Virbac CET Dental Chews

Combined with routine grooming, topical flea treatments for dogs and cats can be a powerful tool in protecting your beloved pet from excessive scratching, inflammation, and diseases transmitted by fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. Make sure to carefully read through the flea solutionís packaging to understand which specific parasites will be affected. You may be wondering why there are so many flea and tick topical treatments out on the market.

Unfortunately, there isnít one magic bullet that fits all pets. Variables like size, ages, and specific health needs come into play. Donít fret: our expert staff at EntirelyPets constantly sifts through the mass confusion to present you with only the best topical flea treatments available to give your best pal relief.

CET Chews

CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)
CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

($13.99)  $9.99
CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)

($16.99)  $11.99
CET Chews for Large Dogs (30 chews)
CET Chews for Large Dogs (30 chews)

($21.99)  $15.99
CET Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)
CET Chews for X-Large Dogs (30 Chews)

($24.99)  $17.99

CET HEXtra Premium Chews

CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Petite (30 chews)
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Petite (30 chews)

($12.99)  $9.99
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Medium (30 chews)
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Medium (30 chews)

($18.99)  $13.99
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Large (30 chews)
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Large (30 chews)

($31.99)  $23.99
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - XLarge (30 chews)
CET HEXtra Premium Chews - XLarge (30 chews)

($32.99)  $24.99

CET VeggieDent Chews

C.E.T VeggieDent Chews for Extra Small Dogs (15 count)
C.E.T VeggieDent Chews for Extra Small Dogs (15 count)

($12.99)  $9.99
CET VeggieDent Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)
CET VeggieDent Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

($19.99)  $11.09
CET VeggieDent Chews for Regular Dogs (30 chews)
CET VeggieDent Chews for Regular Dogs (30 chews)

($22.99)  $17.29

Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews

Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (30 Chews)
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (30 Chews)

($13.99)  $9.39
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (30 Chews)
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (30 Chews)

($16.99)  $11.69
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (30 Chews)
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (30 Chews)

($21.99)  $15.79
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (90 Chews)
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (90 Chews)

($38.99)  $27.99

($9.33 Each)

3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (90 Chews)
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (90 Chews)

($48.99)  $34.99

($11.66 Each)

3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (90 Chews)
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (90 Chews)

($63.99)  $46.99

($15.66 Each)

6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (180 Chews)
6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Small (180 Chews)

($75.99)  $54.99

($9.17 Each)

6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (180 Chews)
6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Medium (180 Chews)

($93.99)  $68.99

($11.50 Each)

6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (180 Chews)
6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (180 Chews)

($124.99)  $93.99

($15.66 Each)

Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (15 Chews)
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (15 Chews)

($15.99)  $8.99
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (45 Chews)
3-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (45 Chews)

($32.99)  $25.99

($8.66 Each)

6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (90 Chews)
6-PACK Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews X-Large (90 Chews)

($59.99)  $50.99

($8.50 Each)

Size Dog weight
Petite 11 lbs. and under
Medium 11 - 25 lbs.
Large 26 - 50 lbs.
Extra Large 51 lbs. +

CET Chews are beefhide treats to which an enzyme has been added that helps stop plaque from forming. PLUS the natural abrasion of rawhide chews help clean your dogs teeth. Available in two sizes (small/medium and large).

C.E.T. is Good to Chew:
As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzymes and natural abrasive cleansing action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn't possible. CET

Give your dog at least one chew daily, or as directed by your veterinarian, to reduce plaque and calculus. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. As with any pet product not intended for human consumption, please keep out of the reach of children and wash hands after handling.

  • Crude Protein (min.) ..... 75.0%
  • Crude Fat (min.) ..... 1.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max.) ..... 3.5%
  • Moisture (max.) .....16.0%
  • Ingredients:
    Beefhide, Dextrose, Poultry Digest, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Primary Dried Yeast, Potassium Sorbate, Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus niger), Dried Whey Protein Concentrate.

    *A substrate necessary for the Enzyme System.
    4.76 rating based on 854 reviews
    Featured Reviews for CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)
    Best price by jbmillar12/24/2012

    I've searched everywhere for these chews and I found the best price at! Easy to order & they arrived quickly.

    Best Treat by Peggie from Orlando FL06/18/2014

    My dog Zeus is a rescue and has many issues, one being he didn't like ANY treats until a neighbor gave him what I call "sticks". He absolutely love them and I have to keep a supply on hand at all times. He knows after dinner he gets 2 "sticks" and he lets me know when he's ready!! Great product according to Zeus.

    good product by Lyn from Vacaville, Ca11/09/2013

    All three of my dogs like them and it seems to have made a difference in their teeth. No tartar buildup.

    CET chews by yorkielover from Cincinnati, Ohio02/28/2012

    My yorkies love these! I used them as an after potty treat!

    c.e.t. chews by pam from montana03/28/2012

    Our dogs love these and look forward to having them each day. The vet says they are one of the best to help clean teeth.

    great product by Stella10/12/2013

    Our dogs love these and they are good for their teeth. We feel good about giving them these chews as a treat.

    My dog loves these chews by Jane from New Jersey10/21/2011

    I shopped around and Entirely Pets had the best price/shipping costs for these chews. My 11 pound dog just loves them! She came from a puppy mill and has had some dental issues so I am thrilled that she likes them. Her vet recommended using C.E.T. chews and they certainly help her breath.

    Sadie's Chews by Chew Gal from Mesa AZ01/22/2014

    My dog absolutely loves these treats, she goes on hunts around the house looking for them, my Veterinarian firstly referred me to these treats to help aid in dental care between cleanings, made my first purchase from her, and been buying these for a few years now, my dog is hooked on them ever since. CET Chews has proven to me that these are the best in assistant in dental hygiene as well as a wonderful treat that my dog totally loves. She knows knows when I'm in the kitchen where they are housed and runs in circles and gives kisses till I give her a stick. Thank you for helping with a wonderful hygienic assistant as well as a great treat.

    CET Chews by Mary from Houston, TX12/20/2012

    I love these chew sticks for my dog, glad they are so easy to order, becuz they are hard to find except at vet offices.

    Great Chewing Treat by JT from Buckeye, AZ05/15/2013

    My pug loves to chew and chew on these, not realizing they are helping keep his teeth in great shape! Great for dogs who love to chew!

    Great purchase by Bob08/13/2013

    These chews are just right for my Shih Tzus

    CET Chews by hodgepodgefor9004/20/2012

    Dog loves them and the vet says his teeth are staying cleaner longer.

    by stanley's mom01/23/2013

    Not only are these good for my dog's teeth, but they love them and can't wait for a good chew treat after they eat. Can't beat the price and delivery time was FAST! I will be buying again!

    by pat12/13/2011

    my dogs love them and their teeth stay really clean

    best product ever by doxie denitto from Sarasota FL12/09/2011

    this is the healthiest treat that is easy to chew easy to digest and best of all they love them

    Benson and his chewies! by XfitDQ03/12/2013

    My little Yorkiepoo absolutely LOVES his chewies! He looks forward to it every day!

    Great for All Sizes by Rozzie from Woodland Hills, California02/05/2013

    I use these treats for my 90 pound Golden/Lab Mix and for my 50 pound Lab. They break-up easily and are good for their teeth and gums. The dogs love, love, love them.

    cet chews by cindy from chicago04/09/2013

    I have been buying these chews for both of my dogs for years. The vet thought I was brushing my dogs teeth, because they looked so clean.

    My girls love these! by Beverly from Atlanta, GA08/30/2013

    Whether or not these help their teeth, I honestly dont know, but they love them.

    Good product by amilg06/17/2012

    I use this on my dogs and brush their teeth almost daily. Try to, sometimes it doesn't happen. Vet says theeth are great! Nothing more to add exceppt one, use it and do it!

    Great product. by Ayorkiemama from Florida04/16/2013

    My yorkie is 14 yo. I lost my other baby a year ago to cancer and he was 13. I have used CET chews since they were babies thanks to the vet that recommended them. Because of CET chews my Yorkie has most of her teeth at 14 years old. Highly recommend them!

    A Fine Chew by Roger from Orange, CA04/16/2013

    Personally, I am not that fond of CET Chews Petite for small dogs. However, my mini-Doxie, Roxie, thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced Badger. At 12:00 midday, Roxie gets her Chewy, and she tells time exceedingly well. Eyes bright, ears alert, flag up, (Roxie is a longhair), she starts her routine at 11:30, and continues to let us know she is Chewy deprived until we give in and issue one. Though normally a truthful little soul, she will lie, without blinking or troubled with remorse, if asked by one or the other of her Big People if she has had her Chewy. To say she loves them is inadequate. She ADORES her CET Chewys. Her Vet recommended them, so they must be good for her as well. A great product, or as Roxie would say: WOOF!!!

    by from 02/14/2013

    Especially when you get the small - I snap them in half, and they enjoy it!!

    for by several from years!"Been


    Good Product by Connie11/04/2013

    Our big dog loves these little chews and they help his teeth!

    Excellent treat for your dogs teeth!! by krz4xms from Phoenix. AZ10/23/2012

    Indy loves, loves, loves these chews. I haven't told him they are great for his teeth!! (You know how kids are about things that are good for them!) ; ) It truly helps cut down the tartar. He has very little and I can easily brush away the tiny amount he does have! I give him half a chew (he weighs 5 pounds) every night at bedtime. Consequently, bedtime is his favorite time of day!! I feel giving Indy this "treat", at bedtime, allows the tartar fighting enzyme in the chew the maximum time to work. I highly recommend this product for your dog!!!

    a must for pets by lap from dallas01/31/2012

    These are a hit at my house. They love them! All three dogs look forward to the chew. Keeping their teeth clean is much easier.

    Great for dog's teeth by Cozzy from Iowa03/21/2013

    These chews were recommended by our veterinarian to help keep our Yorkie's teeth clean . Our little guy gets only a half chew each day because he's so small. His dental health has improved since he started chewing these. He loves the chews & stares at my husband after supper until he gives him his CET Chew! Too cute!

    Read your labeling by Steve OKC12/16/2011

    I have used the product in the past, but after taking the time to read the label, I had to return the last two CETs I purchased. Reason: my dog is a 100% organic dog, and this product contains soy. I would recommend it to someone who feeds their dog over-the-counter corn, soy, rendered animals, and additive-based dog food - someone who does not care about the health and welfare of their dog. I suggest the CET label be placed on the E.P. website for consumers to read before a purchase decision is made.

    My dog is addicted to these! by Nancybfl from Port Charlotte, Fl04/06/2014

    My little Shih Tzu, Wookie, just loves these things. He's had them as treats for many years and the vet is convinced that they have assisted in keeping his teeth in great shape. He had his first dental cleaning at the age of 8! He's totally addicted to them! Would recommend them for any small dog (big dogs too!)

    Great product by Earl06/16/2012

    I have used these CET chews for my Yorkies for many years and this product definitely cuts back on dental problems for my dogs. I highly recommend the product and the price is really good from Entirely Pets.

    A Product that Really Works by Dee from Murrieta, CA10/22/2013

    My 8 year old pomeranian Abbey has been given a CET chew after her evening meal since she was a puppy. My Vet cannot believe how good her teeth are as Pom's are not noted for having good teeth. She has only had to have her teeth cleaned once and I attribute this to the Chews ! Plus she loves them....she eats her evening meal in record time so she can have her "treat" a CET Chew.... Love this product!! I recommend it to my friends all the time.

    My small dog loves these by Chris02/22/2012

    My dog does not chew much and so has issues with keeping her mouth and teeth clean. She does not like most of the dental chews on the market, but she really likes these and chews each one as soon as she gets it. (I find the others buried all over the house.)

    Entirely Pets custumer service by Magda Gundersen07/19/2012

    I called them because they told me that I placed an automatic order for this product. And after 1/2 an hour arguing with the person name john who answered the phone. He told me I had to prove I did not do it.I asked to talk to the supervisor named William And after another 15 minutes of my valuable time he said the same thing that they had no way of proving to me that I had placed the order for the automatic re-order, but I Had to be the one to show them I Didn't. And all of this for a free return label to return the package which cost 5.00. I finally told them that they were loosing a customer for a 5.00 return label on an ordered I did not placed. No customer service at all. They are the ones with the burden of proof not me.....I am the customer, my word against theirs and they could not prove it to me!

    My mini doxies love them! by lin09/14/2013

    Both my dachshunds need to keep their teeth brushed and their gums stimulated. They each get a "chewy" after a meal. So far, with a daily brushing also, they have teeth that are healthy and tartar free. I think this product is a good one.

    Great treats by doglover307/20/2012

    My dogs love this product - I break it into three pieces for their morning treat after brushing their teeth. They love it and it is gone in seconds!

    GREAT VALUE by Evo from Richmond, VA03/12/2013


    CET Chews by Jan07/01/2012

    We just adopted a small Maltese who had been neglected. So we want to take especially good care of the teeth he has left. He likes these and chews away happily.

    A lot less teeth cleanings! by Tootie from Topeka, Ks12/06/2012

    My Yorkies love these chews. They have had bad reactions to teeth cleanings in the past and with these chews, they need a lot less cleanings. They are 12 and have had two teeth cleanings before I found these chews. When they have their checkups, the vet says they have a little tarter, but no cleanings needed. They are the best!

    Dog loves them! by Hqguy06/24/2013

    Doctor recommended and great price here.

    Love these! by LZ01/20/2013

    I have three dogs and they all love these chews. They clean their teeth and take care of their breath. One of my dogs has a sensitive tummy and she even enjoys them!

    Success with Petite chews by Gatsby11620 from Florida02/14/2012

    My dogs enjoy the petite size chew. The medium chews with the CET Hextra are not as welcomed. I am in the process of trying both sizes and types to see what will work with my scotties. The regular petites I will order again.

    Dental Care by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

    My dogs love these...this product helps break down tartar as well as keeps their breath fresh.

    Dogs love them by mlpdogs12/12/2011

    The CET chews (petitte) are wonderful. My dogs go crazy when I just say the letters C E T because they love them so much. Always get a very good price at Entirely Pets.

    My dogs love them. by Terry from Jackson, Michigan11/20/2012

    The fact that my 2 dachshunds love them is always a good thing but the best part is that they should help with their dental care as well.

    soften easily by farmchick07/22/2012

    Thought these would be a great safe chew for my dogs to keep the teeth clean. The product softens quickly and pet swallows entire chew. Found this to be a hazard and returned product. Service is slow with this place.

    My dog loves them. by Tosha from richmond ,Indiana05/06/2013

    I ordered CET chews for small dogs last time.My dog loves them. She heres me open the bag and comes runing.They do a good job keeping her teeth clean. Just orderd the medium chews yesterday.

    very good by Parsnips12/18/2012

    Our dog won't let us brush her teeth, so the alternative are the chews,

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs (30 chews) by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX09/11/2013

    My dogs love these! They can't wait until they get their "treat" every night - it's the highlight of their day! In the first pic below they are anxiously waiting for me to get up to get them their Chew. In the second pic, Iris is enjoying her Chew - lol :)

    Dogs love them by Carol from PA11/12/2013

    My poodles' teeth are subject to severe tarter buildup. They are not good about having them brushed. We have been giving them a CET chew every evening for years. They love them, but I can't say they have solved the tarter problem. They still need periodic cleaning (and extractions).

    Our dog's favorite treat by P.A. from Georgetown, TX08/04/2012

    Low-fat, healthy treat (helps keep tartar off teeth). Our pet has to be on a very low-fat diet, and it was hard to find low-fat treats until we discovered CET chews. He loves them and we are happy to give him a "safe" treat as a reward when he's good.

    Terrific Product! by ramblon9706/01/2012

    CET Chews are a fantastic product. Recommended highly. EntirelyPets is my "go to" store for all of my animals. Their prices are excellent, and their delivery service is incredible!

    Dental Chews by Cinnamon's Mom from Phila., PA11/12/2012

    My puppy loves these dental chews. She looks forward to getting one of these every night. The price is good and the delivery was very fast.

    great for puppy by lunatuna from waashington01/13/2013

    My puppy loves the cet chews, I think it helps out alot with her chewing

    My dog loves them!! by Jess09/24/2013

    My dog gets 1/2 every morning and 1/2 every night. She loves them!

    Used for Years by BettyBoop from Las Cruces, NM05/13/2014

    We have had 3 dogs and over the years all 3 have used this product. Excellent for keeping their teeth clean. However, don't purchase from the vet. Too expensive!!! The dogs really like the taste.

    A very good purchase by Richard07/11/2012

    Our vet had recommended the product. We are extremely pleased with how our dog likes the product. It has helped with cleaning his teeth.

    Cheaper-Excellent by Lana from Or-Az10/05/2011

    My vet. recommended these for our dog. From Entirely Pets they are 1/2 price - just the same tho. Also, being snowbirds, couldn't buy them where we spent 6 mos a year - now they can be mailed. Yea!

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Sage from Texas12/19/2012

    My Yorkie likes these. There is a quality control issue from the manufacturer. These chews are smaller and more brittle than in the past. This issue has nothing to do with Entirely Pets. Other reviewers have commented on the same issue - smaller and more brittle than in the past.

    by from 11/13/2011

    Excellent Purchase by Welchie 2 from Westerly, RI02/02/2012

    The petite dental chews are excellent for my two welch terriers. Their teeth are in excellent condition and I credit the dental chews as part of the reason for this. The other is their diet.

    Love this product by mlpdogs from Fort Smith, AR04/15/2013

    My dogs go crazy for these. They just love them.

    healthy teeth by Nan03/01/2013

    Since Missy has been using the chews, her gums have been much healthier!

    Disappointed by Judy from Memphis03/14/2013

    We like these in the size for medium dogs so we decided to order the medium size for our 15 pound dog and this small size for our 8 pound dog. We assumed they would be the same product, just a bit smaller. well, they are entirely different. These for smaller dogs are long strips that our dog finishes in about a minute. Different texture, just different. I bought several packages and wish I hadn't. Again, very pleased with the medium size.

    Clean teeth, breath & healthy gums by Rozzie from Los Angeles, CA07/18/2012

    I've been using CET Chews for my Service Dogs for over 10 years now. First for my 12 year old lab and now for my 2 year old Lab/Golden Cross. CET Chews helps to keep my dogs breath/gums and teeth very healthy. I highly recommend them to all my friends and their dogs. I have shopped around and NOBODY can beat Enitrely Pets price. These can be pricey if you buy them at the Vets office.....I've NEVER found them at the pet store.

    CET Chews by RubyT from Boston, MA07/06/2012

    I would recommend this product for other dogs. I happen to have an extremely fussy, spoiled Chihuahua/Yorkie who turns down practically everything. She wouldn't try it even when I put peanut butter on it. She's has never been much of a bone chewer anyway but I thought I'd give her a chance. My son's dog loves them!

    Great product! by Judyt from New Mexico03/06/2013

    My Jack Russell has bad teeth and breath. He LOVES these chews, and they do not get caught in his throat like some other rawhide chews. I think they are good for his teeth, too.

    CET chews petite by quilter06/16/2013

    These do seem to help keep the teeth clean, but not for small dogs unless you cut them up. Dogs like them.

    Eddy's favorite chewy's ever by Becky from Green Bay11/29/2011

    My dog loves these...they are a good way to help keep his teeth clean, and he looks for them every morning after breakfast. He gets one daily, so the price is definitely right.

    Great for smaller dogs by SchnauzerLvr from Conroe, TX06/02/2012

    My dogs (3) love these. My smallest dog has no problem eating these. She weighs 8lbs. My bigger dogs love them too--but they eat them quickly! I also but the CET chews for Large Dogs.

    Great price & product by tx freebyrd from Texas12/15/2011

    I've used this product for 3 yrs but the price kept going up & I was looking for a replacement treat. This price is almost half what I paid and now I will be able to continue to buy. Sadi thanks you, Entirely Pets!

    an apple a day by Kate from Montreal, Quebec09/15/2014

    I don' know how well they clean (shih tzu underbite eventually requires professional cleaning), but she loves them and acts like it is the best treat ever!!!!

    Wonderful treat for the teeth and gums. by Reagan's Mommy03/03/2013

    My dogs love this!! I give them one every morning when I leave the house.

    CET Chews by ramblon97 from Arizona08/17/2012

    Great product!!! Healthy, low fat, great for teeth. Highly Recommended.

    Dental Chews by maggiemoo02/04/2012

    Great dental chews, my dog just loves them. They sell the same exact thing at Petco for $19. What a savings.

    My dogs love CET treats by Turtle from Huntsville, AL10/30/2011

    My dogs come running when I pull out the CET Chews. They actuall love them too much and gobble them down quickly. I wish they were a little tougher so that the dogs would spend more time chewing/breaking up tarter.

    Excellent Product for Dog Teeth Cleaning by Mister Ed from Chambersburg, PA03/04/2013

    Recommended by veterinarian to supplement regular teeth brushing. It has worked really well in keeping our dogs teeth clearner and the chews are really appreciated by the dogs. A treat that provides good health results.

    dog treats by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK08/17/2013

    My dogs of all sizes loves to chew or eat up (depending on size) these treats. My smaller dogs are quite entertained for awhile, while my bigger dogs eat and want more. A good product.

    Great purchase by Big Mike from Minnesota11/24/2012

    I've purchased these before and there great for helping to keep your dogs teeth clean

    great product by nora from Pennsylvania03/05/2013

    my vet recommended this product for my 3 dogs. His price was alot more then entirely pets. Keeps their teeth clean.

    Great Dental Care by Bluegeese from Port Orchard, Washington05/11/2014

    Our Vet sells and recommended the CET chews for both our dogs. So it was a no-brainer to buy them from Entirely Pets. ( less expensive than at the vet) Both Jake and Brutus get a chew every evening and they look forward to them. I was concerned about rawhide chews but CET Chews have a well balanced formula that takes the worry out. KUDOS to Entirely Pets!!

    Great Product by Meekac from St. Louis12/05/2012

    Been using them for years, they do a great job on minimizing tartar build up on the dog's teeth!

    petite chews by Maskin12/06/2011

    I like these because they are all consistently the same size.

    Best rawhide for dogs by Rappwizard from South Florida02/20/2013

    Not made in China, keeps teeth clean and breath fresh -- easily digested. Need I say any more? I shake the bag and my dog comes running. She loves these chews!

    Cheaper than vet purchase by dawn06/25/2013

    Found these petite bites online for much less than what I was paying at the vet's office. Great Price!

    CET Petite Dog Chews by mamalori from Irvine, CA06/19/2012

    I have three dogs; all of them love these things!

    Our Dog Loves These by Rita06/09/2013

    We use one of these chews about once a day to supplement the dental care that we give our dog. We have her do a trick first--such as spinning clockwise and then counterclockwise--and it is used as a "reward". We call them "chew sticks" and she gets very excited when she hears that we're getting one!

    Confused by The Witch of the West from Silverton, OR08/20/2012

    Sorry, but my doggie with bad teeth will not chew on them. I'm going to try softening them in water and get back to you out there.

    Excellent Product for Promoting Dental Hygiene by MJ from Estes Park, CO06/10/2013

    Our 14-year-old small dog loves the CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs. He receives one a day as a special treat. It's an excellent method to help maintain his dental hygiene.

    Great Chews! by Dances with Yorkies09/11/2013

    My two dogs love these chews. They are their special treat everyday.

    They Do What They Say They Do by Klaatu11/29/2011

    This is the only product my wife has found that takes that deadly dog breath away! They also seem to control plaque and tartar buildup.

    Our dogs love them! by Doggie Mama from Granger, IN12/14/2012

    Much easier than brushing their teeth, and our dogs love them.

    great for keeping teeth pearly white by Abbeydu2 from Shreveport, Louisiana04/28/2013

    My poodle loves this after her meal and it keeps her teeth white and beautiful.

    Our dogs LOVE these.... by Cinabun from North Platte, NE10/23/2012

    We purchase the CET Chews for our two small dogs from Entirely Pets. Great service and price. We would be in trouble without you! Our dogs are hooked.

    Yum! by gcw from Las Vegas10/31/2012

    My two chihuahua's are crazy for these chews! After they eat dinner, they won't leave me alone until they get their chew!

    They love them by Gina from Dallas, TX07/31/2014

    I have been buying these from Entirely Pets for a couple of years now. These CET Chews are the same as what I used to buy from the Vet, only WAY cheaper! Molly and Jack love them.

    by Denny11/07/2012

    My dog really liked these. They are kind of crunchy and she thinks they are like dog biscuits.

    CET saving teeth by Julie from Rhode Island09/11/2013

    The CET chews are ideal treats that help to clean our Cavaliers teeth. She gets one before bedtime...Loves them and we have confidence that they are helping to keep her teeth clean.

    Great purchase by Cindy from Thomasville, NC12/07/2011

    My dog loves these! She thinks she is getting a treat & they are good for her teeth.

    Dessert by Shel05/22/2013

    He loves these. It's his dessert.i break them in half and he gets it after his meal.

    Good product at a good price by Marlene from Three Oaks, MI10/24/2012

    These were recommended by the vet after my dog had a couple of bad teeth removed. She loves the taste and reminds me if I forget to give her one each night. In the three years we have been using them she has had no further problems with her teeth. And the price on the Entirely Pets website is less than half of what I paid at the vet's office !

    Too hard for elderly Chihuahua by carrblack from Spring, TX11/17/2012

    I bought these for my granddogs. My daughter's elderly Chihuahua has a difficult time chewing these. Her medium-size Husky and small Pit Bull love them.

    by from 01/18/2012

    Andy has been chewing these once a day since he was 8 weeks old. He's never had any major dental issues because he is faithful using them.

    by by his from vet.They


    recently, by and from hasAndy


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    his by "sister" from fromWhen


    CET Chews by 2e and Chloe03/05/2014

    Great product. Vet recommended and dogs loves them.

    Useful as a supplement to brushing by Joanne from NH02/08/2013

    I recommend brushing your dog's teeth at least once a week, but giving these as a treat afterward works for me!

    Great product for my older dog by Jo from Northern Arizona01/04/2013

    I believe that this chew is both healthy and beneficial. My dog's teeth are looking better and my dog looks forward to getting this treat once a day.

    Superb dental chews! by wtbeas07/16/2012

    My little Pekingese loves these chews so much! They work great to keep her teeth clean!

    by bitz05/03/2013

    really great for small dogs to help keep their teeth clean.

    worst service ever by pet lover05/05/2014

    The products and prices here are fine but the service and communication from this company is the worst ever, save aggravation and purchase elsewhere.

    Great Chews--Dogs love them by knattics from Sun Prairie, WI05/30/2012

    We purchase these regularly from Entirely Pets. Great Value. And our dogs love them. Promptly at 7 each night, they are at the pantry door waiting for their chew.

    by from 10/13/2013

    I recently received my third order of the CET Chews (petite--for small dogs) from you--3 packages. I originally purchased a bag from the vet's office and then decided to go on-line and order from you.

    to by love from them;My


    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by kwdodge from Houston, TX10/20/2011

    I order these chews all the time and often! My two dogs absolutely love them and can't get enough of them. They are good for their gums and their teeth and evidently, dogs really like the taste.

    by from 12/05/2013

    Our vet recommended these for our late "Andy" to help keep his teeth clean. They work. He loved them--as have all our rescues (3) since,

    Andysmom by Memphis TN from GREAT

    Used for 14 years now

    A product that actually does what it's supposed to by Coopersbud from NJ01/08/2013

    My 9 year old dog's teeth were brown and fuzzy when we adopted him and my vet gave me a months supply of these chews to see if we could improve them without putting him under anesthesia for a cleaning. Within 2-3 months his teeth looked like they had been professionally cleaned. I gave him a petite chew (the large ones are humongous) after each meal religiously. I have used the petite size with every dog since then (even my 80 lb dog) without any negative side effects and have never had a dog turn one down.

    NEEDED THE LARGER SIZE by Mary from Tampa03/01/2012

    I received the small dog chew and the puppy ate the entire thing whic hI didn't believe or want her to do. I only wanted them, and thought that they were to merely aid in cleaning teeth and not eating entirely. I had ordered two packs so I reordered the medium size and have received them and much better. Just getting rid of the small ones. Do not believe these are good things to swallow for the intestines.

    Wonderful purchase by Tia04/02/2013

    I had purchased this product from a local pet store for my new puppy after the her vet had recommended it. The cost was unaffordable after one purchase but she enjoyed them so much and I knew they were a healthy choice so I decided to research other venues for purchasing the chews. Fortunately, we found you and the cost is amazing!!!

    by Bea01/09/2013

    I have used this product for the past 3 years for both my dogs and their breath is fresher and they now seem to have less teeth problems

    Disappointed by Sunshine from Surprise, Arizona02/26/2013

    Since I have two Shih Tzu who love this product I let them have 2 per dog per day day and am disappointed that they jumped $2.00 per package since I had ordered the last time. This means I go thru a package of 30 very quickly. I hope I can find something comparable on the market a little cheaper.

    by from 06/10/2013

    I was very happy to find the identical product that I usually purchase at my vet's office.

    was by at from least....however,


    by woof3 from VA01/03/2014

    My small dogs love the CET chews. They are given as a treat but help with there daily teeth cleaning.

    Excellent Treat! by Dog Mom11/18/2012

    My dogs love these. I feed the petite because my dogs are gulpers. The petite will digest if swallowed whole.

    dogs love them by ET from Cape Cod10/12/2011

    My 3 dogs love these! It really helps to keep their teeth clean.

    CET-good buy by Trish from Texas10/30/2011

    My dogs love them; even my one dog that has just a few teeth! My vet charges almost double than what Entirely Pets charges.

    Love at first chew by Judgejolly from Stuart, FL08/27/2013

    My dog simply loves this product. It is a good reward for good behavior.

    CET Petite Chews by Ray from Midwest03/12/2012

    The CET Petite Chews are excellent. They are the same that our two dogs have used for years, but now will cost a couple dollars less for each package than we were paying from our pet supplier.

    Great purchase by Buster's Mom from St George, UT11/02/2011

    Great product and price. I've been giving my dog these for a few years for his dental health and they definitely help. He likes them and thinks they're a treat!

    Great product by Alpacajan from Az.05/22/2014

    This product works really well to help keep my dogs teeth clean. Fewer visits to the doggie dentist. Works great.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul12/28/2012

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    by from 04/04/2012

    My two Jack Russell's love the CET chews. We get the petites. I've been buying them from our vet at more than double the price. Since they cost so much from our vet I would break one in two and used them as the occasional treat. All you had to do was show them the bag and they would get excited.

    the by CET from chewsWhen


    can by have from aCasi


    JRTs4us by Garland, TX from Thanks

    Casi & Sami love their CET chews!

    Cheaper than the Vets by Linda03/10/2012

    My little dog loves these chews and they are very good for his breath and teeth. However, the first bag I opened up seems to be very dry and crisp instead of softer and flexible. Expiration date says 10/14 but they sure seem old. My dog doesn't care!!!!

    Great product by Charlie07/12/2012

    My dogs really love these chews. They help with their teeth also

    Maddie loves these by barb from Fort Smith,Arkansas10/28/2011

    I found these at my local Vet's office, so happy to find a much better price here. Thank you I will be a returning customer.

    Great Morning Treat by OmaDeb from Omaha, Nebraska05/09/2013

    I use these dental treats every morning for my 2 dogs. They love them, and I like that I might just be helping out their dental health.

    Dental Chews by Paul from Ft Lauderdale FL05/17/2013

    Not sure how these are working yet. Vet wanted to charge 300 to clean his teeth and we opted to try these and the aquadent first. He loves the chews so we are keeping our fingers crossed! My only complaint is that the bag was opened at the bottom when we received them.

    Great by Biscuit from Denver, CO12/01/2013

    My dogs really enjoy these and the treats really seem to keep their teeth cleaner. It's a great product that they absolutely adore.

    c.e.t. dental chews by murray from minneapolis,mn02/06/2012

    tried these chews for my bichon/shih tzu mix dog. his breath needed something to clean it up and these did the trick. he still goes for his dental cleanings, but his breath is 100% better than it was before the chews.

    tasty by zoey from GA08/05/2014

    My dog likes these treats. We will be buying more.Good value.

    by from 02/08/2014

    Very good product. Service is exceptional. I ordered the product on a Friday and I received it within 3-4 days.

    Entirely by Pets from forWould


    Dental results without struggles! by littledogsinger from Austin, Texas11/02/2011

    These CET Dental Chews were recommended by my vet, and though I was skeptical, they really have made a big difference in dental cleaning by chewing, and NO DOGGIE BREATH! I give my gals one small one every single day and it has made a huge difference. Entirely Pets has the best prices out there.

    Favoite Pet Product for teeth by Krissy from Florida01/03/2013

    My vet sold me a bag of CET chews because my dog's teeth were in poor condition. My dog loves these treats and her oral hygiene has improved by having one chew a day. Entirely Pets sells this product for much less than my vet, so I will continue to purchase this product through Entirely Pets. Thank you!

    Great! by Lorie from Oxnard, Calif.12/14/2012

    My 2 Chihuahuas LOVE these. They stand & jump on their hind legs so I can give them the treat.

    Excellent for Spaniels by Liz03/20/2013

    I like this product it's small enough for my little cocker spaniel however i wish it would have been a little more tougher for him to chew... he eats them like they are treats. :) Anyway great product and spaniels love them.

    Too mushy by Farm Chick from Texas12/30/2011

    Got too mushy too fast, dogs could choke on them. Dental ones are better.

    GREAT PURCHASE by MARSHA03/01/2012

    These are great for puppies/dogs to chew. Excellent teeth cleaners. My 3 little poodles love them and it gives them the chewing action they need daily. Occupies them from chewing what they shouldn't be chewing. Break these in half for small dogs and they last me a long time!

    She loves them! by Penny from Hendersonville NC01/19/2013

    Her two brands of dental chews are her favorite treats. How lucky am I!

    Fantastic!!!! by ramblon9710/13/2011

    Excellent product! Entirely Pets delivers quickly, their prices are AWESOME, and the chews are healthy, low calorie, and great for doggy dental care....All natural, quality product. Entirely Pets ROCKS!

    Great product by NYC Sailor01/16/2013

    My little dachshund loves these chews and they help me maintain his dental health

    Pretty good but don't last long by roynhank from Sugar Land, TX02/07/2012

    My little terrier mix has been enjoying these for a couple years now and the only complaint I have is that they don't last very long. I had a chihuahua mix the very same size (10 lbs) who would take a good 15-20 minutes to eat one of these but the current pup can chow down on one in under 5 minutes! I don't know how much good it does her teeth when it doesn't spend that long rubbing up against them...but she sure does love them!

    Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    Chews Dogs Love by Dorinda from Valencia, CA10/17/2013

    These are great! My dogs love them and they are great as treats...and keeping teeth clean!

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Stacie10/22/2012

    Would definately recommend. My YOrkie is 6 years old and has not had to have her teeth cleaned yet. My vet is amazed. I attribute to this product and some teethbrushing (when Izzy is in the mood). Love IT!!!

