Advantage II for Cats

Advantage II for cats has been redesigned and improved, enhancing the protections the flea medicine offers for cats and their owners. Similar to other treatments for dogs, Advantage II for cats only has to be applied one time per month, and it will provide a full 30-day protection from fleas and their eggs or larvae. By cutting off the birthing cycle of the fleas, the medicine breaks any kind of establishment and infestation within the cat's hair or bed. Further, the medicine actively kills existing fleas with a half day or 12 hours, removing their ability to propagate and stay on until the medicine wears off.

The chemicals used in Advantage II are only lethal and toxic to fleas and insects. Known technically as pyriproxyfen, the prime ingredient has no impact on cats, humans or other mammals. The fleas exposed are killed quickly by the chemical, avoiding flea bites and related irritations or infections as a result.

Advantage flead medicine is waterproof, kills both adult and immature fleas, approved by the federal government for use on cats, applies easily, and each package covers from four months to a half year, depending on the size of the animal and dosage. So protect your feline friend as well as yourself from fleas. Use Advantage II Cats to draw the line of defense in your home.

  • Kills all flea life stages, preventing fleas on treated pets from infesting your home.
  • Kills adult fleas already on a pet within 12 hours and re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.
  • Waterproof
  • Guaranteed US EPA approved
  • Application quick and easy with easy-squeeze tube
  • Each package of this long lasting topical lasts for 4 or 6 months

  • Small Cat

    2 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    2 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)

    ($33.99)  $25.47
    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)

    ($59.99)  $46.09
    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)

    ($80.99)  $62.19
    12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)

    ($164.99)  $126.89

    ($63.45 Each)

    Large Cat

    2 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    2 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)

    ($36.99)  $27.99
    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)

    ($60.99)  $46.89
    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)

    ($84.99)  $64.99
    12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)

    ($164.99)  $126.79

    ($63.40 Each)

    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Kitten (for Cats under 5 lbs.)
    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Kitten (for Cats under 5 lbs.)

    ($48.99)  $45.99

    Advantage II Flea Control Kitten for Cats under 5 lbs

    Keep your cat and your home safe from fleas with Advantage II Small Kitten for Cats under 5 pounds. Formulated for cats eight weeks and older and weighing under 5 pounds, Advantage II kills fleas within hours of application and protects against future flea infestations.

    The Importance of Flea Protection

    Protecting your cat from fleas is essential for health and well-being. Flea bites not only cause discomfort for your cat, but also can cause irritation that can lead to skin infections. In some cases, flea bites can lead to allergic skin reactions, or even result in the transmission of other disease-causing organisms, such as tapeworms.

    life cycle of the commom flea
    Flea life cycle.
    View larger.

    Kills Fleas Within Hours of Application

    Millions of pet owners have found success against fleas with Advantage Topical Solution. Its successor, Advantage II, kills even more flea life stages. Advantage II kills fleas through contact, so they don't even have to bite to be destroyed. This helps reduce the risk of secondary problems, such as flea-allergy dermatitis.

    The active ingredient in Advantage II, imidacloprid, acts on the nervous system of the flea to cause paralysis and subsequent death. Advantage II destroys the fleas living on your cat within 12 hours of application, providing quick relief for your pet. Reinfesting fleas (newly hatched fleas jumping back on your cat) are killed within two hours of application, so if your pet picks up fleas from another animal or infested environment, those fleas will be killed as well.

    K9 Advantix II Lifestyle shot
    Advantage II Flea Control Small
    Kitten for Cats under 5 lbs
    • Kills fleas within hours of application
    • Breaks flea life cycle, protecting against future flea infestations
    • Waterproof formula won't wash off
    • Easy to apply
    • Includes four convenient one-month doses
    • For cats eight weeks and older and weighing under 5 pounds
    • Per Dose: $10.00
    Advantage II Flea Control for Kiteens - Product Features
    Flea Cycle
    The adult fleas you see are only a small percentage of the infestation.View larger.
    Protects Against Further Flea Infestations

    If you are already dealing with a flea infestation, you may only be aware of the adult fleas, which comprise a mere 5 percent of the full infestation. The flea eggs, larvae, and pupae make up the other 95 percent of the infestation and can be virtually invisible to the eye. The insect growth regulator contained in Advantage II effectively breaks the flea life cycle at multiple stages to treat existing infestations and prevent future infestations. Each dose of Advantage II provides protection for an entire month.

    Waterproof Formula

    Advantage II is waterproof, so there's no need to reapply after your cat has a bath or goes out in the rain. Studies show that cats are still protected against fleas after exposure to water, though for best results, cats treated with Advantage II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo.

    EPA Registered Logo

    This Advantage II product is EPA approved and registered, so it's guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products.

    Package Contents

    Box includes four 0.4-millimeter tubes of Advantage II for Kittens.

    Advantage II for Cats Is Available In:
    Small Kitten
    (under 5 pounds)
    Medium Cat
    (5 - 9 pounds)
    Large Cat
    (over 9 pounds)
    4 month
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month
    4 month
    6 month
    12 month

    How to Apply

    Applying Advantage II to your cat is a fast and easy process. First, remove the applicator tube from its packaging and use scissors to peel down the foil. Next, hold the applicator tube in an upright position and pull the cap off the tube. Use the upturned cap to break the protective seal, and you're ready for application.

    How to apply

    Part your cat's hair on the back of the neck at the base of the skull until the skin is visible, then place the tip of the tube on the skin and gently squeeze out the entire solution. Placing the treatment here minimizes the cat's ability to lick the product, which is bitter tasting and may cause salivation for a short time if licked after it is applied. Do not get this product in your cat's eyes or mouth. Dispose of the container and do not reuse or refill. Do not empty unused product in any indoor or outdoor drain.

    For optimal control and prevention of parasites, use Advantage II every month. Do not use this product on any animals other than cats.

    Length of Effectiveness

    Under normal conditions, Advantage II is effective for one month. However, in cases of severe flea infestation, retreatment may be necessary earlier than four weeks. Do not retreat more often than once every 14 days. After flea control is attained, return to a monthly retreatment schedule.


    See back panel for first aid. For instructions on storage and disposal, see supplemental labeling inside package.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    How long does it take to kill all fleas after the first application on an animal that has fleas?

    24 hours to zero fleas counted.

    Does it kill ticks as well as fleas?

    No, there is no tick activity at all. This product is highly specific for fleas.

    Activity against parasites other than fleas and ticks?

    Fleas only.

    How long does a single application last?

    One month.

    How soon after bathing can it be applied?

    As soon as the pet is dry.

    Does it wash off?

    Yes, this product washes off completely with a degreasing shampoo. It can withstand one bath between applications and swimming once a week between applications, but no more.

    Flea-killing active ingredient?


    How young can the cat be for application?

    Eight weeks.

    Approved for use in pregnant or nursing mother cats?

    Not in this country, but approved in other countries (US EPA does not recognize testing done for other countries and testing in pregnancy/lactation has not been done in the US).

    Does the pet need a veterinarian office call in the last year to get the product?

    No, this is an insecticide, not a drug. However, the manufacturer sells its product for resale only through veterinarians, so proper usage, etc. can be explained.

    Is the product safe for use on sick, elderly, or debilitated patients?

    Product should be safe for such use provided the patient is receiving veterinary care. Otherwise, if the pet is inactive or hospitalized in a cage, the product may not spread around the body as rapidly as usual.


    Imidacloprid is an ectoparasiticide, an antiparasitic agent that targets parasites living primarily on the surface of a host. Chemically classified as a chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine, imidacloprid inhibits neurotransmitter transmission in insects, resulting in paralysis and death.


    Imidacloprid exhibits both adulticide and larvicidal flea efficacy; it not only kills adult fleas and larvae on your pet, but it also kills larval stages in your pet's immediate surroundings.

    Main Purpose

    To kill fleas at all stages of their life cycles and stop them from being able to move or feed.


    Pyriproxyfen, the added compound in Advantage II, is a pyridine-based pesticide. A juvenile hormone analog, it interferes with the hormone signaling of growing insects, so that insects in immature stages are unable to mature. Additionally, a female insect that touches the toxin will produce eggs that will not hatch.


    Pyriproxyfen provides an added layer of protection for pets and their surroundings. It interrupts the flea life cycle at multiple stages, halting the growth and development of insect eggs and larvae and preventing reinfestation.

    Main Purpose

    To prevent flea eggs from hatching and larvae from growing.

    Active Ingredients % by Weight
    Imidacloprid 9.10%
    Pyriproxyfen 0.46%
    Other Ingredients 90.44%
    Total 100%

    Net Contents

    Four tubes, each 0.014 fluid ounces (0.4 milliliters)

    4.68 rating based on 453 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    Works Like a Charm by Kitty06/17/2013

    The product does what it claims to do: kill fleas instantly.

    Good by Rg04/23/2012

    It worked quickly both of my cats stopped itching immediatly

    Works, and affordable by Littlebit55 from Maryland10/23/2012

    I was hestitant to purchase a topical, but the fleas this year were unbelievable, I had huge outbreak. I had a couple of cats , long hair, where I coudn't really get them under control so I used this. It works, it's affordable. Plan on having this at the beginning of flea season next year to prevent the problem instead of having to cure the problem.

    didn't work well at all by Wing08/08/2012

    We have used Advantage on our cats for years now, but this particular batch is very substandard! It didn't smell much and the cats did not mind having it on at all. This is not usual. They usually hate it for a few days. But most important, it didn't kill all the fleas. The cats still have some fleas on them but our vet said not to put more on the cats within the month.

    Not a flea in sight! by ren from Waterford Ct.07/01/2013

    Taking in a rescue cat was a concern regarding fleas. We applied Advantage II the day before we brought her home. She gets it once a month. Easy to apply , no flea collars to get hung up on. Love it.

    the answer for me by wildflower from edinburg, va12/05/2012

    Have had trouble with fleas on the cats all summer. Switched to advantage and the scratching is over thanks

    Easy to use..controls all areas. by Luv4pets from Rochester11/07/2013

    Years ago I took in a kitten and named her "Peanut" because she was so tiny. Well, she didn't grow very big and I kept her inside with the rest of the cats, who adopted her nicely. The Advantage II Flea Control Small Cats works the best for her as I do have one cat that goes out and a dog. Knowing they can bring fleas in, as well as I could, I treat her with this product faithfully.

    Excellent Product by Sue07/18/2012

    Not only is the product excellent the price was better than other sites I searched and it was delivered promptly.

    Only way to go! by Gabby08/27/2013

    This product is very good quality. It is very effective and acts quickly. The price is a fraction of what you would pay at a vet. I have 4 cats and a dog so the savings to me are definitely worth it for a product that works.

    by from 07/09/2012

    Another Great Product by Bernie from Pacifica, California12/06/2011

    Advantage II Flea Control for small cats works wonders. Just like the Advantage II Flea Control for 9lbs and over that I use for my other cat the fleas seem to disappear overnight. I was using another product from another company and my cat would have scabs after using it but with Advantage II from Entirely my cats coat is back to it's beautiful, soft self again. Thank you for a great product.

    Advantage for Cats/Order Placed for my Mother by Sherri McGee from Indianapolis, IN10/28/2011

    It was NOT clearly marked for "Fleas, Tics, etc." and that is what she truly needed, so now both of us are not going to order online again, as you can not be sure your getting what you ordered.

    Good quality flea med by Sparky from Terre Haute, IN11/26/2012

    Advantage II is good stuff - it used to get a bad rap compared with Frontline, but what I've noticed is that fleas appear to develop immunity over time: I'd used Frontline for 2-3 yrs, then it stopped working. I switched to Advantage & the fleas just fell off the cats. It's about time to switch back, but my point is, Advantage is just as good & they've also improved the product in the last few years. I've not found better prices than Entirely Pets, either.

    Advantage 11 by the cats from Westport, MA06/10/2013

    love this product. Used to use frontline, but this one has exceeded my expectations. I have 6 cats, so we need to be flea & tick free!!

    Advantage II For Small Cats by Michannemag from Bakersfield, CA02/07/2013

    Excellent product and the fleas disappeared immediately. Love this stuff for my kitten. Venus is pictured. We found her in a flower bed when she was 2 weeks old. I took her inside and started bottle feeding her 4 to 5 times a day. She has grown wonderfully and we love her so much!

    Great buy! by kevman08/01/2012

    I tried a generic brand of frontline. Didn't work. My cats had fleas crawling all over them & I purchased Advantage & fleas were gone in 24 hrs.! Product didn't make the cats nuts like other meds. I would choose this product over frontline.

    by Sparrow07/05/2012

    It works when there's not a *bad* infestation. For normal maintenance, it seems to do the trick.

    flea meds by ChrissieBug from So. Florida06/10/2013

    I have four cats and now a puppy.....entirely pets help keep our pets happy and healthly at a reasonable price with quick shipping

    Can't Do Without by Teapot from Mobile, AL06/26/2012

    Have 5 cats and each month on the 24th they all get treated. Not that they are happy about it but I am cause there are no fleas or ticks on them or in my house.

    Seems to work by Joe from NC01/16/2015

    Since the product was applied there have been no sign of fleas.

    The BEST FUR Sure! by Frankie from Pittsburgh, PA02/03/2014

    After 3 treatments of Frontline Plus Failure...the Advantage gave immediate relief to my Pets and to my Well-being too. Will never use anything else!

    good product by catlady24/701/16/2014

    My cat weighs 7 lbs (right in the middle for this product 5-9 lbs). It did help but the next dose that I used was for larger cats (over 9 lbs). It gave me more of the liquid and did not harm my cat. Killed fleas as described. Did not have a strong odor like Frontline Plus. Flea infestation was very bad in 2013. I have indoor cats and they still got fleas. I plan on getting a jump start on battling fleas when spring arrives.

