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Eye Lubricants

Eye LubricantsRelieve your pet's dry eyes with our excellent variety of eye lubricants. These lubricants relieve dryness and irritation, giving your pet the comfort they need to stay happy and healthy. Shop and save today!

C-BRIGHT (1 fl oz)
C-BRIGHT (1 fl oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
Puralube Vet Ointment 3.5gm
Puralube Vet Ointment 3.5gm

($13.95)  $9.99
White Petrolatum & Mineral Oil Lubricant Ophthalmic Ointment 3.5 g
White Petrolatum & Mineral Oil Lubricant Ophthalmic Ointment 3.5 g

($13.99)  $10.89
Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)
Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)

($18.95)  $14.99
Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)

($17.99)  $13.49
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)

($16.99)  $12.89
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)
Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)

($25.99)  $19.99
AvidLife OS - Nutritional & Lubricant Eye Drops (15 ml)
AvidLife OS - Nutritional & Lubricant Eye Drops (15 ml)

($77.99)  $59.99
C-BRIGHT DROPS is a cost-effective lubricating and cleansing eye drop that has been developed to protect the eye from dryness, irritation, and helps to give clearer vision in dogs and cats. C-BRIGHT DROPS unique natural formula of vitamin C and zinc is safe and effective even for animals with symptoms of cataracts. C-BRIGHT DROPS main benefit is reducing cloudiness and maintaining clarity in the lens. C-BRIGHT DROPS can give your pet a better quality of life through better vision.
Active Ingredients: Sterile Water, Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin,Benzethonium Chloride, Zinc Sulfate, Boric Acid, Camphor
4.60 rating based on 5 reviews
Featured Reviews for C-BRIGHT (1 fl oz)
by Caseypup from Toronto10/25/2011

My dog has recently gone blind (it happened over six days) and she is only 5 years old. These drops appear to help with irritation and dryness.

by GingerBelleMom06/16/2013

This product is fantastic.....great price, less than 1/2 the cost if purchased directly from vet! Without this product Ginger is literally blind and in constant pain from dry eyes, LIFESAVER!

CBright eye drops by nukemstark04/13/2012

It really cleared up my English Bulldog's dry eye in a pretty quick fashion.

C-Bright for the Eyes by sofeygirl07/10/2012

Just been using the product for about a week, but my dog seems to be doing well with the treatment. She is getting easier to allow the drops to be administered. I am hopeful over time Sofey will show major improvement in her ability to see more clearly.

C - Bright by Dick from Deltona Florida05/12/2013

Just as good a product as Vet's Prescription aexpensivend much less

Featured Reviews for Puralube Vet Ointment 3.5gm
vet recommended by skydog04/05/2012

This is a great product, but it's best if you have help administering it to you dog. I don't, and thus I waste a lot of it getting it into her eyes.

Great Eye Ointment! by pugsmommy03/11/2012

I use Puralube Vet Ointment on my pugs because they have extremely dry eyes. It works better than other eye ointments and also it is the product that my vet uses. But it is expensive.

Featured Reviews for White Petrolatum & Mineral Oil Lubricant Ophthalmic Ointment 3.5 g
by from 12/16/2012

I ordered, quoted from my order confirmation: " Bausch & Lomb Soothe Lubricant Eye Ointmen"

Artificial by Tears from Ointment"Received


Extreme dry eye syndrome by Brenda10/26/2012

The price is great, half of what you pay at store. Product would be best used for VERY EXTREME dry eye syndrome, in conjunction with rinsing eyes out with saline and cleaning out eye secretions. And then I'm using a liquid gel lubricant between throughout the day. Product a little too thick, so I'm using it only in the morning and before bed, with liquid gel meds in the daytime.

Great item by Renee08/09/2009

My husband uses this for our 2 springers during hunting season. He uses it each night after hunting all day. It helps soothe and relieve their dry eyes after running through the brush all day.

Best price ever by bbutina11/02/2011

I was impressed with the price and efficiency of getting my product. The packaging was great, fit in my mail box. My dog has dry eye and I have to keep it moist. This works great. Thank you.

shipping should be less by randy from utah07/16/2012

ointment works good, should qualify for free shipping once in a while....I don't need $85.00 worth at one time.....

