Iceland Pure Fish Oils

Iceland Pure Fish OilsEntirelyPets carries a wide range of Iceland Pure Fish Oils to supplement your dog or cat with essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6. The benefits of these fatty acids range from promoting skin and coat health, easing joint pain and supporting immunity. Iceland Pure extracts their oils at low temperatures to ensure the fatty acids are not broken or lose quality before you can give them to your companion. This process of molecular-distillation separates and removes harmful materials from the final product. Iceland Pure ensures freshness by only bottling oils needed to fulfill their weekly orders and housing them in a beautiful green brushed aluminum bottle coated in epoxy resin for safer, healthier storage. Oils are Shop Iceland Pure Salmon, Shark Liver or Sardine and Anchovy oils in a variety of sizes to fit your pet’s needs.

Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (8.75 oz)
Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (8.75 oz)

($16.99)  $9.99
Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (17 oz)
Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (17 oz)

($19.50)  $14.99
Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (33 oz)
Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (33 oz)

($28.50)  $24.99
Iceland Pure Shark Liver Oil (8.75 oz)
Iceland Pure Shark Liver Oil (8.75 oz)

($22.99)  $19.99
Iceland Pure Shark Liver Oil (17 oz)
Iceland Pure Shark Liver Oil (17 oz)

($32.99)  $29.99
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (8.75 oz)
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (8.75 oz)

($16.88)  $12.99
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (17 oz)
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (17 oz)

($27.28)  $20.99
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)
Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)

($40.28)  $30.99
Icelandic Salmon Oil came from the pure waters of Iceland. Aminister by mixing with your pet's food. For animal use only. Iceland Pure Salmon Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Use as a dialy nutritional supplement to obtain the many benefits of essential fatty acids, including skin and coat health. Includes pump.

Recommended Dosage (1 pump = ½ teaspoon)
Dogs & cats 50lb or under 1,000mg x day 2 pump daily
Dogs greater than 50lb 2,000mg x day 4 pumps daily
Dogs greater that 1001 3,000mg x day 6 pumps daily
or as recommended by your Veterinarian. OK to refrigerate

Providing a product that is healthy and safe for pets is what Iceland Pure products are all about. In 2005 Iceland Pure discovered that the plastic bottles that housed our nutritional salmon oil shrunk soon after being filled. After analyzing the competition we learned quickly that our competitors were suffering from the same problem. We also noticed that those who used plastic bottles which were less expensive shrunk with more severity and more frequently.

Iceland Pure was determined to find out why this was happening and what was causing it. Many environmentalists, health conscious and educated public are aware that plastic bottles are made of many toxic chemicals. One of these chemicals is called Hexane. Certain liquids will tend to “break down" the plastic if the liquid is left inside of a bottle over time. In order to ensure the quality of our product and maintain its integrity for our customers Iceland Pure continues to bring you the safest and healthiest products on the market.

That is why we are proud to announce to our customers the new GREEN BRUSHED ALUMINUM BOTTLES. Our bottles are coated with Epoxy Resin that once hardened, becomes like glass. Oil will not break down this type of coating, and the coating will not affect the purity of the oil.

Our new BRUSHED ALUMINUM bottles are FDA certified for human liquid consumption, and will ensure a healthier and safer alternative for our furry friends. We are happy to continue to provide the finest pet products in the industry. Our pure Icelandic salmon oil continues to be a healthy source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for all our pets, and is now housed in a bottle which is one of a kind in the industry. We are excited about our newest discovery and will continue to bring you the very best in the pet food industry.

Oil Comparison Per Teasppon (2 pumps)
Premier Omega Oil
Omega 3 3,050mg
EPA Max 1,1511mg
DHA Max 1,103mg
Omega 6 62mg

Salmon Oil
Omega 3 1,118mg
EPA Max 644mg
DHA Max 414mg
Omega 6 82mg

Sardine Anchovy Oil
Omega 3 1,296mg
EPA Max 727mg
DHA Max 498mg
Omega 6 58mg

Cod Liver Oil
Omega 3 978mg
EPA Max 490mg
DHA Max 444mg
Omega 6 127mg

Product Rotation: To maintain the mos benefits of Omega 3 fatty Acids we recommend rotating all of iceland Pure oils.
Guaranteed Analysis
per Teaspoon (4,800mg)
Crude Protein 0%
Crude Fat 99.9%
Moisture 0.1%
Crude Ash 0%
Elcosapentaenoic Acid max* (EPA) 644mg
Docosahexaenoic Acid max *(DHA) 476mg
Omega 3 fatty Acids max* 1,118mg
Omega 6 fatty Acids max8 82mg
Ingredients: Salmoin Oil - farmed Norwegian salmon Mixed Tocopherols (preservative)
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog & Cat Food nutrient Profile.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS This product is intended for supplemental feeding only.
4.60 rating based on 10 reviews
Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (8.75 oz)
The Best Salmon Oil by Merle from Toledo, OH01/26/2012

I purchased this to put into my cats homemade food and they scarfed the food up like usual not even noticing it was in there. Already their fur is getting extra thick and soft and hardly any shedding. Love this stuff - This is a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!

