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Cosequin DS (Double Strength) - Cosequin for Dogs

If old age is starting to affect your dog's mobility,

Cosequin DS for Dogs

by Nutramax Laboratories can help improve their arthritis and joint condition symptoms.

Cosequin for dogs combines glucosamine and chondroitin into a unique formula to help strengthen joints and increase cartilage production. Cosequin and Cosequin Double Strength (DS) are ideal for pets who have trouble climbing stairs, jumping, stretching, walking, or any other age related soreness.

This product is also great for giving to younger dogs to help extend their mobility throughout their lives. In fact, Cosequin is so great for joints that they even offer a dosage designed for humans that helps ease the affects of general aging on joints! Cosequin's "double strength" formula is ideal for larger breeds or dogs over 25 pounds, while the standard formula works great for smaller sized pets.

EntirelyPets offers a wide variety of tablet sizes, quantities, and number of tablets to help you ensure you always have the right amount on hand for your pet. This product is available in soft chews, chewable tablets, and capsules to meet your pet's needs. Try it today and learn why Cosequin dogs are happy dogs! Trust Seals

Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets

Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets (110 Count)
Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets (110 Count)

($51.99)  $38.59
Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (132 Count)
Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (132 Count)

($59.99)  $41.89
Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count)
Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count)

($114.90)  $78.39
2-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (264 CHEWABLE TABLETS)
2-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (264 CHEWABLE TABLETS)

($113.99)  $79.59
Cosequin DS CHEWABLES (650 Tablets)
Cosequin DS CHEWABLES (650 Tablets)

($246.99)  $176.99
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)

($170.99)  $148.99
3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CHEWABLES (750 COUNT)
3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CHEWABLES (750 COUNT)

($255.99)  $223.49
6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (1500 tablets) CHEWABLES
6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (1500 tablets) CHEWABLES

($511.99)  $446.89
12-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (3000 tablets) CHEWABLES
12-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (3000 tablets) CHEWABLES

($1,022.99)  $893.69

Cosequin DS Plus MSM Chewable Tablets

Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (60 Count)
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (60 Count)

($34.99)  $24.89
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (132 Count)
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (132 Count)

($51.99)  $39.89
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)

($98.99)  $75.79
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (250 Count)
Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (250 Count)

($89.99)  $69.99
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)
2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (500 Count)

($165.58)  $127.99

Cosequin DS Capsules

Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES

($50.99)  $41.89
Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 250 CAPSULES
Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 250 CAPSULES

($103.99)  $79.39
Cosequin DS CAPSULES (800 Count)
Cosequin DS CAPSULES (800 Count)

($399.99)  $216.99
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)
2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)

($196.99)  $150.89
2-PACK Cosequin DS (264 CAPSULES)
2-PACK Cosequin DS (264 CAPSULES)

($96.99)  $79.59
3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CAPSULES (750 COUNT)
3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CAPSULES (750 COUNT)

($294.99)  $226.29
6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 count (1500 capsules) CAPSULES
6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 count (1500 capsules) CAPSULES

($588.99)  $452.59
12-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (1584 tablets) CAPSULES
12-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (1584 tablets) CAPSULES

($576.99)  $477.59
12-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (3000 Capsules) CAPSULES
12-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (3000 Capsules) CAPSULES

($1,177.99)  $905.09

Cosequin DS Soft Chews

Cosequin Soft Chews Plus MSM (60 Chews)
Cosequin Soft Chews Plus MSM (60 Chews)

($35.99)  $23.99
Cosequin Soft Chews (90 Count)
Cosequin Soft Chews (90 Count)

($46.99)  $35.79
2-PACK Cosequin Soft Chews (180 Chews)
2-PACK Cosequin Soft Chews (180 Chews)

($88.99)  $68.09

Cosequin DS for Cats

Cosequin for Cats   (80 capsules)
Cosequin for Cats (80 capsules)

($20.99)  $16.60
2 PACK Cosequin for Cats 80 count (160 CAPSULES)
2 PACK Cosequin for Cats 80 count (160 CAPSULES)

($39.99)  $28.29
4- PACK Cosequin for Cats 80 Count (320 CAPSULES)
4- PACK Cosequin for Cats 80 Count (320 CAPSULES)

($78.99)  $56.59
Cosequin for Cats (55 Sprinkle Capsules)
Cosequin for Cats (55 Sprinkle Capsules)

($14.99)  $12.95
Cosequin for Cats
Cosequin for Cats

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cosequin ds

Cosequin for Dogs assists joint health in dogs using a proven safe, effective and bioavailable formula. This potent formula contains TRH122 chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49 glucosamine, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and manganese ascorbate to support and maintain healthy joints for your dog.

Proven results and high standards
happy cosequin dog

Cosequin features an exclusive formula that has been shown to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-review, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. Manufacturing is done in the United States and follows standards similar to those practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. These results all contribute to Cosequin being the #1 veterinarian recommended brand!

Which dogs benefit from Cosequin?

Joint health assistance isn't only necessary for senior dogs. If you notice your dog having difficulty with strenuous activity, such as walking up stairs or jumping up to bed, your dog may benefit from Cosequin DS.

Safe formula

Studies conducted to check the safety of Cosequin have shown no adverse effects in blood work parameters, including complete blood count, biochemical, and clotting values.

High standards and proven results have earned Cosequin a high reputation among veterinarians and is the #1 recommended brand.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS Plus MSM (60 Count)
  • Glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement
  • MSM added for total joint support
  • Supports cartilage production
  • Proven results
  • Manufactured using high standards
More Info
Nutritional Supplements

These supplements can improve joint health.

Alternative Joint Supplements

These supplements are used to help maintain an animal's health.

Healthy Diet Guide

Some tips to keep your furry friend healthy.

Choosing a Joint Supplement

Learn how to select the right joint supplement.

Cosequin supports active dogs
Find the Right Cosequin Pack for your dogs
Cosequin DS
Chewable Tablets
Cosequin DS
132 count
250 count
650 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count

132 count
250 count
800 count
2 pack - 500 Count
3 pack - 750 Count
6 pack - 1500 Count
12 pack - 3000 Count

Administration as a supplement for dogs

The recommended initial administration period is four to six weeks; however, some dogs may respond in a shorter period of time. The number of Cosequin DS Plus MSM chewable tablets may then be reduced to the maintenance level.

Initial 4 to 6 Week
Administration Period
Up to 15 lbs. 1/2 daily 1/2 every other day
16 - 30 lbs. 1 daily 1/2 daily
31 - 60 lbs. 2 daily 1 daily
Over 60 lbs. 3 daily 1 -2 daily

Once consistent improvement has been seen, these maintenance levels may be reduced to an every other day administration. The maintenance level can also be used long term on healthy dogs to help support their joints.

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Glucosamine hydrochloride acts as a building block of cartilage by supplying a key nutrient that keeps cartilage cells healthy and functioning properly.


MSM is an organic source of sulfur, a compound used by cartilage. Although clinical data on MSM is limited, many veterinarians and trainers recommend the use of MSM in the management of joint health.

Chondroitin & Manganese

Chondroitin sulfate blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage. Manganese ascorbate is added to help optimize the production of cartilage components.

Guaranteed Analysis
Glucosamine Hydrochloride 600 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 250 mg
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 5 mg

Glucosamine hydrochloride (derived from shellfish), sodium chondroitin sulfate (derived from bovine cartilage), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), natural pork liver flavor, dextrose, dried brewers yeast, microcrystalline cellulose, manganese, ascorbate, magnesium stearate, and natural and artificial flavors.

4.87 rating based on 766 reviews
Featured Reviews for 12-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (1584 tablets) CAPSULES
by from 06/19/2012

Featured Reviews for 12-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (3000 Capsules) CAPSULES
ottimo prodotto by valbaia06/19/2013

Excellent product that utilzzo for dogs since puppies, very good price. The benefits are visible to the excellent state of health of the joints of dogs into old age. Great all around!

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Cosequin DS (264 CAPSULES)
Good by Lauretta from Clarksville, MD10/23/2012

This was actually for my son's dogs. The pills seem to be working since it's his second refill.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Cosequin DS 132 Count (264 CHEWABLE TABLETS)
by Steve03/31/2012

We tried this product after a suggestion from our vet. Our Great Pyrenees "Kobi" has had a lot better activity level since taking 2 Cosequin chewable tablets every day at dinner time.

really affordable and fast by deal18002/16/2013

really fast and affordable would and will do it again.

great buy by ljprip from norwich, NY08/15/2012

Cheaper here than the vets. Great Price.

Great product-Great price by busterbigguy from Phoenix, AZ10/12/2011

I have two black labs with hip problems. My vet recommended Cosequin DS and I have been giving it to them everyday for over two years now. What a difference in how they run and romp around now. EntirelyPets gives me a great price and excellent service.

Cosequin by Jim44 from Seattle05/29/2012

My adult male golden retriever isn't limping any more. He's now back to enjoying the outdoors and trotting a bit.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 Capsules)
by Spitfire02/06/2012

The chief orthopedic surgeon at Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital recommended this for my dogs. That's all I needed to hear. My dogs have been on Cosequin ever since.

great product by andrew02/11/2013

product is great; packaging was not so great. sloppy; part of envelope stuck onto bottles. should have taken enough time to package properly.

Great product for hip maintenance by GJCinmetroDC06/12/2013

I give my 7 year old dog 1 Cosequin a day. Great for the hips. I did this with my previous shepherd mix dog and he had good quality of life until he was about 16 years of age.

Never ever by lanhedu from Paris France10/22/2012

Ordered Cosequin for my dog august 2012, never got the product, claimed a refund never got anything.

Really like this product by Patty from Marietta, GA06/12/2012

I highly recommend Cosequin DS. I give it to my 10 year old lab every day and it seems to have helped her mobility a lot. She loves to walk in the park and Cosequin DS has allowed her to continue her favorite outings! I highly recommend it.

very good deal by Swim mom from NJ04/17/2013

Excellent ....l on joint preventative cosequin . best value we have seen so far. Using it on our almost 13 year old lab, and 8 year old lab after she has been out running .....ESP on a beach with her ball!!!!

Used for 3+ years by Goose02/28/2012

Recommended by my vet for my American Mastiff since he was 12 weeks old and now at 3 1/2 years he has had no problems with his joints. He now weighs 245 LBS. He will continue to use this product and I will continue to purchase from Entirely Pets for their service and good pricing.

very reliable by mom to 2 from virginia07/25/2012

My old dog can still go on walks and looks forward to them. She has been taking cosequin for about a year now...she is 15 people years old. Without the cosequin she was not able. Entirely Pets is a reliable place to order and the customer service is great

Great Cosequin by Barkley from Saluzzo, ITALY04/14/2012

Ottimo prodotto anche se siamo ancora solo agli inizi del trattamento, speriamo in bene, soprattutto se riesce a risolvere i problemi ed evitare interventi chirurgici!

It keeps her going by shydog07/11/2012

my dog is a border collie mix. She is aproximately 16 years old. She is not getting around as well as she used to but the cosequin keeps her moving. She still goes for walks 2 times a day and does her tricks.. before I started using the cosequin I was debating about having to put her down as she could not walk in a straight line. She is still slow and walks like she has boards for legs but she still goes.... and don't even think about leaving her behind.

Run Like a Stallion! by Jamie07/15/2012

Cosequin supplements have allowed my 7 year old English mastiff Max to enjoy running and playing without joint pain! We will continue to give Max Cosequin, which will increase his quality of life as he ages. For Giant breeds, Cosequin is a great product!

by Joe10/23/2012

Great product, and fast delivery service. Wish the price could of been lower, it seems to increase by 25% everytime I order.

Cosequin DS by labby from Denver, Co.01/10/2013

LOVE this product! My dog has been on this supplement since she was 9 months old. Our vet diagnosed her with arthritis in her hips and recommended this product. That was 9 years ago and my dog is doing great--still loves to run and play. NO dog should be without it!

Cosequin DS by pixietrix from western NY10/23/2012

I share this product with my dog! She gets one & I take 2. We both are middle-aged and staying active is a high priority for me.

Works for me! by msbigs from central Mass11/06/2011

Cosequin DS is what my vet recommends for my german shephards with ortho issues. I love this site becasue it has the best prices and free shipping.

by Lorianne04/20/2012

Definitely helps my dogs with their joint pains. Best price I could find.

Cosequin DS - terrific stuff by Deb S.05/13/2008

when my cocker/border collie mix was 11 he stopped running. he was diagnosed with hip problems and was in constant pain. Our Vet. strongly suggested a diet and Cosequin DS (2x/day) . it took about a month but he started running & playing again - this helped with the weight loss too, eventually he went from 52 lbs to 37 lbs. I think this may have saved his life and certainly improved the quality of his life (he's now 14, happy & still running). I recommend Cosequin DS to anyone who has a dog with joint pain.

Cosequin DS by Sidney Cosbitt02/11/2008

I have two chow chows that have been taking this product for years. I believe it really helps their joints. Less pain and more smiles!

great by Molly Lou from addison, Il01/19/2012

I already see improvement in my two 10 year old boxers. They are moving better and jumping on the bed with a lot less hesitation. This product seems to be working great so far.

great quality by joi from lowville, ny05/30/2012

Having tried several sources of cosequin, we keep coming back to this one for quality and effectiveness and price.

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (500 tablets)
Cosequin by Abby11/05/2012

This is a great product. I have used it for years for my older dogs. The special pricing was a plus!

great by choochy from ny05/03/2013

like it alot so bought double pack one for my sons dog

Consequin by Betty12/17/2012

Great stuff specialy for older dogs cheaper than a vet visit healthyer than steroids.....

Cosequin DS by Wally01/18/2013

I have been very pleased with this product. My friend, Joe, has been on it for three years and from the first time I gave it, I had a brand new dog!! My vet is frustrated because it appears to have the same ingredients as the product he sells, but doesn't compare when it come to results. My friend Joe turns seventeen thisyear.

by Bob02/14/2013

We have used this product for several years with our Labs. Our dogs are active and we feel this product is effective on their joints.

by RealBigFoot from Kalamazoo, MI10/25/2011

Our dog has been on Cosequin DS250 for just over 1 year. She started taking them after tearing the cruciate ligament and shredding the meniscus on her left hind leg. Within 6 months, due to the added pressure from her injured leg, she torn the other hind leg cruciate ligament and shredded that meniscus as well. Since then, she has completely healed and is now running and playing like she did before her injuries.

helping the old dog by mylabsrhot from California03/19/2012

My Field Trial Labrador Retriever is almost 11yrs and still goin' strong. At the beginning of the year I though he was finished competing due to excessive limping front and rear, used some perscription meds but ran out. Picked up the Cosequin and put him on the highest dose recommeded saw progress right away. He is now competing again and will let me know when he wants to retire.

Cosequin DS 250 - keeping our dog healthy + happy by Josie's Mom from Upstate New York12/01/2012

Our dog has had 4 leg surgeries. She has had both stifles rebuilt and the bones have been modified. Therefore, by definition, she has arthritis - and this all by the time she was 3 years old. Anyway, our vet encouraged us to give her one Cosequin per day since then. She weighs 75 pounds and we want to keep her weight down and her body in good shape in order to help her knees. She can run like the wind and has no limping at all! We think the Cosequin is a beneficial part of her life.

by from 08/02/2012

My 10 year-old golden retriever does exceedingly well on this supplement, originally recommended by an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. I take the human form of it with similarly excellent results.

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This Stuff Works! by azebragal02/22/2013

We have a mostly lab dog which was diagnosed by x-ray to have hip dysplasia when less than two years old. He has been on this product ever since and is now seven years old. By watching him, you would never know he has any kind of mobility issues. This stuff really does work!

the best by jolly from Arizona02/08/2013

truly helpful to my eleven year old 100lb mixed breed.

Excellent for Older dogs by Luckyone from Mount Pleasant, WI10/18/2011

I have a 9 1/2 year old yellow lab that was struggling getting up after being in a laying position. It appeared to be stiffness in his rear legs and hips. After using the product for a few weeks he no longer is struggling when getting up. I would highly recommend Cosequin for older animals that are not quite as active as they once were.

The great time saver by Dgibs from Loveland, CO.02/13/2013

I was looking for cosequin for my buddy checked several sites after getting on your site, when I looked at the product I was given a lot of options, I like option at good prices. Placed my order with little effort and a coupe of days later the cosequin was helping my buddy Yukon run and stay up with his brother & sister We thank you See you next time I'm ready to order

Very good results by Jud from Green Bay WI10/23/2012

I have been giving my three Airedales, ages 14,10 and 6, the Cosequin DS. I started giving it to my older girl and saw a big difference in her mobility so I then decided to give it to the younger ones as a maintenence supplement.

Best price found by Barb from Alexandria, Kentucky10/27/2011

I researched the various stores and web sites for cosequin and found the price varied quite a bit. Entirely Pets was the best price and were very prompt to send the product. I would recommend Entirely Pets to anyone for quality service and price.

Miracle drug by Toni from Florida12/15/2012

My Keeshond was born with barely any hip ball and sockets, and what he did have was wearing down. The specialist strongly recommended this. After about two weeks of following the guidelines for the pills, he was a new dog. It did take about two weeks for us, though, to start seeing the results. Be patient. I have told everyone I know about this product. The specialist was impressed with his results and to this day we are in a hold pattern on the surgery. We have also started our Flat-Coated Retriever on it as a preventative, since the breed is known to have problems down the road.

by Sue06/28/2012

Cosequin works wonders for my dog's hip dysplasia. I tried another brand when I ran out of cosequin, while waiting for my cosequin order to arrive, and my dog was starting to show signs of lameness within 2 days. As soon as he was back on cosequin he was back to normal.

Really Works Well by 2labsAustin from Austin, TX05/30/2012

I buy this for my labs on recommendation of our vet. It really works, when I don't supplement their food with it, you can really tell. My oldest seems extra stiff - she's 10 so she feels her aches and pains but this really seems to help her and I highly recommend for dogs with joint issues.

by Collie Girl06/20/2012

Good product and value for the money!! My dogs love it.

Service outstanding by Callie from Virginia05/05/2012

I have used Cosequin DS for at least a year. At this time all 4 dogs in the familey are using the product. I ordered the product on Sunday it was in the mailbox by Wed. Thanks for the fast service

This really works by Corinne from North Carolina10/28/2011

I had my 13 year old boxer on this stuff for years for his arthritis. It helped increase his mobility and eased the pain of his arthritis. Unfortunately, I lost my baby a few days ago, He was unable to eat for most of the last week and therefore was not able to get his Cosequin DS. There was a noticable increase in his pain and stiffness when he stopped getting his Cosequin. I highly recommend this product. It works!

My best friend by ricky from Marshall Va 2011501/13/2012

The best product on the market for large old dogs who have hip problems

excellent produit by Malone from MASSY , FRANCE03/14/2013

excellent produit aidant mon chien de 13 ans qui souffre d'arthrose. chaque matin il attend ses comprimés.

easy transaction by rusty12/04/2012

I have ordered from entirely pets before and each time their delivery is quick without any hassle. The 2-pack cosequin that I ordered was well priced.

Cosequin DS is the best! by High Desert D02/28/2012

Can't say enough about the Cosequin Tabs we give our four Corgis daily. HIGHLY recommended by our orthopedic veterinarian after one of the little critters tore her doggie ACL, we have never had a joint or arthritis issue with any of the Corgi crew -- even though all four are now in their "senior" years. We will always use this product and we highly recommend it to all our friends

My dog is a puppy again!!!!! by Robbi from Canyon, Texas07/13/2012

My dog is almost 10 years old and has always been very active. Gradually, she started limping more and more after running and also crying when she laid down and got up. It was breaking my heart! I took her to the vet. He took x-rays and said she had very bad arthritus in both front paws and her hips. He recommended your product to help with her joint pain and told me not to restrict her activity and to just "let her live her life". After only 2 days of being on Cosequin I noticed a BIG improvement. She was back running again, racing with the dogs next door and "living her life". I am so grateful!

Works just as stated! by Lucius' Dad from Odessa, Fl06/17/2012

When my 6 yr. old pitt started to limp it made me sick. If he was limping now, how long would it be before he could not perform his most favorite function in his life, THE DAILY WALK!! My vet recommended Cosequin which I thought was probably the biggest waste of money. For my best friend I decided to give it a try. Within a month his symptoms vanished. After running out of my initial supply his symptoms returned within 2-3 weeks. A few weeks after resuming treatment his symptoms again vanished. Incredible!! it actrually works!! I won't run out again.

Helpful product by Retriever Believer from West Bend, WI02/25/2013

Cosequin DS seems to help our 10 year old rescue lab with the arthritis she is suffering from since a car accident. Her owner died in the car accident and she was limping when she came to us. She is doing so much better.

More Mobile by Nan03/31/2013

After taking Cosequin daily my terror mix has returned to her "younger" active self. Really seems to help with joint/hip pain.

best price by Ms.10/24/2012

My dog has been on Cosequin for years. I searched several sites and this was the best price for quantity and delivery charge.

Good Purchase by ScoobyDubyRuby from Pocono Pines, Pa02/07/2012

Cosequin was recommended by my Vet when my Golden Retriever turned 6. I've been giving it to her twice a day ever since, and now at 11 she is doing wonderful with no signs of arthritis or any joint problems. Good Product

Run, Spot, Run by Hope's Mom from Ft. Myers, Florida10/23/2012

The Cosequin I purchased, a necessary part of my dog's' daily life, is exactly what she needs. The quantities and price at Entirely Pets is perfect and the price knocks this purchase out of the ballpark. I will be back...for this and more! Thanks Entirely Pets.

Older dogs love Cosequin DS by steve544 from Rowland Heights, CA02/06/2012

I have two Goldens aged 7 and 8. They were slowing down some. A friend recommended Cosequin DS. Since they have been on this joint medication, they are really perky and running like 2 year old pups! I started with two tabs a day for about a week and then switched to one tab a day. The improvement in their ability to run and jump was noticeable after 4-5 days. It's like I have my puppies back! And they love to chew the tabs!

by MARY K10/23/2012

My dog reacts so much better when he takes this med. He can walk quite a distance, get on the couch, and even sleeps better.

Will Return by Gaz03/11/2012

Good Service, Good Price, Good Store, Will Return!

AAA+ by LiIsa04/24/2013

This is a great product for joints. I have a chocolate lab that is on the chubby side, he has gone through a knee replacement in each back leg and has taken Cosequin DS for at least 6 years. Great product & great price.

by Marie04/16/2013

My dog has been on Cosequin DS for arthritis for a number of years. I have found that Entirely Pets will usually have a sale that will give me the lowest price available.

Well worth it! by Kim05/06/2012

I love Cosequin. My 10 year old dog has had both ACLs repaired and you would never know it. He has some arthritic changes, but because I have had him on the Cosequin since his first injury, he is still running and playing with his young friends. It's the best joint supplement out there.

Life changer by numas08/08/2012

This product has been a life changer for my twelve year old dog! Joe had developed a difficulty in climbing just three stairs, was slow to get up from a prone position yet, after three days on Cosequin DS he was a new dog. That was three years ago and he is still going strong! I highly recommend this product to anyone with a senior aged dog.

Best cosequin product by Greyhound mom01/13/2013

Cosequin ds is a great product. We use it with our 3 greyhounds (2 that are 6 and 1 is 9) and the results have been excellent. It is also one of the few products that require just 1 tablet a day. Others required up to 4 a day. Entirely Pets also has a great price on this product.

Favorite pet website by Baxter04/17/2013

Good prices, prompt service, excellent communication regarding processing and shipping.

Cosequin DS by GabyT from Phoenix, AZ04/24/2012

My arthritic dog, Merlin, has been on Cosequin for awhile. It helps keep him moving without limping and acting like his old self! I couldn't do without Cosequin DS for his arthritic condition!

Cosequin DS 250 by AJW04/02/2012

These chewable tablets are wonderful. I give to my boxer daily and it really seems to help with her joints!

Cosequin by mba from Wisconsin11/22/2011

Cosequin is an excellent product. We give it to our older dogs as well as young active ones.

by from 06/11/2013

I have been using this product for several years with my two aging Golden Retrievers, 8 & 9 years old.

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Best Value by shopperkh from Wisconsin10/09/2011

We have a young Golden Retriever who has had health issues since he was born. The Cosequin chewable tabs have been a great relief to his orthopedic problems and on top of that he considers them a treat! Entirely Pets' price has by far been the best value we have found. No other competitor can compare. Since our dog will have to be on this medication for his entire life, Entirely Pets can count on our continued business.

Dosequin Review by Marcible from Chicago, IL.11/28/2012

Great product to help keep joints moving on our dogs. My neighbor has even noticed an increase in energy and playfulness on my 11 yr. old Doberman since he's been taking Cosequin. Items shipped quickly and arrived in great condition.

Cosequin by Tossty04/19/2013

I have used Cosequin everyday for long time on my Dogs for long time to keep healthy joints.

Vet recomended by green68giant10/28/2011

Good product helps dog with hip problems.

by Barbara06/25/2013

great product and I give it everyday to my 3 goldens and the fosters...

Best there is by Ashleigh12/01/2008

Best joint supplement, hands down! My bloodhound who has had knee surgery and my aussie mix who has hip issues swear by it!

Cosequin DS Works by Lynn Zaro10/31/2008

My Australian has elbow dysplasia and without 2 tabs a day, she has a pronounced limp. EntirelyPets has absolutely the best price around.

Bet purchase ever by Doke from Drunen, the Netherlands12/28/2012

For years I bought this product in my country the Netherlands. The price in the Netherlands is twice as much. Someone gave me the tip to visit the site 'Entirely pets'.

