K9 Advantix II for Dogs: Flea & Tick Control

Advantix for dogs

K9 Advantix II for Dogs

effectively treats and protects your dog from fleas and tick infestation with onemonthly application. It kills 98 to 100 percent of fleas within 12 hours after application. K9 Advantix ii for dogsis a topical prevention treatment for the prevention of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Dogs and puppies older than 7weeks of age and older can be treated with this water resistant formula that protects your dog continuously, evenafter shampooing and rain exposure. K9 Advantix ii for dogs comes in packages of 4 month, 6 month and 12 monthtreatments that can treat small, medium, large or extra large dogs.

  • Five-way pest protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, and lice
  • Kills fleas at all life stages, most ticks are repelled and killed before they can attach
  • Uses an insect growth regulator called pyriproxyfen and prevents fleas from maturing
  • Waterproof, stays on in baths or in the rain
  • Guaranteed US EPA approved
  • Each package of K9 Advantix II for Dogs lasts 4 to 6 months (One vial per month)
  • Green Small (up to 10 lbs)

    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)

    ($38.99)  $29.99
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)

    ($68.99)  $49.95
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)

    ($101.99)  $74.95
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs.)
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs.)

    ($198.99)  $148.95

    ($74.47 Each)

    Teal Medium (11 - 20 lbs)

    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)

    ($40.99)  $30.99
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL  Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)

    ($70.99)  $49.95
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)

    ($100.99)  $74.95
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)

    ($196.99)  $148.95

    ($74.47 Each)

    Red Large (21 - 55 lbs)

    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)

    ($41.99)  $30.99
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)

    ($71.99)  $49.95
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)

    ($101.99)  $74.95
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)

    ($200.99)  $148.95

    ($74.47 Each)

    Blue Extra Large (over 55 lbs)

    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)

    ($42.99)  $30.99
    4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)

    ($72.99)  $49.95
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (For dogs over 55 lbs)
    6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (For dogs over 55 lbs)

    ($102.99)  $74.95
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)

    ($205.99)  $148.95

    ($74.47 Each)

    K9 Advantix II is the new and improved version of K9 Advantix for Dogs

    K9 Advantix II has the exact same ingredients as the Original K9 Advantix formula but now includes Pyriproxifen, an insect growth regulator. Pyriproxifen is an Insect Growth Regulator, which that interferes with the hormone signals in growing insects, stopping them from maturing and ending their life cycle so that they cannot reproduce. K9 Advantix II not only kills and repels just adult fleas, ticks, and mosquitos, but complete life stages including flea eggs and larvae.

    K9 Advantix II for Small Dogs up to 10 lbs

    Keep your dog safe from irritating and dangerous pests with K9 Advantix II for Small Dogs weighing up to 10 pounds. Formulated for dogs seven weeks of age and older and weighing 10 pounds and under, K9 Advantix II outperforms its competitors not only by killing more varieties of pests, but also by repelling them to prevent future attacks.

    Repels and Kills Ticks, Fleas, and Mosquitos

    The active ingredients in K9 Advantix II help keep your dog safe from ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. These effective compounds attack the pests' nerve cells, paralyzing and effectively killing them, as well as repelling them from future attacks. Most ticks are repelled and killed before they can attach, which may reduce the risk of transmitting disease-causing organisms to your pet. K9 Advantix II effectively kills and repels Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks.

    Dog flea life cycle
    Flea life cycle.View larger.

    Fights Against Fleas at All Stages of Development

    K9 Advantix II protects your pet against fleas at all stages of the parasite's development. K9 Advantix II breaks the flea life cycle by killing the living fleas on your dog before they can lay eggs. It also prevents the development of existing flea eggs, larvae, and pupae, helping to prevent future infestations.

    K9 Advantix II also kills reinfesting fleas (newly hatched fleas jumping back on your dog) within two hours, and it prevents fleas on a treated dog from infesting your home.

    Effective Against Biting Flies and Lice

    In addition to complete tick, flea, and mosquito protection, K9 Advantix II also repels painful biting flies from feeding on your dog, and it effectively kills up to 100 percent of lice within one week of treatment.

    Waterproof Formula

    K9 Advantix II is waterproof, so there's no need to reapply after your dog has a bath or goes for a swim. Studies show that dogs are still protected against parasites after exposure to water, though for best results, dogs treated with K9 Advantix II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo.

    Package Contents

    Box includes six 0.4-milliliter tubes of K9 Advantix II for Small Dogs up to 10 pounds.

    K9 Advantix II Lifestyle shot
    K9 Advantix II for Small Dogs
    up to 10 lbs
    • Kills and repels ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes
    • Repels biting flies and kills lice
    • Waterproof formula won't wash off from swimming or bathing
    • Includes six convenient one-month doses
    • Easy to apply
    • For dogs seven weeks of age and older and weighing 10 pounds and under
    • Per Dose: $11.75
    K9 Advantix II and Frontline Plus Comparison Chart
    View larger. Flea Cycle
    The adult fleas you see are only a small percentage of the infestation. View larger.
    K9 Advantix II is Available In:
    Small Dog
    (under 10 pounds)
    Medium Dog
    (11 - 20 pounds)
    Large Dog
    (21 - 55 pounds)
    Extra-Large Dog
    (over 55 pounds)
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month
    How to Apply

    Applying K9 Advantix II to your pet is a fast and easy process. First, remove the K9 Advantix II applicator tube from its packaging and use scissors to peel down the foil. Next, hold the applicator tube in an upright position and pull the cap off the tube. Use the upturned cap to break the protective seal, and you're ready for application.

    For easiest application, your dog should be standing upright. Evenly apply the entire contents of the K9 Advantix II tube to two or three spots from the back of the shoulder to the base of the tail. Part the hair at each spot until the skin is visible, then place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze out a portion of the solution. Be careful not to apply an excessive amount of the solution in any one spot, otherwise some of the solution might run off the side of your dog. Dispose of the container and do not reuse or refill. Do not empty unused product in any indoor or outdoor drain.

    For optimal control and prevention of parasites, use K9 Advantix II every month. K9 Advantix II is available in four- and six-month supplies. Do not use K9 Advantix II on cats or any animals other than dogs.

    Application Instructions

    Evenly apply the entire contents of the tube to four to six spots on the top of the back--from the shoulder to the base of the tail. Apply monthly.

    Length of Effectiveness

    Under normal conditions, the product is effective for one month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every seven days. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.

    Hazards to Humans

    Causes eye irritation. Harmful if swallowed. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Avoid contact with skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after handling.

    Hazards to Domestic Animals

    *For external use on dogs only.
    *Do NOT use on animals other than dogs.
    *Do NOT use on puppies under seven weeks of age.

    Do not get this product on dog's eyes or mouth. Consult your veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, or nursing animals. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product for pets. If signs persist, or become more severe, consult a veterinarian immediately. If your animal is on medication, consult your veterinarian before using this product.

    Do Not Use on Cats

    Due to their unique physiology and inability to metabolize certain compounds, cats must not use this product. If applied to a cat, or ingested by a cat that actively grooms a recently treated dog, this product may have serious harmful effects. If this occurs, contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Environmental Hazards

    This product is extremely toxic to fish. Do not add directly to water. Do not contaminate water when disposing of product or package.

    First Aid

    Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor, or when going for treatment.

    If in eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

    If swallowed: Call poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Have person sip a class of water if able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the poison control center or doctor. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

    If on skin or clothing: Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15 to 20 minutes. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.

    To physician: Treat patient symptomatically.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    How long does K9 Advantix last?

    A single application of K9 Advantix keeps working for one month.

    How often should I use K9 Advantix?

    Experts recommend monthly application to keep your dog protected year-round.

    My dog is strictly indoors. Should I still use K9 Advantix?

    Yes, ticks and fleas can be brought into the home by people or other pets--without owners even realizing it. Immature flea stages remain dormant until conditions are appropriate for development. This is why it is also important to protect indoor pets.

    Can I bathe my dog during the month after application?

    Yes, you can give your dog a bath. A non-detergent shampoo is recommended for best results.

    How young can the dog be for application?

    K9 Advantix is gentle enough for puppies as young as seven weeks.


    Imidacloprid is an ectoparasiticide, an antiparasitic agent that targets parasites living primarily on the surface of a host. Chemically classified as a chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine, imidacloprid inhibits neurotransmitter transmission in insects, resulting in paralysis and death.


    Imidacloprid exhibits both adulticide and larvicidal flea efficacy; it not only kills adult fleas and larvae on your pet, but it also kills larval stages in your pet's immediate surroundings.

    Main Purpose

    To kill fleas at all stages of their life cycles and stop them from being able to move or feed.


    Permethrin is the additional ingredient in Advantix. It belongs to the Type I class of pyrethroid acaricides and insecticides, and it also acts as a repellent. Pyrethroids affect muscle and nerve cells' sodium ion channels by increasing their mean open time, which leads to hyperexcitability and death of the parasite.


    Thanks to its repelling activity, permethrin reduces parasite bites and thus the risk of diseases and stress for your dog.

    Main Purpose

    To repel ticks, sand flies, and mosquitoes; to kill ticks and fleas.

    Two Proven Ingredients with Enhanced Activity

    Imidacloprid and permethrin work together to overwhelm the nervous system of the parasite, providing neurotoxic activity beyond that of each compound alone. This leads to more profound and quicker insect paralysis and death.

    Specifically, imidacloprid increases the efficacy of permethrin by activating insect nerve cells and increasing the frequency of neurotransmissions. As a result, more sodium channels are opened and the pyrethroid can interact much better with its target site.


    Pyriproxyfen is a pyridine-based pesticide. A juvenile hormone analog, it interferes with the hormone signaling of growing insects, so that insects in immature stages are unable to mature. Additionally, a female insect that touches the toxin will produce eggs that will not hatch.


    Pyriproxyfen provides an added layer of protection for pets and their surroundings. It interrupts the flea life cycle at multiple stages, halting the growth and development of insect eggs and larvae and preventing reinfestation.

    Main Purpose

    To prevent flea eggs from hatching and larvae from growing.

    Active Ingredients % by Weight
    Imidacloprid 8.80%
    Permethrin* 44.00%
    Pyriproxyfen 0.44%
    Other Ingredients 46.76%
    Total 100%
    *cis/trans ratio: max 55% (�) csi and min 45% (�) trans
    Net Contents

    Four tubes, each 0.014 fluid ounces (0.4 milliliters)

    4.68 rating based on 463 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    Not a good buy by Nikki11/14/2011

    I had been using Frontline but decided to switch and try this because it claimed to repel fleas, bad idea. After 2 weeks my dog still has fleas crawling on her and bitting! I will be switching back to frontline.

    no problems yet by Deb Clark from Ravenswood, Ontario, Canada06/20/2013

    Have only used one treatment so far and Tucker rarely goes outside but we do have 2 bigger dogs that are out a lot and he does not seem to be having any issues with fleas or ticks.. i would recommend this product.

    Good stuff by tackettteri from Kentucky08/15/2013

    There wasn't any fleas what so ever, good stuff, will be buying this for all of my pets

    K9 Advantage by cathy01 from London Ontario06/20/2013

    Product seems to work great.Our dog is outside quite a bit and so far no flees. I would order this product again and it arrived fairly fast.

    Timely, but the package was a little smashed by Trace10/09/2011

    I would definitely order from this company again. The order was shipped to me quickly for my little guy. The prices were the lowest I could find. The only issue I had was the packaging was a little smashed. Not sure if it shipped that way of happened in transit. All the contents were unharmed, though.

    Best Purchase by DJ from Maryland07/17/2012

    I am pleased with k9 advantix ll because it works and it is made for smaller dogs. I hope the service I have received from entirely pets continues to be to be the best. Thank you.

    k9 advantix II-not happy by sophie from pleasant valley, ny10/31/2013

    I am not seeing very good results with this product. Have found two ticks on my dog, both attached, since using this product. I think Frontline Plus is the better option

    Simple and Easy to use by Vaslaun01/26/2013

    product arrived quickly. read directions inside box and instantly applied on puppy. immediately less itching.

    Great by DJ from Maryland10/01/2013

    I like this product because it goes by the animals weight. It is a Little expensive, But it works.

    Thank Goodness! by Lindy from Boca Raton, Fl.02/17/2013

    I was desparate.. had mega fleas for the first time ever. Frontline had stopped working and I was terrified to put anything on my Havanese after having read all the reviews. I actually took 2 days off work so I could be home to monitor in case anything went wrong. Well the fleas started to leave and there were no side affects. I have used it the 2nd time now and still good so I must say that it's working for me.

    Tired of fleas and ticks by jam from Ohio12/16/2012

    I like this product as it does keep the ticks and fleas away. My dog however still gets a few fleas in the summer time and I thought this product was suppose to repel the fleas from even getting on my dog, but a few fleas I can deal with, I can't deal with ticks and this product works for that.

    Horrible by A worried pet owner04/08/2012

    I have a 3 pound Pomeranian and I gave her the recommended dose ... A few hours later she started vomiting and now had a seizure .... I would not recommend this to ANYONE

    Worked Well by Mello11/22/2012

    We've been battling ticks. Advantix II didn't work 100% as advertised, but it's making it easier to control.

    Best product by DJ from Cumberland, Md.07/19/2014

    I am very happy with k-9 Advantix ll, because you can get it to fit the size and weight of my pet. The service you get from Entirely Pets has been excellent.

    Best Online Pet Supply Store by Woody from Prunedale, CA10/09/2011

    From my first order I was impressed. I ordered flea treatments for my cats and dogs and it arrived the next day! How was that even possible? Not to mention the lowest prices I have found anywhere, Can't recommend Entirely Pets enough. 5 stars.

    Great purchase by Sherry from Wilmington, NC03/28/2012

    I have always used this product. It works!

    Works Great by Ney from CA08/03/2012

    Have used this many times before and it has done a wonderful job.

    Best purchase by Jean Jean12/04/2012

    I really like Entirely Pets, because when you order something, you recieve it very fast. I am on a fixed income and I would like a senior discount for older people like me. Thank you all for your kindness and great service. I rescued my little dog from an abusive situation. I love her so much. she has brought me so much joy.

    K9 Advantix II Small Dog (for dogs up to 10lbs) by Lorie from Oxnard, Calif.12/29/2012

    I never saw fleas on my dogs. Easy to apply. My dogs do play outdoors in the grass and in the dirt area, yet they are protected from fleas. I bathe my own dogs, therefore I am aware of no fleas. I would recommend this product.

    Disappointed - ticks by Asiedydd from PA04/30/2013

    After reading several positive online reviews, I switched to K9 Advantix II. I quickly found it's not at all effective at preventing ticks. I'll be switching back to Frontline.

