears. This product provides almost instant relief from the scratching and head shaking. Maggie knows this product will help her and so she willingly lies down to let me put it in her ears. I keep this product on hand and would highly recommend it for use with pets who have ear yeast infections. Excellent service as always from Entirely Pets.

    Compares to perscription brand by TR06/08/2012

    I loves this stuff, it helps my dogs ears fast and i don't have to go to the vet as much now.

    Best ears ever for my dog by Perky02/15/2013

    My dog is now 14 1/2 yrs old. She has had problems with her ears from the day I got her from the pound. I have taken her to the vet many times & she was given antibiotics repeatedly to try & fix her ears. It helped, but it would always flare up again after a month. They told me maybe allergy shots, etc., which I can't afford. I shopped the internet & found good reviews on this product. I was desperate so I bought a bottle and tried it. Her ears cleared up. I have had to use it often to keep her ears in good condition, but I have not taken her back to the vet for chronic ear infections. My vet was amazed at her ears and wanted to know what I was using. He now carries this product in his practice. I hope this feedback helps someone else who is trying to fix their dog's ears without breaking the bank.

    Excellent product by hnoble from Saskatoon, SK Canada08/01/2013

    I have found that the Zymox ear medication is excellent for treating very stubborn ear infections. It has cleared up a long standing yeast infection in my dog's ear that hasn't responded to anything that the veterinarian has prescribed for it. I am hoping that by using the Zymox ear cleanser weekly that I can avoid another such infection!

    My dog love's this ear med by horse from Vinton, TX08/04/2013

    I like the easy way it dispensed in my dog ears. She shakes her head like something is in her ear. After a dose of the medication she is happy and not scratching her ears.

    Zymox is Awesome! by WOOFY02/02/2012

    My Jack russell terrier has never had an ear infection til recently b/c of her allergies. Supposedly, her immune system is weak therefore she's prone to ear infections. When used for a whole week, her ears improved so much. She was still itchy from her allergies, but her ears were no longer pinkish/red with brown gunk in it. Her ears doesn't smell bad either. Then stopped using for few days. Noticed her ears were turning pinkish/red again, so used it for 2-3 more days. Ear infection is gone completely. So impressed and amazed by the results. Definitely will keep this handy for awhile just in case her ears get all funky again. Love Zymox. Was skeptical, but tried it and was very impressed. Great STUFF!

    Believe the hype! by jakenjuli from Austin, TX11/06/2013

    I had seen that the product had over 1200 five star reviews on Amazon, and I read a few and felt confident this would work. I am a single mom and have very little extra money. I knew my pets were having trouble with their ears, and I knew it wasn't mites (I'd already spent over $200 to find that out), but I didn't want them to suffer, so I searched all over my city and could not find Zymox in stores. I ordered online and received a well-packed product very quickly and immediately began the course of administering the solution to my pets' ears. Within a day, the odor and scratching were gone. I followed the directions carefully and have not had another problem (it has been about 3 weeks since I stopped). I have posted a pic of the product on Facebook and recommended to all my friends. My pets, my children (who were very worried) and I thank you!

    Excellent product by Miriam09/04/2013

    If you use it as you are suppose to and be consistent with cleaning your pet's ear/s after each treatment the results are awesome. I won't use anything else. Zymox Ear Cleaner is very good too for in between treatments or even if no treatment is required.

    by duke12310/16/2011

    My dog was constantly shaking his head with an itchy ear, and this worked almost instantly.

    Very good product by Jacqui from Stow,Ohio06/24/2012

    One of our cats, Black Satin Surprise, has had chronic ear problems for years, and nothing has been effective. This product has helped immensely.

    Product works!! by KJ03/07/2013

    I have tried several different remedies for the smell in my dogs ears and Zymotic has been the only product to work thus far. I have a miniature schnauzer and his ears get hairy really quick after he gets groomed. However, with the Zymotic we have been able to finally heal his ear mite issue.

    Excellent for my dog's ears by carapar from Portland, OR08/02/2012

    I looked for a long time for something for my dog's inflamed, itchy ears. A friend gave me a bottle of Zymox and I've been using it ever since. It has worked better than anything the vet prescribed.

    Ear infection by L.B.10/23/2012

    Usually if my dog goes swimming he gets water in his ears and sometimes it develops into an infection. This stuff works well for him, provided it's an infection cortisone can treat.

    Thank God for Zymox by wenhorne from Crystal River, FL01/01/2010

    My poor golden has had terrible ear and skin problems. The vet kept giving us expensive ear drops that made him twitch and didn't work. After researching on the interent, I found the Zymox drops with hydrocortisone. The drops cleared up his ears within days and he is much, much happier. Now we are just working on the skin issues. I would definately recommend this product!

    Happy puppy by Flyblo from Riverside, CA02/14/2013

    Putting these drops in Misty's stinky ears seemed to work overnight. She still seems virtually deaf but she is more active and happier. After two weeks of applying the drops, her ears are cleaner and smell much better. We are going to continue with the drops once a week to keep her that way. A very good product.

    good product by montauk81211/21/2011

    helped my english setters ears in about 3 days

    good product by deb11/06/2012

    easy to use , cleaned up the ears and decreased infrections

    the only one that works by Nonni from Hollis Center, ME05/30/2012

    I have an English Bulldog who has chronic ear infections and this is the only product that really has any affect on it. I was getting it from the vet for twice the price ... not any more!

    As Advertised by Dave12/16/2011

    7 days and my dogs ears were clear of the smelly funk

    It works by Rosie05/27/2014

    Our pug has problems with itchy ears, this product works almost instantly and lasts. Best thing I've found yet to help her...

    Good Purchase by Lynn from Bedford, Tx.01/07/2014

    This product has worked very well on my pet.

    Perfect! by EclecticPandora from Bronx, NY02/19/2013

    My dog has chronic ear infections and I was looking for the ointment her old vet prescribed but I found this instead and gave it a try. It worked better than anything the vet has EVER given her and she has not had an ear infection since I treated her! I purchased one for my friend's dog who has the same problem and it also worked wonders for them!

    wonderful product by nelliebelle11 from Lubbock, TX01/20/2012

    I have battled a chronic ear infection for the past two year in my Cockapoo. The vet has prescribed antibotics and steroids that worked for a few weeks, but never cleared the infection or got rid of the drainage and awful smell. I finally researched Zymox on the internet and decided to try it. After using it for seven day, the drainage and smell has ceased and my Tipper is very comfortable. I will never be without Zymox in the future.

    Finally a Cure! by Patti from West Virginia11/26/2011

    I thought I owed it to all the dog owners out there to tell them how terrific this product works. My Buster has had ear problems for years. My vet has had him on multiple courses of Otomax with no significant results and the poor dog scratched his ears till they bled. I finally tryed the Zymox 1% hydro drops -Buster is cured. I am now using the Zymox hydro free and the Zymox ear cleaner which are recommended for long term use to keep Buster's ears healthy.

    by TerTer654 from Michigan10/23/2011

    My golden retriever is constantly swimming and has chronic ear problems but not anymore!! I read about this doing research online and thought I might as well try it since spending hundreds at the vet didn't seem to work. His ears cleared up in a week. They no longer have the dark smelly discharge coming out of them and no longer shakes his head. We can actually pet him without having to constantly wash our hands. I also bought the cleaner to go along with it and a spare bottle in case it comes back, but so far so good!!

    excellent product by minniem61 from Tennessee03/31/2013

    My cat's ears were inflamed and irritated due to ear mites. We took care of the ear mites and then used Zymox Otic for the inflammation and irritation. It worked great.

    Works for ear infections by Mistys Mom04/29/2013

    My Maltese had constant infections and this has helped alot. I use every 2 weeks to prevent any problems.

    Worked when prescriptions didn't by Martin's mom10/05/2013

    My cat Martin has suffered from ear infections since we rescued him 7 years ago. I followed the instructions, didn't clean the ears first, completely against everything you would think! His ears cleared up in 2 weeks and I now use the product once very 2 weeks, as a maintainence dosage, and his ears have remained clear! The vet had put him on several kinds of ear medications and none worked as well and were as easy to use.

    Love it by Threedogs12/20/2011

    All my dogs were shaking their heads with itchy ears and one of Cocoa's ears was really pink inside. After the very first application all head shaking stopped. It works wonderfully.

    Not sure by Jessi from Akron OH11/23/2011

    I'm not sure if it was the product itself or what, but my cat had an outer ear infection and upon giving her these drops, it only made it worse. It became a massive inner ear infection to the point I had to go to the vet. I don't know if it was the drops or what. Probably not. But I don't feel right with recommending the drops when I don't know what caused her problem to worsen.

    best product for our dog and cats by Loozie from Upstate New York09/03/2013

    This product was recommended by our vet for our dog's ears, but I keep two bottles at all times...1 for cats and 1 for Marvin (dog).

    Loved it by Vicki from Escanaba Mi06/10/2012

    This saved me so much money then going to the vet! We knew she had ear terrible and the vet charges such high prices so glad I could get it from you!!!

    by JVC06/16/2013

    Loved the zymox optic. Wished it came in a larger size. Will be getting more. No more smelly ear.

    This WORKS!!!!!! by Sue from Louisiana07/28/2014

    I used this on my adult lab for 7 days and his ear yeast infection is GONE!!! The smell went away about 3-4 days during use but I continued the Zymox and gave it to him for a week. I have been a pet owner for many years and I didn't know about this. You can rest assure I will keep Zymox on hand from now on.

    Terrific Product by Freckles Mom from Pinnacle, NC03/05/2012

    Freckles vet was really excited over this product since we have been working on Freckles ears for about 9 to 10 years. So far this product has started clearing up her ears. We will be using this product the rest of Freckles life but not so often and Freckles is saying to you "Thank You" they don't have to dig into my ears to clean them anymore and it's working. Love the product.

    Did the Trick by Emma F from Farmington Hills, MI07/25/2012

    My friend, Schnauzermom, told me about this ear cleaning product. My Rhodesian Ridgeback gets gunked up ears pretty regularly and I was sick of the expensive vet bill and antibiotics. I bought these drops to see if I could clean up her ears when they started getting gunky and I've managed to stave off 2 infections with it so far. It really works with minimum mess and fuss.

