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Stool-Eating Preventatives

Coprophagy is the habit of stool-eating, a problem common among dogs. This unappealing habit can be alleviated with our selection of effective stool-eating preventatives. These supplements will stop stool-eating as well as restore Vitamin B deficiency, a problem common in coprophagic pets.

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Nixit Stool-Eating Preventative (10.5 oz)
Nixit Stool-Eating Preventative (10.5 oz)

($12.99)  $4.69
NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews (90 ct)
NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews (90 ct)

($12.99)  $9.99
FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (8 gm)
FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (8 gm)

($1.99)  $1.45
FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (12 packets)
FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (12 packets)

($21.95)  $14.99
3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (36 packets)
3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (36 packets)

($41.99)  $40.99
Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)
Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)

($19.99)  $15.99
Thomas Labs Pet-A-Zyme Stop Stool Eating (8 oz)
Thomas Labs Pet-A-Zyme Stop Stool Eating (8 oz)

($15.99)  $11.95
Thomas Labs Stop (60 count)
Thomas Labs Stop (60 count)

($12.99)  $9.95
Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets (60 count)
Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating Tablets (60 count)

($12.99)  $10.49
Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating (90 soft chews)
Vet Classics Stop Stool Eating (90 soft chews)

($22.99)  $17.89
Nixit Stool-Eating Preventative (10.5 oz) granules helps eliminate and prevent coprophagy, the unhealthy habit of stool eating. Also provides vitamin B complex to coprophagic pets. Vitamin B complex deficiency is a known problem in coprophagic pets.

Dosage Administration:

  • First 15 days - 1 scoop over food twice daily
  • Day 16 and beyond, give 1 scoop over food for maintenance dosing.

    by PHS Pet Health Solutions Inc.

  • Each Nixit 10 g scoop contains

    Monosodium Glutamate 4000 mg
    Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1) 10 mg
    Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 10 mg
    Niacin (Vitamin B3) 10 mg
    Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) 10 mg
    Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6) 10 mg
    Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 100 mcg

    Other Ingredients:

    Whey, Chicken Liver Powder, Sucrose, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E (Natural Antioxidant)

    3.31 rating based on 13 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Nixit Stool-Eating Preventative (10.5 oz)
    Jury is still out on Nixit by Chopper10/26/2011

    I am trying Nixit for a longer period to see if it will work because it hasn't so far. I've tried Nasty Habit, Forbid, Potty Mouth and Nixit but my dog is still eating his stool and my other dogs stool. My hope is, given a little more time it will be successful. I don't want this problem to be something I just have to live with!

    Don't buy by pops04/27/2012

    This product did not work for the first time I used it and I reordered and tried it again with the same negative result.

    Couldn't get my dogs to eat it. by rick03/13/2013

    My dog will eat poo but not this stuff go figure.

    Nixit by lisan658789 from Troy, MO02/04/2010

    DOES NOT WORK!!! I would not recommend it to anyone at all.

    didn't work by roni10/05/2011

    Unfortunately this was the fourth product that I have tried that has not worked. This product also gave one of my dogs diarrhea due to the fiber content

    Nixit by riannon from philadelphia04/29/2013

    This is a completely useless product. Itdoesnt work at all and was really a waste of money.

    Great Stool Eating Preventative by BillH from Sierra Vista, AZ03/01/2013

    Great product! So far, this product has worked well. A word to the wise, however, buy lots of it; at a scoop at every meal you will run out quickly.

    have not received my order yet by sharon from Amherst, NS12/04/2012

    I will do a review once I have received my order

    Not worth the money by Icabode from Birmingham, AL11/07/2012

    This does not work at all, never slowed my dog's bad habit down!

    did not work by flgal12/20/2011

    I have 4 dogs, 2 with the problem of eating the stools of the other dogs. Had to use this for everyone, but it had no effect at all. Total waste of money.

    nixit by mustang16 from MA03/27/2012

    The dogs love it, but it didn't work. It actually made the other dog start eating stools also.

    nix for Nixit by Donna02/11/2013

    This product simply has not worked. My male beagle not only is eating his sister's feces but now is also eating his own!

