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Ergo Systems Automatic Pet Feeders

Ergo Systems Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic Pet Feeder SMALL (Dogs and Cats under 15 lbs.)
Automatic Pet Feeder SMALL (Dogs and Cats under 15 lbs.)

($143.00)  $129.99
Automatic Pet Feeder MEDIUM (Dogs and Cats 15-40 lbs.)
Automatic Pet Feeder MEDIUM (Dogs and Cats 15-40 lbs.)

($152.00)  $139.99
Automatic Pet Feeder LARGE (Dogs and Pigs over 40 lbs.)
Automatic Pet Feeder LARGE (Dogs and Pigs over 40 lbs.)

($163.00)  $149.99

Automatic Pet Feeder is convenient and great for people with busy schedules, it will help reduce overall daily chores. The Automatic Pet Feeder is a programmable pet feeder which can hold about 5 lbs of dry food. Features a precision timing and dispensing with eletronic digital timer.

  • Maximum feed size is (actual size) 3/8" diameter.

  • Model 2000GS Small Pet Feeder holds about 5 lbs of dry food; can feed at 1 1/2 ozs per minute (minimum time setting is 1 second). Perfect for diabetic pets and cats and dogs under 15 lbs

  • All Automatic Pet Feeders feature digital timer (new feeder with seconds timer) with battery backup for program, manual override switch, 8 programs per day and daylight saving feature

  • Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets

  • Prevents Dogs and Cats from bloating because the food is dispensed slowly

  • Safety interlock switch and safety basket is included on all our Automatic Pet Feeders

  • UL and CUL approved
  • 3.33 rating based on 3 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Automatic Pet Feeder SMALL (Dogs and Cats under 15 lbs.)
    second feeder I've bought by Nance07/31/2011

    I have had this feeder for approx 3 years. The timer broke after 2 years so I needed to buy a new one. My cat has destroyed this feeder. She was able to put her paw up the chute and bang on the auger to get the food that was in the auger. She broke off the chute and now the auger is so loose it will jam because too much food is in the way. I will buy another feeder so she is able to have food when I am away but will somehow make it so she can't get her paw up the chute. Would I buy another? Obviously. BUT it should have been constructed better so she wouldn't have been able to get to the auger and break off the chute.

    Auto pet feeder for small dogs & cats by Jake in MD02/04/2013

    This was a nice surprise. Good quality, easy to set up, works as advertised. It cost a lot more than I planned to spend, but it was worth it because of its reliability and the ability to fine-tune the amount of dry feed almost to the kernel! I absolutely would recommend this feeder!

    semi good purchase by sandgrl from OKLAHOMA CITY, OK07/24/2012

    This is a good product as long as you have someone making sure it is dispensing. I have had several times where it is not dispensing and as long as you shake it, or jiggle it seems to get it started. I have two and the one I have bought from here is the one I am having problems with dispensing. The other one is not having any issues. And I am using small dog food. Would I recommend it? Possibly, but if you have to watch it, is it worth it?!

    Featured Reviews for Automatic Pet Feeder MEDIUM (Dogs and Cats 15-40 lbs.)
    Good for vacation by CK01/20/2013

    I used this device for a vacation where I would have infrequent cat sitters. It was easy to assemble and moderately easy to program. For cats and small kibble, I found it fascinating that i needed to schedule mere seconds to get the correct quantity. The only issue for my cats is that one of them dominates the other. They are accustomed to separate bowls, and even though this bowl is big, one tends to chase the other off because now they must share. Not a defect of the product, just the reality of my cats' personalities.

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