    Good Product, Poor Shipping Service by Victoria12/01/2013

    My Maggie loves this product. After 7 days our order hadn't shipped. My credit card was Billed the day after I placed the order. The website states "We do not bill customers for their order until after the products have shipped". Perhaps the website needs to be updated? Maggie and I are very disappointed, because Maggie is out of "chewies" and I have to watch my Credit Card Statement for a refund : (

    Sunday Treat! by piglvr from Choctaw, OK01/12/2014

    We were given a package of these chews by our vet after we had our dogs teeth cleaned. My dogs love them. We have other treats we give them and these we reserve as their Sunday treats. Highly recommend.

    A Treat That's Good For Her by Gray from Temecula, CA08/27/2013

    Our vet recommended CET chews, and our 14 year old Basenji loves them. As she got older, I switched from the CET rawhide chews to these petite chews, which are easier for her to gnaw. I feel like I'm giving her treat that's good for her!

    Healthy Snack by danise52811/04/2012

    Our dogs love the CET Dental Chews. It's their favorite bedtime snack. My only problem was with the shipping, which went from DHL to the USPS. Why not just use the USPS from start to finish? Makes more sense.

    Great Price and Product by CH08/06/2012

    My dogs love these and Entirely Pets has the best price!

    My Yorkie by Yorkie from WI12/01/2012

    My Yorkie absolutely loves these treats and my vet said he has minimal tartar buildup. Would not use anything else.

    by stormy01/01/2013

    my dogs' breath is fresher since chewing these, and he doesnt get bloody gums like he does with some other chews. some of the pieces are a bit too large for him though

    by from 01/03/2013

    Our two dogs love the CET pet chews! In addition to being good for their dental health, the chews seem to provide good flavor.

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    good by work, from EnitirelyKeep


    Great for their teeth! by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

    My Paps love to chew on these dental sticks and they certainly have helped keep their teeth clean!

    by Rex06/14/2012

    Great product and company! Received my order very quickly. Will definitely order again.

    by plantgirl04/14/2012

    Excellent shipping costs & product very competitive

    Excellent experience by Amy from Sandusky, Ohio12/08/2012

    Excellent price on these dog chews. Great delivery time and website is very user friendly.

    Vet recommended over greenies by Lisa02/12/2008

    My Vet advised me to switch from greenies to CET. He said Greenies were being investigated and could possibly be harmful to my pet. I did and he likes these just as well.

    Great Product by Arleen10/03/2009

    This is a great chewing dental stick. My pup loves them. I give her one a day. She is very anxious to get one. Great cleaning teeth product.

    HOORAY! by ELLEN10/24/2009

    AFTER TRYING MANY DIFFERENT TREATS & chews, this brand is the only one my dog's sensitive stomach can digest. He takes pancreatic enzyme w/ his dog food to be able to digest it. However, that's never been practical w/ treats or chews. Now he can have a daily chew-treat w/o medicine first! Hooray!

    recommended by the vet by doggie mom from Longmont, CO04/02/2013

    Since my small dogs ( maltese) had plaque because they were not great chewers- these were recommended by the vet as the enzymes help to clean as well. teeth are looking much better and the dogs love them.

    Great healthy treat by Cathy from NJ12/23/2012

    My 5 month old American Eskie loves CET chews. Originally received a 2 strip sample from my Vet. Affordable. I recommend you try them.

    love love love by Ayorkiemama from Gainesville, Fl09/04/2013

    My 14 yo passed with most of his teeth. My 15 yo is going strong with most of her teeth. When they were babies the vet told me to start giving them a CET daily. I do every night.

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by antiquescollector from Grass Valley, CA10/30/2013

    My dog loves these and looks forward to having one every morning after breakfast.

    Much better price than the vet by Lyn from Utah11/27/2012

    Both dogs love them. They are a healthy alternative to other treats.

    she loves these by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC04/14/2014

    I give my dog these twice a day. she loves them and I have to think they are helping because her teeth are white and clean.

    CET before BED by Momma from Troy, NY10/23/2012

    This is our 3 dogs final treat of the day and then it's bedtime. They love them and the tartar build up on their teeth has slowed. I share these with my friends who have dogs as well.

    Have purchased for years by Tom05/11/2014

    Our two Maltese love the chews, which are a big part of their dental care.

    Great Product by Kae505 from Albuquerque, NM10/23/2013

    My dental vet recommended these chews for my dogs, whose breed has propensity for periodontal disease. They get a chew every evening as a treat. They love them and I see improvement in the appearance of their teeth.

    Enzymatic! by LVTdognurse0203/27/2012

    Great for in-between teeth-brushings. Brushing everyday is best, but CET enzymatic chews are superb and actually help prevent calculus buildup. Not every "dental" chew is good, but CET chews are great. :)

    Great Chew by cocoandy from Pittsburgh, PA04/05/2013

    Our Andy has a weight problem so he can't enjoy a lot of treats - CET chews are low cal so he gets a great gnaw without gaining a lot of pounds

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND by LadyBug89 from Illinois04/14/2014

    My dog is a Shi/Chi approx 5lbs - she LOVES these treats.

    CET Chews by rubyt from Boston, MA07/21/2012

    While your service, etc was excellent I'm sorry to say that my dog just wouldn't use these chews. She has never been a chewer (lol) and I was disappointed she wouldn't try something new.

    Great Dental Product by Susan from Phoenix, AZ02/01/2012

    C.E.T.Chews are vet recommnded and a great tool for helping to keep your pets teeth clean. They work much better than products from the pet store and my dogs love them. I use in addition to brushing their teeth. It's great that they come in different sizes for each of my three dogs.

    My dog's favorite by Sue from Rockford, IL05/22/2013

    Benson loves his chewies...he looks forward to them everyday.

    Excellent product for our dogs by Ray from St Louis area12/19/2013

    We give one of these Chews to our two dogs each morning. Not only do they love them and do tricks to get one, our vet assures us they are great for their teeth and gums.

    by BOONEDOG from miami, FL05/08/2014

    CET Chews are great! Boone (the dog) waits for one each morning as part of his routine before his breakfast.

    CET Chews Petite by ramblon9706/18/2012

    These are excellent! I break them into thirds, and my dog loves them. They are excellent for helping to remove tartar, easy to digest, and don't have any fillers or chemicals. Highly Recommend!

    Great Product by Jo Jo's Mom11/06/2012

    My maltese/poodle Jo Jo loves these. She eats one every night after dinner. They are much cheaper from than at the vet. Ran out while on an extended visit up north and had to find a vet quickly as she kept begging for her favorite treat.

    CET chews petete for small dogs by carfrawen from New York02/07/2013

    I am very pleased with my purchased items. I will be purchasing more items soon.Wish my order did not have the shipping cost attached but I think that if you order $50 shipping is free. I will probably order $50 the next time..Thank you for your concern

    Awesome Dental Chews! by Kato10/25/2011

    My Vet originally recommended these for my Yorkie because they are proned to tartar build up. I've been giving them to her since she was a pup. She is now 8 years old and has yet to need her teeth cleaned! They are also great for their digestion. And. . .dogs love them! Love, Love Love these!

    great! by Jan03/12/2013

    My dog is allowed one of these per day, and he lets me know when it is time! He loves them, and the vet says his teeth are in great shape.

    Good Product by Gaga from Colorado03/06/2014

    Our girl (Yorkie) get her teeth brush daily. After brushing she gets a Reward which I give her a CET petite chew. She like these chews and I know this way that her teeth are cleaned for sure.

    My dogs LOVE 'em by lskraus from Tucson, AZ04/19/2012

    My dogs both LOVE these chews. They each get one of the Petite for small dogs at night after they take care of business & settle down for the night. My husband always says that he needs to try one just to see why they get so excited. They've been getting these for the past 9 years & still go crazy when that package is opened. We've had to get the oldest's teeth cleaned recently (12 yrs old) & the 10 yr old has some build-up but not bad at this point.

    great purchase by meatball from Fort Lauderdale, FL05/30/2012

    I ahve been ordering from entirely pets for years now and so has my wife. I have never had a bad product yet. My dogs love love the cet chews.

    Good Chew! by PD from San Leandro, CA11/01/2011

    Recommended by our vet, and always accepted by our dog with enthusiasm, we know it will help her dental health as well.

    CET Chews by nikki01/31/2013

    Our dog loves it, carries it between his teeth like a cigar, and it helps keep her teeth clean and healthy

    by desertwillow11/04/2011

    I've beem purchasing this item for several years. I give these as a 'before bed' treat. My dogs love them.

    C.E.T. Petite Chews for Dogs by Frannie from Sacramento, CA05/28/2013

    C.E.T. Chews for dogs are my three small dogs' absolute favorite treat. No day is complete until they get their favorite goodie -- C.E.T.s! I started buying C.E.T.s for my dogs at my Vet's recomendation several years ago in order to help with oral hygiene. If I accidentally run out of C.E.T.s, my dogs let me know that they are very disappointed with me -- so I buy 10 packages or more at a time. Who wants unhappy dogs?!!! EntirelyPets has the best prices and fastest delivery for C.E.T.s!

    Highly recommend!! by Seuss from Lancaster, OH02/25/2010

    This is in regards to my little Pekingese mix, Sassy, who will be 15 years old this year and MOST finicky about her treats. She's not been a big fan of chewing in years and has had some dental issues and a number of teeth removed. There's no way she would tolerate my attempting to brush her teeth at this late age so my vet suggested I give these chews a try. She absolutely LOVES them. I've also noticed that they seem to help her breath.

    Just Rewards by Lin11/20/2012

    My Bichon loves these treats and she is really particular about what treats she chooses. Even though she is a 15-pound dog, these seem to be just the right size and shape for her. She gets them for "payment" when she does her job of watching the house when we are away for a few hours. The funny thing is that she saves it for the moment we arrive home to show us that she has done her job, then promptly disappears to another room to enjoy her reward. She never, ever passes up the opportunity to "interact" with this treat.

    by from 05/31/2013

    They Wag & Dance by Evy from Tahlequah, OK10/15/2013

    My dogs know which is the CET bag. They wag & dance when I open it, then snatch one & dash to their places for a good chew session.

    Great product! by crystalclear from Peyton, CO12/12/2011

    My mini dachshund absoolutely loves these. I give him one a day. They are very healthyfor him.

    Part of Dental Routine by Wigs01/30/2013

    Now part of hte dental routine as recommended by our vet!

    Healthy Chews by Kim01/23/2012

    I like these chews for my 3 miniture yorkshire terriers. They are so much healthier for them than raw hid chews. My order was also filled in a very timely manner.

    A daily essential by Sandy01/26/2013

    Our little dog anxiously awaits his daily chew. It's important for his dental care and he loves them.

    Adorable for Wolfi by Mariela from Rockville, MD01/16/2013

    Wolfi like eat every time, all the time give this product

    Great Healthy Treats by Bonnie from Granite Falls11/07/2012

    My dog is a very "pickey" eater and these chews are her favorite! She loves them and doesn't even know they are healthy. Her dental checkups have been excellent since giving her these chews :)

    CET Chews Petite for Small Dogs by Wil from Nevada11/10/2014

    My poor little Chihuahua broke one of her back teeth on these chews. Now I have to take her back to the Vet to get that tooth pulled When the package is opened the chews start to get hard and the last ones in the bag get hard and my little dog tried to chew one and broke her tooth.

    DAILY 'MUST HAVE' by 3 Chin Momma from TROY, NY10/14/2011

    Since purchasing these the first time 2 years ago, I have been buy them 15 bags at a time! My 3 Japanese Chins have them each night before bedtime. The vet says the tarter on their teeth has decreased, They have other treats that they will take or leave depending on mood, but not these. They line up each evening to get these and take them to their beds - it is the last treat of the day - kind of like brushing their teeth before bedtime :-)

    CET CHEWS PETITE by Mitch from Bolingbrook,Il01/01/2012

    Works wonders for their breath. They both come running when they hear me open the resealable package.

    Choking Hazard by DLG from APG, MD01/26/2015

    I don't understand why the Vet offices recommend this product. Both of my dogs love them, however, they love them so much that they swallow large chunks of them. Then they start choking & dry heaving. Sometimes, they vomit up the pieces if they can. They chew until it gets soft, then try to swallow them whole. We trashed the remaining bag & refused to give them anymore of them.

    Great purchase by KIku07/05/2012

    Have used CET Chews petite for a number of years and my dog(s) love it. I believe it helps to clean their teeth while they enjoy the chews.

    Does a great job and my dogs love them by Shelly01/30/2013

    My vet recommended these for my YorkiePoos due to the fact that small dogs get a lot of tartar on their teeth. It is the only type he recommends. My dogs love them and they do a great job keeping their tartar at a minimum. Wish they sold them in larger quantities.

    pet favorite by kac06/23/2012

    My pom is very picky about his food and treats. He loves the chews and I love that it helps with his teeth!

    CET Chews by Ron08/23/2014

    Have been using them daily for years with our 2 small dogs. They enjoy them and their teeth benefit from the chews.

    Featured Reviews for CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews)
    CET Chews by The Rev.08/04/2012

    Problem is: My dog loves the Chews. My problem is the cost! I give the "CET Chews a #10"

    Much anticipated daily treat! by Sandy from Vicksburg, MI11/14/2012

    Our three standard poodles loves these treats and in return they have beautiful clean white teeth. I have used CETA Chews for over 12 years and order them by the case.

    by SA08/30/2014

    Great product! Highly recommend as this product was recommended by our vet.

    Poor consistancy by LVMYDOG02/27/2012

    My dog absolutey loves these chews and they seem to be a good thing for her, however, I am totally frustrated at the fluctuation in the quality and consistency of the product. Have gotten less than the stated quantity in a package and the size and thickness of individual pieces in a single package vary unreasonably.

    CET Chews by Nancy from Rogers, MN01/17/2014

    I order these chews every couple of months for my dog. She loves them! You can't beat the price either!

    Fine product when you can get it by Bill03/16/2012

    Our collies love them, my wife uses them as pacifiers when she wants some peace. The only problem was the 10-day lag between order-date and ship-date on the last order.

    Great Treats by GoPete01/19/2012

    These were smaller than I was anticipating, but the dogs both love them. Their teeth are cleaner and their breath smells better when they are done with one, too.

    by from 10/22/2012

    The CET chews for medium dogs are awesome. I have two, six month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they love the chews. They enjoy the chewing action and I love that they can digest them, unlike Rawhide products. I wish they came in larger quantities.

    Sharron by Austin Texas from Great

    Great Product

    Dogs love them! by Mary from Los Angeles12/30/2012

    Great product to clean their teeth! Recommended by our vet!

    Really happy dogs.... by ghost7071 from Ruston, LA.04/17/2014

    CET Chews are cheaper than local vets, both our dogs love them. With the medium size their just right for our Snorky and his bigger buddy.

    My Dog Loves These by dawnB from Boca Raton, FL01/20/2014

    My dog loves these treats! Runs around the house when he gets it and finds the right spot to eat it!

    Wish Dog Did Not Like Them So Much by mtoll from Jacksonville, FL11/13/2013

    Have purchased the CET Chews for years because our dog loves them and waits for one each night, however, I get so frustrated with the CETs quality control. There are always one or two chews in each bag that are unsuitable. Only because our dog likes them so much do I keep purchasing them. I would love to see CETs quality control improve so I could give them five stars and quit throwing away chews.

    Long-Time Customer, Still Pleased ! ! ! ` by gydney from Houston, TX05/30/2012

    I continue to return to Entirely Pets for the CET Chews for my 5 dogs, as they continue to offer, not only the best price; but, the fastest service I've even gotten from an online vendor.

    CET Chews for Medium Dogs by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX04/26/2013

    My Dogs love these and get very excited when they know it's time for their "treat"!

    Good STuff! by Marc from 1095606/30/2012

    Doggies love them and they are great for their teeth! A healthy snack that keeps them busy!

    More natural alternative by Sharon05/01/2013

    Our dog loves them and would eat the whole bag at once!

    by jet03/02/2012

    My dog really likes these chews and good for her teeth.

    by Dottie01/18/2013

    My dogs love these. They're a great alternative to rawhides and help clean teeth.

    My little dogs love these by Ralphie's mom04/16/2013

    Bought these for my Chinese Crested Powder Puffs. They love them, but I have had to start cutting them in half since my Lab will eat them if my little girls don't chew them up in one sitting. Not a product issue-a greedy Lab issue

    by from 03/13/2013

    Great Healthy Treats by Scfi from Pittsburgh PA06/20/2014

    I have purchased CET Chews for years for all of my dogs. All of my dogs have enjoyed them and they really do help keep their teeth clean and breath pleasant. Vet recommended.

    This product works by Mike02/29/2012

    Many dog dental products are no more than a treat. The CET chews really help clean a dog's teeth.

    by Texas Nonna from Tempe, TX03/14/2014

    The most favorite treat of our dog, Maggie. Entirely Pets offers a great price for these vs. purchasing from our vet. I would have given it a full 5 stars, but Virbac has reduced the size of the medium treat.

    CET Chews by BJK01/27/2013

    Have used one of these for my bichon every day---the vet always comments on her great teeth--she is 7 1/2 years old. Entirely has the best prices I have found.

    Great by Buster from Colorado02/15/2013

    Arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted. Buster is very happy!

    Very disappointed by Sunshine Az from Arizona and Illinois11/18/2011

    I was extremely disappointed that the medimum CET Chews were not the long stick type like the petite CET Chews. I will not order the medium again but only buy the petite.

    great dental chew by ginby from columbia, sc12/18/2011

    best dental chew i bought. my 2 dogs, a beagle and a terrier, loves them so much and keeps them occupied for a long time. my vet recommended them to keep thier teeth healthy and clean and seems to be working.

    CET Chews medium by Otto & Gus's Mom from Tampa FL03/21/2013

    These seem to work better than other teeth cleaning products and for a good price compared to what I have seen in pet stores. My biggest worry is that they are raw hide. My standard dachshund can finish one off in less than 5 minuets, so I worry about him swallowing chunks. My little mini takes several hours to finish. I never leave them by themselves if they have these chews.

    Great product by Ed from Millington, TN10/23/2012

    I give Wishbone one of these chews every day and she loves them. They also help clean her teeth and freshen her breath. People (including her vet) remark all the time about how good her teeth look and it's because of these chews.

    Our dogs love it. by PC from Mississauga, Ontario06/04/2012

    Not sure how effective it is at cleanning their teeth however our dogs love it so at least they're chewing these and not something else.

    Virbac Dog Chews by CA03/08/2013

    Wonderful product with a very credible history in pet products. "Entirely Pets" is a very professional company with great products & a very quick turn around after ordering from their easily navigated website. I will continue to utilize them for all my pet needs and I would highly recommend them to others. Sincerely, Christopher A DeVuyst

    Obsessed by Cindy12/14/2009

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are positively obsessed with their "chew sticks!" They know every evening it's time for their treat and the few times I've not restocked them they become two very sad puppies. We love this product!!

    by from 07/26/2012

    I made the mistake of getting the medium chews. They are too small for my dog. In the past I have ordered the large ones and they were fine.

    a by good from job!"Entirely


    GOOD CHEW by COOKIE03/11/2008


    Starting to have doubts by nealmedia from Pacific Northwest07/21/2014

    I have used CET chews for years. They do a good job of keeping my dog's gums and teeth clean (since, like most pet owners, I am not super diligent about toothbrushing). The quality of orders over the past year or so seems to be declining. The color of the product is erratic -- some chews are a nasty, dark orange color. And the size and shapes of the chews are wildly inconsistent. Some are monstrous and others are like potato chips. Finally there is the scent: There has always been a faint chemical smell (the product has enzymes as an active ingredient). Some some packages seem much smellier than others. Is the manufacturer cutting corners? Still: My dog likes to chew them and they still seem to do the job OK.

    by Todd10/18/2011

    I love the fact you ship so quickly & my girls can enjoy the products ASAP! The prices are great! We received two pack of the large chews rather than the medium chews some how, my girls are small & the large one were too big for them can you send med for them?

    Dogs love them! by Lisa03/03/2009

    My dogs are completely addicted to these!!! My doberman will cry and whine until you give her this as her evening treat. We used to buy these at our vet, but the price is so much better here - a huge help when you go through as many as we do!

    Obsessed Dogs by Cindy09/07/2009

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that are obsessed with their "chew sticks". This brand is the only one they like. Every evening they expect their treat when it's time to relax. Thank goodness we found this company to purchase the chews because they're very expensive at the vet's office. Thank you!

    Awesome by Bosco from Queens, n.y.05/14/2013

    My dog enjoys chewing on these sometimes better than bones.

    CET Medium Chews by Rebecca11/24/2009

    My dogs go crazy for these and they have not needed vet dental cleanings in several years. My vet comments every year how clean their teeth are! I love the fact that they love the chews and the chews help their dental health.

    really keeps the teeth clean by Charlene from La Selva Beach, CA07/16/2012

    My three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love these! It's a daily treat that does an excellent job of keeping their teeth clean

    by from 03/12/2013

    Great product by Bubba05/06/2013

    Our 2 year old pet was already beginning to have tartar build up on her teeth. Our Vet. recommended CET chews for her. We brought the first pack from the Vet that day and she loved them. Even after the first week we began to notice improvement with her teeth. I found them at EntirelyPets at a big price savings and ordered them. EntirelyPets made it easy and cost efficient to provide our pet with a cleaner healthier smile.

    HEALTHY TREAT by DUFFYGUS from Lafayette, CO05/30/2012

    We first started giving our dogs the CET Chews upon recommendation from their vet. Our boyz love the chews and also maintain healthy teeth! I like the convenience of ordering online.

    great treat by janet02/17/2013

    My dog looks forward to one of these everyday.

    Great product! by paso1234 from Sedona AZ10/29/2013

    Our vet recommended the chews for our dogs. We have two 55+ pound dogs. They receive one per day and we can see a difference even though we clean their teeth quite often. Just had a check up and our vet said their teeth looked great.

    by Dorothy from Scottsdale, AZ10/23/2012

    Our dog Ollie loves these CET Chews. He expects one every morning and evening.

    C.E.T. medium chews by Linda from Parker, Colorado10/27/2011

    This product should help reduce the trips to the vet for cleaning teeth in addition to using them in conjunction with the spray rinse as well. If you can reduce the number of times your pet goes under anesthesia then they are certainly worth it.

    My dog loves these! by Katy's Mom from FLORIDA11/04/2011

    Her vet recommended them to help clean her teeth and she loves them.

    Best Dental Chews! by Kathy03/08/2013

    Our vet recommended CET chews for our dogs and the results have been great. The dogs love their treat every night and don't have to have their teeth cleaned very often!

    Great Purchase by tangomia from Miami, Florida11/08/2012

    These make excellent dental treats. All my dogs just love them. Great on their teeth.

    CET chews great value by Jamie from Spokane09/24/2013

    I used to by these from my Vet but they are half yes half the price on Entirely Pets they have the best price on the internet and the stores

    CET Med. Chews 4 Dogs by Lori W.03/08/2012

    I've been giving my kids these for YEARS! Now that I have a new batch of pups in the house, we have found renewed interest and I got these here at a fantastic price. Win/win situation.

    great chews by hota from woodway,wa08/10/2012

    My dog is a chewer and these dental chews are perfect for him. He loves the flavor and I love how long they last.

    Best price ever! by my2dogs04/08/2012

    This is my dogs favorite healthy treat and you have the best price. Thank you!

    CET Chews with Hextra by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA07/09/2013

    Dogs can't get enough of these treats. Wonderful for dental care. The Hextra in these chews inhibit or kill the bacteria that forms the tartar on their teeth. I highly recommend.

    Very satisfied by Pam from Utah05/12/2013

    Correct product arrived on time in good packaging. My dog loves these as his nightly treats!

    Good chews by Kathy from Florida08/02/2012

    My pets love these chews but some of the chews are to thick for my medium size pets to chew, so they get thrown out. This makes the thiner, easier to chew pieces much more expensive.

    Second best to brushing by Anna from Garden Grove, CA03/23/2013

    My dogs are older and they don't like their teeth brushed... My dogs doctor recommended these in place of brushing. My dogs love them and it helps keep their breath fresh.

    CET for Medium Dogs by Sadie from Texas02/04/2014

    My four children love these chews and actually come and ask me for them when they feel they are in need to clean their breath and teeth! When I ask them if it's time, they bark and lead me right to the place where the chews are kept. They love them. Providing them with the CET chews has really kept their teeth and gums healthy!

    Tail Waggin' Delicious by Boomer from Arizona06/03/2014

    The CET Chews were recommended by my vet. Each dog gets one chew daily and the chews have greatly assisted in keeping the dog's teeth free of plaque. Thank you!! A great product loved by the dogs.

    CET Chews by DanO06/16/2013

    Great product that my beagles both love. Vet recommended them for their teeth and I give them one several times a week.

    My Dogs Love these... by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona12/05/2012

    My dogs would rather eat these than any treat I have....Will definitely buy these again because they really work. My dogs teeth are white again. Great product...

    Best chew for our dog by dog owner from WA12/22/2012

    Our Cav always gets one of these chews after his dinner and while we're having ours. He sits expectantly, tail in high wag, waiting for his treat. We find the chews to be very good for Tucker's teeth and easy on his sensitive digestive system. They aren't messy or smelly and last long enough for a good, satisfying chewing experience for our dog..

    by me09/12/2013

    dog likes them, but there is poultry used and my dog is very sensitive to poultry !!!

    not for my pups by mmm from Massachusetts08/17/2014

    My dogs initially ate these, but now they have decided they don't like them.

    puppy loves them and they are good for her by johno from New Hampshire06/25/2013

    We give one of CET chew to our dog after breakfast and she licks her lips while waiting to get it.

    This is a monthly must for us by Mary from Vancouver, Washington03/30/2013

    My dog is a chewer and our vet recommended this product to us. That was 5 years ago and they are her daily treat. They weren't affordable from the vet so now we buy them here. Everyone is happy and the vet says her teeth are in excellent shape.

    Works for our dogs by Mike from Greer, SC05/09/2013

    This product works for the dental care of our dogs. It also lessens the doggy breath issue

    Quality Control leaves something to be desired by Washingtonian from Seattle09/05/2014

    Our dogs love these. However, we have to throw away about 15% of every bag because the thickness of some of the chews makes it impossible for our dogs to chew through them. If their quality control were better, I would give the item five stars. But, who wants to pay for something you have to throw away.

    CET Chews .... YUMMY! by sam10/07/2011

    My dogs LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these chews! I bought small, medium and large to fit each of my 3 dogs. The prices were much less than the local pet stores and most websites I visited. I'll be reordering soon! ???

    by from 05/31/2013

    My dog loves these chews! by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI01/16/2015

    My dog loves these chews! All the CET chews help with bad breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!

    Great Dental Product. by Jim from West Fargo, ND05/30/2013

    On a recent trip to my veterinarian,..with my Bichon, Samantha, for a routine checkup, She asked what I was doing to keep Samantha's teeth in such a great condition. I said CET Chews. She was impressed and said, "keep using them for Sam'"

    CET Chews by Jami from Hampshire, IL07/30/2014

    Great products. However, I buy medium chews for my large dog. I started with large chews but they were too much fiber in one day. I took to cutting them in half. It's much easier to just buy the medium chews.

    by Schmance04/20/2013

    My dogs dinner dessert :) Keeps them very happy for about 10 minutes.

    My dogs love 'em by cchill03/18/2012

    My 2 dachsies love these and always expect one when they come inside after their last visit outside for the night.

    We've Been Trained by Our Pooch! by Gingersnapgranny from Raymond, NH10/23/2012

    Our otherwise docile spaniel, Gracie has become pushy and insistant that we re-order more of the CET Chews. We have tried hiding the bag but she noses it out every time and barks until we comply. These chews are not only very appealing and tasty to Gracie, but her teeth are seeing much less tartar. My husband and I don't need to tell her to brush after a meal. The minute she finishes her dinner, Gracie runs to us barking for a chew. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

    Great Healthy Treat by Bebe08/20/2014

    Our beagle/basset gobbles her lunch because she knows she gets a CET afterwards. This is her special treat for the day and not only is it digestible, it helps to keep her teeth clean of plaque buildup. Your dog will love it.

    Dental health for dogs by Diana from Cottage Grove Oregon08/22/2013

    This product has been great for my Australian Kelpie mix Sigred. I give her a CET chew everyday and it has kept her teeth white and tartar free; even her vet has remarked that for a dog Sigred's age (7), she has remarkably great dental health.

    Quality Control Problem by jarani from Mill Valley, CA03/02/2012

    I have purchased this product for YEARS. But my last order contained a shock - all five packages weighed in at far less than the open and partially used one in my pantry. I compared the product and discovered that each chew size was significantly smaller than for the past 5 years. A HUGE change. Same price though, even with 1/3 LESS PRODUCT in the bag! Called the manufacturer who said this is not the first complaint of this kind, and that they are looking into it. I hope they correct their manufacturing standards because our dog loves these, and her teeth are gorgeous!

    Great dog dental treat! by sylvia from Delmar, NY12/01/2011

    Our sheltie needs dental care. I brush his teeth but he hates it. This chew treat is a great addition, as he loves them! He has one every evening - it's gone in a minute.

    CET Medium sized chew by ztrab from Tucson, Az11/16/2012

    I have been using CET chews for years and have noticed they are getting smaller and thinner for the most part. I have been cutting extra large in half for my 20+ lb Basset/dachshund sisters, but that was a chore, so I decided to try the mediums. I bought 10 bags and the convenience is great but they are too small and after 3 bags, consistently thinner than the larger chews. I will go back to cutting them with my giant sheet metal snips.

    best price! by CharlieHonse from Greensburg, PA05/15/2013

    My Labs love these!! My Vet wanted $35.00 a these! Priced well!

    chews are good! by Trish01/17/2015

    My dog likes these and they are good for her teeth

    I love them! by Cash10/26/2012

    I get one every morning when my human brushes her teeth.

    Best dental chewy ever!! by Grace from Irving, TX06/12/2013

    We have a shar pei and border collie mix and recently added a border collie/springer spaniel mix. All of them just love this. They look forward to this treat after dinner!

    great product by sb10/26/2011

    Have used this for quite a few years. Definitely helps to keep the tartar from forming and having to take the dogs in for an expensive dental cleaning

    average purchase by sharon from vacaville, california01/07/2013

    Actually I have ordered quite a few bags of of the CET chews. The last 3 bags were not good quality. The chews were really tiny and sandy looking. I was not going to say anything. I just was not going to order again.

    good stuff by DogCopilot from VA08/28/2013

    ...chewing on these is (I think) better and more enjoyable for the dogs than trying to brush their teeth with the CET toothpaste that has the same enzyme ingredients.

    Great Product! by Wanda from Arlington, TX08/07/2013

    Bootsy loves her Chew. All I have to do is show it to her, and she runs and jumps in her crate.

    Good purchase by debbie11/24/2011

    After ordering two of the above dental treats my dog decided he likes the ones for smaller dogs better! He is, of course, still eating them, just at a slower rate!

    Great Product by Grammyglo from Belmont, MA05/31/2012

    CET chews were recommended by our vet to help reduce tartar on our Dog's teeth. We give her one daily, they are easily digestible with no splintering. She gets really excited when we reach for the bag and the chews have a side benefit of keeping her occupied! Wish we learned of this product earlier. Only downside is that the pieces are not uniform in size.

    CET Chews for Labs by Karie from Renton, WA04/16/2013

    My black lab really likes these chews. I get the medium sized ones - they are the perfect size but sometimes they put some really large ones in there (which I save for the neighbors dog). Entirely Pets always ships very promptly and I will continue to do business with them. Thanks once again!!

    CET Hextra by mark4711 from north tacoma,wa04/07/2012

    I think that your 30 chews of medium are good for my dog and now my dog like those that you sent me wrong so I think that we need to stay with those 30 chews and I think erveyone who has dogs should try those 30 chews out. thank you ok mark and smokie. at this time i dont have a pic of smokie ok.

    Low Fat Treat Helps Clean Teeth by Sandee from Palm Harbor FL11/18/2011

    I had been purchasing these treats at my vet's office and was thrilled to see that your website offered them. My Shorty is 10 years old and has not had to be "put under" to have his teeth cleaned yet! I make sure he has a CET treat or Bonie as his last treat in the evening.

    Vet recommended by Sally from Columbus, OH04/05/2012

    Have a small breed dog that gets a build up on her teeth. Veterinary recommended these and they do help - gets one every evening. Due to varying shapes and sizes of each piece, she doesn't always finish it in one evening.

    Best Product for Dog's Healthy Teeth by JSR12/20/2012

    The best I have tried on my dogs in over 30 years. I may try a sample of something similar, but I don't expect I would change, unless the product was discontinued...heaven forbid!!!

    Excellent product by antiquescollector01/30/2013

    I give one of these to my dog every day for good oral hygiene. She loves them!

    Poor quality control by Mike10/26/2011

    Have been purchasing these for years and the quality control over the last year got out of control, i.e. less than stated amount in bag, some paper thin with holes and some nearly 1/2" thick. So unsatisfactory that I suspect Entirely Pets, because of the low price, to be providing seconds. Called Entirely Pets customer assistance and they said not their problem and told me to call the manufacturer. Called CET Chews and they were very pro-active and replaced two bags that were unsatisfactory upon return of those bags to CET(they paid for shipping). Consistancy of last shipment from Entirely pets was much improved. Would change recommendation if find that quality control issues are resolved.

    ALWAYS A GREAT PRODUCT by GK from north carolina01/01/2013

    have been using these chews for years because one of my dogs has a sensitive stomach and this don't bother him.

    by from 06/12/2012

    by Sadie02/07/2012

    I like the product but it's not what I expected. It's supposed to be for medium dogs. However, they appear to really be for small dogs. I give my dog two or three of them to equal what I would have thought is appropriate for medium dogs. I would recommend it to friends but with the information that the large size would be better for medium dogs.

    Great Buy by Cheezypuff711/05/2012

    These dental chews are recommended by many vets and do their part to help keep the dogs teeth clean. My guys love them! Seems to help with my shelties bad breath too!

    All My Dogs Love These!! by Fran from Durham, NC07/25/2011

    My vet recommended these chews for my small terriers, as little dogs have notoriously bad teeth. My girls and guy (dog variety) love these and I know the chews are helping their teeth, as well as giving them something to do. Tip: If your dogs is on the lower range of the weight suggestion, 11 lbs. or so, do use the medium. The small sizes are gone in seconds (literally). My vet says I can cut them if they are too large--not. Way too tough for me to cut.

    A content pup by Ella's Dad from Portsmouth, NH06/19/2012

    Every morning after Ella has her breakfast she runs over to me and sits patiently waiting for her CET chew. As I start to give it to her, she licks her lips in anticipation of her "treat". What more can I say...

    by from 01/17/2015

    They love these chews! Entirely Pets delivered this item quick and packaged it well! I'll shop here again soon!

