Bonies Joint Formula

Bonies Joint FormulaBONIES Joint Formula is a unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog and supports the joints naturally.


BONIES Hip & Joint Health MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)

($2.99)  $0.89
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI (20 Bones / 7 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI (20 Bones / 7 oz)

($10.99)  $6.79

($0.34 Each)

BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI 3-PACK (60 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI 3-PACK (60 Bones)

($24.99)  $18.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI 6-PACK (120 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI 6-PACK (120 Bones)

($44.99)  $35.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX MINI (240 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX MINI (240 Bones)

($118.50)  $69.99

($0.29 Each)


BONIES Hip & Joint Health SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz)

($2.99)  $0.79
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)

($14.50)  $8.79

($0.59 Each)

BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL 3-PACK (45 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL 3-PACK (45 Bones)

($31.99)  $24.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL 6-PACK (90 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL 6-PACK (90 Bones)

($56.99)  $47.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX SMALL (120 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX SMALL (120 Bones)

($94.99)  $59.99

($0.50 Each)


BONIES Hip & Joint Health MEDIUM SINGLE BONE (1.43 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health MEDIUM SINGLE BONE (1.43 oz)

($1.99)  $1.09
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MEDIUM (8 Bones / 11.45 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MEDIUM (8 Bones / 11.45 oz)

($13.19)  $8.49

($1.06 Each)

BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX MEDIUM (90 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX MEDIUM (90 Bones)

($97.99)  $79.99

($0.89 Each)


BONIES Hip & Joint Health LARGE SINGLE BONE (2.23 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health LARGE SINGLE BONE (2.23 oz)

($1.99)  $1.29
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 Bones / 11.15 oz)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 Bones / 11.15 oz)

($10.50)  $3.07

($0.61 Each)

BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack LARGE 3-PACK (15 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack LARGE 3-PACK (15 Bones)

($24.99)  $18.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack LARGE 6-PACK (30 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack LARGE 6-PACK (30 Bones)

($44.99)  $35.99
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX LARGE (72 Bones)
BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX LARGE (72 Bones)

($121.99)  $84.99

($1.18 Each)

Bonies Joint Formula
  • BONIES are highly digestible.
  • BONIES satisfy your dog's chewing needs.
  • All natural dog treat
  • Low calorie: only 29 calories per bone
  • Helps freshen breath & clean teeth
  • Mini: For Dogs 5 - 15 lbs
Bonies Dental Treats for Dogs!

Bonies Benefits

Dogs love Bonies!

BONIES Natural Dental Bones SMALL SINGLES (0.81 oz) a is unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients. Made to be a healthy treat for your dog while freshening their breath at the same time. Intended for dogs weighing 5 - 15 lbs. Bonies Dental Formula contain natural peppermint and parsely to help freshen breath.

BONIES uses brown rice as its first ingredient and unlike other edible chew bones, BONIES contains no animal by-products like gelatin or animal glycerin. BONIES contains zero saturated and trans-fat. Each ingredient in BONIES was carefully selected by a board certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility with no compromise to your dog's health.

BONIES uses a 100% natural chicken flavor concentrate made from antibiotic-free US chicken livers. Once chewing starts, the saliva activates and magnifies the natural chicken flavor, making for a delicious but healthy and functional treat with great benefits. Glucosamine, Omega 3, Omega 6 The combination of 100% natural peppermint and parsley create the perfect combination to freshen nasty doggy breath.

Mother Nature designed bones to be hard, not soft and chewy. BONIES is uniquely formulated to be hard enough to scrape and polish teeth. While chewing a Bonie, dogs will exercise their jaw muscles and massage their gums.

FEEDING DRECTIONS: Feed one bone daily as a healthy & 100% natural treat to promote healthy joints. Always supervise your dog to ensure that the treat is adequately chewed; have fresh, clean water accessible.