    Effective by Pam01/01/2013

    This product works quickly to kill all stages of fleas. Others I used did not kill the larvae or eggs and my cats developed extreme allergies to flea bites until this finally got rid of them. My cats are strictly indoor cats so it was important to me to make sure the fleas did not get serious and infest the house. Not sure how the cats even got fleas in the first place.

    by from 05/30/2012

    One of the foil packages of the product was smashed in transit.

    got by an from immediateI


    Great service by Nancy from Portland, TN11/14/2011

    Rid my cats of fleas and the shipping was fast. Thanks

    Sorry by MsScarlett from Oceanside,CA09/12/2014

    sorry to say, none of the brands work this year. the fleas just laugh and continue to plague us.

    horray! advantage 2 by Sandie-ra from Roseville,MI11/03/2013

    Still no fleas it has been a month,still in the clear,thank you sooooo much! Good product for the price.Do not forget to use the coupon codes!

    by from 09/03/2013

    by from 10/13/2011

    I was very dissatisfied with this product and even called to see if I could return it.

    used by Advantage from inI


    I love this product by Laura Adair from Bobcaygeon, Ontario07/31/2012

    I found Entirely Pets web site last year. I am so glad they ship to Ontario, a lot of the sites I went on didn't. I ordered the Advanage II for my cat and my dog. It works really fast. Enirely Pets shipping is pretty fast. I usually get my package with in 1 1/2 weeks. Their prices are affordable and it's the same product you would get at the vets. I have told a lot of people about Entirely Pets.

    Awesome product! by DaisyGirl from Atlanta, GA04/15/2012

    This product has helped my babygirl Daisy win the fight over flea allergies. She normally has a hard time with sores and bumps from flea bites. We live in GA so we have fleas year round! Thanks for selling this great product!

    by Sun Girl11/06/2012

    Love the product. Easy to apply & it really works!

    Keeps the fleas away by Cat lover from North Carolina06/17/2013

    Good product that is easy to apply and effective

    Good Flea Control by ccc3 from CT12/16/2012

    Fast delivery! Easy to use and apply, vet recommended product

    arrived on time by keylime07/03/2012

    Happy with my order, was shipped right away, no long wait time. Very pleased!!!

    indispensable by CCL11/29/2011

    Although only one of my cats likes outside, they all get fleas. This product is a must have-easy to use, inexpensive, and very effective

    The only one by CH from NH08/21/2013

    This product advantage II along with using the capstar works the best to rid your cat of fleas

    Advantage II Flea Control by dlmi from Maine04/08/2012

    I am back buying more Advantage II for a flea free summer. Cat's are treated and I'm confident we will not have a problem this year. This stuff works best for us.

    Advantage II by lambchp12/06/2012

    Seems to work well. Recommended by my vet as the best anti-flea treatment.

    Very good purchase by Scoobydoo1 from ONTARIO CANADA06/23/2014


    Flea medication by angelplum53 from Pittsburgh, PA05/22/2013

    This product works great on my 15 year old outdoor / indoor cat. I use it every year. Price is right too compared to what vet sells it for.

    advantage ll flea almost killed my cat by earth mother from miami florida03/29/2014

    when I gave my cat his second dose of advantage ll flea control for small cats the next day he was comatose and it took a bath with detergent and two weeks before he returned to normal . Emotionally exhausting as well as a hefty fee from vet for blood work to determine what cause was. My vet told me he no longer carries advantag ll for cats as this isn't the first cat to react to this medication. vet's advice, use revolution my advice, don't use advantage if you love your cat.

    Works fast and effectively!! by Trish from Venice Fla03/18/2013

    Kills fleas fast!! Best product I have ever used!!

    by Christina10/20/2011

    Been using it for years. Works great. Wish it was more natural...but oh well.

    It works by Gigi from Hartwick, New York11/13/2012

    This product is easy to apply to my non-cooperative cat, and it seems to keep the fleas away.

    Flea Control by Ron from Lebanon, Pa.08/13/2013

    I don't trust anything else but Advantage II flea control for my cats -- and Entirely Pets is the cheapest place to get it. Ordering & shipping were fast and easy. Thank You Entirely Pets!

    Advantage for Cats - great product by Kristi11/21/2012

    I have used Advantage for Cats for over 10 years, and our four cats have been flea-free for all of that time. Entirely Pets has the best price and product arrives soon after ordering.

    4 MONTH Advantage ll Flea Control Small Cat by Pearl from Kitchener, ON04/13/2013

    Best purchase ever no more flea needles.

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    Flea Meds by angelplum10/31/2011

    Advantage is one of the best flea prevention medicines available. My long hair cat has never had fleas since I used this product. My cat also tolerates it well. Can't beat Entirely Pets prices either!!

    works like a charm by cecil from durham nc08/24/2013

    easy open packaging, quick to apply, and because the tubes are small I can get the entire dose on the cat in one try. This is what I use for flea control!

    Excellent product- Great price! by chrisk12310/09/2013

    This is the best price I have found for this excellent product.

    Keeps fleas away by Ragtop from Coastal NC11/15/2013

    I panic if I see a flea on my Persian. I use Advantage monthly so that I will NOT see any fleas.

    Advantage II Flea Control for cats 5-9lbs by woman from Winston-Salem, NC02/06/2013

    BEST product for indoor cats smaller than 9 lbs - always get the best deals from Entirely Pets

    by from 11/06/2012

    6 Month advantage-Cats by cmoceri from Sterling Heights, MI05/02/2012

    Rceived fast at a great price! Best price online and in stores!

    Good product by librarydogmom from La Mesa, California07/08/2013

    Works, but our cat soon outgrew this dosage. He's 17 lbs now.

    by from 02/03/2012

    EntirelyPets has great pricing and exceptional shipping.

    flea by medicine from here."Very


    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for C by oleman from Dresden,TN12/10/2011

    Excellent sevice and prompt delivery, Would reccomend to anybody

    great business ethics !!!! by missy and the cats ma from savannah, ga.06/13/2013

    I am very pleased with Entirely !!!! all their products are brand names and have kept my pets flea free . and the petromalt for my long-haired 14lb cat works like a charm. their prices can't be beat and their selection of products make this site my 1-stop store for all my pets needs! i'm about to place an order for my dog's flea meds. the delivery is the fastest yet and I've never had anything be out of stock. where else is there to shop but---- Entirely !!!!!!!!

    Advantage II for sm cats by Cat Nana08/28/2013

    Excellent product. Could see a difference in my kitties scratching. with in minutes it literally stopped!

    excellent product by Robiney's mom from Alvaton, KY07/03/2013

    I have used this for years and have had to problems with side effects.

    GREAT FLEA CONTROL by SWahl from Houston,TX08/18/2014

    This product works well for our 2 small cats.

    Did not work to rid my cats of fleas! by Pal from Eugene, OR01/01/2014

    I have ordered this product before, but, this time, there was almost no fluid in the vial. My cats have suffered from a flea infestation and were miserable until I started to comb them ... almost to the point of no fleas!!

    Great product by jeanief2407/11/2012

    Love this and the tube is small, so you can get the whole thing on the cat before he knows what I'm doing! Keeps the fleas and ticks away

    best buy for not getting a few Bug,s by shortie from ohio01/13/2013

    it,s best to be safe than to end up with a housefull of bugs especially on you loved pets or even your bed. Lets all be safe and protect it all

    Doesn't work on all small cats by BB from Port Arthur, TX10/26/2013

    I have used this product in the past, and it seemed to work well. But with a new small kitten/cat in the house, we used it and it didn't touch the fleas. We spot lots still on the kitten and it scratches constantly. It's pricey for something that didn't work.

    slow shipping by fish10/31/2013

    Shipping took a lot longer than it should have. almost 2 weeks. Price was no better than a store.

    I don't miss a month by Ragtop10/25/2011

    My persian gets this flea treatment at the beginning of each month. She is an 'inside kitty' but I live in a sandy area where fleas can come in on clothing. Knowing the flea cycle, I don't want any hatching going on -- ever. My kitty doesn't either.

    advantage II for cats works great by sherry from Falling Waters, WV01/28/2013

    This works great, wont buy frontline, my vet even told me that it doesnt work. Advantage was recommeded by my vet. My cat is allergic to fleas and they were making her really sick, even though she didnt have them bad. Since I started her on Advantage II for cats, she's doing alot better! The box was pretty dented up when I got it but the medicine was in good shape.

    WORKS WELL by Ron from Lebanon, Pa.08/28/2013

    The product works well. Within 24 hours, both cats were no longer scratching all the time.

    by Maggie from San Rafael, Ca02/20/2013

    So glad I went ahead and purchased the Advantage II. Frontline had stopped working for me. I was very happy how quickly I received my purchase.

    Advantage for small cats by in love with cats!04/29/2013

    what more is there to say? it works like a charm. such an improvement from the pre-Advantage days!

    Great product, great service by Sandie from Tamaqua, PA02/12/2013

    This product is very easy to use and works great! Fleas were gone in no time and have not returned. Service and price were both excellent. It made for a truly no-hassle experience.

    6 month Advantage II Flea Control for Small Cat by Sara from Olympia, WA12/31/2013

    I've used this product for my indoor/outdoor cat for over 10 years and I haven't seen or been bitten by a flea during this time. My cat has no adverse reaction to the application of Advantage, and I am very pleased with the product.

    Using this product for years. by Ms. Lori from pittsburgh, pa03/03/2013

    Works great, and love to see those pesky fleas dying instead of chewing up my cats. This product does not kill ticks, which in my case is unnecessary. Will continue to buy.

    by from 10/29/2013

    Mother knows best by suzi from mccalla, al01/01/2013

    My mother told me about this place and she was right-on. Quick, Quality and savings all at one place

    by from 01/16/2013

    by from 03/21/2014

    My Phoebe will be two years in April, and will be protected with the Advantage product as she gets back outdoors after a very harsh winter. During summer she's out mingling with small wild animals in the park nearby, but never came home with surprises.

    easy by to from apply.Excellent


    phoebe by from Thanks

    Only Advantage will do for my best cat

    Flea & Tick Control by puglover01/23/2013

    Been using for 5 Years.. A wonderful Product..

    worth the money by bandit from mohawk n y12/19/2011

    when I used a this produt she was very calm after applying it not like some other ones that sent her into hidding

    Great Stuff by Cat Mom from Lake Mary, FL02/23/2013

    Overrun with fleas last summer here in Florida, even on a second floor balcony. Tried other products, and the fleas just laughed. This worked great-almost immediately. This is my second time buying it and will come back again.

    Effective Treatment for My Three Cats by lala-lou from New Hampshire03/21/2013

    When I adopted a stray kitten, he was infested with fleas. I used Frontline on him and my other two cats, but it never really killed all of the fleas. After a few months of treatment, I was still finding a few fleas on them when I ran the flea comb through each of them. (As you know, if you see one or two, there are certainly many more you don't see). Since Frontline didn't seem to take care of them, I tried Advantage II. It appears the fleas are truly gone now. I have combed each of the cats with the flea comb several times since treating them a few weeks ago, and I can't find any fleas or flea droppings. So, I think this is an effective, safe product for my cats. I would recommend it based on the results I've seen.

    Product Review by annie from Alexandria, V A01/12/2014

    I have dealt with entirely pets for a few years now. The Advantage flee/tick product is working well. I have 3 cats that receive this product. The orders have arrived promptly--so much so, that I am amazed. Thanks for your service and product.

    Keeps Kitty Happy by Amanda from Austin, Tx12/31/2013

    Don't think you need flea control during winter? We will see in spring when your house starts hopp'n. No bunnies here, I'm talking FLEAS. A few fleas that hitch a ride into your home can lay many eggs, which will begin hatching every two weeks in waves of frustration and discomfort for the home owner. I made the mistake of not using topical flea control for two months one winter and paid dearly for it. I always use Advantage II Flea Control for my inside/outside happy cat. Just give your cat a good brushing, then separate the fur behind the neck. Make sure you drop the Advantage II on the skin. Don't forget a treat reward afterwards!

    arrived quickly by gail from wilkes-barre pa06/13/2012

    It arrived quickly. I am unsure if there is a way to stop the boxes from being crushed.

    Great product by iLoveMyPets from Ontario10/26/2012

    We suspected our dog to have flees, so we got this for our cat as well. After one dose and a couple days, no trace.

    Advantage 11 for cats by Mikie from Manhattan Beach, CA11/27/2012

    My cats have never had fleas in 18 years using this product

    Avantage II for catsVS Frontline for cats by frankie from Morgantown WV07/11/2012

    When Frontline stopped working...and I have used it successfully for years) my vet recommended the's amazing!!! and it works great on my cats!

    No problems basically with Adv. II by catangel from pittsburgh, pa.11/17/2011

    At first was hesitant in switching from original Advantage. Have not had any problems then...but i do have a 'sensitive cat 9 yrs.old"...even with advantage original though". Seems a tad tummy upset for about 24 hours, then is just fine afterwards.

    by vicky03/14/2013

    Always good service when I order from Entirely Pets online.

    Been using this product for Years!! by Baristalady from Tulsa, OK02/26/2013

    I have had much success with Advantage II Flea Control for many, many years. I have three cats right now andthey have no fleas! I keep them treated year around. I highly recommend Advantage II Flea Control for Cats.

    Amazing Product by wfbanker from Wake Forest NC11/29/2012

    I had 4 cats and a dog with fleas -this is the ONLY flea product that took care of all the fleas, pronto!

    flea control by hafepint64 from Florida07/05/2012

    Like that it comes in different weight dosages as my cats range from small to extra large. At this point, it appears to be working quite well for my feline family and us!

    Purchase of Advantage II for Cats by Linda07/10/2012

    I could not get over how promptly I received the Advantage II for Cats that I purchased from Entirely Pets. I received my order the very next day after placing my order. I have ordered from Entirely Pets several times before and the Advantage II has worked to keep my cats safe from fleas. The prices are very good and the ability to buy a 6 month and/or 1 year supply is very convenient. I have tried different companies, but I like Entirely Pets the best!

    by Melynda03/08/2013

    Love the low price! Kill the fleas! Fast and easy to use!

    Worked well by Catwoman from Georgia06/12/2014

    Used both products on my cats, depending on their weight. So far, fleas aren't a problem. Pleased with Advantage II.

    Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat by tootsie from Georgia01/28/2012

    I will do my best to review this product but honestly, I put the product on my cats January 14, 2012, and I have to wait and check to see if it worked!!!

    works great by jan from upstate New York01/14/2014

    Our Vet recommender Advantage for our cat... she had worms from fleas, when we got her. Since being on Advantage she's not had fleas. We use it year round and we live in the north.

