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Douxo Shampoos & Sprays by Sogeval

douxo shampooMany pet shampoos can be harsh and leave an agitating residue on your dog or catís coat. This irritating residue can be harmful to your petís skin, causing discomfort, itching, or redness. If you are looking for a safe, soft, hypoallergenic based shampoo for your dog or cat, youíll love

Douxo Shampoo

s & Sprays by Sogeval.


Shampoos and sprays are easy to use and are a must if your pet has a fungal, yeast or bacterial issue. You will love the fresh green tea fragrance of this foaming product and your pet will appreciate the gentle way in which Douxo shampoos and sprays clean their fur and their skin. Use of Douxo shampoos and sprays will give your pet that shiny, soft, and smooth fur coat that you canít get from other products. You'll also have the satisfaction of knowing it is gentle on your furry friend.

Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

($9.99)  $5.99
Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)

($21.95)  $12.99
Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

($17.99)  $12.99
Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)

($34.95)  $24.99
Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

($18.99)  $13.89
Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)

($31.99)  $19.99
DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)
DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)

($19.64)  $12.99
Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray - FOR DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray - FOR DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)

($21.99)  $19.89
Douxo Micellar Ear Solution - FOR CATS & DOGS (4.2 fl oz)
Douxo Micellar Ear Solution - FOR CATS & DOGS (4.2 fl oz)

($10.99)  $3.89
Douxo Calm Mousse (6.8 oz)
Douxo Calm Mousse (6.8 oz)

($35.99)  $17.99
Douxo Calm Allergy Micro-emulsion (6.8 oz)
Douxo Calm Allergy Micro-emulsion (6.8 oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
Douxo AntiSeptic Chlorhexidine + Climbazole Mousse (6.8 oz)
Douxo AntiSeptic Chlorhexidine + Climbazole Mousse (6.8 oz)

($25.99)  $17.99
Douxo Calm Gel (2 oz)
Douxo Calm Gel (2 oz)

($20.99)  $15.99
Douxo Calm PS Shampoo (3 Liters)
Douxo Calm PS Shampoo (3 Liters)

($185.99)  $142.99
Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo (3 Liters)
Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo (3 Liters)

($174.99)  $133.99
Douxo Seborrhea PS Shampoo (3 Liters)
Douxo Seborrhea PS Shampoo (3 Liters)

($159.99)  $122.99
Douxo Maintenance Shampoo (3 Liters)
Douxo Maintenance Shampoo (3 Liters)

($89.99)  $72.99
This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks.

Giving your pet a warm, foaming shampoo can be a rewarding experience for the two of you. Douxo Ė Maintenance Shampoos are foaming products that are terrific for the hygiene of your petís coat, its sheen and softness. Gentle, hypoallergenic Douxo Ė Maintenance Shampoos create a rich lather that will leave your cat or dog with a soft coat and with an amazing, clean, green tea scent. If your pet has a fungal, yeast or bacterial issue, this shampoo should be considered a must. It is safe to use with dermatological treatments. Douxo Ė Maintenance Shampoos are gentle enough to be used regularly, and use of them not only moisturizes and conditions your petís hair coat, but reaches deep to help your dog or catís skin surface as well. See why pet owners and veterinarians agree. Douxo- Maintenance Shampoos are a great value for pets and their owners.
The composition of Douxo Maintenance Shampoo allows an efficient elimination of the dirt, while preserving the cutaneous moisture as well as the surface lipidic film. This subsequently decreases occurences of irritations and assorciated seborrhea. the ingredients normalize the sebaceous secretions, soothing the irritation and restructuring the damaged epidermis. The combination of amino acids, minerals and natural conditioning agents leaves the hair shiny, soft, and easy to comb.

Directions for use
Wet the animal with warm water and apply a sufficient amount of Douxo Maintenance Shampoo to create a rich later. Massage the shampoo into the wet hair coat, lather freely. Allos to remain on hair coat for a couple of minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
5.00 rating based on 1 review
Featured Reviews for Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Really good shampoo by Al from Eugene, Or07/27/2012

Lathers well, cleans good and rinses clean. Will make it my regular shampoo

Featured Reviews for Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
Douxo shampoo by phredsqt10/23/2012

this is a superb product.....have tried so many and this is the best...my dog has allergies to so many things, and this one is a keeper thank you

Fantastic Product by Finneus' Mom from Indiana02/13/2012

My puppy has a rare skin condition called Ichthyosis. There is no cure so we just treat him with the best diet, supplements, shampoos and topical agents. However, bathing him is the #1 essential duty in managing this disease and Douxo products are phenomenal! We have used this product for 2 weeks now and I can already tell a difference! I am going to purchase the Douxo Calm Shampoo as well and rotate between them both.

Great Maintenance Shampoo by Cheryl from Indiana11/11/2012

This product does what it is marketed to do. It is so great at maintaining our dog's coat and skin. I keep a constant supply around since Finneus gets a bath once a week for the skin condition of Ichthyosis he was born with. I am so grateful this product exists and hope it always will be because there is no better substitute in my opinion!

Better than Organic 1 Product that's all you need by schnoodle gal03/06/2013

All skin types. Not drying. No need for additional conditioners. Even for dogs with skin allergies. I've tried even organic products and not as good as Douxo - Maintenance Shampoo.

Duoxo shampoo by librarydogmom from La Mesa06/24/2013

The Maintenance product is too sticky and has too much perfume for my dog. Can not use it, might harm his skin or coat. Love the other Duoxo shampoo, just not the Maintenance.

Great basic shampoo! by amanda4904701/23/2013

I use this for routine bathing of my dogs and it works great. Very nice rich lather, smells great. I would highly recommend it for routine baths.

Pleasant and gentle shampoo by rox from Virginia01/08/2013

Pleasantly scented and gentle shampoo. I alternate this shampoo and a peroxide based one for our dog who is prone to skin infections.

Featured Reviews for Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Duoxo by Ginger06/25/2012

Duoxo is a great product; but, it is too expensive from this vendor. Buy it on Amazon for a better price.

Works! by KathyP03/10/2008

My dog had bad skin, my vet suggested this along with taking him off beef products. It has been over a year and his skin is 100% better. Will not wash him without this.

what products?? by wx203/24/2012

I still have not received any of the items I ordered.

Great Product by Coci03/03/2012

This is a fantastic shampoo if your dog has seborrhea. It calms the itching down and relaxes the dog at the same time.

Featured Reviews for Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
best product ever by hunters mommy from SC02/04/2013

we have struggled with our goldens allergies for years this shampoo has helped him so much its amazing WORTH EVERY PENNY but make sure you follow the directions your vet gived you to a tee!!!! it only works if you use it the right way!!! The conditioning spray works well with this product!!!!!

Works like a charm! by Aussie lover04/04/2013

This shampoo was rec. by my dog's derm for her skin condition (sebaceous adenitis). It is one of 2 that we use for her weekly baths. It not only smells good, but works like a charm to keep her skin moisturized between "doggie spa days".

Excellent Shampoo by Coopermom04/04/2012

Our Vet suggested Duoxo for Cooper who suffers from seborrhrea. This shampoo gives him serious releif for 4-5 days which is twice what most shampoos provide. This may not be a miracle cure for him but it sure comes close!