    GSantua by San Diego, CA from Thank

    My Dogs are Happy!

    great for keeping my dogs teeth clean by Charlene from CA01/10/2013

    I have used these for several years. They do an excellent job of keeping my dogs (3 Cavaliers) teeth clean. It reduces gingival inflamation too

    Dogs Love them! by Joyce11/02/2011

    My dogs love them and it is a nightly ritual for them to get one and settle down!

    CET Chews by CD05/23/2013

    Excellent for keeping teeth clean and for dogs who like to chew. They last for a little while and my dog thinks it's a "treat!"

    by reo05/31/2013

    My dog a jack russell will not chew on them.

    Consistently good service by Doug from Rock Hill, SC07/05/2012

    I have purchased dog chews several times through Entirely Pets and have been very satisfied with the quick response in sending and receiving the products. I can count on receiving an email immediately verifying my purchase and another email notifying me of shipment. My order is promptly processed and has always arrived with no problems. Thank you Entirley Pets.

    Unbeatable price and effectiveness by BJ from Ft. Lauderdale10/23/2012

    My dog loves this daily treat and it is keeping her teeth pearly white. Plus, my girlfriend's older dog needed a dental cleaning. She started giving her the chews before the cleaning, and the vet stated, "whatever you are doing for her teeth, keep it up". There was a noticeable difference even before the cleaning! And, you can't beat the price!! Almost 1/2 the price of the veterinary or pet stores!

    by AZLady0901/14/2013

    My dog LOVES these chews and her vet has seen a difference at her dental check-ups!

    Perfect for our dog by 3bags07/30/2012

    These chews are the perfect size for our 60 pound lab mix. We like to give her a rawhide when we leave in the morning and these are not huge but big enough that she thinks she's getting something special. We also like the fact that they help her teeth.

    Great for Golden Retrievers by Judy02/22/2010

    Great for maintaining good dental health in my Goldens.

    a favorite treat by Sonja from Vancouver, WA11/29/2011

    My dog, Ava, has enjoyed these dental chews since she had leg surgery 2 years ago and was so bored in her crate. She is quite the chewer and these keep her busy for a long time. Also, her vet said she has really really healthy teeth. I know it's because of this product.

    by Bea from New York, NY04/24/2012

    Like a raw hide, but they do wonders for the teeth, my dog can be entertained for hours on these, she loves them. They are a bit smelly, but not a deal breaker.

    Great Product by Di06/01/2014

    Chews are tasty and biodegradable unlike rawhide chews. My boys can't wait for us leave in the morning so they can get theirs and relax in their "man-caves"

    Great Treat by demartin from Florence Montana10/15/2013

    Not only a great treat but a natural way to keep your dogs teeth clean and white. Our vet asked if we had been brushing our dogs teeth. We shared that we had been giving our dogs CET Chews a couple times a day. The only reason I could not give 5 stars is the chews are not consistant in size. Several chews will be suited more to LARGE dogs and a medium sized dog could potentially choke on the thicker tufted chews in this medium marked bag of chews. It would seem to me that this manufacturer could better screen what goes into a medium bag of CET. Chews.

    Can't Live without them by Uncle Al from Florida07/13/2013

    my dogs just can't live without them. They love these chews so much and they are healthy and great for their teeth. We go through a bag a week.

    Great value, and dogs love these by waz0409/10/2013

    My vet recommended these for our dog after a teeth cleaning set me back $300! I knew they would help with plaque buildup, but I didn't know if the dogs would like them. We got the medium size and the large size chews, and both dogs LOVE these! I will definitely order more, since the price is much lower here than at the vet's or the store.

    CET Chews Medium by Mom47.... from Texas03/21/2014

    These are great. We have a 95# Akita. We use these as treats several times a day. Since these are meant for smaller dogs we give them more often. She loves them. Keeps her teeth clean, too!!


    Exactly as described. Best price on web plus free shipping and fast delivery. You can't ask for any more than that.

    My Dog LOVES them! by magic4747 from PA11/26/2011

    They are a great healthy chew for your dog. She always goes to the closet after dinner for me to get her one. It's almost like her brushing her teeth after eating!!

    Perfect size for our dog by 3bags from Portland, ME07/31/2013

    We give our dog one of these when we leave the house and we like them because they are not that big and she still thinks she's getting something special.

    Look mom, I'm brushing my teeth! by kat03/07/2013

    My Westies recognize the bag and crowd around me waiting for their own chew. With a chew in their mouth, they each find their own "space" and work on it for hours until it's all gone (bad breath included). This product is a must for my Westies' oral hygiene.

    The pup loves them! by Paige11/07/2011

    If only my dog knew he was getting a dental chew! My favorite part is that these chews don't have any kind of odor and they must taste great because the dog chews them right up! The resealable bag is a nice feature also.

    My Dogs Love These! by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX04/07/2012

    Diamond and Flash get one every morning before I leave for work. It's so fun to watch them take their treat to their own separate corners and start munching!

    Product ingredients have changed! by mawags from Miami FL04/04/2013

    Have purchased these chews for our dogs before and they loved them. However, the ingredients have changed and they want nothing to do with them! Sorry. Going to have to send them back!

    My Dog Loves These by kwkirk10/31/2011

    My older golden has genetically bad teeth and gums. These dental chews are inexpensive (compared to the vet's price) and she loves them! The best part is that they help keep a handle on plaque build up and gingivitis for her.

    Fresh breath!! by Sheltie mom06/25/2013

    My Sheltie chews one or two of these everyday! His breath and teeth are on good shape and they seem to be easy on his sensitive digestive tract. I highly recommend this product.

    Great Value by Sharon from Phoenix, AZ11/03/2013

    A great price and exactly the same product I was buying from my vet. My dog builds up tartar quickly, so he gets one of these chews everyday.

    A good purchase by Kathy10/28/2012

    Maltipoo seems to enjoy this treat. Recommended by my vet.

    Been a user for years by arlene from Charlotte, NC06/22/2013

    My vet got me started on these. He sells them. He said they would help so I did not have to brush Annie's teeth(I know you should). It has worked. We give them to her daily.

    Save Money! by doublee from Frostburg, Maryland08/07/2012

    Buying the CET chews for my dog was less expensive through Entirely Pets even with the shipping cost than getting them at the vet's office! I only wish Virbac coated them more like they used to with the brown coating, my dog used to love licking that stuff off her chewie!

    Dogs love them ! by Kim from Napa Valley California11/06/2012

    My Scottie loves these ! I bought these along with another dental product so I can clean her teeth, and giving her one of these daily, as well, does the trick ! Would definitely recommend them.

    What a Deal by janabanana03/28/2012

    My dog had her first dental bone at the vet's office during her yearly exam. She loved them! I bought a bag of them from the vet, but found them to be very costly. My daughter found them on your website for considerably less money so we ordered several bags. She gets one every morning & loves them! With free shipping, we are a forever customer.

    CET Chews by jojo11/07/2012

    I LOV E UM!!!! MY Mom gives me one every night before we go to bed. UMMMM.

    They really work! by x76 from Grand Rapids, MI09/06/2012

    CET Chews actually do work in keeping that nasty build up down. I am sure that my dog has to have her teeth cleaned less often because of these chews and best of all, she really seems to love eating them.

    Love at first bite by Furrymom from Maryland11/06/2011

    My two cavaliers love these chews. I give them each one after Breakfast - and they run around chasing each other, then sit and relax and chew. It is their morning routine. They love them in the evening to relax. It's great for their teeth and jaws - they haven't had any bad reactions, even when they have eaten them. So far, so good.

    CET review by Moska02/27/2012

    I can only speak for my dog..... she loves her CET treats!!!

    so and so by xxx10/28/2011

    As usual we get about 3 p[ieces in each bag that is 1/4-13 inch thick. These are not for a dog this size.

    NO DENTAL BILLS!!!!! by Rozzie from Northridge, California01/25/2011

    Okay, so I do spend money on these "chews" but it's no where near the money/pain and suffering that a dog endures who has dental problems. These Chews are amazing. Just ask my Vet who is always amazed at how good my Lab's teeth look!

    by Leelee01/27/2012

    Cet chews have kept my dog's teeth healthy for many years. He's 12 and Vet says his teeth are 6! And this is the best price I've found.

    by from 02/24/2012

    These are great for keeping your dog's teeth clean by KH from Montreal, QC10/23/2012

    I have used these for years as chew treats for my dogs, but the real benefit is that they have nice clean teeth, and have never required a dental cleaning from the vet! They love them, and I don't even have to brush their teeth! Only downside is that the size of the chews in each package is variable, so a "medium" chew can be anywhere from 1 X1 inch to 2 X 3 inches - poor quality control!

    cet dog chews by ginby from columbia sc12/14/2012

    it seems the sizes of the chews are getting smaller and thinner. before my dogs takes a while to finish them but now it's gone in less than a minute. but they like it a lot and it seems to help reduce plaque on their teeth.

    My dog's favorite! by Pegg from Elkview, WV10/11/2013

    CET Chews must taste pretty good based on my Welsh Corgi's preference for them. Binkley loves to chew on rawhide, but these chews are by and far his most favorite. It's worth the extra price for the higher quality product.

    CET Chews Medium by countryrose98 from Rancho Belago, CA01/01/2013

    awesome, my vet told me about these chews and my dog loves the. I feel good about giving them to him. it helps along with brushing his teeth.

    Wonderful product by nanlou07/20/2014

    I have a 13 yr old min pin that has been on these chews since 2001 and she has never had to have her teeth cleaned by our vet. Her teeth are still very clean & even pretty. I recommend these for all dogs. Our German Shepherd (may she rest in peace) also had beautiful teeth because we gave her a chew every day after dinner!!

    excellent dental product by jazzfam from Lancaster, NY04/19/2013

    I have been purchasing the CET Chews for our two douchaunds for 2 yrs. I typically purchase the large and cut them in half but sometimes they're thick and a little hard to cut. I just purchased the medium and some pieces to me were small and not consistent. So my next purchase I will go back to the large. My dogs love them and their teeth are in excellent condition.

    by from 01/21/2015

    My vet recommended them vs greenies because the greenies have more fat content or calories.

    them" by CET chews from ElMy


    CET Chews for Medium Dogs (30 Chews) by catdoghorse from Tomball, Texas07/25/2014

    Smaller than have been in the past. But my Jack Russell's love them

    by Carol05/03/2013

    I was VERY pleased with your service and your product (chews) Both Buster and Chase enjoy you fresh Chews Thank you again Carol Galbert

    by Cdorwick03/27/2013

    Great product and great price! Vets charge much more so buy it at Entirely Pets!

    really fast service by littletonblue10/21/2011

    My dogs love these chews, and so does their vet. I have ordered them from several web sites, and Entirely Pets has the best service and fastest delivery I have ever had. Keep it up!

    CHEWS by smoke09/27/2013


    CET Treats by Barb from Jacksonville, FL01/29/2015

    My dog loves these treats. I give her one everyday to keep her teeth clean and they do wonders to keep away bad breath. My sweet pooch now has the whitest teeth I've ever seen. Thanks.

    Featured Reviews for CET Chews for Large Dogs (30 chews)
    Fantastic Treat by GoPete01/19/2012

    Both of my dogs love these. I love that their teeth look cleaner and their breath smells better when they have chewed one up. Definitely worth it.

    CET chews are awesome by tavstarr1 from Nashville,TN02/23/2010

    I give CET chews to my dogs, and love the results. The best part of the chews are that they let the dog enjoy chewing something with rawhide texture, but safer. Since they disslove, I feel safer giving them to my dogs and they work wonderfully.

    best purchase ever by sue from New Jersey06/06/2013

    CET chews are the favorite chews of my dog. She doesn't like regular rawhide chews, she buries them in the yard. The price is great too. I get 4 for the price of one at my vets office!

    My dog's after dinner treat by Pat from Fort Worth, TX06/25/2013

    My three Golden Retrievers love the CET Chews and sometimes will not eat the rest of their food so they can have their chew. I can only afford these when they are on sale.



    Good product by Trish02/13/2013

    Good product and my dog likes them. I give her several a week

    Mmmmm... by LabKid from Chicago area04/17/2014

    My dogs are fairly big (90 lbs and 70 lbs). They do not like those very thin nothing to 'em chips from Cadet and other store brands. These chips are larger and thick, so it takes them a longer time to chew them.

    Best chew for my dog by Silvia from Dubai UAE07/30/2012

    These are the only chews my dog likes.I have tried many others but always ended up throwing them away untached.

    Love CET Chews by texasrose from Colorado01/08/2014

    I've tried lots of different rawhide products on Jackson with very little interest on his part. He was given a CET chew after a vet visit and he actually appeared to enjoy it. So I have been treating him with these for a few years now. The really great part is he never tires of them!! AND I don't have to worry about the rawhide getting stuck somewhere because they are completely digestable!

    Great Dog Chews! by Dachshund Lover from Hendersonville, NC11/06/2012

    CET Chews are recommended by my vet. I have been having trouble finding them. Entirely Pets has them. The Chews are dogs love them and they are fully digestible, not like rawhides. Also Entirely Pets delivers my order FAST. Wonderful Service!

    CET Chews for LARGE Dogs by Jade from Maple Grove, MN12/06/2011

    Great products for dogs love to chew. It keeps my dog's breath and teeth in a great condition.

    Best pricing around! by Jess02/29/2012

    I searched the Internet looking for the best price on CET's as I usually find them for $18 - $20 per bag. My dogs love them so they've basically become a must have as they definitely help keep their teeth clean and healthy. has had the lowest price the last few times I've ordered so I went ahead and signed up for the automatic shipments to take advantage of an additional 10% off of an already great price. Thanks!

    My dog loves CET Chews and by CJ from California10/20/2011

    My dog loves CET Chews and they really help keep his teeth clean.

    CET chews for Large dog by tpc311/29/2011

    Very happy with these chews and dogs love them. And they don't upset their stomachs like some chews do. Only thing negative is that the pieces seem to have become smaller in size with fewer larges size pieces.

    Best dog chews by la3 from Memphis, TN04/05/2010

    My dogs are obsessed with these chews. They wait by the 'treat cabinet' for one every night after dinner.....

    by Fergus01/12/2013

    Keeps my dog's teeth sparkling clean and it's the only brand he will eat. My only slight complaint is that, although each package has 30 chews, the packages vary in weight from 14 oz. to 22 oz., meaning that some packages have very thin chews and some have very thick chews. I prefer the thick ones for my large dog.

    Virbac CET Chews by Evanstar from St Pete, FL05/07/2013

    My dog LOVES these chew treats and they are good for her Dental Hygiene it is a win win! Entirely Pets is awesome. They were out of stock and there was a wait for the product to come in so for the delay they waived the shipping charge. I recommend your company to all of my pet loving friends!

    My Golden Retrievers love their chews by Pat from Fort Worth, Texas01/28/2013

    For the price, these chews are great for cleaning my older dog's teeth. I think sometimes they would rather have these chews than their regular meals.

    Chews by katie10/26/2012

    My dogs loves these SHe is addicted (lol) there cheaper than from the Vet I thinkg they help clean her teeth, I also use POwder on her food

    Sadie Loves Chews by Ken10/29/2012

    My 65 pound Lab. Sadie loves these chews and they're good for her too....she says keep 'em coming!!!

    Better size for Labs by CharlieHonse from Greensburg, PA05/15/2013

    Great price my Vet wanted $38.00 for a bag and Entirely Pets...way undersold my vet! GREAT PRODUCT!!! My Labs LOVE them!

    by abby12/26/2012

    great quality chew product and great price compared to competing retailers

    My Dogs love these chews!!! by catdoghorse from Tomball, Texas03/13/2013

    I have purchased these chews for my 5 Jack Russells for the last 4 years. My dogs love to chew so I had to find a good product for them to eat on a daily basis. These chews have helped to keep their teeth clean and satisfy that need to chew. My only problem is over the last few months the large chews I have purchased have become the size of small chews. Still a great product.

    C.E.T. chews by Oakridge Gang from TEXAS12/10/2012

    The dogs love these chews! However, sometimes the size chew ordered is not the size chew you get in the package.

    Recommended for dog's teeth by egghead from Bethlehem, NY11/05/2011

    Our vet recommended the CET chews for our dogs teeth, since both of them are 10 years old and show a bit of tooth plaque buildup. Time will tell if the product improves the condition of their teeth since this is the first bag we have purchased.

    Chewy's by [email protected] from Morley, Mi01/19/2012

    I was and am more than happy with every aspect of the chewy products that I received from "Entirely Pets." More than happy to recommend the product. Jim Finn

    CET Chews for Large Dogs by rxnnreed from Sheridan,Wy03/12/2013

    Ok...our dogs are not large but they think they are and we like the chews to last a while......our BullTerrier gets this chew done in a few minutes where the Cock-A-Poo takes a while to chew it up....BUT I am telling you....the CET Chews are fabulous!!!! They really work! Our dogs teeth are clean and free of plaque AND their breathe smells so much better!!! The CET Chews are very much worth the money you pay....cheaper than a vet bill to have teeth cleaned!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! by alfie from indiana03/20/2013

    My dog loves these! He eats them everyday.

    The best chews by Marilyn from St. Louis01/25/2012

    These are the only ones I give my lab. He loves them and I don't find him choking on them like orther chews. They keep him busy for awhile also. I give him nothing else but these. These are a winner!

    Great Dental Product by Orlando from Georgia10/23/2012

    My dog loves the CET chews. However, the size of the chews seems to be getting smaller and smaller in the most recent purchases.

    My dog loves these treats by Ed from Needham, MA10/23/2012

    Every night, my dog gets a CET chew after dinner. She looks forward to her treat as if it were desert. The chews keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh.

    Great treats for your dog by Texas Nonna from Tempe, TX11/30/2012

    Our Maggie just loves these treats and looks forward to getting one or maybe two every evening after dinner. What's great about these is that they are digestible, help clean their teeth, and are highly recommended by our vet. Entirely Pets offers a great price on these treats; I usually buy several bags at a time.

    by from 04/24/2013

    The CET Chews for dogs are a good way to help fight tartar and keep your canine's incisors nice and pearly white...or not quite as yellow as usual.

    like by it!" from Dental chunks and chewsBuy


    Good Item by Venice from Oregon02/22/2013

    Our dogs love these Chews. They are great for removing tartar from their teeth. The dogs love their "chewies" and have one daily.

    No teeth cleaning for my girls by LuRue from New Orleans, LA11/25/2012

    I give my girls 1-2 chews each a day. They know exactly when I get home so they run to the counter where I keep them. It keeps them chewing and has kept their teeth so clean that neither of them have needed dental cleaning and have gotten an A+ each time we go to the vet. I highly recommend these for your pet

    My 10 year old dog has the teeth of a 2 year old! by spaniel-lover from Clearwater, FL03/23/2012

    I have two Springer Spaniels. One is 9 years old and the other is 10. They have had CET Chews every day since they were puppies. After a recent "geriatric" physical, their vet rated my 10 year old's tooth tartar age as a two-year old dog. The 9 year old has no visible tooth tartar whatsoever. She gives CET Chews most of the credit. The dogs love the chews, and they are given as daily "treats" after ear cleaning!

    Dogs love them by ml from Central Coast, CA10/08/2013

    Our two rescue dogs love these treats. Bought first ones at vet office and now they get them several times a week.

    Sophie loves them! by Connie from La Plata MD10/28/2011

    Sophie is a very finicky eater and does not like a lot of treats offered. This is one product she really enjoys--a good find!

    Hope they're also good for me. by Indydogz from Philly PA12/14/2012

    Like brushing, these clean my teeth well. Its more fun than when my human tries to get the toothbrush back around my molars.

    CoCo loves them by kay11/02/2012

    I like them also. Vet says they are best to keep teeth clean. Only thing, .....I give her one daily and I think it was causing her some constipation. I now give her a Lamb jerky treat and she goes the bathroom (outside of course).

    Excellent price for a great product by Sunshine from Scottsdale, AZ02/02/2012

    I was buying regular rawhide chews that were every inconsistent in size and quality, and did a poor job of cleaning. My vet recommended CET chews and what a difference! Entirely Pets made them a very affordable, superior alternative!

    Clean Teeth by Captain Kirk11/01/2011

    We get the large ones, which can sometimes be to thick and cut the gums, but other than that they are great. Really cuts down on build up on the teeth.

    Best looking greyhound teeth by greyhound mom from Maryland10/17/2011

    We provide these to our greyhound once an day and the vet said that our greyhound had the best looking teeth that she's seen. Huge improvement!

    my dog just loves it! by lucia from muskego, wis01/17/2013

    it's so much cheaper than the pet shop or other stores and my dog just loves it!

    Great Product by Snoopy Frostie01/20/2013

    My dog loves these chews and they really help keep her teeth clean!

    by Kiyoko from Bay City, MI04/04/2013

    Orders were reasonable, precise and quick. Thanks.

    My Puppies Most Favorite by Bobo10/27/2011

    My puppies love Veggie Dents---I give them both one per day and they can't wait to get their daily treat. I have been giving them to them for the past six months. I missed one day and they were not happy. I won't miss another day........

    Great product by elvy from Ct02/17/2014

    I've been buying this product for years. My dogs LOVE them and enjoy them tremendously. You must watch them when they're eating them as they have a tendency to try and swallow pieces that are not entirely chewed. Other than that they are a great product.

    Great for daily chewing by abell from CA08/07/2013

    My dogs love to chew on these but I have to cut them into strips first because otherwise they swallow them to soon and throw them up! also have not really noticed that they freshen the breath.

    My Dogs Love These by HoustonCheryl from Houston, TX01/06/2013

    I have three rescues and they each get one of these every day. My vet charges a whole lot more for each bag, and finally one of the receptionists told me I should look for them online. I couldn't believe the difference in price. So now I'm on autoship, and that makes it even better!

    CET chews by Sally from Eugene, OR09/20/2013

    Dogs have their priorities just as people do. With my dog they are eating, sniffing, chasing, standing watch, dozing and sleeping. But above all of these activities is the "chewy." If Mack is chasing a squirrel or scaring the daylights out of the UPS man all I have to do is yell "chewy!" He comes immediately. And his teeth look better as well.

    CET Chews by Billy from North Carolina02/17/2013

    My dog loves them. She expects them every morning.

    My dogs LOVE these by klself032110/20/2011

    They're like crack for dogs! These chewies are the best we've found on the market and our girls really love them. They definitely help with their breath too. I'd highly recommend these!

    Pretty Teeth! by DallasIB from Dallas, TX04/04/2012

    My dog loves them and they keep her teeth really clean.

    Love it by Glumy05/15/2013

    My dogs go crazy for these! Help keep teeth clean & breath fresh!

    by Harley's mom from CA12/14/2012

    The chews were much smaller than the large usually are. They are sealed bags from the maker so it didn't have anything to do with this site. They arrived in a very short time. The site would not remove the shipping charge so I did have to call and they said it would be refunded to my account.

    Woofie likes them! by Woofie from NJ05/15/2013

    Our Woofie (Woofgang der Wunderhund) is so wild for those, it is just unbelievable. Every morning after his breakfast he runs straight to the cabinet where we keep these chews and waits sitting in front of it until he gets his "bony bone" - as we call them. Then he takes off and finds a quite place to chew it up.

    Keep those pearly whites white! by Kim from Scottsdale, AZ08/17/2013

    Chopper has one every day and his teeth are beautiful. Recommended by our vet and cleanings are fewer than before.

    CET chews by Evo from Richmond, VA12/12/2012

    this is the best ever, my pet acts like a kid with candy when she gets her CET chew everynight. She runs around with it for a few minutes before she lays down and eats the chew

    well worth it by Jim from northern CA03/29/2014

    High quality at a reasonable price (compared to local retail or Vet office).

    Best price for CET Chews by anna03/17/2013

    The price for these chews is excellent and when I asked for bags with thinner chews (my dog can no longer chew the thicker ones) they definitely picked out the ones I needed. I am very happy with Entirely Pets. When I need other products, I will definitely go to Entirely Pets first.

    Good stuff by DogCopilot from VA02/25/2013

    Always monitor your dog when it eats chews. These are great and probably better than brushing teeth, though I do both.

    Good Teeth Cleaner by Dog Loving Mama ! from so calif07/09/2014

    These help keep teeth cleaner. I give one as a daily treat. My dog loves them. I only wish they'd cut them a bit thinner as it's hard for her to chew on the thick cut ones. The reason it's 4 stars. Be sure to get the size that is best for your dog to chew. I find the medium to small for my dog (50 lbs) as she almost swallows them whole.

    wonderful! by patutie12/14/2010

    the CET chews have made a huge difference for my dog. She doesn't need a dental cleaning now!

    Purchase Mulituple bags monthly by Lorilyn from Richardson, TX06/27/2012

    I purchase 5-8 bags every few months and will continue to do so, keep up the awesome work!

    Dog and owner quite happy by waz0406/22/2014

    Our dogs LOVE these chews. They actually start salivating and performing tricks when they see us open the bag. These were recommended by our vet because our Norwich Terrier had severe gingivitis. After an expensive cleaning, we started giving these chews to both dogs. They have no tartar build up, and their breath is sweet. Entirely Pets has the best price that we've found, and we order regularly.

    Keeping Riley's teeth pearlie white and clean by LisaF from Memphis, Tenn10/24/2011

    I don't know who loves CET chews more, my dog, Riley or me. CET chews are his favorite treat (along with greenies) and he just loves them. I love them because he always gets great dental checkups from our vet and even being 9 years old, Riley has NEVER needed his teeth professionally cleaned by our vet. During his last checkup this summer, our vet said that Riley has the teeth of a much younger dog. That makes both of us very happy. A friend of mine recommended CET chews to me and I am so glad he did. Just wanted to pass this on to others.

    Great chews by blossom's mom from Long Island, NY05/07/2013

    My dog loves them. She looks up at the cabinet where I keep them and stares until I give her one.. She is 11 years old, and her teeth are in good shape, so I think they are doing their job.

    My dogs are crazy about these! by Paula from Idaho06/26/2013

    They love to chew on these for hours. So good for their teeth too. I used to spend over $20 per bag for these at my Vet's, and now that I have found them here, I will stay a loyal customer with very happy furkids.

    Great Healthy Treats by Scfi from Pittsburgh PA06/20/2014

    My dogs have been loving CET Chews for years. They are recommended by my Vet and help keep their teeth clean. Price at this site is pretty good.

    by from 10/31/2011

    I've been getting the Size Large CET chews for 9 years for my two golden retrievers. They help keep their teeth clean and gums healthy...a great product.

    disappointed by that from theHowever,


    by from 02/12/2013

    Like the Ora-clens 'medium', these larger chews are great for teeth cleaning as well as keeping the dog busy for awhile. Some are long and thin, others are long and thick, about 1-2cm. Those thicker ones he just drops and leaves. He prefers the thinner ones and Entirely Pets is willing to have someone check the bags before sending.

    told by me from toE-Pets


    C.E.T. by Virbac by Chris from Las Vegas, Nv06/19/2013

    This product is Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chew for Dogs. My dog is crazy for these chews. His teeth are always clean and his breath is fresh. I have ordered these chews now for over a year. The delivery time on orders are amazing. I order one day and the order is received the next day. This is a great product and I recommend them. Jake loves them and I love to see him happy!!

    Would have been great is I ever received them by Bigdog from Port Charlotte, FL06/04/2011

    I have order and (receivied) CET Chews for years. My dogs love them. I just wish they would ship the ones I ordered and paid for.

    Popular with our collies by Bill from Western Colorado01/21/2014

    These chews keep the collies busy for a while in the evening, and help keep their teeth and breath clean.

    CET Chews by Wild Dog from Albuquerque, NM06/12/2012

    My dogs liked these at first but really like the HEXtrra chews...they are the same with more dental medication. HEXtra costs a bit more but they do a better job of helping your dog's teeth stay clean and fresh. One a day does the job.

    Great dental chew and treat by savvythriftyshopper from Gig Harbor, Wa01/10/2012

    My dog loves these. They are dessert every day after her dinner. Only complaint is the big difference in size of each chew...some big and others small. I would expect better uniformity when you buy the bag based on the weight of the dog. They're too expensive to give more than one a day.

    Product is so good no longer choking on bones by Sienna11/26/2012

    When we got our latest Rescue Siberian Husky the Vet told us about CET Chews and told us they are so good for the dog. We always gave chews but not this brand and will never change the product. Thank you.

    Best Chews, Best Price by Rick from Southern Oregon07/26/2012

    These are my dogs favorite chews, and I've only seen them at the Veterinary office. I was happy to find them here at a more affordable price, which means my dog is happy, too, because he gets them more often.

    Good product at good price by Linda M from Dayton, OH12/12/2011

    These chews were recommended by our veterinarian to help our Golden Girl's teeth. I was happy to find them for a good price!

    by Fife from Evergreen, Co05/03/2013

    My dogs love the CET chews. They stand by the cabinet after dinner and wait for their"treat".

    Great Oral Health Product by Raynebow11/29/2012

    As an Registered Vet Tech, I have been giving CET Chews to our dogs for years. The rawhide is easily digestible, and they are coated with an enzyme that helps keep teeth clean.

    Dogs Love These! by canderse from San Diego, CA02/04/2013

    My two Welsh Springer Spaniels love their "Chewees." I give 1-2 each per day, so I order 10 bags at a time. Once in a while, there is an odd number of chews in the bag. Sometimes the chews are too thick and I throw away for fear the dogs will choke. I never give without supervision. Seems to help some with tartar buildup, but doesn't keep dental cleanings at bay for this breed.

    work great by rangeley from Boston10/24/2011

    Our dog loves the chews and we can already see a difference in his teeth.

    Vet Recommended by SchnauzerLvr from Conroe, TX06/02/2012

    I have 17lb & 19lb Schnauzers that love these chews. The Vet told me to buy the Large instead of the Medium chews--this gives the pups a bit more chew-time. My Schnauzers would tell you these are great--if they could use the computer!

    Is My Dog Part Cat? by FurIsFlyin' from New York02/13/2013

    Such a finicky boy! He chewed two of these and decided he'd rather have the pigs ears. Can't get him interested in these again. I'll try hiding the pigs ears. Maybe he will give up and try these chews again.

    CET Chews for large dogs by habaneratu02/07/2012

    I have been buying these chews for some time now. My dog loves them and has a way to remind me when I have failed to give her one. Entirely Pets is reliable and you can count on that you will receive the merchandise when promised.

    Quality Product by windhound from Connecticut02/01/2014

    I have been giving my Borzois CET Chews for a number of years after a veterinary dentist recommended them. My dogs love them and they are also an excellent way to prevent tarter build up on their teeth. Purchasing them from EntirelyPets has proven to be the Best value for my money for a quality product.

    Great chews for a great price by gabesmom4781 from Fort Lauderdale, Fl04/14/2012

    My dogs look forward to their CET chews every day. My vet even noticed a decrease in the tartar build up.

    Not always a favorite by MamaJo from SW IOWA01/04/2013

    OUr dogs at firtst didn't like them, now one of them will eat them if nothing else is available..

    Love These! by Benny's Mom from Bristow, VA11/07/2012

    Our dog LOVES these chews! We give him one every evening when we have our dinner and he gets so excited when he knows it's "chewy time". We've been giving him these for about 2 years now as part of his dental care routine (we also brush his teeth with C.E.T. toothpaste each night). His teeth have been in great shape ever since. We make sure to never run out of these chews or he wouldn't let us hear the end of it!

    Good Product, but C.E.T. is Terrible by JakesDad from Bloomfield, CT12/17/2013

    Let me say, first, that is the best! Great variety of products, great prices and great service! My Golden Retriever, Jake, gets a dental chew every night, and they really do help. I will say, however, that I have found no difference between the effectiveness of the C.E.T. Chews vs. the Ora-Cleanse Chews. I usually buy them in bulk, and will purchase whichever product has the best pricing at the time. Jake is 90+#, and I buy him the Large size chews. A while back, I received three packages of C.E.T. Chews that were labeled "Large", but contained unusually small chews. They were about half the normal size, and were paper thin. Jake practically ate them in one bite. I emailed C.E.T., and received a prompt phone call from their representative. He listened to my concerns, then told me that C.E.T. sells their products exclusively through veterinarians, and that any other seller was not an authorized dealer. Consequently, they refused to stand behind their product. I have seen C.E.T. Chews being sold by every major pet supply retailer, both online and brick and mortar establishments, so I don't quite understand how C.E.T. can claim that only veterinarians are authorized dealers. Something is not right here. I have spent thousands of dollars on C.E.T. products over the years. I clearly received a deficient product in factory sealed packaging, yet the manufacturer refused to stand behind their product. While the Chews freshen Jake's breath, their complete lack of any level of customer service left a very bitter taste in MY mouth. The product is good, but the company stinks! Hence the one star. So when pricing is close, I always opt for the Ora-Cleanse Chews. The Ora-Cleanse product is equal (if not better) in every way.

    #2 Try by Waiting to see from Fort Worth,Tx.03/18/2013

    The first attempt ordering with "Entirely Pets" did not turn out so well.I ordered a product and wanted a 2-4 day shipping.There was some mixup and finally received the order in 12 days.I am hoping for a better outcome on this second order.They did change $ amount on shipping.I know things get messed up so I am trying again.Prices are very good compared to local VET!!They are outragous.

    CET Chews are great! by Deb07/23/2013

    Trouble brushing your dog's teeth? Look no further for the alternative to brushing....CET Chews!! My pups love them and they have clean white teeth because of them!

    by from 07/22/2012

    Vibac CET Chews are a great dog-treat, together with the fact that they are one of the best DENTAL-CARE products on the market!

    by by EntirelyPets, from togetherThe


    the by company from (EntirelyPets)I


    Alan by Raleigh, NC from Alan

    CET Chews for LARGE Dogs (30 chews)

    Love um by O'Riley from Aurora Colorado07/29/2014

    O'Riley loves them, and they clean her teeth for the right price. So I love them.

    Money's Worth by Fleabags from Milwaukee, WI03/08/2012

    For some reason, our dog loves these chews. She tires easily of the store bought brands and I have to give them to friends but these she will eat till there gone. Definitely worth the money in our opinion.

    Best Chews Ever by Debbie from Fort Worth, Tx01/09/2013

    I first learned about these chews a couple years ago from my vet. They were very pricey!! My friend told me about Entirely Pets and I was amazed at the price!!! It's so awesome!! My dog (Daisy) LOVES these treats. She knows that she gets one in the morning after her breakfast and another before I leave for work. She will go and sit/lay my the pantry door to remind me IT'S TIME. Great product! quanity great - price awesome!!! I highly recommend these chews.

    by Nancy03/10/2013

    My dog loves these chews! I am so happy I found them at a lower price than at my vet's office; my dog is especially happy, since we can now "maintain supply"!