Cosequin by Maddy02/16/2013

I had a recommendation from my veterinarian to purchase this. After buying it at the veterinary clinic and paying more than you have it on line, I decided to buy more from you, as I believe the dogs will be on it for the rest of their lives. They like it. I started with 2 a day and will be down to 1 after they have been on it for a little over a month.

"Natty" has dual hip dysplasia and only 2 years by Nancy U from Southern California10/24/2011

"Natty" was diagnosed at 8 months old with dual hip dysplasia and faced with hip replacements at $4500 to start...I read online that buffered Vitamin C and Cosequin might may her life bearable...so 4 chewable Cosequin DS twice a day with 1 buffered Vitamin C and "Natty" is leaping and loving life even with those awful hips and no surgery so far...yeah!!!

Cosequin DS tablets by Anne Erwin02/26/2008

My cattle dog was faced with surgery for a knee injury and was limping badly. We started her on Cosequin DS and the result were amazing. After about 10 days, no limping, no pain, and best of all, the vet said "no surgery needed". What a product.

Excellent Product - highly recommended by omh11/14/2012

We purchased this product for one of our labs when he started having hip problems. Within 3 weeks you could see he was back to his normal self doing all of the fun things in life :-) I would highly recommend this as a maintenance product or for mild hip issues. Extremely helpful without the all the potential side effects of drugs from the vets office.

Works incredible!!! by Robbi from Canyon, TX12/20/2012

I've been using this product for about a year and wouldn't think of stopping it. My dog is like a puppy again! She just turned 10 years old and is running with the puppies next door and always ready to go. Plus!!! She no longer hurts when getting up and down. I am extremely happy with this product and Entirely Pets is waaaay cheaper than other pet websites.

Cosequin DS by Colby's mom06/15/2013

I tried the generic brands and my Labrador will eat anything and everything but they made him sick. This is the ONLY proven joint product on the market! I've worked for a Veterinarian for 3 years and this is the only product on the market that has PROVEN results. My 10 year old lab has fully recovered from a torn ACL. Great stuff!!

Great for movement issues by Terry from Oklahoma01/18/2013

Our adopted lab couldn't run when we first got her. She had to bunny hop along. Started her on Cosequin DS and now she can run like a deer.

Great product! by vootch01/30/2011

Been using this product for my bouvier with hip dysplasia for 4 years now. She still has no symptoms and her hips were horrible when xrayed at 1 years old. I do think it's helping her and believe it's the best out there

Great Deal by LB10/23/2012

I routinely purchase the 2 pk of Cosequin because it's a very good deal, especially with free shipping and the occasional discount coupons.

A great product!!! by goldens from South Carolina01/16/2012

I give it to all my goldens for their entire life for good joint health. I also give it to the rescues that I foster and encourage their new forever family to keep them on it also.

Best Product ever by Dog Lover from East Texas08/10/2012

I worked for a Veterinarian for 3 years. This product is expensive even with my discount so I tried the pet store imitators. My labrador eats anything but started vomiting after trying the lesser products. This is the ONLY product actually tested in trials all the others have not. I've been using Cosequin DS as preventative for my 8 year old 98lb lab and he still walks 3 miles everyday with no problem and runs around my 2 acre yard. He loves the taste and thinks its a treat.

He's Young Again by Barb10/24/2011

Cosequin DS has helped my dog so much. He acts like a puppy again. He has a bad knee and back, but still wants to play.

best purchase ever by molly06/04/2013

excellent joint product for our 11 yr old dog and excellent price and delivery service!!

Cosequin DS by Ruth Silny from Pasadena, CA03/27/2012

I recommend your website and Cosequin DS to all my dog friends!

by BJ08/15/2012

Product recommened by vet to provide arthritis support to my dogs and the product delivered

Cosequin by Barry from Cincinnati, Ohio area04/13/2012

The ordered product(Cosequin) was exactly as ordered, shipped quickly and met every expectation.

Rayne loves em' ;-) by Rayne's Mom from PA06/10/2011

My dog absolutely loves these and looks forward to taking them. She gets 2 in the morning and 1 at night. I tried one other type because it was cheaper and I will never stray again. She didn't like them and would get an upset tummy if she took the other type on an empty stomach. Cosequin may be more $$ but if she likes them its worth every penny. Two thumbs up for this product. She benefits from this too!! ;-)

Cosquin DS 250 ct by mbritt2003 from Cape Canaveral, FL12/11/2012

I was not happy, in that this product differs from what I ordered the last time. Chewable squares versus these pills. You must have changed the formulation or something.

Cosequin DS 250 3-times a day by WallyWatts from Inverness, FL11/26/2011

I have had excellent results with giving my 13-year old Golden Retriever 3 chewables per day. One in the morning with breakfast, another at noon, and the final in the evening with or after dinner. The results are not dramatic but I think with time that these will make the dog's life easier.

Great Value by BubbaStone04/18/2013

From our research this is the best value for the money. Our dog is in his senior years and is taking three tablets a day, so we were happy to find this product in bulk and at a fair price. Thanks Entirely Pets!

Easy to compare and order by Lilly's mom01/17/2012

Ordering from Entirely Pets is quick and easy and secure. Everything ships promptly and prices are great! A variety of package sizes makes it easy to buy in bulk yet not over-purchase.

Love this company! by Jenn06/21/2012

Great prices, quick shipping, excellent products!

Cosequin DS Chewable Tabs by Bronx2216 from Phoenix, AZ10/10/2011

My arthritic 12-year old Rottie mix thrives on Cosequin DS - it's easy for him to take and it helps keep him relatively pain-free. Doing business with Entirely Pets, aside from my very first experience (which was difficult), has been SO easy. I get the product quickly, there has never been a problem processing payments, etc. And when I did have a problem, the customer service was outstanding. Moreover, they have the best prices I have found for this product. Highly recommended product and company.

Cosequin perfect solution by Aranea from The Netherlands04/10/2012

I live in the Netherlands and order this product at Entirely Pets, because your service and price are very attractive.

grrrreat by carol-annie from tecumseh ontario canada01/06/2013

I am totally pleased with this product..we waited 3 weeks for our vet to get this in and I ordered this and got it just over a week..thanks you so much will definately shop here again many times to come cheers!!

Every dog owner should buy these by Ellen01/31/2013

I have given my large breed dogs (Great Dane and Golden Retriever) Cosequin DS since they were very young and as they age, their movement and agility are MUCH improved than previous pets I had before I learned of this product!!!!!!!!!!

Cosequin double strength chewable are wonderful by Rotty from Missouri06/26/2012

My dogs ..I have 4 large dogs all use this product. They run & have fun in the back yard daily. Big dogs are prone to leg problems. I give all 4 of our dogs Cosequin. It just does wonders for them. Makes their legs feel better no more limping & their joints are all great according to our vet. Entirely Pets ALWAYS has the best price & GREAT service and that is very important.

Cosequin DS by Jacqui03/17/2012

I love Cosequin DS and have had all my Chows on it for years. It is the only supplement I would buy or recommend! My new rescue boy Kashi was limping when I got him and I started him on Cosequin right away and its helped so much! Thank You!

IT Works ! by John T.11/07/2012

My Lab, 11, had diffulty getting into my SUV. I bought Cosequine DS and after two weeks the stiffness was gone. In addition he likes the taste compaired to other joint meds I had tried.

Great product! by OZ12/05/2012

I give this product to three of my dogs. One of which has a completely destroyed ACL. The damage was so severe that even after surgery and 11 months of healing he was carrying that leg about 60 percent of the time. I started using this product and now he is doing amazing! Results did not happen over night but they did happen. Now (2 years after surgery) no one would not know he had any issue by looking at him. He never carries that leg! I also used this product on a 12 y/o schnauzer rescue that was weak in the lower back and hips. He has been using this product about 4 months and he is so much stronger now. He is running all over the place. I tell all my friends about it.

highly recommended for your 4-legged baby! by baltos mom from long island, ny01/01/2013

at the urging of our vet, we started to give balto cosaquin ds following his ACL repair 4 years ago. you wouldn't know he had the surgery or that he was 8 years old now! he runs like a puppy and chases after whatever you throw for him.

easy to use. by studmuffin from chicago03/06/2013

Very easy conveient and reasonable priced from store bought material. Pet smart would be twice as expensive. That is the Best Buy syndrome.

Excellent Product by My3Danes from Chicagoland01/19/2012

I use this product for by Dane who is getting older and having a problem getting up. Poor thing has to struggle to get her butt off the floor. Using Cosequin DS is so helpful and makes such a difference in her activities and movements. She doesn't have to work so hard to get up and move around. No second guessing if it works. It does and you can see the difference.

Top Tablets by Gaz from Wales (UK)12/05/2012

Best product on the market for the relief of arthritis and Entirely Pets has the cheapest price on the web. Keep up the good work!

Working Wonderfully and Great Price by Cgo Retriever from Chicago01/29/2012

Our dog has hip dysplasia (and at three years old is already mildy arthritic). The Cosequin has worked wonders on him, and you wouldn't even know he is arthritic anymore! Entirely Pets also has the absolute best price on this product - have been ordering it from them for most of my dog's life!

Great product by berner mom from Arkansas04/17/2013

This product was recommended to me by a friend. I've used it for years with senior dogs and find that it works great. Entirely Pets always has it for a reasonable price and free shipping on the quantities that I buy.

Renewed youth by Laura from Indiana01/15/2013

Transformed from an old dog to a young pup.

by jjcobb from Rocky Mountains, Colorado12/04/2012

Our boys have taken Cosequin DS Chewables for years. Highly satisfied with this product!

Results with a great price by Bar from Maine02/02/2012

Pedey has been on Cosequin for two weeks and he already has begun acting like a puppy again!!!

great product by dean01/23/2013

We have used this product for a very long time. We have a Golden retriver that has hip problems and with the cosequin, she is able to move a lot better than without it.

by Jennifer from Denver, CO02/07/2012

My dog has been taking Cosequin DS for a few months now and I've seen an improvement in his abililies.

by Lynne10/21/2011

Have used this product for years for my Golden with hip dysplasia and arthritis. I think it really helps!

best price on the web! by tina2112 from Phoenix, AZ03/14/2012

even before this was on sale, the price on this site is better than any i found on the web, or at the vet.

Best Purchase - Worst Shipping by Deb from Illinois08/09/2012

Our old dogs and I love your product. And I loved the quick shipping I had received in the past. It seemed that in the past I would have the product 3-4 days after I placed the order. But this order was placed on 8/3 and the tracking info thru "newgistics" is telling me I will not see it until 8/15-16 - almost 2 weeks?! I did not order early enough for this time-frame, I was going by past history. So even tho I am happy with the product, I am not very happy with the delivery!

by 3 spotted dogs02/28/2013

helps my 13 year old Dalmatian remain very active.

What service! by Diane02/12/2012

Products you need at a price you want! And when I needed service, it was right on target! Thanks for making it easy.

Cosequin DS by PG from Mercer PA01/29/2012

I have used this product for almost 4 years with my 4 year old dog. We discovered hip dysplasia with him at 6 mos of age. He is a large dog weighing 125 lbs. Cosequin with regular daily exercise has allowed us to keep him off stronger medications that would have resulted in greater health problems. Entirely pets has very competitive prices as well

Very good value by nity from Israel02/28/2013

Very easy shopping through the site. Fast delivery time. Very good experience.

by from 03/18/2012

i have two dogs on cosequin ds 250.

a by bad from hip,andone


by nanapam10/25/2012

Our dogs are almost 11 and 14 years of age. Without the Cosequin that we give them they would not be as active and their mobility would be such a strain on them.

Cosequin DS by LynnSq10/26/2012

I have been using these pills for years with two dogs and it has worked great for both of them with no side effects. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who had a dog with joint pain. I just put it in their food and both have eaten them with no problems.

Believe it! by Lorelei from California10/12/2011

I have a 14 and a half year old golden and this product has been life changing for her. She moves so much easier and seems to have no pain. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it's been

Faster results by DogGone01/30/2012

After two weeks we are seeing what we think is improvement with our 8 year old Golden's movement. The Cosequin DS is helping her get up after a day of running.

Great Product - Great Price by maryl from Stillwater, OK11/04/2011

My dog is recovering from ACL surgery and I had heard great things about Cosequin DS. I did lots of research looking for a good price as she will be taking this supplement from now on. Entirely Pets has the best price available and with the free shipping and a 15% coupon I feel I got a heck of a deal. I passed this info. along to the on-line ortho dogs group that I follow....you should get many orders from them!

Cosequin by Diane from Leesburg,FL10/22/2012

Been using Cosequin for years. It keeps my 12 year old Black Lab moving. Recommend product for all dogs with joint problemns

Saved money by gmul11/04/2011

I am very pleased with my purchase because basically it was half the price that I have been paying at the vet.

Awesome Product by 2 Golden Lover from Thornton, CO04/06/2012

Give this to our Golden Retriever that broke her leg a few years ago and she has no problems during the cold months. Also started giving it to our older Golden Retriever that started having problems with his hips. Within a few weeks of starting the Cosequin DS, he had no problems getting up off the floor, jumping up on the bed, going up stairs or even running. This is the best product ever. Entirely Pets also has the best prices!

Featured Reviews for 2-PACK Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (264 Count)
Highly recommend Cosequin DS Plus by Mrs. Murphy of Iselin from NJ07/16/2012

Aging large dogs have hip problems naturally.I purchased these hoping to help mine and my daughter's dog.I wasn't disappointed and neither was my vet.These really do help with arthritis,especially on inactive dogs that don't get much exercise.My vet was very impressed when I told her I started giving my dog these.It has made quite a difference.I would recommend these to anyone who loves their aging pet.

Worth every penny by Sonnysmom from Bridsboro, PA10/22/2012

My Sonny is an Elderly Spinger after one week of taking he was getting around better. I work for a Pet service and supply company tried others. These are the best at a unbeatable price.

Cosequin by Huskey3 from Houston, Texas05/04/2013

Amazing product for our old guys (10 n 11 year olds)! Now the are standing easier and running hard to play with pur young pup!

Cosequin for Dogs by ducky from Portland, OR07/25/2012

Cosequin with MSM helps our almost eight year old, 95lb Labrador, that had double TPLO surgery a few years ago, to get around pretty well... all things considered. She is able to keep up with a nine month old puppy on walks without a problem. I would recommend Cosequin for any dog with joint issues.

IT WORKS! by Jack from Petoskey. MI03/11/2013

My nearly 12 year old Golden has responded to the meds. They seem to be helping the poor, old guy.

Great so far by Kishi23 from Houston01/01/2013

These tabs seem to work for my two older dogs. I prefer these tabs that have the MSM in them over the regular ones. I am about to start giving them the maintenance dosage of two pills, so I am hoping that it will continue to work well. If I have to keep giving them three tabs, it won't bother me, a small price to pay for the extra mobility exhibited by them.

Great product by VA Gal07/17/2012

Cosequin is one of the finest products on the market for joint health, and the addition of MSM was brilliant! My dogs are doing great on this, and they seem to love it, too. I can't imagine what issues my big boys would be having if not for their Cosequin! And the price at Entirely Pets completes the deal! Way to go!!

WOW! by KAL2112/13/2011

I have an 11 1/2 yr. old, 135 lb. yellow lab with a shallow arthritic hip. He's been on vet perscribed medicines. I've tried other glucosamine suppliments before, but the change since adding Cesequine MSM is amazing. He is spunky. He has bounce in his step. He even leaps a little bit. His quality of life has improved immensely in the last 6 mos.

Excellent Product for Garanimals Mobility by KevinAfghanistan from Hinesville, GA06/16/2013

Within a week of my German Shepherd taking this supplement his mobility improved and he appears to be moving energetically and does not appear to be dragging his left hind leg as he previously did from a hip injury and subsequent surgery. His overall well-being and energy has noticeably improved.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by aakemp11/24/2012

Our 9 and 1/2 year old GSD has a bad front shoulder. When we give him the Cosequin he is so much better and doesn't need the prescription pain medicine the vet prescribed. When we run low or out of it, there is a noticeable difference.

Great Product by Dick from Northwest Ohio01/24/2013

Our 8 year old 85 pound male Collie has been on a supplement of this type since birth due to the tendency of this size dog to suffer join issues as they get older. Cosequin has been very effective above others we have tried. He will remain on this supplement the rest of his days which we hope are many.

VERY DISAPPOINTED in Entirely Pets process by FRS03/02/2012

I'm know the product is great - that's why I ordered it - on FEB 9, 2012. However, when I didn't receive in a week's plus time, I checked tracking and found that the "freebie" was on back order and the Main product requested was being held. I proceeded to request cancellation of order and purchased product locally - my dog's comfort is much more important than a freebie. and I ran out of his Cosequin while waiting for shipment. So - very disappointed with customer service - no email showing backorder etc. then, magically, same day I requested cancellation I received an email that items were now in stock and being shipped. Then to add further insult, I have received 3 o4 4 promo emails and then finally this one requesting "how did ;you like the product etc" Still no product - no confirmation of cancellation, just meaningless promo emails.

Adds life by Nancy from Fayetteville07/11/2012

Our neighbors lab stays at our house more than her own. So we started her on Cosequin DS because she is getting old and it was hard for her to get around. It has given her new life. She can jog with our dogs now.

Finally product that works!!! by Ali from Surrey, BC04/19/2013

We are very happy with this product!. Our dog 11 years old - 100lbs+ lab mix is completely different animal now. He acts like a puppy again. No more limping! What a improvement!

helps alot by Lucky Bear from Brunswick, Ohio12/07/2011

The cosequin has made a big difference in our 90 pound golden retriever mix - he gets up and down much easier at 10 years old.

Worth the price by vicki04/17/2013

My lab loves to run and plays hard especially with a tennis ball. He started getting very sore after playtime and the next day. Have tried other products but this works the best. No matter how hard he plays he is no longer sore and is always up for more (especially if a tennis ball is involved!)

Great! by kkm9880 from Huntington, NY05/18/2012

I have been using Cosequin DS Plus MSM for a couple of years now on my 8-year old collie/Aussie mix who has beginning stages arthritis. So far so good, it is helping her! No limping or joint stiffness at all!

great product by elena from san antonio ,tx10/19/2011

I have 2 beautiful alaskan huskies who started to develope some arthritis and cracking of their joints. since they have both been on this product they are running and jumping and want to go for longer walks in the morning and i notice very little arthritic joint cracking. entirely pets has the best prices, i told my vet about this website and he has been recommending it to his patients. i would highly recommend this product to pets who are just starting to have some difficulty i noticed a great improvement.

Best product ever by Kris from Mpls Mn12/19/2012

Switched from another brand with my 12 year old poodle and saw a big improvement in her hips and also in my 13 year old pointer/spaniel.

Still in experimental stage by AUSalsa from Auburn, Al.02/25/2013

So far as all the reviews suggest it has been helpful-my "girls" have been on it for 4 weeks so I'm still in the review period. One of my dogs I am still noticing stiffness but it seems like it's getting better-in about 2 more weeks hopefully that will be better. Do plan to continue daily after initial 6 week period. Gets rather expensive with 2 dogs though-will be glad when I can go from 6 a day to 2!

Great product by Koolkat from Milford, NJ01/21/2013

I have been using Cosequin for years and experience a profound difference when i stop using the product- so i know it works!!

by katchadd02/08/2013

Your "free" shipping when I ordered the Cosequin really meant the longest journey to my home. Because I was really waiting for the Cosequin for my dog due to problems getting up and down the deck, I thought it would be a lot quicker arriving than it was. However, when I called to check on the status of the order, the guy I spoke to wasn't interested in getting the Cosequin to me but rather the "shipping time" and that you were in the correct time for getting the order to me. I thought he was rude and this is why I don't think I will reorder from you. Sorry.

Dogs eat them by hw10/22/2012

The Cosequin plus MSM is a vitamin both my dogs take happily. Tried without the MSM and they would not eat the supplement, even if I made smaller and tossed in with their food. Thus, the MSM is the secret.

by Gizmo from Bluefield, WV07/31/2012

Our Golden Retriever is enjoying his walks again!

Good deal by Jen01/01/2013

Good deal on a good product. Shipped quickly.

My purchases at Entirely Pets by Ruth Silny from Pasadena, cA10/29/2011

I always recommend your website to people... and my dog was pet of the week.. Yeah.

Good product by kowgrl01/27/2013

I have used this product for years, and my 11 yr old Aussie is doing great!

Great Products - Great Service by wyns from Kaneohe, HI10/25/2011

Very satisfied with products - great pricing and quick delivery!

Cosequin, MSM tabs by Mich from CT02/23/2013

my dog only been on it a month and needs a longer time to see if it helps, but she does seem better going up stairs and getting up and down off couch.

Hey Mom I love it by rose from arizona01/24/2013

My girl is very picky about dog treats,I didn't think she would like something like this . She loves them

Cosequin by samarky from Yucca Valley, CA01/11/2012

Hard for me to say right now how pleased I am with the product because I have not used it enough. However, friends and relatives all recommended it to me because they loved it. Was on back order when I ordered it so it took a long time to receive it. But once it came in the shipment was fast.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by Debbie from West Bend, WI10/25/2012

I have 2 large dogs & needed the Cosequin DS Plus MSM. Entirely Pets has the best prices along with great products. Cosequin has helped my dogs.

Preventative by yogiroro from NC03/27/2013

I've heard these recommended from countless friends and a couple of vets. I'm giving them to my dog as a preventative - she's ok, but 8 years old. She loves them so much I can use them as a night time treat for her. Oh, and morning treat when I leave for work :-)

by marcia02/02/2012

my dog with hip dysplasia (tpo performed as a pup) and fragmented coronoid process(removed as a pup) has not developed any signs of lameness for the most part. He is now 4. I believe these supplements help

Excellent product by Marial from Wisconsin10/23/2012

This is a joint supplement we use to keep our athletes moving well. The MSN is a very helpful addition to regular Cosequin. Our seniors receive this product also. I recommend it.

Good results by darkphader from Motown11/06/2012

Best of breed product. Tried another supplement but it did not produce the same results so came back to Cosequin.

Helpful product by pbdt from New Hope, PA02/07/2013

So far so good..I see MUCH less struggle with the lhip that seems to bother my yellow lab. He is on the 3 a day regime to start...after only 2 weeks, I see results...this is a great deal for the price. BUY IT, your pet will thank you.

Highly recommended! by Sonny01/08/2013

Four border collies are on this product including one who is 13 years old. Highly recommended by my vet and seems to help a good deal with their stiffness especially the older gentleman.

Cosequin DS by Dog Lover from Atlanta, GA08/05/2012

We've ordered tis before for our dogs, it does work for their arthritis. This was the first time we ordered from this store. Prompt, courteous service, delivered on time. Thank you !

Great product, and best price I've found by scorpio19th from Austin, Texas07/19/2012

Cosequin is probably the best OTC drug for arthritis and inflammation that's available. The prices are the best I've found on-line.

miracle product by sammy196903/15/2013

We own 2 yellow labs, one is 8 and the younger is 3. The older dog required surgury on his knee, joint was gone. I put him on Cosequin prior to the surgury and have kept him on it since (about 1 year). He not only recovered quickly but he now runs. The younger dog believed the Cosequin to be a treat so naturally he had to have one also. I give them both one tablet, Cosequen DS + MSN twice daily. The younger lab, Chase, is extremely muscular and strong. I do believe the Cosequin will help prevent the problems our older Lab, Tank had. Both are doing extremely well, strong joints and high energy levels. Cosequin is a wonderful product well worth the cost. Our dogs will always take Cosequin. I cannot say enough about this product. If you have a dog which is subject to joint and hip problems, put it on Cosequin.

Excellent Product by Doggie from IL12/08/2012

My beautiful shepherd has used this product for one year and she is very mobile. My vet actually cancelled upcoming surgery.

Long time user by babs06/02/2013

I've been using this product for several yrs for my large rescued dogs. I started using Cosequin about 12 years ago an my aged weim. It helped, and have continued to use it on my lab, and now on my young weims. My vet recommended starting to use it on all large breed dogs starting at 2 to prevent problems in later yrs. My daughter has been using it since her rescued lab was 2. She runs with her up to 10 miles 4 times a week and she is doing great!She is now 6 and full of energy!.

Great Product for Dogs' Aching Joints by Gracie and JR's Mama from Orlando, FL10/26/2012

I've had my 50 pound, 14 year old dog on Cosequin DS Plus MSM for a couple of years and I can see the difference it makes in her mobility. I very rarely give her the expensive prescription pain med I used to give her regularly. I also give Cosequin to my younger 13 pound dog to ensure better joints for his future. At 9, he still runs around like a puppy.

Best Priced Products Anywhere by Jen from Chicago, IL11/12/2012

I really do my comparison shopping and this website has the best prices by far. I always get a couple items at a time so that I always qualify for free shipping. My dog has recently been put on a joint supplement (he's 9), and I can definitely tell a difference! I will continue to use this product and purchase it from Entirely Pets

Keeping Our Dog Comfortable by MMFan from New Jersey12/20/2012

Our 8 year Lab has had a number of issues with her joints. Giving her the Cosequin twice a day with her meals has really helped with her discomfort plus she thinks it is her appetizer before her breakfast and dinner!

Glad I listened to Jack Hanna by Mrs.Murphy of Iselin from Iselin, NJ11/28/2012

Jack Hanna (San Francisco Zookeeper) made a commercial for Cosequin, using his dog as an example.This is a product that does work and like Jack Hanna's dog, my dog is also living proof this product does work.Butch looks forward to his daily dose and he now has no problems going up and down the stairs. I will continue to buy from this site because the price is better than PetSmart (in volume, of course). Thanks to Cosequin, Butch is better.

