Virbac CET Dental Products

CET Toothbrushes & ToothpastesPets Have Teeth Too!!! Virbac C.E.T. enhances and activates naturally occurring oral defense mechanism. C.E.T. dental products are a great tasting and effective way to help keep your pet's breath fresh and teeth clean. Order CET dental products today!

C.E.T Cat Toothbrush
C.E.T Cat Toothbrush

($8.99)  $6.19
Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Dentifric Enzymatique (Poultry Flavour)
Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Dentifric Enzymatique (Poultry Flavour)

($1.99)  $1.39
CET Fingerbrush Poultry Flavor (12 gm)
CET Fingerbrush Poultry Flavor (12 gm)

($8.99)  $6.39
C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush

($7.99)  $5.39

($7.99)  $5.69
CET Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz (70 gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste
CET Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz (70 gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste

($7.99)  $6.50
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats

($14.99)  $10.79
CET Toothbrush
CET Toothbrush

($13.99)  $3.69
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs & Cats
C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs & Cats

($16.99)  $12.59
Sized and shaped specially for a cat's mouth the CET Toothbrush is designed for your cat's comfort and oral health.

  • Soft and gentle
  • Easy to use
  • Small angled toothbrush is designed to reach all surfaces of your pet's teeth
  • 3.83 rating based on 6 reviews
    Featured Reviews for C.E.T Cat Toothbrush
    Didn't work for my cat by David08/04/2013

    I've been brushing my cat's teeth for twelve years with a pet toothbrush [no longer available!] which is shaped like a smaller version of a pediatric tooth brush. My cat was not able to tolerate this new shape. If you're just starting out with brushing your cat's teeth, I'd give this one a try, but it didn't work for us.

    for kitten or very small cat. by karmom from seminole, Fl.02/24/2013

    I feel this small tooth brush is best suited for a kitten, or very small cat. I feel the one that is a little bigger is better for a adult cat. I use the bigger one myself, not the one for a dog.

    Great for little dogs, too! by Lily's Mom from Florida02/13/2014

    This toothbrush can be used to brush the teeth of a small dog, too. However, I don't like the toothpaste that comes along with it. It turns black on being exposed to the air. I get a vanilla flavored toothpaste at Pet Supermarket and my little Lily likes that and lets me brush her teeth. BTW, you only have to brush the outside of their teeth. Their tongues clean the insides.

    gets the job done by whiskrkisses from Detroit, MI05/03/2013

    This is the only toothbrush that works to clean my kitty's teeth. It's small enough to fit into her mouth. I just wish it was less expensive (it costs more than my toothbrushes). We brush her teeth every night and go through a lot of these!

    by from 01/29/2015

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    small enough brush! by sandy10/19/2014

    The only cat sized brush I've found. Bought more than one and gave to friends.

    The brush is just right for a cat's mouth by IC06/14/2013

    I like the size of this brush, I was able to reach kitty's molars and premolar, unlike a regular pet or baby's toothbrush which are way too big. I didn't give it a 5 star b'cos, I find the bristles a little too soft, not abrasive enough and probably won't last very long considering the price I'm paying.

    Awesome Tooth Brush by Dot from Astoria, OR02/26/2013

    This is the perfect toothbrush for a cat's mouth. Check out this video to train your cat to love getting their teeth brushed.

    Featured Reviews for Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste Dentifric Enzymatique (Poultry Flavour)
    by Sid02/18/2013

    It's the only toothpaste I use for both my cat and dog. Vet feels I am doing great job removing placque avoiding additional vet care requiring my guys the alternative. THANKS!

    I will be back for more! by Lyudmila from Brooklyn, NY02/15/2012

    Both of my pets like the taste of it and enjoy brushing their teeth.

    by from 08/01/2013

    I did not realize this would be like sample packets even though they have the same amount as the tube.

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    virbac toothpaste by mares from Sedona, AZ09/21/2013

    My yorkies love the smell and taste of poultry toothpaste. Hope it does the job and keeps the teeth clean and healthy.

    great product by ljuw926 from Fairmont MN05/14/2013

    Dogs love it. They line up in order, for their turn to get their teeth brushed! My 5 year old has never needed a professional cleaning at the vets office. She started on the CET toothpaste as soon as she had all her adult teeth.

    tasty toothpaste by Mimi from Florida03/17/2014

    My dogs love this toothpaste! I was using a peanut butter flavored one before but they love this chicken flavored one better.

    Not what I expected by MELinOLY04/08/2013

    I ordered what I thought was a TUBE of toothpaste for my dog. What showed up was little packages of toothpaste, with no way to close them after use. I will not buy this again from this retailer.

    awesome by kitty10/14/2013

    my cats love it but it does get hard to brush their teeth

    by from 01/29/2013

    This is the same excellent toothpaste found in larger sized tube.

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    Great Product by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona12/05/2012

    Virbac Enzyme Toothpaste does exactly to plaque what it claims to do..and the dogs love the taste. I had a lot of trouble with my dog Bailey: he hates brushing his teeth but now loves the (Poultry) taste and is not fussy when brushing.

    creates interest by nj from West Newbury. MA08/05/2012

    I don't use the toothpaste. I'm a groomer and find that giving these mini packs to dog owners along with the toothbrush helps get them interested in taking care of their dogs teeth. I couldn't afford to give them away if they weren't little sample packs.

    Entirely Pets by craig from Parma, Ohio03/02/2011

    Once again, ordered from Entirely Pets and I am completely satsified. Great products, competitive pricing, prompt service, and I love cet toothpaste. My dogs are all over 12 yrs old and have no dental problems. I brush at least 3 times a week, no problems with breath or dental disease.

    by Happy Customer01/13/2014

    The Toothpaste seems to be working well. I think it really depends on the owner's ability to get the dog to cooperate to brush his teeth.

    Must taste good! by D2 from Waipi'o, HI12/19/2012

    My dog & cat really like the taste! My dog gets excited when it's tooth-brushing time, and my cat will lick it up, too. And it must work, as my cat is almost 19 years old and still has clean teeth without ever having to have a dental cleaning from the vet (just had her annual checkup 3 days ago - teeth still good!). Same for my dog, who is 13 years old. Be sure to buy the tube not the little packets. Better deal, and easier to use.

    Best purchase ever. by Love my Mindy. from Painesville, Oh01/09/2013

    I received a sample of this tooth paste from my Vet. after she got her teeth cleaned. She liked it so well that I tried to find it on the Internet and I am so glad I did. She now loves having her teeth brushed each night.

    great toothpaste by gail from dayton oh12/24/2013

    I love this toothpaste and so do my 2 dogs and my 3 cats but only the poultry flavor it goes on the toothbrush well not runny or too thick my animal love it so much I have to watch the tube or they will take off with it

    Dissatisfied, my mistake! by Art from Richmond, VA10/23/2012

    Simply put, this was just not what I thought it was. I also ordered another CET toothpaste that was packaged in a standard tube and was satisfied with that purchase. However, this product looks more like a sample would is not in a closable tube. I should have looked closer before ordering.

    dogs like the flavor by Bobbybo from Lindenhurst n.y.01/24/2013

    My dog does not mind so much when I brush her teeth with it. She likes the taste.

    great product by Ravenpaw 2101/16/2013

    I first got this at my work (a vet hospital) & my cats love it so much, but I didn't want to keep taking samples from work so when I found the same exact toothpaste on here I was very happy & bought 3 & will continue to buy them from this website from now on!!! :)

    Waiting for more. by Paco from NE02/26/2013

    Our dog and cat enjoy this toothpaste very much. They have had the satisfaction of the poultry, and prior to this last order, the beef. The creamy colored poultry squeezes out well, onto the brush or your finger. There is no "stretching" of the paste, leaving you to "tackle" with a thin "ending", as in pulling taffy, apart. I found this the case, though, with the clear (yes) beef paste. It seems to be somewhat of a lighter consistency, then the poultry. At night, our cat is always waiting for me, when I go to the counter. Both pets cannot get enough of the paste.

    Very good by eunhaee01/03/2013

    Very good I do the Internet shopping as often as possible Site here, I will satisfy all products

    Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste (Poultry) by Deny06/06/2012

    My poodle begs to have her teeth brushed most nights. The vets say her teeth are in really great condition. We didn't watch the ounces and thought we were getting the regular size tube, however. Price is much better then buying from your vet.

    Disappointment by BJ from San Diego, CA12/24/2013

    What a disappointment! Three little packages. Did not meet my expectations

    by MariP from California11/07/2012

    brush my dog's teeth daily with Virbac's CET toothpaste and have great results. Because it is enzymatic it continues to clean even after brushing but isn't harmful when swallowed. I buy a few of these small sample sizes to share with friends and when I'm traveling with my pet. I only wish that they came in more flavours and not just poultry.

    Right on time. by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois04/17/2013

    This is a repeat purchase, many times over the last 5 years. The dogs love it and it really does the job.

    Works- my kitty likes it by Littlecat03/18/2013

    ordering more since I am getting her in a routine to brush three times a week.

    Messy packaging for toothpaste by Jean from Chicago05/21/2013

    The toothpaste may be fine, but the unclosable, squeeze packaging is a problem. Once opened, you have the find a place to set the package down so you don't end up with toothpaste all over things. It would be better to spend more for a closable tube.

    Featured Reviews for CET Fingerbrush Poultry Flavor (12 gm)
    Starter product by Pamella from Chicago, IL10/23/2012

    For the price it's decent, and it's good for an introduction to brushing your pet's teeth.

    GREAT little gadget!! by 2 Scotties plus us from Missouri08/12/2014

    This finger brush is REALLY easy to use and works so much better than a regular toothbrush because I can really get in the back of their mouths to clean better. They don't seem to mind this soft rubber brush at all like they did a toothbrush. Glad I purchased this and the toothpaste is GREAT!!

    Featured Reviews for C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush
    hilarious by not coming back03/18/2012

    Today got Entirelypets' email asking me to review this product. But this seller cancelled my order without even sending me a reason. So, how am I supposed to review this product without even get it at the first place! Will never come back to shop at

    C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush by Deb from Vacaville, CA10/23/2012

    I have a Chihuahua and this is the perfect size toothbrush. I've tried them all. If you are not brushing ALL small dogs teeth it is inevitable they will get periodontal disease which can lead to a fractured jaw because the disease deteriorates the bone and you don't even know it because they can not tell you. My 5 year old Chihuahua got periodontal disease and I used to use the wipes my vet said brushing is best. She had to have 11 teeth removed & I though I was taking care of them.

    Great product! by Sam'smom08/17/2013

    My MIn Pin's mouth is too small for regular toothbrushes. This on is perfect and easy to use.

    Great item by chihuahuamom12/14/2012

    These little toothbrushes are great for small dogs.

    Better than Most by Sheldon05/13/2014

    For us, this is easier than most toothbrushes we've tried. However, your finger is still at risk in there, so watch out for those sharp SHREDDING teeth if your cat's like ours and CHEWS while you attempt to brush. SIGH. At least this fits into her mouth unlike so many we've tried before, and, if we can get it angled before she starts her chewing action, she might even get a little bit of a tooth-brushing!!!

    C.E.T. Mini Toothbrush by Cruzer's Mom09/13/2013

    These toothbrushes work best for our 2 yorkies. They get their teeth brushed daily and these make for easier cleaning.

    by from 11/15/2011

    Good size by Sandi from Vista, CA12/06/2011

    It is a very good size for my small dog.

    Ouch by Brizza from California03/07/2013

    Other than the toothpaste being pleasant for my 9 year old tea cup maltese, the finger toothbrush was just too hard (bristles) for her delicate gums. It also hurt 'my' finger as well as the plastic cut into it. If your dog is older, this might be a tad painful for their teeth and gums.

    Best tooth brush for small dogs!!! by Alioop from Mass.11/17/2011

    I have two tiny chihuahua's that hate having their teeth brushed and everything I have seen has been two big for their tiny mouths. This fits nicely on your finger and perfectly into their mouths. I highly recommend this product!

    Great Invention!!! by Chihuahuamom11/17/2010

    This is the best toothbrush. I have chihuahuas and could not find a toothbrush small enough to fit in their tiny mouths. I have tried toothbrushes for infants and small children and they are still too big. This one is just right and they love getting their teeth brushed with it. I found the toothbrush at a local pet store but they do not carry the product anymore. I am thrilled that I found it online.

    by from 01/10/2014

    Great for small Dogs by Sea*Star from Virginia Beach, VA02/24/2014

    This is the only toothbrush that works for my Chihuahua. All the other dog dental brushes are too big to brush a small dogs teeth. This one is perfect!

    Great size for tiny mouths by Rooster10/27/2012

    This brush is a great size for my 7-pound Rat Terrier. I wish it had a straight handle, though, rather than the finger holster, which is awkward to use. I don't use it, in fact, and it rubs against the edges of her mouth when I'm cleaning the back teeth, so I'm sure it would be more comfortable for her to have a straight handle.

    by Kking03/13/2013

    The toothpaste is great but the little brush, while a great size was a little rough for my cat. I ended up just purchasing a babies toothbrush instead.

    Did not work for my cat by David08/04/2013

    The toothbrush head size and shape are just right, but it needs a longer handle. Getting to the back of my cat's mouth with this short handle involves my putting my chubby finger into his mouth. I like the traditional shaped cat toothbrushes, which seem to no longer be available.

    Love it!!!! by Gen from Hampton Roads, Va09/30/2012

    We got this mini toothbrush for our yorkie from our vet and are so thrilled with it!!! My pup has such a tiny mouth that I felt horrible as I was brushing her teeth...even the cat tooth brushes seemed too big. I looked high and low for something smaller for over a year and when I had about given up looking, right there on my vet's shelf was our tiny treasure. It's so much easier to do her teeth now and I don't feel like I'm stretching her cheeks way out to get the brush in there anymore. I love it so much for her tiny mouth!!!

    Mini-Toothbrush, it's about time! by Bun from Southeast Florida11/14/2012

    People with toy dogs or cats have been looking for a toothbrush like this for years. Finally Virbac has given us a toothbrush that actually fits in our pet's mouth! I can touch each tooth now and feel I'm actually doing some good by brushing my dog's teeth. Thank you Virbac!!

    Toothy time! by Papillon from Longmont, Co.01/27/2012

    My dogs love "toothy time". All four run to our brushing place to try and be first to get their teeth brushed. They like the smaller mini brushes, regular brushes are too large for their mouths. For me, the fit is OK.

    Great starter kit for kittens by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa12/09/2011

    I brush my older cats teeth, but I thought the brush would be a little to large for me new kitten. This is just the right size! It comes with the sample of chicken flavored paste that they find tasty and is easy to use. Now Furgus can become used to getting his teeth cleaned just like his "big brother"!

    Fantastic Product! by Bun04/22/2011

    Finally a toothbrush that fits into my toy dog's mouth. I can clean each tooth as you are supposed to. I can't say enough good things about this tiny toothbrush. Thank you to who ever finally thought of our small animals and their dental health.

    Great Products by Loafin from Georgia04/03/2013

    This little toothbrush is so tiny! Thank goodness, because we finally have a brush that will fit in the mouth of our two Papillon puppies. Plus, of course, they love the taste of the toothpaste. Wish we'd found this product years ago.

    best product by honeebee from NC02/21/2014

    i have been looking forever for a toothbrush small enough to clean my dogs teeth. my daisy has the smallest mouth. i couldn't even get a baby toothbrush in there to clean her teeth. i just knew there had to be something out there that was small enough. i finally found this product and i'm just thrilled. i even took it to my vets office and showed them so that they would be able to recommend it to other pet owners with small pets.

    worst brush ever by al from Eugene, OR12/11/2011

    Won't fit over finger and brush is too small to do any good because of short handle.

    Good toothbrush by Yelena03/05/2009

    I have not seen this sold anywhere! The only good toothbrush for cats on the market as far as I know. It's a great size for adult cats, the toothbrush gets in hard places to reach. The only disadvantage is that bristles are harder than expected...

    Gizmo by Gizmo11/16/2012

    We have a tiny Shih zu, so it is very hard to get a brush into his mouth. This little brush makes it possible to brush his teeth without stretching his mouth too much. It is a more pleasant experience for him and helps keep his teeth healthy.

    Must Have by Katy07/10/2009

    This is the only toothbrush for cats and small dogs. truly the best toothbrush and i tried many before i discovered these.

    Mini toothbrush a great buy for small pets mouth. by Sarah04/25/2013

    I needed a mini toothbrush for my cat. This meet my expectations to get to his back teeth since his mouth is extremely small.

    I love this product! by MDillon from East Freetown, MA01/16/2014

    This little brush made it SO much easier to get in my dog's small mouth, especially the back teeth. She fights me a lot less now and seemed to really like the poultry flavor toothpaste.

    Highly recommend by kmarch from Philadelphia, PA05/17/2013

    This is the best toothbrush to use by far. It is small enough and the right size for any small pet's mouth. You can get into the back of the mouth without stretching and holding with your other finger. You actually can use just one finger inside this sturdy toothbrush and it gets the job done quick and easy. C.E.T. toothpaste formula is a good product.

    Good toothbrush for small breeds by 48marigold from The Dalles OR11/30/2012

    I've been brushing my Maltese's teeth for 7 years. I had used a baby toothbrush, but this is even better. She doesn't seem to mind it as much. I wish that it fit better on my finger, but it's useable still.

    Works great! by Mari148 from Northern Iowa02/23/2012

    This small finger toothbrush with toothpaste works very well and does not freak the dogs out while teaching them to stand still for brushing weekly.

    Best Purchase Ever by tafbon from Japan11/17/2011

    I thought it was good for puppy and small dogs.

    Perfect for small dogs by Jackie from Chico, CA01/10/2014

    These are great for my two Chihuahuas & Daschund. They fit neatly into their small mouths & are so much easier & less clunky to use than those larger ones that fit over your whole finger.

    Featured Reviews for DUAL ENDED CET Toothbrush
    Works well for a small dog by allycat from Texas07/03/2013

    I use both ends to brush my dog's teeth, the small end for his back teeth and the big end for his front teeth and tongue. It took a little practice but we've both gotten better!

    Great product by Vizsla lover from Houston, Texas03/22/2014

    I have used the Dual ended CET toothbrush on my Vizsla for many years. The toothbrush was highly recommended by my vet's office. It is by far the BEST toothbrush I have used. I am very pleased with the quality of the toothbrush. I want only the best for my "old guy" and this is the best in my opinion. A great product at a great price.

    CET Toothbrush by Donna from Las Vegas01/26/2015

    It's the right size for my English Spaniel Spaniel. We use it with the CET Malt Toothpaste and she hasn't had to have her teeth cleaned yet.

    by from 07/20/2013

    Great proportion so you really feel in control with your pet's mouth.

