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Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Baskerville Ultra MuzzleBaskerville Ultra Muzzle is the ultimate dog muzzle! Every aspect of this basket muzzle's design has been created with the intent to combine maximum safety and comfort for your dog. It has taken four years to develop, and we believe that it was worth the wait.

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 1
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 1

($18.99)  $12.99
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 2
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 2

($21.99)  $15.99
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 3
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 3

($24.99)  $18.99
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 4
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 4

($27.99)  $22.99
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 5
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 5

($30.99)  $25.99
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 6
Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 6

($33.99)  $28.99
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaBaskerville Ultra Muzzle is the ultimate dog muzzle! Every aspect of this basket muzzle's design has been created with the intent to combine maximum safety and comfort for your dog. It has taken four years to develop, and we believe that it was worth the wait.

Safety note: While a muzzle can be very useful as a safety backup when training your aggressive dog, they can be harmful or even dangerous if your dog is repeatedly exposed to a situation which causes him to try to bite while muzzled. We strongly recommend working with an experienced positive trainer who will help you to teach your dog to be comfortable in situations that are currently making him aggressive. We also recommend that you supervise your dog at all times when he or she is wearing a muzzle.

  • Designed by Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Roger Mugford, to be the most secure and comfortable muzzle available.
  • Tough yet soft!
  • Secure Fit with optional and removable over-the-head safety strap!
  • Comfortable neoprene padding on the straps for comfort.
  • Directions:

    1. Secure loop attaches to your dogs regular collar
    2. Soft neoprene padding for extra comfort
    3. Overhead strap connects directly to the rear strap
    4. Allows panting, drinking and treating.

    Size Snout Length Snout Circumference Approx. Weight Breed Examples
    1 2.5" to 3" 8-12 inches 7 to 15 lbs Bischon Frise, Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, Large Chihuahua
    2 3" to 3.75" 7.5" to 9.75" 12 to 25 lbs Border Terrier, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Small Beagle, Miniature Poodle, Sheltie
    3 3.5" to 4.25" 8.5" to 11.5" 25 to 45 lbs Border Collie, Cattle Dog, Large Beagle, Corgi, Viszla, Standard Poodle
    4 4" to 4.75" 10" to 13" 40 to 65 lbs Springer Spaniel, Dalmatian, Pointers, Small Pit Bull
    5 4" to 5.5" 11" to 14" 60 to 90 lbs Labrador, Golden Retriever, Doberman, German Shepherd, Greyhound, Weimaraner, Husky, Large Pit Bull
    6 4" to 6.5" 12.5" to 15.5" 80 to 150 lbs Great Dane, Mastiff, Newfoundland, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, X-Large Pit Bull
    4.60 rating based on 5 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 1
    Great Muzzle by Maria12/13/2012

    Nice product. Fits well. Allows dog to drink, breath and bark.

    by 4459cap04/04/2012

    I need to keep one brother from attacking another brother and this is a solution.

    Best thing since sliced bread! by Vickie01/10/2012

    This is a wonderful design and works even better than I expected. I like that my dog can still drink water and eat treats, but just can't take a bite out of anyone! The dog trainer that we are using even liked it so much that he ordered some for his business.

    Great Product by SMSGirl08/03/2014

    As a dog trainer I use muzzles when dealing with aggressive dogs. While I love these muzzles I was dissappointed that when I did need to use this particular size (on a Chihuahua) it was WAY TOO BIG. So this is a great product for larger, small dogs.

    Works very well! by ashliegh from Georgia05/08/2013

    Our dog can still eat and drink water with this on but can't bite or lick himself!

    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 2
    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is wonderful by Cat from Southbridge, MA04/12/2012

    I purchased this muzzle for my cocka-poo who is a fear biter. I have no problem getting it on him, I just put a treat in it and he shoves his face into it to get the treat. He doesn't mind it, doesn't try to get out of it, and doesn't try to bite anyone when removing it. The perfect muzzle!

    3rd One by 4459cap04/25/2012

    This is the 3rd One of these that I've purhcased. The quality is very good and I can tell that this muzzle is much more comfortable for the dog than other types.

