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HomeoPet Product Solutions

HomeoPet products are derived from the purest naturally grown ingredients, and are scientifically formulated to harness nature's natural healing prower.

These products are fast acting, non-sedating, in an easy to dose liquid formula and have to date no adverse effects and are non-habituating. Help your pet the HomeoPet way, buy some today.

HomeoPet TFLN Anxiety (15 mL)
HomeoPet TFLN Anxiety (15 mL)

($14.50)  $9.99
HomeoPet Anxiety (15mL)
HomeoPet Anxiety (15mL)

($12.99)  $9.99
HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)

($14.50)  $11.39
3 PACK  HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)
3 PACK HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)

($38.99)  $29.99
HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)
HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)

($14.50)  $8.99
HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)
HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)

($14.50)  $8.99
3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)
3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)

($41.99)  $24.99
HomeoPet Cough (15mL)
HomeoPet Cough (15mL)

($14.50)  $8.99
HomeoPet Nose Relief (15mL)
HomeoPet Nose Relief (15mL)

($14.99)  $10.99
HomeoPet Flea Bite (15 mL)
HomeoPet Flea Bite (15 mL)

($22.99)  $7.89
HomeoPet Trauma (15mL)
HomeoPet Trauma (15mL)

($14.90)  $7.45
HomeoPet Joint Stress (15 mL)
HomeoPet Joint Stress (15 mL)

($11.65)  $9.99
HomeoPet Storm Stress
HomeoPet Storm Stress

Homeopet Clenz Detox (15 ml)
Homeopet Clenz Detox (15 ml)

($12.99)  $9.99
Homeopet Feline Skin & Itch (15 ml)
Homeopet Feline Skin & Itch (15 ml)

($14.50)  $9.09
Homeopet Feline Digestive Upsets (15 ml)
Homeopet Feline Digestive Upsets (15 ml)

($14.50)  $11.39
Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear (15 ml)
Homeopet Feline Wrm Clear (15 ml)

($15.99)  $12.99
HomeoPet Miliary Eczema Female Cats & Dogs (15mL)
HomeoPet Miliary Eczema Female Cats & Dogs (15mL)

($12.75)  $8.99
HomeoPet WRM Clear (15 mL)
HomeoPet WRM Clear (15 mL)

($11.18)  $9.99
HomeoPet Travel Anxiety (15 mL)
HomeoPet Travel Anxiety (15 mL)

($11.18)  $9.99
HomeoPets UTI Plus for Cats (15 ml)
HomeoPets UTI Plus for Cats (15 ml)

($20.99)  $15.99
HomeoPet Dermadog Topical Spray (4 oz)
HomeoPet Dermadog Topical Spray (4 oz)

($14.99)  $10.99
Animals Apawthecary
Animals Apawthecary

Homeopet First Aid (15 ml)
Homeopet First Aid (15 ml)

($15.94)  $8.49
Homeopet Bug Bites (15 ml)
Homeopet Bug Bites (15 ml)

($15.94)  $8.49
Try Bonies Dental Bones - Calming FormulaHomeoPet TFLN Anxiety is a homeopathic remedy for relief from fear of: Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Loud Noises, Windstorms. Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behavior can be helped with this fast-acting, non-sedating liquid.

Dosage: 3 doses daily into the mouth, or in water. 1-20 lbs (10 kg) - 10 drops (one dose)

20-100 lbs (10-50 kg) - 10 drops (one dose)

Over 100 lbs. (50 kg) - 15 drops (one dose)

All pets under 1 lb. should be dosed by putting one (1) or two (2) drops in drinking water daily.

Ingredients: Phosphorus, Rhododendron, Borax, Theridion, Chamomilla 6c&30c in 20% USP alc.in purified water.

ANXIETY TFLN - provides relief from fear of Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Loud Noises

Natural Organic

Phosphorus 6c & 30c,

Rhododendron 6c & 30c,

Borax 6c & 30c,

Theridion 6c & 30c,

Chamomilla 6c & 30c.

Behavior Indications

-Fear of Fireworks, Thunderstorms, and Loud Noises

-Fear of approaching Storms, Sensitive to changes in Barometric Pressure, windy weather.

-Fear of Gun Shots, and sudden loud noises.

-Sensitive to Noise via tremors. Sensitive to sudden movements.

-Promotes a sense of calm by reducing sensitivity to all external impressions.

4.50 rating based on 8 reviews
Featured Reviews for HomeoPet TFLN Anxiety (15 mL)
by from 05/30/2012

This product has proven to be the ideal solution for my nervous dog - he can now more calmly tolerate thunder storms, and the sounds of distant fireworks displays. A really great product that allows me to simply place the appropriate number of drops over a crumbled dog biscuit in his dish, to ensure he gets the proper dosage - he takes it all in.

with by the from speed-of-lightI


Great product by GC10/24/2012

I use it in combination with the Hot Spot preparation by the same company. My cat was constantly biting himself and pulling out his hair. He has pretty much stopped with the Hot Spot and Anxiety preparations. I put a few drops of each on his wet food at least twice a day. He eats the food with no problem at all (I had tried to give him tranquilizers prescribed by the vet, but he totally rejected the food with the meds). If he was a person, I would say the product is a placebo! But he's a cat; I don't think he understands that he's getting a medicine that's supposed to work for his biting and hair-pulling!

Anxiety TFLN by Joan07/14/2008

I have tried tons of things on my Labrador Retriever. The vet recommended TFLN------it works-------natural ingredients sooth him; don't drug him. I ususlly have to give him 2 doses for his weight (15 drops on a piece of bread which he loves) about 15 minutes apart; he settles down and endures instead of hiding in the corner and shaking. You can give up to 4 doses (read for your dog's size) and it works!!! I have never had to give 4 doses----usually two. I buy it in bulk as i live in FL----and we storm all summer long. It's great!

questions about other people using product for dog by bettycma06/23/2011

i just wanted to know if any one else noticed the dog urinating in odd spots while on this med?

Great Stuff by Joannie from Ohio10/26/2012

This anxiety med works perfectly for my Great Pyerennes, Sase. I do not use it every day, but whenever I have to kennel her I give her 8 drops in her mouth and off she walks to her kennel. When I get back she is happy to see me and still calm...love this stuff...works amazingly for us!!!

no help by DJ from Indiana02/14/2013

I bought this hoping to help out my dog when my washer is in use ..he gets anxiety when the washer is in use.. NO HELP it didn't work for him..the breed is a rottie

Anxiety TFLN by mb1554 from Chicago09/25/2010

Great natural product. Works best if given before storm or loud noises. Our new rescue dog, a lab & mastiff mix is terrified of storms & trucks. X-rays show old fractures of pelvis & legs no doubt from being hit by vehicle, explaining his fears. This product works well, calming him & stopping extreme shaking, whimpering & cowering. He still stays close by, but not nearly as distressed. This is especially beneficial if we are not going to be home during a storm.

