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Cat Beds and Cushions

Sleeping Solutions for Your Cat

If you own a cat, a cat bed is a necessity. Cats are known for taking numerous "cat naps" throughout the day, and they enjoy having a warm and cozy place of their own to nestle in. Some cats prefer cat tents to cat beds, but either way, the important thing to remember is that your furry friend wants and needs his/her own private place to sleep.

A heated cat bed is perfect for the older cat that can never seem to get warm. For the cat who likes to dart in and out of cabinets or closets, a tunnel bed is ideal. If your cat doesn't have his/her own cat bed yet, you'll want to make getting one a priority.

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SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad
SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad

($45.88)  $26.99
Snuggle Safe Comfort Cover Fleece Blue
Snuggle Safe Comfort Cover Fleece Blue

($4.50)  $3.59
K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed Sage 16"
K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed Sage 16"

($71.49)  $54.99
PetMate Attract-O-Mat Tunnel Sleeve
PetMate Attract-O-Mat Tunnel Sleeve

($22.99)  $18.99
PetMate Round Deluxe Cuddle Cup 17"
PetMate Round Deluxe Cuddle Cup 17"

($28.99)  $24.99
Petlinks Secret Slumber
Petlinks Secret Slumber

($48.99)  $36.99
Catit Style Scratch with Catnip - S-Chaise
Catit Style Scratch with Catnip - S-Chaise

($13.99)  $8.49
Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Lounge
Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Lounge

($13.99)  $10.49
Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Tiger
Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Tiger

($9.99)  $7.99
Petmate Bolster Kennel Pad Small - Oatmeal Berber
Petmate Bolster Kennel Pad Small - Oatmeal Berber

($15.10)  $8.89
Scratch Lounge Classic
Scratch Lounge Classic

($29.99)  $19.99
Scratch Lounge II
Scratch Lounge II

($23.99)  $17.99
Petlinks Scratchers Welcome
Petlinks Scratchers Welcome

($18.99)  $12.99
Petlinks Dream Curl
Petlinks Dream Curl

($28.99)  $21.99
Cosmic Catnip The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher
Cosmic Catnip The Wave Curved Cat Scratcher

($15.99)  $10.99
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Bench
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Bench

($13.99)  $8.49
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Chaise
Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Chaise

($13.99)  $8.49
Petlinks Cuddle Sack
Petlinks Cuddle Sack

($15.99)  $11.99
Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval (18") - Caramel/Stripe Chenille
Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval (18") - Caramel/Stripe Chenille

($34.99)  $16.99
Aspen Pet Foam & Fiber Lounger (18" x 22")  - Assorted Colors
Aspen Pet Foam & Fiber Lounger (18" x 22") - Assorted Colors

($26.60)  $15.69
Aspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed (18") - Assorted Colors
Aspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed (18") - Assorted Colors

($26.02)  $15.29
Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger (17" x 20") - Stripe Chenille
Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger (17" x 20") - Stripe Chenille

($30.49)  $17.89
Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors
Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors

($15.12)  $8.89
Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors
Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors

($15.12)  $8.89
Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") - Assorted Colors
Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") - Assorted Colors

($20.98)  $12.39
Aspen Pet Indoor Heated Pad Element (9"x9")
Aspen Pet Indoor Heated Pad Element (9"x9")

($36.99)  $27.99
Aspen Pet Lounger Plush/Quilt (18"x14"x5)
Aspen Pet Lounger Plush/Quilt (18"x14"x5)

($24.99)  $18.99
Aspen Pet Oval Lounger (16"x13")
Aspen Pet Oval Lounger (16"x13")

($12.99)  $9.99
Aspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print - 18"
Aspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print - 18"

($15.99)  $11.99
Aspen Pet Ruffled Round Bed 18"
Aspen Pet Ruffled Round Bed 18"

($14.99)  $10.99
Aspen Pet Twill Lounger Mini 18" - Assorted
Aspen Pet Twill Lounger Mini 18" - Assorted

($22.99)  $16.99
K&H Lectro Kennel Heated Pad (12" x 18")
K&H Lectro Kennel Heated Pad (12" x 18")

($77.99)  $59.99
Dogit Cuddle Bed Wild Animal Purple - XSmall
Dogit Cuddle Bed Wild Animal Purple - XSmall

($28.99)  $17.19
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Beige/Surf
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Beige/Surf

($38.99)  $29.99
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Rose Leaf
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Rose Leaf

($38.99)  $29.99
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Surf Leaf
Petlinks Double Dreamer Cat Bed - Surf Leaf

($38.99)  $29.99
Petlinks Purrr Heaven Pet Bed - Rose Leaf
Petlinks Purrr Heaven Pet Bed - Rose Leaf

($27.99)  $20.99
Petlinks Purrr Heaven Pet Bed - Surf Leaf
Petlinks Purrr Heaven Pet Bed - Surf Leaf

($27.99)  $20.99
Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is great for heating pet beds. Up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth! Your pets will love the warmth of Snuggle Safe Thermapool at home or traveling. Heat in microwave for only 5 minutes (*depending on power of microwave) and then pop it under your pet's bedding.

  • 6 minutes in 800 watt microwave provides all the heat of a regular hot water bottle for up to 10 hours.
  • Quick and safe
  • No wires
  • Bite Resistant
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Ideal for newborn, convalescing and eldery pets.
  • FREE cover included

  • Reviews for SnuggleSafe

  • Arthritic Pets try Joint MAX

  • Description:
    Microwave heatpad. Provides up to 10 hours of long-lasting warmth. Quick and safe. No wires; bite resistant. Perfect travel companion. Ideal for newborn, convalescing and elderly pets.

    It isn’t magic, really, just good application of a simple scientific process. The Thermapol™ interior undergoes a physical change of state during the heat cycle. While other conventional products would be getting cooler, Snuggle Safe actually generates extra heat. This process lasts for around 5-6 hours during which time the temperature remains stable at around 52°C (123°F) giving an extended warmth, unmatched by any other non-electric heater.

    Snuggle Safe®

    Microwave Heatpad for Animals



    Keep these instructions available for reference

    SnuggleSafe is for use in domestic microwaves only (max 1,500 watts). Make sure that functions such as grilling or browning (if available on your microwave) are switched off. Make sure that your oven interior is clean, especially the turntable. Food and drink residue can affect the heating performance of the heatpad and could result in overheating. Do not heat more that on SnuggleSafe at a time.

    1. Place Snuggle Safe on your microwave turntable, select full power and set the timer according to the following chart.
      (If your microwave does not have a turntable, we recommend that you heat SnuggleSafe for 50% [half] of its recommended time, then turn it over [flip] and heat for the remaining time. Turn the microwave off whilst you flip the product.)

      600 - 650 Watts 8 minutes
      700 - 750 Watts 7 minutes
      800 - 850 Watts 6 minutes
      900 - 1,000 Watts 5 minutes
      1,100 - 1,200 Watts 4 minutes
      1,300 - 1,500 Watts 2½ minutes

    3. When you have selected the correct time appropriate to the power of your microwave, start the timer.
    4. When the time cycle has finished, leave Snuggle Safe in the microwave for another minute. During this extra minute, Snuggle Safe will continue to heat up even though the power is off. After this extra minute the temperature will have stabilized.
    5. Remove Snuggle Safe from the microwave.
      CAUTION: It will be hot and you may wish to use an oven glove or cloth to handle it.
    6. Place Snuggle Safe under your pet's bedding or under a loose blanket. Ideally there should also be good insulation under Snuggle Safe, as this will help to reduce heat loss downwards, thus greatly extending the time that Snuggle Safe gives out warmth. Do not place Snuggle Safe in direct contact with your pet's body.

    Allow Snuggle Safe to completely cool down before re-heating.

    Clean Snuggle Safe by wiping with a damp cloth or spraying lightly with disinfectant and wiping dry. Do not use abrasive substances or scourers.

    Do not exceed the heating times. Overheating can damage the heatpad and may cause injury. Do not allow animals to bite or chew Snuggle Safe. Any guarantee is invalid if the product has been overheated or damaged.

    Snuggle Safe contains Thermapol which is non-toxic and harmless when used according to these instructions. If seriously overheated, the bottle is designed to melt down so that the Thermapol disperses without impact. If leakage occurs as a result of overheating, Thermapol will be dangerously hot. Do not touch. Allow Thermapol to cool. When cool, it can be removed from hard surfaces with hot water.