    CET Dental Chews by Rescue Mama from Mountain Rest,SC06/26/2013

    I have been purchasing CET Dental Chews for my dogs for almost 20 years. None of my dogs have had to have their teeth cleaned or had any dental issues since I started using CET's. Before, many of them had dental problems. Entirely Pets has a good price for these and their delivery is good.

    Safer chews by Giggy06/28/2012

    My Vet recommends this product because it contains no formaldehyde. Apparently the other chews you can buy do contain this ingredient. My dog loves these so I feel better giving them to him knowing that I am not filling him with the previously mentioned compound.

    Just like brushing teeth between meals! by Anet from New Hampshire05/31/2012

    My dog loves taking her "chewy" and taking it to a private place to chew and enjoy her after meal treat.

    seem to be getting thinner by MP11/25/2012

    Our dog is obsessed with the chews. We have been giving them to him for about 3 years and over that time, the chews have become less meaty and shorter. Some of them last about 1 minute. Wish they were thicker and lasted longer.

    CET Chews by Art05/01/2012

    In recent months the chews have been smaller and thinner than what we had received in earlier shipments. Perhaps the manufacturer is having financial problems and is unable to make the product in the same size we had become accustomed to seeing.

    Chews by Pamella from Chicago, IL10/23/2012

    Great for my dog's teeth and she loves them.

    CET Chews by ZoeB from La Push, WA11/30/2013

    Dogs enjoy these, recommended by my VET one a day helps their teeth keep clean

    by Dog Momma10/23/2012

    Great product, great price and fast shipping! Our vet thinks the daily use of this product has improved our dogs' gum health...and it wasn't so good before!!

    by from 04/14/2013

    We've always loved these chews that were introduced to our dog by the vet's office.

    5-8 by bags from atWe


    always by been from veryEntirely


    Better than rawhide by Cinda11/02/2011

    My dog loves these because they are tasty, provide lots of chewing and are digestable.

    by Callie10/06/2013

    Bought these for my friends dog. She loved them and her teeth are looking better.

    Great Product and Price by Pupluv from CA03/15/2014

    My two dogs love CET Chews and I love how it cleans their teeth and freshens their breath. I was paying several $$ more buying them from the veterinarian office.

    by from 01/23/2013

    Raw hides and manufactured bones are dangerous. I don't buy them. I tried the 'predigested' chews however for my lab, the large are too thick and curled.

    right by for from us.This


    Very good by Alicia from Florida08/11/2014

    Besides being very good for there teeth, my girl loves them and it's a great treat.

    by Cissy's Mom from Pocatello, ID03/06/2012

    My dogs love these chews which were recommended by our vet. I use them when I don't brush their teeth or when we need them to be entertained while we're out without them. I have a Cocker Spaniel and a Black Lab. We use medium size for the Cocker and the large for the Lab.

    great product by peepaw04/09/2012

    My dogs love this chew better than any other that I've tried, and I've seen a noticable decrease in the amount of tartar on their teeth. It's well worth the price.

    Best non-toothbrush for dogs ever! by poopala11/04/2013

    These chews are eagerly awaited daily. They force my dog to chew for longer than other chews. My dog always has a good dental checkup as a result.

    Excellent teeth cleaner for both bird dogs by Kay01/01/2013

    My dogs don't have to go to the vet as often as they used to because these chews do excellent job of keeping my dogs teeth clean and they love to chew then!!!

    by TX V-dog from TX07/14/2013

    Our vet sells these chews and I think they help keep my dogs teeth clean. My vizsla really enjoys knawing on them. I keep an eye on her while she has one until it is gone. I have never had any issues with choking but I am aware that it is always a possibility.

    Know Your Pet by Deb06/02/2014

    I buy these all the time for my dog. I give her one every night as a special treat. I have another dog, however, that I do not give any to. He tends to want to chew them a little and then try to swallow and then gags on them. You need to know if your dog will chew them or try to swallow. If they're a chewer, then they are great--not so much if they're not.

    CET CHEWS by bjf11/20/2011

    Our dog's favorite treat, great for teeth cleaning!

    large chews by unsure12/06/2011

    the chews are inconsistent, some of these seem like they should be for medium dogs and some seem like they should be in the extra large bag. Somebody please, correct me if I am wrong and this is how they should be.

    Great Chew by Kathy from Simi Valley, CA06/22/2012

    Great chew to help with tartar and the dogs love them. I give my 3 dogs 1 daily and they have never had to have a dental appt.

    Our dogs love them! by T Burger04/25/2014

    We have been purchasing these for quite some time and both of our dogs love them. Entirely Pets is very prompt with delivery also.

    Excellent Chews by ladywild from Atlanta, GA05/15/2013

    We have used these chews for years. Our dogs eat them almost every night. Our last vet visit, the vet said "have you considered having your dog's teeth cleaned". My oldest dog is 12. I told them I didn't want to and didn't really think it necessary. She looked at my old dogs teeth and said "wow...she has no tartar on her teeth". I am certain its because of these chews. We do not brush their teeth. This is it for them. They also LOVE them.

    C E T CHEWS by carol11/04/2011

    My dogs love these chews. They won't leave me alone at night until they get their special treats.

    Just what my dog needed by turfwriter from Richmond, VA05/29/2012

    Certain dental chews do the job better than others and it helps when you can find a source that sells them at a good price. Well done!

    Keeps labs teeth sparkling by L2 from Gig Harbor, WA03/17/2013

    My two labs have their morning dental chew as part of the daily routine. A 6 and 7 years old, their teeth look terrific.

    C.E.T. Chews by as05/05/2013

    The vet reccomended that I buy these to help keep my dogs teeth clean. The only problem I have with them so far is that they are not uniform in size and it is hard to find 3 alike to give my dogs so that they all last the same amount of time. There are not very many thick ones and those really seem to be the best.

    CET Chews for Dogs by Jason from Virginia Beach, VA05/08/2013

    My dog gets excited when I am about to give her one. She enjoys them very much.

    Great for Teeth & Big Time Chewers by KinnicksOwner11/07/2012

    Our dog loves to chew and he is always wanting to chew on the wrong things. Since purchasing these CET chews his teeth are in great shape and he loves when he is rewarded with one of these.

    Love These by Liz03/20/2013

    My dogs love, love, love these chews and i can tell a big difference in their teeth and breath after giving them one of these.

    CET Chews for Dogs by warma1 from San Diego, CA.11/30/2012

    What a great product. My dog had these recommended for him by a vet. He has had 1 chew a day for his entire 8 years and other vets have commented on how good his teeth look. He has never had them cleaned by a vet. This also allows him good chewing time which he looks forward to each morning. A product that I highly recommend.

    CET Chews are great by 5dogs01/25/2012

    These are great for our 5 dogs in helping keep their breath under control.

    Love C.E.T chews by Ralphie's mom04/16/2013

    Great addition to my dog dental care. We got a great review at the vet!

    The dogs love them by Jakki from Texas08/07/2013

    My dogs love these chews and they are a good price

    CET Chews for large dogs by CH from North Port, FL11/26/2012

    A great product at a reasonable price - same product you purchase at the veternarians office but at a better price.

    dog dental chews is a hit by Raf from Longmont,Colorado01/18/2013

    One of my dogs had 2 root canals done in December.Vet recommended this chews for her teeth.I give them to both of my dogs at least once a day and they like them a lot.

    amazing size differences in one pkg! by Janears12/15/2013

    I would give this product at least four stars, but for the astounding range of sizes of chews found in a single bag. I realize this is a "natural" product--the chews are not made from some consistently-sized mold--but some of these are 1/4" thick and 8" long, while others...well, see the photo for the tiny thing that counted as one of the 30 chews in the latest bag. My dogs tend to vomit pieces of the huge ones, and the tiny ones are gone in five seconds, with no chewing (and thus no dental benefit). I've gotten these chews for years, and they didn't have quite the size range I see now. Time for quality control to step in!

    Great for teeth by Matt from Watertown, NY06/24/2013

    I would absolutely recommend the chew. My dog loves it. Additionally, the CET Chews do not create a mess on the floor, compared to other chews on the market. These chews have also been helpful in terms of cleaning my dogs teeth, as I give him one per day.

    Great Product by prince1 from grants pass, oregon12/28/2011

    Works well for cleaning teeth and my dogs love them.

    Great Chewies by Pauli01/27/2012

    My dog and my daughter's dog both love these chews. They were recommended by my vet, and have really helped keep teeth cleaner.

    Excellent by Mike07/26/2014

    My 100lb pit lab mix Chloe,loves them,she just eats them way to

    Our dogs love them by JLR01/23/2013

    Our dogs (2 goldens) get one each after every meal. They can't wait to get them. The only issue is the inconsistency of the size of the chews. I sometimes wonder if we got medium vs. large chews.

    Best Product to clean teeth by JF from Massachusetts12/12/2011

    I have been using this product for months. It was first mentioned to me by my vet. My dog absolutely LOVES them and they are amazing at cleaning his teeth.

    Very disappointed by roynhank from Sugar Land, TX02/07/2012

    I bought the large chews for my 2 border collies who weigh 30 & 40 lbs. (the bag says chews are for dogs 26-50 lbs). Well about 1/3 of the chews were so small and LIMP I wouldn't give them to ANY dog because they would probably choke on them. About 1/3 of them I put aside for my 10 lb. terrier mix because they were WAY too small to give the BC's. The other 1/3 were OK, but still pretty small for this size dog. I would definitely get the EXTRA large if I decided to try these again.

    used these for years by Snap from Annapolis, MD12/13/2011

    Our labs really like these as an evening treat and they consistently have had good dental reviews from the vet. We don't brush their teeth.

    They love 'em! by BBBCO from GJ, CO02/06/2013

    My dogs love the CET Chews. Their teeth are white and clean.

    CET Chews by Robin from Yakima, WA02/13/2014

    Our dogs love the chews and they help keep their teeth cleaner and mouth cleaner. We are trying to keep the dental problems to a minimum and these help a lot.

    Best Chews Ever by NanWaters from Byron, GA12/06/2011

    We have 2 Boykin Spaniels. Every morning when I have my coffee, they get a chew. This is the only chew they like. Keeps them healty and breath fresh!!

    by Hatbow from Egg Harbor City, NJ05/15/2014

    My dog absolutely LOVES these chews! He wakes me up in the morning and instead of heading for the front door, he heads directly to the pantry where his chews are stored. Nice try, puppy (actually 5 1/2 yrs.) . :)

    These will keep your dog's teeth white! by jazzgran08/27/2013

    We have been SO happy with the CET chews. Both of our dogs get one daily and their teeth are sparkling white! So worth the expense versus putting them to sleep to undergo cleaning in the vet's office. The dogs each weight 50# and the chews tend to sometimes be uneven (i.e. some are thick, others skimpy) but if they are too big I cut them in half (with a hacksaw lol). If we continue to use these I doubt whether our 10 month old hound will ever need to undergo a cleaning.

    by Mom12/01/2011

    Not what I ordered....I ordered chews for medium dogs and I got chews for large dogs.

    Great Product! by JNN05/13/2013

    Even finicky dogs love them and they really help keep teeth clean.

    Great for the teeth by wellwisher58 from Winston Salem, NC02/28/2012

    I had been using another product for cleaning my dogs' teeth, but I have found that this works far better. With the rawhide they have to use all teeth for a good period of time which means a better cleaning. One of my dogs turns his nose up on most rawhide products, but not this one.

    CET Chews by Diana from Eugene Oregon05/01/2013

    Sigred has had nothing but praise from her vet for the condition of her teeth. I give Sigred 1 chew everyday and she loves them!

    Great product! by Linda from Mishawaka, IN12/08/2011

    My dog loves rawhides although I won"t give them too her anymore, they tear up her stomach but I can give her these and they do a great job on her teeth!

    Dog's favorite by Madremom from Black Mtn., NC11/23/2012

    Both our dogs grabbed this chew eagerly. Our vet recommended it and I am well pleased with it.

    My Boxer loves these chews by Jamie from Spokane09/24/2013

    I used to by these from my Vet but they are half yes half the price on Entirely Pets they have the best price on the internet and the stores

    great chews by Lorraine11/30/2012

    these chews really work well to reduce tartar on my dogs teeth. I've tried similar products with no sucess..these are the best!

    CET chews by Bpihg from San Antonio, TX04/08/2013

    Our vet recommended these but buying them at the facility was really expensive. Entirely Pets has a much lower price for the same item. They work great on my kid's teeth! AND they LOVE them!

    Throw away the toothbrush! by tucktuck03/16/2012

    I give my dog one of these every day. He loves the and they keep his teeth clean. The only ones I would ever use are the enzymatic.

    CET Chews by jbwulf04/04/2013

    My dog loves them, they do an excellent job keeping her teeth and gums in great shape. I switched to something else for awhile, and the vet noticed that my dog's teeth and gums had deteriorated.

    by Vee06/21/2012

    I love giving my dogs these chews. It keeps their teeth clean and breath smelling fresh plus they love them. Great price at Entirely Pets. As long as the price stays the same I will continue purchasing them from

    by Beverly from Dallas, TX12/14/2012

    Our dogs enjoy these chews as an occasional treat

    Best Dental Treat Evarrr by Auzzie's Mum from Los Angeles02/17/2012

    Our vet recommended this several years ago, and we have not given our dog any other dental treat ever again. She absolutely loves it!

    My Dogs Loves These Chews by Brickstir from Ft. Myers, FL12/28/2012

    My dog loves these chew bones and they also help her to have clean teeth and good breathe. She goes crazy if I have one in my pocket. She the loves the bones so much that they are one of the few triggers that could make her feisty. The only down side is that the bags are not consistent in quality. Each bag can be different in type and quality of the chews. Some bags have nice thick chews and are for large dogs, like the package label states, unfortunately other bags have thin, tiny, and inadequate in quality chews. Entirely Pets is the best place to purchase these chews, they are the most consistent to insure the chews are of good quality.

    Fast Delivery, Smaller Chews by edny11/05/2012

    The chews in both packages weren't as large as they've been in the past. Thus, for LARGE dog chews, these weren't as large as previous times.

    clean teeth! by lulu48 from Seattle WA10/14/2013

    I give this to my dogs every evening after their dinner. They look forward to them. These, in addition to semi regular brushing and turkey necks has kept their teeth clean and white delaying significantly the need for dentals.

    Great product....slow delivery by Julie12/09/2011

    I know the product is loved by my dog...ordering from this company is a long term commitment....3 weeks for tracking info to start of this posting we still don't have our order...

    by Deb from St. Louis, MO02/05/2012

    Good product, good price, timely delivery

    Chewies...favs for Fido by Sadie from Texas08/28/2013

    My four dogs love them. They are easily digestible and they are simply the perfect size and texture.

    Love this item by Barbaraw from San Juan Island, WA09/06/2013

    my dogs love this product and it helps keep their teeth clean.

    by dad07/01/2013

    service is very good. dog likes sorry it's short

    Really works by SkylarMia from Cedar Park, TX02/28/2012

    We started giving these to our dog when the vet indicated she was getting placque/tartar on her teeth and would probably need her teeth cleaned. At the next checkup 6 mos. later the vet indicated her teeth looked better and she would be fine for a while without a dental cleaning. The dog really enjoys the chews as well.

    by LELA02/05/2012


    Dog loves them by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY11/21/2013

    I'd give these 5 stars if I felt more confident that they don't contain chemicals that will someday be shown to be harmful. The dog loves them, they take a while to chew,and they're supposed to help clean his teeth, so otherwise they seem great.

    great chews for dental care for doggies by linda03/15/2012

    very pleased with chews and speedy delivery almost as fast as amazon thanks guys

    Quality Going downhill by Rj from Temecula Ca11/23/2014

    I have been ordering these for several years, I have 3 springer spaniels betwwen 40 and 50 lbs. The last order I got the chews were extremely thin and flimsy, all three dogs ate them in under 3 minutes, decided to try them once more since they usually are better quality, a bag of large would have 3 or 4 nice thick ones and the rest would be so so, I would expect if they are made for large dogs they would all be thick chews, that's never been the case, but like I said the last bag-- flimsy as paper , hope this order is better. I would not recommend them at this time , we will see after the next order,,this also the reason for only 3 star.

    great product by bendog11/29/2011

    My dog loves them have tried other brands and he won't chew his chews

    Very satisfied customer by DLK from Jackson, WI11/12/2013

    Highly recommended by my vet & my dogs love them!

    Great for teeth by Anisa08/26/2013

    These are the perfect size to keep my hounds busy for a bit of time. They help keep their teeth clean as well.

    terrific! by Jan03/12/2013

    My Standard Poodle loves these. He is allowed one every evening and he definitely lets me know when it is time! The vet says his teeth are in great shape!

    Chewy Delicious by T1&T2'sMom from Laguna Niguel, CAj10/08/2011

    My dogs love these. Even just the smell excites them. They can spend half an hour chewing and delighting in these good-for-them chews. Thanks for a great product!

    The best! by Cosmo from Dallas, TX05/05/2013

    My dog loves these chews and it helps with keeping his teeth clean. He loves these. I made the mistake one time after receiving the shipment of leaving the unopened box on the floor - unbeknownst to me, he ripped the box and packaging and got himself a few chews! what a treat!

    My dogs treats by Pjm from Portland, Oregon12/09/2013

    Cooper and Stella get these every night for their daily treat, I have tried others but my older dog has lots of trouble with them, these are perfect for him. These are their favorites.

    Great Value!!!! by Gloria G.11/20/2012

    Cody LOVES Them...and what a great savings over the price at the vets office

    Second best to brushing by Anna from Garden Grove, CA03/23/2013

    My adopted husky has really bad oral health.. My pets doctor recommended these for him. It's the next best thing to brushing, which my husky dose not like at all.

    Always Great by Val from Arizona02/07/2012

    Same product I purchased at the Vet for a LOT less $$$. Shipping is always so fast!!! My dog doesn't have bad breath and his teeth are much cleaner than other dogs his age.

    My dog is insane for these! by Jen from Southeast Wisconsin03/26/2013

    My dog Buzz knows exactly when it's "chew" time each day. However, he loves them so much he keeps pushing the envelope wanting his chew earlier and earlier. He'll stare at me, wag his tail, shove my arm up with his snout, whimper and whine. I tell him he has to wait, but you know how it goes...he ends up winning. Pushing, pushing, pushing!!

    Choking hazard by edjew04/22/2014

    I bought the appropriate size chews for my 3 dogs, 2 have almost choked to death on them.

    Great chewiness for dental health by Dog Mom02/11/2014

    My dogs love these! Be careful to always supervise though, they can get stuck in their throats!!

    These chews are the best dental chews!!! by Carol11/20/2012

    Gets rid of that doggy butt breath that keeps you from lovin' on your pet! This is the best chew, I won't buy anything else. My dog begs for them.

    CET dog chews by Donnie from Arizona03/06/2013

    I give these to all my dogs to keep their teeth strong and clean. This product has never failed me and have been using it for 6 years.

    Our dogs love these chews! by Cathi from CO05/17/2013

    THey actually fight over them and try to chew on the same one.

    A Big Hit!! by Boomer from Arizona03/11/2014

    We first learned of CET Chews from our vet who sells them and highly recommends them. We purchased various sizes as we have various sized dogs. Each dog thoroughly enjoyed the chew plus it is good for their teeth, breath and contributes to healthy living. The chews do NOT stain carpet and do not compromise the dog's digestive track. When the vet ran out, we went to this site and found the chews were priced much lower!! Entirely Pets rocks!!

    Flippies by DMA from San Joaquin County, California06/27/2014

    Our black lab has his nighttime clock set for this treat! He get's one every night and he can't wait!!

    CET Large Chews for Dogs by Snugghawaii from NC04/22/2014

    I get the bag of Large (30 count) and my husband cuts them into strips using a band saw. They last a long time rather than giving my beagle one a day.

    CET Chews - delicious! by jackson07/29/2013

    I love these things. My owner gives me one per day and besides tasting great and being a great chew, they make my teeth nice and white. That little muffy dog next door is starting to notice my nice white smile.

    Best product ever by Chrissy from North Tonawanda, New York04/11/2013

    I would recommend these chews to everyone, once again my dogs just love them, and the price is right, and my dogs never get sick eating them like all other chews, they digest them very well. Everything I have purchased on Entirely pets I have been completely satisfied with from chews, dental sticks, toys and even the flea control products. best site ever!! I will not purchase product anywhere else.

    by from 09/03/2013

    My dogs get one each day of these and they really do work. Neither of them needs a teeth cleaning yet and one is about 10 years old.

    is by I from haveThe


    by [email protected]11/27/2011

    I have yet to receive my shipment. According to tracking it has been sitting in Ma since 12/23. I have never waited this long for a shipment. Your new carrier is not very efficient. Linda Hughes You need to go back to your old shipper

    My Dogs Love These by Kim03/02/2014

    Both of my dogs really love these and I have seen an improvement in their teeth.

    She Loves Them! by Chris from Indiana10/05/2011

    Our dog is crazy for the CET Chews! They are not hard to digest (as rawhide is) and they have an enzyme beneficial to their dental health. We used to purchase these at our vet -- for THREE times the cost of what we can buy them from EntirelyPets! Our little girl gets one of these two or three times a week and absolutely loves them. Great treat for your dog!

    My dog loves this! by Nancy01/30/2013

    Gave this to my 30+ lb dog and she loved it! Devoured it within 30 minutes.

    by Barbara06/17/2013

    My dogs look forward each morning to getting their chews.

    Be present while your dog chews these - watch her! by Bev from Ashford CT09/19/2013

    Did a lot of research before buying these chews and they work well at keeping their teeth clean. Mollie (my newest rescue) came to me with a disgusting filthy mouth - now her teeth are white, shiny & clean - and she loves them My other dog Buxton loves them also but tends to choke on them as she gobbles them down too fast - keep an eye on your dog to see she's ok with them

    CET chews by cassie from Punta Gorda, Fl02/21/2013

    My beagle loves them - always knows when it's noon time to get her treat!!

    My dogs love this! by Veezee from Virginia08/15/2014

    My dogs have been on CET chews for years now. They love them. Their teeth are in great shape and they have good breath. I highly recommend these chews for your dogs.

    If your dog has teeth you need this product by DMB01/25/2011

    I own several dogs and brushing their teeth is not something I have time to do. I rather be out doing fun activities with them. However I do know how important dental care. The CET dental chews are just what the dentist ordered. My dogs have no tarter on their teeth, even my old guy at 13 amazes the vet with his clean teeth. And the dogs love them! It's win - win with this product.

    Excellent product, just ask Isabelle and Clarence by Boris09/10/2013

    I've been buying these for years and the CET chews really work. My vet originally suggested this product and is very happy with all my dogs' pearly whites. I'm glad to have found Entirely Pets for significant savings over vets and other places and fine service. Thanks, Boris

    cet chews by cindy10/29/2008

    my dogs love these chews and so do I because they are natural, they clean their teeth and are reasonably priced. I buy several bags and take advantage of free shipping

    Labs Best Treat by George04/06/2008

    I started my yellow lad puppy on these chews, and there is no plaque build-up. She loves them, there very convenient for preventative dental care. Will buy again.

    All breeds love these chews by Anna02/04/2009

    We have a lab, a border collie, and a pit bull and our friends have dogs. They all love the CET chews. They are reasonably priced and I always buy several bags. Right now 3 bags equals free shipping!

    Effective product by Natalie12/29/2008

    We have a Husky-mix that is simply not interested in playing with toys of any kind. Yet she loves these chews and they keep her amused for about 15 mins per chew. I use them to keep her teeth clean and as a treat for her.

    aggressive chewers by super k9 mom11/04/2011

    Not only are the CET's good for keeping their teeth clean, they also keep my male busy for a good half an hour too :)

    Fantastic Product by Janice11/30/2011

    My vet recommended I get these and my dog absolutely loves them. Wonderful product.

    Yo, what's in that sheeet? by John05/25/2009

    My two retreivers Moose and Rocco go friggin crazy over those things. My only complaint is the size of the treats vary from bag to bag. They go from thick like a steak to as thin as a potato chip.

    CET Chews by Sally02/10/2009

    I was told about these chews (and the CET rinse) by a friend. We both have Greyhounds, who are well known to have horrible teeth. Both these products work well, even if you don't bother to brush. (But I would recomend it. Read the article on this website on how to start.) My 13 year old Golden mix has the teeth of a 1 year old, white and shiny!

    Can't Go A Day Without Them! by Roz Silberschein12/14/2009

    My Service Dog Brenda can not go a day with a Virbac Chew. I took her to the Vet for a teeth cleaning and he said her teeth/gums and breath were in very good condition and I blame it on CET Chews..They're amazing and now everyone in my office uses them for their dogs and also swears by them!!!!!!

    cet chews by la10/25/2012

    My dogs like these and I give them a few times a week. However, the size varies. Some are not "large", probably about 10 % are smaller than they should be. Price is good.

    cet chews by dan11/17/2009

    dogs love these and they are a healthy chew. HALF THE PRICE AT Entirely pets compared to buying at the vet.

    CET Pet Chews by bonnie from NC10/16/2013

    My 2 large dogs love them! One dog has gingivitis, so that's why I bought these, for dental health. It's an added bonus that they love them! They get 1 a day and look forward to that chew time. Both dogs' now have good breath. I didn't believe this would do so much, but I am pleased.

    Velcro Loves them by JOHN from Tempe, AZ06/12/2013

    Velcro loves them. She reminds me every eve after supper that she is ready for one and leads me to the cupboard.Tempe

    "Large"?? by lab lover05/08/2013

    Purchased 3 bags - 1 has nice big chews, the 2nd has medium sized chews and the 3rd bag has skinny, small chews that my Labs practically swallow whole :*( I would hesitate to order these online again.

    Endorsed By Cinder and Trooper by Cric from Richfield, WI01/24/2014

    My dogs, Cinder and Trooper, love these chews. I love them because they keep their teeth nice and clean. Great product at a Great price.

    CET Chews by Sammie from Georgia01/29/2012

    We have been giving CET chews to our dogs as a special treat for several years and always have them on hand. The dogs know exactly where they are stored and know the treat word "rawhide". The chews keep their teeth clean and white and the pups happy!!

    Yes ! by Outbackfarm04/15/2012

    I was happy with purchase and service, but I think my dogs were even happier !!!

    CET Chews by Lucy's Mom from AZ12/09/2013

    The dogs love the chews and they knock down the tartar on their teeth. Use caution with size, I get the large and watch them when they eat to monitor for any choking. I don't give the chews daily, due to the constipating effects on the dogs, but a couple times a week works well. Makes brushing their teeth, which is always a challenge, a little easier.

    Great snack by Tammy B10/04/2013

    My dogs love these chews and I love that they help to clean their teeth.

    by N/A from Stuart, FL05/30/2012

    My dogs are large so I buy the x-large CET chews to help keep their teeth clean. They like the chews and the chews make a good treat option. I'm glad that my vet recommended that I try the chews for my dogs.

    Great Product by tmn from Dallas, TX11/29/2011

    I have two dogs and they get their "chewy" every morning after they eat. They love these chews and the best part is my vet said they are really good for their teeth! It is great to find a treat that they love and I feel good about giving them.

    Best dental product by Charlie from Tempe, Arizona02/26/2014

    Beau loves his CET chews and has one every morning after breakfast. He is two years old and has perfectly white teeth, no tartar. Next time will get the Hexta CET chews for the extra benefits.

    by cindy from Orange, CA01/28/2013

    These are the best chews for your dog!!!

    Chews Review by David from CT10/22/2012

    Great product that has made such a difference in our Chocolate Lab's teeth. Wonderful service, and quick delivery. Thank You!

    Healthy treat by Polly Reid from NC04/16/2013

    Alternate these with the Greenies and my dog really gets excited. Another great healthy treat for her.

    MY DOGS LOVE THEM by BART11/03/2013


    Favorite treat of all time... by CritterMom5 from Northern California08/24/2013

    A friend gave our dog some of these as treats, and we now buy several bags at a time, as we fear ever running out. Every morning after breakfast our dog leads us to the cupboard where they are kept, and sits there 'talking' until we hand one over. We shared them with another friend, and she's had the same experience with her dog. What a fun and easy way to introduce dental care into our daily routine. So glad Entirely Pets carries these, and at a great price.

    C.E.T. Chews for large dogs by Judy from Beaverton, Oregon11/13/2012

    My golden doodle will not let me forget her chew after breakfast every morning. She is adamant about eating her chew even before she goes outside! Also It does not seem to bother her stomach.

    Long live the dog! by amilg from Long Island, NY02/02/2012

    I brush my dogs teeth frequently. The one at home with me, 6 or 7 times a week. The other one, about 3 times a week. We also give them one of these chews every other day. The vet says, looks good, keep doing what you are doing. It is worth the effort and the money.

    by marcia02/02/2012

    great for dogs teeth though i soak the very thick ones in hot water to soften before giving to my dogs so they do not chip or break their teeth

    My Dogs Love these! by Rozzie from Woodland Hills, California11/06/2012

    Both my Labs, a 13 year old and a 3 year old love these. I call them "chewies" and if I want them to respond to me or when I'm training a new command, I use the "chewie" and they immediately look at me. These are great for keeping their breath clean and help to reduce tartar. Sometimes they can be a bit too thick and I have to cut them on my electric cutter.

    Dogs love them! by Debi from NC06/29/2012

    My Vet recommends CET Chews and sells them in her office. My dogs love them! The price for the chews at Entirely Pets is so much better, too!

    Wouldn't go a day without them by Honey from New Hampshire01/18/2012

    My dog gets one of these treats twice a day after her "meals," so she can get the satisfaction of chewing and her teeth get clean. I love 'em and she looks forward to getting them! This is the best and least expensive website/place to order them.

    cet dog chews by terry from FLORIDA05/05/2013

    my dog loves them. next time I will order x lg since he is 95lbs.

    My dogs like them by Sugar from Southern California02/07/2013

    I don't usually buy rawhide products for my dogs, I typically stick to dental chews. However, these were recommended by my vet and my dogs enjoy them. I was happy because my dogs are picky eaters.

    Best thing you can do for your pet's oral health by Kristy06/12/2010

    These are the best! My dog loves them, even more so than pig ears or any other type of chew. He gets one every night after his walk and fully expects it. I always find him waiting for one by the cabinet they're under. He devours them every time! I combine this with the use of the toothpaste and Aquadent water additive. He's 7 yrs and has no type of buildup at all and not even a trace of doggy breath:)

    POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. . DIDN'T RECEIVE by Cheryl from Lakewood, CO07/09/2013

    I will no longer be recommending anyone to purchase from your company. Not only do you NOT ship the entire order, you refuse to respond to emails! EXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am so disappointed. I've ordered a great deal from your company!!!!

    My dog loves them by Travler++ from Orlando11/26/2011

    My dog loves these chews. I like them because they clean his teeth and makes his breath smell good.

    They love 'em!!! by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois11/25/2012

    Our dogs respond to these chews like no other treats they have ever had. And, they are good for them !!!!

    Lots cheaper than the vets office! by Chris08/07/2013

    I own a Shih Tzu. I purchase the large size and cut them in half - twice the amount of product for a little more money.

    yum by ozseppo from Sandy Eggo01/13/2012

    These are so good, even the dog wants one.

    Great Value by Papademd from Maple Grove, MN03/31/2013

    My vet recommends the CET Chews for keeping my dog's teeth clean. By buying in quantity, it is a great value from Entirely Pets. Cheaper than purchasing from my vet.

    great chews keep teeth clean by Maria D from Durham NC11/12/2012

    my Hershey (cockapoo) eats one chew daily. He loves them and so do I. They keep his teeth clean. He is 7 and has only had 1 dental cleaning. His last trip to the vet, the vet said"His teeth look great" and asked what i was doing. CET chew are the best! I buy the large ones so he has more to chew because he would eat the small ones way to fast.

    Product getting smaller and thinner by twimar07/30/2012

    We've been ordering the Large 30 count CET Chews for many years and the chews in each bag have progressively gotten smaller and thinner. We have now decided that they are not worth the cost. Unfortunately, will need to look elsewhere.

    Good stuff by HANNAHS DAD from Longview, Washington10/30/2012

    Our Boston Terrier Hannah loves these chewies.

    Featured Reviews for CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Petite (30 chews)
    CET Hextra Premium Chews Petite by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX04/08/2013

    My dogs go crazy over these and at their recent Vet visit, the vet said their teeth looked great !

    CET Petite chews by Marylou06/19/2013

    My dog really loves these after she eats her dinner.

    by Schmance04/20/2013

    I give a 1/2 of one to each of my dogs after breakfast and they're teeth are clean and white due to these chews with HEXtra.

    by RO09/22/2013

    For a dog who won't allow us to brush his teeth, it keeps his teeth pretty clean.

    Dogs are in Love by Sheldon from Seattle Washington05/23/2013

    My dogs love these things. When I use these daily the dogs teeth are white...try them you will like them!

    Favorite dental chews by Connie from Flower Mound, Tx09/19/2013

    Our Border Collie loves these chews. they seem to help his teeth

    can't get the dogs to even try it by Emi from San Carlos, CA01/18/2013

    These chews may be great for dogs' teeth, but I'll never know. Both of my dogs took one whiff and walked away. FYI, they chew greenies, flossies, bully sticks, Dingo rawhide, Z-bones, socks, random branches, everything but. Wished this product was sold in a smaller, trial package as I'm now stuck with 30 chews.

    Amazing by giggles12/15/2013

    Dogs absolutely loved these chews and so cheap!

    Love These Chews by Kato04/24/2012

    I have two Yorkies with sensitive stomachs. These chews not only clean their teeth and freshen their breath, but they are also easily digested. That's not easy to find. If I run out of CET Chews my dogs will never forgive me - it's their favorite!

    Petite chews by pollyb from Plano, TX02/13/2013

    I think if you have small and older dogs as we do, although they are made for smaller breads, they are pretty thick making it hard to chew if your dogs don't have strong teeth, or especially if they are older pups. We've started buying the X-large size and cutting them for the smaller dogs, yet having them X-Large for the two big dogs we have.

    small dogs love it by thyme4jb from Texas01/16/2015

    Well, at least my small dog loves it! He is a Rat Terrier and will stand up on his hind legs and do circles for these chews. Also, he seems to have much less tarter build up than the other small dogs I've had in the past. So it is good for his teeth as well as chew worthy.

    Great Product! Great Price! by Anonymous from Miami, FL11/18/2012

    I loved that the item was shipped so fast. I received it within 3 days from my order. Thank you! I definitely recommend this product and website for ordering.

    cet hextra premium chews by pebbles from Jupiter,Fl.06/28/2012

    My dogs love these chews. They are very good at keeping their teeth clean which is very helpful considering I have 6 dogs and teeth cleaning is very expensive. Very good value.

    A favorite by Doc from Arizona06/13/2014

    He loves this product and looks for it in the AM and at bedtime. Also, a good price.

