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Doggles Dog Goggles


are goggles for dogs! Doggles became the first and only company to produce protective eyewear for dogs. Their famous sunglasses can protect your dogs eyes from wind, UV light, dust and dirt. Doggles are cushioned around your pet's face, and adjustable and snug fitting. Their anti-fog lenses come in a variety of stylish tints that will have your pet looking good! The Doggles frames come in your choice of colors including pink, black and chrome.

With the success of their Doggles eyewear, the company has expanded to provide a variety of innovative and edgy pet products, most of which use recycled materials when possible. These include various dog and cat friendly toys and accessories like harnesses, back-packs, flotation jackets, coats, hats, boots and jewelry. There is even pet sunscreen for the furry friend who spends a lot of time outdoors.

For fun, fashion and practicality Doggles is a tremendous hit with pet owners and their pets.

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Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Gold Frame/Smoke Lens
Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Gold Frame/Smoke Lens

($29.95)  $10.39
Doggles Wearable Ionizer
Doggles Wearable Ionizer

($38.99)  $10.99
Clear Replacement Lens for ILS Style Doggles
Clear Replacement Lens for ILS Style Doggles

($13.99)  $11.99
Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)
Doggles Pet Sunscreen (2 oz)

($17.25)  $13.99
Doggles Originalz Black Frame / Smoke Lens
Doggles Originalz Black Frame / Smoke Lens

($24.50)  $13.99
Doggles Originalz Blue Frame / Blue Lens
Doggles Originalz Blue Frame / Blue Lens

($24.50)  $15.99
Doggles Originalz Chrome Frame / Smoke Lens
Doggles Originalz Chrome Frame / Smoke Lens

($24.50)  $15.99
Doggles ILS Small Metallic Flames Frame / Orange Lens
Doggles ILS Small Metallic Flames Frame / Orange Lens

($23.99)  $16.99
Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame / Smoke Lens
Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame / Smoke Lens

($23.99)  $16.99
Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Pink Frame / Pink Lens
Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Pink Frame / Pink Lens

($29.95)  $16.99
Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Metallic Black Frame / Smoke Lens
Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Metallic Black Frame / Smoke Lens

($29.95)  $16.99
Doggles ILS new patented interchangeable lens system for dogs is the ultimate in Doggles! Doggles ILS offers a deeper lens cup, very flexible frame, and wider nose bridge. ILS were designed from the beginning to be lighter and more comfortable for dogs. After eight years of designing eyewear for dogs, Doggles ILS has arrived. Change your lens color anytime you want - for fashion or function. As with all Doggles, goggles for dogs, you still get the 100% UV protection, shatterproof, anti-fog lenses which Doggles are known for!

Size Dog Size Back Strap / Frame Length Chin Strap Length Actual Lens Size
Extra Small 1-10 lbs
.5-5 kg
5-13 in
13-33 cm
3-7 in
8-17 cm
1 X 1.25 in
2.5 X 3.2 cm
Small 9-25 lbs
4-12 kg
12-20 in
30-50 cm
4-8 in
10-20 cm
1.5 X 2 in
3.8 X 5.1 cm
Medium 20-60 lbs
9-27 kg
15-25 in
38-63 cm
5-11 in
13-28 cm
1.5 X 2.25 in
3.8 X 5.7 cm
Large 50-90 lbs
22-41 kg
18-30 in
46-76 cm
6-15 in
15-38 cm
2 X 3 in
3.8 X 6.4 cm

The Extra-Small, Small & Medium size is currently on DISCONTINUED. We apologize for any inconvenience.
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Gold Frame/Smoke Lens
only used once, but seem like will work great by bartdog10/23/2012

Had another pair and they broke, hopefully this pair won't break. Helps protect dog's eyes in boat and sun, but don't fog.

Doggles ILS by lizbug from San Antonio,tx01/07/2013

glasses are too big, i need exchange them for the next size smaller.

Featured Reviews for Doggles Wearable Ionizer
Doggles Wearable Ionizer by HealingGoddess from Winnipeg, MB12/16/2012

I never tried these Doggle Ionizers before - never heard of them before either, but it seemed like a great idea to try, and the price was right. Fresher air is always better. They seem to be working well. However, I think they're a bit bulky for small dogs - example: Westie and Westie Wannabe (crossed with a Chihuahua or something similair). The Medium sized CockaPoo doesn's seem to mind. It's all new to my dogs and to me. Great Idea. Great product.