    Persons who are not familiar with the operation of microwave ovens or who may not be competent with their use should seek the advice and assistance of a competent person. Do not take risks. Do not allow children to heat Snuggle Safe unless properly supervised. Do not heat in a conventional oven or by any other method. Replace heatpad after 3 years.
    4.74 rating based on 105 reviews
    Featured Reviews for SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad
    My 20 year old cat LOVES it - Worth every penny by JesterPester11/29/2011

    I was using a flax seed heating pad (the kind people use on their neck) and she loved it but being 20 years old, she does not always make it to the litter box. I didn't want to use an electric heating pad for obvious reasons. So this is a perfect solution. Easy to clean, safe and effective. And it really does stay warm for a REALLY long time. Really. I didn't believe it until I saw it. Worth every penny.

    These heating pads are great for keeping my newbor by Hermina from Lisbon Falls, Maine02/19/2013

    These microwave heating pads are wonderful for keeping newborn kittens warm during our Maine winters! They are so easy to heat up in the microwave and they stay warm for up to 10 hours! I put them under several towels or blankets well hidden so the kittens are far enough away from the pads and they still give out enough heat that the kittens are kept toasty warm! I love the product and think anyone with young kittens should have these on hand! They are a great help to anyone who breeds cats! Hermina

    SnuggleSafe is GREAT by PamelaLiv from AL01/03/2010

    I purchased several SnuggleSafe's for the outdoor stray cats that I care for. I put them in their beds beneath the bedding and the cats love them. We also put them in the covered shelters and they radiate enough heat to keep several cats warm during cold evenings.

    Great product! by Cat lover01/03/2012

    We take care of a feral colony and have used these for a number of years....It is the best! Right now, our temps are between 10-15 at night and when we check the Snuggle Safe in the morning, it will still be warm.....I highly recommend this to any one that takes care of outside cats, it's wonderful.........

    Stays warm all night--good for newborns or seniors by WaterDogMom from Los Angeles area11/08/2011

    I purchased 2 of these 3 winters ago.The Goldens seek out the draftiest part of the floor, but my Lab enjoyed sleeping on my bed w/ the warm electric blanket beneath her. In old age she became frail I was afraid she would fall, so she had to sleep on the floor. I purchased 2 of these (because I didn't really think one could stay warm all night) and was pleasantly surprised when the SnuggleSafe did indeed stay warm ALL NIGHT! Towards her final days, when I was also sleeping on the floor at her side, I curled up around the other SnuggleSafe and it kept me warm too! They still work as well as the day I purchased them 3 years ago. Yes, I HIGHLY recommend this product. TIP--keep the cover ON when you microwave the disk as it gets very hot to handle uncovered. Just put a paper towel on the micro tray for sanitation and you're good to go.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad - 2 Thumbs Up! by CatOwner201211/28/2012

    So far, so good. Depending on your pet, you can alternatively prop the heat pad against the back or arm of a chair/sofa so that if your cat doesn't want to lay on the hard surface, they can cuddle up to it as if they were cuddling next to another cat. I bought it mostly for RVing, but am trying it out now during the colder months in the house.

    great product by foxfire02/06/2012

    great product, it absolutely does hold the heat for a very long time, and my cats love it. :)

    great product by jb from flagstaff, az04/07/2012

    This is a great product for keeping newborn puppies warm. I like the fact that it is non-toxic and I don't have to worry about it burning the puppies' skin. I would also use if for keeping older arthritic dogs warm and comfortable.

    Tried and true by Cat Whisperer12/28/2011

    My recent purchase was to keep some recently abandoned cats warm in their beds. I can provide shelter in my garage, but it is unheated. The SnuggleSafe Heat Pad does the the trick! The covers are great, and I bought an extra so I can always have one ready.

    best product out there by dj from wind lake wi01/06/2014

    not able to find in any local pet stores, ordered online. use for my two rabbits which are kept in an outdoor hutch inside an outbuilding. we have had temps around-10 w/ -30 windchills and the snuggle safe stays warm for about 4 hours. in extreme temps i reheat every 4 - 5 hours and it holds the heat well. bunnys love it and have not tried to eat it or soil on it. great product!

    Keeping outdoor cats warm by johnnywash from Alexandria, Virginia01/24/2013

    Two years ago a mother cat dropped two of her kittens off in our back yard. With the help of an organization called "Alley Cat Rescue" we trapped them and had them neutered and vaccinated. They now live in little houses in our back yard that are heated in the winter with 'snuggle Safe heat pads'. We are now halfway thru our third winter and they are doing great.

    LOVE the Snuggle Safe by papresq from Minnesota01/26/2013

    This is one of the best purchases I've made in a LONG time. It heats right up and stays warm all nite. It is winter and even my little Petey got to go along on the walk as I put the snuggle safe in the stroller and he kept warm! Never too hot - always just right. I use it in the car, in the dog stroller, on the couch. Highly recommended. You can see my crew gravitates to it and snuggles warmly all nite!

    Best Product Ever!!! by KatS from San Antonio, TX12/23/2012

    The two I ordered work just like it stated in the description, my outdoor cats took to them immediately. I put them in both Kitty Tubes and it keeps it warm all night.

    Beware of Snuggle Safe!! by christine from Georgia12/28/2010

    I am a moderator on Handicapped Pets.com and recently had a near tragedy with a Snuggle Safe. Please read the thread and see the photographs. After being a customer for nearly two years, I will never endanger my pets or my home again. http://handicappedpet.net/helppets/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15296&p=81714#p81714

    Unsatisfied by Ackerman01/03/2013

    The produced did not perform as promised. I read the instruction and heated it up according the microwave and the time. It never got hot just luke warm and it only stayed warm for maybe 15 to 30 min.

    Great product by E.B. from Illinois05/23/2013

    I was pleased to find this product. It works like it says and stays warm for hours! I needed to keep my extra small kitten warm. I would definitely recommend this product and will use it for years.

    Awesome for puppies by Puppy foster mom03/17/2013

    Helps puppies sleep through the night! Especially great for a single puppy. You don't have to use space heaters to help keep them warm. I have bought at least six and give them away to shelters and new puppy families. They also make excellent foot warmers for cold nights. A friend uses it for her older small dog to stay warm.

    Love THESE by Crazy Cat Lady01/03/2013

    I loved the idea of no wires and no constant electric useage. One of my cats lives in the garage and this is PURRfect for him,, keeps him toasty all night long.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad by neecee from Houston01/16/2013

    I bought this product for my two outdoor kitties. It worked so well and they enjoyed it so much that I bought another so they each have one. Easy to use - just microwave the disk and place in flannel holder. The disk is hard, not really a pad, but they don't seem to mind. It stays warm for hours and there is no worry over wires or electricity. Love this product.

    Super for my chihuahua by sdsundog from Greenville, SC01/14/2014

    My chihuahua is always cold so I warm this up in the microwave for her and it keeps her warm for hours. Love it!

    Not excited about this product by dbh223 from PA01/31/2014

    Didn't stay warm for as lon as I thought it would. I should call the company. Bought it for my French Bull Dog who sleeps in bed with us and hates the cold. She hasn't taken to it yet, prefers my heating pad.

    Great product! by MWill from Virginia Beach, VA12/12/2011

    I love this and my chihuahua loves it too. It solves the problem of using an electrical heating device and worrying about my dog chewing on the device. It REALLY does stay warm for 8 hours plus.

    Making Snuggle Safe Converts by Andy from Contra Costa County, CA11/17/2012

    We love the Snuggle Safe discs; I'm typing in bed with three of them (for 2 people). We've given then to my mother, my partner's ex, and most recently our chiropractor. The ex persists in using it for her dogs; silly rabbit! Snuggle Safes are for PEOPLE, too!

    Great Product by Phajjadog from New Jersey01/29/2013

    Works great in the house we have for a feral cat who lives in our yard.

    Snuggle Safe Heating Pad by Connie from Ogden, UT02/22/2011

    Snuggle Safe Heating Pads are great! They work wonderfully in my whelping box. Puppies love to seek them out and snuggle up to them staying toasty warm. No cords to worry about. Also kept puppies warm when transporting puppies to the vet office and back home. Keep them close at hand, just great for any time you need warmth! Thanks for offering them at such a great price also.

