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Jolly Pets

Jolly PetsJolly Pets, Inc. was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Horsemen's Pride, Inc. The great success of the original Jolly Ball manufactured for the equine industry under Horsemen's Pride name prompted the inception of Jolly Pets, Inc. A strong focus has been placed on the quality and durability of all the products that Jolly Pets, Inc. manufacturers.

Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (6 in.) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (6 in.) - Assorted

($13.99)  $11.99
Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (8 in.)  - Assorted
Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (8 in.) - Assorted

($22.99)  $20.99
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (4.5 in.) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (4.5 in.) - Assorted

($12.99)  $6.99
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (6 in.) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (6 in.) - Assorted

($17.99)  $15.99
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (8 in.) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (8 in.) - Assorted

($26.99)  $24.99
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (6 in) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (6 in) - Assorted

($12.50)  $9.99
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (8 in) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (8 in) - Assorted

($12.50)  $10.99
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (14 in)
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (14 in)

($45.50)  $34.99
Jolly Egg (Red) 12"
Jolly Egg (Red) 12"

($20.79)  $15.99
Jolly Egg (Yellow) 12"
Jolly Egg (Yellow) 12"

($20.79)  $15.99
Jolly Egg (Red) 8"
Jolly Egg (Red) 8"

($11.69)  $8.99
Jolly Egg (Yellow) 8"
Jolly Egg (Yellow) 8"

($11.69)  $8.99
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (10 in)
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (10 in)

($28.50)  $12.79
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (6 in)
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (6 in)

($16.50)  $12.99
Jolly Pets Alien - Squeaky Tug Toy (Medium)
Jolly Pets Alien - Squeaky Tug Toy (Medium)

($9.99)  $7.69
Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-N-Play Dog Toy 6" - Assorted
Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-N-Play Dog Toy 6" - Assorted

($12.99)  $9.29
Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-N-Play Dog Toy 8" -  Assorted
Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-N-Play Dog Toy 8" - Assorted

($17.99)  $13.39
Jolly Pets Squeaky Tug Toy - Large (Assorted)
Jolly Pets Squeaky Tug Toy - Large (Assorted)

($11.99)  $8.99
Jolly Pets Squeaky Tug Toy - X-Large (Assorted)
Jolly Pets Squeaky Tug Toy - X-Large (Assorted)

($15.99)  $11.59
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (3 in) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (3 in) - Assorted

($9.99)  $6.99
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (4.5 in) - Assorted
Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (4.5 in) - Assorted

($11.99)  $8.99
Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (6 in.)

Great for tossing, tug-o-war, or any old roughhousing. The Tug-n-Toss ball is designed to weather the rigors of rambunctious play.

Great interactive fun for you and your dog! Made of low density, high quality, non-toxic polyethylene, it will not deflate when punctured. The Tug-n-Toss ball features a handle for easy pick up and carry. It floats and bounces, making it ideal for a day at the lake or games of fetch at the park.

As with all chew toys, please supervise your dog during playing with this toy. Periodically inspect the ball for any torn or damaged pieces.

Available in assorted colors. Please allow us to choose the color for you.

Sizing Information
6 inch diameter - perfect for medium-sized dogs

Made in the USA
4.50 rating based on 8 reviews
Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (6 in.) - Assorted
Unexpected fun by Cody10/30/2011

Lab's favorite outside toy. Very well made.

by from 08/03/2012

My dogs are herders and will take every opportunity to do just that. Instead of herding me, or the thorny cat or each other, we bring out these toys for a good game of chase, bump and fetch.

purchased by a from smallerThis


this by toy from forI


my puppy chewed through in one day by Theresa11/29/2012

I thought this would be a durable toy for my 8 month old Black Lab. She chewed apart the handle and maybe ate some of the plastic within hours. I would not recommend this to anyone. By the way this dog has "puppy" Kongs that are still in very good shape. I give her one each day and they hold up to her teeth.

she loves it! by smilnacres from Readstown, Wi03/11/2012

who wouldn't love a jolly ball?? our boxer is having loads of fun throwing down the hill by our house and running for it and bringing it back up. She sure gets her exercise with this!

Awesome Ball by Elyn12/13/2009

My dog (a Jack Russell) absolutely loves this ball. Her life revolves around playing with her Jolly Ball. The "tab" on it makes it easy for her to carry and makes it easy for us to throw it. She also plays with it in the pool. I always keep one in reserve - she couldn't go a week without her little Jolly Ball!