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    Great toothbrush by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

    Love the shape and the angle...totally covers each tooth as you brush and the brush is soft enough that my dogs don't mind the brushing.

    My Favorite Brush by Kathy07/23/2009

    After trying a duplicate/imitation of this brush by Vet Solutions Enzadent (bristles were too high & hard), I must say this is the best brush I've come across for both dogs and cats. I always keep at least a couple of them as back-ups at home. Love it.

    BEST TOOTHBRUSH FOR OUR DOG by STORM'S MOM from Maryland02/12/2013

    This toothbrush has been SO easy to use, and our dog has accepted it really well. He was getting some build-up on his teeth due to our lack of brushing them. This toothbrush makes the back teeth so accessible--we used to have to clip up his beard to clean his teeth--not with this one.

    Easy to Use by BeBe from Philadelphia, PA10/24/2011

    I've tried different types of toothbrushes, cloths, etc. These toothbushes are so easy to use because of the longer handle. I can use the larger brush on the back teeth and the smaller brush on the front teeth or bottom teeth.

    Dual Ended CET Toothbrush by kklear66 from Seguin, TX05/17/2014

    I would recommend this toothbrush. You can get in hard to reach places. The long handle gets way back to the back teeth. It is very easy to brush my dogs teeth!

    CET toothbrush by mydogsmom07/08/2012

    The color of the brush is awful - salmon color like the toothpaste flavor - though I am not sure my dog minds, I would have liked to be able to chose a color myself. The brush is very soft - so hope not too soft that it is not doing its job.

    great toothbrush by CynDee04/17/2012

    It's nice to have to dual ends, since I have both a large and small dog. My large (Shepherd mix) is 14 1/2. The vet says I've lengthened his life by brushing his teeth. Many elderly pets die from an infection that started in their gums.

    Most Practical Purchase by Fritz from Germantown, MD08/13/2013

    The tothbrush helps me get his teeth actually brushed. Due to the various sizes of his teeth, my Cocker Spaniel will allow me to brush all sides of his teeth, and, use the small brush on his small front teeth. I have used more conventional types, that did not work quite as well. This is the only brush I will use, after several years of experience.

    Toothbrush for my dog by Lyn11/06/2012

    Works well, easy to clean and durable. I'll get another one when this one wears out! Like it alot.

    CET Toothbrush by Barbara in CT03/14/2008

    This is a great toothbrush - I thought the long length might prove awkward, but it's just the opposite - maybe it's leverage?! My cat loves to have his teeth brushed & this brush is great. A favorite trick is to push it off the counter to let me know he's tired of waiting for me to finish my OWN teeth....with my own toothbrush, I might add.

    The only one I use! by Janet from KY04/08/2014

    I have bought these for years and am very please with them!!

    Great Tootbrush by Nicky11/29/2011

    Brush dogs teeth every night and this is the most comfortable brush to handle and has a great reach for back teeth.

    by JB06/20/2012

    Pliable brush makes it adaptable in use.

    The great brush off by Dentista10/22/2011

    Excellent pet toothbrush. Has end sizes for smaller or larger pets. I have used this brand toothbrush for many years and it provides a good reach for the teeth in the back areas.

    just the right size by gloria04/08/2012

    I have 2 jack russell terriers and these are just the right size for them.

    Very Happy with these products! by Sharon from Arkansas01/13/2013

    My 1 year old Welsh Terrier readily sits down for me to brush her teeth when she sees me get the toothbrush and beef toothpaste out. I am able to get all of her teeth completely brushed front and back.

    Good dog toothbrush by ph01/17/2013

    I use both ends of this duel ended toothbrush to brush my dogs teeth. These toothbrushes stand up to heavy use and are reasonably prices. I recommend them to all of my pet people.

    excellent purchase by me from Columbus, Ohio11/07/2012

    my veterinarian is very pleased with my use of this product

    great brush by Jinger from san jose Ca02/10/2010

    We have this brush and it is great I love it has the two different sizes it helps with the getting the small teeth real good. A must have for your doggie dental

    They're cheaper than CET by CindyCU9006/30/2013

    These aren't as durable as the CET brand but definitely cheaper. My dog likes to chew on them as I brush and the bristles tend to come out as a result.

    A+ for reaching back teeth and gums by sandi from South Carolina01/23/2014

    for Bart who is a large cat I need to massage his gums but I also brush his teeth using pet toothpaste. the small end is perfect to reaching the back teeth since the brush part is at the end of a very long stick. Bart is friendly but his teeth are sharp so it is best not to stick your fingers too far in his mouth. the larger end would be good for a medium size dog. I have several types of toothbrushes for Bart and this one is by far the BEST! buy several since like any other toothbrush eventually the bristles wear out with daily use. I use my instant hot water that is 190 degrees to clean off the head daily and air dry.

    DUEL ENDED CET Toothbrush by katiedog10011/17/2012

    I have found this tool the best to use on my dog as it is long enough to get to the back of the mouth without me having to put my fingers in the way of canine teeth. The last one I purchased however, got a little ragged a little sooner than normal.

    Toothbrush by KW03/12/2014

    Our cat loves this, makes brushing easier too!

    Featured Reviews for CET Toothpaste for Dogs & Cats - 2.5 oz (70 gm) - Best Dog Toothpaste
    Great Product by wei2go from Southern California02/27/2013

    My dog loves the taste, especially the Beef flavor. He also likes the chicken flavor. We brush his teeth every other day, and I think this toothpaste actually makes him look forward to it which is a relief.

    Best T-Paste! by usandepb01/16/2012

    This toothpaste is great. Great prices from EntirelyPets and fast shipping too.

    CET toothpaste and chews by Sasha04/21/2014

    I would not be without it. Every time my vet checks her teeth he comments on how clean her teeth are.

    A good product by GC07/15/2012

    This product is recommended by our vet. We use the vanilla-mint. Aids in keeping our dogs teeth clean and there breath fresh.

    C.E.T Toothpaste vanilla-mint by Big dog08/08/2013

    My dogs love this toothpaste, it has a great flavor that they love, smells good and leaves their breath fresh! I ran out once and my dogs wouldn't touch the toothpast I bought at the grocery store. They love this product and can't wait to have their teeth brushed every night!

    My Bull Terriers' Favorite Toothpaste! by AZBAM from Phoenix, AZ11/04/2012

    I have bought many different types and flavors of dog toothpaste - all of my Bull Terriers have preferred the CET Malt Flavor. I have to make sure it is securely put away because if they can get to it, they will bite holes in the tube and just eat it. This product makes brushing their teeth much easier!

    CET Cat Toothpaste by Larry Ewing NJ from Ewing, NJ12/25/2012

    My Cat will only sniff it and then walk away, I can't even get it into her mouth with my finger never mind a toothbrush. Need something a cat will like, not a generic dog & cat toothpaste like this product is for.

    Variety of flavors is helpful by GSD lover from Ossining, NY12/14/2013

    I've been using this brand for years ever since our Vet gave us a sample. I like the fact that there's a variety of flavors so your dog doesn't get bored or she/he is likely to pick one that's especially tasty.

    My Dog LOVES This Product! by AngelPup from Coventry, RI11/14/2013

    I was given a sample of this toothpaste from my vet and my newly adopted greyhound LOVED the taste, so he readily let me brush his teeth. I've tried other tooth pastes with mixed results. This one came recommended by my vet and has a good reputation. I purchase it from Entirely Pets because they are the least expensive. Since I just started using it, I can't comment on how well it works to keep my dog's teeth healthy, but am sure it will help since he so eagerly lets me brush them--and that is more than half the battle.

    Great product! by Robin07/02/2014

    My Dachshunds line up to have their teeth brushed for this one!

    Pets line up for CET by rox from Virginia12/24/2012

    Both cats and the dog line up to have their teeth brushed. Well, in truth, they'd rather eat the CET than have me actually brush their teeth. But they tolerate the brushing to taste the product. Poultry flavor is the favorite. CET is recommended by our vet and sold in his office, but it is less expensive at Entirely Pets, especially when you catch a sale and combine with other purchases to justify the shipping. The flat rate shipping charge is very reasonable and products arrive within a few days, even to the opposite coast.

    Doggie Toothpaste by Debbie03/27/2012

    My dogs think their toothpaste is a treat. They love it. I brush their teeth everyday. At a wellness exam last week, the vet said that my dog has absolutely no tarter on his teeth. It really works. I always let them lick a little bit of toothpaste after we've brushed to spread the enzymes around and as a favored treat.

    Great teeth care! by Winston's dad from So Cal08/30/2014

    I have brushed Winston's teeth for almost two years, every night. I will do anything to keep him away from that nerve wracking time while he is "out" and "under" getting his teeth cleaned by the vet. I received a "his teeth look great" from the vet and that makes me very happy and relieved,

    Best cat toothpaste by Jan from Westville, IN11/23/2011

    My cat, Abby, comes running from wherever she is when I call out toothie time. She loves the poultry flavored CET Pet Toothpaste! The vet gave Abby an excellent mark at her wellness exam for her teeth.

    Pearly whites by greyhounddad from Roselle, Illinois11/25/2012

    We have 2 greyhounds. Thet love the poultry flavored toothpaste. When I hold up the toothbrush, they race to be first in line for brushing.

    by from 03/30/2013

    CET Pet Toothpaste by Deny from Aurora, CO06/29/2012

    I have used this product for brushing my dog's teeth for five years and she loves it. She comes and begs most nights to have her teeth brushed. I tried another flavor (she prefers poultry) and she wouldn't have a thing to do with it. She gets good checkups at the vet. A neighbor also uses this for her cats and has good luck, also. Great product!

    Excelent Toothpaste by JDTAYLOR from Central Texas11/06/2012

    My vet recommends this brand of toothpaste, it does a great job. Entirely Pets sells it much cheaper than vet.

    Great Toothpaste by Lexi from Ohio02/01/2011

    My 12 yr. old lab loves getting her teeth brushed using this toothpaste. As soon as I go to get her brush and toothpaste out she is there and ready to get her teeth brushed. She loves the taste of the Vanilla Mint paste. Makes my chore a lot easier when she is loving the process! Would not buy any other toothpaste.

    Good product by DLG from APG, MD01/26/2015

    I bought the beef flavored one & the dogs seems to like it some. I also bought the vanilla/mint & they don't like that one at all. They seem to have the ingredients in them that I had researched online. I would think it's a better product than those in the store. Haven't had it long enough to know how well it actually works.

    Excellent product by vb04/29/2013

    My dog loves all the flavors of this toothpaste. She actually looks forward to having her teeth brushed every night! Have not had to get her teeth professional clean at the vet's either. Good price, always fast shipping from Entirely Pets!

    by from 10/18/2011

    I have 3 dogs and they line up to have their teeth brushed every night before bed. I have used it on their teeth for years and their teeth and gums are really healthy, even my 16 year old lab's teeth!

    I by have from foundBest


    Keep this product up high! by 3dogsmom from Tiger, GA02/27/2013

    Three dogs' teeth to brush....we have only tried and, as they like it, have stuck to Poultry flavor. Their tongues are never still, this toothpaste is tasty. (Just once I got it on MY toothbrush but caught the error before I actually tasted it, so can't personally testify to its flavor.) It was vet recommended especially for its enzyme protective action, and while I am not the most talented dental hygienist, their teeth are staying cleaner for longer. One dog is so wild about it, she would chew through the metal tube to get at the paste. Thus my advice, store it up high.

    he likes it by rain from OREGON COAST11/03/2013

    what a great way to brush my dogs teeth he does not mind at all

    HALTI a bit disappointing by geeg from Minneapolis02/01/2013

    We ordered a HALTI head collar for our Great Dane Puppy because it has a safety strap that connects to the dog's collar in case the dog worms out of the HALTI.The other Head Collar we had, the Gentle Leader, did not. But the HALTI is made out of very light weight material--it is sized for very large dogs, so I expected it to be made out of similar material to the Gentle Leader, which is heavier. I put it the puppy and then I turned my attention away fro her to read the instruction book. Within two minutes, she had chewed almost through the safety strap--yes, I should have been watching her but I didn't realize she could reach the strap while it was on her head. So now I have to improvise something to attach to the collar. I have liked Haltis better in the past. I just wish this one was made out of better quality material.

    CET tartar control by scarlet10/17/2011

    been using CET for years w/my greyhounds who are prone to dental problems.

    by from 11/02/2011

    Our Vet recommended this toothpaste in the vanilla mint flavor and the dogs seem to like it better - they don't fight it as much, tolerated much better. This can save me $135.00 per dog teeth cleaning fee.

    a by great from priceEntirely


    Dogs Love! by skreed from West Linn, Oregon12/09/2011

    I have used this product for years to brush my dogs teeth everyday. They love it and it smells good. I have used other flavors...but this is the best smelling by far!

    by from 07/19/2012

    CET Toothpaste by Irene06/06/2012

    I would recommend this item highly. Entirely Pets gives the best price and free shipping!

    The best toothpaste for dogs! by Tricia from Henderson, NC04/11/2013

    My two miniature schnauzers open their mouths when they see the toothbrush coming. Vanilla Mint is their & our favorite! It is the best smelling. We have highly recommended to our Schnauzer Rescue group.

    #1choice recommend by vets by irene from ny07/19/2013

    Only provide top quality products for my cats as well as top quality customer service from ordering from entirely pets

    very beneficial by amiga12/15/2013

    Great flavors, the dogs like them. I just wish the tube and the cap were made of the same material. The cap would attach more easily.

    tastey by maria from Des Plaines, IL08/03/2010

    My dog enjoys getting his teeth brushed only because he loves the taste of his toothpaste! It's not only tastey but good for him too so I also enjoy this product.

    Zymox Otic by Dee from Edgewood MD02/28/2013

    The ear drops worked wonderfully, my dog stopped shaking her head after first treatment. will buy your products again

    by Joan from Scottsdale, AZ11/26/2011

    Best dog toothpaste ever. And after the first few times, they love it.

    Best Toothepaste for dogs! by DogMomMusician from PA12/10/2011

    Using CET toothepaste for my dogs has shown a visible difference in their teeth! The tartar is going away as well as a spot of plaque. I highly recommend this product.

    Great product by JZ from Belmont, CA06/25/2013

    We have used this product for over 12 years on our English Springer Spaniel every night. She loves it and her teeth are in great shape

    Great toothpaste by Wanda10/18/2013

    I no longer have to struggle with my dog to brush her teeth; she loves the taste of this toothpaste, so it make brushing her teeth easy.

    Works for us by moonchef from Raleigh, NC03/01/2012

    With this and the Hextra chews, we get to skip the annual teeth cleaning this year. That makes me happy.

    Awesome toothpaste! by Kat10/22/2012

    My Bogey cat demands a glob of this toothpaste at least three times a day. He gets as excited about the CET as he does his chicken treats. Doesn't mind having his teeth brushed as long as CET is on the brush. Keeps his teeth healthy and breath sweet.

    by rufus mom02/19/2013

    God Bless whomever discovered these pill pockets. Rufus (my dog) needs to take a variety of medications and with the pill pockets it is heaven sent. Thank you


    Really work!! I brush the my dog's teeth every day, and I use too breath spray, my dogs is 9 years old and I have 2 months brush his teeth, and believe me, this work.. because today the color brown around his teeth is gone...

    my dogs dislike it by farchick07/22/2012

    thought I'd start brushing my dogs' teeth, they do not like the taste of this product so just use toothbrush and no paste. Service is slow with this company.

    Helps fight plaque by mmr from ND12/28/2013

    We use this daily with our cat to keep her teeth well maintained.

    Brush your pet's teeth! by LVTdognurse0203/27/2012

    Only complaint is that I wish CET made larger tubes, as we use a tube quickly because I brush both dogs' teeth several times a week. CET VeggieDents between brushings. I order Vanilla Mint flavor for my food allergy dog and she loves it.

    Excellent enzymatic pet toothpaste by MariP from California11/06/2012

    I brush my dog's teeth daily with Virbac's CET toothpaste and have great results. Because it is enzymatic it continues to clean even after brushing but isn't harmful when swallowed. And the price here cannot be beat....A small amount to pay for a product that does wonders to maintain a lifetime of good oral health.

    Good stuff by dog mom12/06/2011

    Been using this for a few years now on my going on 16 year old dog. Just recently aquired a Border Collie puppy/adolescent and both dogs love to have their teeth brushed. Must be the taste of the toothpaste.....they love the poultry flavor.

    by sue05/02/2013

    The toothpaste is tasty to the dogs and works well, but it was supposed to be a free product from the Easter egg game. I was charged anyway, and have not been able to get reimbursed. Beware of their "free" items!

    CET vanilla-mint toothpaste by ibizan04/03/2012

    my dogs love this flavor!i brush everynite!

    excellent product! must try! by Oshtyof04/27/2012

    I have 3 Shih Tzus, they love the beef flavor, its working for them to get their pearly whites! We brush every night with the CET toothbrush.

    by ethan04/24/2012

    Best product out there. Controls tartar very, very well and the Vanilla Mint smells great!

    They like it! by Cosmo100 from Tulsa, OK03/08/2013

    We have two kittens (6 & 8 months old) that don't mind me messing with their teeth. I plan to begin a dental care routine with the seafood-flavored CET toothpaste. So far, they seem to like the taste. I am pleased with the fact that it is clear and not as sticky as the poultry-flavored toothpaste I've tried in years past.

    Tooth paste for dogs by Steve from Naples, Florida01/02/2013

    You never shipped and just told me it was on back order with no revised ship date. I will not use your store again.

    My Dogs Love It! by dj from CA02/28/2012

    My dogs are 5 and 7 year old labs and their teeth are stunning! They owe it all to their favorite toothpaste, poultry flavored CET. Every evening they eagerly wait for their good night brushing. My good friend is a veterinarian and recommended this product to me. She says its the most effective. My dogs say its tasty!

    Best Selection of Flavors by Pennypincher from Portland, OR08/15/2013

    Our dog has food allergies so we use Malt and Vanilla Mint.

    Clean Teeth, Happy Doggie by Roxy from Seattle, WA10/25/2011

    Roxy has had her teeth brushed with CET Pet toothpaste since a puppy. She only had her teeth professionally cleaned once six months ago. She is over 6 years old. Her teeth stay clean and minty fresh breathe. She likes the flavor of the vanilla mint. Great product and a great price.

    Great Product by yorkiemom02/10/2014

    I've used the vanilla mint flavor on my yorkie for years. He's had a lot of dental issues, and I credit this product with the fact that he still has teeth at all.

    best online pet supply store! by carol from center valley PA12/07/2011

    i got the best deal ever on CET pet toothpaste...which my dog totally loves and will sit still to get her teeth brushed. she prefers the poultry flavor! with the already low price (half of what i pay at the vet) and the black friday sale...entirely pets is my new favorite site! tons of great prices! thanks so much.

