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The way to your dog's heart - and heart health - is through her stomach! EntirelyPets has a massive selection of affordable, brand name quality food that is sure to satisfy your dog's hunger and give you peace of mind. When you give your dog the best, you're doubling down on your promise to give her the best life possible.

At EntirelyPets, we're veterinarian-owned and operated, so you can be assured that we only stock the best food that meets our high expectations. While you shop and compare our outstanding selection, consider the many variables that can influence your dog's diet such as age, breed, body type, activity level and special health concerns. Every dog has different nutritional needs; consult with your veterinarian to figure out the best diet for your dog.

Browse our selection of dried dog food at some of the lowest prices on the Internet. Flavor choices and combinations can help you mollify a fussy eater that may not take too well to change. Several brands have entire systems that follow your dog throughout her life. High-fat and high-calorie puppy foods are recommended to keep up with your puppy's rapidly growing body, but should be avoided for the average adult dog, as they may cause unwanted weight gain and other health problems.

Another option, freeze-dried food, packs a nutritional wallop while still being shelf-stable. Fresh meats and vegetables are flash frozen, retaining the enzymes usually lost in the cooking and drying process. Simply add water to rehydrate and serve!

Canned and packaged wet food is a good option for your dog if she needs more Omega fatty acids for healthier skin and a sleeker coat. For the little ones, we carry the ultimate wet food - puppy milk replacers. These formulas can substitute or supplement nursing, and weaning food takes it to the next step toward solid puppy chow.

In both our wet and dried food selections, you'll find nourishing chows for pets with special veterinary diets or food sensitivities. Remember to consult your veterinarian with any questions relating to your pet's diet and overall health.

Puppy Milk Replacers
Puppy Milk Replacers

Dry Dog Food

Freeze Dried Dog Food

Veterinary Diets for Dogs
Veterinary Diets for Dogs

Wet Dog Food
Wet Dog Food

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