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CAPSULES (750 COUNT)
cosequin by dix from upstate ny08/09/2012

great quality product, recommended to us by our dr as an effective way to combat arthritis

good product great price by tina12/18/2012

Vet costs 78 cents per cap you run under 28 cents

Great Supplement for Large Dogs! by M-K from Florida, Massachusetts01/07/2013

We have 2 large English Mastiffs that are 7 and a half years old. Now that they are in their later years, we have been giving them Cosequin for their joints to keep them mobile and healthy. Cosequin has made a noticeable difference in their ability to stay active and avoid stiffness when getting up after a nap. We are very happy with the results and will continue using this product for many years to come!

by from 10/29/2011

you'll see the difference by Jodi02/03/2008

My 130-pound sheppard/rottie has been on this since he was 6 months. He had a full titanium hip replacement at age 4 and is now approaching 8. I noticed a difference quickly when I put hium on Cosequin DS. My vet said it either works or it doesn't - no middle-ground. I lucked out . It works. The 2 times I ran out, it took 2-3 days before he started to whine and whimper on the stairs. I never run out again. It's pricey, but worth it - good luck

Featured Reviews for 3-PACK Cosequin DS 250 CHEWABLES (750 COUNT)
good product by Erika05/07/2013

The condition of my dog is getting better after taking this product.

3 pack cosequin ds by mattie1000 from London, Ontario, Canada02/25/2012

An great price for an excellent product.

by from 02/06/2013

A day doesn't go by that I don't give my dogs their CosequinDS. This was recommended by my Vet years ago, and has been a life saver, or should I say Bone Saver. My pets have been happier and healthier and I wouldn't be without it.

DS by to from myI


Super product by mattie100008/01/2012

I have been giving my dog 2 a day for 4 years. He keeps active and well - no joint problems ever and he does agility!

Reliable pet med supplier. by Rick from World Wide to California USA11/13/2012

I have relied on Entirely Pets for online purchases and fast delivery of my dogs joint supplements for the past seven years. I am active duty military and travel and deploy often and long. I count on reliable and accurate service from Entirely Pets to deliver my dogs medications to my home quickly no matter where I am ordering from. If I can get an internet connection, my dogs are taken care of.

by friginit11/06/2012

my dog suffered from knee and hip. She was referred to an orthaepedic surgeon. He recommeded Cosequin DS which I was buying from the vet and was extremely expensive. A friend suggested that I shop on-line at a much cheaper price which I dii and I figure I have saved thousands of dollars.

by Nickita05/05/2012

My dog has had an operation on both elbows, I believe the Cosequin helps keep her mobile at age 11.

by from 01/14/2012

It seemed that there was a pain at the time of a walk since my pet dog has the bad hip joint.

to by have from drunkSince


thing by for from manRather


Cosequin tablets by Kathy from Blue Bell, PA06/14/2012

this is a great savings and the same product as from the vet! thanks!

great price on this by doglady01/21/2012

product was exact and expiration dates indicated product was fresh.

police dogs by chet12/30/2009

we have used this for over 20 years on all types of dogs including working dogs. i have reviewed several of the dogs before and after x-rays and have been shocked at the good it does. costs a lot but is well worth it. we just adopted a belgian dog 13 yrs old. it would limp after walking around for about 15 minutes. after 3 weeks on cosequin the dog runs around on 1 acre

Fast shipment to Hong Kong by Chan from Hong Kong03/18/2013

Just took about 10 days to reach Hong Kong. Good packing, definitely will buy from you again.

Comfy joints by Eleni from Uxbridge Ma07/31/2012

Works awesome for my 12 and 9 year old weim!!!! Totally can notice a difference in gait for my older girl.

by from 02/02/2013

I've been giving Cosequin DS to my dogs on a daily basis for several years. For an injury I use Rimadyl but for maintaining healthy joints I've found Cosequin DS to be a safer alternative. In fact, I've been using the human form - Cosamin DS - for ~20 years. I always search the web for the best price and Entirely Pets has had the best price on my last several orders.

a by dog from w/If


Able to move freely... by PepMabel from Michigan12/18/2012

We've been using this product for our pups for years and EntirelyPets has been our supplier. We have never had a problem with customer service, delivery or the product. We willl continue using your company for as long as our pups are in need of a energy boost!!! Thank you ;-)

Another Satisfied Customer by Silverfox01/03/2013

The service, delivery & product were all great. I have purchased from this Company a couple of times now and on each occassion everything has been excellent.

by from 01/10/2013

I have two corgis, who are prone to hip problems. One has hip dysplasia. They both take Cosequin DS every day. The chewable tablets go right in their food. The dogs think they are treats.

way by is from muchBuying


by Richard01/14/2013

Good for dog and nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parcel Force by shifty from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom05/29/2013

Very pleased with order,only compaint is with Parcel Force.Who charged another £8 handling fee to collect custom charge.I would prefer to have Royal Mail deliver

Best Product 4 Best Price! by mama M12/17/2011

I rec'd best price vet could give and researched many sites - this company has the correct product for best price and arrived just as promised! Thanks!!!

Good purchase by Potato from Hong Kong, HK06/07/2012

this product is good and the CS are really helpful

Cosequin good buy by Aranea from the Netherlands02/06/2013

Good and fast delivery, also outside the US.

best by mauro.galletti@iol.it10/22/2012


Cosequin by Keeshah from Germany01/26/2012

Excellent product, I need it for my almost 12 year old shepherd. You can really see the difference in his movements.

Great Price by Minny04/25/2012

Cosequin has been a great help to our 2 Labs with their hip issues and arthritis. It is expensive but well worth it!!

Order Not Filled Properly by MC52 from Winnipeg, Mb08/04/2012

I ordered a 3 pack of chewable Cosequin (250). I received 2 of the 250 size and one that only contained 132. I advised of the problem immediately, but the issue has not been corrected.

by Sandra06/23/2013

Einfache Bestellung. Prompte Lieferung, sehr gutes Produkt. Top Service. Vielen Dank

Cosequin is useful for the health of the dog's leg by Monaka01/29/2013

In order to protect the hip joint in Monaca my dog, to smooth the movement of the legs, I have purchased. Cosequin is also famous among Japanese veterinarians. Cosequin is, there seems to be efficacious in protecting the hip joint of the dog. So I will continue to buy in the future.

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 count (1500 capsules) CAPSULES
Cosequin by henda from Arizona06/04/2013

Great product, the whole family takes it!

Featured Reviews for 6-PACK Cosequin DS 250 Count (1500 tablets) CHEWABLES
Great supplement by Michele07/02/2012

Great supplement for older dogs or dogs with orthopedic and arthritis problems.

Cosequin DS 250 by Sheila from Switzerland05/01/2013

In Switzerland 1 pack Cosequin costs 200$!!!

Cosequin DS by SamsNorthernGirl from Greenville, SC12/06/2012

Our vet recommended this product years ago when our first Golden Retriever was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at age 8 months. I know it helps her, and now it's helping her younger sister as well.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 132 CAPSULES
great product by Katy from Belvidere, Il12/14/2012

My dog has extreme hip displasia and is taking Rimadyl, Cosequin and the Duralactin. All these together is helping my beautiful dog live a longer,happier life!

Great product by Lou23408/17/2012

My aging dog was having difficulty standing and going up the steps. After a few weeks, she can stand up much easier, and the steps are not too hard for her anymore.

Happy With Results by Two Moons09/11/2011

We have a 12 yr old golden lab who at her age has the typical hip and joint problems. It's been very sad for us to watch this otherwise healthy special friend struggle so much getting up and down and moving around in general. Over the last couple of years we tried any number of products with disappointing results. But to our great surprise, after about 10 weeks of administering Cosequin DS we began to see a marked improvement in her ability to get up and down as well as in her general mobility. She even runs around a bit now and her comfort level appears to be much improved. For this we are extremely grateful and happy. This has been the best thing ever! Thank you, Thank you!!

Purchase this, if you love your pet by Betsie06/11/2013

Highly recommend this product because it helps my 13 yr old and 7 yr old (dogs) move around easily. I combine this product with exercise & a good diet. They are easy-open capsules, which I just sprinkle in their food. Worth the price, totally.

by tiki02/13/2013

I did not realize that what I ordered was for large dogs! My bichon is only 15 lbs. You've discontinued the cosiquen that I used to ordre and the size was perfect for her. I will look elsewhere the next time I order this product.

Good Product by meeko12302/21/2013

am very happy with the product and happy with the service that I receive.

COSEQUIN DS by TOM from Red Bank, NJ11/17/2011

Our pet has one capsule per day in his breakfast. I believe it is helping him with his mobility as he seems to want to walk and play more,

Happiness of my friend by Maurício Ghelardi from Santos, Brazil06/13/2013

need made the purchase, The breed tends to have the problem that my dog Cosequin is presented and the solution

great purchase for ailing dog by viv from Crown Point, Indiana11/02/2011

My dog has a puled cruciate ligament and this product is helping her alot. I hope this will avoid surgery.

good product by m.s.10/27/2011

Cosequinn DS has worked well for my dog who has some joint problems. I originally purchased this through my vet but it is quite a savings to purchase this through Entirely Pets.

Cosequin DS by houndtime from Lewes, De03/18/2012

I have a 10-1/2 year old, retired racing dog and another 7 year old with a back injury. I give this product to both of the boys and have seen a definite improvement in their mobility.

Always Use For My Dog by Steve12/15/2011

Excellent product. Keeps my 13 year old companion active and pain free.

Cosequin DS A Winner by Steve from Southeatern PA10/23/2012

I have been providing Consequin DS for my 14 year old dog who has arthritis and has had ACL surgery over the past two years. He has responded as though he is a puppy again. This is a great supplement without the side effects of prescription medications. Highly recommended.

Best price for this product by pa#9 from Chicago10/23/2012

I have 3 senior dogs, and none would take cosequin in chewable form. I was thrilled to find them in capsules - now I can open and mix right in their food!

Cosequin our miracle drug by Lillian V from Louisburg, North Carolina08/16/2012

I have always loved and admired the Maltese breed. Four years ago my Zack, 5½ lbs, 6 years old at the time, in perfect health, was going in for his teeth cleaning. Just a normal teeth cleaning. I picked him up and brought him home the same day. I carried him into the yard to do his business and he fell over. He couldn't walk. He started to crawl towards me. He had no control of his back end. I took him right to the Vet and Zack was given a steroid shot. Two days later he was no better. I took him to a specialist, Dr. Hassinger, Surgical Services where he was diagnosed with Thoracolumbar Intervertebral Disc Disease....inabitity to ambulate. They wanted to preform a Dorsal Laminectomy....lumbar meylogram that combines dyes with X-Rays. Said it was a surgical procedure in which a portion of the bone of a spinal vertebra is removed to allow access to the spinal canal and / or achieve decompression of the spinal cord. They told me 62 % recover but not 100% cured. The cost at that time, 2008, was around $3,000. Otherwise, I was to give him carafate three times a day 1 hour before eating along with 10 mg pepcid AD for his stomach. He was put on 5mg of prednisone two times per day for 10 days, then every other day, then one time per day every three days and etc. until he was weaned off the pills. He did get a lot better but still limping and throwing his rear legs out when he walked. You could tell he still had pain. He use to kick his back legs after he did his business but since this problem I was lucky to see him hobble back in the house. I was doing a lot of research on canine back problems and that’s when I came across the Cosequin. I started giving him a capsule sprinkled over his food everyday. Within, I'd say two weeks, he started to show improvements. It wasn't long when he was kicking his back legs and running to me from the back yard. I couldn't believe it. I call Cosequin my miracle drug. Zack is now 10 ½ years old and just had another teeth cleaning and in good health. He has been on Cosequin for over 4 years now. Yes, there are times when I see his back problems seem to be a problem but nothing like before. He has his good days and very little bad days. I think it also depends on the weather. He didn't do well when we lived in PA in the winter but now that we are living in NC he is doing much better. I also have 3 older Maltese that I have on Cosequin. They are 14 years old. I buy the double strength and each get a ½ capsule sprinkled over their food. Lillian Valovich North Carolina

great buy by Carol11/09/2011

excellent product - wonderful customer service I have bought quite a few things from entirelypets/healthypets and am very satisfied

by Sabrina's Mom03/20/2013

She has been on this since a puppy when we found out she has bad hips. Also two knee operations later, she is now 5 doing ok. Only time will tell.

Good price, but, still some problems by lwmose from Kansas City,MO11/27/2011

My previous batch of Cosequin was soft chewable pieces. My dog has only 6 teeth and she liked them. The cost of this was over $60/90. Your price for 132 was much lower, but, they were gelatin capsules, which were pretty large. I have had to make little muffins with one capsule in each so I can give her 1/2 dose in AM and PM by cutting the muffins in half. They are made cold with moistened dog food and then dried a bit. It works, but not as convenient as the chewables.

Highly recommend it by Sharon from Tucson, AZ02/14/2013

My dog was unable to squat or get through the dog door. In a week he was moving normally and without visible pain.

Highly recommend... by Cleopatra from CT04/28/2013

I've been giving Cosequin to my 12+ year old dog daily since she was first diagnosed with arthritis. Wasn't sure how much it was helping until I stopped for a brief time. Now I never skip a day. Cosequin daily and swimming in the summer time keeps her moving. I highly recommend this product.

Goood for older dogs by Lucy10/23/2012

I feel good about giving my dog this product. She is 9 years old and I am concerned about arthritis. So far, she moves freely without pain. I am hoping this will give her more years of flexibility.

cosequin ds by dot dot from newnan, georgia10/28/2011

My German Shephard is almost 13 years old and is healthy except for the arthritis in her back and cosequin ds has enable her to feel comfortable enough to come up and down stairs again after not attempting to climb for almost 6 months. thanks

Love this item by Duce06/18/2012

My dog Duce suffers from severe allergies and the dermatologist asked me not to use a joint supplement with any flavor due to Duce's allergies. We discontinued the product he was on and started him on Cosequin sprinke capsules because they have no flavor. It was great to be able to find this item because it is rare to find any product with no flavor added. Even though he suffers from arthritis as well he is still able to have a relatively normal life thanks to this product!

Cosequin DS by melster08/14/2012

Excellent product, service and shipping. I love Entirely Pets!

Best Purchase by ktybyd from Illinois10/26/2011

When my lab started having problems with her hips, having a hard time going up stairs or jumping into the car, I knew I had to find something fast and safe. This product is a miracle. She can run up the stairs now and acts like a puppy again. Loves to play/catch her ball again!

Cosequin seems to help by Shelley12/19/2012

My 10 year old Springer Spaniel is starting to have issues with his hind legs when he gets up so I've been giving him the Cosequin every day with hopes that it will help to decrease the deteroration in the joints.

Cosequin DS by houndtime from Lewes, DE05/30/2012

I have seen a marked improvement in mobility since my dogs are using this product. I mentioned it to my vet and he agreed.

by from 04/30/2012

My one lab has very bad hips and has been on Cosequin DS forever. Definitely the best price anywhere out there. They make it possible for us to continue her on this med which she needs so badly for good health and movement.

vet by sells from thisEven


by Dire Wolf from OH10/19/2011

I have been giving my German Shepherd Dog Cosequin DS for the past five years. She is now ten years old and still go's for long walks and plays Frisbee everyday, great product.

Can't do without it by Chrissy from Gainesville,Florida10/07/2011

My 17 year old Lab could not walk without this product.First it was the chewables then the capsules . Entirely Pets has the best price going and I always receive my product within five days. Nothing else comes close to helping her arthritis and hips. She uses three vets and they all recommend it.

Good Price by Cricket from South Carolina11/01/2011

I was very happy with my recent purchase. What I paid for it was AWESOME!

Cosequin ds by Trish from Port St. Lucie, Florida12/26/2012

I do recommend this to everyone's pet. Capsule or chewable goes into my pets food and they eat it with no problem for life. The vet highly recommends it also and all my friends have their pets on it. Truly makes a difference in how they feel.

Great Product! by Geoff from Milwaukee, WI11/06/2012

I have a beagle/bassett hound whom is prone to arthritis due to his short legs. In using this product, he is able to run, go up/down stairs like he did when he was a puppy. He does not limp after going to the dog park either. I swear by this product!

by from 11/08/2011

My dog a large breed only one year old has a problem with the joint on his paw, I have to limit his play time or he will start to limp, I have had him on these a month and by my surprise I am seeing him limp very little.

blacktop by from Great

good prices, fast shipping

Early Yet But Looks Promising by conneelee from Summerville SC11/02/2011

I've had my 10 year old dog on this for about 3 weeks or so and I do see an improvement. She could barely hobble across the floor after our walks but now she seems to be getting up and down a lot easier

Amazing results!! by shannon from WI12/02/2011

I have been buying this product for my older labs for years....the results are unbelievable! I had tried a few other products before but nothing beats this. My vet had recommended it to me after seeing my frustration. My labs had arthritis so bad they were barely able to get up out of bed in the morning and after starting this, they are like puppies again! I have recommended this product to all of my friends and family. Don't let your best friend suffer, they deserve the best life you can give them.

Great Product by Rose02/20/2012

I've used several other products and they were pretty good, but my dog is now able to jump on to my bed , which she hasn't been able to do in a couple years, acts like a pup and she's 11yrs old.

Good product. Good Price by Ernie from Carlsbad, NM12/08/2011

Good product for older dogs who have joint issues.

Cosequin DS by Debi from Chandler, Arizona02/25/2012

Our vet suggested this product for a 13 yr old Flat Coated Retriever who has arthritis. As far as I can see Bear is walking with less of a limp and he's only been taking Cosequin DS for a few weeks. I believe this is doing it's thing. Buy it!!!

by from 04/08/2008

I have two Labrador Retrievers. One is 11years old and the other is 6. I noticed about a year and a half ago that my older Lab was having a bit of difficulty when he would get up on his feet. My younger Lab was beginning to have difficulty as well because she is very overweight due to a thyroid condition. While browsing the EntirelyPets website, I came across the Cosequin DS and decided to give it a try. What a terrific product! I was pleasantly surprised that Cosequin was so effective. I gave them a couple capsules each day for about two or three months and started to notice a difference. My two Labs not only have no problem walking or rising but my older Lab runs around outside, jumps, chases balls and just acts like a much younger dog. My younger dog doesn?t run due to her weight, but she has no problem walking. Both Labs are on maintenance now and have been for approximately one year. I give them each one capsule a day in their food. I swear by this product and I am constantly recommending Cosequin to other dog owners. Cosequin is great! If I can promote your product in any way, please let me know. I would love to inform as many dog owners as possible. Thank you, thank you so much for Cosequin.

customer, by Cheryl from MazzoniA


Fantastic product by Chris from Pavilion, NY01/23/2013

Cosequin DS has changed the lives of my dogs! It has given them new life and they can now run, go up and down stairs, play and be the active dogs they want to be. They're each 7 years old, one medium and one large breed.

Works fro us! by Traci02/26/2009

My 14 yr old golden has been on Cosequin DS for 6 months. I do believe he would have been put down by now if not for the meds. He still can't get up without help but once up on all fours, he can get around quite nicely! My only regret is we didn't have him on Cosequin sooner. A miscommunication between me and the vet is the reason. He still takes the "first 6 weeks dose" because I don't want to chance going down to 2 pills a day and have his condition change for the worst. The vet said it's fine, just a little more of an expense. That's ok by me especially since I'm paying less on this site than I would be if I were to get it at the vet.

outstanding service by Jenn from branford, CT01/25/2012

product is excellent- 2nd order with you- outstanding customer service. Was thrilled to receive it so quickly!

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS (Double Strength) 250 CAPSULES
by from 02/29/2008

I have two Labrador Retrievers. One is 11years old and the other is 6. I noticed about a year and a half ago that my older Lab was having a bit of difficulty when he would get up on his feet. My younger Lab was beginning to have difficulty as well because she is very overweight due to a thyroid condition. While browsing the EntirelyPets website, I came across the Cosequin DS and decided to give it a try. What a terrific product! I was pleasantly surprised that Cosequin was so effective. I gave them a couple capsules each day for about two or three months and started to notice a difference. My two Labs not only have no problem walking or rising but my older Lab runs around outside, jumps, chases balls and just acts like a much younger dog. My younger dog doesn't run due to her weight, but she has no problem walking. Both Labs are on maintenance now and have been for approximately one year. I give them each one capsule a day in their food. I swear by this product and I am constantly recommending Cosequin to other dog owners. Cosequin is great! If I can promote your product in any way, please let me know. I would love to inform as many dog owners as possible. Thank you, thank you so much for Cosequin.

customer, by Cheryl from MazzoniA


Anything to ease my pet's discomfort. by lindalou from Near Philadelphia11/06/2012

I've been buying Cosequin DS for many years for m dog who was diagnosed at a young age as having "loose hip joints" and arthritis was predicted for her. So anything to ease joint pain or lubricate the joints is a good thing. She is 11 now and still getting around fairly well. I will continue to give her Cosequin DS for the rest of her life.

by from 01/31/2013


been by using from thisMy


by from 04/03/2013

I used Cosequin DS for my 9 year old Rottweiler, she had issues with her knee that required surgery so I wanted to make sure to keep her joints working. I place 3 capsules of Cosequin DS into her food twice a day and so far so good.

all by dog from ownersWould


Great Product by Al B from Westbury, NY05/27/2013

Having an English Bulldog who believes he can fly, Cosequin DS has kept him healthy after many flights.

The proof is in the x-rays by Shel from Canton, NY06/07/2012

We have a Pug who is 6 years old. We had been told at a very early age that Pugs were prone to hip dysplasia, that our Pug was in the beginning stages, and that we should use Cosequin DS every day to slow the progression of the disease. We have used the capsues, sprinkling half on her breakfast every day since she doesn't like chewable pills. On x-ray yesterday there was VERY LITTLE dysplasia in her hips, even LESS than he first thought. Her hip joints looked WONDERFUL!!! if you have a breed with arthritis/dysplasia or one that is prone to it, talk to your vet about Cosequin. The proof is in the x-rays...

Good Product by Shelley03/09/2013

My boy has issues with certain foods and cannot tolerate alot of additives. So the reason I dont switch to the chewable Cosiquin is because there are artifical flavors in the chewables! These have none. I wish you guys would get the PET CAL in stock again!

Best Product, Best Price, Best Service! by Karen06/12/2013

We were introduced to Cosequin by a vet in the mid-90's who had thoroughly resesarched it as well as its competitors at the time. She recommended it for a senior horse we had who was very arthritic. Nothing else had helped her and she was very lame and cranky. Cosequin made a huge difference. She was able to move around much more freely and her mood improved tremendously. It did take about 4 weeks to be able to see the difference, but it was well worth it. Since then, we have used Cosequin products for two Belgian Sheepdogs, one Sheltie, and one German Shepherd mix . Cosequin has made a visible difference in each of these pets. Entirely Pets has proven to give the best price each time we've ordered over the last several years and their service is outstanding. We have never had any kind of problem. Shipping is fast, orders always correct, price is great. Thank you Entirely Pets!

Really Works by Pat from Polebridge, MT03/24/2012

Cosequin works better than other glucosamine/chondroitin products I have tried. I've used it on 3 different senior dogs for arthritis pain relief and can see the difference it makes. My vet told me that all his office staff were on it as well for injuries/arthritis and it worked better than the brand produced for human consumption!

Wonderful product by Fiona from South Carolina12/12/2011

I have a 10 year old female german shepherd named Amber. I started giving her the Cosequin DS when she was 6. She has some minor arthritis issues now, but still plays and runs like a puppy. My vet and I are extremely pleased with this product.

Great for Joint Care by chelseagirl from Chelsea, AL10/10/2011

I have been giving this to my English Bully for about 2 years & I can really tell a difference. Great product & great price from Entirely Pets!

Great Product, Lousy Seller by V.V. from Burbank, Ca.01/10/2012

The product is very good & is helping my arthritic dog but even though the price is very good, this company has terrible customer service & doesn't notify customers when an item is back ordered or if they are holding your order because another item is back ordered. It took me 3 weeks & 2 phone calls to finally get this order.

Cosequin DS by Diane D. from Rhode Island11/10/2012

Great product, easy use capsule . You can sprinkle on food and there is no hassle getting Rocky to swallow pills!

Cosequin Works by Docknee from Murphy, North Carolina01/18/2012

I have two male GSD's both over 100 pounds and I have noticed an improvement in their agility in just two weeks. Very Pleased with Results!

Best by DJ from Indiana02/14/2013

my dog takes these very day recommended by my vet

Excellent Product by ZoeyJ12/17/2012

Cosequin DS WORKS - I had tried others, even the popular injections and no results- Cosequin along with Zeel by the Heel corporation WORKS. No more limping and playing like a puppy !!!

Excellent product by Luci01/23/2013

Cosequin DS seems to help my nine-year-old Brittany, who is as healthy and energetic as a one-year-old, but is developing arthritis in her right hip. I sprinkle the contents of one capsule onto her food twice a day, which she doesn't mind and may even relish. She runs and chases tennis balls every day, a regimen that I am not certain she could maintain without the assistance of Cosequin DS. We have been using this product for several years, and she and I both are happy with it.

It works great by vincent.704 from Charlotte, NC04/10/2012

My LARGE (120 lb.) Sheppard runs along a 400' frontage of our 2.5 acres property and developed a limp, prompting me to take him to the vet. He suggested Cosequin DS and he has been taking it for almost (1) year (down to a maintenance dose) Be patient with the product as it may take several weeks to see results but it really works. Also, try to limit the activity of the dog to allow the inflammed areas to heal (hard to do with a Sheppard) I highly recommend Entirely Pets because they provide quick feedback on your order and tracking info.