    Great product by Liz02/01/2012

    This is my second Snugglesafe. Stays warm for hours and hours. Keeps me AND my pets warm!

    Warm and Snuggly by Vanbrett from Bergen County, NJ12/06/2011

    Great item for the ferals. No cords to worry about or shutting off when temp is reached

    by from 01/18/2013

    These "heating bricks" are a good product. The ten hours heating is a bit of an exaggeration, and a lot depends on ambient temps. On a cold night, I would not bet on 8 hours of warmth. We put them out in the feral shelters at about 11:30 at night to get them through the coldest part of the night, and take them in about 9am. If it is a cold day, we reheat them and put them back.

    a by serious from shippingI


    Great product, highly recommend! by theroadrunnerla from Central Louisiana12/23/2013

    My 23 yr. old cat loves this heat pad! It has a high warmth output & it truly holds the heat for 10 hours. When I first saw it I thought it was rather small, closer to a large saucer size than plate size, but the heat radiates out past the edge making for a warm enviroment. The disc itself is hard, I suggest adding padding on top for cushioning. Well worth the money spent!

    by from 01/22/2013

    Bought 2 of these for our barn cats. With temps going below zero at night I feel better knowing that the cats will be warm in their beds. The discs hold heat through the night. On cold days we reheat the discs so they have toasty beds all the time. Gives me peace of mind knowing the cats are warm,

    a by few from more."Thinking


    FANTASTIC !!! by Cindy M from NJ03/02/2011

    Snugglesafe is absolutely FANTASTIC! Anyone living in NJ knows what a brutal winter we've had. During our last major snow/ice storm a beautiful little stray cat showed up at my door, freezing cold and starving. As I'm already "owned" by 6 rescued cats I couldn't turn him away. After a week of "temporary housing" I realized he wasn't leaving so I built him a gorgeous insulated house (now the envy of my indoor kitties) and then proceeded to find a solution to keeping him warmer. While searching online I stumbled upon recommendations for the Snugglesafe and figured I'd try it out. What a blessing it turned out to be!! Shadow LOVES his Snugglesafe! The temps have dropped as low as 5 degrees since he's been here and still it kept him warm and happy. It's heartwarming to know a product so simple in nature can make such a difference to a poor little lost and forgotten animal. I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves their furry little friends!! Buy this product, make a difference, you'll feel great!

    Lizard Warmth by Nees22 from Watsonville, CA11/09/2011

    This product is great for keeping your lizard warm when taking him on a trip, it will keep the little guy warm at night or when there is cold weather.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad by aleforall01/22/2013

    Easy to use and works! Great for rabbits that stay outside.

    Wonderful by ANT from Colorado01/25/2011

    My senior cat loves it! I pop it in the microwave while getting ready for work for 4 minutes, then put it under her blanket in her catbed- she sits in it all the time! at first I thought it wasn't hot enough so put it right in the bed, until one time I saw her like hunched to the side off it so must feel much hotter when sitting on, so I stick it under the blanket. It does stay warm close to the 12 hrs, bc it says not to reheat when warm and I've gone to reheat it at about 10-12 hrs and it is still warm. Worth the buy!!

    Love this product!!! by TN Girl from Tennessee02/12/2012

    My 2 outdoor cats each have a cathouse on the back porch that includes a door and lots of blankets but I wanted something more to keep them warm, especially at night. Snugglesafe was the PERFECT answer! The product works great & stays warm for a long time. Great size for a cat or a small dog. Definitely worth the price for the added piece of mind that my cats will definitely be warm.

    What I was looking for-no plug/cord by Chris in KS11/25/2011

    I wanted something that did not plug in so I'd feel comfortable leaving it while at work. This was it. I think my cat is still warming up to it. She often still sleeps on my DVD player but I think while I am at work she sometimes uses this now. If she does not use it more often I might take it to work for my own use because I am always so cold at work.

    Snuggle safe by Judy from Virginia11/10/2011

    I foster kittens for a rescue group and the snuggle safe is an essential part of keeping them warm when sleeping. It is also wonderful to put in your cat's bed if they have any issues with arthritis.

    Pet warmer by abqdiane03/02/2012

    This is easy and safe to use. I would like it to be a little warmer. My cat seems to like it. When she's not interested, it warms my sheets and helps to warm my feet.

    Snuggle Safe Is a 'Must Buy' for Outdoor Pets! by Roz from Austin, TX01/31/2010

    I purchased one Snuggle Safe for my older outdoor cat who has his bed in our garage. I heated it in my microwave for 7 minutes, put the cover on it, and took it to my cat's bed in the cold garage. I put the Snuggle Safe underneath one layer of a fleece blanket in our pets bed and checked it with my hand to see if I could feel any warmth. Wow! It actually worked great. My cat loved it and has quickly learned to recognize when his Snuggle Safe is being put in his bed! I place the Snuggle Safe in a leaning position up against the side of my cats bed. This way he can lay against it with his body instead of having to lay on it. It is quite hard and heavy so you might want to try placing it up against the side if your pet likes sleeping in a softer bed. I am going to buy two more because it stays warm for hours, is easy to clean, and is ready to use after a few minutes in the microwave. This is one of the most useful pet products I have purchased in a long time. I highly recommend the Snuggle Safe.

    Wonderful Winter Purchase by Lolly02/27/2013

    I recently ordered the SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad and promptly received it a few days later. I followed the directions on the box to warm it up, and then placed it under a blanket in the cat bed. I have an indoor cat, but I got this for an outdoor cat who has been staying on our porch. The heat pad provides the extra warmth for her to be more comfortable on these cold nights with lows in the 30s. The heat pad stays warm for about 10-12 hours.

    Great for Keeping Kitties Warm by Catlover in NC12/01/2013

    I use these microwave disks (they're really not pads as much as they are hard disks that hold the heat) for my outside kitties that insist on sleeping in the cold and not going into the heated building we have. I put them under a layer of fleece (the blankets are on padded deck chairs) and the kitties love them. They're nice and warm and last for hours. A friend also uses one of these to keep the stray that showed up at her house warm and she's very pleased with it. This is a great purchase and highly-recommended.

    Much needed Yorkie item! by Becky from Centerville, Ohio12/26/2012

    My two, four month old Yorkies, required more than a blanket, at night, in Ohio winters. Hugs and Kisses watch me heat up this pet warmer in the microwave. When I remove the warmer from the microwave, they head for their crate for a comfortable nights sleep. The pet warmer is excellent in their car seat while traveling short or long distances. It even fits in their dog carrier during cold weather. Would not be without the pet warmer!

    Stays hot for HOURS!! by Roz01/27/2013

    I heat up the disc as per directions, leaving the soft fleece cover in place. I usually place it under one of my cats beds at night, and when I check it the next morning, it is still nice and warm :)

    SnuggleSafe is just the ticket. by b231klh from Rifle, CO01/25/2013

    This the third SnuggleSafe pad that I have purchased for my own cats and the cats/kittens I foster for a local shelter. They provide warm, safe comfort that I can count to help my cats for hours. No false advertising on these.

    Cozy by Dee from Easton PA02/24/2014

    Keeps the dogbed snuggly and warm on these cold nights

    Peace of mind by Pam from Rock Hill, SC11/25/2011

    I purchased the Snuggle Disc after reading so many positive reviews. A stray cat has adopted us and it has been so perfect to place in her bed outside. Really does stay warm for 10 hours!

    Great for outdoor cats by Gin12/28/2013

    I use this for a basically feral barn cat. She sleeps in a small nest of hay in the barn and I put the Snugggle Safe on top of it. She is still there in the morning when I go out to feed the horses and there is some heat left in it (very little though) after eight to ten hours. I'm in Florida and we only get down into the thirties a few nights during the winter. I'm not sure how well it would hold it's heat in temperatures much colder. I don't have to worry about any animals chewing through electrical cords and potential barn fires with this. Five minutes in the microwave and it's heated, and it has a great fleece cover that she loves. I just bought another one so that I could bring that one out on an extra cold morning and take the first one in the house with me to be re-heated in the evening. The only thing that would make this a better product is if it would hold the heat longer. Otherwise, great product.