So happy to find this... by Sandy from Griswold, CT11/21/2011

I searched high and low online to find this shampoo for my dog who suffers from an extreme case of seborrhea. At my vet I paid $42 for a bottle half this size. I was determined to find it a little cheaper and I found a bottle double the size for only $25. I was so relieved. It works wonders. It makes my dog's condition feel a little less hopeless. I would recommend this product 200% and I would definitely recommend this website. I got my shampoo in 2 days as promised. I am a perfectly satisfied customer. Thanks entirelypets.com!!

by bonnielouski from Near Tulsa, Ok.08/21/2012

I received the shampoo and spray in record time and the price was the best of it, Very efficient and great to order from. I will use you again and recommend to my friends !! Thank You !!

Great Scent by aj10/21/2011

This product was recommended by our vet. The vet charged $20 for the smaller size so this is a bargain. Gentle enough to use weekly on my poodle!

Douxo - Seborrhea Shampoo for DOGS & CATS by Golden Lover from Upstate NY11/10/2011

Wonderful Product! Only used once and am VERY happy with it. My dog has been suffering for over a year now while the vet did not know what the problem was (spent tons of money). FINALLY, we found out they get this condition from being on a diet that they were allergic to. She was allergic to Chicken/Poultry which is in almost ALL foods - who would have figured!! Symptoms - Skin looks like peeling/flaking after a sunburn.

Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo by BillH from Sierra Vista, AZ02/08/2013

This is a great product for dogs with mild to moderate skin conditions. Before use my dogs scratched constantly, but after the scratching significantly subsided.

Great Price and Product by katie may11/20/2012

Have crocker with skin issue this product works great plus the cost is low to what I pay at the VET.

Great Shampoo for Seborrhea by Marilyn07/08/2011

My 10-year-old cocker spaniel has a bad case of seborrhea and Duoxo Shampoo really controls his scratching and scaling . Spring and summers are the worst seasons and I bathe my dog twice a week with the shampoo. It truly works.

by Bec11/14/2011

The shampoo solved our dogs allergy related itching problem immediately!

Unbelievable Results! by Patty from Maryland01/26/2011

Our dog has had a problem with "flakey" skin since she was a puppy and nothing seemed to help UNTIL we found Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo for dogs! This stuff is nothing short of a miracle and you can see the flakes falling out as we bathe her. As an added benefit, it leaves her golden hair shiny and soft and beautiful! We have never been more pleased or dedicated to a product before and will continue to use this product forever! Thanks to Sovegal for making this miracle shampoo!!

sebacious adonitis by lmak08/15/2012

really helps her skin condition. We first use a combination of water and baby oil and remov this with palmolive dish washing liquid and then use the douxo.

Amazing product by Benzinger from Toronto, Ontario12/19/2012

Tried every shampoo and hypo allergenic product on the market. This one works!!

Not sure by Vanloose05/05/2013

I am unsure of effectiveness of this product as i dont know how his skin condition which persists continues. Vet recommended.

Excellent but too expensive by elrayloveya01/01/2013

Duoxo is a great shampoo for my Cooper's condition (sephorea) (sp) but is too expensive to buy frequently. I switch back and forth between Zymox and Duoxo to save money.

Finally! A shampoo that really works! by Ria from Baldwin, Maryland12/06/2011

For a couple of years, we have struggled trying to find a shampoo that would work for our golden retriever who has allergies and some skin issues. The vet prescribed a couple of different shampoos but we saw no progress. Then, a dermatologist recommended we try Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo for dogs. What a Godsend! We followed the directions and after about 3 or 4 shampoos, her coat got shiny and her itching was so much better. It has a wonderful smell and makes her hair so soft. She is a Therapy Dog who visits children once a week and they love lying on the floor with her and rubbing her soft, shiny hair. One boy even asked me to give him the name of her shampoo so he can use it! Even if your dog doesn't have allergies or skin issues, this shampoo can do nothing but improve their coat and skin. You MUST try it!

Great Product!! by katie from scottsville, ky07/20/2012

Use this product for my sick dog she has liver issue can not take meds. for her skin issue. So this work great.

Works well by Ladydoc from Menlo Park. CA05/17/2013

Recommended by my vet to use once a week to improve my dog's skin and coat. It helped clear the dandruff. Good product. Nice people at company.

by dogmom from SF Bay Area, California02/03/2013

I had no idea my Westie had oily seborrhea until a groomer told me and recommended Douxo shampoo. I have given my dog 3 baths so far, and am already noticing that there is an improvement. His fur isn't oily, his blackened skin is becoming pinker, and he smells great. I wish I had known about this condition and this shampoo years ago.

Howlingly great! by Cocoa Poochini from New Hampshire02/03/2012

I loved the nice smell of the shampoo and how well it lathered up. Seems like it's preventing the skin flaking, too! My coat is soft, fluffy, smells great, and I am baying at the moon with happiness!

Great for Skin Problems by Kim11/10/2011

My dog has horrible skin and is constantly chewing and scratching. The only thing that helped was steriods, but we don't want our dog on that. We thought it was hopeless, then the vet told us to try Douxo-Seborrhea. This product is wonderful!! She is still itchy, but nowhere near as bad as before. The spray is great too for between baths. I would recommend this product for ANYONE who has a dog with skin problems.

Seborrea Shampoo by Poodle Provider from Denver, CO11/06/2012

Our Poodle has Sebaceous adenitis. Shampoo is part of a weekly topical treatment of the condition. It has proved effective in helping to keep the scale off the dog's skin.

Fantastic Shampoo by KS10/27/2010

My dog is on medications that make her smell constantly. A day after a bath it's like she hasn't been bathed at all. I have tried everything, prescription shampoos, baby shampoo, oatmeal baths, etc. Nothing worked till now. My Vet heard good things about Douxo Shampoo/Seborrhea and told me to give it a try, it can't hurt. FANTISTIC! Her coat is shiney again, she doesn't get that dog smell for at least 6 to 7 days instead of 1. I am using the Douxo Seborrha spray too about 4 to 5 days after the bath. This is a wonderful product and nose saver. The house smells good again, My dog smells good again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

Our prayers answered by Red12/11/2012

Our Keeshond suffered for years with a skin condition. We did everything the vet suggested (allergy food, medicated shampoo, clipping fur, meds) but nothing worked, and our sweet Casey was in constant agony. Although our vet had never used Douxo, he suggested that we order a bottle. It worked! After one shampoo, her skin condition cleared up. It was truly amazing. Of course we shared the results with our vet who was pleased after years of trial and error. We will continue to use Douxo.

Great Shampoo by parreta12/16/2012

My dog. a Westie, has a skin allergy and this was recommended by my Vet. The condition is now under control thanks to this product.

Excellent product. by Big Puff03/03/2013

Excellent product line. Bull terriers can be prone to skin allergies. These products work.

Featured Reviews for Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Amazing shampoo by abell from CA05/07/2013

My bulldog has a bunch of random spots on his back and is losing hair. I have been using the shampoo weekly and the spray every other day and within three weeks he is showing improvement.

Awesome by Amanda10/05/2009

This stuff is amazing. Great shampoo works wonders. :)

Excellent shampoo by Tom Nelson11/05/2008

This is an excellent shampoo for cleansing and moisturizing the skin of pets with skin conditions. I think it is especially good at controlling excessive dander that sometimes accompanies allergy conditions. Leaves coat luxuriously smooth and seems to leave a lasting affect days after use.

