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Grizzly Salmon Oil

Grizzly Salmon Oil Grizzly Salmon Oil is a highly active, all-natural Omega-3 health, skin, and coat supplement, extracted directly in a seafood processing facility. Salmon oil helps solve skin and coat problems from the inside out by countering inflammations caused by excessive Omega-6 oils. The unprocessed EPA and DHA also strengthens the heart.

Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (8 oz)
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (8 oz)

($13.99)  $11.99
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (16 oz)
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (16 oz)

($17.99)  $15.99
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (32 oz)
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (32 oz)

($39.00)  $27.99
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Cats (4 oz)
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Cats (4 oz)

($6.99)  $5.99
Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Supplement (64 oz)
Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Supplement (64 oz)

($61.50)  $47.99
Grizzly Salmon Oil Special Offer

by. Grizzly Pet Products, LLC

Grizzly Salmon Oil is a highly active, all-natural Omega-3 health, skin, and coat supplement, extracted directly in a seafood processing facility. Salmon oil helps solve skin and coat problems from the inside out by countering inflammations caused by excessive Omega-6 oils. The unprocessed EPA and DHA also strengthens the heart.

Grizzly Salmon Oil comes from wild Alaskan salmon and contains nature's blend of over 15 heart-healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids.

Directions: Add daily to your dog's food according to the weight chart below. For best results, use regularly on a long-term basis.

Up. to 12.5 lbs.
12.5 - 25 lbs.
25 - 50 lbs.
50 - 75 lbs.
over 75 lbs.
(One pump stroke equals approx. 0.12 fl oz / 3.5 ml)

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude fat...99.9% (min.)
Moisture.....0.1% (max.)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids*...29.0% (min.)
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)*...12.0% (min.)
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)*...9.0% (min.)
Omega-6 Fatty Acids*...3.0% (min.)
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient profile.

Salmon Oil, Rosemary Extract
5.00 rating based on 2 reviews
Featured Reviews for Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (8 oz)
Great Purchase, Great Service by Bobbo from West Pawlet, Vermont10/25/2012

Entirely Pets is a great business to deal with, they have great products at great prices, and they ship them out as quick as possible - very satisfied customer, and will definately do business again with Entirely Pets.

by from 09/11/2010

My Rat Terrier scratched and scratched and scratched....so much that I wasn't sleeping.

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Featured Reviews for Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (16 oz)
Great product! by pitmom from Richmond, VA01/01/2013

Love this product! I've tried other brands but this one seems to work great and leaves no fishy breath! Both dogs have a very shiny coat and are very healthy. I also love that it has a functional pump!

cats love it by ms. kitty 03 from NM02/12/2012

I put this in my cats' can food and they love it. Their fur is soft and shiny.

Great Supplement! by AW06/05/2013

Gizzly Salmon Oil is a great supplement to give you dog. It was recommended to me by my dog's cardiologist to support heart health. Great Product.

Some like it some leave it. by puppiesndogs02/06/2013

I have four dogs, two love it two would rather leave it. The two that love it have stinky fish breath for a while. I was looking for something to make their dry food more interesting. The recommended dose is very small because of the size of my dogs. Not enough to get 1/4 food covered. I haven't used it long enough to see a difference in their coats.

Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs by Jason from Virginia Beach, VA05/08/2013

My dog seems to like the taste. It is easy to use.

Wonderful product :) by pilatesjunkie from Westlake Village, California06/23/2013

Has made a HUGE difference in the skin and fur coat of my Golden Retriever. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Worth the $$$$

Dogs love it! by Shboom from Central New York03/03/2013

Having 2 senior dogs I bought this product to supplement their food and coat along with the benefits of the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. One pump of the Grizzly's salmon oil is all it takes and both love the taste on their food.

great product by Sandy from Virginia03/31/2013

i have used this stuff forever for my 3 dogs. i like it because i just squirt some on there food and im done. they love the taste and actually wait for me to put it on their food before eating. it keeps their coats shiny and soft and their joints moving. my bulldog has been doing alot better with her back leg and her movement since i started using it. i love it

my picky dog loves it! by mochibaby08/09/2009

my picky dog seems to like the dry food more after I start adding the salmon oil

great oil by 36pets from las vegas11/10/2012

my 3 dogs love the flavor. started with a small amount and built up to the recommended amount. the skin is now better shape not flaky and the one dog is no longer itchy. great product. glade i got the gal refill too

Shiney Coat by AP12/29/2012

I've been giving this to my 14 month old pup since she was about 8 weeks old. She has such a shiney, luxurious coat which I have to contribute to the salmon oil that my breeder recommended. She has no problem scarfing her food up with or without the oil.