Wonderful ball - but size is important by BeeBee's Mom12/10/2013

About 10 years ago I purchased a Jolly ball for my corgi. She loved it and played constantly. I now have another, more petit, corgi and this same ball is also her favorite toy. I've been looking for a back-up, and this (6") was the Smallest size offered by EntirelyPets. BeeBee gave it a try, but it is just to big and heavy for her. I will donate it to the shelter and continue my search for the smaller (4 1/2") size. Conclusion: wonderful toy for a herding dog, but be sure to get the proper size.

Good Value by Eli from Alabama03/19/2014

Great toy for our German Shepherd puppy. He has jaws of steel and this is a great option for him.

Good toy for big or small by SBN from NC12/09/2012

I purchased this for my Newf, because he played with one at the park, that was owned by a French Bulldog. The bulldog used the handle, but my Newf just picks up the ball, leaving the handle for me to grab. It is sturdy, no damage so far, and he is a dog that kills every tennis ball he picks up.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (8 in.) - Assorted
My dog loves it by Lkc07/13/2014

My 11 year old lab loves his jolly ball & acts like a puppy when playing with it. He was so excited when he saw this that he ran around the yard swinging it back and forth for almost 5 minutes before stopping. This is his 2nd one, the first one lasted a few years even though he tore off the handle early on & took a lot of abuse until I finally threw it out a year ago. I wish they were more rugged though, he has started tearing off the handle of this one as well and punctured the round part with his teeth. We don't let him chew on it unattended, he just tears it apart while fetching. Oh well, he loves it!

Awesome Toy by Pamela05/03/2009

Thank goodness I found this site...You can't find these in stores anymore...My dog lost her's and she loves it...I am ordering this right away..She well be in heaven....

great product by ForOli from Northern CA05/19/2013

My English Mastiff loves these! And my smaller bull terrier mix loves to grab the handle and make her chase him for it.

waste of $50.... by mamarillas from California02/23/2012

We bought one for each of our GSDs, who are, granted, a little tough on toys. However, these lasted less than 48hrs. We've had other less expensive toys last MUCH longer. However, to be fair, they have stayed kind of "inflated" as the advertisting promises, but for $24/ball, we expected the durability to be a lot better. Such a disappointment, such a waste of money... As you can tell from the photos, the handle of the blue ball is almost gone, and there is a hole in the MIDDLE of the red ball with the rest of the ball caving in around it.

didn't last long by patty4bmds12/12/2011

within a couple hours there was NO MORE handle on this toy! Our Berners tore it right up. Oh, well.

Best Toy EVER! by pitmom from Richmond, VA01/01/2013

Both of my dogs go crazy for this ball. They seem to like the one with the handle the best. It is a very hard plastic that holds up to my mega chewer for a VERY long time!

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (4.5 in.) - Assorted
Jolly Ball by Lori08/06/2012

Our dogs love to play with these. They tug with each other and swing the ball all over. They are a supervised toy, not a leave down toy.

Most loved & used toy. by Aunt Monica from Tallmadge & Kent, Ohio02/26/2010

We are owners of a pet boarding facility in Ohio, and we have been using the Jolly Balls for over a year now. ( I first found them in a pet store which no longer seems to be stocking them, too bad.) Our day care and boarding dogs absolutely love them. They love to play fetch with them and play tug-of-war with us and also each other. These balls (both the 4.5" and 6") are used everyday, all day long. They have been lasting between 6 & 8 mos. and we even throw them in the washing machine with blankets, a little bit of soap & bleach, and let air dry. This is our 2nd order from the company directly. Please keep selling them. Sincerely, Paws-n-Tails Pet Retreat

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll (6 in.) - Assorted
Dog's Favorite by TDR from Sacramento, CA05/10/2014

My dog absolutely LOVES her romp-n-roll ball. She has played with it non-stop every day. It is holding up really well to all the abuse!

Fun & Durable Toy! by Karissa from Wisconsin04/03/2012

My dogs love to play with Jolly Balls -- and adding a rope through the center with which to play tug makes them even better! The ropes do tend to fray/break after a period of time (especially if you allow your dog to sit and chew on it), but the ball still offers plenty of fun chasing & chewing all by itself.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (6 in) - Assorted
Best toy for active dogs! by Judi12/26/2013

Best toy for our active Golden Retriever. She loves this and keeps her busy for a long time. It is not the best inside toy because it hits against the furniture, but great for the frozen ground and can't wait for the summer weather.

Awesome! by staffymom from Wisconsin07/28/2012

This has got to be the greatest toy around! My staffies love it & it's just hilarious to watch them push it around the yard at high speed! It's durable enough even for staffies & pit bulls (that is, until they get bored with it. Then it becomes a chew toy). It has become their favorite toy.

