Greenies ® is new and improved with an ALL NEW FORMULA. Reward your dog with clean teeth, fresh breath, and loads of vitamins and minerals with every delicious treat. Formulated with an optimal blend of soy and wheat protein for ease in digestion. Toothbrush shape, tapered shaft and contoured knuckle offer a better surface for teeth cleaning. Chewier texture helps reduce plaque, and keeps gums healthy. Scientifically developed in 5 different sizes to ensure a perfect bite based on your dog's skull type. Your pets will love the new Greenies.
  • Learn More About the NEW & IMPROVED Greenies ® : View PDF HERE
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  • Teenie

    Greenies Smart Treats for Dogs  - TEENIE 22 BONES
    Greenies Smart Treats for Dogs - TEENIE 22 BONES

    ($9.99)  $7.14
    Greenies - TEENIE 43 BONES
    Greenies - TEENIE 43 BONES

    ($15.99)  $12.19
    Greenies - 3 PACK TEENIE (129 BONES)
    Greenies - 3 PACK TEENIE (129 BONES)

    ($47.99)  $36.49
    Greenies - Teenie 65 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Greenies - Teenie 65 Treat Pack (18 oz)

    ($31.99)  $23.89
    GREENIES Freshmint Treat-Pak - TEENIE 43 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Freshmint Treat-Pak - TEENIE 43 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - TEENIE 43 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - TEENIE 43 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19


    Greenies Mini Treat-Pak™ - Petite (6 oz)
    Greenies Mini Treat-Pak™ - Petite (6 oz)

    ($12.99)  $7.14
    Greenies - PETITE 20 BONES
    Greenies - PETITE 20 BONES

    ($15.99)  $12.19
    Greenies - 3 PACK PETITE (60 BONES)
    Greenies - 3 PACK PETITE (60 BONES)

    ($47.99)  $36.49
    Greenies - Petite 30 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Greenies - Petite 30 Treat Pack (18 oz)

    ($22.99)  $17.29
    GREENIES Freshmint Treat-Pak - PETITE 20 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Freshmint Treat-Pak - PETITE 20 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - PETITE 20 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - PETITE 20 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19


    Greenies - REGULAR 12 BONES
    Greenies - REGULAR 12 BONES

    ($15.99)  $12.19
    Greenies - 3 PACK REGULAR (36 BONES)
    Greenies - 3 PACK REGULAR (36 BONES)

    ($47.99)  $36.49
    Greenies - Regular 18 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Greenies - Regular 18 Treat Pack (18 oz)

    ($22.99)  $17.39
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - REGULAR 12 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - REGULAR 12 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19
    GREENIES Hip & Joint Care Canine Dental Chews - REGULAR (27 oz)
    GREENIES Hip & Joint Care Canine Dental Chews - REGULAR (27 oz)

    ($45.99)  $35.09


    Greenies - LARGE 8 BONES
    Greenies - LARGE 8 BONES

    ($21.99)  $16.69
    Greenies - 3 PACK LARGE (24 BONES)
    Greenies - 3 PACK LARGE (24 BONES)

    ($64.99)  $49.99
    Greenies - Large 12 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Greenies - Large 12 Treat Pack (18 oz)

    ($31.99)  $23.89
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - LARGE 8 Treats (12 oz)
    GREENIES Bursting Blueberry Treat-Pak - LARGE 8 Treats (12 oz)

    ($21.99)  $16.19
    GREENIES Hip & Joint Care Canine Dental Chews - LARGE (27 oz)
    GREENIES Hip & Joint Care Canine Dental Chews - LARGE (27 oz)

    ($45.99)  $35.09


    Greenies - JUMBO 4 BONES
    Greenies - JUMBO 4 BONES

    ($16.99)  $12.99
    Greenies - 3 PACK JUMBO (12 BONES)
    Greenies - 3 PACK JUMBO (12 BONES)

    ($47.99)  $36.49

    The ALL NEW Greenies® is new and improved with an ALL NEW FORMULA. Reward your dog with clean teeth, fresh breath, and loads of vitamins and minerals with every delicious treat.