Very Good by JJ from Bangor PA10/05/2011

I don't use this everyday, but when I know a strorm is brewing or expected that day, I give my dog the drops in her food in the morning...I'd rather use natural remedies anyday than prescriptions....I feel safer using these products.

anti-anx by mar12/01/2012

This product helps calm my dog with fireworks and thunderstorms, it does take a while to work, so you need to know storms coming or apx time of fireworks

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Anxiety (15mL)
Awesome! by Imanewenglanda from New Hampshire03/14/2013

Works great! We were able to drive 21 hours to Florida in peace and quiet with our dog who usually has car anxiety.

Anxiety Remedy by Mainer07/28/2012

Service was wonderful and the price certainly right. Delivery was fast and I would recommend Entirely Pets to all. The Anxiety Remedy by Homeopet is a must in my home with four cats. Makes for a calm and happy atmosphere.

by Biosquint from Tucson, Arizona05/29/2012

I have eight cats plus other pets in a small home. There was always lots of growling and hissing between the cats. I have tried several things to try to keep the peace but I didn't get complete relief from the fighting until I added HomePet Anxiety Relief to the routine. They get 5 drops twice a day, morning and bedtime, on some treats. It is easier to drip it onto a small pile of treats then to try to get them to let me drop it in their mouths. I also use 2 Feliway Diffusers in both ends of the house and Naturvet Quiet Moments gel in their supper. It doesn't stop all the little fussiness but I haven't had a real fight since I started using these products. I would recommend trying different combinations of products to see what works best for your furkids.

Unsuccessful Delivery by Mallie03/26/2012

Purchased this product and when the product arrived the bottle had leaked and was completely empty. When calling customer service they apologized and sent me out another the next day at no charge. The next bottle arrived and this one was completely empty as well. I placed another phone call and the representative I spoke with choose to refund my money not offering me the product that I wanted. So i can't honestly rate the product, I would have loved to have tried it.

Anxiety Relieved! by KellyMc from Leesburg, VA08/07/2012

I have a rescue kitty who is 2 years old and is very skiddish. She typically runs and hides from anyone other than myself and won't allow anyone to pet her other than me. I bought this product in the hopes that it would help her relax and be less anxious when visitors are around. I have seen major improvements in her behavior - much more relaxed and affectionate and willing to stay in the same room with visitors. She seems to really like the flavor as well. I would highly recommend this product!

Great product. by Hounddowgy11/26/2012

My cat howls at night and wakes us up often. I give him a couple of drops before we go to bed and he's quiet for most of the morning. It works!

by PJ from Massachusetts04/05/2013

My 2 dogs are almost 12 years old and are afraid of any loud noise. I put it in their water and it seems to help.

Has helped nervous cat by mochalatte12/29/2012

My younger cat was tearing at her hair and this product has best helped, in addition with Felliway

Homeo Pet Anxiety by Dragonchylde from Wisconsin01/05/2012

Love this product...we are at the point that 4 drops in the morning on her food will make her a happy relaxed cat all day. It does NOT put her to sleep, just takes the edge off the fear. We got our little love from the humane shelter and she was a bit anxious......now she is just a happy, playful kitten....Thanks again :)

Homeopet Anxiety drops by VonRock526 from Long Island City, NY06/06/2012

This product seems to work on Lali and Zala. This calms them down at night, and relieves their anxiety before going to the Vet's office!

Works well by Egor07/23/2012

Cats are taking it with no problebms and it works like a charm

Great stuff by Dee from Port Charlotte,Fl12/25/2012

I was looking for something that would help for my cats hair pulling. This product is great and seems to do the job.

I'm a Believer by Gizmo's Dad from Great Northwest10/09/2011

Our 7 year old Minpinish was always nervous and skittish. She went around in circles and scurried away for no cause. This became much worse in the last year. She would bolt from wherever she was like the devil himself was after her for no apparent reason. Like a panic attack i guess. She began leaping off the bed several times a night in a state of fear. After a few sleepless night we were advised by the vet to try Prozac. It seemed to help initially, though we had to reduce the dose because it basically knocked her out. All was well for a couple of months but then the night scares started again and her general demeanor was a state of anxiety. She lost weight and was a real mess. That's when the vet recommended HomeoPet Anxiety Relief. We give her 3 drops, 3 times a day and the results have been incredible. After about 3 days she was her old self again, only better. No more panic attacks, no getting up at night. She even plays much more than she use to. I gotta admit, I was skeptical when I was ordering this product. I figured it was a waste of time and money but now I am really glad we tried it. Here's to better living through HomeoPet! Thanks a bunch!

seems to help by Gail04/15/2009

I started using 5 drops in the bowl for each of my two cats. Each gets 5 drops in his own dish the two times I feed them per day and I put 5 drops in their water dish. I think they are more mellow. The last time my son-in-law was here, Kalohe peed on his flip-flops. Two christmases ago Kalohe peed on his brand new wallet on the dining room table. Same cat has peed to show irritation even though both our cats are neutered. Also am using the Feliway, have three of them plugged in. So between the Feliway and the anti Anxiety drops, so far so good. I would have a much harder time if I tried to put 5 drops in their mouths. But on the food and in the water seems to work fine.

Very helpful by Jan from St. Louis, Mi11/11/2011

I use anxiety relief for my dog that has a severe anxiety/fear problem. She has epidodes that cause her to pant & shake uncontrollably, this helps to calm her.

Not Impressed by BG from Texas05/27/2013

I used this for my very old Blue Heeler, during stormy weather. Even though she was in the house, she was a nervous wreck. I gave her the correct dose, but it didn't work for us.

Very Helpful Product by Pugluver11/26/2012

I adopted a dog who had been a breeder at a puppy mill for the entire six years of her life. She was fearful of everyone except me. Since I began giving her Anxiety Relief she is noticeably more relaxed with people. I put it in her food once a day.

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief by mb1554 from Chicago07/26/2010

Great product! Works quickly for stressful situations for our dog. Relieves panting, hiding, cowering and wanting to follow me everywhere & climb in my lap (60 lbs!) Also reduces the restlessness and hyper behavior that goes along with anxiety, in addition to excessive barking that occurs when nervous.

dog anxiety by cindy from Orange, CA04/20/2013

Unfortunately, this product has not worked for our anxious lab.

No More Freaking out by mbabe10 from Shoreacres, TX01/07/2013

During a rainstorm, heavy winds or loud noises our big baby girl gets so scared/upset she the pantings, catch seem to catch her breathe and doesn't know which way to go -- well after a few squirts of the Anxiety Relief, Suzi is all calm and back to normal!! :-) Thank you so much!!!!

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Leaks No More (15mL)
Not sure yet by DP from Phila, PA10/17/2011

Still using to see if my dogs condition improves

by bbrew11/15/2011

It did not work at all for us. We tried it for several months.

Works great, by Nancy from Las Vegas, NV04/08/2012

I have been using this product for my border collie. She has weak bladder. After reading the horrible side effects of the medication the vet gave I found Leaks No More as an alternative. It worked great! I have recommended to others.

