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Dental KONGKong Company has a variety of toys. Dental Kongs are great for doggy teeth!

KONG Dental Stick
KONG Dental Stick

($11.95)  $5.39
MEDIUM Dental Kong With Rope
MEDIUM Dental Kong With Rope

($12.99)  $9.89

($12.99)  $9.59

($15.99)  $12.19
Try Bonies Dental FormulaKong Dental Stick’s unique design is shaped to clean your dog’s back teeth. With exclusive denta-ridges, this dental dog toy goes to work while your dog plays, chewing away happily. Dog toothpaste can be used inside the grooves if desired for that extra clean feel. Made of soft, durable rubber.

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3.44 rating based on 9 reviews
Featured Reviews for KONG Dental Stick
by from 03/31/2013

Don't play with toys much. I've figured out that if I drop this red toy in one of my people's laps, sometimes they will smear peanut butter on it. That gives me something to do for an hour when it's dark outside and my people won't take me for a walk. They've tried to brush my teeth, but I hate it- and they tell me this is almost as good. Ha! This is way better...

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Bummer! by Betty L08/18/2014

I expected terrific results since this is a KONG product. My Jack Russell had eaten half of it beforeI could get it away from her. I give up.

Horrible, useless by Rich10/12/2011

Our 10 month old dog, that has never chewed up anything in the house, proceeded to demolish this thing in 5 minutes just by playing with it.

Horrible by RD09/27/2011

I like the Kong brand because it advertises tough products that dogs can't chew through. My dog destroyed this easily within the first five minutes.

Love it, Love it, Love it by Sue from Berkeley, CA05/05/2010

Hi, I want to recommend the "Dental Kong" as a necessary part of your total dental care program for your pooch. The Dental Kong is designed to hold a sliver of a treat in the central hole and some treat paste in the grooves. I have poodles, who, unlike Labs, will not usually chew a toy for the sake of chewing-- they need a payoff of a treat. The Dental Kong (with a treat) encourages chewing and thus will squeegie the teeth. It does not clean under the gum line and so will not take the place of brushing with a soft bristle brush (I recommend the human Colgate Wave toothbrush, soft bristle). The main benefit, however, of a Kong is the exercise and strenthening of the dental ligaments. The Kong has the right amount of give to exercise the dental ligaments without fracturing the teeth like the Nylabone. One of the best pastes to smear on the grooves of the Dental Kong is a mixture of Greek plain 2% yogurt mixed with "Wysong Denta Treat" cheese enzyme (one of my dogs is allergic to milk protein and so I smear the grooves with lamb baby food instead).

Easy Toothbrushing by Eve from Portland, OR10/09/2011

A veterinarian recommended the Kong Dental Stick to me when I told her that my dog would not allow her teeth to be brushed. I put edible dog toothpaste in the ridges of the Dental Stick, and the dog gets her teeth (and mostly tongue) inside the ridges while she eats the toothpaste. This is the closest I've gotten to brushing her teeth.

Great Chew Toy by Bonnie from Springfield, IL01/29/2014

I bought a large and a small Kong dental stick for my toy rat terrier and Lab/Pit mix. I put a small amount of the peanut paste in them every evening and it keeps them busy for an hour!

Great Product by Deni04/30/2013

My Pit Bull loves to grab his toy and chew on it. It is strong, yet flexible to let him exercise his jaw. Very happy with this item.

tough by MJ in the desert10/24/2013

Only one of my dogs chews on this, but it shows almost no wear after many hours of Lab abuse. Also holds up pretty well under the Arizona sun - no small feat.

Featured Reviews for MEDIUM Dental Kong With Rope
dental kong by love me some dogs from middle georgia12/16/2012

Best pull toy ever! 2nd one Ive bought for 2 different dogs. Both dogs loved and love it. indestructible rubber toy, but the rope can be chewed thru. The rope is replaceable with another rope if you want to continue to use as a pull toy. I had the first one for 10 years before my dog passed away and i threw it out not thinking I would maybe need it for another dog someday. If I didnt throw it out I bet Id still have it 15 years later.

Featured Reviews for LARGE Dental KONG
The best KONG product out there! by XIM from Michigan01/02/2013

We have a big time chewer at home. We feed him almost all his meals inside the dental KONG because it slows him down while eating (otherwise he would almost inhale his food!) and provides him with very much needed mental stimulation. He has destroyed other KONG products (the Wobbler and the Stuff-A-Ball) in just a few days, but after 1 year of daily use, he has barely made a dent on the dental KONG.

by N/A05/30/2012

I have an old Old English Sheepdog that has a problem with plaque build up. The dental kong helps keep the plaque in check and the Kong snacks are the right size for the Kong.

by ReezyRee from FWB, FL10/23/2012

The good: Mumford loves this one! This is the first Kong I've actually seen him play with just to play with it. When filled with the Stuff'N, its his favorite! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bad: Really nothing, that's why I gave it 5 stars! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall: Awesome, definitely a great purchase.

Holes too large by Malamute from CA11/09/2012

I brought this for my Alaskan Malamute unfortunately it takes him just minutes to dig all the cookies or peanut butter I put in for him, I was hoping it will give him at least 1/2 an hour of fun time, I check out the smaller Hong and different style still the holes are too large on both sides.

LOADS OF FUN! by ALPHADOG from Indianapolis, IN11/15/2011

Our 10-mo. old Lab puppy has a blast with her Dental Kong! You can buy the Dental Kong chews to stuff in it, or we have also used food and treats. She plays with it for hours and it exercises her gums as well. She loves to roll it, drop it, shake it and bring it on command. Great purchase!

not large kong toy by great stuff from hickory nc12/13/2012

this size is what I would call small but it is what I have been looking for to have both ends open to fill with frozen veggies for the dogs to chew and then seal both ends with peanut butter.

Featured Reviews for EXTRA LARGE Dental KONG
by from 10/31/2011

This kong is a great size - you can fit a lot into it - but of course with two large holes (instead of just one larger one and one tiny hole like the traditional kong), the dogs are a little faster getting out the goodies. This can hold more food than the XL and L regular kongs.

customer by service from becauseEntirelyPets


Kong - XL Dental by Dog Lover from CA04/30/2013

Though I love Kong products, my dog destroyed this in less than 30 days. Having said that, my dog is an 8 month old supper chewer and I haven't found a toy yet that she can not destroy. I'm open to suggestions.

Unbreakable for my aggressive chewer - Pit Bull by Kristine from Pittsburgh, PA10/22/2012

Our dogs goal in life seems to be product testing and seeing how quickly she can destroy a toy. This Kong is great! She actually already has one and has had it for about 9 months and it is still in one piece. I does have damage in the sense that she has been able to bite tiny pieces of the plastic off. We bought two more as spares just in case her current one breaks soon. It's one of her favorite toys. I definitely recommend the extra large for bigger dogs.

by from 06/13/2013

The Dental Kong lasted about 1 hour of total time with my Mastif before it ripped apart :-(

big by fan from ofI


by N/A05/30/2012

My Old English Sheepdog has a problem with bad breath, placque build-up and constently has a wet mouth and drool. He could use a dental cleaning every 6 months, but that gets very expensive and I don't like having to have him put out for the procedure. I tried the x-large dental kong and it works fine. My biggest problem is finding kong snacks that fit the toy. I end up having to use 2 treats per side in the hole, and they are smaller than the hole. I wish the treats would fit the hole.

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