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Kinetic Technologies™ is a privately owned company that creates innovative healthcare products for equine and companion animals.


Founded by two veterinarians with years of experience in 1999, Kinetic has since grown into an international organization. Committed to medical research, each product has been clinically proven to set the industry standard for quality medication. These medications and supplements are created for a wide variety of uses. Search the list of products below for eye care products, joint care supplements, antimicrobial shampoo and more.

Conquer Hy-Optic Eye Care (0.5 oz)
Conquer Hy-Optic Eye Care (0.5 oz)

($15.99)  $13.99
Conquer K9 HA Chewables (60 ct)
Conquer K9 HA Chewables (60 ct)

($20.99)  $15.99
Conquer Hy-Otic Ear Rinse (8 oz)
Conquer Hy-Otic Ear Rinse (8 oz)

($15.50)  $9.99
Conquer Gel (60 ml)
Conquer Gel (60 ml)

($19.99)  $14.99
Conquer Liquid (32 oz)
Conquer Liquid (32 oz)

($123.60)  $89.99
Conquer Liquid (64 oz)
Conquer Liquid (64 oz)

($200.00)  $139.99
KineticVet OptiVet Eye Care (0.5 oz)
KineticVet OptiVet Eye Care (0.5 oz)

($20.99)  $15.90
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)

($48.99)  $36.99
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)
KineticVet EquiShield CK Salve (1 lb)

($48.99)  $36.99
Contender HOOF Care (14 oz)
Contender HOOF Care (14 oz)

($23.99)  $17.99

($139.00)  $99.99

($25.99)  $19.99
Conquer Wound Spray (2 oz)
Conquer Wound Spray (2 oz)

($10.50)  $7.99
Conquer Hy-Optic Eye Care (0.5 oz) by Kinetic is a veterinarian-researched and developed sodium hyaluronate (HA) eye solution that has been shown to be effective in several eye conditions in companion animals. Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan with its highest concentration in soft connective tissue and fluids found throughout the body. It is extremely important in the health and lubrication of the eye.

This eye irrigating solution containing Sodium Hyaluronate also contains Vitamin B6 and Taurine to support eye tissue and the overall health of the visual system. Hy-Optic® increases lubricating quality of tear film, refreshes itchy eyes and is easy to administer.
4.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Conquer Hy-Optic Eye Care (0.5 oz)
about the shipping... by Nice01/23/2012

The item was fine, but I paid an xtra $2 for the fastest shipping option and received the Hy-Optic Eye Care WAYYY... after an item from PETMEDS that I bought the same day paying the regular shipping charge.

Phenomenal product by 24dogs1cat from Minnesota06/26/2014

This product is exceptionally effective in quickly dissolving those thick, nasty eye goobers that my dogs develop due to allergies and dry eye. You know the ones......yellow or green goobers that cover the cornea, etc. apply a drop or two, massage the eyelid a bit and allow it to rapidly turn that sticky, tenacious pus to liquid. Then, simply apply several more drops and massage again and wipe away all the liquid and goobers that pile up on the eyelid edge. FANTASTIC!

Featured Reviews for Conquer K9 HA Chewables (60 ct)
No more limp! by renee from Cynthiana, KY12/18/2012

My dog limps after toomuch running-Other joint supplements didn't help. He was also x-rayed & they couldn't find anything wrong. I decided to try the HA tablets-he now rarely limps at all-even after lots of exercise. Very happy w/ these!