    The best ever by Hazel from Toronto03/28/2012

    I found this product while I was searching for a warmer for my puppy. I ended up buying this for myself, it is an amazing product, works so well for the cold nights. My son likes it too, I am going to buy one for him. I got another benefit from this warmer, I used it in my car when I took my puppy to the vet or go for grooming, because it was cold last week. I am very happy to have it, it is a good buy.

    by from 01/28/2013

    We have been using Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad for infant/aged animals in our foster care. The pads provide a reliable and safe heat source all through the night. Traditional hot water bottles last only about 2-4 hours but Snuggle Safe provides over 6-8 hours of lasting warmth.

    particularly by good from forSnuggle


    Great by Kim12/05/2013

    this product is great, does not fit in the hole in my outside cat house but my indoor cat loves it

    Good product by hazel from toronto03/16/2012

    I found this product when I was searching a warmer for my puppy, but I ordered this one for myself. It is so nice, easy to use, my son likes it too, I may order another one soon.

    Great by Pam from SC03/10/2013

    Very good product!It is very useful and a easy way to keep my cat warm.for 10 hrs.

    SnuggleSafe by sunshine from syracuse ny10/17/2011

    Good product- disc holds heat for 12+ hours.

    Pleasantly Surprised by ShellyL from Wisconsin11/17/2011

    I was a bit hesitant when purchasing this item but once I received and used it I'm SO glad I did. This is the perfect solution for keeping my hedgehog nice and toasty warm during the Fall/Winter in WI. It stays warm enough to suit her needs for a full 12 hours. It fits perfectly in her cage and the fleece cover protects her from getting too warm. The size of the disc is great, as it's only about 10" in diameter, so it can be used in a smaller cage yet still leave enough room for my hedgehog to retreat to cooler areas of her cage if needed. I would definitely recommend this product to friends/family.

    Good purchase by Kat from SoCal12/02/2012

    Bury this disc once heated in the microwave in between some plush blankets because it is very hard. Other than that it's a good spend. One of my cats took to it like a hen on her eggs!

    waste of money by carvett6 from Caarlsbad , California12/30/2011

    I purchased 2 snuggle safe microwave pads. One for my dog and one for friends dog. I was surprised the heating pad was so hard, my dog did not even want to sleep on it. After lots of padding, she finally started sleeping on it. It did heat well for about 15 times. Then it would heat but only last for about 3 hours, which makes it useless for keeping her warm throughout the night. I was very careful not to overheat or heat before cool. My friend experienced the same problem only hers lasted about 20 times.. A big waste of money!

    Amazing! by DLC from Mississippi01/13/2011

    I use this for my outside cat's bed. He loves it. He is 11 years old and I have to go and wake him up in the mornings, he is so cozy with the Snuggle Safe Pad. Thank you!

    easy to use by Benita03/05/2014

    I live in NJ and have 2 feral cats who live in a barn in my yard. I have been giving them snuggle discs for 9 yrs. I have a doghouse in the barn filled with wool army blankets. I put 3 snuggle pads under a layer or two of blankets for them and when I go to get the discs the next day they are still warm. This product works well and is easy to use. They usually last about 3 yrs, then I replace them. Always use under a blanket so the animal's skin doesn't get burned.

    SnuggleSafe by Kogan from NM02/11/2012

    I loved the idea of this thing because my dog is in the car a lot and we're at a high altitude, cold temps. But so far he is not interested in this and avoids it. We'll see if he warms up to it (ha), sometimes it takes him a couple weeks to take interest in new toys etc. I love the idea of this product.

    by Carlton03/29/2012

    Hi. I'm Carlton. My owner just bought me the SnuggleSafe Heat Pad. It keeps me warm in the cold winter months and even in the summer if the air conditioning is running. When home alone, I feel safer too than being around electric heaters that can burn me or catch fire. Any temperature under 70 degrees is dangerous to hedgies! I put my sleeping bag on top of this thing and snuggle inside for hours of warmth. For extra heat, I even crawl under the pad at times! Great for all hedgies or other pets living with people whom refuse to turn up the heat!

    Warm and Cozy by scottishlass09/13/2010

    My outside kitty loves this microwave heat pad. I put it in her little house and she can't wait to get inside and snuggle down for the night. I would highly recommend this for any outside or cold-natured animals or those who suffer from arthritis.

    Great product. by LADYLOVES11/14/2011

    Bought the Snuggle Safe microwave heat pad and an extra cover for my small Chihauhau which has to stay in the car whenever I run errands. If I leave her at the apartment she howls till I come home. So I take her along and now with winter here I don't have to worry about her getting cold. She loves it.

    my cat will not go to bed without it! by mazda from Daly City, CA09/12/2013

    No plugs, no fuss! Easy to use -- my cat prefers to sleep in his house outside and the heat pad keeps him nice and warm when the temperature is cool.

    A Life Saver by Tess12/07/2010

    This is the best thing for keeping my outside kitty warm during long winter nights. She gets so excited when I put it in her little house and can't wait to jump inside and snuggle down for the night. What a fabulous invention! I wish every outside pet could have one.

    Good product by Audrey from Fairfield, ca01/24/2013

    I'm satisfied with the pet warmer. It is a somewhat hard disc that doesn't get much more than warm; however, it stays warm for 10 hours. It has provided a little extra heat through the winter for my kitty who sleeps in the garage at night (northern California winter that is).

    Awesome warmer!! by Mary from California03/01/2012

    My dog is becoming less cold tolerant as she ages & this has been a great addition to her life. I use it in her crate on especially cold nights & in my van when she comes with me on cold days. I didn't want anything electrical.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad by Barbara01/01/2012

    Works as described. Heat lasts for hours!

    Kitties are Warm! by JAN from North Georgia Mountains11/17/2012

    I ordered two of the Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad for Miss Priss and Chester. I read all the reviews and most were spot on. The disc is hard with a liquid core that holds heat for about 8 hours. The cats don't seem to mind that it is a hard "pillow". The curious kitties have no cord to chew and that in itself is selling point. Would highly recommend this product. It took them a few days to figure out that is was providing warmth but now they follow me to the microwave and wait for their buddy to finish cooking.

    Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad by PM from Austin, TX12/08/2011

    The pad kept my puppies warm all night and I didn't have to worry about them chewing an electrical cord.

    by Jillian from Chicago01/16/2013

    Great product for feral kitty who hangs out at my front door - i have one of those pet houses/sofas for her - put microfiber throw on top of it and slide microwave pad under throw and she sleeps there all nite ! Don't buy the extra cover - it doesn't make it any softer-

    Snugglely Warm by Debber from St Louis02/01/2014

    As a clowder parent the Snuggle Heat Pads have been great. I have five that help keep the pet houses warm on cold nights.

    somewhat pleased by mommy cat01/26/2012

    Cats are outdoor cats. in a puffly fluffy cat bed in a sheltered area. They seemed to like lying on the covered heating pad. I put it between two thin towels. so I guess they liked it. Did not seem very warm though. I put it in an 800 watt microwave for six minutes and one minute resting in the microwaive; Hope I did it right.

    Great product by Sunny from Sugar Grove IL.12/29/2013

    I purchased the Snuggle Safe microwave heat pad for my 13 year old Shihtzu. I heat the pad up every night & put it in her dog bed . She loves the heat. The pad stays hot for about 12 hours. We also have a cat plus 3 additional shihtzus. I really need to purchase a couple more Snuggle safe pads, because all the pets love the warmth. This is a great product. My husband said he was going to take the pad hunting ,but I haven't let him.

    Warmer for Outdoor Cat by ro_runner12/01/2011

    I have been warming this disk & placing it in my outdoor cat's house. She's not big on change, & hasn't figured it out yet. It's been the best solution for her I've found so far. I may pick up another one for my older cat with stiff hips.

    Great for Keeping Water Bowls Ice Free on Cold Win by Debbie H.12/30/2009

    I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I provide food and water for some stray/outdoor/feral cats. On cold winter days, I place this heat pad under the water bowl in a hut on the deck. The water gets cold but it stays ice free for many hours.

    SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad by what?02/05/2012

    Yes, this is my second "SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad" and they are AWESOME. I have three cats - one without hair and they get cold during the day when we're at work and the heat is turned down. These things stay warm for 12 hours or more. My first heat pad is 3 years old, still going strong. Use them every day.

    by catwoman10/28/2012

    It is a great concept but the product is so hard, even with a blanket the cats won't sleep on it

    Perfect for keeping your kitten cozy by Cathy12/18/2011

    The snuggle safe is perfect for keeping a tiny kitten cozy during the ride to vet, on a cold winter day, or just to keep it content through the night. I love the safe chew-proof plastic covering and the soft outer cover.