Too soon to tell... by Charlie's Mum03/20/2014

I've only started giving this to my dog a week or 2, maybe 3 weeks. I haven't really notice any difference on his hair or skin, so i have to come back later on to review that aspect of this product. As to the taste, he likes it. He is very picky so not turning his nose on it is a great thing. The smell is a bit strong for me, but it fades away after a short while. I will continue to use it and hope that he gets healthier looking skin and hair. I will be back...

cats refused to eat this! by october13 from Massachusetts09/22/2014

I have to give it a two star rating because my cats would not readily lick it up. I tried mixing with food but no luck.

Great Suppliment by Nancy from Florida10/16/2013

We have used Iceland Salmon Oil for about 3 years. It has made a huge difference in my Westie's skin. He is prone to have allergies and we give the oil daily with his breakfast.

Great purchase by Kari from Olney, Illinois08/26/2014

My cat Lucy will be 17 years old in October 2014 and I noticed she had been stiffening up in her back legs. A friend suggested this product. I give it to her twice a day and she is much more limber. She is jumping up on my bed again and is playing more. She just seems more youthful all around. I will, for sure, keep buying this for her.

Incredible Product! by Maria from Silver Spring07/08/2008

Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects Best Uses: Daily Care, Treat Specific Illnesses This product is just terrific. I purchased it after doing research on helping my pooch through some recently developed skin itchiness that seemed season related and read that salmon oil can help. After about 10 days on this product, my dog is not itching at ALL and he loves having it his food! Very easy to administer. This is also a salmon oil that is very safe as there are no toxins in the salmon! We LOVE it!! Will keep using - it has other great beneficial effects as well for our older pooch :)

Pure Salmon Oil by LMC from NJ12/05/2012

My cat needs salmon oil for her coat. This is an excellent oil with no preservatives. Shipping was very fast.

Great for the skin by pet lover07/08/2008

Good Value, High Quality Best Uses: Skin My puppy has long white fur and I want it to stay healthy and beautiful. This salmon is great for her skin and coat. I put some on her food and she just licks it up. She loves the taste of the salmon oil.

Amazing treats by Donna07/08/2008

Animal Likes It Best Uses:Dog, Large Animals, Small Animals Ok, so it's a well known fact that the my Great Dane will eat most anything. Well, I ordered a couple bgas of the salmon snack and opened the first bag last night. I have *never* seen Marmaduke sit for any treat without being told...he smelled it and SAT.

Seems to have helped with tush gland issues by Happy in MA from MA01/06/2010

My doctor had recommended derm caps to help with my pug's puppy acne and tush (the site wouldn't let me us the real term :-) gland issues because they could be related to allergies. It helped the acne but not the glands. We finished up the derm caps and switched to the icelandic a few weeks ago and her glands have remained pretty empty (which is a long time for her.) We are so happy!

Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (17 oz)
Great Product by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH12/08/2011

I use this product daily for a number of reasons; skin and coat, joints and pregnant and whelping females. I have had great success with it for everyone!!!

Good for the dog by Jim S from Redmond, WA09/30/2013

Salmon is a superfood and I think that salmon oil is a great addition to my dog's diet.

Good Product by Jackson's mom from MO01/15/2014

Keeps our Westy from itching. We add it to his food three times each week. Adding it more often does cause him to have an odor.

Nice container, seems like a quality product. by nevadastu from Northwest Nevada10/06/2013

My dogs like it, and so do I. It comes in an aluminum container with a convenient pump. I use it for health maintenance rather than for a specific problem, so I can only assume it is doing my dogs some good. I intend to keep using it.

Excellent product by Pam04/28/2012

Our 14 yr old dog is having problems with very flaky skin and has had this issue on and off for the last few years. The blood work and exams show nothing. We tried another salmon oil product bought locally for convenience, but it had a heavy odor. We then tried Linatone, which did nothing. Her food has been changed and now she gets the Icelandic, which we used in the past. She is already looking better. You can't go wrong w/Icelandic - no smell, concentrated, and lasts long. We refrigerate it.

I like it! by Nancy from Lawrence, KS04/02/2013

I didn't know if this was something I would continue to buy but I'm sold! I had been cutting fish oil capsules to give our dogs, but this is handier with the easy pump. No fishy smell is a bonus ~

Best Oil yet! by spivey06/18/2012

I have used this oil in combination with anchovy and Sardine non scented for two years and all of my cats and dogs love it. Their coats are so shiny, energy is terrific. It took me awhile to research and identify the purest non toxic oil out there that was also affordable. I love the bottle- non hexene- so no plastic toxins are released and love the certifications of its purety.

by from 04/30/2013

Great Product by LuAnn from Cincinnati, OH10/04/2011

I use this product for my pregnant girls and older dogs. I get great results. This is a great product!

