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Flea & Tick Combs

Flea & Tick CombsFlea & Tick combs makes the perfect addition in helping to keep your pets flea and tick free. Flea combs and tick removers can be used as an important part of an overall flea and tick prevention program.

Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb
Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb

($7.99)  $6.10
Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats (4.5")
Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats (4.5")

($5.99)  $3.99
Tick Twister Pro
Tick Twister Pro

($4.99)  $3.79
The Original TICKED OFF
The Original TICKED OFF

($5.99)  $4.49
Vet One Flea & Lice Comb
Vet One Flea & Lice Comb

($3.99)  $0.59
The Tick Key
The Tick Key

($7.50)  $4.09
Trix Ticklasso
Trix Ticklasso

($13.50)  $10.99
Millers Forge Vista Mini Flea Comb
Millers Forge Vista Mini Flea Comb

($5.99)  $3.99
Sentry PurrScriptions Flea Comb for Cats
Sentry PurrScriptions Flea Comb for Cats

($7.99)  $5.99
Sentry Flea Comb for Dogs
Sentry Flea Comb for Dogs

($7.99)  $5.99
Used to remove flea from your dogs coat. Flea get caught in the combs teeth.
3.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb
Millers Forge Deluxe Flea Comb by peanut from Keswick, Ontario Canada11/26/2012

I used the comb but the teeth are loose and some have turned and they will dig into your pet, so therefore I have not been able to use it.

by from 03/30/2012

I use flea combs on my horses legs after riding to check for ticks. Of course it gets used on the dogs & cats too!

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Featured Reviews for Flea Comb for Dogs and Cats (4.5")
Really glad I ordered this by katcon11/16/2011

This little comb has helped me get rid of the fleas on my cats. I'm using it in conjuction with Frontline Plus and Sipotrol spray. It helps me find the ones that are left and is a good indicator of whether you have the problem licked. One of my cats has very dense fur and still had some fleas after repeated applications of Frontline. You have to devise a system for killing any fleas that you comb off.

flea comb by lieper12 from Nashville, TN12/07/2012

I very much like this flea comb because it doesn't involve a handle so it's easier to use and the teeth don't bend at the end with combing/ The size is comfortable in the hand and is easy enough to manipulate for small areas or combing an area such as the back. So, the product itself is terrific. Beyond that, it is far cheaper than the weighty combs. Finally, this flea comb is no easier to lose or harder to find than other flea combs.

my cats hate it! by carolyna from Davis, ca01/15/2012

Although I like the size of the comb, the teeth are not straight (came out of the package this way) and do not allow the hair to pass through. It pulls on the hair, taking clumps of it out, and hurting the cat. Getting groomed should be a pleasant experience, not painful!

Featured Reviews for Tick Twister Pro
tick twister pro by donthaveone06/30/2012

Very efficient, good quality, will be very useful.

Really Works! by Traci11/30/2011

I was a little skeptical but this works great at removing ticks! Usually takes me less than a minute, no hassle and has worked every time.

THE tool for removing ticks!!! by TickOffed! from NC06/04/2010

Geez I hate ticks! With a little patience, it works every time. (Twist slowly AND pull gently, and they give up and let go!!) Often the ONLY tool that works! I've removed DOZENS of ticks (from me) over a couple of seasons with this tool, usually with the smaller one of the two-pack I bought a year ago. I plan to buy more to have ready-at-hand!

Nifty little device by Hoosierpetowner05/14/2013

I have used this little tick remover countless times with great success. Easy to slide into place on tick , give a little twist & pull off tick! Even using Revolution on the pets I still find ticks so this comes in handy to use before the ticks die from treatment.

Twisted off many!! by Diana03/25/2008

I love these two twistesr ...they are excellent in removing deer ticks...the small one tends to slide over the minute nymphs but other than that great product...I have recommended to the LDA in my area...PA Chester County....Lyme Deisease central! they recommend pulling straight up vs. twisting.

Featured Reviews for The Original TICKED OFF
Ticked Off easy to handle and see the tick by shuggie from Northern New England06/05/2012

I bought this tick remover for an elderly relative to use on her little dog. I selected it because the longer handle was easier for her to hold onto, and the white color makes it easier for her to see whether she has the scoop bowl actually under the tiny deer ticks we have here. It meets both of those needs. The thickness of the bowl makes it a little challenging to get it under a tiny tick which has fastened on tightly. For that you may need tick tweezers. This product works great on 95% of the ticks, which in New England is a lot of ticks.