    Works very well by Tater's Mom from Millville NJ12/09/2013

    We use the Snuggle Safe Heat Pads at our local SPCA and they work very well. They do stay warm for hours indoors, especially if you cover them with a blanket or towel. Little kittens or puppies recovering from surgery benefit from them... and senior animals love the extra warmth. I bought one to use at home, hoping to help my beagle for her dog house outside. On colder days (30 degrees) it will help for a couple of hours outside, but not all day. I did hope for warmth for a longer period of time outside on those days. But I have also tried it outside on days that average 40-50 degrees, and after about 9 hours it is still a tad warm to the touch! The Snuggle Safe really is a great product for helping keep the chill off, no doubt about it. I just ordered a second one to give to my son for his cats!

    Great purchase for cold weather by flippy from Matthews, NC01/01/2013

    The Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad is the best invention for cats. My formerly feral cat, Tommy, now lives in my garage. He loves to cuddle up with the Snuggle Safe in his cat bed. It keeps him warm all night with no wires to deal with. Just warm it in the microwave and it is ready for all day or all night warmth. I also purchased several for my inside cats as well. I highly recommend this safe, warm product.

    Good Product! by Maureen01/04/2013

    I have a colony of feral cats in the woods behind my apartment building that I feed and try to keep warm. I like Snuggle Safe because I can just whip it in the microwave and wrap it in a towel and not have to worry so much about the kitties freezing at night. It does hold the heat, too. I would definetly give it a try.

    can't tell much by Nuit!03/06/2013

    Since I don't know how many Ws in my microwave, I can't determine how long I have to microwave it (according to the instructions, it is critical). It gets warm, but so far mine doesn't last for 8 hours of warmth. My cats weren't interested, maybe, it's hard in touch (w/cover)? But my objective is fullfilled which is to keep some warmth around them, so. Know your microwave!

    Perfect safe heating pad by Chris from Coburg, Oregon12/20/2012

    I bought this for an old dying cat. She loved it. After she passed, we gave it to another old cat.

    Best Purchase Ever by becpri11/02/2011

    I take care of several feral cats and these disks are fantastic at keeping their bedding warm and cozy in the winter months. They stay warm for 10-12 hours and have literally been a lifesaver.

    IMHO completely useless... by Suckered from Redondo Beach, CA11/11/2011

    Folks that say these things hold heat for twelve hours must be high with an accompanying distorted view of the passage of time. I've microwaved according to instructions, and even incrementally exceeded the recommended time for our oven power. I will give you they are hot when the first come out, but most of the heat is gone inside of an hour. We've also not been able to get any of our four cats to lay on them. Too uncomfortable I guess, even after covering with towels to pad the warmer and even out the bottom of the basket. All in all a waste of eighty bucks (for three). I will see if SPCALA has any use for them. At least then I can write the cost off my taxes.

    So Many Uses! by Cindy M from NJ12/31/2013

    Love the Snugglesafe! We've been using them for a few years now and have found so many uses for them. What a lifesaver during Hurricane Sandy as we were without power for 2 weeks. Used a small generator to power up the microwave long enough to heat them, kept us (Humans and Kitties!) warm through the night. My diabetic Dad even used one to keep his hands and feet warm as he suffers from neuropathy, it was truly a blessing to have. We currently have a half dozen of them to keep our kitties warm through the cold winter nights when the heat is turned down. Son uses one in his camper van when off on adventures, won't leave home without it! They truly are multi-purpose items! A few minutes in the microwave, tuck them under the blankets/kitty beds, inside a sleeping bag, stays toasty warm all night long! GREAT product, will keep buying!!

    Pleased with purchase by feralhelper12/17/2012

    I bought this heatpad for a feral cat that I have been caring for, as New York winters can be very harsh (he will not come into my house, even in the worst weather). After heating it, I put it under a thin, soft blanket on my doorstep, and he sleeps on it for most of the night. I do heat it slightly longer than recommended in the microwave, with no ill effect. It should be noted that the heatpad itself is very hard, so some cats may not find it comfortable to sleep on. However, putting it under a thin cozy blanket solves this problem, at least for my cat, who is not very fussy. I would recommend this product.

    Hard by Betty from Rhode Island12/18/2012

    The products does hold heat pretty well but it is very hard

    by from 01/11/2014

    Already had three of these and just ordered two more. Easy to use and they keep the feral cats I take care of really warm and confortable in cold weather. Have used them for years - I have five ferals I take care of - one of them I have had for about 13 years. She will not come inside but these keep her warm in her house. When very cold I use them around the clock.

    them!!!!!!!!! by Thanks." from Warms my feralsLove


    by from 05/13/2013

    I originally bought one of these SnuggleSafe pads last year. A neighbor's cat likes to sleep on my front porch. Then my neighbor across the street got one for her outdoor cat. Then she got a second one to make a larger sleeping area for the cat. Intrigued, another neighbor got 2 for outdoor cats. Then two more. They are so great. 4-5 minutes in the microwave and they're good for 10 hours.

    so by much from II


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    love by it." from Snuggle with the BestGet


    by from 11/16/2011

    My old arthritic dachshund loves this--she cuddles up to it even though it seems far from cuddly. I find her draped over it in all possible configurations, and have found her more than once with her cheek against it, smiling.

    be by able from toIt's


    Fair by sgramke02/05/2008

    Product does stay really warm for HOURS, but it's so hard, it's difficult to place close to pet for comfort. Disc cannot be laid on directly due to discomfort of hardness. Something to consider. It does really keep the warmth in though.

    Snuggle Safe Heating Pad by Doreen from Brick, NJ11/22/2013

    I do Trap. Neuter & Return for my township and the snuggle safe fits very nicely into my traps and helps keep the cat warm when it's a little chilly in my garage. They love it. Would definitely recommend it.

    Heat for hours by ddandl110/12/2008

    Stays warm for very long time. I bought two!

    by from 03/13/2008

    The heating pads are great, because they don't require electrical wires (which, frankly make me nervous) and the warmth lasts for hours.

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    the by Snuggle from PadsStill,


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    every by home from thatIn


    Wonderful! by Wendy12/26/2008

    I ordered this last week to help keep my dachshund warm. She had surgery to repair her ruptured disc's last year and now it is important to keep her very warm in the winter. She loves is so today I ordered two more, one for each of her housemates! Thank you!!! http://www.petsnugglesacks.com

    snuggle safe is fab!! by suzie racanello03/12/2009

    i have used this product for eight ears EVERY day!!! in my 1000 watt microwave is is only 4:30... it finally failed and i am now happy to purchase another... my elderly yorkie and the outside cat are most pleased!!!!!!

    GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by p swann10/25/2008

    We bought some of these in the 1990's. Over time, 4 of 5 have been permantently "borrowed". We got them for our chihuahuas, but our kids take the to football games. We've used them in parades.

    Wonderful product by MEOW Cat Rescue12/14/2008

    We use these discs for very young orphaned kittens. The discs are so popular at the shelter, they tend to develop legs and we must re-order them frequently. Placing the disc underneath a comfy blanket in a cat carrier allows the kittens to snuggle comfortably on the disk, or they can choose to move to the side of it if they are too warm. A wonderful product.

    by animal lover12/12/2011

    I purchased this for my little dog for in the car, when I take him, now that it is cold outside.. I am very pleased with it. It heats up in the microwave in less than 3 minutes and lasts a good 8 hour or more. Though it is for animals, I have used it also while sitting and watching tv. I put it under my legs. Keeps me very warm also.

    by from 12/08/2009

    I seem to have become the local crazy cat lady and constantly have cats showing up at my house. I bought one of these last winter and it is so great. The cats love it. I'm hoping to buy a couple more.

    to by say from whatI


    Great Warmth by Anne P09/29/2009

    Am buying this for my mother in law's outside cat. I have one and they are great, they really stay warm for 12 hours and our kitty kloves it even inside.