    Works But Not Enough Product in Jar by Roberto from Sacramento, CA11/27/2012

    The product seems to work just fine and my dog stopped eating his feces while he was using this product. That's why I gave it 3 stars, but MY REAL COMPLAINT is that there isn't enough product in one jar to complete the recommended treatment of 15 days. The instructions say 1 scoop over food twice daily and then occasionally to prevent relapse (or whatever). But there isn't enough in the jar to even complete 10 days. I realized about day 6 that there wasn't going to be enough to complete the recommended treatment so I started giving half scoops twice daily. That still didn't get me past day 10. In my opinion you shouldn't have to buy 2 jars if a single treatment calls for 15 days. And now my dog is back to eating his feces again YUCK!!

    No Support For This Product by animal owner from Cassopolis, MI04/07/2013

    I was very excited to find this product for the issue my pup was having. It came with a dipper inside and the recommended dosage of 1 full dipper twice a day. This was an enormous amount of medication to mix with the amount of food I was feeding. I contacted the manufacturer for dosage adjustments via phone and email. No response yet. I emailed your company asking for help and have heard nothing back yet. I would like a full refund on both products I purchased on Order# 10909517. Thank You

    Sigh by NWalker from High Springs, FL08/15/2012

    My dogs are simply poo eaters. They treat this as a topping for their poo. I really don't think anything will work on these mutts!

    not really working by KK05/01/2012

    This product is mostly brewer's yeast. My dog doesn't like the taste and I can't get him to take the recommended dosage, so I give him a little of this along with a different brand of coprophagia tab.

    Ineffective by Chip from Long Island, NY02/09/2011

    This product did not discourage my dog from coprophagia in the least. Some other products I have tried had at least some some positive impact. This product simply did not work for my dog.

    by from 01/23/2009

    by Terri05/06/2010

    Good product for helping my cat. Stopped stool problem but expensive.

    It works by Mari148 from Northern Iowa03/16/2012

    I found this product to work very well. I am hoping that my pup will get over the habit.

    Best Deterent by Mari148 from Northern Iowa04/13/2012

    This is a terrible habit and one of my little dogs have it. I know that msg is one thing that works well and looking at the ingredients in Nixit it listed msg as the first ingredient. It does seem to work for my little dog. I would recommend Nixit to anyone with a dog that has a stool eating habit.

    by cinni from Amherst, NS04/10/2013

    only product that works for our dog, we've tried many others.

    Still a Stool Eater by Anndobe from Mishawaka, IN02/12/2012

    I have followed the instructions to the letter and have even placed the Nixit in all of the dogs' food bowls. The dog that has the stool eating problem STILL has the problem! With multiple dogs it is not feasible to flow them every day to pick up after them to decrease her eating the stool. Obviuosly, the Nixit is not working for her.

    Featured Reviews for NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews (90 ct)
    by marg1055 from California02/12/2013

    Hated that I had to buy such an item for my dogs, but it does help Shamrock from eating either his own or Dublin's. Thanks

    It Work's by wilgssal from Fort Wayne, IN07/18/2012

    This product worked the first day I used it. Each dog has it's own learning curve, so the length of time it needs to be used will vary with the dog. But my dog did not eat his feces while taking NaturVet.'s Coprophagia.

    Doesnt Work So Well by Roberto from Sacramento, CA12/21/2012

    My is a feces eater. Lord knows why, but I have tried a couple of products. Each with mixed success during treatment, but when treatment ceased he went right back to it. I thought this might be better than some, but it has been a mixed success so far. I liked the fact that it was an edible chew instead of a powder and the amount in each bag would last a little longer than some of the other products. Problem is with the recommended dosage I have caught my dog still eating his feces. I have up'ed the dosage by one chew per day and we will see how that works.