    Formulated with an optimal blend of soy and wheat protein for ease in digestion. Toothbrush shape, tapered shaft and contoured knuckle offer a better surface for teeth cleaning. Chewier texture helps reduce plaque, and keeps gums healthy. Scientifically developed in 5 different sizes to ensure a perfect bite based on your dog's skull type. Designed to offer complete and balanced nutrition with 52% protein and low in fat.
  • NEW Chewy Texture - irresistibly chewier to help clean teeth
  • NEW Easy to Digest - soy and wheat protein blend
  • NEW Ingredients - fortified with vitamins & minerals for complete nutrition
  • NEW Shape - natural shapes and curves fit around your dog's teeth
  • NEW Taste - dogs LOVE the new taste of Greenies
  • NEW Science - 5 sizes designed to work perfectly with your dog's bite
    Teenie 2 3/4" 5-15 lbs
    Petite 3 1/2" 15-25 lbs
    Regular 4 1/4" 25-50 lbs
    Large 5 1/4" 50-100 lbs
    Jumbo 6" over 100 lbs
  • Learn More About the NEW & IMPROVED Greenies® : View PDF HERE
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  • 4.87 rating based on 46 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Greenies - TEENIE 43 BONES
    by from 05/04/2012

    I am always pleased with your products but this last order I was not pleased with your service. I rec'd a box with a return label from AMAZON. I knew I never ordered from them so I refused the box. The mailgirl said she could not take the pkg back nor would UPS. I ended up driving to another city where there is a main UPS Center and the guy scanned it and said it is from Entirely Pets. I showed him the box saying Amazon and he said 'Crazy" I called a service rep at your store and he just said he was sorry. I asked if I could get another bag of the Greenies for free shipping and he said Oh No. You caused me time and a waste of gasoline trying to figure this out.

    there by are from manyAs


    great product by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK05/24/2013

    same as the regular ones. My dogs would eat the whole bag at one time.

    Excellent by Sal from Bracey,VA03/26/2014

    Product works as they are supposed to wlll purchase again......

    by Jess12/15/2012

    Dog loves them, wish they were a little bit smaller!

    Greenies by BayHouseGal06/06/2013

    Don't know what's in 'em, but my dog LOVES them. He is almost 13 years old, and does puppy circles to get a Greenie.

    Greenies Work As Advertised by Grandpa John from Michigan11/13/2013

    Our Toy Poodle loves his Teeny Greenies! They do help to keep his teeth clean and free of tartar, along with regular brushing with Virbac CET Pet Toothpaste. He likes the Chicken Flavor!

    easier for my old dogs to chew by sir from boston02/10/2014

    they like bonies, but the greenies cause them to make saliva and are less brittle for them. the bonies crack and break, whereas the greenies get slobbered on and softly disappear.

    Go Green by jantex08/20/2013

    Our Yorkie loves her special Greenies treat. She will toss it in the air - retrieve it, then take off to enjoy it all by herself.

    by Lynn from CA11/06/2012

    Just right for my 30 pound terrier/shephard mix.

    To small by chris07/02/2013

    was afraid he'd choke. but he doe's like them, so I stay right with him.

    Can't do better! by ALpha Dog's Mom04/29/2010

    This is the healthiest treat you can give your dog, it's purely GOOD FOR HIM. And, you can't even come close to this price anywhere else! THIS is a GREAT FIND... grab it!

    My baby dogs love these by Farm Chick06/16/2012

    My baby dogs love these treats! Get one a day and enjoy every bit of it! Should have ordered more, will next time! Happy babies make for happy parents!

    Teenie Greenies for Christmas! by pixietrix from western NY12/30/2013

    I give these as treats to my doggie friends, you can never go wrong with Greenies. :)

    fresh breath by Puggles01/11/2014

    My pugs have to take fish oil. I mix the oil in tuna so they will take it. I give them each a greenie every few days and it takes care of the tuna breath very nicely. They are one of my boys' favorite treats.

    His favorite by Jenni10/11/2013

    Healthy and tasteful. He looks forward to theses treats after his walks.

