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Lixit Products for Small Animals

Lixit Products for Small AnimalsLixit Corporation is the largest small animal watering device manufacturer in the world. Lixit also manufactures small animal feeding devices and animal care accessories.

Water Bottles

Lixit Faucet Waterer for Dogs
Lixit Faucet Waterer for Dogs

($10.99)  $7.99
Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (16 oz)
Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (16 oz)

($8.99)  $6.49
Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (8 oz)
Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (8 oz)

($5.50)  $4.09
Lixit Pet Water Bottle (64 oz)
Lixit Pet Water Bottle (64 oz)

($14.50)  $8.79
Lixit Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottle (16 oz)
Lixit Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottle (16 oz)

($8.50)  $5.99
Lixit Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottle (32 oz)
Lixit Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottle (32 oz)

($8.50)  $6.99
Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Water Bottle (32 oz)
Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Water Bottle (32 oz)

($14.50)  $9.99
Lixit Small Animal Treat Jar - 16 oz
Lixit Small Animal Treat Jar - 16 oz

($6.50)  $3.99
Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 16 oz
Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 16 oz

($8.99)  $4.19
Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts
Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts

($14.50)  $11.99
Lixit Dog Water Bottle (64 oz.)
Lixit Dog Water Bottle (64 oz.)

($19.50)  $14.99
Lixit Dog Water Bottle (32oz.)
Lixit Dog Water Bottle (32oz.)

($14.50)  $9.99

Feed Containers

Lixit Bird Quick-Lock Crock (20 oz)
Lixit Bird Quick-Lock Crock (20 oz)

($9.99)  $6.99
Lixit  Pet Set - Water Fountain and Dry Food Feeder
Lixit Pet Set - Water Fountain and Dry Food Feeder

($17.50)  $12.99
Lixit Bird Quick-Lock Crock (10 oz)
Lixit Bird Quick-Lock Crock (10 oz)

($8.99)  $6.49
Lixit DOG Jumbo Cage Crock (40 oz.)
Lixit DOG Jumbo Cage Crock (40 oz.)

($13.50)  $8.99
DOG Carrier Cage Crock (20 oz.)
DOG Carrier Cage Crock (20 oz.)

($12.50)  $7.99
Lixit Water Bottle Cleaning Brush
Lixit Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

($7.50)  $2.99

The Lixit Assorted Guinea Pig Bottle (16 oz) features translucent neon with a floating turtle refill reminder and comes with a deluxe wire on display card.
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (16 oz)
Excellent Product by Ginger from Greensboro, NC06/21/2012

This is a lifesaver for bird owners!! I will be ordering more of them.

Much better than plastic bottles by JackieW03/11/2013

I use these glass bottles, they are "chew proof" and I feel that they are easier to get really clean. Best price that I could find too.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Glass Bird Bottle (8 oz)
GOOD PRICE by DEB06/25/2013


my cockatoo by jc from florida04/06/2013

the 8oz is not good for my cokatoo birds. i will try to give this to some one that as small birds. i am looking to buy just the glass bottle for my birds the 16oz will be ok

Very nice bottles by Tom from West Seneca, N.Y.10/23/2012

Glass bird bottles are hard to find but are better than the usual plastic ones. They can be cleaned better and are stronger. The Lixit bottle is also reasonably priced.

Must have for all birds by gouldiegirl06/24/2012

Water bottles prevent soiled drinking water in bird cages. Lixit glass bottles are the best. Buy extra and toss them in the dishwasher for sterilization. Don't settle for the plastic kind. Entirely Pets has lowest price, even with shipping.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Pet Water Bottle (64 oz)
Great bottle by Midol from Australian, NSW12/04/2012

I bought 10, installed them and so far they're great. Large capacity and don't appear to leak much at all once set. Will be ordering more.

very disappointed by esbrock from albany, or06/07/2013

Arrived very quickly (the big plus), yet when filled, I could never achieve a vaccum seal on it. After 2 days of trying, I measured the end of the sipper tube with calipers only to find it slightly out of round. Sadly, a waste of time and money.