Doesn't work by Laurie11/06/2012

My 15 year old lab mix has started leaking and I ordered this product. Didn't work at all.

Leaks No More by J. Vaslev01/22/2008

I purchased this for my 13 yr old female Malamute mix who developed a problem with incontinence in the past year. It really works! We are both so happy as this was a humiliating problem for her. I started out giving it to her 3 times a day but after a few days have been able to cut down to once a day.

only remedy I found that works by happycamper04/09/2012

Our dog became incontinent about 10 months after being spayed. I spent almost 2 years trying to find a natural option to the hormones and expensive medications the vet had to offer. This is the only product I found that works after trying many many kinds.

Great Product by Nankay5574405/19/2013

Leaks No More has helped my ten yr old basset hound nap during the day without accidents. it seems like she just sleeps so sound while I'm away that she loses control. She was experiencing incontinence almost daily before I tried Leaks No More and some Bladder Support tablets. I give them to her in the morning and evening. The accidents have diminished to a couple times a month now. I order several bottles at a time so I don't run out now. Once you've ruled out bladder or urinary tract infections that require antibiotics, Leaks No More is a great supplement to try.

Did not work - made the problem worse! by Ripped-Off! from Europe07/04/2012

After a week of using Leaks no More the leaking was very much worse and became a health risk. My dog leaked everywhere in large puddles rather than a dribble when she was asleep. Her rear end was sopping wet so we discontinued the product. A costly mistake as I paid extremely high postage costs on this site - 3 times as much as it cost to send the items I bought.

Awesome Product by Shane05/13/2009

I tried several other products and I even had to work with this a bit. I only have to give it one time a day and it works best with lunch. It keeps my female lab from leaking all day. If I notice she is stressed and starts again, I just add a dose and she is fine.

Leaks No More by Max D.04/29/2008

I was skeptical at first since this is a homeopathic product, and vets recommend prescription drugs . This stuff works. When my spayed dog was 10, she fully urinated in her speep every night. I was replacing piddle liners and washing bedding every morning and she seemed a bit depressed (or humiliated as J. Vaslev mentions). I read up on the prescription medications and their side-effects and didn't want to go there. Then I found Leaks No More. She's now 12 and she still doesn't leak or spot. After trail and error, I found 10 drops every night with dinner works for her (70 lbs). I'm totally impressed. I've searched the net and EntirelyPets has the best price.

LOVE THIS STUFF! by Liz05/31/2012

My 10 year old viszla has leaked since she was spayed at 6 months. We had her on mega doses of Proin & DES in order to control it. Expensive and hard on her liver. I started her at 2 doses of 10 drops a day. Within 3 days there was a noticeable improvement. Within a week, she was dry. She is so much happier and so are we! Highly recommended.

Dissapointed by Debi from Hemet, CA07/29/2012

I had purchased HomeoPet Leaks No More with great expectations, but, was very dissapointed with the results. Didn't seem to help my 14-year-old mixed terrior (male) at all. Also, I feel that the bottle was extremely small, but, that's just my opinion. I have read other reviews from owners who have received great results..maybe it just depends on the animal. I do want to give a 5-star rating to EntirelyPets, though...I have bought several items through them and they consistently deliver not only in a timely manner but, also, the products are packaged perfectly. On the occasion when I've had to call customer service with a question, they have always been extremely professional and helpful. I will continue to buy any product I need through them (I always check their web site first to see if they offer a product I'm in need of, which they usually do).

by Maddees Mom from Upland, CA11/06/2012

Seems to work great. I also put my dog on a Bladder Control pill to help as well. Knock on wood, no problems!!!! And it must taste great b/c she has no problem taking it. I just put 5 drops on a tiny piece of cracker 3 times a day and she eats it up.

Works Like A Charm!! by terretska12/17/2012

It only takes three days of dosing to last for 3 months! Great product! Only wish they made something similar for humans. Natural, fast-acting, no side effects.

Not Great had to supplement by Puppylove from Virginia07/05/2012

When my adult female sheperd became incontinent in her sleep my vet prescribed Prolin. After reading about the severe side effects I had to find another way to control it. I first tried Leaks No More drops which only made a small difference and 15 drops 3x a day was difficult and got exspensive quick. I decided to try Vetri-Science Bladder Strength For Dogs in combination with the drops and found the ideal dosage for her. She has had dry mornings for over a week now....so happy! Because she is white she was also staining her fur. I found @ 78lbs, 10 drops & a 1/2 pill twice a day seems to do the trick.

Still Going Strong! by Rocky'smom05/09/2013

Leaks No More, has done the trick. My boy eats it right up on his dry food.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK HomeoPet Leaks No More (45 mL)
Leaks No More by Bella05/02/2012

This is the best product for incontinence in dogs, My Border Collie has had a leaky bladder since she was 5 months old , she has been on leaks no more for the last 4 years so far she has done fantastic.

Works for Us by Hiwyre01/16/2013

I used it on my senior female (now gone) who had trouble "holding it" until she could motor to the doggy door and now on my senior male. He sleeps so soundly that he just leaks in his sleep. This product has stopped the leaking. Highly recommend.

homeopet leaks no more by misty08/18/2012

This product has helped my 17 year old border collie stop peeing in the house. It has improved her quality of life and mine too. I would recommend it highly to any pet owner whose pet has incontinence issues, it really does work.

Great product! by Bella from California11/20/2012

My dog has been inconstant since she was a puppy...This product works great to stop her leaking in her sleep. We use 11 drops twice a day in her food.

'Leaks no More' great for older female pets by skullee from British Columbia, Canada04/02/2013

Leaks No More- I use this for Lilly, one of my 3 rescued female beagles, who came to me unable to control her bladder & area muscle functions, due to over breeding. While I don't recommend it for extreme cases, it does allow me to cut back on use of vet prescribed Propalin, used for this condition. Great product & best price I've found is here on EntirelyPets.com.

LIFESAVING by panacea911 from Garland, TX01/28/2012

After trying diapers and medication from my Vet I was contemplating putting my 14 year old girl down. I wasn't getting any sleep, she was up at least every 2 hours and still peeing all over my room. She would go out every 2 hours and stay out for 15-20 minutes. After only 2 days she is a completely different dog. Only woke up once last night. LOVE THIS STUFF!

healthy choice or supplement by Anie11/23/2012

Our dear little beagle/lab has incontinence, and Proin was too strong, making her look old and deteriorating rapidly. We tried this product by itself but her condition left her leaking, we did find her health did become much improved and she needed much less proin. We use for a 40 lb dog that has extreme incontinence at age 10 years 1/2 proin in am and pm and 8-11 drops of this homeopet product. The results have been much better, she is dry, the house is dry, she is lively and even her teeth have improved. I would monitor dogs with your doctor, we had added coq-10 to protect her heart because of the proin in the long-term, not the Homeopet. We stock up and the price can not be beat. We are all much happier, hope this can help someone else. The dog is otherwise healthy and no messes that could build bacterial problems. She also eats a balanced raw food diet with some left overs, rarely eats dry meat and only Core-Wellness.