    It Works by Sandraelaine from Upstate NY (Adirondacks)02/18/2014

    It is getting more and more difficult to find a product that effectively controls fleas and ticks. This product worked.

    worse flea meds ever by shaqbrody11/13/2012

    i have never bought and used a flea medication on my shih tzu and seen so many live fleas on him! i don't even know if the product inside the box is actually from K9 Advantix or a cheap rip-off and they just used the box. i want a refund!!!

    K9 ADVANTIX II by GolfingGuy from Southern Illinois05/15/2014

    I have been purchasing the best flee and tick products from EntirelyPets for years. Great company to work with and will continue to do so.

    Very good product, always purchase this product by Toot from Wilmington, NC07/05/2012

    This is an excellent product and the price is reasonable.

    Haven't made up my mind yet !! by kidhauler1948 from Southeastern CT05/27/2013

    My Yorkie has used this but has yet to get a full month of protection. We still get 3-4 ticks the last 2 weeks of the month but we do live in the woods in an infested area. No fleas. I am going to use the rest of my purchase before making up my mind.

    I Love My Pets by Lyn from Elverta CA10/27/2011

    I have been using Advantix for about six years or longer. I have used other flea prouducts and nothing works like Advantix. I will never put another flea product on my little dogs again. I tell everybody who I know with dogs or cat Advantix is the best. I've even bought their pets Advantix to prove how great it is. I Love My Pets that's why they use Advantix.

    Great! by dutyla from Pittsburgh Pa12/07/2012

    This product worked fabulously! I was very happy with the results. My dog is 8lbs.and 4 years old.

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    Best product on market by ladybug10/22/2012

    I have tried other products on my dogs, but none of them worked as well as K9 Advantix ll. We have alot of fleas & mosquitos in the south and this is the only one that works on my 2 dogs.

    Does what it claims by Scooter06/04/2012

    Other brands don't offer the under 10# option. The dogs don't mind it too much, except it seems to be itchy for a couple of days. We've been flea and tick free when using this product.

    love this by chris08/19/2011

    works wonders with my pet. I would highly recommend this product to anyone

    by from 11/13/2012

    The same day I use this product on my Bear and my Sherri girl- The itching stops and once again they look at their Mom with adoring eyes..

    Russells- by Blaze from andMy


    Aunt by and from AdvantageThey


    works great by jan from upstate New York01/14/2014

    Our vet recommended Advantix II and have had no fleas or ticks...and our dog is very sensitive to fleas. Use year round and we live in the North!

    k9 advantix by papagoose from Tyler,Texas07/24/2012

    Love the product. But effin morons you have working there after I ordered 6 mo.supply they double my order. I immediately calledbut was told to refuse one order since they could do nothing 20 minutes after I ordered. I*f this is way you do business take me off your list,sinceyou dont need my business. Didnt even get free shipping on second order

    got rid of the fleas by dlb from Portland, OR11/18/2013

    My dogs had fleas and right after applying the medicine, the fleas were gone. Very happy.

    Best purchase ever by gladue121008/18/2013

    Great prices, I would recommend my friends to purchase from this site.

    by from 04/04/2012

    Excellent product! Gives me the peace of mind for my happy healthy pups!

    delivery by I from canExcellent


    easy purchase by Pesci11/23/2011

    This was the first time I ordered from Entirely Pets and I was pleased with the price, the website was easy to use and I received my product in less then a week. I would definitely order from them again.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs.)
    Great product, super service by Kenny from Newark Valley, NY12/06/2012

    Excellant product, super service, very good price.

    by from 11/16/2012

    Product works great had no issues with fleas or ticks this season.

    the by tarriff from feesNot


    by from 03/08/2014

    We have used this product relatively consistently for several years. We have never had any fleas or ticks while using this one, while we found other products to not fully protect our pets.

    been by in from aAlthough


    The place to go for flea and tick by Rhonda from Raleigh, NC05/07/2013

    Can't beat the prices, even in Australia. Quick service and friendly customer service. Will shop here again and again.

    Works the best by 1982aimee from Boston, ma11/25/2012

    I've been using this product for 6 years and its preferred over frontline plus because it covers more things/ repels Mosquitos among other things. Great product, my chihuahuas don't mind it at all once a month!

    This product is the best by Dkelley from Pa02/05/2013

    The best overall product that I have used yet.

    Best price Advantix by rriehs110/31/2011

    This product works great and this site does have the lowest prices. Especially when you search for a promo code. The Advantix arrived quickly.

    Very satisfied by Molsson02/06/2013

    This product works the best of those I have tried, I would highly recommend it.

    Great product at a good price! by songman from Columbia, TN.10/19/2013

    After using another product that did not work, we tried Avantix and were amazed at the speed of results! The fleas were gone within 3 days of application. We are very happy with the service Entirely Pets provided and will purchase future products with out reservation! This order was in my mailbox 2 days after our order was placed! Super fast service! Thank you so much!

    Great Product at a Great Price by bonbon from chicago03/08/2013

    This product does it all by protecting my 11 year old 9 pound Yorkie from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. I like the fact that I only have to use one product and not several to achieve desired goals. Years ago when I used something else it was too overwhelming for my little girl.

    Works great!! by Spunkie from London, ON04/06/2013

    Love this product for our dog. I believe it to be the best product. Great value.

    seems to work by Don from Berkshires,Ma06/03/2012

    still pricey, could be more competitive......

    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    Good Buy by aj from PA12/01/2011

    Always arrives quickly, the box is always smashed, but the product inside is fine.

    K9 ADVANTIX II by Love My Dogs! from Cincinnati, Ohio10/21/2011

    I have 2 dogs - a Japenese Chin that is 7 years old and a 4 year old rescued Shih- tzu who are my Buddies, I never want them to suffer from fleas irritating and biting. I've tried cheaper brands in the past and will never go back ----K9 ADVANTIX II is the best------Never seen a single flea on my Buddies!

    by from 02/11/2012

    The fleas aren't so bad this year (it's dry) but my dog can pick up fleas from visits to the dog park. I got the K9 Advantix (it works well on the cats) because I knew it would work.

    to by have from anyYou


    K9 Advantix Works by Schatze239 from Estero, Florida04/09/2014

    Have been using this product for 6 years and haven't seen a flea or a tick. Very pleased with the product and Chloe, my shih tzu, doesn't seem to mind having it applied to her backside.

    ticks dont die by shortie from wisconsin06/12/2013

    The wood ticks dont die and fall off. They stay stuck and when you take them off they are still alive. It doesnt seem to repel the ticks either.

    by tdh from charlotte, nc03/13/2013

    A friend of mine recommended this product after having tried several others. I decided to not waste my money doing the same thing and have been ordering this for 1.5 years. We have 2 dogs and in that time I have only seen 1 flea on one dog. However, I have had a few bite me and my indoor cats keep getting fleas.

    good purchase by Diane from Sherbrooke Quebec05/31/2013

    very happy of this puchase...Excellent price..Will order many things more soon...Thanks...

    K9 Advantix II by Cynthia from Oklahoma12/04/2012

    K9 Advantix II is THE best flea and tick medicine I have EVER used, from the ease of application to the protection it provides my two dogs!

    Great product by Jana07/19/2012

    I have used K-9 Advantix on my dogs since it came out and we have never had problems with fleas. I never have to worry about them getting sick from the application either. I highly recommend this for cats and dogs.

    Wonderful service by Sheri from East New Market, MD05/12/2013

    I get my dog and cat supplies from here only, I don't even bother to look anywhere else. I have never been disappointed.

    ADVANTIX II Medium Dog by KShep from Turnersville, NJ05/01/2014

    Best price for best product of this kind. Used on Two 20 lb. pugs.

    Worth Every Penny by Momma from Troy, NY10/23/2012

    Our 3 dogs never have a bug - ever! Many of my friends/neighbors are upset that in spite of using flea/tick control products their animals still get fleas and ticks. Our dogs have never (thank God) gotten a bug on them. We recommend this product to everyone.

    by grandma opal from Kerrville TX12/26/2012

    Great product good prices. Fast shipping.Thanks.

    by me09/12/2013

    works way better than other brands !! Does not both my very sensitive dog

    Best topical flea product!!! by Dee M. from Gladstone, Oregon11/06/2012

    This is by far the best topical flea product on the market! It not only gets rid of currently fleas/larvae, but it keeps them away so my dogs don't scratch at themselves at all!

    Best for Getting Rid of Tick and Fleas by Katie07/05/2012

    In my opinion, this prodict is the best on the marktet for keeping your pets comfortable and happy. The price was one that you could not pass up and the delivery was really quick. Thank you Entirely Pets!!

    relief by cj from Marietta, GA07/16/2012

    Within seconds of applying the Advantix to our dog the fleas began to die. They actually came to the surface where we were able to remove and destroy. Fastest acting flea product we have used and we have tried a lot of them. Our dog is a happy girl now.

    do not buy! by missy from California09/20/2011

    I have used Frontline successfully on my dog, but decided to try the K9 Advantix II due to mosquitoes and flies being prevalent this summer. I followed instructions carefully. Soon after administering within the hour i could see my dog was uncomfortable. After 2 he was twitching and running into places in our home he does not normally go. I called the hotline on the box Bayer, and they told me to wash off the areas and to do it a few times. Then to apply vitamin E to those areas. My poor doggie was still very uncomfortable and trembling unable to relax that entire day. As well into the next day. I checked online on this product and found more problems worse then what we experienced with use of K9 Advantix II. My dog is about 40 lb.'s and only 4 years old and healthy. He is a poodle bichon mix. Please if you have not used this product. Dont try it!

    product works by country girl from LA11/14/2013

    Advantix II works. My dog has never gotten fleas with other brands but he has had ticks. This product works to prevent fleas & ticks and kills ticks. I like all of the Bayer brand products.

    Never Disappointed by Sheri10/10/2011

    I buy Advantix 11 for all my animals. I save alot of money buying it this way. It can be very expensive since I have four dogs and a cat. Its fast shipment and its easy to purchase.

    Works by Katy from Texas06/12/2014

    I used this last year and was able to get rid of the fleas on my dog and in my house. It just took a while to work completely.

    Mosquito protection for the summer by rox from Virginia12/24/2012

    We use both Frontline and Advantix products for flea and tick prevention, but switch to the Advantix during our humid summers when mosquitoes are plentiful. Our dog has allergies and sensitive skin, but has not had any adverse reactions to the Advantix.

    by joy from WI10/22/2012

    Very good product, Never have a fea problem or any bugs on my 3 dogs.

    Best Purchase ever by Tonie from Trenton, Ontario, Canada09/22/2013

    I loved the service and how easy the web suit was. I will order from here, from now on.

    Not very pleased with K-9 Advantix ll by Taffyocala from Ocala, Fl09/30/2013

    My dog still had fleas after applying the flea medicine on her.

    GREAT BUY WITH GROUPON by MAGGIESMOM from Clanton, AL10/24/2012

    As a single parent to my Bichon, times are tough, but I don't want to compromise her health care. Entirely Pets along with Groupon made it possible for me to continue to keep Maggie protected against fleas, ticks, and the disease they carry.

    by dadsangel9288111/24/2012

    Best product on the market in my opinion!

    Best of the best by Carol05/22/2013

    I trust this product and would not use anything else. I love my pets , they are my family and would you not give the best to your family if possible?

    Product is excellent by hagarmsu from Atlanta Ga10/22/2012

    I tried to order on line and because I put in the wrong e mail address,( I could not delete it and put in the correct one.) I COULD NOT ORDER I finally had the staff at Groupon do the online order for me. Your staff people were no help. I don't think I will try to order again, since I tried three seperate days and the same BAD order kept coming up that would not allow me to go on.

    Great Product by MaddysMom from NY11/30/2011

    I use this on my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and have not found one flea on her, even after going through wooded areas or being exposed to other animals with fleas. I am very satisfied with it's performance, especially in the summer time when she swims very often. No problems between applications.

    Good Prices by Griz from CA11/15/2013

    Always the lowest prices. Shipping of ADVANTIX however could be improved in packaging.

    always good by vic07/25/2012

    Always what I want when I need it and I get it fast

    not sure about new formula by cee from southern Indiana04/24/2012

    I have used the original Advantix and Frontline Plus without a problem. I used the Advantix 2 and first of all, the formula seems oiler than usual. I have long haired dogs and the formula never seems to absorb even though I part the hair & apply to skin. Secondly, two of my dogs had attached ticks within 2 weeks. Not sure if this is as good as original.

    Great product by Sasksi from Roanoke, VA02/06/2013

    I have used Avantix for several years now and have experienced no problems with it.

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    Atlanta Mom Dissapointed by Carol from Marietta, GA05/20/2014

    I have two shih tzus with short hair because I keep them trimmed so I can see the ticks. I do not have them bathed a week before or a week after I apply it. This does not stop the ticks at all. Every day I pull 2-3 engorged ticks off of them. Frontline does not work and neither does this. I don't know what to try next. They only go outside maybe 4 times a day for 5 min.

    by from 01/15/2013

    and is also, I believe, registered as a mosquito repellant. Where, I live, in NW VT, these are the primary insectival parasites. This past summer was -- I was told by others -- a terrible years for deer ticks in my area. But I found only one .... on myself, not my dog.

    is by a from greatI


    Pet Order by Ronnie from Michigan07/01/2012

    Pet order arrive really fast. The price on the K9 advantix II was great. Will definitely order fromEntirely Pets again.

    never had a problem since I started using it. by rick03/13/2013

    Works great for me and my dogs. seems cheaper here that elsewere.

    Best Flea protection by SuzinMcQ from Chesterfield, Virginia03/26/2013

    I have always used K9 ADVANTIX II on my dogs.

    K9 advantix by 4zgirl from Richmond, VA02/01/2012

    Covers it all esp. For my little one whos into everything in the back yard and for my lab who's always in the creek! Couldn't trust any other brands to prevent fleas tickd and Mosquitos

    Well worth the money by kabm06/13/2012

    I have been using K9 Advantix for my dog for years and have never had a problem with fleas or ticks.

    The right product at a way better price by kellyjenne from Nova Scotia05/28/2012

    I received the same medication for my pets that I receive from my vet but at a much lower cost. I'll be using EntirelyPets from now on!

    Best Prices Around by kim from Ohatchee, AL02/22/2013

    I have 2 dogs & little money & live in the country where fleas are terrible. When I found your website I could not believe how much money I saved & still save after 2 years of doing business with you.

    Product works well with Trifexis by rox from Virginia09/04/2013

    My allergic dog cannot take Heartguard for heartworms because the med is contained in a beef base, so he has to take Trifexis, which also contains a flea med. Since Lymes Disease is rampant in this part of Virginia, we must apply a tick preventative as well. K9 Advantage II provides the necessary tick control, but its flea med does not cause an overdose with that in Trifexis. The mosquito protection is also nice during our humid summers. The product is less greasy than the new Activyl.