    Bad year for Fleas by Nancy from Norfolk, -VA-09/26/2013

    Since there was no real winter in Norfolk, VA for the last 2 years, the fleas are out of control. I put the Advantage II on and 2 weeks later the fleas are on the cats again. I can't put this on them every 2 weeks so it has been a long flea bitten summer!

    by from 07/23/2012

    Been using this product for a few years now. None of my cats seem to have any type of problem after application, except initially when they must feel that "wet spot" on the neck, but that only lasts temporarily. Importantly, no side effects, and I can wait about 5-6 weeks before re-applying.

    Kittens by Specifically from worksThe


    monetary conversion not factored into Canadian by chulookin from Nanaimo B.C. Canada08/23/2013

    Quick delivery to Canada though it was a long weekend, wish the price listed on website had been in Canadian funds instead of American, that would have been quicker due my having to add funds a day later to ship my item. Every day added a lot of flea egg's to our living area which have proven stubborn in dying from the purchase of the Advantage2 . Shipping and the conversion costs make the price here for the flea pills comparable to the price here,we actually can't get the flea pills here yet so it is all good thank you for helping

    Works Great by j1975r from California01/10/2012

    I have used Frontline Plus on my cat and it just didn't do the job. So, I switched to Advantage ll. I saw great results immediately after the first application, I could literally see dead fleas fall off when I brushed him. I'm staying with Advantage ll Flea Control & Tom is happy I am.

    Worth the money by Texas Shopper Donna05/21/2013

    Product worth the money and works great on my pets.

    Yes still works well by catlover408/15/2012

    Advantage & Advantage II have been effective for both my indoor and outdoor cats thankfully during Florida"s year round fleas! Thank you!

    by leslie06/12/2012

    We have 2 house kitties and this ensures they remain free of pests that they might otherwise bring indoors.

    by strawberry from kingston ont. Canada06/02/2013

    For my smaller cats it worked great . no problems at all :) :)

    efective flea control by Terri from Cincinnati OH06/02/2013

    effective flea control and easy to use and lasts a whole month.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)
    Improved product over original Advantage formula by Sue-Huntington Beach CA02/25/2013

    Less greasy and much less chemical smell compared to the original formula. Although my cats don't like to be dosed, the original formula stung their eyes and may have had a burn-sensation. The Advantage II formula does not have the smell or the sting.

    Great Price and Service by Miss Bunny from Saint Augustine, Florida06/28/2013

    A great product at a great price....quick delivery too!

    by lou04/03/2012

    very good for all my cats they don't seem to have ant more fleas or any discomfort

    by hermbob02/12/2013

    I have a six lb. cat and really like being able to buy for her weight instead of a one size fits all. It absorbs quickly.

    by unhappy03/20/2012

    I was disappointed when I opened my package and looked at my products that I ordered. I was sent some of the wrong stuff. I ordered $250.00 worth of cat flee medicine and got some for cats and some for dogs. I had to call and explain and the person on the other end was not very friendly. I tried to explain what I rcvd verses what I ordered and he said "just tell me what you didn't get so we can send that out and send a slip for you to return the other" WOW.

    Works Great by phil09/30/2013

    This product works so much better than anything else on the market. I saw a difference within a few hours. The best part is no more flea baths, which my cat hated. She didn't even seem to notice this on her. It works really great.

    low cost flea prevention by SFcats from shawnee forest in southern IL11/23/2012

    Buying a 12 month package means not only a good price and saving money but its always here when it's time - No delays.

    Good product - Good price by MagieduLac from Chelsea, QC10/23/2012

    Totally satisfied. Much cheaper than at a local store. Will definitely buy again from you.

    What a difference!! by Cat Lover from Rockport, Texas04/17/2012

    Texas has a horrible flea problem this year since it didn't get cold enough to kill any of them. My cats were in torment and another brand I used was like water. It did nothing. Then I read about Advantage II and it worked like magic. I have already ordered a second batch for next month. I have 10 cats to keep clean of fleas and this is doing the job. Thanks so much.

    Great product by Nanna from Bokoshe, Oklahoma01/21/2015

    We live in the country, and fleas are really bad. But this product stops them in their tracks. When we first tried it, we had fleas in our carpets as well as the yard and surrounding area. We put the Advantage II on our dogs that are outdoors, and indoors, and on our indoor cats. Within hours, the fleas on the animals were gone. Within two or three days they were gone from the carpets. When we begin to get low on Advantage II we begin to panic. Got to have it!!

    Great Product by Jeanienj11/21/2012

    Love this for my cats. application quick and easy to apply

    cats are happy and that's what it's all about by ron from florida03/21/2013

    Was easy to register for purchase and payment. Timely shipment and the cats ( all feral and nuetered) will be very happy , I'm sure. If they're not itching , I'm not b****ing.

    Great value and works for my cat by Catty06/18/2013

    I've tried Frontline, but for some reason fleas seem resistant to it on my cat so my vet recommended Advantage. It's been working well so far, and is much more affordable. Definitely give it a try, it seems like different brands work well on different cats.

    Advantage Flea Control by Angie12/19/2012

    Fast shipping time. Decent price. Works as advertised.

    Awesome by Cat from Niagara Falls, NY04/19/2014

    I've used this product for years and love it! I have even convinced my mother & cousin to use it. I can't imagine being without it again. My pets (kids) health and sanity from scratching are very important to me!

    Good alternative to Frontline by Catty08/06/2013

    My cat doesn't seem to respond to Frontline anymore, so I tried Advantage per my vet's advice and it seems to be helping. It doesn't smell as bad as Frontline, and the price is very affordable. This item was shipped quickly to my house and I plan to order it again.

    Advantage II Flea Control by Nancy from Salem, Ohio08/12/2012

    I am very pleased with this product and the service.

    Effective and easy to use by 1 MO cat servant from Missouri06/06/2012

    My indoor-only cats came up with fleas. Their vet says this will be a terrible year for the pests, and to keep the cats dosed with Advantage from now until the first hard freeze. I was concerned that the medication would be too much for my 18-year-old and 19-year-old cats, but no ill effects--and it takes care of the fleas well.

    Advantage by fromlu from Arkansas03/29/2012

    We changed to advantage last year after Frontline quit working on our cats. Advantage seems to start working instantly. We live in the South and fleas are a problem in the summer months for our in and out cats. Advantage has helped this problem tremendously. No more fleas!

    "from a cats view" by Babalu from Los Angeles, California06/28/2012

    Being a real "Tigress" -- a la Chinese calender -- and cats being my "smaller cousins," I can feel the terribly disturbing ITCH the flea season inflicts on my beloved four-legged friends.........the reason I always buy "ADVANTAGE II" -- made by the trusted company BAYER. It's the BEST and long-lasting, 6 to 8 weeks. All 10 cats under my care -- my now indoor/outdoor feline recues -- "purringly" appreciate the needed treatment, and have become the "HAPPIEST CAMPERS" of the whole neighborhood.

    Absolutely works by GOLFMOM from California07/15/2012

    I put Advantage on my cats and never see a flea, they don't scratch or bite at fleas, no fleas in my house. Advantage absolutely works! I've been using it for years. I've tried the other brands that make the same claims and they don't work on my cats.

    Disappointed by Dimples02/28/2013

    I don't know if the product was old or what, but on two occasions that I ordered this product, after two weeks on my cats (I have 10) it didn't work anymore and I had to use another vial because the fleas were so healthy..

    by from 11/04/2011

    When I put the product on one of my four cats her fur turned a light ble in the area that it was applied. The other three were fine, I was just wondering if I had one that was fake. I know it sounds strange but this would be something I would never think of to make up. So if you can please get back to me. In about two weeks or so I have to give them the next treatment.

    lonero" by Blue cat? from bizThank


    only thing working right now by mmn1 from monroe, nc03/17/2014

    Have tried other flea control meds, but they have stopped working; thank goodness for Advantage II Flea Control.

    Good and long purchase by funnylittleone05/30/2013

    Usually I just buy for 4 months for my cat. I decided to order 1 year's supply of flea medicine. Well I won't have to worry about it for quite a while. I have been with you for a long time and never had a complaint.

    by from 11/18/2012

    To use one of my grandchildren's favorite expressions, Advantage II Flea Control is "awesome." But so is Entirely Pets! Like most everyone in America I'm on an extremely tight budget, but I'm very good at staying within it. My sister says "Deb can pinch pennies until Lincoln screams!" Thank God for THAT gift!

    Pets by to from thankI


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    first by Advantage from IIAfter


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    now by my from ONLYEntirely


    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    works better than frontline plus by morgan37311/17/2011

    advantage II finally a topical flee med that accually works. I have 8 cats and have been using the Frontline for the last few years as they said it was the best well it never seemed to work tried tha New Advantage II this is like magic works like a charm.To top it all off it is less exspensive than the Frontline. They all are very thankful and so am I

    Good Product, Terrible Service by Unhappy Customer11/28/2012

    The product is exactly what we expected. However, the customer service of EntirelyPets is terrible. Unless you are willing to wait forever for your order do not order from here. The webpage says that usually products ship within one business day. We payed for overnight shipping to make sure we get it as soon as possible. After three days we checked the status of the order online and it said it was still in the warehouse. We e-mailed and called and were told that it should have been already sent and they would e-mail us the tracking info. When still nothing happened we called again and were answered extremely rude. We were informed that they had over 1000 orders and that this was just the way it was. We ended up getting the product over a week later after we had already went to a regular pet store and paid the full price. We were also told that we would be refunded the expedited shipping fee but never were.

    by tdh from charlotte, nc03/13/2013

    We have 2 indoor cats that consistently keep getting fleas. I'm guessing that the fleas are hitching a ride in via our dogs. The first time my cats got fleas they were covered with them. This medicine seems to keep them from getting fully infested as they had in the past, but I do still find fleas on them even though our dogs are treated with flea meds and we have given them flea baths.

    Excellent Service, As Usual by LateNighter from Stone Mountain, GA07/24/2013

    I purchase all my flea control products from Entirely Pets, and they always arrive promptly, in perfect condition. Best price. Unbeatable service.

    by Carollouise08/08/2012

    I'm very impressed with this product. I have not seen fleas on my two cats since I started using it three months ago.

    good for winter by rox from Virginia09/04/2013

    During summer and fall, a tick preventative is absolutely essential in this part of Virginia where Lymes Disease if rampant. However, during winter when ticks are less of a problem, it is nice to back off/change up some of the chemicals and apply only the Advantage flea med.

    Great Product!!! by Georgi from Tallahassee, FL10/06/2011

    This is definitely the best flea product out there for cats. Don't waste your money buying the less expensive stuff. Entirely Pets offers Advantage II for a great price and the FASTEST delivery I've ever experienced!

    Great price! Great service! by Cmi10/23/2012

    Fast service! Was very happy with my purchase. I will definitely use Entirely Pets again!

    by Pickles' parent02/01/2013

    This worked better than frontline this time for us, this year in FL we're having a bad winter for fleas.

    Keeps Nature at Bay by cbpsych from Deltona, FL03/09/2013

    Actually bought the 6 month supply of this when my cat and I both got fed up with another brand. Plus, I found a tick, which was the final straw. My cat is an inside cat who ventures just outside the back door into the Florida woods for very brief periods. So far, since using Advantage, no fleas, ticks, or alligators. She gets some exercise and i get some peace of mind. And online prices were half of that in local stores.

    Great Product by linda11/12/2011

    Great product at best price I could find. Also very fast delivery! I would recommend this site to anyone who use this product on a regular basis. Overall very happy with my purchase.

    by Sparrow07/05/2012

    It works when there's not a *bad* infestation. For normal maintenance, it seems to do the trick.

    Quality product by SheilaB03/05/2013

    Great against fleas. Highly recommend it.

    4 month advantage for cats over 9 lbs. by marcia08/27/2012

    Our dog is allergic to some flea medications. The vet suggested we use advantage for cats. It works well. Great shipping times.

    Advantage 11 for cats 0ver 9 lbs. by samuella from Virginia Beach, Va01/24/2013

    This is the best stuff I have ever used and has gotten rid of the fleas in my home. It is wonderful to see my cat be able to not scratch and kick at fleas constantly ! Thank you ! Solomon my cat really thanks you ! The price also beat Walmart's ! Samuella

    by from 02/27/2013

    He even started liking it. by Mr Kitty from Buffalo, NY08/20/2013

    I get a little dizzy when I try to wash it off, but I don't have fleas. No more awful car rides to the hospital where they squeeze and poke me.

    DEFINITELY WORTH BUYING!!!!! by StaceyB05/03/2012

    I have an indoor cat that recently snuck out the front door and was outside long enough to pick up some pesky fleas... She had never had fleas before so I immediately got on Entirely Pets website and browsed flea products. I chose the Advantage II flea control and am so glad I did. It was easy to apply and took care of the fleas within an hour!!! I would highly recommend this product!

    Advantage flea meds by Nanners02/16/2013

    The product arrived swiftly, within two days and much chaeper than my vet or local pet stores were selling it for...I was very pleased with this service. Thank you Nancy Clark Edmonds, WA

    by Christina10/20/2011

    Been using it for years. Works great. Wish it was more natural...but oh well.

    advantage 2 by debbie from macon ga09/28/2013

    this seems to be working fine. my cat isn't scratching as much

    Great Product by Joe from Newport News VA10/25/2012

    Worked like a charm. Our cat wasn't bothered by it at all. The price was great and the package arrived in a very short time.

    advantage flea treatment for cats by crazycatwoman from manchester06/19/2012

    fast acting but wouldnt buy from this site as its very over priced when i buy 4months for 9.25

    Great Product by MilosMom from New York11/30/2011

    We had to move into a house where the people before us had not used any flea control for their many pets. It took us forever to get all the pests out of the house but thanks to Advantage II our cats got not one flea. That's all you could ever ask for, in my opinion.

    WOW! Finally a really good flea product!! by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL07/03/2014

    I have ten cats and fleas have been a problem until I found Advantage II. I had tried a number of different products with little or no success in controlling the fleas - that is until I tried Advantage II. Advantage II works great! The cats no longer have ANY fleas and therefore no more skin irritation. I will recommend Advantage II to every pet owner that I know. .

    Flea's be gone! by Naphtali from South Carolina06/27/2013

    After months last year using a different flea and tick medicine on our cat that didn't work, we changed to Advantix. Within 24 hours it is a noticeable difference and lasts a few weeks. Well worth it.