    Featured Reviews for 3 PACK Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%)
    It's really amazing by paralegal199910/19/2009

    My wonderful lab has been suffering for years with chronis yearst infections in his ear brought on by allergies. He's celiac, allergic to grass and mold. Nothing has ever worked, but this stuff in a matter of 3 DAYS managed to stop the odor and after using it for 10 days, his ears are actually CLEAN. He's still shaking his head a little, but nowhere near what he was doing 2 weeks ago and he's finally comfortable.

    Wonderful Product by De from California10/13/2012

    I have a four yr old Pitbull name Loki and every month or so I had to take him to the vet for ear infections. After an exhaustive web search and reading many customer reviews I decided to buy Zymox Otic and try it. Within three days Loki stopped shaking his head and scratching at his ears. Zymox is a wonderful product, and Loki is back to his oldself .....

    by AttiBoy04/10/2013

    These drops always work on my GSD's yeasty, smelly ears.

    Yes it is a miracle by imbethchappy11/21/2008

    Chronic ear infections and hundreds of $$s later - we have found this product. I agree - your vet would rather you not! Truly solves the problem.

    miracle ear treatment by Speedy07/16/2008

    Im a golden with severe ear infections since I was a puppy. After many 100's of dollars at the vet and being pumped with steroids and anti-biotics only for the infection to recur almost immediately.This product is what vets would rather us not know about. If used regularly, it keeps infection at bay.

    Great Product by Boots08/14/2012

    I rescued a little shih tzu about 5 wks ago. He had a major case of yeast infection in his ears. I got prescription ear meds from the vet and it made him sick to his stomach. I ordered Zymox and in 7 days this medication had his ear infection cleared up, No more scratching his ears. I love this stuff and my furbaby thanks you.

    works great by durocher2009 from Oliver,BC01/23/2013

    my little girl is part shar-pei and have been battling her ear and skin problem for 2 years. after 2 days i noticed results and just over a week i've never seen her ears cleaner. even my rotti seems to be enjoying her new found happiness. i'm so glad i found other great reviews on this project but i wish i would have found this product sooner.

    The Zymox Otic worked great by Shorty from Waldorf, MD11/17/2011

    My Minature Pincher had yeast infections in both ears before and the medication was quiet expensive at the Vet. I ordered the Zymox Otic from EntirelyPets and after using it for three to four days the yeast infection disappeared. It periodically comes back but a couple doses of Zymox Otic takes care of it. I gave one bottle of Symon Otic to a friend who could not afford a vet bill and it cleared that dogs ears up also. This dog had a sever yeast infection. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet that gets yeast infections in their ears.

    Great for dogs with reoccurring ear infections! by Lback01/03/2014

    My lab is constantly getting ear infections and when I found this product, I was so happy. For years, I would take her to the vet and she would be diagnosed with an ear infection and would be put on antibiotics. The antibiotics cleared up the infection but it would always come back. These drops are great because they not only clear it up, they seem to keep her infection-free for longer. They can also be used long term.

    Best Product by Ellen R Majewski from Milford, CT07/28/2014

    Have used Zymox products for many, many years. Gets rid of miinor ear infections, yeast infections and wax build-up. A must have for every pet owner's medicine cabinet!

    by jpop09/22/2013

    Zymox is an excellent product. Works quickly and very effective.

    Great recommendation by Bobbi from Ohio08/20/2012

    My groomer recommended this product to clear up my dog's ears which are quite furry so it was hard to see any infection. His ears are almost clear and he's not as fussy about them. It's very easy to use and I highly recommend it. Once a day I wipe residue out of his ears with a dry or barely damp paper towel using a separate towel for each to avoid cross contamination if that could be a problem.

    Miracle product! by RastaMom from Northern California08/01/2014

    My boxer boy has a lot of food allergies and has never allowed me to touch his ears. They were red and flaky and stinky!!! The vet, who checked his ears, never mentioned that this could be fixed... a friend recommended Zymox with hydrocortizone and POOF! 7 days later, his ears are all cleared up!! Amazed and so thankful that I found this product!!

    by from 11/29/2012

    Everything I order from Entirely Pets is correct and on time. Even the packages sent to friends arrive exactly when they are supposed to. I love shopping here. Very friendly and helpful customer service.

    for by being from dependableThanks


    by from 11/25/2011

    This product is not available generally in Canada. Your online store is the only place we can obtain it. No veterinarian has ever offered up something like Zymox as a treatment for our dog's ear infections.

    dog by would from beWithout


    Lars by from Thank

    Greatest product for dog ear problems

    Zymox Otic by marty from san antonio06/15/2013

    fabulous product! my dog had chronic ear problems that the vet could not cure. Started using zymox, and the problem disappeared! If she starts to scratch from time to time, I just use the Zymox again. the recurrence is rare (once or twice a year, when allergies flare). Before that, she always had itchy smelly ears that drove her and me crazy

    Yes, it really works! by willowmrtn10/27/2011

    This is a great product. I've used it for over a year now and it takes care of my Newfoundland's ear infections. Once it clears up, I use it about once every 2 weeks and this seems to keep her ears very healthy. I was skeptical the first time I tried it, but I figured, for the price, I'll give it a shot. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!! And no pricey visit to the vet!

    Saved my dog! by dogs in my heart from frederick, MD08/02/2014

    One of my goldendoodles had non stop ear infections for the first 18 month of his life. My vet tried the standard treatments without success. He cultured the ear and we knew the organism but just couldn't get a handle on it. He told me about Zymox and how he's heard about it at a convention. He had another patient , a cocker spaniel, that had a history like my dog and said the owner is so pleased with the reults. We had nothing to lose at this point and my dogs ears cleared up after 2 weeks and now we use it once weekly as maintenance. We started it 10 months ago and there have been no ear infections!

    Amazing product by Mb11/07/2012

    After 7 days of use otitis totally gone. Much better than the steroids that can cause temporary deafness. Will follow up weekly with epiotic as general cleanser. Hc helped with hematoma dye to excessive shaking due to infection

    by from 05/02/2013

    External ear problems/allergies by Rowdy's mom from Omaha, ne10/24/2011

    Zymox is the best. Have used it for years on both of my golden doodles. I took it to my vet the last time one of the boys had an ear problem and the vet said it was better than anything she could give us after checking ingredients. Use per instructions and the problem is gone within five days.

    Problem Solved, by Kim from Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada05/29/2012

    Thank you so much for your quick delivery of my order of Zymox, my daughters dogs ears were completely out of control, within 2 weeks, his ears are healed, All the redness is gone, the discharge has cleared up and he is no longer shaking his head and being miserable, I will continue to purchase this product from you, THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS,

    My dogs bad ears by NJA from Davenport, Fl05/30/2012

    This product is great for minor yeast ear infection. Although anything chronic should be treated by a vet. It does have a drying agent and hydrocortisone is great for swelling and itchy ears. My dog is prone to ear infections, so as long as I catch the signs early enough I can get it cleared up with a once a day for usually in about 10 to 14 days. Then I use a regular ear solution with an eucalyptus ingredient that has no medication but is a great drying agent. Get the proper PH balance back in that ear. Consult your vet. She said this product is a good stop gap, but if the infection is chronic then you need a veterinarian to treat.

    zymox by Kel from pa11/05/2011

    I love this product, it helps with ear infections and it starts working within the first day. The entirely pets co. shipped my product in a timely fashion and pricing was reasonable.

    ear rescue for cockers by jlkelly11/07/2012

    This product is saving me many $ in vet costs. The consistency makes the stuff stay in the dog's ears instead of being shaken out like regular drops. I do find that you have to be vigilant about keeping to the dosing schedule, and for a stubborn/chronic case like mine, use for a longer period of time. It definitely gets rid of that stinky, yeast-y ear smell.

    Zymox Otic by mkg12/07/2011

    This works really great for my Pug Oscar. He is allergic to Corn and Wheat products which cause yeast to build up in his ears and causes him to scratch.

    by from 06/28/2014

    zymox ear products by rannie from VA11/19/2011

    Try them! They really work. I know as I've tried them all and this is the best.

    Labs and their Ears by maggie03/30/2012

    This is the identical medication prescribed by our vet for our Lab's seasonal ear infections but without the added cost of another trip to the vet telling us what we already knew. Thank you

    Zymox Otic made all the difference by Liz R from Central Texas08/21/2014

    My dog has suffered with yeasty ears all of his life. We have narrowed down the foods that trigger yeast explosions and have him on specialty food, but that only made his ears less bad. With Zymox Otic (1.25oz) with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) once a day, we have it down to a tolerable level, where he does not walk around all day shaking his head like he used to do. Depending on your dog's yeasty ear severity, this may just take care of it. I am about to reorder. P.S. There are different kinds of Zymox. Only the kind with Hydrocortisone 1% is this effective. The other kind, which I bought first is not nearly as effective.

    Great price for a great product! by Jan from Southern California10/25/2012

    Zymox w/1% hydrocortisone is a great product and was recommended by our vet. Our dog has a tendency to get ear infections resulting from allergy issues, and Zymox reduces the probability. Great relief for our pet, Abbi.

    Best I've found! by cam94 from Arden, NC08/14/2012

    I have a 7 yr old hound prone to chronic ear problems since puppyhood & have tried just about every product to help relieve the problem, including pricey Rx from the vet. This is the best I've come across & have been using it for the past 3 years. This has been the only product that has been able to turn my flappy hound to a happy hound.

    Zymox by crazydoglady12/10/2013

    This product is a God-send to anyone with dogs who have ever or will ever have ear issues. It is fabulous, my vet recommends it as well, and it is so affordable.

    AWESOME by Nicki from Las Vegas04/18/2012

    This has done wonders for my poor Jilly with all of her allergies. I was spending thousands of dollars a year taking her to a doggie dermatologist who was pumping her w/ steroids. What a difference this product has made already in 2 wks. Her ears look better than they ever have while being medicated by the dr.