    Save big money with daily cleaning by AAA12/12/2013

    We brush our little mini doxies teeth every night CET toothpaste. They like the taste and get great dental check-ups. Their veterinary dentist said their teeth look great. They also like the taste of the toothpaste. Dental bills for pets can really hurt the pocket book, so we order our toothpaste from Entirely Pets when they have the great sales. We have had painful pet dental bills in the past, but now that we use CET toothpaste daily, we don't have those expensive bills for tooth cleaning like before.

    bargain purchase by love baby07/04/2013

    after being overcharged by the vet it was a pleasure to find your website and the speed with which the order was filled. Thank you.

    Maci loves it by Red from Portland Oregon05/22/2014

    Our Sheltie jumps up and barks begging for her daily teeth brushing. If I forget she will remind me. She loves it. I order a years worth.

    My dogs loves it by Gaga from Colorado03/06/2014

    This is the best toothpaste for my yorkie and the brand has been around for years. Ordering this toothpaste trough Entirely Pets is a lot cheaper than buying it through my Vet.

    Great product / Great formula by 40+ dog/science lover01/27/2012

    This is the ONLY toothpaste we will ever buy for our 18 month old lab. She loves the taste (esp chicken and vanilla mint), and WE love how well it works. We have been brushing her teeth regularly (~ 5 days/week) since she was a puppy. Everyone, including the vet, comments on her gorgeous bright white teeth. The vet is also very pleased with her healthy gums. She never has bad breath, either. Note that this product contains two naturally occurring enzymes*: glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase. These enzymes kill bacteria in the mouth,and reduce the amount of "gunk" that sticks to the teeth, effectively reducing plaque formation. [*These same enzymes are found in some human toothpastes, too]

    My dog love poultry by CindyCU9006/30/2013

    My dog likes to sit when he knows he's getting poultry flavored toothpaste. Just wish he was as good once the brushing began!

    Dogs love it! by Wallace & Gromit from Phoenix, AZ06/25/2013

    Our 13-year-old dog is too old to have his teeth cleaned. We started using this Vet-recommended toothpaste 1 year ago and it's actually cleaned his teeth...amazing! He loves it so much that he begs to have his teeth brushed each night before turning out the lights. Never thought I'd be brushing a dog's teeth and that he would like it! I would highly recommend you brush your dog's teeth! It will not only save his teeth and gums, it'll save you lots of money in teeth-cleaning and tooth-removal bills!

    Excellent toothpaste! by 4 dog outfit from Arizona07/16/2013

    This is by far the best toothpaste that I have bought for my dogs. They absolutely love the poultry flavor and come running over when I get the tube out. How many dogs do you know that can't wait until it's toothbrushing time? My dogs have really good teeth anyway, but this just helps keep everything perfect! I do have one Border Collie that lost a major upper molar when she was young, so the teeth below it can tend to get build up on them. I have been able to keep this build-up at bay with this toothpaste.

    Great Product by WarriorforChrist02/25/2012

    My dog loves the taste and it's making it so much easier to get teeth brushed. I also love the smell of the vanilla mint breath on her too. Oh!! And it came three days after I ordered. I'll be shopping with Entirely Pets all the time! Thank you and good job!

    CET Toothpaste for dogs and cats by Brush08/05/2013

    Good product, although a bit EXPENSIVE for a small tube of toothpaste.

    Great toothpaste by Diane11/23/2011

    Very important to brush dogs teeth every day. This toothpaste is tasty and my dogs just love it. To date they always get good check ups.

    Great product by WM06/21/2012

    Everyone should be brushing their dog's teeth and this is the product to use. My husband brushes our dogs teeth daily and the vet compliments us all the time. You will never have to put your dog through a professional cleaning if you brush their teeth. It truly works.

    Excellent Product by Joan from Maine05/13/2013

    Started using CET Toothpaste approximately 15 years ago with my previous dog. Now have a new Golden and introduced him to toothpaste at 8 weeks. He is now almost three. Twice a day he walks right into the bathroom to get his teeth cleaned, morning and night.

    Best Toothpaste You Can Buy by Susan from Phoenix, AZ02/01/2012

    C.E.T. products are vet recommended and much more effective than the dental care products available in the pet store. Entirely Pets prices are so reasonable you can buy the best for the same price as the pet store products. The flavors are a big hit with my three dogs.

    Toothpaste favorite by Placid Palms07/09/2013

    I brush my dogs teeth at least 3 times a week. I have used many brands. Paws down, CET is their absolute favorite.

    doggie toothpaste by Lester from Lihue, Hawaii01/19/2012

    The affordably-priced products works well for my chocolate labrador, whose teeth I brush every night before she goes to sleep. She doesn't like the brushing action but doesn't seem to mind the mint flavor of the toothpaste. And her breath spells baby-fresh. The service by Entirely Pets is always prompt and professional. I always seek out its website first when I look for doggie things. Aloha from Hawaii, Lester Chang

    My vet said... by Penny's Rescue05/01/2013

    "You probably don't realize how much good you're doing" when I told her I use it daily. I normally do a brief brushing, and then smear some onto a rawhide chew.

    vanilla mint toothpaste is a big hit!! by shanny03/08/2012

    Your vanilla mint CET Pet Toothpaste is a BIG HIT with my two Goldens, Montana & Shenandoah. Montana is my 12 year old. We have seen improvements in his teeth after brushing with the toothpaste. Shenandoah is my 2 year old (Montana's grandson.) Both dogs love the taste. They have lots of fun getting their teeth brushed!! Thanks for the GREAT product!!!

    Cleans Plaque off teeth by Nemo from Arizona05/07/2012

    I love this product because I can clean my dogs teeth and they don't sneeze continuously after I apply the enzymatic toothpaste. Other products with a mint base cause them to sneeze out of control. I also notice the plaque disappearing with continued use. I brush my dogs teeth three times a week. Great product!!

    Great Product by PupMom from Garden City, NY03/13/2013

    This toothpaste in the Vanilla-Mint flavor is the only one my dog will let me use! It smells just like human toothpaste only contains the milder ingredients necessary for dogs since they can't rinse and spit. After brushing, I hold the toothbrush out for him and he licks and licks which results in the added benefit of scraping and cleaning his tongue.

    Does a great job by Diana S.04/22/2012

    CET Toothpaste keeps my dogs teeth shiny and white. Was recommended to me by a Vet who is a Veterinary Dentist for dogs and cats.

    Poultry flavor is a hit with dogs. by Doxie's Mom11/13/2012

    My mini dachshund has mega dental issues. Her dental vet recommended products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). This product is one. (There aren't very many. Greenies are another.) Anyway, my dog gets daily brushings and we buy it by the 6-pack. If it weren't for how good this tastes, I don't think she would tolerate the brushing as well as she does.

    Love Vanilla Mint by poodlelover from Blue Springs, MO02/03/2014

    My poodle has a heart murmur and my vet has recomemded we brush his teeth daily to prevent having to go under for a dental cleaning. He loves having his teeth brushed. I use an electric toothbrush and vanilla mint flavored CET toothpaste. He waits next to me every morning while "I" brush my teeth because he knows he's next. HE LOVES IT!!

    tasteless by Tomcat from La Crosse, WI12/15/2012

    This smells like Vaseline, and not at all like "beef" as advertised and labeled. My dog, Rocky, did not like this at all. I am attempting to "fool" him by putting it on treats, to get him accustomed to it. This has not been successful, but I will keep trying.

    Great Purchase by NT from Charlotte, NC12/12/2011

    I had a great experience ordering from Entirely Pets. I had the product I ordered within a week. I wil definitely order from them again. I have recommended them to several of my friends.

    C.E.T. Toothpaste - What do these ingredients do? by lesjk from Wittmann, AZ04/02/2012

    Been using this toothpaste for years on my three cats, only because out of the other toothpaste options, this is the only one they will semi tolerate. It does NOT taste like poultry (smells like chem, and I actually tasted it once), and my cats indicate displeasure every single night we use this (have to hold them down!). I have searched high and low for a natural tooth product for my cats, to no avail. I hoped they would take to Auromere (my natural human toothpaste, but they don't like the foam). This product does not do anything for gingivitis, only the brushing action itself does anything positive for the cats. I can't help but ask, "Who came up with this ingredient list, and why for a toothpaste?"

    my cats will let me brush their teeth! by liz from nyc03/18/2011

    my 2 8 month old kittens, who had never had their teeth brushed, allowed me to brush their teeth with the poultry flavored paste & finger brushes. their breath may not be minty fresh, but their teeth will be healthier.

    awesome toothpaste by Goldie's mom from New Jersey11/29/2012

    My goldens have always loved the taste and actually run to get their teeth brushed. Does a good job on keeping them clean.

    by V V03/12/2013

    My dogs love to brush because of the toothpaste. The price is fair and cheaper than the Vet office.

    Super toothpaste for the furry kids!!!! by Robin02/12/2012

    My four Dachshunds line up to get their teeth brushed with this toothpaste....every night!

    great product for the price by tom05/06/2013

    Our Multipoo Therapy Dog can't wait to get her teeth brushed with the Vanilla Mint.

    Great Toothpaste! by Dances with Yorkies09/11/2013

    My two dogs love the taste of this toothpaste. They wait patiently until I brush their teeth before they go to bed. This toothpaste has really cleaned up their teeth and made their breath smell so much better.

    great product by panther v from florida07/08/2012

    very easy to use. cleans very well......

    cleanteeth by Yid12/24/2012

    My Yorkies love this husband only has to say "toothpaste" and they come running. It is carried by our VET. so I know it is a good choice. Beef and Chicken are their favorites.

    by from 08/14/2014

    My Zorro cant wait that I brush his teeth with CET chicken flavor toothpaste....he loves the taste...and it clean his teeth great...

    cte dog toothpaste by majda from mentor ohio 44060Majda


    Good chews by BBBCO03/24/2012

    My dogs love these chews. They help to keep tartar away.

    excellent pet toothpaste by Dino06/26/2012

    I have been using CET dental toothpaste on my pets for years, the dogs enjoy the poultry flavored paste, and my cat used the seafood paste. I brush their teeth once daily and it seems to lengthen the time between their vet dental cleanings. Highly recommended product.

    CET pet toothpaste by Lee from CA02/28/2012

    I've been brushing my dog's teeth since he was a puppy and he loves it. He's particularly fond of the poultry flavor.

    by from 04/12/2012

    Fast and efficient. Small order, but very accommodationg. Will continue to place orders with your company.

    by from Thank

    by from MO"


    by Wicky's Mom from Marion, nc02/05/2013

    This smells good definatley helps with bad breath. This was recommended by my vet and I always buy my pets need from entirely pets I cen tell a difference in his teeth in just a couple weeks

    Finger licking good by TF from Honolulu, HI10/26/2011

    Our dogs love having their teeth brushed probably because the toothpaste is so tasty. I've brushed our dog's teeth everynite for 8 years & they haven't needed to have their teeth cleaned at the vet's. We've saved hundreds of dollars in hospital & "surgery" charges.

    it' time to brush our teeth by Kate from Montreal, Quebec09/15/2014

    We use the vanilla-mint flavor as it leaves my dog's breath fresh. She loves the flavor, and will lick any excess off the brush. Good for cats too, but she doesn't let me do much (she is a cat after all!!!). Good price on this and CET chews.

    FLAVORFUL TOOTHPASTE by JOE from Miramar FL03/04/2014

    Love the different flavor varieties. Malt flavor is Wilburs favorite. I think he eats most of it instead of letting me use it to clean his teeth. Easy to apply.

    Basset Hound Loves Teeth Brushed by BsssetHoundMom from FL to AK12/02/2011

    This is great for their teeth and gums. BeaGirl BassetHound loves the Malt flavor

    Dog Lovers by SK06/06/2010

    If you love your dog a brushing of the teeth each morning with poultry will be the start of the morning. .....They will come when you brush your teeth - like a family event!

    Excellent product by LRM02/26/2014

    My cats don't really like their teeth brushed but the chicken flavor helps. I have also seen an improvement in their teeth with this enzyme formulation over other brands.

    A great product by Mattie from West Windsor, NJ03/03/2013

    Our dog loves the taste of this toothpaste (chicken flavor) and actually enjoys having her teeth brushed!

    CET pet toothpase by rf from Highlands, NC10/06/2011

    My dog thinks this is the best tasting toothpaste ever. Brushing his teeth is made easy because he likes the taste. It has cleared up the tarter and it keeps his teeth sparkling white. The price is great and a lot less than the vets office.

    Easy to use toothpaste and my dogs love the taste by Aneta from Loomis, California01/30/2014

    This is great toothpaste; however the container in which the toothpaste resides need a lot of improvement as half-way through I always need to tape the tube as the toothpaste starts oozing out. This never happens to me on my toothpaste tube for humans. Other than that I have no complaints.

    cet toothpaste by bee from san antonio, texas12/09/2013

    this is a great product that my dogs love I am a vet tech and we carry this product in the clinic and recommend it to our clients. I have used the nylabone peanut butter paste before since my dogs love peanut butter but they seem to love this product more (poultry flavor) they actually start drooling when I pull out the toothpaste and toothbrush instead of running away like they do with the other and you cant beat the price.

    CET Toothpaste by goodboycharlie from Denver, CO10/24/2012

    Our GSP loves the taste and gets a brushing every night. The vanilla mint flavor is very pleasant and he doesn't smell like raw chicken or meat of some other toothpastes. We're very happy with this product!

    by sams dad11/09/2013

    The Vet is always amazed at the cleanliness of my 12 year old boxers teeth. Great taste, the dogs always look forward to their morning teeth brushing.

    CET Pet Toothpaste by sam04/23/2014

    I have used the poultry flavor of this for years. My dogs seem to love it as they patiently wait for their turn to get their teeth brushed every night after dinner. They always get compliments from the vet on how good their teeth look.

    Going Strong! by merlin778205/26/2013

    We have been using this product most of my dog's life. As in humans, well taken care of teeth are important to a dog's overall health. He is almost 15 now and still going strong. Great product...and he loves the taste!

    by Dana07/02/2012

    This is a great product! I use it once a week to brush my dogs teeth! It keeps their breath fresh and their teeth clean!

    Pearly Whites by Fleabags from Milwaukee, WI10/25/2011

    My husband & I have been using this on our cats for years. Our vet told us to brush our cats teeth because of the plaque build up on thier teeth. This toothpaste really worked because it cut down on the dentals needed at the vet. It's easy to use, comes in a variety of flavors and isn't messy to use. Our cats don't seem to mind the taste and texture either.

    CET Tooth Paste - Poultry a Favorite by Sharon from Bedford, MA07/14/2014

    My two ragdoll cats wait in line for their tooth- paste morning and night. They don't like it, they LOVE it!

    CET Pet Toothpaste by sonnysmom from Colorado04/19/2012

    This is the only toothpaste that truly works, in my experience... My dog is almost 14 years old and the vet is awed at how "young" his teeth are! It's been over five years since I've had to have his teeth cleaned by the vet; not having to worry about my dog being under anesthesia is a great comfort. In addition, Sonny loves it (the Seafood and Malt flavors) so I don't have to fight him when I brush his teeth.

    by Kate12/24/2012

    I love this tooth paste especially the mint flavor. My dogs breath is so fresh after brushing

    CET Vanilla Mint Dog Toothpaste by Dachsman02/11/2014

    Works well, dogs love the flavor, sure helps to promote good breath, easy to use when they like it.

    Great Tasting! So my Doxies say!! by rioricosally from Southern Arizona01/21/2013

    My dogs hated having their teeth brushed until we used this product, chicken flavor. Now, I have no problems with their nightly brushings. In fact, they try to lick the toothpaste off of their buddies mouths while I am brushing the other ones. I have 3 mini-doxies and their teeth are shining bright, no Vet bills for me. It just takes nightly brushing after they have their last meal of the day.

    Good toothpaste by Don from New Mexico01/16/2015

    I have three small dogs (yorky, yorky/poo, mutt). At bedtime, these dogs line up to get their teeth brushed, so the stuff must taste good. I started brushing their teeth about a year ago. Their teeth are tarter free and the best part is their gums are now very healthy.

    Best paste ever by Jinger from San Jose CA02/10/2010

    Jinger has used this since birth she is now 9 years old. It is the best paste for doggies ...

    Best Enzymatic Pet Toothpaste Ever by Kimberly03/02/2013

    I absolutely LOVE these CET Pet Toothpastes. I use them on all 5 of my toy breed dogs as well as my cats. My animals love ALL of the 5 flavors. They are all a big hit. My animals LOVE waiting to get their nightly brushing so they can taste the yummy toothpaste. Plus it works great for preventing plaque & tartar build-up which leads to gingivitis & periodontal disease. This is the best enzymatic pet toothpaste, by far!!! Use it & see the results!

    My Dogs Love the Malt Flavor! by BAM03/11/2012

    My dogs would just eat this tooth paste, if I let them! It's easy to use because they love the malt flavor so much.

    She likes it by Elizabeth from VA01/26/2013

    I brush her teeth every night & she doesn't mind at all

    Nice white teeth - and she loves the taste by GT from Napa, Califirnia03/19/2013

    I have used CET toothpaste for years, on four different Corgis, after discovery about 25 years ago that Nicki had plaque and inflamed gums. Regular brushing keeps their teeth white, and their gums healthy.

    excellent for teeth & breath by Ray04/24/2012

    really works to clean teeth & freshens breath !!

    Excellent Purchase by Jackie from Arizona04/28/2013

    Our yellow lab just loves this toothpaste. She sits still and let's my husband brush her teeth for 10 minutes. We have not found a flavor that she doesn't like!

    Great toothpaste! by twogoldens from Weston, MA03/05/2013

    My dog's canine dentist recommended CET toothpaste and it is the only brand I buy. My dog loves having her teeth brushed!

    Incredibly Fast Shipping by the_goofballs10/24/2011

    I can't believe how quickly Entirely Pets gets the items to the customer. This came priority delivery even though I didn't pay extra for it.

    by from 03/05/2013

    This is the best on the market to help with tartar build up on your pets.

    best by toothpaste from forThis


    CET by Toothpaste." from CET ToothpasteThanks


    Vanilla Mint Flavor NOT Liked! by djc from Northern NJ10/10/2014

    I have used Poultry flavor for years with my cats and aside from not liking a brush in their mouth, they seem to like poultry flavor. I bought Vanilla Mint. My cats hear me open the closet where the toothpaste is and now run for their lives! They absolutely HATE this flavor. I will have to go back to poultry, but it is going to take a while before they stop running & hiding under the bed! Too bad, I'd rather smell Vanilla Mint breath than poultry! I gave it 2 stars only because they hate this flavor. The toothpaste itself I would give 4, but poultry flavor!!!

