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Purre Bites

Purre BitesPurebites are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Pure Cheddar Cheese, Beef Liver, and Chicken Breast. Dogs love the taste of PureBites because freeze dried treats preserve the natural nutrition, freshness and taste of our ingredients.

Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat (0.39 oz)
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat (0.39 oz)

($2.99)  $2.19
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat (0.60 oz)
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat (0.60 oz)

($3.99)  $2.39
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat (0.85 oz)
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat (0.85 oz)

($2.99)  $2.29
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 3 PACK (2.55 oz)
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 3 PACK (2.55 oz)

($8.50)  $6.19
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 6 PACK (5 oz)
Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 6 PACK (5 oz)

($14.50)  $11.09
PureBites Cat Treats (SAMPLER 4 PACK)
PureBites Cat Treats (SAMPLER 4 PACK)

($10.99)  $7.79
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.80 oz)
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.80 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 6 PACK (3.60 oz)
Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 6 PACK (3.60 oz)

($16.99)  $12.99
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.17 oz)
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.17 oz)

($8.50)  $6.19
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 6 PACK (2.34 oz)
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 6 PACK (2.34 oz)

($14.50)  $11.09
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats (0.28 oz)
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats (0.28 oz)

($2.99)  $2.09
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 3 PACK (0.84 oz)
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 3 PACK (0.84 oz)

($7.99)  $6.19
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 6 PACK (1.68 oz)
PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 6 PACK (1.68 oz)

($14.99)  $11.09
PureBites Turkey Breast Cat Treat (0.49 oz)
PureBites Turkey Breast Cat Treat (0.49 oz)

($2.99)  $2.29
Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treats are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Pure Ocean Whitefish. Cats love the taste of Purebites because freeze dried treats preserve the natural nutrition, freshness and taste of Whitefish.

  • High in protein and less than 1 calories per treat.
  • All PureBites are products of USA
  • PureBites are healthy and nutritious for your cat.

  • Guranteed Analysis Min/Max
    Crude Protein 90% min
    Crude Fat   3% min  
    Crude Fiber   1% max  
    Moisture   4% max  
    4.81 rating based on 37 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat (0.39 oz)
    Healthy, cat does not love. by kit from Pittsburg, CA11/29/2012

    I like that these are healthy with no other additives, but my cat doesn't seem to care too much for them. He will eat them if I leave in his food bowl, but he doesn't go crazy like he does for junkier treats! He isn't real finicky, either, he even wants bread (which he doesn't get other than dropped crumbs!).

    Not my cat's favorite by Kelly from texas08/26/2012

    My cat usually loves dried fish. This is the first freeze dried fish he's tried. Not sure if it was the flavor or the consistency but he wasn't that crazy about it. Instead of the crunchy crispy filet I was expecting it had a light airy almost foamy texture. He will eat it but he shakes his head like it sticks to his teeth.

    A bit too "flaky" by MendysMum04/05/2013

    Even tho Taran gave these 2 paws up, they are a bit messy. The flakes are so fragile, that they disintegrate easily. You can't just hand the cat a treat. They work well sprinkled onto his food or just into his dish. (Wish my piecrusts would turn out this flaky)

    Kitties didn't like but dog does by Cappy04/19/2013

    Bought these for my cats and all but one of four turned the old nose up....but my dog, who admittedly will eat almost anything, loves them. I think the dried consistancy is not very appealing to the cats. Perhaps, I will try moistening them.

    Good for variety! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

    My cats' favorite treat is still freeze-dried salmon, but they like this product as well. It's good for "rotational treating" without fillers or preservatives. A treat you can feel good about :-)

    Only snax my Siamese eat by Bonny from Hatfield, Pa01/10/2013

    We've tried all the different kinds of snax out there. My one other cat eats only purebites chicken and turkey. It's a great brand to buy!

    Featured Reviews for Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat (0.60 oz)
    by Kurt03/15/2012

    I submit this for the sole purpose of rating the product. Certainly I would gripe if the product were not to expectation. But It Is Great. My 'ol Siamese is hard to please but she wanted me to tell you she loves the Purebites Chicken and will be reordering soon. And she said thank you very much.

    good treat by LN08/21/2012

    One of the only commercial treats my diabetic can have. He likes them too.

    OMG!! by Missy03/18/2012

    I thought my kids loved me, but I think they may love their PureBites more than their mom....the minute they hear the sound of the bag, they attack me....not literally of course, but close to it....ooh, if only you can hear the melody they sing when I open up that bag.....it's the cutest thing....if they could make a meal out of them, they would....they absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their Purebites!!!.....unfortunately, my local pet stores stopped carrying them, so I'm unable to give them their treats as often as I'd like....Thankfully, I found Entirely Pets who carries them......they had the best price!!!! Will definetely be ordering again from them shortly....