    Fresh breath by Grandma Teri from San Francisco Ca01/28/2015

    this is a daily treat for our pet and sure does the job

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - 3 PACK TEENIE (129 BONES)
    Great Treat by Patty04/18/2008

    My puppies love them. They are a great treat that puppies and small dogs love -- they don't even realize that they "brushing their teeth" at the same time!

    Greenies by Chloe from Waldron, Ar02/29/2012

    Greenies are a wonderful product for my precious pets teeth. Entirely Pets has the best prices on my pets needs. The shipping & service are great. I will always shop Entirely Pets.

    greenies by linda03/14/2008

    wonderful for dogs who won't let you brush their teeth. at pet store this would cost $48.12

    greeies-great buy-fast shipping by andrea from toms river, nj11/25/2011

    A++! I always order from this website. they have the best prices, and they ship fast. the greenies i alway order, save alot of money!

    Great item for my Yorkie! by bnatural02/28/2012

    My little boy yorkie begs around the same time every night for his "greenie". He lets me know it is time for his snack, and takes my hand in his mouth to get me to come with him. He will just beg and play until he get his greenie!

    YUM by jantex02/26/2013

    Our dog thinks Greenies is the best snack in the world. Teenie Greenies are great for a tiny, yet oversized, Yorkie!

    Must Have by bj from MD01/01/2014

    I have 2 pomeranians and they beg for Greenies every evening. I would be in trouble if we ran out of them. Entirely Pets ships quickly every time.

    Great Bargin by SharonR from New Orleans10/25/2011

    I have been purchasing Greenies from the local Pet Store for 5 years. The price cannot be beat, even with a coupon. Delivery was fast and the product was as it should be. No more Pet Store for me and my Lizzie!

    Greenies by Morgan from Fresno, CA10/30/2012

    My dogs love the Greenies. Their teeth seem improved with regular use and the price is good.

    by from 10/11/2011

    Our doggies love Greenies and especially the newer more digestable formula. I highly recommend them for your "babies" too :)

    Light by ;-)" from Newer formula is great!Peace,


    Dogs say "YUM" by Tweety from Kent, WA01/03/2014

    My dogs can't wait until I go downstairs because they know I will give them each a Greenie. They absolutely love them.

    Highly recommended by kengkong01/31/2012

    My dog loves the teenie. It's just the right size for him.

    by from 05/22/2014

    The 3 pack teenie greenies is an excellent buy for the price!! 129 bones!! I have 4 dogs in my house and they love those greenies!!

    another by brand from andOnce


    A Special Treat by Jeri from Indiana11/06/2012

    I use the "teenie" greenies, even though my dogs are all over 50 pounds. They get them as a special treat. I keep them separate from their other food, and when I go to the closet to get them one, they know exactly what I am getting and are SO happy! I also take one or two when visiting certain friends who have dogs and they know I have them and greet me with MUCH enthusiasm. They smell so "green" and clean. Especially great in winter when there is no grass.

    by from 12/16/2013

    My dog can't wait to get her chops on this evening treat.

    a by night, from soShe


    Brush your teeth by Kate from Montreal09/01/2014

    I actually buy these for my Aunt's tea cup Yorkie. Zoe loves them, and her teeth stay so clean that she rarely needs a professional cleaning. Great money saver and treat!!!

    3 p-ack teenie greenies by marsha06/09/2013

    Buying the teenies this way is the most reasonable priced I've found; they are just the perfect size for my 6 lb. and 8 lb. Shih Zhu's

    Great Treat for Dogs by Brit10/23/2012

    My Papillon absolutely loves Greenies. She dances and runs off to show her treat to others in the house. It's also reassuring that my veterinarian acknowledges the benefits of Greenies in helping to foster healthier teeth in dogs.

    by PB01/25/2012

    Greenies are my Dogs ultimate favorite treat!

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - PETITE 20 BONES
    greenies by Vera from CT11/29/2013

    entirely pets delivered promptly and the greenies had a long expiration date. very satisfied!

    new greenie formula by lawoman05/12/2008

    my yorkies all 4,and under 5 lbs.had the original formula since they were teething.i can't get them interested in the new formula at all.hope you will sell the old formula again,under owner's risk.