    Good stuff! by Nana from Seattle, WA12/05/2012

    Great products at a great price! Quick service.

    Best Price! by melissa from Indialantic, Florida07/14/2012

    I've searched online, and this store has the cheapest prices for Advantage. I'll be back for more...

    did its job by polishbrat from Orlando, FL03/16/2012

    Oen cat did need to have a 2nd does 2 weeks later.

    Easy as Pie by krussell08/11/2012

    I love this site! I've been using this Flea medicine for years but always picked it up from my local vet! Well the last 2 orders have come from Entirely Pets & I was amazed how easy & quickly it arrived! I well recommend 4 month Advantage II for my 2 cats & ordering from here. Thanks

    It Only Works for A While by Karen from Summerfield, Fl01/09/2014

    Advantage used to be sufficient to kill fleas on my cats, but repeated use has rendered it less effective over time.

    by from 12/14/2012

    Great Product and Service by Max05/09/2013

    Product works very well. Entirely Pets site is easy to use for ordering and they ship quickly. Thanks!

    Great Service! by JoanofLark10 from Ontario, Canada08/15/2013

    I ordered flea products from Entirely Pets and they were a pleasure to deal with. The order went through and I received my product promptly in the mail with great packaging. I would definitely buy from this company again.

    Thank You! by Max from Delaware10/23/2012

    Excellent product, quick shipping, and a lot less expensive than my vet's office!

    Disappointed :-( by Mom2Finn from Saco,ME11/02/2013

    I followed the instructions to a tee and my cats still have fleas; not sure whether to blame myself or the product but my cats stay indoors and the product did not work for any of them.

    by Katinka from Boynton beach, Fl11/22/2013

    with 5 cats, this product is great the price is ok too

    4 month Advantage by dj from Sunnyvale, CA06/17/2013

    The product came to my door in a timely manner. It works nicely to keep my cats flea-free. They really do not like the feel or the smell; but that is the tradeoff for comfort.

    Works great by Cats Rock from Fairfield, ME07/30/2013

    I have had great luck with the Advantage II. I don't know why the other products didn't work as well with the fleas as I have tried other top brands but the Advantage took care of the problem fast last year when nothing else seemed to touch them. Since I've been using it these 2 cats have been flea free since last summer and loving it. :) Thanks for reading.

    No problems by Jeter from Buffalo, NY07/03/2012

    Good product-good price-fast service-good discount.

    Advantage ii Flea Control Large Cats by Mo from Belle Center, Ohio06/05/2012

    I think this product is as good if not better than Fontline. I would buy again.

    Advantage II for Large Cats by Paula from Venice, Florida USA04/21/2013

    After trying just about every product on the market, Advantage II is the one that has actually worked. Living in south Florida, we have fleas year round so flea control is a major issue. I have three happy and flea free cats!

    Excellent product! by Florida customer from Florida01/29/2013

    I have been ordering Advantage for our cats for several years and it has been totally effective in killing fleas quickly and keeps them flea free. It's a great product and I highly recommend it.

    Another Great Product by Bernie from Pacifica, California12/06/2011

    Love this product for my cat. I was using the under 9lbs product until my cat happened to grow over 14 pounds before my eyes! I had to move up to the over 9lbs Advantage and it works wonders just like the lower weight product did. The fleas and eggs just disappear it seems overnight after applying. Thank you for a great product and a great Company that I never have to leave my house to purchase.

    by Rachel12/13/2012

    Seems to be fine. Purchase and shipping was smooth.

    best prices ever by andy from lakewood, ohio09/11/2014

    i bought mostly Advantage 2 flea treatment on several occasions and it works perfectly every time within 48 hrs. all fleas on cats are gone, even on my 25 lb. moose TC. Never had a bad experience with Entirely Pets and always fast delivery

    Excellent Product by Rosiedendrome from Seattle, WA07/14/2014

    My big Siamese-Burmese is indoor cat however caught fleas but she's allergy to Frontier and to Activyl prescribed by her Vet. After application she developed black bruise on the area applied with the medications (both Frontier and Activyl) and then later developed bald spot on that same area that get in contact of the previous 2 products. It is only with Advantage that she didn't have allergy reaction and it all got rid of the fleas completely. Now she's back in bed with me!

    quick delivary by bewitchingdragon from Ferndale washington01/27/2013

    My purchase was quick. Priced lowest around and quick delivary.

    Not a Happy Camper by MBF from Niagara, Canada03/04/2013

    The product was fine and I would love to recommend it to friends and order again in the future. Only one problem. I was double charged for my single purchase and was promised that the charge would be gone in a few days. It hasn't. So I feel scammed.

    Best prices on flea medications!! by sentra57 from Smyrna, TN10/25/2012

    I received the best flea medication at the very best price on the internet! Some sites may have it a couple of dollars cheaper but they want to charge you $15 to ship! Fast service!

    by from 01/27/2014

    Excellent Product by Sheila08/03/2012

    I used to apply Frontline and it worked quite well until last year when I had a terrible flea infestation with it's use. I switched to Advantage at the advice of my veterinarian and my pets were flea free within hours. Great product and no reactions. Wonderful. Highly recommend.

    Advantage Flea Control by Sue08/08/2012

    I purchased this product many times before so I know it works for my cats; however, the price I paid and the delivery time were both excdellent and I would definitely do business again with this company.

    Wonderful service by Sheri from East New Market, MD05/12/2013

    I never have to worry about fleas or ticks on my cat. All my animals are safe....

    Much better than Frontline by Linda M10/28/2011

    I have tried many flea products over the years for my kitties but always go back to Advantage. EntirelyPets has the best price of anyone. I will definately be buying from them again.

    Have been using Advantage for years by Arthur2107/27/2012

    I've used Advantage for our cats for years and have never had an incident of fleas or ticks. I would not switch to anything else.

    great price and works well by Susan11/15/2012

    My inside kitty still needs fea control. Works well and he doesn't try to lick it off.

    Saved my life! by catwoman from Jacksonville, Fl.07/12/2014

    My 4 cats do not go outside however they love to sit by the sliding glass door when it is open and I am sure that the fleas come in. They are so bothered when they have fleas! Within 12 hours after Advantage is put on them they begin to rest peacefully and I see dead fleas. I brush them constantly and they feel like a million bucks!!!

    Great products! by VeggieChica02/12/2013

    These work so well on my cats to get rid of all fleas! Best of all the ones I've tried!

    Works very well by pwurmser07/21/2012

    Works very well, have a cat that used to be in and out, now almost exclusively in. Use the Advantage to kills fleas on him and on his brother. WIth the mild winter, going to be a bad year for fleas.

    Fleas Be Gone by Bets from Calabash, NC06/17/2013

    Charley and Grayson get their flea treatment each month regularly as fleas can be bad here in the South. They are very happy that they won't get those nastly little creatures. I like giving them Advantage II which I purchase from your company and receive them FAST in a day or two. Thank you for your promptness!!!

    Advantage II for Cats by Debra from Marietta, Ohio03/14/2012

    Very good product! I was using Frontline Plus, but was still seeing fleas. After using Advantage II after just one month, have not seen a flea after the first week! Thank you

    Best price! by Ginko from Orlando, FL07/03/2012

    Shopped several sites and stores, this was the best deal out there. And really fast shipping!

    Good News & Bad News by 4catsrus from CT10/28/2012

    I had to try this since Frontline Plus crapped the bed for the last three yrs. This review is for last yrs use of Adv.II.... Sweetboy didn't seem to have any type of reaction to my knowledge. I'm hoping it'll be the same this time. But, it must have itched my other male, 'cause he kept biting his hair down near his belly. Hair that was a good inch and 1/2 long was reduced to about 1/2". I'm going to check on this but a Vet gave me written instructions once for giving a cat Benadryl. I wished I'd known it sooner, it may have helped him. The most I could do would be to suggest using it with caution...and I don't know how anyone would do that. Once it's on it's on. Possibly bathing the pet having a reaction may help. But definitely observe your pet daily for reactions. I was able to find some original Frontline also online which I'll be using on Quattro. ...Hoping for the best!

    Quick & Easy by smcjmc from Oregon02/11/2012

    Product arrived quickly, loved free shipping over $85.00 and product is as described. Entirely Pets works for us everytime!

    Recommended by the vet for my larger car by mocomment11/14/2012

    Recommended by the vet and I have been using for a while now. Usually don't see a flea the next day, but with multiple cats, hard to tell if one just jumped off another cat that needs to be treated. I try to do all 3 the same time, that way they're under control

    by from 11/05/2011

    I have been using the Advantage Flea Control Products for many years on different size cats. It works and the product is safe when used as directed.

    I by have from purchasedIn


    by from 01/30/2013

    Come on girls, it's ADVANTAGE TIME by Pat from New Smyrna Beach, Fl01/23/2012

    During the yearsI have taken into my home quite a number of homeless cats and to their absolute delight I introduced them to ADVANTAGE. It's been eight years since I started make them happy and content with not having to deal with those itchy, mean ticks and fleas. It works wonders on them and both the cats and myself are happy customers of "Entirely Pets". Thank you for always shipping the products so quickly to my home.

    4month Advantage II Flea control large cat by Vi from Hubbard, Ohio07/08/2012

    Very happy with the product results and it was a good savings over what I was paying at the Vets

    great flea protection! by Bowser7703/11/2013

    my cats are indoors, but my dogs are coming in and out all day long through the dog door. somehow the cats pick up fleas this way easier than the dogs do. this product gives them great protection at a reasonable price. the cheaper products hardly give 3 weeks protection, where i can push this product to 5 weeks sometimes and they still won't have fleas.

    4 month advantage II for large cats by Bevy from Auburn, N.Y.03/07/2012

    I always get my order promptly and my pets find immediate relief. Entierly Pets always have a promotion saving me $$'s. I would highly recommend this site to all my friends for all their pet needs. I have used this site for several years now and I am completely satisfied.

    will order again by taj from ok04/10/2012

    ordered Advantage II for cats but received just the regular Advantage. Needed it immediately so did not return. Will try again on next order



    great product by Trish from Venice Fla05/09/2014

    This works against fleas very very well, easy to apply and long lasting!

    by Mad Cats from Rutherfordton NC05/30/2012

    Took hair off my cat's neck and a rash appeared. Switched back to Frontline Plus.

    Its a good thing by Fbjohnnie2003 from Antioch, TN12/02/2012

    After my product didnt arrive by the specified time that I had paid for I called the company. I was informed that by accident they had shipped out flea preventive for a dog and not a cat which I ordered for. They were very nice, refunded my shipping cost, and expedited the right order to me. The advantage II is a great product. With in a few hrs I noticed all the fleas had left my cats belly. It was easily applied, and my cat didnt seem to have any side effects from the application. I would definitely recommend to anyone purchasing from this website, and purchasing this product. I will be a repeat customer. Oh and as an added bonus its cheaper then buying the flea medicine at the Vet or Pet store..

    Advantage Flea Killer by Madcats from Rutherfordton NC07/03/2013

    Frontline Plus has gotten too expensive to use so I switched to Advantage to save money. It works the same as Frontline Plus.

    by from 01/19/2013

    I've been using Advantage II on my indoor cat for years. My home had fleas when I moved in. I did a flea bomb to rid of the existing fleas. I used Advantage as an ongoing plan for any eggs that might hatch later, and then use my cat as a host. It's been extremely effective, as we haven't had a single flea since. by It from tookI


    good stuff by cj05/04/2012

    I have used many other products and found this to be most effective and does not make my pets sick

    by Bevy from Auburn, N.Y.06/26/2012

    I love this product for my cats. The fact that I can order my flea medicine for my animals and receive it so quickly by mail. I always order all my pet's medicine from entirely pets .com, because of their great service. thank you

    Advantage Flea Control by Angie12/19/2012

    Fast shipping time. Decent price. Works as advertised.

    Better than Fall-mart! by Brit10/23/2012

    Exact same product was $10 less (including shipping) than ***-mart. Maybe EntirelyPets slogan should be save money and pets live better!

    by Carollouise02/12/2013

    Only product that I use. Only product that works. . . .

    kills fleas by ren05/30/2012

    my indoor cat had fleas last summer. I couldn't believe it. I treated her with the advantage II and got a fast result. the problem was controlled quickly. she gets this once a month and is flea free.

    Advantage II by sjay from Boston, MA10/27/2011

    I treated 3 cats with this. I used to use regular Advantage for cats years ago and it worked superbly, and Frontline for a dog. Indoor cats got fleas this year because decided to let one explore the great outdoors for a week, until she brought the fleas in, which in turn found the other pets of course. Unfortunately, I believe fleas are becoming somewhat immune to these formulas or the formulas have changed. Took 2 treatments to put a significant dent in the number of fleas, and may need a third. We shall see. I cleaned household as well at same time to eliminate as much flea leftovers as possible. Don't want to treat again too soon. I'll try another brand next time. However, FAR better than anything else you can buy "off the shelf".

    4 month Advantage-Cats by cmoceri from Sterling Heights, MI05/02/2012

    I received this product quickly and it was the best price anywhere, online or in stores!

    ADVANTAGE II IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT! by dlmi from Maine09/18/2011

    I have been using another top brand for years. I won't say the name in case it's not allowed. Last year we added sand to our back lawn to make the ground level for a pool. Without realizing it we were tracking fleas into our home and our 2 cats also were picking up fleas. Oh gosh, I hurried and bought flea spray for the house and our 2 cats were already treated with the top of the line flea dope so I thought we'd get it under control. The cats were getting worse and since they sleep on the end of the bed near my feet I was getting bitten. Time came for another application and I kept treating the house. House was flea free but my 2 cats still were still picking up fleas. Winter came and the flea problem seems to be gone. Well March came around and the cats start scratching and I started scratching, What's going on??? Fleas again. The cats had not been outside. All I can think of is flea eggs must of survived somewhere in our home. basement possibly? To cut the story short I again treated the cats with my old brand and the house with flea spray. Seems to help but the cats were still scratching and I was still finding 3 or 4 on them with the flea comb. So I proceeded to keep treating them once a month and the problem just wasn't going away. I purchased this advantage II applied the evening it arrrived which was extremly fast shipping, and the next morning I was finding dead fleas. JUST wonderful!! Finally something that was working. Either the fleas we have here in Maine are getting stronger or the product I was using changed their fomular. I don't know but I do know I will be using Advantage II from here on out. It had been over a year I was fighting these pesty things and in one night with Advantage II my flea problem is absolutly gone!!! Yeah. Don't ponder over which one to buy. This is it. IT WORKS! And it also says on the box that you may re-apply in 7 days if needed. I did not but if your cats are badly infested you may. You won't find that statement on the other one I was using. Had to wait 30 days before re-applying. I can now sleep in peace thanks to Advantage II and so will you!