    Works Great! by MomMary02/15/2013

    My golden has had trouble with her ears forever. We have spent a fortune at the Vet getting medicine for her ears. We ordered this product at Entirely Pets and it has cleared up Kelli's ear issues. Price was great!

    Good by CP04/09/2014

    Great product for my Dog. When he gets ear infection works very well. Very fast action due to Hydrocortisone.

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic Hydrocortisone Free - 4 fl. oz.
    LAB EARS by DOGSKI from NORTON,OHIO02/07/2012


    Great Product! by Ski07/15/2012

    My poodle has waxy ears. This product does a really nice job of softening the wax in his inner ears. After a treatment, when he shakes his head, the wax comes flying out. My vet introduced me to this product.

    Great For Rabbits! by MissBunny420 from St. Augustine, Florida11/02/2011

    Hi there, my bunny is a lop and has those pesky ear problems that often plague them. He developed large lumps just under the base of his ears. I treated him with injectable penicillin for some time and saw some results, but them decided to approach the problem topically....using Baytril Otic drops and an ear wash. When I finished up the Baytril, the lumps were way smaller, but not completely gone. I contacted my vet and he suggested the Zymox, saying that it was effective on stubborn cases. Well, I'm here to say that the Zymox will be my first line of attack when the problem reoccurs. It's not always easy to find "rabbit safe" products AND this product is also safe for long term use. That's why I purchased the 4 oz. bottle.....it's economical, effective and easy to use.

    Remarkable product. by sylsne from Pahrump, NV04/09/2014

    I tried several meds. that the Vet perscribed and none worked. My sister told me about your product, I ordered it and WOW did it ever work. And like in a few days Holly stopped scratching her ears! And I had trusted the Vet for two years with his perscriptions. Thank you so much for your product.

    Works well by David from North Grenville, Ontario01/06/2014

    I have a Golden Retriever who is prone to yeast infections, Zymox Otic cleared it right up!

    by mist from Libertyville, IL11/02/2011

    this is a good product, if your dog has chronic yeast infections in their ears

    THIS PRODUCT WORKS! by Dark Cloak Danes01/31/2012

    Zymox Octic does what it says! The first application, Day One, removed the *Stinky* build up. The second,Day Three, soothed the ear and eased the irritation * No more ear flapping* and a much happpier dog. The third,Day Five, has removed all the deep *Gucky* build up and the *Redness* has gone away. Easy to use and at a great price! I will always keep Zymox Octic.

    Love this product by Andy07/06/2012

    My dogs ears have had a bad infection for months and nothing has helped. I ordered this product and after a few weeks there has been a huge improvement and I think another few weeks will have them totally clear.

    Effective Remedy! by Mike from Miami, Fla.05/07/2013

    The product was effective in treating my dogs' ear problem. Apparently it does what it's supposed to.

    Good for stubborn inflammation by Ruthe from Michigan12/09/2012

    Zymox Ear Cleaner twice a week usually keeps ears clear but when inflammation breaks through a few days of Otic does the trick.

    by from 10/16/2013

    My lop bunny, like many lops, is predisposed to ear problems. I had tried many other products, mostly RX stuff, and had not really conquered the issue...until a vet suggested Zymox. He said that it had worked on some stubborn cases that hadn't responded to other treatments. And in Leroy's case, it was the thing that finally worked.

    easy by to from useThis


    sure by to from haveI


    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic (8 oz) Hydrocortisone Free
    Thank God!!!! by Giggleslady12 from Florida02/21/2010

    Finally something that beats everything!!!! Cockerspaniel ears. Need I say more. Tried several oral & ear drop antibiotics. My vet normally uses this for mild ears conditions. When faceing $3700 to 4200 ear romoval surgery we tried this and it worked instantaneously, and gets better the longer you use it. I could kiss the manufacturer. My poor dog has been fighting since June multiple ear conditions and this is the only thing that has worked and does not build up a resistance. Thank you! Thank you! Highly reccomend!!!

    Incredible Immediate Relief by Greger from Central Florida08/22/2010

    My Lab/Weimaraner has the biggest floppiest most beautiful soft and silky ears in the world. When he shakes his head they flap sheets on the clothesline on a windy day. But they were itchy and smelly and he had gotten sores on the tips of them from flapping them into things, He was miserable, I was miserable. The ear flush the vet gave me was less than useless and my dog hated it. I bought Zymox ear cleanser and Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone. Once I had used the cleanser a few times I swithched to the Zymox Otic and he is cured. I put the Zymox Otic in his ears now about once a month for maintenence and we are both happy again! No more groaning and scratching, no more smell no more frustration.

    repeat purchase by paula sharpei from placerville california03/25/2013

    I have dogs with really small ear canals. This treats ANY and ALL bacterial and fungal things that happen to the ears. It is a wonderful product and I have used this for over 11 years.

    Good product by LAIWANG from Taiwan04/24/2013

    my dog's ear vey clean and not smell bad i am satisfacied

    by from 07/28/2010

    I wouldn't be without this product!!!

    Rex, by who from isMy


    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - 4 fl. oz.
    Excellent Product - Works Great by Dog Lover08/05/2014

    My three year old Beagle had some dark material in her ears and after cleaning them and trying a few natural treatments they looked better, but not completely better. I really didn't think she had ear mites, but to be sure I brought her to the vet. She viewed the "material" under a microscope and said it wasn't mites but was a fungal issue and gave me this product. I used it as directed and within seven days her ears were perfectly clean and clear of any debris or redness. A few weeks later I was looking on line and found I could order it myself ! About a year later she had the same issue so I was able to treat her myself without the hassle and expense of going to the vet.

    Great Product & Service by Loree from San Diego CA11/01/2011

    This product works better than the prescription product my vet has recommended. Great product that was shipped sooner than expected. Great service!

    Worked Well by cytosara02/08/2013

    My dog had a longstanding ear infection with frequent ear flapping and head shaking, despite the use of cleaning solutions. He had a reddish brown discharge in his ears. This product seemed to bring him instant relief. We finished a course of 14 days, and the reddish brown discharge was gone. We'll continue using the cleanser for maintenance, and hopefully the infection will stay away!

    Ears by MC08/03/2014

    A money saving treatment for ear problems. Use once a month to help prevent reoccurring ear troubles. Also use for chronic ear issues. It saves a trip to the vet.

    I have been using this product for years :) by metrussa from Glen Carbon,IL.11/30/2011

    I have a 11 year old lab who has suffered with chronic yeast/bacteria infections in his right ear for the past 8 years. Our first visit to the vet he was prescribed a script only med.They would refill a couple times then he would need to be seen again.We already knew what the problem was so this was becoming costly.I looked into alternatives and ran across this product gave it a try and have been using it ever since. I have recommended this to family and friends and all have the same praises.

    Great stuff by Viv from Michigan02/07/2013

    This works great with the cleanser.. between the both of them it is keeping my dog ears free from infections,No other products work as well as Zymox highly recommended...

    by doglover<310/06/2011

    my yellow lab gets recurring ear infections, this always clears them up, and if i try to purchase from the vet, they tell me i have to bring her in, after 11yrs, i know what an ear infection is. Entirely Pets is the only place i have found where i can purchase without a prescription! And they are very quick with delivery also, and great price. Love the product and Love the website!

    Works! by val from Louisiana06/02/2013

    Love this stuff for my dog's ear. Clears up his ears in no time, and best of all, I received it extremely fast!! Thank you!!

    by from 10/25/2011

    I tried many products from my Vet which did not clear up my bull dogs ear issue with bacteria. A large pet store clerk told me about the Zymox and told me to go to this website to purchase it.

    and by I from haveMy


    Happy Ears! by Kerty04/06/2012

    I have a couple of cats that have had chronic ear problems and many visits to the vet $$$, we started to use this and they are doing much better,all cleared up in a 7 - 10days.We keep this on hand for flair ups. very pleased with this.

    Great item by pcon11704/25/2014

    For anyone who has ever had a dog with an ear infection...this product is wonderful. No longer do you have to wash/rinse out the ear and then apply medicine. You just use Zymox and it not only clenases the ear canal but cures the infection. Wonderful to use.

    NO BETTER PRODUCT AVAILABLE!!! by Deb from Indiana01/31/2012

    We raise Goldendoodles and have this product in clinic size on auto ship. We use nothing else. When our first puppy had an ear infection, our vet provided commonly used ear washes and medications of which our puppy showed a severe reaction to the treatment, changes to the treatment did not help. By this time, her ears were raw with open sores and she ran from me when I had the treatment in my hands. I researched and sent for a bottle of Zymox w hydrocortizone and began using 3-4 days before my return appt to the vet. Her ears started cooling/redness lessened sores started healing. I had to tell the vet that the second treament was no better and that I had began treatment w a natural product. He was impressed an told me to continue w what I was doing as it was working. That was over 2 years ago and as we breed we share this product w the adoptive famiies as well. We use Zymox ear cleaner/wash and Zymox w hydrocortozone together as a preventative and for potential infections. We have had no vet visits related to any ear problems/infections and also use Zymox oint for skin conidtions like rashes. We love Zymox products!!!

    Best treatment ever by florett from Boston MA07/21/2014

    This is the best ear treatment ever. When I started with a new vet two years ago, I asked if he endorsed Zymox, since I had started to use it? He said it was the only thing he used in ears! First, it works. Secondly, it doesn't built up resistance in the microbes. Third, it has no side effects in the treated animal. If you've got an ear infection in a dog, there is likely an allergy underlying it so I work on that too. But it relieves the pain and heals the ear right away.

    by from 04/27/2014

    Zymox works great! by apache's mom from rockwall texas12/18/2013

    My German Shepherd has chronic yeast. His ears can get so messy but after using Zymox Otic for a couple of days , his ears clear up. I'm so glad I found Zymox Otic for him.