Featured Reviews for Clear Replacement Lens for ILS Style Doggles
Goggles by Happy Gilmore from Margate Florida11/26/2013

I have 2 small dogs and ride a motorcycle and am always carrying at least 1 of them on the back seat and they seem to love them, they stick their head around me and the air doesen't bother them at any speed.

Doggles by ron from Northern California08/04/2012

My dog loves them and people take pictures of him when he is in the back of my truck. They catch an amazing amount of debris from the air and my dog no longer has eye infections since he insists on going with me everywhere I go. The delivery service was excellent.

Featured Reviews for Doggles Originalz Black Frame / Smoke Lens
Wonderful design and function by Mimi07/03/2013

I didn't expect the Doggles size medium and fit to be so perfect. These fit my adult corgi beautifully, and he wore them from the very first time without a complaint. I actually think these are made better than my ski goggles! This dog has one eye severely affected by allergies to grass and tree pollen and I think Doggles will help prevent eye irritation especially on windy days. .

thumbs-up by smoke dawg05/03/2013

great product help my dog,before&after his surgey everyone thought he look so cute.

by from 03/02/2012

just received doggles for my little guy. i have tried several styles and these are the best by far. stay nice and secure and allows dog to look around and really enjoy the ride.

karen by florida from highly

great product

too large by barbccfl08/15/2014

I ordered small for my 14lb mixed breed and they were way to large. I gave them to a friend with a 30lb dog, they fit.

Dog goggles by Ironmaiden from Vero Beach, FL12/03/2013

My standard poodle has degenerated irises, so I bought these for her for sunny walks. They fit well, and she hardly seems to mind them.

A Novelty by EI from Pottstown, Pa.10/15/2013

These goggles do work, but, I probably won't use them on my dogs much. If I need to protect their eyes at any time though, I have them.

Great for blind dogs by SusieQ from North Canton, OH04/27/2013

My beloved Buster just recently became blind due to diabetes and Cushings disease. These goggles are a godsend for outside (and inside until yur dog becomes used to being blind). He wasn't the most pleased at first to have them on but then wow, it provides safety to him from running into a shrub or branch outside that he would not see otherwise. I bought the black pair and I am extremely pleased that such a product exists that looks adorable and also provides protection to Busters eyes should he run into something that could potentially hurt his eyes.

by Suzy from New Iberia, LA03/20/2014

Great product, good customer service, fast service.

No hassle by Babs from Texas06/02/2013

I ordered goggles for my dog and I like the price and also the quality, the ease of putting them on him. I also liked the fast shipping.

Doggles: What all the cool dogs are wearing. by Celestial1 from Kamloops BC05/29/2012

I'm still trying to acclimatize Puck, our 2 year old Pomeranian, to his Doggles. He'll sit with them on, but when we set off on our hike, he still tries to paw them off. I like the design of the Doggles, both the chin and head strap are soft and easy to adjust. The sponge rim adds to the comfort scale, and the side vents keep the lenses from fogging up. One draw back I find; they are difficult and ungainly to clean. I can work around that though, and am hoping for the day when Puck will be lounging on the fishing boat in his life jacket and Doggles with no complaint. Puck's eyes seem very sensitive to the sun. He is always squinting, and they water constantly on our hikes, and especially when we are out fishing. Doggles seeemed like the perfect solution, and I am confident with a few more short sessions, Puck will adapt to wearing them, just as he did with his flotation device.

Featured Reviews for Doggles Originalz Chrome Frame / Smoke Lens
'WE' Love Them! by Gloria Prentice06/29/2008

Doggles are GREAT! Our little dog has sensitive eyes and we wanted to take her on our motorcycle. The glasses are easy to put on and Bella quickly realized she could have the wind in her face without squinting. Good product and very fast service! I wonder if anyone makes doggie helmuts......

Cute, but he's not sure by Jeeplady from Williamstown, WV09/05/2013

I got these for my Boxer after taking him in my convertible with the top down and seeing him squint from the wind. I've taken him out twice now for walks with them. The first time we had 4 sit down strikes and once I found them in his mouth. The second time he made the whole 1-1/2 miles we normally walk with only one time having them in his mouth. He seems to understand now they are helping him. He looks adorable and has received many compliments on them. As dogs can get cataracts too, I hope this will help protect him. They seem well made and the medium size fit him nicely. Just have patience and treats.