Awesome Product by Cheryl12/31/2012

We are controlling our 17 year old mixed breed's incontinence at night with the maximum dose of Leaks No More along with a prescription from the vet. We were able to reduce the presciption to half strength once we added the Leaks No More. Highly recommend it!

Wonderful product by gal01/31/2013

This product works like a charm. I only have to give one dose a day to my dog. She and I are both so much happier. I had no expensive vet bills and "HomeoPet Leaks No More" is lot safer to give to my dog long term than the pills that I would get from the vet.

Saved me alot of money at the Vet by Julz from Ontario, Canada08/21/2012

This product saved me loads of money at the vet. It's great and works miracles. Was delivered in record time and well worth the money

Leaks No More by Chris from Ocala, FL02/24/2012

My 14 year old springer spaniel started on vet medecine, Proin. I read horror stories on the side effects of this medidicine and decided to try Leaks No More. Lowered slowly the amount of Proin to 1/2 a tablet at night. Stopped it a week ago and she is now only on 3xday 5-8 drops. I am still trying out how much to give her. No accidents over the last week. Seems to work without any side ecffects. I am happy and so is my dog! Shipped very quickly and professionally. Thanks for your service and I will be ordering more drops, if it keeps working.

Amazing Results Instantly by Tricia03/16/2010

I was totally amazed how quickly I saw a difference in my 15 year female samoyed. She was sad and upset because she couldn't get to the door quickly enough after a nap and would leave a puddle in the house. After just one day of using HomeoPets Leaks No More she was able to wake up from a deep sleep, stretch, and still get to the door before having to piddle. No more night time leaks, no more diapers, no more accidents in the house. Thank you Homeopets for this great product.

It really, really works! by Amy05/24/2008

I've been using this for my spayed female for several years now. She began to experience incontinence right after she was spayed. We tried hormones (no effect), phenylpropanolamine (made her sick and stop eating, plus it was a pain getting the pills in her), and I was at wits end. On a lark I tried this produce. For her weight, I add 15 drops per day to one day's worth of water, and: Voila! It works! I mean, really, really works! It's cheap, it doesn't require a prescription, doesn't make her sick, and it's so easy. Amazing!

Works Great by Guy08/12/2008

I have been using this for years and it works great! This is my second female that needed help with urinating in her sleep, and it worked great for both, with no side effects. Do yourself and your dog a favor by trying this product.

So far this is Great! by Shannie08/28/2008

So far this gets top ratings for me. I followed the directions and it can get a little tricky. If you think it isn't working or it stopped working. Check the directions again. You my need to reduce the dose. This product is great! And no complaints from my dog.

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! by Frances in rainy old Ireland!08/29/2008

This stuff is wonderful. One of my dogs - a 14 year old Border Collie (entire) dog became incontinent at night a few months ago. My vet had no suggestions for me, so after having searched the web I decided to give "Leaks No More" a try & I cannot believe the difference it has made. We went from puddles every morning to a dry bed in a couple of weeks. I have my dog on maintenence dose now but every now & then I have to increase, I think that the problem comes back if his diet changes or he is stressed (sadly we lost his twin brother recently), but he soon back on track when the dose is increased. DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOUR & BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

awesome by Shannie01/14/2009

This is great. Be sure to follow the directions. They are detailed and have trouble shooting options. Once you get it right it works awesome. The only time i have a problem is when my dog is having alot of anxiety. I just give it to her and it works.

Homo Leaks No More by Karla Kennison01/26/2009

I was afraid we were going to have to put our 13 year old chow mix in diapers. A friend told me about Leaks No More. What a great product. It ended her incontenence problems. What a relief. After the first week we only needed to use it once a day. We put it in her evening meal and it works great. Thanks for a great product. It sure saved us.

by from 04/07/2013

Things were not looking good for my adorable labrador. She is 11 years old and my old drug detection dog who I kept as a pet after she retired. I have had her since she was 3 months old. Over the last four months she had begun leaking and it was getting increasingly worse. I could tell that she was not happy. I saw this product and thought I will give it a go.......WOW am I amazed and surprised. I began the 'treatment' on Saturday (today is Monday) and she has virtually stopped leaking and she has her old spark back..A great big thank you from me and more improtantly from my Lab......this product is great. People....please use it you will be astonished at what it can do.

New Zealand by from Ian"


Great by Dan12/15/2009

Our 2 year old Lab started "leaking" in her sleep. Started using Leaks no More. It took a couple of months for problem to totally go away. It has been over three months since she had an accident. She is about 70lbs. We give her 5 drops twice a day.

It Really Does Work! by Tracy G from NV11/27/2012

My 10 year old female German Shepherd started having "accidents". Not just a few drops here and there, but major accidents, usually while she was sleeping. I brought her to the vet, who ruled out any serious illness and told me that this was normal for dogs her age. He prescribed Proin 50 and said she would have to take this for the rest of her life. After reading all of the horror stories regarding Proin 50, I decided that I didn't want to find out if my dog might be experience adverse effects or even death from this prescription. Instead, I opted for the natural alternative. I now give her 8 ounces of plain soy milk with 12 drops of HomeoPet Leaks No More in it, twice a day (making it a total of 16 ounces of soy milk and 24 drops of Leaks No More a day) I can honestly say, that since she has been on the 12 drops twice a day dosage, she has not had any accidents. She has been on this dosage for over a month now. Prior to giving her 12 drops, I was giving her 10 drops, and she would occasionally (once every 15 days or so) have an accident of a few drops. HomeoPet Leaks No More really does work. You just have to find out (by trial and error) how many drops it takes to help your dog. As of this writing (11/27/2012), I have found EntirelyPets to have the cheapest price for the 3 pack. They ship the product out quickly and I have never had any sort of problem with this company.

Stopped those Leaks by Sirius03/11/2010

My 13yr old doberman started leaking while sleeping. After giving Leaks No More for a little over a month, her leaking has almost stopped. Great product.

leak no more by phatkat from California04/03/2013

This is my second order for this product. I have been very happy with leak no more for my senior dog. The service and speed of delivery has been outstanding.

Works great! by Max04/29/2008

This was skeptical at first (since it is homeopathic and vets recommend prescription drugs), but I found this stuff actually works. My 10 year old spayed dog started fully urinating in her sleep every night. I bought pads and liners, and replaced and started washing her bedding every night. She started to smell of urine and acted a bit depressed. Then I found Leaks No More. The pads and liners are gone. She's 12 now and she doesn't even leak or spot. She weighs 70 lbs. and I give her 10 drops every night with her dinner. Since this is a homeopathic product, I don't worry about the side-effects of the prescription medication veterinarians recommend. 4-paws up definitely. I've searched the web and Entirely Pets has the best price around.

works great by suzy01/01/2012

This product works great at stopping our dog's occassional leaky bladder.