    Didn't work by Dotress03/09/2012

    Been given both dogs this product for over 2 weeks but she is still eating stool.

    by goldilocks04/20/2013

    The dogs really love getting this "treat" and it has stopped the excrement eating.

    by from 01/19/2012

    Works Great by DoggyMom from Mesquite, NV11/07/2012

    We adopted a 6 year old Miniature Australian Shepherd from a rescue in July of this year and her only 'problem' was that every time she defecated, she would try to eat it! So after quite a bit of research, we decided on this product and it works well for us! She may turn to smell what she just left behind, but makes a funny face and walks away!

    Made My Dog Sick!!!!!! by Florida07/13/2011

    I gave this to my Chihuahua and 2 days later she was throwing up and had diarrhea everywhere! I'm going to try Forbid next.

    he stop by Al from Michigan01/25/2011

    my dog were eating his poo. when I gave these chews for 2 days and he stop eatting his poo.

    can't recommend just yet by dog lover07/17/2012

    Have been using this for about 2 weeks and will my puppy's stool eating has lessoned, she will still eat stool sometimes. However, I 'm not sure if we just need to give it more time.

    Finally something that works!!! by Neek B. from Springfield,IL03/11/2013

    I have tried everything you can think of to stop my dogs from eating feces! Yuck! Then I saw NaturVet Coprophagia Deterrent Soft Chews. The dogs love them as treats and I love what they do!

    thumbs down by 2kool from Nevada11/12/2012

    Have a Lab pup. Tried it twice, he got diarreha.......but at least he stayed away from his mess, just harder for me to scoop up.

    No Luck by Karen from edgewater park, NJ06/03/2013

    Sorry this product was of absolutely no luck for me.

    Not so good by Pug Lover08/10/2012

    Leia got really sick on these, only gave her one and she had the runs for days.

    D.E.M.P by Tsemb from Joshua TX06/09/2013

    With ten dogs, we suddenly are having a problem with a couple of them wanting to eat feces. This product works great! No more hot or cold snacks! Yea!

    Good Product by Marleea from Brooklyn, New York02/01/2012

    I've given this product to my dog for about a week and a half, and it appears to be working. I haven't caught him eating his stool. Will buy again

    Drat - this one doesn't work either. by Murphy's "Mom" from Wichita, Kansas05/23/2013

    This is the second product I've used to stop my dog from eating his stools - and it hasn't worked either. Have talked to my vet about it and she has made a couple of suggestions that I am going to try. One is to feed him fresh pineapple or two feed him fig newton cookies. Will try each one to see if we have any success.

    Featured Reviews for FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (8 gm)
    It works!! by rowell12/10/2011

    Had a noise problem with one of our pups.This product seems to be working. It gets his attention and distracts him from barking. Only down side is that he yips a lot and it doesn't seem to catch them.

    Working so far by Ginger from Greensboro, NC06/21/2012

    I have an older dog that I could not break. So far this product has worked from the second day of use.

    Works by kita from Bend, OR01/25/2011

    It may take several rounds of treatment but this has cured one dog from eating feces. Now to cure the puppy.

    stops nasty excrement eating by bleufishh from Chicago, IL01/01/2013

    We've used For-Bid before with puppies and it works well. If you have only one dog, it's easier, if you have more than one, all dogs must have it sprinkled on their food. As it is a powder, it's best to mix it with some canned food first. It chemically changes the "outcome" and makes excrement taste nasty to the dump-eater. Order more than you think you will use because excrement-eating is a hard habit to break and it takes more than one ingestion of excrement for the dog to get the idea. We adopted a 10-year-old pug with a nasty doo-doo-eating habit and she is proving very difficult to break of the habit.

    I know this stuff works by NWalker from High Springs, FL08/15/2012

    I've used it in the past with other dogs and works within days...but... My latest dogs are simply poo eaters. They treat this as a topping for their poo. I really don't think anything will work on these mutts!