Love It by Arbee from Oregon01/26/2014

We give a squirt of this to our dog in each of his 2 daily meals and he loves it. He licks his dish clean and doesn't end up smelling like fish. This is very good for the dogs coat also, keeps it very nice and shiny. Good Stuff

by Greg01/29/2012

Great product, seems to help dogs coat,great service, thanks

Jack LOVES IT! by Pam from Cody, WY10/24/2013

Our 'Jack" is a 7 yr old 80 lb standard poodle. Being that he is well into the second half of his life he has some arthritis, mostly along his spine. We have tried various fish oils the past few years and like most our only complaint was the odors. This does not seem to have any residual odor, it does not leave the sticky residue in his dish. Most of all Jack LOVES it. I like the idea of the METAL bottle as in the past I have seen the plastic ones break down with the fish oils.

One Out Of Two Cats Recommend by Me 'n The Boys from New Bern, NC07/08/2008

Pros: Easy To Administer, No Side Effects Best Uses: Finicky Eaters, Supplement Kibble Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend I have two cats who can sniff out - and reject - even trace amounts of any supplement. One of them will very happily accept salmon oil either sprinkled over or mixed in with his preferred canned food. In fact, he will sometimes hold out until I DO add some salmon oil to it. Occasionally I can slip in a bit of another medication or supplement without him realizing it, as the salmon oil flavor (and smell) is fairly strong.

A must! by fk from NY01/28/2013

This is a fabulous, high quality product that makes an absolute difference in our cats' coat, energy and overall health.

Excellent Quality Product by Sugarman's Daddy from Mobile, AL12/16/2012

We have been using Iceland Pure Salmon Oil for several years now and our littile yorkies love it and have very healthy skin and hair.

Excellent Product by Two Brown Dogs from Wolcott, VT07/08/2008

Pros:Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects Best Uses:Daily Care, Older Pets, Younger Pets Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend My two chocolate labs love this salmon oil....I have tried other oils and this one is the most cost efficient [...]. I heat my home with a woodstove and find that in the winter months my dogs coats become really dry and this product helps to deter that. One other bonus is that my older dog has a sensitive stomache and this doesn't seem to bother him at all. I have recommended this product to many people already.

Wonderful Product!!! by 4doggymama from Port Orchard, Washington10/09/2011

I love this stuff. Unlike the salmon oils I've tried in the past, this is neither messy or smelly. The container doesn't drip, which has also been a problem with brands I've tried before. All that and it's very competitively priced. And the dogs like it too, so it's an all-around winner at my house. I highly recommend and will definitely continue buying this product.

Well worth the smell! by puzzlelady from Birmingham, AL07/08/2008

Pros:Easy To Administer, Effective, No Side Effects Cons:The fishy smell Best Uses:Daily Care, Shiny coat less itching Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend Before I added this to my 3 dogs food daily they had dull dry looking coats. They scratch less now and their coats shine.

Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (33 oz)
not unscented by granny2danny from PA10/11/2011

i've had this before and it WAS unscented - this bottle IS scented - my dogs like it either way - i purchase this brand for the unscented quality - but like i said,,,, this bottle smells!!!! oh, well, i'll get over it!

Great rpoduct by puppymom5710/06/2011

This is a great product, My dogs love it and there is no odor. The liquid is easiest for me to use.

Great supplement for dogs by AFry02/16/2012

I've been using this particular brand of oil for all of my dogs. My doberman's hair was not soft when I first got her, and she suffered from dandruff. I've had her on this for the past 2 years. Her dandruff is down to a minimal, and her hair is nice and soft. Her coat looks amazing, even when she's been playing in the dusty desert. I also have a Jack Russell, which tend to have course coats. My Jack's coat is puppy soft. Maybe I'm used to it, but I don't notice any foul fishy smell. There is a slight fish smell, but it's not bad or offensive. My dogs love this stuff

Good product by nevadastu from Northwest Nevada12/18/2013

Doesn't have a strong fishy smell. I don't know if that's good or bad, but it seems to be of good quality. I like the aluminum container and easy delivery via the pump. This is my second order of this product, and I will continue ordering it as needed.

Great Product by Kris10/07/2011

I love this product for my Golden's. I have therapy dogs and they get a bath every week and it is hard to keep their coat from drying out. This Salmon oil helps keep their coat in great condition and I think it reduces shedding. It is hard to find Salmon oil that is unscented, hospital patients do not enjoy a therapy dog saying "hi" with fish breath.

Great For Skin And Coat, It Really Works !! by monitor03 from Middleburg.Fl.10/11/2011

I Worked with a rescue organization(German Sheperd).My husband made me quit after adopting two! I almost did not adopt them because of skin problems.One had very bad seboria from the waist to the tail.The other had severe itching and scratching.I gave them a diet of lamb and rice formula dry dog food.Every morning I added Iceland Pure Salmon Oil as directed.It took a few weeks but the results were dramatic ! I don't like writing reviews but I want others to know about this great product.P.S.Very happy with adoptions.

Important for my Dogs by kim from Oregon03/04/2014

Highly recommended source particularly for the Omega Fatty Acids and the Salmon Oil. My orders for the Salmon Oil are always promptly delivered and well packaged. Thank you for your excellent service.