Good Value for the Price by Mern from Northern NJ03/11/2013

It is hard to measure the actual performance of Cosequin DS. After having ACL surgery at the age of 1, our dog took one a day for 8 years. Her leg seemed fine and I think it helped. The capsule can be opened and the powder can be sprinkled on the dog's food. Our dog chewed up the capsule and didn't mind taking her daily supplement.

by from 11/02/2010

I purchase this product for my Rottweiler as they have a genetic tendency for hip and knee issues, I give her three capsules a day and feel it helps stave off future issues by helping her joints.

this by product from toI


Cosequin DS by mgo116 from Miami, Florida02/05/2012

I'm very pleased with the product; exactly the same thing I bought from the vet at a much better price! Would order it again!

Cosequin DS Effective by LB from Laguna Beach, CA01/06/2012

My eight-year-old Brittany benefits, I think, from daily doses of Cosequin DS sprinkled onto her food. This seems to be the equivalent of glucosamine and chondroitin that humans take to help relieve some of the effects of arthritis. While the jury is still out on the precise beneficial aspects of glucosamine and chondroitin, it appears that there are no negative consequences for a human who takes them. The same can be said of Cosequin DS for a dog.

Excellent product by Sandi from California02/07/2013

My Yorkie had to have her knee replaced. This product has worked wonders keeping her joints flexible and in good health. I just break open the capsule and add it to her food. I highly recommend it.

Cosequin by Bee from Florida10/24/2011

Excellent product. She is moving hers legs much better now.

Great produce by Shelly from Dryden, NY11/11/2012

Within a few weeks, I could see the difference this product made in my elderly dog's mobility.

Keep Large Breeds Moving by Docknee from Murphy, North Carolina11/06/2012

I have two 120 pound GSD's and I have them both on the maintenance dosage. I consider this product a Must Have for my boys. They both are very active and have good muscular flexability using Cosequin DS

by jackie12/19/2011

i am sorry to say that his product did not work for my dog, but made him even more sore. i will not use it again for my dog knowing it is one of the best in market , so

Works well for our older dog. by Lee07/23/2012

This product works well in connection with another medication.

capsules vs chewables by howler07/19/2012

I ordered the capsules by mistake. My wolf was eating the chewables pretty good but I ordered the capsules and had to get the pill pockets to get him to take his medicine. Chewables are better.

Good deal by Bridget from Markham, ON07/19/2012

Bobo takes Consequin since she was 8, Now she's 17 and she keeps very well with this supplement. Good product and I got a good deal with Entirely too. I was paying much more with another Med. store.

Highly Recommend by Pitbull Momma from OH12/04/2012

I purchase these regularly for our almost 10 year old pit who had knee surgery when she was 3. They have helped keep arthritis at bay so that she can run and play with our 5 year old pit. She acts like she's still a pup. I highly recommend these to all my friends with dogs, especially those with large breeds.

Good by Telltime05/23/2013

The Cosequin DS has helped a lot. Still a little stiff in the legs, but much easier for him to get up.

Highly recommended but overpriced by Walkabout01/01/2013

Recommended as the best Glucosamine & Chondroitan veterinary supplement due to their extensive testing. Like the DS formula for bigger dogs so less product is utilized per day, as the product is super expensive. My pup can't do the other formulation, due to dietary restraint, so appreciate the options. We have been using the three way people version, with the added MSM. EntirelyPets had the best price going for this product, but it's still too expensive.

Save Your Money$$$ by Reggiesmom from Diamond Bar, California09/03/2011

I do not recommend this product. Especially for the price I paid I expected better results than what I saw. I wasn't expecting a miracle of course, my Airedale is 11yrs old now. However, I had previously purchased an over the counter Glucosamine with joint relief at a local Walmart and definitely saw better results and for the cost especially.At the time the product was out of stock at Walmart so I decided to try this, which I will never do again. He got diarrhea and I never saw a change in my dog. Save your money$$$

Help for Elderly Canine by Dee from Lockport, NY10/22/2012

This product is great for an aging dog (almost 12 yrs old); without any side effects. She is able to keep active and except for being a bit slower, can still handle stairs and jump on to the couch quite easily. I load it faithfully into her pill box so no dose is ever missed.

Really Helps by Brandon from Levittown,NY01/25/2012

My dog has been taking this along with Duralactin. He had ACL surgery a few years ago and the surgeons recommended this product for him. He has been using it ever since with no problems. Thank God. I have told other people about this product. It works great!

Best product for my Seniors Great Pyrenees !! by lajoieblanche from Netherlands11/26/2011

This product works great for my Senior Great Pyrenees ! It helps them move well when they get older !

Results & Value by jswaid from Colorado Springs, CO04/30/2012

I started using Cosequin DS several years ago on my older mixed breed dog at the suggestion of her vet. The results were amazing and continue to this day.

Very good and cheap by Jurrie from The Netherlands04/20/2012

Using this product makes my dog happy en good walking again

Make Your Dog a Pup Again by Candy Howells from Powhatan Point, OH10/19/2011

We started our pitbull, Bonnie, on Cosequin DS after her knee surgery 5 years ago. She takes 2 capsules a day. You wouldn't even know she had knee surgery. She acts like a total puppy at almost 9 years old. Bonnie hip checks our 4 year old pitbull, Cleo, constantly when they're playing. We owe it all to the Cosequin regimen. I know without it arthritis would have set in and she wouldn't be nearly as active as she is now. I highly recommend this product to any pet owner who's dog has had hip or knee surgery or who has a pet prone to hip dysplasia. This will greatly prolong their good years.

Great Product by Max's Pal from Newark, Ohio12/13/2011

Cosequin has been a life saver for Max, a 12 year old Lab, two capsules a day keeps him on his feet all day. It has renew his life.

Be careful if you live outside the US by Dissatisfied of UK06/10/2011

I ordered 2 of this product. The company state they dispatched the good. They have no trace of the goods. They emailed me and told me to contact UK Customs. They cannot provide any evidence they dispatched the goods nor the carrier nor the port of entry for the goods. That was their idea of customer service! They charged for overseas delivery and then remove themselves from the obligation to ensure delivery.

Excellent results!! by Sandy from Pennsylvania12/11/2011

My 7 year old Alaskan Malamute, Tundra, who weighs in at 150 pounds, and who was experiencing a lot of discomfort due to arthritis, has been on a regimen of 4 Cosequin DS per day for about a year now. It has made a tremendous difference in the way she walks (and, yes, RUNS) and at times thinks she is a playful puppy once again! Before Cosequin DS, she had been on a vet prescribed pain medication that required she have frequent blood tests in order to be sure her liver was not being affected (this was not "comfortable" to say the least)! And, she certainly was not showing any signs of improvement. Since Cosequin DS, Tundra is a "born again" Malamute, and we are so very thankful for this wonderful product!!

It works! by jswaid from Colorado Springs, CO12/09/2012

I reluctantly tried this at the recommendation of our vet....many years ago. I was amazed at the improvement it made and is still working for our 10 year old "puppy".

cosequin DS by racer32 from Buffalo NY04/07/2012

I have been giving 2 tablets per day to my 11 1/2 yr. old austrailian Shepard for quite some time. She has had one acl surgery and has torn her other acl that we haven't had repaired. This one was torn before the surgery of the other one. She gets around fine and is pain free and I'm sure that this medication is a big part of that reason.

The best fot my dog's joints ! by suzy from SAINT-MANDÉ FRANCE06/19/2012

As my dog has got no cartilage any more on his hip's joints he wouldn't be so fit without this product. Seeing what happens when I forget to give him his capsules is enough to convince anyone of the real efficiency of Cosequin !

Excellent for Arthritis and Joint issues by JoeB from Newtown,Ct.05/31/2013

Our 12year dog has responded well to a regular retiming of product.I like the company who makes the product.

Good product by Elisabeth07/12/2012

Both of my dogs are able to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle; one with arthritis and the other with hip dysplaysia. This is the best-priced that I have seen it offered. Thank you.

Helps my dog's arthritis by surfwidow03/28/2012

Our dog has been taking this product for at least 7 years and it helps his joints. Purchasing it from Entirely Pets is much less expensive than from our vet. :-)

Wonderful Product by Russ from Cape Coral, FL02/14/2012

Our English Bulldog was having trouble walking until we purchased Cosequin DS. This is our second order. She is going to be 12 years old this year and is walking almost like a new puppy. It has worked wonders. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a older dog that is having difficulty walking or getting around. I am a satisfied customer and so is our Lola!

Help for my 8-yr. old Golden Retriever by Barb from Newton, NJ11/29/2011

Thanks to this product, my dog Maggie is back to her active life as a farm dog.

by willow from seaside, ca02/23/2012

Great product except I thought I ordered the chewable tables and not the capsuls. Had to buy pill pockets.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS CAPSULES (800 Count)
the cadillac of glucosamine supplements by Ann06/01/2012

Easy supplement to feed. Good replacement for Pharmaceuticals

Vet recommended by terri k from nj06/18/2013

I have used this product for many years. Lily (9 year old, yellow lab), has mild elbow dysplasia. Vet recommended starting her on cosequin ds to hopefully help the elbow as she aged. So far so good, romps and swims like a puppy!

Cosequin DS by Bev03/03/2013

This product has been helping my dog for the last 3-4 years.We recommend it for any dogs with arthritus.

by Haley1105/31/2012

Excellent product with great service in the delivery process.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets (110 Count)
Great Product! by Indiana030507/02/2012

My 80lb boxer/lab mix had ACL surgery and was still not fully walking on his leg after almost 8 months and had already been through several rounds of anti-inflammatory meds from the vet. I started giving him the Consequin DS and could seriously tell a difference within a week or two. At first I wasn't sure if I was just being optimistic, but at his annual check up, my vet confirmed that it is a really great supplement that she definitely recommends.

Helpful Product by Judy11/18/2012

Used when my dog had hip problems and worked better than pain medication, without the side effects.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (132 Count)
Wonderful produce by tayles02/10/2012

I have been using this product since 2000 when my dog had surgery on his knee due to an injury. He is now 13 years old and suffers from no arthritis!!!! Thank you Cosequin!

GREAT!!! by Lynn from Phoenix AZ02/02/2012

My dog is back to being the dog she was. She was born with an issue with her back leg and developed arthritis. She was linping and just not wanting to do much. After 6 weeks on Cosequin DS she back to fetching the ball and running around again. I was just amazed. Thank you for such a wonderful product..



Best Price I Could Find by Sandie from PA01/25/2012

I've been giving CosequinDS to my 9 year old Pug for several years. Our vet recommended it following a back problem. She has done very well, so well in fact, that I also give it to my 2 younger Pugs daily to keep their joints healthy. The biggest drawback was how much it was costing to give this supplement daily to 3 dogs. I found it here for just a tad over 1/2 the price at the vet's office. Service is prompt and the price can't be beat.

by from 01/30/2012

My vet prescribed cosequin for my aging Jack Russell. I give it to her every day. This tablet is maintaining maintenance levels for her. So, it's great! She is very active and runs around and feels so good. Before I knew about the cosequin for "people", I took it too, I found it great!

take by the from "folks"So,


Very good product by Shboom from Central New York03/03/2013

I have been using this product for a number of years with my 2 dogs and now that they are entering their senior years this product is paying dividends with their joint health

Very Good Purchase by Jan from Lovelady,Texas10/31/2012

Seems to be helping him a great deal. He is able to get up with what appears to be less pain or discomfort. We plan on keeping him on the pill for an entended period of time. Thank You.......

Cosequin by Keisha from CT10/26/2011

I have been using Cosequin on my 13 y/o husky for the past few years, it is a great help. She still thinks she is a youngster. I ran out once when I was unable to find them at the pet store, the difference was so dramatic. My vet suggested entirely pets and I haven't been out since! Shippings is very reasonable to free. The product arrives in a couple of business days which helps in planning when to order. Great product at a great price!

by ralph1202/15/2012

Takes this product 2 to 3 weeks to start working. I have noticed a significant improvement in my pets mobility.

Best product-Recommended by my Vet! by luvfresno from Bakersfield, CA06/02/2012

My little Yorkie has used these from her beginning. Yorkies are known for weak leg joints and I want to protect her with the Best!

Best thing I ever bought my dog! by Brenda from St Paul, MN10/22/2012

My dog had been getting slightly stiff due to old age- this pill is a wonder pill! She is now back to her normal self. Wish I would have bought sooner.

Cosequin DS chewables by Lisa from Dearborn Heights MI07/16/2012

I have nothing but good things to say about your company. You are lowest priced company that I've found for Cosequin. Your delivery of product is very expeditious as well. Thank you. Lisa Rechtzigel

Satisfied Customer by Black Lab Mom from Ohio02/16/2012

My 14 yr old Black Lab has been struggling with the 3 steps from the back door into the house for months and was getting worse. I ordered Cosequin DS after my son had heard an ad for it on the radio. After less than a week on it I noticed a big difference...she no longer hesitates at the bottom of the stairs and is able to practically run up them!! I couldn't be happier with the results!!

Top of the Line! by Demi from St. Augustine, FL07/12/2012

Cosequin DS has been a lifesaver for my Yellow Lab, Lucy, and for me as well. When we first adopted Lucy in 2005 she limped with her left leg. We started giving her Cosequin DS on the advice of our vet and she immediately showed a huge improvement and could run and chase tennis balls almost at the speed of light! She continues to take Cosequin DS and still enjoys a good run--and her life!

Great Supplement by Sandy from Georgia12/06/2011

I give both my dogs Cosequin DS. One dog has arthritis in his back and hips and my other one has hip dysplasia. My vet recommended this product and I found the best price at entirely Pets. Both dogs have avoided getting steroid shots since being on this supplement. They run and play and feel great.

Cosequin DS Best Stuff Ever!!! by Dogs and Cats from Springfield, mo07/04/2012

We have a member of our family who has several health problems. He is 8 years and one of the most pressing was hip problems.. He is a very large black Lab and had gotton to the point he could not get up or down the porch steps to go out. We started him on Cosequin Ds and after two weeks we were able to reduce his dosage to 2 a day with food. Toby now lives a better life thanks to your product! Thank you so much!!!!

Great by Middy08/06/2012

My second order arrived asap, well packed and no problems. Thanks. You are there when I need you!

Great product by sewabastion from Mount Vernon WA12/26/2012

This is a great product. I would recommend Cosequin DS to any dog owner

Good purchase by Kathy M.10/06/2011

Cosequin DS is an affordable, healthy product that helps my animals with their joint issues. They look forward to them as treats each day.

good for older stiff dogs by smokey from alamosa, CO04/25/2012

good product, can allready see a difference, wont eat it by itself but pushed into a little cheese or a dab of peanutbutter does the trick.

Been using this product for 10 years by Jackee06/14/2012

My sheltie had a hair line fracture when he was just a pup. He walked with a limp. My vet recommended this product and within 6-12 months, he gate was completely normal. He is doing fantasticly well and I thank you for Cosequin DS chewables.

excellent product by Nat from Des Moines, IA10/23/2012

My dog has shown great response to this supplement. It was recommended post surgery by the vet and has been great.

Cosequin DS by SCMary01/08/2012

Our veterinarian recommended Cosequin DS for our yellow lab, who had a cruciate ligament tear. Combined with weight loss, hydotherapy and some rimadyl, he has made remarkable progress for an injury that typically requires surgery! Happy to report he lost weight and is off the rimadyl ... now just takes the Cosquin DS for maintenance (1 tablet per day). Even though our other lab did not have the injury, we began giving it to her as well to promote good joint health.

Best Purchase Ever by bogartr from Boca Raton, FL11/05/2011

I bought this for my dog because her back legs were hurting her. Within a week, she is walking much better and running like she use to. This is great for old dogs who might have arthritis or any bone/joint problems.

COSEQUIN CHEWABLES DS by Merlin from North Carolina11/06/2012

Cosequin DS has made a wonderfull differance in my 14 year old Lab. I will never let him be without his Cosequin.

Great product and great price by Susie from Tallahassee, FL11/07/2011

I find Entirely Pets to be a great place to get pet supplies. Never been disapointed with what I have ordered. My dog was actually on a different med that I purchased from my vet and EP sent me a coupon for cosequin and I called the vet to see if I could switch and they said yes. Saved time and money, Cosequin was cheaper and I didn't have to drive all the way to the vet.....

Cosequin DS & EicosaCapsL by Murphy's "Mom"11/09/2012

I am totally satisfied with these purchases I've made from Entirely Pets especially the convenience of being able to order them online and having my order arrive as quickly as it does. My vet recommended these products and is very pleased that I am using them. Thank You - Entirely Pets for being here for me.

excellent product by gloey5208/03/2012

I found this product about 7 years ago and used it on a Yorkie and a Shepard. Both had hip and leg problems. About 6 months later, neither of them were limping. I have recently gotten a chihuahua and am using it on him because he is so active I want to prevent a problem

works wonders! by Jo from Hayward, CA05/18/2013

My senior Chi, when adopted, was stiff, limping and had a hard time laying down. The vet suggested not running him. 1/2 a tablet a day now for 9 1/2 months and he's energetic, loves to run, tears down the stairs and can now lie down and enjoy the sunshine.

good product by sunshine from Florida04/24/2012

After using this product for only a week I noticed inprovement in my old dogs movement.

Great experience with Entirely Pets by Becke from Alabama03/13/2012

This is a supplement that was recommended by my pet's vet. I paid more than twice the price at the vet's office for the first bottle. Shipping and pricing at Entirely Pets has been a great experience - especially on my pocket book. Thanks again.

Glad we found this product! by Sully10/18/2011

Our 7 year old Golden, Cooper, has started slowing down and having difficulty getting around after a day of play. We started giving him Cosequin DS a few months ago and I wish I started a long time ago. He is playing with the puppy next door and does not seem to be in any discomfort. He can jump up on the couch and in the car much easier. He is very active again...

One of my best investments in my pets by Chris from Pavilion, NY11/08/2012

I saw a remarkable improvement in both of my dogs after just a week on this supplement! I've been using it for about two months now and will continue it for as long as they need it. It's made them young again and able to move freely with no signs of arthritic discomfort.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS by Razzorm02/24/2012

Procuct seems to help my 10 year old dog. Fair price and quick delivery.

I am a believer! by Cathy from Atlanta, GA05/29/2012

Our dog, Max, was starting to have trouble rising from a lying position without obvious pain in his right, back leg.. He also would start limping and not using that leg because of pain after running to chase his soccer ball. My daughter had learned about Cosequin DS from her apprenticeship at Georgia K-9, and I thought we should try it out on Max. It's amazing what an effect it has on his ability to run to chase a ball, run upstairs and rise after sleeping. I am a believer!!

Cosequin DS Chewable by Bev from Upstate, NY01/18/2012

Great product for pet with joint problems. My dog has been on Cosequin for several years and it keeps her quite comfortable.

Fast Easy Transaction by OSusanna44 from Hartland Michigan11/22/2011

Seems to be a good product. My dogs LOVE getting their daily dose so it must taste good to them. No need to disguise it wrapped in cheese so that will save me a lot of money (on cheese!). This product has the same active ingredients as another more expensive product I got from my vet. I feel good about giving these to my dogs and hope to see some improvement in the mobility of my older one soon! Thank you!

good product at a great price by cookie from Tampa, FL07/11/2012

Fred seems to like it. Takes it every morning and he's doing just fine.

Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets by Dave from Evans, Georgia10/31/2011

Excellent product,price & service. I highly recommend Entirely Pets.

cosequin by cheyenne02/23/2012

I know that glucosamine chondroitin works for me so I assume it is working for my large golden.

by SAM04/17/2012

I have been giving this product to my dog Niki as he has arthritis in his rear legs. It really helps him to cope.

by lizzie01/08/2013

Keeps my 10-year-old English springer spaniel running and jumping like a puppy!

good product by carollynn01/08/2012

I bought this instead of Joint Max triple strength soft chews which I usually buy. I tried this because of a ad on TV. The price was better but I have picky dog who won't eat these. I have to hide them in peanut butter. Other than that they're fine.

Cosequin for dogs by Mosie from Jackson, NJ12/15/2011

Awesome product for the joints. I have dogs, cat's & Horses. I can see great results in dog Dallas lab/hound mix who has stage 2 hip displasiea & is a resue & is only 1 1/2 yrs old. He now jumps on the bed instead of slowly climbing on!!!

good product by dean12581 from Madison, MS02/20/2012

I have been purchasing this product for over 3 years. Several of my dogs have knee problems.

Great Medication by Jackee08/30/2011

I give this to my Sheltie who broke his hip with a hair line fracture. His gate was off but after starting him on Cosequin DS, you would never know he had any type of fracture. This was 4 years ago. He is doing fanastic!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

BEST EVER by Andy from Redford,Michigan04/25/2012

I would not say this is the best purchase EVER but this sure helps Max who's hips and knees bug him...I notice almost right away if I miss a doss..with this product he seems to move better get up and down stairs and LOVES his walks...and he is a Sheltie they like to spin a lot so he does that with ease

Seriously a great purchase by Lady Di from Waverly, NY11/10/2012

Highly recommended by my dog's vet. As your dog ages, you should all consider.

vet recommendation by stella from Redlands Ca03/27/2012

cosequin DS chewables have really helped Stella. she had a hard time getting up, but after week , she is so much better . she has taken DS for about a year. I recommend these tablets to dog lovers..

Great Stuff by bounder from Texas04/28/2012

My 10 year old Cock-a-poo was having trouble walking more than a block because of her hip. After being on Cosequin DS, she has no problem walking, running and jumpimg. I just reordered another bottle!

Wonderful product by Debbie01/21/2012

I have been purchasing this product for a few years on the recommendation of my vet. It is wonderful for dogs with any type of joint pain. I started using it for my lab with a torn ACL, and I now use it on my older lab/shepard with hip problems. It really helps both of them to remain mobile in their older years.

Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets by funonfriday from Andersonville, TN04/09/2012

Zoey is a new WOMAN at 9 years old. . .smile she is running and playing w/ our 1 year old german shepherd Gabbe. . . she is just in the past 4months started showing a lit'l discomfort in her hips/ back legs. It's working. Thank you

Recommended - Happy we purchased by Char04/07/2012

Our 8 yr old hunting dog experienced joint problems & can barely move after a hunting trip. We have noticed the difference in her mobility after taking Cosequin.

Really Works! by Charlene from LaOtto, IN03/10/2012

My dog Rusty is 15 years old and I started using Cosequin DS tablets about a year ago. Since I have been giving him the tablets, he no longer stumbles and falls. He used to limp on his front let but he no longer does that either. I would definitely recommend this product.

Cosequin DS by sheckemcm06/26/2012

We had been giving this product to our geriatric dog, who is now deceased, and it seemed to help him. We had some left over and we started giving it to our current geriatric dog and were delighted that it seemed to help him. We were grateful to find EntirelyPets.com when we needed to get more. They are reasonably priced and were delivered promptly!

Been using for years by jeanetta from Michigan06/19/2013

Mattie has been using Cosequin DS since a vet recommened it after knee surgery when she was very young. At 11 years old, she still gets around very good.

Arthritis help by Ray from Southwest01/02/2013

We have a Dachshund that is older and has arthritis that is fairly advanced. We give him the Cosequin DS and a small dog aspirin...one each evening and this helps him so much!! Better than the prescribed meds. And we have tried several of those.

Great! by LesaT from Murphy, Texas10/19/2011

I have an older dog that has issues with stiff joints. This helps him in the winter months when things don't move as well.

Great Price by Femeng from Carpentersville, IL11/13/2011

I've heard so many good things about this product from other people and my vet. So far, so good for my 7 year old shepherd. The price was the lowest I found anywhere.

14 year old Choc lab by acc1953 from Pembroke NH04/09/2012

Cosmo likes these tabs but not as good as the chews...

great deal by laurie06/02/2012

these are great for my dog who has joint problems

Giant Dog Relief by 2 Newf Mom from Ohio11/06/2012

My two Newfoundlands take Cosequin every day. They are very mobile, active and get in and out of my van with no trouble. This product is keeping them active and happy.

Cosequin Does a Body Good! by Lucky3 from Cedar Springs MI11/28/2011

I have a 12 year old female yellow lab who blew out her knee about 6 years ago and had the ACL repair surgery. She's had ongoing lameness on and off since then and last year I noticed her whole hindquarters were getting stiff. Although she's nowhere near spry, she's doing great for her age and history since I've started giving her the Cosequin DS. A friend recommended it to me and I'm thankful he did. Roxy would be so much worse w/out it. I would recommend it to anyone else having problems w/ their best friend!

This really is the best purchase ever!! by Jo from White Haven, PA11/03/2011

My dog was having trouble walking, someone recommended Cosequin DS. It was amazing the difference it made. We honestly thought our days of walking our dog were over. And EntirelyPets has the best price, I was in the waiting room at the vets office and someone came in for the exact same pills $65!! I was shocked I pay 39.99 and sometimes get a % off or free shipping.

Cosequin by penegway from Oklahoma04/16/2012

These tablets actually do work very well. I will definently purchase again. My 95 lb Lab is doing much better.

Great Product by Chris12/09/2008

Worked great on our lab. She had lots of trouble getting up just after a short walk. All the cracking noises and stiffness went away after a few weeks..

Real Results by Stephanie02/13/2009

Our young mixed breed dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. After researching the options for joint supplements, we decided on Cosequin because of the research and testing they have done on their products. Our dog is doing well and has stopped limping, and our vet says we can probably wait a few years on her joint surgery. Entirely Pets also has the absolute best price I have been able to find on Cosequin.