    Good product great price by hurricane from Crystal river , Florida11/07/2012

    I look everywhere for a product I can afford for my 5 dogs. Fleas can be more than a nusiance in Florida, so I never want to be out. Fast shipping and sometimes free.

    works every time by island girl from dauphin island, al11/11/2012

    Advantix is easy to apply. No mess & it stops fleas & ticks!

    Excellent Product by MG from Scottsdale, AZ10/29/2013

    This product is very effective at controlling fleas & mites, on my dog.

    best for my dogs by Griffy106 from Lak Balboa, CA03/19/2013

    I tried other brands and my dogs still got fleas. This is the best product for my dogs so far. There was no irritation at the application site and my dogs don't freak out when i put it on them.

    Works Well by Bearhall04 from Middle Tennessee10/23/2013

    The k9 advantix II works well for my dogs. The fleas are minimal and we have not had major issues this season. It has worked great for our dogs.

    fgdh by gfhgdf12/01/2011

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    Simply Can Not Do Without It! by DSieckman from San Diego, CA03/03/2012

    In San Diego, we have year round fleas and ticks. With K9 Advantix II I don't have to concern myself with stubbon beach fleas or ticks. They absolutely cannot tolerate this product! My pug Priscilla and I can hike and chase the waves without having to worry about pests!

    by jeweleddragon from Bc01/09/2012

    very happy with this product. works really well

    K9 not working either! by Lori11/06/2012

    Nothing is working this year. Frontline and K9 have failed miserably. I have spent so much on sprays for lawn, house, animals, pills, vacuuming... Dawn dish soap seems to work better than anything else and that only slows it down on the animals.

    Would not recommend you use this. by LeeJ from Ottawa, Canada09/27/2014

    I would not recommend anyone use this product.....K9 Advantix...both of my dogs got very, very itchy and one threw up for a day and a half....also was very sensitive to the touch. Horrible reactions....I am just lucky I washed them both 3 times with dish soap to get it off....and they recovered. Pay the price and use revolution. I have never had any reaction whatsoever using revolution. All over the internet there are dogs that have died or been very sick due to K9 Advantix. Don't use it.

    Working as Advertized by TC05/21/2013

    This product is working as advertized! Great to know that have some protection for the dog til November from tics & fleas.Have seen a mosquito yet mosquito biting season has yet to start.So do not know how it will work when they start biting. Although pricy,any dog deserves good protection! In fact would've given 5 star rating if not for being so pricy..Although thankx to "Entirely Pets" received a discount.

    Great Product by DonnaLynn131 from Knoxville,TN07/05/2014

    I have tried many flea and tick products over the years but K9 Advantix II is the best by far. I have three indoor dogs that sleep on the bed and are all over my home and furniture. This product works so well as long as you keep up with using it monthly. My dogs are not scratching and we are not dealing with fleas. It covers all the bases with fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. My dogs are happy and that makes mama happy!

    Great purchase by Lufta848 from Florida12/29/2013

    Fast Shipping. Good communication. Highly recommended. A +++

    No Fleas, Ticks, Etc. by Momo from Baltimore, MD06/11/2013

    I have been using this product for over 8 years. As long as you stick to the 4 week timetable, I have never had any issues with fleas, and or ticks.

    K9 Advantix II by Doxie Mom from Stockbridge, Georgia04/08/2014

    I have used this product for many years. I have three young doxies that love to run and play in the yard for hours. I live in Georgia and the fleas and ticks are terrible here. We find ticks on the dogs, they are usually dead and fall off. This product works better than any other I have tried.

    by teddy from Quebec05/29/2014

    With this season a tick epidimec I find Advantix to be the best product available, and I being highly allergic to fleas I don`t worry about my dog getting fleas and that make me and my dog very happy.

    K9 Avantix by Dee from Louisiana11/04/2012

    Have used this product for some time and have had great results. Would recommend to a friend. Also the service is great.

    best price by Marina b from Los Angeles, CA12/07/2012

    have used this product before, but this is the best price that I had paid...

    Bug Free by Sadie's Provider from San Antonio10/25/2011

    This is an excellent product at an excellent price that was delivered exactly as expected. Thanks!

    Very good product at a good price by sheltie mom from West Palm Beach, FL12/17/2012

    K9 Advantix seems to work very well on my sheltie, even in South Florida, which is a nightmare of bugs! Other products do not work well here. Entirely Pets usually has the best price for this product.

    Entirely Pets are a good online company by Kay from Kentucky05/06/2013

    Never any problems with delivery or products purchased.

    Love this product by candimeg04/24/2013

    We have tried different types of flea/tick/mosquito protection for our babies and, by far, K9 Advantix is the BEST on the market. Would never buy anything else!

    Works Great by Janice06/11/2013

    The product does what it says it does. I do apply it the first of each month and we have never had a problem with fleas or ticks. I have used it for 2 years.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II TEAL Medium Dog (for dogs 11-20 lbs)
    K9 Advantix II by Doxie Mom from Stockbridge, Georgia10/29/2013

    I have been using this product for three years. It really works well on fleas and especially our nasty Georgia ticks. Entirely Pets has a great price and the shipping is extremely fast.

    Great product great price by Kay from Near Cleveland, Ohio01/26/2012

    I've used this product for years mainly because it also protects against mosquitos. It's done an outstanding job in keeping my three dogs safe and healthy.

    Life Saver by StarIrinaSakura from Modesto, CA08/01/2013

    When I first got my dog I was unsure of what to use. After a while, I thought I didn't need to have any type of insect protection for him since he was indoors, but what I didn't know was that my mom loved to garden and that led to her bring fleas into the house. I was so frustrated every time I found a flea on him. Granted we caught it early enough and bathed him in flea killing shampoo so that it didn't spread so much, but my goodness after the 5th time I had had it. I ordered this product and have not seen a flea on him once. It's easy to apply. Bathe dog, put a couple drops along the back, and he's good to go! My area has tick as well. I've gotten him the Lyme vaccination, but this reassures me that he's be protected. Love this product!

    Well Satisfied! by RalfAvery from San Diego, CA03/20/2014

    Product used in inland Southern California on a Bichon Frise. We have been using Advantix II for several years. It's effective. Never see a flea. Rarely a tick. Fast service from Entirely Pets.

    Great product for flea and tick by hbp from Northern Virginia12/05/2012

    We have been using Advantix II to prevent fleas and ticks on our dog since he was a puppy. It is very effective and is the one product that doesn't cause him allergic reactions.

    Best Product on the Market by Gayle from Tucson, AZ08/11/2012

    I have used Advantix II for years and never been disapointed in the results. Have not encountered any pests since I began using it.

    great service by Africa from Eaton, IN10/23/2012

    You are a great company! All my dogs approve!!

    Excellent Flea/Tick Preventive by Heather from Dallas, TX08/04/2014

    We consider this the best all-around product. We have used it successfully for a couple of years with complete success.

    Best price! by Buddy07/03/2012

    Great items at great prices! i only use K-9 Advantix because it protects my dog from multiple bugs.

    Works well by JOE D from Spring Hill, Fl04/15/2013

    Use it because it fights mosquitos. Our pet had heart worm when we rescued her from the ASPCA 10 years ago.

    by sweet from Watsonville,Ca07/15/2013

    I tried others. This works the best! I recommend this product!

    A product I trust by kfarr22 from Cleveland, Ohio area10/23/2012

    I've been using this for a number of years on my 3 dogs and it does exactly what it says it will do. My pets are completely protected from fleas, tics as well as mosquitos. No if's, and's or but's......it works!!!

    HAD TO CANCEL ORDER due to customer service by cbaycove from Southbridge, MA06/13/2014

    The day after my order WAS ACCEPTED, received an email requesting the code off the back of my CC. Thought this was rather a strange email, since my order had already been accepted by the company through the website. I had to give up the code or cancel the order. I cancelled the order and got an even better deal at 1800PETMEDS! I find it unethical that the order placed and accepted had to be cancelled because your website did not request the CC code with the acceptance of the order.

    by never received the produc04/08/2013

    I never received the order I placed. I can not comment on something I did not receive. The order is pending and I wrote to you to see why no reply would I use your site again NO!

    Need more specific weight categories by Gitanjali from India01/27/2015

    This product does work. However it is not very weight specific. For dogs just over 20 lbs, this tube won't work and the next weight category is very high. So I use 2 of the teal tubes. For my great danes I use the one above 55lbs. But they are probably way over 100lbs. So I have to use other tick and flea precautions in addition. It's a good product but if it could have a few more weight categories rather than 3 very wide ones - would be more effective.

    Great Value for a Great Product by Angel from York, PA10/22/2012

    I've shopped all over the Internet and Entirely Pets is always able to offer the best price on Advantix II...My vet says Advantix is the best product for flea, tick and mosquito. Others try to imitate it but can't replicate it.

    Great Purchase by chicken from Maryland08/18/2014

    Very pleased with the way the K9 ADVANTIX works on my dog would recommend it.

    Shipped on time!!! by mduff07/22/2012

    Last time I ordered flea/tick control online (different company). I waited three weeks before I got my order. Fleas were out of control by that time. Entirely Pets: GREAT PRICES and fast shipping :-)

    Advantix Does the Job on Pests by GeeGee from Gainesville, FL01/04/2012

    I have 6 Shih Tzu and a Toy Poodle. Here in NC Florida the hot dry weather provides ideal conditions for both fleas and ticks. We were heavily infested with both a couple of years ago and tried everything on the market. Nothing stop the pests. Then we tried Advantix. Within two months we were rid of both fleas and ticks. I can honestly say that the results are far ahead of any other leading brand in keeping flea and ticks under control. I highly recommend it.

    Effective flea and tick control by agiltiysheltiemom06/26/2014

    Advantix II seems to be the best available product for flea and tick control available. Some of the newer products seem too dangerous. Frontline is no longer effective enough. Entirely Pets always has the lowest price for this product, especially when you can find a sale.

    Just what I needed! by Shar from Where ever we park07/20/2013

    Product was received quickly, very smooth transaction, would buy from Entirely Pets again! Have used K9 Advantix for years with fantastic results.

    Great product really works by Griffy10603/07/2013

    great product, no problems using it on my dogs. I have never had a flea or tick problem in the 5 years I have been using it.

    by JD06/08/2013

    Product is easy to apply & it works great.

    Best topical for ridding pet of fleas and ticks by TommieM from Gainesville, FL09/28/2013

    I have several longhaired Shih Tzu dogs. It only takes one stroll outside to pick up a few fleas and even ticks. I have used several different brands of topicals but none compare with Advantix. Both pests are quick to die out and it keeps the young fleas and ticks from developing into biting adults.

    Best purchase ever!! by Lisalisa from Ball Ground, Ga.06/26/2012

    K9 advantixII is a great product, but what makes this purchase the best ,is that I ordered it on a Monday, expecting shipment to be within around a week, and I received it Wednesday!! Less than two days, since I purchased it in the evening...online. You can't impress me anymore than they did...I am amazed. I didn't order express ....either. The boxes were in great shape, the packaging impeccable....and the price was too great to pass up. I recommend entirely pets to ALL my friends.

    by from 10/22/2012

    K-9 advantage by Lennie from New York, NY03/20/2013

    I honestly love this product, I've used it since I got my dog Romeo at 3 months of age . I am thankful I did not have to try different brands to find the one that would work best for him. Besides being an effective product it's also very affordable and harmless for my dog.

    Only Flea and Tick Prevention I Use by Mary311 from Atlanta, Ga06/12/2014

    This keeps my 2 small dogs tick and flea free! When I do find ticks, they are dead. Love Entirely Pets for great prices and fast shipping.

    Our vet recommended it. by Dick07/17/2012

    We are in Maine during flea and tick season and our vet recommended Avantix II over Frontline Plus. After their discounts, EntirelyPets had the best price I found on the web and it arrived in a few days. Free shipping, too.


    I not only want my home to be pest free but I want to protect my special little Boston from any discomfort or disease. I have been using this product since it came out. I used the previous version before. My pet is now 12 years young and he's healthy and frisky. I take him to Atlantic City and board him there. I know he's safe from ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and every other possible insect danger.

    Works Great by Schnauzer Mom from Norman, OK10/10/2011

    I use this product on my three dogs and never have problems with fleas or ticks. The special offers from Entirely Pets help with the cost.

    Best for Poms by Ames from Louisiana10/23/2012

    I have 4 poms and with all that hair and live in the South. I have been using K9 Advantix for 7 yrs. and it seems to be the working just fine for us.

    Doesn't seem to work well anymore by doglover1608/15/2012

    K 9 Advantix and Advantx II have been used on our 16 dogs for too many years perhaps because the fleas don't seem to care. This is certainly not Entirely Pets fault, darn fleas are stubborn, same thing happened with Frontline in 2007 after years of use, always recommended until last few months and still seeking an alternative, hopefully more natural way to prevent fleas and ticks.

    by from 06/12/2012

    This product works great on my 2 dogs! My dogs have no adverse reaction from applying this product.

    & by I from canPrice


    Great product! by Sandy from MA03/06/2013

    This product is great! It lives up to it's claims. I always buy it for my family member on 4-feet.

    Good Stuff by Kim07/03/2012

    Have used advantix for long time. Works good. No fleas. Good product.

    Top purchase by Lufta848 from Florida03/19/2013

    We and our dog can relax now. Ticks and fleas are behind us. Thanks for your good product.

    The best online pet store ever by cwlyip01/27/2015

    This is my second time to purchase products in EntirlyPets. Best experience ever.

    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    Advantix II by Corrine from Cleveland Ohio03/20/2014

    Best stuff on the market...protects your dogs from everything,,,and my dogs do not have a allergic reaction to this products like other ones...This is a little pricey, but worth it

    Good Stuff by CJ10/25/2011

    It seemed latley that all the different flea treatments quit working on my dogs. We tried K9 Advintix II and found it to work wonders. I especially like the fact that it controls fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

    Better than Frontline by carrolljung1 from Bennett Valley, CA10/12/2013

    We have had a terrible flea problem where I live late summer and fall......Frontline was not working for my dog and for my neighbors' dogs as well. I switched to Advantix because we also have lots of ticks in the area (we live in rural Sonoma County CA) The Advantix has worked better....but our dogs still get fleas before a month on the dogs. Any suggestions????

    by tdh from charlotte, nc03/13/2013

    A friend of mine recommended this product after having tried several others. I decided to not waste my money doing the same thing and have been ordering this for 1.5 years. We have 2 dogs and in that time I have only seen 1 flea on one dog. However, I have had a few bite me and my indoor cats keep getting fleas.

    great product by bandana from Bayboro, NC04/19/2013

    Never used advantix before it works really well. so far no fleas very good value and fast shipping.