My Dog allergic to this product by AP08/07/2012

I used this product once on my short hair Dachshund and discovered almost immediately he is allergic to it. In all fairness to the product, it did rid him of skin infections, but he broke out in welts that he suffered with for a couple of days. I would check with your vet before using this product if your dog has allergies.

will never order from entirely pets again by melissa from topeka, ks11/22/2012

i ordered this product because my dog had a severe skin condition. it was suppose to receive it with 4-8 days. It was 12 days before it finally shipped out from the warehouse and that was after i called 3 times to complain...I received it 15 days after i ordered it. By then my dogs skin infection had gotten to the point where i had to take her to the Vet. I wanted this product to try before i spent a bunch of money taking my dog to the Vet. I had never ordered from entirely pets before and never will again. Had i ordered from another website i wouldnt of had to spend so much money at a Vet...

Best shampoo by Soilcity06/13/2013

Since our dog has sensitive skin, we have been using this product for a couple of years now. Our dog does not break out in hives and smells very nice. We would recommend this product.

Very effective by Cine01/01/2013

Very effective in treating Pyoderma. Using for minor skin conditions on an old dog

Relief for dog with skin allergies by Chris06/19/2012

This shampoo was recommended by friends in N.C. whose rescue beagle had similar skin issues. Without further allergy testing, we don't know what causes our dog's skin problems, but this shampoo is the best we've tried--he's not scratching and his fur is growing back!

by from 05/06/2013

I am new to this product. At this early stage, I think I see a clearing of the skin of my dogs, and am hopeful that the response will be posaitive.

itchy's by seem from toSome


Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo by mitch from Texas Gulf Coast02/21/2013

Very effective for my Lab to treat chronic staph infections of the skin. This shampoo has a slightly higheer % of Chlorohexadine than any medicated shampoos I can get local. We fought this for months with Antibiotics, always came right back...but now if I just give him a good shampoo and leave lather on him for 10 minutes before rinsing , 2 times a week, keeps him clear of infections.

Godsend by Teeny from Chicago, IL07/22/2012

We have a 5 year old Yorkie that has allergies. It was so bad that she had open sores and she chewed all the hair off of her hind legs. There was a time or two that we considered putting her down because we hated to see her so miserable. She never stopped itching or biting. The shampoo helped her immediately. Her life is so much better. I keep an extra bottle or two on hand to make sure we never run out. She gets a bath once a week and it's completely under control now. We are very grateful.

Excellent Product by steelcity79 from New Jersey10/30/2012

I purchased this item along with the pads and use them on opposite days for my pet which have been a great help and the price is great

Answer to oily, itchy,scaly skin by Suzieq11/17/2011

My Cairn Terrier, Simon, suffered tremendously with the above symptoms. My vet recommended this shampoo. Simon is now much improved. No more itching, scaly skin, or oily fur, and the hair is coming back on his feet. Saved me another trip to the Vets!!! Definitely 5 stars for this product. Plus, recieved product in 3 days regular shipping.

Woohoo! by MRG10 from Berkley, MI03/01/2011

Thank goodness for this stuff! My Golden had a yeast infection of the skin and she was really smelling... I tried a bunch of other shampoos and none of them got rid of the smell until I tried Douxo! The smell was gone after one bath!

great product by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

i have been using malaket shampoo on my bulldog for ages for her yeast. worked ok but a friend of mine used this on her bully and so i got some to. wow i think it works so much better on her yeast issues. if your dog has yeast or bacteria issues this is a great shampoo that leaves you dogs coat soft n shiny. i will use it from now on.

by Nana06/05/2013

Great product have used other products fom this same line. My dog has allergies but this line of products are great for his skin.

Worked great for my dog by williesmom from Chicago, IL01/31/2013

So far I've used this once & it worked great on my cocker spaniel who has dermatitis. He was smelly, itchy & yeasty. The shampoo smells great & works very well- It helped my dog's misery. I would recommend leaving it on when bathing for as long as possible & working it into the dog's skin really well. I'm glad I bought this!

Dog medicated shampoo by Chick from Philadelphia,Pa.12/06/2011

This product works well on dogs with sensitive skin.

Check first by nanny from Coatesville Pa12/21/2012

My dog was allergic to it the first time I thought it might be just a fluk thing. The next time I used it he had the same reaction panting heavy and the he vomited several time and just not himself. But it did seem to work on the skin issues. There must be some ingredent in it that he is allergic to.

worked great! by sewdoggie from Ohio04/24/2012

This is an excellent shampoo to treat seasonal rashes from grass and pollen, which can then become infected from scratching. I highly recommend it!

Featured Reviews for Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo DOGS & CATS (16.9 fl oz)
Douxo PS shampoo great for skin by Copper03/24/2013

We have dealt with skin breakdown from allergies with our golden for over 8 years. The vet had us try numerous shampoos and meds with little help. The skin breakdown would turn into an infection, and we had our dog on prednisone and antibiotics about twice a year. When Douxo Chlorohexidine PS shampoo became available, our vet started our dog on it. We bathe our dog once a week, and he no longer has skin breakdown and infections or itching. It is a wonderful product, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a dog with skin problems due to allergies.



by NJ from PA05/08/2013

Using this weekly on my dog who has lots of allergies that affect his skin. It really helps. It lathers well and rinses out easily.

Great Shampoo by Leaderofthepackreally from Atlanta, GA08/03/2012

Have been using Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo for about a year. Works great on my itchy dogs! Finally some relief and no skin infections or irritations in one year. Also much cheaper than what the vet charges!!! Great deal!

by ichydog from Pennsylvania06/25/2013

This makes my skin feel soooo good when my allergies act up, I love bath time!

Extremely Effective Product for Skin Conditions by Patrick O from Galt, CA02/17/2012

My dog Moe, a Schnauzer-Scottie mix, has what was diagnosed by the vet as contact dermatitis and bacterial folliculitus -- which he apparently was contracting by coming into contact with duck and goose feces on the lawns at the park where we walk daily. Several years ago my vet carried and dispensed this Duoxo product, but subsequently began carrying a different brand of product which was not as effective and cost more. I was unable to locate Duoxo locally, but found it available on entirelypets.com for about 1/3 of what I was paying previously at the vet. It has a rich lather and easily rinses clean and diminishes the skin condition within days of use. Chlorhexidine is an agent commonly found in bacterial disinfectant soaps used after human surgical procedures and promotes healing. I would highly recommend this product to anyone whose pets has skin conditions or "hot spot" break-outs.

Great for Our Dog's Itchy Skin by Gigi04/05/2008

Our dog has seasonal allergies and as a result is very itchy. This shampoo was recommended by our vet and it works great. It has helped tremendously and our dog's coat and skin looks great now. Though pricey, the results we've seen with this shampoo are worth it for us.

Awesome Shampoo by HeatChick from Coral Springs, FL11/06/2012

Keeps my Westie from itching, smells great, and a great price! The doggie skin doctor charges way too much for this product! Glad I found you online. You have great prices!

duoxo chlorhexadine shampoo by reddog from Illinois10/30/2011

Awesome product for treating a variety of moderate to severe skin conditions. Have had amazing results on a couple of pups who had been given up on by Vets. In conjunction with the chlorhexadine spray, truly amazing results can be accomplished on severe skin issues.