This Salmon Oil is # 1 by pdpal from NC06/01/2013

This is a pure salmon oil from Iceland, not polluted like the products coming out of the Pacific Ocean now. Those are filled with mercury, chemicals and now radiation. I would definitely recommend this product!!

by from 04/30/2013

I have a dog that will eat pretty much anything, except bananas (unless it's banana bread :). HOWEVER, when I ran out of the Unscented Icelandic Salmon oil, I replaced it with a scented brand from my local pet supply stores (one is a great store, specializes in organic products). She will not touch anything that has the other salmon oils in it!

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Better than Fish Oil capsules. by Rich F01/06/2014

I was using fish oil capsules previously, opening up each capsule and putting oil on the food but that was so messy and stunk like fish. This has no odor and the pump makes it very easy to put on the food. Great product.

Great by psp from NC10/23/2012

What a convenient way to give my dog the Omega 3's & 6's that my vet recommended. Great product. Love the unscented option!

Iceland Pure Salmon Oil by bonnie05/30/2012

Vet recommended! Have 3 cockers and 1 English Springer spaniels w/beautiful coats!

great product by kawon12/20/2012

I have been using this salmon oil for over a year now and it is wonderful.

Iceland Pure Salmon Oil by sam04/15/2014

I have given my dogs salmon oil for a long time but this is my favorite . It is pharmaceutical grade so it is the highest quality with no contaminants and the aluminum container is bpa free. Only issue was one bottle with a faulty pump so I could not give accurate doses but that was corrected on the next bottle.

Great Product by Carina from San Marcos, TX03/24/2010

My dogs love this oil. I have an Alaskan malamute and two shiba inu. I add a pump of this oil to their morning and evening meals. Their coats are so shiny and soft. This is a great product!

Wonderful coat by Westiemom3 from Peoria, IL01/08/2013

My groomer always compliments my dog's coats. Very happy with this product.

This product is great for cats and small dogs by harriet725 from Clarksville, Md.08/06/2012

I give this oil to my cats and small dogs, I use caps for my larger dogs. They like it and it doesn't have too much of an odor. Great for their coats.

Wonderful Product! by Cleanup63 from Wisconsin07/24/2011

This product is great, very low odor and very patable to my dogs. Helps with allergies, and dry coats. Super easy to use just a couple of pumps morning and everning meals. Before I lost my 10 year old Airedale we started her on this product and it really helped her dry coat. Now I have my Aireadle mix pup on this product and it has really helped her allergies. Gives my dog a little something extra on her food that is so good for her!

She like's it...She really like's it!!!!!! by Rosebud from Boston, MA05/11/2013

My cat is very fussy and if she does not like the smell of something she will not eat it. I pump 1 squirt into her wet food and mix up with 2 - 3 TBSP of hot water, and she eats it everytime. Delicious!! ^..^

Exactly as advertised by horsenanny from North Carolina12/09/2012

So glad to find a product not made in Asia or Middle East. Quality concerns me and this is perfect. My dogs (7) and cats (11) love it

Dog Loves this by GG03/16/2014

I put this on my dogs dry food and she eats it up like a child eating candy. She loves it.

Food for thought by Roc04/22/2013

Used this product for two weeks and my cat threw up every day, undigested food. Stopped using the product and she stopped throwing up. My vet had recommended Omega Maxx years ago and that is what I used. However it was discontinued from this site so I tried the Iceland Pure Salmon Oil. Just found out that I am unable to return the 33oz. bottle. Probably won't order from this site again because of it.

We love this stuff by 4 Doggy Mama from Port Orchard, WA11/06/2012

This product definitely is a keeper. It is easy (and not messy) to dispense and has no unpleasant odor, and the price is very reasonable and my dogs seem to like it. We are on our 4th bottle.

by from 11/06/2012

Stopped the itching problem my 2 Maltese females were experiencing almost immediately. Plus, they love the real, true flavor!

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Great Product by Marnie from Brighton, CO03/14/2012

I use this product exclusively as I feel its the best product on the market. It doesn;t have have any extra ingredient. The steel bottle is bonus.

Wonder product by WylieWorld02/14/2014

Purchased this product for my dogs due to the harsh winter. Skin and coat needed a boost. Excellent results!

Great Product by Robert O from Junction, Texas06/12/2014

We have three chocolate lab's and two rat terriers. One of our lab's has dry skin and this product has eliminated her scratching. Our older female (the mom of the other two) had started to get a little stiff in her rear hip joint and this has really helped her limber up. Results took around three weeks and they really love their evening feeding with this oil in the food. The container and pump is great by making it easy to measure correct amounts by pumps per pound. We love this product and will continue it's use.

Trouble with pump by Boxer Lover from Minneapolis MN04/23/2013

While I am happy with the salmon oil itself, I can never get the pump to work. I've tried cleaning it, etc. but always seem to have to remove the pump and use a teaspoon.

new zest for eating by doggiemistress from Pennsylvania04/15/2014

I bought this to entice my older dog into eating once more. for some reason after a recent tooth extraction, he had no desire to eat his usual diet. This did the trick. He now looks forward to his meals and his coat has a wonderful softness and lustre. I do not want to be without this.

Great Product by Genie10/23/2012

My black Lab really loves this Salmon Oil on his food. The oil keeps him from itching and also provides him with a beautiful shiny black coat.