    Amazing Product by wfbanker from Wake Forest NC11/29/2012

    I've tried many flea products and this is the ONLY one that got rid of my dog's fleas! They were gone the next day!

    Excellent product by Brittany Guy from Puyallup, WA01/08/2013

    Fleas just aren't a problem after using this product.

    Great price, quick shipping. by Barry02/23/2012

    Much better price than through local vets.

    K9 Advantix II -- A good product. by Shirl from SE TX10/17/2013

    After trying this product for the first time, I am glad I did. Put this product on some young dogs that were loaded with fleas. 24 hours later the fleas were gone! Would definitely recommend this product!

    Great product by kellmar11/03/2012

    I used to use Advantage for my dog, but then a friend recommended K9 Advantix and it really is a better product. It helps with much more than just fleas & ticks and protects my dog from other pests. I only purchase K9 Advantix through Entirely Pets...great customer service and fast delivery!

    beware -- do your research by fawvekn10/22/2012

    Within days of using flea drops on my dogs, one developed acute liver failure. Luckily, and many vet bills later, she is still alive. One month later, after reapplying drops, a second dog was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and probably will not survive more than a month. Do some internet research on flea drops, liver failure, leukemia, seizures, and paralysis. You will be shocked. I have used flea drops for years, but I will be looking for a more natural flea remedy after these two episodes.

    by LM from Providence, RI10/23/2012

    I have a cocker spaniel / retriever mix and this product works well. She's outdoors a lot and likes to swim.

    Pleasantly surprised by Chieko from North Carolina08/20/2014

    It really does repel small knats and flies.

    Great product!! by Desiree from New York08/13/2013

    I have been purchasing this product for years now and have never been disappointed!!

    I am so glad i bought this by dot from State College, pa10/25/2012

    Our groomer insisted i buy Advantix. I finally did and the results are impressive. First, this has no odor. We were using Certifect and the stink was awful. And most importantly no ticks and we live in a heavily infested area. So i say this is the best for preventing fleas and ticks ever!

    no fleas by RNDirish from WV04/23/2012

    My girls have never, knock on wood, had a flea problem while using this product.

    Hopeful it works! by DM07/05/2012

    We are hoping this product works better than the Frontline Plus we had been using. Our dog has been having a terrible problem with fleas this year due to such a mild winter. The other product has not been effective so we were told to try K9 Advantix II. So far so good for the month but it is still early. A change in product is recommended every so often to increase effectiveness--hope it works!!

    The Best Product I have used by barb1934 from Atlanta GFa11/07/2012

    Excellent results after a few days use. Easy to use.

    Good Product at a great price by kellyjenne05/28/2012

    We've used Advantix for our dogs for the last 5 years but always bought it from our vet. This year we go the same product from EntirelyPets but paid way less then we did from our vet.

    Only use this product by Nancy R. from Sacramento, CA12/09/2012

    I have used this product for a number of years for my dogs. I use the one for 21-55 lbs and the one for over 55 pounds. Since we have huge yard they play outside a big part of each day in all seasons. They have never had a flea or any other kind of bug. Since one of them is a Golden Retriever, fleas could be devastating. I am thankful for this product and for Entirely Pets.

    K9 advantix II by JacKay from Edenton, NC08/22/2013

    I have recently adopted a chow/golden mix from the animal shelter. The owners turned him in. He was using this flea and tick preventive when he was turned in. I have been pleased with this product although the vet I use stopped selling it because it was not giving adequate protection for sand fleas. We travel to go to this vet so we do not live on the beach. The product has been fine although he does do a little scratching but I am quite sure he is flea and tick free. We live around pine trees so ticks are very prevalent and I have not seen one on him.

    Wonderful product by K32011/06/2012

    Very effective product. Very happy with the results!!

    by agriffin66 from Tifton,GA05/10/2013

    Useless product. Opened it first so I could not return it. Product was o too small,My dog is 80 pounds! Your error not mine. Will buy elsewhere.

    Wow! by Ellie Mae from Florida08/21/2013

    We've been using another popular brand for years because it also treats for ticks. We live near a wooded area where ticks attack. This dog is unable to take internal flea meds due to pancreatitis and suffers terribly from the flea bites. So, just as horse owners rotate those wormers, it seemed that a change in flea meds couldn't hurt. Discovered that this product also treats for ticks and so we gave it a go. Our dog has now had three quiet weeks of seemingly flea free days and nights. On the down side, it is oily and our dog has silky hair so the oil spreads out and looks terrible until we can bath him. Also, we no longer have a vibrator on our bed...

    love it by Diane from Sidney, Ohio02/21/2013

    This product is great no more fleas or ticks.

    It worked by Angie11/13/2013

    I had used frontline for years, and then my dogs got fleas. All 4 of them. I tried everything, from knockout spray, flea dips, flea combs, frontline spray, bought a carpet shampooer, diatamacious earth, nothing helped. I vacuumed every day, and washed every sheet blanket, slipcover in the house every 2 days. After I applied the advantic I saw an 80% improvement within a day.

    by RAMIE08/06/2012

    I have used K9 ADVANTIX in the past and like the product. I use it each month including the winter months. I will continue to buy the product

    Better than Frontline by Amy H from Richmond,VA11/23/2012

    This summer I had serious issues with fleas to the extent that we had our yard treated. The Frontline Plus wasn't touching the problem. I switched to k9 advantix II and noticed a difference immediately.

    Good Product by Jim from AL06/12/2014

    I recommend this product and would purchase again.

    Another quality product by Al from Pewaukee, WI06/24/2012

    I've always had good results from anything I've ordered from Entirely Pets and I will continue to patronize this site.

    Great on fleas & ticks by Aspen pup from Los Gatos, CA03/26/2012

    Love this product, much more effective than Frontline.

    K9 Advantix by BeagleBoy10/12/2013

    I've used this product for the past 4 yrs and my dog has never had fleas or ticks so I'm assuming this product is very effective. Its easy to use and is very affordable.

    very good product by barbie from Parsippany, NJ07/17/2013

    K9 Advantix is the best product to keep mosquitos away from your dog. Mosquitos are more attracted to light or white color dogs. This was my first time using this product and not one bite since, and this year its a bad season.

    K9 AdvantixII by KinPA from Stroudsburg, PA07/06/2012

    Love this product. Love the fact my dog does not get fleas on his body at all. I love Entirely Pets. Great bargains all the time. thank you.

    by Mary M from Saint John NB Canada06/18/2012

    Timely shipment of exactly what I ordered

    Great! by ltlewheaty11/27/2012

    Fantastic costumer service! Fast shipping! Solid product - never any problem wiith fleas or ticks and it's not greasy or oily!

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    by from 05/15/2014

    No more ticks! by HulaGirl from Kailua, HI10/30/2011

    As always I received my Entirely Pets order quickly! We've been having problems with ticks this year and this seems to be the only product that helps.

    Possible Problem by louie from Florida12/20/2012

    Put product on pet and it really never dried and it appeared to bleach dogs hair. After several hours wet spots with soapy water and removed product. Not sure if it was bad product, where it was made or something on the dog. but for sure I wont be buying it again.

    We love this! by Brittany from PA07/12/2011

    I have a German Shepard/Boxer mix who weighs 39 lbs. I bought the 21-55 lb two months ago and it works great! He was on Revolution (which is a flea, tick, & heartworm med all in one) from our old vet and he was getting bit by fleas daily and had 10+ enormous sores from his front legs to his back legs, so we took him back to the vet - they claimed that he was bit by a beetle, so we took him to a new vet, and they said the Revolution wasn't working. Switched him to this - the sores all healed within two weeks and he's as healthy and as flea and tick free as can be and we live back in the woods with a pond!!

    by Nancy from Greenville, New Hampshire11/07/2011

    K9 Advantix is the only product I will put on my dogs. It is much better than frontline in that it protects really well

    Fabulous Deal by shossy4 from Boynton Beach, FL05/30/2012

    I searched on line for a discount website for flea/tick meds and found Entirely Pets. Their prices by far were the cheapest, the delivery very quick. I will definitely use them again. Thanks!

    Best product on the market by TJ from Sumter, SC08/15/2011

    I used Frontline, K9 Advantix 100 and Advantage before, not of them repelled ticks and I had to remove ticks every day after our hike in the woods. Some already attached. Since I have switched to the new K9 Advantix II, I very seldom find a tick attached to my dogs. I highly recommend this product and my dogs never had fleas or mosquito bites. This is the best product currently on the market.

    Priced right by jam from Ohio03/07/2013

    I ordered this product for my daughter and the price is cheaper by ordering through your company.

    Sorely disappointed! by Dixieland from Irvington, AL06/26/2012

    Prior to using this product on my jack russell, I had only found 1 flea on her so it's not like she was infested...then after applying this product on her and I did so exactly as directed, a few days later I find another flea! Now I am wary of this product doing what it is supposed to! If I ever need to replenish flea medication, I will probably try another brand.

    Arrived promptly by jjmom from Asheville, NC12/17/2012

    I ordered the product and it arrived in good condition and very promptly. I would recommend Entirely Pets to anyone who wants to order pet products on line.

    by from 03/30/2013

    this product does all it says. my dog has not had fleas or ticks on her at all. also, and this is great, in the summer the mosquitoes and flies esp. green heads, do not alight on her to bite; that is a real plus.

    this by product!" from the best repellentI


    Great product by Karen from Texas09/29/2013

    Easy to use and very effective at flea and tick control-I have never seen any on my dogs

    Do Not Buy This Product by concerned05/31/2011

    The weight requirements are wrong. My 3 year old french bulldog is 23.5 pounds. After trying this product on 05/27/11 she has been to two vets, had 3 baths, and is on valium and muscle relaxants. She is still not back to normal. She is agitated/restless and her legs and head still jerk and shake. This product is way too strong for a dog on the smaller end of the range stated on the package.

    Advantix - works well for my dogs by Sasksi from Roanoke, VA10/23/2012

    I have used Advantix for a while and it works well for my dogs. I have 3 inside who also have access to an outside fenced run.

    Overall, very good! by kat07/27/2013

    But the biting flies still get them when they go out. It's Florida, you can't expect miracles.

    by Sun Girl11/06/2012

    Love this product! It really works & easy to apply.

    K9 Advantix II and Entirely Pets Return Policy by Tracy D from PA09/03/2012

    I have 2 dogs. This product did not work and one dog had a severe reaction and I have to take him to the vet ASAP. Not only is that an issue but the return policy at entire pets is not as good as 1800 Pet Meds. Entirely pets does not allow you to send back an opened box but 1800 Pet Meds does for 100% refund. I recommend 1800 Pet Meds and Frontline Plus which is what I was using before. Tracy

    No fleas on our dogs by Annie Banannie from Falls Church, VA11/07/2012

    The repellant properties of K-9 Advantix are why we continue to use this product. Our dogs are flea, flea egg and tick-free; mosquitos keep away too.

    The best by Abby01/20/2013

    We had used Frontline in the past, but the fleas became immune to them. We switched to Advantage, then Advantix because it is very effective. We had a flea infestation this summer because of a mild winter, so we had to fight them even harder. I think we finally have the fleas under control.

    Great product by Claudia12/17/2012

    Works great. Used to use frontline plus, but switched to K-9 advantix II

    Works the Best by Maerzie from N.E. Wisconsin, and Gulf Shores, AL07/07/2012

    I have been using Advantix for my pair of Beagles since they were old enough to be outside. They need a very effective flea and tick prevention medicine because they are frequently in the woods hunting.

    Good stuff by foxhaven from MO12/08/2011

    Vet recommended. What more can you ask for. Plus Entirely pets has the best prices that have found.

    Doesn't last whole month by ellrig11/06/2012

    This works up to a point, but doesn't seem to be effective for an entire month on our mixed breed. The other leading brand we've tried doesn't either.

    Best Product Ever by Pinschermom from Apopka, FL12/01/2012

    This is the best product for my German Pinscher who is terribly allergic to no see um bites.

    by Ttixie from Pgh. PA06/28/2012

    great product at the right price and super service and delivery

    It works by Levic from Trinidad & Tobago07/03/2012

    I use this monthly on my 3 dogs...different breeds and so far they have remained tick and flea free. Do note that we live in the tropics and my dogs live outdoors, so they are very susceptible to ticks, flea, flies and mosquitoes.

    Excellent Product by brgunter from Columbia, SC04/23/2013

    We find this product to be easy to apply; no greasy residue after application, no odor and does a great job for our two babies (adult cocker spaniels).

    WHAT A DEAL! K-9 Advantix Red (6 month supply) by mortgage bob from Williamsburg, Ontario Canada07/09/2014

    We've been recommended by our Vet to use this product as we are in a high tick area. I bought the product for years through the local vet. Just by accident, I was shopping Entirely Pets for dog treats when I came across the same product (K-9 Advantix) at half the price. Same stuff, same manufacturer, same dosage, same everything except the price. Been buying ever since at Entirely Pets!!!!!!

    by from 07/03/2012

    I am rather unhappy that now K9 Advantix II includes yet another perticide for lice. I do not have a problem with lice and don't like to treat for something unnecessarily. That is how insects become resistant to pesticides.

    it by if from II


    excellent tick and flea repellent by figaro jr from old lyme ct01/01/2013

    I have used K9 Advantix II on my dogs for the last six years or so. We used Frontline Plus before and were quite happy with the results until one year it just did not seem to impact ticks. We live very close to Old Lyme (yes, of Lyme Disease fame) and needed a product that was more reliable in destroying ticks. Advantix II has been excellent. We highly recommend it.

    Works well by Monica from Chesapeake, VA11/06/2012

    We have been using this product for a few years and it works real well. We stopped having problems once we got our dogs on the Advantix program. The only thing is, the product is a bit pricey!

    the best by gotti from ny05/09/2013

    I only use this p[roduct and it works the best

    Advantix 2 by Jeannie from Galway, NY04/16/2014

    Great product. I have used it on my dog for 15 years.

    good brand by missy and the cats ma from savannah, ga.07/19/2013

    been using this brand for a while now. used to use front line....but , when I moved down south from Michigan to savannah, it wasn't enough coverage!!!! plus, I brought my horse down with me and , I noticed he would get the occasional tick, which he never got up north, even though we have ticks up there....so, I switched to K-9 advantix II, and no ticks on my long-haired dog! and no flea break-through in 2-3 weeks!!! entirely pets is the best source for your pets needs! the best prices and the fastest shipping!! no matter where I go, entirely pets goes with me!!! thanks a million

    by BetsyBrady04/03/2013

    I use this regularly and usually buy it from the pet store, but you had a very good sale on it so I bought two boxes from you.