    Cheaper than the Vets by krussell from Belleville, IL12/31/2012

    The value is much better than I can get @ the Vets & the delivery time is very quick

    AdvantageII by Divanor from Miami, FL01/17/2013

    This product does what it says coupled with Capstar. My five indoor cats and one outdoor cat were relieved from a n intermittent flea outbreak.

    by Red from weeki wachee, florida05/29/2013

    Repeat user for my 6 kittys. Great stuff!!!!!

    4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for C by chris91205 from Los Angeles10/04/2013

    Great price, fast shipping and the product works marvelously on my cats!

    advantage 11 for cats by bev from upstate New York10/20/2011

    Each time I order flea medicine from Entirely, it always arrives quickly and it works every time on my four cats. Thank you for your wonderful service. Bev

    very good product by glo from Ventura. Ca.10/28/2011

    I only purchase advantage, I trust this product, my cat has never had fleas since I put it on him once a month. Entirely pets, has the lowest piice I have seen. thanks guys!

    Advantage II Flea Control by anonymous from Canada09/25/2013

    After the initial supply ran out, after numerous phone calls and finally having my order filled, I rec'd. my product about a month after ordering. The product was shipped directly to my home in Canada with no duty payable by me. The product works very well and most importantly continues to repel new infestations/hatchings. As importantly, I note it also eliminates ticks. I will continue to use this product as long as necessary and my cat and I look forward to being rid of fleas forever!

    by buddy and little girly07/25/2013

    yes this product really works. my pets are happy that it does. we will be back soon. thanks

    by from 03/08/2013

    Amazing Product by Kel from Virginia11/29/2011

    We recently adopted a 4 month old kitten from Petsmart and while her records showed they had treated her for fleas, when we brought her home we realized that she was infested. Having 2 other adult cats that were now itching and scratching, we needed something that would alleviate their discomfort and get rid of the fleas fast. Our vet recommended Advantage II and after applying to both of our Adult cats and using the Advantage Medium cat for our newest feline, all 3 appeared to be flea free within a day. It has been several weeks since we used the product and haven't seen a flea since. Would highly recommend this product, it took care of the problem and did so quickly!

    Advantage for Cats/Order Placed for my Mother by Sherri McGee from Indianapolis, IN10/28/2011

    It was NOT clearly marked for "Fleas, Tics, etc." and that is what she truly needed, so now both of us are not going to order online again, as you can not be sure your getting what you ordered.

    by from 07/10/2012

    by wiley from Portland,Or.04/04/2014

    I have been happy with this product and have used it for several years. I use it mainly starting in the spring through fall months..

    Helped my cat by Bearhall04 from Middle Tennessee10/23/2013

    My cat is allergic to flea bites. This has helped immensley in coping with this odd allergy. He does not mind the application process and it works well. I have found minimal fleas on him as long I keep this applied as needed.

    Featured Reviews for 6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    Quality Product with Quality Price by Bern from Bronx, NY01/22/2012

    As a rescuer, I work in volume and need best product for best price. That is what I got with this purchase for Flea control, Advantage II for cats over 9 lbs.

    Flealess by Mo01/23/2013

    We have used Advantage II Flea Control for our cats for over ten years. It is easy to use, safe and very effective. Entirely Pets has a great price and speedy service.

    Never again!!! by scochra4 from TN05/20/2013

    It's that special moment... When you take your cat to the vet, only to be fussed at because she is eat up with fleas & ticks, and it's only been 20 days since you treated her!

    always reliable by Terri from Cincinnati OH06/02/2013

    ordered online late Saturday night and the package was in my mailbox on Monday.

    works well by Ron from Lebanon, Pa.08/28/2013

    The product works well. Within 24 hours, both cats were no longer scratching all the time.

    The only product that really works! by Mitzi from Canaan, CT03/27/2012

    My daughter is a veterinary assistant, and when my cat picked up fleas somehow, I purchased a product at the local pet store. It didn't do a thing! When I asked my daughter for advice, she told me that buying anything besides Advantage was a complete waste of money. It's the only flea repellent recommended by the veterinary hospital where she's employed--and I can see why this is so. It's the best! We are now free of fleas.

    by rich.04/29/2012

    great stuff,buy it it does work...does what it says.

    flea treatment by cg04/02/2014

    i love buying this product works well my cats are indoor but i still treat them seems to do the job

    This product works! by Alty from Altoona, PA01/06/2012

    We noticed using another flea brand - fleas on our cats head. We decided to switch and try the Advantage II product and after using have not been able to find any fleas ! What a relief. Good product - will recommend to friends

    by donnacat11/25/2012

    I've been using Frontline and it seemed to just stop working after 2 wks. Advantage II got rid of the fleas and it's been 3 wks. now and no fleas!

    Advantage for Cats by guitargranny from Lantana, FL08/06/2013

    I continually order flea meds from Entirely Pets; the quality of the product is good and the prices are more reasonable than any other place I might buy them. Thank you Entirely Pets for offering such a great product at such a low price to keep my 4 cats happy & flea-free..

    effective by steve09/01/2013

    If I'm allowed to say it..."hands down" better and more effective than frontline. I will be ordering more.

    Very, Very pleased by Nanna from Bokoshe, Oklahoma10/06/2013

    We have several cats. We had bought Seargents Flea and Tick drops for cats. We caused one of our cats to have eye problems, immediately his eyes began to "shake" . They stayed that way, even after we washed it off, and for a couple of years, until his death. Another cat began to act totally crazy, and we ended up putting her down. I was thrilled to find Advantage for cats. We have no problems with it whatsoever. We use it on our indoor and outdoor cats and they remain flea free. I am totally delighted.

    6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for C by oleman from Dresden TN12/10/2011

    Excelent service and a good product,would reccomend to anybody

    EXCELLENT by Artistno5 from The Sunshine State09/14/2013

    Excellent product AND excellent service! Super fast delivery!

    works well,easy to apply by Joyce from Mobile, Al08/10/2012

    We live in the deep south and have tons of problems with fleas-even though my cats are all indoors we treat all of our dogs and cats here-all year around!

    no product still??? by george11/01/2011

    still no product after 3 weeks!!! will never order from here again

    Never Disappointed by Betsy from Los Angeles, CA05/15/2013

    I have used Entirely Pets for over 6 years and have never been disappointed - in fact, the service constantly exceeds my expectations. The price is the best. The shipment arrives faster than promised. The product is correct, and the website ordering easy to use. Thank you for being all that you promise.

    by jackie05/09/2014

    Our cat is an inside outside cat and has come in with a few ticks on his fur but not into his skin. We are please with the product and would recommend it.

    by marmar from Stockton Ca11/29/2011

    I think this product works better than frontline for my animals

    Works great but be advised... by Swedee05/30/2013

    First used this in June 2010. All cats responded well--except one stopped eating after one week, was tested and pronounced terminally ill; but by continuing to feed by dropper and rubbing on mouth, after one month the cat suddenly recovered his appetite! An apparent reaction to the medication. He had dropped from 12 to 7 pounds; has recovered and now weighs 13 pounds. This May 2013 applied medication to 7 cats; one cat aged 16 reacted by pulling a large section of fur off of his back and neck--wherever the med was applied. I will not re-treat either cat with reaction. They get enough residual protection from the other cats.

    Very effective flea prevention by Cat Mama03/19/2014

    I have been doing business with Entirely Pets for several years. It is fast and easy to place an order and it always arrives very quickly. I have never had any kind of problem with Entirely Pets. I recommend them highly.

    smart purchase by cj from washington state01/06/2013

    good products, good price, and very speedily delivered. Thanks

    by kari from Indianapolis, IN05/09/2013

    This product works great for cats. It is easy to apply, at the nape of their necks, and appears to be fragrance free

    Does Not Work for Ticks by mes from PA11/27/2013

    I ordered this because it came up under my search for "cats ticks". When the shipment came, the box said it was not for ticks, so I got a RMA on 10/21/13 and shipped the product that day. Still waiting for refund.

    consistently good product by Nellie11/06/2012

    I have been pleased with this product as it has been totally effective in preventing fleas on our cats. It is easy to apply but my one complaint would be it isn't easy to get out of the packaging. Our cats have had no side effects from this product.

    Advantage for Cats by Baby Tiger from Honolulu, HI03/04/2013

    Best flea control for cats and best company to order it from. Thanks!

    Best price! by Jenny from Massachusetts12/10/2012

    I have 3 cats, one outdoor two indoor. This is the best product! I tried frontline and the fleas were immune to it! I tried this and within 24 hours the fleas are gone! I could purchase Advantage at my local pet store, but its almost $20 more! I've been using this for 6 months, and I highly recommend it!

    by from 11/15/2013

    Best Flea Killer Yet!! by EJ from Centerville, IN10/05/2011

    I have three cats now and have had to deal with heavy fleas this past summer. I was using Frontline as I had heard it was the best. It was ok but turns out for my cats, Advantage was the best for them and us. I have used flea preventatives for my animals all along but when I had fleas that seemed to stay around forever, then I decided to try Advantage again. It worked so well that now I use only Advantage. I found that using Advantage on the animals along with dousing my carpets with table salt, the fleas disappeared. Now, it is Advantage monthly for all my animals.

    by love my kitty kitty12/14/2011

    I really am not sure. I've noticed my cat has tape worms again, so I don't think this product is working effectively.

    Greatness by Brandon from Rome , GA09/02/2014

    awesome price and timely arrival awesome price and timely arrival awesome price and timely arrivalawesome price and timely arrivalawesome price and timely arrival

    economical purchase by peggy from Cincinnati, OH05/29/2012

    I have 3 cats so a 6 month supply is good for 2 rounds for the cats. Cats don't like it though and avoid us when they see we want to apply it to them.

    Flea Control by Julie from Hallsville, TX10/25/2011

    The Advantage ll seems to be keeping the fleas away from my cat but it has only been a few weeks.

    my cat loves this stuff by timmy from Lavergne., Tennessee04/06/2013

    he used to hide and feel awful after getting these tubes of flee medicine, now he doesn't mind at all and there are NO FLEES. THANKS LOADS

    Good Flea Control Medication by AnonymousJohnDoe03/27/2014

    It took care of the flea problem my cats had quickly.

    Works great - Advantage ll Flea Control by tina from VA02/03/2012

    I have two indoor-only cats that had fleas. I had been using Frontline for about a year and noticed that recently it wasn't working. My vet recommended Advantage. I was told that the fleas might have developed a resistance to the Frontline. I bought Advantage ll for large cats and it has worked very well. No more scratching and not as much hair falling onto my furniture! I recommend Advantage ll, especially if what you are currently using is no longer effective.

    by from 10/29/2011

    Great Flea Protection by bluemoon from Middleport, NY08/19/2012

    Eases my cats flea symptoms within hours and keeps them away! The best product for my multi-feline household.

    No Flea Bags here by krussell from Belleville, IL01/17/2014

    I've been using this product for yrs & never had a problem controlling fleas on my 2 cats. The only time I did was when I used Hartz @ Walmart-Never again. Love this site & the quick deliveries.

    advantage II for large cats by MarBear from New Brunswick, Canada12/19/2012

    I have a long hair very large orange cat that loves the outside in the summer, he have never been bothered by fleas. I apply the advantage once a's that easy. I have never used anything else. Love the product.

    Good product by i dont have one from Houston, TX06/13/2012

    Seems to work for the most part. I have multiple cats and it works on them all.

    flea treatment by lilbit& booboo from whitakers,nc09/23/2013

    just need to pack better than what u pack when shipping ..

    by strawberry from kingston ont. Canada06/02/2013

    cats are happy no more scacthing ,product worked great :)

    no fleas here! by lori03/06/2013

    We have had very good luck with keeping the fleas away since we started using advantage on our cats.

    Didn't work for me this time by Laura from Vidalia, GA11/06/2012

    I have a cat that goes in and out, it didn't seem to take care of the fleas this year. I will try something new next time. I live in the country and I think the fleas and ticks are worse here.

    Advantage 2, by Melynda03/08/2013

    I have ten cats that I rescued and love the low prices here on the website! Fast and reliable shipping! Great buy!

    Worth the money by Texas Shopper Donna05/21/2013

    Works great - lasts longer than expected and is money well spent.

    Totally happy by 2fatcats from Greensboro, NC11/29/2011

    This stuff worked better than Frontline for my two cats. Our fleas were pretty bad this year and we were having a hard time controlling them. After a week - we're flea free.

    working great!!! by dtreuil from Montgomery, Al01/15/2013

    I have been using Advantage for Cats now over 15 years with a total of 6 cats, not all at one time and the product works. I currently have two cats left and one goes out and in daily while the other due to age is house bound. They both do very well on the product and I have not seen a flea yet. Thanks

    This stuff is great by JessicaR from Tampa, FL02/20/2013

    This product is the only thing that keeps fleas off my cat. I've been using it for years. Great stuff.

    Very effective by jcallen from Harrisburg, PA07/25/2014

    does the job as a flea and tick preventative, and has a pleasant smell besides...:)

    Good Product by Johanne12/15/2012

    Have used this product for a few years with our cat though not full proof.

    excellent outcome by Rosey with 4 cats06/19/2012

    previous product stopped working (frontline) and the Advantage 2 did a great job in eliminating the fleas on our cats.

    its awesome by Brandon09/16/2014

    great price , great time delivered , quality product

    Works great! by KittyOwner12/30/2012

    I have had great results while using this product. This year is the first time I've ever had a problem with fleas in the past almost 8 years of owning pets (dogs and cats) and this product helped to get rid of them promptly. I would highly recommend this product to other consumers! :-)

    At Last! No fleas!! by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL09/19/2014

    I have ten indoor/outdoor cats. Fleas have been a problem until we got them under complete control thanks to Advantage II. I have tried other flea control products but none have been as effective as Advantage II. I definitely plan on ordering more!