Great product by Soilcity10/30/2012

Speedy delivery. Will purchase again. No allergic reaction to our pet.

cat - dandruff by Robin09/13/2009

My cat has oily fur and constant, bad dandruff. The only way I can keep it under control is to bathe him with this shampoo. It really makes a huge difference. My cat is getting used to the every other week bath.

Life Saver by Jill08/30/2009

I have been using this product with my cocker for 13 months. Prior to using it, she had been on antiboitics and steriods for 5 years in an attempt to control skin allergies. I was getting ready to have her tested for allergies when my vet gave me a sample to use. I knew after the first bath, she was better. She now has beautiful skin and is always being complemented. She takes no medication for her allergies! I don't know how much longer she would have lived had we not found this shampoo!

Best Chlorhex I've used by Gary B.12/08/2009

My miniature schnauzer has had "schnauzer bumps" (allergic reaction infections) for years. I've used several shampoos (many chlorhex), and found this Duoxo Chlorhex PS to be the best. Bathing twice a week with it, adding fish oil supplement, and antibiotic treatment is now almost a thing of the past.

by from 10/09/2009

by from 01/25/2011

My miniature schnauzer constantly had "schnauzer itch" skin allergy for the first 12 years of her life, going through a variety of antibiotics that "sort-of" worked. Then I discovered Duoxo Chlorhex PS shampoo. I bathe her religiously twice a week, and she hasn't been to the vet for skin itch in 2 years.

it by works!" from Duoxo - It Works!TRY


Excellent Product by msnick from Northern Ohio01/10/2012

Duoxo Products were first suggest by the veterinarian, Excellent products

Chlorhexidine Shampoo helped Save Our Big Boy by Bullmastiff Partners from Chicago, IL09/12/2012

Our Big Boy, Grider, a Bullmastiff, had terrible skin issues which were preventing therapy for wobblers. Washing Grider twice a week keeps his skin clear of most blemishes and when they do appear they heal almost overnight after a bath. This is now part of his routine of Heartguard and Frontline.

Product works by jmt from Frankfort, IL03/15/2012

This product seems to be working very well. It does not have a bad smell like I read in a review. Our dog does not seem to mind it at all. I would definitely recommend it if you think your dog's skin problem could be due to a yeast infection.

good medicated shampoo by SDTrojan from San Diego01/04/2012

Have been using this on my dog for about 2 years. His skin takes a beating as he visits the beach quite a bit and is in the salt water a lot. This shampoo seems to sooth his irritated skin. Make sure you lather up good, working the lather into the coat and skin, AND leave the lather on him for about 5 min in order to get maximum effect. This product does not help with all types of skin irritations - check with your vet first before using.

Excellent shampoo! by amanda4904701/23/2013

Great shampoo for skin conditions that respond to chlorhexidine. Smells great, leaves the coat soft and shiny and has a rich lather very quickly. Recommend this shampoo for sure and entirely pets has a great price on it too!!

by oleo from salisbury,ct06/07/2013

My Newfie goes for hydrotherapy in an indoor pool every week for hip displasia. He developed skin lesions from the chemicals. The vet suggested to useduoxochlorine shampoo-let it stay on 5 min then rinse. No more skin problems. Your price was half of what the vet charged for the shampoo.

Very palatable by Cine01/01/2013

Dog willing to eat, I do not have to force it down her throat, or hide it in a treat, like the Denosyl pill form, which is too pig, and tastes bad.

Dog Shampoo by Happy Dog Owner from Darrington, WA11/13/2011

This shampoo works very well on my little Shihtzu. She is much more comfortable after her bath. I am also very satisfied with the service provided. Thanks again. Pat (and Biscuit)

by Gusto's mom10/23/2012

Excellent product! I have a toy poodle who is prone to very sensitive skin, this shampoo is great for him!

Definitive Medicated Shampoo Relief by Celtic0k9 from Northern California12/29/2012

Entirely Pets has become my go-to site for securing highly effective products in treating my dog's skin conditions. Douxo - Chlorhexidine PS + Climbazole Shampoo is a product that I was getting through my vet -- and then they discontinued it and opted for another product that cost more and was less effective in controlling my dog's chronic bacterial folliculitis outbreak. This product works great and dries up hot spots, pustules and rawness with usually just one bathing. The key to this product is the Chlorhexidine -- which surgeons often prescribe to patients to aid healing and fight potential infections. I highly recommend using this product -- and it leaves the dogs smelling good and conditions the coat too.

Vet recommended by Taysmimi from Orange Countyt, CA11/06/2012

Our vet recommended this shampoo for our terrier that has skin allergies. It calms the scratching.

Love this item by Duce06/18/2012

My dog Duce suffers from severe allergies and we originally got this item from his dermatologist as a prescription. I live one hour from the dermatologist and it was not always convenient to get. I saw the item on entirely pets and I never have to get it from the dermatologist because it comes right to my door and costs less too!

by Glenna from Salisbury, NC08/05/2012

My dog has very itchie skin. This product sooths and kills fles on contact. Love thius shampoo

has worked wonders by lisa from clarington,ohio06/11/2012

my poor boxer has suffered from allergies since he was 9 months old he is 7 yrs now and this is the first time that i have seen such a great improvement,and we have tried everything from allergy shots for a yr. to a drug called cyclosprine which cost $200.00 a month and we did that for a yr. also we have used this shampoo for 2 weeks and what a difference...

This shampoo is Heaven sent !!! by CindiLouHoo from Corinth, MS11/07/2012

My sweet, 7y/o Pug has suffered with skin problems since age 2. Needless to say, we've tried many different shampoos, creams, sprays, etc., over the past 5 yrs. I ordered the Douxo shampoo from the Entirely Pets website, received it 2 days later, and after only 2 baths, noted 100% improvement. My only regret, is that I didn't find this product sooner!

Best Medicated Shampoo by sheltielady805/15/2013

I've been using this product for several years because it was recommended by my dermatology veterinarian for my shelties with various skin problems. It has been very effective.

Great shampoo by corgigal from Oceanside CA11/05/2012

I love this shampoo, my dogs were itching and uncomfortable the male had hot spots. I tried this shampoo and they are itching less and the hot spots heal faster. Great smell and after a bath they don't have that wet fur smell.

Douso-Chlorhexidine PS shampoo by Paully from Orlando, fl06/08/2013

this product was recommended by my vet and I feel it helps my dog's allergies as they seem to itch less after shampooing them in this product.

Great product by Cindy P from Buffalo, NY10/19/2011

We have been bathing our minature schnauzer with this shampoo for a few weeks now and the itching and dry skin have greatly subsided. We've tried everything to get his dry skin rash to go away so he would stop scratching himself raw and this seems to have done the trick.

Good stuff! by Daisy May10/22/2012

Started using this on the advice of my Vet. It's kept my dogs skin in good condition with a bath every 7-10 days, leaving it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. A little seems to go a long way....

excellent product for allergic dog by lab lover from MA10/31/2012

Excellent product for allergic lab. Keeps outbreaks under control but you have to use it on a regular basis. Great price -much cheaper than buying from vet.

very good by Lisa11/10/2011

helps reduce redness on sore areas of my havanese

Unbelievable by Rhonda10/23/2012

My vet recommended this product for my Schnauzer who has allergies that produce skin issues. I have only used it twice but it has already made a huge difference. I also changed his dog food so, with both treating him at the same time, he is almost cleared up. It is an amazing product.