    A product that really works! by FlaLady from Deltona, fla04/05/2013

    Having beagles (floppy ears) prone to ear problems, this has proven to be a fast, easy way to clear the problem! Great price, great product

    Ear problems by Poppyblu from Ft Lauderdale, FL11/06/2012

    Great for stopping ear problems such as yeast. I have a South African Mastiff who has frequent ear problems and I tried Otic as a cheaper alternative to Otimax and it has worked amazingly if not better than the Otimax for half the price and a larger bottle! I applied it twice a day for about three days and once the problem cleared up I apply it maybe once or twice if I see the problem coming back and its gone immediately.

    good job by LAIWANG from Taiwan04/24/2013

    Very good used i am satisfacied good for dog

    great product! by sandee06/19/2012

    We have 2 dogs (schnauzer and a labrador retriever) which were both bothered by chronic ear infections...often a visit to our vet meant another round of costly antibiotics. After using this product for just a short period of time...their ears have cleared, they do not constantly scratch, and their ears look great! We are all happy with the positive results. Whoof whoof from the happy dogs!

    Absolutely Brilliant Product by cazzle44 from Essex. United Kingdom06/27/2012

    Zymox Otic is the most wonderful Product Ever. I Have A Cocker Spaniel Who Has Suffered So Badly With Ear Trouble For The Past 6 Years, Just By Chance i Typed In Ear Cleaner And Found Zymox. Wish I Could Have Found This Sooner!! My Dog No Longer Constantly Shakes His head And His Ears Have no Infection. Shame I Cannot Purchase this product in the uk- Well worth paying the shipping costs i must say- so much cheaper than vets bills where no improvement was lasting. Thank you!!!!!

    Zymox Otic with hydrocortisone by May from Las Vegas, Nevada10/29/2011

    My dog had allergies and an ear infection. The zymox has helped rid her of the ear infection in a few days. She also had a really bad yeast infection where her nipples and arm pits were all black. I was able to put the Zymox all over her black spots for a few weeks and she is all clear now. This product is a life saver. My pit is much happier and less itchy:)

    Zymox Otic HC by EnglishRose05/05/2014

    Our dog has struggled with ear problems for years. It has been so frustrating and discouraging to have him suffer with the itch and pain. The vet bills have been outrageous and nothing prescribed ever seemed to help for any length of time. We have addressed dietary and environmental allergies. We have used all kinds of natural methods to attempt to eliminate the problem, as well. We have been using Zymox Otic for several weeks now with noticeable improvement. We are hopeful that with time and persistence, the Zymox Otic system will be totally effective. Our dog's ear problems are chronic and we recognize it may take a little extra time to achieve total success. It is wonderful to see our sweet puppy experiencing relief!

    Best ear cleaner, same as the vet used. by rtwobeagles from Denver, CO10/30/2013

    Same product used at my vet's office. Works great very happy

    Best purchase by Puppydog from North Carolina09/12/2014

    My dog has had a chronic ear infection. Nothing I've tried has helped other than this product. So far this is the best!

    Simply... Awesome by kitkat6510/06/2011

    This is THE best product I have used yet for treating my German Shepherd's recurring yeast infection in his ears. It started working immediately and brought fast relief to my furry friend. I am very pleased with this product and will certainly recommend to others.

    This Works! by KALA10/27/2011

    Our 8 yr old Golden Retriever has been plaqued with ear infections most of his little life. We have tried a million things in treating his chronic condition. I have used the Zymox cleanser with good success and thought I would try this product of theirs as well. I must say I am extremely pleased with the results. It truly aides in clearing whatever is going on in there! Thank you Zymox!

    Great purchase by Amy from Ohio02/23/2011

    Our Lab has ear issues any time he sneaks and gets into the trash or gest a peice of food off the floor. We have had him to the vet several timee and hundreds of dollars later. This product took care of the issue right away. I highly recommend this product for minor ear irratation/infections!!

    Fabulous product by Cynthia11/21/2011

    Product works where nothing from the vet ever did!

    Very Effective by Abby's Mom07/27/2012

    Great medicine, very effective for my dog's chronic yeast infections in her ears. Cheaper to buy online here than to go to vet!

    best purchase ever!!! by tmae02/05/2012

    My dog suffers from constant yeast infections in his ears. The vet charged $130.00 for visit and drops. So i researched the net and found Zymox kept popping up and was told Entirely Pets had the product. We are now happy dog and owner. It was definitely the best product!!! Thanks entirely pets

    best stuff by pepespet from Harrisburg, PA06/14/2013

    tried many other approaches to my dog's constant problem of brown ear wax causing itching and shaking. used as directed without cleaning the ears her problem cleared up magnificently. this was so great since she runs every time I mention the cleaning of ears or even move to get the supplies.

    Zymox by Jacks3402/28/2013

    My chocolate lab is prone to ear infections, I was going to the vet once a month and paying $160.00 for the visit and the meds. Since finding Zymox the ear infections have been less frequent and much cheaper to treat. I love this product

    Great for Ears by BandJmom from Wimberley, TX12/05/2013

    My vet recommended this product a couple of years ago to treat my rottweiler's ears after an ear infection. It's an amazing product! Easy to use, the gel appears to be comforting to my boys, and I now use it regularly (every 3 weeks or so) to prevent ear infections or discomfort.There is no mess involved. Typically, they don't like anyone messing with their ears, but once they see, then sniff, they lie back and let me tend to them. I recommend this product!

    A solution for ear infections! by PM - Albuquerque01/24/2013

    I used this Zymox 1% for an ear infection my beagle had. The infection clear in 5 days, and it was so easy to administer. He had a foul odor, had a brown waxy material in his left ear, and had been scratching his ear frequently. After the first dose, the scratching stopped (the hydrocortisone) and shortly less than 1 week, his ear infection cleared. I'm grateful that Entirelypets.com offered this product at a great price. Thank you! PM

    Fabulous for ears by Schnauzermom02/05/2013

    Once per day, this does a great job with stubborn ear infections on all my dogs and fosters...

    Zymox by Tossty04/19/2013

    I have used Zymox once a week for long time on my Dog for long time to avoid ear infection.

    Saved a lot of Vet Bills by Cosmo's Mom from Dallas, TX04/18/2012

    I've used this product on Cosmo (our dog) for several years now. He gets yeast allergies in his ears easily (especially when he plays in the water or takes a bath). This medication clears his ear problems every time!

    Awesome by Rescue Mom from Charlotte NC07/10/2012

    My dogs love to swim and it seems as if somebody was always brewing an ear infection. I start the Zymox Otic solution at the first sign of ear problems. I have been able to stop the never ending cycle of expensive ear cultures, antibiotics, steriods and greasy topical ointments.

    Good Choice by NJKaren02/16/2012

    Our cocker has constant ear and other allergy issues. His ears often are red and swollen with wax or dark discharge. However, they are not infected. I tried this product for 10 days. His ears are less red, do not see the wax and they are certainly not swollen. I am continuing once a week. He also is not digging at his ears like before.

    solved the problem by sydney11/16/2011

    I have it on hand at all times for my newfoundlands and cat when bacteria sets in. I discovered it on my own by reading reviews after spending $ at the vet for ear drops and an antibiotic that didn't work.

    It works by stumpjumper from Arkansas05/27/2013

    This is the only product we have ever found that worked for Molly our Boxadore. She is much much better!!

    Great Preventative Product by Jan from Southern California06/10/2014

    Zymox Otic with HC 1.0% was recommended by my vet. Once antibiotics have cleared up the infection, this solution, used proactively, is a preventative for ear infections/allergy conditions. What a relief for my dogs!

    Great product! by Banks from West Palm Beach, Fl01/12/2012

    My pit bull has chronic ear itching and this product has been very effective in controlling his problem.

    Best ear medicine ever by Kdmack from New Hazelton BC07/27/2012

    I have a Goldendoodle that has had chronic ear infections for most of his life. He would scratch his ears and we would have to clean them every 1-2 days. I did some google searches and found alot of recommendations for this product which cannot be found in Canada. I purchased the Zymox Otic and the zymox cleaning solution from Entirelypets. After about the 3rd day I noticed a difference, no leaking ears and no scratching! I treated my dogs ears for approximately 14 days and have not had to clean his ears since, its been almost 1 month and they are spotless. Incredible product and cant thank Zymox enough for how it made my dogs life better. Big thank you from Canada.

    by Yorkie Mom from Over the Rainbow12/22/2013

    Best product for keeping those tiny ears from getting itchy and annoying

    save a ton in vet bills! by mapo01/17/2012

    My lab gets several ear infections a year. Needless to say, spent tons of money at the vet. Tried Zymox Otic about 2 years ago, and have been using it for my labs ear infections, and have not had to go back to the vet for ear infections since!

    Ear med by Deb from Florida01/04/2014

    Super job. Nice using something natural. It's greasy

    REALLY WORKS by Sammy02/10/2012

    Tried other antibiotic for years and it would always come back. I noticed a difference within 3 days. No infection & no smell. My dog is happy again!AMAZING!

    by DMM06/05/2012

    The product was easy to use, it didn't have a bad smell and the ear infection went away.

    Best purchase I have ever made. by Nasophia from Mobile,Alabama01/18/2012

    I have spent $$$$$ at the vets office for chronic ear infections and nothing was effective, until I found Zymox at this company.

    Amazing by Martin04/06/2012

    I have a Shar Pei who has persistent ear problems. His ears require regular cleaning and we have used a couple of different ear cleaners with only limited results. After doing a little research about this product I decided to give it a go. Within a hour trying this solution we noticed a big difference. We have used the solution every day for a week as recommended and our dog's ear irritation has completely gone. I don`t believe he had a serious ear infection, but being a Shar pei he has suffered with ear problems on and off for about 2 years. We did visit our vet on 2 occasions and the ear cleaner they sold us did nothing to improve his condition. I would highly recommend this product.

    by from 05/15/2014

    The answer to chronic ear infections by gardengirl04/30/2014

    My ten year old Cockapoo has suffered with allergies all her life. After her vet treated her a few times with prednisone and antibiotics they would get better only to happen again. Fearing side effects from drugs so often I searched the internet and found Zymox. I have used it on her for many years now with good results. When her ears start bothering her she readily lets me apply it; she seems to know it heals.

    Great Product!!! by Debbie R from Levant, Maine12/28/2013

    We have a Golden Retriever and a Yorkie, who both have issues with their ears at least once a month. We know when their ears are bothering them when they start itching and rubbing their ears. We have been using this product for the last 3-4 years and always keep it in the house. I love the prices too. I've checked other sites and this site has the best prices!!!