    Tastes good! by Gail from New Orleans LA08/22/2013

    When my vet told me to brush my two dogs' teeth, I thought - no way that will ever happen. But apparently CET toothpaste for dogs is so delicious, they just can't resist. One dog is blind and hates to have anything done around his face, but he actually sits still to have his teeth cleaned, twice a day. (They have not graduated to a toothbrush yet.) They think vanilla mint flavor is OK but their real favorite is the poultry flavor. Anything to reduce those dental cleaning bills!

    Squeeky Clean by GreyhoundWalker from New Mexico02/13/2012

    We use this faithfully every morning before we and our two greyhounds leave the bathroom. Although it seems to do nothing about our elderly dog's doggy breath, it does seem to keep her few remaining teeth (14 pulled before we got to adopt her) reasonably clean. Our DVM Dentist recommends it, so we use it for our dogs.

    My dog loves this toothpaste by Karen03/21/2012

    My golden loves to have her teet brushed with this product. She runs to me with her tale wagging when she sees the tube.

    Great Buy by BC from Phoenix, AZ06/05/2012

    My poodles absolutely love this toothpaste. They get in line each night to wait their turn to have their teth brushed. We haven't had to have their teeth cleaned for years. Love this product

    Pups love it! by roynhank from Sugar Land, TX02/07/2012

    I don't brush my dogs' teeth nearly often enough and it's totally my fault because when I use this toothpaste, they LOVE it!! They just want me to brush and brush (OK, they REALLY just want to LICK the toothbrush but they'll let me brush first and then I let them lick the brush afterwards). But there's nothing like fresh doggy breath when they come in for those big sloppy doggy kisses!!

    Nice Flavor by Brizza from California03/07/2013

    My tea cup Maltese seemed to like the poultry flavor. It was defintely something weird to her but she adapted well. Knowing her teeth are clean and fresh is best!

    pets love it by kay from Lake City, MI01/22/2012

    Every night our cat and dog line up to get their teeth brushed. They go nuts over the taste of the tooth paste. It is also a great way to get them to take medication!

    Minty Fresh by Joanne from NH04/15/2013

    I use the mint flavor and brush once a week. The dogs love the taste, and that makes it a bit easier for them to tolerate the brushing. Taking care of your dog's teeth can add years to their lives!

    fast delivery time by three kats04/25/2013

    I purchased toothpaste for our cats and they get all excited when they see the tube come out after their breakfast. I would recommend the CET toothpaste for other pet lovers. Thank you for the prompt service.

    Great product by JavaMonster12/04/2011

    I brush my dog's teeth every day! He's not much for chewing or gnawing on products good for his teeth so he gets a brushing daily. He LOVES the taste of the poultry paste.

    best dog toothpaste ever by napl08/04/2014

    started using this for my small dog.. had lots of tartar build up...bad breath..she LOVES the paste...brush every night.. she even gets the benefits of brushing tongue after i do teeth...which also cleans tongue! last visit to vet ..she was shocked in the improvement of her teeth! minty fresh!

    A real treat for our male cat by rblument from Seattle, WA10/17/2011

    Every night at about 10:00, we give some of this toothpaste to our male cat, rubbing some on each side of this mouth. He absolutely loves it, always wanting more when we are finished. We hope to be able to start brushing his teeth with it soon.

    Excellent! by kitties4me from Sparks, NV09/04/2014

    I love CET toothpaste for my kitty does help remove plaque, more than with brushing alone. Dental health is extremely important and I am thankful for Entirely Pets quick and efficient service :)

    My Dogs Love Getting Their Teeth Brushed by Repeat Customer01/11/2012

    All the CET toothpastes make it so much easier to brush our three standard poodles' teeth. One actually sits patiently waiting for us to finish our own brushing knowing his teeth are next!

    Works great by Catnip605/19/2013

    I've used other toothpastes on my pets but this one works the best

    doggie toothpaste by Kathy from Blue Bell, PA06/14/2012

    the best! Our dogs have fresh breath and so far we are 3 months after dental cleaning and their mouths look as fresh as just home from the vet! thanks! great product!

    Dog Gone Good Toothpaste by Doodle from Aberdeen, WA07/23/2013

    I have been brushing our dog's teeth with CET Vanilla Mint toothpaste for 8 1/2 years. She has yet to need a professional cleaning. She has many allergies, that is why we buy the vanilla mint. She even helps by moving her jaw up and down while we brush. She looks forward to having her teeth brushed every night. I recommend this product to all my dog friends' moms and dads.

    Best Toothpaste for Dogs by Renee03/10/2012

    I have tried several different toothpastes for my dogs and hands down they love CET the best. Their favorite flavor is poultry. They bark to get their teeth brushed before they go to bed! :)

    Great product! by barbzee50 from Chicago IL12/05/2011

    My dogs LOVE the poultry flavored toothpaste. It is their nightly bedtime snack---they each try to beat the other to get their teeth brushed! It is also a quality product. My vet recommends this brand.My 7 year old Bichon's teeth are very clean and my 12 year old Maltese, who came to us at age 7 with very bad teeth, is doing much better. She used to need dental cleanings every 6 months and we have now extended that to 2 years with daily brushing using this product.

    A smooth and easy purchase by Tommy Tunes10/11/2011

    A great product. A nice sale on top of a normally good price. Very FAST delivery. And I didn't have to drive to a store, wastes gas, risk an accident and risk getting a traffic ticket. What more can you ask for? Buy it HERE, you won't be sorry!

    Dogs love taste by Jan01/23/2013

    Have used this toothpaste for many years on my 2 dogs. They actually look forward to having their teeth brushed!

    Terrific Toothpaste by T1&T2'sMom from Laguna Niguel, CA10/08/2011

    My dogs are not in love with the experience of having their teeth brushed, however, they love the taste of this toothpaste,and that makes the experience more enjoyable. And easier for me. Thanks for a great product!

    My Dog Loves to Brush His Teeth by Debbie from New Jersey03/29/2012

    I have been using CET dog toothpaste since our dog was a puppy. He is now seven years old. Our vet always comments on how great his teeth look. Toby loves the chicken flavor.

    Excellent Toothpaste! by Andrea from East Meadow, NY04/17/2014

    My husband brushes the teeth of both of our dogs three times a week. They love the flavors. The vet is very pleased with the teeth and gums on both the 5 and 9 year old dogs!

    Great Toothpaste by BassetMom from Fort Wayne, IN10/23/2012

    This toothpaste does an excellent job of keeping the tartar from forming...much more so than other brands we have tried. The dogs also love the taste. I use vanilla mint on the dogs we have gotten young. I use poultry on the one we adopted at age 7.

    =) by Cat girl05/26/2013

    Great products, fast service...Entirely Pets never disappoints!!

    by lker from Florida07/15/2012

    Vanilla mint toothpaste...dogs love it! I love it

    Loves the taste by Marilyn from St. Louis04/10/2013

    Once again the vet said if we used this paste it would help keep his teeth cleaner. I don't use the tooth brush he gave us. The dog doesn't like that. I put some on my finger and rub it into his gums. Use about two squirts on my finger at different times. I do it before bedtime so it kinda sits on his teeth. He loves the taste. I hope it helps won't know until the next cleaning.

    GREAT PRODUCT by Diane from North Carolina03/06/2012

    I use cet toothpast all of the time and my dogs love it. I have used it for years and their teeth are great!!!

    The toothpaste my dog is gaga for by Miles M from Florida02/20/2012

    When we started brushing my dog's teeth we used CET toothpaste by chance, as that's what we found at the vet's office. My dog loved it! It took him no time to look forward to tooth brushing time. His breath was never bad and his teeth looked great. When I switched to another toothpaste because I couldn't find CET, my dog became totally disenchanted by the tooth brushing ritual and would avoid it by all means. Well, things changed back after I got him his favorite. Overall, I am satisfied with his teeth health and breath. I assume the enzymes this toothpaste contain add to the mechanical effect of the brushing and the other cleaning agents. The fact that my dog likes the taste makes brushing much easier for me and probably less of a hassle for him.

    Oral health important for dogs too by Bill from Western Colorado01/21/2014

    Dogs like the malt flavor, and lick the toothbrush off. Brushing their teeth not only keeps their breath acceptable, it also gives a good opportunity to visually check their gums.

    Excellent product by Busters mom from Cape Coral, fl03/19/2014

    I have used this tooth paste on my tiny Pomeranian for over a year now with wonderful results. When I adopted him at 3 years old his teeth were in horrible shape all covered with plaque and tarter and infected. After a good vet cleaning I started brushing his teeth with a regular doggie toothpaste and within 8 months we were back in for another cleaning. I started using this toothpaste along with a product called Plaque Off and we haven't had to back for a cleaning and last check up was excellent! And the picky little guy actually likes it. His reward after his brushing is a couple fingertips of the toothpaste to lick off! Ps for all you tiny doggie owners Entirely Pets is one of the only places I know that sells a toothbrush tiny enough for our little guys. It is made by the same company as the toothpaste and comes with a trial size pack of toothpaste and a tiny brush that fits on your finger tip.

    dogs, 3 Chihuahua's by Marcimj from Volga, SD09/19/2013

    CET Pet Toothpaste is great toothpaste. I have 3 Chihuahua's and they just love it. All I have to do is say "it's time to brush our teeth" and they come running and line up until it's their turn. It's great!!!. Poultry is their favorite. Definitely would recommend!!! :)

    Life saver by Sparrow11/17/2011

    I own a Greyhound that has major issues with teeth and gums. Since using the CET toothpaste, his gums are no longer red and his teeth are healthy. He no longer has bad breath as well. I purchased 5 in the poultry flavor. He actually enjoys having his teeth brushed. I use it morning and evening. I would recomend this product to keep you dogs dental hygene healthy.

    Fast Delivery by Gary from Columbia, SC04/18/2012

    Fast Delivery/Excellent Product/Will Use This Website Again!

    cet toothpaste by carol from center valley pa06/29/2012

    my bichon frise really doesn't mind getting her teeth brushed with the poultry flavored toothpaste...the beef, not so much, but @ 4 yrs old, she has beautiful white teeth from daily brushings.

    Cleans Great, and Even Better Scent! by Milo from Honolulu, HI10/24/2012

    I purchased the vanilla/mint pet toothpaste, and love it love it love it. The enzymatic formula works fast on my pups teeth, and i can't get over how great it smells! So much better than brushing her teeth with poultry scent. She doesn't seem to mind the taste, always just licks her lips when we're done. Really great product.

    AMAZING by Biscuit from Denver, CO12/01/2013

    My dogs LOVE this toothpaste. They don't like having their teeth cleaned, but now they don't run away when I try to clean their teeth. By far, this is the best toothpaste for dogs I have tried.

    Pretty good stuff by Quiltmom5610/23/2012

    My dog is picky about the taste of toothpaste. Doesn't like chicken, beef or PB. He will only let me use mint, and he loves this stuff.

    recommended by vet by hef321 from Houston, TX04/29/2013

    This is the only brand recommended by my breeder and a friend, who is a vet. Can't go wrong with people who only deal with pets all day long.

    Our dog just loves it! by Phil O from IL01/14/2012

    She just sits there waiting and even licks the tube since she likes it so much!

    Great product! by Hershey's Mom from Ohio02/24/2012

    My dogs used to hate having their teeth brushed, but after using this product, one begs to get them brushed:) I no longer have to remember; Hershey reminds me with his begging! I have used pastes in the past but this gel must taste better or spread the taste faster; he loves it! Our vet should never again have to remove tartar:)

    by Toppop02/08/2012

    My dogs seem to like it. I may be able to avoid some of the expensive dental cleanings.

    Dogs like this tooth paste by Linda Bass from Bandon, OR03/15/2012

    My two shelties liked the flavor of this tooth paste, the Vanilla Mint. It does make their breath smell better. They don't seem to mind getting their teeth brushed with it. We will buy some more when this order runs low.

    Great produce, my dogs love it by Diane from Central NJ02/27/2012

    I brush my dogs teeth every day, and they absolutely love the CET toothpaste, especially the poultry flavor. They look forward to toofer time.

    dog puts up with it by shorty03/06/2013

    our dog seems to not mind this toothpaste . She doesn't put up so much fuss getting her teeth brushed.

    by Mel03/09/2014

    Vanilla Mint is my dogs favorite, they stand in line when it comes to brushing their teeth.

    Great product by Donna10/15/2011

    My dogs love the poultry paste. When they see the toothbrush they get in the chair and wait. I have always brushed their teeth, and it helps with their breath and fewer dental cleanings. It's never too late to start brushing, It may take a little while for them to get used to it but if they love the toothpaste like mine do it won't take long. It works for cats too, but it is easier when you start them young.

    by from 07/12/2012

    by from 01/29/2012

    I started brushing my dogs' teeth after their most recent cleaning. I also have a dog whose teeth I did not bursh. Her teeth had started to build up tartar after 4 months. I can see a marked improvement in her teeth after brushing for the last month.

    dogs by objects from toNone


    toothpaste by Kathy M.10/06/2011

    I use this toothpaste daily on my dogs. They seem to like it and the price is great!

    Vanilla Mint YUM! by copperdog from Washington06/23/2012

    Finally a toothpaste that my dogs seem to enjoy the flavor and I enjoy the scent! No more gagging over poultry flavored toothpaste or dog breath. Now it's Minty flavored "kisses"!

    Really Worth It by Donna from Las Vegas11/06/2012

    The malt flavor toothpaste can be difficult to find, but I have always found it here and at a better price. We've been using this for years and haven't had to have a teeth cleaning yet.

    Great Toothpaste by Shalimarmermaid from Minnesota01/02/2014

    I use this daily and my dogs love the taste...I love their white teeth.

    CET toothpaste by Patty from PA04/08/2013

    This toothpaste does the job! I have used it for 5 years and can attest it will keep gums healthy. I apply with a finger brush once a day.

    CET Pet Toothpaste, 2.5 oz tube by Art from Richmond, VA10/23/2012

    Excellent product! My pet seems to prefer the mint flavor. I especially recommend this brand because it is made in the US. Personally, I think it is reckless to purchase items made in China for your pet.

    Excellant! by Becca from Portland, Oregon06/04/2013

    I am pleased about the timing of the delivery and the price of the product.

    Super paste by JRenee01/11/2013

    I use the Poultry flavor for my two cats, and while they're not fond of getting their teeth brushed, I think it makes the process easier on them (and me.) The cats get A+ on their teeth from their Vet, and I'm pretty sure the enzyme in the product has a lot to do with it.

    by Penny's mom from Seattle,WA12/09/2013

    My dog won't go to bed at night until her teeth are brushed since using this. She especially enjoys the poultry flavour.

    Poultry Flavor has Great Taste by Joetta20 from Seattle,WA07/24/2012

    I've been buying the poultry flavor for several years for my 2 cats. I've tried some of the other flavors, but they like the poultry flavor the best. I put their dose of Renal-K(potassium) in the toothpaste. That seems to work pretty well.

    CET Toothpaste by me from Columbus, Ohio12/11/2013

    Since using this product we have had less dental issues

    Great product! by Britany's dog walker05/07/2012

    I used to have to catch my dogs to brush teeth but now they willingly come because they love the taste. Great savings on vet bills.

    Dogs love the poultry flavor by rick03/13/2013

    I just started using this brand so I can't vouch for the results. I can say that both my dogs love the flavor. For me, it means less hassle to brush the dogs teeth and I believe that can only improve the results.

    Best dog toothpaste we have found by lmm from Funkstown Md08/05/2013

    Our Golden loves this toothpaste. She even "asks" for us to brush her teeth with this. We have tried other brands and she like this the best

    Great product by sr06/23/2012

    The CET vanilla toothpaste is a great product & easy to use because the flavor is very appealing to my dog.

    Wife's happy! Dogs happy! I'm happy! by dick from Richmond MO.06/01/2014

    My wife and dog are very happy with the tooth paste. The price of the product was a little high, but considering the previous statement , probably worth the money. the delivery was quick and well packaged. I will buy more when this 6month supply runs out.

    by Ginger from Morgantown, WV08/24/2014

    My dogs love their toothpaste! I say "come teeth" and fly to me to get their teeth brushed because they love the toothpaste. Their favorite is poultry.

    great toothpaste by CynDee04/17/2012

    Our dogs like the malt flavor. They actually come a ask to have their teeth brushed. The vet says we've lengthened our older dog's life by keeping his teeth brushed each day.

    great purchase by socrates from oklahoma06/03/2013

    i have used this on my dog since he was 8 weeks old and he is 8 yrs old now and his teeth looks great. and he loves the taste.

    Greyhounds think toothpaste is a treat by greyracers from Midlothian VA08/23/2014

    Our four greyhounds love when I tell them it is time for "toothies". They consider the poultry flavored toothpaste a treat and line up for it. On days when I don't have time to brush their teeth, I will squirt some toothpaste on my finger and let them lick it. Because it is slightly gooey, it will stay on their teeth and gums for awhile if I take up their water bowl for an hour or so. We tried the beef flavor as well but only one of the greyhounds liked it so we are sticking with the poultry flavor.

    Pups Love It by Gen. from Poquoson, Va10/23/2012

    My pups love this toothpaste so much they think it's a treat and cost much less here then at my vet.

    Puggies Love the Taste! by lisaluvsgreys from Houston, TX10/26/2011

    I actually do not have to have to fight the pugs when I am brushing their teeth! They love the flavor, and will let me scrub away!

    CET Pet Toothpaste. by katiedog10011/17/2012

    I have used this toothpaste on a daily basis for years with great results. My dogs rarely have to have dental cleaning done.

    by doggie mom from Longmont, CO12/25/2012

    Out vet recommended this toothpaste which the dogs really love. It clearly has cut down the tarter on their teeth so we were able to skip the dental cleaning at the vet- yeah!

    Best toothpaste for dogs by Diane from Central NJ03/19/2012

    My girls love the flavor of the poultry flavored toothpaste. And it works great. I wish they had larger tubes of it. I go through it fast with my 4 dogs. Awesome product

    Dental Care by JP06/02/2014

    We have been using this product for some time. Our dog loves it. Whether it's the mint flavor or the cleaning she likes I can't say. I suspect it's a little of both. Our husky always gets rave reviews from our vet on her visits, and she has the best doggie smile in the neighborhood.

    Vanilla Mint is a hit! by Duke from Spring Hill, Florida11/16/2012

    Duke is allergic to Beef. Often Beef is an ingredient in toothpaste. Duke loves the Vanilla-Mint toothpaste and actually drools when brushing his teeth.

    Best Toothpaste You Can Buy by Susan from Phoenix, AZ06/11/2013

    This toothpaste is awesome! I brush my dogs' teeth after dinner and have avoided professional cleaning for the last 3 years.

    Great purchase by Buster's Mom11/02/2011

    I've been using this for years to keep my dog's teeth healthy and it works. He doesn't have to have his teeth cleaned every year, so it saves me money!