Leak no more by Sparkles10/27/2012

I used this product for quite a while with my dog and it worked really well. but for some reason she started having problems and I had to go to medication for the vet :(

by Jill from Westport, Wa.05/06/2013

This is the only product I have found to work on my dogs incontinence. This is the second dog I have had with this problem. That is when we first found Leaks no more. It stops the leaking almost right away. You start with a high dose for 2 weeks then cut back to 2x a day. My dog has been on this product for two years and never has a problem. If for some reason we miss a couple of days she will leak. Our last dog with this problem after a few years was able to get off this product without any leaking.

Still leaks by Dog lvr05/21/2012

Tried this after I read the possible side effects of the Proin, but it only seemed to reduce her leaking a little, and if you miss even one of the 3 dosings forget it! 15 drops 3x a day is a bit much to try and keep up with.

by BOB03/29/2012


by B Stern from Berkeley, Ca10/22/2012

I've been using this product for years, and its always worked as promised.

Works well by ksfarm03/05/2013

We have been using this for a couple of months now for our 3 year old yellow lab. It seems to be helping her leaking problem. We did not want to put her on the vet prescribed drugs due to all the side effects. We tried going to once a day, but quickly had to go back to twice a day. That seems to work the best for her. We will continue to use it as long as it seems to be helping.

It Works! by Chloe from London, KY03/05/2013

Took a couple/three weeks to find the correct dosage, and for it to take complete effect. We are a happy family once again...

Works wonders!!!! by 2labpups from Pennsylvania05/29/2012

We have a chocolate female lab who is just turning 2 this June(2012) She was fine until six months ago when she started leaking urine at rest only. After doing tons of research on her issue and corrective actions we were very nervous about the side effects of the popular prescription drug route. So with much trial and error of product we luckily found HomeoPet Leaks No More and gave it a try. It worked very quickly and we have had no problems for over a month straight now. This is very big after many, many nights of trying to keep her behind on a leakproof bedmat and multiple nocturnal outings to potty. Also tried the diapers and they would rip after only a few minutes of wear, not to mention expensive! Now she sleeps through the night with no problems. Some great things are the ease of use, quickly effective, and no harmful side effects for our girl!

It works!! by Wren10/24/2011

Two months ago my sheltie developed leaky bladder. I started her on "Leaks No More" 5 drops a day, three times a day. She began slowly improving and now, two months later, the condition is finally completely under control. I somehow missed the advice to start out giving the remedy much more frequently, which would probably have given much quicker results. We have a large animal family and have had amazing results using Homeopet products on a variety of conditions in dogs, cats and horses.

no more leaks by lee9104307/05/2012

we have always been happy with your products and we will keep using them Do you have a product for a cat that licks her hair off ?

by kiddyc05/21/2013

so far so good. I'm happy we are trying it.

Thank goodness! by Rocky'smom04/11/2013

Finally I have found a product that controls my boy's incontinence. I use the drops 2 x day along with Senior bladder control tablets. Using both products together have stopped his leaking completely.


My 12 year old Alaskan Malamute can hardly get around anymore. Has a leakage problem. but he is holding his own with this product.

It WORKS! by Becky01/20/2013

Best product I have found to help leaking in my 2 year old female Giant Schnauzer. I put the drops on a tablespoon of cottage cheese or canned food. I want to made sure she takesthe product so I do not put it in water. This product worked almost immediately. I have tried just about everything out in the market for her problem. I am totally satisfied.

I was able to cut Spirits medication in half by Silly from Reno, Nevada12/19/2011

Spirit is on Proin and one of the side affects are related to temperment and she was being short tempered with her house mates. I started on Leaks no More and have been able to cut her Proin in half, along with a grain free diet. She is much happier and nicer.

QUICK SERVICE by BOB07/31/2012


by lolabean03/21/2013

I decided to try the Leaks No More for my dog, as I did not want to give her prescription medication due to the side effects. The product seems to work as long as I give it to her regularl. It is also easy to administer.

Works well but don't expect a miracle by Mrs Fox from Hagerstown, MD12/27/2012

We used this product on our 5-yr old lab with spay incontinence, not wanting to put her on a Rx that might make her temperamental. After 3 months of use, we have seen significant improvement but she still has accidents periodically. Before using, she would heavily wet her bed a few times a week and leave a puddle and drips throughout the house on a daily basis. Now she wets the bed about once a month and we have to clean up drips just a few times a week. NOTE: although the recommended dosage for her size is for 10 drops to be administered three times a day, we work all day and so adjusted the dose to 15 drops twice a day. This may be why we haven't experienced better results. Regardless, we are happy with the product and will continue to use it.

Amazing results by Rowdy's mom01/29/2012

This product works great on my 125 lb golden shepherd. Her vet wanted to put her on permanant medications that would likely cause her to have bladder infections after a short time. I refused to cause her such pain and looked for another method of treatment. She's been on leaks no more now since October of 2010 and has no problem leaking at all. I only give her half the reccommened dose now and she is fine. When I told the vet about this wonderful find he said it was a placebo effect. Wow, I lost faith in him after that statement and now I look to homeopet products for all my pets needs. Thanks so much.

Would not be without this............... by alison04/17/2012

I have a 65 pound husky that is 11 and a 95 pound malamute that is 9 and have spay incontinence. This is given to them after their meal 10 drops for the husky and 15 drops for the malamute. No more leaks and sad faces.

Gertie leaks no more by Gertiegirl from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,Canada01/23/2012

Our dog Gertie had a urinary leak in her sleep. Two different Vets prescribed drugs that did not work. We found 'leaks no more' on your website, ordered it, and Gertie is now 12 1/2 years old and she has had no problem in the last two years since she has been taking 'leaks not more'. We recommend it.

Leaks No More by rilo10/23/2011

My dog is 14 years old and this has worked great for him. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Has been helpful somewhat! by sadsheleaks02/12/2013

It took 3 wks for the product to start working for my 12 yr old Lab/shepard mix. She was leaking everytime she tried to stand up and every night her bed was soaked. This product still doesnt keep her from leaking entirely but has slowed it way down. I would recommend this product to everyone.I just wish we would have been one of the lucky ones who had this product work fully but Im happy to at least have her leaking less. I have been giving her 15 drops 3 times a day so we go through 3 bottles in a little over a month, gets expensive but so does cleaning your carpet daily and washing bedding daily, so it is worth it to try this product.

Wouldn't Be Without It by RCW from West Melbourne, FL01/04/2012

Leaks No More has always worked for our elderly dog Cookie. She is now 19 yrs. old, and completely blind. With this product she is able to sleep through the night without any leaking. We are pleased to have discovered it, and wouldn't be without it. Thanks for your low prices. We appreciate having this product on hand for our precious loved one.

very helpful by cheryl from Kansas01/18/2013

I had real problems with my female dane and a leaky bladder due to her spay. I tried several other products but none worked like Leaks No More. It isn't perfect, but it is really good, but more importantly, safe. Thanks!

Has made it possable to cut the Proin in half by Silly from Reno, Nevada04/13/2012

One of the side effects of Proin is aggression and that side effect was starting to increse in my female, I tried this product and I was able to cut the Proin in half and my female is happier and no leaks.