    Great treat by JJ06/05/2012

    My dogs have always enjoyed these. We have been ordering these for a long time.

    Greenies by bucknbb from Whiteville, TN10/24/2012

    My dachshund loves greenies. Plus they help with tarter on his teeth. They come in several sizes which i buy the really small ones.

    good but..... by kevnomi from Denver, CO01/29/2012

    the dogs love them but they are too soft & I don't see much good it does for their teeth. I would like to see the old kind that last longer & clean their teeth. These are gone in 2 minutes.

    Excellent product by Buddy from Honolulu, HI08/26/2014

    My dogs look forward to their daily Greenies. It keeps their teeth and gums in good condition. It also seems to not disrupt their digestion like another similar product did.

    Greenies by bucknbb06/05/2012

    My dog loves these. We have to watch him or he will carry them outside.

    Love them by Sandi from Vista, CA12/06/2011

    I am very happy with the Greenies. They are good for Chloe's teeth and keep her occupied when she is home alone.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - 3 PACK PETITE (60 BONES)
    Great Product by cocker mom07/29/2013

    My dogs love greenies and they do seem to help the teeth.

    Outstanding purchase by jacksonbrown03/22/2012

    "Jack" loves these and they are the right size healthy snace for after his nightly walk.

    Yeah - Greenies by Morgansmom12/30/2012

    My dog loves Greenies and with my Groupon they were almost half price.

    Great for dental health by Sugars Mom08/03/2014

    Our jack russell gets one greenie every day. She loves them and we have found they really help with her dental health.

    Dog Dental Care by Joey from Laredo, Texas12/17/2012

    My dogs really love this treat and it's good for their teeth and gums. The only setback is that they''re expensive. If you can afford this treat, definately consider buying it.

    Great Greenies by Packleader of 5 from Texas01/03/2013

    I purchase the petite Greenies because of the wide variety of sizes my dogs are. The Big dogs get two with the little ones getting one. They love these, even the pickiest of them. My Vet can tell a big difference when I use these. When Stella, the Black Pomeranian came to live with us her teeth were terrible, now they are beautiful.

    Great Product by Joanne from Florida01/12/2014

    My dog loves these and they help keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh.

    Very special treat by Bogey's mom from Washington state09/25/2014

    My dog loves his greenies and starts driving us crazy each evening when he knows it's almost time for his favorite treat

    Great product by Gracie's mom from CT05/22/2014

    My dog gets one a greenie every day after she's had her breakfast, been outside and comes back in. It's part of her daily routine that she looks forward to every day :)

    greenies by nhiman1 from Las Vegas, NV10/09/2011

    my dog loves his greenies, the only complaint is from me, there used to be a larger bag of them, we go thru the 20 unit bag in no more than 20 days, why 20 not 30 and a little cheaper, if it is sooo good for our animals, why can't it cost less.

    My Puppies Love Them by Patty H04/18/2008

    I have 2 three-month old Cairns who have been devouring petite Greenies since they were 9 or 10 weeks old. They absolutely love them. They get excited the minute they see them.

    Greenies by Chloe from Waldron, Ar02/29/2012

    Greenies are the best ever for my dogs teeth. Greenies clean & freshen her breath. We would not be without Greenies.

    nothing better! by Bogey's mom from Sahuarita, AZ01/22/2015

    my dog will do ANYthing for a greenie!!!

    Love it by T04/07/2009

    The first time I bought them, the sales assistant said they were like ?Doggie Crack?....and he was right. My dog goes crazy over his Greenie. I'm not sure how well they freshen his breath, but they are a wonderful treat for him. He?ll do every trick he knows just to have one.

    A true toothbrush! by Annie08/26/2008

    Manny, our rat terrier, at 5 years of age doesn't have any tartar on his teeth at all because he gets his Greenie every day. Believe me, he KNOWS the word, too, & practically turns himself inside out when he hears it mentioned. It's nice to not have to brush his teeth & he just loves them.

