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Looking for Pet Infographics? You've come to the right place! Below is a collection of informative and entertaining pet infographics designed by our design team here at EntirelyPets. Please take a look, and don't be afraid to comment if you have any feedback or recommendations!

Pet Infographics

  • Why Does My Dog Do That?

    Posted by  on Friday July 22, 2016

    Have you ever thought and wondered what your dog is thinking or communicating? Though we can't decipher dog language for you, we can give you some clues on better understanding what their body language means!

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  • Summer Dog Essentials

    Posted by  on Monday July 18, 2016

    Summer is here and EntirelyPets Understand how much your dog means to you, therefore, we have compiled a list of products that will make traveling and having fun with your dog a breeze. Keep your dog afloat with Outward Hound's life jacket or keep them happy with our tasty Lil Bitz.

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  • Summer Cat Essentials

    Posted by  on Monday July 18, 2016

    EntirelyPets knows how much pets mean to our customers, therefore, we are always ready to provide you with the summerís hottest deals. Spoil your pet with our travel products, toys, and snacks that will keep them healthy and energetic all summer.

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  • How To Move Houses With Your Cat

    Posted by  on Tuesday June, 12 2016

    Are you looking to move, but are unsure how to do so with your feline? This infographic serves as a guide to help you successfully move your house when you won a cat.

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  • Keep Your Pet Safe From Grass Seeds

    Posted by  on Friday July 8, 2016

    Has your pet ever gotten a foxtail in his ear or nose? Grass seeds can be extremely dangerous for your pet, and expensive to treat. Check out these tips for keeping your pet safe from grass seed this summer!

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  • Understanding Your Cat's Behaviors

    Posted by  on Friday June 24, 2016

    Ever wondered what was going on in your catís head? All those quirky things your feline does, most likely mean something. Check out this guide to help you better understand your catís behaviors.

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  • Making Your Office Dog Friendly

    Posted by  on June 22, 2016

    Bringing your pet to work can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience for both the dog and human! Before bringing your pet into your workplace, be sure that your office is dog-friendly. Here are some ways to make the perfect pet-friendly office space!

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  • DIY Projects For Dog Owners

    Posted by  on June 22, 2016

    Do you love DIY projects and own a dog? This infographic is perfect for you! Check out these simple and fun projects you can do at home for your favorite furry pooch!

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  • Is My Dog Or Cat Diabetic?

    Posted by  on May 31, 2016

    It will come as no surprise to many pet owners that their furry friends are getting fatter, but it may shock you once you realise that a recent study revealed that cases of diabetes in cats and dogs has risen over 900% in just five years.

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  • Get Creative With Canine Fitness

    Posted by  on Thursday May 12, 2016

    From fly-ball to dog diving, surfing to canicross, there are now tons of ways you can keep you and your dog happy and fit. Letís take a look at the info-graphic below that offers creative ways to exercise your dog while also having some fun!

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  • 14 Ways To Go Green With Your Dog

    Posted by  on Wednesday April 27, 2016

    Do you want to be an eco-friendly pet owner but don't know how? Check out this infographic to learn 14 easy ways you can go green with your dog!

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  • Popular Dog Breeds And Their Health Issues

    Posted by  on Wednesday March 23, 2016

    Understand the various natural health problems that different dog breeds experience with this info-graphic.

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  • Toxic Plants - How Houseplants Can Harm Pets[infographic]

    Infographic by Matt Zajechowski  on Monday, February 29, 2016

    We do everything we can to keep our pets healthy and happy. But sometimes we don't even know about the dangers of plants in our own home. This article teaches pet parents about toxic plants.

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  • Home Hazards For Pets [Infographic]

    Infographic by Homeadviceguide on Thursday December 3, 2015

    There are many health hazards present in the average home that can hurt your pets. When you make a decision to own a pet, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. Take the time to research and understand the dangers around them that could hurt them.

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  • Canine Body Language [Infographic]

    Infographic by PetPremium on Thursday December 3, 2015

    Unfortunately dogs donīt speak our language which makes communication harder and can cause problems in your dogīs training or socialization. Check out this infographic and learn to recognize the signs when your dog is happy, sad, afraid, or aggressive.

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