    Great muzzle! by saenz2203/30/2012

    Really worth the extra money you pay to make your dog more comfotable and be able to pant an drink water. You can even give little treats through the muzzle to reinforce good behavior.

    Great Purchase by kitkatcowgirl from Utah01/16/2012

    my blue heeler decided to run after and try to kill our guinea hens so living on a farm with other cattle dogs i still wanted to be able to let her run and have fun when i take the dogs out back in the pastures.....only way to allow her out was with this muzzle...she hasn't fought it from day one, it fits very comfortably and snuggly and she can drink, pant and lick her lips....i followed instruction booklet and gradually got her used to it....so it works for us really well. she wears it under my supervision at all times that way i can ensure she doesn't get hung up somewhere and injure herself too.

    Not a happy experience with this company by Luvin Maxine from Lansing, Michigan07/09/2013

    I followed the measuring instructions as posted online. The first muzzle came and was too large. So I tried to order another and before I could cancel the order process it went through. I immediately, within 10 minutes, notified the company by e-mail to cancel the order and not to ship the item. About a week later I had to send another e-mail to the company asking about the first e-mail response. It took almost a week for a response to my e-mail. I was told I would receive a credit on my credit card and here it is about 3 weeks later and still no credit. Will have to contact again. My third attempt to order the muzzle also went bad. When that order showed up it was the smaller size, the order I had cancelled. Apparently they shipped 2 of the wrong size but never shipped the correct size that I ordered. I ended up going to the store to buy it at a much higher cost. I will be returning all 3 muzzles expecting my money refunded but will still be out of mailing costs. The product isn't so bad but the service is a nightmare.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle by TDR from Gulfport, MS07/30/2012

    Thank GOD for this muzzle. I run a dog rescue and have a couple of aggressive dogs in our possession right now and the thought of muzzling them horrified me, but with this muzzle the dogs can bark and drink water and even take treats without the fear of them attacking our other dogs. It allows them to be able to interact with the other dogs and not be kept crated.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Lives Up to Its Name by Dan from Wyalusing, Penna.11/08/2012

    The dog I recently adopted from a shelter was a biter who is now learning to trust humans, but needs a muzzle when visiting the vet or the groomer. I purchased one from a local pet store, and it stayed on about five seconds before the dog pulled it off. The Baskerville muzzle attaches to his collar and is very secure. It is not restrictive and my dog can eat and drink while wearing it. He also does not fight it. The enclosed literature was extremely helpful in teaching my pet that the muzzle was not a punishment. This product is constructed of quality materials and was a bargain compared to the pet store product,

    Great Product by SMSGirl08/03/2014

    Love these muzzles. They are sturdy and will keep other animals or people safe but also are flexible so they are comfortable for the pet wearing them. Awesome!

    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 3
    Great product by jvdghuckle04/23/2012

    It took a bit to figure out where to clip the top strap, which goes through one of the holes in the cross strap that are not easily visible and the instructions didn't show that. Other than that, the muzzle is exactly what I needed for the dog. It keeps him fom chewing, while at the same time lets him drink and even enjoy a treat. It is very easy to put on and take off and he doesn't seem to mind wearing it.

    by Rusty Acres01/15/2013

    do not fit well. Will not keep dog from biting you. I just wanted something so my dog would not be able to eat the dirt and rocks, bought diferent sizes so I could size correctly but none were right fit. I tried to return and always put on hold for more than 10 minutes at a time. I do not have that kind of time.

    Works great! by Hil04/23/2012

    Very soft so you don't get whacked by it, but tough enough to hold up. The size 3 does fit a long border collie-ish type nose. The over-the-head fitting is essential for a no-fuss fit. Love it!

    baskerville muzzle by snow02/21/2013

    these work great, dogs can still drink yet cant bite while trying to give shots.

    GREAT by mcmary from Lexington KY05/30/2012

    Can't find locally. Great price and service !

    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 4
    The Best! by Pdxportie from Portland, OR04/18/2012

    This is by far the best muzzle I have used making it completely safe for my dog ... And he can't get it off! It took a full week of getting him used to it with lots of treats ... Now he puts his head in the muzzle for me ... No worries!