    Featured Reviews for FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (12 packets)
    One of my Best purchases by Calvins Mom from Gilbert AZ10/12/2011

    Calvin is one of those dogs who can't get enough to eat. He gets treats and toys but likes to sneak out at night and eat his feces. YUK. I use both Potty Mouth tablets and the For-Bid tablets. I just sprinkle the For-bid powder over his dry food. It has definitely almost stopped the problem. Make the stools turn almost black. I recomment this product !!

    by Rydersmom201204/08/2013

    I liked this product.. it worked in just 4 days! I haven't seen my 90 pound Bernese Mtn. Dog take a bite of any poo. The only drawback was trying to get 1/2 a pack on his food.... all in all a good and effective product... I have leftover packets in case we get a 2nd pup or have an extended stay pooch visit.

    by PetParent08/28/2010

    As soon as I stopped putting For-Bid in my puppy's and his older sister's food, he started eating her feces again. I will try another brand.

    Didn't Work by krizzy622 from Edwards, CO12/01/2011

    I ordered this product as a recommendation by my sister, a vet tech. I have a 9 month old Bernese Mountain Dog who eats her stool. I went through all 12 packets and it didn't phase her. She has not stopped eating her stool even while on the product. I would not recommend this product. The worse part is she eats other dogs stool as well.

    Not a short term fix! by Chris from Texas01/11/2011

    While my dogs were on the product, they didn't eat their feces. Once off the product, they began to eat again. Not sure I want to add this to their food for the rest of their lives.

    by dog man01/19/2013

    you have a easy web sight.quick service and the best price i found on this product.

    FOR-BID by JohnRoberts from Lakeland, FL02/25/2013

    According to the directions, only about 5 pouches are required to stop your pet from eating their droppings. I used all 12 pouches following the directions without success. I will need to try a different product.

    by from 04/07/2013

    Reading all of the reviews I thought the product would work. Well, sadly, I followed the directions and after 8 days, my dog is still eating his stool like I never even gave him the product.

    buy" by Did Not Work from nicolkaVerdict:


    Stop that nasty habit. by Bob05/30/2012

    Great product at a bargain price! Corrects problem in short order.

    Forbidden treats by Susie from Bothell, WA11/06/2012

    Works incredibly good for on both cats and dogs alike! Just takes a couple of uses, then they learn from it!

    Didn't work by Andy01/12/2012

    Yeah. It didn't work. I think my bassett hound's smell just picks up ANY food in his stool. Even WITH For-bid mixed in there.

    best product by ct from San Jose, CA07/25/2012

    Purchased FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative for my relatives in Japan. They indicated that it was recommended from a vet in Japan. Works very well and have send this product several times in the past year to them.

    by from 02/25/2012

    My Maltese eats his poo so tried For-Bid when he was a pup. He cost me $1200, is 8yrs old and "still" eats his poo if he is unsupervised!! He eats anything & everything that fits into his mouth (but good & loveable dog)!

    while by using from Forbid,He


    it by isn't from goodI


    doesn't by eat from myThank


    SLOWED IT DOWN DID NOT STOP IT by Blaze08/10/2012


    Good product by Stevie01/26/2013

    I was skeptical when I bought it but thought I'd try it anyway. It works! Problem solved.

    Great product! by crazy bout dalmations06/07/2012

    Really helps with their problem! Finally!



    didn't work by kohara from Barre, VT03/03/2012

    after researching all of the options for this, we decided on this. it seemed to work for the first week, but after we stopped giving our dog the dose, he was right back to eating it again. we started giving him the second dose, as indicated, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    fix the problem,kinda by cowdogs05/04/2012

    this is a great product. It really does take care of the problem. unfortuately our dog can find feces ever where. So I wil probably be ordering more soon. still a great product

    Good Stuff by RescueMom from Columbus, OH01/04/2011

    We have dogs who have gone through phases with this problem, and this product solved the problem almost right away. It is not a permanent solution though for our Brittany Spaniel. Seems to have worked permanently with the Shih Tzus.

    Good product by DalmationPlantation03/24/2013

    This works, but you have to repeat it from time to time. When they start eating each others poo, I get some more of this and start putting it on their food and after about a week, they stop and I don't have to retreat them for several months.

    Not Worth It by heberbs from Concord, NH12/27/2012

    Didn't work, used as directed but no results,not much else to say.

    Potty Mouth by Rottweiler from Johnsburg, NY11/09/2011

    This works well. I have a dog who eats his poo as well as my 2 other dogs poo and this stops him.