    Toothbrushing is yummy by Bridget from CO11/03/2011

    Dogs LOVE the chicken flavor and don't mind getting their teeth brushed. Great!

    CET toothpaste by ljc03/14/2013

    Best price around. My dogs love it too!!

    by RP11/15/2011

    Great price, saved a visit and $$ to the vet to get more.

    Excellent product by lablover10/24/2011

    My dog loves the taste of this toothpaste (especially the poultry flavor) and he knows when it's brushing time so he will lie down on his back and wait! If you haven't tried it before, start by rubbing a small amount of your dog's gums, and gradually begin actually brushing the teeth over many days. It worked great for my dog and as an almost 5 year old Lab, his teeth make him look only 2!

    Vanilla Mint by jannie from Colorado03/13/2012

    My dogs love to get their teeth brushed and have since they were puppies. The Vanilla Mint is their favorite. The CET Pet Toothpaste makes dental hygiene for my 2 black labs very easy to maintain. I enjoy brushing their teeth, because they love having it done so much. Another great way to bond with my dogs.

    The best toothpaste I've used for the cat. by Joannie from Binghamton, New York05/22/2013

    I never buy anything else but this product for the teeth. I tried others, the taste is great and he accepts getting in his mouth.

    CET pet toothpaste by Molly and Ajay's mom from PA11/30/2011

    The vanilla mint flavor is the best for my white Fox Terriers. It cleans the teeth well, gives them lasting nice breath and since the product is white, it does not discolor the fur around their mouth. They seem to enjoy the flavor as much as any other. This brand consistently makes teeth whiter.

    Awesome Toothepaste Really Works!!!!! by DogMom from PA10/18/2011

    CET toothepaste is the first toothepaste I have used that actually removes tartar! I have been using this on my dogs and have noticed a big difference! Their teeth have less tartar and the plaque buildup in one tooth has been dissolving since using the toothepaste! Thanks for selling such a great product! My dogs thank you, too!

    my cats & dogs loves their toothpaste by animal lover from Fresno, Ca10/28/2012

    I like having my cats & dog brush their teeth with a paste they love. My dog gets compliments from our vet. He is almost 7 yrs old and has no plaque and his teeth are white! He has never needed to have his teeth cleaned professionally. My 4 legged fury children line up every evening to have their teeth brushed. To them the paste is a treat! Their fav is the poultry flavor.

    Teeth Maintenance by Buddy08/03/2013

    I brush my dogs teeth daily but It does not remove plaque as well as I hoped. I keep using the product since my dogs love the taste. It does avoid having the vet clean their teeth as often.

    must taste good by lap from dallas01/31/2012

    My Jack Russell usually does not like his teeth brushed, but it is a necessity for him. After using the beef flavored paste, he even licks the tooth brush! So keeping his teeth clean is not easy, but he is not resisting with this product.

    Always get this toothpaste by greatwaves from Sault Ste. Marie, ON11/06/2012

    This is the only toothepaste our dog likes and it seems it is a good brand as well in terms of dog health. We brush our dog's teeth every day.

    chicken Toothpaste by Allie from San Diego07/29/2013

    The best ever!! I love the chicken flavor.

    CET Pet Toothpaste by ForZorro06/21/2012

    Entirely Pets has the best price and most reasonable shipping for orders. I can depend on Entirely Pets to have the Vanilla Mint flavor to keep Zorro's teeth sparkling and his breath fresh.

    CET known for dental by GuideDogMuum from the South03/07/2014

    This must be my 15th tube of CET toothpaste. Excited to get a package, my Lab picked up 1 tube and pranced around-until his teeth penetrated the tube-then he thoguht it was the best treat ever! CET's mint vanilla flavor is quite pleasing to my Labs. I started brush their teeth late in their life but they like the taste so much they were willing participants.

    Great Toothpaste! by Shirley08/03/2012

    Having her teeth brushed isn't exactly my dog's favorite thing, but the various flavors offered in the CET pet toothpaste makes it alot easier! She likes the Vanilla Mint and Beef flavors, but Seafood is her favorite by far. She has great pearly whites!

    by from 12/17/2011

    Tasty Product by PoodleLady from Selinsgrove, Pa01/25/2011

    This toothpaste evidently is tasty making the tooth brushing moments not so intimidating. Both poodles seem to like the taste and their teeth look great. I do use a toothbrush and a nylon stocking footie to clean their teeth. The nylon stocking idea was recommended by my vet because it really removes the plaque. The toothpaste leave an enzyme behind that curbs further growth of plaque. Good product and safe to use!

    great product by rangerc01/27/2013

    My 3 dogs love this toothpaste! Brushing their teeth is easier and the tarter is vanishing before my eyes. My vet recommended this product and it works!!

    Only pet toothpaste I will buy by Rappwizard from South Florida02/20/2013

    CET toothpaste apparently has enzymes that help destroy plaque and keep tarter at bay. Great toothpaste -- I brush my dog's teeth daily and I think I've had to maybe use the tooth scaler about once every 4, 5 months or so -- this toothpaste does the job. My golden also loves the taste -- she loves her reward of a smidgen of toothpaste after being so good and letting me brush her teeth. I have used other pet toothpastes, but they don't work as well -- and my dog doesn't like them. She sees the CET tube and comes running to get her teeth brushed. She didn't do that with the other toothpastes. I use the poultry -- I would think the other flavors are good too.

    CET toothpaste by Cdorwick03/27/2013

    Superior pet toothpaste for your animals!

    toothpaste works wonders by Nora from Louisiana11/08/2011

    I have been using the beef (with tartar control) and chicken flavor pastes with finger brushes for several months. Abby is an 11 year old APBT who has had problem teeth. Since I started brushing regularly (avg about 5 times per week, at night before bed) her teeth are white and gums look healthy. And she likes the taste, it's like a bed time treat. She points to the spot where I keep the toothpaste when it's bed time- SHE reminds me to brush her teeth!

    Best for Dog's Teeth by jscswim from South Florida08/12/2014

    The Vanilla Chicken flavor is best liked by my Maltese and we have used it for over 12 years now. He has only had his teeth cleaned once in the ten years. Daily brushing keeps his breath fresh and avoids the risks of anesthesia by correctly cleaning the teeth. My Vet says he has healthy gums and teeth in great shape.

    excellent toothpaste for dogs by sandi from colorado05/19/2013

    Our dogs love this toothpaste. They come running into the bathroom when they hear me get their tooth brushes out. The best price I have found. We are tending to buy more and more from entirely pets.

    Works very well by Mom05/19/2014

    My dogs love the poultry flavor. It cleans their teeth very well, I only have to use it twice a week. Their teeth look great!

    Great product by Dentista10/22/2011

    Best paste with a great taste for your pet (or so my dog tells me). Although there are other flavors in this brand, I have always chosen Vanilla-Mint because I like the smell. Turns out, all dogs I have owned love this flavor. They have all looked forward to having their teeth brushed too.

    This is a must-have! by Benny's Mom from Bristow, VA11/07/2012

    Last year during a regular dental cleaning we found out that our dog had to have 6 teeth removed. We were shocked, but take his oral health care very seriously now. Along with a prescription dental diet and a C.E.T. enzymatic dental chew every evening, I brush his teeth each night with C.E.T. toothpaste. We buy the poultry flavored paste and to our dog it's like a treat before bed. After his last trip outside for the night, he'll go and sit by the door of the washroom where I keep his supplies and wait for me to come brush his teeth. It's nice that I don't have to fight with him to brush - I just have to try and keep him from eating all the paste since he finds it so yummy. No dental problems since we started using it and after having those 6 teeth come out, we would NEVER go without using this again. You wouldn't go a day without brushing your own teeth - right?

    Great product by Debbie12/07/2011

    Great tartar control product. The vanilla mint leaves breath smelling fresh.

    Great Product by jth from North Texas07/16/2014

    CET does a great job keeping my Westie tartar free. She loves the poultry flavor.

    Used with dental wipes by Margsheltie from Athens, GA03/21/2013

    I apply this paste to the dental wipes for daily cleaning. My pets enjoy the taste. Hope it will help eliminate $ vet dental bills.

    Pet toothpaste by Linda from We live on the Beautiful Oregon Coast03/05/2013

    I have 2 Shelties and they love getting their teeth brushed in the evenings. We started with them when they were puppies and getting their teeth brushed has become a nightly routine. They seem to really like the Vanilla Mint CET toothpaste. They even lick the brush as I am taking it out of their mouths! Their teeth look white and clean with no doggie breath issues. The Vet said that their teeth look really good.

    Excellent product by twogoldens11/30/2011

    This was recommended by the canine dentist and my dogs like it a lot. They enjoy getting their teeth brushed with CET toothpaste

    by from 11/29/2012

    My vet (who specializes in dentistry) recommends CET (enzymatic) paste. I use nothing but the best for my dogs, so I use CET also!

    purchases by from from EntirelyPetsI


    LOVE IT by GLORIA04/08/2012


    dog's loved it by kaiha04/05/2014

    dog's enjoyed having their teeth brush, they enjoyed to the taste of this product

    greatest toothpaste ever! by melmilo from honolulu, HI07/23/2012

    i love this product! it smells amazing, it works perfectly, and my pup has no problem letting me brush her teeth!

    Best purchase Ever by DonDon from Pawnee. OK09/30/2013

    I use CET Pet Toothpaste all the time for my Dog. He loves it and that makes for a Happy Experience brushing his teeth for him and for me..

    Yummy Toothpaste by Kitty Lover01/28/2012

    My cats enjoy the CET chicken flavored toothpaste. They love the taste and look forward to their toothpaste "treat" every day. We have never tried the other flavors because they like the chicken flavor so much. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a toothpaste for cats.

    good product by happykitty from Raleigh, NC02/25/2014

    I have used this for 20+ years on my cats and dogs. Poultry flavor is a hit.

    Whiter Teeth in Minutes a Week by Deb from San Diego02/24/2013

    I started brushing my dog's teeth after a very expensive teeth cleaning procedure. I was disturbed by my dog's condition after the procedure, standing around in a daze, drooling from the anesthesia. I didn't want to put her through that again, so I started using the CET toothpaste, brushing her teeth every night. She loves the flavor (and refuses to use another dog toothpaste), but the most amazing thing is how white and clean her teeth are. The yellow and brown stains have not some back. I can't say that her breath is better, but the enzymes in this toothpaste must work because I probably brush my dog's teeth for less than a minute total each night, but her teeth look great.

    Works by Jared06/26/2012

    this toothpaste works great for our Italian Greyhounds. We let them lick a little bit off the toothbrush before and after brushing their teeth. They line up in anticipation every night.

    great product! by Houston05/14/2013

    Great product! My dog loves the taste! Makes brushing easier!

    by from 02/16/2012

    My dog does not enjoy having his toiletries attended to but he does not fight me with this toothpaste.

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    by Taylor from Seattle04/27/2012

    Terrific product. Have used it nightly on my Brittanys (past and present) for many years.

    Great toothpaste by BB05/02/2012

    I used to buy this toothpaste from my vet, for twice as much! When i found Entirely Pets, I order everything from them. The service is excellent, I have told many people about this site. When I order, about 3-4 days later I receive right at my front door!

    CET enzymatic toothpaste by Patty from Erie PA03/17/2012

    I've used this product for 5 years now and stand by it. My Schnauzer had gum disease and after using CET for 6 months, I noticed a remarkable improvement in the both the color and condition of her gums. My 3 dogs won't allow me to miss their nightly brushing!

    by Maria from Des Plaines, IL01/25/2012

    My dog loves the chicken flavor, which makes brushing his teeth easier than with any other toothpaste out there.

    His favorite brand! by Puppurchaser from Staatsburg, NY11/27/2012

    My dog likes having his teeth brushed as long as I use CET Poultry flavor. I bought the Virbac brand once and he didn't like it at all. He started avoiding me at tooth brushing time! I thought I ordered poultry flavor this time, but EP sent Beef. I haven't started it yet--I hope he likes it.

    Recommended by my veternarian by Charlie10/26/2011

    This product does a good job of eliminating tarter buildup in our dogs mouths and the dogs love the flavor and look forward to having their teeth brushed daily.

    Toothpaste by Doc from Arizona06/29/2014

    We were purchasing this product in stores and found it to be old merchandise most of the time. I have made this purchase several times and have had no issue. Price is the same as in stores.

    Effective by Cappy from Virginia Beach, VA04/19/2013

    Very effective and smells good, I purchased the vanilla. Both the dog and the cats don't seem to mind the flavor and it gives them instant good breath. If I use it as I should, at least three times a week, it seems to keep the tarter down, as well. My dog, Matrix, gets her teeth brushed every day and she has a great smile!

    Best Toothpaste by Lily from NJ01/16/2015

    I have been using this on my girl's for years. I brush their teeth almost every day and this helps with plaque build up and keeps their breath fresh. It's not watery like other toothpaste and the girl's like the taste.

    by from 09/22/2014

    My six Furry Kids line up to have their teeth brushed with this wonderful product! Love it!

    Texas by from A+++++++"


    C.E.T Toothpaste for dogsGreat product by 5dogmom04/17/2014

    Every morning when I reach for the toothbrushes and toothpaste all 5 of my dogs come running and line up to have their teeth brushed. They all want to be first in line. I have been brushing their teeth daily with C.E T. toothpaste since they were puppies. Their favorite flavor is Vanilla Mint. It does a great job in keeping their teeth clean and their vet is very pleased.

    Love this toothpaste, use it all the time. by Pugmom44 from Central NJ02/15/2013

    This is the only brand of toothpaste my dogs love and it works great. I recommend it highly. The poultry is their favorite flavor, and beef and seefood is a close second.

    Excellent product by Chuck from Golden, Colorado09/16/2013

    Best product for cleaning my dogs teeth that I have found. Even if you only get a small amount on the teeth , it cleans them extremely well. One of the few things my border collie/pit bull will sit still for. She loves the taste so you have to brush fast! Would highly recommend this product to anyone with dogs or cats.

    Yum! by Alphamama from Durham, NC01/15/2014

    My guy doesn't particularily like having his teeth brushed but endures it because of the flavor. Used 3-4 times per week. His teeth and gums look great!

    Cats love the taste! by Kittymom from Maryland01/08/2012

    CET poultry flavor toothpaste is my cat's favorite. They want to lick it straight out of the tube.

    Loves to Brush by Happy Gal from Aiea, HI01/02/2013

    I show the tube of toothpaste to my dog and she runs to me.

    Best Toothpaste by equine000703/23/2011

    I use the vanilla mint toothpaste on my 4yr old mixed breed dog. Brady has been getting his teeth brushed almost everyday since he was 6 months old. He love the taste and I let him lick the toothbrush when we are done. He has no tartar buildup and his teeth are still pearly white. I am a vet tech so I know the importance of oral hygiene in pets. I strongly rec. this product and he also loves the C.E.T. chews.

    Best toothpaste for dogs by JJ12/24/2013

    Our Golden loves her vanilla CET toothpaste. I say "Brush your teeth" and she comes running. She lays down with her head in my lap and I brush her teeth-every night!

    My cats do NOT like the clear gel by Lori from California05/14/2010

    I was disappointed to find that the toothpaste I ordered was a clear gel. I have only had the poultry paste & my cats absolutely love it! BUT, they do not like the Seafood flavored clear gel. All 4 cats backed away from it.

    BEST DOG TOOTHPASTE + TOOTHBRUSH by Diane S. from Bradenton, FL07/18/2010

    My dog LOVES the CET Toothpaste, licks his chops after brushing--I think he thinks it's a treat! The CET Toothbrush makes is so easy to brush his teeth too. Makes the whole "brushing thing" a good experience for both of us!!

    this toothpaste is good. by JoyceD from South Carolina02/12/2012

    My dogs like the taste and it makes their breath smell much better.

    Excellent product by LaLa from Sugar Land TX02/23/2012

    Been using cet toothpaste on dogs for 10 years and never needed to have teeth cleaned on mt two shih tzus. Best to brush daily but every other day is probably ok.

    CET Toothpaste by Sue from Rochester Hills, MI03/18/2012

    Our two Leonbergers (giant dogs with giant teeth), come happily when I tell them it's time to brush their teeth !!

    Toothpaste by KW03/12/2014

    Our cat loves the chicken and malt flavors. Vet recommended this brand as well.

    Best Toothpaste! by CindyK from Akron, OH11/11/2011

    I have two dogs that love the taste of the CET toothpaste, which makes it easier for me to brush their teeth on a daily basis. I use poultry and beef, but have used the malt and vanilla mint in the past. Highly recommended! It keeps my dogs teeth clean!

    Great Price and Product by SLA30 from St. Paul, MN01/31/2013

    This is the best pet toothpaste that works well and safely.

    Great Stuff! by Linda in San Diego12/22/2010

    Purchased originally from my Vet - but I get a better deal here! I brush my Sheltie's teeth every day and she loves it! She even licks the toothpaste left on the toothbrush when we're done brushing her teeth.

    Works Great by Ruralex10/24/2012

    I have used this product for years and just recently added it to my automatic shipment list. I brush my 3 poodles/poodle mix teeth every night and they haven't needed a professional cleaning for a long time.

    PWD teeth by hobdell from Downingtown, PA11/09/2011

    Our PWD gets tarter build up pretty fast and breath smells bad. The CET gets rid of the bad breath and slowly removes the tarter. Our dog (Madiera) likes the taste of the toothpast and wags her tail when she sees the brush coming. It is a challange to actually reach her teeth as she wants to lick the toothpaste off. But we seem to get enough in there to do the trick.

    Nice . . . but by Whispurr from NC07/16/2014

    Cats liked it the first time. Second time they backed away from it. Third and subsequent times they ran from me. Switched back to malt flavor and now I can continue to brush their teeth every morning.

    My Dogs Love It and It Works! by barbzee from Chicago,IL11/04/2012

    I have 2 dogs, a Bichon Frise (almost 8) and a Maltese (over 12). They have both had a history of needing dentals---the maltese as much as twice a year! She was a rescue dog and had many teeth extracted before we got her. She had her last dental 10 months before we adopted her in Dec 2010 so there was already tartar going on. Due to her health problems we had to keep postponing the work until just last week. From the start I have nevertheless been brushing her teeth every night with this paste.The vet said it kept her gums from getting infected while we were waiting to do the cleaning. Both my dogs eat some soft food every day as part of their diet, so this can be a real problem with plaque formation. I am confident that this will have been my 12-year old's final dental cleaning now that we have a clean slate to start with, and with continuing the nightly brushings. My Bichon's last dental was 2 and half years ago, at which time I started using this paste on him every night. My vet says he is now the poster child for what daily brushing can do for a dog's dental health! My dogs LOVE the poultry flavor and we make it their bed time treat! Taking 2 minutes a night to brush your dog's teeth can save your dog from undergoing repeated general anesthesia, plus it can save you thousands of dollars at the vet over his lifetime! I spent around $700.00 last week for my maltese's dental ( no extractions, just cleaning and one xray!) and the necessary preliminary blood work. One tube of this toothpaste lasts a month and costs less than $6.00. I will happily spend $72 a year in order to save $1300.!

    time to brush your teeth, sophie! by sophie's mom from center valley. pa01/16/2013

    as soon as the toothpaste (poulty flavor is sophie's favorite) and toothbrush come out, sophie is on my lap. she gets a little taste and then the brushing begins and she loves it! at 4 1/2 she has beautiful white teeth!