Great salmon oil by Cyntiap from Albuquerque, NM01/13/2012

I have been buying this for my dogs for about a year - just a couple of pumps on their food every day. No fishy smell and they like the taste, plus it's great for their coats and overall health! I have three dogs and I buy the 33 ounce bottle, add it every day and it lasts 3-4 months, so I think it's a good buy.

by from 03/29/2012

Since starting my girls on this product, I have noticed better coats - shinier, softer, and less matting! Yes, I couldn't believe it....less matting - my girls are Australian Shepherds & a Border Collie.

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Oil great, pump poor by cyclesf from San Francisco, CA04/30/2013

I will continue to buy this oil, only because of all the Salmon Oil out there, this one seems to be one of the best. I also like the fact that it's bottled in a metal bottle and not plastic but the pump mechanism stops working before the bottle is half gone. It's terrible. I clean it regularly and that helps some but it doesn't keep it from eventually not being able to pump. I wish they would revisit the design.

Excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids by Leslie04/22/2012

I usually purchase the 33 oz. Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil but was recently informed that it's a good idea to rotate the different types of oil. I haven't tried the Salmon Oil yet (still using up the Sardine & Anchovy) but I have no doubts that the Salmon Oil from Iceland Pure is excellent as well. This is the only brand I buy, first because of the quality, but also because of the container it comes in and ease of use of the pump. Also, the price I have found is the best from Entirely Pets. I highly recommend Iceland Pure products.

Great Product! by Sooboo from Colts Neck, NJ11/09/2011

I have a 7yr old Austrailian Sheppard/Husky mix, Cookie. She spent many years Running and what a sight to behold she is going full speed! The last few months I noticed that her hips were getting sore and she couldn't jump up into the back of the car or go up stairs or even up off the floor so easily. This product was recommended to me by someone who does agility training with her dogs. Cookie has been taking it for about 10 days and I see an improvement already! She Loves it and happily devours anything I squirt it on to. No lingering oder, and I feel it is helping her joints already. Thank for a great product!

Great alternative to alaskan salmon oil by Lauren07/21/2014

Big boy loves the taste. No stinky fish smell. Most importantly this is a great alternative to all the salmon oil that comes from Alaska.

Great For My Pet by MAE02/01/2013

I have been using this product for over a year My dog is 12 years old and he loves the Salmon Oil! He still wants to play fetch. I think it has helped his over all being-especially his joints.I like the service from Entirely Pets!

Great oil, but pump does not work well by GJ from Seattle11/10/2012

This is great salmon oil, which I use for both dogs and cats (the cat refuses to touch the salmon oil with rosemary as preservative). My only complaint is that the pump on the bottle is not consistent at all - sometimes a full measure comes out, sometimes just a pitiful little bit - makes it really hard to measure, and ends up messy.

Love it by Westiemom307/21/2012

I use this product for my 3 Westies. My groomer has told me that she thinks their coats and skin look better than they ever have. I highly recommend it. I do not do the 2 pumps though. My dogs were starting to smell like fish. I give them each one pump a day and this size lasts me almost 6 months.

essential product by house with 68 paws! from Wendell, NC03/29/2012

I have been buying this for years - it is a permanent fixture on my countertop! All my own 4 dogs and 3 cats get a daily dose, and so do all my 10 foster cats. Great for skin, coat, joints, and overall good health.

Premium Product by horsenanny from North Carolina11/24/2012

Exactly as advertised. A real plus is it's not made in an Asian country. My dogs and cats love it.

Good for all dogs especially with bad hips by from Boston05/05/2012

I use this in conjunction with other products for all of my dogs. Great for dogs with bad hips. Always buy the oil with the metal container - don't use the plastic stuff.

A very good product by Pat10/04/2011

My dog loves the taste. She is a red Doberman and this product has helped make her coat rich and luxurious. It has even helped her coat during long dry winters.

by from 06/04/2012

My dog, Sully looks forward to his meals with the salmon oil. He gets very excited. Sully is not itching at all now and his coat is nice and shiny.

Genie by from Thank

Very good product.

Love! by Mel11/02/2011

Just love this stuff! Added into their diet about 6 months ago, cannot believe the difference in skin/coats.

Great stuff! by Roc04/09/2013

My vet had recommended Omega Maxx so I have been using it for years. After ruining many shirts from staining & dealing with the smell I am very happy with the Iceland brand so far. I ordered it because Entirely Pets stopped carring Omega Maxx, then I started researching different oils. I haven't niticed any change in my cat's coat or her hairball problem but I am keeping my fingers crossed with the hairball issue. Will keep you posted.

Great for Flea Bite Allergy by Patty11/27/2009

My dog developed an allergy to flea bites and scratched all the hair off her back legs and rear. One Vet prescribed a steroid spray, prescription shampoo and it didn't do anything. Still suffering I took her to another Vet who recommended putting a few squirts of Omega3 fish oil in her food daily. Worked like a charm and she also has a soft, beautiful coat. I especially like this one because of the cannister it comes in. No need to refridgerate,

Fantastic!! by CzechShepGirl from BC, Canada01/22/2015

Using this product for just over a month. My two "german shedders" are shedding at least 50% less than before, and are much less itchy. Their coast are lush and full, and when bathed - weren't blowing out their coats as usual. Would HIGHLY recommend this product. No smell, dogs love it - they just get mildly fishy breath which is the least of my worries now that my boys are less itchy and shedding has decreased significantly.