To the Wonderful People at Kinetic by Suzanne from NE, PA06/02/2010

My beloved German Shepherd was 8 years old on 10/2/09. His name is Cruise and he’s one of the greatest joys in my life. At the age of 5 he began to show signs of hip dysplasia, a condition common to his breed. I was showing him in obedience when his symptoms started. At first, I would hear little yips during training or in the ring. I stopped showing him. Over time though, his pain increased. Cruise began shortening his stride, would not put his weight on his right leg and stopped jumping onto my bed to sleep at night. After getting opinions from 3 veternarians, one of whom was an orthopedic surgeon from the University of Pa., my fears were confirmed. My beautiful faithful dog was dysplastic. I cried and prayed for something to ease the suffering that would eventually become worse. Cruise’s right leg muscles began to waste and there were indications that his left hip was dysplastic too. I was facing some serious medical challenges myself and felt quite helpless. About a year ago, a close friend groomed Cruise for me and noticed the problem with his hips right away. She suggested that I try Kinetic HA Chewables. She said that some clients, who boarded dogs at her kennel, used Kinetic and that she had witnessed dramatic results firsthand. Well, I started giving Cruise the chewables, first with his food and then (because they taste good) as treats. Within the first week of taking Kinetic, Cruise was prancing around like a pup. It has been a year now and he is still doing well. Thank you so much for giving my dog back to me. On Tuesday, 10/6/09, at the age of 8, Cruise aced the Therapy Dog Evaluation Test with Pleasure of Your Company Therapy Dogs. He is getting out and about and very happy to have a job again. I’m happy too. Yours truly, Suzanne N

Featured Reviews for Conquer Hy-Otic Ear Rinse (8 oz)
Good for infected ears by Rita from Mount Eden, KY03/20/2014

My beagle always rubs his ears in the grass which he's allergic to and I use this ear rinse to cleanse his ears almost daily. It helps to stop infections in his ears and soothes them when they itch.

Hyotic ear rinse...best I have found! by boozerh from Durham, NC01/16/2013

This stuff just works great. I have been using it for years on my English Bulldog, Ethel. It keeps her ears clean and infection free. So glad I found it here. All the local big box pet stores don't carry it anymore. I will definitely be ordering more when I run out!

Best product ever! by selser from Los Angeles, CA08/29/2013

We have a cocker spaniel who battles ear infections as alot of cockers do. This works fantastic yet is so gentle. It used to be a hard to get ear medicine in her but now she just jumps up on a chair and lets us give it to her with no problems ever! We will not be without this in our house. So glad we found it.

Great product! by Jenny02/21/2013

I am a dog groomer and this is one of my favorite ear cleaners. It works really well and has a pleasant smell which is not common with this type of product. Love it!

by from 09/29/2010

I bought this for my dog. He has an ear infection. It has made it worse. I had read reviews on Petco.com which were great. I need to take my poor dog to the Vet on Saturday. He is in such pain. I am never using it again.

by from Thanks"


Featured Reviews for Conquer Liquid (32 oz)
Good purchase by Melinda from Greenville NC03/18/2012

Pleased with my purchase of Conquer From EntirelyPets.com. My only recommendation would be better packaging for liquid product. This order came with a small leak, enough to wet the outside of the bottle, but not enough to run through the packaging. A small amount of the product was lost. This is not my first purchase of Conquer from EntirelyPets.com. It was the first time that the product leaked...and won't be my last UNLESS I receive more leaking product.

Great Buy! by Melinda from Greenville, NC01/02/2012

Bought the liquid conquer HA for equines. I found it at entirelypets.com for the best price. The shipping time was very acceptable. Will be re-purchasing this item from entirelypets.com again in the future!

excellent product by Curlymeister02/28/2012

Use successfully for years on my horse with swollen joints

Featured Reviews for Conquer Liquid (64 oz)
Recommended by Vet by Jul from Dulin ohio10/22/2012

Have been giving to senior horse for over three yrs. has help keep him sound

Good product by kenterin from St Cloud, WI02/25/2014

I have just ordered my 2nd bottle of this product. I started my dressage horse on it because he was diagnosed with kissing spine last Oct. I was hoping this would help him and I could eliminate legend injections. So far he is moving really well, despite the extreme cold we are having this winter. I will be able to tell more once our weather breaks and I can consistently ride him. Then I will update this review.

by from 05/27/2013

Love this product by mca from Georgetown, KY11/03/2011

It is well worth the cost ..love this product, it works great

liquid conquer works by KK07/12/2013

It's an amazing product...I chose it because of ratings from Horse Journal..And it is extremely helpful to my aging horse's arthritis.Too bad Entirely Pets can't get their act together on shipping!! Always about 2-3 weeks, but it's free!