    Chewies by Nan11/15/2011

    I have 2 new dear rescue dogs who are in great health except for their teeth. I give them one of these daily, we call it "chewie time", and they love it. I have seen an improvement in the tartar on their teeth in only 2 months. I will continue to buy these for daily use!

    by from 11/29/2012

    CET (w/Hextra) treats are a great dental choice. Whereas rawhide treats break off into pieces & have choked my dogs in the past, these chews break down into small pieces & are the best choice for plaque/tartar buildup.

    purchases by from from EntirelyPetsI


    Great breath freshner / best product by 2dogsdown01/16/2013

    We have used this since my dogs were pups. We ran out and thought to switch to Greenies. No can do. Dogs swallowed them and their breath smelled horrible. This product by Virbac is better than Greenies. We swear our dogs have better breath and cleaner teeth. We only buy this now.

    Best quality for teeth by Marsha02/28/2013

    I started my dogs on Hextra petites at 8 weeks for a dental hygene program( vet recommended) and now at 8 years old they still have not had to undergo a teeth cleaning procedure. They get one bone at night before bedtime and they love them like a treat. I can now get them online for less than traveling to the vet. Most definitely a life saver on dental vet bills.

    Excellent by danner from Kettle Falls, WA02/16/2012

    I've used this product for over four years after a recommendation from the vet. Daisy (Yorkie) was able able to go two years before needing to have her teeth cleaned. I brushed frequently added a dental aid to her water as well.

    Its a staple in our house! by Jess10/08/2013

    My dog has eaten these for years now. She gets 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night....loves them!

    by THE WALKER03/10/2014

    My do is 10 lbs and these are too little, need to change sizing recommendation on package

    My Dog Loves Them by Bonnie from Granite Falls, NC10/18/2011

    Very nutritional and absolutely helps clean teeth and keep plaque down, great tasting and nutritional. My dog Gypsie thinks it's a treat to get one but it is really healthy

    Little Begger by Buttons from Texas12/28/2013

    My little Shih Tzu begs for a chewy each day at 2PM. I have no peace until she gets her wish. She needs these for her dental health.

    CET Petite Chews by Cali01/08/2014

    They're a good product. Our dog loves them compared to the next size up, some of which were like sheets of plywood, very thick, and difficult to chew. And in order to receive any teeth-cleansing benefit from CET's, they have to be chewable.

    Good supplement to teeth brushing by Ju;lie from Rhode Island07/24/2013

    We give our Cavalier one a day when she goes to bed. She loves them and they help to keep her teeth in good shape. The price at Entirely Pets is the best that we have found.

    Great teeth cleaners by Sadie from Texas02/19/2014

    My dogs love this product. Even though my dogs are large--40 lbs- 70 lbs-I provide them with the medium chews, and they are more than happy with them. The price is certainly right, and they love it!...and thus, I love them!

    Wonderful product by buttons from Milton, Florida03/12/2013

    Everyone says my Havenese/Bichon has the prettiest teeth even though he has never had to have them cleaned. He has been chewing on these since I got him almost 4 years ago.

    Great preventative maintenence! by Diane from Central coast of California09/14/2013

    The CET chews with HEXtra are the best preventative maintenece for your dogs teeth. Plaque starts forming on the dog's teeth an hour after they eat. Give them a CET chew after their meal and it will help to keep their teeth and gums in good health.

    Yorkie Must Have HEXtra Chews by WIGran from Ellsworth, WI03/23/2014

    My tiny Yorkie LOVES these! After each meal she points me in the direction of her HEXtra chews. Because she is so small (4 lbs.) I break them in half. I think they are good for her teeth and Heaven forbid that I should run out of them!

    Dog loves it by MikeG from Tucson, AZ04/09/2014

    My dog needs dental care and this product was recommended by my vet. The bonus is that my dog thinks it's a treat and asks for it.

    Good tasting according to our pups by Dogs Rule from Dallas Texas area02/01/2014

    Our Vet recommended we purchase CET chews for dental health for our 6 dogs. We give them one a day and the dogs really like them, So far so good with dental health.

    Excellent product by sur5or2 from Florida10/22/2012

    Highly recommended by me and my Vet. My dog loves it. She gets one every morning after breakfast.

    Good for small dogs by Rebecca from Chicago01/11/2014

    My two dogs love Hextra chews. I have been buying the medium size chews for years. This size is great for dogs with smaller mouths or who can't chew the bigger size. My vet approves of them too.

    CET Premium Chews by jeani03/05/2013

    3 dogs and they love these chews. Been giving them everyday for years. EP is a great place to shop.

    Great teeth product by Jeanie from Ohio11/25/2012

    My dog Bear, likes these chews. He has to have one every morning. They keep his teeth white and his breath has no nasty smell. We get compliments on how white his teeth are. His vet even notices.

    not really rawhide by ggkiln06/05/2012

    Hi, I love the CET Hextra rawhide chews for my larger dogs. I'm convinced these chews are responsible for the great shape that my older dogs' teeth are in. Plus, they love the things. I ordered the petite chews for a small puppy that I just adopted. The petite chews are pressed rawhide, not rawhide, and the dog chews them up too quickly, and wolfs them down. So, consequently, I don't give her the petite chews. I just cut some of the thinner large chews for her. I guess I will just order small chews, next time. I wish I had know that the petite chews are different. They're probably good for very small dogs. I will continue to order the real rawhide chews. I think that they are excellent. Georgia

    Perfect for dogs with sensitive teeth by CF from Wisconsin01/09/2013

    These break apart easily when chewed so perfect for my dog that has sensitive teeth. Been buying for couple years now.

    Great product! by beadingtreasures from Vancouver, WA11/04/2012

    Super fast shipping. Only place I buy from. Keeps my Dogs teeth tartar free and her breath smelling sweet! Love them!!!!!

    great product by Pam from Kentucky04/09/2014

    teeth were showing a little plaque it is disappearing as she chews them.

    Great by Shirley10/07/2011

    My baby loves these chews and so good for his teeth as he will not let me brush them. Great price Thank You

    Best purchase ever by nora from Pennsylvania03/26/2014

    My vet charges a lot more for this product I have three small dogs, they enjoy the chews and they keep their teeth clean

    Excellent! by tangomia from Miami, Florida11/08/2012

    On monthly delivery now! You can't beat the pricing here!

    Best Dog Chews by Cyndi from San Clemente, ca06/25/2012

    My vet recommended these dog dogs loved them.

    A Great Treat by Bearchick from Texas01/24/2014

    These chews are wonderful! Both of my labs and my rat terrier get one every day and they love them so much, they know when it is time for one. Since I've been using these, my labs have never had to have their teeth cleaned and my terrier goes longer between cleanings. It also helps their breath smell better. Can't do without them.

    Excellent Chew by Shayna01/08/2013

    Recommended by our Vet, these are excellent chews for little dogs, helps keep their teeth in good condition. Have given them to my Toy Poodle - she loves them.

    by Tt06/26/2013

    Great for puppy's teeth. Excellent daily chew and promotes oral hygiene.

    Better than rawhide! by TNT57 from Dallas, Texas04/21/2012

    I bought these for my Italian Greyhound because her teeth get lots of tarter buildup. She loves them and they seem to help!

    HEXtra chews the best! by Shari M. from San Diego, CA01/21/2015

    My dog's teeth have remained supremely clean since their last professional cleaning thanks to daily brushing and these chews given once per day. I highly recommend them.

    by from 01/20/2014

    I first started buying these dog treats when my dog was just a puppy. The vet recommended them to keep the plaque off her teeth. The treats work very well in keeping her teeth clean and the doggy breath in control. She really likes these treats compared to others that make the same claim.

    Enterily by Pets from isThe


    by Terri11/01/2011

    My dog loves these, she gets one every morning and her teeth look great. They were orginally recommended by our vet. They are low calorie, but she loves them just as much as the high calorie alternative she was eating previously.

    CET Hextra chews by Ted from Danville, CA02/15/2012

    my dog loves them & they are excellent for his teeth!

    Great for teeth by Beth07/04/2014

    I give my dog one every morning and we have been able to extend her teeth cleaning by a vet to every 3-4 years, rather than the 1-2 years before! So although I think they are more costly than they should be, it's worth it in the long run. She loves them as a treat!

    Yummy by LindaL from Waterville, NY02/17/2012

    My dogs love these. And my 13yr old finds them a little easier to chew.

    cet hextra premium chews petite by mvtash from New York City05/29/2013

    My toy poodle adores this treat tremendously. I have also given this treat to other dogs and continuosly supply the dog of my sister who lives in Manila. She said that they are not available in Manila at all. My dog's vet has recommended this treat a long time ago.

    CET HEXtra Chews by Ranger from Indianapolis06/26/2014

    If he does not get his chew at bedtime , Ranger will turn his back and throw himself on the bed with a deep sigh. He had his first one the first night home with us as a pupper and he has that routine set. Fortunately, he has only gone one night without since the middle of October. Great for his teeth and breath!!

    Completely different from the other sizes by digsdogz from TN05/22/2013

    I have four dogs, one of whom falls into the weight category recommended for this size chew. He can bite this "chew" in seconds and swallow it. It requires no chewing at all, which defeats the purpose of a dental cleaning chew. I started giving him the smaller chews from the medium bag (or cutting them) which has worked out much better. The medium, large and extra large chews have a completely different consistency and allow the dog to actually CHEW. The small ones do not.

    by Cathy12/08/2011

    My dog loves these chews Im not really sure they do much to help his teeth but he loves them so I buy them.

    Good if your dog likes it by Cohuahua05/18/2010

    I have these and regular CET chews for my chihuahuas - only one of them will eat these though. Evidently the chlorhexidine has a flavor. CET chews do keep their teeth glossy white and the gums healthy.

    by Kayrone101/15/2013

    All three of my dogs absolutely love this. They come and find me at 7:00pm every night to let me know it's time for their treat.

    He loves it. by JDE02/09/2012

    One problem with dogs is, you give them something that is good for them and they won't eat or chew it. Not the case with this rawhide. My little poodle loves them.

    by Jackie02/15/2014

    My dog loves these and the price is more than a third less than my vets price when not on sale. I stock up when these go on sale.

    BEST DENTAL CHEWS by Carla from Wisconsin09/12/2014

    My dog has to be on canned dog food so his teeth get tartar quickly. These are great because they break apart easily and keep his teeth healthy. He loves them.

    Great idea by Jenn11/21/2012

    I bought this product because my friends were raving about it. Unfortunately, I can't get my dog to chew on it. She just wants to hide it. Wish they had a gel to rub on the gums.

    GREAT PRODUCT by COCO from Spring Hill, Fl01/23/2012

    These chews are great. They like them and they work real well on their teeth. Good check ups

    My dogs love these chews! by Dances with Yorkies07/09/2013

    My dogs absolutely love these chews! They come running when they hear me open the bag.

    C.E.T. CHEWS by Lazylin from Florida08/05/2013

    I've given these chews to both of my longhaired doxies to keep their teeth clean because I dislike the idea of taking them to a vet for teeth cleaning. They lost their mother during the procedure and I don't want to chance losing them. They just celebrated their 7th birthday and their teeth are as clean and healthy as the day they first grew them. I've recommended the product to many of my friends who have all experienced the same results. Both you and your pet friend will be happy with the results. One a day is great.

    My dogs LOVE them by Michelle01/16/2014

    My vet recommends these in conjunction with brushing to help keep tartar from building up on my pugs teeth. They are somewhat hard so they have to chew them but they break easily so they don't choke on them. My boyfriend actually tasted them and says they are very tasty. Lol! This is a VERY good price.

    Great Product by LG09/07/2014

    My dogs love them! Petite size is perfect for my 10-15 lb. "mini" dachshunds.

    Chews by Mazie from Naperville, Il10/23/2012

    I loved these chews. Healthy and tasty with no strong odor so I have sweet breath for my mommy

    great by njr from glenmoore pennsylvania11/08/2011

    Our vet recommended these chews for our dogs. His price is much higher than from entirely pets. Thanks from me and my dogs. ps they love them

    Great Chews by Sammie from Minneapolis, MN12/31/2013

    Our little Yorkie Sam loves these chews and they don't cause any "after effects".

    Dog's shopper by Dog's shopper11/19/2012

    Our little terrier loves these better than any other treat. They get chewed up quickly. Her gums & teeth are better, but we are also using a dental rinse so I don't know which is helping more.

    close to tartar free by lazylin from florida05/12/2014

    I've used this product for about 3 years now and it helps my 2 doxies keep their back teeth especially almost tartar free. I've recommended it to several of my friends who've also used it with good results.

    excellent chewy for little teeth by flopsie from Pleasant Hill, CA04/08/2012

    GReat product.Helps clean my dogs' teeth

    It's a Treat- Not a Chew by Dell03/10/2012

    It's not at all like a HEXTRA medium chew; it's something ground & compressed

    Love them! (Actually my dog does.) by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI01/16/2015

    I brought these for my fiancee's little toy breed dog and she loves them! Perfect for her little mouth. All the CET chews help with breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!

    tasty treat by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC05/17/2014

    My dog loves these. I give her one every morning and evening. Her teeth are also very clean (she is 6-1/2, never had her teeth cleaned yet).

    Good, He Loves Them by d3shet10/23/2013

    They're soft enough he doesn't harm/break his teeth. He gobbles them up.

    So Good No Teeth Cleaning Required This Year!!! by MistyMae from Tacoma, WA03/04/2014

    MistyMae gets one of the CET HEXtra chews each day in the morning, we call it her toothbrush. She was scheduled to have her annual tooth cleaning and we were told that between keeping her on a good chicken kibble and her "toothbrush" each morning, she did not need to her have teeth cleaned this year. AMAZING, I have never been so happy with a product as I am with the HEXtra chews.

    I return the chews without opening by Winston12/14/2013

    Therefore my dog never tried them. I should have received my refund - I sent the package back 10/22/2013. To date I have yet to receive $28.92. Your customer service is very bad, I shall not be recommending you or buying anything from you again.

    by Okie11/05/2011

    I have been using the regular Cet Chew for many years. The petite size and shape are just right for my small breed to hold onto as they chew. I recently switched to the Hextra. My dogs love them. You still need to provide dental care for your pets with your veterinarian but these seem to be a delicious supplement to that care.

    Works Well by Poppi from Issaquah WA06/25/2013

    These premium chews with extra antiseptic additive work to keep tarter down on my dog's teeth. The vet keeps thanking me for brushing her teeth, which I don't do as often as I should. She gets one of these chews every day and they help to control tartar and keep some bacteria away.

    Featured Reviews for CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Medium (30 chews)
    Great Product for Dogs Teeth by Joanne11/15/2012

    My dog loves these! She goes to her treat jar to "request" one every evening and then settles down for about a 10 minute chewing session. The product keeps her teeth clean and improves her breath.

    by from 06/20/2014

    We have adopted a dog that had been abandoned at a foreclosed home. His teeth were in bad shape and our Vet had to pull some teeth as they were infected. The HEXtra Chews have helped stem his tooth problems and he really likes them. I would highly recommend this product.

    is by now from quiteOh,


    cet hextra chews.......AWFULL by smoke09/27/2013

    the last 8 bags of these chews are absolute junk 5 or 6 of the chews in some of the bags are black..... look's like mold..... the quality of these chews have really gone down hill...don't know what they did but they are awfull...i started to call the company that market's them but it's probaly useless.....THEY ARE AWFULL COMPARED TO WHAT THEY USED TO BE..........THEY USED TO HAVE A GOOD PRODUCT NOT ANY MORE.....

    Recommended by vet by KimberlyB from Dallas, Tx11/06/2012

    My vet recommended these chews after noticing my dog had some tarter build up (even though she had been getting a greenie every day). She loves these treats and her teeth are looking good!

    Great Company by sherrybrry from Austin,TX11/20/2012

    I've been buying CET Hextra dental chews for my dog for years from EntirelyPets. My dog is 11 now and has never needed his teeth cleaned. They look great. The prices at Entirely Pets are always the best and the delivery super-quick. Highly recommend them.

    Ounce of Prevention!! by MsV from Eau Claire, WI02/28/2012

    The CET Hextra chews are fabulous for a number of reasons, 1st the dogs love them, 2nd they REALLY do clean their teeth, 3 they are alot less expensive than a dental cleaning & the dogs don't have to take an induced nap to have their teeth cleaned, 4 the dogs love them, 5 they get 1 every time I leave home, 6 they don't miss me when I'm gone as they are enjoying their dental treat!!

    by Sf01/31/2012

    These chews are great for dog's teeth - they hlep maintain healthy gums and are great for plaque removal.

    by cindy from ontario, canada05/23/2013

    I give him one at night to chew on, so he won't chew and rip his toys at night. And it is good for their teeth, too.

    by from 12/17/2012

    Recommend Yes, with caveat:

    Some by too from thick,Pieces


    consistent by for from easierSizes


    almost a month and order has not arrived by danshe2 from jax, fl04/08/2012

    It has been almost a month and I still don't have my order and you are asking me to review your company?

    Dogs Love These by Colette from Abita Springs, LA07/08/2012

    My two dogs just love these chews. Since my 10-year old dog has been chewing one a day, she doesn't have bad breath anymore. They really work and her teeth are beautiful!!!!

    CET HEXtra premium chews by Micha from Allentown, PA04/29/2013

    my dog loves these chews, except he doesn't like them when they are too thick. sometimes half of the bag is thick, and he won't take them..possibly because he is older and connot chew the thick ones.

    Our all-time favorite by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois08/06/2013

    We have been buying these for years. They are a long-lasting treat, good for the teeth, and, by far, their all-time favorite treat.

    great product by janet from texas08/20/2013

    My dog loves them,and they're good for her teeth.

    Good purchase. by Bluenorth1101/01/2014

    I buy these regularly for my dogs. This is the second time I've ordered from Entirely Pets. I receive the items quickly, and they are as described on the website. I'm happy with my purchases from Entirely Pets.

    Loves these! by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC07/18/2014

    My dog loves getting these chews. I give her one along with a veggie dent after her breakfast. Her teeth are white and shiny so they must work!

    by Mini Schnauzer Loves them04/02/2013

    I give my dog 1 a day, lasts me all month!! LOVE them for her teeth and her diet!!

    Great product! by Roz from Plymouth Meeting, Pa.06/27/2014

    Recommended by my vet, the CET Hextra Chews have made a big difference in my dogs' dental health by reducing their tartar build up and the Hextra ingredient keeps their breath smelling clean. They wait patiently every morning after breakfast for their Chewy treat. They just love them!

    too many small pieces by hk01/20/2013

    As I have complained about before...some of the chews are too small for the 11 to 25lb. dog. I have complained before, the manufacturer says to return to company I bought them from, but then that costs me shipping and each new bag I open is the same.

    Love those chews by David from Boynton Beach, FL01/19/2012

    Maggie loves those chews. Not only does it help improve her teeth and breath, she loves them like they were potato chips - can't just eat one.

    Love these! by Lisa05/05/2009

    My two dogs love these!! I've been giving them these treats for at least a year, and they NEVER tire of them. They just got back from the vet, and once again, he said that their teeth are in great shape - even my 8 year old's! Also, even though they are large dogs (55 lbs and 80 lbs) they like the "medium" size. May want to try different sizes to figure out which one your dogs like the most.

    Dogs Love them!!!!!!!!! by jeani01/22/2009

    My 3 dogs just love them. Never had any digestion problems from them eating these on daily basis. They eat at least 4 each a day and no weight gain. Great for teeth and breathe.

    dogs love this! by Paula01/05/2009

    My puppy LOVES these. I hope these help him keep his teeth clean. His mom has terrible breath and usually has a tooth removed every year at her dental. Hopefully she can benefit from these too except that she likes to hide them rather than chew them. It's really good for keeping puppies busy for a while and helping them deal with their crate time when we have to be gone from the home.

    by BAYLEE08/23/2012

    My 10 year old beagle loves these chews but I may stop ordering them. I have to give away about a third of them because they are too thick. I learned that the hard when she actually broke a tooth while chewing a thick one. That was a painful and expensive lesson. I have tried the petite ones but she doesn't care for them. Is there any way I can get medlium chews without the very thick ones? Thank you for your consideration.

    It really works! by Lee11/11/2008

    My boys (both wheaton terrier mix from the same litter) have a terrible time with red gums and tarter. 3 weeks after their dental cleaning, the red's back. No more! They have one of these each day plus 6 Science Diet t/d large kibbles. It's been 6 months since their last dental and there is no red and no bad breath! It's amazing!!!

    Nice chew by Pam09/11/2008

    My dogs love these chews, plus they help keep their teeth clean and breath fresh!

    Great Product by Gemini from Philadelphia, PA01/23/2012

    I've used the CETs for a few years. I have two miniature schnauzers. The breed is known for having a lot of tarter on their teeth. Mine love the CETs and they really help with the tarter. My vet recommended them and I've told my friends about them. And Entirely Pets has them for a great price instead of buying from the vets!

    by from 03/02/2012

    The BEST! by tangomia from Miami, Florida11/08/2012

    On monthly delivery. They don't get tired of the taste and leaves no spots in their beds. Excellent product.

    Best chewies ever by Barbie from Willcox, AZ10/21/2011

    Ms.Josie our beagle, really loves this product, She has been having 1 every evening for a snack after her dinner. for at least 2 years.We cut them in half so they last longer. They are great for keeping the tarter down on her teeth, which cuts down on the dental visits.

    Love the Chews...but by Blazer01/24/2014

    While I like the product, I'm always asked to write a review before I receive it. It has now been over a week and I still have not received my order. The product is great however I would suggest buying from another on-line company

    Great product by Dude from Verona, Va05/02/2013

    My dogs love this product. And its one I feel good about giving them because of its dental benefit.

    Good Choice by kip06/05/2012

    My dog loves the treats. I love the fact that they are good for her and help her to keep her teeth clean and healthy.

    Dogs love it by MyDogs01/28/2013

    My dogs love the CET Hextra chews. It helps to clean their teeth and doggie breath too.

    THE BEST FOR DENTAL HEALTH by jazzygirl from Buffalo, NY01/16/2015

    My senior beagle Jasmine is almost 10 and I give her one of these chews almost every day. Her teeth are in excellent shape. The plus is that she enjoys them so much. These were also recommened by her vet.

    Good for their porpose by Bob08/10/2013

    Ordered wrong product, ment to order CET Chews not the HEXtra cews. The EXTra are just flavored flip chips.

    An excellent dental chew by Cindy F. from Austin, TX01/16/2015

    I originally bought these at the vet. Online is cheaper especially with EntirelyPets $4.95 shipping. The chews have special enzymes in them to help keep dogs teeth clean. No staining on carpets either. I'll never buy another brand.

    dog chews by bubba08/19/2013

    Great service from entirely pets and great product for my dogs Thanks

    keeps teeth clean by andar04/20/2014

    Great product. Have 8 year old dog with no tarter! Give her 2-3 a week

    Great for Teeth by Parisbeans10/22/2011

    My dogs love these chews and they not only keep teeth clean (in conjunction with brushing still), but they reduce all the redness and inflammation in gums after a couple chews. Very impressive! Dogs love them. They are much cheaper here than at the vets.

    Great Oral Product by Doug from Gastonia North Carolina06/06/2013

    Have four dogs and they enjoy this treat on a daily basis. For them it is a treat and for myself it is a dental product. Its a win win situation

    COATINGS by jeanii from NY07/25/2012

    Wish they were all coated heavy. Some bags come with very little of the brown beef flavoring on them. Does make a difference to my dogs as they do like to lick it off to get them started on eating the chews. It's VIRBAC/CET fault, but Entirely Pets should let them know. I usually get 12 bags at once due to having 3 dogs who love them.

    My Dog loves these and I love her clean teeth by Janboll from NJ11/05/2012

    These work well. They are just the right size and it takes her just enough time to finish each one. She loves these chews and they clean her teeth well.

    Great Product by BellaAnn from Dyer, IN10/11/2013

    I cut the medium size in half for my Chihuahuas. This is great for there teeth. Recommended by Veterinarians. Also Entirely Pets is a great web site! Good prices. Good products. Fast delivery

    Good chewing by Maurie from Dallas, tx03/29/2014

    All four of my dogs love these chews. Great for their teeth

    Love the taste by Debbie12/06/2011

    If my 4 dogs could write this review, they would give 10 stars, no question. They love them so much they beg me for them every night between 6:00 and 7:00 PM. However, the size of the chews, which are supposed to be medium, are consistently totally inconsistent. Some are so small, my dogs beg me for another. So that bag of 30 disappears quickly. So I give them 2 stars for value for your money.

    C.E.T. CHEWS GREAT FOR HEALTHY TEETH by LakeForkLady09/10/2013

    My dog gets 1 chew per night. She won't go to sleep without it. The vet can't get over how healthy her teeth are. She (my dog) is 3 years old. The vet looks to be somewhat older. This product is easier than brushing her teeth and just as effective at our house.

    Treats by kip from nashville tn11/10/2012

    My dog loves these treats and there good for cleaning her teeth. My vet keeps them at the office.

    Great Product by BeBe from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania10/24/2011

    I've used the Hextra CETs for quite some time, originally purchasing the packages at my vets. When I found them at Entirely Pets, the price was so much better that I can purchase several pkgs. at a time. The dogs love them and it really helps with keeping the tartar build-up to a minimum.

    Yes, these dental treats really work!! by Batz from FL11/17/2013

    My dog looks forward to her daily "chew bone" treat. She is twelve and her teeth are sparkly clean. She has never been put to "sleep" to have her teeth cleaned.

    Excellent Product for dogs by Shelby from Fulshear, TX09/18/2013

    My dogs love these CET Chews. I try to give them one a day to help keep their teeth clean. It is a good feeling to know that my vet recommends these, they are good for them and they love them too.

    nice by Bongman04/27/2012

    This product is pretty good, My dogs both like it and it seems to be working on them so far. The chews do have an odor to them but it is not too bad. I will purchase more once my dogs finish up the two packs that I bought.

    Excellent product by Lancer from Bluffton, SC03/06/2012

    My dogs find the CET dental chews very tasty and look forward to having them as a daily treat. And a big plus they help keep their teeth clean.

    Yum! by wildcatgal from Dallas, TX12/12/2011

    To a human the CET chews look like any other chew but to my 2 little guys, they are better than crack cocaine! I am told they are very good for their teeth but I will not share that information with the dogs for fear they will figure it out and reject them. I give them each one a day and I think it is the highlight of their day.

    Treat with a purpose by ColdInMN from MN09/09/2013

    My dog loves these and considers them a treat. I love the fact that they help to keep her teeth healthy!

    CET HEXTra Medium and Small Premium Chews by lucydog from Fort Worth, TX06/19/2013

    My dogs love these and can't wait til they get one every evening! They get soooo excited!

    Good for the teeth by Azdogmom from Coolidge AZ07/22/2013

    Chews good for the teeth no marks on carpet, Can only feed one at a time,per day.

    Best ever purchase by doxie4 from las vegas, nevada02/07/2014

    My doxies love this product. Vet says that their teeth are looking better then ever!

    Best Dentist by MA from Miami, FL04/20/2012

    Our dogs love them and even our vet has said that their teeth are much, much better!!

    Dog loves them! by Matilda's Dad from Grand Rapids, MI01/16/2015

    My dog loves these chews! They actually smell good enough to eat myself! All the CET chews help with bad breath and tarter control. Highly recommended!

    Great Product by Molly06/01/2012

    We've been using these for years now and they work great. Our dog has an internal clock and knows when it's time for us to give her one every day.

    Good quality by EE from Houston, TX08/08/2012

    My two Aussies love them, same as our other canine visitors. My older boy needs me to pick a thinner slice for him since his teeth are not that strong anymore. My younger one and their friends enjoy to chew their big piece as p.m. snack. The premium quality is A LOT better than the "regular" kind.

    Order one size up? by Nancy10/23/2013

    What happened to the medium size of these chews? I have been a long time purchaser of the medium sized chews for my two beagles and the size of the chews are more small or even petite size. They have also gone from a healthy long lasting chew to a thin piece that can get swallowed too easily. I have had to toss some chews because they were too small, too thin or both. Where's the quality control?

    Didn't Work w/ My Dog by Hug12301/05/2012

    The bag says for dogs 11 Ibs and over but my dog is 15 Ibs and couldn't handle it. She just got her teeth cleaned due to a tooth extraction and there was already plaque build-up so that's why I bought it. She went crazy for it but the pieces were too big for her little teeth to chew and swallow. When she tried a huge thing of mucus came out and I had to take it out of her mouth and throw it away. Maybe it's good for bigger sized dogs who can chew thru and eat. The smaller sized sticks seem to work better since she can easily chew in seconds and digest.

    Yes, with caveat by Tucker02/28/2012

    Size of chews are not uniform. Also, thickness varies.

    Best Purchase For Cleaning Teeth by Kingfisher from Loveland, CO08/10/2012

    Great chew for getting plaque off and freshens breath. The enzymes fight tarter and they love the taste.

    Great for small dog/puppy by Mike from Lancaster, New York03/26/2013

    My dog loves them. Great price and fast delivery

    My four-legged son's favorite chew! by Pegg from Elkview, WV08/07/2013

    My only reservation in buying more and buying them more often is the price. Binkley, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, loves to chew and these are high quality products he devours . . . with the bonus for us of getting his teeth cleaned.

    Awful Customer Service by mamaboat from Maryland09/19/2014

    My regular order is Hextra Chews and my dogs love them - the wrong comes came, (my oversight) - but when I wanted to return them for the right ones, I had to pay $15.00 and then was told to wait next week before reordering....really? Seriously? I'm a Mr. Chewy customer now!! I love them.

    Best dental chews ever by JoAnn from Rogue River, Or.03/07/2012

    I have tried most of the brands and Sara refused to eat them. Then I discovered CET Chews, she loves them. Even picky Molly likes them. Our vet told us their teeth were in excellent condition.

    great for a chewer by hota05/29/2012

    These dental chews work great for my Aussie. He loves them, although maybe too much! He can hear the bag opening anywhere in the house.

    Java's treat by goose11/07/2012

    Our Java loves these CET chews, they are special treat at night. She would be very upset if we did not provide this is as her nightly treat. We lover your product because it helps her with her dental care and is her favorite snack. Thank you

    They love Them by Judy from Austin, TX12/08/2013

    Pitter and Patter love CET Hextra. Also it is good for their teeth,

    Best chews for your dog's teeth by beadingtreasures from Vancouver, WA01/08/2013

    I have had dogs of all sizes (15 LBS to 60 LBS)and they have all benefited from these chews. Keeps the plaque down and they love the chew!

    My pups are hooked! by tinkerette from Oklahoma City, OK12/29/2013

    My furkids love these. I think there's something on them that gets them addicted to these! They pretty much have to have one a day. They do clean their teeth tho!

    Still love those CET Chews by Terry from Tucson, AZ04/20/2012

    My dog loves CET chews with Chlorhexidine and I have the comfort of knowing she can digest them easily. Great product!

    by Sasha's Mom08/20/2012

    These chews have done wonders for the oral health of my small dogs. They all have white teeth again, including the molars. They love the taste and texture, and prefer these above all their other treats!

    The Best Chews! by Sophie05/30/2012

    My dogs love these. They chew on them all day long and are very possessive of them. And, they really do help with the tarter.

    Excellent for teeth and breath by George's Mom from Southern Delaware11/21/2011

    my vet said she'd never guess my dog's age from his teeth and he is six and a half. I've been buying these for my dog for several years because he doesn't choke on them or swallow them whole, he doesn't puke them up later and he has great breath after he chews them. My vet's comments at his last exam were just icing on the cake.

    Formerly Good- Now Bad by Dell03/10/2012

    They're generally cut thicker now and they've been on somebody's shelves too long.

    Good product by Lancer from Bluffton, SC12/15/2011

    Seem to be keeping my dogs' teeth clean.

    by from 12/17/2012

    I'm doubtful these chews, all by themselves, will yield the incredible before/after results the photos claim... and we sold a lot of this product at our vet practice back then. For best results, CET chews will work best with freshly scaled teeth and when maintained with regular toothbrushing. These chews are NOT are cure all for severe gingivitis and heavy plaque buildup. Hands on maintenance will always be required of pet owners to ensure optimal dental health in their pets.... meaning, you should really try to get in your pet's mouth regularly to help keep things clean. .

    a by soft from petCET


    Like a Tootsie Pop by sweetpea4302/03/2012

    I bought these for a friend who just adopted a 6 year old dog. The dog loves them, but my friend is concerned because they are beefhide and half way through he tries to swallow a good sized piece (like a person with a tootsie pop, you can't keep licking them, you gotta bite into them...) That is a choking concern for my friend. So, we may try the veggie ones and see if there is the same issue.

    CET Hextra Chews by NANCY from Seminole , FL06/12/2012

    Missy, my Corgi had trouble with her gums and was supposed to have a dental cleaning. After a year on the chews, she passed her dental exam with flying colors and will not need a dental cleaning, She loves the chews and waits for it after a meal and follows me around until I remember to give it to her. She takes it and runs outside so that no one can take it from her. It is delightful to have a product that is helpful to my dog that she really loves. The bonus is that we are getting the chews for so much less than her vet waws charging for the same product. Hooray for Entirely Pets and their wonderful products that saves us all money while keeping our pets healthy.

    by from 03/01/2014

    My dog LOVES his CET HEXtra Medium Premium Chews . It's hard to deny him more than one per day.

    be by a from 5-starIt


    by from 06/17/2012

    These chews are the BEST ever. They eliminate the need for periodic -- and traumatic -- teeth cleaning. Our golden retriever loves them. And at age 11 with white and bright teeth, he has never needed a 'professional' cleaning.

    In by 3 from sizesThis


    by Maggie11/19/2012

    Maggie loves her rawhides and it's good for her teeth too!

    Best Chews For Dogs by Beachgirl06/15/2012

    Our dogs teeth were so bad, the vet said they would have to put her to sleep to clean her teeth. At a very expensive cost. We bought these from other place so I got online & found Entirely Pets. They had the best buy.

    4Dogs Love These by 4Dogs06/22/2012

    The CET HEXtra Premium Chews keep my dogs breath fresh, postpones dental cleaning, and the dogs love them. They "ask" for them every night. The only issues I have had with these is an inconsistency in the sizes in a bag of medium chews. Some have been smaller than the petite size, while some have been large size, too large for my dogs. I have voiced this concern to Entirely Pets, but they had no satisfactory response. I can only hope they are not the quality control rejects.

    by from 10/23/2012

    I purchase the medium size for my 2 Jack Russell Terriers and 1 Italian Greyhound mix and the dogs absolutely LOVE them!

    the by dental from tartarThey


    few by really from thickWe've


    Smelled Salty To Me by Jean from Bergen County, NJ10/11/2013

    My dog wouldn't touch them. But, that doesn't mean they won't be loved by other dogs.