    Non-scary - soft - safe by GrandDogMom from Washington04/25/2012

    I researched on-line and spoke with friends' and trainers about all muzzles currently available before purchasing the Baskerville Ultra . This one is not scary to people who see you walking your dog in it. No more -- "OMG -- Look out dangerous dog!" It is soft, flexible, non-binding and very difficult for the dog to get off - ESPECIALLY if you train its use correctly and take the necessary time for your dog to get used to it. Dogs can eat treats and drinks while wearing it. We are still in training mode but my dog does not seem to mind it at all and loves the high value treats he gets when having it on. He's a DINOS - Dog In Need Of Space - and I know this will make him more comfortable around other dogs.

    Best Investment by SMILL3R from Las Vegas, NV11/15/2011

    I got this for my 3 year old pit bull mix who started getting aggressive with people. I'm not one to give up on my pets so I did tons of research on how to train against this behavior. I was a little unsure of the whole muzzle idea, thinking he wouldn't be able to breath right, but this muzzle really works great! He can pant, drink and eat treats through it yet, no matter how hard he tries he CAN NOT get the muzzle off! It also seems to be made for the comfort of the dog, he was a bit angsty with it on at first but now he doesn't act like it's even on him! This is the best investment anyone with an aggressive dog owner can find!

    Muzzle by isiskayla04/09/2013

    I bought a size three which is a little too small so I next ordered a size 4. The difference in size between the two is dramatic. The 4 is huge in comparison. It needs to be somewhere inbetween the two sizes so it is not a muzzle I will be able to use for my 47 pound Retriever Mix.

    GREAT MUZZLE by Dhyana from NORTH CAROLINA06/17/2012

    This is well constructed and comfortable for the dog and stays in place. My dog got used to it quickly. The loop for the collar and the strap that goes over the head makes it impossible for the dog to get off. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    solid, comfortable muzzle by Rainbow Animal Rescue from Norfolk, VA06/18/2012

    I needed a solid, comfortable muzzle for 2 of our bullys. they love these muzzles and aren't rolling around on the ground to remove them. i would definitely recommend them



    muzzle by krickle01/18/2012

    This muzzle impressed me; it is a firm yet soft rubber that keeps its shape. It is pretty secure when secured to a collar with the provided strap, definately check the size chart and measure your dog before you place your order. In my opinion it is a good product but it's user should always remember that any muzzle can be removed by a persistant animal. It is a great training aide for mild to moderate aggression but I would not personnally recommend it for an animal that has more aggression.

    Muzzle saved my Seat Belts! by Liz from New Carrollton, MD07/02/2012

    My sweet puppy is 9 months ond & 65 lbs and still chewing things she shouldn't. When I drive her somewhere she is in the backseat by herself, so I don't know when she is chewing my seat belts in stead of the rawhide I provide for her. When I found out it would cost me $300. to replace one seat belt I had to do something. The basket muzzle is perfect. It gives her plenty of room to open her mouth to pant, and the plastic is hard enough to protect but soft enough to be gentle on her face. I give her peanut butter from the Kong tube after I put it on and she is happy. The top strap kept sliding down over her eyes so I sewed a piece of elastic on as a replacement and it stays in place better.

    Best Muzzle Anywhere by Sheila from Columbus, Ohio07/25/2012

    This muzzle may take a little bit of time to set up and review how to put on BUT in terms of comfort for the dog along with the ability to deliver a treat and ability to breathe comfortabley in it, no other comes close. By far one that I would recommend first to anyone needing a safe, comfortable, user friendly muzzle.

    by from 07/02/2012

    I needed this for my boxer mix foster dog who is dog aggressive. When we walk around the neighborhood, we inevitably see other people with their dogs. I feel much more comfortable now knowing that IF she were to EVER get away from me, there's a limit to the damage that will be done. Hopefully I will never have to put it to the test.

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    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 5
    Good fit, good quality, good price by peterg06/12/2012

    Perfect fit for my 65 lbs Lab. The strap system is very good. Removable top strap.

    baskerville muzzle by snow02/21/2013

    I transport peoples dogs and cats to the vet for them to be fixed, sometimes we get a dog that is aggressive with people or other dogs, these muzzles are excellent for those dogs, they can still breathe easily, drink water and it makes the dog safe to handle for me and the vets. and the prices are great too.