    Product Never Arrived by NO HELP AT ALL! from Brisbane Australia11/06/2012

    Entirely Pets. I purchased this product through the Lyoness website to be delivered into Australia. It got held up in Customs in Australia and when I asked you for your assistance in getting product information I just received the following:Thank you for your email. we do not have the manufacture letter head as we do not manufacture the products. - NO HELP AT ALL - Products have now been destroyed by Australian Customs - A BIG WASTE - Will never purchase from you again!

    Love at First Bite by The Westies of Rockwall10/29/2008

    I have 3 Westies ages 13, 12, and 19 months - all 3 of my little guys will kill for a greenie - they just love these things. Since they are pretty portly, they only get one or two per week. I love greenies because it helps freshen their doggie breaths.

    Greenies by Morgan from Fresno, CA11/14/2012

    Great product at a great price! Will order again.

    A must have treat by bj from MD10/23/2012

    My dogs ask for these each day at about 7pm. They love them. This one is for my 20lb dog and I get the teenie for my 8lb dog. They both love them.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - REGULAR 12 BONES
    by MC05/23/2014

    My corgi, Theo, loves the Greenies I purchased for him. He gets so excited when I give him one that he throws it in the air, jumps and runs around it likes it's the greatest thing he's ever received. It's more than a treat for him!

    ist time user by chris07/02/2013

    The Dog loves them. I do think it helps his breath.

    greenies by suki06/10/2012

    my brandi lovessssssssssssss these greenies she cant get enough of them and her breath is better and her teeth look whiter very very pleased and entirely pets is one of the best!!!!pet supplies that i have purchased from very quick shipping also!

    Healthy and Happy Treat by D and J from New York, NY04/24/2014

    Our dog (a lab mix) loves the greenies bones treats. We feel good about giving them to her since it is also a healthy snack item and helps to clean her teeth as well. So it is a win/win situation for all !

    Great Product by cocker mom07/29/2013

    My dogs love greenies and they do seem to help the teeth.

    My dogs love 'em by Anskey from British Columbia, Canada07/29/2013

    Recently purchased greenie, my little male Corgi, runs outside to hide while he chews his greenie, it really does keep the tartar from their teeth, my older Border collie gets the joint supplement every evening on her dinner, it does help with the arthritic joints, with the green lipped muscle supplement, they both swim each day, and have a "whale" of a time.

    great product by baby fast from Oklahoma City, OK05/24/2013

    If I allowed it, my dogs would eat the whole bag at one time. I rattle the bag and they come running.

    Favorite Treat by Joanne from Florida05/04/2014

    My dog loves these and anxiously waits for one each evening. She loves the taste; I love that it helps to keep her teeth clean.

    My dog's favorite treat! by Laura from Sacramento, CA05/13/2014

    My dog gets a greenie everyday and he's still not sick of it. He loves this stuff and can't get enough of it. It's healthy and good for his teeth. I noticed it's helped with plaque and tartar build up in his teeth, but I wish it was cheaper. Greenies do get expensive, especially when my dog gets one a day.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - 3 PACK REGULAR (36 BONES)
    greenies by jerschef from waldwick, NJ07/27/2013

    my dog loves them, she enjoys hiding them then the challange of getting it out from where she buried them

    Greenies by BBB CO06/23/2014

    Freddy loves them . His breath smells better.

    by dogmom24602/19/2014

    The dogs always love these and they were a great price!

    Dog Loves These Dental Chews by Joanne from Florida03/19/2014

    These seem to help prevent "doggie" breath and so far seem to prevent plaque buildup. Time will tell whether or not the dog will need a dental cleaning.

    ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! by DRAGONQUEEN3756 from Southern California06/21/2013

    My cocker spaniel has been enjoying these since she was a puppy, & she is 9yrs old now. Her vet is absolutely thrilled with how beautiful her teeth are & how she has hardly any tartar on her teeth, especially for being as old as she is. I absolutely love this product & so does my dog. Greatest invention ever!!!