    C.E.T. Chews by Digsdogs10/12/2013

    Absolutely the best dental chews made. I have tried plenty and these are far superior. I have a Papillion that is prone to dental problems and these chews help a great del.

    I need my 10 AM snack, NOW! by Sadie from Texas11/13/2013

    My mini-Schnauzer, Jack, loves them! He cannot get enough and would devour the whole bag if I did not have them on a top shelf!

    A Big Hit! by Yvonne04/02/2014

    My 4 little dogs - 2 chihuahua mixes, 1 Shih Tzu, and 1 Japanese Chin LOVE CET Chews. They beg for them in the evening as an after dinner snack. Our Vet recomended them to help keep their teeth clean and so we've continued to give them to them. Keeps them busy too.

    CET Hextra-Medium Premium Chews by Barbara from San Antonio,Texas01/23/2012

    I have two Jack Russells they each get one medium chew a day. It has not helped their teeth but they seem to like them and its cheaper than purchasing them from the vet.

    Great Dental Chews by Farm Chick from Texas12/30/2011

    Vet recommended these for my little dogs to help with dental care. They do work but you have to watch them as they get really soft after being chewed and the dogs swallow them and have choked a bit.

    Great chews! by country girl from bandera, tx12/15/2013

    Great chews that help with dental tartar, and my dogs absolutely enjoy them! Got them so fast and the price is unbeatable!

    CET HEXtra chews by Terry from Tucson, AZ11/17/2011

    The vet recommended these and my dog loves them. The chew quality is consistent and they keep her teeth clean. This is a great product.

    Helps with breath odor by cme10/30/2012

    My dogs love them and they really help with breath odor when given every day. However, I wish the thickness of each chew was a bit more consistant, as the thicker ones are too much to chew for my smaller dog.

    CET Hextra Chews by Stephanie from North Carolina09/30/2013

    Our vet recommended these chews for our pet to help keep teeth clean. Our pet LOVES these chews and looks forward to them everyday.

    Best of Both Worlds by Baby Ruth12/02/2011

    LOVE being able to provide dental care along with a rawhide treat for my dogs. Purchased first at my vet's office but able to really save money by buying here. My dachsunds get them every day as a part of their dental health regimen.

    by from 07/26/2012

    Dogs love CET Extra bones by Dorian from Garland, TX07/16/2012

    This product is not only good for my dogs teeth and they love to chew them but they are also easily digestable. I was purchasing a chicken tender for them that is made in China and has been reported to cause major kidney disease so I have gone back to what I know will cause no harm to my 4 dogs.

    Really works by Tandy Girl from Dallas, TX12/12/2011

    After using the CET HEXtra chews, my vet said our dogs teeth and gums were improved! Actually, does prevent tarter and gum disease.

    Great Product by mfromano11/25/2011

    We recently rescued a pug with some bad teeth. Our vet quoted us dental procedure costs at $400-$600. We are unable to pay for that at present and so our vet offered us the alternative of getting these chews. She said her dog has been using these chews for two years and they have eliminated all plaque for her dogs. My dog loves the taste and looks forward to it everyday. Worth the try!

    Excellent Dental Product by Mrs. G from VA07/24/2012

    My dogs would go on strike if I don't get CET for them. They love it!!! And serves 3 purposes: #1and #2 extremely important to me and go together: THEIR DENTAL CARE, it really works!!! IT IS SAFE!!! Not like raw hide bones, or greenies. My dogs had issues with raw hide bones and I even had to take them to the vet. I never liked those things but back then I didn't know about this great product.3. GREAT TREAT!!!!

    Great product but not American made by DeeJayDee from Reston, Virginia08/18/2014

    My breeder gave me one of these when I left with my beautiful Sheltie puppy in my arms five years ago. She said she didn't have to do any dental work with her dogs because of the enzyme coating on the chew. Truly this does work, but even though my picky eater LOVES these, I'm trying to wean him off them because he has elevated liver enzymes. These are made in China and I'm only giving him American made and sourced products.

    CET Hextra chews by Ted02/15/2012

    excellent for my dog's teeth! He loves them!

    CET Hextra by na from I live in north tacoma ,wa03/25/2012

    well they are good for my dog and the order was not the same like my last order why. I wanting the frist ones I orders and I will keep those CET this time But when I order I want the same ones like frist Order ok thank you. Good for my Dog. k I dont have a pic of my dog so next time when I do this I will have a pic of him ok you are number one for my Dog . mark P.

    Dog treats by Jm12/07/2011

    This is a good product. My dog loves them and they are easy to use. They are also good for her teeth.

    Amazing product by Jackson'd mom from Boise, Idaho10/24/2012

    CET Chews are the best thing you can do for your dog. My vet is amazed at how white and beautiful my dog's teeth are and he is five years old. I give him one CET Chew a day. The seller, Entirely Pets, is great too!!!

    Featured Reviews for CET HEXtra Premium Chews - Large (30 chews)
    by Jan11/12/2013

    My dog loves these but my issue is that the pieces are not uniform in size. Some are thin and small and some are what I call normal size.

    Best chew/treat ever!!! by DJ03/27/2012

    My dog waits at my kitchen cabinet door every day and looks foward to her dental chew mid morning. Her teeth and gums are in the best shape the Vet told us!!!

    Great! by kerry11/20/2012

    My dog just got a dental done and they recommended it along with brushing. i use these every day and havent brushed once! his teeth still look great!

    TEETH ARE CLEAN AGAIN by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona01/23/2013


    Chewies.... by Sadie from Texas11/13/2013

    My four children, Jack, Grace, Brindle, and Getty, all LOVE the CET HEXtra Premium Chews...and would devour the bag if I were not in control!

    works but..... by bc momma from Phoenix, AZ05/29/2013

    I purchased four bags of these CET chews on my veterinarian's recommendation for my two rescue Border Collies and they work well for keeping tartar at bay. The only problem is that there is a GREAT range in sizes in the pieces in the bag. I purchased the large size chews, but several pieces are so small as to be dangerous, since my dog could swallow them whole. So even though the bag gives you 30 chews, you may not be able to use them all.

    A Great Chew by Bearchick from Texas05/14/2013

    My dog absolutely lives for these chips. He gets one every day for an afternoon treat and enjoys it while it helps keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh. This is the second lab I have had and using these has definitely helped with lengthening the time between cleanings. I will always have a package on hand.

    by Kimi from San Tan Valley, AZ11/06/2012

    This product cleans the teeth & provides a healthy mouth for your pet. The ingrediant chlorhexidine which is infused in the chew itself is actually absorbed into the gum tissue creating a barrier for bacteria that causes dental problems in the first place. When our dog Zoey first began using these chews we were facing a $600 dental cleaning. Within a few weeks her teeth did'nt require professional cleaning & her vet recommended the products continued use.

    Still the best by Gernie from Littleton, CO11/21/2012

    I have ordered and used this product for both of my dogs for over two years. CET Hextra helps keep the tartar down and my dogs haven't had to have their teeth cleaned yet. I will continue to buy this great product.

    Pleasure for My Dog by Bernie from Washington, DC03/27/2013

    My dog knows when it's time for a "chewy" and waits by the drawer. He loves everything about these chews.

    great dental product by lablover06/16/2012

    This has helped our labs teeth better than anything. We have bought many, many bags. Red's teeth have always had a bad problem with tarter; even as a pup. Teeth are stronger and cleaner than ever. The only issue is that the extra large are not extra large. In fact some are the size of what I would believe to be medium and sometimes even small. I'm ordering the large size now, and hope I don't have to go down to medium. But I WILL CONTINUE to buy them.

    the best by bonni from Mount Kisco NY02/24/2014

    If you look at my history I have been buying this product for my dogs for at least 10 years My vet reccommends it highly LOVE the porduct!!!

    Chews by Ozzie from Florida12/28/2012

    Once again better price than any vet office in area and reason by itself to buy from Entirelypets besides the fact I can do so from the convenience of my home and have quick delivery to my door.

    They Really Clean their teeth! by jennifer02/15/2012

    I prefer the CET HEXtra and don't paying a little more for them. Since we have been using them, almost all the plaque is gone, and by using these daily he has clean, healthy, teeth and gums!!

    by strykersmom04/24/2012

    My dogs never had a problem with digesting these chews. They love them.

    Dogs Love These by Jersey Girl from Lorton, VA05/24/2013

    CET HEXtra chews are wonderful for dental health and stop bacteria from forming tartar. Both my dogs go nuts for these rawhide treats. Easy to digest, great for tooth care. Apparently they must taste awfully good because my dogs will bolt for a treat of these particular chews when they see me heading towards the kitchen. I would highly recommend them for both aid in dental care and the fact the dogs just love them. If you have a medium size dog, go for the large size.

    Greta loves these chews by Ed02/27/2013

    Greta loves her CET hextra chews. She gets hers after dinner each evening. She waits for her chewie and will get our attention if she doesn't get it by the time we sit down to watch TV. Her breath is always fresh and that freshness lasts the whole day. I tried the regular CET chews but I prefer the hextra chews even though they are more expensive.

    dogs love them by Raf from Longmont,Colorado04/17/2013

    Dentist recommended them for my girl,she had 2 root canals done in december.I give them daily to both of my dogs.

    Well Worth the Money by rainydaygirl06/14/2012

    I have purchased these chews for several years. They were recommended by my vet and they haven't disappointed me. (and my dogs ;-)

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews for Dogs by sdpdennis from Muscatine, IA02/25/2014

    We were unable to successfully brush our dogs teeth and having a vet clean them was getting pretty expensive, so after the last cleaning our vet suggested the CET HEXtra Chews. These have been GREAT! After her evening meal she gets 1 chew. She loves them and unlike other rawhide chews, these dissolve in her stomach and her teeth are clean!

    Good Product by Donna from Las Vegas11/06/2012

    My dog loves these dental chews and we also use the CET Malt Toothpaste. She will be eight years old this month and has never had a cleaning. The only downside for this product is that the chews have gotten smaller.

    doggie dental chews by archie from texas06/03/2013

    Our dogs love CET Hextra doggie chews and I love the prices, ease and great service at EntirelyPets

    My dog loves 'em! by ro_runner11/02/2010

    Recommended by my vet to help keep my dog's teeth clean. They smell bad, but my dog loves them & they seem to be helping with her oral hygiene.

    CET HEXtra Chews are the best ever! by Pots from Medina, WI11/06/2012

    I cannot brush my black lab's teeth and she is 11+ years old and started experiencing decay. Our vet recommended these and she gets one a day and I cannot believe the difference in her gums and teeth color. The only thing you have to put up with is the's amazing that a dog finds the smell smells very "mediciny". We started our dog on these three years ago and will never stop!

    Great product! by Lola12/06/2012

    My dogs love these chews. Used on a regular basis, they keep their teeth really clean.

    Great Price for a Great Product by dogmommy from Virginia Beach, VA06/18/2012

    These chews really work, at Entirely Pets the price is right, and our dogs love them!

    Polly' favorite treat by Jan from San Francisco Bay Area02/07/2013

    I just recommended this product yesterday so you should be getting an order from Sebastapol, Ca. It keeps my dog's teeth clean and provides good chewing for his jaw and teeth while it is a favorite treat.

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews by Dups from Groton CT02/16/2013

    "Great chews" but the postal system is making me pick them up at the post office. They always delivered them to my home. Find a better way of shipping. That's why there system is folding!

    Premium Chews stain anything they touch by Mick from North Carolina11/01/2012

    I purchased these chews for the dental health of my poodle. She likes them, but as soon as the chew gets wet, the brown pigment is released from the chew and colors ANYTHING it touches! As to the dental health, it is still to be proven...

    Good, but not for everyday by Snap from Annapolis, MD12/13/2011

    We give these to our labs only a couple times a week as some people have reported some staining of the teeth with everyday use. We give the plain CET chews on the other days. The HEXtra also can stain your carpet where they are being chewed. A complaint we have is the inconsistency in size. We get the large for our 70 lb. lab, because the extra large can be very thick. However, sometimes the large are over 1/3" thick and 7" long and other times they seem paper thin and only 4" long. I know this is a natural product, but they should be able to control the size consistency a little better. Same complaint with the regular CET chews as well.

    Good Stuff by bob from Los Angeles, CA.01/15/2014

    My dogs like these chews, its a real treat for them. Definitely going to get some more of these. Hey what else can I say.

    Great product by Mike from Lancaster, New York03/26/2013

    My puppy loves these. Great price and fast delivery. Will buy again.

    Yum Good by jazzfam from Lancaster, NY09/11/2014

    My minature Dachshunds LOVE CET HEXtra Premium Chews. I have two and the male is larger than the female. I actually cut each one into a 2/3 and 1/3 piece. The larger going to the male. It keeps their teeth white and Tarter free. My Veterinarian strongly recommends them.

    Great Product by BigTed from Spartanburg, SC01/11/2014

    I have no clue about the product, but my Husky Mix gives it 5 stars. She loves to sit in front of fire and chew on these.

    Got ripped off by lostmule from Texas10/16/2013

    Only 23 chews in bag...suppose to be 30. I want my money back!!

    Love them, but... by Dog Lover03/06/2013

    The product itself is fantastic. My dogs love them and they do the job keeping their teeth clean and breath fresh. However....I have the same complaint that many other reviewers have had - one reason I was reluctant to order, in fact -- the pieces are NOT cut evenly. Some strips are so thick, I wouldn't dare give them to even my heartiest chewer. Other pieces are so small, I feel I've been ripped off buying the large size. The company really needs to address this issue. If it happens with my next order, I will have to consider another product.

    Better than the vet by Wild Dog from Albuquerque, NM06/12/2012

    At my veterinarian's I was paying the same price for the non HEXtra treats. They passed them off as the good ones. I checked online after the price kept going up and found this wonderful site. I'm happy to pay the price for the HEXtra Premium Chews as my dogs love them. And they really more bad breath. Great product and a great place to buy them.

    Really cleans teeth by Gernzie from Littleton, CO06/19/2012

    My dog's teeth are much cleaner than before I started using CET HEXtra chews. My Akita mix dog's molar teeth were coated with brown placque and now it's reduced to a minimum. The dogs LOVE these and they get one every morning. They know this and wait patiently while I get one for each of them. I will tell them it's time for their "tooth brush."

    Good product, but quality control is poor. by digsdogz from TN05/22/2013

    Like most people that have submitted reviews, I love this product for my dogs' dental health, breath, and enjoyment. Unfortunately also like most, I have a complaint - the chews are not anywhere near uniformed in size. Some of them are so thick, I can't even give them to my strongest chewer. (Those are wasted.) Some of the "large" chews are much smaller than those in the medium bag. (Those are a waste of money.) There is no consistency in size, which should really be addressed by the manufacturer, especially after repeated complaints from customers. Love the product, don't love the rip-off.

    Overall a Good Product by Donna10/17/2011

    My dog loves the CET HEXtra Large Premium Chews. I like giving her something that is good for her teeth. However, the size of the chews in the bag is inconsistent. Some of the chews are small while others are large.

    CET Hextra by Codyman10/28/2011

    My Golden Retriever loves this product and they help keep his teeth clean. Thanks!

    STILL waiting for order.... by Sadiepie5512/06/2011

    Hard to review a product when asked to do so as I am still waiting for it. Order place November 22 and as of this writing, December 6, still have not received it.

    significant improvement by Robert & Fuerte03/16/2009

    I found Fuerte on the streets of Tijuana severly malnurished, recently given birth, severe skin parasites and still under 1 year old. Her teeth are not fully developed and were very yellow. Within 3 weeks there is already a difference in their color and she loves them. Thanks

    These really work! by Gernie11/02/2010

    My Akita mix dog began building up tartar when he was one year old and now he is two. I have been giving him a CET Hextra Premium Chew daily and the improvement in his teeth is great. There is still some tartar but the improvement is remarkable. He has no bad breath and his gums are healthy. I will continue this regimen so he doesn't have to go tp the vet to have his teeth cleaned as often.

    it works by Poodlegal from colorado10/27/2011

    I'm not so great about brushing the dogs' teeth and this really helps keep the tartar down. I don't notice any change in breath, but hey, they are dogs.

    very disappointed by N/A03/30/2014

    I have purchased these for years and they were great! My dog loved them. The last few orders have been different. The rawhide are completely different in quality. My dog keeps refusing them now. I am so disappointed!

    Best Solution for tartar control by Medina from Medina, WI12/30/2013

    My 13 year old black lab will not let anyone touch her teeth or gums so our vet recommended these. What a huge difference! One a day is all she needs and the black and yellow tartar on her teeth is mostly gone. If you can deal with the smell of these chews, they are totally worth it! I've tried the cheaper brands and nothing compares.

    great product by Jane from florida11/19/2012

    took care of dog breathe and keeps teeth cleaner for dog with sentive stomach

    brighter whiter teeth by pam from maryland02/17/2013

    It's hard to brush your dog 's teeth everyday. On the days you can't ,give them a dental chew and they do the work for you. IT's safe and effective !

    Made a big difference by Roz from Plymouth Meeting, Pa.11/13/2013

    My dogs love these chews. They were recommended by my vet to help prevent tartar build up. He told me they were highly digestible so even if the dogs swallowed them, they would dissolve. After using this product for a few months, I took one of my dogs for her regular vet check up and they commented that her teeth looked good...far cry away from you should have her teeth I am convinced that this product really helped keep the tartar down.

    Same Chews as Vets Office but Better Pricing ! by Dog Loving Mama !08/13/2013

    This product is what you find in Vet's offices. So if they like them, it must work. I agree, these chews are great and help keep my dogs teeth cleaner. She is 10 years old and expects one as a treat after breakfast each day. It's easy to buy online, however, if you call customer service they are very friendly too !

    Best thing ever! by Ors10/30/2011

    My dogs LOVE these and they seem to be helping prevent plaque buildup. I have 3 small dogs and I buy the large size, then cut them in half or in thirds with garden clippers to save $.

    Excellent choices by baby blue eyes11/12/2012

    I purchased small, medium and large dental products to clean their brown teeth. Jack Russell, Pomi/chihuaua, lab all absolutely love as well as the bags of chew sticks. Improved their teeth greatly. Will definitely recommend and order more when these are used. Happy that a neighbor walking her dog recommended to me.

    easier than brushing my dog's teeth by jellyjohn10/23/2012

    Strips of raw-hide treated to help remove plaque and reduce tartar. Apparently tasty too, as my pooch is happy to chow on these things everyday. This product was originally offered to me by my vet (after I griped about how expensive teeth cleaning would cost me). I believe this product has really helped clean my dog's teeth up noticeably. Much cheaper to get this product online rather than at your vet's office.

    Great Service by Jay from Frisco, TX01/10/2013

    Great Product! Great Price! Fast Shipping!

    My dog LOVES these by kiki from Nowthen, MN06/27/2013

    He practically THROWS himself in his dog crate each morning when I leave for work. Plus, the vet recommended them for keeping the teeth clean. The secret HEXtra ingredient works great - he is almost two and has sparkly white teeth. Deuce (Australian Sheperd) loves these chewies!!

    Excellent, healthy product by Georgia dog lady11/19/2012

    Just received my order of the CET HETtra dental chews for my dogs. I have been purchasing these for several years and found your prices to be very good. Excellent delivery, excellent product, and by the way my dogs LOVE them. I call them my puppy pacifier's after the evening meal they get a chew, it makes their day !! Thank you for a healthy, safe, and (per my dogs) delicious, easy way to support good dog dental health.

    Great price & shipped quickly by Onyx from Eugene, Oregon04/25/2013

    These CET HEXtra large dog chews are much less expensive at "Entirely Pets" than my vet's office. I will purchase more in the future.

    Great Dental Chew by DJ from Indianapolis IN11/26/2011

    Our sheltie, like so many of her breed, has the potential for a lot of dental problems. These chews certainly keep the teeth cleaning procedure intervals much farther apart than they would otherwise be. Our vet is very pleased at how a daily chew prevents the tartar so common to her breed. And, from our dog's point of view, it tastes fantastic!!

    great for dog-breath by Jodi from Miami, FL03/24/2012

    These were recommended to me by my Vet. Great for freshening and cleansing my pooch's teeth. They seem to be getting smaller and thinner with every purchase. My 50lb dog devours one in minutes now when it used to take hours or sometimes days to polish one off. Still love these anyways.

    my dogs love these by ljdiamond from Dallas, TX05/12/2013

    it's amazing how quickly my border collies settle down to chew these when I give them each day.

    by from 03/20/2013

    by Vickie from La Porte, TX02/07/2012

    Even my picky eaters love these chew treats, and they are wonderful for their dental health

    Great Product by Bella's human from NH08/02/2012

    Bella loves these chews and we give them to her as "dessert;" in fact, she actually seems to prefer them to her food. She is 8+ years old, and has been getting one a day since she was 2; no plaque, no expensive dental cleaning procedures! Happy dog, happy owner!

    by Pam from NE Ohio10/31/2012

    My dog loves this product. It does a great job keeping their teeth clean.

    by from 08/03/2013

    The title about says it all, but I'll say it again:

    these by things from andOur


    by from 05/27/2013

    We have been customers for years and this product continues to be great. The customer service and shipping exceed expectations.

    dallas, tx by from Thanks"


    Easy Tooth Care by Laur from Packer Island, Sunbury, PA03/10/2012

    CET Clorahex Chews are the best oral hygiene products out here today. My boys are 8, 6 and 2 and the 8 yr. old has only had professional dental care done once because these chews do it all, and dogs LOVE them!!

    My do loves these by LP07/08/2013

    My Bouvier looks forward to his chew when we have our dinner. There is some size variation in the package but I give him two of the smallest ones and that works just fine.

    Haven't received product by Blazer10/02/2013

    I have not received the product yet. Your shipping always takes too long. I order his dog food from another company and I pay $4.95 for shipping. It always arrives in 2 to 3 days. If you shipping was better, I'd order more.

    Great product by [email protected]06/17/2012

    My Doxie mix loves these. He is young and his teeth are sparkling white and I hope to keep them that way for a long time.

    Max and Callie's Favorite by Staudy09/14/2011

    There is not a better made TREAT you can give your kids! They love me for it - first day they were chewing on your C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine that they didn't care that the doorbell had rung...A flinch-barely a growl- and silence.....NEVER BEFORE!!! Send me a case!!! I love you guys - oh yes, so do Max and Callie!

    by Mom from Monte Rio Ca.03/06/2013

    Dogs love this product, and it is a great way to keep their teeth clean; a win, win!

    by lskty from FT LAUDERDALE07/31/2013

    My dogs enjoy these treats on occasion. Sometimes they don't like them

    Okay by Max10/13/2013

    Dog prefers CET Chews but they are so expensive I was hoping my dog would like these chews just as much as the CET Chews. This is not the case.

    good dental chews by lunastar10/03/2013

    I had bought one bag of these from my vet. I found them for half the price on your site. The very same product. Just had a check up and my pup no longer will have to have her teeth professionally cleaned. Thanks for the savings.

    White teeth by cindy from Orange, CA04/20/2013

    I am not sure if this product has whitened my lab's teeth or if she is just very fortunate, however, my labs teeth are WHITE and her breath does not stink!! These are a tad pricey, but in my mind - worth it!!

    i got robbed by lostmule from texas10/02/2013

    only 23 of these in bag...suppose to have 30...i want my money back

    our dogs think they can't live without these! by mlynchtn from Georgetown TN04/02/2013

    Honestly, I don't know how good these actually are for the dogs' teeth, but they love them . . . they will do anything if they think they are getting these chews. These are also better than the rawhide chews - no stinky, gooey mess.

    Fabulous by NYTerv from Webster, NY09/21/2011

    I have 3 Belgian Tervuren who would rather have these Chlorhexidine chews than a piece of meat! They get one every night. These are neat and never leave residue on the carpet as some rawhide type treats can. It has made a wonderful difference in my older dog's breath. As an ICU nurse I know of the positive effect of Chlorhexidine so the fact that my dogs love these is very good news.

    Excelent Dental Product by Mrs. G from VA07/24/2012

    My dogs would go on strike if I don't get CET for them. They love it!!! And serves 3 purposes: #1and #2 extremely important to me and go together: THEIR DENTAL CARE, it really works!!! IT IS SAFE!!! Not like raw hide bones, or greenies. My dogs had issues with raw hide bones and I even had to take them to the vet. I never liked those things but back then I didn't know about this great product.3. GREAT TREAT!!!!

    by me11/10/2012

    dog loves them, better than rawhide, anti-bacterial for placque

    Big Improvement by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois02/06/2014

    The rawhides are used in addition to daily brushing of our dogs teeth . The chemical chlorohexidine imbedded in each chew has really improved the teeth of each of our dogs.

    Very Nice by Millie'sMom from Washington, DC01/18/2012

    My big 75 lb shep/husky mix knows when it's time for his chewie. He loves these and waits by the drawer for his rawhide chew. We're lost without them.

    by sue06/07/2013

    I have been ordering these chews for over a year now...This past order was not only late arriving, but the chew were very small...not large as they have been in the past. I was very disappointed. I have tried the xlarge in the past and found they were the same size as the large but more expensive, so I have continued to purchase the large. This order the large seem to be medium size and the large cost more...I,m not sure which ones to order??? I will give it another try but if I am unhappy I may need to stop ordering since they are an expensive dental product. Too pup loves them!!

    These chews will save your dog's teeth! by ggkiln06/05/2012

    Hi, I have always had to have all of my dogs' teeth cleaned by a vet, once they got to a certain age. Since I've been giving my current dogs CET Hexa chews, they all have excellent dental checkups, even the older ones. They love the chews, and can't wait for us to leave the house, as that is their treat when we go. I'm convinced these chews really work, and I would recommend them to everyone.

    Love them! by kfile10/31/2011

    My dog loves these chews and they are great for his teeth. The perfect size for an after dinner snack.

    by Lisac841 from Columbus, OH02/11/2012

    My dogs just love these ! Would recommend them for any dogs that likes rawhide chews.

    Good, but Inconsistent thicknesses by MaryD from San Antonio, TX08/01/2012

    Our dogs LIVE for their "chewies" every night, and for the most part these are very good, but sometimes they are either super-thin and are gone in 15 seconds, or too thick for the dogs to chew, so they give up. We use kitchen shears to cut the thick ones in half lengthwise to make it easier, but they're almost too much fo the shears.

    CET Chews by Donette from Dacula, Georgia01/26/2014

    We have 4 German Shepherds and they love these. They help keep their teeth clean and their breath fresh. I highly recommend them.

    Another Disappointment from Trusted Supplier by vince from Austin Tx06/15/2013

    Received my last shipment of 10 bags of CET Hextra Large chews and was astonished at the REDUCTION in size and volume of the contents. There were 30 chews but the AVERAGE weight of the bag had DECLINED to 15 oz from a previous weight of 21-22 oz - the previous order was filled in January 2013 (order # 8109846). Therefore the "fabulous" sale price was just another rip off - lower price / lower contents. The bags were actually larger than the previous shipments but the chews were much smaller. Will have to look for new product to give our deserving "girls"

    Finally a treat I can trust by Barb dog lover from Berlin md04/30/2013

    Great treat for dogs that love to chew. I will not give my dogs rawhide but these chews Are just perfect...and safe. Approved by my vet but cheaper for me to buy here from entirely pets.

    Featured Reviews for CET HEXtra Premium Chews - XLarge (30 chews)
    CET chews by GVvegan from Garden Valley, ID12/25/2013

    Our dogs love these, esp the GSD! Keeps her busy for a long time and helps keeps her teeth clean!

    by Anne from Montana11/01/2012

    The dogs love them. Helps keep their teeth clean.

    Good product bad quality control by jklon from Virginia03/04/2013

    At least two to four Chews are too small. This is the case in about every bag I have ever bought. My dog loves these, they do keep her teeth clean, but if they are too small, my dog will try to swallow them whole instead of chewing them. They (the company) need better quailty control on what size chews they put in the package!!

    The best chews on the market by Simon12/02/2012

    We have a large golden retriever who just loves these. He has been having one each evening for the last six months and starts reminding us every night when it is his chew time!

    Great for dogs; boredum & helps their teeth by Dallas from Frisco, Texas01/10/2012

    My dogs love these and they help keep their teeth clean. My Vet charges $38.00 per bag and I get them on Entirely Pets for $20, what a deal......thanks

    Safe Leather Chews by GeorgieS11/07/2012

    Both my Cackapoo and Golden love their C.E.T.HEXtre chews. I buy this brand because my vet recommended them. They help clean their teeth, satisify their need for chewing and are easy and safe to digest.

    Breath freshener and diversion by Bill from Western Colorado12/14/2012

    Large or X-large size keeps a collie busy for a while, and freshens the breath well after having fish-based foods.

    CET Chews by KevinN from Salt Lake City02/26/2013

    Excellent chews for keeping your large dogs teeth and gums in shape.

    Not able to use this product. by Pat from Southern California05/13/2013

    I have German Shepherds and they chew off large pieces which cause stomach problems.

    Great Product by Tobie from Washington State11/12/2011

    These premium chews are a great product for helping to keep a dog's teeth clean, white and in good health. They also help in keeping the dogs breath fresh. I have been using them for about two years, and use them on a daily basis. My dog loves them and cannot wait to get one each morning. The trick to successfully using this product is to make sure you follow the product directions and select the product that is best suited for your dogs weight.

    My dogs love these! by Kathy01/21/2013

    I have 2 lab/shephard mix and they get one of these each evening. They are the best for their gums and teeth cleaning. Also, Entirely Pets has the best price on this pkg that I have found.

    by Buddy03/24/2013

    My dog loves this treat, he can not wait for his everytime.....

    by from 05/23/2014

    Good product but some of the extra large are too thick. My pet tends to swallow some food without fully chewing and this can cause digestive issues.

    only by order from theI


    Keeps Teeth Clean by Rappwizard from South Florida02/14/2014

    Daily brushing with CET toothpaste and these chewies keep my dog's teeth pearly white. I call them my dog's "crack" because she comes running when I go to the bag and zones out on her dog bed munching away, like she's in heaven.

    HEXTRA CHEWS by mak from denver01/18/2012

    I was disappointed with the Large chews I ordered through Amazon. The ones from EntirelyPets - XLarge arrived with the weight I was used to -- the ones from Amazon seemed hardly coated with the stuff at all, and I would be interested if others have found this type of variation in product quality.

    Dogs LOVE THEM...what else??? by SpicewoodJoe from Hill Country Texas11/06/2012

    Two rescue Labs EXPECT these morning treats after breakfast and look you right in the eye when not served...immediately. A very nutriious healthful chew and their teeth are FIVE STAR. A great morning habit.

    Good and fast... by Youareonlyoldonce from Houston, TX06/27/2012

    I was pleased with the speed of delivery and the price of the product

    Our four Golden Retrievers love these!! by Cobins from East Hampton, CT03/15/2014

    Our Vet suggested we use these to keep teeth clean and combat bad breath. I get the extra large chews since they are big dogs. The only thing I wish was that there was consistancy in size, texture, etc. Some are really hard and tough and some are very easy to bend. I try to give the big strong ones to the ones with strongest teeth and the smaller more bendable ones to the dogs that do not have such strong teeth. I just wish they were more standard in size and strength. My dogs live to get these when I get up in AM and when I come home from work. They really adore them. They are expensive as four dogs go through a lot ut I feel they are good for their mouth hygiene so I order a lot. Thanks! Cobins

    Healthy Chewing Option! by Barbara from Camarillo, California10/29/2011

    I like these dental chews the best because they not only work and my dogs love them, but the large size lasts a relatively long time. I use them as treats when I have to leave the house; the chews keep the pups busy and happy for quite a while.

    Awesome as usual by Beyankee2 from Dallas, Texas11/12/2011

    I have bought several bags of these CET Hextra dog chews from Entirely Pets and they are always awesome!! They are very quick to ship them to me and they are always in perfect condition. Awesome product that my vet recommends to me. Awesome seller that gives great prices with great service. Entirely Pets Rocks!!

    My dog loves them! by ro_runner01/25/2012

    My vet recommended these for my dog. She warned me that they have a bit of an offensive smell, but that dogs love them. All true. They do seem to help my dog's teeth stay a bit cleaner. I've recommended them to friends & family.

    Awesome product by hjright from Washington04/23/2013

    This product keeps my dogs teeth clean and their breath fresh! They love the treat, it is their favorite.

    CET Chews by Linda from Mishawaka IN.03/27/2012

    My dog absolutely loves these and they help keep her tartar under control.

    totally satisfied by Baxter's mom01/30/2012

    Our dog loves these chews, service from Entirely Pets is absolutely reliable and good prices. Free shipping helps a lot, and product arrives when they say it will. We will definitely reorder when we need more.

    by from 08/20/2012

    Zeus loves them, part of daily routine dental care,only change I would like is more consistency in thickness; between thick (less desirable) and thin.

    teeth by clean from andHelps


    A Big, Satisfying Chew by Larry S from San Francisco Bay Area01/27/2015

    My big guy, who is 85 pounds, needs a big hearty chew to satisfy him. These fill the bill. The extra large size is just right for him. They are sturdy chews, but at 6 years, he's got great teeth, so I'm not worried about heim grinding them down (and he doesn't get one everyday--although he'd love to!)

    CET HEXtra Chews better than cleaning teeth by Gabriella from Dallas, TX11/08/2011

    I have two elderly dogs. both are prone to tartar on their teeth. I feed them dry food only in order to minimize the tooth decay. Cleaning their teeths with a toothbrush has not been as good as them chewing on these Hextra hides. Highly recommend them. They get one a day and considering vet cost for cleaning and dentistry, well worth the money.

    Hextra Chip Xtra-large size by Bearchick from Texas12/29/2012

    These are great chips not only for dog treats but also for the benefits provided to the teeth. Really helps with keeping teeth clean as well as bad breath control. Also, the chip doesn't stain the carpets. My lab loves these and the price is much better than in the Vet's office. I would recommend these for any big dog.

    A Must Have! by Vicki01/10/2012

    These are the answer to an alternative to raw hide "made in China" chews that choke your dog. These are good for your dog! Our Bodee Max...loves to share them with his friends & family! :)

    Clean teeth and breath by Julieanne from Bothell, WA10/30/2012

    These were recommended to me by a friend. Alfred likes them and hopefully they will help keep his teeth clean and breath fresh.

    by from 05/20/2013

    Just one suggestion by SeŮora Pensante from VA07/09/2012

    I wish the x-large were thicker. Other than that they are perfect.

    Hextra chews extra large by Skeeter from Arlington, TX07/02/2012

    Entirely Pets does a great job of selling this product and also seems very concerned with customer satisfaction. That being said...I am growing more dissatisfied with the quality of the Hextra chews. I always purchase extra large chews, but on almost every order, the size of the chews are NOT extra large. I have brought this to the attention of Entirely Pets once and they were wonderful to correct the issue. I do wish that the company that manufactures these would be contacted and informed about the size issue as this may cause me to quit ordering this product.