Incredible product for allergic GSDs by GSD owner08/12/2010

Recommended by my derm vet for my GSDs with allergies. Have had 3 allergic GSDs. This product has made a huge difference in their care. Itching is minimal. Secondary skin infections are much less frequent. Important to use this as a "medicated bath" product. Put 2-3 oz in 30 oz of water, gently mix, pour onto and work into a wet coat. Works into a wonderful sudsy product that is worked into entire coat. Set timer and gently scrub & massage for 10-15 min--especially into problem areas--before rinsing. Not inexpensive but this is the best price I have found.

Great for dogs with allergies by snelto from Owensboro, KY12/06/2011

Since our vet recommended Douxo shampoo, our dog has had marked improvements in his skin allergies.

Awesome Shampoo! by melodymouse05/30/2012

My 11 year old Shih Tzu has suffered with skin allergies for years. I have taken him to specialists, tried multiple medications, diets and shampoos with no relief. A friend who rescued a dog with the same skin issues recommended this shampoo. In just a week, my little guy's skin has cleared up dramatically. I am so happy not to have to watch him suffer! Thank You Douxo and Entirely Pets!!

Douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo by Paula from Gladstone, OR03/10/2013

We have used this shampoo on our Wire Haired Dachshund for infected hair follicles. The shampoo worked very well, but was very expensive when purchased through our vet. We need to use it on our dog once a month and your price makes it very affordable for continued use

AWESOME SHAMPOO by Dog Lover02/06/2012


Great Product! by JaxB03/10/2012

My 11 year old GSD suffers from skin issues related to chronic yeast infections. This shampoo, when used in conjunction with dietary supplements, markedly improves his skin condition in 2-3 weeks. I highly recommend this product. Great price and fast delivery.

Great for hot spots by Mimi from Aiea, HI08/17/2012

I tried various types of medicated shampoos with high prices but this is the best for my dog's seborrhea and folliculitis. The fragrance is wonderful!

Double the size & less then half the price of vets by Mac from CA10/27/2011

Every time my dog had a relapse case of Staph Infection, I have to bath him with this shampoo. I got a 8oz bottle from his vet and it was $40! Thinking it was a prescription shampoo, I didn't think I could get it anywhere else without a prescription. But one day, I just did a search for places to get it and viola! I stumbled upon Entirely Pets and to my utter surprise, I didn't need a prescription AND their 16.9oz bottle was only $24! I was sooooo over-joyed that I bought 2 bottles. And anyone whose dog has a Staph Infection, knows that it's recommended that a bath be given twice a week for several weeks. So a 8oz bottle doesn't last long. I absolutely love this shampoo. Rather then having to put my dog on antibiotics every time he has a relapse, I find this shampoo to have helped a lot in his itching and scabbing. And I like how gentle this shampoo is and how it doesn't smell like it's medicated. Thank you Entirely Pets for offering such a great product! Mac thanks you!

Nice and gentle shampoo by roxie06/06/2012

This shampoo helps the skin and odor of my English Bulldog.

Gentle to skin by Happy Gal from Aiea, HI12/17/2012

I tried various medicated shampoos to treat my dog's infected folliculitis and this shampoo helped clear up her skin condition without a mediciny smell.

great shampoo by jsel from Washington05/16/2013

Douxo - chlorhexidine PS Shampoo was prescribed by my Veterinarian. I purchased the larger size from Entirely Pets to help with his seborrhea skin condition. It cast less and helps with the skin problem.

Really helped my allergic dog. by sdkaren05/29/2012

Vet recommended this shampoo and it is working well. We bathe him 2 times per week and his skin has really improved. I didn't give 5 stars because you have to use a lot to get any lather.

Effective shampoo for dogs with skin allergies by azdesignguy from Phoenix, AZ12/27/2012

We have found this product to be the most effective shampoo for our dog who suffers from a wide range of allergies which result in skin rashes and discomfort. It is gentle enough to be used several times a week when necessary and does not dry out her coat.

Goodbye oily, scaly, itchy skin by SuzieQ02/12/2012

This product saves me trips to the vet. After being diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed Douxo, my Cairn Terrier's, Simon, skin is now much improved. No more itching, hair has regrown on his feet, and with a bath 1-2 times/week, he smells fresh & clean. A two thumbs up for this product!!!

by from 02/16/2013

I use this on a doberman pincher that has really bad skin - I bath him once a week and allow it to stay on for 10 min - rinse then towel dry - no dryer

great by and from allHer


very effective and gentle by bernerluvr05/29/2013

my dog has seasonal allergies to outside allergens. This product cleared up infections that were secondary to the allergy, and maintained the coat quality

Great Shampoo for Dogs by Cody05/07/2013

This shampoo has been super helpful for my senior dog with allergies. He frequently got hotspots and had lots of dandruff before starting him on this product. I have been using it once per week and the results are amazing. No more hotspots and his coat is super soft and shiny and smells pretty too! It takes a few weeks to show results but is definitely worth it! Many people have commented on how nice his coat is!

Great! by Kim07/05/2012

Works well and has no real medicinal odor.

Excellent medicated shampoo by Lindsey from Florida07/08/2012

I have a Great Pyrenees with major skin issues. He has flare ups several times a year, and although we do our best to control it through nutrition and environment we keep this shampoo on hand for times when his skin needs attention. This shampoo is excellent! When we notice skin lesions starting to form, we use this shampoo once every couple of days on the affected areas until healed. I've found it really reduces the intensity and duration of skin infections, helps control his itching, and keeps his skin calm for healing. I've used other universal medicated shampoos before, but for my dog this works best. I highly recommend it!

Good delivery but diluted product by Sam07/30/2012

I have been using this product since 2010. I have used entirelypets many times and very happy with their customer service. But the last time I recieved this product (May 2012), it looked like the product was diluted (not as concentrated as it used to be). I do not know if the manufacturer did it this way. In general, this is a good product

Two Thumbs up by Duchess from WESTERN NY03/15/2013

Great item keeps Duchess from itching and her skin and coat looking great for about 4 weeks.

Excellent Shampoo by Lucy Ball Chaser from Oakland, CA10/25/2012

I made the switch from Etiderm Shampoo for my 6 year old Chessie who has terrible allergies. I started out bathing her 2x a week and now am at 1x a week. Seems to work great! And it smells good, too!

Douxo Chlorhexadine Shampoo by Char from Central Coast, CA11/23/2011

This shampoo saved me a lot of trips and money to the animal dermatologist. My English bulldog used to have black scaly bumps growing on his skin, which we learned were over-producing hair follicles (folliculitis). We use this shampoo once or twice a week (depending on his skin that week) and we have not been back to the dermatologist in 5 months.

My vet recommended! Awesome Product!!! by Sherry from North Bend, Washington12/04/2012

I love this shampoo. I had tried several things from my regular vet. He sent me to a dermatologist vet and he recommended this product. What a difference. It has given my Chesapeake so much relief!! Much cheaper on this site than purchasing from the vet!!!