Great product by Curleymeister11/29/2012

I have been using conquer on my mare for years with excellent results

by Paul03/28/2012

This really works & is value for money on a daily price.

fantastic product by I'm Charismatic08/15/2012

Liquid Conquer is a great product for horses that have arthritic issues. Entirely Pets has a great price and fast shipping that is affordable

Great product by gem from Masontown, WV11/07/2012

I've used Conquer Liquid for a number of years for my 29 year old Tennessee Walker mare. Even in her advanced age, she is able to move in and out of her stall and around her turnout acre lot comfortably. Product doing the job of keeping her comfortable and moving.

Featured Reviews for KineticVet OptiVet Eye Care (0.5 oz)
The best ever by Luv my pups from Monroe, Michigan03/20/2013

This re-hydrates Captain Morgan's dry eye the fastest of any product I have used so far. His eye will not produce any tears and only mucus that will dry & stick to his eye. This works well with wetting the eye so I can gently remove the hard mucus. The tissue around the eye turns very red but after a few drops looks much better. I have to clean his eye every hour or more as there is no natural tears. So glad I found this but need a larger amount and lower price would be perfect. Captain Morgan is a 12 yr. Old male Min Dachshund (short hair & black & tan). Dry eye started more than 4 yrs. Ago when he went in for teeth cleaning at the Vet's. Caused by side effect of anesthesia or his eyes were not protected properly during procedure. Have changed Vets. Went to specialists for more than 2 years & eye didn't get better. Have purchased many prescriptions & OTC items and so far 2 of 3 products I ordered here have helped the most. Still no tears but this helps the most.

The next best thing to Terramycin by Mrs. Robinson from Southern New England07/09/2013

One of our cats has serious goopy eyes and I use this to help clear them up. Terramycin worked miracles within a couple of days, but, unfortunately has not been available for ages. I tried a number of products from our vet's office and none of them come close to the effectiveness of this product. While it may seem to be a bit on the pricey side, it's not nearly as costly or ineffective as the products I bought from our vet. I will continue to use this product on our cat until Terramycin becomes available again. It doesn't completely clear up his goopy eyes as Terramycin did, although, it does help me maintain them well enough to keep the swelling down and allow him to see.

No more worries... by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/24/2012

Ever since my shih-tzu was a little puppy, she's had chronic itchy eyes which caused her to roll and scratch her eyes repeatedly on the ground. By doing this, she would usually cause her eyes to obtain puncture wounds or scrapes on her corneas which would sometimes lead to ulcers. I can't count how many times this has happened despite how hard I tried to protect her from herself. It got to the point that I was beginning to worry that she would end up losing her vision in one or both eyes at such a young age. By the time I tried KineticVet Eye Care (which I purchased from Entirely Pets for a very reasonable price) her eyes were partially clouded with scar tissue from previous injuries. After a few weeks of using this, miraculously her eyes began to clear up and she doesn't try to scratch her eyes as much which lets me know that it is working. It's been over a year and she hasn't had any problems since and I give this product all the credit. I used to think that I would have to pay hundreds or even thousands to repair the scar tissue build up on her eyes but this eye care product did wonders on her eyes. I no longer worry that my baby will go blind or hurt herself. I don't have to use it as much anymore but it is a great preventative of all eye problems. It coats her eyes with a protective lubricant that helps her eyes to remain healthy, strong and bright. And oh how I love those big, beautiful eyes!

Simply awesome product by 24dogs1cat from Minnesota12/02/2013

We have struggled for so many years to provide comfort for the dogs here with dry eye, or even with simple eye irritation. Without ANY hesitation what so ever I believe this product is the best in its class. Even difficult to flush out debris rinses out of eyes immediately. The gummy eye build up that can happen with dry eye is quickly dissolved and rinses out of the eye. If you have a dog with ANY dry eye or simple debris irritation problem, this is the product to use.