Dogs love it by ABT06/12/2013

Dogs pick it up and try to get the ball inside. Great toy because it is pretty indestructible.

by Mols10/23/2012

Keeps our dog going and going - also very entertaining for us to watch :)

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Teaser Ball with Inside Ball (8 in) - Assorted
Elizabeth by Elizabeth from Towson, MD05/08/2012

I purchased a 2nd ball for my Jack Russell, Danny Boy, for his 3rd birthday. Now we have one for inside and one for ourside play. I'd love to have one of the large, 2-dog balls though and wonder where I can purchase one. We have no other ball in the toy box that gains the attention that the Teaser Ball does. Really a great toy!

jolly ball by kim from NIagara Falls NY10/19/2010

we have 2 jolly balls for over 5 years, I have a German Shepherd and an Australian Cattle Dog, They chew on this constantly and carry them around, this is a durable toy that has lasted.

Great purchase by Zusse from Green Ridge Mo.11/20/2013

He loved running chasing the ball, fun! hours of fun.

TEASER BALL by John Chmura from Cleveland Ohio03/18/2012

My dog loves this it intrigues him it occupies his time he has fun with it

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (14 in)
Loves his Jolly ball! by Jan from Cincinnati, OH11/24/2011

We purchased the 14" Jolly ball for our dog, Bo, a few weeks ago. I don't know who enjoys it more, Bo or us! Just when he thinks he has conquered the ball, it rolls out from under him. Bo attacks and barks at the ball but the ball always wins. The Jolly ball has provided hours of fun and entertainment for all of us!

LOVE IT! by Jen02/05/2013

I have a very energetic cattle dog/border collie pup and he loves to 'herd' basketballs, soccer balls, etc, but he destroys them in the process and then the fun is over. This Jolly Ball is indestructible! And just the right size for my 50lb dog to push around the yard. So glad I found this product! It arrived just a few days after purchase and I could not be happier! Thank you!

disappointing durability by arizona bill08/02/2011

i have a large dog, 180#, with a large bite. he immediately scars and gouges the "durable high density plastic" during his first play session. i can live with that. however, on the third session, he successfully punctured the ball, leaking out the water. the walls of this "durable" ball are about 1/8 inch thick. a 2" dent appeared in another area. for $35 plus $5 delivery, i expected more than three quality play sessions. who does jolly pet think plays with a 14" ball? toothless dachshunds? i would not recommend this product and probably would not purchase any other jolly pet product. entirely pets has moved down my list of suppliers for future pet purchases.

Great herding toy by Jeff from Palatine, Illinois06/29/2012

I have an Australian Shephard, Toffee. She absolutely loves this toy. I toss it across the yard, she sprints after it and brings it back by running and pushing it with her nose. In order to make it roll straight, she employs her imbred herding instincts by zig-zagging left and right with amazing speed and control. This is an ideal toy for any herding breeds.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Egg (Red) 12"
A real dog's toy! by DogMumblrr from Charlotte, NC05/06/2012

I have a 105 lb 3 year old German Shepherd who is death to most toys but we have had good luck with most toys by Jolly. When I saw this one I thought I'd give it a try because it advised good for herding dogs. Trojan loves this toy! He chases it all over the yard trying to herd it so he can grab it but the shape produces unpredictable movements and the egg is too large and hard for him to bit so he spends hours chasing it with his paws, nose and mouth until he needs to take a break and get a drink. The best feature is it is something that Trojan plays with Trojan so I can garden while he plays with his Jolly Egg! I am going to order more for him! I suggest use it outside because I think it's too much for an inside toy. I haven't gotten a pic with him and the egg yet but here's pic so you can see how big he is.

Great toy by Impressed02/16/2012

My 7 month old german shepherd went nuts over this thing the minute he had a chance to get it out of the bag I brought it home in, scooting it over the entire first floor. I have hardwood floors so it really took off. A vigerous dog can get a bit rambunctious with it so if you have fragile furniture maybe confining it to a room where there is no risk might be a good idea. I had not thought he would be so over the top in love with it but here we are. I think it will be a reward instead of a toy he has access too all the time. Thank you for designing this awsome toy. It seems to have compleetly worn him out with a full body workout in 10 minutes. Sleeping soundly after his trip to the petstore walk home and play session.Blotto. :)

Very Durable by nalabug from Newport Beach, CA10/09/2013

Bought the yellow and red egg, for some reason both dogs like the red one way more. This toy is great to play in backyard, they love it and cannot destroy it. I would recommend for sure.