    Zymox Otic by Tracey from Florida01/09/2012

    Excellent product, I usually use otomax for my mastiffs reoccurring yeast infection in his ear. I used this as an alternative and It does all that the reviews said it does & I didn't need a prescription!

    great product by Sadie's mom01/10/2012

    This product cleared up my poodle's cronic ear infection. Was constantly having vet bills for same complaint time after time. This works just as well and a whole lot less money and trouble. Thanks for a great product.

    Great Product by bpeddle from St. John's, NL12/29/2013

    This product worked quickly to clear up my dog's ear infection. With 7 dogs to look after it's not always possible to get to the vet's in a timely fashion and with ear infections it's good to be able to treat it as quickly as possible. This product worked beautifully and within a couple of days the infection was gone and my dog was back to her happy self.

    by Elvis02/09/2012

    This is a wonderful product for Basset Hound ear problems. We use 3 drops daily in each ear to ward off infection. It won't cure an infection but does prevent them. Great stuff!!

    Miracle by venicegardengirl from Venice, FL04/14/2012

    After years of traditional treatments for my cockapoo's ear infections I discovered Zymox Otic out of determination and desperation. I spent hundreds of dollars on vet bills and drugs. I did not want to subject my dog to steroids and antibiotics anymore. This product works so well; at first signs of infection I use the product and it clears it right up. What a miracle! It will always be in our cupboard.

    Product backordered by Lovedogs08/05/2012

    I purchased this item on 7-15-2012 and it is now 8-5-2012. I have received one email the day i ordered it saying it was backordered and would be restocked on 7-20. Well needless to say. It is still backordered. And then last week they said that one of the other products i ordered was backordered. When will i ever get this order. Not happy with the service

    Worth every penny !! by Wendy from Moncton, NB Canada07/17/2014

    Own Shar Pei's and they are known for chronic ear infections, this product is amazing and my dogs never have infections using this product. Just fill ear canal, I massage ear, and then let them outside to shake their head and then I wipe their ear flaps and all the junk comes right out. Keeps ears very clean.

    This Stuff Works by Dobiegirl from Toledo, OH10/18/2011

    Our male Doberman has had chronic ear infections, and our vet would not give us Otomax anymore without a full examination and $$. We just finished a 14-day treatment and it appears that the infection is gone - in fact, our dog stopped scratching his ear after only one day. Time will tell, but so far so good!

    wonderful product by chester06/05/2012

    This product worked great on my dog. He had a awful, smelly ear problem and this product cleared it right up. It is nice to have an option besides going to the expensive vet. Fast shipping too. Thank you

    Great product. by DebraC from Colorado Springs, CO04/06/2012

    OUr dog has been on antibiotics for a long time and his ears never cleared up and with the use of Zymox otic his ears are doing great.

    yeasty ears by Dixie12/14/2012

    works better than anything from vet on my Cocker's ear . YES - I recommend this product and the ear clearner

    It really works! by Nickie from Florida09/13/2013

    My dog has had chronic ear infections due to yeast his whole life and I have tied many things. This product has really worked. It is so easy to use just once a day and no ear washing before. He will actually come on his own to me to have the drops put in. Because his ear infections are chronic I continue using OTIC HC 1.0% for 14 days by the end of that time his ear has cleared up

    Wonderful stuff! by Linda10/28/2009

    Our male german shepherd mix has been getting really bad yeast ear infections since he was a pup. We had to "rotate" 3 different prescriptions - one medication each day and the medication had to be applied every other day to maintain his ears when the infection was under control and we've been doing this for over 5 years. If we missed treating his ears for a few days, he would end up having a full-blown infection. The pain, smell and itch was causing him to tear up his ears by scratching and he would rub his ears against anything. His infections would get so bad that he would wake me at night so that I could rub his ears and give him a little comfort. We saw some good reviews on this product on the internet and decided we had nothing to lose. Boy, are we glad we tried this! Since his ears were so bad, we used this twice a day for 2 wks and then went to once a day for a few more weeks until we didn't see anymore earwax on a tissue. After just a few days, we noticed an improvement and it just got better as time went on - that was just wonderful! We didn't mind using this for over a month, because we saw improvements - unlike the prescription medications we had already been using for almost two months. We are now in maintenance mode and squirt his ears about once a week with the Zymox ear cleanser. We don't think his ears have ever been this clean. We're going to order another bottle of this product just so that we have it on hand and we can nip this problem quickly if it should arise again. Considering the results, this product is worth every penny. It's a lot cheaper that all the prescriptions we've been buying which weren't working.

    Works Fast by Deb04/28/2014

    I have used this many times before and I like to have it on hand to nip an infection in the bud. I highly recommend.

    Only product that has helped my dogs by Maddison from Santa Ynez Valley, CA06/20/2013

    My labs has always had ear problems that nothing helped especially all the meds from the vet. This product is the only thing I have found that gives relief to her.

    Only formula that seems to work by Marley's Dad from Crofton, MD11/18/2011

    I have a 100lb Black Lab, Marley, that loves the water and seems to always come home with ear infections. I originally tried store supplied ear cleaners and vet suggested medicines, however, nothing seems to work as well as the Zymox Otic formula. Directions state to use for 14 days, however, within 3-5 days Marley's ear infection is always cleared up!!

    Great Purchase! by Sis10/07/2013

    Works really well!! I was tired of getting antibiotic for my dogs ears and this clears them up and keeps them clear.

    THE SOLUTION!!! by T K from Colorado07/02/2012

    Our whoodle has tendency for ear infections; most of the time the ears were no better after a round of antibiotics. Zymox Otic w/ Hydrocortisone was the answer- she has clean ears, no redness, no smell, and the dark gunk gone after 6 days. She no longer minds having her ear drops of Zymox!!! Wish we knew about this product last year!

    Attention owners of floppy eared dogs by aurora borealis from connecticut04/03/2013

    I have spent so much money treating the repeat ear infections in my beagle/cocker mix. It was awful, I had to pay office visit and medicine visits over and over only to see my dog suffer. A friend recommended Zymox otic HC and I gave it a try. In less than FIVE days my dog stopped shaking his head and crying if you touched his ears! i used it for 14 days and cleared the infection, now I maintain his ears by using it just twice a week. My local feed store stopped carrying it and I found it here for HALF the price I was paying locally.

    The only one! by hardeemcgee from Philadelphia, PA10/16/2011

    This is the only product I have ever found that takes care of my dog's smelly, red, itchy ear fungus. I tried numerous vet prescribed ointments and they did almost nothing. This takes 90% away the first day and after 3 days all the problems are gone and the dog is at peace. After the first 3-4 days, I use it just twice a week and you would never know she has ear trouble.

    Wonderful Product! by Ear Cleaner05/31/2012

    My golden doodle has had chronic ear issues for a couple of years. The only thing that would successfully treat her ears were antibiotics by mouth. She totally avoided me as I was the Ear Cleaner! I followed the instructions and used the product everyday for 14 days and her ears totally cleared up! Now I maintain once a week. Now we are friends again.

    by tim07/22/2012

    I called and cancelled the order and was told that it was cancelled. So I was a bit dismayed when it arrived. Won't be doing any more business with you people. I guess money is all you understand. I will definitely tell other pet owners of my unfortunate experience. Thanks for nothing!!!

    Finally! by CockerMom from Pennsylvania06/23/2014

    I have four cockers, two of whom (mother and daughter) have terrible ears. We have done the trips to the vet, topical and oral antibiotics for years and years with no results. Every time my brown cockers get groomed or their ears cleaned they both would end up with a raging ear infection. I thought cleaning ears was supposed to help! Well it does if you use the right product! I am now! Zymox has been wonderful! I had to use it for 14 days straight for both cockers but now I use it once a week and their ears are hardly even dirty! My one cocker, I never noticed how much her ears must have bothered her! She went from laying around all the time to acting like a pup again. Do not waste your money on anything else for ears, Zymox is all you need! So thankful this product was recommended to me! Very pleased!

    Impressive by HILLSVALLEY07/14/2012

    Zymox has held our English Springer's ear infection at bay but after one month's treatment has not eradicated pseudomonous. Neither has the vet treatment we are using in the other ear. The ear with Zymox is at least nice and clean with no oozing.

    Zymox works great by swiss miss from Pacific NW01/14/2014

    This has really helped my allergic dog's ears. I use this as a treatment, and the witch hazel and apple cider vinegar home ear wash (warmed a bit) that I found here: www.earcarefordogs.com/ear-cleaning/dog-ear-infection-home-remedy/

    ZYMOX by Cooper from Salt Lake City, Utah02/07/2013

    I am very happy this was referred to me by a client and I have recommended Zymox to many more. We tried everything and could not get Cooper's ear infections under control. The first dose in his ears gave him instant relief. I love this stuff. I know if Cooper is having ear problems again because he sits in front of me and just stares until I get the point, he wants Zymox. Cracks me up. He knows how good it is!

    Good purchase by Pam from Jacksonville, FL04/05/2012

    Seems to be working although I've only used it a couple of times. My German Shepherd has always had an ear problem and the Vet and I have tried alot of medications. Nothing seems to fix it so I"m trying the Zymox. So far it's giving her some relief. Time will tell.

    Wonderful Product! by Dragonhome from Tracy, CA06/01/2014

    My dog gets ear problems all the time. The vet gave him Steroids & prescription ear drops that are expensive and usually required taking him back in a second & third time. After 2 trips to the vet, I read about Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone and decided to try it instead. When I started his ears were bright red, scratched, had yuck in the, smelled and looked horrible. Each day his ears looked better. After 2 weeks they looked clean, smelled good and he wasn't rubbing his ears anymore. Now we give him the ear drops 3 times a week, and he hasn't had any more ear infections in the last 2 months - and he was getting time at least ever 45 days or so - more when it gets windy. This stuff saved my dog more ear pain and saved my wallet. Next time I go to the vet, I will take to bottle & tell them about this stuff - they are big on using OTC for pets so I think they will stock this.

    Great so far by mgm10/31/2011

    I have seen significant improvement in my dog's ear that he has continuous yeast infections with.