    Outdoor Beagle Loves Her SnuggleSafe by Bobbi S.12/07/2009

    My outdoor older beagle, Ginger, LOVES this warmer. She is getting older and has spinal problems, so she cannot be around my other dogs who she used to sleep with in their igloo doghouses. I purchased this disc; heat it up for 6 minutes in the microwave, put the disc cover over it that comes with it and place it under the blanket I have on top of her dog bed in the igloo doghouse. It stays warm all night long and keeps her comfy. She watches me put it in and immediately goes in her house to lay down on her warm blankie. I recommend this highly for outside dogs to place in their house when the weather is cold. And it DOES stay warm all night long. Thanks for a great product!

    great item by rer from Winchester, VA02/04/2014

    Item larger in size than I thought. Stays warm as advertised. Great for this subzero weather we have been having this year!

    by from 12/10/2013

    I received my snugglesafe pads (2) about 2 weeks ago and I have been a little disappointed. They do not stay warm for 10 to 12 hours as stated.

    about by returning from forHave


    Excellent heat source! by Zoe from Cambridge New York12/31/2013

    My Rottie X Pit Bull mix is always cold in the Winter, even tho she is a house dog. I bought one of these to try, she loves it so I ordered a second. The discs are hard, but I put them under her blanket and she seems happy about having them.When I only had one disc she was trying to put all four paws AND her nose on it at the same time!

    Great to do business with! by Daisy12/08/2011

    I always enjoy doing business with this company. They are always very helpful on the phone and the few times when there was a problem, it was quickly remedied to my complete satisfaction. I always come here first to find products for my pets (3 cats) and I always recommend Entirely Pets to my friends and acquaintances.

    Heat discs by Farlimw01/01/2014

    I use these daily and my dachshunds are so thankful. Had a visitor and SHE used it for her feet and back at night.

    Great Item by KitKat from New Jersey10/26/2011

    This is the third set of snuggle safe warmers I have purchased. (They used to have a lable that gave an approximate replacement time of 2 years). They are GREAT. I have elder cats - 2 are 20 years old and they need warm places. Disc stay warm for 12 + hours placed under a couple layers of a blanket for comfort. My 'kids' love them and therefore 'Mom' does too

    Terrific by AshleyE10/31/2011

    I foster kittens for my local animal shelter. The snugglesafe disk warms in minutes and stays warm all day or all night. The generous size of the snugglesafe disk keeps a small pet bed full of kittens warm for hours. I warm the disk in its fleece cover and place it below the kittens bed to prevent accidental overheating of the kitten's skin.

    Purrfectly warm!! by Cat Mom from Arizona12/13/2011

    This Snuggle Safe pet warmer is fantastic & so easy to use. It stays warm throughout the night to keep my babies warm as toast & they love it! Nothing to plug in, no cords to deal with, or too high a temp w/an auto shut off. I put it in the micro for 7mins & we're all ready to go for the night. Highly recommended from all my cats!

    Featured Reviews for Snuggle Safe Comfort Cover Fleece Blue
    tight but by Nuit!03/06/2013

    It's pretty tight for the heater, but that's the way it's supposed to be right, unless I hope it won't shrink after wash.

    nice but a little snug by mommy cat01/26/2012

    hard to close the velcro tabs on the blue cover but other wise good

    Love the covers! by cat mama02/06/2013

    Really like the covers. If had kept the heating pads that fit inside, I would have kept the covers. Thanks anyway! I will do business with you again.

    by kirsten02/08/2013

    Nice not to have to worry about extention cords been chewed. Stays warm a nice long time!!

    Great Buy by AshleyE10/31/2011

    Having a spare cover for the kitten's snugglesafe is a huge help.

    Convenient, but not durable by ResQr03/22/2013

    It's nice to be able to pop the hot Snuggle Safe right into this cover. But there is a flimsy lining on the inside of the fleece that started coming apart very quickly. It gets stuck to the velcro as you're opening and closing and ends up getting shredded in the process. Good idea, bad execution.

    Featured Reviews for K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed Sage 16"
    May Need More! by DebW from Central AZ12/06/2011

    I got this for my aged three-legged cat, but my small dog has claimed it as his from the moment I plugged it in!

    by from 02/09/2012


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    by from Purrcee"


    Dibs! by Jackrabbit from Northern California10/31/2012

    We finally had to buy the same number of these as we had cats, as it was clearly advantageous for each cat to have a "bunker" or "hot tub" as we call them. They alternate different beds, and have even crammed together in one bed, but everyone seems happier when there are enough to go around. They wash and dry easily. Would we recommend this to others? Absolutely. We have many times already.

    Featured Reviews for PetMate Attract-O-Mat Tunnel Sleeve
    cats like it but no hair collected by crazydogladyaz from az10/23/2012

    my cats fight over this item to lay in it under the tunnel roof but hair collection---zero after 30 days disappointed but please cats like it

    Best cat bed by PlanoCJ from Dallas TX01/26/2011

    I've purchased many cat beds for my cat over the years and this is the one and only that my cat has actually slept in. She loves it! Her body heat generates a warmth that she relishes and enjoys as much during the day as we let her. ;o)

    Petmate tunnel by Stevie12/26/2012

    Ordered and was looking forward to sending to my daughter for Christmas. A week or so after ordering received notice it was no longer available. Not good customer service!

    by Sharon from Deposit, NY11/07/2012

    The cats (2) love it, and that's all that matters! They are not house cats, and I have this in our garage on a window ledge where they can lie in the sun. They are still small enough that they can both fit into it, but I may have to order another soon. And the price was very reasonable.

    best tunnel ever by superdee123 from henderson ky01/10/2012

    This tunnel sleeve is really nice not too big or too little just the right size for my room i have it in and my cat loves laying in it really soft.

    Very Odd by Kate from Union City, CA12/22/2011

    My cat loved to sleep in this, But she shredded it to nothing! Not with her claws, with her teeth! The white fiber part did not collect hair, I guess it helped clean her teeth tho!

    Featured Reviews for PetMate Round Deluxe Cuddle Cup 17"
    i think it's working! by tc12/04/2012

    my cat was having a terible spraying problem after my mother-in-laws cat moved in with us. it has greatly improved

    Cat loves it. by Roy from Illinois02/28/2014

    My cat's 17 years old and has never actually had a proper cat bed. She wasn't too impressed with this one at first, but as soon as I draped one of her blankets inside it she loved it. It's become her favorite spot to sleep, which she does a lot. Seems pretty well put together, and even without the blanket looks great in my living room.

    Featured Reviews for Catit Style Scratch with Catnip - S-Chaise
    by from 09/19/2014

    My cats love it by Gigi10/07/2013

    This is their favorite place to sit and just the right size to stretch and scratch. Saves my sofa.

    Catit Scratcher - S Chase by Terry Guereque from Phoenix, AZ09/10/2013

    My Cats LOVE this scratcher and tore it up!! They all take turns with it...I get a kick out of watching them! It also a great price.

    Do Not Recommend by Cat Lady02/03/2014

    Bought this and did not add the additional enclosed catnip but board obviously came pre-loaded. Immediately after using, 2 cats came down with the sneeze-its: multiples sneezes, very fast, multiple episodes. One cat has recovered and stopped sneezing a day later, one cat is still having sneezing fits and rubbing his nose hard after. I don't know what he is allergic to -- he has been around other catnip before -- but he certainly has a problem with something from this board.

    Great Cat Scratcher!!! by Terry Guereque from Phoenix, AZ11/20/2013

    My cats love this product!! They tear it up and they could hang out all day on it!! Price is great too!!

    cats not as happy by Peggy from ohio09/07/2014

    I have purchased 2 of the Catit lounge scratchers previously and both of my cats loved them. But neither cat seems to like the Chaise. The older one will use it a little but the younger one ignores it. I even dug the old lounge out of the recycling for a test and both of them pounced on it but ignored the chaise. Don't know if they think it will tip or what. I'm disappointed! I guess the cats are too!

    Great Scratcher by BMDROSARIO from Plymouth, Minnesota06/28/2013

    My cat loves this thing. She won't use the carpeted type or the poles. When she lays on it she makes it rock. It's quite funny to watch.

    S-Chaise by Monte from Clarksville, TN06/21/2013

    Not very stable, cats tore it apart very quickly.

    Great scratcher by Catlover05/11/2013

    My cat loved this scratcher , i knew he would!!