Fast delivery by Jim10/26/2011

Great price and the fastest delivery ever. A quality product at a great price. I am very happy with the web site, easy to get around. Very easy to order, and when needed I will order from this company again. I have also suggested that my 2 daughters check their prices and I am sure they will order from this company also. Thank You

Works Great by Ron J05/12/2008

My small dog had an injury and could hardly walk. Within 4 weeks of taking this product he is walking and playing as usual. My vet said he would need surgery but Cosequin changed that, no surgery and he is feeling great.

best results by Dawn05/26/2009

This product has made life for my Buddy so much better. before he had trouble getting up from sitting and was in pain after walking. now with Cosequin DS, he walks all over and has no problems ever getting up or running and playing. This is a life saver!!!

saved my little sadie's life by mwh03/23/2009

best product you can buy. my sadie was having hip trouble and we started this product on ref. from our vet and it worked .

Best Product Ever by southernbell from Cincinnati, Ohio06/28/2012

We have a 120 lb. american bulldog that hurt his knee, vet wanted to do surgery at $4000.00. Needless to say we could not afford that so I heard about cosequin for horses and found it here for dogs. Now after about 8 months he is outside running with the puppy. He no longer limps at all either. Best product in the world!!

Easy to chew by Ladybug05/22/2013

Both Bassets like these pills and will chew them without food.

Great Help for Old Friend by Lucy01/24/2013

I feel confident using Cosequin on my 10 year Lab mix. I feel it helps her with stiffness. She is still very active and I think I have Cosequin to thanki for it.

NEVER RECEIVED/BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE by Never received it11/21/2011

This company has the WORST customer service. I only received one product that I ordered. I did not receive this one. I have refused the one and disputed all charges since your company fails to work with customers and resolved issues.

wonderful product by Linda Lou from Wapakoneta, Ohio01/20/2012

Started giving to my dog the Cosequin double strength and 2 weeks later she is livelier than she was 2 yrs. ago. Very impressed going to order some for my cats next.

by Ginny12/26/2012

Brandy needs these tabs and looks forward to his meals as he knows his "candy" is coming.

Loved this product by bw068605/03/2012

I found this product to be very good. Lucy seemed to like the taste of the pills. They were very easy to administer. Very good value for the money.

Great deal! by Newfdog from New Hampshire05/30/2012

A trusted friend recommended Cosequin to me about a year ago and have been using it for my dog since. It's great for my big Newf that is now 8 years old.

Helped My Dog by skippy16 from Midwest USA10/22/2011

After taking Cosequin DS, our dog is walking with less of a limp and moves with less apparent pain...she seems and acts more comfortable. We are happy to have discovered this product and were pleased when our vet agreed that it was a great choice for our pet.

Good Stuff by Anne11/08/2011

We've been giving this to our large 10 year old dog for several months now. We can really see improvement in her movements.

Extremely happy!! by Carol11/10/2011

Efficient, speedy, and great price for my dog's Cosequin DS chewable tablets! Thank you, Entirely Pets!!

Great Price by Femeng from Carpentersville, IL01/18/2012

I bought this product because my vet highly recommended it. My dog thinks it's a great treat, so I have no problem getting her to take them. This is the best price anywhere that I have found.

GREAT HELP! by Bailey from Nebraska11/18/2012

Our 8 yr. old German Shorthair Pointer, who my husband says, is the greatest hunter he's ever had! However, she has experienced joint problems & even sprained her knee. She was hobbling on 3 legs. We ordered Cosequin for her & it has made such a difference. She is walking again & is gradually going out on short hunts again.

by Gunner06/21/2012

Great product, will reorder.I was impressed with your quick service and receiving the order.

large dog needs joint support by karcie from poquoson,va02/10/2013

i just recently started my german shepherd on cosequin ds . he going to be age 8 in a couple months. the chewable tablet is very palatable he willing takes it from my hand or in his food. i searched for a reasonable price including the number of tablets per bottle and found entirely pets the best buy . i plan to continue to purchase cosequin chewable tablets via entirely pets.

Cosequin has helped my dog by Bob from Hawaii12/10/2011

When my dog was very young my vet told me that she would have hip and walking problems when she grew older. I put off giving her medication since the limping was infrequent. When I finally committed to easing her pain, I researched Cosequin on the Internet. After many years of use my dog seems to have no pain and rarely limps. Cosequin has really helped her.

Great company to do business with by Ronnie L01/18/2012

I've used Entirely Pets for a long time. Their service is wonderful, as are their prices and delivery is fast. My 10 year old golden, has been on Cosequin DS for years and is still as active as he was when he was 3. Highly recommend this company and Cosequin DS.

Simply Amazing by Deb from Ohio11/27/2011

I have a 144 lb dog that was having alot of trouble coming up the steps, stopping half way to rest. This product is amazing!!!! He is no longer having trouble with the steps & has alot of energy, acting half his age. I have my old dog back.

Cosequin really helps by mochiman from Honolulu02/13/2013

My large mixed breed dog has been taking Cosequin for many years. Most of the time she shows no limping in her back legs, but when the weather is cold and rainy she has a hard time walking without limping and even stumbling.An extra daily Cosequin tablet helps her to overcome the pain.

Improved Mobility with 13 yr old Golden Retriever by Kim from SE Colorado01/06/2012

My older retriever was experiencing pain due to arthritis and the vet put her on Rimidyl, however the meds (very low dosage) gave her intestinal distress (diaherrea). The Consequin DS chewable tabs are improving her mobility without pain, she's acting like herself again.

Best Purchase Ever by dnlfergie11/07/2011

Can't say enough good things about this stuff. My male Havanese was born with malformed hips and he has been on Cosequin since he was about 6 months old. You wouldn't know there was anything wrong with his hips, with the way that he gets around, running, jumping, etc.

by Dottie from TN11/22/2011

the best price I've found for this product. My seven year old dog is athletic and I want to keep him limber

Love This Product! by RayRayKauai11/16/2011

My 10 Year old Chesapeake had his back legs/hips giving out and within 2 months was back to his spunky self and now after 4 months of giving it to him he is jumping in the car on his own and going jogging at the beach with me. I will continue to give this to him and order from Entirely Pets! My last order made it to Hawaii in two days!

Great Price by Femeng from Carpentersville, IL10/22/2012

I haven't found any place yet that can beat this price.

great deal, fast delivery by dmgentile from PA12/19/2012

I was very happy with this product. The price was right and it was delivered quickly!

Definately does what it promises by MnJohn from Savage, MN01/23/2013

Our 10 year old LhasaPoo was having a real problem even getting up a two step porch. After about two months of daily dosing, she was having absolutely no trouble. Now 5 years later, her sight is failing from age but she can still jump those two steps with no problem.

Got here fast and my dog loves them by blairrob11/04/2011

My dog loves the Cosequin tablets. At first she was skeptical because she doesn't take medication very easily but now she eats them as if they were treats. The pills are the perfect size so I don't have to break them up. I'll definitely stick with Cosequin for my dog's glucosamine supplement.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS by Max's owner from Woburn, MA12/31/2011

Max has been taken these supplements since Jun of 2007. The vet recommended that I give him these supplements after his hind leg surgery for a luxating patella (shallow kneecap groove ) in Jan 2007 and again in Apr 2009. He has no problem eating them. He is on half a table a day, this is the maintenance dose. The vet says they will not hurt him. I cut the tablets on the score mark, sometimes this is easy, sometimes I have three or more pieces. Overall a good product.

good stuff!! by jean3doxie from Knoxville, Tn10/16/2011

I have not used this long enough to know how well it works. With a houseful of dachshunds it's a win win purchase. I have shopped with Entirely Pets for a few years now and that's always a prompt delivery. Very happy!

Good stuff for our dogs by dogsanderg04/15/2012

We give this to our 11 year old GSD and 4 year old lab. Our GSD still runs and plays like a pup. And our lab was limping after playing hard, but this product seems to have helped a lot with that. They eat it and we don't have to force it down their throats.

Good Supplement! by Tiggirlie from Southern Cal12/09/2011

My dog has been using this supplement for 11 years. She still has the personality of a 3 year old dog!! She just turned 13!!! I recomment this as a supplement if your dog seems to have stiff joints. It helps that she takes it like a treat because of the "roast beef" smell & flavor!!

Cosequin DS and Chan by jmh from Maryland06/01/2012

My Chan, a Shar Pei, is getting older and having a tiny bit of trouble getting around at times. So my sister, a Vet Tech, suggested Cosequin DS. I ordered a bottle, Entirely Pets mailed it to my home very quickly, and Chan has been taking his "meddy" ever since. It's helping him so much, and he's playing with Datsun & Cookie (my other two dogs) more and more. It must taste good to him too, because he gobbles these chewable tablets right up! I would definitely recommend Cosequin DS to anyone whose dog's joints may be giving him trouble.

Great Price for a Great Product! by BratPack from Hill Country, TX08/04/2012

I have an 8 yr old Rottweiler with mild hip displaysia and bone spurs on his spine, and a 3 yr old American Bulldog mix who had a partially torn ACL. Cosequin DS was recommended by our Vet as a maintenance supplement for both my dogs, and the price Entirely Pets offers is the best I've found! I love that the order arrives within 3 days of ordering it. I will continue to purchase from Entirely Pets for my dogs' needs because of the pricing, hassle free ordering process and prompt delivery. Thank You Entirely Pets!

by Phoebe12/14/2012

Consequence DS is a very functional and secure supplement to our dogs. I have gave my dogs for over 3 years continuously and they have large improve on their soft bones. I can see they can walk smoothly and can play hardly.

Excellent Product by Suellen10/31/2011

Product is the same as you get at most pet stores or vets offices, however, price was much better!

Cosequin DS by barney-rubble11/07/2012

Gtrat product. Really helps the dog with aches and pains and stiffness.

Will order again. by natgin from Shawnee KS10/09/2011

Received my product in a timely manner. The price was much better than going through the Vet.

great purchase by Laurie11/01/2011

good product for a good price and my dog loves them!

Good product by Dog Mom from NC03/04/2013

My dog appears to have some joint issues, so I'm trying this. He doesn't take pills well, so I have to hide the tablet in a treat.

It works by jean from Florence, OR03/30/2012

I had seen ads for Cosequin on TV & decided to try it for our miniaussie who started limping whenever he got up from lying down. Within 2 weeks I could see a great difference. He now looks more relaxed and walks and runs without any indication of discomfort. I followed regular directions for the first month, but now have him on a low maintenance dose and he's doing great.

Thanks, once again, to EntirelyPets & Cosequin DS! by Teri from Wichita, KS11/06/2011

As always, EntirelyPets has sent me exactly what I ordered: quickly, efficiently...a stress-free purchase! I want my labrador, Sophie, to have the best quality of life I can give her. And I appreciate the excellent sales/promotional price offered by EntirelyPets for her Cosequin DS. Having just been laid off from my job, any money I can save on products that I need to purchase to increase my dog's well-being is greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!

Great product by CDog from WA04/03/2013

My 10 year old dog does really well on this product. She moves around more easily since starting it and even jumps occasionally.

Cosequin by Bernie from Eagleville, Pa04/14/2012

Great purchase, fast shipping! I am completely satisfied!

Wonderful product! by Demetri02/27/2012

I have given Cosequin DS to my dog, Lucy, for years. When we got her she limped. With Cosequin DS she doesn't limp anymore and is very active, literally running with the wind! It made Lucy's life much, much better!

Lucky dog by Chris11/06/2012

This is a great product to add to any dogs regimen. My dog Lucky is 14 years old and she is still climbing stairs which is pretty amazing. The chewable tablets make it easy to give to her each day. I believe this product will help your dog with any arthritic problems. It certainly has for mine!

Quality Product by Brady from Parker, Colorado07/18/2012

I'm gettng arthritis in my back knees as I'm aging and this stuff keeps me moving to that I can chase the squirrels out of my yard.

by Schatze01/21/2012

yes I would recommend this product. My dog snapped crackled and popped and had the beginning of arthritis at the age of 4. She is 11 years old now and is running around like she is a youngster. She has been taking this supplements for 7 years.

by Gene10/22/2012

We have used this for years and feel it has been the reason our 10 yr old Golden is still acting like a puppy

Cosequin DS is REMARKABLE by Bolo05 from Houston, Tx07/18/2012

We have an older Boxer just about 10 years old he was have a difficulty walking up stairs and after about 10 days on the theraputic dose he is walking up the stairs just like always he is doing well on this cosequin DS I would seriously recommend this product for anyone who's dog has arthritis it does remarkable things and also please do not buy this product from your vet you will take a serious hit to your wallet entirely pets has the best prices anywhere that i have found on line or at any vet office

Great Product by Robbie from South Central PA01/02/2013

I have been using this product for a good many years -- it helped my previous three boxers throughout their adult & senior years. My current two are benefitting from Cosequin and it will help them throughout their lives. It is a good quality product that is a constant in our daily care routine.

World of difference by Barry02/23/2012

Great product and a great price, my dog likes ti walk again!

Cosequin DS Chewables Great Stuff! by David from Austin01/12/2012

A couple of these each day eased my two aging Shelties joint discomfort and now they race circles around the room.

Cosequin for Sadie by Josie02/06/2012

I am very pleased with the price and service. I will order again.

Cosequin Relief by southern girl from Charleston, SC10/29/2012

this has helped my 16 year old min pin keep moving! He barely limps along but when we run out he can not move....as long as he uses the Cosequin he can keep moving and keep his nose in everyones business as he always has!!

Fantastic results by Mary from South Carolina11/28/2012

My yellow lab, Dooley, had a partial cruciate ligament tear. Instead of surgery, our vet recommended Cosequin DS for him ... 6 tablets per day for 6 weeks, then maintenance of 1 per day. It took 5 weeks for him to put his leg down and use it again, but he did, and continues to thrive with the Cosequin DS. He's done so well, we have our other lab on it once a day as well as a precaution.

Really helps my 15 year old dog! by Charlene11/13/2012

My dog Rusty is 15 years old and before I started giving him Cosequin DS he stumbled a lot. Since he has been taking it, he seems to be getting around much better! I would definitely recommend you try it for your dog if he is old or is suffering from arthritis.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count)
by cinder from Ontario, NY02/23/2013

Cinder says yum yum I love these pills and they help my bones stay healthy. I'm getting older & I can move around better too when I eat these goodie things! My Mom gives me one each day & I gobble it!!

Aging dog by 1petmom02/07/2012

Our dog was beginning to show signs of aging as it was looking harder to get up especially as the colder weather set in. He easily eats the chewables and has shown more spryness in getting going after those squirrels.

Cosequin by Chance03/15/2013

I've used this product in the past and it seems to work well without side effects. I would recommend it to others and my vet also uses it for her dogs and highly recommends it.

best joint supp on market by phil1106 from buffalo, NY01/11/2012

Used another less expensive joint supp. and there were still some joint issues. Since starting cosequin she has less issues with stiffness.

Highly Recommend by Pitbull Momma from OH12/04/2012

We just started our almost 10 year old pitbull on the chewables after having his sister on them for 7 years. We noticed he was starting to lose some mobility in his hind legs and stumbling. Within a few doses, he was back to playing with his littermate sister and younger (5 year old) sister like he was a pup again. I highly recommend these to all my friends, especially those with large breeds or those who have had surgery. They have helped my elderbulls act like the puppies they still are.

Doctor recommended by Mel from Terre haute, in01/25/2011

My newfoundland had cruciate surgery almost three years ago, the surgeon told me about this product and said my dog would need to be on this for life and so he has been taking cosequin thusfar. I recently ran out and thought I'd see if it was really making a difference, well within a two week period my dog was not easily getting up and he would set at the bottom of the stairs and whine because he just couldn't make it up them, we had to use his elevator to get him in the house. I quickly ordered the big bottle and I will not take him off of cosequin again, it truly works and my dog is happier and has more mobility with it.

Fantastic Purchase by Dominoe Kid06/08/2013

The price and speed of mailing is fantastic, these people do the best job of anyone I have dealt with in pet supplies.

love the product by lolamindy from Valparaiso, In.02/02/2013

My dog has been on this for 2 years. I have seen a great improvement in her. She jumps, plays, and it is nice to see my 6 year old dog get around. one vet said surgery, 2nd vet said no put her on cosequin ds. Glad I went with the 2nd vet. I would recommend this product very highly.

by from 11/04/2011

Purchased 250 Cosequin to try in lieu of Rimadyl prescribed by Vet. with - so far - noticeable positive results Only two weeks into trial

recommend by yet" from Still TestingCannot


very good product by racer32 from Buffalo, New york12/10/2012

I have a 12 yr old austrailian shepherd/shepherd mix that I believe has greatly benefited from this product. I think it has added years to her life and greatly improved her quality of life.

Great product by Pat D. from Glenn Heights, TX10/05/2011

Cosequin DS has helped 2 of my dogs (a Scottish Terrier and a Greyhound) who have arthritis to move more freely and comfortably. It's a wonderful product that I recommend to anyone who has a dog with arthritis.

by from 02/15/2013

Cosequin ds by Lefty02/27/2012

Our dog is maintaining her mobility with taking Cosequin DS. She was diagnosed with severe hip dysphasia when she was only 6 months and now at 6 years she is doing good.

Excellent product by dinaetherese from Mountain Center, CA02/09/2012

Dogs have no probem digesting and Z have seen good results with everyday use

Very happy by Kirsten11/23/2011

My dog takes 4 of these everyday as prescribed by his vet. He will eat them out of my hand.

by Bull319305/03/2013

My two Labs eat them like candy!!!! It has helped them very much. I'll continue using them.

Help for dogs hips by Specter1 from McHenry, MS02/10/2012

We started giving CosequinDS to one of our dogs that is getting along in years. She had a broken leg as a puppy and that leg started giving her trouble. Now two of our dogs take it. It really gives them better mobility. Our veterinarian was glad that we were giving it to them. It really does help!

This product really works by jmd8571105/06/2012

Both of our dogs started to limp. I bought this product and within 2-3 weeks, the limp was totally gone. Great product.

Best value by CLF from Chapel Hill, NC06/06/2012

Dale has been using this medicine for years, this is the best price I found

Makes my dogs feel like little puppies by Beth from McHenry,MS12/17/2012

Until I found Cosequin DS I had two dogs who were in pain all the time, one from a bad shoulder and the other from simple older age. When I started them on the Cosequin I gave them two tablets a day. They are now on a pill a day and neither one of them is limping or hopping on three legs. This was a miracle !! The price from Entirely Pets was the best I found. Thanks from the dogs and their owners.

Helps her move without pain by Debbie from Houston, TX06/04/2013

My lily is getting on in years (12). Cosequin helps her joints and enables her to continue swimming!

Great product by HM from New York12/14/2012

Cosequin was recommended by my vet. Before taking Cosequin, my doggie could barely walk -- after a few weeks of taking this product, my doggie is walking better. Great product.

Well worth the price by Burner from Anchorage, Alaska11/06/2012

Great price, quick and fast shipping. Would recommend this. Shipping packageing needs a bit of work.

Good price for staple supplement for our dog by Kay from Castle Rock CO07/11/2012

Was able to use a coupon for a discount. Same product for less than I can get from our vet.

love this product by Lindy11/06/2012

Cosequin made a huge difference for my dog's quality of life. He has had arthritis since he was 18 months old, and Cosequin has kept him active and pain free for about 8 years. It works.

by maloneranger04/28/2012

it was a good value for the product. I paid about half as much for twice the product I get from my vet. Same medicine, much lower price. Shipping was prompt, on-line ordering was easy.

Love this product for my dog by Kim from Quakertown, PA02/27/2013

I have been giving the Cosequin to my 12 year old husky, Kayla, for years. She used to take prescription meds for her arthritis and after a while the meds stopped working. This product gives her relief and she's not 100% better, but she still gets to go for her walk and doesn't have too much difficulty with it.

Well worth the money! by Sheepdogzz from Maryland03/06/2013

We found out when our kids were 7 months that they had hip dysplasia. Took them to an orthopedic surgeon and he said try Cosequin DS at the initial dose. We did and 8 years later, the kids are fine. Yes, we have bought a lot of Cosequin, but never had to get surgery and have happy dogs! My kids even sing to General Hospital! Check the link.

Very good product by phil1106 from buffalo, ny10/25/2012

Used other brand and my Golden Retriever still had some limping issues....Have been using DS for some time now and give her 3/day along with MSM 1500mg. No signs of any limping or problems...she is 8 yrs old.

cosequin ds by may jo j. from ohio11/01/2012

good ligament strengthener for long legs!

Cosequin DS by JL12/14/2012

Excellent product. Helps our older dog with increased mobility. Highly recommend it.

Cosequin Good product by Dave from New York04/27/2012

Cosequin works really good with my dog of 13 years old.

Great Joint Product by Sunny12/18/2011

Highly recommend Cosequin if your dog has severe hip displaysia. It truly helps my rescue.

A Must for All Dogs by Annie from Burlington, VT02/07/2012

My black lab is 14 yrs old and has been using Cosequin DS for a few years. It has made a tremendous difference in how he is able to get up and walk around. My only regret is that I didn't give it to him sooner. Cosequin is recommended by Jack Hanna, too! My dog LOVES the pills, so there is no problem giving it to him every morning. It's a must for all dogs!!

Helps joint stiffness by megabulliedog06/30/2012

Seems to make a difference in joint health - been using for 2 years - pleased with results

Recommended by my vet by Janie from Old Town, ME04/28/2013

Cosequin DS is a treat for my 11-year-old golden! After two knee surgeries, I'm being proactive about joint health and arthritis.

Best by DJ from Indiana02/14/2013

I use the chewable only when on sell - my dog will take these but now will the capsules so that is what we use just bought these because of the sell But again use these daily recommend from my vet

Good for the Young and Old by David from Christiansburg, VA01/27/2012

I give Cosequin DS to both of my dogs. It is effective on my 13 year old with arthitis and my 5 year old Golden who had surgery at one year of age for a torn ACL (CCL in dogs) seems to be preventing him from getting arthritis at the injury site.

Great supplement for my "Lucky" dog !! by Nettie03/31/2012

I have been purchasing Cosequin DS for my 12 year old labrador Lucky for the past 3 years. I have noticed that he gets around a little slower because of his age.....but these tablets have helped him "age gracefully" ...he runs around the yard like a young pup!! This is a great product for older dogs like my Lucky Boy...

Excellent product by Bdg11/19/2011

Our Brittany jumps around like a puppy even though he is almost 12 years old. Attribute to good breeding, high quality food and this product.

Can't Live Without by Taz&Gusto from Carlsbad, CA11/06/2012

I began purchasing Cosequin DS as recommended almost four years ago by my vet while my dog was rehabing from a cruciate ligament problem. He made a full recovery and is actively playing Flyball. Since then I've been a believer and have since had all three of my dogs on it and all three compete in Flyball. Even our youngest, who is now 2, began Cosequin the day the vet said she was old enough. She's been on it daily since. Great product!

Excellent product and service by janice from San Juan, PR12/29/2012

I have been ordering Cosequin for a couple of years. The product had really helped my dog and Entirely Pets gives excellent shipping service.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS by Lobo & Luna from Houston, TX11/08/2011

Since my owner started giving us these Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS we feel so much better. We jump and run, I ( Lobo) am able to leap in a single bound.. When she comes home we hop up and run to her without have to shake out the kinks in my joints. THANKS LOBO & LUNA

It's A Miracle Supplement !! by aurorer from Columbia, S. C.03/13/2012

My German Shepherd is 9 yrs. old. She weighs 85 lbs. and a couple of yrs. ago she developed a limp. Her vet put her on Rimadyl and it did seem to help for a while. This year her limp became much worse despite being on a daily dose of Rimadyl and glucosamine chews. It was hard for her to get up and down, and she was unable to go for her daily walks. We discontinued the Rimadyl and her chews and started the Cosequin. After about 4 days on Cosequin, she was walking with barely a limp and now she is walking without a limp at all. She has a new lease on life and seems to have more energy. She has resumed her daily walks and does not limp at all afterwards. She is presently on a maintenance dose. Please try this product if your doggie starts limping; it is GREAT!! I am so happy to have my doggie back!!

Joint Pain Relief by Bri10/17/2011

Our 12 year old black lab gets joint pain relief from this product. He is on the maintenance dosage.

Cosequin DS by Ivory06/16/2012

My dog has been taking this for a long time ( 7+ years). She is 12 years old and still runs like a much younger dog.

by Woof Woof05/30/2013

Dog has been on product for 6 years with no side effects

The price is right! by Ish Kabibble01/29/2013

Bought this on sale...the total cost was half the price of what the local Veterinarian clinic charges for the exact same item.

Really Helps by Willow from Ontario, Canada11/23/2012

Cosequin Ds chewable tablets really made a difference. Within a week to two weeks, I noticed a significant decline in my dog's limping. She still limps once in a while after lots of exercise, but not on a daily basis.

This stuff works by Big Daddy03/19/2012

I have two dogs with bad hips and this stuff really works and really helps them -- no doubt. Once I saw it work on them, I go to Walmart and buy it for myself.

Continues to work by Dogmom47 from Benson, AZ11/15/2012

We have an older dog that can't take other pills but he does well with Cosequin. It works really well for him.

Great pricing by Cathy from Fort Collins, CO04/24/2012

The pricing is great!! Thanks for keeping the prices low so that I can take great care of my dog...almost 10 going on 2 :)...he still likes to play like a puppy but the 10 year old muscles are aching a little and the cosequin DS helps him a lot!

wow! by tb from san antonio, texas04/17/2013

my 11 yr old dog developed knee arthritis while traveling so had to pay over $100 for meds from vet's office. Found same product online for almost half price. My pet could hardly walk and had a significant limp but after taking product for a month he can run and walks much better. This was the nonevasive alternative to a $1000+ surgery and I'm glad we used the cosequin ds

Cosequin DS by remi from Waverly, IA06/12/2012

This product has worked so good for our Lab. Most of the time you would not know she had serious hip problems. We are so grateful for that.

Best product and price on the internet. by Butch11/07/2011

Having used other products, I find this to be the best for my pet. Having searched the pet stores and the internet, I find this to be the best price by far.