Great toy for my cattle dog by dog lover forever from Anderson, IN12/21/2012

This is the second one I have purchased. Want to be sure and have a replacement. My cattle dog just LOVES to play with it. I throw it and she chases it and it goes all directions--sometimes she makes a flip to keep it going. She and I have barrel of fun--it is something we do every day, weather permitting. I also have the Jolly ball.

Hours of Fun!! by Christina from Graham, WA08/05/2013

This is one of the best toys we have purchased for our Lab Abby. She loves to play with it inside her pool and in the yard.

Favorite toy by MLaz04/16/2013

If you have a dog that likes to entertain herself and enjoys chasing and rolling toys, this is fantastic. I train service dogs and we all need a break. She flies around the large yard, pushing this toy with her front feet and bites at it with her mouth and also barks at it. It is hysterical to watch and is great exercise for her. She has left lots of bite/scratch marks in it but I expect she will play with it for a long time. It was well worth it for her.

Luke loves it by tessie from boyd, tx.06/18/2013

Our big dog, Luke, loves this Jolly Egg. He has 2 of them. One is old, smashed and dirty, but he still bats it around. We also have 2 small yellow ones for the little dogs. They really don't get it with the Jolly Egg though, so....Luke plays with theirs also

by Pitbulls4life12/09/2012

My pit bulls love it! Finally a toy that can last for more than a day!!!

Featured Reviews for Jolly Egg (Yellow) 12"
Best thing ever! by staffymom from Wisconsin07/28/2012

Now THIS has to be the most durable and fun toy ever created for a dog! My lil staffie girl is obsessed with it. She flies around the yard with it and when she gets tired she hugs it and licks it. She is in love with the egg. She would rather play with it than eat! There are times I have to drag her away from it and hide it to get her to come inside. And durable? As long as you don't have a big dog with a big mouth to pin it in a corner and chew on it, it is almost indestructible. ( I have to watch my Pit Bull with it) This is the best toy I have found for my 3 dogs!

Shelties love jolly eggs by wesley12/30/2010

I bought a large jolly egg for my 1 year old Sheltie this Christmas. She LOVES it! I highly recomend this toy for all dogs that need to stay busy in the yard. My dog plays with hers even when we are in the house!!! Get one, your dog will love it.

Very Durable by nalabug from Newport Beach, CA10/09/2013

Purchased after seeing a friends boxer play with it, this is the 1st toy that my two 80+lb dogs have not destroyed and it was very reasonably priced. I would recommend for large dogs that like to chase things but you need to supervise.

Dogs love it by ABT06/12/2013

Dogs have fun with the egg. They try to pick it up and it shoots across the ground.

Highly Entertaining by pol52 from Cambridge, MA07/01/2013

Had to purchase a second Jolly Egg today as my GSD finally managed to puncture the hard surface, BUT, this was after a year of hard play so I'm very satisfied with how long it lasted. Once my boy figured out that this toy is really fun it is always the first toy that he runs to and will even interrupt play to run and get his Egg.

Best Toy Ever by Syl from Northern Colorado01/07/2013

I bought the 12 inch Jolly Egg for our 7 year old Golden Retriever. What a toy!! She plays with it constantly and gets a heck of a workout. She has actually figured out how to make it go where she wants to - most of the time. She chases it around the yard until her tongue is hanging down to her feet! I never dreamed it would be such a great toy for her. She absolutely loves it!!

Featured Reviews for Jolly Egg (Red) 8"
fun times a rollin' by pitbullluver from sioux city, ia10/24/2011

My pit and my schnauzer love pushing this toy all over the floor. Its unpredictable where it will go which keeps the dogs guessing and playing. Very sturdy toy especially for the pit which destroys all his other toys.

Getting use to playing with this by Sharon from Arkansas01/13/2013

My Welsh Terrier did not like this the first couple of times I got it out. Tonight, she played with it for quite awhile, mainly, growling at it as she tried to bite it but it just keeps slipping away from her. I think it wore her out as she went to bed early tonight. I found her in her crate already bedded down.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Egg (Yellow) 8"
awesome product by gigi04/25/2013

My border collie is obsessed with these toys. We have them in all sizes and he absolutely LOVES them. He is waiting when I get home from work and sits by the cabinet where the toys are kept to play.

MIXED REVIEW by Grandma in WA from Pacific Northwest - WA and Idaho03/05/2013

After watching the video I was sure my 9-mo old puppy would love the Jolly Egg 8-inch size. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is only 18 pounds. Maybe that was the problem or the fact that she couldn't get a "bite" on the egg!? She seemed very frustrated and basically just left it alone. I could not entice her into playing with it. So, I took it to my son who has 2 dogs - a Jack Russell and a bird dog as well as his in-laws who have a standard Poodle and a Labradoodle. The only dog that we could get to play with the egg was my son's bird dog... she really had fun chasing it al over the yard. It seemed to scare the Poodle (she is 2 years old). So, this review is a mixed one. I left it at my son's home and hopefully his dog will enjoy it. It appears to be very durable.