Excellent Product by Sally from Virginia Beach, VA11/28/2012

I originally purchased this product for my foster dog. She is a 20 month old German Shepherd Dog with severe skin allergies. Her allergies are mostly controlled by an Rx diet and Rx antihistamines. However, the antihistamines dry out her nose to the point that it cracks and peels away. Ouch! About a week after starting her on this salmon oil, her nose began to heal. She's been on the oil about 3-4 months now and she looks great. Her nose is nice and black and her coat feels like a plushy toy! I've also begun adding it to my other GSDs food. They all love it. And I like that it has no scent. I've already recommended this product to several friends in our rescue and will continue to do the same.

Great product for my dog's skin and fur by anna banana from Taos NM11/15/2012

I have used Iceland pure unscented salmon oil from EntirelyPets for my dog (almost 14 years old) for several years now. Using this product helps with itchy skin, which is a problem with Golden Retrievers, and also keeps her fur in great shape. I give her a Tablespoon of the salmon oil with her homemade food every morning. She doesn't look nor act her age (except for the white around the eyes and ears, ha!). I cannot upload her photo from my computer.

Best price and best (lack of) smell by Owned by a Newfoundland from Sarasota, FL11/01/2011

This product is perfect for my Newfoundland's skin, plus it doesn't smell ( to my human nose) and is easily dispensed. One month without it, on a different type of oil, and Max's skin was a mess! So...thinking about sharing it with the cat now too!

Great quality, best price! by vicki236 from Plattsmouth, NE02/06/2013

I have 12 cats.This last summer I started making raw chicken cat food with a recipe from the internet. All went well until fall when some of the outdoor kitties started to lose weight and all of them were crying that they were not getting enough. I increased the quantity but it didn't help. My vet said to add more fat including fish oil. This is the best quality available in quantity for the best price. So far so good. They are satisfied and looking good. Just a note about the container. Thankfully I read the reviews and when I opened the first container and the plunger didn't work I wasn't surprised. I just removed the part that goes down in the container and pour it out to measure. It is easier than using the plunger would have been.

Works for the price by Shiba Shiba from New Jersey01/25/2012

I use this product everyday for my Shiba Inu for those who get a chance to pet Luna they always comment on how soft her coat is. Product was delivered in two days of placing the order

My dogs love this. by westiemom3 from Brimfield, IL11/22/2011

I started using this product because it was recommended by other Westie owners for allergy & skin issues. My dogs like this oil and the last time they went to the groomer she said she had never seen their skin looking so good.

Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (33 oz) by Cheryl from Indiana11/10/2012

Our American Bulldog has a genetic skin condition called Ichthyosis and fish oil was recommended to help with his dreadful condition. It has helped him tremendously and love that it is unscented! We also give it to our other 3 dogs just for added benefits for the "normal" dog. Thank you Iceland!

Very good product by Thom from Huntsville, AL11/25/2013

Our Sibes like this on their kibble & their coats are really improved. Hope it is also helping their cardo health.

Salmon oil by dragnwings from North Olmsted, Oh06/07/2012

This is great stuff! Doing wonders for my dogs skin. Every year he gets this bald patch on his tail and with this it's nearly gone already. I'm impressed. The price is right also.

Great product for skin and coat! by Laura Guild10/14/2009

I have a German Shepherd who has had skin problems her whole life. She would bite herself to bleeding several times a year which necessitated expensive vet bills. In addition, she would get dirty and smell bad within a week of bathing. Since using this product all of that has stopped! No more biting, hot spots or stinky dog! Also her coat is smooth and shiny. It's been worth every penny!

The Green Bottle Salmon Oil! by Dog Lover10/13/2008

If your dog has dandruff, Dull skin, itchy skin, or just a bla coat. This stuff is a must. I tried pills from the doc. Special shampoo's, they nailed me good. I tried this Green bottle Salmon oil and I can't believe the differnce. Their coats glisten, no more scrachining and no more dryskin rashes. This item is the goods. don't waste your $$ like I did. Shell out 25 clams like I did and your problem will be gone, Evenbetter if it doesn't work they will give you your dough back!!

Great product great price by Kris10/23/2012

This is a great product for my dogs coat, joints and overall health. My vet recommended Omega oils to help with joint issues. I love this product because there is no odor, I agree with the need for the metal container AND cost per dose is much less than other oils. When I compared the dose for my dogs and the amount of Omega oils to other products this far exceeded other products. I am going to try the other oils by this company and rotate them as recommended.

by from 09/16/2014

First, this is a wonderful product to supplement the diet of your dog to enhance the health and appearance of your dog. Thus, I can highly recommend the product to my fellow dog owners and breeders. It deserves a 5 star rating.