    Very good product by Brea from Woodstock, NB03/08/2013

    I am pleased with the product, it stopped the pup from eating her stools, would recommend to other pet owners

    After 5 days, still eating it... by 3Danes04/04/2013

    I just thought I'd put a word in here because after 5 days, my dog is still eating poo. I am using 1/2 packet for each meal (Great Dane). My dog weighs about 125lbs. But I'll update after two weeks to see if there's an improvement. Perhaps an entire packet per meal would work better for a dog of her size.

    Will Purchase Again by sewlady1970 from Maple City, Michigan04/05/2013

    Would recommend at least two treatments for a large horse. As of this date it is working.

    works sometimes by edlie03/30/2013

    my frenchie suffered 2 slipped disks a year ago. After surgery he does not have complete bladder or bowel control. I think he is embarrassed by his "accidents" and to hide them, he eats his stool We had success with the first package of For Bid, but are having limited success with the second. I am keeping my hopes up that this new, bad habit will end soon.

    Poo Poo by Nesi's Mom11/14/2012

    Not only did this product not work on either of the canines that I used it on, it made one of them vomit each day she used it.

    Did not work by SRA11/06/2012

    Waste of money - did not work on my pugs.

    FOR-BID by Jennie from Moncks corner, SC01/31/2013

    Does not work....used it as directed for all pets in house and it flat does not work...

    not sure why by derek from Camano Island, WA11/09/2011

    I'm not certain why, but I don't think the product worked. We have a dog that has taken a liking to the cats feces that she digs-up outside (it is ONLY our cats...that I know). i fed both the dog and the cats the product, but did not get the aversion reaction that I anticipated from the product label.

    total waste ( no pun intended) by disappointe from nj02/05/2012

    Used producted as intended. Did not work as specified!

    Works pretty well by Pauli01/27/2012

    After the initial dosing period, my dog stopped eating feces for about a month. Then, the process had to begin again. So, the product is not a complete solution. It is, however, the best stuff I've found so far.

    there are better alternatives by Ms. Kitty from Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas03/22/2013

    Save your money. Too hard to know how much you are putting on your pet's food. No accurate way to measure unless you have a gram scale and how many people have those? I have 2 dogs of different weights and thus need different amounts. Found a product that is herb based and comes in chewable tablets that my dogs like.

    Works while they are taking it by pinkflamingo from Dallas, TX04/05/2013

    I used For-bid for my mutt (the big brown one!) who has itchy allergies. He has to take a low dose of steroids every day, thus he thinks he is starving all the time and resorts to eating his you-know-what. The For-bid worked like a charm for the 10 days I had him on it, but within a week of stopping, he was back to the disgusting behavior. I guess I will have to get some more, but was hoping for a longer lasting fix!

    Forbit-works by VE from VA03/13/2013

    Works great. However, it is not a one time cure. Follow directions and it does as it states. In fact it was recommended by my Vet.

    Works well by Frosty from Scottsdale, AZ06/23/2013

    This is the only product I have found that works with my habitual stool eater small beagle. I use less than the recommended so my dog does not get diarrhea. I have been using it for over a year. If I had found this in the beginning, I think it would have stopped....once it becomes a habit, it is a continual battle. As soon as I stop using it...he starts up again.

    Poor product by Nick201202/05/2012

    I have 4 month old puppy. This product did not help me.

    Don't regret buying this product!! by char from WV12/25/2012

    My dog wanted to eat stool, just at times; but after the first time of putting Forbid on his food, he would smell his stool and leave. This stuff really works.

