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DermoscentDermoscent Animal Dermo-Cosmetics restores the hydrolipidic film and maintains optimal hydration of the dog's skin; favors cutaneous ecosystem balance; deodorizes by respecting dog's natural odor; helps diminish irritations and hair-loss as well as sustaining hair growth; antioxidant and anti-free radicals.

Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Small Dogs  (1-10 kg)
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Small Dogs (1-10 kg)

($19.99)  $14.99
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Medium Dogs  (10 - 20 kg)
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Medium Dogs (10 - 20 kg)

($27.99)  $17.89
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Large Dogs (20 - 40 kg)
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Large Dogs (20 - 40 kg)

($29.99)  $20.89
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for CATS
Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for CATS

($19.99)  $14.99
Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)
Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)

($21.50)  $16.89
Dermoscent Sunfree for Dogs (30 ml)
Dermoscent Sunfree for Dogs (30 ml)

($23.99)  $17.99
Dermoscent Atop 7 Spray for Dogs (75 ml)
Dermoscent Atop 7 Spray for Dogs (75 ml)

($20.99)  $15.99
Dermoscent Essential 6

Dermoscent's Essential 6 is a multifunction skin care solution for regular use on all skin and hair types of pets. It is fragrance free, easy to use, and safe for even the most sensitive pets.

All Natural Ingredients

Dermoscent Spot-On is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients. This carefully selected group of ingredients include: essential oils of rosemary, lavender, melaleuca, oregano, grain oils of hemp and neem, smoothing and purifying agents, vitamin E, bio-diffusing vector.

dermoscent dog

With the synergetic action of these ingredients, Essential 6 Spot-On has a plethora of benefits for your pet's skin. Essential 6 helps restore hydrolipidic film of animal skin and maintains its optimal hydration, favors natural cutaneous ecosystem balance and reinforces skin defenses, purifies animal skin and helps prevent irritations, deodorizes but respects the animal's own smell, helps diminish hair loss and sustaining hair growth and also has an antioxidant effect.

Essential 6
  • Spot on skin care for dogs
  • All Natural
  • Easy to apply
  • Restores hydrolipidic film and maintains optimum hydration
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Just like your own skin, your pet's skin has a very important job to do.

Usage Tips
  • Think of using Essential 6ģ spot-on once a week during the rainy period in order to ensure that your pet smell good even after a downpour.
  • Remember to use Essential 6ģ spot-on during warmer seasons when your pet stays outdoors more often and is exposed to sunshine. Essential 6ģ spot-on is a hydrating agent of the epidermis, it deodorises your pet by offering at the same time an anti-oxidant and anti-free radical protection.
  • Naturally, be sure to treat your pet with Essential 6ģ spot-on when travelling together by car, plane or train.
  • A regular brushing to eliminate dead hair remains indispensable.
  • It is recommended to start one pipette every week for an initial treatment of 2 consecutive months followed by a regular and continuous treatment at one pipette every 2 weeks in order to guarantee the optimal efficacy.

    Remove Applicator
    Open Applicator
    Expose pet's back
    Gently squeeze contents onto pet
    4.25 rating based on 4 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Small Dogs (1-10 kg)
    dermoscent spoy on skin cae by Liz from Ottawa Ont.11/12/2012

    This is a great product. My dog itches in the fall and this makes her feel better. It leaves her smelling nice also.

    Great product but... by karolanne from Montreal, Quebec, Canada10/02/2013

    This product is very good for the skin. But the quantity is ridiculous. Make sure your understand that each portion is 0.4 ml, not 4 ml.

    Wonderful Product by Donna from Paso Robles, CA11/17/2012

    Having an allergy dog with extremely dry skin, I'm always looking for a product that restores moisture to the skin and helps to reduce the itching. This product does both, and also makes her smell great. Highly recommend it.

    Amazing stuff! by Orbitsblu from Milwaukee, WI09/13/2014

    Highly recommend this product! Worked on my elderly dog that had seborrea. Easy to use and smells wonderful. Their other products are amazing too.

    Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Medium Dogs (10 - 20 kg)
    The only things that's really helped so far! by Carla02/01/2013

    We have a mini schnauzer with horrible allergies, and a horrible smell! We have not taken him to the dermatologist because frankly, itís far too expensive, and as much as we love our dog we just didnít have that kind of money to spend. For the last several years, he has had a bath every 10 days (using very expensive prescription shampoo), we have tried sulfur treatments, expensive omega 3 oils on his food, vitamins supplements, steroids, you name itÖ. Nothing brought this dog much relief. At our last vet visit the dr recommended Dermascent. From day one his horrible smell is GONE! He used to smell like Fritos (yes, weird, I know)! He hasnít had a bath in 3 weeks and his itching is better, not gone but noticeably better. He seems happier and more playful. And Iím not washing our blankets every weekend!! After being on the fence and considering even putting the dog down (he is the best dog Iíve ever had!) my husband and I are so relieved and happy (for our Rudy too) that this is helping. Itís inexpensive and easy to use. And so far for us, itís the only thing that really has helped our pup.

    Miracle Cure! by sbrebach from New Orleans, LA08/07/2013

    My dog, Gracie, had a skin condition (not hot spots) that consisted of these infected nodules under the skin on her back. The first time she got this, I went to the vet. He gave her a cortisone shot and 2 weeks of antibiotics at a cost of around $100. Her skin was clear for about 6 weeks. But then the condition came back. This time, I decided to try this product. A week after I gave her the second weekly treatment (so two weeks after I started treatmen), the skin condition was almost completely gone! No steroid side-effects and even though this product is not inexpensive, it's still less than going to the vet!

    by jeweleddragon from BC01/09/2012

    love this product. it works great and smells wonderful

    Dermoscent Helping Dry Skin on Schnauzer by Katy from Knoxville, TN07/15/2014

    I adopted a black schnauzer that had very dry skin on his back in particular, with a little scaling & scabs in a few areas. This product is helping much more than the coconut oil or other fish oil that I fed him--those products actually did not help his very dry skin. When I adopted him 7 months ago, the hair on his legs was a red brown and he was flaky terribly all down his back. I changed his diet and this improved his hair color to now black and his condition, but yet had this dry flaky back. I have used 6 doses, though I spaced it 6 days apart to help him more quickly. His skin condition has improved dramatically, and I expect the several little flaky scab areas to be gone completely in another 2-3 treatments (this would take a bit longer to heal). I do believe I will have to continue this weekly, then try to extend to 2 times a month. He is otherwise healthy and about 2.75 years old. (the foster group had him on a terribly low fat, low protein diet). You do have to be very careful to keep a lower fat diet than for most dog breeds and I am glad to NOT be adding the extra fats/oils to his diet as schnauzers can so easily go overboard on fats and get pancreatitis, which is bad and sometimes deadly. I will later update his condition in about a month or so, and may change it to a 5 star rating if the condition stays the same or improves. Give this product a try!

    by from 12/27/2012

    My dog was tested and found to have numerous environmental allergies - we went through months of allergy shots without noticeable improvement. The vet finally referred my dog to a dermatologist but since he couldn't be on any medication for the six weeks prior to his appointment, the vet said to try the Dermoscent.

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    Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for Large Dogs (20 - 40 kg)
    Essential 6 by Walter from Los Angeles, California02/12/2013

    I love the Dermoscent Spot on Skin for Dogs. This was first recommended by a friend and then my Vet. My black lab suffers from environmental allergies and very dry flaky skin. These oils in combination with Dulco Mousse and baths have really improved his skin. I also use this product on my other lab who does not suffer from allergies, but it keeps her coat silky! The smell is wonderful! It is so easy to put on! I think they both look forward to these treatments!

    Buttons by Buttons from ohio02/07/2013

    It hasn't been the Scratch Stopper I was hoping for so far but I'm still using it with hope it will help improve with time

    Works great by Vicki from california02/02/2012

    I took our Bulldog to a Holistic Vet and she put my dog on this product. My poor dog has been suffering with allergies for over a year now here in California. After 4 weeks her skin is soft, her hair is not falling out, shes not scratching as much. I plan to put our other Bulldog on this product too!!

    Dermoscent Oil by Char from Central Coast, CA11/23/2011

    I love the way this smells, all natural oils that is like doggy cologne. This has helped restore the beautiful luster and shine in my dog's coat and makes it easier to go a whole week between baths (because of it's amazing smell). I don't use it the way the instructions say, I actually pour some in my hands, rub them together and massage it all over my dog's coat. This way it doesn't look greasy and never gets flaky the next day.