    Featured Reviews for Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Lounge
    cats love it by Peggy04/13/2014

    Both of my cats love the scratching board. I only used a little catnip on it when I first set it out but have not added any. The cats use it for a bed, to scratch on, and the younger one (abt 2 years old) is slowly chewing off the cardboard from the edges. She makes it messy which is my only complaint, but that's because of her ripping it with her teeth. Great value! I hope to order another one!

    a decent scratcher by katgrl. from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas03/19/2013

    I bought this because the price was right. Some of my cats do indeed like lounging on it. Others just ignore it, just like any toy. That's why there are so many fights, Most all of my cats like it.

    My cat loves it. by LE from New York, NY01/30/2014

    My cat not only likes to scratch it but she uses it for a lounge chair. I bought it on sale and it was much cheaper than what they sell for in stores.

    Cat enjoys it by LRM02/26/2014

    My cat really likes the corrugate and even will lie on it for a while. The only drawbacks are the pieces of cardboard that are pulled off and one of the glued on decorative sides came off immediately.

    Featured Reviews for Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats - Tiger
    Great for disabled kitty by Biosbiz from North Texas06/29/2013

    Love this shape (zebra color - not so much)!! I have a kitty with spinal issues; her butt falls to the side when she arches her back in pleasure, and she loses her balance. All the other kitty scratchers have a definite edge that she falls off of or trips over while she's trying to regain her footing. This scratcher works for her PURRFECTLY! She knows where to stand and lets it support her. She prefers the edges up and flops down in the center (I put 2 side-by-side) and can arch, pull herself across, and roll around. It has become her bed, too. I use my kitty brush to take the hair out every so often. I hope it is restocked soon!

    Catit Style Scratching Board with Catnip for Cats by Steph08/07/2013

    Great size, the kitties enjoy it. However, I wish it had a solid bottom or layer to keep the cat nip from falling through.

    Good Purchase by Cookie from Bonaire GA09/09/2014

    Cats love to scratch and sleep on this. These are always popular in my house.

    Scratching Posts by Fount08/28/2013

    This Scratching Posts is great, my cats sleeps on it, and scratches on it. He just loves it.

    Probably not one of my best purchases by Trappy from Kenmore, NY11/12/2013

    My youngest cat, who I thought would like it the most did, used it the first day I put it down. But I do not think he nor either of my other cats have touched it since. I am disappointed just because I thought they would like it more than they did.

    Good Scratcher by BMDROSARIO from Plymouth, Minnesota09/25/2013

    My cat loves her scratchers. She destroys them within weeks. This one is holding up pretty good so far.

    My cats love these! by Cheryl from San Diego Area10/11/2014

    And I will continue to buy them. The only thing I don't like about them is they don't have a bottom - the catnip falls right through the corrugated cardboard and all over the floor. But the cats like them even without using the catnip, so after putting the catnip on the first time (and then cleaning it all up), I don't need to use the catnip again.

    Featured Reviews for Petmate Bolster Kennel Pad Small - Oatmeal Berber
    cozy little bed by mama bear from Columbus, Ohio02/20/2014

    Even our BIG cat loves to curl up in one of these little beds. I think it keeps them feeling secure.

    Great For Shelter Cats by MissKitty08/19/2014

    I volunteer at a cat shelter and this bed is the perfect size to fit in the cages and give the cats a comfortable place to sleep while waiting to be adopted.

    Good purchase by pet lover from kingston, ny07/09/2014

    This is a good product. I have had these before. They was well and maintain their use. The small is definitely for a small cat

    Perfect for small dog by fostermom from San Antonio Tx08/07/2014

    my under 10 lb terrier mix immediately knew this was her bed and she not only sleeps in it at night - but uses it for her mid day naps - She curls up and and it s her refuge

    Featured Reviews for Scratch Lounge Classic
    Loved By All by SCCatLady from Columbia, SC07/13/2013

    I have three cats and all three love the scratch lounge. It is the perfect size for napping when not being used as a scratcher. We know how cats love boxes, so this serves as a cozy rest spot as well as a functional scratcher. My cats loved it so much that I now have two. I left one end closed on the second scratch lounge so the cats would have a more secure feel of a box. The other one has both ends open, perfect for draping the body. I may need to buy a third one - one per cat!

    Super product by Moobus from Louisville, KY12/16/2013

    One of our cats has always used a scratching pad. Her sister, however, ignored it. Both cats checked out the two Scratch Lounges as soon as I put them by the window and both cats are using them often. We recently remodeled and have new carpet. They loved to dig in the old carpet. Since the Dream Curl and Scratch Lounges arrived, they have used them instead of scratching the carpet, for which I'm very grateful. Instructions say to remove the outer box, but I left it in place and the slanted sides act as a pillow. Lots of sleeping and scratching in these lounges instead of using the carpet.

    by from 01/02/2014

    I have other cardboard cat scratchers in my home, but this one is the bees knees in my cats' eyes. I bought one to give it a try after seeing Jackson Galaxy recommend it to one of his clients on the TV show. All my cats just adore it and want to make it their own. They seem to like the private little space the side-walls form and enjoy simply occupying the scratcher more than clawing it! I will be purchasing more of these - one for each room of my home!

    definately by giving from thisMy


    my cat loves this! by cam06/10/2013

    I have had several of these scratch loungers. I would not be without one. My cat loves them. He spends a lot of time on it, even sleeps on it. The service at entirely pets was great. This was my first order, but definitely not my last.

    by from 05/28/2013

    My cat loves getting into boxes and scratching, so this has become a favorite lounging spot.

    so by no from commentIt's


    A Favorite by Denise R. from Minnesota12/30/2013

    My foster kitties love this lounge and use it all day every day! I especially like that the inside can be flipped to get twice the use and replacement scratching sections can be found in most pet stores.

    EVERY KITTY MUST HAVE ONE ! by Sue & Dusty kitty from CANADA08/02/2013

    every kitty must have a scratch lounge because every kitty, and I mean every kitty, will love it immediately ! my kitty was interested before I had it unwrapped, he uses it several times a day, every day ! other must have items for kitty are the kong zoom groom and the kong kickeroo

    My Cats love it!! by Kaleanne from Manteca, CA05/21/2014

    I was not sure if my cats would like this large scratcher. Well, they love it! They scratch in it, rest in it, and play in it. So now I have one of these scratchers for each of my 3 cats. The scratcher is so much stronger and neater than any other I have purchased. This is a keeper you won't be sorry if you purchase one, or two, or one for each of your kitties.

    Featured Reviews for Scratch Lounge II
    Good purchase by MAC from Verona, NJ10/22/2013

    My cat uses it as a scratch board regularly, but haven't seen him lounge in it yet .

    Big hit with my cats by Cats4ny from Queens, NY11/18/2013

    All my four cats love to take turns scratching and napping on the Scratch Lounge 2. I plan on buying at least one more in the very near future.

    Thin, very thin by jennyb from NE Ohio05/17/2014

    I have the 1st series of loungers, they are nice and thick. My cat wants nothing to do with this new one, it is thin and cheap. Very disappointed.

    Featured Reviews for Petlinks Scratchers Welcome
    by from 09/23/2013

    My cat loves this little mat, We've tried to get her to use so many other scratching posts and platforms, but she turns her nose up at them. This one she loves because I'm sure it reminds her of my carpet (which she's not supposed to scratch, but she does anyway!) She also loves the little feathered toy in the corner.

    the by mat from wasI


    if by your from catAll


    Featured Reviews for Petlinks Dream Curl
    Very pleased by Moobus from Louisville, KY12/16/2013

    One of our cats has always used a scratching pad. Her sister, however, ignored it. Both of them checked out the Dream Curl as soon as I put it by the window and both are using it often. They love the toy underneath and get in some very contorted positions while batting at the toy. We recently remodeled and have new carpet. They loved to dig in the old carpet. Since the Dream Curl and Scratch Lounges arrived, they have used them instead of scratching the carpet. Perfect!

    GREAT PRODUCT, OUR FOURTH SET by GRMREAPER81 from Westport, MA10/26/2013

    Great product we have had them over the last 15 years and our cats wear them out instead of our furniture

    New Scratch Design Disappointing by Suzoo08/24/2014

    Pretlink resigned the scratching area and slightly lighten it … causing the dream curl to be easily flipped over. My cats do not like the new design of the scratching area. My 4 cats would mostly scratch from the outside to the inside curve. The previous design the inside curve was Sisal however it's now carpeted. The carpet is full of pulls and now my cats are scratching on my house carpet which they never did before. I would only recommend this item if petlink went back to its original scratch design, which my cats had LOVED and I rated as 5 stars. Sad when something good is cheapened and is no longer effective.