    Greenies by tlp143 from Hollywood, Florida10/20/2011

    I am always looking for treats that keep my dogs sound and healthy, happy too. The treats I alternate are pig chews, greenies, pegetables and hard biscuits and kibbles & bits hard & soft dry dog food. Their teeth are white and no tartar. They eat at their liesure and get pleanty of activity. Heart worm meds and vaccines are really important too!

    my 2 old girls, 9 and 10, love them by sir from boston03/06/2014

    very little difficulty for an older dog to bite and then chew also no slobbering no accumulation of saliva juices like other dental treats

    Really good! by Lisalisa06/16/2012

    My dog really likes these greenies and they clean his teeth!

    great product at a good price by nay06/24/2014

    entirely pets prices are the best I have found on greenies. I have purchased them for my pets over the years because greenies are great for any age dog because they are not a hard bone. and they really do clean their breath and teeth and the dogs always love them!

    Greenies 3 pack reg. 36 bones by Rusty from Hawaii08/28/2014

    My 2 dogs Rusty and Oprah loves the Greenies.

    Where Are They? by BBBCO from GJ, CO05/29/2014

    Backordered for so long. When will I ever get them?

    Helps cure bad breath by scooter from Seattle, wa01/21/2013

    Our dog enjoys them, we give to her once a week and it seems to help with the DOGGIE BREATH

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - LARGE 8 BONES
    My Dog Loves These! by LLinMarin11/23/2011

    He is very spoiled and hounds me until he gets his treat daily. And... I get the best service and quickest shipping from this company!

    Not for big dogs by Mike01/02/2014

    sorry, I really wanted to like these but I have two Labs and both dogs gobbled them up in two seconds so there was virtually no chewing which is what you need to clean teeth . In fact I was most concerned that they had swalllowed a mass that could be a problem. I'm sure they are great for little dogs but until they make them significantly harder I'd stay away from them if you have a big dog

    Greenies - Large by Roxy from Arizona07/08/2013

    These are my girl's favorite treat! I actually keep them in the freezer so she'll get extra chew time. Her teeth and gums have improved, her breath is fresh and best of all, they don't make her gassy. Even with sensitive stomach issues, they're easy for her to digest. It's probably why she prefers Greenies over any other dental chew!

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - 3 PACK LARGE (24 BONES)
    greenies and bonies by sir from boston01/31/2014

    My 2 dogs are ages 10 and 11 and very much enjoy their greenies. My only comment is that. compared to Bonies, the greenies produce more saliva - the Bonies none at all, but I think that is a good thing, to keep things moist and sliding down easily. They really enjoy their Bonies too. Basically, they both have great appetites. I simmer chiecken thighs until tender and give them bits of chicken and some broth, every day. also a spoonful of salmon oil for their coats.

    GREENIES by nancy from Houston Texas07/31/2014

    He loves them and the price is great, especially compared to pet store prices.

    Best Value for large size of all quantities by stellahaus from Kerrville, Tx11/28/2012

    THis is the best value for the money. I priced the 8 greenies bag and the larger value boxes and this is the best overall value. Trust me. I don't have the breakdown anymore because I did this last month but this it the best value, the "3 Pack Large(24 Bones)". Even the BIG BIG box of greenies comes out more expensive per bone. Also I trust greenies because its sold by my vet, at a much more expensive price than this price found on the entirely pets website. But be warned, after you dog eats a greenie, he won't eat any other kind of dog treat. They get spoiled because greenies is so good, its also really good for them. I know you are supposed to give one a day but I give one every other day because they are so expensive.

    by Nala11/07/2012

    My dogs love Greenies and it helps keep their breath fresh!

    by Amanda02/29/2012

    Another good product and good price (with discounts)

    Greenies by Jean from Holiday, FL05/01/2010

    I was given a Greenie by one of my friends and gave it to my German Shepherd. He absolutely loved it and when he was finished, he wanted another one! I think he's addicted to them. LOL They keep his teeth clean, his breath fresh and he's happy! He was 2 years old when he had his first one and he is 8 years old now and still loves them.

    Best Deal by LY10/06/2013

    My dog loves Greenies. He gets so excited when I go to the cupboard to get him one. He doesn't get it right away though. We play a game. I hide it and he has to go and find it. When he finds it, he is so happy. Greenies are definitely the best dental chew that I have found for my dog. has the best prices on Greenies. I purchase the 3 bag, large bones.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - Teenie 65 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Greenies dentist treats by CynLION from Cortland, OH01/29/2014

    My dogs really love it. The great price for 65 treats than any stores a bit expensive. Will more order when running out.