Crude Protein 6.0% min
Crude Fat 2.5% min. - 3.5% max
Crude Fiber 2.0% max
Moisture 14.0% max
Ash 4.0%
Sodium 0.55% min - 0.65% max
Glucosamin HCI* 50 mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* 5 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids* 50 mg

Calorie content 2950 kcal/kg (ME calculated)
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile."
INGREDIENTS: Brown Rice Powder, Rice Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Tapioca Starch, Pea Powder, Natural Chicken Flavor, Carrageenan (natural seaweed extract), Calcium Carbonate, Brewers Dried Yeast, Lecithin (Sunflower oil), Flaxseed Meal, Citric Acid, Glucosamine HCl, Fish Oil (from Herring), Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Source of Vitamin E).
4.87 rating based on 91 reviews
Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health MINIS 2 BONE PACK (0.7 oz)
Beware, product mis-named! by 3_GR8_Dogs from Los Angeles, CA10/25/2012

Beware, product mis-named! This should be called "Crack for small dogs"! Our little terrier mix is a very picky senior citizen who first tried this as a sample. IMMEDIATELY had to go online and order full sized packages for her, she LOVES these and they are the perfect tiny size for her. Also glad they are good for her aging joints. Bought the larger sized ones for our other dogs too, probably will be "Crack for big dogs" too - LOL. Great product.

Dog Loved These by CF from Wisconsin01/09/2013

Just the right size for my min pin and he loved them.

Great for small dogs by JFINNMAN from Atlanta11/09/2012

Just right for small dogs but not for larger ones (40 lbs.+) they just swallow them whole.

She is spoilt by Shelly PoochParkWear from California09/08/2013

Gave them to a friends dog as a gift, loved

Tasty but small by GreyGhost from ashevillle, nc12/08/2011

I bought these when they were on sale and though that maybe they would last at least 5 mins for my 15 lbs dog, but he gulped them down in 2 seconds. These treats would probably work best for a dog under 5 lbs.

They Work & Taste Great by Hugenaturelover from Alaska09/29/2013

Both my dogs love the taste of these, it takes them no time at all to eat these (seconds)...

Favorite treat by Yorkie Dad from Eunice, LA07/11/2014

Our Yorkies love the Bonies. Perfect in size and they enjoy them as much as the "Greenies".

Bonies - great product by GB03/04/2014

The mini bonies are a great product - my dog loved them, quickly devoured them...

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI (20 Bones / 7 oz)
Great Product by Boo's Mom from Smithfield, VA08/26/2014

My dogs loves the taste and they are good for him too.. Have purchased multiple times and will continue in the future.

by from 04/14/2014

My dogs, BONIES love! The fragrant smell, stimulate the appetite!

health by BONIES! from AndTo


, by love from BONIESMy


good by suyoung08/30/2014

Dogs like chewing gum Costs in the joint gum good heart

Bonies treats--Joint Formula by Jean G from Pensacola, FL04/21/2013

My little Pug loves these treats. He knows when it is treat time and sits in front of the cupboard where they are kept, until I notice his insistence and give him his Bonie.

Yummy Bonies by JannieB from McKinney, TX08/10/2012

My 2 small dogs love these & they are good for them too. Entirely Pets has a great price on them. Check 'em out!!

by from 01/01/2014

Healthy dog chewing gum [BONIES] ? by minhee from Seoul, South Korea03/22/2014

My dogs loves [BONIES] Dental, bone health for dogs! My dogs, Symptoms of patellar dislocation, BONIES Joint Formula, I hope that helps!

Good for my older dog by Jackie from Chico, CA04/26/2014

I like giving these to my older dog because she has arthritis in her hips. They are low calorie, so I don't mind giving them to her because she doesn't go on walks like she used to.

The best treats for my doggy by DOHEE from Korea, Daejoen06/05/2014

He eats very well this. This is a little more expensive in Korea. So I had to use this site. But of course, International shipping is expensive....^^;But I'm happy with the good price and stuff. Thank you! I will use this site often.

by sue b.01/01/2013

My dog has bad hip problems and with Bonies joint formula he gets around great.