    Can't live without having this in the house by Mlinds from Holland, Michigan05/29/2014

    This stuff works great for my Lab and Golden's itchy ears. Whenever we see, or hear, the shaking head, flapping ears going on, we simply squirt a bit into their ears and it immediately goes to work relieving their itching. I always reorder when our bottle is getting empty. I never want to be without it!

    So glad I found this by Lab Lover04/07/2013

    My Lab's vet prescribed this for his chronic ear troubles and it worked wonders. I am THRILLED to find it online in a larger bottle than his vet offered.

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) - Clinic Size (8oz)
    great results by peewee08/21/2012

    This product saved me a vet visit, office fees and time off from work. Easy to use, follow instructions. Ear infection was from bathing and this took a couple of weeks to clear it up but it works great. Used it religiously 2 x per day first week and 1 x per day when I saw improvement.

    by Disappointed from australia12/09/2012

    I would love to write a rave review, however ask me in a few weeks and see if I get my package. It was paid for on 19th november it is 10th december today. Apparently I don't know where I live after 16 years as my package is going to I don't know where half pobox half to residential address which is a farm and no postal service here. Shame because you have other products I would love to order.

    This stuff works great!! by Doops from Princeton, Il.05/05/2013

    I bought this for a dog at my local animal shelter that has chronic ears problems. With in a day or so, they all ready start looking better. Great Stuff!!

    fantastic product by Durangoman from Michigan04/08/2013

    Coco had black wax coming out of her ear and her ear smelled bad. She also had really bad breath for a long time before I noticed the wax. I never connected the fact that an ear infection could give her bad breath but after thinking about it, it made perfect sense that your ear and nose drains down your throat and if the ear is infected it will drain in the dogs mouth, causing bad breath. In summary this product had instant results. The first day I put it in her ear, it almost entirely removed the black wax and for the next two days I noticed less and less of the black wax. The ear became completely clear after 4 days. I continued to use it for two weeks and noticed on the 9th day a bit more of the black wax creeping out. I continued it for 14 days as recommended. My dogs ear has been clean ever since I stopped using the product and I will be watching to see if it remains clean. I'm very confident that its gone because her breath cleared out as well.

    Great Product by Kim10/13/2013

    I love Zymox Otic! It is a simple and effective way to treat my dog's chronic ear infections.

    AWESOME PURCHASE by Jubeedoo from Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada08/07/2014

    This is the most amazing product !! I relied on all the positive comments and I'm so glad I bought this. My dog has had chronic ear infections for the past 4 years and we wasted lots of money at the Vet for a problem that wouldn't go away. And after only 4 days of treatment with Zymox - she has already stopped shaking her head, I can't beleive it !! This product was a miracle for us !!

    Best ever for problem ears by Scottie from San Diego, CA08/03/2014

    I have 3 bassets and those lovely long and heavy ears are prone to ear problems. They stay moist because the flaps are so heavy. We had several expensive and repetitious trips to the vet for ear infections until we discovered this product. Haven't had another vet visit for ears since. If you catch it at the first signs of infection (i.e.. smells off) you can knock it down in one or two applications. I always keep this on hand!

    Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone (1.0%) by Fixer from Marmora NJ05/03/2013

    I would not have believed it if I didn’t try it for myself! This stuff really works for dogs ear problems. I have been to the vet many, many times for problem ears and their solution is always prescriptions or drops that usually aren’t cheap and seem to never work. If your fighting ear problems are tired of nothing working then you need to try this stuff. You will become a believer tool.

    Effective product by abegott from Altadena, CA04/15/2013

    Our cocker spaniel suffers from frequent ear infections. Zymox has been very effective in dealing with these. Usually we'll treat his ears at the first sign of an infection and repeat for three days, that clears it up. We have not had to take him to the vet for an ear infection for years now, and when we take him for a check-up his ears are fine.

    by Ellie from Ellicott city, Md.07/14/2013

    First medicine that has really helped my dogs ears.

    "Zymox is the best for recurrent ear problems" by Train/show/love my dogs05/06/2013

    Zymox Otic is not cheap, but if you own one dog or seven dogs, as we do, it is the best product we have found to clear up recurrent ear problems like possible allergic ear or possible yeast infection...dosed daily or 2 x day in a few days we ALWAYS see a marked improvement, in a week it is gone, sometimes less than one week! Now, we keep it on hand, getting the clinic size bottle when we buy.

    Fantastic Product by Josie from Copley Twp, Ohio12/13/2011

    We have a Golden Retriever who has food allergies. He cannot tolerate any type of food which is in the carb family. He develops severe ear infections. They swell up, itch, bleed and smell terrible. We purchased this product and the wash and his ears cleared up beautifully. He no longer threw himself on his worse ear when we came near him.. He still has to be keeped on a very restricted diet but if he does get into something and the ears start to act up, treatment with this product takes care of this immediately. He has been to many veterinarians and no medicine before has ever helped him.

    must have by pam03/05/2008

    I have 2 newfs and this works great keeping them from getting infections. only down side is if you get it in the fur it dries gummy

    Wonderful service by Maria02/02/2013

    The product arrived within 2-3 days after the order was placed with Entirely Pets!

    Zymox Otic is wonderful ! by Albina Liderman12/15/2009

    After being for a long time on antibiotics, my cat develpped yeast infection on his skin and in his ears. I tried to treat the black spots on the outer areas of his ears, but they would reappear again. Then I realized that the infection comes from inside the ear and applied the Zymox Otic for 2 weeks. It took care of all spots and my cat's ears are clean since. Other Zymox products took care of his skin. Thank you very much!

    Grateful by Amy01/27/2009

    My labs had chronic ear infections/allergies; we used the vet-recommended solutions/procedures, but everytime we cleaned their ears, it got worse. Now we just wipe their ears out with the cleanser and put a squirt of the Zymox Otic in to follow. The labs haven't had an ear infection since. We won't use anything else -- these products are superior to their competition!

    magic by ann06/15/2008

    our jack has had too many ear problems to count. he is allergic to everything. i have tried it all...this is the first product that has worked...thankyou!!!!!!!!!!

    very pleased by chris from toronto canada02/06/2012

    recieved this product quickly and my dogs ears are not in pain no more yeaaaah

    great product by charpenn from Brentwood California11/16/2012

    Love this product. does wonders for my dogs ears and i even use it on "hot spots", it seems to stop the itching and heal it and the hair grows back.

    Worked fast by Tom Stone from Canada Nova scotia01/13/2014

    easy to apply without discomfort and worked really quick, 14 years of ear problems , i think with regular maintenance they are all behind me, a true god send

    THE BeSt!!! by JordieJaedaTeeghansMama from Central Jersey03/27/2012

    I am a professional groomer/doggie sitter, and this is the ONLY medication that has ever worked on any of my clients fur-babies. I have several (at least 40) fur-babies that have allergies/yeast problems with their ears, and have lived with the constant itching, scratching, "going out of their minds" pain for years. Once I treat them with this, the parents are in utter disbelief. This works better than anything I have ever tried. A lot of the veterinarians like the allergies "merry-go-round" - because they keep patients coming back over and over - bringing in more and more money. I love Zymox because it doesn't put a band-aid over the problem - it FIXES it. If your doggie has itching, scratching and nothing else has worked - get yourself some Zymox and put your baby on a GRAIN FREE DIET.....and watch them get healthy again!!! Changing their diet is most important and seems to stop the symptoms in only a few weeks. Zymox is better than the Animax from the vet, which does NOTHING. I wouldn't use anything else - and every single customer calls me and is so relieved that their problem is solved and their baby isn't SUFFERING anymore!!!

    GREAT PRODUCT !! by Viv from Michigan07/22/2013

    Our lab is prone to ear problems and this takes care of it in nothing flat !!! Nothing compares to it !!! This stuff is a little pricey but it is worth the extra price...just stock up when it goes on sale like I do !!!

    Something that works! by Jim10/22/2012

    After several years of frustration, something that works. At a fraction of what the vet charges.

    Excellent Product by Susan02/26/2013

    This is a re-order for us....as it is the only thing that has helped keep our German Shepherd's ear issues "in check." He used to constantly shake his head and scratch at his ears. We had tried every other ear cleansing product out there -- and even prescription meds from the vet. This product really, really works.

    by Jossie ch. lab01/02/2013

    The only product and solution for my ch. lab. She has had ear problems and tried differant food thinking it was an allergy. Starting useing this and taken care of her dirty ears. She is a happy dog. Thanks

    zymox - best find ever! by treesurg from UK02/12/2013

    wouldn't be without it...happy, active dog and cost effective too......beats strong, expensive steroids normally required every month from the Vets!!! Maximum use 3 times a year, and keeps ears very clean at the same time. Thank you Zymox!

    Great Product.... by Tennman47 from Tn.06/15/2014

    Stuff works...cleared his ears right up..

    Fantastic Ear Drops! by Chook10/23/2012

    My gorgeous dog (airedale terrier) has had ear problems on and off for a couple of years. I came across this product on a blog and tracked it down to EntirelyPets. Wondered about buying it, but has been the best treatment for his ears by far. No more scratchy ear and cleaned them perfectly. Dirty brown wax has disappeared and he is a happy camper, highly recommend the product.

    Great product by Tracy04/04/2013

    My golden retriever has chronic ear infections. This product helps tremendously.

    German Shepherds Ears by Jacks mom06/25/2012

    7 days as directed german shepherds ears all clear after weeks of irritation & brown red drainage..

    Had High Hopes by TJ06/15/2013

    I battle ear infections with my Shih Tzu on a constant basis. I was looking for a product that would treat the yeast infections that my Shih Tzu seem plagued with. Well, I was very optimistic when I found the Zymox Otic.After reading up on its intended use, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I applied the product as directed on 4 different dogs. The product had little if any affect on the dogs ear infections. I finally gave in and got a presciption medication from the vet in order to get the yeast infections in the ears cleared up. I had very high hopes for the product, but I am left disappointed.

    by from 07/01/2013

    How many products actually exceed your best hopes? Zymox ear drops will...