Order never received by Georgie03/12/2012

Just to let you know this entire order (3 items) was never received by me. Please advise........

misrepresentation. by Mimi12/09/2012

Although I ordered the Bausch and Lomb night time lubricant, I received a generic form of the above. It does work well but the product was misrepresented. I consider this false representation and it should be addressed when purchasing the product.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Surgical Eye Lubricant (15g)
Optimum Moisture by CookieR from Ohio07/09/2012

Best product I have found for my dog's prosthetic eye to keep the moisture level where it needs to be to help against ulcers.

Amazing Product by 4myPet06/19/2012

Keeps the eyes moist for a long time. Excellent for night time so your pet can sleep more comfortably.

Great Product Bad Customer Service by Jane02/20/2013

The product is great, unfortunately I can no longer buy from this site, they lost my order then rejected it. Lodging a complaint did nothing.

Excellent eye moisturizer by Nickie from California01/06/2010

My dog has chronic dry eye and is on several medications for her eyes. The Optixcare lubricates better than other lubricants I've tried and doesn't leave gunky deposits on the lens.

Great Product! by doglover01/29/2013

This product was recommended by my vet and I have been using it for years now. I highly recommend it.

Prescribed by the Vet by Texas Peg from San Antonio, TX11/06/2012

My Shih-Tzu developed dry eye and vet recommended this lube for his eyes. I mistakenly purchased a smaller size, so ended up paying more than I paid for a bigger tube at the Vet's office. My fault, but probably will not order from you again.

by corky03/27/2013

These drops, recommended by an opthamolic vet, seem to keep moisture in my dog's eyes which don't close completely, even when he's sleeping. I don't like how big the drops are coming out of the tube and the fact that tube is no longer sealed when purchased.

Optixcare by Steve A from PA04/24/2012

Excellent eye lubricant; sold by my dog's excellent opthamologist (and here $5.00 less which helps since I go through a tube every 10 days-2 weeks for both pugs)

Optixcare by Sandy09/08/2009

Although I've used other lubricants which also worked well, this has to be the best for the reason that it is the easiest to instill into my pets eyes. It is a gel and works like a liquid. Drops easily into the eyes without the mess of ointments.

Great for dry eye by SarahZ04/23/2013

I have been using this for the last 7 years on Shadow's eye, twice a day, in conjunction with Rx meds. Provides great lubrication all day long.

I have nothing but good to say about the product. by JudyK from Ft. Myers, Fl11/07/2012

This company makes it so easy to take care of your pet's needs. I just e-mail my order and within a couple of days it arrives, safely.

Excellent Product by Sue from Berkeley, CA06/01/2010

Hi, this moisturizing gel is a non-oily lubricant that works better than a liquid. It is soothing and easy to use. My poodle gets allergic eyes in the spring (pollen allergies) so he gets his eyes rinsed with a boric acid isootonic eye wash followed by a couple of drops of Optixcare once or twice a day. This regime has alleviated his discomfort.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g)
Dry eye relief by poes4me from Oh06/05/2013

Opthamologist prescribed along w/other eye ointments. After 6 weeks, one eye responds well to all ointments, but other developed an immunity, as it has with every ointment used on that eye. However, this lubricant has provided the longest lasting relief, AND minus the "gook" buildup so many other ointments cause.

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (15 g)
Just what the doctor ordered by lw-cs03/27/2013

My vet recommended this for my dog's dry eye problem. It works longer than drop because it is a gel. The only problem is keeping my dog from pawing at the eye for a few minutes while the gel does it's work.

best so far by Luv my pups from Monroe, Michigan03/20/2013

This quickly re-hydrates Captain Morgan's dry and seems to last longer. His eye no longer produces any tears only mucus that will dry and stick to his eye. Eye lube softens anything on his eye and allows me to remove it with Q-tips and clean the eye. Dry eye was a side effect of the anesthesia use at the Vet. For a teeth cleaning or his eyes were not protected properly during the procedure. No help from that Vet & no longer go there. Took him to eye specialists for more than 3 years and purchased many expensive perscriptions from them and no improvement. His eye may never make tears again but the eye lube makes it hurt less

Featured Reviews for Optixcare Eye Lubricant + Hyaluron (25 g)
Best eye lubricant by Pinky from Fort Myers, FL05/14/2013

I tried many eye lubricants for my diabetic dog. She does not produce any tears and this product is the best of all I tried.

Good Product for Pet's Dry Eyes by Brittany from San Antonio, TX04/21/2013

Best eye lubricant for my pet diagnosed with KCS.

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