??????? by Martinscat from Havre de Grace MD01/31/2015

Have not gotten my last order yet and its been like 2 weeks! Although the ones in the past our dog has loved!

Picky Dogie Gobbles them up by Kelly07/03/2012

Yummy for your Doggies tummy and healthy too! Give them a try glad we did.

Good Buy by uta07/28/2014

I do pet sitting, so I have a lot of customers and every dog loved them. Should have bought a larger size, good product

Tooth Healthy by Bev12/10/2012

One of our girls favorite treats also helps keep their teeth and gums healthy, but this is formulated to assist in joint health. Because this product is 100% natural I don't worry about their tummies. They love this treat!

Very good by eunhaee01/03/2013

I do the Internet shopping as often as possible Site here, I will satisfy all products

finally,my dog enjoys a treat by snooky from lakeville,mass05/15/2014

my black pug agnes is fussy..when our lab,blanchie,eats a greenie or chicken strip..our pug just walks she see's the bonie bag...she actually squeals and hides to enjoy... i am sooo happy there is something she loves and is good for her.. thanks bonies

Great for beagles by zoesmom from Queen Creek, AZ08/19/2014

My dogs love bonies, I think I need to order the next size up as my puppy is bigger than my eleven year old now and she inhales them. I have been getting the mini's which are fine for my older beagle.

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI 6-PACK (120 Bones)
We have a "Bonies-Aholic" & we're sold on them!!! by Diane333 from Eads, TN09/27/2013

Bonies have to be the best treat products on the market and we are thrilled that Entirely Pets carries all their formulas and has such great deals on them! Buy just one or get even more fantastic low prices on higher quantities! Our Livy, a Miniature Dachshund, loves all three formulas SO MUCH! We always keep a good supply of them on hand at all times...we are afraid that Livy would pack her little bag and run away from home if we ran out of her Bonies! Originally, we purchased the Dental formula, but when the Calming and Joint formulas were added to the Bonies treat line, we found that she was crazy about all of them, so now we order all three!. If you want to have a treat that will send the doggie member of your family wild, you must try Bonies in any one or ALL 3 varieties! Entirely Pets has the absolute best buys on Bonies, so get your order in right won't be sorry!!!

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX MINI (240 Bones)
Nothing to review by 3 dogs from Texas03/17/2013

I ordered these on 2/23, but still haven't received them...

My dog LOVES these! by Harmreduction from San Francisco, CA04/21/2010

So good,and so healthy... My husband totally understood why i spent $100.00 on just ONE TREAT for our minpin. A really excellent value.

My dogs love these by semcvrae from CA11/08/2012

Every morning Slider, Scooter and Sweet Pea know they are getting one of these and go crazy for them. I looked around for a long time before deciding on these. I would never give my dogs anything made in China, with wheat or with chemicals, so it took awhile to find these "bones."

still don't have the product by not happy07/28/2014

I've written 4 inquiries, none have been answered and then I'm asked to rate the product. The shipment, never arrived so . . .

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health SMALL SINGLE BONE (0.81 oz)
Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul12/28/2012

Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

Love your products by Jessica from Minnesota01/31/2013

When my lab was diagnosed with hip dys I searched on the internet for a place I could get all her joint supplements and special treats at a good price. I am very happy to have found Entirely Pets. Your customer service is exceptional and products are received on time always. I tried on of those bonies treats in my first order and my little girl fell in love. She absolutely loves them.

Best little snack ... ever! by PixieWizard from Atlanta, GA02/18/2012

Our 5 month old Chorkie LOVES these little bones. They are the perfect distraction for a busy little pup. Especially, since they are made from healthy ingredients and easy for him to digest.