Leaking Bottles by kk12/12/2011

I ordered two bottles, and both of them leak, cannot use them with my cages. very disappointed.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottle (32 oz)
Pet Wide Mouth Water Bottles by Wishbone Farm Schnauzers from Monroe, NC03/24/2014

This is good product. Leaks some, Just a good way to keep my dogs hydrated throughout the day while they are in their crates.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Quick Lock Flip Top Water Bottle (32 oz)
water bottle by H2ofrq1 from Lakeland, Florida05/22/2011

This is simply the best water bottle. It is easy to refill and simple to attach. It doesn't have to be removed to be refilled and even if you do remove it, reattachment takes seconds. And it doesn't drip.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Pet Set - Water Fountain and Dry Food Feeder
Worth the money by Kitty from Los Angeles, CA06/12/2013

I bought this for my cat because I'm planning to go out of town. It was so cheap that I thought I could give it a try and if I don't like it, I can buy new one. I ended up liking it a lot. Tho it looks cheap, it's really worth the money. It lasts about 3-4 days, so I use the water feeder regularly too.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Small Animal Treat Jar - 16 oz
love it by shar12/08/2011

these are great, thought they were going to be 16 oz, but say they are 8 oz. want to order more!

I like it by aprlm12/09/2011

Its a nice,small treat jar.I imagined it a tad bigger but I still like it. Keeps treats fresh and visible.

nice and tight by Kaneko from Davis, CA11/30/2012

Has a REALLY tight seal; it actually takes quite a bit of force to open this jar up. However, the plastic is really thin and flexible; nothing like a Tupperware container. Anyway, it stores the treats well enough, though I'm not sure how fresh they'll stay for how long yet. So far so good though; definitely better than keeping the treats in the pouches they come in.

Very Small by TheBullyMomma from Leroy Township, Ohio12/18/2012

This will hold 16 liquid ounces, not 16 ounces of dog treats. Will hold 4-5 ounces of small dog treats.

by Lynn from Alexandria, NH12/24/2012

Very cute, would have liked it just a tad bigger.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Bird Quick-Lock Crock (10 oz)
Perfect size by paisleygirl from Houston, TX10/07/2014

This is the perfect size for cats, small dogs or birds. I have a feral partially blind feral mama cat who just had babies a couple of days prior. I set 2 large dog crates tie wrapped them together so she and her babies would have a place to live. I had food/water bowls on each side so when I was handling the babies; I'd slide a piece of plastic thru' so I could handle them, clean the babies, clean that crate, put in fresh food/water without her attempting to come after me. This size bowl perfect for her all day.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Faucet Waterer for Dogs
by S I from CA06/18/2012

Works great, our dog was a little apprehensive in the beginning because of the noise it makes from the water pressure, but got used to it in no time. It works great in the hot weather when your are not around to refill the water bowl.

Awesome Product! by KW from Southern California02/14/2014

Our dogs love this they get fresh water when ever they want. This is our third set they last 4-5 years and then they start to deteriorate so we just buy new ones.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle / Bowl - 16 oz
Good Idea with Problems by MikeS11/06/2012

It's a neat idea the way the bowl folds out but the nozzle doesn't close securely and it leaks when I put it in my "dog bag".

Gotta have it by dta48006/08/2013

I already have one of these bottles and carry it on my daily walk. As the summer gets hotter in AZ I need a second. I have carried this one bottle for 3 summers now and my friends are asking for it!

Could cause cancer not BPA free by concerned pet owner09/20/2013

after doing some research, I learned that this "travel" water bottle is not made of BPA free material...

Love it by kickithilo from Hilo Hawaii10/25/2011

Perfect. Just roll the plastic bottle part out and fill up the dish. I like how you can add more water as the dog drinks it. No waste that way. Great product for the money.

Portable Dog Bottles by Mary from RI07/14/2012

We keep one in each car. I gave one of mine to our son and DIL for our grandpuppy. These are easier to carry, perfect for summer time walks.

Very Helpful by KitKat from Denver Co09/24/2013

Bought it for my service dog , hangs nicely on the back of my wheelchair. Easy to use but it can be a little messy until you get the hang of it.

Portable Water Bowl by Dorothy03/28/2012

First of all, couldn't get the bottle to open. Had to cut the strap holding the water bottle to be able to fill it or use it. The drinking part of the bottle is so shallow that it cannot be filled up more than half an inch. Tacky quality.