    Can't Get Enough by Laura from Staten Island, NY08/08/2012

    Our cats cannot get enough of these chicken purebites.

    I'm nuts over them! by Katie the cat11/13/2010

    I grew tired of some of my other treats, but when my servants (aka "owners") brought home Purebites, I went crazy over them. I could have eaten the whole bag in one sitting, but, unfortunately, all my begging went for naught.

    Cat loves it by chiquita08/16/2012

    My cat loves it and so do i since there are no other ingredients. My cat has food allergies and it is almost impossible not to find food that doesn't have any other additives or different types of meat that make up the 'meat by-products' part of the label. What you typically see on a can that says 'chicken dinner' is never just chicken!

    My cat love them! by StirlingLucy from Seattle, WA03/19/2012

    My cat adores Purebites chicken breast cat treats! I feel good about giving them to him because they are made of 100% pure (freeze-dried) chicken -- no additives of any kind. Whenever he hears me opening the bag of these treats, he comes running! After going through the first bag, I bought 6 more! He's a happy cat.

    Loves Them! by Di07/23/2012

    My cat has digestive issues.He doesnt get sick on these and he absolutely loves them!

    My kitty likes them and they're good for him by Sharkwil from Incline Village, NV08/14/2012

    My cat loves chicken and these are no exception! They are a good in between meal snack, and nutritious since they are 100% chicken!

    Ocicats rule! They love PureBites by Kitty "Mom" from Newport Beach, CA11/06/2012

    Our two finicky Ocicats are big fans of PureBites. They (we) find it always fresh and it smells like the best poached chicken in the world!

    My three cats love this product by jgarl from San Diego, CA07/22/2012

    My cats just love these. They also like the turkey flavor. Hope you carry turkey soon.

    My Cats Love It by Aime from DeKalb, IL11/10/2012

    My cats love this product. Every morning starts with Purebites.

    My cats will steal these treats... by DL from Eureka, CA01/25/2012

    Purebites are the best treats ever offered to my cats. I phoned the mfg to be sure there was nothing in them but American chicken. That's all. Two of my three cats have food allergies, and commercial treats made them sick. Purebites are so good that Touille, my half Russian Blue who is not yet two and weighs 17 lbs would steal the bag from under my pillow while I slept so I had to put the Purebites in a plastic jar. All I have to do to get three cats running to me is shake that jar. If my cats could vote, they'd give five paws for Purebites.

    My cat is addicted by StirlingLucy from Seattle, WA05/30/2012

    My 14-year-old cat has had a sensitive stomach for a long time. PureBites chicken breast treats are one of the few things he can eat and not have troubles. I feel good giving him these treats because they are just pure chicken -- no fillers or chemicals. Thank goodness he's addicted to something healthy!

    Awesome by chiquita from New York08/14/2012

    My cat has allergies and it is near impossible to find just pure food or even treats. Beware, a can of chicken cat food is never just chicken cat food -these treats are perfect, cat loves them and we know exactly what she is getting! Thanks purebites!

    Best Kitty Treat!!! by Kittyowner from Grand Rapids, MI02/08/2010

    I work in a pet store. I test out many products, and this by far is the first product that I have actively searched to put a positive review. If you love your cat, which I am sure you do... Buy This Product!!! I opened the bag slightly leery about it, but trusting the fact that all of the animals I tested it on in the pet store (thanks to samples we had from the company) absolutely loved it. Cats, Dogs, the ingredients are all the same!!! My kitty is still trying to get to the bag!

    great purchase by glo from Ventura,CA.04/12/2012

    I keep these on hand all the time, my kitty loves them.

    Featured Reviews for Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat (0.85 oz)
    Good stuff by tiggydi from Florida11/22/2012

    My kittys love these! I have 7 cats and 5 out of 7 love these.

    Natural by Hjr from Pakistan05/13/2013

    I have a old cat who loves eating this product she has gained weight with it and now looks healthy with other food products she was like a skeleton

    great purchase!! by glo from Ventura,CA.04/12/2012

    my cat loves these treats, he will do any thing to get one. Every evening I hide them in the house, and he looks for them, it is our little game, I love watching him look for them, he has a good sense of smell.

    Featured Reviews for Purebites Beef Liver Cat Treat - 6 PACK (5 oz)
    Excellent for a diabetic cat by Karen from Wellington, NV03/12/2013

    Our cat was just diagnosed as diabetic. Our vet said no more dry food or treats. I saw this product only has one ingredient - beef liver - which is perfect since it does not have any added grains, rice, fruits or veggies which our cat does not need. He still "thinks" he is having a crunchy treat but it is 100% healthy for him.