    Great flea medicine by lynnivan10/24/2011

    I love this product. I have tried others, and it works the best for both my cats.

    by Thankful07/14/2012

    Advantage truly works - no fleas, no eggs, no scratching. Use it regularly and you will not have any issues with your cat.

    Great Product by cweberrn from Pasadena, CA02/20/2013

    We had a massive flea infestation and our cats were just covered in fleas. Money is tight so I couldn't afford to buy Advantage which I had always used in the past. Luckily I got a check that I wasn't expecting and now I had the money to buy my cats the Advantage that they needed. Within 48 hours they were flea free and I was finding dead or mostly dead fleas in my bed where the cats all like to sleep. This new formula seems to work a lot better than the original and for that I am very grateful. I'm sure my cats are too! Also I was able to get the products on sale and that definitely helped my budget.

    Great purchase by AngieM from Upstate New York03/18/2013

    I have never been dissapointed with this product or from this supplier.

    We have the Advantage! by Murphy from Oregon City, OR07/29/2013

    Great product that works...what more could be asked?

    Advantage for cats by Deb from Pensacola, FL09/18/2013

    I have never seen a flea on our cat and we live in Florida where they are numerous. Plus we have three dogs. I love this stuff!

    by from 11/14/2012

    I have used this product many times over the 8 years I have had my cat. I have bought the product both locally and using other websites similar to entirely pets. I'm sorry to say that this time the product seems to be less effective for fighting off fleas. I had to give my cat another dose a few weeks early because she seems to be scracthing/itching now. I'm wondering if this product is diluted or possibly expired, given the discounted price.

    So So Satisfaction by Natasha from Charleston, SC~So


    Quick Shipping!!! by mduff07/22/2012

    Last time I ordered flea/tick control online (different company). I waited three weeks before I got my order. Fleas were out of control by that time. Entirely Pets: GREAT PRICES and fast shipping :-)

    always works well by mom of kitties from Alvaton, KY07/03/2013

    I have used this product for many cats for years and it works with no noted side effects.

    It Works by self from Fresno, CA03/03/2014

    This product works. Flea control is always more expensive than I can afford, but at least my cat is flea-free and comfortable.

    these guys work hard by pack leader01/27/2013

    Good value and great shipping. thanks -gv

    Good as it gets by citycat from Port Richey, FL11/09/2012

    I live in Florida where fleas are a year round problem. My cats usually can go out in the yard without getting fleas.

    Very good product by dc10 from Narragansett, R.I.10/23/2012

    Fast delivery . Great web site. Thank you

    Purchased before but this time was lousy!! by Pal from Eugene, OR01/01/2014

    The product was immediately, upon receiving it, applied and two-weeks later, I realized that my cat was still suffering from a flew infestation. This batch of flea treatment did not work.

    Barely lasted a week by FeistyAmazon07/03/2012

    My kitties were itching within just a few days of applying this product. I am finding sadly, that Advantage no longer works and am looking for a product that will be far more effective for at least 4-6 weeks. It is too expensive spending the money I have to for one pack of this as I have multiple cats and this box won't last me past a month. I flea bombed before they came back in, vaccumed and did all number of things to get the flea population down, but Advantage no longer holds them off to any degree! IT is a lousy product.

    Fleeing fleas by Old Uncle Mikey from San Francisco02/02/2013

    My wife and I wish there were a less messy way to treat the cats for fleas, but Advantage definitely does the job of keeping the fleas off. We have one cat that's allergic to flea bites and this is a life-saver for her.

    by wrayware from NC01/19/2015

    Worked great,much less expensive than local purchase.

    Works Great by j1975r from CA01/12/2012

    Have tried both Frontline Plus and Advantage II. I see better results with Advantage II. It could be that Advantage II goes by the size of your cat instead of Frontline Plus is one size fits all. I would recommend Advantage II.

    Good value for Advantage Purple (feline) by hkilarny from Hertford, NC01/10/2012

    I've used Advantage Purple successfully for over ten years. Entirely Pets provides this product for a competitive price. Ordering online is hassle-free and I always have the product within 2-3 days. A-plus service. Apparently the packaging from the factory has changed recently. The previous packaging was a little more user friendly with perforations between the doses. The vials were easy to punch out. The newer packaging requires using scissors or knives which increases the possibility of damaging the vial and losing the valuable contents. This is my only complaint.

    works well by Kris01/23/2013

    This is a tried and true product that works well on my cats. Easy to use.

    by outdoor girl from New Albany, PA10/22/2012

    great product, seems to work better than Frontline Plus

    Very Good by Barb from Indiana11/29/2011

    Advantage for cats over 10 pounds works very well. I was using the 5 to10 and it was not doing the job. This time I tried the over 10 pounds dose and it is doing a very good job. I can really tell the difference. I didn't realize how much of a difference until I tried it. It has gotten rid of all the flea's.

    Great product by Pam from Enumclaw, WA03/15/2012

    I have three cats and the Advantage 11 keeps them and my home flea free.

    Save Money by tommy07/05/2013

    Years ago my Vet told me to buy Advantage purple and split the tube among two cats. Advantage orange has .4 mL per tube and purple has .8 mL per tube. Purple is the same liquid, but contains twice as much and costs only a few dollars more than the orange for a six pack. My one cat is a 13 pounder and half a tube works well on him.

    works like a charm by cecil from durham nc08/24/2013

    easy open packaging, quick to apply, and because the tubes are small I can get the entire dose on the cat in one try. This is what I use for flea control!

    Advantage by Teralee105/26/2013

    Great product--no more fleas I'll be buying it again!

    Love this product by Mary from Prince of Wales, NB Canada06/22/2012

    I have purchased the Advantage II for my 13 lb cat, he is outside a lot & I have never found a flea on him....I think it is the best product on the market! Love it!!

    Great price! by Kathy07/31/2012

    I shopped around and this is the best price I found for the product that my vet highly recommends. Especially if your cat is allergic to flea bites, this is what to get.

    GREAT FLEA CONTROL by SWahl from Houston,TX08/18/2014

    This product works very well for our LARGE cat. He weight over 15 pounds.

    by schokokat07/27/2013

    Keeps my cats flea-free and I'm so happy to find it at this price.

    Advantage II Fleal Control for Cats by foxfyreutk from Tennessee10/20/2013

    It kills fleas for almost a month. With other flea meds the cats never stop scratching and they get no relief. When they are itchy, they are uncomfortable and start pushing things of tables and counters until you do something about it. With Advantage II they don't push anything off tables and counters.

    OK for Indoor Cats by Pony Lady2 from North Carolina08/15/2013

    Works against Fleas so is fine for indoor cats. Is not labeled for protection against ticks so is pretty useless for outdoor cats in ticky areas. My cats don't like to be handled, so the small applicator tube and small volume of material is easy to apply when sneaky is the way it has to be done. I am disappointed I didn't realize it didn't get ticks, my fault not the product's.

    Good product by Kristi10/22/2012

    I have used Advantage for 4 cats over the last 10 years, and it is the best for our pets. I also appreciate the quick shipping via US mail.

    Hassle free purchases by catsmeow from Richlands, NC06/26/2013

    I love the convenience of being able to order the advantage II products for my cats from the comfort of my home and receiving them so quickly. I have always been completely satisfied with every order from Entirely Pets!! I also enjoy the promotional codes that allow me to purchase the same great products I can get from my vet at a much lower price.

    Love the Advantage II by Cindy from Eugene, Oregon12/27/2012

    I have 6 cats and have just adopted a dog. I use the Advantage II monthly and have had no fleas, even when there is an outbreak in our area. Love this product!

    Flea control by Karen02/01/2014

    Excellent product - works as states, always in stock, packaged well, and shipped quickly. Easier than buying in pet store, where often not in stock, priced higher, etc.

    Works if I space it out by Moo from SF, CA06/08/2014

    If i give advantage to my cat monthly, it does not work after the first month. The fleas seem to develop an immunity. However, if I space it out a few months, then it works.

    Advantage II by Tams from Torrance, CA07/06/2012

    Excellent product. We have used this product for a while on 2 cats with great results.

    Big savings by Gary from Mobile, Alabama01/22/2013

    I would just like to tell all who sees my review that if you want to save money then give entirelypets a try and you will see you can do more for less. Thanks for the savings entirelypets.

    Advantage 2 by karmanigault from South Carolina03/08/2013

    As always a great price for Advantage 2 and fast service. This product does the job

    Does a good job by Barb from Indiana06/11/2013

    I have to over weight cats. the advantage 11, works great. I tried the regular and it did not last a month and didn't seem to kill all the flea's I would recomend the advantage 11 if you have large cats. It works well.

    Works Great by Icabode from Birmingham, AL11/07/2012

    This works much better than any other brand

    by from 10/30/2012

    Advantage 2 for Cats by Rosey with 4 cats05/05/2012

    Very happy with the advantage product. The previous product we were using stopped working. When we applied the advantage, we noticed a decrease in the flea problem on our 4 cats. We will certainly stay with Advantage for awhile.

    Advantage for Cats by freeangel777 from Montgomery, Al11/06/2012

    I have used the Advantage products for over 20 years. I have owned a total of 8 cats, not at the same time but have used the Advantage product on all my cats, and it works. No fleas on my cats for a month and no fleas in my house. I currently have an old cat, 15 yrs old that has to have this treatment every three weeks versus four weeks because she is alergeric to fleas, so this product is a blessing for her. Diane NelsonTreuil

    Advantage II Flea Control by Cats Rock from Fairfield, ME05/11/2014

    This stuff works. If fleas are invading your cat and home then this product will work. I have been waiting for them to come out with a tick and flea for cats but only see it for the dogs. But this works so good on my cats that I prefer it over the other leading brands. Just works that well. On one day and fleas dead the next and gone forever with the proper use of this product. I also find that each application last longer than a month so I stretch it out a little but never over 2 months especially during high flea season.

    Great Value by Shelleyt from Nova Scotia,Canada06/07/2013

    Ordering my flea products from you folks has been a big savings which really helps when a person has more than one to provide for.Thanks! :)

    Worked Great by Ely from San Diego08/22/2013

    My cats had quite a flea problem and this took care of it very well. I only had to use it once (one vial on each cat) and that worked well enough that I haven't had to use a second application yet...currently they are 30+ days over the due date for the 2nd application. The medicine did not appear to bother the cats at all once it dried and they had no skin irritation or other problems.

    Works the best by Kaz02/04/2014

    This product works the best for my two cats.It's better than Frontline.

    It does the trick by Cat Mom from Iowa10/19/2011

    We had fleas really bad this year because of the drought. The Advantage II does the trick. No more fleas. Not on the cats and not in the house.

    Didn't receive the product that was ordered by woodycat from Courtaney BC01/16/2015

    I placed an order for this product twice. The first time additional credit card information was requested by email. With email being insecure I would not provide it and asked that the order be canceled. I then placed a second order using a different credit card but that order has not bee received.

    Switching products by cat lover07/23/2012

    Our vet told us last week that Advantage ll does not protect our cats from ticks. In the future we will be switching to Frontline Plus. Cat lovers take note. jnj Hendersonville NC

    old standby by missy and the cats ma from savannah, ga.03/03/2014

    have used this product for years with great results. not a flea ever. and I am now living in the heart of the south, savannah, ga. the flea and sand gnat capitol !! cat goes to the vet enuf cuz of asthma now, but , long hair and all, never a flea, per my vet!! can't get better than that.. and , I have a dog and a feral cat that go in and out , I flea them both with advantage products, so there !!!

    Does the job by Linda08/13/2013

    Wiped out fleas on my 2 barn kitties in 2 days. I used Frontline because of the ticks but the fleas continued to be a problem. Great product!

    Product is great, delivery disgusting by SheilaB11/04/2013

    I have used Advantage II to control fleas and it does a great job. However, I received my package in such poor condition that I was appalled. When I called customer service I was met with a rude person who was less than helpful. I will no longer purchase any products from Entirely Pets. Customer service is an important aspect of any company and theirs is the worst I have ever encountered!

    Good product by Barb07/11/2012

    I have three cats and Advantage ll is the best I have found. At first I was using the regular size. It wasn't working. Then I discovered they had a large cat size. I tried it and it works just fine. It really made a big difference. Worked fast and lasted longer. So I will keep using the large cat size from now on. Just wish they would come out with one that doesn't have a odor that the cats can smell. That way I wouldn't have to hold them down to apply. and we would all be happy.

    Great product! by DaisyGirl02/22/2013

    Love this stuff! It really does work to keep the fleas off of my pets!

    Good Stuff! by Andy-man from Cincinnati, OH.03/27/2014

    I had been buying Frontline for years. It became ineffective with fleas. I came across the Advantage brand and heard only good things about it. Ever since using Advantage, I've had no flea issues!

    flea medicine for cats by dianenelson180677701/28/2012

    they have change this medicine. It does not last a full month, maybe three weeks but I have to have something to kill the fleas

    Win the great flea wars! by dj from Sunnyvale, CA01/16/2013

    After years of being flea free, they managed to invade our happy home and make the cat's life a misery. This product is quick and easy to use, and I have observed no negative side effects.

    Great product, but doesn't include de wormer by bill from Ottawa Canada06/04/2013

    We've bought this product before and works well, but in the past it also had a de wormer in the product as well and now it doesn't.

    Next Time I'll Do Differently by Beverly09/07/2013

    After battling fleas for weeks using OTC products (meds, sprays, bombs, etc.), I finally broke down and paid the extra money for Advantage. All I can say is that I wish I had STARTED with Advantage, as I spent more money combined on all the various products that I purchased first than I did on Advantage! Instant relief for my three feline girls. Thank you Advantage!!

    Love this product! by blessed acres09/19/2013

    I try to use a variety of different flea medications so the fleas don't become resistant to the medications. This is my favorite of all the over the counter flea medications. I can tell fairly soon after application that it is beginning to work and lasts for a reasonable length of time.

    Responsible Owners by Don from Nova Scotia08/01/2013

    And as 'responsible pet owners' of four animals and former owners of a 'raw pet food company' we care for and look after our dogs and cats. Part of this responsible is to ensure that we are doing every thing possible to have our pets live healthy and active lifes. This entails using products we puchase from your company to control Flea's and Ticks throughout the year. We have found your products do the job very well, are readily available at the right price!

