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Beefeaters Rawhides Treats

Beefeaters Rawhides TreatsOur mission is and has always been only one simple goal: To consistently provide the highest quality pet products for all pets, while offering the widest selection of flavors and styles for your pets enjoyment.

Beefeaters Little Bitz Chicken & Rawhide Bone Dumbbell Snacks 1.75" (3 oz)
Beefeaters Little Bitz Chicken & Rawhide Bone Dumbbell Snacks 1.75" (3 oz)

($8.49)  $4.19
Beefeaters Piggy Rope Porkhide Bone - 7"
Beefeaters Piggy Rope Porkhide Bone - 7"

($5.97)  $4.29
Beefeaters Super Ears Chicken Breast & Pighide 4.5" (5 Pack)
Beefeaters Super Ears Chicken Breast & Pighide 4.5" (5 Pack)

($9.88)  $6.99
Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries (6 oz)
Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries (6 oz)

($3.76)  $2.89
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Donut 3.5" (2 Pack)
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Donut 3.5" (2 Pack)

($6.49)  $4.99
Beefeaters Peanut Butter Twists (8 Pack)
Beefeaters Peanut Butter Twists (8 Pack)

($2.99)  $2.49
Beefeaters Piggy Twists (8 Pack)
Beefeaters Piggy Twists (8 Pack)

($3.24)  $2.49
2.5" Chicken Tops Knotted Bone (5 Pack)
2.5" Chicken Tops Knotted Bone (5 Pack)

($4.99)  $3.79
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rolls (5 Pack)
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rolls (5 Pack)

($6.99)  $4.99
This item is on MANUFACTURER BACKORDER. We recommend trying Rawhide

Beefeaters Little Bitz Chicken & Rawhide Bone Dumbbell Snacks 1.75" (3 oz) Little Bitz are made with natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives. They are a wholesome treat and a reward your dog will enjoy over and over.

  • 100% Natural
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural craving chew
  • Made from the finest quality ingredients available

  • Feeding Recommendations: Little Bits are recommended for all small dog breeds. Allow 2-3 Little Biz daily as a treat.

    Ingredients: Fresh Chicken Meat, Rawhide

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein…………60%Min
    Crude Fat…………..6%Min
    Crude Fiber…………0.1%Max
    5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Little Bitz Chicken & Rawhide Bone Dumbbell Snacks 1.75" (3 oz)
    by from 08/19/2011

    I have to share a funny story with you. My 3 dogs (2 Maltese and a Toy Poodle) are older dogs, and don't get excited when I receive boxes. But yesterday, when I brought in the Beefeater box, they were sniffing the box and wagging their tails. When I opened the box and took out the treats, they were all over them! I put things back in the box, to take out to my car this morning. Sometime during the night I heard growling and snarling under my bed. When I got up to investigate, Maggie (female Maltese & the Alpha Dog) had one of the Beefeater chews! I looked around and found the package that she had selected - opened and all 3 dogs were enjoying the treats! The Chicken Tops Retriever Sticks is they selection of choice.

    for by the from BeefWe


    by from Gale"


    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Piggy Rope Porkhide Bone - 7"
    7 " Piggy Bone A Hit by Shelby's Mom from Ohio10/22/2012

    My coonhound loved these and they lasted longer than most chews.

    My dogs favorite by Dogmom47 from Benson, AZ03/25/2013

    For each of my dogs birthdays, everyone gets one of these.

    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Super Ears Chicken Breast & Pighide 4.5" (5 Pack)
    Only Treat! by PJ12/26/2012

    This is the ONLY treat my Chihuahua will eat and they're not available at any pet store I have found.

    My Dog Loves These! by LLinMarin from California11/23/2011

    He is very spoiled and hounds me until he gets his treat daily. And... I get the best service and quickest shipping from this company!

    our favorite treat by Shelby's Mom from Ohio02/14/2013

    great service, prompt shipping,best treat ever!

    Best ears I've ever bought by Ray from Mesa, Arizona12/12/2011

    My dogs love them....Can you please make a bigger package, a five pack was just not enough.

    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries (6 oz)
    Great for Allergy Dog by AC from Gallipolis, OH11/27/2012

    I have a Golden Retriever who suffers from a variety of food and environmental allergies. I have found the Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries to be the best treat for her. Additionally, she loves them!! We have other Limited Ingredient treats that we can give her. However, she prefers the Sweet Potato Fries every time.

    You made my life easier! by Lola06/25/2012

    The product and fast service of your web site was AAA! My dog, Lola is not food motivated and only likes Beefeaters Sweet Potatoe Fries. I have driven for miles to gather as many as I could from the only retail store around me who carried these, and it was always hit or miss. Frustration sent me to your site and I was delighted! Thanks for being there!

    sweet potato fries by ketra07/08/2010

    My little chihuahua loves these sweet potato fries! She can't seem to get enough of them. Our Vet says they are good for her.

    Sensible treat with no guilt by Annabelle from Michigan04/01/2013

    Both of my dogs love these treats - and I feel good about giving sweet potatoes to them. Plus, the strips are chewy and tough enough to slow the dogs down while eating. There is no quick gulp and swallow here; it takes them a bit of chewing and crunching - more time than it takes to crunch up a large baked biscuit - (and no crumbs on the floor!) I just wish they came in a larger package.