Great Price by sandisqs from Flushing MI01/11/2012

I felt the price was the most reasonable I could find and I wanted to make sure I had a pump on it without an extra charge like some brands. Some of the brands didn't have a pump unless it was a very large bottle. I had completely run out of salmon oil and could tell one of my dogs was starting to have dry skin and his fur didn't look as shiney. He stopped scratching within a short time after starting him back on it.

by ligoff04/15/2013

My dog would lick the finish off the bowl to get all of this oil if she could - and it seems to have solved her coat problems.

Essential for the raw feeder by huntersgirl from Missouri10/25/2011

I've used this product with a raw feeding menu for a year now. I'm very pleased with my two boys overall health and the appearance of their coats. One dog had cronic skin issues and I believe in addition to the raw diet this product helps.

Featured Reviews for Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs (32 oz)
Not a bad purchase by Kim from Aiken, SC03/11/2013

Really glad I purchased this product. My puppies were suffering from extremely dry skin. Changed their diet, added wet food plus a squirt of the salmon oil, and now they are not scratching and chewing anymore. Our yard dog gets two squirts in the am and pm. He has been on this for about two weeks now and his coat is starting to shine more. Only gave it 4 because the pups, all three, do have a slight fish smell but with the benefits, I will gladly deal with fishy pups any day.

Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs by Sheklein from Louisville, KY02/04/2013

Great product easy to use the dogs love it!

Good for non-finicky dogs by Susan from Blacksburg, VA07/23/2010

This is a great supplement for non-finicky dogs. My 15 year old Australian Shepherd was doing fine on it and then decided one day that she wouldn't touch anything that had the Grizzly salmon oil on it. There is definitely a fishy smell. My other dogs don't mind it- they'll do flips for it. Their coats are great on it. I think it even helps my second oldest dog's arthritis. My oldest dog is just finicky, especially when I leave. I'm having to try her on the Icelandic unscented anchovy and sardine oil and see if that will work for her. Stubborn dog! Hopefully that will work for her.

Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs by Monchito from Bayside, NY12/08/2011

Excellent. My Goldie loves the taste. Keeps coat shiny and good for her heart (Vitamin E)

Grizzy Salmon Oil by AP from PA03/07/2013

My dog has the shiniest, thickest, softest coat and I contribute it to salmon oil, also good for a strong heart!

Salmon Oil by Carolyn from Virginia02/13/2013

Would recommend this to all dog owners to improve skin and coat.

Excellent Product by Lainie from New Jersey Shore and Key West FL05/30/2012

Dr. Foley, my vet in Islamorado FL, recommended Grizzly Salmon Oil for my old kitties who suffer from stomatitis. They are also bothered by fungus and allergies which are common to the FL Keys and other tropical areas. There was definite improvement within a month and I was able to wean them off the prednisone after 2 months. Their fur is shinier with less shedding. And, as with humans, the health benefits are huge with salmon oil. I'm so pleased with this product that I have begun buying it for the rescue group I support here in NJ.

Great product by Jen01/01/2013

Great for digestion, coat and joints. My dogs love it.

dog enjoys by catisboss11/13/2012

works wonderful for winter dry flaky skin and scratching

Great product by mom2labs from Chicago suburb04/12/2013

I've been giving this to my dogs for only 2 weeks, and I can already see a difference in their coats!

Great for dry skin by Herm10/22/2012

In the winter my dog gets some hot spots that he scratches or chews. He is almost 100% better. So now I give it to all three of my dogs with their food. The squirt bottle makes it easy to add to food and control dosage. Now they lick the bowl across the floor. And then switch to see if anyone left a little behind.

by from 11/28/2009

My dog loves the taste of this on her food. I bought this product primarily to help with arthritis, and I suspect it's a bit too early to determine how much the product is helping in that regard. But her coat, always shiny and soft, is even shinier and softer after just 3 weeks of use!. I really hadn't thought he coat could get better than it already was!