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack SMALL (15 Bones / 12.15 oz)
by Marhol09/06/2013

I buy these and the calming formula ones for my shih tzus and they love them. I also like the fact they're made in the U.S.

A LITTLE PRICEY by cherbucks from valencia, ca05/30/2014

I would like to see a much better price on the bonies, so that I can buy them again. My dog loves them!!

really good by d3shet02/20/2014

keeps him busy, yet soft enough they don't damage his teeth

by from 06/04/2012

Above all, the dogs really like this product. Palatability is the best! Smells good. Robust and more effective in removing calculus seems to be.

of by a from fairlychew


by from 04/28/2012

Just bought 2 packages of these Bonies to try out on all the "kids," and all four of them love them!

more--they're by great from treats.Will


My Search Is Over by Sandie03/28/2012

I am always searching for a great healthy treat for my dogs. Bonies are made with good ingredients and NO animal by products. Glad to have stumbled on this product. I'm happy and my dogs are happy and healthy!

Will Continue to Purchase by ToshMosh from Northern California03/27/2012

My elderly dog with arthritis absolutely loves Bonies!

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX SMALL (120 Bones)
by from 08/27/2013

Expiration date is too short. T.T One month... ,,,long expiration dates

by from"


by from 10/04/2013

I have six dogs ranging in ages from 17 1/2 yrs to 6 months and sizes from 45 to 14 pounds. They all love Bonies. Buying then in bulk really saves me money and time.

them. by Having from differentWe


Bonies by catlady from Connecticut12/06/2011

great for small treats and training-both dogs enjoy the taste and look forward to their afternoon treat

Great product by Joyce05/02/2012

After looking at Taz and Bella's teeth, my vet remarked how clean and bright they are. I attribute it to giving each of them a Bonie every day. All the dogs love them (including two neighbor dogs who stop by every morning for the treat).

LOVE THESE BONIES by NIKKI from Texas07/18/2012

My 3 dogs go straight for the counter where I keep their Bonies after they eat! They love these treats. I've also noticed that they help keep their teeth clean as well. Great price and great treats.

Dog loved them by newton from Hackettstown, NJ12/29/2011

My dog has allergies so these are just right for her and she enjoys them. She is able to chew them very quickly so they don't last long but she seems satisfied.

My dog's favorite! by Fondy_Ladybug from Fond du Lac, WI05/29/2012

Took advantage of the bulk price for small Bonies and so glad I did. These are definitely Madison's favorite...each morning he nudges me, then goes to where the Bonies are kept (who says dogs can't talk?!) Not only does he love them, they also help keep his teeth free from tartar.

Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

Good treat tidbit by Cee from Memphis, TN11/11/2013

Good treat to use when you want to give your dog a little snack.

Bonies by dorsey from Boston area12/07/2011

Excellent service and product. Good communication from the company and easy tracking with the tracking number they provided. Will definitely shop here again.

Bonies by Cocker-Friend from MD03/30/2014

My dogs love them. I like the joint option that is added. Economical. Fast delivery.

Amazing product by gta-1 from Florida's Space Coast03/03/2012

We have tried many treatments, medications, procedures and products for my senior lab to help him with his arthritis. These Bonies really, really help manage his symptoms as well as or better than other things we've tried. Best of all, he LOVES them, I've never seen him get so excited about a treat as he does for a Bonies!

Dog's love it by Gernie from Littleton, CO07/16/2012

I buy these in bulk to save money as I give both of my dogs one of these daily. The dogs love them and I give them after a walk as they settle down for a rest. Both dogs are prone to hip dysplasia so I feel that this added joint formula can help.

Good investment by blackdogmom from Florida's Space Coast01/28/2012

My dogs all go crazy for these, they all do really well with them and we have seen a big improvement in my senior dog's mobility since he started enjoying his daily Bonies Joint Formula bones.

Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/17/2013

Cheaply by purchasing good Joints in many noryeonggyeon should help

It is love dogs by suyoung08/30/2014

It likes to chew . ,, And joint snack , it's better

Great Bones my dog just loves by brei from Newport News, VA01/08/2013

Layla, my dog goes nuts for these Bonies. My neighbor used to give them to her now I do. They help clean her teeth and she loves them.

Great "treat." by Gernie from Littleton, CO03/11/2013

My dog Nelson gets one bonie everyday after we return from a walk. He is a large 4 year old muttigree dog and I am giving these joint formula bonies as a preventative measure for arthritis. He loves these bonies and knows he's going to get one when we return from our walk.

Great Product by 3 dogs from Texas03/17/2013

I ordered these on 2/23, but still haven't received them. Very hard to get answers from the staff. The product is great, but delivery is a challenge!!

Good for them and They Love Them by FrugalAnnie from Mount Plymouth, FL12/31/2012

have tried numerous chews - so that I don't have to worry about brushing his teeth every day. He loves these - I give him one a day and don't have to brush his teeth - which is hates anyway.

Bonies in bulk box by AL from Long Island, NY10/16/2013

My daughter previously purchased the Bonies for her two dogs. Upon her recommendation, I ordered some for my dog. He loves them...I especially like them because they are made in the US!

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MEDIUM (8 Bones / 11.45 oz)
Bonies by Blondie01/25/2015

Bear loved them, will purchase more in my next order!

Dogs love them by Dog Mom from West Hartford, CT07/23/2014

I switched from Greenies to Bonies since they do not contain wheat. My dogs love them and I am happier with the ingredient list

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health LARGE SINGLE BONE (2.23 oz)
My CoCo loves Bonie's by Virginia from Sacramento, CA03/27/2010

My 6 month old female Chihuahua Mix doesn't like biscuits, greenies nor any kind of non meat treat. But my daughter buys Bonie's for her two dogs and she was puppy sitting my CoCo and she gave CoCo a Bonie. CoCo loved them so much I now buy them for her and also for my 9 yr old German Sheperd. I thought she would never eat such treats but Bonie's won her over.

They love them! by Julie from Wisconsin01/14/2013

Received these samples for my dogs. I feel this product would be an easy way of giving a joint supplement. They absolutely loved them and were looking for more!

Yummy! by Steve from Venice, FL11/11/2012

My dogs loved this bone and wouldn't stop eating it until every morsel was gone.

Great treat for the price by Aussie owner from Pittsboro NC03/06/2014

Excellent, healthy chew at a very reasonable price.

free sample by sumack from Oshkosh, WI04/08/2010

My dog, Jozee, LOVED it. I wish they came in a teenie size for my other pup - all three pounds of her!

Husky has Benefitted by Bill from Pittsburgh, PA03/09/2014

I purchased Bonies Joint Formula Bones and am very pleased. My Siberian Husky appears to have gained more fluidity in his gait and shows signs of increased mobility. He enjoys his daily bone . In fact, he looks forward to his "special treat".

my dog finds them yummy by CECE from Missouri10/05/2013

Mu dog Izzy loves all kind of chews but this is one she finds to be fun and enjoyable I would say if you want your dog busy for awhile it would be enjoyable

by lk03/23/2010

I tried it a few times. Although my dog liked the taste, it consistently gave her indigestion.

Best Dental Bone by Huffy from Galt, California06/22/2013

My dogs love their bonies, and with only natural ingredients, I love them too.

Good Product by Paula from South Florida12/05/2012

My dogs loved these bones! Any product that is both loved by my pups AND good for them, has to be a good purchase! Also reasonably priced.

Great Product by Kelly from Texas01/20/2013

Our Lab has Joint problems... on those cold winter mornings she has trouble moving around... with Bonies Joint Formula Regular single Bone it is much easier for her and she enjoys the snack as well.

Dog loves it by RedCat03/17/2014

My dog absolutely loves Bonies Joint bones, she gets 1 a day and it helps a lot with her old joints.