It Really Works! by Christina A.10/03/2010

My 14 year old Yorkie was miserable with skin allergies and was waking me up at night from constant scratching and licking. My vet had recommended various products such as epi-sooth shampoo, and resicort and other lotions, besides an antihistamine pill. I felt there had to be a better product and I did not want to have to keep giving my dog pills which were only making him sleep. After reseaching and looking up the ingredient chlorhexidine, I decided to purchase chlorhexidine PS shampoo. After following the directions, my Mijo seemed to regain his perky barky self. It was like a relief came over him. That night he had a sound sleep and didn't even wake up scratching. I was so relieved and I have never wrote a testimonial about any product but felt I had to share this one. I continue to bath him twice a week and it still works and now I am buying a bigger size bottle of the shampoo.

Great Shampoo! by stargirl2543 from Bucks County, PA01/27/2012

This Douxo shampoo is amazing. I have a German Shepherd who suffers from allergies, both indoor, outdoor and food. Adding weekly baths with the Douxo chlorhexidine shampoo to her treatment has worked wonders! It has been months since she needed any antibiotics for skin infections and I have been able to stop the use of Atopica for the winter. This shampoo lathers up nicely and is very easy to rinse out. Be sure to follow the directions and let the lather sit on your dog for ten minutes before you rinse. A big thank you to Entirely Pets for offering such great products at a great price. I highly recommend this product!

HIGHLHY RECOMMEND by dantheman from Moro Bay Ca07/18/2012

My Yorkie has been scratching way too much. I now use douxo Chlorhexidine PS Shampoo and a diet of Flint River Ranch Duck and Oatmeal Nuggets and the constant scratching has stopped and my little girl, once more, enjoys life!!

A miracle by 576teeny from Illinois06/16/2012

We have a little yorkie that has allergy problems. We have tried everything. She's five years old and has suffered all five years until her dermatologist suggested this shampoo. It was like flipping a switch. This combined with her allergy shots and a Claritin tablet have finally stopped the constant itching, scratching, open sores, paw biting and anything else associated with allergies. Her life is so much better - worth a try if you are having the same problems. We are so happy for her.

Love this product! by Zoey06/19/2012

Improved the condition of my French Bulldog's skin due to allergies. Use it twice a week in the beginning and then continue to use for maintenance. Pleasant scent.



Heaven sent with a great scent! by GenDiva from NYC, NY02/14/2013

Other shampoos that are medicated leave a funny odor, but not this one! It also has a great lathering action... Just the best, and thank God for it! Max even enjoys the "bouncing and behaving" lift it gives to his coat.

Skin allergy tamer by Michele from Virginia Beach10/30/2011

Works great. Have a shar-pei and it is great stuff

by from 10/30/2012

My Golden Retriever developed a yeast problem with her skin. She was itching everywhere, shedding, and was absolutely miserable. We used this shampoo along with the N'zymes protocol and it cleared up.

shampoo by at from leastYou


The only product that has worked on my dog. by Erin from Jacksonville, Florida12/12/2011

My older, allergy-prone dachshund has chronic skin problems but this shampoo and the chlorhexidine wipes have helped him tremendously. He gets frequent baths and in between I can treat his problem patches with the wipes. This shampoo was recommended by my vet but he charges a lot more.

Great Value by Wiener mom06/27/2012

I bought the DOUXO shampoo for my dog and got more than twice the product at the same price that I paid at the vet.

Great purchase by Ann10/12/2011

This was bought to cure a staff infection. I was very surprised how nice it smells, very faint, not overwhelming. We use it every 5 days and it is not drying and leaves our dog's coat super soft and shiny! It cured the infection too.

Great dog shampoo by cindyroo from Portsmouth, VA05/03/2013

My 7 year old Shih tzu has terrible environmental allergies that make her bite and scratch CONSTANTLY. The meds she is taking are helping but I wanted to get a shampoo that would enhance her pills. The Duoxa with Climbazole works great for her. We have tried a lot of different mediums - even organics - but nothing works as well as this shampoo!

Great Product by ky02411/28/2012

this shampoo was recommended for my bulldog by her dermatologist. And this site is the only one I could find it on. It is much cheaper here than the doctor. They shampoo works wonderful and helps keep her skin clear and free from itchy spots. She gets a bath once a week and sometimes twice a week and it works well. Contact time with the shampoo is key 10 to 15 minutes. The shampoo lathers nicely versus other brands.

Recommeded by my dogs Dermatologist by Wholetthedogsout from Waldorf, MD03/12/2013

Our dogs have food and/or environmental allergies. In addition to prescription food, Atopica and other wallet effecting actions we have to bathe Tahoe every week and the girls every other week. KetoChlor and Douxo are both recommended and effect different irritants so we follow our Dermatologists instructions to go two weeks on the KetoChlor and two weeks on the Douxo. The GREAT thing about the Douxo is that it lathers great, so you can cut it with a little water and get to work bathing using what you need. You need to leave it on the dog for 10 minutes and then rinse. If you rinse before then you are wasting your money because by leaving it on that is when it is able to affect the yeast and other microbes on the skin. It rinses easily and leaves a mild smell not overly scented. KetoChlor is vital to our therapy because it controls different microbes that Douxo does not, but it does not lather well at all, so you tend to use a lot more product and it takes longer to rinse because you've used more product. Douxo only comes in smaller 16.9 oz bottles so I wait until one of Entirely Pets great sales, KetoChlor is avail in gallon size but requires prescription from your Derm/vet. Both products have been vital in helping with our dog's battles with allergies. While our GSD's have a lot of health problems we wouldn't give any of them up for anything! I took off one star because they don't offer the Douxo in a more economical size. I use 2/3 of a bottle on Tahoe alone.

shampoo works great by Jay from Mystic Ct10/22/2012

Less itching after bath downside is the cost

Featured Reviews for DOUXO Calm Shampoo (6.8 fl. oz.)
Best Shampoo for dry scaly skin by AJ01/25/2013

Recommended by the vet and it was costly, Here it is affordable when you need to give a bath once a week. It leaves Ming-lee's hair silky soft and she enjoys her spa/pamper day

by Donna04/17/2012

I have to bathe my dog weekly due to allergies. This is a great hypoallergenic shampoo which has helped his symptoms. Also, a little goes a long way.

Douxo Calm Shampoo works! by Oliver's Mom from Los Angeles. CA.05/02/2012

My poor cocker spaniel has had terribly itchy skin all of his life. Nothing seemed to help... special foods, and medicated shampoos didn't seem to make a difference. This product was recommended to me and really seems to be helping!!!!!!!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

this shampoo works! by baileys mom from CA08/09/2012

My dog was constantly itching, I used this shampoo and no more itching! This shampoo really works!

by from 07/27/2012

This product seems to help with itching. It take several shampoos to really work. It rinses well.

shampoo by for from regularUse


Calming Shampoo by Jean G from Pensacola, FL11/06/2012

Douxo Calm Shampoo, has very little scent. After a bath with this forumal, my dog relaxes and naps the afternoon away, in peace....just like a baby.

