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Contech Stay Away (Formerly Scare Crow) & CatStop

Contech Stay Away (Formerly Scare Crow) & CatStopContech produces safe and effective products that enrich the relationship between pets and owners. Habituated behavior patterns are often correctable through simple avoidance of problem spots. We now carry their popular animal deterrent products to help you keep pets away from off-limit areas.

Contech Cat Stop AC Adapter
Contech Cat Stop AC Adapter

($40.99)  $21.99
CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellent
CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellent

($62.95)  $55.99
StayAway (Formerly known as Mini ScareCrow) Automatic Pet Deterrent
StayAway (Formerly known as Mini ScareCrow) Automatic Pet Deterrent

($53.99)  $48.99
Contech Scare Crow Mounting Bracket
Contech Scare Crow Mounting Bracket

($23.99)  $8.69
ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent
ScareCrow Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent

($94.99)  $54.99
Contech Stay Away Automatic Pet Deterrent Refill (6.4 oz)
Contech Stay Away Automatic Pet Deterrent Refill (6.4 oz)

($16.99)  $14.99
Contech Cat Stop AC Adapter by. Contech Electronics Inc.

Outdoor 9V AC adapter with 30 ft (9 m) cord (for use with the Cat Stop automatic outdoor animal deterrent).
4.17 rating based on 6 reviews
Featured Reviews for CatStop Automatic Outdoor Cat Repellent
Did the job! by Nena from South TX07/17/2014

I had been feeding some feral cats, which is not recommended by PETA, and had a colony of cats living in my yard. My county has a kill policy. Then, my area got a flea infestation! These devices allowed me to successfully deal with this problem in a human way.

Not what I expected by Nashuacats from Nashua NH03/08/2014

The burst are too short, stray cats just walk by them with no problems. I own 3 and have put them in the yard. recommend improving the product, have the sound sound bursts much longer, improve the range. The cats are laughing at this product.

Best Cat Repellent I've Found by J in Mich12/31/2011

A feral cat was preying on our backyard wildlife. I've tried LOTS of repellants. None worked! I tried CatStop. Now, the cat never occupies the bush where he used to spend all day scoping out his next meal; and I rarely see him in our backyard (although he occasionally sits beyond the CatStop's range and may run in to catch something, but I haven't seen that). I'd like him to run in fear of the CatStop, but it's not that effective. Seems to just be annoying enough that he generally stays away. CatStop performance is acceptable, but could have more sensors for a wider view angle and more sectors within the view angle. It also seems to be activated by the sun and moving leaves. I've replaced the battery 3x in a month because of these unwanted alarms, but I suppose they just annoy the cat that much more. It's good; the best I've found; but it's not exceptional.

The Humane Way to Get Rid of Stray Cats by PartyPooper from Los Angeles, CA06/19/2012

I installed CatStop in some bushes at the edge of my front lawn and the stray cats in my neighborhood stopped using my yard as a toilet. The ultrasonic repellent works great, 24/7. Uses one 9V battery, which needs replacing every couple of months. I don't have to buy a dog!

by naiha1 from jersey city,nj05/16/2013

This works pretty well. But depending on the area, you may need more that one. I t reall only affects the direct area you put it in. For example: We put it in the patio seating area, so now the cats will not sit on our couches outside but they will lay on the part of the patio that the cat stop is facing away from, or play on the steps right before the the patio furniture. But I would still recomend it.

CatStopAutomatic Cat Repellant by Victor03/04/2008

These work great. I bought 3 and sold all of them. Now I need more and I need to keep at least a couple in my own backyard.

Featured Reviews for Contech Stay Away Automatic Pet Deterrent Refill (6.4 oz)
Scaredy cat by Ali from CA04/10/2013

Worked for my cats. It's like the scary boogy man. They give it the weary eye and keep 15 feet away. It only took one time to teach them it's a no no.

Disappointed now by Chris03/19/2013

Because we have a really hard time at getting the top sprayer unit over the refill air container I'm not very happy about your product now. When we took the top unit off to replace a new refill can we discovered one of the black teeth got broken off first time. We ruined a whole can of air trying to get it on. We had ordered 2 cans so tried 2nd one and could only get it on part way so it doesn't work that well. We follow directions how to get the spray unit on air can but it takes more muscle than we have. Is there an easy way?? The product really works well but now spray unit is ruined as it cracked the round ring which locks it in place.

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