Excellent Product by camz03/15/2012

I will not let my three pups go a day with out Cosequin!

by Glo from Bixby, OK06/12/2013

It's nice to see my dog running and moving around so much better. She had started to hesitate when we wanted to play ball with her.

by Buddy02/25/2013

My 14 year old toy poodles show no signs of arthritis after 3 years on the product.

Awesome results! by Purlpuppy12/31/2011

When my dog,a golden retriever mix, was 2 years old she was diagnosed with hip displasia. She was in so much pain that she would yelp just to get up from lying down, stopped jumping up on the bed and didn't even want to go up the stairs. My vet recommended Cosequin DS. She improved, is now 10 years old and runs around like a puppy despite her graying muzzle. I still give her a reduced daily Cosequin Tablet which she eats like candy.

Sent wrong product by Anne10/24/2012

I ordered Cosequin and spent over $60. They sent me a $12 bottle of liquid vitamin supplement. Not sure how they made such a mistake. The bad part is they made the return very difficult. Wasn't my fault they sent me the wrong item!

Must have Product!! by Karchmax12/12/2011

My yellow lab, Max, is ten years old and having problems with his hips. He was having trouble getting up and down and walking. The Cosequin DS has been a life saver. I wanted to do whatever I could to help Max and this product is it! He is much more mobile now and looks forward to taking his pills. Cosequin DS is now part of his daily regime.

Good product by checkers57 from Collinsville, IL01/28/2012

I have 2 part lab dogs, one is 12 the other is 10. I have been giving them Cosequin for several years and it has helped them maintain their joints so they can run and play, go up and down steps easily and stay active to stay in shape.

Reliable, ease of administrating. by Anne from honolulu04/03/2012

!4 Year old Golden still able to jump up on the couch with one tablet daily, Pleasant smell and taste.

Cosequin for arthitis by devoted to our dog11/08/2012

this really helps our 11 year old lab with arthritis. there's a lot of mimic meds out there for "joint pain" but Cosequin hands down works the best.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count) by Kay from Framingham, MA11/03/2011

My dog has no problem chewing these whole. They have helped her legs immensely and if you stop giving them you will see a sharp difference.

by scotter06/23/2013

Excellent product, my 13 year old Irish Setter with hip dysplasia gets around much better since taking these tablets.

Still unsure... by armywife1105/31/2012

Our dogs have only been on this for a couple of months, so it's difficult to determine if it's making a difference.

IT WORKS FOR MY OLD DOG by doglover03/02/2013

If my 12 yr old doesn't get her daily doses she is stiff getting up in the morning and not as active all day.

Great for Arthritis by Donna from Irvine, CA11/16/2012

Have 2 yellow labs and one stated with arthritis at an early age. Started with this product and it has helped her a lot. They are now both 12 years old! Entirely pets has a great price, great dependability and a great offering of products.

Doggie glucosamine by Marisa from New Haven, CT06/06/2012

I've been giving my dog Cosequin for most of his life. He's 14 now. I take my glucosamine and he takes his Cosequin, and off we go for our walk. Good price, too!

by Kar02/26/2013

We use Cosequin DS for our 12 year old dalmation and it works wonders. You can definitely tell he feels better and gets around better when using it.

Cosequin DS by Jane from Ocqueoc, Michigan02/05/2013

I have tried many products for my aging dogs joints. Cosequin DS is not only the product that has worked, but it is amazing. She went from having trouble getting around and limping, to moving much easier. Hannah doesn't limp any longer and some days she runs like she is 2 again. I recommend Cosequin DS to all my family and friends with animals. Thank you for giving our dog a better quality of life!

Cosequin The Best by Dee10/28/2011

Been unsing this since my lab was a puppy, two tablets a day, and no joint problems, and Rudy is now almost 10!!!

Makes Old dogs feel better by sweetpea from san francusco04/06/2012

I see a definite difference in my dog after she takes these for a few weeks. Much less achy! We'll take them forever.

The Best by Airedalesx2 from Georgia01/18/2012

My Airedales have been on Cosequin DS for five years. My rescue came to me with hip dysplasia. With PT and Cosequin he is a pain free healthy dog. I give it to my other Airedale for preventative.

cossequin DS chewable tablets by cheyenne from new york state10/14/2011

I am using this as a preventative since our large Golden is 7 years old and is likely to have joint problems as he ages. I have been taking glucosamine chondroitin for years myself and it has been very helpful. We like the chewables since my boy knows each morning and at bedtime that he will get one and he reminds me if I forget to give it to him.

Never switch!! by andie from woodbridge, NJ02/22/2011

I have 4 American Pitbull Terriers that are all rescued. I started them on Cosequin when they were young. They are now all over the age of 10 and still can climb the stairs like champs. My male, who is 100lbs and very tall for his breed was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. After looking at his x-rays, his doctor couldn't help mentioning, how well his hips looked for a dog his size and age. I told him I believe it was the Cosequin and he agreed. Thank you for a wonderful product. And thank you entirelypets for making it affordable!! I would recommend this product to anyone with any size dog but mostly for those with larger breeds. I will always keep my dogs on this!!!

Great product at a great price by older dog owner from Texas11/06/2011

I have a 14 yr old Lab/Border Collie mix who was struggling to get up and down. His appetite diminished and his joints seemed to freeze up. I decided to try Cosequin. It has REALLY helped! He regained his appetite and hasn't had as much trouble getting up and down. He has a lot more spunk in his step. Great product and Entirely Pets has the best price that I've found!

by kate10/30/2011

my golden mix has taken this for years - vet suggested this when he was 9 - he is now 15 and although he still has trouble with his hips and back legs i believe this product has given him a much longer life with less pain.

Cosequin Works by DDDog from Troutdale OR12/12/2011

My 12 yr old cocker loves them. Unfortunately he can now jump on the sofa.

Cosequin DS by deb228 from Otterbein IN10/19/2011

I really feel it has helped our Lab. She still is a little stiff every once in a while, but it is a lot better with taking the Cosequin DS

Best purchase for arthritis by Bonnie from Spring, TX10/05/2011

This is the first time I have purchased the chewable tablets. I decided if he didn't like them I would just wrap them in cheese like the capsules. He LOVED them. His hip is getting better and I know he will be running again soon. I will never lapse on his tabs again. Buy these!!

Qaulity of life is the most important thing. by doggonegood from Gilson, IL01/26/2012

My beloved dog sustained a terrible injury several years ago. She had trouble doing all the normal. "doggie" things. Since she had been on the Cosiquine DS she now is able to jump on the bed again. It is worth every penny.

Great Product by JAY03/21/2012

Cosequin DS is the original glucosamine chondroitin product and also the finest. This is the best price I've found for it anywhere. Great deal.

Best Price great delivery by Eddy from Ridgewood NJ02/17/2012

I stumbled on entirely pets while hunting for a better price on Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count) and to my great surprise I saved almost 50% on the pet chewable tabs compared to my veterinarians price! The delivery was quick no fuss no muss! I’m quite pleased Ed Pacelli :)

Excellent Product for an aging dog by Mister Ed from Chambersburg, PA03/04/2013

One of our dogs has arthritis and the other dog has a degree of hip displacia. Cosequin gives them comfort from these afflictions and has given back to both the mobility they enjoyed when they were younger. We actually avoided surgery for our dog with hip displacia by getting him on this supplement as soon as we knew he had a hip problem.

by from 11/15/2012

I rarely write reviews but I had to write a review for Cosequin DS. I have 2 dogs that are 12 years of age and I see a significant difference when they use this product. It really has helped their joints a lot and they are still pretty active. I do not go with out it. I give this 5 stars for sure.

by from thanks!"


Fast delivery by 817rory04/30/2012

Very fast delivery and good price ! Easy to order very user friendly.

by artladygolfer07/12/2012

I have been ordering this for some time and have always been very pleased with this and other orders. They have come promptly and have always been the right thing. Thanks!

Saved My Dog's Mobility! by B Bright07/03/2012

My St. Bernard is eleven! That's old for a Saint. On four Cosequin DS per day, he still walks up and down the basement stairs to stay cool. A great product with super-prompt delivery!

Great product by Jake's mom10/23/2012

My dogs have been taking Cosequin for quite a few years and I really think it's helped keep joints in good shape with no pain. I will keep using it.

Good Product - Good Price by mlang from Stillwater, OK03/27/2013

Entirely Pets consistently has the best price available for Cosequin DS tablets. My 10 year Border Collie gets a daily dose and is still running strong and fast!

Great Product! by Baloo from Knoxville, TN12/08/2012

We keep both dogs on Cosequin DS. They take it like a treat; however, my Aussie wasn't a fan of the taste. Regardless, glucosamine is a great supplement for helping your dogs maintain healthy joints and after much research, Cosequin is the only brand we will use.

Cosequin by Mickey from Pennsylvania12/29/2012

Great product, great help,great company!

Cosequin DS by suze6503/07/2012

My 1 year old Great Pyr was limping, and having difficulty walking after lying down. He has been on the Cosequin about 2 weeks, 2 in the am and 2 in the pm, and I can definitely tell a difference. He is up on his feet and walking much faster than previously. I will continue to use the product, during his growth period and into his adult years. His foster mom gives the Cosequin to her Pyrs and recommends this product very highly.

Excellent product by badbecket from Colorado10/25/2011

This is a great product for a great price. Cosequin has been around for years and is still the best out there!

It Does What It Says by SZ02/07/2012

My dog has been on this product for years and it does help his joints which at 14 and a half are kind of creaky. But it does seem to keep him going. I do wish you didn't have to use it constantly though.

Miracle Cure by Kathy from Rochester, MN07/12/2012

Product says results in 4-6 weeks and after 2 days we could tell that is was working already!

Great Buy by bsur11/07/2011

Great buy, great service but best of all seems to help my 10 year old airedale, anything to help her makes me happy!

by akbabe from Prescott, AZ12/14/2011

Great product. I give it to my elderly dog who has arthritis and the difference is amazing. I've started giving it to my other dog, on the advice of my vet, as a preventative measure

dogs by bev from Colorado02/07/2012

I use this product on my older dog and is really works wonders.

Excellent product by M.M. from WA01/04/2013

I have been using this on my dogs for seven years. They both have slipped kneecaps. This restored them from being lame and prevents them from being lame. Also recent x-rays on one of the dogs knee caps showed very minimal arthritis. I believe it has made a big difference.

doctor quality/wholesale price! by diana from east rutherford, nj12/13/2011

a friend with a 14 yr. old beagle had been given these pills by her vet. after a short time the dog's ability to walk had improved dramatically. i've noticed an improvement in my own 9 yr. old beagle and it's only been a short time. best part is i've been getting the pills for a fraction of what she's paying through her vet! more money means more treats for bailey.

Great Price - Fast Delivery by Msutx06/13/2013

Searched the Internet for the best price and this was definitely the best value. 2 dogs on Cosequin so I am an ongoing buyer. Definitely will be purchasing from here again

Works great! by Paddy02/04/2012

Cosequin DS has been great for our 10 year old lab. He had 2 ACL surgeries and has hip dysplasia. He seems to be more energetic and able to walk with less pain.

Best Deal in Town by Kat from North Platte, NE04/03/2013

My vet highly recommended Cosequin DS for my field lab for joint care maintenance. Entirely Pets offers an excellent product at an excellent price!

Great Product by shell14 from Shawnee, KS10/08/2011

My lab has had knee problems in the past so I started her on this product. You can't even tell now!! She will be on this product for life!!

Love this product by austingal10/23/2012

My dogs have been on cosequin for years, I absolutely love this product and have recommended it many many times!

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count) by Animal Lover from Aurora, Colorado11/26/2011

I have been given this product to both of my Labs for Years and it helps them with Arthritis and Elbow Displasia and lets them be active. I am a firm believer of this product.

Cosequin DS by ibizan04/03/2012

A daily must give supplement for large dogs!

Joint Assistance by Dogmom from Aurora, Colorado01/19/2012

I been given Cosequin to my dogs for years and I believe that it helps them with their joint and athritis issues. We do outside activities like Hiking or snowshoe and it helps.

Cosequin Is The Best by BB from North, South Carolina02/21/2010

My 11 year old rescue Greyhound gad gotten so bad in his joints he could hardly get up. My vet put him on Zoom for 3 months without any relief. After using Cosequin DS for 2 weeks it was like a miracle. He has been on Cosequin now for a month and he acts like his old self, wanting to run and play. I have no connection to this company nor it's products. This is straight from the heart as a dog owner. If your pet is suffering, get Cosequin.

Works Well by Gabby11/22/2011

My dog has been taking Cosequin DS chewables since she was a puppy. She was born with mild hip displasia and is now 9 years old. She is active, healthly, and able to keep up with her younger brother. She will eat the chewable tablet without food, but I do put it in her food when she eats. I would highly recommend this product for dogs with joint issues.

Excellent Joint Remedy by Joey Q from Garwood, N J12/07/2011

Recently we have had to take both our dogs to the vet because of problems with limping and inabilitry to go up or down stairs. The Vet recommended Cosequin DS. After only a few weeks we could see a great improvement in both dogs. The pills are large so I cut them in half and crush them' mixing them into their food. I am very happy to know that we don't have to subject our dogs to having an unnecessary surgical procedure. It is even more gratifying to see our dogs running freely again.

Awesome Product! by Polo10 from Upstate NY11/06/2012

Cosequin was recommmended to us by both our regular veterinarian and our veterinary surgeon. Our 5 month Old English Sheepdog required surgery for dysplasia of the elbow. He has recuperated beautifully and will soon have his 4th birthday. He never misses a day of Cosequin and takes it with enthusiam! Polo runs, jumps and gets into anything he can ~ Cosequin has helped allow him to grow and show his personality daily with no indication of discomfort! We will never be without it!!

Great Price......... by dperez10/17/2011

I purchased same product 110 tablets in a well known pet supply chain store and paid $77.00 paid less on this site for more alot more tablets Fast shipping will shop again. Very happy with purchase.

Cosequin DS for Older Dogs by LeeBee12/12/2011

This is an amazing product! We started our 10+ year old Labrador on Cosequin, and it made a huge difference in her. We could tell a difference within 10 days in just how she moved around. Would recommend this for anyone with an older dog that is a little "gimpy". Our vet said Cosequin is the gold standard for this supplement.

Too soon to tell by Mason's Papa from Wyckoff NJ10/26/2011

According to the supplier, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to see results. My 10-year-old golden has been taking this for about 1 week - so far, no adverse reactions. He has not objected to taking any tablet so he must like the taste of the tablet. If it is possible to update my review at a later date I will gladly do so to let readers know if taking this product was ultimately beneficial for my dog.

essential by gc from rochester, MA12/12/2012

we have a large mastiff that does very well with this supplement.

excellent by Pat from louisiana10/30/2012

I have been buying from Entriely pets for many years and as usual they are fast shippers and excellent value products. Keep up the good work

Every dog should be on this! by amanda4904701/23/2013

I have used this product for many years with my dogs, I start them when they are 6 months old on the maintenance dosage of it and they seem to do really well on it. It tastes great and is so easy to give. Entirely pets has a great price on it all the time and the shipping is very fast too. Highly recommend anyone with a dog consider starting it.

Does not appear to do anything by Doublegranch from Arizona08/07/2012

I purchased two of the 250 bottles, the tablets are very stale, hard and brittle, my dog will not eat them. I have to break them up and hide them in her food. She was kicked by a horse and has a bad left front shoulder. I am giving her 4 tablets a day, 2 am 2 pm...I am about finished with the second bottle and it has not helped her to improve from the limp when walking. I wanted the capsule but got this instead. I will try another product and MSM, perhaps a fresher product.

Miracle Supplement by AmyDannae08/03/2010

I took my dog to the vet last summer when she began limping. She is a 7 y.o. weimaraner, approx. 70#. Vet determined she had arthritis in her elbow. Looking for suggestions, etc., I spoke with the owners of a kennel I took my dog to & they recommended Cosequin. They swore by it. I ordered a bottle and have not stopped giving my dog Cosequin since! She stopped limping:) I would highly recommend this supplement to anyone with an aging dog. In fact, I have told several dog owners about it and I will not stop singing it's praises! You won't be sorry if you buy this for your dog - it is a miracle:)

by Sunny04/24/2013

My rescue dog has hip displaysia and this came highly recommended. I love that I get it cheaper from Entirely Pets!

Good Price and Good Service by Maranatha08/07/2012

I always seem to purchase my dog's Cosequin here because Entirely Pets has the best price! Good service, too!

Really helps! by Houzy from N.J.01/21/2013

Helps the ole boy get around alot easier.

This stuff works! by Mitchman from w hollywood, Ca11/12/2012

My dog had been experiencing slight symptoms of arthritis when he was 7 or so. So sad because he is so active. My vet said to put him on Glucosamine. This worked well I thought. About a year later, symptoms came back.GRR! The vet reccomended Cosequin DS. What a relief!! My guy was back to his normal active self. I have 3 floors in my place. I walk up 2 flights to get to my door from my garage or lobby. My dog can easily climb up and down all these stairs many times over, daily. Guess what? He's 18 or 19 years old! I defiitely think that Cosequin DS is more than helpful in elimnating any stiffness for arthritis-like symptoms in my dog. This stuff rocks!

good product by wildflower10/26/2011

I have 2 senior dogs. Both are taking cosequin. They can manage the steps and walk about 3 miles a day. Without the product it is just the opposite. Thanks for the great price and quick service.

Can't do without it by Sandy U from Elkton, MD02/08/2012

Cosequin DS is a miracle product. Our 12 year-old Lab has been taking Cosequin for the last 5 years, and it has greatly enhanced her enjoyment of life. When not taking it, she is three-legged lame. I highly recommend it.

cosequin ds chewable tablets by sundance from south glens falls, new york08/15/2012

I hope they are doing the job. My boy waits for his chewables morning and evening and reminds me if I forget. Amazing!

doing better by kandeee11/05/2011

Haven't been using this product for very long but my dog seems to have more pep and seems to get around with greater ease...still giving him 2 a day...morning and night....I am very encouraged with what I am seeing so far.

works great alleviating dog's arthritis symptoms by shiloh11/28/2012

Several years ago my vet recommended this for my 7 year old golden retriever. He had very early signs of arthritis in both shoulders that made him limp slightly. After using the product for several months, he stopped limping. He has remained symptom free since then.

Great Product! by pdpal from Durham, NC05/13/2011

My cocker has very bad hips and the vet recommended this product. I have had him on it for 3 years and he is still running around like a young puppy. I would recommend this product to everyone because it really works.

Love this product! by BMCWGRL from Banta, CA07/24/2012

My 10 year old Border Collie/Queensland runs around like a young dog since she started taking Cosequin DS!

Peace of Mind by Robbie from South Central PA11/06/2012

I have used Cosequin DS for several years on the recommendation of our veterinarian. My very large boxer was x-rayed at a very young age & the vet said that his hips weren't the worst he'd ever seen, but definitely not the best. He recommended using Cosequin on a daily basis for the rest of the pup's life as a preventatative against future problems. He felt that a supplement such as this would definitely help in the years to come. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am doing all I can to preserve the quality of my dog's life, and I am pleased to say that I have a very active, playful dog as he enters his mature years.

Best Joint Supplement by Shelly from new york ny02/20/2013

I purchased these in pill form first which was terrible cause my dog always spit them out. I saw on Entirely pets that they came in chewables. I ordered them and what a diffrence my dog love them cause she thinks its treats.

Love It! by Baxter12/14/2012

Daily use of this product has made a huge difference in mobility and comfort for our 9 year old lab. He seldom needs Rimadyl for joint stiffness or pain.

Great Product! Worth the money. by Lakedog from NC06/11/2010

We have a 14 year old black lab who has been taking Cosequin DS for years. NIC was a socialite in his prime time. The constant entertaining took a toll on his joints. When we first used Cosequin DS, we thought his dramatic improvement was just coincidental. Being the skeptic I am and always analyzing everything to death, I decided to stop giving him Cosequin DS for a few months to see if the results were real. He begin slowing down again and finding it hard some days to get up from a sitting position. Since then we have kept Cosequin on hand and continue to provide him with his daily doses. The only socializing he does these days are occasional barks at his sister Zoey (now 4 years old) to let her know he is still the boss. Thanks for the great product that has allowed NIC to be all he can be.

Great deal on this supplement by K George12/29/2012

I bought this product because it was such a better price than my vet. Even with shipping I saved alot. I will definitely buy it again.

Cosequin DS by jackie from Bettendorf, Iowa10/30/2012

I hope it will prevent more arthritis in my dogs knees. I especially like the price. I paid $134.00 at my vets office. Your price is half that.



Great product at a great price by BigDog mamax4 from Atlanta, Ga02/07/2012

I have 4 dogs, and 2 use cosequin. There is never a problem with them eating the pills-I just toss them in with their dinners, and they are gobbled. up. Both boys seem to be doing better since taking the med-I highly recommend it.

by Scotty from Wilmette, Illinois01/26/2013

My 12 year old Golden Retriver "Casey" has been on Cosequin Chewable tablets for many years, the last 5 years he gets 2 a day one in his morning meal and one with his evening meal. He walks with me for one hour every day and also loves runs in the yard with my two & half year old Golden Retriver "Crystal",she wants to play with him all day, sometimes he lays down as to say that is enough....she waits awhile and goes to him for more fun. I am sure the Cosequin keeps him fit for these fun filled daily walks and running in the yard with his sister Crystal. It is definitely the best purchase ever for my Golden Retriver "Casey" and one day "Crystal" will be taking Cosquin.

Amazing stuff by barb z from Chicago IL11/06/2011

Our vet recommended a daily half tablet of Cosequin DS for our maltese a year ago when at the age of 10 she developed problems walking. Her back legs were stiff and she could barely get around, let alone squat to "do her business" outdoors. Within a couple of weeks she was improving noticeably! She has been on it now for a year and she is doing wonderfully. In the mornings she runs around like a puppy, not the 11 year old she actually is. Due to her age she doesn't do flights of stairs anymore, but she can do a single step easily.For regular walking and general getting around, she does just fine. I highly recommend trying this product if your dog is having joint issues.

Excellent Product by Donna02/07/2012

Our dog has arthritis in his spine and had frequent pain and stiffness. Within a week he was feeling great and moving very well. He's been taking Cosequin DS for three years with continued great results.

Awesome purchase by JJ from Evanston, IL10/20/2011

Quick shipping & much better pricing than other competitors. I ordered Cosequin DS for my dog got more product for what I normally pay for it.

Thank goodness for Cosequin by Nan02/08/2012

My poor, aged, diabetic, blind pit bull/heeler mix was hardly able to walk. I had been giving her asprin but was worried about stomach problems. I decided to try Cosequin because I've heard from people that these type products work well for humans. It took about 3 months, but she is walking around and playing like a puppy again. I can't believe the difference. Her life is so much better I can't praise this product enough.

cosequin chewables by Rfromtenn12/13/2011

easy to chew.dogs like them. no upset stomach from them.

Keeps them Running! by Pam B from Charlotte, NC10/18/2011

3 large dogs (1@ 125 LBS and 2 @ 80) and they all love Consequin DS Chewables. Our 125 LB boy is almost 10 years old now and while he has some creeks, he's still pretty active with the help of Cosequin. We started him on Consequin DS 5 years ago after an injury. We can see that his quality of life has been greatly improved since using Consequin DS. He's more vibrant and moves with greater ease than he did 5 years ago before starting it. Our 2 younger (and smaller) dogs love to run and play hard! We know having them on Cosequin DS as pups will give them longer, healthier and more active lives.

by John12/16/2012

Our Border Collie has hip displaysia and the Cosequins help with her mobility She takes her pill every morning with no problems, she likes the taste of them.

Outstanding Purchasd by bashful from Seattle area08/14/2012

I have an older Golden Retriever that we rescued 3 years ago when she was 6. Not really knowing her background knew from previous experience that the Cosequin DS was something that I wanted to give her. I had used it with a previous Golden and I and the vet were pleased with the results. And purchasing through EntirelyPets is less expensive for me than I have found any place else. The Customer Service has been outstanding.

Cosequin Really Works by Happy Customer02/04/2013

Cosequin DS has added years of mobility to my 15 yr old boxer mix.

Cosequin DS by squire from Forsyth, Illinois06/11/2013

Have been giving this to my Golden Retriever for around 7 years. She is now 13 years old and still acts like a puppy. I highly recommend.

Just too pricey by phil1106 from buffalo, NY03/26/2013

Used this for couple yrs and found it just too expensive for what Im getting. I have as much success using a human form of Glucosamine sulfate..1000mg 240 tabs for < $20. Just because its for animals, doesnt mean we should pay 3-4 times as much. If you are going to buy a pet product I would trust this one but its just too pricey and there is no reason for it. I would go with good quality human form in sulfate Seems to do wonders for my dog and doesnt empty my bank acct either. Im tired of paying too much just because its a pet product. The 2 stars is just do to price.

Great deal by Baron's Mom from Full time RVers10/25/2012

The price was excellent and the delivery was outstanding. Just as promised.

Great buy,my dog loves them by Wareaglegolfman from Foley Alabama06/26/2013

My ten year old wiemer. still loves to run and hunt just like she was only two.

Great product by Isis10/28/2011

My 12 year old Lab takes 4 Cosequin a day. She has neurological and arthritic issues. She probably would not be standing without it. It sure beats having to take a prescription medication. I can't say enough good things about the product. Very good quality.

by Lucky H04/03/2012

Tablets help 11 year old Golden move easier. Loves the taste, takes it like a treat.

by MVR02/08/2013

Cosequin has kept my 13 year old weim healthy and active....people think she's a litter mate to her daughter (10) and granddaughter (6) that I also own. I swear by it!!

by Jen03/26/2013

Great product! My vet has recommended it for all my big dogs as they get older

Excellent by Noga12/11/2011

We've been using Cosequin DS for about 2 years now with our dog. This is an excellent product, he loves eating it just as much as a treat and we see a definite difference in pain in periods when he doesn't receive it regularly.