    Good product! by K-DO from Northern Ca08/09/2012

    This is the best muzzle I have ever used. Doesn't bother the mouth since it is soft, but strong! He is able to dring water, and pant normally.

    by Sarah02/16/2012

    A great muzzle for safe desensitization training. Easy to get the dog treats but secure enough to not put others at risk. After some work making the muzzle a positive thing, my dog doesn't mind wearing it at all. Only issue is the buckle in the back is a little tricky to latch if your dog is squirmy.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle by Leisel98 from Maine05/26/2013

    This works great for my younger Shepherd that feels rocks are there for him to chew and cuts down on the biting portion of "play" with the older dogs... That being said it allows the dogs to open their mouths, drink water, take treats and it's light weight enough not to be bothersome.

    good product, wrong size by imlead2 from palm springs, california06/28/2012

    i called first for advice on proper size for my dog and 5 is what i was told would be right ,, it is too big and i believe the manufacturer needs to supply info better on what type of dogs the sizes corresponds with. That way it makes for a better sale.

    Love This Muzzle by Dhyana from North Carolina06/17/2012

    I bought two of these and both dogs got used to them very quickly. The muzzle is well constructed. It is comfortable for the dog and the loop for the collar and strap that goes over the top of the head makes it impossible for the dog to get off.

    Baskerville Muzzle by lschoon02/28/2012

    Great quality and very comfortable for our pet.

    by from 03/26/2012

    I am fostering a girl who is extremely dog aggressive and has to be muzzled when around any of my dogs or other fosters. She broke her muzzle and the brick and mortar shops in the area were out of stock, so I turned to Entirely Pets for a new muzzle and asked for Priority Shipping on a Monday. It was not shipped until Thursday and arrived the following Monday. You guys dropped the ball and Mika had to stay in a boarding kennel for four or five days longer than she should have.

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    by from 04/19/2012

    I did exhaustive research before buying these for my dogs. I wanted a muzzle that would allow me to take my friendly (but fearfully aggressive) dogs to the park. In a word, these are excellent.

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    Fear biter by Sylvie from Farmington, New Hampshire05/09/2013

    The Baskerville muzzle works so well with my 80 lb Mastiff/pitbull mix male. My dog is able to drink water, eat dog treats and most of all he can pant with it in place. This muzzle gives me complete peace of mind when i am walking him in company of other people and dogs. Thank you.

    by GJ from Northern Ca11/07/2012

    Best Muzzle I have ever used for giant Akita!

    Featured Reviews for Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Size 6
    Best of Both by Dog Trainer from Lancaster, OH06/27/2014

    I am a dog trainer and I never know what kind of situation I may run into at a new clients house or with the dogs that do board and trains and I cannot rely on clients to always have a muzzle when I need it. I purchased sizes 1-6 of the Baskerville Ultra Muzzles to have on hand whenever I may need them and I love them. They are bendable so they can give a little with a dog's face shape but they will not allow a dog to injure another dog or human easily. Overall a great product and I have all my fellow trainers at our company purchasing them as well.

    Baskerville Ultra Muzzle by beutynthbst from Peoria, Az07/15/2012

    I have only had the muzzle for one month. My dog is slowly getting accustomed to it. I have a Cane Corso and it fits pretty well on his short muzzle. Though I have not used it much yet it seems to be a good sturdy muzzle as well as light weight. It is very easy to give him treats and water with it on as well. I would definitely recommend this product.

    great purchase by reebrn07/26/2012

    The muzzle works for exactly what we need it to.

    Works very well by cspets from San Diego, CA06/08/2012

    Very pleased with this product so far. I did a lot of research and this is the best muzzle I found. Great design -- really like the loop for the collar. It protects like a muzzle should, but also allows for normal panting, use of training treats and drinking. The only issue I would list is ordering online. I took all the measurements but still could not be sure if size 5 or 6 would be the best fit. I had to order both sizes to try them on. In the end that was the best thing for me to do because of free shipping and EntirelyPets agreed to waive any restocking fee. I did have to pay to ship back the size that did not fit.

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