    This works and good value by Kiahlily from San Diego, CA06/27/2013

    Never had a problem with fleas or ticks on my dogs while using this product.

    by k905/29/2012

    my dog still has fleas not as much and still scratches i'll look for another flea control to see if there is another problem with my dogs

    It works! by Springer Mom from Freehold, NJ10/22/2012

    Yes, I would recommend this product. It was told to change my flea & tick medicine for my dogs and this product is doing the job.

    great product by linda-e from New Jersey09/04/2012

    advantix II does what it says it will-repels fleas, ticks, as well as biting flies and mosquitoes of which we have many in the summer. I only wish we had this product when we had our other dogs in years gone by. highly recommend.

    Not as good as original formula by sugar12/30/2012

    Applied this product on my dogs every 30 days without fail all year. Over the summer, both of my dogs who used this product suffered from a severe case of fleas for several months.

    by from 08/21/2014



    had higher hopes... by breezy from Pittsburgh PA11/20/2012

    After years of Frontline Plus which ticks seemed to be immune too now, and then two years of TriForce only to find its now discontinued, was extremely hopeful of K9 Advantix II plus it took care of alot more than flea and ticks...supposedly... A week after using on 2 dogs, I noticed one constantly scratching and biting at herself. The morning of the 2nd dose, I find that she has fleas all over her back end. ???? She's never had fleas before! My other dog, shows no signs at all. I put the second dose on the back of her neck and at the top base of her tail, hoping this kills things off. But if she starts itching again and i see fleas, I'm requesting a refund.

    A must have product by Biscuit from TN06/29/2012

    I wouldn't think of letting my pets go without K-9 Advantix II. No fleas or ticks on my dogs.

    by from 11/06/2012

    Great flea protection by far by Play07/03/2013

    I've been using K9 Advantix, since my vet put my dogs on it. I've been very satisfied with this and have used it for the last 3 years. My dogs do well with it, and also do not itch like they use to when I used a different product. Entirely Pets has the best price for all my dogs needs.

    Great value by kittenonkeys from Central Louisiana12/05/2012

    K9 Advantix II is a product I find very useful in eliminating the flea and tick problem with my 3 dogs. Prior to using it and a similar product, I would get fleas in my house. This is no longer an issue. I will occasionally find a tick, but not to the extent prior to the product.

    K9 Advantix II (21-55lbs) by Amber's Mom from Portland, OR12/15/2012

    We hike in deep woods where there are ticks. My dog got a bad tick infection with flea prevention alone. Since using this flea/tick combo she's never had another tick on her. Works very well without the bad side effects I've read about with other products out there. She's 52lbs and this dose works great.

    Not user friendly by ohlab02/10/2013

    not like the one spot products runs and is very messy to use.

    by mustang girl06/02/2012

    use this product for both my dogs and I am very satisfied with it. We used another product and our dogs seemed to be very lethargic for a day or so after we applied it to their skin. They don't seem to be bothered by this product.

    by puglover from Cutler Bay, Florida11/30/2011

    Great product.. Really good price with this company....

    Highly Effective by Daveo from Waco, TX01/11/2012

    We have three English Springer Spaniels and made the switch from Frontline Plus to K9 Advantix ii because Frontline Plus was not working well. With Frontline Plus the fleas were back within a couple of weeks. After changing to K9 Advantix ii, not a single flea. I have been able to cut the application to every other month and still no fleas. We also have a cat that is constantly around the dogs. I keep him away while I dose the dogs and for a few hours afterwards. There has been no adverse effects. I think this is a highly effective product.

    Doesn't Work for Long by Danielle06/28/2011

    Thought this would be great since it repels and kills. I had this on my dog for about 2 1/2 weeks, then found 3 large ticks that had obviously been stuck on her for days. She didn't have any bad reactions to this, it just didn't work for very long. Went back to Frontline, it works for the full month.

    No worries by Trumprider from Ohio12/29/2012

    A bit pricey but works great. I'm happy, the dogs are happy. The best.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II RED Large Dog (for dogs 21-55 lbs)
    Great Prices on Advantix by Mrs. P from Danville, CA12/11/2011

    Great prices found here! Love this website for flee/tick medicine for my two pugs!

    Great Price and Great Product by sgervaismesasavage from raleigh, nc06/30/2012

    I love K9 Advantix II. Ive used Frontline in the past for years but never realized that it didnt repel and kill mosquitos or biting flies. I switched to K9 Advantix II and am extremely pleased. Even better is when I found this site which sells the products for the best price!

    by Dogfriend06/19/2014

    This product performs better than Frontline but still lacks the ability to kill fleas for 30 days. My dogs still get fleas on them that this product does not kill. Have to supplement with Capstar. Do not like it being oil based instead of water based. Be careful of staining your furniture until product completely dries on your dog.

    K9 Advantix by garya05/21/2014

    Best price I could find on line and fast shipping. Will use again for more supplies.

    by Leslie12/24/2012

    Good product for fleas, etc., and it doesn't cost as much as if you purchased it at the vet's.

    Works the Best.. by Frenchiemom2 from Pittsburgh, PA05/30/2012

    I was using another brand on my dogs to try and save money. I found a tick on my dog and panicked because if I was using K9 Advantix II, I wouldn't have had to worry. So I switched back immediately...

    Solved Flea Problem by Cece02/06/2013

    Unexpectedly got a flea problem in the house. This product with vacuuming and washing insures control of any remaining pupae emergence with life cycle control.

    Advantix for tick/flea protection by Barry from Southern Maryland01/08/2013

    This product generally works well. Easy to apply. During the height of tick season, I might still find an occassional tick on our dog. Most often, the tick s aleady dead or dying. Not always though which may mean the tick has not been on our dog long enough for the medicine to have killed the tick. An ideal product of this nature would stop ticks from even alighting or staying on the dog, but perhaps that is asking too much,

    Excellent Value by rich from Michigan04/02/2014

    This is a very good product. I want to keep my dog protected.

    Helped our dogs get rid of fleas by Sage from Grand Rapids, MI12/07/2012

    I didn't realize our 17 year old dog had fleas, but when I saw the little black specs I realized she needed help. So I purchased the Advantix and it did help kill the fleas and I do not see black specs on her any more.

    Excellent Product by Mark from Clifton, Virginia01/12/2013

    We have been using Advantix for our 5 dogs for several years - in that time they had no ticks or any other parasite. It works.

    great product by dog rescuer from Riverside County, Calif.06/26/2012

    we have few problems with fleas/ticks, but with dogs who are "dumped" in the area, they need protection from re-infestation and find that this preventive approach is easy and works. I automatically use the product when a new dog is brought onto the property.

    Great Deal & Great Product by Cocker Spaniel Fanatic from Pennsylvania01/06/2013

    Having four cocker spaniels, I am always looking for the most economical way to care for my furry friends. Entirely Pets allows me to do so with top-of-the-line products! K9 Advantix II is highly effective. I have not found a flea or tick on any of my dogs since I've started using it. I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to purchase it.

    excellent product by Ellen from Buzzards Bay,Ma11/06/2012

    wonderful product: no fleas or ticks, ever! And mosquitos leave our guys alone as well: would be nice to have such effective product for humans.

    Good product at Great Price by camb53 from Alabama07/16/2012

    Keeps fleas and ticks off my two dogs and no adverse reactions for either of them.

    Good stuff by Butchy's mom from Pacific Northwest11/03/2012

    I've been using this product for a couple of years. Haven't seen even one flea. My dog doen't seem to mind the drops even though he has hated others.

    Great for repeling mosquitos, fleas and ticks by Pat V from Scotia, NY07/07/2013

    Nothing better to keeping the dogs free of nasty parasites.

    Effective by Christine from Sterling, Ma06/20/2013

    I love this product. I have used it for years and will continue to do so. Entirely Pets is very cost comparitive as well....best place to shop for your pets supplies and needs.

    Great Stuff! by CharlieHonse from Greensburg, PA05/30/2013

    I have three labs and do not wants an infestation of fleas in my home or yard. We also have two cats, that never go outside, so if the dogs don't bring them in the cats can't get them! I put a reminder on my iPhone to email me a message to remind me to apply once a month! We have had not fleas, ticks or lice in our home and or on my pets!



    Best Flea and Tick Product for Dogs by Tony and Ruth08/07/2014

    We have tried cheaper products to control flea and ticks on our 4 dogs, but we have come back to this product because it is the only one that works for us. We also find the price to be very good and auto delivery perfect for us.

    comfort for dog by lv from NC03/17/2013

    I used to use Frontline Plus for my dog and it worked just fine but we are in an area that has lots of mosquitos so i switched to Advantix and it seems to work as well as the other. I will keep using it.

    Does the job! by peg04/01/2013

    I've been using this for quite some time and find it does what it is designed to do--kill fleas and ticks.

    great product by Ronda03/30/2012

    I have had as many as six dogs at a time. For years now I have been using this product It has never been a problem. No fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. No trying to get dogs to eat a pill . The only thing I would change is the packaging For old hands sometimes it is hard to get the little tubes out of the plastic, foil packages.

    K9 Advantix II by Karen from VT06/26/2013

    This product is great- HOWEVER, the recommended dosing causes neurological issues in ALL four of my dogs. I have to buy the size rated for the next one down. For example, if my dogs weigh 40 lbs, which they all do plus or minus a pound or two, I should be buying the LARGE dog 21-55 lbs. This is too much for them and I've heard this from many family members also and they buy the next size down, which is medium 11-20 lbs. Maybe they need to relabel these since last I knew, forty pound dogs arent large anyway, to me a large dog would be a pitbull or german shepard or something.

    No fleas - no ticks - no worries by Littlebird from Welcome, Texas03/07/2012

    This is the best product I have ever used to preventive fleas and especially ticks from feasting on my dog. She is highly allergic to fleas and since using this product, have had NO issues with itching or "hot spots". Also, no more worries of her getting ticks. We live in the country with lots of deer and other carriers and I no longer have to worry about a tick problem!!! Thanks for the great product!!!!!

    Giving it a Try !!! by Petlovertoo03/11/2012

    I previously used Frontiline Plus on my dogs. Over the past year I have found it not to be as effective on fleas and ticks. Since we had such a mild winter, fleas and ticks will be rampant, so I switched to Advantix II in hopes of getting much better results.

    Works without burning by Hanz' girl friday from San Antonio Tx12/01/2011

    OK..so like everyone says things work well but this one has worked for us for many years...like about 8 years...switched to this as it covered ticks much better than other brands AND no site burning or hair loss. When I used another brand my dogs would go nuts trying to get rid of the burn at the multiple sites of application...plus we would still be picking off ticks...We feel confident with the use of this product

    does a great job on ticks by djw06/28/2012

    I've been using this product for years, it does a great job keeping our dogs tick free.

    K9 Advantix by Dani from Phoenix, Alzheimer's06/11/2012

    I use this product every summer for several months on 6dogs. One of my girls is very sensitive to anything she comes into contact with, she handles this AdvantixI with no problem. It's the only flea and tick product that I will use on my pets.

    only product i would purchase by sheila from gainesville ga10/31/2012

    i have ordered advantix ll the last 2 years, it has repelled ticks 7 fleas. i have not had any problems & we hike regularly.

    advantix ll by pugsgoofy from Stroudsburg, PA06/01/2012

    I have used advantix for years. I like it because it is topical. Frontline absorbs in the bloodstream. I do not like frontline for that reason. I do not put unnecessary chemicals on my dogs. The only issue I have with my order of Advantix ll is it does not seem to have an expiration date on it only lot numbers. Therefore, I do not know how old it is.

    When top spot became less effective... by Barb from Virginia03/11/2013

    I switched to K-9 Advantix when Top spot became less effective. Over time, many products can lose their effectiveness and it is good to know their are others that can be used just as well.

    K9 advantix II by KinPA from The Poconos, PA12/18/2012

    I just love this product. I prefer it over the Frontline Plus. Keeps the fleas etc. off the dog. Great product.

    best flea & tick product by Margie from Gloucester, VA07/03/2012

    I have not seen a tick or flea since using this product.

    On-going best deal by Fritz from NC04/21/2014

    I have used Entirely Pets over the last several years and they continue to be the best deal out there, both in pricing and the speed of shipments!

    Advantix by Guiness01/23/2013

    Product great Price the best anywhere Service and delivery great

    Dog itched by Vince from MA11/28/2011

    I have a 35 lbs Minature Aussie. We have had good luck with the origional K9 Advantix, but this new Advantix II, my dog was very upset with. He itched for days and was very unsettled. I am afraid to use the rest.

    by RGS07/31/2012

    This product works great for flea/tick/mosquito prevention. We live in the south so we need to use this product year round. It was recommended by our vet since other products don't provide as much protection against "varmints." Plus, this is a good value and always arrives promptly.

    Will never change.......... by Lynn from Knoxville, TN.11/14/2012

    I have been using this product on my dogs for many years. I would never use anything else. My oldest dog was born with renal disease. She is now eleven and I have always used this product on her. If it is safe for her, does what it's suppose to do, why change.

    Great protection by Cooch from Pepperell, MA05/25/2014

    I haven't seen a flea or tick on my dog since I started using Advantix II.

    best so far by diana from new jersey, new york upstate07/20/2012

    we have 7 dogs. only product where we haven't had any ticks brought into house.

    Great Product by Teddysmom from Phoenix, AZ05/30/2012

    I've been using Advantix on my dogs for many years. It's a great product. I've never seen a flea or tick on my dogs when this product has been used. Entirely Pets is fantastic - I couldn't believe how fast my order arrived with standard shipping!

    Prompt Service by GA Peach from Macon, GA06/15/2012

    EntirelyPets processed our order for K9 Advantix II promptly and correctly and we received the product quicker than anticipated so that our doggies got their doses on time!

    by Randy from Tennessee04/17/2012

    Fast free delivery. Good price. Happy with our order.

    by adevilbiss11/11/2012

    Best prices around. Always works great for my 2 dogs.

    Great for tick and flea prevention by pippalou from TN04/04/2014

    I started using K9 Advantix a couple of years ago. My dogs are out in the woods a lot, so they tend to be where ticks are, and our previous tick treatment didn't seem to work so well. I changed to K9 Advantix, and it worked much better at keeping the ticks off. I highly recommend it for ticks and fleas.

    by from 07/03/2012

    I have searched all websites of flea protection and Entirely Pets has the BEST prices!

    Pam by from Pam

    Great product

    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    Highly effective by CZ12/12/2012

    Does what it says it's going to do. I've neve had a problem even in hot humid Florida

    great product by kitkat from southwest florida07/27/2012

    we have used advantage since our dog was a puppy. She is now 9 years old and we are still using the product...that says something doesn't it

    Great Product by Freckles Mom from Pinnacle, NC04/25/2012

    This will be the second year for us using this product. Last year we had no fleas or ticks on Freckles. Will be starting her new supply on the 1st of May. Recommended this product to my sister for her dog.