    Always a hit by sdsundog from Greenville, SC01/14/2014

    My dogs really think they are getting something special when they get one of these.

    Greenies-Teenie Great for teeth!! by art from Kissimmee, FL10/08/2013

    I have always brushed my dogs teeth. Now I continue to brush her teeth but also give her the Greenies. She loves them! I use them as a treat after a walk. They really help to keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh. She is now five and has not needed a teeth cleaning and her vet continues to be amazed at how clean her teeth are. Thank you Greenies for helping to keep my little girl's teeth in excellent condition!

    Great Purchase Deal by Calmom from Fresno, CA07/22/2013

    My dogs love the Greenies I bought. They are the best treats by far and the best part is they are good for them and VOC approved. Also a great price compared to other pet stores.

    Greenies by suz10/22/2012

    My little guy, Jake, LOVES his greenies ! I used them to train him to Come when called.....

    Great Product by strecks85 from Ankeny, IA11/29/2011

    I have a 21 pound Puggle that is 1 1/2 years old. The Greenie size recommended is the next size up, but he loves this size. He gets so excited that he is willing to do any tricks without even asking! Great product!

    Yummy by Esteban from Scottsdale AZ03/03/2013

    The dogs (4) all love them. It's a daily treat for them.

    Love Greenies by Nancy04/10/2012

    My dog loves Greenies because they taste good. I love them for my dog because they are a healthy, low-fat treat. A win-win!

    No Brainer by Kim from Mill Hall, Pa.10/24/2013

    These Greenies are a big bargin. Good for the dog and good for me. Cabo loves them.

    Greenies Make My Senior 'Girls' Want to Get Up by Linda from Akron, Ohio04/23/2013

    My girls are seniors now and not very motivated to get up and go. All we need to do is show them the 'greenie' treats and they are ready....even to get up from a sound sleep for a greenie treat!

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - Petite 30 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Dental treats by PJ from Colorado06/07/2013

    I am hoping they will help clean my 2 rescue cats teeth. Will know on next check-up. They love these treats.

    Our dog LOVES Greenies by Susan from Oregon10/13/2011

    Can't beat this for a dog treat. Cleans breath and they love the taste.

    Great Item by Venice from Oregon02/22/2013

    Our dogs love their Greenies. They are great for their teeth and breath

    pet's favorite! by jvirgogirl from raleigh,nc10/23/2012

    my beagle loves these! she knows that she gets 1 after breakfast as we are leaving for work and can't wait for us to leave, plus it brushes her teeth - the best treat ever!

    doggy catnip by beckyj10/25/2011

    Ordering process was easy and product arrived on time and was accurate. My dogs love, love, love greenies. They also keep their teeth clean. My vet is always surprised that my toy poodle's teeth look so good. Will continue to order this product. Don't want my dogs to leave me.

    great for my dogs by bill12/24/2012

    One of my dogs is a 12 year old Lhasa Apso. He has short legs and a chunky body. When I take out a Greenie for a snack is the only time he stands on his hind legs and waits until I give him his treat. He does not just sit up, he stands up. My two Yorkies like them also but not like my Lhasa.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - Regular 18 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    great product by migwag from Sudbury ontario11/13/2013

    Good treat, my dog likes it. Her teeth shine

    Great purchase by Carol from Alpine, NJ10/30/2013

    My dog loves Greenies and I give him one after every meal to keep his teeth clean and his breath fresh.

    Great product, Great price by Missy from Albuquerque, NM11/12/2013

    The prices are better than the big box pet stores.

    Works well to keep breath and teeth clean by Kathy07/10/2013

    Greenies really work to keep my golden retriever's teeth and breath clean. I give her one regular Greenie every evening, even though by weight she should get a large. The 18 treat pack (18 oz) is a good deal.

    Healthy treat by Buffy07/01/2012

    I feel good about giving these treats out as they have good benefits including tartar control.

    greenies by Mar06/17/2013

    Fast delivery. Fresh product. One of my dogs favorite treats

    Favorite Treat by Belle11/21/2011

    My dog loves greenies! She knows every day wnen she's expected to get this treat & twirls in circles in anticipation. Her breath smells a lot better too.

