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Go Cat Feather Toys, Inc.

Go Cat Feather Toys, Inc.

Da Bird Cat Toy
Da Bird Cat Toy

($13.99)  $8.99
Cat Catcher
Cat Catcher

($10.99)  $6.99
Kitty Kopter Cat Toy (Assorted)
Kitty Kopter Cat Toy (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
Da Fur Thing Cat Toy (Assorted)
Da Fur Thing Cat Toy (Assorted)

($6.99)  $4.99
Da Bird is a quality, handcrafted interactive cat wand and feather toy that mimics the motions of a live bird in flight. Consisting of a fiberglass rod, nylon sting and feathers, your cat will feel like itís chasing after a real bird! Keeping your cat active in play is a great way to exercise your cat while it has fun. Rod is collapsible and feathers are refillable when worn out.

  • Mimics a live bird in flight
  • Fun exercise for your cat
  • Collapsable rod, refillable feathers
  • Made in the USA
  • 4.73 rating based on 11 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Da Bird Cat Toy
    String Not Strong enough.... by g's cats from Long Island New York06/15/2012

    Although my cats love this toy and gives them plenty of excerise, however, the string is not strong enough for attack play and chewing. My one year old chewed right through the string (I tied the two ends together) and my ten year old pull the string apart in another spot. I would buy another one if they fix the string problem.

    Worth Buying by LAY03/12/2012

    My cats went total crazy over this toy. The string gets entangled too often . Dont know if it depends on how we use. Other than that it is good.

    Awesome toy by Roobcuub06/02/2013

    My cats LOVE this toy. It is a great way to play and get them to burn some energy. Also great way to bond with new cats esp if they are rescues and a little skittish.

    Fantastic Product, wow by Custy from Auckland, New Zealand08/17/2012

    Really didn't think this could be half as good as it sounded, we saw it on My Cat from H*ll and i kept telling my wife it cant be that good, boy i was wrong. As soon as we got it out she was like a different cat, i haven't seen her jump for anything ever, and straight out of the packet she was jumping for it. The one thing we didn't realize was the noise which none of the other toys make, its great.

    by andy02/12/2013

    Cats really like this toy. It is holding up rather well. After 1 month of play by 4 cats, one of tip of feathers has broken off, but honesty i would have thought it would have been detroyed by now.

    Excellent exercise toy by kate02/24/2012

    Both my cats LOVE this toy! They will chase it in circles and leap into the air chasing it. It's an excellent toy to exercise an indoor cat.

    by marco04/03/2012

    da bird is a great product i would recommend it to anyone who loves to play with their cat.

    Excellent by CAWSCatFoster from Draper, UT02/25/2013

    I have foster kittens and my own cats. They all love Da Bird, even my older cat. Although, be careful where you store it. I put mine in the pantry and they got the door open one night, and I had to buy another one. Every night, my Xena cries to play with Da Bird. She knows where I store it and watches when I get close to the drawer. All the kitties love it!! They all come out to play, and they have a blast! I have had to buy several refill Da Birds also.

    DA BIRD IS DA BOMB! by mccom01/01/2013

    my 2 kitties absolutely LOVE playing w/ this toy! swing your arms around the room while holding the end of the toy to simulate a flying bird--your kitty(s) will go nuts trying to capture the "bird"! yes you'll look like a dork...but isn't it worth it to make them happy? bonus: it gives them a workout. this is the BEST toy!

    My cats go nuts for this toy by Dolphynia from Lansing, MI10/23/2012

    I have to hide this toy when I'm not playing with my cats because they love it so much, they would take it out of its package and carry da bird around in their mouths as a trophy - even if they didn't hunt for it. I bought one for a friend who has a couple of cats and they love it too!

    BEST cat toy by badkitty06 from Rochester,NY03/03/2013

    My 5 cats went nuts over this toy!!!!! They can't get enough of it

    Not just your usual cat dancer! by CatDiva from St Louis, MO12/28/2011

    After being owned by cats for over thirty years, "The Royals" and I agree that this is the best cat toy ever! This isn't like some dead thing at the end of a string. There is something about the aerodynamics of the feathers that makes it flutter and swoop like it is alive. Even the laziest of my cats becomes fixated on capturing this. The only problem is that if you fly it too high, it will cause even elderly arthritic cats to make incredible leaps which can leave them as sore as an out of shape weekend athlete after a triathlon. I have to keep it low for the older guys, because it is too easy for both of us to get a little wild with exuberance! Wish it we easier to get refills, though.

    Featured Reviews for Cat Catcher
    Best toy ever! by Sherry12/10/2012

    I bought this toy for all of my friends with cats. My cats hear it on the floor and come racing. They will play for hours, it never loses it's charm.

    You have to buy this! by Kate from Sonoma, CA08/07/2011

    Your cat will love this toy: as a breeder, I've tried every toy in the book over many, many years and this absolutely beats 'em all. Adult cats love it, kittens love it; even geriatric kitties love it. I've bought them for every single cat I know and everyone raves. Trying to please your impossible-to-please kitty? Get a Cat Chaser and watch your feline go wild! A must-have -- believe me!

