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Ears - Discharge

Ears - Discharge

Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush (16oz) for Dogs & Cats
Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush (16oz) for Dogs & Cats

($24.99)  $19.99
DECHRA TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush (4oz)
DECHRA TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush (4oz)

($12.99)  $9.99
DermaPet TrizEDTA Crystals (16oz)
DermaPet TrizEDTA Crystals (16oz)

($24.99)  $18.99
Earthbath Ear Wipes (25 soft wipes)
Earthbath Ear Wipes (25 soft wipes)

($7.99)  $5.99
Earthbath Eye Wipes (25 soft wipes)
Earthbath Eye Wipes (25 soft wipes)

($7.99)  $5.99
A multicleanse TrizEDTA solution. For use in dogs and cats as a cleaning and/or alkalinizing and/or pretreatment solution. Can be used without other meds or if used with antibiotic ear meds apply 1/2 hour before the antibacterial medication is applied. Aids in breakdown of inflammatory discharge in ears with more effective use of the antibiotic used for treating the infection.

Tris-EDTA buffer solutions are valuable as a long-term therapy for preventing the recurrence of Pseudomonas infection, either as part of a regular ear cleaning regimen or as a presoak before placing antibacterial solution into the ear canal. Such solutions are typically applied two to three times per week as needed.
5.00 rating based on 12 reviews
Featured Reviews for Dechra TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush (16oz) for Dogs & Cats
TrizEDTA Flush by Kit10/12/2011

I have bloodhounds. One of my boys has very very sensitive ears. This is the only product that does not have him running around shaking his head with red and inflamed pinas. I use the TrizEDTA with Keto to control yeast infections. For "out of control" yeast infections of the ears, apron, and skin, use the Keto-C shampoo. Great stuff for hounds.

Great for after a swim! by KatieB from Corona De Tucson AZ10/24/2012

Our Tracy Girl loves to swim in the pool and I treat her ears after she is done and I do not have had any problems with her ears! Love it!

Gentle and Effective by BellaSignora11/30/2010

This product was sold to me by veterinarian at twice the price! It is an excellent product for cleaning my poodle's ears. She doesn't mind it at all. It doesn't seem to burn or sting, but it melts the ear wax away. I try to use it weekly to keep things under control, but if I get behind and her ears really start to get bad, I use it twice a day for about five days and her ears really clear up. One bottle lasts me at least three months for two standard poodles. Try it! You will like it!

Great ear cleaner by Diana05/03/2013

My Cocker spaniel suffered w/severe ear infections. This is wonderful for maintaining healthy ears.

ear wash by momma mia12/20/2011

Simple to use. Solution pours easily out of bottle into pets ears. After a little rub, the dog shakes out the remnants. Cheaper than buying from the vet.

Wonderful answer to our ear problems by prairedale from Lakeland, Florida01/28/2014

I rescued an elder Airedale with very significant issues with Pseudomonas ear infections and Trizedta was very helpful in relieving this condition.

Ear Cleanser by Dave Lawrence09/30/2009

I've been using this product for the last three years and it's great for a cleaner. However, if the dog has any infections of the ear and you start to see a black substance forming it is usually an indication of a yeast infection and you'll need a visit to the vet for some drops. Otherwise, for weekly cleaning this is a great product.

great product used by vet hospital by zazoom03/13/2014

used by vet hospital cheaper here pets ears spotlessly clean

Keeps them away from the vet! by Jan from Chicago01/18/2012

Our vet recommended an ear wash for two of our three dogs. They were getting ear infections and DermaPet Trizedta really gets the "gunk" out!

by Melanie06/12/2013

Excellent for cocker ears, I use everyday on my dogs.

Very Gentle by ME from Lothian, MD02/26/2013

This product is very mild and doesn't irritate our cats ears. They like it better than the Epi-Otic brand so we switched. Use it on our dog too.

Greatest ear cleanser for dogs and cats by Grandma11/07/2012

Love this product! Keeps ears fresh and clean, easy to use, no harsh or toxic chemicals, does not irritate, it just freshens, deodorizes, cleans & keeps ears in great condition.

Featured Reviews for DermaPet TrizEDTA Crystals (16oz)
by from 03/11/2013

We have a very large lady Newfoundland with complicated ears and have been using TrizEDTA for years to reduce/kill yeasty infections and to flush out gunk (as well as regular cleaning).

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Featured Reviews for Earthbath Ear Wipes (25 soft wipes)
by from 11/12/2011

Pet Wipes by Juanito07/22/2013

I clean my cat's ears with these wipes before putting a medicinal gel in his ear. They work fine and contain no irritating ingredients.

convenient by LRM03/12/2014

Product is easy to use and seems to stay moist so far. My cat hates her ears wiped so I have not used them too much. It is much better than trying to get some liquid cleaner in her ear.

Best Purchase Ever by red05/30/2012

The product is gentle and works as advertised! Entirely Pets provides excellent service to customers!

Good Purchase by mOmO from Hong Kong04/09/2013

Easy, safety and convenient, smell is light and good, cat & dog both love it.

Excellant Product by blessedra from Wesley Chapel, Fl06/12/2012

This company makes the best products for your pets health, without harmful additives. The earwipes are easy to use + works amazingly well.

Featured Reviews for Earthbath Eye Wipes (25 soft wipes)
Works well... by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/23/2012

I can't say enough great things about the Earthbound brand, all of their products are eco-friendly and all natural and made in the USA, these wipes are no exception. They are great to get rid of excess tears which can build up and cause stains and are gently enough to be considered tearless.

Eye Wipes by Jewel from Minnesota09/26/2013

I love these eye wipes. They are just the right size and are gentle on my dogs eyes. Please keep them in your inventory.

Great Product! by Lucy from Georgia10/24/2012

These eye wipes are wonderful! They are all natural which makes me feel so much better about putting them near my dog's eyes. My maltipoo's eyes had been tearing up quite a bit as the weather changed and she was starting to show tear stains. These wipes are gentle enough to use daily and we wipe her eyes every night before bedtime. Her eyes are cleaner and her tear stains look so much better then they did before! Definitely recommend using these wipes for a safe, easy, and effective way to wash away the tears!

Save your money by Pug Nut from Eustis, FL04/16/2013

Nothing bad to say about this product. It works just like baby wipes.

Great Product by Rose from Maine02/13/2013

My cat, a Scottish Fold, has to have her eyes wiped daily. Using just water does not work. This product is the only one I have found that works and is gentle on her eyes.

by Rick from Oregon09/22/2014

Works great for cleaning eye crustys from my Yorkies.

Amazing Effective Product by blessedra from Wesley Chapel, Fl06/12/2012

These eyewipes are fantastic for your pet, gentle and effective...my cat and I love this companies products.

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