    Purebites Cat Treats by Debby10/25/2012

    I'm sorry to say that my 3 cats will not eat these treats. They sniff them, and that's all.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Cat Treats (SAMPLER 4 PACK)
    My cat loves Purebites by JH from San Rafael, CA10/23/2012

    My cat eats just about anything I put in front of her, but she really loves the dehydrated Purebites treats. I like that they are simple and contain no other ingredient but the meat or fish. I definitely plan on buying them again.

    100% Natural Ingredient by rvan04/04/2013

    Tiger loves your freeze dried treats except one which is a natural thing...

    WORST COMPANY EVER by AXL01/02/2013


    Featured Reviews for Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.80 oz)
    They love these! by Cosmo100 from Tulsa, OK03/08/2013

    Our two kittens love these treats! Since the packages are small without a lot of product in them, I offer only one or two bites at a time. The size of the morsels vary, so I often break the larger ones into smaller pieces. They can be crumbly, but I plan to sprinkle the dust at the bottom over their canned food.

    Excellent snack choice by Bonny from Hatfield, Pa12/05/2012

    We give our cats snacks every nite. In fact you mention "snacks" all 4 of them run to the bedroom for their treats. A natural treat is the best choice.



    Featured Reviews for Purebites Chicken Breast Cat Treat - 6 PACK (3.60 oz)
    Worth waiting for by ohbother14 from Rochester, NY03/03/2013

    My male tabby cat would be happy to eat these as a meal. My female cat is not a fan. The price was considerably lower than $3 from the chain pet store. Shipping took too long for an item that weighs less than the box.

    PureBites by thankfulguy from Dolgeville, NY10/23/2012

    These cat snacks are the only ones we can find that fit the diabetic diet cat's health diet. Took a little while for cats to get used to but now we have to put the package in the cupboard or they run off with it.

    by from 03/05/2013

    Cat's Love Love Love These by 3 Cat Person from Springfield, OR11/15/2012

    My Cats can't get enough of these. They really like them,.

    Can't be without it by A. Thiel from Washington, DC10/24/2012

    My cats love these. They will RUN from wherever they are if they here me just taking the bag out of the drawer (or if they just *think* I am taking that bag out of the drawer and it's actually something else). For two of them, at times, sprinkling them on top of their wet food has been the only way I could get them to start eating their food.

    Treats he can eat by Lilly from Northern Minnesota11/21/2012

    Diabetic cat. This is one of the only 'treats' that is low enough in carbs to be acceptable in his diet. Spendy but he likes them. 4 stars as the price brings down the rating a star. Best price I found is here at EP.

    Pure bites chicken by Oly from San diego04/13/2013

    Our cats love this stuff they eat it everyday

    Pure Bites by Ronnie from Palos Verdes, Ca.01/26/2013

    Great all natural healthy treat. My cat LOVES them...can't get enough. Also an excellent training reward treat.

    Natural ingredient by Hjr from Pakistan05/13/2013

    My senior cat loves this product she has gained healthy weight with it and does not look like skeleton bones anymore too bad my other cats don't eat this

    purebites chicken treats for cats by chris from upstate nY02/28/2013

    This batch came in better shape - not stale smell and less crushed to smithereens parts although still more sawdust then chunks than i expect. Biggest complaint is the long time for shipping. leave at least three weeks from time of order to receiving product.

    A bad batch??? by Chiquita from upstate, NY01/01/2013

    Have ordered this plenty of times before without these problems from this site so hoping this incident is a fluke. I order in bulk - 40 packets at a time of .60 ounce. This batch took long time for delivery - they sent it to a wrong address first, I've opened 5 packets so far and they all smell stale, and many of the packets are so crushed it has more 'sawdust' than chicken bits. This treat is too expensive to waste on sawdust as the kitties only eat the chunks not the dust so i am hoping this is only relevant to this batch or will return to temptations treats.

    Great for Diabetic Kitty by dhcatlady from Tucson, AZ10/22/2012

    Due to development of diabetes, my kitty, Chester, can no longer have any treats with carbs in them but he can have pure meat treats of the freeze dried variety. I was very pleased to find this product in several online stores. But the best price and fastest service have been here at EntirelyPets.com. My cat loves these and they give him something more to chew than just the canned food he can have now due to his diabetes. Thanks, EntirelyPets, for the great service and good prices!

    Featured Reviews for Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 3 PACK (1.17 oz)
    My cats love these treats! by KleineB from Cincinnati, OH03/30/2013

    How wonderful to find a treat for my cats that doesn't contain chemical additives! Pure whitefish - and they absolutely love them!