    This was a exellent purchase by glo from Ventura, Ca.10/28/2011

    This is my cats favorite toy, when I want to get his attention, all I need to do is to pick it up, give it a slight shake, and in no time he comes running to play. T his toy has been very helpful, to get him tired so, that I can sleep at night. He is very high energy, this gives him good exercise, to tire him out. It is well made to handle my cat dragging it around the house, in his mouth.

    Fabulous cat toy! by Kate06/08/2012

    Every cat I know seems to adore the Cat Catcher -- they all just go crazy. A must for cat-lovers seeking to please their feline friends!

    Cats LOVE this toy by SA from NH01/20/2013

    Ever see your cat smile and laugh? Do they sit by the drawer you keep their toys in, waiting for you to take one out to play? They will with this toy. There's something about how the mouse wiggles on the end of the wire that makes kitties go nuts. Get your bored (and maybe a bit chubby) cat leaping into the air with this toy. I'd never let them have it unattended though -- just take it out for 15-30 minutes a day when your relaxing and watching TV -- except that watching your kitties will be even more entertaining!

    Every cat loves this! by Catlanta from Atlanta, GA12/17/2012

    Even my 15-year-old cat plays with his "mousie" toy. I gave them away for Christmas gifts.

    Every cat needs one of these by kreynolds85224 from Phoenix11/22/2012

    This is my cat's favorite toy. This is his 2nd one. I had to buy a new mouse refill for the first one because he chewed it down to nothing. Then he chewed the rubber ends off of the wand and the wire started to unravel. He drags it around all over the place. He brings it to bed. He brings it to me when he wants me to play. I actually ordered 3 this time: one for my cat, one for a backup, and one for my friend's cat :)

    Cat Addiction by Doral from Danville, CA07/18/2012

    Of our three cats, Rudy thinks he is a dog (maybe he was in a past life! LOL). Every evening I say to him, "Where's your toy, Rudy? Go get your toy!" and off he trots to the bedroom, carrying the mouse in his mouth, the wire and the wand trailing behind him as he faithfully brings me his toy to play with me while I watch TV. Rudy also always recover the wand from the trash after the mouse has gone on to mouse wand heaven. He can't live without this toy.

    FANTASTIC! by katz from new orleans, la10/23/2012

    I have bought a LOT of toys and this beats them all. My cats go crazy for it and I even have to hide it or they dig it out to play themselves!

    Best cat toy by Just me from Orlando, FL11/06/2012

    This is the best cat toy I have ever bought and I have bought many!

    Best cat toy! Period! by tazzmatic12 from New York, NY07/30/2012

    I admit that I was a bit skeptical looking at this toy. It does not look like much and, actually, looks kind of cheap. However..... We have a Bengal cat who is just over 1 year old and he LOVES this thing! He has boycotted all feather toys since we introduced this to him. The tail falls off pretty easily, but overall it's pretty durable. I ordered 3 extras because I know we'll use them. I definitely recommend this to anyone with an active cat.

    by from 06/11/2013

    One of our cat's cat-sitters introduced this toy to our cat who never liked any toy we got her, but who LOVES this. She did eventually break one of the wires, so we got her not one, but three, replacements. She sometimes catches it showing great athletic ability and I just wait until eventually she lets it drop, only to go after it again.

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    great buy! by toastie from Las Vegas, NV01/21/2013

    I bought this because it has fishing line, my cats are brutal with toys. And they LOVED it! It's made well and fun to use.

    Loads of FUN but wire breaks easily! by Kat77 from Coeur d'Alene, ID04/01/2012

    My 21-month-young kitty LOVES this toy. She gets lots of exercise chasing it onto the recliner and down to the floor. However, today my second one broke after only 2Ĺ weeks of play. The wires that are twisted together & attached in the end of the wand come apart. Then, before we know it, ALL of the wire is out. No more play. Knowing that, I bought 4 of these ... tho I cannot say I would recommend it to anyone. Wish the manufacturer would revise the toy so it would not break apart so easily. They aren't a cheap toy to keep replacing!

    A great purchase! by Amy09/30/2011

    We have 2 cats, ages 1 & 6. The six year old, who has a couple of pounds to lose, is definatley getting a workout from this toy. She runs, jumps, & just plain acts crazy to get to this mouse. Once she gets it in her mouth, it is as if she has the real thing. Her hunting instincts are evident as she tries to take off with it. The younger cat loves it too, but has to compete with the older, more experienced hunter. It is the highlight of their day! Buying another one so they each have one.

    Best Cat Toy ever by Lindy08/16/2012

    Both of my cats LOVE this toy...it is clever, well-made and acts like a really mouse skittering across the floor. My male cat brings the toy to us up 4 flights of stairs so that we will play with him. They used to chew through the string of other flying toys, but this one they can't chew through. I hope this toy will always be available. I have already purchased another for my daughter's cat.

