• Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - SM

    Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug - SM

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    Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug treat dispenser keeps your dog interested and motivated to play. It's the solution to interactive play. Tug-A-Jug stimulates your pet's sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Features unique rubber wrap and rope for chew play and clean teeth.

  • Non-toxic
  • Fill with your own treats

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    Its teriffic by absolutely from ny ny04/16/2013

    fantastic its great, dog loves it, he plays with it everyday

    Addicted by Carolyn06/10/2010

    Belle, a Border Collie mix loves this toy and has been busy with it for about 2 hours. She has nearly chewed through the rope though. I will try the larger size and see how that goes. She is under 40lbs but a strong chewer.

    works for mine! by Gooddayz04/06/2012

    My little 13lb power jaws loves this toy!! It does keep him busy and, as of yet, he has not destroyed it!! SCORE!!! I put a rawhide chew in there and he just constantly plays with it (trying to get it out). He is ADORABLE when he is carrying it around.

    Totally fun toy! by Bill03/23/2008

    My dog is so funny playing with this. I think I have as much fun watching him try to get the treats out as he does trying to get them out.

    by from 12/02/2008

    First day my dog mostly ignores the toy, tries but doesn't seem to get it. Next thing I know it's empty. I refill it and keep an eye on here.

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    Depends on the dog! by busyspouse from Kentucky07/04/2011

    I am torn between recommending or not. I LOVE how this keeps my Sheltie from gulping down her food, keeps her amused and interested,BUT BUT BUT!!! I have now bought about 7 of these 5 small and 2 med/large. All but two now only a month old have cracked. most were where the bottom screws on to the jar, but the latest cracked completely from the top diagonally down THROUGH the screw-on bottom. It was NEVER dropped. This is the greatest concept ever, but you MUST make them of sturdier material. I tried the larger size but the "nubs" made her gums raw!! In this day of technological miracles, surely this can be done ??? Although the Bob a Lot is harder to fill and much more expensive it is MUCH sturdier!

    Tug a Jug, a good buy by Lolly10/23/2012

    The tug a jug came in timely fashion, that was good. My dog is a mini-dachshund/cocker spanial mix who weighs 12lb. She is always tipping her food dishes over, so a friend suggested the tug a jug. This keeps her entertained as she fights with it to get the food out. The only bad thing is she broke the twist cover. It still screws on, but I am afraid it won't last long. She bangs it on the floor and shakes it, then drops it. What a brat. Her name is Smudge.

    Great Toy by lmdkewl from Louisville, KY04/23/2014

    Great toy for your dog. Nice and challenging as well as fun. This is my second one of these and my dog loves them.

    by from 04/28/2012

    I used to put a dog biscuit or two in a clean empty plastic drink bottle. My puppy enjoyed working to get the treat out. When I saw this I thought it would be even better so I ordered it. Well, my one complaint is that for the first few times she played with it, she grabbed the rope in her teeth and swung it back and forth banging herself on the head and face! This made her grouchy and short tempered! Poor dog. The toy is a very hard plastic. After a few times however, she tried some other strategies and found some less painful and more effective ways of getting the treats out. She now grasps the rubber, spiked neck of the Tug-a-jug and pours the treats out. If I put lots of her kibble inside it, it keeps her occupied for quite a while.

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    by from 11/06/2012

    One of the best toys that can keep my MinPin entertained since she is highly food motivated.

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    Busy buddy toy by Diana04/15/2012

    The platstic is a little hard which is both good and bad. Good because it's almost undistructable. & bad because it hurts when it hits you.

    by from 05/14/2013

    Premier Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug is a great reward toy that has the potential to keep your dog busy for a while.

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    Worth Considering by Magic's mom from PA12/31/2011

    Our border collie mix is extremely smart and we are always on the lookout for toys that will challenge her. On her first introduction, Magic figured out how to empty the Tug-a-Jug in less than two minutes, but often there is one treat that lingers...which keeps her occupied for a time. We have tried various sizes of treats/kibble. We do not allow her access to the toy when there are no treats inside. She's also a chewer, so we are expecting that the rope will not last long. But the instructions advise on how to use the toy even when the rope disappears. That gives the toy a "second life" in our book, which is why this toy is worth considering for anyone with a dog that needs mental stimulation and is looking for some longevity in a toy.


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