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    Better price than at my vet's office by tooper03/14/2012

    I need to use this product for yeast overgrowth, etc. in a couple of my dog's ears. It is very effective; however, it needs to be used daily for some time, and it has a "lubricating oil" like texture (not something you would want on your animal's coat). EntirelyPets sells it for less than my vet's office, so I like that!

    Highly recommend by Cashew's Mom from Issaquah, Washington11/06/2012

    Cashew, my cocker spaniel, had constant ear issues, no matter how often cleaned. Based in my vet's recommendation I started using Zymox. I use it daily for seven days and then seven days off. Her ears are now totally clean and you can see easily to her ear drum. Also, she does not fight me when I use it.

    Substantial Savings by Jan from Southern California07/10/2013

    Zymox was prescribed for Abbi's (dog) allergies and reoccurring ear inflammation. It gives her such relief! EntirelyPets offers this product at a very reasonable price and the order was received timely. Abbi and owner are very thankful.

    No cleaning before use by legendaryhound11/29/2011

    This mixture with hydrocortisone has worked to heal up the redness and inflammation that was in my Otterhound's ears. He was shaking his head so much I was fearful he might hurt his big ears. The Zymox Otic has worked very well to clear up his ears and it does not require that you clean the ears before you use it. A benefit since the Boys don;t like their ears cleaned.

    Zymox OTIC by Juanita from Warren, MI.04/05/2013

    This is a Great product for dog s that have cronic ear infections(Yeast ). The vet recommended this product and it has a good report back to the vet it really works. I highly recommend Entirely Pets for products. Great prices and shipping is fast!

    Zymox by Pauline04/14/2012

    I have a golden retriever that has a chronic ear condition. After a necessary ear surgery for a ruptured blood vessel, actually two surgeries, and then about three rounds of antibiotics he wasn't getting better. I was also using vinegar and water and ear cleaner from the vet. The last thing the vet suggested was prednisone which I said no to. I switched him to grain free food and started to use Zymox on his ears and I think we are finally winning the battle.

    Very effective ear medicine by Chance from Bangor, ME04/23/2012

    My dog has chronic ear infections. This medicine always does the trick!! Highly recommend.

    Brilliant by fufi from australia10/23/2012

    Works a treat on my 10yr old girl who has been plagued with ear problems and allergies since a baby.It's not going to cure it but with minimal effort on my part I can keep it under control.

    a good product by sassystanley from burlington. Vermont10/22/2012

    My dogs are plagued by chronic ear infections - back and forth to the vet we go with the resulting bank account-shattering results. Zymoc otic is the best medication we have tried, bar none, and our visits (knock wood) to our vet have decreased to the point that we miss him!!

    Good stuff for bad ears by patch from Nevada02/18/2012

    I have an Old English Mastiff, and looking into his ears is like checking the Grand Canyon in the dark. I make up and use an ear cleaner, but when he gets an infected ear, usually in the fall, this is the stuff you need. It is thick, but goes easily into the ear, which you then massage for a few minutes (in my case, at least I no longer have to sit on the dog, as Zymox has no odor). Then you let him get up and shake his head, hopefully after you have cleared the decks, as the stuff comes flying out of his ears with anything that needs to be gone. In the case of a Mastiff, this means you have stuff on walls and chandeliers, but for most dogs, not any big deal, and you can do it outside if that's easier. It is greasy on the fingers, so have a wiper handy. But it is by far the best ear medication I've ever used, and may save you a vet bill!

    Zymox Otic Recommended By my Vet as #1! by Small Dog Rescue11/29/2012

    Zymox Otic was recommended to me by my vet. He told me this product was one of his favorites of all and #1 for ears. I recommend the entire line of Zymox products. I am a Zymox fan!!!!!!!!!! The shampoo and rinse is amazing!!!!!!!!!

    Works Great by Paloma from Niagara region, Ontario04/26/2014

    We have a large dog who has suffered from ear infections since puppyhood. Visits to the vet and trials of all organic solutions found on the internet did not help. I've even changed his diet numerous times wondering if it was food connected. One day a friend recommended Zymox and ordered me a small bottle. Finally something that worked! I tried the ear cleaner, but did not find it effective. So am sticking with the 1% hydrocortisone solution. And will never go without again.

    Miracle Cure For Ear Infections! by Cindy from San Antonio, Tx08/11/2014

    I have a yellow Lab that suffered from a persistent and chronic ear infection. After numerous trips to the vet, and hundreds of dollars spent, their final recommendation was to have my lab seen by a dermatologist. I did my own research and discovered your product, Zymox. I administered the 14 day treatment and within days I couldn't believe the difference. I saw the first pink tissue in my dogs ear in months! I continue to use the Zymox on a maintenence dose, administering it 2-3 times a week to prevent further problems. I was so impressed with this product that I called the vet to let him know the name of the product. I will continue to order and use this product! Thank you Entirely Pets!

    No more stinky ears by susan a.02/11/2014

    This product works. My dog has had chronic ear infections. The antibiotics the vet kept giving her would give only very temporary results. I also tried other things without success. When the vet said it's chronic, get used to it , that's when I said oh no. A web search led me to Zymox and now dog and owner are very happy. I've already recommended to a friend with the same problem

    Best stuff ever! by Ricardo from Houston, TX08/04/2014

    this stuff works wonders. it's nice to have a product actually do what it's supposed to. this definitely does the trick to help your dog w/ dirty ears or ear infections. saves you a ton on vet visits as well.

    Really, the best purchase ever! by Helen from Latvia06/05/2012

    My German Shepard had recurrent ear infections for over a year. At first it was once a month, then twice, and it ended up with painful inflammations every week with pus discharges and bad smell. That was terrible, nothing helped, antibiotics prescribed by vet stopped the process for some days, but afterwards everything was back again, and internal antibiotics made my dog weak. Then we found out that this was not a bacterial infection, it was fungi! But we could not find any efficient remedies against it. We used oregano oil and similar herbs internally, but they helped also only for a while. Then I found out information about Zymox and ordered it, that was our last hope. The first time I cleaned my dogs ears with Zymox, it smelled awfully. The next day the smell was not so bad, and after some other days there were no smell at all... We used it as indicated, 14 days, but already after 7 days my dog recovered. It is 10 months from then now, and there is no more any sign of ear problems.... I am SO grateful that someone has developed such an efficient product and there is a possibility to order it from abroad. I can't imagine where we would be now if there were no Zymox....

    ZYMOX W HYDROCORTIZONE by dekeke from INDIANA10/08/2011


    Have not received product by Jen from Australia01/29/2013

    Have not received product after 5-6 weeks

    Best ear cleaner, same as the vet used. by rtwobeagles from Denver, CO11/05/2012

    My vet uses this same product when we take our kid in for her checkup.

    zymox otic with hydrocoristone clinic size by BESTBABE 1 from Markdale Ontario Canada07/07/2012

    Our golden doodle Bailey has suffered chronic ear infections for years. Your product Zymox Otic has cleared up her ears beautifully. I can't say enough good things about this product. Thank you so much for making our little girl feel so much better. We will continue to use the ear cleaner and the non-hydrocortisone treatment as needed.

    Great product by Jule04/29/2013

    Our black lab is prone to ear infections. This product works very well to clear up the problem within a week or two. Saves us costly trips to the vet. I highly recommend Zymox!

    Good Stuff by rinkles from Duncan BC Canada05/25/2013

    I have toy & Mini shar pei & they have tiny ear canals. This stuff works like magic. It clears up any ear problems very fast.

    by from 10/31/2012

    save by zymox by al from plantation fl.02/23/2014

    They wanted to remove my dogs ear drums. He was saved by zymox. a great product

    Love the product by Sharon25 from PA04/13/2013

    I recommend this product to all my friends. I use it just once a week, every week and my golden retriever no longer has red sore ears.

    Awesome Results by Thanks2u from Edmonton, Alberta05/06/2012

    My best friend is a 15 year old Shih-Tzu with chronic ear infections which smell, and are painful for her. She has been on constant ear drops and oral medication, nothing helped. I found the Entirely Pets web site and started to read the reviews on the Zymox Otic. Took a chance,ordered it, started using it as soon as it arrived, and 1 week later my dog is doing way better. The smell has almost disappeared, she shakes her head less, sleeps better, and no longer yelps when someone gives her one of her loved ear scratches. Thank You Entirely Pets. I had almost given up any hope for my poor dog ever finding relief.

    Works Wonders!!!! by Nancy07/17/2012

    My cock-a-poo has always had trouble with his ears. Vet after Vet charged a fortune for treatments week after week. Finally one vet recommended Zymox and our dog's ear problems are under control.

    by from 11/05/2011

    I initially bought Zymox Otic in from my vet in 2009 and it worked exactly as promised on my Lab's bacterial ear infection. Fast forward to 2011 -- he had another one.

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    best by price from onEntirelyPets


    by ammamour12/24/2012

    After reading the reviews, I was impatient to get this product and try it on our poor little mutt who was tormented by chronic ear problems. PB is a different dog after one treatment just as others testaments said. She is no longer depressed and wanting to be alone curled in a ball. This is an amazing product

    Best product by BLL from Pennsylvania04/01/2012

    This product should be given to any dog owner that has problem with their dog's ears....It is amazing. My cocker spaniel's groomer suggested this to me. I couldn't get her ears to stay clear from infection. I started using this and I was amazed. What I also like is you don't use anything else. I will keep this on hand and tell everyone that I talk to who has these problems about this product.