Opti Vet Eye Care by Karen from Florida05/09/2014

Keeps eye clean and free from infection. 1/2 the price than at the Vetenary.

Great Product by peaches' mom from Central New Jersey03/16/2012

My vet recommended these drops (they are non-prescription) for my dog's dry eye problem. They are working well and are very easy to apply.

very good by sugarcoco02/02/2013

I would buy this product again sugars eyes are much better

KineticVet OptiVet Eye Care by Hayden/Gal from San Diego,CA02/27/2012

This product helped my 11 year old pug named Selina with her dry eyes condition.It help clear her cloudy eyes,good product for doing this.

Kinetic Vet Opti eye care by kathysgarden2 from East Greenwich ,RI12/17/2012

Nothing great-just OK.Always back ordered on the eye ointment which works very good

Very good product by tuffyb from Hartselle, AL06/24/2013

I initially ordered these drops for my Cairn terrier who has had a lot of problems with dry eyes and allergies. Now I use them for all my dogs, especially now that it's summer and their eyes are more easily irritated. I have even tried them myself! They work very well to hydrate the mucous membranes of the eyes and don't burn like other products I have tried in the past, so my dogs don't mind having them put in their eyes!

Featured Reviews for kinetic
Excellent Service by Dream from Chardon, Ohio03/06/2012

I have been purchasing from Entirely Pets for quite some time and the products are top of the line and the service is great!! The products must be shipped out immediately because they are on my doorstep practically the next day!! I will in the future and have many times before recommended them to all of my friends.It also couldn't be easier to order from them...a VERY good company :~)They certainly beat all the other online places for the horse products that I use ...thanks!!

by from 01/23/2011

A few years ago my 18 year old mare would become lame after almost any misstep or stumble. And, she would stay lame for a couple of weeks. It was also hard for her get up. Now at 25, she stays sound and pops up easily after laying down.

pony by who from hasI


I by will from neverFor


Great supplement by azulpacifica01/11/2012

Our AQH has a low ringbone disorder, and this supplement has really seemed to give her fewer days of pain where she is lame.

Great product by tuna from Pacific Northwest01/20/2012

Conquer has helped keep my 13 year old gelding's hock issues (gamer before I got him) from turning him into a total pasture ornament. He's on another joint supplement but the additional H/A was beneficial. I've recently started my other gelding on it as well. It is very palatable and they gobble it up when moistened on their horse kibble.

Featured Reviews for kinetic
Excellent by Sharpken from Vancouver, BC. Canada05/30/2012

We stumbled onto this product while holidaying in California when our Little dog hurt her leg. While at the vets they noticed she chews her feet because of allergies. They suggested Equisheild CX shampoo. It worked. She still has her allergies and she still chews her feet (we feel the same as a nail biter. Hard habbit to break) but no longer chews them raw or hairless. They are no longer the unsightly brown they were either. I use it every time I bath her and she mo longer scratches for days after her bath as before. Great product, good lather, fresh clean smell. I now use it as our only bath product on both of our dogs.

Featured Reviews for Conquer Wound Spray (2 oz)
Conquer Wound Spray by Charbes from San Antonio Tx01/08/2013

Excellent product heals wound like nothing before.

Best Product Found by Charbes from San Antonio Tx12/18/2012

I am not one for writing reviews but this product is the very best we have found. We have a rat terrier and pit bull one day they got into a fight and are rat terrier did not fair to well we had him on antibotics and other wound sprays for the cuts and tears they just would not heal. We bought Conquer wound spray to try it was like night and day after we applied it the wounds healed up and there was no proud flesh involved. Now any time the dogs get injuried, hot spot, and rubbing and scratching from fleas we spray them heal right up. We have used it on cut that we have received and same resloutes. We recommed it to everyone.

Conquer Wound Spray by charbes07/17/2012

This is the best wound spray we have found. Several dog fights and with some extremely bad wounds closed the right up and healing was extremely fast. We use it for hot spots and any type of wound. Like I say best we have found.

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