It didn't work for me by Jo02/17/2012

I like the idea of the product, but the ticks where I live are normally to small for this product to work. It works if the tick is fully engorged, but not if they have just attached to the dog. I did find one product that works well: Pro-tick Remedy.

Tick remover by Jo from California01/19/2010

Great concept. I have one and it works for large ticks, but the small ones it's to big for and it slides right over the tick. If they made a small one for the 1/8 inch ticks that would be great and yes I have written them about it.

Best tick remover by Michelle04/26/2008

The easiest tick remover for pets and people, I have ever used! I have seen this selling for $8 at places.

Featured Reviews for Vet One Flea & Lice Comb
Great little pocket comb by ziva from Stockton Springs, ME06/20/2013

I was looking for a little comb to get burdocks and tangles out of my dog's fur after walks in the fields and woods. This works perfectly. Fits in your pocket and won't break like other plastic combs. Great for searching for ticks after walks, too. I highly recommend this product.

nice easy to use comb by Bella'sMom02/28/2012

the comb was comfortable to hold and comfortable for my dog to be combed with. She just came back from the groomer today so I took the comb in my pocket to the park and combed her for flea, just to be sure none came home with her. Inexpensive and simple.

Featured Reviews for The Tick Key
A Must Have! by Ouskamp04/02/2013

For some reason, my female pup and not my male seems to attract Ticks. They are disgusting! I have a Tick Key in my Doggy First Aid Kit, in my car and on my key chain (paranoid much?!). In fact, I'm writing this because I found a large tick behind her ear earlier today. I grabbed my Tick Key, slipped it over the Tick and gently pulled back and out came the Tick and my little girl didn't even flinch (she was rewarded with a tasty treat!)!!! If you have pets, this is a must have. I know it looks so simple you would think "it probably doesn't work". But believe me, I've used it several times and it works easily without discomfort to your pet. After I remove the tick I dab with hydrogen peroxide and cover the area with Aquaphor. This is also great for hikers and others who love the great outdoors! =o)

stay healthy against ticks by turtle06/14/2012

i am a camper/outdoorsman. i bought 20 of these tick keys to give to fellow campers and friends to help keep ticks from getting them, there loved ones (family and friends) and their pets from getting illnesses from contact with ticks. it is a very good product, easy to use, and safely removes the whole tick.. i not only would recommend it to a friend, i give them one.. thanks for a great product!! sincerely, bo

by from 08/20/2010

If I could give it 0 stars I would. A friend bought one at a conference for her dog after hearing so many great things from the many dogs handlers around us. A short time later, we discovered a small tick on her back [the friend, not the dog] so promptly used her new "Tick Key". The tick hadn't been there very long and was small. When I tried to use this tool, the tick wouldn't stay in the groove; the more I tried to get it to work, the tick started going deeper in her skin. Someone else with experience thought I wasn't doing it right so also tried the Tick Key. He had the exact same problem I did. In the end, I had to carefully pull it out of her and she *immediately* returned the Tick Key.

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by Michelle04/22/2012

One of the best products on the market!! Safe, Fast way to remove ticks from your pets and yourself.

by from 03/02/2012

I found this site during a search for a "Tick Key". Since the winter has been warm, the ticks will try to carry us off!

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Tick key by Soozieq01/05/2013

We bought a bundle of Tick Keys and they arrived in good time and well packaged. Would have preferred a range of colours, and as yet, haven't had to use one, so can't vouch for their effectiveness. But clients have been pleased to receive them as gifts.

must have for outdoor pets by Nate G from Northern PA04/08/2012

If you or your pet goes into the out of doors, you need this. I have used this ever since being introduced to it as a physician at the National Boy Scout Jamboree. Works great on humans and dogs. I ordered one for each family member, vehicle, and first aid kit in our clan. Best combo of price and shipping here. I will order more here as needed.

tick key by Stan06/28/2013

They work! We sell them at our store and I pulled a tick off the other day really easy no problem.

tick key by ladydi from Munnsville, NY04/28/2012

Best tick removal tool I have ever used---gets the whole dang critter out every time!