    Every dog owner should keep this on hand by Lexi's parent02/10/2013

    This is the best product I have ever tried for ears. It works so well and extremely fast. But don't stop using it (in bad cases) until the 7 days are up even if the ears look clean.

    something that does what it says by Sallysue from Somerset UK02/19/2014

    England UK so please to be able to purchase this product Ordered online no hassle arrived in a matter of days My dog Fizzie sends a very big thank you

    It really works!!! by Marianna02/23/2010

    Pepper, my lab mix had ear infections throughout his life. He is 10 years old. His ears would get so infected that he wouldn't allow anyone to touch his ears, and if you did, he would cry out in pain. His ears had a foul odor, with a greasy looking discharge, and they became scarred from all the scratching. The smell was so bad that it would often turn my stomack, and it made it difficult to be around him. We took Pepper to the vet several times, and after 100's of dollars and many tests later, the doc couldn't pinpoint what the problem was or how to cure it. They gave us medicine to try, but the ear infections would never go away. In desperation, I searched on the internet for alternate treatment options, and I finally came across Zymox. I was skeptical, but I had to give it a try for Pepper's sake. We used this product daily for about 2 weeks, after which we alternated cleaning and Zymox treatments weekly. This was about a year and a half ago, and I'm very happy to say that there has been ZERO recurrance of the ear infections. There's no gunk, no smell, and most importantly no pain. Whenever I think about this I whish we had come across this product years before, but I'm soooo thankful that I found it. If your dog has ear infections that the vet can't cure, do your dog a huge favor and please try this!!!

    Featured Reviews for Zymox Retail Ear Cleanser (4 oz)
    by from 08/29/2014

    This product totally works. I have 2 dogs with floppy ears, a pug and a schnoodle. The pug had to have ear surgery his ears were so bad. The Schnoodle would tear at his head. Using this product frequently at first and then as a maintenance, we have had NO further issues. I'm big on enzyme products, I use them around the house. They are smart, they foster a naturally healthy environment, and they don't foster resistance in the pest.

    always by had from problemsMy


    Zymox for ear problems by Rama from Malaysia06/14/2014

    After a couple of weeks I noticed an improvement in my dogs shaking the head. I bought two bottles to use it for an extended period to see some permanent results.

    Works great by Judy from Maryland03/23/2014

    I have a lab that has always had problem ears and build up. This works great to keep them clean and she doesn't run from me now when I go to clean her ears. Finally found something effective that's not so expensive.

    Good ear cleaner by DOHEE from Korea, Daejoen06/05/2014

    Sometimes my doggy has earwax. I makes clean his ears using this product. Zymox is a brand that I trust most. Also use Zymox shampoo. The vet told me. Using the same line of products, the more effective it would be nice. Scratching the ears and body actions are reduced.

    Featured Reviews for Zymox PLUS Otic-HC Enzymatic Solution (1.25 oz)
    by Vickie from La Porte, TX02/07/2012

    This product has made a HUGE difference for my shar pei with ear issues--wrinkled ears equal ear infections and this new zymox has greatly decreased the infections in my shar pei's ears

    Zymox is fantastic by ka3kcj from Southeastern PA11/28/2011

    Wonderful product! My dog's chronic ear infection cycle was broken by this medication. Thanks so much!

    Miracle by Happy Mama from Leitchfield, Ky02/11/2012

    Zymox is truly a miracle.I have 3 Black Labs, 2 which has had problem ears for past 4 years, many costly trips to vets, with no results. Bought every product and homemade recipe i could find. Nothing worked, until Zymox. Starting on day 5, no scratching and ears looking better.Miracle in a bottle

    this stuff is the best by stella from California05/30/2014

    Our dog Stella had constant ear problems! She would shake her head and scratch her ears until they would bleed! They would balloon up and it would be back to the vet. The only solution the vet had was surgery but with no guarantee that it would stop her. We searched for our own solution and came across zymox plus otic enzymatic solution. We bought it hoping it would just give her a little relief. We used it for a week but within the first 2 days it had already dramatically reduced her shaking and swelling! It was amazing! At the end of the week her bad ear looked almost better then her good ear! I don't ordinarily write reviews but my dad said we needed to let everyone whose dog has bad ear problems that there is hope out there. Thank you to the makers of zymox for giving relief from constant ear problems to Stella and us. Hopefully this helps everybody! We will be using this if he ear problems ever return!

    Cured by bulldog lover01/16/2015

    These drops cured my English bulldog's chronic ear infection. Love it!

    One Week by GC06/10/2013

    On and off again frequent ear infections in my pet dog's ears were gone in one week. It is nice to find a product that does what it says it will.

    Awesome! by Ricardo from Houston, TX04/10/2014

    This works exactly as it says it does. My english bulldog had a bit of an ear infection & i used this as directed & it did it's job to perfection. Will definitely be buying some more.

    THE BEST by DRS from SJU PR11/30/2013

    This is the best product one can find for ear infections.

    Use it by Lozzer from Balllna Australia03/06/2012

    My cat had an ongoing fungal/bacterial ear infection in both ears, used veterinary medications, did nothing but kept coming back. Have now had a free week and no infection. Hope it stays that way. My cat was not unhappy having this applied to his ears. Only suggestion have a washer with some soap on it to wash around the fur on the head near the ears as it makes the fur very oily.

    Zymox liquid for Dog's ears by Texas Dad from East Texas Piney Woods07/02/2013

    Our Catahoula suffered with Otitis Externa, constantly scratching her ears. Just one application of Zymox cleared up the itch. She is now a happier dog.

    Love this Product by Kat05/23/2014

    This is the BEST medicine I have ever used on my dogs ears. Poor guy has gone through so many products and trips to the vet to no avail, but this stuff really does work. I would highly recommend it.

    Best stuff ever! by Midgriffith from Middletown, Ohio06/29/2014

    By day two of usage Simon ear had cleared up the itching had stopped and we were sleeping again. Thank you so much!

    like magic by ana from Brussels03/27/2014

    After suffering for what seems like ages from persistent ear infections and having been treated with several products, this is the one to finally solve the issue for our dog. Very happy!

    great product by traif from Boca Raton, FL05/07/2013

    My poodle, gets ear infections quite regularly, and this helps clear it up

    Gave our dog relief! by Ici01/28/2012

    Our dog has chronic ear problems. We've had him to the vet several times and that and the RX are so expensive. I saw this product online as I was researching what we could try to help him longterm and decided to try it. By the second day of treatment he's stopped shaking his head and pawing his poor floppy ears. I'll always keep this on hand now.

    I think it's a great product, but my dogs hated it by YorkieMom from NJ09/24/2013

    Ear scratching, but no smell. Usually use Malecetic Solution, but both my guys have an array of allergies. Figured I try something new. I don't know if the gel-like consistency bothered them, but they both hated it. I continued to use it for the next 3 days, but only by apply it to a q-tip and going into the canal ever so slightly. After they shook their heads, I wiped the product all over the pink of the ears with a cotton ball. It did help them not to scratch, but it was a trial to use. Went back to Malecetic.

    BEST EVER !!!!!!! by Pumpkin's Mom from Troy,IL02/09/2014

    I would give this product 25 stars, if I could. My dog has been suffering with itching ears and skin issues for 6 years. She has been on prescription Atopica and a wide range of other products. I had even thought about having her put to sleep because she was soooo miserable. The vets were not able to help much and BELEIVE me we were at their office or on the phone with them many times for these issues. I used this product and saw a difference on the first day. The second day, I did not give the dog any benadryl, the antihistimine I was using to keep her itching under control. I can not say enough good things about this product.I bought the shampoo, the rinse and also the topical cream with the HC. All have been GREAT. I will pass this information on the my vet.

    Glad I found it by Dawn03/20/2013

    When regular Zymox didn't seem to be clearing my dogs ears up, this one did the trick...thank goodness. I used all 3, since this is with HC I don't like to use it too much, so I alternated with regular Zymox without HC and then used the Zymox cleanser to flush the ears once they start getting better, now I am doing the flush a couple times a week so it hopefully doesn't come back.

    ZYMOX PLUS Otic HC by Ozzie from New Jersey06/12/2013

    As usual ZYMOX products are excellent. I use ZYMOX PLUS Otic HC with my cocker Spaniels and sometimes with few clients if need it. 100% quality if you purchase the product.

    Zymox HC Soln a 10 out 0f 10. by waterchick6003/29/2014

    My Labrador had very bad ear infections, After numerous attempts with antibiotics and steroids I asked a friend for advice. She said they used Zymox because it was not an antibiotic but an enzyme formula that "ate" the bacteria. My labs ears have been clear with only a touch up application 1 to 2 times a week.

    Outstanding! by AllergyGolden Mom02/08/2012

    I want to hug the researchers at Zymox for developing this product. After years of battling chronic ear infections of my 8 year old golden retreiver, I think the battle is finally won. The prescription drops and pills (endless steriods and anitbiotics) stopped working long ago. They were a only temporary fix. I found the Zymox products and began using the ear cleaner and otic with hyrdocordisone and had really good results. Then I found this new product, Otic-HC Enymatic solution while Brady was in the throws of another round of ear infections and tried it. I can sum it up with WOW!!!!! This stuff works! I followed the directions to the letter and he is doing fantastic! In fact, this morning, both of Brady's ears were all cleared up!! I also use the Zymox Topical spray with Hydrocordisone for his skin break outs and that also is a life saver!! Thank you Zymox for my doggie's comfort and my peace of mind!!!!

    Works Well by jtmi from Houston, Tx01/20/2015

    This is a great product that works really well. My dogs hate any type of medication, and they don't love getting this one, but it is easy to give to them and works quickly.

    so glad i found this by PAGirl from Pittsburgh, PA07/15/2014

    Zymox Plus works great, I have a lab with allergies and always getting ear infections, this is so much cheaper than the meds. from the vet and it works overnight she is also always licking her paws making them really red at times. I put this on her paws at night and by morning they are nice and pink again. Even though this doesn't say it is for paws.

    Best product I've used so far! by Hound Dog from Mid TN01/02/2013

    My old friend Hound Dog has had chronic ear infections due to yeast and allergies as long as I've known him. Used per instructions (No cleaning before or during treatment) this seems to have helped more than anything I've used so far, including expensive trips to the vet. After treating him daily for 2 weeks, I did some cleaning and found his ears to be in much better shape than after treatment with other products. I will be following up with ZYMOX Otic with Hydrocortisone for a while due to the severity of his chronic condition and will continue to use Zymox products from now on. Highly recommend!

    Excellent Product by jdjking from Myrtle Beach, SC12/15/2012

    My Border Collie has had ears problems for a long time. The Vet as given me drops and cleaners that work for a time, then the problem returns. I had used Zymox a few years ago and saw there was a new type. Now his problems are under control

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