A great product by Mattie06/05/2012

Our dog loves to walk, but she really suffers in the heat. This water bottle is terrific. The mouth is wide enough for ice cubes. This keeps the water cold for quite a while on a long walk.

by from 12/22/2010

I've used the original 16-oz. Lixit Thirsty Dog Water Bowl with the hard plastic cup attached to the end of the lid for several years now (and given half a dozen away to other dog owners, then re-ordered to always have a back-up on hand). It was a great water bottle that never leaked, and you always had a convenient cup available for the dog to drink from when you're away from home. I use a service dog, so the water bottle received daily hard use and the original bottle lasted over 4 years before it got banged up enough to start leaking a little.

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very handy by alona from ca09/26/2013

The bottle is very handy when walking in the woods. I think the design is good. Unfortunately the execution is not. The bottle leaks through the cap when in horizontal position. My friends for whom i bought such bottle as well mentioned that it leaks

Great idea but it leaks by Jackie10/30/2011

The nipple and bottle top leaks which is not good for a "travel" water bottle. It takes a little work to flip the bowl into use but doable. The biggest problem that prevents me from using this on a regular basis is the leaking!

Lixi water bottle for dogs by Pam from new york06/11/2013

It is awkward and leaks. I would not reccommend it.

A very good product by Mattie10/22/2012

Leaks a little, but this bottle is easy to use and my dog has really made good use of it. She gets very overheated after long walks and this product has really saved her.

by aggie04/29/2013

Great Product for on the on the go dog!!

So Far So Good by Bird Herder from Kalamazoo, MI04/27/2012

I ordered two of these and so far I'm pleased. I was skeptical when I received them and saw the design because you have to flip the "bowl"off of the bottle and turn it inside out. I wondered how long it would last as you're really torquing on the ring of rubbery material that attaches the bottle to the bowl. After I've used it for a few weeks, I'm convinced that it will hold up. My dog can be a little concerned with new things but she drank out of this right away.

leaks by sf dog from sf09/06/2014

The bottle started to leak (from the cap) after a few months. I only fill mine half way now. I once poured very hot water on the bowl part and the plastic kind of melted. Looking for a different one.

Works but another alternative is better by ter from CA11/06/2012

I bought this to replace another drink bottle device I had for my dog with a Gulpy (or similar) name on it that worked quite well for over a year before it started to leak. To be fair, this bottle works Ok and had I not had the prior similar device perhaps I would like it just fine. This bottle's bowl harder convert from bottle to bowl than my prior one. I am going to get one like I had and this one will probably be found in the back of some cupboard.

Superb, light easy to use container! by Aron from Woodbridge, Virginia08/13/2014

Just fill and go! The drinking cup is the perfect size. Dogs can use it easily without any problem.

by MP11/06/2012

It was nice to have a water bottle that they could use but it was a little hard getting the rubber to fold over.

by Belle from Los Angeles, CA02/22/2012

I ordered this bottle as an extra water bottle for my dog when we go on longer hikes. I liked the widemouth top for ice on those hot days and how easy it was to flip the bowl open and back against the bottle for quick water breaks. The bowl part was kind of tough to flip over at first but I'm guessing it just needs to get worked in so the rubber isn't as tough. I didn't like that the dispenser part would just open so easily. We used the bottles in a dog pack so they were upright and it wasn't an issue if it leaked but if I were to put it in my backpack, I would definitely worry about water spilling out since it pops open pretty easily. I also wish they had this style of bottle in a bigger size since my dog is 60+ lbs. Overall a good buy if you do active things with your dog but beware of spillage if the bottle isn't upright.

Great Product by kc from Raleigh, NC04/16/2012

I recently purchased this water bottle and couldn't be happier. I had been searching local pet stores for this type bottle but, no one seems to even know what I am talking about! Now, my dog and I can take long walks and stop when we want for a water break. I have a big dog and she gets thirsty on our walks. I just stop, open the bottle, let the water go into the attatched bowl and my dog has a fresh drink. What ever she doesn't drink simply goes back into the bottle with a simple tilt. I close the bottle up and we are on our way again. I LOVE IT!!!!

Featured Reviews for Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl - 3 Quarts
by PoDgOd from WI07/08/2013

Works well, we freeze the bottom of it so our Akita doesn't overheat. The only problem i have is how low the water level sits when we go to places like the dog park; he's a large dog that consumes a lot of water. sometimes it's easier for me to unscrew the bowl and let him drink that way.