    Great Product by Sue from Michigan02/10/2014

    I've been buying this product from your site for years but recently your price has been raised substantially. I buy it somewhere else now. All of my vets comment on the condition for my Leonbergers' teeth.

    by from 10/23/2013

    Good Product Good Service by Verdoot07/04/2012

    I've used CET Mint for several years and it reduces the need for Vet dental cleaning. However, the toothpaste will not remove tartar so you need to start with clean teeth which probably means an initial dental cleaning by the Vet. Once cleaned you can keep the teeth clean for years by daily brushing. My dogs love the flavor and brushing take less than a minute. EntirelyPets ships quickly and has good prices so I buy from them.

    Great Tasting Toothpaste by kico from Michigan04/18/2013

    I purchased this toothpaste because I could not find the other brand I use anywhere. My dog likes the Malt flavor. I purchased all the flavors here but the beef and she loves all of them. Excellent product. Lasts a long time for a small dog!

    Good product, good price by Cav-walker from Western Mass.06/18/2013

    This toothpaste is great for controlling dog breath. Either that, or he has beautiful breath naturally, which I doubt. It also seems to work for plaque since he is over 4 years old and still has clean, white teeth. Considering the relative prices of having his teeth cleaned and brushing with CET, I'm happy to go with the CET toothpaste.

    CET toothpaste by Joan from Scottsdale, AZ01/31/2013

    My dogs are eleven and ten years old. I have brushed their teeth with CET toothpaste every night all of their lives. Not once has the veterinarian suggested that I have their teeth cleaned. I swear by CET.

    Best place to shop by kris08/25/2013

    I've found Entirlely Pets to be the best place to purchase C.E.T toothpaste. The price is very reasonable, the service/shipping fast and reliable.

    CET Pet Toothpaste by Grace12/12/2011

    My shiba inu, loves this toothpaste, he lets me brush his teeth. I like the price and free shipping. Also I received the product in 4 days which is fast for Hawaii.

    Vet Recommended by ramblon9706/01/2012

    This is the ONLY toothpaste I use for my dog. CET products are excellent and EntirelyPets is my "go to" store for all of my pet supplies. Their prices are excellent, and their delivery service is incredible!

    CET TOOTHPASTE by Diane from TRYON , NORTH CAROLINA10/19/2011

    I have used this for years for my whippets and would never change products. I brush their teeth twice a day with Cet toothpaste and they have beautiful teeth and they just LOVE the product!!

    Cats Come Running by Ethanwhitneysmith from Seattle05/16/2013

    What more is there to say than that my cats are willing to have their teeth brushed.

    CET pet toothpaste by kimmie from sf02/27/2013

    as you know, most dogs hate to brush their teeth. With this CET toothpaste our dog can't wait to brush..he loves the vanilla flavored CET toothpaste

    Toothpaste by Lyn11/06/2012

    This stuff is safe and my dog likes it. I will buy more when I run out. Good stuff.

    CET Pet Toothpaste Poultry by Lori from Pensacola, FL09/17/2013

    Does a great job of cleaning my dogs teeth. They love the taste and come running to get their teeth brushed!

    Vet Recommended by 48marigold from The Dalles OR11/30/2012

    I've been using this brand for many years on all my dogs. The poultry flavor is their favorite.

    Loves the taste by JennD from Boston, MA12/24/2013

    My dog doesn't mind getting his teeth brushed every night because he loves the taste of the toothpaste! Great product

    by from 07/11/2012

    Great product by Janny0 from Edina, MN07/23/2013

    Our Welsh Terrier is eight years old and has not required a vet dental cleaning. We use CET toothpaste to brush his teeth. He especially likes the Vanilla-Mint flavor.

    dogs love it by 2 poodles from Hawaii11/27/2013

    Makes a daunting task easier since they like the taste and don't resist the brushing

    Dog toothpaste by Galtee from Thousand Oaks, CA09/10/2012

    This is an ok toothpaste--very sticky--which means it's difficult to clean the toothbrush. My dog likes it, but the Enzadent toothpaste was much cleaner and has a fresh scent. Enzadent is no longer available.

    by from 04/24/2012

    Product is very good, easy to apply. Arrived quickly in OK shape.

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    My dogs love the flavors by Jackie from Chico, CA01/10/2014

    I love that there are so many different flavors to choose from! & these are the same ones my vet sells, so I feel good using them. My two favorite ones are the seafood & beef because they have anti tarter stuff in them, & I have a dog who has really bad teeth. I can't always get a good brush on her, but if I get the stuff just on her teeth, I feel like I'm doing some good.

    Vanilla Mint is the Best by Tongster from California08/01/2013

    My two labs love the vanilla mint toothpaste, and can't wait to brush their teeth! It does smell good. I always buy three tubes at a time, and it's a good price. When I ask who wants to brush their teeth, they come running when they see the toothpaste. When I show them the ear cleaner, they run the other way. That shows how much they love the toothpaste! Great product.

    CET Toothpastes by Sally02/10/2009

    I would highly recomend these toothpastes. I have tried a variety of other brands - this one seems to work better when removing debris. I was impressed with the article on how to brush your pet's teeth - they did a great job describing how to start and move up to using a toothbrush. Personally, I know use an electric brush on my dog's teeth. It does a better job getting under the gums and is easy to use on the inside teeth. Keep in mind that my dogs are used to getting their teeth brushed - it takes a long time to get them to accept it and is now seen as a treat. They LOVE the flavor of the toothpastes!

    Vanilla-Mint toothpaste by Diana Hedrick03/04/2009

    When she sees the Spin Brush, our dog jumps on the bed to get her teeth brushed with the Vanilla-Mint paste. It does an excellent job of keeping her teeth healthy and white. Yes, I use the Crest spin brush!

    best canine toothpaste i've used by Norbes from Buffalo, NY10/11/2013

    My Bichon has had terrible problems with his teeth. I have his teeth cleaned regularly by the vet but he always has tartar within a year. As a result of an infection, he had to have many of his teeth extracted. It was very expensive and hthe anesthesia was hard on him. One of the vets in the pracitce suggested CET enzymatic toothpaste and I started using it. I brush his teeth every day with this, . He resists having his upper front teeth brushed so I just put the paste on them. Dogs cannot manipulate their tongues to lick it off, so it stays on. Well, knock on wood, it has been well over a year and he does not have even a speck of tartar. I feel guilty that I did not know this when he was a puppy. I could have saved a lot of money, but more importantly, I could have saved him the trauma of sedation. Each dog is different, but mine loves the taste (chicken). When I am finished, I let him lick the finger brush and he loves it. If you love your dog, and want to keep him healthy, and if you do not want to wind up paying off your vet bills over 6 months like I did, I suggest you try this, I have always tried to care for his teeth. I have used sprays, gels etc. and I have spent a fortune on these products but none of them really worked. So far this one beats them all.

    Using for years by Fairy Dog Mother from San Diego06/02/2013

    My dog LOVES getting her teeth brushed! All flavours of the toothpastes seem to all be appealing to my dog, but she seems to really like the poultry. I use different flavours just to mix it up a bit (and she's allergic to beef). She also licks any remaining toothpaste off the brush with delight. At almost 7 years old, she just started showing signs of gingivitis (I'm a former dental assistant to humans, so I know what it looks like and take dental care seriously). I don't like putting my dog under anesthesia so this helps minimize the need. Only thing I DON"T like about C.E.T. products is the artificial sweeteners that are included in the ingredients - reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

    C.E.T. Mint Thoothpaste by Mark Dotson01/21/2008

    My dog can't stand the regular animal toothpastes ( meat, poutry, and fish flavors) the vanilla mint is a complete different story. Instead of fighting to brush his teeth he looks foreward to it and I have to hide the tube or he would eat it without brushing. Kudos to Virbac for their vanilla mint flavor.

    Makes brushing easier by Greyhound Mom from Charleston SC06/25/2014

    Makes brushing easier when they love the taste! Greyhounds need consistent dental care and the poultry flavored tooth paste makes them come running. All 3 dogs willingly let me brush their teeth every day with this tasty tooth paste.

    by from 04/09/2012

    Small dogs have tartar and plaque build up every 24 hours, its up to you to take care of your dog to battle against tartar and plaque in order to prevent disease and extend the life your dog to be a happy and healthy one.

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    CET poultry toothpaste by Gerri A04/01/2008

    My yorkie loves the poultry flavor toothpaste. She tries to eat it before it gets on her teeth. She did not like the vanilla mint & threw up when I used it. She likes the beef flavor too.

    Best toothpaste on the market by Dmjbutler from Puerto Rico12/17/2013

    This paste works great on hard tartar and my dogs don't mind the vanilla mint taste.

    by from 11/11/2008

    My cat has been loving the poultry cat toothpaste since birth... it's a treat as much as a necessary evil. I use a bit of soft gauze wrapped around my finger with the paste on it to get just a bit of texture to rub it into her teeth (but not enough to aggravate gums since large awkward brushes and tiny cat mouths don't seem to get along often)... after she lets me get her teeth taken care of, I always let her lick an extra bit since we all know the majority of the germs are on the tongue!

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    CET Pet Toothpaste Rocks by Echo's Mom02/18/2012

    I have greyhounds and if you know greyhounds, you'll know their teeth can genetically be disposed to disease. If you adopt an ex-racer, that's doubled. Brushing their teeth with CET makes a HUGE difference. Thank you so much for the fantastic prices you offer on a wonderful dental health essential product.

    My Cat Loves CET Pet Toothpaste!! by Vegas from Cape May Court House, NJ09/29/2013

    My cat is 3 1/2 years old and I found her at a shelter. She was a feral cat for a few months but she has become a very loving pet. I was and am concerned about her teeth as she will not let me brush them nor will she eat dental treats. A few months ago I put some of the toothpaste on my finger and let her smell it. She started eating a large fingernail size of the poultry flavor in the morning and at bedtime!! Just amazing!! She really looks forward to me giving her the toothpaste!!

    CET Pet Toothpaste by mamalori from Irvine, CA06/19/2012

    My pups LOVE to have their teeth brushed with this stuff!

    Feliway spray and defuser by Melody from South Africa. Krugersdorp03/03/2013

    I buy Feliway from you as even with customs and postage your prices are very much better than what we pay in South Africa. It really works very well. I washed all my curtains and when I rehang them I use the Feliway spray. No more spraying. I use the defuser in the house and my boarding cattery. Very little spraying or aggression. The change is really very good with nervous cats as well. Really a very good product.

    Only toothpaste to USE by shergry103/03/2014

    Best toothpaste on the market. Would not even consider any other brand. Vet recommended after root canal on pet many years ago, have only bought this brand since.

    by eaglej07/31/2012

    Just what i ordered and came earlier than expected!

    by from 12/06/2011

    We need to brush both our cats teeth/gums daily. Luckily the cats dont seem to mind us doing this to them and it helps that they like the taste of this toothpaste.

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    CET Toothpaste by Ellee07/23/2012

    My puppies brush 2 times a day, once in the am and 3 times in the pm. They destroy toothbrushes but they have beautiful white teeth.

    Pet Toothpaste - A Miracle! by princessnutsy from Burnsville, NC08/07/2012

    Have an older dog that had terrible teeth and gums. Vet finally convinced me to start brushing her teeth. She was needing a dental done every six months. Using this toothpaste (Poultry is her favorite!), it has been close to 2 years since she needed a dental. Wow, saved money! And...Entirely Pets sells this toothpaste, which is sold at my Vet's Office. It is TWICE the price at my Vet's!

    Yummy by Puckmama04/05/2014

    Puck loves this toothpaste. ("Tastes like chicken!") Eventually I hope he'll actually let me use the brush with it! EntirelyPets had the best prices around.

    The Best by Jeannie09/17/2013

    My dog comes to get me to brush his teeth if I have not gotten to him soon enough at bedtime. He loves the taste.

    by Porter11/20/2013

    I have been brushing my pets' teeth since I had to have a cat's tooth extracted. Way too spendy! So, now I brush my dog's teeth. The dog we have now is particular and only seems to like the malt flavored toothpaste. I can't find it in regular stores so I have to buy it online. I think this is a great deal and the product seems to do the job just fine.

    Great Toothpaste by no thanks12/13/2011

    Works great and the Vanilla Mint smells good too. The dogs love it!!!

    by from 11/16/2013

    I absolutely love this toothpaste. I have tried about every brand. and flavor for my dogs, and this is the BEST. My dogs(5) actually are waiting impatiently for me to brush their teeth. I go through a new toothbrush everymonth.

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    Excellent price on toothpaste by Percival95 from Illinois10/13/2011

    This is the only place that I buy toothpaste from. A great deal!

    Great product! by Gely02/23/2013

    I have been using this toothpast daily on my two dogs for about two years. They have been getting great exams from the vet who says their teeth and gums look very good.

    Quick delivery by Rooster12/19/2011

    We were very happy with the quick delivery. We received the product 4 days after we ordered.

    Love the Vanilla Mint by Debbie11/21/2012

    I have used this product for years now and it takes care of the tartar AND it smells terrific!!! My dog has the cleanest teeth around!

    by from 08/04/2013

    My dogs absolutely love this product. When I bring it out they both run to me, there favorite is the poultry flavor. They just sit there and let me brush without any fuss.

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    CET Pet Toothpaste by Bob from Schnecksville, eastern PA.12/14/2011

    Our dogs love the poultry flavor paste. They will get a small lick to start and then get a vigorous brushing which they tolerate very well. They are 6 1/3 years old and have remarkably clean unstained teeth according to our veterinarian. It is worth it to us to put in this effort in order to allow them to eat healthy and ,we hope, live longer. In the wild, good dental condition and health are important keys to an animal's survival, and so too any domesticated animal. Especially if you want to keep them around into their late teens or early twenties. Our dogs are Crazy Daisy and Little Lily, two eighteen pound Bichons who still act like young pups.

    Excellent product by Wayne Da Greyhound12/06/2011

    Always happy with the CET product and even more happy with the service we receive from ET

    half the price by MamaJi from Oregon08/04/2012

    CET Pet toothpaste keeps our 15 year old Border Collies teeth clean and plaque free. We have using it on her for five years. Her favorite flavor is mint. At Entirely Pets this product cost about half of what the Vet charges.

    by lab lover10/08/2011

    Great tootpaste at a great price! My black lab loves the taste of the poultry flavor. His teeth look much whiter since using this product.

    Yummy taste for dogs by sammydj from Los Angeles, CA12/24/2012

    I brush my (three) dogs teeth monthly using C.E.T. toothpaste. I've tried the various flavors, and each time my dogs are receptive to having the toothbrush in their mouths when coated with C.E.T. toothpaste. To them that means they like the flavor and to me it means I am successfully practicing good oral health on them!

    A+ flavors by sandi from South Carolina01/23/2014

    our cat has more toothpaste flavors than we have on hand. there is seafood, poultry and beef for his selection. I passed on ordering vanilla since to me that did not seem like a cat flavor. I put a bit of the flavor for the day on his tongue to keep him busy and cover the brush end of a extra long toothbrush with the gel(paste). so far all the flavors seem equally popular and work well with the pet toothbrush. suggest you order an assortment of flavors and see which one is best or continue to rotate the flavors so boredom and dislike do not set in. I find that the dual ended toothbrush available at this site is A+ and really reaches those back teeth and gums without endangering your fingers. the small end is perfect for cats and the larger end for medium size dogs.

    Great toothpaste by Keith11/14/2011

    The dogs love this toothpaste and it really works at controlling tartar.

    by Leelee01/27/2012

    Cet toothpaste and chews can keep a dog's teeth healthy:been using both for several years and these are the best prices anywhere. Thanks. My Whippet is 12 and the Vet says his teeth are 6!

    Still the favorite! by BestWest from Saaskatchewan, Canada03/15/2012

    My dogs enjoy having their teeth brushed, and it's because they think they are getting a treat! This is a great tasting toothpaste and seems to help with doggie oral hygiene; no tooth problems here!

    Virbac toothpast by Chris06/26/2012

    My little dog loves this toothpaste. I think it is the vanilla mint she likes the best. She likes it so much that when I brush my teeth, at night, she comes in and whines until I brush her teeth. No more chasing her around to brush her teeth. Also, her breath smells much better.

    My dog loves this stuff! by Lethie from Oregon09/12/2014

    Much easier to brush my toy poodle's teeth with the poultry flavored CET Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats (better known in my household as "chickie brush"). She doesn't run from me when I approach with the CET tube and the little finger-cot brusher. I brush her teeth twice a week and its a relief that it's not a chore.

    Doggies love this! by zielinam11/08/2012

    I buy the poultry flavor and both dogs love it. The sheppie actually grabs the tube in her mouth and tries to run away with it b/c she likes the taste so much.

    Best dog toothpaste ever! by doglover307/20/2012

    I have 3 small dogs - all of them love this toothpaste. Use it daily!

    Love the mint! by islalvr from Chicago, IL10/22/2012

    This is a great toothpaste, the mint flavor helps with the bad breath.

    Regular dental care by nanny from Pottsville, Pa11/23/2012

    Brush my pets teeth daily. She is now 13 and still going strong. Keeping her teeth clean is something I can do to keep her healthy.

    Excellent product and terrific service by Joe05/14/2013

    Your prices are so much better than the vet prices for the very same product. I know they have to make more on their products due to overhead and I completely appreciate that and will pay - when it is reasonable. Maybe they have to pay more for the products too but if so, we are all getting ripped off at that point and they need to investigate that.

    CET TOOTHPASTE by lskty from FT LAUDERDALE01/02/2013

    the best toothpaste. My dogs actually like getting their teeth brushed

    Great Great Great by Deecey from Bedford, MA05/31/2013

    The CET Pet Toothpaste is great. What a difference. I was using a different brand and started using this (on 3 of my dogs) and what a difference. Works well and would recommend. Everyone has a bright white smile.

    Great purchase by killevy03/02/2012

    Wonderful toothpaste that dogs love because of the poultry flavor. This makes it easy to get into their mouth and all around their teeth with the brush. The toothpaste does a very good job of cleaning the teeth. Also a wonderful price, and very fast delivery.