    Worked great by Angie11/15/2013

    After trying numerous products, including Frontline, flea dips,knockout spray, and diatimacious earth, I was ready to tear my hair out. I switched to Advantic and the flea problem was under control within 2 days.

    Good product by tswinth from Oklahoma10/12/2011

    Advantix keeps fleas, ticks, and other bugs from sticking to my dogs' hair and that says a lot during the summer time. I have two long haired dogs and it really helps to have a product that provides protection and also keeps bugs from being in my home.

    QUESTIONABLE by DEBMO from san antonio, tx02/17/2012

    Product states it would repel ticks, it does not. Good on fleas.

    Super easy and fast by PyrResqr from Rowlett Tx08/23/2012

    I love K9 Advantix anyway so it's always nice to catch it on sale. Entirely Pets is super easy to order from and the shipping is fast!

    Good product by Susan from MA10/29/2013

    Seems to work well, still gets the occasional tick but better than other products.

    Great product & price by Carol50 from St. Louis, MO07/11/2013

    We live in St. Louis with lots of fleas, ticks, biting flies, mosquitos, etc. and our poor dog was scratching and itching to the point of sores. I applied the K9 advantix II and within 36 hrs the itching and scratching had stopped. The sores have healed and he's doing great. The product has performed as advertised and is MUCH less expensive than Frontline

    Best flea control for Golden Retrievers by PC from Bradenton, FL03/06/2013

    This product has always worked better for me than any other flea control. I tried Frontline when my dog was a pup and it did NOTHING. The Bayer products are the only ones that work. I especially like the fact that they are absorbed and don't leave an oily residue.

    Very Good ! ! by J-Cin from Wilmington, DE07/10/2013

    We know fleas have been bad in our area, but We Have Been Flea Free !

    Great product by Angel from Providence, RI05/09/2014

    I am happy with this product. I previously purchased Front Line, I was satisfied with this product also. However, my veterinarian dermatologist recently advised me to switch to Advantix II.

    Fast shipping! by Jennifer12/29/2012

    Works great at keeping the fleas off, and I got it within a couple days, super fast shipping!

    This is The Best protection product! by Lin from Hollis, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska07/05/2014

    I have been using K9Advantix since it first came out, for my Newfoundland dogs. Here where we live in Alaska, we do not have a flea or tick problem but we have a huge issue with mosquitoes, no-see-ums and aweful biting flies of all sizes which will drive human and animal alike, crazy with their painful bites. K9Advantix are the only drops I have found to work effectively against these biting critters and most drops only guard against fleas and ticks. Great product!! When I moved to Alaska, I discovered that no companies would ship it here. Then I discovered EntirelyPets and after one conversation I learned that they would indeed ship to Alaska. I was skeptical but they did it...and quicker than we usually get things. I am a fan of EntirelyPets and a lifetime user of K9 Advantix!

    by elemutt06/13/2013

    This product has worked well on my shepherds.

    What A Relief! by BB's friend from Houston, Tx.11/27/2012

    I had given my sweetheart an ingestible flea deterrent I had gotten from the vet. It did absolutely nothing and my poor dog was itching and miserable. I really didn't have time to run all over town looking for something else, when I found K9 advantix II at Entirely Pets. They made ordering easy, were very courteous, and the order arrived in a timely manner. Both the dog and I are very happy.

    4 month k9 advantix 11 by marty from Arizona08/15/2014

    I am not sure that there was anything in the tube. The dog felt dry after the application.

    Great by Kay from Wheeling, WV11/14/2013

    Super Fast Shipping, Order was Correct, Great Product for my puppy.

    Go Away Fleas! by BJ from Bostic, NC07/27/2012

    I purchased a 4 pack of K9 Advantix II for my dog. I discovered that my son's two dogs were suffering from fleas because he had not been financially able to afford a flea treatment. We put K9 Advantix II on the dogs and in just a couple of days all their fleas were gone! My dog has not had a tick all summer and she is an outside dog. K9 Aadvantix II is the best!

    by evelatte from Richmond, VA06/20/2012

    frontline does not work on my dogs, K9 works well, I have 3 outside dogs and so far no fleas! It was the only thing that worked for us last year and fleas where really bad.

    by carebear322 from Indiana07/29/2013

    Great product. We had previously purchased the leading brand flea & tick medicine and it did not work at all. This started working in the 1st day!

    Disappointing results by ErinE from Tucson, Az11/27/2013

    We have four large dogs who suddenly had ticks. We have used the Advantix II for three months and are still finding live ticks on the dogs...First we washed the dogs with a tick/flea shampoo, sprayed the yard every 3 weeks, washed all bedding, and vacuumed. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

    Protection at a decent price by Pam from Mooresville, North Carolina05/20/2013

    Sam's vet prescribed Advantix II and it works great!. The only problem is that the vet is so expensive on the products they sell. Thankfully, I found Entirely Pets and can keep Sam on Advantix for a more reasonable price.

    Great flea & tick medicine by Bailey's mom from Asheville, NC12/29/2012

    Bailey (my pooch) had stopped responding to her usual flea/tick medication. I switched to Advantix and have had no continued problems. I have recommended this to her groomer, who has since recommended it to many other of her clients.

    Big thanks!!! by karenedillon from Grand Prairie, TX06/05/2012

    This is the best product for flea control. Entirely Pets has the best price, even including shipping that I have found so far.I will continue to order all my pet needs from entirely Pets...Thanks guys!

    ADVANTIX II X Lg. Dog by KShep from Turnersville, NJ05/01/2014

    Best price for best product of this kind. Used on 84 lb. German Shepherd.

    did not work by 1lab1shepard2dach from alabama09/22/2012

    I have used k9 advantix 1 for years and loved it. i could use it on the dogs every 6weeks and not 4. then this II came along and has failed everytime ive used it (6 different dogs, 4 different breeds). I have even tried it on 2 other dogs that didnt live here. the fleas didnt even die... i wasted a lot of money ordering the 12 month supply. will not attempt to try again! now its off to looking for something that works...

    Switched to K9 Advantix by Goldie's mom from New Jersey11/14/2012

    this has been the worst year for fleas. I had to switch from the other product I was using to Advantix. Seems to be working.

    Flea and tick prevention by Lucy10/23/2012

    We live in a wooded area in Texas. This product has kept both fleas and ticks off of my dog. I can bathe her in between applications and it seems to continue to do the job.

    no more,no more,no more by Cindy from MILFORD, DELAWARE06/02/2011

    my two dogs, ruby & buddy have been using this product for over 2 yrs. unbelievable, no more ticks, no more fleas, and yes, no more horseflies,etc. as soon as you put this on, it seems like our dogs are smiling all the time. if your dogs are having problems with all of the above, i suggest you try this particular product. oh, and make sure you go by body weight, very important.

    Good stuff by Lu Rae from Martinsburg, WV07/29/2012

    I switched from Frontline Plus to this because they repel alot more and there is not a greasy mess on my dogs coat for a couple of days after application.

    best you can buy by cece11/15/2012

    I have used all flea products and this is the best.Used Frontline on my dog and she had a reaction to it.This product is great and I tell my friends and family to use it.Been very happy and will not change.

    by Lisa Marie07/02/2013

    great and works very well every month!!!

    by from 07/05/2012

    We had major flea issues. They were all over the house, biting our kids, and making our dog crazy. She would not stay in our yard because of the fleas. Other flea treatments had not helped. Less than one day after treatment with Advantix our dog was back to normal.

    the by house from quicklyThe


    Incredible product! by Robbi from Canyon, Texas07/13/2012

    I live on a small ranch in Texas. I have always used a flea/tick product on my dogs, however my Rott was continually bothered with flies. My neighbor told me about Advantix so I ordered it and tried it on both dogs. Since using K-9 Advantix I noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of flies bothering my Rott. I've seen maybe one or two on her, but they land and then take off again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Great purchase by bo from South Carolina08/07/2013

    The flies would bother my lab and this is a great product that keeps them away. It work great for flees and ticks also.

    Smart change by jean10/12/2011

    After using Frontline plus for 5 years, K9 Advantix II wins hands down. Ticks dead before they dig in. Not a flea to be found. Easy to use applicator.

    K9 Advantix ll by Debra K from Lewiston, Maine08/13/2013

    This stuff works great, my dogs have had no fleas or ticks or lice this year, works much better than the Frontline Plus I used to use, I will be using this from now on

    Advantix II seems to be working thus far by CandCfam from Tacoma, WA05/14/2013

    The price was right, the shipping very fast, the application easy and seems to be working so far. No complaints!

    by dawn01/03/2013

    Have used this before with good luck but this time I found a tick on my dog (house pet) 2 days after applying the K9 advantix. Not very please about that.

    It works! by Su02/29/2012

    I'm always leery of trying new 'topical flea' products. So many of them don't work anymore, but I was forced to since the product I was using was discontinued. Hadn't tried this one yet, the reviews looked good for the most part, and I'm happy to report that the product works. Haven't had a problem with fleas at all.

    K 9 Advantix II by tigerlickin from USA10/30/2011

    I love the product. It works great and is cheaper than 1-800-pet-meds.

    great purchase by cher from southeast florida11/06/2012

    Been using for years for our dogs...........always has worked and we have been very happy with the product

    by from 05/30/2012

    Thank you for the recent order of K-9 Advantix II. The price is better than most and I do not have a problem with fleas if I use it monthly!

    Very Happy with my purchase by Rosie from Jackson, MSThanks,


    A product we trust everytime (but cheaper) by kellyjenne05/28/2012

    We have never had fleas or tics on our pets since using advantix, but wanted to find something else since buying from the vet was costly. Using EnitrelyPets let us continue to use Advantix but at a way lower cost

    Worked Well by Mello from Florida11/22/2012

    We've been battling ticks. Advantix II didn't work 100% as advertised but is helping us control them so far.

    Excellent product by hunter from Quebec Canada11/26/2012

    After 6 weeks now,my 2 dogs have no ticks at all.It was the worst season for ticks.Before i used Anvantix, they got 2 ticks each... Very satiafied.Thanks.

    by warlorde from Louisiana10/30/2011

    Fantastic product. Works very well to prevent flea infestation. Thanks

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (For dogs over 55 lbs)
    Advantix works great! by Pam from Statesville, North Carolina08/17/2014

    Sam stays outside and he is older, so he needs the protection from fleas, ticks, flies, etc that Advantix provides. Entirely Pets has the best price on Advantix and fast service. I won't order from anywhere else.

    GLAD I SWITCHED by berrylady from Powder Springs, GA12/15/2012

    Had been using Frontline Plus but this seems to work better/more effective. Best prices at Entirely Pets!

    by from 08/07/2013

    Good product by lilachaze from Upstate NY02/19/2014

    But not as easy to use as other flea/tick drops.

    Best purchase ever by Carol from Alpine, NJ07/09/2013

    This is the second time I have used K9 Advantix II and I prefer it over Frontline. My dog kept getting ticks when I used Frontline and so far he has been tick free with Advantix

    Best way ever to purchase a product by Connie from Irvine, CA11/29/2011

    I purchased advantix II and found that this was the best price and the fastest delivery that I have ever found. I don't want my dog to have fleas and with this product and your company I will never have to worry. Thanks so much. Connie

    Tick protection too! by Cody & Carson's mom from Western New York12/14/2012

    No one wants fleas, but ticks are a real danger too! Not only is your pet at risk if you live out in the country. Do you know that birds can drop them in your yard? Be safe and take the extra protection!

    by from 09/27/2013

    This didn't remotely work on my dog. When I contacted customer service they told me she probably was still itching because of the previous bites and to wash my bedding. When that didn't help they told me to contact the manufacturer. I've purchased frontline from them before and it failed to work also. (Reason I switched to Advantix).

    be by spending from anyI


    We Love This Stuff by Kimberly from Washington State01/21/2015

    Many other people I know struggle with fleas on their pets, but we NEVER have fleas on our dogs.

    Works great! by Betheski7703/15/2012

    I have been using advantix on my dog for years now and have never seen a flea or tick on her. I know there are ticks in our yard too, so I make sure to apply every month. I highly recommend this product.

    Worth It! by Rottie Mommy from San Diego, CA11/29/2012

    We treat both of our Rottweilers with Advantix II, and have seen it in action. Both dogs sadly got ticks on a camping trip, and the Advantix II stopped the ticks from embedding in their skin. I would highly recommend this product.

    I suppose all things come to those who wait... by Stillwaitingfordelivery from Kaneohe, Hawaii (windward side of Oahu)03/29/2012

    I love this product but I am really put off by this dealer. You see, I placed the order a couple weeks ago and my credit card was charged but then I got a message that the order was back ordered and that's the last I've heard. No update, no apology, no attempt to keep my business, no nothing. Nice going, Entirely Pets! And then you want me to review the product and your service? Talk about a self infliected shot to the foot (or worse.)! The "image" I would select in order for add personality to the review would be the thousands of ticks that are about infest my dogs - springtime in Hawaii is the time that I need these the most. So, how about an update before you ask for praise?

    Advantix works great by Murdoc11/14/2013

    We live in a swampy area with lots of flying insects and have found that Advantix really helps keep mosquitoes and yellow flies away from our dogs.

    by Agi from New Jersey07/05/2012

    This product was recomended to me by my vet, works great and is cheaper then frontline

    by Barb dog lover from Berlin md03/18/2013

    My vet recommends this over frontline now.

    by from 11/25/2012

    by Leslie12/24/2012

    This is a good product for fleas, etc., and it doesn't cost as much as if you purchased it at the vet's.

    Depends on your needs by Laura from Vidalia, Ga.11/06/2012

    I have always had pretty good results with this product. They are all good but I feel you need to switch off every now and then. I haven't used it in a while and it seemed to kill the fleas this time.

    Good Product by Nana from Fort Worth, TX05/31/2012

    We always order this for our dog. We love the way that it repels flies and mosquitoes also.

    by Cassie9105/16/2014

    K-9 Advantix works great on fleas and ticks, it is also a very reasonable price!

    best price from entirely pets by wjohnb from Hendersonville,TN11/06/2012

    Would'nt use anything else. Best on the market.

    works great by Mary from Atlanta02/14/2014

    I have used this product for all of my dogs and it works like advertised and I am very satisfied.

    by Nat07/19/2012

    I am overall pleased with K9 advantix; although, the tubes of solution in this particular box DO NOT have as much solution as usual.

    Great Product by SC Lab11/10/2011

    I have been using advantix for years with no flea or tick problem. I love entirelypets.com. I always get what I order when I order. I have even talked to them on the phone and they are always super helpful.

    Entirely Pets by Bo Georges06/12/2013

    Products are as stated and delivered in a tinmely fashion.