It Works! by Hiwyre01/31/2012

I have used this product on 2 dogs now. First my elderly female and now my 14 year old male, who sleeps so soundly, he was leaking in his sleep. It works wonderfully for both. No side effects either, which makes it doubly wonderful.

Good purchase price and delivery by skullee from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada04/19/2012

I live in British Columbia, Canada and have 7 rescue pets in my care. I found 'Entirely Pets' thru an online search for 'leaksNoMore'(which I have used previously) and the price was great. Delivery was great and I've further ordered from this company, fur ball remedy in bulk. Only wish I had remembered that I need a few tubes of animal tooth paste when I made the last order. Next time for sure. Good product, good service!

Leaks No More - Great Product! by tevatoes11/04/2011

Our 15 yr old female Lab/Shepherd mix started urinating in her sleep from 'spay incontinence' 6 months ago. Before trying the prescription drug for this hormonal disorder, we researched Leaks No More from EntirelyPets.com. The product works great. Being that she is a large breed and so old, she is starting to have a few 'accidents' again. We feel this is NOT because of Leaks No More, just that she is nearing 15 1/2 and her body is just giving out : ( I would highly recommend ordering from EntirelyPets, they shipped our product fast, and we've reordered once with no problems : )

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Digestive Upset (15mL)
Great purchase by Cathy from North Babylon, NY01/12/2012

This item has helped with my cats vomitting. And the price is awesome! Already convinced my aunt and my father to purchase from here.

Changed Barkley's Life by Barkleys mom07/17/2012

Barkley is a 13-yr-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi who is prone to a sour stomach. He has taken medication and a special diet for this condition. Since discovering HomeoPet Digestive Upset, Barkley's life is much better! He takes this 3 times a daily with his meals and has improved to the point of not having to take prescription medication.

Great product!!! by Viviana from Florida01/10/2013

Sometines my baby dog has stomach problems. I give him some drops and after 20 minutes he feels much better.

Use something else. by Lily&Casper from baytown, tx04/19/2012

I'm the exception here but I felt that this product did nothing to cure my baby of his digestive upsets. It is too expensive for the tiny amount you are getting and though it advertises that it is homeopathic, there are many other great alternatives that are natural and even organic for your pet to use besides this. Do your research and find what is the best...I can assure you, this is not.

Great Product by Rossann11/29/2011

I give this to my chihuahua for gas and it does wonders,thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT

A great product that really works! by Maxthebadcat from Frederick, MD04/17/2013

I keep this product on hand ALWAYS and use it whenever I start seeing any digestive distress in cats and dogs. It's simple to use - just add the drops to the regular feeding - and I've seen positive results in as little as 8-12 hours. It's more universally accepted than canned pumpkin for diarrhea, but the results are just as good, if not better. I think the product helps the pet's body to heal itself, which is a good thing. In years of occasional use, I've never had a bad reaction or lack of improvement. I'm a big fan of holistic medicine, and this product should be in every pet-owner's first-aid kit.

Excellent by Ohio from Cincinnati, OH07/26/2012

I've used this for about 3 yrs. for my dog. She has digestive issues. It's fantastic and has helped tremendously. Her Holistic Vet approves. All of the Homeopet Products are amazing. We wouldn't be without them. I've told an endless amount of people about them.

Lifesaver for both my IGs! by Tiff from North Kingstown, RI12/19/2012

This is the go to for me when my IGs have digestive issues. It's safe and easy to administer. Love it!

Really works! by Nancy05/24/2008

Our cat was diagnosed with "kitty esophageal reflux." The vet recommended a human pill remedy, but that didn't work, and poor Cleo kept loosing weight. We tried HOMEODIGES as a last resort and the results were amazing. Within a week she started gaining weight and we were able to start cutting back on the dosage. Now we only dose for a week or so when the reflux reappears (every 2-3 months). Thanks for providing a wonderful product,

awesome safe product by Carol from Chicago, IL10/07/2011

I'm so glad I found this natural product. My cat has vomited so much she ruined my carpeting. I didn't want to take her to the vets because after a visit there her and the other cat fight and I don't wan't her to be stressed. She has not vomited once since using this amazing product. I will definitely order more.

Digestive Upsets by Denise12/27/2008

I love these products. I had a cat who threw up constantly. My husband (a veterinarian) said there was nothing wrong wirong with him. I starting him on these drops. NO MORE VOMITING. Trib (our cat) actually jumps on the counter in the morning to get him drops - of course, I put them on liver sausage.

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (15mL)
I like it! by JJ from Bangor, PA10/05/2011

I've used this product everyday during my dog's skin allergies, 3x a day...and I feel it is helping her...she gets the skin allergies twice a yr and being 13 yrs.old I don't want to give her prescription meds which the Vet does not recommend anyway. She isn't itching or biting as much as she was prior to using this product. It's safe to use and I like that part alot.

It works!!!! by memaw 12 from Duncanville, Texas03/19/2013

We have tried everything there is on the market to stop our dog's hot spots from creams, shots, to ointments, and sprays. Our dog is severly allergic to outside grasses. He also has very bad reactions to flea bites! This product has deminished his sores to about 90% and his itching the same.

truly effective; wish the bottle weren't so little by Justine from SE Michigan03/11/2012

It doesn't take much, but there isn't so much either--but enough. This is a miracle helper and truly works. Our older shepherd has had terrible skin allergies two late-summers/autumns, enough that it dragged him down and it seemed like he wouldn't keep going. Seems it was harming his entire system beneath the skin. We tried many things, but when we tried HomeoPet Skin & Itch, adding drops to his food, the skin allergy and systemic illness went away, truly away. It didn't take much time at all for it to work.

AWESOME by JOYCE12/07/2009


Works Well by DB05/07/2012

My Siamese cat has been battling itchy bumps and itchy skin for several years. I have changed her food many times, given prednisone pills and a depo shot every 3-4 months to help her with this itching. I even gave in and put the flea stuff on her - I hate putting chemicals on her. I had her tested and it showed a flea allergy and dust allergy. I changed her to Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Green Pea and Duck Dry Food and started using this Homeopet product. I gave it to her 3 times a day in chicken broth and let her drink it. It is the only way I can get it down her as she will not eat canned food or drink anything that doesn't smell right to her. I also stopped the flea stuff. She had licked all her belly hair off and scratched her hair off of her ears and above her eyes. She also rubs her nose and sides of her mouth on things to itch it. Her hair has grown back on her belly, ears and above her eyes and she only has an occasional outbreak now. I decreased it to once a day and then stopped for awhile but when I see any signs of her needing it I increase to 3 times a day again for a few weeks. I also bath her every 3 or 4 weeks to make her feel better. Changing to the above mentioned cat food was a huge help also. She lost weight, toned up, has more energy and started playing again. Before she was a little overweight, had no energy and just wanted to sleep all the time. I'm very pleased with this product.

Great Product! by Marci03/05/2008

I love this product. I have three welsh corgis and one of them is prone to skin irritation from allergies. This is the only product that I have found that works. We even tried allergy shots for three years before we found this product and this works even better than that! We have now been using the skin and itch relief fro the past four years! I wouldn't trust anything else. Thank you Homeopet!