Great product for your dog by Baby Olive from "Los Angeles", CA06/12/2013

These doggles are great. I have a Norwich Terrier that loves sticking her head out the car window. I'm always concerned that something is going to fly into her eyes so these are great. She is 15 pounds and I got the small ones which fit her a little big so the extra small might fit better?? All in all they are great. She gets a lot of attention too!

by Joe12/14/2012

The doggles are fine, just didn't get the chrome framed ones that I ordered. I received black frames - I guess they just shipped whatever was in stock. Would prefer to receive what I order!

What kind of dog best suited to Doggles by Paula from Bradenton, FL07/25/2012

I had been wanting to try these and my vet said they were a good idea for the beach. Unfortunately, I don't know that they will work for my Golden. I have tried them on him according to the tips, but he still fights having them on. I think they are better suited to a dog with a flatter face as they seem to sit up too high on his face, I think maybe obscuring his vision. I'm going to keep working on it to see if I can get him comfortable, but they are a great idea.

dogs need protection too by moregreen11/13/2011

My family member is currently serving in the military, his unit has a few canine partners, they are in the field with the sand blowing around and in their eyes. It was suggested that the dogs could use sunglasses so I searched and found these doggles. I shipped them as a gift to our troops and their dogs as a thank you for all of the great work they are doing for this country. I hear the dogs love them!

Doggles by Lylah from Castle Rock, Co11/14/2012

The goggles were great! They fit my little shih tzu very well and do they look snazzy!

Very Cool by garias200412/07/2011

These doggles are awesome & my malamute just loves it! Fast delivery too.

My dog loves his doggles by bunibuk from Monrovia Ca07/13/2010

I got a pair of the New Doggles and they did not fit very well so I ordered a pair of the Original Medium Chrom Smokle lens and they fit so much better and my dog loves them. ..the only thing about the original is that they do not have the inter-changable lens

Featured Reviews for Doggles ILS Small Metallic Flames Frame / Orange Lens


Featured Reviews for Doggles ILS Shiny Red Frame / Smoke Lens
Excellent! by April from Minneapolis, MN02/17/2013

These fit my black lab/border collie like they were made for her! The adjustable straps allow for that perfect fit. It took her a bit to get used to them - it helped by bringing her into the sun and putting them on. It's going to be great to have her wear these when we take the top off the jeep!!

2nd Doggles we have own by JB from Dublin, OH07/08/2014

Our dog, Chum,does not mind wearing the Doggles. He rides in a convertible and these are great for his eyes. Sooooo cool looking too

Featured Reviews for Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Pink Frame / Pink Lens
DOGGLES by TOM11/15/2011


by from 04/18/2014

Oobie Doodie really enjoys wearing her pink Doggles when her head is out the window.

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Great Idea! by Prue from Lubbock, TX07/18/2013

Love the pretty pink doggles! Quick delivery time was great. Really like the doggles and recommend to anyone who has a pet with eye problems concerning windy, dusty conditions and super bright sunlight.

Great by taildragger from California08/09/2013

These fit perfect and my Bichon looks adorable in them. Now I don't worry about her eyes when we ride the Harley.

Featured Reviews for Doggles ILS - Interchangeable Lens System - Metallic Black Frame / Smoke Lens
Best Eye Protection by Strongheart05/30/2012

Thurman is a therapy dog who is blind in one eye as someone kicked him in the head or hit him very hard and he has NO vision, but the sun hurts his eye when a bright sunny day. So, the vets at OSU recommended Doggles and Thurman wears them and does not squint out of that eye any more. He did try to remove them which is normal, but he does wear them and even his 'good' eye is wide open on a sunny day wearing these. Excellent product and service. Wish I'd had these for my previous shepherd who had PANUS. Highly recommend these Doggles and the cleaner, too.

Fit perfectly by Angel03/12/2013

It's hard to find things that fit a small Maltese, but these Doggles fit my Pookie perfectly!



Cute by jessie from Utah11/16/2011

Don't know what the dogs Yogi and Bear will think of them when they ride our ATV's with us but it will be great for their eyes and keeping the dust out.

by from 10/02/2013

My little pumpkin pie, Brownie, let me put these on her willingly, and would wear them for a couple hours at a time hanging her head out the window.

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Doggles ILS by dustytips02/25/2013

The doggles do a great job of protecting our dogs eyes and seam to fit her well enough that she does not try to remove them. Very satisfied

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