Great found by Nance05/15/2014

I was looking for a healthy chew treat for my golden retriever and came across this. My dog loves it and look forward to her treat at the end the day.

Best treat my dog loves! by Carol from Glastonbury, Ct06/03/2014

Of all the treats my golden retriever Piper gets, he seems to love Bonies the best. When I give him a Bonies, he seems to be so satisfied, more so than with any other treat. I give him the Bonies Natural Joint Support Formula. I would highly recommend this treat for dogs!

by Phil09/18/2014

Needed something to add a buck to get free shipping. This worked. Sadie liked it.

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack REGULAR (5 Bones / 11.15 oz)
just right for us by G-Pop from Columbus, Oh01/22/2014

With three larger dogs, the size of these "treats" is perfect. We don't worry about them not chewing them and they are the perfect alternate treat for weekends or special days. We mix them up and they are happy to have them any time. We had these for daily treats for quite a while and will continue to purchase them for our dogs.

Dog Loves The Bonies by Texasgal from Odessa, Texas02/28/2013

I got these for one of my dogs that was hit by a car and suffered from a broken pelvis prior to us adopting her. She basically uses 3 legs and at times she seems a bit stiff. I have only been using this a short time but my dog loves these Bonies. Makes me happy because I feel it is also beneficial for her prior injury.

Dogs love them! by Mart01/07/2013

My dogs love these and I believe that they help with keeping the teeth cleaner. I usually give them one every other day.

great product for big and small by vet tech from Northeastern, PA06/01/2013

I was quite pleased to find a product for hips and joints in a treat form. With both large and small breeds to treat for hip issues it makes things much easier. This Glucosomine product is great!

Nice Surprise by mim112807/16/2012

I selected these because I needed to boost my order a little for free shipping and my dog, Axle, needs help for joint comfort. I've been pleasantly surprised by how much Axle enjoys these bones and I feel good about the ingredients he is consuming.

Worth the purchase by Breezy11/20/2011

Our 2 dogs enjoy these bones. One of the dogs has food allergies and these do not seem to bother her. I wished they lasted a little longer, but with 2 labs they do keep them busy for a little while.

Bones dogs love by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan12/15/2012

My four 50-60 pound dogs love these, but they do get expensive when you have four dogs and there are only five bones in the bag, so we wait for sales and stock up.

Great Flavor for My Picky Dog by Cheryl04/22/2010

You sent me a sample of this bone. My Epicurian Rodesian begged when she smelled the package. She actually savored it. Chewing more than usual. I will write again after a few weeks to let you know about how it helps her joints.

Dogs enjoy them by Sandy from New York06/21/2013

Bonies were enjoyed by all my 3 dogs and they can be fussy about their treats.

Best Natural Dog bones by 2Labs06/26/2012

My Dogs have food allergies and it was finally great to find a large dog treat that I could give them, and they think their the best as do I.

New Taste Sensation by Cathy from Buffalo, NY05/29/2012

Amber is a very fussy dog when it comes to food and treats. She likes a variety. This month I tried some Bonies. They were about the size of Greenies we usually get, but she really chomped on these aggressively. She absolutely loved them!

My dogs always love Bonies. by Youri from Seoul, Korea01/27/2015

My dog has allergy to many reason, so she didn't eat any treat or bones. But Bonies is OK and she really loves it.

Love Bonies! by Basset Lover from Pensacola, FL08/27/2013

I alternate between the regular dental, calming and the joint formula. My hound loves these and they are 100% digestible, unlike other brands.

Christmas gift... by InlandNorthwest201012/12/2011

Love these treats for my 2 Malamutes! They will share some with their "cousins"...2 Labradors. Like the idea that these will satisfy their need to chew while giving them the added benefit of the joint formula.

Healthy Treat my Dogs Love by "The Boyz" Mom from California12/13/2012

Both of my dogs love Bonies. My senior dog benefits from the joint formula, and he eagerly "takes his medicine" without a fuss since Bonies are his favorite treats.

