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Earth's Balance

Earth's Balance is committed to developing and marketing unique, effective problem solving products for the Pet and Lawn/Garden Industries, utilizing natural and organic ingredients, enzymes and biostimulants, along with cutting edge technology that will help detoxify the earth.

G-Whiz Neutralizer for Dogs (8 fl. oz.)
G-Whiz Neutralizer for Dogs (8 fl. oz.)

($14.99)  $10.99
Fitness Fuel for Pets (32 fl. oz.)
Fitness Fuel for Pets (32 fl. oz.)

($19.99)  $6.99
G-Whiz for Dogs - 32 oz
G-Whiz for Dogs - 32 oz

($44.50)  $38.99
Dander Free for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
Dander Free for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)

($18.99)  $14.99
G-Whiz Neutralizer for Cats (8 fl. oz.)
G-Whiz Neutralizer for Cats (8 fl. oz.)

($16.99)  $10.87
Itch Free for Cats (12 fl. oz.)
Itch Free for Cats (12 fl. oz.)

($15.99)  $5.08
Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.)
Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.)

($14.99)  $13.99
G-Whiz Neutralizer for Dogs (8 fl. oz.) by Earth's Balance

G-Whiz assist in digestion to help reduce the volume of internal ammonia that causes yellow spots and waste odors.

Ingredients: Ionized water, dextrose, di malic acid, essential ammino acids (glutamic acid, alanine, aspartic acid, glycine, proline, leucine, valine, threonine, lysine, phenylalanine, argine, tyrosine, isoleucine, histitidine, tryptophane) yucca shidigera (flavoring), citric acid, xanthan gum, with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate added as preservatives.

Plant-based formula does not contain meat or meat by-products.

Amino Acid Guarantees:

  • Glutamic Acid: .09%
  • Alanine: .09%
  • Aspartic Acid: .09%
  • Glycine: .09%
  • Proline: .09%
  • Leucine*: .09%
  • Valine*: .09%
  • Threonine*: .09%
  • Lysine*: .09%
  • Phenylalanine*: .09%
  • Arginine*: .08%
  • Tyrosine: .07%
  • Isoleucine*: .07%
  • Histidine*: .05%
  • Tryptophane*: .001%

    SHAKE WELL. Add to food/water daily (do not skip days). As metabolisms may vary, some experimentation is needed to determine the proper amount of G-Whiz liquid to give your dog. Begin with 3 full pump strokes per day in the food and/or water. As a guide, use one pump stroke for every 10 pounds of weight for best results. Provide fresh water daily. Refrigerate after opening.

    This item is Currently Out of Stock and Should be Shipped 4-6 Weeks.
  • 5.00 rating based on 1 review
    Featured Reviews for G-Whiz Neutralizer for Dogs (8 fl. oz.)
    Not so good by stevensirovai03/03/2012

    I was hoping to find a solution for my cats constant diarrhea, and after giving as directed (which wasn't easy because my cat HATED the taste), it didn't do a bit of good. In fact, I think it made his problem worse. Unfortunately, not the solution here. I was originally told this may help. He's very healthy but always has stinky and runny poopy. This was NOT the solution.

    Great product! by John346 from Southeast Idaho04/29/2012

    We bought our first bottle from Fosters & Smith over five years ago for our female German Shepard. We discontinue using it after first snowfall, and restart in spring before the grass starts to turn green. Three pumps mixed into her food, and literally zero dead spots! We initially tried the Foster & Smith chewables, and they were totally ineffective. We've had excellent results with this product!

    Featured Reviews for Dander Free for Dogs & Cats (8 oz)
    dander free by ink from upstate ny11/09/2012

    fast delivery---as described---easy to use----A+++

    Featured Reviews for G-Whiz Neutralizer for Cats (8 fl. oz.)
    by from 04/05/2012

    Great Product by CatLady from Richmond, VA01/10/2012

    I have used this product for several years for my 4 cats - I put 4-5 pumps in their water dish; and they all drink the water! It really does do the job of helping to keep the odor down in the litter box area. I ran out of it for a week or two and I did notice the difference. So I would recommend this product - it does what it says!

    Not Correct Product by Not Correct Product03/15/2012

    I did not receive the correct product. Instead of G-Whiz for Cats, I got it for small animals and cats were not mentioned on the bottle.

    Featured Reviews for Pet Solutions RX (8 fl. oz.)
    Helpful stuff by vlynn5 from Waterloo, NY01/21/2013

    I used this on our dog when she scratched herself on a thorn. It healed clean and quick. She never jumped when applied so I am sure it did not sting.

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