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by from 08/27/2010

When we first got our puppy, his coat was dry and flaky; he scratched constantly...we immediately started him on salmon oil, and within two weeks, his coat was soft and shiny. The flaky skin cleared up and he has been silky ever since...we have had him on it for a year.

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Love this salmon oil by Blinddogs from Philadelphia PA12/09/2012

I feed my dogs raw, so I supplement them with Omega 3s. Usually I purchase fish oil capsules, but my dogs won't eat them, so I have to cut them and squirt the oil on their food. This can be messy, and I've gotten fish oil on my clothes. SO much easier to use the Grizzly Salmon Oil, and the dogs love it!

good stuff by holly and winnie's mom06/03/2009

my dogs seem to enjoy this brand. it's supposed to help with joint health so i give more of it to my older dog with arthritis, but still give it to my younger dog in hopes it prevents arthritis. the pump on this brand works great. i do not recomment Iceland Pure Salmon Oil. i tried several bottles of that before and found the pump got clogged and so i had to remove the pump and pour for each serving. what a hassle that was. give grizzly a try.

Featured Reviews for Grizzly Salmon Oil for Cats (4 oz)
Inconsistent? by SALandry from The South02/23/2012

This is my second purchase of this product...the first bottle was fine, and my cats (3 cats) ate their food with it. But, the second bottle must be different or not good because my cats no longer want their food with the oil from the second bottle. It is too messy and inconvenient to return...so I will just not be purchasing this again in the future.

perfect!!! by dew's mom from Mountains of NC05/13/2013

All of my cats love this product & it keeps their coats soft & flake free! Perr-fect!!!

Great product by kath from Full time RVer's01/21/2013

Both of our cats love the oil. The male cat has allergies to somethings, not sure exactly what but I was hoping this would help...can't tell yet. We are on our second bottle. I know it is good for them. Fish oils are a part of our own health care, so got it for the cats as well!

Featured Reviews for Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Supplement (64 oz)
Makes my dog feel good. by PSchwandtaz11/05/2011

The Fish Oil makes my dog feel young again. Very good product and she loves the taste.

Shiny Coats! by Nancy05/29/2012

I love this fish oil. It's easy to use, my dogs love it, and it makes their coats very shiny. I have two black dogs and people always comment on how shiny their coats are. Their coats feel very soft too.

Great Product by blondie from Duluth, MN01/24/2013

The product is great, however the last 2 bottles have leaked from the pump. This is sticky stuff and gets everywhere. Please correct the problem with the pumps. This has not been a problem in the past.

Good stuff by dogsanderg04/15/2012

Dogs like it on their food. Our vet says it's good for their joints and heart. The only thing is it doesn't say whether to give once or twice a day. So to save money, we're giving it once a day to our 11 year old GSD, 4 year old lab and 4 year old rat terrier.

by from 12/15/2011

I absolutely love this product.

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Seems to help. by rubyiam from PA04/25/2012

This is the second bottle Of Grizzly Salmon Oil I've purchased. The first bottle I purchased was a smaller size so we could give it a test run. Our female Golden Retriever suffers terribly from dry skin & allergies. This Salmon Oil supplement has offered her some relief. It is not a miracle cure, but it's helped cut down on the scratching and chewing. Our Vet suggested we try an OTC allergy med for her, but I am more inclined to stick with the Salmon Oil for now. I hope it continues to work.

Entirely Pets by Raggs06/04/2013

I have not had the opportunity to use the product since it has been on backorder since April 23!!!

Good buy by LB from Clarksville, MD10/04/2011

This was a great price on sale. My labradoodles not quite sure of flavor yet but will eat it since they like fish! Since the pump container is so large, I poured some into a more manageable smaller one and keep on sink.

by from 10/22/2012

My eight year old Lab, Miko, used to suck her feet...ALL. THE. TIME. She did it from the time she was a pup...and we tried everything to stop it...sprays, Benadryl, hot spot medicine...and nothing worked. They were never raw or red, there was never anything to "see" on her feet...she just sucked them...all day long. Yuck!

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by laraine from north wales02/01/2013

I bought grizzly salmon oil because my black labrador had a lovely shiny coat when I bought her when she was 8weeks old then when she got to 5 month old she started getting flaky skin on top of her back and it would not go, she has been on the salmon oil just 9 days and her coat has improved a lot, the flaky skin is getting less, not moulting as much her coat is getting shiny again I would recommend this to any one who has a dog or cat great product I will also order another one when this one has finished.