Might work for some, but not mine. by GaiaS from "Texoma Land", Texas03/29/2013

I had high hopes for this product, but alas, it didn't work for my poor, itchy dog. Mitzie and I were both disappointed. ;(

Excellent Product by Cindy10/26/2011

Finally something that works that is not a steroid drug! My dog suffers from seasonal itchy skin spring and fall often chewing his skin on paws and belly raw, scratching his head and ears till they bleed. The only thing that ever helped was antibiotics and steroids which are so harsh on his system. This product worked for him, no more steroids!

Homeo Pet Skin&Itch Relief For Cats- GREAT! by Big Foot04/21/2010

We have three indoor cats and they suffered from itching/scratching/bumps on their skin every Spring and Summer-Winter not so much. One bottle (5) drops per day in their water totally cured the problem within a week. We've spent a buddle at the Vets for shots that worked for a time but it always returned. Now our cats are happy again running and playing. Best part is- this product is made from 100% natural products and safe. Once the problem stops and the skin clears- you stop using the product. So far in our case, (Two Months) have passed and the problem has not returned. On behalf of our Dear Friends, Jake, Sheba and Zeke-Thanks Entirely Pets.com !

Works so far by Spunky Kat06/17/2013

I've been using this for about a month and my kitty isn't itching or scratching as much as she was before. I put a couple drops on her treats and she gobbles them right up. I would give it 5 stars but I want to try it a little longer to see if it continues to help. It's definitely worth a try.

Didn't help at all by msellvee from LaPlata, MD06/28/2012

This product did nothing to help either one of my cats. The itching has not stopped one bit and I'm almost through with the second bottle. Secondly, the package was apparently squashed and the contents of one or both bottles leaked out as the boxes were both soggy when I opened them. Very disappointed with Entirely Pets because of the product and because of the packaging.

Featured Reviews for 3 PACK HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief (45 mL)
Best drops for itchydogs by Maddison from Santa Ynez Valley, CA06/20/2013

We have 3 labs that get itchy from time to time. We give them the drops every morning year round and they are never itchy.

Helps relieve itching by Barkleys mom07/17/2012

Barkley has been using this for almost a year now. This time of year is the worst for his allergies, especially with the drought conditions. The HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief helps the itching.

So far so good! by FeBee from New Zealand11/02/2012

We have a choco lab x with irritated skin, hot spots, etc. Tried almost everything - raw diet, flea treatment, oil supplements, anti-bacterial baths, antihistimines, the works. While improved, nothing broke the scratch/nibble cycle. In desperation we looked overseas and found this, so thought why not try it - we've done everything else! Within just a couple of days we noticed a MAJOR reduction in reactions, and after a week coat condition already shinier and less flaky. Fingers crossed!

HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief by Mary Beth McDonald06/10/2008

These easy to administer drops work great for my 65 dog. We've tried steroids, which work, but I don't want to keep her on them for long. These all natural drops have stopped her from scratching and gnawing at her legs and paws, scratching her ears and eyes, and seem to make her calmer. They are wonderful.

Homeopet Skin and Itch relief is great by Fernanda Rodriguez06/02/2008

I add ten drops over my cats dry food, three times daily and it has controlled her itching pretty well. It takes a few days to really start noticing, and one has to be diligent and not miss doses (contrary to "nose relief" which works wonders even with only one daily dosis). Great product!

miracle product by yvonne02/22/2012

Our golden itched so much she had scratched til she bled. Just one week of treatments with the skin and itch and she has no more problem at all. Thanks for a wonderful product.

by LBStcok from Palmdale, CA10/22/2012

did not heal the itching as it claimed. Still using them till I finish them.

Works very well. by Phyllis07/16/2012

My cat was always itching and licking.. with HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief she is calm and relaxed..

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Cough (15mL)
Homeopet Cough by sam03/10/2012

stopped cough in just a few doses. Took a bit to figure out how to get my stubborn cat to take the drops but placing a few drops on his paws or in juice from Tuna can worked great. Definitely recommend this product!!!

Cydney by Sped from louisville Ky10/16/2012

My 12 years of age poodle has asthma &bronchial issues,,she has been taking a very expensive med,,but the cough continued, I tried the Homeo drops, for the first time in months,she has relief,only coughs occasionally,this is one ad, I'm happy I tried, she is also a diabetic,as long as I have her I will continue to give her the drops,,

Bordetella Injection Vaccine by mdpnmorongo from California03/31/2013

My 3 year old Male Labrador got his vaccination for Bordetella and within 24 hours began having a persistent cough, dry heaves and loss of appetite. This HomeoPet with Amoxicillin helped him to recover within 1 week. Of course the Vet claimed it wasn't from the vaccine but I knew it was. I recommend these products because Thor is better and healthy.

Outstanding product by Nena Amsler07/12/2008

I never believed in homeopathy or any homeopathic product. These cough drops however changed my mind completely. I had my now 15 year old Dalmatian for three years on "Temaril P", which helped some, but over time I had to up the dosage. This didn't make me happy at all, since it is a medication that might damage the liver. I've been giving Tanya now for maybe 9 months "hp cough" formula - and she has completely stopped coughing. I would recommend this product highly to anyone who has a pet with a persistent cough. A good idea is to combine it with "Phytomucil" from Animals Apawthecary and "Immune Support" from Natural Canine.

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Nose Relief (15mL)
by from 11/05/2012

Nose Relief is my remedy of choice when my furry babies are passing a kitty-cold around. No side effects to worry about, like they had when I was still using conventional meds prescribed by a veterinarian. They're happy and I'm happy!

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It helps! by tgl11 from midwest07/25/2012

We took in a tiny abandoned kitten with severe respiratory problems last summer. Viralys gel seems essential in maintaining his well-being and Homeo Pet Nose Relief adds an extra boost. He gets two doses of Nose Relief daily, with an added dose when he's having a bad day. His quality of life is much improved, probably saved, by these products.

Best purchase by Danny from Thailand05/30/2012

This is an excellent product. My dog has completely healed from his sinus and no more sticky nose. Than you.

by from 02/10/2013

We originally got this product as a test to see if it would even work for our poor kitty. She's always sneezing to the point she gets bloody noses. It got so bad that one day when we picked her up she started wheezing and coughing..

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Nose Drops by tenaj from VA06/13/2013

Stopped the sneezing but not the drippy eyes.

Really works by TJP from Clermont, FL12/14/2011

We have been using this product for yrs for our cat that has feline upper respitory disease. It really seems to help lessen the sneezing attacks that he gets. This product is easy to administer and works. I would definately recommend this product for someone with a cat that has FURD and suffers from sneezing attacks.

HomeoPet Nose Relief by tenajrob from Virginia11/24/2012

Stopped our cat's sneeze right away but she still has watery eyes.

