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ADAPTIL and Feliway behavior products for cats and dogs

ADAPTIL™ & Feliway®

As important as pet nutrition and physical health can be, relieving stress and anxiety can have a large impact on a pet's overall health.

LeanTreats dog and cat training treats

Lean Treats

Lean Treats for dogs and cats are a healthy alternative to reward your pets. If you are going to treat 'em, treat 'em right!

PureBites dog and cat training treats

PureBites® Pet Treats

Purebites are made with only 1 ingredient. 100% Pure Cheddar Cheese, Beef Liver, and Chicken Breast.

Portable correction system for dogs

Yard & Park Trainer

The Yard and Park Trainer offers a portable correction system for your dog.

wireless fence receiver collar for dogs

Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Use this Wireless Fence Receiver Collar as a replacement for the receiver bundled the Stay + Play Wireless Fencing System.

Backyard Agility Playset for dogs

Backyard Agility Playset

A great way to get your dog started on the most popular dog sport. Also strengthens the bond that you and your dog have.

Simple Solution Training pads

Simple Solution® Training Pads

Simple Solutions Training Pads feature a Super Absorbent Polymer which converts liquid into gel, keeping urine locked in place.

Simple Solution trainging pads for dogs and cats

Automatic Indoor Training Mat

Uses a mild and harmless static pulse to safely and effectively teach your pet to stay away from areas you want to protect.

cat attract behavior product

Cat Attract®

Cat Attract Feline Behavioral Modification Litter Additive contains a scent that naturally attracts cats to use the litter box.

outdoor cat repellent

Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellent

Keep cats out of your garden, safely and efficiently, with a motion-activated burst of ultrasonic sound.

Bark Control
Bark Control

Cat Anxiety & Stress Solutions
Cat Anxiety & Stress Solutions

Dog Anxiety & Stress Solutions
Dog Anxiety & Stress Solutions

Dog Training Accessories

Pet and Animal Deterrents
Pet and Animal Deterrents

Potty Training Accessories
Potty Training Accessories

Remote Training Systems
Remote Training Systems

Training Collars
Training Collars

Wild Animal and Rodent Control
Wild Animal and Rodent Control

Article By: James Wickboldt.

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