Best Quality Cosequin Available by Kimberly03/02/2013

I have 5 toy breed dogs, each of them are getting older. I have been giving this to all of my dogs as they start the aging process to help preserve the cartilage they have now. My Yorkie tore her cranial cruciate ligament recently and had bilateral knee surgey when she was 8 months old. My Maltes had a hip surgery at age 1 year. My Orthopedic Surgeon recommended starting Cosequin. They get 1/2 of a double strength chewable tablet daily and they are all between 5 - 7 pounds.

Best Product by bbadbarker from North Florida02/08/2012

My pup was on another joint supplement and it was not preventing her from showing signs of lameness and, I am sure, pain. I bought the Cosequin DS and put her on it (twice a day) and the difference is remarkable. I am now able to reduce her dosage of rimadyl to every other day. This product is as good as they say!

by Vicki bought for Grumpy05/29/2012

I love this website it is the only one I order from

Good purchase for us! by proanimalmom from Prattville, AL02/07/2012

I have several older dogs on supplements for arthritis. This was my first Cosequin DS purchase. The dogs appear to like the smaller tablet of this brand so there is much less waste. Unike some other "chewable" supplements I have bought, they seem to like this one more.

by Ruthie from Jackson, MO08/14/2012

My Sweet Ethel was having bad problems with her left hip. We had tried shots which only lasted a short time. We tried other medications which helped very little. Cosequin DS has been a life saver for her. She is nine years old and could not jump on the bed, so slept on the floor beside the bed. Today she can jump up on the bed at will and follows me every step I take. I want my Ethel to enjoy her later years and Cosequin will make that possible.

Same that the Vet gave her at a much better price by Ginny from Brooklyn NY05/05/2013

Keeps my Penny Girl running and jumping unlike most 8 year old dogs!

by from 07/28/2011

I have used Cosequin in the past with horses with great success, and my 25 year old former polo pony currently uses it. It works wonders with arthritic horses, and keeps older horses comfortable. If you want even better results with horses, I recommend the Cosequin ASU!

seven by year from oldI


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Will continue to buy..... by kblw12/17/2012

Our dog has been taking this for years and we have been very happy with the product. We will have him for 9 years soon, but he is probably 10 or 10.5 years as we adopted him. We feel that this product has really helped him to keep healthy and active as he loves to take long walks. He acts like he is still a puppy.

Great alternative to pills/capsules by Murphy01/09/2012

We have been using the capsules in pill pockets. We have seen improvement in our dog's movement and he seems to be more comfortable since starting the Cosequin. Now that he takes it in a chewable form it's much easier/cost effective for us and more enjoyable for him.

Best product for two of our dogs! by Beth from McHnery, Mississippi10/23/2012

Two of our dogs were limping when winter started. Their veterinarian recommended we try a product from another source but we found it from Entirely Pets at a much less expensive price. It has completely eliminated one dog's limping gait and about 80% corrected the other's limping. We put it in their food when the first cold snap hits our area and keep giving it until Spring. Thank you so much for the lower price and quickness of your service.

by from 11/14/2012

Have used Cosequin in the past for my aging Irish Setters. At the moment I have a 10+ yr old and an approx 7 yr old on this item. Started these two on the early side - when I adopted Mick in 2010 he would yelp if his one back leg was strained, playing or running - the Cosequin has helped him - he never yelps now and is always running, running running in the yard with my 2 yr old in hot pusuit. My 10 yr old Kylie - never did have joint aging signs but when Mick went on this product in 2010 I put Ky on it as well and hope she continues to stay happy & healthy.

Mick by & from KylieFrom


Great Product for Luxated Patella by jakerz from Ft Lauderdale, FL10/09/2011

My vet said that my dog needed "surgery" when he was small. I checked out everything and came up with this product. Going on 7 yrs later I have given him Cosequin everyday and his knee hasn't slipped out since. Not to say this is the best solution for all dogs, but surely it worked for mine.

Excellent product - Excellent Service by Chessie Mom from LOS ANGELES11/11/2011

The product pretty much speaks for itself. It's the Exceptional Customer Service that Entirely Pets provides that is worthy of mentioning. Would recommend Entirely Pets to all friends and family!

Best Joint Supplement EVER! by Rachel from Hampton Roads, VA11/20/2011

Our 14 year old Lab, Angel, has been taking 3 Cosequin DS a day for the past 3 years and no longer has mobility issues. She could not get up on her own from a sit or go up/down steps without assistance. After a few weeks on Cosequin, she was like a puppy again. She had a check up with our vet last week and her bloodwork was perfect, mobility is wonderful and we still walk/run twice a day. Cosequin DS works and it's not a prescription drug with all those nasty side effects.

great purchase by lisa from PA10/29/2011

Virginia and Ben, my 2 senior labs do wonderfully on this product, and the service, prices, shipping time, from Entirely Pets is always perfect, been using them for about a year now, i am a very satisfied customer.

by from 04/02/2012

Our, 6 year old Argentine Mastiff (Dogo) has terrible arthritis in his hips.

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Keep Younger by Sandy03/08/2013

I've been giving my dog Cosequin DS for at least 7 years. She is 13 now and in good shape, able to run and jump quite well.

Cosequin works!!! by RescueOne from Lancaster, Ohio10/23/2012

There was a definite improvement. Even though my Japanese Mastiff is 13 yrs old he is able to get up the stairs again.

by joy from WI10/22/2012

I use this product on my 7 year old lab that has a bad knee. Had surgery that went well, will continue to use to help with the arthritis. My dog does not limp and is enjoying life.

Completely satisfied by Jake07/27/2012

We have used this for several years. Both of my dogs love the flavor.

excellent joint pill for my dog by Barb12/12/2011

My 7 year old American Eskimo dog broke his hip and leg when he was 9 mos old. The vet recommended a joint pill to help with healing and maintaining range of motion. I've tried other joint pills and Cosequin has worked the best for him. He's maintained movement and strength in his hip and leg. Love this product.

Great Deal by RC from San Diego03/21/2013

Best prices out there, and it has worked great for my two dogs..

hip dysplasia by chocomutt from Cary, NC07/02/2012

My rescue puppy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia shortly after we adopted her. A veterinarian recommended Cosequin DS (after a less scrupulous vet recommended surgery). She's been on it for 5 years, with no hip problems. It's the only supplement I'm aware of that has verified consistent amounts of glucosamine, and entirely pets has the best price, and I verified them as a reputable supplier with the manufacturer and our vet. We've moved, and new vets always think its great that we are on top of our dog's hip dysplasia with Cosequin.

EXCELLENT by Bubs from Wilmington, DE01/09/2012

I have been giving this to my dog for years and it has definitely helped his joints. This is the BEST price I have found.

Great deal by Mike M from Morrisville, NC07/22/2012

Best non-prescription joint pain medication at a very good price.

by Buddy01/22/2013

We have an older dog, 13 - 14 years old, with artrhritis. Using this supplement makes him act like a dog that is much younger. I would recommend this to anyone with older dogs!

Great Deal by Kevin from Midlothian, Tx03/03/2013

this is a great deal for the amount of pills you get. You get alot of meds for the small amount of money.

Good for the joints by Dunkin's Dad11/30/2011

My dog takes two a day for his joints. He injured his ACL and the cosequin helps him avoid stiffness in his knee. It's offered at a nice price. I like the automatic refill option, too.

Excellent product at a discounted price by Shagmoz from Montreal, Quebec02/11/2012

I have 2 dogs that require Cosequin DS in their diet. One of them has mild hip dysplasia and the other is an older dog and I give it to her also. It was advised by my vet but I get more then double the quantity at the same price from EntirelyPets.com. In all honesty I was not a fan of ordering from an online pet supplies store. I ordered my first bottle over a year ago and I called Nutrimax to make sure the lot number actually came from them. They confirmed that they had manufactured that lot number and I was then comfortable giving these to my dogs. I have been a repeat customer of EntirelyPets.com ever since and I am extremely satisfied with their products and service. Marc.

Great product by missy's mom12/12/2011

Love this product! I have rescue dogs with bad joints and they have been taking this for years (one is 14, the other 13). They could not be as mobile as they are without it.

Excellent Product...Highly Recommended by John W. from Northern New York02/27/2013

Both of my dogs have been using this product for many years as a preventative for age-related degeneration of the hip joints, due to hip dysplasia and arthritis. They are now 10 and 7 years old and both are still romping & wrestling with their "dog friends", one being a 5 year old German Shepherd and another a 2 year old Lab. I believe that without consistent use of this product, neither of my dogs would be able to play & live the life they do right now.

by Mick from New York,NY12/27/2012

Best purchase ever.I recommend it to anyone

by Les Kaplan from Littleton,CO11/15/2011

I have given this product to my dog for many years and I believe it works the best of the many products I have tried.

Great price by Roger from Lugano11/27/2012

Excellent product at a good price... The price is less than a half of the price than in europe...

Continuous refills by Margie from Chicago area12/29/2012

My two piebald dachshunds each take a half of the tablet daily. They are 12 and 13 yrs old. They look forward to the DS as a treat at bedtime. Good product. Easy to give and keeps my hounds bouncing around. Thanks.

by GingerBelleMom06/16/2013

With daily use, Ginger is like a youngster again! Excellent endorsement from a 14 year old shetland sheepdog.....

by from 01/23/2012

I hate to "pill" dogs - it seems so cruel. Osa thinks she is getting a treat - no problem getting her to take the Cosequin - Have begun to see results - with less stiff movements - after three weeks.

used by at from WildIt


Cosequin DS by howiesdad02/25/2013

Best price that I found on-line. Super fast shipping.

good for joint health by heidiho01/12/2012

My dog has joint problems and the vet recommended Cosequin. She has been on this for several years and is going strong. I have checked prices at other pet sites and Entirely Pets has the best price for this product.

arthriitis by kya from pa02/11/2012

have used the product for 8 years and both goldens are still artritis free.

The best! by Muffin from Uxbridge, ON07/31/2012

For dogs with joint problems or arthritis, nothing beats Cosequin - and I've tried a lot of other products but always come back to Cosequin. Good for older dogs too as a preventative supplement.

very good by bookworm from NW corner CT04/04/2012

I have used this product on our 12 year old Brittany & it seems to help him.

Young again by TJ from Tulsa OK10/25/2011

Cosequin DS gave my cocker back her knees. She is 12. Four years ago she had ACL surgery and started on Cosequin DS shortly afterwards. She is back to chasing rabbits and jumping on the couch! You would never know she had knee issues.

Cosequin by Maddy03/03/2013

One of my dogs has been having problems with her back and hind legs lately. I was recommended to give her these pills twice a day for 1-1/2 months and now I am down to one pill once a day. I do notice an improvement in how she feels and walks. I have put my other dog on it too. I understand as they get older it is good for their joints etc.

by ET from Cape Cod, MA06/05/2012

Have been using this product for years. Always had excellent results.

10 years of use, never fails by lisaluvsgreys from Houston, TX12/12/2011

Definitely assists with arthritis symptoms in seniors! After a week on the product, my dogs walk with ease.

love the product by lola52 from Valparaiso Indiana05/05/2012

cosequin ds works the best. I have seen a improvement in my dog. She is more active, walk long, and it more playful then she was. I would recommend this product.

by from 03/20/2013

Been using for last 8 years by Logan from Cleveland, OH03/13/2013

My dog has had hip dysplasia since birth. I have been using Cosequin DS in tablet form for about 8 years.It has seemed to help him a great deal with any discomfort. I would not use anything else.

Thank goodness for this product! by suz06/02/2011

Our dog was born with lots of joint complications. I truly believe if we hadn't started Beau on Cosequin many, many years ago, he would not be walking today!

Great for dogs with hip problems by jim03/19/2013

Have been using this product for years now. It keeps our older shepherd with hip problems with her mobility problems. Definitely recommend.

Cosequin DS Chewable by waj from The Woodlands, TX08/21/2012

Both my shepherd mix and lab mix improved greatly once they started getting Cosequin.

Great Product by Kim from Quakertown, PA03/16/2012

My 11 year old siberian husky has arthritis in her hips and this product keeps her going. She has been on a maitenence dose for a few years. Entirely Pets has it on sale often. I've recommended this product to others.

Me and my dog by Marisa from New Haven, CT05/24/2013

I've been taking glucosamine/chondroitin every day for years, and my dog has been getting his Cosequin every day for years. We're both doing pretty well for our ages!

by from 10/27/2011

My name is Ernie and I am a Golden. I have been using Cosequin since I was just a pup. At the age of two my brother and I were playing rough and Buddy ( my brother) hit me in the hind quarter and damaged my leg. I was taken to the Veterinary Clinic in Michigan where they put a steel plate in my leg.

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Cosequin DS by JL04/22/2012

2-3 years ago, my vet suggested we give Cosequin DS to my 10 year old Lab, who was experiencing joint pain after exercise. The discomfort was so bad, he was unable to get out of his crate or off his bed at times... We doubled up on the recommended dosage for 60 days and have continued with the normal dosage since then with great results. No more pain. At 12.5 years, William is slowing down but is much more comfortable... he can run around when he wants to without paying for it later.

by Tom03/05/2012

Without the Cosequin my Lab could not run and play. Although she is 10 years old she still gets around very well.

Great product by paula p. from Collinsville, IL11/15/2012

I've been giving Cosequin DS chewable tabs to both of my Labs for years for their joints. This is a great product.

Entirely Pets has the best prices by amw06/13/2012

I have been given an 11 yr old shepard Cosequin DS for years. It has helped a great deal with the arthritis in his back legs. Entirely Pets price is always the lowest available!

Amazing by Melba Toast from Ohio12/04/2011

My rescued Golden Retriever was a dog agility hopeful with tons of drive and a great work ethic. She began to have some lameness after training sessions and long walks, yet she was only 18 mos old. X-rays revealed a huge bone spur on her elbow that appeared to be from an old injury. My Vet and I decided that we would try non-invasive treatment and see how she did. I discontinued the repetitive jumping and weaving training and instead started swimming her twice a week and walking on grass and mulch paths instead of pavement daily, while giving her Cosequin as directed. 2 years later, she remains on a maintenance dose, and is healthy, happy, and shows no sign of lameness, even after long, 5-8 mile runs and romps in the woods. She is a high-energy girl, and though I choose not to return to agility training due to the physically demanding nature of the sport, she gets lots of physical activity to keep her weight down, keep muscles toned to support her joints, and blow off steam so we can live with her! - all with no other medication for inflammation or pain. Thank you Cosequin!

by angie08/02/2012

this has kept my ridgeback healthy into his 12th year.

Excellent Product by candlelady from Gatlinburg, TN10/29/2011

Our Buster has had steel hips since he was 6 months old and has taken two Cosequin DS chewable tabs a day for 11 years. We get a good price and fast delivery from Entirely Pets.

Cosequin DS by Audrey from Houston06/18/2012

We use this product on the advice of our vet; we have an elderly dog with severe arthritis and it seems to help her.

Best pricing ever! by Chessie Lover from Los Angeles12/27/2012

Entirely Pets is the "go to" website for ordering Cosequin DS - great pricing, quick delivery! The product helps both our "senior" Chessies (ages 14 and 12) deal very well with their arthritis conditions.

Must Have by JP from Houston TX03/11/2012

The Small Paws Rescue organization recommend this for my Bichons. I have noticed a great difference in my 15-year old Bichon. This has helped her hip dysplasia.

Cosequin Ds Chewable Tablets by Deb from Otterbein, In04/03/2012

I am very happy with the Cosequin tabs. I do feel they help our Lab Missey. She still has some days that getting up is a challenge for her, but she can run and play and that makes her happy. So that makes us very happy.

No more limp by badrileycat01/27/2012

My 8 year old lab mix, Lady, used to have a limp, off & on for no apparent reason. Since starting Cosequin DS we haven't seen any limping & she's been running a lot more. I would say this definitely works as advertised! I'm giving this to all 4 of my dogs & I can really see the difference.

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS (250 Count) by Marisa10/26/2011

I've been giving my dog Cosequin, among other supplements, for most of his life. He is 14 years old now and doing pretty well. This is the first time I've bought it from Entirely Pets, and it was a really good price with specials and coupons applied.

Like a brand new dog!!!! by Robbi from Canyon, TX02/13/2012

My dog was getting sooo lame. Yelping everytime she sat down or got up. Worst of all, she couldn't get up in the truck by herself any more and being a 100 lb. Rott, I couldn't help her without injuring myself. I took her to the vet and she had severe arthritus in her hips and paws. My vet recommended Cosequin DS and after a few days she was like a new dog. No crying when she gets up or lays down. She races with the dogs next door throughout the day. To get in the truck, she first jumps on a bale of hay. But still no crying. This stuff is great!!!!! Wish it worked on humans!

by LMARN11/01/2012

These tablets were recommended by my Vet for my Golden Retriever. They really have helped her bad joints. She is able to move much better. This is a great buy!

Seems to be working by Ski Mom10/10/2011

This product seems to really be helping. I have two dogs with arthritus. They both goble up their Cosequin each day (they think it is a treat!). I definitely have noticed a difference and the price through Entirely Pets is half what I was paying at the vet.

Easy to use by zip from CA01/01/2013

My boxer has been on cosequin DS for several years and likes the tabs - we just put one in his food AM & PM and he chews it up with the rest of of kibble - no problems. We feel it has helped keep him healthy.

by acb10/28/2011

the dog likes them and i don't have to fight with him to get him to take them

Pleased with results by Ballard05/23/2013

My 8 year old Doberman has been on Cosequin DS for 1 year. Shortly after starting it he was no longer stiff when he got up from his dog bed. He runs and jumps without any signs of being stiff or sore.

absolute best buy by lisa from Leesport PA04/04/2012

very good quantity and a great price, both my senior labs take this, wouldn't be without it

FEELIN' GOOD by DEB from EDINURG, PA02/08/2012


by from 02/20/2013

Miracle Pill by Wade Ritter03/15/2008

My 3 yr old ,Chocolat Lab, "Cosmo" suffered with pain in his right rear hip. He winced with pain when climbing the stairs or jumping on our bed...my vet recommended Cosequin DS and within a few days, the pain was gone and Cosmo returned to his normal routine. One (1) year later, we continue to give him 2 pills each day and have never heard him cry again.

Truly a miracle supplement by English Springer owner07/29/2008

My 8 year-old Springer Spaniel has had two ACL surgeries and now has elbow and hip problems. She takes one of these tablets with each meal and no longer limps. Plus - she loves them and eats them first, before her food!

miracle drug by Judy crumbly11/12/2008

This drug is awesome. Within 2 weeks I noticed a remarkable difference in my dog. Codey loves to swim. Getting in the pool was no problem, but getting out we had to help him. After the drug kicked in, he had no problem getting out on his own. Cosequin is definitly worth the money.

Do Cosequin and do your dog a favor! by Nancy03/16/2008

My vet recommended that my Rottweiler have hip surgery. We started him on this and in no time he was up and running, and better than new. He also takes Rimadyl, but the Cosequin DS has made a world of difference to him.

8 year-old chocolate lab by Lab Owner06/02/2008

Zack is an eight year-old chocolate lab who has been on cosequin ds for the last three years. He was diagnosed as having moderate hip displasia and arthritic points as early as age two. I tried different supplements over the years and have found Cosequin DS to be the best. He is on a maintenance dose of 1.5 tablets a day. My wonderful board certified vet recommends the minimum effective dose. When I tried a cheaper supplement, he developed a cloudiness in his left eye that a canine opthamologist diagnosed as "diet related." It cleared up after changing his food to Iams and discontinuing the less expensive supplement. IOur vet recommends keeping his weight off as an important long term solution.

Really helps our old girl by Robin from Phoenix, AZ12/09/2012

Cosequin DS Chewables have made a difference in our dog's life. She is an 11-year-old Shepherd mix and has been getting a little stiff and creaky lately. One in the morning and one at night keeps her more flexible and more comfortable--and she thinks she's getting a treat!

Miracle Drug by Rachel11/21/2008

Our 10 year old Lab started having trouble getting up from a sitting position or coming up the steps. Our Vet did labs and x-rays, and everything was perfect. She suggested we try Cosequin DS but said it could take 6 weeks or more to work. At 6 weeks, our Lab was back to normal. That was 3 months ago and she's still on it and still getting along beautifully.

Excellent product by KDA11/28/2011

I Highly recommend Cosequin DS as does my Vet and my dogs.

Best Product by Faith09/16/2009

When my Rottweiler started showing signs of stiff joints and pain I started him on Cosequin DS. This was almost 2 years ago. At 120 pounds he is not running laps around the house but he does have more days when he wants to play and act like a much younger dog. I would not even think of taking him off of this product.

Supplements by Maryb01/02/2012

Dog loves them, vet recommended. Lowest price i founf.

Great Product! by dmica from Monroeville, NJ01/21/2013

We have been giving this product along with wel-actin omega 3 supplement to our yellow lab for several years. She is 9 years old now and still is very active, we contribute this to the Cosequin DS. When we first administerd the pills (2 per day) It took about a month before we seen results but our girl is still running around, swimming, hunting and playing frisbee like a young pup! In our opioion this product works great!

Cosequin DS CHEWABLE TABLETS by shecky15@aol.com01/25/2012

My dog thinks these are treats when I open the bottle! He seems to do so much better when I give him these.

fast service by howler10/23/2012

As always very fast service at affordable prices. I have never looked for these at any other site because I know what I am getting here and they will be delivered soon.

Keeps Older Dog Joints From Hurting by Buddy from Tennessee10/22/2012

Used this product for over 10 years and my dogs feel better and get around better since they have used this product

by from 01/10/2013

We have a 16 and a half year old Am. Staff. She is able to get up and down the steps, etc., since starting Cosequin. If we forget to give them to her, we can all tell a HUGE difference. They work so well and she knows it that she takes them right out of our hand!

anyone!" by Great Product! from Shelly LyonsWould


Cosequin DS Best Stuff Ever by petdakitty from Springfield, Mo12/13/2011

What a great deal on a much needed product. We have 3 large dogs. All over 100 lbs. Each have hip problems. If it were not for Cosequin DS none of them would be able to get around at all in the winter. The price at this amount makes us able to keep all 3 of them moving around without pain during the winter months. Thank You Entirely Pets. Toby, Ty, and Kelsey.

Company fails by Barb from Titusville, FL04/22/2013

Cosequin is a good product but I will never order from Entirely Pets again. I have tried numerous times to contact them, but they have never even given me the courtesy of a reply. There are many other choices for pet meds, so pick another company if you want service.

So far so good by Urbancountrygirl from Green Bay, WI01/25/2012

My 9 year old husky mix has been on this 2 weeks and has already shown improvement. I haven't seen him limp or get up slowly now in a week now.

Great Product & Best Price by Corgi mom from North Scituate, RI05/03/2012

Have been giving this supplement to my 3 legged Corgi for approximately 4 years. He's 12 years old and has no problem keeping up with his younger siblings.

Got a brand new dog by Lovemypet from Carmel,New York04/03/2012

These pills are amazing,my 8 yr old golden hurt her back leg one day.Took her to the vet to check it out,came to find out she had the start of arthritis in her spine.The vet put her on these pills and she is like a puppy again not like a dog with arthritis.Be patient thought it took a couple of weeks but this stuff is great.Love my golden and love these little pills my dog is back to her old(not at all)self. Thanks

Best price by amanda4904711/07/2012

The best price I have ever found for this product, free shipping also a huge bonus!! I give this to my four legged kids everyday.

by Peter06/15/2013

Excellent joint support - have used for many years

Good Product by Jbird10/19/2011

My dog likes the taste because he eats the pills. Delivery was fast.



Best Purchase Ever by Jean from Rome NY11/17/2011

I've been ordering the Cosequin DS for my black lab from EntirelyPets for quite a few years now and feel I get the best deal ever!

Shadow likes them! by justjoe from Rock Springs, Wyo.02/09/2012

Actually, I don't believe we have had them long enough to see results or write a review.

great product by phillip from arizona02/14/2013

been using this product on my dog for 2 years now. No side effects except better mobility and at 13 glad to have my puppy back

Cosequine DS - Great for older dogs ! by John12/28/2011

I have used Cosequine DS for several years for my older Lab. When I first started you could actually hear his rear joints squeak when we walked. After a few months this went away and has not returned. I have had several shipping issues as some of the pills are pulverized in shipment but I have measured these out into his daily meal.

Cosequin by Suzienelson from Arroyo Seco, New Mexico10/26/2011

My Chocolate Lab is 105 lbs. 9 years old and having troubles getting around. Put him on Cosequin and he is doing marvelous. Just wish I had started before now. Now he chases the pup around easily and having a ball doing so.

COSEQUIN by WOLFDOGS from Houston,TX01/24/2013

Best product on market, we have recommended the product to fellow K9s! Our mom gave us this stuff and within a week we felt better. We got a new husky in the house, she is only 2 and it is hard to keep up with the young-pup but now we can at least give her a good chase around the yard!

Cosequin DS Really Works! by Kodiak338 from Alpharetta, GA05/30/2013

I have a boxer pit bull mix that is 15 years old. She's definitely moving a little slower but Cosequin DS has added years to her mobility and quality of life. When I first put her on it 5 yrs ago she had trouble with her right hip. Shortly after being on Cosequin she was back to her old ways of jumping and running.