    Great Product by Elaine from San Diego, CA04/24/2012

    I've used K9 advantix and K9 advantix II now on my dogs for about 5-6 years. I've never seen a tick or flea on them and they're outdoor dogs.

    Bug free by Bounder's Provider from San Antonio10/25/2011

    This is an excellent product at an excellent price that was delivered exactly as expected. Thanks!

    Not all I had hoped for. by DJ06/02/2012

    This product works great on ticks, but not on fleas. I have applied it twice,2 weeks apart, and the fleas will be lessened for a few days and then they're back in full force. This is the first time I have purchased this product and was hoping to use just one product for both ticks and fleas, but it's not working out.

    Chance/Oakley by Chance/Oakley03/21/2013

    K9 Advantix II works great for flea & tick protection. Entirely Pets makes ordering easy & affordable.

    Complete protection! by pguest from NW Indiana01/01/2013

    I have tried several products for my 2 German Shepherds over the years and for the last year I only purchase K9 ADVANTIX II for my Girls. Coco and Nelli are outside 16 hours a day with our horses so they need to be protected from all the nasty bugs in the woods and fields they live and play in.

    K9 Advantix II for Dogs by Debbie from West Bend, WI06/11/2013

    I have used this product for about 2 years now & it works great. I have tried others products & this has been the best one. It also stops flys & other bugs from landing on the dogs.

    VERY pleased with this product! by Just Laura from Auburn, Michigan05/04/2014

    We have a German Shepherd who tends to get irritated skin rather easily, so it's really important to me that he is comfortable and itch-free. Between the change in diet and the use of this product, he is a much happier dog! No more scratching and nibbling at himself. K9 Advantix works fast and I love that it kills multiple pests at multiple stages - it pretty much covers all the bases!

    Kills fleas and ticks and protects my dog. by Jeannie from Galway, NY05/08/2013

    Great product. Kills fleas and ticks and protects my dog.

    Works Wonders! by ME10/31/2011

    I live in southern marsh land and the bugs are really nasty here. I use this on my dog and I never have to worry about her coming inside my home. If i see a tick on her they die before I can get to them. I also have an inside only cat. She has never gotten fleas either. Very Happy!

    Great product Great Company by groomer from Woodridge, Il04/08/2014

    I love K9 Advantix, I am a groomer and I have my dog at the shop with me all the time. As you can imagine many dogs come in with fleas and we do flea baths and recommend K9 Advantix but for as long as I have been using the product, even being around all the other dogs with fleas my dog has never gotten fleas.

    Terrific Product! by BSW from Florida04/13/2011

    This is the best dog medicine against all outdoor pests! I've tried them all and even when I was using the Frontline Advantage, mosquitos still had my dog scratching all day. Love that K9 Advantix II takes care of him all the way!

    Gets the Job Done by Sue07/15/2012

    I love this product! I have alot of dogs and used to use another flea/tick product that did not stop the ticks from biting. K9 Advantix II not only repels fleas and ticks, but keeps ticks from biting and attaching to my dogs. Love it! I consider myself to be a great pet owner, but my 72 pound shepherd mix still got anaplasmosis from a tick bite. Once I switched to K9-NO PROBLEMS. I would highly recommend this to everyone!

    K9 Advantix II by sam881812/06/2012

    Very happy with this product, used it with my last dog and never had any problems with fleas or ticks. Our dog did so well with it, no side effects. Our new dog has done very well on it as well.

    Love it by Mary from South Carolina11/28/2012

    Works MUCH better on my 2 labs than Frontline did (which we had used for years)! Very, very happy with K9 Advantix II

    by from 03/26/2014

    Effective Flea Management by Shiloh06/03/2013

    The dogs were scratching before this product but once we started, no more itching for them and no ticks on them. It is working just as it should and we will be purchasing more.

    Good Purchase by KOBS from San Diego, CA10/11/2013

    I like this product. It takes care of more little pests that the dogs go through. With the West Nile Virus and others pests, the dogs won't have to suffer with the diseases that these pests cause.

    K9 Advantix II 6 month Extra Large Dog by LC from Monroe, WA06/18/2012

    We have a Golden Retriever, and have had him on a regular program with Advantix as he likes the water A LOT, and we have never had a problem with it washing off. Also, with the broad spectrum of critters it kills, I feel it is the best treatment on the market, and with Entirely Pets reasonable prices, it amounts to about $10.00 a month. Well worth not having to worry about fleas, etc.!

    by from 05/09/2012

    Been using Advantix and now Advantix II for 3 years. It's done exactly what it is supposed to without any negative side effects.

    shopping by and from EntirelyPetsDid


    This product is the best by Dkelley from Pa02/05/2013

    The best overall product I have used yet.

    by from 05/30/2014

    This is a great product keeping the fleas and ticks away from my dogs. No pills to take, just open the foil and put the liquid from the neck to tail, couldn't be simpler.

    friends by to from yourI


    offering by affordable from productsThank


    good change by burt01/16/2015

    I've been using Frontline for several years and decided it was time for a change.I am glad i did, as we live in a tick infested area. When my wife brushed my Golden after several days she combed out 3 ticks.

    No bugs by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK08/17/2013

    This product works great. Has a funny order that lasts until you bathe the dogs but it works great. I think the most important thing is it gives you peace of mind that there are no critters attacking your animals that you don't have to worry.

    EXCELLENT by JOHN10/30/2011

    I like buying from your website , great prices ever , safe and trust .

    Advantage II for Dogs by puglover from Florida03/06/2012

    Execellent Product for my Pugs... Only Product will use on my Pugs

    K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control by kittenonkeys from Central Louisiana08/06/2014

    I've been using this product for my pets for several years now, and it is very effective. Entirely Pets ships quickly, and this is a convenient way to shop.

    Best flee protection for dogs by Kat from Puyallup, WA04/17/2012

    I purchase K9 Advantix for my golden retriever and shiloh shephard every year. It has provided excellent protection for both dogs when we're living on either side of the mountains in Washington State.

    Quite Satisfied by NYNJdogowner from Upstate NY05/18/2013

    K9 Advantix is a great product and EntirelyPets has it for a very reasonable price. Max says woofTHANKSwoof!

    the best by gotti from ny04/02/2014

    have been using this product for years now and it is the best used on my three dogs-no problems

    K9 ADVANTIX II Extra Large Dog by roy from Syracuse,NY10/18/2011

    Works great! Highly recommended by my Vet.

    Every other month by larry from Florida04/23/2013

    I rotate, one month K9 advantix, the other front line +.

    Works great, but.... by Buddy and Rikki's Mom from Huntington Beach, CA10/30/2011

    I have to reapply it after 25 days or so or my dogs get itchy.

    Works the best! by mr. greenjeans from Batchewana Bay, ON05/30/2012

    After trying other products, I have concluded that this product delivers the best protection for our best friends. I live in Northern Ontario, along Lake Superior, where May is black fly season then followed by mosquitoes for the rest of the summer. My large lab is protected and can enjoy the outdoors. What is especially good is that it does not wash off once absorbed into the skin. Just keep your dog out of water the first day that you apply K9 Advantix II and it will last a full month. I only wish I had used this on earlier beloved pets so that they could have gotten through nasty bug infestations.

    by from 01/01/2013

    I have a 4 year old Labrador that lives outside.

    only by product from thatThis


    Outstanding Service by Judy from North West Georgia12/10/2012

    I have been ordering my Flea/Tick medication from EntirelyPets for years. Their shipping service is beyond EXCELLENT!! Highly recommend this company!

    Best product of its kind! by Annemarie from Greensboro, NC10/27/2011

    I have used K9 Advantix II since adopting my dog, Austin, in April. I live adjacent to an extensive and heavily wooded park where we walk twice a day, every day. On weekends, we spend 2-3 hours a day in the park/at the dog park. During the summer Austin did a fair amount of swimming, as well. Austin has not had a flea or tick issue since using K9 Advantix II!

    Works good. Good value. by Ralphie from Troy, Ohio04/04/2013

    Have used this brand for several years. Entirely Pets has the best price.

    Flea Free by Deb from Pensacola, FL09/18/2013

    We have three dogs and a large yard. We are flea free thanks to Advantix II. We use the cat formula for our cat as well. Easy to administer and Entirely pets makes it very affordable. Makes for happy dogs & cats and happy owners!!

    by autumn07 from Ontario, Canada10/23/2012

    K9 Advantix is great for keeping ticks off your dogs. We live on a farm in an area that is known to be a high populatioin of ticks and I have no worries of ticks biting my dogs.

    Flea and tick control at great prices by Harrison's Person10/29/2011

    I've used and recomended Entirely Pets to all my pet pals, because the prices are good, the delivery is timely, the sales are great, and the products are top notch.

    by abbydogmom01/09/2013

    Only problem I have is that my dog get a slight irritation and itches a lot after I apply it.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    best so far by diana from new jersey, new york07/20/2012

    best for preventing bringing ticks into house.

    Best Purchase Ever by Smokey from California, MD08/06/2014

    K9 Advantix II is amazing, never worry about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Great price and fast delivery. Very satisfied!

    by Ruby Tuesday from Los Angeles, CA04/16/2014

    I have three large dogs and this product works well. I have tried other brands but this one works the best for me.

    Best Price for a Fantastic Product by erinrgray5 from Norfolk, VA10/27/2011

    Previously used Frontline on my dogs for years. However, I still pulled ticks off of the dogs. Since switching to Advantix II I have not found any ticks or fleas on my dogs. LOVE it!!!!

    great product by bridget from mohawk n.y.12/19/2011

    the very first day no more fleas i tried frontline & it diden;t work for me

    K-9 Advantix II by Leslie from Bath County, VA01/21/2015

    Great product - we live in the country and it keeps the ticks off our puppies - we have 5. I watch for your specials and you have the best price I've found.

    Works Great by NoFleasHere from AL10/28/2011

    Keeps the fleas away as well as all the other flying critters!

    Advantix II by JerseyGirlMel06/11/2012

    This is the best flea preventive I have ever used. I ordered 24 month's worth with the 15% off coupon and then I got a 20% off coupon! UGH! It was such a great deal, I ordered another 24 months at the 20% price.

    Great product At a great price by Sheila from Colonial Heights, VA05/18/2013

    Great product. Works well. Having been getting from Entirely Pets for years & the shipments arrive super fast!

    Really works! by Mason from Tampa, florida11/01/2011

    After having a huge failure with frontline plus which I have been using for years and suddenly stopped working, I switched over to K9-Advantix and have been flea free!

    Fast shipping by Shelleyt from Nova Scotia,Canada.06/07/2013

    I was amazed how fast my order arrived,This is my second order and I will definitely be ordering again from entirely pets.

    Top of the line. by Franks from Spring Hill, FL05/04/2013

    This is the only flea/tick product I will use on my dog. Living in Florida it is required 12 months a year. I have used other products with less results. Best bet product.

    K9 Advantix II by Doberwoman from Kansas City, MO01/15/2013

    Great product and super fast shipping!!! We need tick meds well into November, glad to find it here.

    K9 /advantix by KK04/24/2012

    We really like the product and its so easy to apply. We love to take our dogs for walks and we don't have to worry about what they will bring home!

    Mind at Ease by ccsweat from Green Cove Springs, Florida04/15/2012

    I have 2 big dogs and I always use the K-9 Advantix II. I have never had a problem with it before, so this time when I put it on the dogs and still were experiencing fleas, I called and was connected to the makers of it and they explained to me about the severity of the fleas this year and to wait for their life cycle to complete. I thought it was the product, but it wasn't, the fleas are now gone. I love this stuff and so do my dogs, Nala and Tebow... I will continue to use it.

    Great value by Julia from Middleboro Ma11/24/2012

    Great value. Great product. Received a couple of days after purchase. will definitely use again.

    Don't know still waiting by Tony from APO Korea06/17/2013

    I ordered it over a month ago and still haven't received it so I can't say if is good or not. Just wish it was sent priority mail.

    Great purchase by Babs11/11/2012

    Our home and yard became infested with fleas. The product we were using didn't hold up for the first time in seven years. We bought K9 Advantix II and voila, our animals are happy. We are happy too! Job well done!

    Excellent value by Carrie from North Andover, MA11/20/2012

    Great pricing; excellent value. We live in a tick-infested area and I have never had to remove a tick from my dog.

    Great product by peg04/01/2013

    Just like with the Advantage II for large dogs, it also works well for our extra large ones.

    Pleased with the PROTECTION by Bill from Pittsburgh, PA03/12/2014

    I began using Advantix II more than a year ago and have found it to be quite effective. I tried other flea and tick medications, but none tried were as effective as Advantix II. I recommend it highly.

    Goodby Fleas & ticks by Narda from Atlanta, GA06/30/2012

    Always used to find dead tick on my dogs with other products but I have never found one with k9 Advantix II. It's a bit more expensive but is worth it! I live near a 5 acre lots and see lots of deers in my neighborhood and I can not risk my dogs from catching Lyme disease :) I trust k9 Advantix II

    K9 Advantix 11 by Deb from Riverside, California10/12/2011

    I love this product, it not only keeps fleas and ticks away, but the flies! No more spraying that leaves an oily residue on my dogs coat ! When he's a happy dog, I'm a happy mom :)

    Better Than Frontline by Snowbird from Maryland02/05/2013

    We had our dog on Frontline for well over a year and were happy with it. Then last summer, he got fleas and we couldn't get rid of them. I called the Frontline manufacturer and got a totally unacceptable answer about the fleas needing to get onto the dog and bite him before they would die. We didn't want the fleas on him in the first place! So we did some research and decided to try K9 Advantix. It worked very quickly and we have not had any problem with fleas since.

    Great product, super service by Kenny from Newark Valley, NY12/06/2012

    Great product, super service, excellant price.

    Great product by Lady Di from St Charles, IL03/29/2012

    Would recommend this product over any other flea and tick product

    by from 08/03/2014

    The product works. No flea problems, and most definitely helps keep the mosquitoes away. Generally only have to use once every 2-3 months to keep the dogs from scratching from bites.

    pricier by than from otherIt


    Best Dog Treatment by AnimalLady06/14/2013

    K9 Advantix II is the best monthly treatment I have found for my dogs. I live in North Carolina and the others just were not effective. K9 works great and the dogs are very happy not scratching and being bit all the time. I use it year round as the ticks never go out of season.

    Excellent Product by LilysMom from NY11/30/2011

    We use this on our two golden retrievers, one of whom is highly allergic to fleas. It provides great protection, even in the summer when they are in and out of the water. I like it better that the other full cycle flea prevention that we tried.

    Great protection for my dogs! by Callmond from Macon, GA07/29/2013

    I switched to K9 Advantix a few years ago after Frontline Plus stopped working as well and I was impressed with how much protection this gave. My dogs are primarily outside and I've always had issues with flies and mosquitoes bothering them even with Frontline but that's no longer an issue with Advantix. My dogs are happy and so am I!