    Great Product by Garbonzo12/19/2012

    I need to give my pet Dermoscent every week due to a major skin allergy. I've seen significant improvement although it'll take several weeks to do so. The product helps build a barrier on your pets skin and results are hard to gauge. Another benefit is the how good your pet will smell.

    Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Spot-On Skin Care for CATS
    Best Purchase! by Cat crazy in Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh, PA02/14/2013

    Great product! I have a 19 year old cat that was biting and pulling out his fur. He needed something extra besides his fish oil to help his skin and fur and this seems to be helping him in a short amount of time!

    Dermoscent Spot-essential 6 for CATS by cindy12/05/2009

    my vet gave us this for a bald spot my 15 y.o. cat had developed. while it didn't do much for the bald spot, it really helped with a persistent skin rash & scabbing she has, that resisted all other treatments. there was a noticeable improvement within a few days of the 1st application!

    Hair loss by Baldy09/30/2014

    My cat had a reaction to the product and lost a 2-inch square of hair at the application site.

    Helps Maine Coon's Fur and Skin by Frank10/05/2013

    The cat we use Dermoscent on was abused as a kitten. He did not groom himself the first few years he has been with us. His brother (same litter / now deceased) used to groom him partly and we had to get him shaved (lion cut) to deal with horrendous mats and skin problems. When he is not shaved, we use dermoscent and it makes a great difference in his appearance and skin/fur condition. We both highly recommend it.

    Takes some time, but it does work good by Cat Man from Birmingham, AL08/07/2013

    Our older cat had "dandruff" on her back. Her blood work was normal with no underlying health issue to cause the dandruff, so the vet recommended we try this product. It does work well, but it takes a month or more to see results. It also smells really good!

    Featured Reviews for Dermoscent Bio Balm (50 ml)
    Works better than expected!! by Viola11/14/2011

    This was an alternative product to what my vet recommended for use on my Bulldogs nose. My home remedy of vaseline was licked off as fast as I could put it on. This balm adheres to his nose, without it being licked off, and allows for the callous on his nose to heal. Warning, they won't like the smell, but fortunately a small amount goes far. :)

    Very Good Purchase by Big Dog Mom01/15/2012

    Very Good Product, will purchase again and refer to other dog owners

    Fabulous! by GeeRome02/12/2011

    Hyperkeratosis of the nose in a 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog. He has epilepsy and has been suffering from a dried, cracked, bleeding nose since starting on phenobarbital a number of years ago. Nothing else has healed his nose. After only 5 days of using Dermoscent Bio Balm 3 times daily, I can see a marked difference! Nose is black, appears moist, cracks are less defined and fissures appear to be healing.

    Very Good by SightHound08/14/2012

    Very good balm. Much better than Bag Balm and similar basic animal balm products for your dogs' dry, raw elbows. But, probably because of the active ingredients in this product, it seems it can be slightly uncomfortable for your pet (stings?) when applied on really raw skin. For hard cases Bio Balm Seems to be a little more "healing" than HALO Herbal Healing Salve, which I have previously used and love. But, it comes at the price of this possible slight discomfort, which I did not notice when using the HALO product.

    Quality product by sbrebach from New Orleans, LA06/09/2014

    This product does seem to speed up healing of dry, scaly skin patches and even scratches and scrapes. My dog doesn't seem to be drawn to lick the balm off of her skin, once applied, which is good - even though the balm is edible (one of the main reasons I purchased it!)

    Great Product by Donna from Paso Robles, CA11/17/2012

    Works wonders to soothe my allergy dogs itchy paws and skin

    A very nice product by GSP owner from Paso Robles, CA05/30/2012

    Great for those rough toes and elbows and has a really pleasant medicinal essence. Now included it in our homoeopathic routine specifically on a little bump on one toe, which seems to be helping.