    Works well by Susan from MA10/29/2013

    Gave up on Frontline, switched back to this. Nothing works on ticks anyway - this does a great job with flea control.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat (for Cats over 9 lbs.)
    by Humphrey Blue from seattle, wa11/24/2012

    Product was shipped very quickly and it works great!

    Advantage Flea Control for Cats by Goldfish from Bear, DE10/21/2011

    I recently adopted a stray cat. With her came fleas ~ which jumped to my other indoor cats! My vet recommended a competitive flea control, but I had limited success with it. I switched to Advantage. As soon as I applied it, the fleas started dropping off. After two weeks, I no long see any live fleas.

    Great product by Robin from Dyer, IN02/19/2013

    Easy to apply. Never had a flea problem.

    works really great! by Lisa11/13/2012

    I have 4 cats and put this on them and they do not scratch and itch all of the time. It is a very noticable difference when they have this medicine and when they don't. They sit and wait for me to put it on them because they know it helps.

    excellent price! by briggsy01309/10/2013

    I have used Advantage for years and your prices are definately the best I can find!

    Awesome Product by Billy from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada01/09/2013

    Have used this product for the last 3 years. Easy application and very effective. I highly recommend this product to everyone

    Advantage II for large cats by Cat Nana08/28/2013

    Excellent product....excellent price. Stopped my cats from scratching within minutes.

    by pyro04/06/2014

    fast shipping and reasonable price. This is one of the better places to buy advantage.

    excellent by rain from OREGON COAST11/03/2013

    advantage has always worked well,better then others i have tried

    12 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat ( by ashes12/01/2011

    received my order quick and at a great price...cant be beat. thanks! kel.

    Satisfied customer by susan from N.J.06/30/2012

    Since I have been using this product for awhile, I am reviewing instead. I would like to say what a great company ! Whether I place an order on the phone or on-line, I always receive prompt courteous service. Also, I live across the country from their shipping location, but I usually receive my order within 4 days. Great prices and quick delivery. What a great combination !! I have recomended this site to others.

    by Aimee06/25/2013

    At this point, I would give it a thee paw rating as it does not seem to last one entire month. My cats started scratching again about 2 1/2 weeks into the treatment. Maybe this month will be better...?

    happy by andre from l'orignal ,canada01/14/2013

    very satisfied with the product and the service of your website

    At Last No Fleas! by Barbara from Pennsylvania11/26/2012

    I was delighted the product came earlier than expected. Applied it right away to my four elderly cats. 24 hours later there were no fleas on any of them. At last they had relief from the biting and scratching. So far one application has rid all the fleas on the cats and their bedding.

    Works great by slin from Portland, OR11/22/2013

    This flee medication worked great on both my cats.

    Advantage II for cats by Josie from Hampstead, MD08/06/2013

    This is a great product and I would recommend this to others. My cat had fleas and I wasn't a happy camper! To get rid of them in my house I had to bomb, than vacuum every few days. I bathed my cat 3 times with shampoo. I also placed a large dinner plate on the floor with dish detergent and water in it. What happens is when the flea jumps in the water they die instantly. I'm free of fleas!

    It Works by Bobby06/01/2014

    I always buy Advantage products for flea control for my cats. It's been doing the job for over 10 years now and I love the price I can get it for on Entirely Pets website.

    It Works! by Keensy from La Honda, CA10/22/2012

    I and my three cats were going nuts due to fleas. We had used Frontline for many years and a rep. at EntirelyPets suggested switching to Advantage for a while. Within a day we were all much calmer and my cats now love to be with me inside the house once again.

    A "Never-Let-Me-Down" Product! by RedMomma from Altoona, PA02/08/2013

    It's so wonderful to be able to purchase such a great product at an extremely affordable price. My household and my cats thank you!

    Flea Treatment I Trust by Pamela In GA from Georgia08/28/2013

    Years ago my Vet recommended Advantage II. I use it on all my cats. I know Advantage II is safe and works great. I would recommend this product.

    Fastest Delivery by Kismet03/15/2012

    I have purchased these flea meds for my cats from other companies, but have never received my order as fast as I did from Entirely Pets. Their rates are VERY economical as well. I would definitely recommend them and will order from them again in the future!

    Good buy - cheaper than anywhere else by Leana from Zebulon, NC06/05/2012

    I always order flea treatment for my cats through EntirelyPets because they have the best prices by far (definitely WAY better than 1800PetMeds). The prices are fair and the shipping is very fast.

    Great product by PAN80RA from Oregon09/21/2014

    We have 5 cats so keeping up on flea meds can get expensive, this stuff works great & always a great deal here at Entirely pets. I don't buy flea meds anywhere else & tell everyone know with pets about these great deals :)

    FLEAS... by SQUEAK06/19/2014

    I like it when my owner put's this smelly stuff on the back of my head. it stops those nasty itchy, ouchies.'

    It works GR8 for our cat by LucyLoo from Miami, FL03/27/2012

    We've purchased the Advantage II for our large cat since the day we found her in a public park. The product works great for her.

    Advantage II for cats over 9 lbs by Cat Lady from Winter Springs, Florida12/18/2012

    I always buy my flea formula from Entirely Pets. With 4 cats, I have to buy 4packs of 6 and that lasts me 6 months. They always have the best price and it is shipped for free with ordering in such quantity. I would highly recommend Entirely Pets for your pet needs. Thank you, Cat Lady

    Great Prices by Shannah Banana06/30/2012

    I Love Entirely Pets they have great prices! ;)

    The best by samubus01/01/2013

    I have used Frontline, Revolution, and Advantage II. Advantage II is clearly the best for fleas.

    by from 07/04/2012

    I buy my cat & dog flea products ( Advantage 2 & Frontline) exclusively from EntirelyPets. I have done price comparisons and cannot find a better deal anywhere else on the web or in store. Also I signed up for email notificatins on weekly specials to stay on top of the special deals that pop up.

    kitties by and from doggiesThanks


    Fast Delivery, Great Price by Air from Texas04/24/2013

    So far so good; cats are flea free after two weeks of first application

    by from 07/26/2013

    by from 05/16/2013

    I have used this flea medication several times before. It is very eady to apply between the shoulder blades where my cats can`t reach to lick themselves. None of my cats have ever had a negative reaction to this medication but have had with store-bought cheaper varieties. In the past before ordering on line, it was necessary to bring my cats to the vet - pay a consulting fee and then get the medication, which was not only incovenient as I don`t drive but more expensive as well. Ordering on line from Entirely Pets was completely pain-free and the price was right.

    recommend by this from productI


    by from Catbaloo"


    by from 05/09/2014

    This will be the third time I have ordered this product on-line through the Entirley Pets website. I am a Canadian citizen, therefore I have to wait a little longer for my shipment but it`s well worth the wait.

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    Effective product by Mrs. S05/30/2012

    We have been using Advantage Flea Control monthly for many years and have not been disappointed in its effectiveness.

    First Time Buyer by Tobin from Ft. Lauderdale, FL06/24/2012

    Very reasonably priced, delivered quickly (free shipping was nice), and the product is top quality.

    Advantage II for cats, very good by Nan from Texas dog breeder10/30/2013

    I have used this product for some time. I have two Persians that live in my Dog Kennel. Cats seem to attract fleas more than dogs. It is very important they do not bring fleas into the kennel area to infest my dogs. I have no problem keeping everyone flea free with this product. I use Advantage for cats and for dogs. Just a tip, It works on chickens and other fowl for the barn yard flea.

    Great Product by Egypt97 from Seattle WA10/11/2011

    I love Advantage 11 for cats, it's user friendly and all of my cats are happy to not have fleas!

    Advantage II for cats over 9 lbs by cb06/25/2012

    I have been using Advantage for several years and originally purchased it from our veterinarian. I am pleased with the product and have never had any problems related to its use.

    Great Service by CanuckGal from Ontario Canada06/27/2013

    It is ridiculous that in Canada you can only purchase Advantage from a Vet, and only after you pay a hefty fee for a useless examination of your pet. My cats only go out in the yard when I am out there with them but they still need flea protection. Thank you Entirely Pets for making the transaction simple and for the quick delivery. I will use and recommend your site and service in the future.

    dependable by Missi07/14/2012

    Having three cats to provide flea protection to can get expensive. With Advantage II and Entirely Pets, I can use a great product and receive it through the mail in a timely, less exensive manner.

    ADVANTAGE II by ELLIE MAE06/11/2012

    We have 4 cats that go inside and outside. After putting the new drops on them, they have all quit digging and scratching. I do not see any fleas on them at all. Their fur feels clean and silky. So far, so good!!

    this stuff works by mamabear from Alabama03/12/2013

    I have found that Advantage is much more effective in flea control on cats than Frontline is.

    Repeat Happy Customer! by MommaCat from Springville, NY03/05/2014

    Our 3 cats deserve the best! I have used this product for years and it is the best!

    Love EntirelyPets by Jaccat04/15/2014

    We have been using Entirely Pets for many, many years and recommend them highly. We have 10 cats and have used Advantage and Advantage II for a number of years and before the formula change to Advantage II, we got the advertised one month control. Now, it's protection is no more than 15-20 days. It works great, but for a much shorter period. My vet told me a number of people have told him the same thing. I don't like exposing my cats to additional chemicals, but it's the lesser evil than fleas. Thankfully, E-Pets great prices make the added costs more affordable than anywhere else.

    Cat battle by Mes Amis Poilus from Canada10/06/2014

    Best product I have bought for fleas and ticks. really satisfied

    great prices on flea control by kittygirl06/03/2012

    Prices on Advantage II flea control can't be beat!!!!. I purchase large amounts because of my huge family of kitties so price can be a real deal breaker ! Entirely Pets is my number ONE on line store!!!!

    Seems to work, I always order it by mocomment from Floria - for now07/20/2014

    With 5 cats and strays outside, fleas can be a problem. When I put Advantage II on they are not scratching and very appreciative the next day.

    by snoopy26??10/27/2012

    Works well on cats of all ages, just pick the right size dosage.

    Wonderful service! by Linda from Eugene, OR01/06/2013

    Easy to purchase pet needs on line, or pick up the phone and talk to someone, no waiting and the product is delivered fast. I recommend Entirely Pets to all pet owners that use or need the same items weekly and or monthly.

    by cat woman12/29/2011

    great product & it realy helps! controls fleas quickly!

    Advantage for cats by buffer66 from Portland, OR10/18/2011

    Works wonderfully in a very small amount of time. Made all of my cats much more comfortable.

    perhaps the best purchase ever that I made. by ceino from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico06/06/2013

    Excellent price, no delivery charges and delivery as advised. I am going to buy again from Entirely Pets.

    by from 11/17/2011

    EFFECTIVE by SHEILA from TUSCARORA, MD10/10/2011


    12 Mo. Advantage by Michael from Walker, MI03/28/2014

    This is a good product here in Michigan where we seem to have a lot of sand fleas. I have four cats, two of them are mostly outside cats when the weather is nice. The only problem I've had with the cats is when I stopped using the product in early fall. On the bright side, I found out which cat was allergic to flea saliva. All is well now.

    Best Pet supply Website by Troika from Kailua, Hawaii03/13/2013

    Entirely Pets is the best. they consistently have the lowest prices on pet suplies of any of the online websites. Their shipping rates are very reasonable if not free. It has never taken longer than 4 days from the day I order to receive the products and I am in Hawaii! I will not buy my pet's supplies form anyone else!

    no-my pet doesn't like it by mmn1 from monroe, nc03/17/2014

    but I do--it is the only product working for me right now--even though the cats object to having it applied. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

    No More Fleas... by Coach07/02/2013

    We have 8 "indoor" cats, mostly rescues, ranging in age from 8 years to 2 years. They only have access to the outside via an enclosed back porch (or on occasion two of the cats go for a walk using a leash & harness). Here in the south, we use flea drops from May to October (sometimes longer) & this product has been the best we have found and we would be lost without it!

    Advantage Flea Product for Cats by ilovecats from San Diego04/22/2014

    Works excellent. Pretty easy to apply. Cats hate it, but it's a must use.

    review on advantage ii by mav03/16/2013

    since using advantage flea control my cat has become content and happy, no more ear,or neck scratching for her. thanks advantage

    Great product! by eli01/09/2013

    Pets have no negative reactions and product meets all expectations!



    Great flea product for cat by aidyl from New York01/21/2013

    I've tried Frontline Plus before for my cat and this Advantage works great as well. You might want to try some different ones too to mix it up.

    Effective against Fleas by jsmls from Sewell, NJ08/22/2013

    Have used this product before and it kills most fleas on my cats. When the problem is severe, I supplement treatment with sprays, frequent vacuuming and sprays for bedding and floors. Especially for multiple cats, I wish the price per dose would decrease.

    by cmdblonde11/06/2012

    This product (Advantage II Flea Control) is the best product for my kitties!! Easy to use and thanks to Entirely Pets, not that expensive! They have the BEST price I have found anywhere and their service was excellent!!

    A seriously good deal by Nena from Ontario, Canada06/28/2012

    I have only used this product once so far but it worked very well. AND I figured it out as I was ordering this product online...this product cost half as much as I was paying at the vet (even with the shipping costs added). I have two cats that are brothers, it is very important to me to keep my boys happy and healthy WITHOUT it affecting my budget too much. If prices are as low as this every time I need to purchase this product I may never buy it from the vet again!!! I also liked hoe convenient it was to get it 12 mnths (6 for 2 cats) of doses at one time... no feeling guilty about forgetting to make the trip to the vet to get 1 dose for each cat or not being able to afford it that month. Nobody wants a scratchy kitty!!! Thank you for making it so cost effective and convenient!!!!!

    Cat Advantage II by catlover6 from Winston-Salem, NC05/23/2014

    My Vet as well as myself have never been more pleased with a flea product. Finally it is one that REALLY does what it should. NO FLEAS. I will ALWAYS use this product and the price at Entirely Pets is the BEST. I have checked them all as I have 6 indoor cats and 1 inside/outside dog and this makes bonus shopping very necessary.