    Greenies by sandman04/28/2014

    Dog loves them, and her teeth are reasonably clean and have little tarter. NOT a substitute for periodic professional cleaning, but time between the need for Vet cleaning is prolonged. Expensive, but a size smaller than recommended for dog weight seem to do the job, however.

    Greenies are the best by justjackie from boston, ma07/24/2014

    My dogs have always loved Greenies. They have been eating them for over 10 years now. I would highly recommend them for the taste and the cleaning capabilities.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies - Large 12 Treat Pack (18 oz)
    Great Value by LY from Sequim, WA02/07/2014

    My dog loves Greenies. has the best price. I have purchased many Greenies and will continue to do so in the future.

    Greenies - Can't live without them! by llinmarin from Santa Venetia, CA12/11/2013

    Our dog hounds us until he gets his "greenie a day". And the price from Entirely Pets can't be beat - especially when you couple it with one of their many discount coupons.

    Expensive but good by GSD from South Florida09/19/2013

    I buy these when I can afford to-they are expensive and don't last long, but they do work.

    Best Price by Mutt Rescuer11/14/2011

    My dogs love Greenies and Entirely Pets has the best price that I have seen for them.

    Great Greenies by Robin06/24/2013

    My dog LOVES Greenies and the online price is far, far better than that in a pet store. Ordering online was fast and easy, as was delivery. Thank you

    grenies by norrie from thief river falls,minn.03/15/2012

    My dog would be lost without his greenies.He gets one after supper each nite. The Vet says his teeth are perfect and he is 9 years old.

    Greenies are great by carol11/21/2011

    My two gsds love them. A great treat in the am when I am trying to get out the door and go to work.

    My Dogs Love These! by timy from Mississippi06/22/2013

    On sale, a great value! I don't know if my dogs teeth are cleaner but the dogs really enjoy Greenies.

    Dog loves greenies. by Roscoe12/26/2012

    My Golden Retriever Loves Greenies and can't get enough.Great Price on Entirely Pets.

    Best Price Anywhere by Naked Mtn from Shipman, VA12/06/2011

    My dogs love these and Entirely Pets has the best price of anyone!!

    Great Deal by Jeneene from Wilmington, Ohio11/05/2011

    I have 2 dogs and they LOVE Greenies. They are so expensive in the stores. Not only are your prices cheaper but I always order at least $85 worth to receive free shipping. I have a workmate that always wants some too, so that helps getting to the $85 easier.

    by from 03/23/2010

    my dog gets to select her treat... she loves bully sticks & she loves greenies.

    she by takes from thegiven


    Featured Reviews for Greenies Mini Treat-Pak™ - Petite (6 oz)
    Dog Threw Up by TailwaggersInc06/12/2013

    Your dog needs a strong stomach to eat these - this bothered all 3 of my dog's stomachs. My one dog who isn't bothered by any dental bones threw up chunks of this while 1 of the others I discovered is allergic to the grains in the product.

    love the size by Chipper from NE Pennsylvania11/06/2013

    my dog loves these treats. I love the size. If I give her a couple a day, I feel I'm not over feeding her.

    Featured Reviews for Greenies Smart Treats for Dogs - TEENIE 22 BONES
    Great deal by Diane12/25/2013

    Our dogs have been having a teensiest greenie a day for years. I believe that is why their teeth are in good shape. The new formula is more chewy which has taken a little adjustment but they like it. The size of the teensiest is perfect for our 11-12 pound pups. And Entirely Pets is awesome. They came the day after we ordered! Yay!

    Love these teenie greenies by Diane from Central coast of California01/26/2015

    I have small dogs, A rat terrier and a doxy. They love their greenies cause they love to have a chew everyday. I rotate these with the cet chews for their teeth and gum health. I highly recommend them.

    My dogs love these by Jackie from Chico, CA03/11/2014

    I have 2 Chihuahuas & 1 Dashund, & they love the way these taste. The minis are the perfect size for my dogs (all under 12 lbs).

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