    Best Cat Toy EVER by Cait01/26/2012

    My cats go crazy for this toy!!! They love it so much I have to hide it when not playing with them. Since buying it, I have seen it used on Animal Planet pet training shows. The other toys made from Go Cat are just as great - my cats love them all.

    Cannot be without this toy! by SALandry from The South07/24/2012

    I have to keep these on-hand -- my cats cannot be without this toy -- have been buying them for years now and my cats STILL love it. The tail comes off right away and the wire will eventually break. I have begun tying a short piece of twine where the "nose" attaches for a new tail and my cats love this. I also wrap clear packing tape tightly around the tip where the wire attaches to the wand -- this seems to help keep it from breaking sooner.

    It really mimics a live mouse! by kmo06/21/2011

    I have 5 cats ages 2 to 15 and each one of them loves this toy. They will play for hours or until I get tired. This is a wonderful interaction toy and a great exercise tool. I plan on buying Go Cat Catchers for everyone in my family that has a cat, and I will also purchase more for my cats because if you leave it unattended they will eat the tail!

    by from 06/27/2012

    My cat is just over a year old and is picky with toys, and when he finds one he likes he becomes obsessed with it....til he eventually tires of it a few weeks later. This toy is STILL his obsession after 4 weeks.... He grabs the mouse and drags the entire wand around the house to wherever I am, or I wake up and find it by my pillow. The only other toy that rivaled this one was the 'feline flyer', but this one surpasses it by miles.

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    Always have on-hand! by SALandry from The South12/04/2012

    My house has been using Cat Catcher wands for years now...we cannot be without them --- my 3 cats LOVE this toy. I have to keep extras on-hand at all times. Unfortunately, the wire breaks/frays rather quickly. We have come up with our own methods of extending the "life" of the wands...before giving it to the cats...we remove the red tip at the top and use Gorilla glue inside and on the outside. After it dries, we wrap duck tape or clear packing tape around the red tip, wire, and onto the wand. This really helps. Also, when the wire frays. We remove the wire and use fishing line instead (re-wrap with tape also). This has extended the life of the wand for months now. NOTE: be careful with the fishing line as it can get wrapped around cat legs, tails -- always supervise play with this toy. Happy Playing! =^..^=

    Puff's favorite toy by Puff''s Mom from Scottsdale AZ04/29/2012

    I've have had cats my entire life and this toy by far has gotten the most use. My cat Puff actually carries the mouse in her mouth draging the stick behind her looking for us to play with her. I also find it in bed with us each morning. She loves it!

    Featured Reviews for Kitty Kopter Cat Toy (Assorted)
    Kitty Kopter by JenKim10/24/2012

    Fell apart the moment I got it out of the packaging. This toy is a waste of money. The only way I can use it is to glue it back together and put it on the end of a string.

    Very Fun Toy by MissMelissa from West Chester, PA04/17/2012

    This toy is a lot of fun and flies pretty well. My cat enjoys this very much.

    It won't last long! by valerie from erie,pa06/11/2013

    I have several cats who can't get enough of this toy. We usually order a new one with every order. The feathers and fly through the air realistically. Your cats will love this!

    Greatest toy ever. by Barton from Leoma, TN 3846803/27/2013

    We have 4 cats - one does not play but I saw her with the copter. All play constantly with it. They can carry them around; it's important that it fits their mouths.

    Cat Fetches by Cait06/07/2012

    My cat loves this, it flies pretty far when thrown and since it is light and easy to carry, my cat has learned to fetch it and bring it back to me so she can chase it again.

    feathers flew fast! by kate02/24/2012

    My Devon Rex tore the toy apart in 5 minutes. Good concept but not durable.

    Nice toy, didn't last long by Cynthia02/01/2012

    My kitten loved this toy, but it lasted a day. I wouldn't buy it again.

    Featured Reviews for Da Fur Thing Cat Toy (Assorted)
    One of the Best Cat Toys by Cat06/07/2012

    My cats LOVE this toy and it's more natural than a plastic toy for them. The feathers do get pulled out quickly, but that's just cat "hunting" behavior, which is fun for them. After the feathers are gone, the rest of the toy is played with and lasts for many months as their favorite toy.

    Best small toy by Cynthia from So. San Francisco, CA02/05/2013

    My older cat and my 1 year old love this -- they carry it around with them and they fling it and wrestle with it. Some of the feathers came off the 2nd day, but it looks like you can sew them back on with the sewing machine making sure no threads are lose to get choked.

    cute toy by grannylo from Hartford, CT12/15/2011

    my kittie loves this, but she has pulled most of the feathers out :(

    Good toy by EE02/12/2013

    Both of my cats liked this toy. This was my second one. The feathers don't last long, but the cats seem to enjoy licking it and wrestling it for a while.

    Fur and feathers together by kate02/24/2012

    My cats love this toy. It combines a mouse-like fur body and feathers -- a combo cats can't resist. That being said, my Devon Rex tore the feathers out rather quickly.

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