    Absolutely works by GOLFMOM from California07/15/2012

    I put Advantage on my cats and never see a flea, they don't scratch or bite at fleas, no fleas in my house. Advantage absolutely works! I've been using it for years. I've tried the other brands that make the same claims and they don't work on my cats.

    Actually worked by bbk from Columbus, Ohio02/04/2013

    After a number of attempts to clear up the fleas with shampoos and Frontline ( with only minimal decrease in #) - Our dogs and cats are finally flea-free with only the 1st applications of their Advantage II products

    by from 01/14/2012

    One rescued cat brought into a home with 7 cats = 8 cats with fleas

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    advantage II for cat over 9 lbs by natha130 from canada09/23/2013

    this product is like a miracle it's easy to use it and work fast i am really happy to find this product less price on your website...thank a lot

    by vic from chattanooga tn09/26/2013

    It is a necessity & the product works. (just don't let them see the tube)

    Advantage II by NJLIC from Selkirk,NY12/07/2012

    Best product we have used for cats. Highly recommend.

    Best flea product I have used by Beth0629 from Caribou, Maine01/07/2013

    With 14 cats, I need a product that is fast and affordable. I have found this in Advantage II for my cats. Easy to apply and fast working, I think I'm in love!!

    This One Works! by Fattyboy's Mom from Kihei, Maui08/19/2013

    Both of my cats are over 20 #'s :( and this product keeps them flea free. I've tried Frontline but they would still get fleas before the end of the month. Now, if I can only find a way to make them lose weight!!

    Very satisfied by Maggie from Michigan03/24/2012

    I have purchased this product before and works great.

    Great product! by Blossom from California01/05/2013

    We have used this products (Advantage) for our cats for 10+ years. Very easy to dispence and we know it works

    Worked well by Catwoman from Georgia06/12/2014

    Used this product on my cats over 8 lbs. So far, no fleas and they are a problem in Georgia this year. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that I needed to buy the other Advantage II (5-9 lbs) due to weight size for my other cats. Would like to use one product that covers 5-15 lbs. for cats.

    by from 06/14/2012

    Really great product. by Nanna from Bokoshe, Oklahoma05/26/2013

    We have indoor and outdoor cats. We never have to worry about fleas or ticks with this product. Others I tried before, just were not nearly as effective. I also use the same brand for dogs. Never have a problem even though we live in the country, and always have fleas and ticks.

    good choice by Tami04/20/2012

    This was my first time purchasing the Advantage 2. I had read that this version doesn't have the odor of the original advantage. That is a detail that didn't make it to the website and should have. As it happens we used it for the first time today on one cat and the original on the other. Very different reactions.Usually getting flea medicine on them is stressful for the cats. The cat who got the new version didn't react the same way atleast once it got applied. It was no big deal. Maybe next time she won't run away so readily

    great bargain by writerreader from Burke, VA10/21/2011

    This is the best way to buy the right flea control at the best price. I'll be a regular return customer!

    Good stuff by dragonfly08/14/2013

    I have been using advantage for some time. It works almost immediately and lasts for the month. Somehow, other brands have gotten one of my cats sick, but the advantage does not. Good stuff!

    Excellent price and fast delivery by Miche from hamilton, ontario03/07/2013

    I ordered flea control for my 3 cats as it is quite exspensive here in Canada. it came very fast and I had no problems with the border either. I'm all ready for flea season now!!!

    by Andrea from Davenport Fl 3383704/07/2014

    Does not kill fleas like it says. Very disappointed!!!

    Flea-free felines by Old Uncle Mikey from San Francisco03/16/2014

    The cats may not like it, but we sure do - it definitely works. One of our cats is allergic to fleas, so Advantage protects her overall health, too.

    only product that worked by MrBrown2510/11/2011

    I help with local homeless cats, this product was the only one I could find that stopped flea infestation. I would recommend this for anyone interested in stopping the cycle. Easy to apply if your pet is cooperative, make sure to put on back of head on cats to avoid licking and ingestion of product.

    It works! by Sandie-ra from Roseville,MI10/06/2013

    I had fleas for 2 months using Frontlineit did not do the job this year.I purchased advantage II for large cats,I applied it on the 15 of September,with in 2 days i saw NO fleas! I was Very satisfied with this product,and will continue to purchase it!

    Great value by Lisa from San Jose, CA11/06/2012

    This is best value I have found for this product.

    Excellent purchase by AngieM from Upstate New York10/29/2013

    Entirely Pets and this product has never let me down, my cats are always flea free even after roaming outdoors.

    by Monchi03/28/2014

    Finally,I found something that works. I have 4 cats and I've used other products like frontline, harts you name it and nothing works., but this is a good product, my cats are very happy now they don't go scratching all the time.

    Works to kill fleas by Cat mom03/27/2014

    I have a cat that has flea allergy. I started using this and the fleas and the dermatitis cleared up right away.

    Worth the money, even better with a discount! by SStocklas02/20/2013

    I moved out of a house with my cat that was really infested with fleas. I think moving helped, but I did get rid of the fleas with Pet Armor at first. Then I found deep discounts on Entirely Pets and bought this product. So far there have been 0 appearances of fleas or any flea dirt. I am satisfied with the product. I just do not like the way it is packaged. The product has never been damaged, but the boxes are almost always crushed. Otherwise, get this product when Entirely Pets has great discounts and I think you will be satisfied.

    Best Flea Control Ever by Flea Free in Texas from North Texas07/05/2011

    I have 7 indoor/outdoor cats and flea control is always an issue. I have used regular Advantage in the past with success but have still had to spray the carpets and furniture with flea control from time to time because of fleas hopping on us, and I would still see the occassional flea on the cats. This year, with Advantage II, no random fleas at all. I have been able to go 6 weeks between applications, too. I had tried Frontline Plus in the past with no success at all, so I was leary since Advantage II promised the same type of control. But Advantage II has turned out to be everything it advertises. I'm very pleased.

    Advantage for cats by Christine from Westport, MA06/27/2012

    very good product. had trouble with frontline not working, so switched. I found this to work great on the bad flea season we had last year.

    Good value for money by Sue from Cincinnati, OH06/19/2012

    One of the best deals I have found for this product. Always arrives very quickly in the mail. Very happy with product and service.

    Best flea control on market by Liz from Lansing, MI12/05/2012

    Advantage ll works better than others we tried and we tried many. Does not freak my cats out. Will continue to buy at this great price.

    Great Purchase by Gonzo's mom12/27/2012

    Finally, I've found a place to purchase Advantage II collars in bulk! Great for my feral kitten rescue and I will certainly buy from EntirelyPets again! Well packed and super fast shipping!

    Grat Purchase by Cin10/26/2012

    I have used Advantage for years. Thanks for the product. My 3 cats have now stopped scratching and itching. Cindy Hillis

    Advantage for Cats in bulk by Deb from South Florida05/30/2012

    For a person with 6 large cats, being able to buy 12 packs of Advantage II Flea Control for large cats at a tremendous savings is awesome. It works just fine and I'll continue coming back for more. Thank you for offering it..

    Worst purchase ever by gener05/30/2012

    Bought about $120 Advantage II Flea Control Large Cat and it is worhtless. Does not work.

    by Lovecats from Mexia, Al08/08/2014

    This is a wonderful product. NO FLEAS at all. Other products that I have used were not as effective. EntirelyPets have the best prices I have been able to find. Keep up the good work!!

    by SHIRLEY from S.E. MA.11/13/2013


    Consistently excellent service by Cat lover08/01/2012

    I have purchased Avantage for my cats from Entirely Pets for several years now, and they provide consistently excellent service, at a reasonable price, from the convenience of my home. My cats all concur with each recommending it two-paws up!

    Works Great by citycat from Port Richey, FL02/21/2013

    Even in Florida where bugs rule, it keeps my 2 long-haired cats flea-free.

    best online price by enniroc from Central California12/08/2011

    EntirelyPets has the best online prices I can find for Advantage. After digging around 1800PetMeds, Amazon and many other online retailers, I still order from EntirelyPets for pet products. Check retailmenot for active coupon codes.

    Love the Advantage II by Cindy12/28/2011

    I love Advantage II - it seems to sting my cats less than the Advantage, and applying it once a month keeps my babies flea-free!!

    by from 06/26/2012

    As a proud owner of 11 stray cats, I finally have found another way make their day other than with a bowl of food!

    several by other from fleaI


    Mandi by New Bern, NC from Great

    This stuff really works

    by from 12/02/2011

    As usual, EntirelyPets shipped my purchase out quickly and accurately, and also it was cheaper than the other pet supply company that advertises on TV. ( even without the discount!!! )

    Katmandu by from Thanks

    good product

    12 Pack Advantage for Large Cats by guitargranny12/02/2012

    As human Mama to 6 cats, I really appreciate that you make 12 packs of flea drops available to me at such an affordable price. 3 of my cats are indoor/outdoor & the Advantage helps to prevent them from bringing fleas in or infesting the other cats... Thank you - Entirely Pets

    Advantage II Great product and a great price by Kim from Houston, Tx05/16/2014

    I have used Advantage II for both my cats and dogs and it has always worked very well. I have noticed on my black cats that they will sometimes lose the hair where I have applied the product but they don't get a sore. Entirely Pets always gets the products to me within just two or three days - every time. Great service.

    by matnmegsmom from Danbury CT07/21/2013

    Great product. would recommend to all dog owners. i have tried lots of flea medication and this one is tops.

    Great deal, free shipping by kris07/15/2012

    Great deal with coupon. Fast and free shipping. Highly recommend!

    by from 06/12/2013

    best product ever by cheryl from lakeland florida01/24/2013

    best prices around also got my product faster than any other places i have ordered from in the past.I will never order my babies flea control or any thing else from any one other than entirely pets.

    Advantage works! by Witzy01/05/2014

    For cats who are a bit sensitive with topical flea meds, Advantage is the best. The applicator makes it easy to apply and the fleas stay away.

    by Mr Kitty11/07/2012

    Advantage II is a good product, I have 28 cats and this is effective and more cats can use this product with out getting sick than other brands I have tried. However, one must use an IGR (Growth Regulator) on the carpets also. I recommend PRECOR IGR Concentrate. I have used others but this has worked best for the fleas in my area that come from Deer and other wild animals in the suburbs that I live.

    Great Flea Control Product by Mike07/24/2013

    I've used this product for many years on a lot of cats and it has always worked well to keep my cats free of fleas.

    The best! by Critter Keeper from Angelica, NY11/06/2012

    I have tried a lot of products to help my cat who is HIGHLY allergic to fleas. Advantage II is the only thing that controls the fleas well enough to give him relief.

    best stuff ever. by rich.02/26/2013

    gotta say advantage 2 for cats is the best i have ever not use the other brand because it just wont do the trick.

    advantage II flea control by tim from ashland va.10/23/2012

    iam very happy this flea control happy happy

    Advantage II Made a Great Improvement. by ITB from New Smyrna Beach, FL01/21/2015

    I have ten cats who do go outside on a regular basis. I live in a country setting and fleas were quite a problem - UNTIL I GOT ADVANTAGE II ! I flea comb all the cats daily and rarely find a flea on any of them. As a result their coats look great. Thank you Advantage II.

    Advantage2 for cats by royb from Woodstock, Ga.11/28/2012

    We have found this product to be the best on the market for our cats. We have tried many others but have decided Advantage2 for cats is the best. It has absolutely no bad effects on our cats and does what it is supposed to do. I highly recommend this product.

    My kitties are content- no fleas! by zippy007cat04/16/2012

    Works fast & completely. My home is purrfect again. I do miss the extra ear mite control of Revolution, however.

    12 month advantage II Flea Control by joan10/22/2013

    Actually both my cats have had fleas ever since the application. I have been combing them; have been hesitant to use another application before the month expires.

    Great product & price by Sheila from Colonial Heights, VA05/18/2013

    I have been ordering this product from Entirely Pets for years and it works great. Entirely Pets ships it so quickly I can hardly believe it!

    IT REALLY WORKS by Jan10/27/2012

    Finally ! A Flea Treatment that really works. This was the fourth product I tried and it ENDED the flea cycle at long last ! I highly recomend this treatment over all others.

    by from 09/20/2011

    Excellent product..We have 12 cats and product worked on all of them on first day, next day no fleas were eating me up instead of cats..No cats started twitching afterwards like last product we used and 6 weeks later, still no fleas on cats!!

    don't by like from aboutOnly


    Very Satisfied - Great Prices by BJ from Dawsonville, Ga04/19/2013

    I am very satisfied with the products I purchase. The prices are the best I have found. The products arrive very quickly.

    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Kitten (for Cats under 5 lbs.)
    Excellent! by Amy07/28/2013

    Started working immediately! Very happy with the product and so is my cat!

    Good product by Sparky from Terre Haute, IN11/26/2012

    I've used Advantage flea meds off & on for years -it's very gentle for kittens. Entirely Pets also delivers quickly -think it was 48 hrs.

    Didn't last very long! by Connie11/12/2011

    Although it is safe for younger cats and does not require a prescription from a vet, it does not continue to kill fleas for more than two weeks.

    I'm glad I found this by Elisa from Wisconsin11/04/2012

    I am glad I found this product for use on kittens. They are hardly scratching at all and I plan on dosing them again after one month

    Great for my new kitten by pwurmser07/21/2012

    Took in a feral kitten and was scratching alot, so got the Advantage II and he was fine the next day, didn't see any fleas.

    Repelled, Did NOT Kill by ScorpioMaurus from Milwaukee, WI11/05/2011

    A Huge waste of $40 the fleas stay off the kittens now and just attack us while we walk through the room it did NOT kill the fleas. I normally use Frontline but wanted to save a bit of money, Now I have to purchase Frontline for the next treatment so I didn't save anything.

    Good stuff by EllieWinslow01/28/2015

    Did the job with just one application on each kitten. Thanks Entirely Pets! Good service, best price nywhere!

    Excellent for Small Cats by ME204/11/2014

    It's works wonderfully and is a lot cheaper than giving my small cat pills everyday!

    Good stuff. by Squeak from Fremont, CA09/17/2013

    I bought it for 2 stray kittens that I'm now caring for, until I can find them a home. the little guys were covered in fleas. I dosed them up & less then 6 hours later they were clear of fleas. and ready for more food. The Advantage II is at a great price, $10. bucks cheaper then the pet store that I go to.

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