    Featured Reviews for Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Bench
    scratching sofa is a favorite by Michaelangelo from Savannah, GA04/04/2013

    both my older cat and my kitten are happy with this - I have it lengthwise against a wall, so they not only climb on to scratch, but they both take turns sitting on it. My only complaint is that the cardboard cells go all the way through so we realized that the catnip that came with it went right through to the floor when we sprinkled some on it.

    Cute bench by Cargirljg from Lancaster, PA04/09/2013

    My girls seem to like their new bench now though it took them a few days to discover that scratching on it was possible -and encouraged! They rub on it, chew on it, and perch on it. Does leave an awful lot of little pieces of cardboard everywhere though :(

    Featured Reviews for Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip - Chaise
    by loves cats07/24/2013

    Previous experience with corrugated cardboard scratchers was that they were used for sleeping, but this "chaise" is a winner. Heavily used by both newly adopted cats. Will soon be having to reorder!

    Catnip - Chaise by Brown04/09/2013

    My cat has nothing to do with the Catnip - Chaise. I have done everything to get her to use this thing and nothing is working. I am not saying it is a bad product. I am sure maybe other cats would use it. The only thing is the purple siding... it has come off (very easily) & it has not even been played with.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval (18") - Caramel/Stripe Chenille
    too small by KPhx from Phoenix07/18/2014

    the measurements for this are external......you lose about 4 inches in padding so it was too small. Gave it to a friend with a Chihuahua--perfect for her but too small for my 9 # Lhasa. I bought it because I like the removable cover so was disappointed by the actual size.

    by from 01/14/2014

    The Aspen Pet Antimicrobial Deluxe Oval (18") appears to be well constructed. The removable cover is durable, easy to remove from and put back on the foam frame, and washes well. The zipper appears to be one of good quality.

    medium-sized by cats from regularlyOur


    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed (18") - Assorted Colors
    Awesome Cat Bed by ReeRee from Pittsburgh,PA01/26/2014

    This cat bed is warm and cozy,and our kitty loves it ! My only issue is that it comes in a variety of colors, but, you get what you get ! I guess the color doesn't really matter as long as it keeps your kitty comfy, and this one definitely does the job! Awesome cat bed !

    New cat bed by shawn from Whidbey Island03/30/2013

    I really didn't know what I'd get--the risk of any purchase on the net. But I was happy. And more importantly, my CAT was happy. It's cushy, soft, and snuggly. The green color is like sage, very pretty. Yup, I'm a happy pappy and so's the cat. Thank you. shawn

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger (17" x 20") - Stripe Chenille


    have bought better at Walmart by eve from Florida09/17/2013

    Thin and cheaply made. I had to buy foam to put under it.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors
    by from 04/18/2013

    I bought 4 of these beds to donate to the pet shelter where I volunteer. They are perfect for cats and the small dogs love to curl up in them too. We wash all pet bedding daily and these beds have held up beautifully.

    and by plan from toI'm


    by from 03/30/2013

    I ordered four of these to donate to the shelter where I volunteer. We get a lot of Chihuahua mixes for adoption and these beds are well padded and comfy for them. Cats also love them.

    well by made from andThe


    Perfect for the little one by Sadie from Texas05/06/2014

    My mini Schnauzer loves this; it's the perfect size and fits only him. He does not have to compete as he might with the larger pillow.

    Great for small dogs by EM from Amery, WI06/06/2013

    Works great in his kennel. Very soft bed, my little 5- lb Borkie loves it!

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Round Bed With Eliptical Bolster (18") - Assorted Colors
    by from 04/18/2013

    I bought 4 of these beds to donate to the pet shelter where I volunteer. They are perfect for cats and the small dogs love to curl up in them too. We wash all pet bedding daily and these beds have held up beautifully.

    and by plan from toI'm


    by from 03/30/2013

    I ordered four of these to donate to the shelter where I volunteer. We get a lot of Chihuahua mixes for adoption and these beds are well padded and comfy for them. Cats also love them.

    well by made from andThe


    Perfect for the little one by Sadie from Texas05/06/2014

    My mini Schnauzer loves this; it's the perfect size and fits only him. He does not have to compete as he might with the larger pillow.

    Great for small dogs by EM from Amery, WI06/06/2013

    Works great in his kennel. Very soft bed, my little 5- lb Borkie loves it!

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Sculptured Round Bed (18") - Assorted Colors
    Pet Sculptured Round Bed by JoJo from Orange County, CA02/26/2014

    Adorable, soft, plush bed that my dogs love. The only drawback is I can't see how to wash it.

    Comfy cozy by Fran's Felines from New Bern, NC03/08/2014

    These beds are very well made. The cats snuggle down in the beds.

    Perfect bed for little dog! by brutus07/15/2013

    As soon as we took this bed out of the box my chiweenie jumped in and curled up. He loves to snuggle and burrow, so the circular design is perfect. He falls asleep in it at night and I pick him up, bed and all, and move him to my daughters room. Waiting to see how well it holds up and may buy more for multiple rooms.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Indoor Heated Pad Element (9"x9")
    They are not quite what I hoped by JB from California11/25/2013

    But they are for my cats, not dogs, and you know how cats are. The heating pads are stiff and small; I would not order them again.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Lounger Plush/Quilt (18"x14"x5)
    Aspen Pet Lounger by Schwarze Rose from Kansas City,MO11/04/2013

    The Lounger is small which is what my Dog likes, but it is not good if your dog does some digging inside, the Plush comes off easy and is all over , since the more digging the more comes off, and my dog seems to like that part.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Round Bed Animal Print - 18"
    Softest Bed by Sue B from Stoughton, WI03/07/2014

    My cats loved this bed. It's really soft. Made very well.

    animal print bed by jewels mon from Texas01/02/2014

    I have not received this bed as of today 1-2-2014 so I cannot comment on this item at this time. When I ordered it, it was in stock, then a few days later I got an email saying it was backordered!!

    Very nice! by BengalMom07/08/2014

    This is a nice comfy bed, just right for my Bengal kittens and cats to snuggle in. I very much liked that it is machine washable and available at a good price.

    Doesn't Hold Up by Holowek07/09/2014

    This bed is three weeks old and the stitching is already coming out. Also, my dog scratched through the backing fabric on the bottom and put holes in it the first week.

    aspen pet bed by jewels mon from Texas01/16/2014

    great price, soft, made of good materials, my dogs just love lying in it, soft, warm and cozy

    Lolli loves her bed... by Lolli's Mommy from Chillicothe, IL04/01/2014

    Even though our puppy has outgrown this bed she she still uses it instead of the larger bed we have bought for her. She would recommend this bed to all her friends!

    Poor Service by Debbie from Charlotte, NC12/31/2013

    I ordered this item over a month ago, and I still do not have it. Entirely Pets told me it has been back ordered this whole time. Although, I ordered other things as well, and they refused to send anything else, until they received this product. So I have been out of vitamins for my cats because that was on my order as well. I will not ever order anything else from this company.

    Featured Reviews for Aspen Pet Twill Lounger Mini 18" - Assorted
    Not as pictured! by KT02/07/2014

    Extremely disappointing. It was NOT as pictured with the faux sheepskin lining. It had a thin fabric lining. Since I ordered two different beds, I just kept this one. The first time my dog went into it, and did her usual digging in something new, the seam on the bottom ripped!!!! Very poor quality lining. The foam inside looked okay.

    Featured Reviews for Dogit Cuddle Bed Wild Animal Purple - XSmall
    Beautiful Quality, Fast Shipped to Canada by crazycoupongirl from Pickering, ON - Canada01/30/2014

    This bed is beautiful, my dog just jumped right into. It matches my mom's bedroom perfectly. I am very happy I did alot of google research to find a company that had decent prices and fast shipping to Canada. I got all my order no problem, they even put on the box just pet supplies so customs never opened and charged me more.. much appreciated ! I definitely will recomm, this company to other Canadians and be back in the future . I left a review because I wanted others to be aware when good product and price and services are there

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