It actually works!! by suzanne from Sonoma County06/09/2011

Our poor rescue Malinois had terrible skin issues, and was chewing herself to death. . .infections spreading and everything. Using this and the Calm spray in between shampoos IMMEDIATELY provided relief and kept her under control without further antibiotics and steroids. Pretty amazing...

by CT08/20/2011

We have a cocker spaniel with allergies for 6 years and every year the sores get worse. I used douxo one time and it made a big difference. Didn't completely take it away, but tamed it from spreading. Will continue to use it as shots don't seem to work as well. A sibling of this batch also have the same problem and the person that bought it loves this product also. Thank you so much.

Duoxo Shampoo by Robin from Tennessee12/29/2012

Excellent, has really helped her allergy. I give my Jack Russell allergy shots every week, have tried oatmeal shampoos, tea tree oil, benadryl, claritan, hyrdocortisone sprays. Duoxo is the ONLY shampoo that has really helped relieve her itching and the redness of her skin. All of her open areas are now healed.

Great Product by Cookie05/30/2013

This product, in combination with the Emulsion Spray, have greatly improved my puppy's skin condition.

Great product by Igoudm01/31/2013

My wire fox terrier has skin allergies and I have to bathe him once a week at least. This is a gentle, non fragrant shampoo that cleans well and seems to help his itching for a while.

The Best by Amanda06/01/2008

My Veternarian prescribed this for my English Bull Dog who was suffering from severly inflamed skin. He was scratching spots almost raw. I used it the first time and there was no more scratching. I'm planning on continuing the use of this shampoo. I would recommend it definately.

Douxo Calm Shampoo by Victoria11/14/2011

Would definitely recommend this product. We recently adopted a stray Pomeranian who had been covered in fleas and ticks....poor guy, he had hot spots and scabs all over his body. We started using this product with him and he no longer feels the need to constantly scratch himself and his skin is pink and returning to normal.

Excellent Product by SM04/12/2009

I used this product on the advice of my Vet. My Shih Tzu has such severe allergies we had to put him on steroids just to bathe him - severe scratching which lead to lacerating his skin, infections, misery. This shampoo has no ill effects on him at all and we no longer have to use the steroids!

DOUXO Calm Shampoo by Gordo03/24/2012

Great product & have used it for years on all of my English Bulldogs, a breed known for skin problems.

Fantastic purchase / product by Lightening from Baltimore, MD12/05/2012

If your canine has allergies or dry skin, I highly recommend this product. My 4 yrs. old AmBu is pure white with severe allergies to almost everything outdoors to include shrubs. I use the Duoxo shampoo in combination with the calming spray. My big boy has been allergy free since I began using this product a year ago.

Makes my baby so happy by kb from SF East Bau08/13/2011

My beautiful little Cavalier King Charles is allergic to flees, and though I try to keep the Advantage going, her skin still gets all pink and she gets itchy and stinky. The vet gave me this shampoo, which visibly turns her skin from pink to white and calms her itching for a week or more. We would not like to live without this product. Please note, you really do have to leave it on for 10 minutes for it to work, luckily, my girl doesn't mind. Thank You for this product!

Great by Pigbini from New Jersey02/24/2012

I bought this for my Great Dane who has such dry, flaky, irritated skin. I tried all types of moisturizing shampoos. And nothing. I used this once and his skin stayed clear for over a week. I'm sure his skin will improve the more I use it.

Featured Reviews for Douxo Seborrhea Micro-emulsion Spray - FOR DOGS & CATS (6.8 fl oz)
Great Spray by Finneus' Mom02/13/2012

My review regarding this product has more to do with customer service and product expiration date rather than the product itself. My first shipment of this produce was expired. When I called to notify EntirelyPets of this issue, I was informed a new bottle would be shipped right out. Two weeks later I still did not have a replacement bottle. I called again and the agent informed me that there was nothing documented in their system indicating that I had ever called. Again I was told a new bottle would be sent to me. However, when I expressed my frustration over the entire oversight on their end and that my puppy would be now be without this spray for 3-4 weeks, the agent could have cared less. He did not offer me a future discount and did not agree to send my next order with free shipping. In fact, I had just placed another order for a different product and when I asked him if he could add my new order on to the order of the spray to replace my expired one, he said "no you will have to pay the shipping". I am not impressed with the customer service up to this point. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE EXPIRATION DATES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BEFORE THEY SHIP THE PRODUCT TO YOU!

Why is this product unavailable? by Leslie04/21/2012

I DEPEND on this product and it has been on backorder since January. The page says "to call for availability" but when I do the customer service person just says they have "no idea" when they will have it. Very upsetting as no one seems to have a response on what is going on with this in-demand product.

by koddy03/21/2012

I have yet to receive this product that I oredered over a month ago.

Satisfied by wendy01/04/2013

I only had been able to use this for a little over a week and it was working as it said it would, however my dog died and wasnt able to see full results. ( died of unrelated issue)

Nice Spray by Foster Mom from San Diego, CA07/30/2012

I am fostering a Lhasa Apso who came in extremely neglected. She has a smell that doesn't seem to improve except for right after her bath. She sheds small black dandruff-like flakes when I bathe her. I have used Douxo Seborrhea Micro-Emulsion Spray for between baths (using Douxo Seborrhea Shampoo) and she seems to be improving greatly.

Doesn't work by Natalie10/28/2011

This product has done nothing to help my dog's seborrhea. It smells good, but is otherwise useless. Also, about 1/4 of the bottle was in the packaging instead of in the bottle when I received it (there was only a little under 5 oz available). The scaly scabs on his back and legs have not been reduced at all with the use of this spray alone. It certainly hasn't decreased his scratching. Pyoben works the best in combo with antihistamines and allergy shots. I was hoping to add this product in between baths (using Pyoben shampoo) to help reduce his itching and possibly reduce the amount of antihistamine he gets. Useless! This product, however, is a waste of money!

easy to use by Joan from Sy Thomas VI11/08/2012

The dogs licked it off as soon as they could get at it. It was a good spray bottle which is always a relief. Product seemed to work ok

Excellent Coat Spray by Fearless11/11/2012

Excellent spray for dogs with sebaceous edonitis. Softens coat and helps eliminate scaling.

Instructions by ceci from California08/18/2012

The product is great, it really helps control seborrhea on my Westies. But the instructions! It takes a magnifying glass to be able to read them! As it is sold now, it is difficult to read the guidelines of this product. Couldn't the manufacturer increase the size of the lettering or have the instructions printed on a pamphlet attached to the bottle? All and all, good product, very poor packaging.

Great for between baths by Kim11/10/2011

I use this spray for between baths. My dog has horrible skin and is constantly itchy and chewing. This controls the itch, chewing the smell. I highly recommend this product for use along with the shampoo!!

Excellent by Trish01/22/2012

This product has dramatically reduced my Cairn Terrier's skin flaking and itching. I would recommend it to any pet owner whose dog is having similar symptoms.

old product by bwyn10/20/2011

I ordered this product in Oct. 2011 and it had an expiration date of Nov. 2011. I'm using it but am not confident that it has full potency.