Wears him out! by TrevorMom from Pittsburgh, PA01/15/2013

Warning - this toy is loud, especially on hard wood floors! That said, my Corgi is ever so much louder when he is bored!. My two-year old, rambunctious Corgi just loves this toy. My husband plays "soccer" with him & within fifteen minutes he's completely calmed down & doesn't even notice if the next door neighbor's dos start to bark. It may be noisy while he's playing, but he loves it & in the long run it's much quieter in the evenings now :)

Jolly Egg by Deb08/01/2014

My dogs loved this toy! It was comical watching them trying to grab it and falling all over with. Unfortunately, I have 2 large chewers. They eventually captured the Egg after a week and gnawed the end right off leaving jagged pieces of plastic. This had to be thrown away as I was afraid they'd cut their mouths on it.

Great toy for great dogs by Joker's friend from Russia11/26/2012

My dog loves it. You should've seen my Jack Russell terrier pup playing with his new toy outside. It makes him so crazy and adorable to watch, that we always have a crowd of smiling people around us. The only thing is that he actually managed to catch a toy and bit it, although the whole point of the game is inability to hold the egg with either paws or jaws.

by Sherry01/18/2013

My Scottish terrier was able to destroy this toy by grabbing on to one end, and chewing it up.

very durable by labldy from Dayton, OH05/29/2012

ordered this for my puppy because it was a "Jolly" product. Very durable, and my puppy loves it! Great product.

super fun by kodigirl08/14/2012

My lab LOVES the Jolly egg. It took him a few tried to actually be able to pick it up but he has so much fun chasing it around and he can never tell where it will bounce to. It's as much fun for me to watch him play as it is for him to play with the egg!

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (10 in)
Greater Swiss loves it! by lizzy from Minnesota04/08/2013

My dog loves this, and so far it has taken quite a beating and looks great

Love Jolly Balls by doglover from Fort Worth, TX07/04/2012

We use Jolly Balls for treibball training and they work great. They are sturdy but the dogs can easily push them. We will be ordering more in the future.

best ball for a german sheppard, by mandy12/31/2012

i have a german sheppard and she loves these balls, keeps her busy, and loves to chase it, and just push it around, thank you have looked all over for these balls,

Just what I've been looking for by barb from Kenosha, WI04/25/2012

my dog Sasha has been using a rock to roll around the yard. She pushes it with her nose and rolls it all around. Her nose was always getting scraped up and would bleed from the rock, so when I saw this ball I thought I would give it a try. She LOVES it! I would highly recommend it to anybody whose dog loves to roll a ball around

Lasts Forever! by KJ from Wyoming05/08/2013

I've had one of these for decades, the dogs just keep playing with it (one horse, too). It is scratched & scarred, but still a valued exercise toy.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Push-N-Play Jolly Ball (6 in)
Best Toy Purchase Ever by mo mo from Dayton,ohio06/22/2012

We have 2 dogs,a Lab and a lab shepherd mixed. We purchased the 6 in jolly push &play ball. They play for hrs in the yard chasing them. Our neighbors have ask us where did we purchase them . So I gave them your e-mail address so they could check out the web site for them selves. Word of mouth is the best advertising they say . Would it be possible to get a catalog sent to us ?

Just the right size by Barb from Kenosha. WI06/12/2012

I was looking for a hard ball for my dog Sasha to roll around, I already bought the 10 in ball but decided to try the smaller size. She loves that one too. I put it in her pool and she has so much fun trying to get it out.

Indestructable by ABT06/12/2013

We have a dog that chews & rips toys apart. This keeps her busy.

Hours of entertainment by Dogluvr03/21/2013

This ball was recommended by a friend when I told them about my non-stop Australian Shepherd-Cattle Dog mix. He is crazy about pushing this ball around and is now learning how to "fetch" it. I've never seen him so happy with a toy, because it allows him to work. The ball is just big enough so he isn't able to bite it, just push it. It is made of hard plastic and is indestructible. I highly recommend for anyone with a high-energy dog that just wants to work.

Featured Reviews for Jolly Pets Jolly Bounce-N-Play Dog Toy 8" - Assorted
favorite toy by Pat09/05/2014

Leo is a big shepherd mix who loves to play ball. The Jolly Pets Bounce n Play 8" balls are perfect for him. They last a long time, are just soft enough to be easy to grab, and work great for playing with Leo's human or on his own.

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