This is amazing by SV06/11/2012

I absolutely hated trying to pull ticks off with tweezers or fingernails. The Tick Key has gently pulled numerous ticks off family members and pets. We bought 10 more and gave them to all our friends.

Best Tick Remover EVER! by Meg from PA06/04/2010

I had to use the key on one of my dogs 2 days after I recieved it and let me tell you how happy I was that it had already arrived! It is the easiest and most fool-proof way to remove those nasty creatures! Way better than anything I've ever used & I always know where it is! PERFECT! I recommend this to EVERYONE, in fact buy one for everyone in your household!!!

Greatest Tool for removing Ticks!!!! by DogMomMusician from PA12/10/2011

The Tick key is the greatest invention for safely removing ticks! It removes the body as well as the head and is easy enough for one person to use. In the past, I had purchased a tick removing tool that was useless! The tick would slip right out of it's grip, but the tick key's design makes it impossible for the tick to slip out. I bought one for my dogs awhile ago but just bought a second one for my husband for when he's hunting.... ticks are really bad this year so this is a must for anyone concerned about ticks.

Best Tick Remover on the Market by fran06/24/2013

Great product! Bought an extra for my husband to keep with his hunting gear.

by Mandmegan from Abington, MA06/12/2013

It works well and it takes out the entire tick out quickly

by from 03/16/2008

This tick key is extremely easy to use, it sort of "pops" attached ticks off quickly and painlessly. Be careful using some of the old removal methods (burning with a match, using chemicals, rotating with your finger), as they supposedly can cause the tick to barf fluids back into your dog before letting go, which naturally increases the risk of causing disease.

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Tick Key by Chris Tompkins03/14/2008

As a professional mobile dog groomer, I have tried many tick removal devices, but none that match the effectiveness of The Tick Key. It is easy to use and removes the tick cleanly and completely every time! Chris Tompkins, Dog Gone Clean

Indispensable Tick Removal by Scouter Doug from Nicholasville, KY05/10/2013

I am so impressed with my tick keys that I came here just to let you know. If you live in tick country - it's just a matter of time before one of the nasties embeds itself into you or one of your loved ones. I've removed over 100 ticks from myself, my scouts and my dogs. I've never lost a head, comes right out and with minimal distress. Most important, this is the only way I've found to remove a tick without squeezing it (think tweezers). Squeezing is bad if you don't want the bad tick-born diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Thia site has them for a great price - grab a few for friends - you won't be disappointed! Doug

I'm not touching any ticks! by nj from west Newbury, MA08/05/2012

I don't know how people can touch ticks. Gross! The tick key works great and I don't have to touch any ticks and they help protect the dogs from accidentally being exposed to even more bacteria than the original tick bite causes. I wanted to give them away in my dog grooming shop when they were about $3., but now that the price has gone up I won't be buying any more. Such a good product, but the manufacturer has made them overpriced and hard to find.

Featured Reviews for Trix Ticklasso
It works great by pooch02/28/2012

We hike every day, and my poor dog often picks up ticks. After struggling with picking them off with regular tweezers, we searched for a better tool. This is it! Simple to use, and gets the entire tick in one shot. I highly recommend this tool for ticks that have attached.

by from 02/18/2010

Great Tick Remover...Best I've ever used and I've tried them all

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Trix is the BEST!!! by TRIX Got The TicksOff from CT01/03/2010

Took about 30 seconds on the first try....piece of cake after that. Very easy to use and quick. Removes entire tick, head and all which has been a problem with some of the cheaper digging or twisting type removers.Ebay has great prices!!! One seller has it for about $7.00 with free shipping...Or Google Trix Tick in the Google Shopping category

Featured Reviews for Millers Forge Vista Mini Flea Comb
Good by Cattle Owner from Northwest WA06/19/2012

My Cats (16) love the flea comb. Enjoy my combing much better then a larger comb.

Must have item by blueyerags from MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA03/19/2012

this year is a bad year for fleas - very hard to see in alot of coats - When I used it on my kitten - it definately worked and removed fleas. Must have item with Cats and Kittens

Featured Reviews for Sentry PurrScriptions Flea Comb for Cats
Good Product by DJ06/11/2013

This comb is great to get out fine under hairs in my cats. Handle fits my hand nicely. I do prefer the all metal flea combs.

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