    Harder than a Rock- good luck breaking! by Susan from VA05/12/2010

    I got a bag of these in a Beefeaters gift pack for Christmas. The sweet potato treats are harder than a rock! I couldn't tear very many apart with my hands and I'm stronger than most women I know. I had to come back and cut them apart with kitchen scissors. Even my dogs have problems chewing them so it isn't just me! Other than that, the treats are fine. They're packaged in a resealable bag and have a silica gel pack inside of them to prevent spoilage. The dogs love them!

    Surprise ingredient by JJ01/11/2011

    Was very disappointed to get this product and find Palm Oil and Dextrose on the ingredient list. Stick to Sam's Yams - also available on this site. 100% sweet potato/yam - no additives.

    My Girls Luv These :) by LDavis from Wilmington, NC08/03/2010

    I have two female pitbulls, one with some major food allergies. These are all natural and do not upset her sensitive tummy at all! They both LUV these treats!

    Best treat for my 2 maltese's by Lisa from Lafayette, LA03/22/2012

    I have one maltese who will eat anything, and another who is picky and will actually smell a treat and drop it. He gets very excited about Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries. Both of My Maltese Dog's love it, and I will continue to buy these!

    Worst Purchase Ever by China Junk Hater from Raeford,North Carolina02/04/2013

    When I say made in China, JUNK!!! I tossed this product right in the can! There should be a law that states you have to tell consumers where the product is made before you sell it to them. I Love my pets and wouldn't feed them anything made in China. Would you eat anything made in China? I sure wouldn't.

    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Chicken Tops Donut 3.5" (2 Pack)
    Chicken Top Donuts by Joyce03/12/2013

    My dogs absolutely love these!! Ordering from Entirely Pets is always a pleasure. I know that I will get my product in a timely manner. Actually, quicker than I even anticipate.

    My dog loves these by Judy from New Jersey02/26/2012

    My Cocker Spaniel absolutely loves the Beefeaters Chicken Top Donuts. I always have to make sure I have plenty on hand because she likes to have one everyday. As long as she is happy, Mom is happy, and Entirely Pets had the best price around.

    Shelby's Favorite by Shelby's Mom from Ohio11/06/2012

    Shelby, my coonhound, loves these donuts. I am constantly trying to kieep her in supply!

    by 3DogMom08/15/2012

    These rawhides are always popular with all 3 of my dogs - even the picky one!

    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Peanut Butter Twists (8 Pack)
    Dogs Love Them by Mountain Man from Northern Ca. Foothills08/14/2012

    Unlike the Beef, My dogs seem to love these. Why not the Beef I do not know? My Siberian Husky and Siberian Mix both love these like crazy.

    Simple is better by dog lady02/13/2012

    Both my dog and I would prefer plain unflavored rawhide chews, but at the time I ordered these they were all you had in stock.

    my dog still follows me around... by mollylover from Indiana03/26/2012

    I have 3 basset hounds and they love these chew sticks. One of my dogs follows me around now because she knows where they are located. She watches my every move to see if I'll give her one of these treats. One of my dogs has a sensitive stomach and these didn't bother her one bit. I will definitely order them again.

    by from 11/30/2011

    I'm not sure if my dog loved these.

    (grabbed) by and from leftHe


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    twist by EmmGood


    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Piggy Twists (8 Pack)
    Leave them by Hazey from Jackson, NJ08/26/2012

    My dogs take them then I find them on the floor not chewed.

    Love Piggy Twists by Sammy09/05/2012

    My Samoyeds love piggy twists and i like the fact that they are more digestible than raw hide. I have been unable to find the larger piggy twists that do not have stuffing - the stuffing is liver or chicken and is messy. Entirely Pets needs to carry the larger unstuffed version -- and state whether the items are made in the US. I wish the buyer who bought 10 pkgs and his dogs didn't like them would have taken them to the animal shelter rather than just throwing them away. I am sure they would have appreciated the donation.

    Good chews by ctkid from Jackson, WY10/26/2011

    My puppy really liked these, and it took her a while to get through one. I'm a big fan of chews that keep her occupied for a while :)

    by eaturveggies from Missouri12/29/2012

    These are a great alternative to rawhides. Wish you carried the larger size. These are pretty small and go quickly!

    Don't Waste Your Money! by Mountain Man from Northern Ca. Foothills08/14/2012

    I made the mistake of buying 10 packages of these. I have a Siberian Husky, Siberian Mix, and a Springer Spaniel. Not one of the 3 would even try these. They smell them and lay them down and walk away and refuse to eat them. I will never buy them again. 10 packages going straight out to the garbage. Probably the last item I ever buy from Entirely Pets.com!

    Piggy Twists by KC05/28/2013

    Great product for cleaning teeth, and the price is right through Entirely Pets.

    Featured Reviews for 2.5" Chicken Tops Knotted Bone (5 Pack)
    my dog's favorite by karne from waverly, NE02/09/2012

    My picky dog went nuts over the flavor of this rawhide.

    by from 02/10/2012

    My Chorkie Carlo loves these, as well as the little twist-type Beefeaters. We've shared with several other canines, whose humans have only rave reviews. None of us will give our babies just any ol' treat, and these fit the bill.

    outstanding by - from andThe


    thank by you." from Love the product and the serviceAm


    Featured Reviews for Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rolls (5 Pack)
    Dogs Seem to Enjoy by Cindy from Lakewood, CO03/21/2013

    My dogs seemed to enjoy these treats, They were a good size for my small and medium dogs.

    Beefeater rawhides by Petra from Titusville, FL05/31/2013

    My dog loves these a lot, they have a very thin layer of chicken around them and the rest is rawhide. But my dog is very picky about everything, but he absolutely loves these.

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