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Iceland Pure Salmon Oil is Fantastic by Cattledogmom from Middleburg, FL03/10/2012

This product was suggested to me by dog's ortho doc. Now, all 3 of them get 2 squirts twice a day. Their coats are shiny and they are all healthy. I don't think anything will stop the onslaught of time but I have two over 12 year olds and a nine year old and they seem in pretty good shape. This product is great and there is no fishy smell. I am never without a bottle of this. All the dogs love it!

Fantastic for a Healthy Coat by Jackie10/09/2009

I have an Irish Setter and her coat is so shiny you almost need sunglasses. People stop me at shows and comment on what a beautiful coat she has.

Great, no smell! by KC06/11/2008

Don't know how they get that fish smell out but it is nice!..There is a TINY bit of fish odor but its hardly there. My dogs all really love it though, it takes very little and I am already seeing results after 2 weeks.. Coats are MUCH softer, they feel so good to touch:-) I will be ordering more.

Great Product! by Monitor03 from Middleburg,fl.11/29/2012

I have been using this product on my three dogs for a few years now.They are all rescue dogs.They all came with skin issues.From constant itching and licking of coat to thick scales on skin.With a good diet of midgrade food.I use Exceed and Iceland Pure,the scale are gone,itching and licking rare.I highly recommend this product.

Best Salmon Oil by Ann05/22/2008

This is by far the best Salmon Oil I have tried to date. There is no strong smell and it stays fresher in the aluminum container far longer than other brands.

Great taste and health benefits by future_vet from Ames07/08/2008

Pros: Easy To Administer Best Uses: Daily Care, Older Pets My cats are very picky, and I was afraid they wouldn't like the oil. But after coating their dry food with it, I found that they had no problem eating it. Also, I once forgot to add it to my dog's food, and poured some directly in his bowl. He licked it clean! It's definitely now hard to administer and they seem to really enjoy it! I found that it tends to drip a big on the bottle after pouring, but I just tie a piece of tissue or paper towel around the bottle and it takes care of the problem

My dogs love this product! by MingLuv from Hertford07/08/2008

Pros:Easy To Administer, Effective, Gentle, No Side Effects Best Uses:Daily Care, Older Pets, Short-Term Care, Younger Pets Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend I feel that my dogs should eat more than one healthy food. When I change their food to another good one, I always add salmon oil and they love it and eat it every time. Sometimes I mix the foods and add the salmon oil and that works great, too. I feel it is much healthier than putting "human grade home-made gravy" from oils or grease from chickens or other cooked meats in their food. I was really happy to find this product. I'm getting ready to order more.

Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (8.75 oz)
cats wouldn't go near it by blowfly07/14/2012

Unfortunately, my cats wouldn't go near this. And I can't use it myself since it's only for pets - don't understand why that is, if it's so high quality. So completely loss for me.

Great Quality Product by toomany12/13/2011

No odor whatsoever and it works just as well as those other "stinky" brands.

Super soft doggie! by Miley's mom01/24/2011

We have tried different oils both because they are really good for the dog's health and development but also for allergies. Her allergies are still so-so, but this oil leaves her much softer than any other oil including the salmon oil. They recommend smaller-fish oil for us humans, and it makes sense it would be better for the dogs too.

scent-less fish oil by october13 from Massachusetts09/22/2014

the product is not completely without scent according to my kitties. They would not readily lick it up from the bowl. My Calico would eat it mixed with moist food, although sometimes she would refuse to eat the food. My Maine Coon would not eat it mixed with his moist food. His nose is extremely sensitive. Not sure why they rush for tuna fish but won't accept this oil when it's 100% better for them. I did some research on the product and it was exactly what I was looking for in purity. Not sure if I would purchase again, if they are not going to take it without a fight.

Iceland Sardine Anchovy Fish Oil by cchompfy12/25/2013

I have a 1 1/2 year old partiallly paralyzed kitty (back legs) who was really itchy and couldn't scratch himself. I added this to his diet (1 tsp a day) and within a week or so he seemed much improved. He has been on this fish oil supplement for a couple months now and I definitely notice an improvement in his condition.

Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (17 oz)
My cats love it! by Savanna from Waterford, Mi.07/28/2012

This is a very good product. My cats dont like any other oil on their food but this one. Their coats are soft and shiny. Will keep buying this!

No Odor by Bella from Bridgeville, Pa.05/31/2012

The product was sent to my home faster then I expected and it is exactly what it states to be! No odor fish oil that is easy to put on my cats dry food daily. Have seen a shine in her fur and no dry skin now!

by from 01/15/2014

Ordered Jan 12th, delivered Jan 15th in the AM. Thank you!!!

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Best Purchase Ever by Highlands from NC11/03/2011

I researched salmon oil and have decided on this product because it contains more Omega 3, EPA, DHA than salmon oil. The best part is that it is unscented and the price.

Unscented to Scented by JC from Cleveland, OH12/11/2013

For some reason over the years this product has become scented. Years ago when I discovered this product and saw it was unscented, I was very quick to purchase it. That was about three years ago. When I used to try to smell it, I couldn't smell anything. Nowadays I can't stand the fishy smell. It is very strong. And don't get any of it on your clothing. One pretreating and wash cycle will not take out the smell. It is definitely not unscented anymore even though the label still claims that it is. One of my cats will not eat her food anymore if the oil is mixed in, so I have to syringe it to her separately.