Joint bonies by Vicky from Indpls, In03/19/2014

My dog loves them, but eats it too fast.

My dog loves these by CJ from Colorado05/20/2011

...and they're a lot less expensive than Greenies!

Great Bonies by blossom's mom from Long Island, NY02/14/2014

My dog loves them! She is so enthusiastic when I give her one that I love to give it to her.

the best by kb101 from texas08/16/2013

These are the best - my lab's daily treat when I leave for work. Seems to work too; his running is more fluid now but may be the tabs I give him too.

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack LARGE 6-PACK (30 Bones)
Great treat and supplement by Patton from Northeast Pa09/04/2013

We use Bonies for both a big and small dogs. While the dose of Glucosamine is low, it is an added supplement that many other treats do not offer. All our guys love them!

Bonies by Kimberly F. from Stockbridge, Michigan01/20/2013

My three German Shepherds love these. Even the 11-year-old who usually let's the 1-year-old have her treats won't give this away. I like them because they help their joints and with them being so large, not fat, just big dogs, they could use everything they can get. Got Bonies before as one of their penny treats, and will definitely be buying more. I get the bigger size in bulk.

Bonies good but.. by sltppy from Chelsea, michigan12/04/2012

My 4 Belgian Shepherds love them, but they don't last more than 2 minutes!!

Featured Reviews for BONIES Hip & Joint Health BULK BOX LARGE (72 Bones)
by from 12/24/2012

I have three rescued canines who eat better than I do! No food or toy made in China will ever touch their mouths.

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by from 10/23/2012

My dogs absolutely love the Bonies. I ask them if they want a Bonie and they run to the cupboard where they are kept and sit.

good by for from them.Safe


Love these! by Kristi06/05/2012

My basset absolutely loves Bonies. I feel that they really help keep his teeth cleaner.

My Dog Loves Them by Brad10/27/2013

My dog has food allergies so bonies are perfect since they aren't made with animal byproducts. Not to mention she eats them up in about 1 minute!

Even fussy dogs love the taste! by USAMaid from Wickford, RI01/08/2013

Instead of the usual "cookie" treat, my three dogs look forward to their Bonies every day. They come running from every direction when they hear the crinkling of the plastic wrappers being cut. Also put some in the Christmas stockings of my four granddogs. They got gobbled right up, I'm told. :-)

Dogs love these!! by Marty from NC01/21/2015

With three labs, 72 Bonies do not last long! They help keep teeth cleaner and breath smelling much better.

The only bones my dogs get! by AZ02/07/2013

I have searched, read, and studied bone treats for my dogs! Bonies are it! All natural ingredients with my dogs best health interest in mind. I buy them in the bulk box because the price is right!

Bonies are the Best by spots from Concord, Ca12/30/2012

All my dogs get the Joint Formula Bonies no matter what age. They love them and are so excited when I get out the box. Entirely Pets service and shipping are easy and fast.

My Dogs Love em by Clark12/17/2012

I have two Great Danes and they have come to expect Bonies after their evening meal. Started off buying the dental care bonies & have recently switched to the Joint Formula Bones, as one of my Danes is getting older. Don't know if the joint formula is making a difference but I havent had to get their teeth cleaned for years now since giving them these regularly. The only drawback is the expense but, they're worth it. Once again - the dogs love em & after eating, they always run to the cabinet where we keep em.

Great Bonies by blossom's mom from Long Island, NY01/20/2014

My golden retriever absolutely loves them. Each morning I have her one after breakfast. I like to think they are helping her joints too. They seem to be.

Buddy Loves His Bonies by Mary Kay from Indianapolis, IN04/09/2013

My dog, Buddy, is a young guy with hip dysplasia. We give him a chew treat every night. This is a great way for him to clean his teeth and to provide some joint protection. He's very picky about his chew treats but he likes these a lot!

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