    Good product by Patty from Oswego, NY04/26/2012

    I have used this brand for several years on all 4 of my dogs. They go in & out of the house on my horse farm. I have never had a flea problem, in spite of a sandy arena and wooded areas. Would and have recommended the K-9 Advantix products to friends & neighbors.

    Best product for your $$ & mostly your dog! by dr ck from Sydney/Melbourne, Australia & Western Canada07/14/2013

    I live and work between Canada & Australia as a neurosurgeon and my dogs travel with me. I find that K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs). I find these drops work like they say they do. My dogs have not had any problems with the drops and are protected as promised by the product. I highly recommend K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs). Worth the price and peace of mind!

    Multipurpose Flea Treatment by littleGH from Birmingham AL12/22/2012

    I alternate flea medications every 6mo for my dogs to provide better protection now that we're in a warm climate. Haven't had any flea problems or application problems and my dogs are very sensitive to what products they are able to use.

    Very Satisfied by Gardenchicc from Bellingham, WA06/29/2012

    I use this product for 2 dogs on a regular basis. This was the best price I have ever seen and the shipping was very fast.

    excellent product by zookeeper from Colrain, MA07/19/2012

    Used to buy less expensive over the counter treatments for the animals and ended up with a flea infestation that took several weeks to finally put an end to it. K9 Advantix only for our pack.

    The best by Nick from Bloomingdale, FL04/25/2012

    This is the only flea/tick killer that worked on my five (5) Florids dogs. I tried them all and this one actually worked!

    Excellent protection! by Matt07/07/2012

    I've used Advantix II since we got our first pet from a shelter. I retired from the AF and moved back to La. Two dogs and not a flea or tick to be found. I also treat a stray cat that hangs around. He is clean, too. The only thing he carries back is poison ivy from roaming in the woods!

    fighting fleas, ticks by Carol from Tennessee08/14/2012

    I was getting Frontline Plus for many years... and after the groomer recommended the Advantix II Flea & tick after finding a couple fleas on my dogs, I am trying it. I think sometimes maybe they get used to a product and trying something else for awhile might nip the problem in the bum. I am giving it a try. I have been a customer of Entirely Pets for many years, and things I buy are always shipped promptly and their prices are lower than other companies. I am happy with this company and will stay with them.

    Fight fleas by Carol from Tennessee03/13/2013

    I have bought from Entirely Pets for many years, and I have always had good service from them. Their prices seem to be good. The K9advantix II for my large dogs works well for them. I am happy with the product and the company.

    k9vantage 11 by mike from plumas lake ,ca01/21/2013

    the best product ever,it may cost alittle more but it works great on my 2 reterivers.

    Great price by Tongster from California08/01/2013

    I have two labs and Entirely Pets has the best price for this product. This product also kills ticks, which I have in my area. Great product and price and it comes so quickly in the mail.

    Great Product by Sermck from Sackville, NS04/24/2012

    I love this product as it covers so many things. I know my dogs are well protected.

    What A Relief by Sarge's "Mom"02/14/2013

    My GoldenShepherd was getting scaly patches & pretty bad itching from FrontlinePlus. He really needs flea & tick protection as we let him run in the woods every day. One reviewer said the same thing & recommended K9AdvantixII so I tried it. Problem solved. So happy to find a product that works without the nasty side effects.

    GREAT PRODUCT! by Angela S. from NC12/04/2012

    Excellent product! One of the cheapest places to order from also.

    Best flea & tick product ever! by JerseyGirlMel03/28/2014

    This is the most effective flea & tick product ever! I have been using it for years and have never seen a flea or tick on my dogs or in my house!

    Advantix II by Sue from Russellville, Al.06/08/2011

    I noticed a dark spot on the top of my dogs head. Her head is white so it was very visible. She was running around when I tried to get her to come to me with this dark thing still on her head. When she finally came to me I saw it was a mosquito. I smacked it and blood went everywhere. So much for it repelling mosquito's.

    by dgburnum05/04/2012

    I have used this product for 3 years along with Program. They work great together.

    Great Product/Service by Gina T. from Atlanta, GA10/18/2011

    I've only used this product for one month but so far it seems to work very well. Aside from the product itself, I would like to add that Entirely Pets is absolutely the BEST pet products website available. They are always prompt with processing my orders (for several years now) as well as offering great pricing and free shipping on orders over $100. Thanks SO much and keep up the GREAT work Entirely Pets staff!

    Tried others but had to go back to K9 Advantix by Micaela11/30/2012

    I tried another flea prevention/treatment spot-on product by a reputable company and my dogs were miserable. I ordered K9 Advantix, used it on both dogs and the biting and scratching stopped. I won't be using anything else again!!

    by Lois from Loveland, CO06/21/2013

    K9 II is great, works even with our dogs swimming regularly. Entirely Pets gave us a great price.

    Always good products at a good price by southiegirl06/28/2012

    Have bought from here before and will buy again. Never had any problems with this site.

    Works best at the best price by DHS from North East Louisiana09/27/2013

    We are an animal rescue in Northeast Louisiana. Fleas are a year round problem. We are constantly making price comparisons as we are funded only by donations. K9 Advantix II at Entirely Pets is the most effective OTC product we've found, for the best price. Free shipping is a plus too!!

    by Tuck03/14/2013

    It works! We live in a rural area with a big tick problem. K9 keeps them off.

    Works Time After Time by Lee from Western Kentucy10/23/2012

    Great product for flea and tick prevention here in the Midwest. Have never had a problem when using this product on our dogs.

    Best Prices for the Best Products by P.R. from Virginia04/24/2012

    This site has the best prices for the best products that I have found.

    works great on ticks by djw06/28/2012

    I've been using this product for years, it does a great job keeping our dogs tick free.

    Great Discount!!! Fast Delivery by podunk from Lake Seminole, GA07/22/2012

    I switched to Advantix years ago for my two big dogs..because of the "tick" advantage..were in the "woods" so it is important..all I can say it works! it works!

    savings!! by suko07/22/2013

    my husband likes to save money so he loves your product, thank you so much, we willcontinue to use your product as long as the price is right!!

    Easy to use by Pooh from Shreveport, LA03/06/2012

    Advantix is easier to use than Frontline. Advantix tube is easier to open. Rounded tip makes it easier to control application as well. Efficacy for me has been about the same. I do rotate between the two products though. Seems to control the fleas more effectively that way for me. I have several large dogs that stay outside and roam the pastures and woods. May not be as big a concern for someone with a house dog or one that stays in a fenced yard.

    Worst service ever. by Toffee from California07/05/2012

    I never received my shipment, contact your customer service and was told to report my problem to USPS. It's obvious that Entirely Pets do not care about customer's trust and satisfaction. I will never order anything from Entirely Pets again, I'll stick with Amazon.

    No hassle summer by Gitanjali from India04/01/2012

    This really helped keep my 2 great danes free from ticks and fleas all summer last year so have purchased it again this year.

    Great Product & Great Price by Rudy's mom from Lehighton, PA05/09/2013

    Out of all the Flea & Tick products I've tried, this is the best product. Very rarely is there a tick embedded in my dogs but if there is one, the product kills it quickly. Highly recommend this product, and the price is wonderful too!

    Best out there... by gibson from Geneva Ohio05/02/2014

    K9 Advantix ll is the ONLY flea and tick med that I will buy.. Unlike other flea and tick med. it DOES REALLY WORK....

    Great!! by Leslie from Courtenay, BC, Canada07/10/2013

    This is exactly what you can purchase from the vet's, but at a much cheaper price. and my dogs don't have problems with fleas, etc.

    Flea and Tick protection by doglady from State College, PA05/09/2013

    It's a necessary evil, b/c I really don't like applying chemicals to my dog, but I don't want him to get Lyme's Disease either, so we use K9 Advantix for the great repel qualities. I don't ever find ticks on him, definitely no fleas and he's tested negative each year for Lyme's at his annual exams. I'm a dog groomer and my clients who use this product tend to NOT have the bugs on them like those that use other products, like Frontline or Frontline Plus. K9 Advantix gets my vote for best Flea and Tick protection.

    Used for years! by Marty from NC10/30/2013

    We have used this forever and very, very seldom see or have fleas or ticks. It is used all year long!

    No Bugs! by Dogsncatz from Rural upstate NY02/12/2013

    Advantix lives up to their advertising. No fleas. No ticks. No infestations in the house as we had 2 summers in a row in 2009 and 2010 when using Frontline Plus as instructed 12 months a year. Advantix works! We have been using it since the dreadful summer of 2010!!!

    by from 08/09/2011

    I purchased this product after using Frontline for over 13 years. WORKS like a charm!! Best product to hit the market for dogs in years!

    none by of from theMy


    only product that worked by grandmadog from Tennesee-Michigan12/03/2012

    In Tennesee this past summer, the ticks were extremely bad. We tried several different products, some were better than others. Advantix II was the only product that worked. Our daughter's dogs and our dog were thankful when we purchased this product.

    Very Good by BethAnn from Long Isand, NY05/01/2013

    We have four large dogs and live in the Northeast where lyme disease is very prevalent. I use this product year-round and have had great results. At ALL their yearly check-ups, my dogs are lymes free. Woo Hoo!

    by from 10/28/2011

    I received my purchase promptly and am quite pleased with my purchase. I found this site provided wonderful reviews of the product as well as great discounts too. I look to purchase other products from this site as well.

    Pricing." by Excellent Product and Price from Farm GuyGreat


    Great Product/Great Price by Deb's Friends from Atlanta, GA11/29/2011

    Love the products. We have 4 large dogs which is able to run on our property & go swimming. So making sure they do not get fleas & ticks is very important.

    k9 advantage by rae04/26/2012

    the price was good but the packaging was terrible. boxes were crushed and flattened. good thing the dosage was well contained. it was one sorry mess

    can always count on by daibro from Evansville, In06/01/2014

    I like the K9 Advantix II as my dogs are in the woods and tall grasses a lot an I don't have to worry as much about the ticks. They still get a few but most are dead when I find them. Also like Entirely pets prices on this product.

    Great price for a reliable product by DD from Jacksonville, FL07/16/2014

    Have used this product regularly on all four of our large breed dogs and never worry about fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. Great price and fast delivery. Very satisfied!

    Excellent by Bill from Toronto, Canada05/26/2014

    Good quality excellent prices super fast shipping.

    good service by barb from Salkum,Wa.06/23/2013

    Always have been pleased with service and shipping, speedy,considerate and friendly. Will be a return costomer.

    Great Price and Great Product by sgervaismesasavage from raleigh, nc06/30/2012

    I love K9 Advantix II. Ive used Frontline in the past for years but never realized that it didnt repel and kill mosquitos or biting flies. I switched to K9 Advantix II and am extremely pleased. Even better is when I found this site which sells the products for the best price!

    Advantix by Abby from BC Canada02/19/2013

    This was delivered promptly, and I saved approximately 30% on the cost, had I purchased this at my local vet premises. Having already used it for one year, it certainly works very well and I have recommended your web-site to many friends.

    The best at protecting your loved ones from ticks! by StormTrooper from MASSACHUSETTS10/20/2011

    If you care about your pups as much as I do mine then I would strongly recommend K9 advantix II. I have two alaskan malamutes, big furry dogs and nothing protects them better from fleas, ticks and there eggs than this in my opinion!

    Great Product by CW from Cottage Grove, Oregon10/26/2011

    Advantix II works really great on my dogs. I have 5 Irish Setters that have an acre of land to run around on but they also spend a lot of time in the house so it is really important to keep the fleas under control. Once a week, we take them on a long hike in the woods and since I've switched to this product they have not gotten any ticks. I would highly recommend this product.

    Good price by Jo09/10/2014

    We've shopped this price around a bit and this is a good one.

    Nothing better for fleas, ticks and mosquitos by Pat V from Scotia, NY07/07/2013

    Works great to keep the dogs free of fleas and ticks and helps to repel mosquitos.

    by from 01/30/2014

    product has always worked to keep my dog Bug Free ! ! !

    perfect by !!" from Great Price !!!Price


    Excellent value by Tino11/14/2012

    An excellent price and fast delivery for Advantix II, which has done a terrific job of keeping my 3 dogs clear of ticks and fleas!!

    K9 AdvantixII by NJLIC from Selkirk,NY12/07/2012

    Works better than any other product we used.



    Great Product, free shipping and wonderful price. by ketchum44 from Byhalia, Ms.10/23/2012

    Will always buy from you. I tell everyone I know about your product's and price.

    Tick control by k4uhl/kh6 from Kaneohe (Oahu) Hawaii01/16/2013

    We live on the windward side of Oahu in Hawaii - virtually a rain forest - and have battled ticks on our dogs as long as we have had them (the dogs). We stay ahead of the ticks with the K9 Advantage II and the Virbac tick collars. We use them religiously and have not had a major tick infestation in several years. (Before that, we would have occasions where we would pick over 150 ticks off a single dog - yuck!)

    K9 ADVANTIX II 12 MONTH Extra Large Dog (for dogs by kimc from pa04/07/2012

    Great price and produce!! I recommend this site to all my friends!

    Best flea and tick protection. by Cat07/03/2012

    I own a Golden Retriever and a Shiloh Shepherd. I have used K9 Advantix II for the past two years with great success. The sale prices at EntirelyPets are the best I've found.

    Featured Reviews for 2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II GREEN Small Dog (for dogs under 10 lbs)
    Advantix II small dog - ordered size too small by florett from Boston MA07/21/2014

    I don't think I used the right size. The next larger size would be more appropriate for my dog. I followed the directions and the treatment was effective the first day but then the fleas returned as before. I gave it three stars because I think it was my fault the product didn't work...however it also blistered my dog's skin where it was applied according to the directions.

    Featured Reviews for 2 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX II BLUE Extra Large Dog (for dogs over 55 lbs)
    only product that works by rumples from culpeper, virginia10/06/2014

    this is the best flea medication available. The only product that actually kills fleas and eggs etc. Keep your dogs on this and the fleas will disappear in your home.

    only thing that works by joanne from culpeper, virginia09/07/2014

    I have 5 dogs. My German Shepherd and Pug, both have flea allergies. This is the only product that gives them relief. I have used advantage and use it on my cats, but for dogs, Advantix is the most effective product on the market. Fiprinol, the active ingredient of frontline does not kill all the fleas. Wonderful product.

    Seems to do the job! by Smitty from Southern Illinois04/30/2014

    Lots and lots of ticks this Spring, and we go walking in the fields every day two or three times. Any ticks Cisco does pick up are dead by the time we get home and easily remove them. Too bad it doesn't keep them off of me!

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