    Bummed by Dog lover from Timbuktu04/10/2013

    I have a dual problem. Purchased this product from the vet for $24.00 which included 6 packets. My pup stopped eating the yucky stuff for about a week. Now she's back at it in a big way. I started it up again 1/2 packet each meal for a 33 lb. puppy. And it is no longer effective. Clearly I need to purchase my products from this site rather than the vet. Secondly, try a different deterrent.

    not so well by no dog kisses from california06/01/2013

    worked at first but not anymore my dog is back to eating stool again

    Same as the vet offers by Roberto from Sacramento, CA10/22/2012

    My puppy started eating his feces & the vet offered For-Bid for like $40. Once we stopped, he went back to eating his feces from time to time. The vet again offered their $40 package. I opted to "look around" and that's when I found Entirely Pets. Offered it for $15 for the same amount. Even with shipping I saved over 50%. Anyways its took a second treatment but he doesn't eat his feces anymore. Thanks

    by from 02/12/2013

    I have more than one poo-snacker at my house and I have had very good results with this product with all but one of my pups. It takes a few days to see results, but my die-hards have stopped their naughty behavior. I find that it must be used continually, however, or their copraphagia habits return.

    a by boon from toIt


    worked for our golden retriever pound pup by jers52 from North of Pittsburgh, PA07/28/2012

    At 6 mo she had this habit when we brought her from Animal Friends. Our vet recommended this and it worked with ease! Thanks

    by RDS04/10/2013

    Others said it helped with their dogs but it did not stop mine from eating her stools...

    ForBid works by Chris_at_Lucas01/27/2008

    We have rescued a number of cats and dogs, all of whom live together in peace, indoors. The dogs do like the contents of the litter box, though, and we would rather they snack on something else. The ForBid works very well. You do have to put it on all the food the cats eat, though. Giving it to the dogs makes *their* poop taste bad, which won't help if you have the problem we did. You have to give it to the poop producer, not the poop eater! It did cost us $30 a box at the vet, though, so I will be buying it online from now on.

    Good Stuff by Beth12/30/2008

    My dog was eating poop in the yard. She would run to it every time she would go out. After just 24 hours, she tried to eat it and turned away and made the funiest face. She is not interested anymore! I am happy and so are my kids. This stuff is great.

    Vet Recommended and it worked by ElaineB from Tampa Bay Area, Florida07/03/2012

    My vet recommended this product for the obvious reason. My young dog was snacking on what my old dog was leaving behind. The For-Bid worked immediately. Just yesterday, I noticed the snacking had started again, so we started using the For-Bid again, as directed.

    So far, so good by rjrvt03/05/2012

    So far it has helped -- need to see if solution is permanent

    Featured Reviews for 3-PACK FOR-BID Stool-eating preventative (36 packets)
    Is Effective For Us by sheepiemom from eastcoast of New hampshire06/08/2013

    I have been using this product for about 8 years for my Old English Sheepdog, She will be 10 this November. Every spring she starts with this vile habit. Her own stool and my other sheepie, rosa's poo. Fortunately this has worked for her, I usually use it for about a month and the nasty habit stops for usually until the next spring.

    Your breath is fresh if your mouth is clean ! by aellis90 from Nichols, NY02/08/2013

    Our Maltese enjoys a snack of cat poo, we are hoping this curtails her interest. So far so good and the product does work as advertised. Shipping was fast and came in regular USPS. I highly recommend this company and product. Goodluck

    Forbid by Sandi from loveland Oh11/27/2012

    This is the only product that I have found to work effectively and fast. It has stopped the stool eating on one of my dogs, the other it stops but she will go back to doing this after about 6 months. She has been a chronic stool eater since she was a baby. There is no permanent solution for her. Highly recommend Forbid.

    For-Bid Works!!! by Woody02/12/2011

    We tried other products. This one was suggested by our Vet, and it really works. 1/2 packet for full meal, much less on light morning meal. We use on all three dogs because we don't know if our puppy ate only her own. We noticed the difference in less than 2 days.

    Didn't Work by storm104/23/2013

    This product did not stop our lab from eating our other lab's feces. We have been using it for 1 month now and it has not made a difference.

    stool flavor enhancer by annie03/15/2013

    Maybe it's just my two dogs but this stuff didn't have the desired effect. If anything it was the opposite of what we hoped for. Like I said though, it might just be my mutts.

    works great by Steph11/25/2011

    The forbid stool-eating preventative worked in Samantha's case. I don't have to make a mad dash to the backyard to clean it all up now. Can at least have a cup of coffee first. If you have more than one dog you do need to give it to all your dogs. Not a great habit but some dogs just do this sort of thing.