    Hextra Chews by Skeeter from TX12/06/2011

    Great product for dogs with sensitive stomachs

    Good Product but sizes too varied by Graymare2 from Orlando, Fl.06/13/2014

    My Greyhounds love these chews and they really seem to help clean their teeth. My major complaint is that many of the pieces are entirely too thick for the dogs to even chew, and they lose interest in them. It also concerns me that they may be a choke hazard.

    Best treats, best value by SamCha09/03/2013

    My two goldens look forward to this treat everyday. I have tried many others but these are the best. Good for the teeth and takes them a while to finish. I recommend the extra large for big dogs.

    Maddie knows when 8pm arrives by Maddie's Daddy from Port Townsend, WA12/17/2011

    "Maddie" our "Bernese Girl" can somehow tell exactly when 8pm arrives every evening and politely asks for her CET X-Large Chew. That treat signals the end of another wonderful day as an "only child" whose mission in life is to guard over, entertain, companion and "warm the feet of" her other family members. Her CET Chew "finished"......she heads off to accomplish the final task of her day......warming the bed that we sleep on.

    My dog is addicted! by Indiana03/04/2014

    My dog loves these treats, and forgets everything else when he's given one.

    Great Product by THOR01/23/2013

    I have these on Auto Ship which is a great help...the price is great and always wonderful EP service...Thanks for offering these they help Thor and he loves them...

    Fantastic Chews by Greg K from Castle Rock, Colorado11/10/2012

    Our two 12 year babies wait for supper with the anticipation of puppies because they know after supper they get the HEXtra chews. If we make the unforgiveable error of not re-ordering in time and being without their chews for a day or two they mope and continually return to where the chews are kept to be certain there are none to be had. The product is a healthy, excellent treat. Great for our puppies.

    addictive by amiga12/15/2013

    Our dogs absolutely love these things and they're so good for their teeth. For standard poodles, we really need the extra large ones. Even our one poo who will never chew on anything, a bone, a rope, nothing, loves to chew on these!

    CET Hextra Premium Chews by Gail01/16/2013

    My dogs love them and they really clean their teeth

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large by Sadie'sMom from San Jose, Calif.10/20/2011

    The main reason that I buy CET HEXtra leather chews for my dog is because they are safe. They give Sadie pleasure in the chewing. While they sweeten her breath they also protect her teeth. My vet recommended CET HEXtra Chews and Sadie recommends them, too.

    Misrepresented and POOR producr by Skeeter from Arlington TX07/16/2012

    I have been purchasing these chews for years now and have been pleased with them up to the past few orders. The items are said to be extra large but in reality they are MUCH smaller...More like medium. Also, Entirely Pets used to be a very professional company and would stand by the quality of their products, but this is no longer the case!!! I have been told by them that they are not to be held responsible for the lack of quality of these chews...VERY unprofessional and why I will be doing business with someone else from this point forward. If you want solid, courteous and professional customer support...Go anywhere OTHER than Entirely Pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by from 04/28/2012

    I've used these for the past six months to try and help my 6-year-old dog's teeth stay clean. They seem to work if I use them regularly, maybe once of twice a week. She is about 50 pounds and I buy the XL because they are thicker and seem to pose less of a choking hazard, although some of them are still very thin and I won't give them to her.

    increased by her from useLast


    a by good from choiceThese


    by PJ07/02/2012

    Chews are great.....good loves them!!

    Dogs love them! by Anne10/31/2011

    My dogs absolutely love these chews! The flavor must be great because the dogs beg for them and then spend about 15 minutes chewing each one. I give my dogs one every day and their teeth and gums look clean and healthy. No doggie breath is an added bonus!

    Works for us by moonchef from Raleigh, NC03/01/2012

    With this and the CET toothpaste, we get to skip the annual teeth cleaning this year. That makes me happy.

    Can't wait to clean their teeth by Teddi and Grizzly's Mom from King William Virginia10/02/2013

    Our Collie/Sheppard kids love the CET HEXtra Premium Chews. All you have to do is ask if they want to clean their teeth and they're at the cabinet waiting in line. Once in possession of their hand picked chew, off they go to find their very special spot in the yard. Lined up perfectly beside each other as always, they begin cleaning each and every tooth. Afterwards, they come to us with a big smile as to say "Look, our teeth are clean!" We use the XL size for them. The prices are great for the 30 chews and we have free shipping if we meet the minimum order. The kids know when the Entirely Pets delivery arrives. They can smell the chews though the box and bag! Of course, they go crazy standing on their hind legs until they get a chew. Got to love them!

    Great chews by Roxy's Mom02/08/2013

    My dog loves these chews. I like the larger quantity packaging and EntirelyPets is always responsive and timely in shipping. Great experience.

    by from 01/18/2012




    Cleanest Teeth by Gernie from Denver, CO03/01/2011

    I've been giving one of these extra large CET Hextra Premium chews one daily for a year to my Akita mix dog and the vet can't believe his his have cleaned up so nicely. He hasn't required a professional teeth cleaning in his 2 1/2 years of life. I will definitely keep purchasing these chews.

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews by Beau07/14/2013

    I love these mommy gives them to me very day ... she says that they keep my breath fresh and my teeth clean after she had them cleaned at the vet. She also says that the price is much less here than at the vet, so now she can buy me more treats!

    by from 02/10/2012

    I have noticed over the last year that the XL chewies have gotten shorter and thinner. Most of the product inside is hardly what would be called XL, which, given their price, is disappointing.

    two by weeks from toIt


    Great product, great price! by Vuki from Salt Lake City, UT09/27/2011

    Everyone comments on how nice my dog's teeth are, and I know it is because he LOVES these chews. They keep his teeth white and healthy, and he never gets tired of them. And I never buy these chews from anywhere else, because no one has better prices or customer service. The shipping is always fast, so my baby is never without his favorite treat. Yay for EntirelyPets!

    great product by ricky from Seattle, WA01/14/2013

    My dog loves these and I know that they are good for his teeth and gums

    by Callie Cameron07/27/2013

    These were wonderful, my dog loves them. Thank you.

    by from 10/18/2013

    My dog loves these. She insists on having one at the same time everyday, and gets "moody" if I don't give her the chew.

    much by better." from CET Hextra X-large chewsHer


    by Blazer08/10/2013

    Great for cleaning my dogs teeth. Good product. Can get it cheaper from other online stores.

    CET Chews by sm from Montana12/01/2011

    These were recommended by our Vet as a way to help eliminate tartar build up when we don't have time to brush and we have had good results with following checkups since. The dogs love them, especially the HEXtra Premium Chews.

    My dogs love these chew treats! by PaulaO from Phoenix, AZ03/09/2013

    Our dogs have a routine... whenever we leave the house they get one of these chew treats that the love! It keeps them distracted while we leave & makes our leaving less tramatic. Actually they love it when we leave now because of these great chew treats.

    by terri07/27/2013

    Great product. Came quickly and fresh. Priced right

    CET Chews Rock! by Dixie03/12/2012

    These chews are incredible! I have 3 large dogs from the same litter who are 8 years old and spending lots of money to put them under to have their teeth cleaned makes my husband freak out. I give them one of these a day and encourage them to chew on tough dog toys such as the Galileo and their teeth have held up really well with very little tartar build up. They always get high marks at the vet!

    my dogs love these chews by Calypso from Worcester, MA03/16/2010

    I have two one year old black lab/shepard mixes and they love these chews. They have very sensitive stomachs and it's hard to find any chew or treat that won't bother their stomach, but these chews don't upset their stomachs or intestines at all. As soon as they see the bag, they are so excited and can't wait for them.

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large by Joanne from Florida08/13/2013

    My 90 pound Doberman loves these. He even sits in front of the cabinet where they are stored to ask for one. His teeth are beautiful and his breath is much better since he has been using these.

    Great stuff by Johnny D10/22/2011

    Keeps my dogs teeth in great condition and pure white.

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews by Johnny D from Groton CT.01/10/2012

    Great, best stuff for your dogs teeth. I have used them for years, no problems with there teeths and they are white as ever. Wish my teeth were as white as my dogs are.

    Good product by js11/15/2011

    I have used this for almost 5 years and my dog's teeth are in great shape

    Dogs Love these Chews! by Auntie from Eagan, MN12/20/2012

    My dogs get so excited when I bring out these bones or just say the word "bones".

    Really Great Price by [email protected]09/15/2013

    Especially with the 10% saving on shipping every month, the price is just about as good as what my wife can get as a discount at work!!! Dogs love the chews and they are veterinary recommended.

    THE BEST by Bobby from Olympia, WA09/08/2013

    Doggy approved. We have bought other stuff and he did not like it near as well. Our vet sells this dental.

    great product by doglover from Connecticut02/12/2014

    My dog loves these and they keep her teeth clean. I am careful not to give her only a few each week though.

    Xlarge cet chews by prancingpenelope from florida12/28/2013

    I have been buying these for years and the quality seems to be going down. They used to be thicker and more substantial. I buy the xtra large size but they are so thin that my dachshund can handle them. Forget about the big dogs, they finish them quickly. I am going to try the "other" brand and see if they are any better.

    Great treat by Maggie from Miami, Fl05/11/2013

    My dog loves the chews & they help keep her teeth clean.

    Bandit's Passion by Art12/15/2011

    Bandit is a Siberian Husky who can tell when the postman brings his treats. Even though they a in a sealed bag and a sealed box he knows what is in the package. He will lie along side the package until it is opened!

    Premium Chews by Mich from CT02/23/2013

    these are the best for my dog because it has cleaning agents for the teeth added

    These are great! by bgdg from Spicewood (nr Austin) Texas05/02/2012

    I have 2 litter-mates, half German Shephard and half Labrador Retriever, who are as different as night and day, in looks and personality. But! They both love these "cheweys." They are 10 years old and their teeth and breath are in really good shape for their age. They get one of these each evening for their oral hygiene. I first purchased them in my Vet's office, but then I found EntirelyPets. Their price is the best I've found and the service is great!

    Great Purchase! by Ken10/23/2011

    These are great chews and the chlorhexidine helps with the gingivitis. I know, I'm a dentist. The dog loves them and they are great treats.

    Love love love by Barb dog lover from Berlin md03/18/2013

    My vet recommends and my boys just love them. Will reorder. Highly recommend for a safe treat.

    Helen Loves these by ladd38 from Monroe,NY12/01/2011

    Harder then the Cet veggie,so Helen had to work on them longer. She love the flavor.

    CET Hextra Premium Chews X Large by Anne from Montana07/19/2012

    My dogs love them. They come in different thicknesses and for my dogs I wish we could just buy the thicker ones as they last way longer.

    Clean Teeth! by dblyndo from Northern California01/27/2012

    The product really keeps your dog's teeth clean and without plaque. We decided we preferred the CET Chews over annual dental cleaning. Our Labrador Retriever eats one a day. He eats both the HEXtra Premium and the regular CET Chews. Pricing and shipping from EntirelyPets are outstanding!

    Bandit's Treats by Art10/14/2011

    Bandit is a Siberian Husky who would do backflips for these treats.

    by from 07/11/2014

    My Golden Retriever, Jake, loves these, and I do believe they help to clean his teeth and freshen his breath. I have been frustrated, however, by the dramatic variations in size and thickness of the chews from one bag to the next, and customer service from C.E.T that was beyond horrific. I purchase either the Large or X-Large size chews, and have had X-Large that are smaller than the normal Large size, and Large chews that are smaller than the normal Medium size. I once purchased several bags of Large chews that were so small, Jake literally ingested them in a few bites. Less than one minute, and they were gone. I found the C.E.T. web site (not an easy task), and sent an email regarding this issue. The next day I received a phone call from a C.E.T. "customer service" rep. He apologized for the size inconsistency, but informed me that ONLY veterinarians are authorized to sell their products. Since I purchased the chews from a retailer, C.E.T. would not stand behind the product. I found this response a bit perplexing, since C.E.T. Chews and other C.E.T. products are regularly sold by dozens of online retailers and most of the big box brick and mortar pet supply stores. The rep did not dispute this fact, but insisted that none of these sales are authorized, and C.E.T. would not stand behind any of their products unless purchased from a veterinarian.

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    Great Product by Tucker10/26/2012

    CET HEXTRA Premium Chews is an excellent product. Been buying this product for several years and my dog absolutely LOVES the product AND it's really helped keep his teeth whiter.....REALLY!!

    Great Product by Madia11/06/2012

    My Vizsla has had this as a treat since he was a puppy -- now 7 1/2 years old and his teeth are in perfect condition. I attribute this to this product and he also stands by his food area when he knows we are leaving and he gets this as a treat for staying home alone!

    CET Chews by Susan12/06/2011

    These were recommended by my vet for dental hygiene. It is convenient to order them and have them delivered directly to the house.

    Excellant teeth cleaning tool by Pam from NE Ohio01/15/2013

    I make this purchase on a regular basis. Excellant way to clean my dog's teeth while he enjoys the "chew toy"

    cet extra chews by hiya02/17/2014

    Perfect. they breakdown well and clean their teeth as well as keep the puppy chewing on them rather than furniture. lol

    Better than a dentist. by Gernie from Denver, CO12/09/2011

    I have one dog who has horrible brown tartar and bad breath (before starting CET Hextra Premium Chews). Now his breath isn't bad and his teeth are white except for a little tartar in the molar area but his gums are healthy. This is a bit expensive when I give him one everyday but it saves on dental cleaning which is expensive and potentially dangerous to dogs due to anesthesia reactions, etc. This is a winner and I've recommended it to two people who are now using it.

    CET chew by Lap10/06/2011

    They love the treats and they last a while. The tartar has not built up on their teeth since they started chewing them. They get about two a week. Works great.

    great for cleaning teeth by tobysmom from sweet home chicago12/09/2011

    My guys love this & it cleans their teeth very well. Thanks

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews X-Large by zeus from Georgia12/31/2012

    He loves them, gets one daily I recommend

    CET HEXtra Premium Chews - XLarge (30 chews) by Iceman from Fort Myers, Fl01/18/2015

    Great product. Our dogs think its a real treat. We have a rottweiler (128 Lbs) and German Sheppard (80 lbs) and get one every other day. Teeth look and smell better

    CET chews by Juli02/28/2012

    These are the best. My Major boy loves them and they help keep his teeth healthy~

    best for dogs teeth by Ellie12/21/2012

    My veterinarian suggested we keep our Golden Retriever on this after his expensive teeth cleaning. These are the only treats he gets. He gets one after every meal.

    Beware! These Things Are Grrrreat! by Jack & Harry from Brownsville, TX11/08/2011

    Our mom and dad buy these things all the time from They say the service is excellent and delivery is always prompt. They wouldn't go anywhere else. But beware! These things are so good, we're totally hooked on them! They're not only good for us, they taste grrrreat! We thoroughly recommend them so do whatever you have to do to get your owner's attention but make sure you get your owner to buy you a package or two of these things! They come in all sizes and you'll love 'em! // Jack & Harry

    Hextra X-Large chews by pollyb from Plano, TX02/13/2013

    we found your company to be very good on price and to ship quickly. since we have five dogs all sizes I think in the future I would just order the X-Large and cut them to the sizes I need for the smaller dogs we have instead of ordering the large as well.

    Consistently good purchase by Dook from PacNW08/28/2013

    Our Lab's been enjoying these dental chews for years after our vet recommended them. We're glad you carry the X-large size.

    Quality Control by Bob02/28/2013

    Used this product for years for our three yellow Labs. Product does what it say's it will do at keeping the dogs teeth clean however in the last year or so we have noticed a decrease in the quality of the chews.. Paying $20 and some change for a bag that lasts ten days, one would expect a more consistant product...

    My girls love these!! by NMRF from houston05/19/2014

    Great price! My dogs are large so these work great for them. They REALLY loves these.

    My Dogs love them! by banditbr from Galveston, Tx11/05/2012

    I have 2 labs so i get the xlg. The bag is a mix of thick and thin. Whick works out well, because the male only eats the thin.

    Chews by Dups from Groton CT01/14/2013

    Great product but it takes forever to get to me, improve this!

    by Vic04/23/2014

    Great product!!!! My wiener dog always had bad check ups before these. Both dogs love these.

    by jasmine from buffalo ny10/23/2011

    jasmine's vet recommended these chews for dental health - they are the greatest - I have a 40# beagle and she can down one of these xlarge chews in no time & thoroughly enjoys every bite

    by from 06/02/2012

    This company said they were improving their product to make the chews thicker; the way they were initially. They said they had problems with a manufacturer. This change has not taken place.

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    by from 04/03/2012

    I've been purchasing these chews for the past few years. Initially they were very large, thick slices. It could take my black lab about 10 minutes of great chewing to get through them.

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    Easy on line purchase by jld from West Palm Beach, FL04/06/2012

    Hassle free shopping - prompt shipping. Will order from them again!

    CET Hextra Chews by Sasha from Texas04/19/2014

    Thi is a fabulous product. My dog loves the chews and I love the clean teeth and fresh breath she has because of the chews. In fact, my dog looks forward to her daily chews. She thinks it is a treat. I just give her one chew each morning and I never have to deal with stinky dog breath!

    by Scooter06/25/2013

    Our Bernese Mountain Dog has always had dental issues. Since she really isn't a chewer we were concerned. Our vet recommended these chews and it has a dramatic differnce in her dental health. Just make sure to monitor your dog as they like to try to swallow the last piece which may be too big.

    X large chews by cindy from Orange, CA04/14/2014

    My dog inhales the large Chews - these X large ones have allowed her to spend more time "chewing"!!!

    by from 07/24/2012

    My dogs would go on strike if I don't get CET for them. They love it!!! And serves 3 purposes: #1and #2 extremely important to me and go together: THEIR DENTAL CARE, it really works!!! IT IS SAFE!!! Not like raw hide bones, or greenies. My dogs had issues with raw hide bones and I even had to take them to the vet. I never liked those things but back then I didn't know about this great product.

    Excellent dental product by Mrs. G. from VA3.


    Great for keeping teeth clean by mrsneu from Spring Branch, TX11/26/2011

    Our dogs love these and we love the price--our vet charges $33.00 for one pack. My only complaint is that the contents of the bags is very inconsistent; some bags have a variety of thin and thick chews but other bags may have 30 that are paper-thin (not much to chew on) and some have 30 that are way too thick. But all in all they're a good product at a good price.

    works pretty good by jackie from texas12/28/2011

    my vet recommended that I try these for my older lab and they have made a difference in his teeth. seeing that I won't have him put under to have his teeth cleaned, this really helps.

    Great purchase by Marilyn from St. Louis06/14/2013

    I just keep ordering these. They are a great product. I take them with me when going to someones house to keep him from begging for food when we eat. He loves them.

    great product by cainsmomma from Calvert City, KY02/01/2012

    My dogs absolutely love them and my vet recommended these for treats.

    Work great by Chelsea11/20/2011

    I have been using these for quite sometime and my dogs teeth are extremely clean. Even their vet commented on how good they looked and I don't brush them. Also, what ever coating is on these they love licking it off.

    Dogs love them by Silly from Reno, Nevada03/26/2012

    These help when on occation I don't get their teeth brushed.

    What a great product! by Jus4su from Grapevine, Texas01/01/2014

    All 4 of my dogs LOVE these. My guest dogs love them too, and I always send some home with them :)

    CET chews X-large by Marylou06/19/2013

    My dog loves this chew and I think they seem to help with her dental hygiene, but what I don't like and don't understand is why they are not consistent in how they are made. Some are very thin and I think should not be in the X-large bag.

    Not What They Used To Be by adfac from Brownsville, TX12/26/2013

    I order 2 bags at a time for my Standard Poodle and Rhodesian Ridgeback. They are not what they used to be. The last few orders, I've noticed they've gotten smaller and the Chlorhexidine coating that they used to use looks much different now. Seems to me the quality has definitely gone downhill. Used to be a great product. Still is a good product. My "boys" still love them and I will continue to buy them.

    Featured Reviews for CET VeggieDent Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)
    A Must Have by Whip04/26/2014

    My two Chihuahuas love these and they don't even care that they are good for their teeth. They think they are getting a treat! That's what I call a win - win.

    Dentastix by Kat09/04/2014

    My dog loves these, he is a 10lb Maltese and loves to cheew on these and has beautiful teeth.

    Worst purchase ever by Yes to chew No to Vender01/10/2014

    Back ordered for 6 weeks. Finally cancelled from you and purchased from someone else. Received in 2 days

    great product by karen from clarence,ny12/17/2012

    my vet recommended this product for our dog...helps keep her teeth and gums healthy and chew is low in fat...she loves them..

    by jeannie03/22/2012

    This product is so successful in keeping our 2 Schnauzer's teeth bright and clean and keeping their breathe fresh. The product is healthy for them and has caused no problems in their digestive system.

    Don't say the word "Chews." by freya from naples, fl02/29/2012

    We have two 10 yr old min. schnauzers who have to have 2 of the veggie dent chews a day. They know when it's time and they run to the pantry door extremely excited. And we better not say the word....we can't even spell the word.....we do a pantomime for the word, "chew."

    by Marsha from NC03/01/2012

    Dogs love these. Last a long time. Great value.

    Not a favorite by Toby,'s Mom06/29/2014

    They are not his favorite, however,he will eat it when he knows nothing else is coming. My fussy lazy boy doesn't like to work or chew hard.

    Best dog chews by Blondie05/29/2014

    These dog chews clean her teeth. No need to brush. She loves them and looks forward to one per day. Excellent for good dental hygiene.

    Great product, just not for my dogs by carrblack from Spring, TX11/17/2012

    These chews are very hard, which is good to keep dogs' teeth clean. However, my dogs are gobblers. They barely chew something before they gulp it down. This kind of chew isn't for them. However, if you have a dog who likes to sit and chew on something all day, this is for them. My 16 year-old dog has passed away, but he was a chewer, and liked to gnaw on something all day long. If your dog is like him, they will like these CET chews. If you have a dog that is a gulper like mine, you might try Greenies instead. They are softer and can be chewed into smaller pieces before being swallowed.

    by from 03/11/2014

    Good chew! by Westiemom from Bridgeport, MI11/05/2013

    My dogs love these. My nine year old westie seems to have a little constipation after. My 4 year old westie has no problem at all with them.

    Special Treat by doxie lover from NC01/15/2014

    My 2 doxies love these chews and they are good for them!

    Tasty Distraction for Dogs by Biscuit from Denver, CO12/01/2013

    I give my dogs these when I leave the house. They chew on them for a long time and it takes them a while to finish them. It gives them something to do while I'm away and they seem to like the taste.

    a safe and effective after-meal chew treat by Eddie's mom from Newton, MA02/03/2013

    I started giving my dog one of these after his dinner when I realized that the time he likes to chew something most is after eating his kibble. Now he expects one! Sometimes he carries it around for a while; some evenings he chews off only a bite or two; other times he eats it all. Keeps him busy for at least twenty minutes and he has not had any problems chewing and swallowing bites; seems to be a safe product. My own vet stocks it too, which is a good sign. It is, however, all glycerin, I think, so not ideal nutritionally. But the trade off is safety and effectiveness--soft enough to chew, hard enough to remove plaque and tartar.

    by from 02/04/2014

    Our little Italian Greyhound LOVED these CET VeggieDent Chews for Small Dogs! Imagine how Surprised & Concerned we were when we realized this "Top Quality" product is MADE IN VIET NAM!

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    for by your from announcement!"We'll


    My dogs love these! by Charlene from CA10/28/2013

    I have three Cavaliers and they let me know each afternoon that it's time for a Chewy. They keep the inflamation down in their mouths and the sodium content is way below the other chews.

    Great for teeth by zielinam from Apex, NC04/22/2013

    I give these to my dogs every morning. I also brush and rinse their teeth every evening with other CET products. My vet is impressed at how clean and heatlhy their mouths are. It's been over a year since both dogs had dental cleanings and the only issue is very minor tartar on the rear teeth. Great product and hypoallergenic too! Important if you're dogs have food allergies, which mine do.

    Great Product by angieg05/09/2013

    my mom has a shihtzu and gives her one every other day to keep her teeth cleaned. Dogs love them and they are a great price.

    great for keeping teeth clean by wanda08/01/2012

    Both of my small dogs love these. At first they acted like the couldn't chew them but it didn't take long till they realized how good they are and now beg for them. They were recomended by my vet to keep there teeth clean between cleanings.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Minpin Mom01/16/2015

    This product is popular in Japan, so I tried them. I brush my minpins' teeth, but wanted to make sure that I am doing a full care. They love these and seems to be working.

    These are the BEST dental chews by PamelaC from Mill Valley,Ca04/08/2014

    My corgis love to "brush their teeth" after dinner. Truly the best dental chews for dogs.

    Vet reccommended by Pam from OHIO01/17/2015

    Our dogs love them and they are good for cleaning their teeth.

    love it by sue from chicago, il06/19/2014

    Far too big for a small dog. break in half and you have 60 chews.

    Dogs live them by Toejam from Vancouver wa08/07/2013

    Our dogs can't wait to eat these after Dinner to clean their teeth

    Favorite Treat by Jack from Austin, TX03/26/2012

    My two dogs squeal and run with delight each time I get a CET Veggie Dent for them. They love this treat - and - it's excellent for their dental health.

    Great Treat/Dental Chew by HS10/23/2012

    Great treats and dental chews for my pups! They love them!

    Sunshine LOVES VeggieDent Chews by white angel01/18/2015

    Sunshine absolutely LOVES her "toothbrush", that is what we call her Veggie Dent Chew. It "makes her day" and her most favorite treat.. She jumps for joy when she knows that she is going to get one. She is 41/2 and has not had to have her teeth cleaned. We attribute part of this to the chews and also a daily brushing of her teeth with a tartar control toothpaste.

    Healthy Chews for Dogs by Robin from Yakima, WA11/13/2013

    We purchase VeggieDents as well as the rawhide Virbac chews for our dogs. We really like the ease of chewing with the VeggieDent and the addition of some vegetable matter into their diets when snacking. With all the problems with the foreign products for our pets, we are confident in the quality and safety of the Virbac products.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews by Margo from Tucson AZ01/13/2013

    I am on my second order of this product. My two little dogs just love them and good for their dental care.

    Great by msdee from WDC12/05/2012

    My 4 Yorkies loves this treat. The veggie chew does not last long in my household. This is a very good and healthy treat that my dogs love.My next order will have to be a large order. Your dog will love them.

    Vet Recommended by RH from Georgia10/14/2013

    BUT, these small size treats are too big for my 14 pound mini doxie. The beagle and German Shepherd love them though!

    Best treats! by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/11/2014

    Our Schnauzers love these and get one at 3PM every day. If we don't remember to give them one, their internal alarm goes off and they remind us that it's time for their "Big Treat"!!!

    by freya from naples, florida03/16/2014

    My 2 miniature schnauzers (12 yrs. old), run to the pantry first thing in the morning where they are given their veggie chew bone.....they grab it and run in 2 different directions to their "spot" and devour them.....they're happy and that makes me happy and confident that they're having good nutrition.

    Great snack with no issues by dragnldy from Austin, TX10/07/2013

    My dogs have various issues (allegries, thyroid, urinary tract issues, etc) and it's great to find a treat that they can both have and it won't bother any of their current issues and they love it! As a bonus, it's great for their teeth.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews) by Roses Bexar08/05/2014

    My dog loves this, keeps his breath smelling fresh too. The only thing that I didn't like is Fed X sent the shipment to the USPS, took over a week to receive his treats. Next time, I'll need to order earlier.

    by Mimi from Honolulu, HI02/14/2014

    My (3) dogs love this treat! We live in Hawaii therefore this product is sold mostly in Vet offices which can be pricey. We have a dog show once a year and the vendor attends it and I load up but cant but too many as I like to have them fresh for my babies.

    Best Product for Clean Teeth!!! by Lblack from San Diego, CA03/14/2012

    This item was recommended by my vet and this website was the first one I could find that provides this specific product at a very reasonable price. My dogs are 8 years old and these treats are truly remarkable. I give a half of one to each dog, nightly. They are 15 lb jack russell terriors that don't really like when you look at their teeth. This product has significantly reduced the amount of plaque build up in both dogs. This is an amazing product that is saving me a ton of money in the long run with dental cleanings at the vet (approx. $500 each time). If you haven't tried this product yet, do it!!! You won't be disappointed and you will see results that other products just don't give you. You and your pet will not regret it!!!

    Dogs Love Them by MM101707/15/2012

    These chews are a new treat for the dogs after they became tired of their other treats. They love them and I enjoyed doing business with this company. Shipping was extremely fast.

    Yum Yum Chews by Jac04/19/2013

    My yorkshire terrier loves the chews. I break them in half because it still takes him about 20 minutes to chew them all up. It's too early to tell if they are effective at cleaning the teeth.

    CET VeggieDent Chews for Dogs by Resideinmyheart from Wauwatosa, WI01/08/2012

    My cocker spaniel LIVES for these on a daily basis! God help me if I don't get it to her by 7:00 p.m. each night. I swear she has a built-in clock that goes off inside her every night! LOL!

    Loves 'em by Denny from Youngstown, NY08/17/2014

    My black, persnickety 27-lb. Cairn Terrier mix likes them so much I ordered the smaller size so as not to overfeed him.

    by Lucy from PA04/23/2013

    Wonderful product. My Golden LOVES these!

    Best safe dental chew! by Chloe's Mom! from Maryland08/29/2014

    My dog has many severe allergies and is on a very strict diet. The hardest thing has been trying to find a "treat" that my dog Chloe would enjoy and could have. My Veterinarian recommended these for my precious little Chloe and this is a healthy treat she looks forward to and begs for after each of her two meals per day! These CET VeggieDent Chews offer enough satisfactory chew time and provide the extra benefit of great teeth. Winner!

    Terrible service by mj03/13/2012

    I don't know if I would recommend them because it's been a month, and I STILL haven't received them! Called customer service, said that they would send them (didn't know why they weren't shipped), 2 weeks later, after emailing customer service, said they would have to investigate it - will probably not order again from here.

    Sparkling Choppers by Lee from Stuart, Florida11/15/2013

    My Bella loves the taste of these chews. I break them in two and give them to her as a daily treat. Along with putting Aquadent in her water, Bella's teeth are in great condition.

    dent chews yum by Yid from california07/07/2014

    My dogs love these, however it says small on the package and my dogs are 7 and 4 pounds so I have to cut them into three parts on the saw. I wish they came in a smaller size...otherwise they are a great buy.

    Love the chews by v Mom from Wisconsin07/25/2014

    I have on elder dog that has a hard time with hard rawhide chews but want to help clean his teeth. This product is great for him and all my dogs!

    Good Chews by maxl from Florida03/23/2012

    She really likes the stuff, good for her teeth too.

    I really works! by mamaB from South Carolina12/31/2012

    This is the first dental chew that has worked on my dog. I cut the small chews lengthwise ( I have a small Maltese) and give him one at bedtime. He has not had any tartar buildup since I started using VeggieDent Chews 3 months ago.

    veggie dent by jim01/08/2014

    still waiting have been on back order for 1 month

    Featured Reviews for CET VeggieDent Chews for Regular Dogs (30 chews)
    My dog loves these by ladybug from Richmond, VA02/03/2014

    I am purchasing these on a regular basis now. They are a good snack for my dog.

    He didn't like. by Asher from Omaha, NE01/02/2013

    I got this for my dogs breath but he doesn't like them. He loves Greenies so I was hoping he would like these.

    VERY REASONABLE by GENE from EDINA, MN11/23/2012

    My dog, loves these treats, and it is great for plaque control.

    CET Veggie Dents, Regular by Ray from Northern NY02/25/2014

    My Vet had these and I brought them for my four dogs. They scarfed these up and I stop at my vets regularly to get these. Only problem is they sell out of them as fast as they come in. I found them on this website and they also had automatic delivery. Now the fur babies are happy and so am I now that I don't have top drive 20 miles to get these.

    My Dog Loves Them by Peabo from Magnolia, TX02/14/2013

    I have a dog with food allergies and these are great for him. I get the same great product from Entirely Pets that I was paying a lot more at the vet. Now I don't have to make a special trip to the vets office, I can just do a mail order and in a few short days they are at my driveway. Very convenient!

    by from 02/02/2012

    More than a year ago my vet recommended the CET VeggieDent chews as my 1 year old yellow lab had really bad tartar on his teeth. I got the first bag from the vet who charge 2.5 times what EntirelyPets charges. These chews have cleaned up the tartar problem entirely and my dog just loves them.

    a by great from price."Great


    Veggiedent Chews by BBBCO from GJ, CO02/20/2013

    No. no no! Caused diarrhea. Do not feed your dog chemicals.

    Best treats for teeth by cn2jh12/04/2014

    I have 3 labs and they hate to have anything done to them. I stumbled upon these when I was searching for treats for them, and they love them. They have done a wonderful job in keeping their teeth clean and healthy. They get one daily after eating in the evening. When I take them to the vet for their yearly checkup they get a clean bill of health with their teeth. I love them and they are worth every cent.

    Yum by BusyRD from Long Island NY08/24/2013

    My puggle loves these treats, he gets so excited he runs all over the place looking for somewhere to stash one. Eventually he'll eat it but I think the fun factor is amusing. I do get frustrated by the shortages though. I have ordered them 3 times and have had to wait for the delivery twice. I guess they are so popular they become backordered.

    by from 01/18/2013

    My dog cries for these and they have really helped her dental grooming immensely, according to my vet!

    from by Entirely from Pets...greatWill


    VeggieDent Chews by evie07/17/2013

    I do like this product. However, since I ordered it June 18 with other items and it was backordered, you didn't ship the other items until July 9. And you charged me for the VeggieDents which have not yet been shipped.

    It's Veggies by GoPete01/19/2012

    My doberman thinks these are great. Hey, they are a treat. The poodle treats them like my son does a meal of salad, "If this is all there is, I guess I'll have it. Isn't there something else?" They do get eaten.

    by from 11/15/2011

    I have been searching for a product that really works to get the tartar off of my dogs's teeth.

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    Great for Food Allergy Dogs! by DogNurse0201/03/2012

    Have been giving my food allergy dog these beneficial enzymatic dental chews for years and only wish they were a bit bigger. I also wish the quantity would increase so I didn't order them as often. :) As a reminder, using these chews alone will reduce the plaque buildup on the dog's teeth. But, daily brushing will yield the best results in conjuction with giving these dental chews.

    Great deal and cheaper than Vet by Logan Sailor Bean from Atlanta, Georgia10/22/2012

    Was introduced to this product by our Vet. Great for promoting great dental maintenance for our dog. Found this on this website at half the price. Fantastic deal and great website, easy to order and delivery for several orders has been outstanding.

    Cet veggie dent by Vanfe12/11/2013

    Very good product my dog loves it and i didn't need to do dental cleening on him. Im using this product for more than two years

    Really works by jxsy from Arlington, VA02/22/2011

    I give these daily to my 6yr old Golden Retriever. I've been giving it to him consistently and I can see visible reduction in the tartar build up. Plus he loves eating them.