Best price. by Indy63 from Minnesota01/01/2013

Absolutely the best price to be found anywhere.

excelent product by daddylonglegs from North Carolina12/17/2012

This product has helped my dogs so much I cant beleave it. My vet could do no more so I started with Cosequin DS and it helped old dog it was amazing . I used it on a shelter dog that could bearly walk and after a couple of month she started showing signs of improvement till she could start playing running now she is a little babe. We love her alot and she is very happy

Our dog appears to be doing well with these by Mattie10/22/2012

We've been using this product for a few years and our dog appears to be doing very well. Even though she had a self-healed broken leg at three months of age (this is according to shelter records), she walks well and her leg does not get in the way of taking very long walks. We believe this supplement has helped.

by from 03/05/2010

Works Like Magic by Sue07/15/2012

I use Cosequin DS for all my senior rescue dogs. It has drastically improved their mobility and comfort. Great formula and when dispensed as directed-REALLY WORKS! I would recommend this to everyone to improve their pets joint discomfort and help keep their bones healthy!!

Cosequin DS with msm by Allen637 from Tampa, Florida05/24/2012

This is the second order for this and I find it the same as available in pet stores at a much cheaper price. Our dog is 13 years old and this has helped his movement and jumping a great deal. He is doing many of the things he did when younger albiat at a slower pace.

excellent value for the money by Baldy02/26/2013

have all 3 of my dogs on it 9-13 years old has been a big help in their arthritis

Cosequin DS Best by sakemiko from Gilbert, AZ02/07/2012

My two Akita's (one 9 years and one 7 years old) have more energy than they had 5 years ago. Would highly recommend to anyone with animals especially large dogs.

Affordable Cosequin by tennisgirl2 from Baltimore, Md.01/29/2013

Delivery was prompt and the price is cheaper than through my vet. Thanks

Cosequin DS by Retriever Believer from West Bend, WI03/12/2013

The Cosequin DS is helping the rescue Lab. Shasta is doing much better. We ordered the Cosequin and it arrived sooner than expected. Thank you Entirely Pets.

Entirely pets beats price by Corey's mom from Weymouth, MA11/27/2011

My dog has taken this forever. He has significant dysplasia but is almost 9 and walks trails with me everyday. Entirely Pets beat competition for price.

Turned my dogs performance 180 degrees by 817rory04/16/2012

My dog could not jump onto the bed or run, until I started her on cosequin. Now she runs and can jump on the bed. The price is almost half of what the Vet. charges.

Makes My Old Dogs Young Again by Ilovedogs from Great Mills, MD02/14/2011

I was first introduced to this product three years ago when I used it with my 9 yr old Golden Retriever; he was limping and had a hard time on the stairs. After 6 weeks of starting Cosequin DS he was back to playing ball and the stairs were not a problem; that's when I found gold in a bottle. I now use it on my 9 yr. old Chocolate Lab and 9 yr. old Chesapeake Bay Retriever; both dogs are very active and don't show their age at all, and I know its because they get a daily supplement of Cosequin DS.

Recommended by Sassy05/29/2012

My vet recommended. This product. I was told iChat it contained the highest quality cosequin.

best prices anywhere by lisa from pa12/12/2011

best prices, super quick shipping, have always been happy with my purchase

Cosequin DS by Remi from Iowa11/08/2012

Our dog is getting along great, we give her 2 Cosequin DS daily. She was diagnosed with bad hips before she was 6 months old. She is now 6 1/2 yrs and doesn't seem to have much pain.

Great purchase by Nino from Kingston, NY10/23/2012

Timely and priced right. This is the cheapest on line site.

cosequin DS by LabLover05/30/2012

I started giving this to my dogs, after we found out one of our dogs had joint swelling and was limping badly. After ~1month no more problems and she is back on long hikes again.

Works great by David E from Central NY12/13/2011

My furry pal came with disfigured front paw. He was an rescue at one time his paw was broken and not set. He has been living with me for 8 1/2 yrs now. When I took him to a orthopedic vet after he adopted me. At that time he was about 18 months old. I was told since it dosen't bother him. No sense of doing surgery to correct his paw. He would have to be confined for 6 months while he healed. Being a Border Collie that would be cruel. I was told as he became older it would start to bother him. A couple years ago in the winter he would limp. I tried the Cosequin DS. It helped him a whole lot.

Great Product by Islander from SW Washington state02/19/2013

I haven't tried any of the other glucosimine products out there. I don't have to, because these make a difference in our 13 year old retriever. He can run and exercise, then later he is not sore and hobbled like he used to be. I will never stop using them.

Excellent purchase by labgirl from colorado01/06/2013

Our vet recommended cosaquin after our oldest lab began having knee problems. It has made a tremedous difference. We tried the expensive ($85 for 35lbs) food for joint issues, but it started to smell after 1 week of being opened, so the dog wouldn't even eat it, and the amount of glucosamine/chondroitin in it was even lower than taking one of these tablets.

Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets by howie's dad from Northampton, PA06/12/2012

Super fast shipping!!! Best price I found on-line!!!

Excellent product!! by Tracey from Telluride, CO02/07/2012

This is an excellent product & I use it for my older dog & the powder for my older cats :o)

Works well for me and mine by Kangaroo from Silicon Valley, CA05/14/2013

Have used this product on my last four corgis and have been well satisfied. With their short legs and long backs, problems can easily occur. As of now, Cosequin is the only meds they're on and I will continue to use it as long as needed.

Of great benefit by Dog Lover10/28/2011

I have 4 dogs of various ages. The oldest (12 yrs and counting) really seems to get a lot of benefit from it. Next in line, she gets to feeling so good she gets puppy "hoppy". The next two tend to go every other day with their dose. They know when they need the assist. Thank you for the great products.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS CHEWABLES (650 Tablets)
by from 12/09/2011

This is recommended by my vet, and the products and service are great from Entirely Pets.

fortune by too!" from GreatSaves


Cosequin DS Chewables are fantastic by Donna from Parker, CO01/04/2012

We have had our dogs on Cosequin for dozens of years. Sam, one of our Goldens, had hip displasia on which she had had surgury. Even afterwards she had difficulty. When put on the Cosequin she improved dramatically. Though she is since gone of old age, we have put all of our dogs on the product as they have aged and are happy to see them all doing well with it.

Cosequin DS by dk1802 from loNG iSLAND ny06/18/2012

The product works really well for my dog and this site has always been the cheapest around. Delivery has always been within a few days as well.

YUM!!! by Gracie from Weston, Ct.03/03/2012

I love these and they're so good for me too! Being a 10 year old Golden Retriever, I tend to get sore knees and my hips can really ache after a long walk. Thank heavens my people care enough about me to give me these delicious treats twice a day! I feel so much better now!

by from 11/03/2011

We have been using Cosequin DS for about 8 years for all of our large breed dogs. We have never had a dog develop hip problems and will continue to use it. We think it makes a great difference in their quality of life.

the by best from priceEntirely


Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets (650) by Dani from West Chester, PA07/28/2012

I have been purchasing the Cosequin DS Chewable Tablets ever since my Golden Retriever Maggie was diagnosed with hip displasia that required surgery. The Cosequin tablets were recommend by my vet. Over four years after her surgery she has grown into a beautiful dog with a normal active lifestyle that includes running upstairs, jumping, swimming, hiking and playing fetch. Recently my family adopted a puppy mill breeder dog (another Golden) and we immediately began her on the administration period amount - in 4 weeks we could see a difference in her mobility. Maggie and Chili take them as treats and I love that I am able to purchase them in the 650 tablet size!

by ezschips01/23/2013

I've been using Cosequin DS for many years and am happy with the results.

Best Price Around!!! by Dog's Best Friend06/07/2012

By far the best price on these pills. I have reccommended them to all my friends who have dogs that have joint issues. Even my vet is shocked that I can get such a good deal on these pills. Thanks for the value. My dog has hip dysplasyia, and I am convinced that her daily regiment of these keeps her active with little sign of her condition. One a day keeps the vet away.

I love Cosequin DS by Caride01/10/2012

I think that my dogs overall arthritis problems got better after they started taking it on a daily basis. Combined with fish oil, they are almost 100%.

Great Product by Patsy from Tucson, AZ12/02/2011

I just placed my 3rd or 4th order for 650 chewable tabs. I have a 6 y/o Rottweiller and she definately benefits from Cosequin DS. I have to give her 4 tabs a day which is the maximum dose for a day. If I don't, she has difficult getting up and walking. I give her two in the morning and two at night. I also bought her a memory foam bed but the Cosequin DS helps the most. I wouldn't be without the tabs.

Amazing! by josie09/24/2008

This product is amazing! My older dog (she is 8) during the cold weather last year was beginning to show signs of arthritis. It was difficult for her to move quickly, and she just seemed to have lost her zest for life. Our vet recommended Cosequin to us for her and after the inital 6 - 8 week administration period, we had our best friend back! She would run and jump in the snow and be as playful as she had been when she was a puppy! She takes the Cosequin daily for maintenance, and we have had no problems since. Whatever is in this works wonders! I would recommend this to anyone with a dog !

Great Product by Judy from San Diego CA10/22/2012

This is a great product and the price is also good. We have been using Cosequin DS for years on all our dogs. We believe it works.

by from 01/24/2008

My vet recommended Cosequin for my 11 year old Lab who was showing signs of onset arthritis. She is moving freely now, without pain.

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great product by Sandi Barrett01/13/2009

Has made the biggest difference in my dogs mobility!

Worth Every Penny by MK from Austin TX06/07/2013

When my dog got to be about seven years old he started limping slightly. We talked to our Vet office and they suggested we try Cosaquin DS. Since we started giving him Cosaquin DS his limping stopped. That was 4 years ago. Wolfie, a German Shepherd, has slowed down alot, but his life is so much more comfortable than is was before the Cosaquin DS. I only wish that I had heard about it earlier than I did. Wolfie and I say thank you. It has been worth every penny!

Excellent Product, Convenient Size by Montana Billy11/08/2011

Folks, It doesn't get any better than this: A wonderful product in an exceptionally handy size. Three pups, two tablets per day=Excellent Value and Convenience!

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (132 Count)
Wonderful Results by Texas Rose from Texas02/14/2013

I have a 12 yr old MinPin that was in so much arthritis pain, I was considering having to put him down. I saw this product advertised and purchased it.....he is now in no pain and running and playing again. Will order this product again.

Helps My 12 yr. old Beagle Immensely by carolinemom from Tucson Az08/20/2012

The product arrived promptly and has made a huge difference in the activities of my 12 yr. old Beagle. She now runs from room to room and wags her tail again.

Cosequin DS Plus by Lamay from The Villages, FL10/23/2012

After a month of my dog taking this product there is a mark difference. She was having problems getting up from a laying position. Now she has no problem. It has really helped her.

My vet says this is the best by candiesel from Buffalo, ny11/06/2012

I got it in chew form last time, and my dog seemed to prefer that ( maybe because they were bigger?) but he gets these down just fine.

Good product by Jansack11/08/2011

The product was recommended by our vet and it has been very ggod for our two weimeirieners.

Great Value by sc from Texas11/02/2012

Spent about 1/2 of what I do at the big pet store for 1/2 the amount.

Super product! by Applejack from Marble Falls, TX12/31/2012

My dog had gotton to the point of almost not walking, but after starting her on morning & evening doses of Cosequin, she is running & playing once again.

Great Stuff by 24KK9Z from Omaha, NE01/21/2013

I use Cosequin DS and Cosequin DS Plus MSM on a daily basis with my Golden Retrievers. It really helps their joint activity and keeps them active.

exellent product by molly from Renton04/22/2012

Dog likes taste, therefore easy to dispense. Helps her arthritis and weak back legs!

by from 11/29/2011

Was very disappointed to find after using this product and seeing my dog become lame again that the product does not contain the same amount of chondroitan as the Cosequin DS that does not contain MSM.

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Not Double Strength as claimed

New life for an old dog by Ruby from Los Angeles, CA04/02/2012

My 9+ years old (large breed) dog started the supplement program as soon as the package arrived. With each week I'm seeing progressive improvement and increased mobility. I'm glad I made the decision to get him started. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to "chew" the chewable tables, so I have to force them down his throat by hand which is kind of a pain.

Senior Life by Xena2Love01/23/2013

Xena is doing much better after starting a regiment of this medication. I have now combined this with the Greenie Joint treats.

by hunzee03/19/2013

This was a reorder for our dog, Abby. She has arthritis in her hind legs and this seems to help her.

Money Well Spent by Ken from San Antonio, Texas03/05/2013

I have two older dogs that could hardly get up and down the steps to the outdoors. I ordered Cosequin DS Plus and started their daily dose as soon as it arrived. After 8 days I could already notice an improvement in their ability to go up and down the steps. They take the medication without any problem and I presume they are thinking they are getting a snack. They are at the kitchen table every morning to get their medicine without fail. I just know they are feeling better in that they are able to get around a much better. I have seen a remarkable improvement.

improvement by jak from apalachin ny10/22/2012

My 15 year old sheltie started to move better and become more active after taking this

great product by lala04/22/2013

my dog does not hesitate to take the tablets. Loves the taste

Would recommend by Gabi from Alexandria, VA10/22/2012

So far an excellent product for my 4 year old Staffordshire terrier with very severe hipdysplasia. Although on Glucosamine and Flexpet already he lately seemed to be in pain and often could not walk for more than a couple of hundred metres. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a try before scheduling the necessary hip replacement for Max and within a week he was bouncing around like a puppy. :)

great service by eguilbeau08/01/2012

Ordered Cosequin DS - was on back order but got the package in excellent time. Good service and good pricing.



Great product by Dana0282 from New Jersey07/18/2012

my boxer has 2 torn knees, once i started giving him this he became is old self again! Surgery will be necessary in the future but since the tares are slim this product has been helping him for months feel much better!

Excellent product by Jean from Rome, NY01/27/2013

I buy the Cosequin DS from entirely.pets all the time. I was out of it and thought I'd try the Cosequin DS Plus and my dog loves it. She's doing well with it and it seems to be helping with her joint issues.

Joint Pain by Lucy's Mom from AZ04/07/2013

It has only been 3 weeks (instructions state may take up to 4 weeks for effect) but I have noticed my 10 yr old has become more active and appears less stiff. I would recommend this product.

Doing Better by Windsor from El Paso, TX01/25/2013

Been using the product for about 3 weeks and Windsor, my 13 year Weimaraner, is having problems with dragging his hind legs. He seems to be doing better now that he is taking the Cosequin. How he continues to improve. I spoke to other people who are using this product and they seem to be having positive results also.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by theboysgrammy from Deltona, FL03/26/2012

I was thrilled to see Cosequin is now adding MSM to its formula. Before I bought this batch of supplements, I had to mix the pharmaceutical powder in my girl's snacks so she could benefit from the MSM. We went to the vet's today and when I showed him the Cosequin DS I ordered from Entirely Pets, he was very pleased to see the addition of the MSM as well.

Best Buy by PJ07/15/2012

After searching several sites, I found the best price at Entirely Pets.com plus the flat rate shipping was cost effective as well. As always, the product was delivered very quickly.

Excellent Product by 2brews02/11/2012

Our Golden Retriever has major hip and joint problems and Cosequin has helped him tremendously. He was having trouble jumping and playing and we see a big improvement in his mobility.

Cosequin DS plus MSM by d2 from Succasunna, NJ06/17/2012

Great product and great sevice. I have a labradoole that has hip dysplasia and the DS caplets were not working. This product has worked over the course of a month i can see a noticable difference.

food product by GEORGIA from Sharonville, Ohio07/07/2012

Good product, however my dog didn't get to take as he died prior to receipt of this order.

Great! by kkm9880 from Huntington, NY01/29/2013

Love how this product combines DS plus MSM.

Great product to help with mobility issues by Lisa from Virginia12/18/2012

I have been using this for over a year for my two collies with arthritis. I have noticed a significant increase in their mobility since they have been on this. I have recommended this to several of my friends for their dogs with similar issues.

The greatest supplement for a quick recovery. by Judy from Virginiaa Beach VA10/23/2012

While watching my dog limp with every step she took make my heart ache for her. Reading up on Cosequin was hard for me to believe that there would be result within three weeks. To my surprise I saw results within two weeks. My pet can now take longer walks, go up and down steps, get up on her legs a lot quicker. I am so thankful I gave Cosequin a try. I highly recommend this product.

Seems to work great by Smokie3BanditOreo02/03/2013

I have noticed some improvement in the poodle's stiff legs.

Great Product by vicki08/09/2012

After an outing of playing tennis ball, my 8 yr old lab would be limping and sore the next day. Since we have placed him on this product he hasn't taken a misstep since, even if he plays ball hard 2 days in a row!

Excellent Product by elsa from Illinois11/08/2011

My 12 year old mastiff has arthritis which has decreased her overall mobility, we've tried many products including Rx and finally found something that is helping! After three weeks of use I can see a positive change in her mobility. So glad to have found a product to improve her quality of life.

Works great by chris11/28/2012

I'm very pleased with how much this pill has helped my husky out with her joints.

by from 09/02/2010

My Lab, Brownie had bone cancer at the age of 6 and had to have his front leg amputated to save his life. At that time, I started him on Consequin DS. After 30 days I notice an incredible change in him. He now has been on Consequin DS for 5 years. Brownie now is getting along in years and his body is taking a toll on his hips over compensating for his loss of his leg in front. I recently started him on Consequin DS/MSM and have seen a change in his mobility. Brownie is able to get around better and is still a very happy dog.

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great price by Anne from Bradshaw, MD05/12/2013

Same pills I have gotten from another on-line supplier for about 1/3 the price.

Great help with middle-age Arthritis by jimbo058 from Colorado Springs, CO10/20/2011

My dog Sophie was slowing down and having trouble getting in the car and jumping up on the bed. After just a few days on Cosequin DS, she started to improve, and was roaring around the back yard in a full run after just a week or so. I highly recommend this product. Don't let your middle-age pet seem old, this stuff is the absolute, quick cure !!! 5 Stars !!!

very pleased with purchase by brookesmom03/10/2013

My 13 year old Shepherd/Husky mix suffers from hip pain. Have used this product for about a year and it really seems to help. Located this website and couldn't believe how much cheaper it is!! i have been paying almost twice the cost as it is on this website. Will be ordering again in the future!!

Love this stuff! by DJ10/31/2012

I've been giving Cosequin to my 13 yr old yellow lab for over 3 yrs now. I really wish I would've started her on it sooner. She has advanced arthritis in her hindquarters but I truly believe that the Cosequin is helping keep her comfortable and as active as she can be. If your dog is showing any signs of arthritis I would recommend starting this stuff right away...you won't be disappointed!

Really " Good Stuff" by Becky05/27/2013

About three years ago, Sam had a very bad limp. The vet suggested that I use Cosequin DS plus MSM. Along with injections from the vet, the Cosequin has reallly helped him walk without limping. Now he loves to go for a walk. Also, Sam loves getting his "dessert" (a Cosequin tablet ) after he eats his dogfood.

by AZLady0901/14/2013

My dog liked the taste, but, I did not see any difference in her gait over the three month trial.

Very reliable by pat07/21/2012

This med really helps keep an old dog's joints working.

It must be the MSM! by Patty06/03/2013

Is it the MSM doing the magic? All these years I've given our dog Cosequin DS, but then the vet added MSM. There was a noticeabe difference in a couple of weeks, moving more easily with a flowing gait. Even jumping onto the bed again! Good thing this product includes all three things he's supposed to have! And good thing he likes it! I've been telling all my dog friends!

Works Wonders! by 'Louise' from Philadelphia, PA04/25/2012

Cosequin DS plus MSM has greatly improved my 11 yr old yellow labs life. She had stopped jumping in the back of the SUV; I had to assist her. Started her on Cosequin and within three weeks - she wasn't waiting for me to help her in the vehicle anymore - she was back to jumping in --- have had her on the maintenance dose for the past year and she is still going strong.

Great Product by SD02/25/2013

I have been giving Cosequin DS to my 10 year old Pit Bull for several years now and it has really improved her mobility.

Good purchase by Ginger12/02/2012

I received this product with high hopes,I read the dosage and followed it but after three weeks I seen no change so I upped the dosage to four a day and in time she began to walk a little faster and didn't tire out so fast she seemed happier more alive. She just turned 13 she is diabetic and developed bad arthritis in her hip.So if you're going to use this product I'm sure all dogs are different but the bigger the dog I think you need more dosage to kick it in.

excellent product by Kar10/22/2012

My English Bulldog has terrible arthritis and has for several years. I give him cosequin every day and it helps him so much with the stiffness and soreness. I would highly recommend it.

Great product and online store! by Jake's Mom from CT11/03/2011

I've ordered from here twice and I'm very happy with the service, prices, and delivery time. I give this to my 15 year old Pit Bull Mix and feel it has helped him. He still has trouble walking around, but I've found that with this it definitely helps with his arthritis.

Cosequin works by Diane from Pa.12/18/2012

Cosequin is the BEST thing out there. It was recommended for our Dobie years ago by our Vet. Now we use it for ALL the older dogs. Works great!!!

Excellent product. by vjhuse10/30/2011

I have tried other products (cheaper, from Walmart, ect) and nothing works as well. Our Golden is 12 yrs old and without this product, stairs are out of the question. With it, she actually runs!! And customer service is awesome!!!

Great Product by Tuesday Lady from Pennsylvania01/29/2013

My vet recommends this product for my aging dog. It is expensive thru the vet, but not here. I, recommend this highly. Delivery is always on time.

It Works by Gridi from Bowie, MD11/27/2012

Not only does this product help my dog get around better, but it's the best price anywhere. I already told my family and friends to only buy Cosequin from you because of the great savings. I will definitely be back as a customer!

Cosequin DS Plus MSM by Joanie from Illinois05/19/2013

My 8 year old yellow Lab has hip problems By giving her the Cosequin once every day she is able to walk and run without limping. Great product and price.

Great Product by Rachel from St. Charles, MO02/12/2012

Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (132 Count) is a wonderful supplement I give to my Keeshond who has arthritis in his knees. Entirely Pets has the best price on this large quantity and I really can see what a difference it makes.

Good stuff for my Dog! by lover of dogs from Littleton, Co02/04/2013

Cosequuin has helped my dog stay active and do the things she loves!!

Miraculous, honestly!! by jrdpc49 from Pueblo, Colorado02/20/2013

I have an older German Shepherd and Golden Retriever both of which are 11 years old. It's a joy to watch them well, act like a dog! They can run and climb stairs much more easily than before using this product. They seem happier and they love the taste so it's not an issue to give it to them. And, they're chewables. I highly recommend this product and highly rcommend Entirely Pets. The orders arrive quickly and they have a great variety of pet products to purchase all at great prices. I don't usually do this but I've recommended both the product and the company to family and friends as that's how satisfied and impressed I am!

Easing dosing by Cassie from South Florida03/28/2012

I haven't been giving my dog these long enough to really be able to see a change. BUT, I am so pleased with the fact that he'll actually just take them out of my hand. Don't have to hide them in food or a pill pocket. He takes them like they are treats, and that's a plus right there!

Long Time User by Princessbbg93 from vashon WA01/05/2013

I have given Cosequin products to my dogs for almost 20 years. The first time was at the suggestion of my veterinarian. I trust this name brand to provide high quality ingredients at the specified strength unlike generics. Yes, it costs a bit more but I believe it is worth it.

Excellent Product!! by Mimi from South Carolina01/24/2013

We ordered this for one of our older dogs who has Arthritis in her hips, our daughter highly recommended this product as she has used it for a long time on several of her dogs. It REALLY does help a lot, you have to give it several weeks to begin to show any difference as the bottle states. It must be VERY yummy tasting as our dog LOVES it and always looks for more!:O)

good for arthritis by Di from Springfield, MA01/29/2013

Seems to be helping a lot. My dog was favoring his right front leg for over a month and mostly when rising from sleep or a nap. Much better now with the Cosequin and he loves the taste, too.

Featured Reviews for Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets (60 Count)
Recommend Highly by roan1963 from Tampa, FL08/12/2012

Going through the pill routine with our "Kids" can sometimes be a real chore but with this Cosequin, they chew it up with no problem.

GOOD!!!! by Sandra from Latvia07/31/2012

I think this product is a great for dog joints. :)

Great price, does the job! by JLC from Baltimore, MD08/01/2012

Love this product... Cosequin eases our 9 yr old Corgi's joint inflammation, & keeps our 2 yr old lab w/elbow dysplasia very sound.

great product by jadabug from Tennessee11/02/2011

My little yorkie girl Jada has Luxating Patella in both back knees. She doesn't limp yet and I am just trying to keep her lp from progressing to the point that she has to have surgery. So far I can tell a difference in her activity level. I would recommend this product.

Excellent Product!! by Teka from Opelika,Alabama01/24/2013

I have heard how much Glucosamine has done for people, why can't i use the same for my dog? Well it has helped so far as i continue to give it to him every day!

Great Stuff by Yogi' Dad from Dallas, TX03/20/2013

Really helps my 135 lb. GSD be mobile and enjoy the dog park

Great for Arthritis by pasado05/31/2013

We have 2 senior dogs, a 13yr old chihuahua and a 13yr old Lab, both with arthritis in their back legs. They have both responded very well since we've put them on these. The chihuahua doesn't wait at the bottom of the stairs anymore, he comes right up. We have had this problem for a while, we just didn't know until recent what to do. The Lab has a lot more pep in his step, and jumping up on hind legs again. We will always start using these on our aging friends from here on out.

Great Stuff!!!! by Fatman from Paintsville, Ky05/23/2011

This hip & joint supplement is really great! It has really helped my basset hound Bozley!!

Cosequin DS PLUS MSM Chewable Tablets by ken from Saint Louis, Missouri10/29/2011

My dog loves the taste of theses tablets. After only two weeks I can start to see a difference. These tablets really work!!!

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