Great Nose Relief by WJW from Winter Garden, FL10/17/2011

My Papillons have allergies off & on, so they need something that will help them with their sinus problems. Homeopet makes a lot of great products and this is certainly one of them:)

awsome results by Beth02/06/2008

I started giving my Cavalier King Charles this because she has horrible sinus trouble and it works and fast. She is so much more comfortable, less sneezing, eyes not as watery and no more tear stains!!

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Flea Bite (15 mL)
It works! by Littlebit55 from Maryland10/23/2012

I had a huge flea problem this year. A couple of my indoor cats got severe demitis as a result. I took them to the vet but the medicine didn't help. I saw this and thought I'd try it. First I got the fleas in the house elminated using, bombs, spray, and topicals. Then I used this to help speed in healing the dermitis. It was easy to use, and it worked.Plan on keeping this on hand for the future.

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Trauma (15mL)
dog allergies by spotz09/21/2009

Seasonal allergies cause my dog to itch, chew her paws, lick and get into a very agitated state. A couple of drops for a 60lb. dalmation and she calms down. This is the best homeopathic product I've found!

by from 11/05/2012

I have been using Homeopet formulas for several years now, and Trauma is one I keep in stock at all times. Not only does it come in handy with my own feline babies, but it's a lifesaver for the stray/feral cats that depend on my care.

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Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Joint Stress (15 mL)
The BEST! by Annie from Tobyhanna, PA10/14/2011

My dog had so many problems with his joints. He's 12 years old. Since I started using this product. Thank God, he's walking much better. I would recommend this product to everyone. It's awesome!

WORKS by valkyriekee01/11/2013


Comfortable Kitties by Elie10/23/2011

We have 3 aging kitties with arthritic joints. One tabby in particular has had difficulty; walking in a jerky, stiff-legged fashion and unable to jump at all. We began giving them Joint Stress (we call it Joint Relief!!) a little over a year ago. In short order, the above mentioned cat began walking with a much smoother gait. He still doesn't jump, but he is obviously more comfortable with this product. His brother has had 2 broken back legs, and it is obvious that he also feels relief with the use of this product. The third cat also walks much more smoothly. 3 happy kitties!! We give them each 6 drops a day on kitty treats. We highly recommend this product for pets with arthritic joints; it has brought significant quality of life improvement to 3 cats and makes their human family happy to see them in greater comfort.

Featured Reviews for Homeopet Feline Skin & Itch (15 ml)
Okay by DB05/07/2012

I think there are a few too many ingredients in this one. Prefer the other skin and itch formula for my siamese cat. I was a little concerned about the arsenicum album given on a steady basis as it could certainly cause constipation since it works great at stopping diarrhea. It did help my cats itching but not as well as the other homeopet skin and itch product. It may work perfectly for your pet and I would use it if the other was not available.

Relieved kitties by Elie10/23/2011

One of our aging kitties has had allergy related dermatitis to the point where she would tear chunks of her own fur out attempting to stop the itching. Even the regular brushing we do did not ameliorate this behavior. Since we started giving her Skin and Itch treatment (we give her 6 drops 2 x/day on kitty treats) that behavior has disappeared! We have been giving it to her for 2 years now, and not one single incident has occurred. She wants her treatment; in fact will ask for it. This has been a blessed relief for her and for us! I have recommended this product to others anytime I hear of someone's pet having an itching problem.

Featured Reviews for Homeopet Feline Digestive Upsets (15 ml)
It works! by IC06/14/2013

I ordered this product through recommendation at a cat forum. This product arrived just in time when my kitty puked twice in a day (allergy problem). I just administered, 2 doses (10 drops each time), the 1st time orally b'cos kitty puked right after eating again and the 2nd dose, I added into wet food. He was able to keep food down that night and his appetite was good the following day. I continued for 1 more day but reduced to 5 drops, twice.

Feline Digestive Upsets by Kathy N. from Northern California06/14/2013

I have an elderly cat that throws up after almost every morning feeding. I think this product helps.

Excellent product by kittycatsaver from WI05/30/2012

My 11 year old cat has been suffering with loose stools for a while. Tried several different products prescribed by vets. Nothing helped. Even tried chicken and rice, vanilla yogurt, K-Pectin, Imodium...still he continued to suffer. Then, a friend told me to try Homeopet Feline Digestive Upset. After 2 1/2 weeks...success. The best part--is this product is all natural. Only downside...the taste is not the greatest. But it did work. Highly recommend it.

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet WRM Clear (15 mL)
Worked on one cat only! by Alison08/12/2012

Both of my cats had tapeworm.. one must have been worse than the other because this seems to have worked for my boy cat.. for my girl who had them really bad this product did absolutely no good. I purchased "tape worm tabs" which worked right away!

It works!! by wren10/24/2011

Several years ago we adopted a cat that had been living outdoors and catching her own food. We quickly discovered she had tapeworms. In reading up on the condition i learned that tapeworms are not terribly dangerous for the host animal, but that they are the most difficult parasitic worm infection to control. i don't know if this is still true, but at the time the "normal" treatments were highly, highly toxic and dangerous for the animal. In addition it is easy to tell with tapeworms if treatment has been successful ("dried rice" segments clinging to the animal's hindquarters means they still have tapeworms), so we decided this was a good opportunity to try Homeopet's "Wrm Clr." I was amazed at how well it worked, and without resorting to dangerous chemicals and without any bad side effects. Since that time we have used various Homeopet remedies on a wide variety of conditions in dogs, cats, and horses and been very pleased with the results.

by from 04/17/2013

It works! by Lettice Randall10/22/2008

I was very sceptical when I purchased WRM Clear. I was sure it wouldn't work but I wanted to give it a try as I hated giving my small cat any harsh chemicals. I was so thrilled to find that it worked great!! I put it on the cat's food as directed. She never suspected a thing. L. Randall

Featured Reviews for HomeoPet Travel Anxiety (15 mL)
good purchase by Laverne from Ofallon Mo03/02/2013

My cat was all of a sudden starting to bite me. She stopped biting after I began using this for anxious.

Another great product! by MrsD. from Erie, Pa10/21/2011

I use rescue Remedy Pets, but I also keep this on hand for the kitties when I need it. It works fast & lasts quite awhile. You can use this for general calming, not just for traveling. I like knowing it's an all natural product, rather than resorting to drugs.

Great help by swflorida gal03/10/2013

We travel frequently in our RV. In order to assure a pleasant trip with our 2 dogs we use the drops the first and last days as well as days when they may experience more strange events. Seems to help them enjoy the trip.

Travel Anxiety by carole from youngstown, OH03/13/2012

Travel Anxiety accompied with ADAPTIL spray dog has made many improvements.

Considerable help on long trips by Dave10/12/2011

We first used this product on the advise of a veterinarian on a 1200 mile two day trip. We had to use more than the recommended starting dosage.The good thing is you cannot really overdose the animal, just increase the amount until you see the response in the animals behavior. To make sure our dog got the full dose, we pretreated some of this favorite treats and kept them in a zip lock until needed. Did not completely eliminate issues but dog's behavior was much improved.

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