    Yum! by anitabeth11/26/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. He enjoys them as a treat and also at mealtimes rubbed in his food.

    Great Stuff by Ken from North Carolina10/23/2012

    My dog loves these. It is a great treat and part of our overall dental care program. Entirelypets has the best price I've found anywhere, the shipping is good and the customer service is great.

    Good Treat by misty from Pa10/19/2013

    After our dog has done something good we reward her with one of these. She really likes them and will sit by the place we keep them and will beg for one.

    Vet reccommended by Pam from OHIO01/17/2015

    Our dogs love them and they help clean their teeth.

    by GermainHusky10/13/2013

    Our dog is very picky about treats, and he loves these. They have also been very helpful with keeping plaque build-up down for his oral hygeine.

    Great by Ray01/06/2013

    Our dog justm loves these. She has to have one first thing in the morning.

    Dog loves this treat by sammiemom from North Carolina01/07/2013

    My dogs loves this treat. I am so glad I found them cheaper than when I got them at the Vet.

    Healthy & Delicious Treat! by Bonnie from East Texas04/14/2014

    Our English bulldog, Gracie Anne, loves her CET VeggieDent chews! She doesn't know that they are good for her and help keep her teeth clean! They must taste very good because Gracie Anne often goes to the cabinet, where we keep her VeggieDent chews, and barks until we get one out for her! I don't worry about giving them to her often because they don't upset her sensitive tummy and won't add extra fat to her diet. I would recommend VeggieDent chews to every pet owner.

    by from 10/25/2011

    Fabulous product! I started using CET VeggieDent Chews for my dog about 18 months ago when the vet said he needed his teeth cleaned. Within a month, his teeth were immaculate; for an eight year old dog that is amazing. Vet pronounced his teeth and gums that of a puppy and we've never looked back.

    VeggieDent by Chews from andDogs


    enough!" by Hands down the best 'toothbrush' ever! from The MopsterCannot


    VeggieDent Chews by Ann from MINNESOTA11/16/2013

    We brake them in half as 1 is more than I want to give our dog and he loves them. We had taken our dog, who is 4, for his checkup to the vet, he looked at this teeth and said they look great. We attribute it to his chewing on the CET dental chews and the Veggie Chews. Our dog does not eat table scraps, dog treats other than the CET and Veggie Chews. He also gets a special organic chicken jerky from the USA. He likes no other treats and the vet said his good teeth show it. He is a happy pet.

    Better than bones by Bosco from Queens, n.y.05/14/2013

    My dog enjoys these very much. We got a sample from the vet and since then he has enjoyed eating these......very healthy snack for them

    by Bren01/30/2014

    Nice hard, all vegetable chew to help satisfy need to chew. Made in Canada. Helps to keep dentition clean.

    Great for their teeth. by angieg05/09/2013

    My vet recommended these for my boxer to help keep her teeth cleaned. She loves them. They don't last her long but they do their job and keep her teeth cleaned.

    These are the best by punkie from colorado05/16/2014

    I have bought these for years. My dog waits at the pantry door every morning after she has finished her breakfast for her veggie chew. Her teeth are so white and clean they still look like a pups teeth and she has never had "bad dog breath".

    VeggieDent Chews by Burgproof from Middle River, Maryland10/30/2013

    My dog Corky a yellow lab has been a fan for about 4 years now. He likes them best after a swim in our pool

    by from 04/09/2012

    This stuff works! I have 3 Shih Tzus, they have tried everything from Greenies to dental bones to...

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    by arson k905/20/2013

    my partner gets them as a reward for working. he really looks forward to them.

    SECOND BEST FOR DENTAL HEALTH by jazzygirl from Buffalo, NY01/16/2015

    My beagle Jasmine LOVES these chews. They do a great job on her teeth PLUS the fiber in them is good for her digestion.

    Great product by Aussie Grrrrl03/11/2010

    My Aussies love this veggie-dent product, even better than the dental CET rawhide chews. They look forward to one every day!

    order all the time by max11212/12/2012

    Both my labs love this product. It has helped with plaque build up and bad breath.

    Great treat by Nita from Olive Branch, MS01/23/2013

    My dogs love these treats and will beg for them

    Excellent product for dogs with food allergies by Dan from Las Vegas, NV06/20/2014

    Our Yellow Lab, who is also a rescue dog, has severe food allergies and has to be on a fish based diet. Most all of the dental chews use chicken or beef and these just aggravated his allergies. When I discovered the Veggie Dental Chews, this has completely eliminated the problem of irritating his allergy itching while giving him a quality dental chew for his teeth. He is a much happier dog now!

    Great treat! by Tammy from Pearland, TX11/17/2011

    My dogs love their CET VeggieDent Chews -- they get one a day after their afternoon meal, and they get very excited when it's treat time. They take awhile to eat their chews, which makes me think the chews are probably very good for cleaning their teeth. The price is excellent, too. I've compared EntirelyPets' price with other companies' prices, and EntirelyPets has the best deal by far.

    My dog loves these! by Cupcake from Salt Lake City02/27/2014

    I'm sold on CET chews for superior dental care. My veterinarian recommended CET chews along with regular brushing (at least every other day) to ensure that my dog's teeth and gums stay healthy. VeggieDent chews are also a fun part of my dog's daily routine. She really enjoys chewing them, and I'm happy her teeth are getting cleaner as she does it. Also, because these chews don't contain meat, I'm being kinder to animals and the environment by using them.

    Dogs Favorite Treat by Mezmo from Virginia04/24/2012

    My dogs love veggieDent Chews so much I would like to send you a video of how happy they are when it is VeggieDent Chew time. Especially the Black and Tan hound named Dandelion she jumps around on two feet! What a fantastic treat! We can never run out of it or I can not go home.

    Happiness For My Dogs by Mezmo from Virginia08/09/2012

    When I give my dogs their Veggiedent it is their happiest time of the day!!!

    Breath saver! by Marilyn from St. Louis04/10/2013

    We are trying to keep Ziggy's teeth cleaner this year after having them cleaned in the fall. These do the trick. I give him one everyday. He begs for more. Good chewing and I think is helping keep the tarter off his teeth.

    Healthy Treat they love by CincyDachshunds from Cincinnati Ohio10/24/2012

    My vet had these in the office. I wanted an alternative to rawhide chews that assisted in dental care and was healthy. I found them here reasonably priced and have a recurring order.

    by from 01/07/2014

    Would give zero stars if possible!

    in by Vietnam, from willThis


    Great for dogs with allergies by Caeners08/02/2012

    My dog is allergic to everything the fact that these are veggie is great and keep my dogs teeth nice and clean.

    Will order again and again by poodlelady from Toledo, OH12/20/2012

    These chews really do the job in keeping my dog's teeth clean.They are recommended by my vet. I'm ordering for a friend, and this is his second order.

    Repeat Customer by Dennis01/16/2015

    Have 2 Dachshunds. Give them each a Veggie Dent Chew in evening to clean their teeth before putting them to bed. They love the treat and expect it each night. Seems to help keep their teeth clean and also slows down the build up of tarter.

    Good Dental Treat by Karen from Barrington, IL10/18/2011

    My two 45 lb. dogs love these - but they don't really last long - more like a treat than a chew. I use them because the ingrediants are good for reducing tarter.

    by from 11/15/2012

    My puppers love these chews and I don't feel guilty giving them

    is by a from greatTo


    Awesome treat! by Chris from North Carolina02/05/2014

    An awesome least my dog thinks so! Keeps him busy for a while. I feel that these really help with his teeth. I usually buy the larger chew and break them in half for doubling the amount!

    Crunchewie by dogsbestfriend from FL01/07/2012

    Our dogs enjoy CET VeggieDent Chews because they satisfy their enjoyment of working at chewing on something. They like the hard texture, and the plaque that had built up on our rescued dog's teeth when she was a stray appears to be lessening. We are happy that this item is available for home delivery and at a reasonable price. We also appreciate the timely arrival. Our dogs anticipate this particular mail. (:

    Great Purchase! by Max L02/21/2012

    The price was terrific (compared t what we have been paying by purchasing from the local vet) and the product arrived surprisingly fast - several days sooner than expected.

    Veggie Dents by Cassidy and Tara from We live in Grovetown, Georgia06/15/2012

    Cassidy and I love our Veggie Dents. When we saw the bag was empty, we starting howling. Thank goodness Entirely Pets understands how important our order was to us, we got quick service, and the veggie dents were yummy!

    by from 01/08/2013

    Our veteranarian recommended the CET VeggieDent Chew for our dogs to help prevent plaque build-up since we were unable to brush their teeth on a regular basis. Although we have tried many "dental" products previously with no success because our dogs shunned them, we decided to purchase a bag from our vet for a trial.

    surprise, by after from gettingMuch


    Vet Recommended by Rick from Tampa, FLThank-you


    Great Product by Carol06/12/2012

    It did a great job of cleaning my dogs teeth. After just one Chew, there was a noticeable change in her teeth. We will definitely continue to purchase this product.

    Can't get by Toejam from Vancouver wa08/07/2013

    My dog loves these but I have been waiting on my order for almost a month and a half so we still haven't got them

    VeggieDents! by LVTdognurse0203/27/2012

    Would've been 5 stars if the manufacturer offered a larger quantity bag. But, these are great for food allergy dogs.

    by BigT106/20/2012

    Dog looks forward to these as a treat after meals. Definitely helps reduce tarter buildup. No GI upsets from these while other similar products have caused issues.

    Best Treats Ever by rozlind12/31/2013

    My Westie loves these CET veggiedent chews. He jumps for joy when he sees the bag. He has a sensitive stomach, and these have not upset his digestive system. They are also helping keep his teeth clean.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews by Penny from New Orleans, LA11/14/2011

    My dog absolutely loves these dental chews. They keep her teeth pearly white and great check ups when we visit the Vet. Highly recommend these chews and the price from Entirely Pets can not be beat!!

    CET Veggie Chews by Robin from Yakima, WA03/31/2014

    I get the veggie chews for my pets because they are easier to chew and digest. I don't worry about any choking that could occur with the raw hide chews if the chews are too thick.

    CET VEGGIE CHEWS by longdoggie from Greenville, Georgia06/22/2012

    My Dachsunds love these chews & they are safe. I don't have to worry about them getting choked. I love Entirely Pets, their prices are very competitive & the service is very fast & efficient.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul12/28/2012

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    by from 10/09/2013

    This product was recommended by our Vet. Maggie gets one a day as a treat after meals and they are really helping to keep her teeth clean. She loves them!!

    Destin, Florida by from ."


    Worth its price by Dan01/16/2015

    Although it won't replace brushing, this product keeps my dogs' teeth fairly clean and free of tarter. They also love the taste.

    Highly palatable. by poopala11/04/2013

    These chews are easy to feed and are obviously very tasty. My dog looks forward to receiving one of these chews.

    My Four Dogs Love 'Em by Jack'sMyBaby from Southern California01/23/2012

    I first purchased the VeggieDents to give my dogs a healthy chew for their dental health. I never expected they would LOVE the taste in addition to getting a good chew. They never mind my leaving them--and jump in their crates--as long as they're getting a VeggieDent to gnaw on.

    stop bad breath by mommap07/24/2012

    recommended by our veternarian we noticed a major difference in the odor from our dog's mouth. a easy addition to brushing their teeth.

    Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    Keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy by zielinam from Apex, NC07/06/2013

    Both my dogs love these. It's their morning treat every day after their walk. It's kept their teeth clean and their gums healthy and I can go over a year in between their teeth cleanings now.

    He loves it by Chancie from FLorida02/16/2013

    Our dog loves this product and it is used as a special treat for learning new tricks. I buy it here as the vet's price is so much more than Entirely Pets. I have others buying this and they all say their dogs get along with it and love it too.

    Good product! by GJVC from Northern Ca02/14/2013

    I get the regular and snap them in quarters to give to my 7 pooches & fosters. They love it!

    My westie loves them by Jim D from Lincoln NE12/14/2012

    I break off a piece and jam it inside his kong. It's good for about 15 minutes of constant working before he manages to get it out. Great exercise for his teeth and gums.

    veggie dent chews by butch from PITTSBURGH, PA06/21/2014


    Our dogs love 'em by G-Pop from Columbus, Oh01/22/2014

    We have three larger dogs, (the smallest is 60#'s), and they can't wait for their CET VeggieDent Chews each day. We like them because they don't "gulp" them like they do with some "treats". They actually take the time to chew them, which is obviously more beneficial to their teeth. We've been purchasing them for quite a long time and will continue to do so in the future.

    Great Product! by jsmall from Tennessee03/22/2014

    My dog refuses to go to bed without his VeggieDent chewy. He loves them! Great for his teeth and breath.

    My dogs dig them! by Shawn12/12/2011

    My boys seem to be happy to get them and eat the whole thing so I'm saying its a hit!

    My dogs love these dental treats by Judy November02/10/2012

    I had been given a package of these chews as a door prize at the grand opening of my vet's new facility, and found that my dogs were crazy about them. They are a great value.

    by from 08/04/2012

    Veggie dent chews by EENGEL from Melbourne, Florida04/08/2013

    these chews are great for doggie breathe.My 2 labs get one a day and it keeps their breathe smelling fresh and clean. Love this product.

    Favorite of my dog by Cindy F. from Austin, TX01/16/2015

    These are better than greenies!! She begs for one every morning.

    My Dog Loves These by Gracie from Iowa01/26/2015

    Great product. Recommended by my vet. Helps keep teeth clean and dogs loves them. Ordering was easy and came in a timely manner. Will order again

    Delicious Treat by Connieskins from Solvang, California07/12/2014

    Holly instantly turns to us for her treat after dinner. And it helps her fight tooth plaque too.

    good for them by mommap from lockport, ny06/19/2012

    my two dogs absolutely love the CET veggie dent chews and to make it better they are even good for them. Both of my dogs are really not pleased with me brushing their teeth so the veggie dents are a good add on. My labradoodle eats a whole one each night. My golden mix doesn't have his large teeth so we put them in a sealed plastic bag to soften them a little and she only has a half each night. A great add on for their health.

    Very Happy with VeggieDent Chews by Dee12/17/2012

    I am very satisfied with the VeggieDent chews that I purchased. They were exactly as described and the price was much less expensive than at the veterinarian's office.

    Great chews for dogs by Lucky and Emma's Mom07/26/2013

    Nice healthy treats for dogs. Very good for their teeth, safe to eat, and low in calories. My dogs love these!

    Great chews! by Ritz from Memphis10/24/2011

    I'vre got 4 dogs - various types, sizes & ages - and finding something that they all like (and is good for them) can be difficult. My vet gave me a sample of CET VeggieDent chews when I took one of my furkids in for some teeth cleaning. I quickly discovered that all of my pups liked the chews. Having a treat that helps them with keeping their teeth clean is a major plus!

    VeggieDent Chews by ghost7071 from Ruston, LA.11/09/2012

    Best deal for the money. My vet charges almost double. These chews tend to be a little hard, so for our little Snorkie I cut them into 1/4" wide pieces (makes about 18-20 pieces per stick) and put in microwave for about 7 to 8 seconds. This makes them softer but they still help clean his teeth.

    Fabulous Product! by AussieMop from North Carolina02/22/2011

    I'm a 7 year old Canaan rescue guy and my mom found the BEST treats ever when she got me C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews. I turn into a puppy when I know I get my daily treats - I do everything she asks and turn summersaults as well. My Vet says my teeth are immaculate and my gums are great. And because these yummy treats do not have rawhide they don't bother my tummy.

    Brushing Their OWN Teeth! by DogNurse02 from Florida Panhandle08/19/2012

    "Brushing is Best", but if that isn't possible, give your pet CET enzymatic chews so they can "brush" their own teeth! I have given my own dogs, and whole-heartedly, recommended this brand of dental care products to my clients for years. C.E.T. offers several easy options for improving or maintaining your pet's oral health, even if they have food allergies and/or you are controlling their weight. My food allergy dogs get a VeggieDent everyday and LOVE the Vanilla Mint toothpaste every Saturday. Pets should have their teeth and gums examined at least once a year by a veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician and the more you do for your pet's teeth at home, the better! "Something is better than nothing!" Use C.E.T. products will confidence!

    Outstanding by Ken from Charlotte, North Carolina10/30/2011

    My dog, Speck absolutely loves these chews and we use them as a part of our regular dental care program. Speck's teeth are brushed daily and we use these to reward his cooperation.

    Do not give these to your dog! by BBB CO from Grand Junction, CO12/07/2012

    VeggieDent Chews are a terrible product . They consist mostly of corn and other fillers. After eating a few of them, my dog got serious diarrhea which cleared up as soon as I stopped giving them to her. I do not recommend feeding these to your dog.

    by from 11/13/2013

    Absolutely the BEST way to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy - and give him/her the tastiest treat in the process. All I say is "want your toothbrush?" and one very large and happy 10 yo dog is behaving like a puppy, wiggling with excitement and salivating. Toothbrush time is dog heaven in his book.

    amazed by at from howMy


    CET VeggieDent Chews by Nancy Jane06/11/2013

    I ordered this product on May 15, 2013. I was advised that it is back ordered by the manufacturer. I was using the discount that Entirely Pet offered me, so I still want the order. I think if there is going to be such a lengthy delay that the product shouldn't be offered to sell. Or, that I get a rain check for the same discount to be used at another point and time. I am left hanging. Same thing on another product I ordered from another manufacturer.

    Veggie Dents are a big hit by Mel07/02/2013

    Our 16 yr old golden retriever loves these. She has had some major dental work over the years and these are soft enough that it won't hurt her teeth. A very good product.

    My Dogs Love These! by Kim03/15/2013

    Both of my dogs love these VeggieDent chews that we're recommended to me by my vet. I bought the first bag from the vet but found them a lot cheaper on EntirelyPets.

    My dog loves these! by Chaka from Bay Area, CA.12/27/2013

    My dog builds up tartar on her teeth, and my vet recommended the CET dental chews. My dog particularly likes the veggie dent chews. She gets very excited when I give her one, and runs around the house before finally devouring it.

    Great and great for her by tricia99 from Seattle WA12/12/2013

    My dog loves these and they are so good for her teeth. The prices and shipping are so reasonable also.

    Great Product by Vettech201212/11/2011

    I have been purchasing this product for several years now and have always approved. I have a greyhound now and they are known for having bad teeth, and these chews have really helped him in between dental cleanings. Great price for a great product. I will always buy them!

    Veggie Dent Chews Regular for dogs by baby blue eyes05/20/2013


    Excellent VALUE & my dogs LOVE it. by MarcoConor01/19/2015

    This is a excellent price for these veggie-dental chews :) I only hope they keep making them and selling them at this price!

    Great for my dogs by JudyNovember from Durham, NC10/24/2012

    My dogs (two small, one large) love these chews, and the chews are strong enough that it takes several minutes for the dogs to finish with them. I love that about them.

    Amazing difference! by Desert Diva from Lake Havasu City, AZ01/21/2015

    Less than one year ago we began giving our dog VeggieDents each night after dinner. Imagine my (and my DVM's) surprise when my 8 year old went for his annual checkup and for the first time in three years did not require dental cleaning! These miracle "toothbrushes" not only saved money but prevented our Toby from going through the trauma of a surgical procedure.

    Miss Tina loves these! by TBone03/28/2013

    My little girl loves these chews. I had a hard time finding chews for her after we found out she's allergic to BEEF and LIVER! Bummer! Most chews are rawhide . . . but these are great veggie chews, no meats AND they help her teeth and breath. She LOVES them. They're good for her (her teeth look fantastic for a 7 year old) and they come at a great price on Entirely Pets. My vet sells them in their office, but not at this great price! 5 star product!

    Virbac VeggieDent Chews are great by yankeesue12/12/2011

    My older collie has kidney issues that are being managed with meds and very low protein, so I was looking for a nightly chew that would be good for him. My vet reviewed the nutritional values of VeggieDents and we ordered them and he loves them!

    Great Chews! by HS08/28/2013

    My pups love these...and they are great dental chews!

    by Bea from New York, NY04/24/2012

    Great product, I used to work for a vet and these were very popular, I'm so glad I can find them online, my schnauzer LOVES them! Thank you!!

    no more fish breath by Jack12/12/2012

    My dog loves these and we love how much better it makes his breath

    by RANDY11/25/2012

    We have been giving our dog these for years, thanks for being another place that we can get them.

    Great Product by Brassnob from Gilbert, AZ10/24/2012

    I was looking for a dental product for my dogs that was also good for them and I think I just found it.. The CET VeggieDent is an excellent product, something that my dogs really liked and something that I will be getting for them from now on.

    by Magic from Bend OR06/09/2014

    I like this chew for my dog as it is not too hard or too soft for his teeth. I also like that it is veggie based. My dog likes them very much.

    nightyly treat by yankeesue12/21/2013

    My dogs get a veggie dent each night at bed time as a treat and it keeps their teeth in good shape

    Great for keeping teeth clean! by Rosie from Raleigh NC09/22/2013

    Both my dogs love their CET veggiedent sticks! And I love the fact that it cleans their teeth enough to forgo an annual professional teeth cleaning.

    Veggie Dent Chews by 2 poodles from Hawaii11/13/2013

    Dogs like them. I like the uniformity of size. Wish there was more of a "chew" satisfaction for the guys.

    Older dog, great teeth and breath! by Angel's Mom from Maryland08/29/2014

    Angel is 50 pounds of pure love! She loves these CET VeggieDent Chews and the "regular" size is perfect for her. She enjoys one after each of her two meals. Angel just had her senior check-up (she's 10 years young now) and our Veterinarian is always amazed with what great teeth Angel has! Angel does not have old dog bad breath fact she just never has bad breath and loves these chews! I like that she loves them and that they are gentle on her stomach too.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/17/2013

    Cheaply by purchasing good Joints in many noryeonggyeon should help

    Great product! by BLJ from Wenatchee, Washington11/06/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. This is the best product we have found. She knows exactly when it is time for her chew and waits patiently in front of the pantry. I recommend them highly!



    Healthy snack by Moops06/30/2013

    I do not feel guilty for feeding my giant breed dog these chews , she has urinary crystals, and these are the only treats she gets, they are excellent for keeping her teeth clean, and they are made from vegetables ! What could be better !

    excellent product by Chrissy from North Tonawanda, New York04/11/2013

    these are the best Dental sticks I have purchased, my dogs just love them, keeps their teeth white and clean, I would recommend this product to everyone!!

    yummy! by rubylin11/29/2013

    great products! i give one to my dogs each morning and they look forward to it and it helps with their bad breath!!

    Great product by BBinFLA from SW Florida06/11/2013

    My dog loves them and everyone asks how I keep her teeth so white. Wish they were made in the USA this is one of the few items I let her eat not made in the USA.

    Prevent dental problems by queensalmon from Longview WA11/28/2011

    I buy these veggie dental chews to keep my dog's teeth healthy. She had one root canal 2 years ago and one is enough. TheseChews are low calorie and fat, and she loves to have one after breakfast every day.

    Excellent product! by AussieMop's feeder05/29/2012

    Excellent product with the added benefit (and why I bought it originally) of serving as the best tooth and gum brush available. Tartar was gone within the first 10 days; one chew treat a day. Because this CET product is veggie - most importantly rawhide free - it does not upset dogs' digestion tract. An absolute winner.

    Yummo by lilysmom07/16/2012

    We have a diabetic dog and a dog with allergies to just about everything. Our vet recommended these so I order several packages at a time from EP and save alot. Dogs love, love, love them!!

    Dogs's LOVE these by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan11/14/2012

    I have four dogs who love tho have these as a mid afternoon treat!

    Dog chews by JRD from Springfield, MA04/09/2014

    My dog loves these bones! Eats one per day and keeps white teeth and nice breath

    Bags Sliced Opened by furfacemom01/13/2013

    I've ordered these VeggieDents from Entirely Pets several times. The product itself is great and my dogs enjoy the chews. The problem is with the handling of the product before it is shipped to me. I've now had two separate shipments in which bags have been previously sliced open. I suspect it happened with a box cutter when the company opened up a bulk order for distribution. The first time it happened, the cut bag was sent to me with clear packaging tape holding the cut closed. The price is very good on this product but I am reconsidering whether to order again from this company as I prefer an unopened product for my dogs.

    Best Dental Treats! by Nita from Olive Branch, MS02/28/2012

    My dogs LOVE the CET Veggie Dent treats. As soon as they see or hear me open the pantry door, they will come running and beg for a treat. Not only do they love them, but they help keep the tarter off of their teeth.

    Excellent product by Beth03/24/2014

    My dogs love these. My senior husky can't eat hard treats due to mouth issues; everything I give her has to be relatively soft, if I can't bend it, she can't eat them. These are perfect. She eats them without any issues, loves the taste, and they help keep her teeth cleaner. My corgi shepherd mix isn't picky, so her approval isn't worth much on treats, but she adores these too.

    VeggieDents rock by Jonathan in Seattle04/29/2012

    A few years back, my vet said my dog's teeth and gums weren't looking so good. She suggested that I try these dental chews and see if that helped, otherwise we'd need to do some expensive dental work. Every checkup since then, I've been told my dog had great teeth and gums, and no more threats of costly dental work! Oh yeah, my dog LOVES them and makes sure I don't forget them.

    My dogs LOVE these! by DebiMac from Ellijay, GA12/12/2011

    I have been purchasing these dental treats for my dogs for awhile and was so happy to get such a great deal on them. Plus, quick shipping.

    Best chews ever had by Mezmo07/19/2012

    Our dogs love these chews, they have one everday

    Useful treat !! by dogsrule11/05/2012

    My two dogs LOVE these treats and have definitely noticed their teeth are cleaner. I have to break them into smaller pieces though, as they sometimes get stuck horizontally on the roof of their mouths...I break them into thirds for my golden retrievers.

    a special treat by Angie05/02/2013

    We give these to our dogs as a special treat after dinner - they have their dinner, then we have our dinner and then they start barking and jumping up down with excitement because it's VeggieDent time! It's the cutest thing ever! This "special treat" really does help with the tarter build up on their teeth. It's a win-win. :)

    My Dog Loves These by Mom2Gomer from Minneapolis11/13/2011

    These vegetable-based chews include a rough texture and small amount of chlrohexidine to clean the dog's teeth while they chew. Opie likes these even better than rawhide-based chews.

    My Favorite Snack by Lily12/12/2011

    I'm so glad my "mom" found these at Entirely Pets. They are my favorite snack and now she can save a few dollars from Entirely Pets. I have allergies so don't get many treats but these VeggieDent Chews keep me very happy!!

    Excellent product by Spike from Chapel Hill. NC01/03/2012

    One of our dogs seems to have a problem with conventional rawhide chews; he often regurgitates them. These veggie chews are an excellent substitute. Both of our dogs love them and we've not had any problem with digestion. The chews contain chlorhexidine digluconate, an antibacterial compound used in some mouthwashes. I do not know how effective it is for dogs, as contained within chews, but our vet recommended the chews so, perhaps, there is some evidence for efficacy. Finally, the price at EntirelyPets was about 40% lower than anywhere else.

    My Dog is Addicted! by Shirley08/03/2012

    My dog is addicted to these chews! They're healthy snacks and also help to keep her teeth clean. I have to keep a good supply on hand ~ she loves 'em!

    Great Product by Dex1sFun06/11/2013

    This product has worked wonders helping to keep the tartar buildup off our dog's teeth, and reduced the number of times they have to get their teeth cleaned.

    dogs loves by shortcake from GARNER, NC10/21/2013


    Not for my dog by Precious01/26/2012

    Purchased bag of veggiedent chews to try variety, because my dog loves all the other CET chews, she broke the veggiedents up & wouldn't eat. I gave the full bag to co-workers & they said their dogs ate them. I will stick to my usual products.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Joe11/19/2012

    My dogs love these dental treats,the vet recomended them.I pay $24.00 for a pack of these at the vet.Thats double the price I pay here for the same item.Highly recomended!!!! I have 3 boys(dogs)so when i buy these I buy like 6 bags at a time. Big savings.. Thanks Entirely pets!!!

    VeggieDent Chews by NormaJean from Fort Worth, TX06/04/2013

    My dogs love these and they are healthy and good value for the money!!!

    Great product by Maggie from Queens, NY10/25/2012

    My mini schnauzer LOVES these chews. They keep her busy when she's home alone & keep her teeth healthy too. No bad smell & they don't stain. GREAT product

    Excellent by Noel from Lincoln NE11/20/2013

    Great tasting nutritional product that my golden retriever LUVS!

    Excellent Product by Bo from Michigan05/29/2012

    My dog loves them and they really do work

    Great chews by Abby from Arlington, WA11/22/2011

    Highly recommended by our vet in place of hard-to-digest rawhide chews and for cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath. It helps that the dogs really love them and look forward to their daily mouth cleaning. Also, your low price will keep me ordering for a long time. Thanks for carrying the CET line of products!

    My Dogs Love These Chews by Mykids201402/23/2014

    I have been purchasing these for my two dogs for several years. They bug me each night until they get their Chewy.

    Cet Veggie Dent Chews by Debbe from Texas10/20/2013

    My dogs love these. They get one every morning. They wait at the pantry until it 's time. They have whitened their teeth. My mixed breed has problems with plaque on her teeth. This has helped.

    by from 04/27/2012

    I have tried MANY products from greenies, to hartz dental chews to nutro tartar control biscuits... THIS IS THE PRODUCT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! if you care about your dog's teeth!

    Shih by Tzus from 1I


    Great Veggie's by Vivian Oliveras10/20/2009

    I first got these veggie chews at my Vet's office as a treat for my 2 dogs, Sassy, my black lab and Penny, my german shorthair pointer. My pointer is a fussy eater but when I gave her this veggie chew, she ate it and came looking for more. I have had to order more of them, because my girls wait for it every morning after they get fed. I am so pleased with this product, Thank you, Vivian Bronx,NY

    My Dogs love these by Katie from Washington03/02/2014

    Every morning my dogs will go to the file drawer and stare at it, looking and waiting for me to give them a stick. I really like these because they are not messy and are easy for the dogs to chew.

    A Daily Treat by usa807 from Chicago Suburb04/29/2012

    My 3 Greyhounds get one of these every day after dinner after they come back in from outside. They LOVE them!!! Entirely Pets has THE best price on these.

    Good Veggies by alexi611 from Tennessee06/05/2013

    I order this product in regular basis, it is very good and my dogs love it.

    Dogs love these!! by patio11/10/2012

    My chewers really love these treats. I wanted to find a replacment for rawhide treats. These are the best and defintely healthier.

    CET Veggie Dent Chews by Sharon from La Center, Washington11/25/2011

    My dogs love these and they have helped to keep their teeth nice and clean. They get them as a treat once a day.

    Super by Lucy from PA01/18/2015

    My vet recommended the VeggieDent Chews. She is a dental vet. My golden loves these and HAS to have one every day. She's 7 and they have kept her teeth fairly white. Thank you for a great product.

    He loves them as treats by Gnu12/17/2011

    I like that they clean his teeth. I also like the "veggie" part, since I'm pretty much vegan. Much better price here than at the vet's office.

    Will order again by poodlelady from Toledo, OH12/06/2012

    CET Veggie Dent Chews were recommended by my veterinarian as a supplement to brushing my dog's teeth. I am very satisfied with the results, and am placing an order for a friend.



    Our dog loves these! by Mattie10/22/2012

    Our dog loves these chews. They're great for her teeth and don't create the mess that we've seen with Greenies.

    TEETH LIKE NEW by SUS from PITTSBURGH, PA02/17/2014


    Excellent product by ghost707106/05/2012

    I warm these in the microwave for 11 sec. and then cut them into smaller pieces (width wise) about 1/4" thick. My Snorkie loves them as a treat and they clean his teeth at the same time.

    Great Treat by LShuler01/30/2012

    My schnauzer loves these treats - makes me leaving for work in the morning easier!

    Tasty and healthy by lablover from Philadelphia, PA10/24/2011

    My dog loves these treats, and I love giving them because they are more healthy than most, and they help clean his teeth as he chews! Definitely not a chew that will occupy your dog for long, but it's a nice quick snack (or you can break it and stuff it in a Kong toy).

    Favorite Time Of The Day! by Mezmo06/09/2012

    I have 3 dogs a rhodesian ridgeback, a black and tan hound, and a springer spaniel, and they all get a VeggieDent Chew before dinner and they are so happy they dance and bounce around and do tricks just to show how much they love VeggieDent Chews! I can not go home if I don't have any. Thanks for the fast shipping that really helps me out sometimes. Thank, Mezmo

    Worthy purchase to make a dog happy! by Robin from NY10/28/2012

    Our dog loves this product. We bought it at our Vets office. It is quite a distance away so when we ran out I looked to the internet. We found it and we are very satisfied with the product and the Entirely Pets.

    CET VeggieDent Chews by Elaine05/22/2012

    Great bed time snack for dogs, but they don't seem to really clean their teeth.

    by JOHN from Tempe, AZ07/18/2014

    My Golden loves them. Begs for one each night after supper

    My dog loves it! by Ad from California, CA01/23/2013

    I always give one of those to my dog before I leave the house. He just loves it! He always waits for me to give him one!

    all my dogs love them! by tmg from Chicago, Il09/19/2014

    I've been giving these to my dogs for the past 4-5 years....they love them. I use it as a treat right after they finish their dinner. I have 3 greyhounds, which don't have the best teeth but these have helped considerably.

    Best Chewie Ever!! by JWym07/22/2014

    Says my dog! He absolutely loves these things. I figured since they were recommended by the Dr. that he would not enjoy - but quite the opposite. He tells me everynight when it is snack time and sits by the cupboard patiently waiting! And - seem to be keeping his teeth cleaner!

    useful product by johna from Metro Charlotte, N.C.01/23/2012

    Both my cockers eat because she has food allergies and needs the veggie ingredients. While not quite as effective as tooth brushing, the 5-10 minutes spent gnawing on these does help control plaque and tartatr...and both dogs like the taste....also a reasonable price for 30 chews.

    Favorite Treats by LilysMom from Calif03/16/2013

    These are our pooches favorite treats. They act very silly right after their dinner when they know it's treat time. Recommended by my Vet too!

    CET Veggie Dental Chews by alexi611 from Telford, Tennessee04/28/2012

    My dogs love this dental veggie chews and they enjoy them as a traeat as well, I usually give it to them ones a day and they look for it with joy.

    Great product at great price by Dee from NC01/24/2015

    Vet recommended this product after we paid for a cleaning. We bought first package at vet's and then searched for less costly source. Paid only half as much including shipping. Pup loves the chews.

    Great treat! by Chugger from Hobart, WA02/05/2012

    At first our nearly 13 year old lab wasn't sure what this was because they are so hard but we broke them in half and he loves them! Good for his teeth too as he's too old for dental work :-)

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