    CET Tooth past Vanilla Mint by Bronx2216 from Phoenix, AZ03/24/2014

    My dogs absolutely LOVE the vanilla mint CET toothpaste! I brush their teeth daily and they get excited like it's a treat! They love this product and if it was ever discontinued I don't know I would be able to get them this excited about another flavor. Also, a daily brushing has helped me avoid very expensive dental treatments at the vet for my Miniatue Schnauzer (who has not great teeth).

    CET vanilla mint toothpaste by poodlgrl from Long Island,NY08/01/2012

    Entirely pets was more than four dollars cheaper than the pet store I usually buy the toothpaste from. I got the shipment super fast. Very impressive price and I trust this toothpaste because its the brand my vet sells for a lot more money.

    worst service ever by pet lover05/05/2014

    The products and prices here are fine but the service and communication from this company is the worst ever, save aggravation and purchase elsewhere.

    Good by kraleigh07/04/2012

    My four dogs love the taste.Been using it for years.

    Great Toothpaste for Dogs by BonBon from Woodbury, MN.10/14/2013

    I buy the Poultry and Beef flavor toothpastes for my two dogs. They both love the flavors!! My one dog will even continue to lick the toothbrush after I brush her. It must be good if she does that! Great product at a good price!!

    Great Toothpaste by Loafin from Georgia04/03/2013

    Both the cat toothpaste and the dog toothpaste are hits in our household. This makes the job of brushing teeth so much easier.

    works great by ET10/12/2011

    This is the only toothpaste I use for my dogs. With brushing and using the CET pet chews, they do not need dental cleanings very often.

    Love This! by aprlm12/09/2011

    My dog likes the poultry flavored and vanilla the most,I like how clean it leaves his teeth and also smelling fresh.My dog thinks this is a "treat", every night before bed he'll lay by the door and try to get the CET toothpaste.

    Yummy toothpaste! by CollieGirl11/29/2011

    My collie adores this toothpaste. I always buy beef flavor because she is so eager to cooperate with her dental hygiene. There is one thing the carton says that is wrong though. It leads you to believe that you can just let the dog lick it off your finger or you can just rub it on without a toothbrush. It doesn't do any good like this, because when I took my dog to the vet for her one year check up, he said he'd never seen a tartar build up this bad. I'm using the paste with a toothbrush now, and the tartar is coming off. Great toothpaste, encourages dog's participation and cooperation with hygiene, and works great with a toothbrush :)

    works better for breath than other brands by allycat from Texas07/03/2013

    I've tried several different brands and I like the CET vanilla mint best for helping my little dog's breath. Also a very good price compared to buying at the vet's office!

    Great stuff! by Mandy from Colorado Springs, CO06/05/2013

    Hi my name is Mandy. I love to get my teeth brushed every morning before my Mom goes to work. My favorite flavor is poultry... I like chicken stuff. Woof, woof. Mom says that we have saved bunches of money since I haven't had to have my teeth cleaned by the vet in 5 years. My breathe is always fresh and clean smelling. Mom let's me lick her face after my teeth are brushed. Lick, lick. I hope your Mom or Dad buys some so you too can have clean breathe. Woof, woof!

    Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews by lovesgoldens02/13/2013

    This is a great product and really helps my older Golden Retriever. Easy to administer and he loves it. Good price, fast service.

    Works great by XIM from Michigan01/02/2013

    Our dogs don't love the tooth brushing, but it has really helped with their oral health. We use the vanilla-mint flavor and they tolerate it well.

    Good Stuff! by Sam'smom08/17/2013

    My dogs love this toothpaste and look forward to me brushing their teeth with it.

    Saved my dogs teeth by californiabarbi from Vista CA11/12/2011

    Less than one year after rescuing a 2 yr old cooker spaniel, he had to have teeth removed due to plaque and disease. My vet said if we promised to use this toothpaste and brush his teeth he would not remove the others that had minor problems, which were headed for removal. Now over 5 years later his teeth are in great shape. He never had another tooth removed. He loves the night time routine of brushing with CET either beef or poultry.

    by from 12/28/2013

    The pet tooth past I ordered was substituted with another that my dog does not like.

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    CET Pet Toothpaste by pb02/28/2012

    My dog loves the taste of malt CET, and it has helped keep her teeth clean and fresh. A wonderful product at an excellent price.

    Great product and service by ASB10/05/2011

    The CET Pet Toothpase we purchased works great and my dog loves it, which makes it very easy to brush his teeth daily. In fact, he reminds me (with nudges and other body language) that it's time to brush his teeth every night after we eat dinner! The price is right, too, as Entirely Pets charges just a third of what my local vet wants for the same toothpaste. Also, the service from Entirely Pets is great -- from it being very easy to place the order online to receiving the purchase very quickly. This is about the third time that I've made a similar purchase from Entirely Pets and I'll definitely be doing it again when we run out. BTW, be sure to look online for coupons, as they are frequently available (e.g., for things like 5 or 10% off the order or free shipping).

    Great Stuff by JillCocker from Canton, MI10/23/2012

    My dog likes this toothpaste. She has lost most of her teeth at age 3. It is imperative that we brush her teeth to save the rest. She tolerates this toothpaste and it works well. It is recommended by my vet as well.

    by Mimikuri10/30/2011

    No problem in brushing my dog's teeth because she loves the poultry flavor.

    by from 01/29/2015

    get used to brush my cats' teeth everyday with CET Toothpaste poultry favor. they love it and fine for it.

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    great product by jiley from San Francisco, CA11/20/2012

    2 norwich terriers lick their teeth after they are brushed with CET tooth paste...

    Helpful tool by chihuahuamom12/28/2012

    My dogs love this stuff. They don't like getting their teeth brushed but the doggie toothpatste is a helpful tooth when it is time to brush teeth. They beg to be first.

    Dog loves the taste by semfan03/30/2013

    I use this in conjunction with the CET Oral hygiene rinse twice daily and my pug loves it. This has led to less frequent dental cleanings and better breath.

    Best Tooth Paste for Cats! by Sharon from Bedford MA03/15/2012

    Our cats (Ragdolls) LOVE this product. They come running when we ask them if they want their toothpaste. They have never had tarter on their teeth since using the product.

    Toothpaste by JHWASTORIA from Newburgh NY06/05/2013

    This truly is a good product. My dog loves the taste and let's me brush his teeth with it.

    My dog loves this by turtle from Florida01/18/2012

    I have used this product for years and my dog never seems to get tired of it. Actually likes having his teeth brushed and the Vet says his teeth look good.

    Cats like it by Sane Cat Lady from PNW12/26/2012

    I've bought both poultry and seafood flavors, and my cats seem to like them both. I haven't used this toothpaste long enough to tell if it is superior to other brands. Based on how my cats' teeth feel and smell, it does seem to be doing the job.

    CET Vanilla Mint Toothpaste by Sir Duke of Wellington from Spring Hill, Florida04/20/2013

    Duke loves the Vanilla Mint flavor. Not many vendors carry it. Since using CET in combination with OxyFresh Pet Gel, Duke's teeth and gums are almost Plaque free. Our Veterinarian no longer suggests descaling.

    Great Service! by Didi12/20/2011

    Best price and best service available online! The vanilla mint is the most effective flavor in this toothpaste line .... recommended by my vet.

    No cavities by Dixie Lou from Milwaukee, WI06/12/2013

    We've been using this toothpaste for years and it has cut down on our dental bills with the vet to brush our cats' teeth. It sounds crazy and one of them doesn't like it but they get good annual check ups from our vet and saves on the clinic cleaning their teeth.

    Great Product by Moonlite07/31/2013

    I am very pleased with this product. Since using CET toothpaste I see a great improvement in my dog's teeth.

    Great by angieg05/09/2013

    I have 3 dogs and all of them like the Vanilla flavored toothpaste. It makes cleaning your dogs teeth less of a chore.

    Good Product, Poor Container by Vin02/25/2012

    I like the product though my cats do not like to have their teeth brushed. However, they seem to like the flavor of the paste. I do have a problem with the tube itself. It is difficult to squeeze, especially when you get to the end of the product.

    Good dental care by KTM from VA08/21/2014

    I use the Beef flavored tartar control toothpaste daily to brush our dog's teeth. I can see visible improvement and reduction of tartar on his teeth.

    Excellent Product by PoodleLady from Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania01/26/2010

    I have used the CET Pet Toothpaste ever since purchasing it from my veteranarian many years ago. It keeps my poodle's teeth clean and breath fresh. My smallest poodle's teeth were cleaned at the vet office one time and I was very happy to learn she did not have perio problems. I attribute this kudo to CET Pet Toothpaste! Also...a stocking footie makes a great cleaning device as it quickly removes plaque from your pet's teeth. I use the brush in this website and a footie over my hand. You pet will like to feel your fingers in the mouth. That aspect makes the job easier.

    It works by Pam12/29/2012

    My vet recommended this product. The dogs do not mind the taste.

    OMG! by Little Ms. Kitty05/19/2013

    This is the best toothpaste on the market. I use the C.E.T. kitty toothbrushes along with it and the rinse and the chews daily! I have six cats and I make it a priority to do this every day throughout the day so they all get it done at least once during the day! They love this toothpaste. A good hint is to put a nonslip mat up on your washer or dryer and have all the things in your Rubbermaid tub and just groom them at the same time. My cats look like youngsters still because they have great teeth and hair and a glow in their eyes. Great food helps too and that's a species appropriate diet!

    Great cleaning and taste by Yorkielady from Channing Mi02/22/2014

    I have used this on dogs present and past for years. I have tried other products but the CET seems to work the best. My dogs also love the taste and since I do their teeth after breakfast they think it is dessert! They are fondest of the poultry and beef. I do not use any other product except the CET.

    Very satisifed customer by Milkbones11/24/2011

    Along with C.E.T. AquaDent, C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste was recommended for use on my dog, who suffers from severe tartar growth. He gets his teeth brushed every day using the toothpaste, and after a year, his teeth are still sparkling clean.

    Our dogs like the taste of the mint by Pat from Minneapolis, MN12/24/2012

    Our dogs seem to like this brand of toothpaste the best. They like the mint flavor (and so do we).

    by from 10/08/2013

    .I have been using a product which has been take off the market. Your CET product is defiantly loved by our dog and the effectiveness for whiter and clean smelling mouth is very apparent.

    having by this from productThank


    by from MD"


    Great Dog Toothpaste by cynmo54 from Vancouver, WA01/11/2014

    I have been brushing my dogs teeth with CET toothpaste for several years now . I have 2 large dogs that don't mind me brushing their teeth because they love the taste. This is the best pet toothpaste I have found.

    My dog's dental health is important to me. by mary from Stamford, CT03/01/2012

    CET pet toothpaste is the perfect product to use daily when brushing Ubu's teeth and gum's. The studies show it will increase her life span by two years just keeping her mouth healthy. Besides her breath is much better when she breaths up close to me and her kissses are much more welcomed.

    CET chews by Jon and Pam from Scottdale, PA01/31/2013

    Good product at a good price and quick shipping.....will be ordering again soon!!!! Thank you

    by Jo11/12/2011

    Most effective paste I've found for keeping tartar to a minimun.

    Hate the Brushing - Love the Tooth Paste! by KSCarson from Colorado Springs, CO04/17/2012

    Although my dog doesn't really love getting his teeth brushed, he does love the paste and licks the brush clean every time.

    by Mel08/14/2012

    I think this toothpaste good however too expensive

    Very satisfied by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/03/2013

    Shipping and satisfaction as a Christmas gift.

    My dogs are great with it! by Janet from KY04/08/2014

    I have a few who hate having their teeth brushed, but all are ready to taste the toothpaste. It's still not easy brushing the ones who hate their mouths touched, but they will stick around because they are interested in the taste. For those couple, I still don't get their teeth brushed well, but it's better than nothing.

    Love it (and so do my dogs), Can't be without by Jesse's mom from NY01/24/2013

    As a Vet Tech I know the value of brushing my dogs teeth regularly. I began brushing my dogs teeth w/CET toothpaste over 25 yrs ago, before brushing was mainstream, and have NEVER had a dog need a dental cleaning, It only takes a minute or less per dog (I currently have four) a night, to keep their pearly whites tartar free.

    by from 07/06/2013

    I used to buy this toothpaste from my Vet for a lot more than it cost on Entirely Pets. It's a great toothpaste that really cleans away the nasties and leaves white teeth. My dog loves the poultry flavor.

    teeth by looked from asI


    CET Pet Toothpaste by garya05/21/2014

    Found best price for this product from this site. Fast shipping and will do additional business with in the future.

    by from 07/30/2012

    I had tried different brands of tooth paste for my dog, until I found CET at the vet's office. It has made a big difference in keeping her teeth and gums healthy....not to mention very white teeth! Daily brushing is a must+my dog actually looks forward to it. Poultry flavor is her favorite.

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    much by for from carryingThank


    CET toothpaste by VickiG from Arizona09/04/2013

    Best toothpaste I've ever used on my five little dogs' teeth. I can see a big difference when I'm slacking on using it. So I really try to use it everyday. They even try to lick the tube and cap.

    Seafood flavor liked the best by Jammer from Tampa, FL12/01/2014

    My cats have tried other paste and they love the CET seafood flavored paste the best. They will actually sit and let me brush their teeth and I was brushing 5 cat's teeth! One loved it so much he would try and lick the paste right off of the brush! The vet visits yield impressed techs and vets alike if you brush at least once a week. If the cat's teeth are bad, I don't know about reversing any damage, but it will keep it from getting worse.

    CET vanilla mint by bbpgh04/06/2014

    Smells great, my dog likes the taste of the toothpaste.

    Great Toothpaste at a great price!!! by Chantilly from San Diego, CA03/01/2012

    I used to pay 2-3 times as much for this at the vet's office or once in a while at the pet store (when I could find it). My dogs and cat love the vanilla taste and it is so much easier to brush their teeth when it's a flavor they enjoy. I love the smell of their breath afterward.

    Love to get teeth brushed by Sunshine in Las Vegas from Las Vegas, Nevada02/26/2013

    This is by far the best toothpaste. My dog loves the flavor and can't wait to get her teeth brushed. Would not use anything else

    cet purchase by zytal from southern sierra mountains, lake isabella ca02/28/2013

    my dogs like the cet paste, but the cats love it! always check entirelypets before you shop any where else, they have have great prices.

    Same product Lover price by pb from New Hampshire05/27/2013

    I've always been skeptical but I bought twice as much product for the price of one. Great deal.

    Is very pleased by ari&qua mammy from seoul01/17/2013

    Cheaply by purchasing good Joints in many noryeonggyeon should help

    Super smiles.. No vet cleanings required by Walkabout01/01/2013

    Always have brushed my dogs teeth. NEVER have needed a teeth cleaning with two dogs over 15 years and going doing so. The worst part of that is the anesthesia required for that procedure, which I would not subject my kids to unless it was absolutely necessary. Just don't understand why people allow that so frivolously. The vet is always commenting that we must do something remarkable. NOT! Even just getting the enzyme in their mouth at bedtime will help. It's a bedtime tradition! The malt flavor is the preferred flavor here, but others tell me their dogs love the poultry flavor, and this product does not contain things other pet dentifrices do that pets could do without. Your prices have been better in the past, though EntirelyPets.

    Brushing is Best! by DogNurse02 from Florida Panhandle08/19/2012

    "Brush the teeth you want to keep" is a phrase I tell my clients when they ask about oral care for their pets. C.E.T. paste comes in many palatable flavors and even Vanilla Mint for pets with protein/food allergies. My dogs LOVE this flavor and I use this paste every Saturday morning for toothbrushing. Use the CET chews between brushings in combination with an oral care food for best results.

    Beef Flavor Toothpaste by bettina from Philadelphia, PA07/20/2013

    It's helped get the brush in my pekingese's mouth... they are stubborn little creatures and my girl is strong for her small size. This beef flavored toothpaste, with consistency on my part, has allowed her clench to be a little LESS- due to the taste most likely! =D I would definitely recommend.

    Best Ever by Connie from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 7312203/13/2012

    My lab Charlie loves the taste of this toothpaste. She starts licking the tube before I get the toothpaste on the brush. Love it! Connie Jenson

    by Kristy06/12/2010

    I'm a dental hygienist so I understand the importance of keeping mouths clean...yes even your pet's. I've used both the beef and poultry flavors. He loves the taste but isn't so fond of the brushing. He's never had to have a professional cleaning done. I've tried to schedule one a couple of times, but the vet deemed it unnecessary due to his great oral hygiene:) He has no buildup whatsoever at 7 yrs! I also use the CET Aquadent water additive as well as give him the CET chews...both are amazing!

    Our favorite brand by Hannah from Colorado03/20/2013

    Our dogs love to have their teeth brushed with CET Poultry flavored toothpaste. We once tried a lesser expensive brand from Petco, and they turned up their noses at it.

    Long live the dog! by amilg from Long Island, NY02/02/2012

    You brush your teeth, so why not your dog's? It takes maybe two moinutes and you should take the time to increase the time your dog lives with you.

    it works by sunnyejk from Charlotte, NC04/14/2014

    this was recommended to use by a vet and though my dog does not like the brushing part much it does seem to help keep her teeth clean and white.

    by from 03/03/2014

    My cats don't like the Seafood flavor but my dogs do!

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    Use exclusively by Z2Crew4 from Southern California11/15/2011

    Purchase Vanilla Mint flavor because one of our Shelties has allergies to beef and chicken. They like the Vanilla Mint flavor and get their teeth brushed 5-6 times a week.

    THIS STUFF IS GREAT by Dory from Phoenix, Arizona01/23/2013

    My dogs love the taste and I love it because it makes brushing their teeth less stressful. You have got to try this toothpaste.

    Good Pet Toothpaste by Lauren from Norman, OK10/26/2010

    I ordered the poultry flavored toothpaste for my cat. I had been using the only toothpaste that my local pet store supplied that was minty flavored (why do people think that animals like the taste of mint?). My cat tolerated the toothpaste but never enjoyed it. When I got the CET poultry toothpaste he changed his mind. When I brush my teeth at night he waits next to me so I can brush his. He loves the poultry flavor and it has made brushing a less stressful experience for him. So far, he has had little plaque build up. I will definitely continue to use this.

    Makes brushing easier by PD from San Leandro, CA11/01/2011

    The chicken flavor works for us! Our dog is so interested in the flavor that she is fine with the brushing which accompanies it.

    Dogs love CET by kay from Califonria07/04/2012

    Our two Yorkies love the beef and chicken CET thoothpaste it was vet approved so we use it on our dogs teeth every night.

    cet toothpaste by alex from richmond va05/19/2013

    very effective. I am alternating it with the dechra dental wipes . my dog actually likes the taste of the toothpaste

    Brushing Teeth with Labs by NannyG10/28/2011

    My two labs love this toothpaste and when I go to brush my teeth at night they join me in the bathroom, lining up for their turn. They don't let me forget they need their nightly brushing!