Featured Reviews for Douxo Micellar Ear Solution - FOR CATS & DOGS (4.2 fl oz)
What a Product!! by Pat from Baldwin, Maryland03/01/2011

I bought the Douxo Micellar Ear Solution for my 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. She has had allergy problems from birth and her ears were always inflamed and full of red gook. I used prescription wash and otc products but it just got worse - UNTIL this Douxo Micellar product. It almost cleared her ears overnight and now I only have to clean them weekly and there's no huge buildup like before. I have told all my dog friends about this product and they're using it for maintenance and are thrilled with my find! A great solution and very inexpensive. Try it - you'll love it!

good ear cleaner for dogs with skin problems by friedman from north las vegas nevada01/28/2012

the product is good and non greasey and it helps with my boxer s ear problems ,but the only thing i would think and would be better if the ear cleaner bottle came in a bigger ones. because iam useing every day it goes so fast.

Best Ear Cleaning Product I've Come Across! by CgoRetriever from Chicago, IL01/29/2012

I have a retriever with floppy ears that are prone to infection. I've tried several ear cleaners, but a lot of them have done more harm than good. This one is perfect! I use it weekly on my dog - his ears have stayed really healthy and not at all irritated. Definitely recommend this product for ear cleaning!

Fantastic Product by American Bulldog from Indiana03/06/2012

This product was recommended to me by a vet for my American Bulldog afflicted with a disease called Ichthyosis. His ears must be cleaned at least twice a week or more depending on how they look. Just after using the Micellar Solution for 1 week, we began to see the difference in his ears. This product has been a godsend and our boy appreciates his ears feeling so much better. Thank you EntirelyPets!

by amkelley from Charlotte NC07/09/2012

This product is so effective on my dogs ears. It really helps remove the wax that I can't get to when cleaning their ears. If you give it a day you will notice that what you couldn't clean will come up to the surface for easier cleaning.

Fantastic Ear Cleaner by Cheryl from Indiana11/11/2012

Our dog Finneus has to have his ears cleaned sometimes as often as 3 times a week, so it was important to find something that was effective in removing the debris and odor but not to cause his skin to over dry. This is the perfect product and I recommend it highly!

A must have by Maureen05/28/2008

Deratology Vets at UCD VMTH prescribed flushing my Goldens ears daily along with the Tresaderm drops. His ears are "kissable" now. No infection, no inflammation. Anyone with Golden Retrievers needs to know this.

not just for ears by pit bull parent from Clermont, FL01/24/2013

Douxo products are all really good. This one cleans and helps heal small abrasions. Worked great on ears also.

Good product by Tlj120 from North Branch MN10/30/2012

Good product have used this before on my previous dog. great to use after baths or for general maitenance.

Favorite All-Around Ear Cleaner by Halle10/07/2008

I was introduced to this product by my dogs' dermatologist and it quickly became my favorite. I was so excited about it, I asked my general vets' practice to start carrying it too. I never expected to be excited about an ear cleaner, but the effect on my Newfs' ears has been wonderful.

Helped with persistent ear yeast infection by CVT06/06/2009

Had faithfully cleaned my beagle/basset's ears with EpiOtic (which is a fine product for normal maintenance). However, we had a yeast infection that we just couldn't shake even with diligent cleanings. Per the recommendation of our practice's dermatogist, we used this solution prior to prophylatic treatments for the yeast infection. Just 2-3 cleanings (not even yet treating the ear for infection!) have resulted in ears with FAR less residual debris compared to similar cleanings with EpiOtic. Intermittent head shaking is also markedly decreased. I like EpiOtic for normal maintenance of non-problematic ears, but if you have a dog with persistent brown/red debris, this product is definitely worth consideration.

Works great, smells good by Lizzi11/03/2009

This stuff works great for ear cleaning and wiping around the eyes and other areas. Even better, it actually smells nice unlike many ear cleansers.

Douxo-Micellar Solution - My Vet Provided by Jean from Chicago11/07/2012

I originally received this product from my Vet and in comparison to some other products, the fragrance wasn't overpowering and the solution seemed to stop the ear problems my dog was having. I could also use the solution on small abrasions/cuts too. I also buy the Duoxo shampoos.

EXCELLENT FOR CLEANING EARS by Havanese lover from Clemmons, NC04/04/2013

My dog has very clean ears using this product and I'm very satisfied with it.

Excellent for yeast by Xander from Minneapolis, MN03/15/2010

Great at taking care of cleaning once the yeast take hold. Correcting the diet and using this product and I never have had to do anything more for my cocker's ears.

Douxo Micellar Ear Solution by tbailey from Columbus, Ohio11/18/2011

I am glad I purchased this product. This so far is the cheapest around and I got two bottles. I have 6 cats and it will definitely get used. Thank You!

Worked wonders by Mamandutoutoublanc from Canada03/03/2013

We think my English white golden retriever may have allergies. The vet suggested Douxo to clear his ears since the usual vet solution made his ears irritated and red. When my dog got another ear infection, I tried 2x daily cleaning with Douxo and within a week his ear was cured. Now I just clean the problem ear once a week. I also use it to clean dark spots on his skin and his skin is getting better everyday but it makes the white hair turn reddish color. I will be trying other Douxo products in the next months. I think this product is great for my sensitive dog.

Excellent Product by Steph from Charlotte, NC11/02/2011

The line of Douxo products are offered at my Vets office for more money. This works great on my little dogs ears. He has been diagnosed with ear margin dermatoses - flaky ear tips with hair loss. It can be used inside the ears as well for an ear cleaner.

Great Suggestion By My Vet by Doghouse from Waverly, MN02/09/2012

My clinic recommended this ear cleaner and it is great! Cleans very well and no sticky residue. I highly recomend it.

Good For My Swimming Golden by Teddy's Mom08/10/2012

I need a wash to keep my Golden's ears clear. She swims every day and once the weather gets warmer, the wax and debris starts to build up. I use an ear wash to prevent infection when I think her ears are starting to smell a bit sour. Ran out of my old stuff, got this stuff. I put in a few drops, close her flap and rub -- then watch out! After a good head shaking, lots of debris from lower in the canal comes up on to her ear flap. Exactly what we need to see happen!

Excellent ear cleaner by Hootie05/12/2013

This solution is an excellent ear cleaner at an affordable price!

Featured Reviews for Douxo Calm Mousse (6.8 oz)
Love this product by Walter from Los Angeles, California02/12/2013

My 2 year old black lab has lots of environmental allergies and very very dry skin. This Mouse in combination of medicated baths and Essential-6 oils has worked miracles on his skin. His coat is getting back to his silky luster. We use it on non-bath days. It is easy to put on and Walter enjoys it!

Featured Reviews for Douxo Calm Allergy Micro-emulsion (6.8 oz)
Improvement Finally by Cookie05/30/2013

This product has helped tremendously in getting my puppy's skin condition under control.

Featured Reviews for Douxo AntiSeptic Chlorhexidine + Climbazole Mousse (6.8 oz)
No More Itchies!!! by Bodie's Mom from Henderson, NV06/01/2013

Bodie loves her Douxo Antispetic Chlorhexidine shampoo and mousse. She says, "my skin feels great and I look simply fabulous!!" The mousse is great in between baths. It's easy to use and helps keep her skin healthy and gives her such relief and comfort!

OK but makes coat sticky by Cody05/07/2013

I bought this mousse to go with the douxo shampoo that I use once a week on my dog. The mousse is probably a good product but makes their coat sticky and gummy which feels gross when you pet your dog. The product says it can be used in one spot or all over if needed. It's ok if just put in one place but I would not smear it all over him.

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