    A waste of money by Annabelle from Michigan04/01/2013

    This product had absolutely no affect on my dog's nasty habit. She was completely undeterred although I followed the instructions faithfully to the letter and gave the powder to both of my dogs. She is apparently one of those dogs who doesn't mind the bad taste. Maybe it works for some, but be warned that it may not be a cure-all for *your* dog's problem. I also was not pleased with the difficulty in measuring the correct amount of powder for an accurate dose out of the packets. Not very user-friendly packaging.

    Finally!! by 3dogs mom from Southern Maine01/27/2012

    So far so good!!! I started to give for-bid yesterday and this morning Dunkin' spit out stools! He was doing it to the point of sitting right next to our golden and waiting for him to be done ( and sometime's not) then would start eating right away! I love doggy kisses but I was passing on those from him...

    Not worth it by dogluver04/01/2013

    Bought this product, I have three dogs. Put on all of their food. Did not work. Made my one dog have blood in stool. Waste of money and a vet bill to boot.

    Featured Reviews for Four Paws Potty Mouth (120 Tabs)
    Dog NO LONGER eats his feces by NSHORT from Arizona01/22/2011

    This is an great product! Our dog is two years old and used to eat his mess. We tried MANY other products. Some give him HORRIBLE GAS. But not Potty Mouth. It REALLY works without any nasty side effects. Try it, you won't be sorry.

    Worked for us by Tmahaffey from Aurora, CO05/15/2013

    I started using Four Paws Potty Mouth because my bulldog was eating my other dogs poo. When I fed her the pills per the package directions (1 pill per ten pounds of dog) she would vomit in the morning. I decided to go down to one pill twice a day with her meals. This seems to be working. She has had a couple of relapses but nothing major. I had previously tried adding pumpkin to their food, I had tried adding pineapple to their food. I tried giving her green beans with her food to make her feel full but none of it worked. Four Paws Potty Mouth has.

    Great purchase by Calvins Mom from Gilbert AZ10/12/2011

    Calvin is one of those dogs who can't get enough to eat. He gets treats and toys but likes to sneak out at night and eat his feces. YUK. These Potty Mouth tablets are easy to plop in with his food and he gobbles them right up. It has definitely almost stopped the problem. Make the stools turn almost black. I recomment them !!

    Sissy Eats these Like they are Treats! by Sheltie Mama from Sylva, NC01/10/2012

    These have been completely ineffective. We adopted a senior female Sheltie, Sissy, age 9 years. She had problems eating feces and other things such as mulch, etc. She had oviously lived where there was insufficient food and her "pet parents" did not see to her needs. I purchased this product in hopes it would correct the coprophaghia. At 1 tab for every 10 lbs of body weight, Five tabs a day there was absolutely no improvement. As suggested by the directions I have doubled the dose, but still see no improvement. Unfortunate!

    Not effective... by soulman from VA11/07/2011

    I wish this had worked better but it seemed to have little to no deterrent effect. I switched to Deter and it has worked well so far. Also the large number of pills that you are required to give a large dog make it somewhat cost prohibitive....

    Didn't Work by Jack09/20/2010

    Dog eats these pill shaped units like treats but still eats feces.

    doesnt work:( by julie04/27/2010

    My dog ate her poops just as much with this product - waste of money

    It was a good product by Lucy from waseca, minnesota06/20/2013

    The product was o.k. It seemed to make her have to go outside a lot more. When I called your company to ask them if I could return the tablets. He gave me a number and said all I had to do was refuse the package which I did. I still haven't had my money credited.

    Four Paws Potty Mouth by Cat04/13/2012

    I have tried many other products and nothing seem to work, this product works, I put one tablet in with her food and she eats it without hesitation and I keep feeding it to her as maintanence.

    It works by Lizzie from Waupaca WI12/01/2011

    I have a dachshund and a basset hound. It works good for the dachshund but for the basset instead of giving 1 pill a day I have to give her 2 pills per day forever otherwise she goes back to eating her stool.

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