    Works Great!!! by cdan06/10/2013

    Our dogs love the poultry flavor so much, they push each other out of the way to see who gets their teeth brushed first. This stuff works great!

    Vet recommended by Bonnie10/02/2012

    Greyhounds historically have bad teeth. My four use the tarter control (beef/seafood) and only wish it was available in the vanilla-mint flavor also. What an amazing difference it has made for both their teeth and gums! I recommend it to anyone interested in their pet's well-being now and future.

    Great Purchase by JT from Buckeye, AZ05/15/2013

    Works wonders in helping keep my pets teeth healthy!

    Daily Part of Health Care by Dalton from Vancouver, B.C.11/21/2011

    My cats teeth are brushed daily with this paste they consider delicious. With a square inch piece of panyhose for a little bit of friction, they are happy.

    by from 01/08/2012

    This is my preferred "flavor" and my dogs don't seem to mind it. (Would they like a meaty taste? Who knows?)

    the by best from dealEntirely


    Move over Orbits...LOL by Yvonne10/11/2011

    I have been using this product for some time...well my dog has been using this:-) She is 7 years old but has teeth of a 1 year old dog! I love the Vanilla-Mint flavor and her breath is Awesome, too!!

    Dogs love this! by christy02/07/2014

    We use the poultry flavor each night & Plaque off each morning. The results are fantastic & the dogs love the taste. They wait patiently to have their teeth brushed with this. They wouldn't even let us try before we started using this product. Now they expect to have their teeth brushed each night just like us!!

    good purchase by glo from Ventura, CA.05/03/2012

    I brush my cats teeth every night, he likes the flavor.

    by from 04/04/2013

    My sweet kitty loves having her teeth brusehe, every night, withj your fish flavored tooth paste. At age 10.5 she has yet to have any dental deterioration.

    such by a from greatThanks


    Great product! by Robin from Wichita Falls, Texas10/22/2011

    My dogs line up to have their teeth brushed with CET pet toothpaste!!! They love poultry flavored...

    Awesome! by ILUVDOGZ! from Seattle, WA03/23/2014

    I've been brushing the teeth of my dogs for 6 years now. I've used several different brands of toothpaste and this is the best by far! It's easy to use and doesn't create a foamy or sticky mess like some other brands. My dogs love all of the flavors, so I just alternate for variety. My Veterinarian is very pleased with the lack of tartar on the teeth of my dogs. Being proactive and using this has saved me $$$ not having to have their teeth professionally cleaned. Also, I get to spare my precious pups the negative effects of anesthesia during a teeth cleaning procedure at the Vet. If you care about your dog, brush their teeth.

    Great Product by Jazzysmom from Federal Way, WA05/18/2013

    This toothpaste works extremely well. We have a senior dog who can no longer tolerate dental procedures. Her teeth are brushed every night before she goes to bed. She has no bad breath and no tooth plaque! It truly is a great product.

    Great product by Matt's mom01/12/2012

    After a $1400 tooth extraction (cracked from a hard cow bone and subsequently infected), I brush my dog's teeth every night. She loves the taste of this toothpaste and it comes in flavors (vanilla, malt) that do not contain poultry digest - an ingredient that is not good for a dog with allergies like hers. Only trouble brushing is getting around her tongue as she tries to eat the toothpaste while I brush. I highly recommend. A small, angled human toothbrush is less cumbersome than the dog tooth brushes to get around the back teeth.

    Great toothpaste by Rosie from Montana06/13/2014

    My lab loves the chicken flavor. Have used this for years.

    Excellent Product by kaibabsquirrel from Henderson, NV10/15/2011

    Dog loves it. Much cheaper than purchasing at our vet.

    Dogs Like Having Their Teeth Brushed! by BeBe from Philadelphia, PA10/24/2011

    I purchase the poultry flavor. The dogs will let me brush their teeth without any problem because they love the taste. This is the best toothpaste I've found for cleaning the teeth of my dogs.

    This is the Place by Jaime Ann from New Jersey02/25/2013

    Entirely Pets is a very good name for this website. In the past, I have gone on other websites to search for items recommended by my vet. Entirely Pets is the only website that has everything I need. It is user friendly and I receive the items quickly. So I will stick with Entirely Pets cause this is the place.

    toothpaset by dlk102911/03/2013

    Our dogs love their toothpaste...short and simple!!! One of my dogs has something called chronic ulcerated periodontal disease. C.U.P. for short. She loves to have her teeth brushed twice a day with this toothpaste. Thank goodness for that!! Keeping her teeth clean is what the weapon is for this disease.

    Excellent if used daily by Kramer04/24/2014

    After a couple of years using this product I would rate it excellent only if used once or twice a day and with a good soft toothbrush. In our particular case doing less than that will result in moderate tartar accumulation. But with a regular schedule the teeth are basically tartar free.

    My Dog Loves This Toothpaste by dogwithbooks from Upstate, NY01/16/2015

    When my dog's vet stopped carrying the vanilla-mint I thought he'd be stuck with the disgusting beef flavored toothpaste. Fortunately we found this site. My dog loves the taste of the vanilla-mint and actually looks forward to having his teeth brushed. His gums are niece and pink and his teeth are clean and tartar free. He also has fabulous breath now. He is a joy to kiss.

    Pet liked the taste by MDillon from East Freetown, MA01/16/2014

    I ordered the vanilla mint for my Pom and she loved it, made her kisses better too.

    Cats Seem To Like It by Lauren01/02/2013

    This is the first pet toothpaste I've tried so my review isn't very valuable. I have no complaints about the product and two of my three cats seem to like it.

    4 dogs and loving it by KIB from NC01/15/2013

    One sits and waits her turn. Yummy. Two who are difficult find this more enjoyable. do use a baby toothbrush.

    Very reasonably priced! by Annie from Woodland, CA03/16/2012

    I have used this product for years and always bought it at my Vets. What a pleasant surprise when I found you carried it and at a very reasonable price. I was able to order it and had it within three days! Great service.

    by from 02/19/2014

    Best toothpaste ever used for my dog is CET Virbac.

    not by have from beenBut


    CET Toothpaste by mat from Florida10/16/2013

    My dogs look forward to getting their teeth brushed with CET toothpaste.

    by Lisac841 from Columbus, OH02/11/2012

    Love this doggie toothpaste. Makes brushing a breeze for all my dogs !

    Great product by Kylie12/07/2011

    Been using CET toothpaste for years and highly recommend.

    great product by rufus02/15/2013

    my dog loves having his teeth brushed especially if I use the poultry flavored paste. His breath is much better after just a few brushings.

    Featured Reviews for C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats
    by catlover10/22/2012

    It is the best toothbrush for cats. Small and effective.

    Great product by Loafin from Georgia04/03/2013

    Not to be believed but the cats actually like this toothpaste. AND, they finally agree to have their teeth brushed! We humans like the little brush inside the packet because it fits the cat's mouth, making the task much easier.

    Good produce by ChrisSalem01/21/2015

    Cat loves this flavor, and it comes with fresh brushes which is a nice addition.

    Great for good oral health by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa12/09/2011

    It's important that kitty's teeth be clean, and this product really does the job. The paste is tasty, and the brush is the only one I've found that's easy to work with and gets the back teeth without causing my kitties discomfort. Start out slow, let them just lick the tasty paste off the brush the first time or two, gently ease into brushing and before you know it your cat will look forward to it.

    by from 02/26/2013

    Best Toothbrush Ever by Barb11/25/2010

    I received this toothbrush and toothpaste kit at Matthew J Ryan Vet. Hospital after my cat had dental cleaning and tooth extractions. On using it, I definitely prefer it because of the ease in handling and holding it and the ease in cleaning my cats teeth. Snowflake likes the flavored toothpaste (beef) and licks the toothbrush as I'm stroking his tongue thereby getting a thorough over-all cleaning as a result. It does an excellant job on cleaning the teeth vertically and you are able to get to the gum line as well. I do not use the finger brush and wish the kit contained only two items which would cut down on the cost.

    Featured Reviews for CET Toothbrush
    Right size by Fairy Dog Mother from San Diego06/02/2013

    I brush my Sheltie's teeth every night and these toothbrushes are the perfect size. Bristles are also firm enough to clean well but not too firm so as to hurt my dog's gum.

    CET Toothbrush for Cats/Always use these! by Lefty from Southern Calif.06/25/2013

    Great product and the angle is perfect for getting my cats back teeth very well. However, I believe that the bristles whether used for your dogs or cats COULD and SHOULD be even softer than they are manufactured now like maybe "EXTRA SOFT." Running them under very hot water before brushing does soften them up nicely. But, you have to keep an eye on the top part of the brush bristles. As the brush wears it becomes worn down especially at the front/top and the bristles get very short. They then become very short & kinda hard and if not noticed when brushed they can cause an abrasion on the gums even to the extent of some bleeding. If you're animal all of a sudden starts to use his paw to push your hand away and has not always done that, then you'd better check his upper & lower gums to see if you have unknowingly 'cause a tear or abrasion. If this has happened try not brushing for 5-7 days and keep an eye on the affected area to make sure it does not become infected. If the affected area has cleared up on or before the 7th day you may then resume brushing (but not too aggressively) but start again using a brand new toothbrush...but if they area is still red or looks infected after 5-7 days get to your Vet immediately!!

    Good dental plan by Winston's dad from So Cal08/30/2014

    I have been brushing Winston's teeth for almost two years avoiding the nerve wracking time of "out" and "under" teeth cleaning by the vet. He is a little dog and the size of the brushes are perfect. The vet said "His teeth look great" which makes the nightly brushing all worth while.

    Our favorite toothbrush by 3dogsmom from Tiger, GA02/27/2013

    Dogs' toothbrushes have gone wild....double handles, all sorts of bell and whistles.....This particular toothbrush, sometimes labeled a cat toothbrush, is perfect for all 3 of my dogs. I don't need a big and little head on each end. I don't need fancy looks, just a basic pet toothbrush, with the right angle to get their top and bottom teeth. This style does just that. It even comes in colors, and Entirely Pets, upon my request, has been good enough to send 3 different colors, one for each dog. My dogs are all 20-26 pounds, the size fits their mouths well. I couldn't be more pleased. I hope Virbac never stops making this model.

    Great for Cats' Teeth by Ethanwhitneysmith from Seattle05/16/2013

    These brushes have a head small enough to work well in the mouth of a cat. And the handle is long enough that your fingers can stay out of danger.

    CET toothbrush by luvshoes1403/12/2014

    love this toothbrush. We own a mini doxie, and this toothbrush size is perfect for his teeth. I also use the CET toothpaste (flavored)....he considers this a treat and loves when I brush his teeth!

    CET Toothbrush/Great Toohbrush! by Lefty04/28/2012

    Best one I've ever found for my cat. Nice angle and very soft bristles for his little mouth. He actually kinda enjoys it! Have ordered others that came in kits with toothpaste but they are always either too big for his mouth and almost always too stiff. Thanks for carrying this product and don't ever stop! I will continue to order as needed.

    Tiny Toothbrush by kico from Michigan04/18/2013

    I have purchased this size toothbrush in the past. It is wearing out so I decided the purchase the same here. It's great. I have a 3.5 lb Yorkie and her mouth is very small. This is really the perfect size for a tiny to small size dog. And, of course, I like the pastel colors. Coco, my Yorkie does too! Buy this if you have a small dog and brush their teeth. You will be EXTREMELY happy you did!

    Good for small mouths by Sane Cat Lady from PNW12/26/2012

    The head of this brush is nice and small. It fits my cats' mouths pretty well. However, the bristle pattern is triangular, which then means I have to work extra to brush both sides of my cats' teeth. I wish the bristle pattern was more rectangular so the bristles would rubs both inside and outside tooth surfaces with one pass. I do like the softness of the bristles.

    CET Small Toothbrush by Bronx2216 from Phoenix, AZ03/24/2014

    This is a single brush head small pet toothbrush. I like that it comes in a variety of colors since I have multiple dogs and don't like to mix up their toothbrushes. I notice that sometimes the bristles stay bright white and sometimes they appear to yellow a little. Overall, though, these brushes, if kept clean and dry last the same as a human toothbrush.

    Good toothbrush by stray cat magnet from Ohio07/23/2012

    This is a good toothbrush for my cats. I prefer it to finger toothbrushes or other styles I've tried. I'm trying to prevent dental problems which are unhealthy, painful and expensive to treat. My cats tolerate it pretty well - I just do a quick brush on each side aimed at the back top teeth. And they like the taste of the CET toothpaste which helps.

    Perfect for little dogs by Sabby from Long Island, NY12/04/2011

    I love this toothbrush for my small dog. It's the perfect size, not too big, not too small, just perfect. I hate buying the double sided ones, you know, large on one end, small on the other side. If you have a small dog you only need ONE SIZE, SMALL!!! I love buying it from Entirely Pets. They always have it in stock and it's a very hard item to find in the market place. And you can't beat their prices!

    good brush for small dogs by al from Lyons, OR05/07/2014

    This is the best toothbrush I have used for small dogs 35#.

    Great toothbrush for cats! by jax22 from Cherry Hill, NJ08/07/2013

    I like this better than the dual ended ones with the big end for dogs, which I don't need for cats. I like all C.E.T products and this is no exception.

    The perfect size by Yorkielady from Channing Mi02/22/2014

    I have used this brush for years on my dogs. I have 5 Yorkies and this is the perfect size as they all vary in size. They stay nice and soft for a very long time.

    Best Toy Breed Dog Toothbrush Ever by Kimberly03/02/2013

    This CET Pet Toothbrush is the best small little toothbrush, it is working out perfectly for my 5 toy breed dogs. They do not sell these individually in pet stores in my area. I was forced to go online. Love them!!! I ordered 10 and I have them on Auto Ship every 3 months along with the 5 CET flavors of Pet Toothpaste also. See my other review for those.

    CET Toothpase is top of the line by shirleyb50 from Peshtigo, WI03/25/2012

    I have been using CET Toothpaste for years now and and even the dogs enjoy it. Not that I really brush with it. I tried other toothpaste on my dogs and this is the one they ask for most.

    My dog loves this toothbrush by Sheltie's Mom from San Mateo, CA02/02/2013

    I brush my dog's teeth every night and this CET toothbrush is small enough to fit into my dog's mouth ( I have a small Sheltie).

    Too small by 4dogmom from Spring, TX08/25/2014

    I thought these would be regular size pet toothbrushes, but instead they are teeny, tiny.

    Good little toothbrush by DLG from APG, MD01/26/2015

    I'm quite pleased with this toothbrush. I had the store bought ones with the big brush on one end & little one on the other. Too long & awkward. Tried the finger brushes, but they are too big & slide off my fingers. Moved on to the rubber nubbed toothbrush but not sure how good a job it was doing. Used this little one on my dog & it fits nicely in her mouth. She's a whippet with a long skinny snout & it was hard to get to her back teeth. She chews on it some while brushing, but at least that's brushing the toothpaste onto her teeth. Best one yet.

    Best toothbrush ever. by LE from New York, NY01/30/2014

    I brush my cat's teeth ever night with CET toothpaste using this brush. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find the toothbrushes sold separately in stores so I was very happy to have the opportunity to stock up here. Baby (human) toothbrushes are too short and the brush is too wide. This is perfect for reaching back teeth.

    good for small dogs by Stella10/12/2013

    We love this toothbrush, but it is hard to find. Thanks for carrying it.

    Great Product by yorkiemom02/10/2014

    This small toothbrush works great on my very small yorkie.

    Toothbrush by KW03/12/2014

    Great for cats back teeth angled just right. Our cat likes this brush as well as the duel ended.

    Pricey, Not Durable by Jean from Bergen County, NJ10/11/2013

    For the money it didn't last very long. I simply purchase a soft bristle human toothbrush now and it does just fine and costs less.

    No plaque here by callie from Port St. Lucie FL01/27/2015

    Our dog has no problem with getting her teeth brushed with CET beef toothpaste. Her teeth are so white that now she smiles!

    GREAT purchase! by Cat Owner from NY01/16/2015

    I looked all over for this style toothbrush. This was the only place I could find it!!

    Toothbrush for small dogs by Belle from California06/06/2012

    This toothbrush is excellent for small dogs. I have 2 min pins and tried several toothbrushes (bigger toothbrush for dogs, human toothbrushes for infants and kids) and none worked well to brush the teeth in the back. This one is small and I can reach inside and back of the tooth very easily without my dog gagging. Finally, I found something that works for my small mouth dogs.

    Best Purchase Ever by Faith from Dexter, New York02/09/2013

    Fit's my dogs mouth, easy to brush his teeth with and he doesn't mined. Gotta love it.....

    Great Small Toothbrushes by JRenee01/11/2013

    I brush the teeth of my two Maine Coon cats. Of course, they could do without it, but have learned to tolerate it. The brushes are small enough to fit easily in their mouths, bristles can be made softer by rinsing in hot water before brushing, and are cleaned completely after each brushing using hot water. I use a separate brush for each cat, and the brushes would last longer than I keep them, but I use a new brush after each tube of (CET) toothpaste is emptied. Both cats get an A+ for their teeth each year from their Vet.

    Great toothbrush for small dogs by Belle02/22/2013

    I have miniature pinschers and their mouths are small. I have been using human baby toothbrush, but it wasn't sufficient. These toothbrush heads are very small and I can brush their tooth inside and out to the back tooth. Best toothbrush!!

    Cet toothbrushes abd tooth paste by PJ09/29/2013

    Of our four cats, two who passed away at age ten, I brushed once a day, none had tarter and all had every tooth they were born with. Cet brushes are small and effective in their mouths. Cet paste is enzymatic and really works.

    Perfect for my Italian Greyhounds by Sally from Tucson, AZ02/28/2012

    Finally, a toothbrush small enough for my Italian Greyhounds without the awkward length of the common 2-ended brush on the market.

    Featured Reviews for C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Dogs & Cats
    outstanding by e.m.08/17/2013

    THIS 3 IN 1 KIT AT THIS PRICE IS VERY HARD TO FIND. highly recommended.

    by 48marigold from The Dalles OR01/21/2015

    Good toothbrush and paste! Need to brush her teeth more often!!

    Wonderful Product by Duck from Lula, GA04/23/2013

    I like the tooth brush and my dogs love the tooth paste. One of them thinks she can chew on anything in a tube now and it will be that toothpaste.

    Perfect angle by Greyhound Mom from Charleston SC06/25/2014

    These brushes have the perfect angle to reach deep into large mouths. The bristles are soft and our Greyhounds mouths have become healthier with daily brushing. As a dental hygienist, I am very critical of dental supplies. This brush is a winner and they love the poultry flavored tooth paste.

    awesome toothpaste by dog lover01/02/2011

    my pups prefer this brand and it is recommended by my vet

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