    Fantastic product!! by Zoey06/19/2012

    This balm did a fantastic job on my French Bulldog's extremely dry, scaly nose. Just a few days after I began to apply it, his nose became soft and pink. I now need to apply it only occasionally for maintenance since it worked so well.

    it really helps by biguglyguy10/23/2012

    One of the side effects of my Cocker Spaniels having Cushings Disease is a dry, cracking nose. I use Dermoscent Bio Balm on her nose twice daily as recommended by our vet.This has the beneficial effect of making her nose not only feel better, but also look much better, too. I can get the product from my Veterinarian but by buying online from Entirely Pets I can get two 50ml containers for the price of one from the vet. That includes the cost of shipping as well.

    Bio Balm by Kimberly09/23/2013

    Bio Balm is wonderful, we have a female boxer that is almost three years old. When she was four months old she suffered a severe brain injury. She is our baby, the sweetest thing you ever saw. Due to the injury she has a tendency to slip and fall on slick floors. When we rescued her at about 14 months of age she had very large black callouses on her knee caps from falling down, they looked like hockey pucks. Bio Balm helped to get rid of most of the callous and she now has hair on her knee caps again. Who says hair on a girls knees isn't cute?? Thank you Bio Balm! Sookie is the fawn female in the sleigh picture.

    Excellent product by Magoo from Cedar Crest,NM09/10/2013

    Have used it frequently on all my dogs for the past 6 yrs.

    Dermoscent Bio Balm by Katie from Louisville, KY03/10/2012

    I HIGHLY recommend this product! My vet gave me a sample to use on my Golden Ret with skin problems near her tail and it got rid of the redness, stopped the dog from licking and practically healed it OVERNIGHT with just 1 application! It has a strong scent that does go away but boy does it work! I even had an oven burn mark that has not healed for 4 years on the top of my hand, so I figured if it's good enough for the dog, I'll try it! In 2 days the mark and redness is almost gone with just 1 small application at night only! I LOVE this stuff! you will be so pleased!

    Just OK by Maya from Denver, CO03/20/2014

    This was a nice, thick, fairly greasy almost ointment type cream. The scent is strong, but it didn't bother me, or my dog. It didn't help his nose, though.

    Help for my dog. by BT42102/16/2012

    I have always worried about my dogs nose. The right side of the nose was always dry. I read an article in one of the dog newsletters I receive and they talked about possible cures. I didn't even know your website was even out there. I ordered the cream and started to use it on her. She is doing so much better now. I would recommend this product to any one having an issue like my dog.

    Good Stuff! by Angie from Carol Stream, IL04/28/2012

    My little Miniature Pinscher, Gucci, has horrible dry skin patches on the tips of his ears. His skin literally comes off in chunks, taking his hair with it. His vet recommended that we try Bio Balm before putting Gucci on allergy medication. Within 2 days of the first application, his dry skin cleared up on his ears and his itching completely stopped. Great product, really cleared up my baby's skin and works great on their foot pads as well!

    Great results by Buttons from ohio02/22/2013

    The vet called it a callus on my older dogs nose. It was rough and cracked and raised up. Just one application made a vast improvement, in a week she was back to a regular nose !!! Sad part was the vet had no suggestions for her - I found the info on line !!

    Lovely, natural balm by Equestrienne from Chicago, IL03/05/2012

    My dog had some hard calluses on the edges of her paw pads. This softened them up very nicely. This is a very light cream that is absorbed quickly.

    Speeds up healing process! by Shiammi from FL07/10/2010

    We adopted an overweight, older female WGS--fed a higher quality food, daily grooming, exercise; after six weeks, improved very well. A few days ago we began applying Dermoscent Bio Balm to her scabby elbow calluses...and wow...even the pus is clearing up. Thank you so much!

    Excellent product!! by Makenzie03/29/2012

    Our 11 year old boxer was diagnosed with a buildup of Keratin on her nose. It has been dry, cracked, and ugly for years. Our vet prescribed Kerasolv, which worked well but is no longer manufactured. I was hoping to find a substitute for Kerasolv and came across Dermoscent Bio Balm. This product worked even better and quicker than the product our vet prescribed! Her nose was like new within one week of using the Dermoscent! She looks like a puppy again!

    Dermoscent Bio Balm by BMDBreeder from PA02/24/2012

    This product does a fabulous job of moisturizing a dry, cracky nose and lasts forever! Great for those older veterans in the show ring (or at home).

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