A Good EPA to DHA ratio by AT from VA08/22/2011

I've used other fish oils in the past but research on human usage has shown that a higher EPA to DHA ratio is an important component in the effectiveness of Omega 3 to fight inflammation. This was one of the few fish oils for pets that had such a ratio. So I made the switch.

Silky soft and smart as can be by Happy in MA from MA12/28/2010

If we are supposed to eat the small fish oil, shouldn't our dogs? This sardine, anchovy oil makes my pug's fur silky-soft - way softer than any salmon oil does.She's also super-smart and we credit that to the oil as well - good brain food!

Taste? by catlover03/15/2011

My cat likes the flavor of Salmon oil, but not this product. Unscented-yes, but obviously not unflavored. Disappointed.

Great Product by JamiB from Maine08/08/2012

My two dogs really enjoy this oil. I enjoy the fact that I can not smell it. Item was leaking when I received it but as long as my dogs are happy and healthy, that is all that matters to me :)

Great Product! by Pete from Sioux Falls, SD04/04/2012

I'm really impressed with this product -- from its non-smell to the container that prevents oxidation to the pump for easy dispensing. My dog loves it on his food!

Featured Reviews for Iceland Pure Unscented Sardine & Anchovy Fish Oil (33 oz)
oil suppplement by rich from AZ01/23/2014

it seems to help their coat and skin they are not scratching as much

Best Oil Ever by fenwick from Oregon09/02/2014

What can I say. Molly's coat and skin have improved ten-fold. Low smell, very low. Excellent product and priced well.

Love this Product! by Jo Bisbee12/25/2012

Our Shih Tzus love this oil. In addition, their vet approved my giving them this oil. Lola and Luigi now have soft and silky coats.

Great product by Skd from Fairview, oregon03/21/2013

Cat has only been using it for a few weeks and we are already seeing a difference in her coat and her dandruff has gotten better.

Great product for Omega 3 and 6 by Leslie10/24/2011

My two Shih Tzus are on a raw food diet and I supplement their morning and evening meals with Iceland Pure to ensure they are getting both Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They love the taste and are both very healthy girls. I highly recommend this product.

Very Effective Product by ElisMom from Buffalo, NY07/14/2014

Works great if you have a Lab who insists on chewing on her skin/paws. Much more effective than plain old fish oil capsules. A great investment if you'd like your Lab to have a shiny coat and stop chewing and itching. Beats running to the vet and giving (shudder) steriods.

So far so good! by Sugar from California07/16/2012

I ordered this product for my eldest dog who has an extensive medical history. My vet told me that fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties and that it would help my dog's joints, in addition to all the other prescription medications that she is on. She has been on this product for about three weeks and she is doing very well. I don't know if it's all down to this product, or if it's a combination of this and her NSAIDs, but she seems to be getting around better and she loves the taste! My other two dogs showed interest in the fish oil so I give it to all three of them now. Not bad for three picky eaters!

great addition to regimen by BB from Washington, DC01/13/2011

My Shepherd/Lab mix had 2 bouts of mast cell skin cancer last yr and I looked for natural ways to boost her immune system. Local natural pet store rec'd this oil + a greens/vitamin supplement "Canine Complete" by Wholistic Pet (I think). Anyway, her fur is so much softer and her skin doesn't flake - and she was already on natural grain free dog food! Great product, easy to use, fast shipping. Thanks!

Great Product by Rich F01/19/2012

Much better than fish oil capsules, as this has no odor. I have a dobie with skin conditions and thin/brittle coat. This oil has helped keep his coat beautiful and soft. Great product.

Fantastic Product for Canine Arthritis by Thules Mom09/20/2013

This is the only thing that has made a significant difference in my Newfoundland's mobility. I will not be without it!

Best omega 3 oil on the market by JMS864 from Dallas TX10/11/2013

In today's world, there is a growing concern for our oceans and pollution. With the recent Fukashima nuclear plant melt down, I am very concerned with potential danger to the fish in the pacific region. I started buying this because of the location which the fish are caught, not to mention, I love that they do not use plastic bottles, because of BPA. I will continue to buy this oil from Entirely Pets, because of their prompt delivery, it's always very fast and I receive it quickly. I highly recommend this company and all their oils!

Really Great Product by A and B from Washington, DC01/10/2012

We were recommended on this product as part of a general cancer prevention program for our dog once she was diagnosed with mast cell tumor 2 yrs ago. Don't know if it's this product in combination w/Wholistic Canine Complete but no tumors for over 1 yr, great skin and coat, and great energy, like a puppy almost at age 9. And it doesn't smell fishy! Our dog loves the taste as well.

Good health in a bottle by JN from Alexandria, VA06/02/2013

This is a great company and by far the best fish oil in the market for our furry balls, does not have any after smell. Pup loves it and I have bought two of them, first Salmon and now Sardines & Anchovy. Entirely Pets has the best price. I feel good about the can it is in.

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