Not worth the money for Us anyhow by Renee from Madisonville, Ky10/23/2012

I bought this bowl thinking would be a great idea to take in the car and on vacation. Tried using it in the house to get my dog used to it before leaving for vacation. She won't have anything to do with it. Have tried several different things to get her to use it to no avail. Total waste of my money I'm sorry to say. Is a decent idea, but did not work in my case.

Love it by Donna06/22/2012

Nice for car trips and trips to the dog park. Doesn't collapse like the soft sided bowls.

by from 07/18/2009

This is a great find. It REALLY doesn't spill in the car, even if you turn it completely upside down!

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Featured Reviews for Lixit Dog Water Bottle (64 oz.)
by from 06/21/2012

you are the only game in town and you have a great product. I've had two of them for 5 years and my son just broke one. No one had a replacement but you. I have a Shitzu(sp) with long ears and he loves it. The cat also uses it at times. Thanks for your great product.

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Didn't work for me by ks from Texas11/08/2012

My dog wouldn't come near it, even tried to put peanut butter on the edge so she would understand. She would rather dehydrate herself. It may just be the dog, not the product.

A Fair Solution by Caribou2u from Central Virginia02/12/2013

I got this to keep my puppy from "bucket diving" and paddling all the water out onto the floor. The instructions for installation are not very clear - the photos or drawings could be more detailed. I did figure out how to mount the bottle and then the puppy figured out how to use it. A little patience is required when you first fill it - it drips until a vacuum is formed - but overall, it's a helpful item. I do have to find a brush that will clean it inside since the mouth is small and the inside is shaped irregularly.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Dog Water Bottle (32oz.)
Good, big bottle, but... by Hawke from Twin Falls, ID03/27/2011

I've used this bottle for my pet hybrid raven. It's been perfect for keeping his water clean and secure. Unfortunately, after only about 9 months, I can no longer get the lid to fit securely and it leaks like a sieve. That said, I'm looking for another because it has worked so well for my bird!

Leaks by Mrs. M.07/11/2014

My bulldog is kennel trained and I've been looking for a water bottle that doesn't leak so I tried this one. It leaks :( I still use it for now, but I have to make sure I put a towel at the front of the kennel and on the floor just outside of it to catch the excess water. The bottle leaks from the moment you turn it upside down, but at least my dog has clean water throughout the day. If you're looking for a no leak bottle, this IS NOT it.

by suz from PA.01/05/2012

The spring that holds the bottle is difficult to attach and detach. I've managed to get one of my dogs to use it, but the other will have nothing to do with it. I even put peanut butter on it to encourage her.

Best investment for your money by XBailler from Texas04/02/2013

Easy to clean and works fine. Recomended that you get spare parts for the tube and blue ring.

Leaked all over by vicki from La Jolla, CA03/21/2013

I tried everything but it just kept leaking and was not usable.

by from 12/12/2011

This is the first water dispenser that I have found that is compatible with my black lab puppy. Everything else she either splashes in or lies in or drags around. It took her no time to learn to use it.

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great product by wendys from Cape Town, South Africa11/19/2012

The bottle works very well for my ShihTzu's. Great for keeping faces dry.

Featured Reviews for Lixit Water Bottle Cleaning Brush
Perfect! by dew's mom from Mountains of NC05/13/2013

Get this for my fish tank to help me clean all the tight areas & for the tubing/gravel cleaners. Works great!!

Featured Reviews for Lixit DOG Jumbo Cage Crock (40 oz.)
super for parrots by marion brookins07/11/2009

finaly a parrotcrock in the right size

Nice and big by Lap from Dallas11/02/2011

Nice big crock for my messy, drinking Lab.

Featured Reviews for DOG Carrier Cage Crock (20 oz.)
works great! by llk from Harris, Mn12/29/2011

Easy to use. You can take the cup out to fill with fresh water, but leave the mounting piece in kennel. It does require 2 hands however.

Dog Carrier Cage Crock by Pinot46 from Temple City, Ca.09/17/2013

This cup has a nice depth to it to hold a fair amount of water. It fits securely on the cage. The price was reasonable.

Great Water Dish! by Lynn03/04/2014

I started using these in our dogs' crates when our oldest girl decided that it would be fun to knock over a regular water dish. They are easy to clean and very sturdy. I don't know if they make one larger than 20 ounces, but if they did, that would be even better. It holds plenty of water for them during the night, but I wouldn't want to only have one dish if it were hot outside. Other than that, it's a great product!

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