    Featured Reviews for Purebites Ocean Whitefish Cat Treat - 6 PACK (2.34 oz)
    Only snacks my Siamese eat by Bonny from Hatfield, Pa11/14/2012

    We tried all the usual snack selections but my siamese only like the Purebites Ocean Whitefish treats. My tabby loves the Purebites chicken flavor and her sister will eat anything!

    Tiny pieces, but good by Nino from Kingston, NY03/20/2013

    The dogs love them. The larger ones for dog were out of stock so I got these

    Our cats love these! by KleineB from Cincinnati, OH12/03/2012

    Our cats will show you where the package of these treats is... and then meow for them. They love the taste, and we love the pure ingredients.

    Training treats by Garden queen from NW04/30/2013

    Both our Petsmart and Petco stores in this area have stopped carrying this product and my cat loves these lightly crispy fishy treats. It's pure, no additives, just freeze dried ocean fish. I've been able to train my cat in many things using these little treats. He will do anything for them! Right now, he lays down so I can use the 'Furminator' on him, as long as he knows he's getting his PureBites Fish Treats, he's calm and lets me comb him with no problems at all. It was a great bargain here too. Actually cheaper for me to order online through Entirely Pets than if I were to drive to the pet store and purchase them. Great!

    Both my kitties like it! by KittiesMom from Chico, CA10/29/2012

    This flavor of treat is enjoyed by both my kitties, which is unusual. I'm always searching for something that both my girls like, and I found it with this flavor.

    Too crumbly and small by Susina02/13/2013

    The pieces in Purebites Ocean Whitefish treats for cats are too small and most of them have already crumbled to a powder. it is much better to buy the ones for dogs as they maintain their shape and texture longer.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats (0.28 oz)
    A winner with picky cats! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

    My cats' favorite treat is freeze-dried salmon, but this product is a close second. It's easy to use, the cats like it, and it was very reasonably priced. I try not to feed my cats anything with preservatives, so this product is a good option. Definitely worth a try.

    cats love these by birmangirl08/14/2012

    We tried these and the chicken...even my fussy guy loved them !!

    Opie LOVES them!! by Opie's Mom from Kentucky06/04/2013

    To say my big boy Opie LOVES these is an understatement! He used to being me the bag in the middle of the night and wake me up for them! I couldn't give treats for this behavior so I hid them in a drawer. A few nights later he brought them to me again! Yes... He figured out how to open the drawer!! So I have them in a kitchen canister and he is learning he gets them only at bedtime and begging isn't gonna get him more at any other time of the day. lol

    good buy by glo from Ventura,CA.05/03/2012

    these are the only treats that my cat likes, we have tried them all. great price too!!

    Freeze Dried Kitty Krack by Oshie Cat from Ohio10/23/2012

    Tiny freeze-dried shrimpies make the perfect treat for my cat with severe food allergies. She loves her crunchies, but is allergic to basically all other treats. Perfect size for rewards after meds or when trying to train. Also works great when crumbled over her boring canned allergy food. All protein with no grains or additives makes it a super safe treat. One problem is she knows where they're hidden and will beg and beg for them. She even knows the look of the pouch and comes running. Another problem -- they don't come in a larger amount -- they don't last long, she loves them so much. Highly recommend for finicky cats.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 3 PACK (0.84 oz)
    pure bite shrimpies by hmj from Arkansas05/08/2013

    My Sneakers LOVES these and she doesn't do treats. With these i am now able to clip her nails- one nail- one shrimpie- and comb her fur.

    They love them! by Cosmo100 from Tulsa, OK02/21/2013

    These were the first treats we've offered our two kittens of 5 and 7 months of age. They both are going crazy for these. We plan to use them only for rewards, but it truly seems to be a good treat for that purpose.

    Featured Reviews for PureBites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Treats for Cats - 6 PACK (1.68 oz)
    Yummy good by KittiesMom from Chico, CA10/29/2012

    I have a fish-aholic in the house, and she loves this treat. My other girl says it is so-so. I like this treat because it is light but crunchy. I don't need to give Sheba a lot of it to satisfy her.

    tastey morsels by atlantic150 from Pennsauken, NJ03/16/2013

    My cat loves these shrimp and they are getting harder to find in the large petfood chain stores. They arrived quickly and not crushed. Will order again from Entirely pets.

    Super Shrimpy Treat! by Karen from Wellington, NV04/16/2013

    Our cat LOVES these. They have a nice strong shimp sent so he gobbles them right up. I am so happy with the entire line up of Pure Bites treats.

    kittens love them by Here Kitty12/18/2012

    The kittens love these treats and I feel better about treating them with something that is all natural

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