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Cat Treats & Chews

While your cat should get at least 90 percent of his calories from high quality food, there's nothing wrong with a treat now and then if it fits in with his diet. Treats can serve a valuable function as well, as some of them help maintain dental health and control hairballs.

Just like you, your pet can have oral health issues that may lead to difficulty eating if left unchecked. While cat dental treats aren't the same as a trip to the dentist, they act like a toothbrush between meals. Creative textures, flavors and shapes keep things interesting while serving specific purposes for fighting tartar, freshening breath and maintaining gum integrity.

Other functional (hkk!) cat (hkk!) treats (hkkkk!) include (yyyygackk!) hairball control. The unmistakable sound of hacked up doom is impossible to describe and impossible to forget. Reduce the amount of times you hear it with a variety of treats that help minimize hairball formation and promote healthy, efficient digestion. Other functional treats can help support heart, skin, fur and eye health.

As obligate carnivores, cats don't have much use for plant and vegetable-based food items. Our selection of "meaty treats" gives them the animal protein they need to get them through a long day of napping in sunbeams. Plus, many of our traditional treats and freeze-dried are made of all-natural, grain free ingredients that won't cause digestion problems the way that treats made with fillers and other byproducts may.

That's not to say that grasses don't play an important role in a cat's digestive help. We have cat grass seeds that you can grow inside your home, an especially crucial necessity for indoor cats. And of course, you can't leave out the almighty 'nip when discussing cat treats. We have catnip grow kits as well as already-dried and processed catnip for filling toys or sprinkling on the ground. Don't want the mess? Try a spray! He'll enjoy the essence of the 'nip without the leaves.

Cats and dogs can suffer from obesity and other weight-related issues. Use treats sparingly and with a balanced diet.

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