Great Oil! by BB09/30/2009

Our Pit mix has skin allergies and this oil has helped improve her skin from itching.

Grizzly Salmon Oil by Dawn from Bethel, New York12/16/2012

Great for the skin... Buddy's skin condition has greatly improved.

Grizzly Salmon oil by beeniegirl from Somers, NY10/06/2011

one of the best supplements I've used and I've used lots of them. This one is well worth the money but order the largest size; it's the most economical way to purchase. Gives my dogs coat a super sheen and helps reduce shedding. Even after she's swam and I dry her off; I don't usually have to bathe her because her coat is aweseome!

Grizzly Salmon Oil by Gene02/13/2013

I have two Labs, they both love it, coats look beautiful, shedding greatly reduced, price about half of local pet stores,highly recommend....

Helpful by Ntrsway01/29/2013

Our dog has a multitude of allergies. Food and inhaled, so she is always rubbing or scratching. This product has given her quite a bit of relief from scratching.

Best Fish Oil by DW03/18/2013

I love this product. My dog's coat and skin are amazing with this oil. The ingredient is just fish, no fillers. I believe in this product 100%. BUT I will never order form Entirely Pets again. They may have a wide range of products and great deals but I would rather pay 3 times as much for something than have to deal with their customer service again. My card was charged twice, my package was damaged and no one seems to know what's going on or how to fix it. Buyer beware.

I wouldn't be without this by Aurona from Seattle, WA10/22/2012

I have been giving my dogs this product for about two years now, and have noticed an increase in the texture of their coats, their skin and their overall health. I give it to three dogs in their dry dog food, and have seen their coats become much softer and shiny. Their skin is not dry and they seem to be in much better overall health. I highly recommend this, as my dogs are 14, 7, 1-1/2 years for a Springer Spaniel mix, Labrador Retriever, and MinPin/Chihuahua mix and love the salmon oil supplement.

Just what I ordered by Tysma from Palatine, IL01/08/2013

Merchandise was shipped promptly. It came well packaged and the product was fresh. Even better, the price was quite reasonable.

by from 06/20/2012

great deal on the gallon by 36pets from las vegas11/10/2012

my 3 dogs love this stuff. great value on the gallon. will reorder when this runs out. shipping was fast and arrived in great shape.

Won't purchase again by keithdcarlson from The Woodlands, Texas03/26/2012

The bottle they sent was broken at the pump. Poor packaging. Never again.

Entirely Pets by raggs05/21/2013

I've used the product before and am satisfied with it. However I've not received my order that has been on back order for some time now with no communication as to it's potential delivery date!

by from 04/23/2013

If that's not a great descriptive of this product, then there hasn't been one written that accurately describes how great it is. We receive so many compliments on how soft our dogs coats are. They love the taste and we love the health benefits.

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Great Grizzly by Fairy Dogmother04/16/2013

Love this product -- it keeps my dogs' coats looking good and feeling soft, and it is a healthy additive to their diet. The 64-ounce size is perfect for someone with two medium-large dogs. I've tried other salmon oils, and I have to use twice as much for similar results.

Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Supplement by 5labradors from Reno, Nevada11/03/2012

I reason I add this to my dogs dry kibble is because it is absorbed into their body and I can definitely see a hugh change in their coats. I have always felt that the omega's in dry dog kibble isn't enough for our dogs so I add the oil for them twice a day on their food

Best Supplement Ever by Shih Tzu Mom03/12/2012

This is a wonderful product. My four babies just love it. I put it in with their dinner and all bowls are licked clean. Each visit to the vet, he is impressed with how well they are doing. I feel the clean bill of health is helped by Grizzly Salmon Oil. .

great product great value by KC11/03/2011

Grizzly Salmon Oil is a product that provides essential nutrients to promote your pets health. My dogs love it. I always purchase the 64 oz and with 3 dogs it lasts about 4 months. I highly recommend this product.

by SP05/29/2012

Our dog has very bad skin allergies and this product really helps to releive some of her issues.

use it everyday by Robin from Montana10/08/2011

I use this everyday and both my dogs love it and their coat is beautiful

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