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K9 Advantix

for dogs protects against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. K9 Advantix continues to protect your canine after swimming or bathing. Its once-a-month application is easy and convenient. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can carry can carry West Nile virus and other dog disease. K9 Advantix Blue, Red, Green, and Teal covers all dogs from 10 lbs to over 55 lbs. Order K9 Advantix today and save! CLICK HERE for additional information on K9-Advantix.'); return false;"> CLICK HERE for additional information on K9-Advantix.

4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX  Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)
4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)

($49.99)  $37.99
12 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)
12 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)

($174.99)  $133.99

($67.00 Each)

12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Red (for dogs 21-55lbs)
12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Red (for dogs 21-55lbs)

($188.99)  $144.99

($72.50 Each)

K 9 Advantix Green is a once-a-month topical tick, mosquito and flea treatment for dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older. It contains imidacloprid and permethrin. It also remains effective after swimming or bathing. This is the ultimate protection for your dog! Each packet contains 4 applications providing 4 months of protection.

Effective Flea & Tick Control . . . No Prescription Required!

  • Guaranteed US EPA approved.
  • Each package of K9 Advantix for Dogs lasts 4 to 6 months (One vial per month)
  • Kills 98%-100% of fleas within 12 hours - helpful in dogs with Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • Protects against deadly Lyme Disease, spread by ticks
  • Repels and kills mosquitos, carriers of dangerous West Nile Virus
  • Water-resistant, easy to apply formula stays on in baths or in the rain

    CLICK HERE for additional information on K9-Advantix.
  • K9 Advantix kills fleas and ticks on Dogs
    K9 Advantix for dogs is effective flea and tick treatment for dogs. When a flea is exposed to imidacloprid on a treated pet, the compound is absorbed through the insect's intersegmental membrane. Here, the compound comes into contact with the flea's nervous system. Imidacloprid then acts inside the synapse of the insect to disrupt transmission of the nervous impulse. Imidacloprid binds to post-synaptic nicotinic receptor sites inside the synapse, essentially "locking" the receptor in the open position thus hyperstimulating the cell. As this occurs throughout the nervous system, it leads to death of the insect. Furthermore, imidacloprid is highly selective in its activity. It only binds to insect nicotinic receptor sites, showing virtually no affinity for mammalian receptor sites. As an analogy, one may think of a lock and key, where the insect nicotinic receptor site is the lock and imidacloprid is the key. Imidacloprid only "fits" the right "lock," and does not fit similar receptor sites found in mammals.

    Why killing flea lavre is important
    Flea larvae live in the canine's environment on bedding, carpeting and anywhere the dog regularly sleeps or plays. By killing flea larvae in the canine's environment, imidacloprid kills potentially re-infesting fleas at the source, before they have a chance to reproduce to infest the pet and the home. This larvicidal activity in the environment, combined with the rapid adulticidal activity on the pet, eliminates existing flea infestations quickly and prevents new ones from developing, all without the use of environmental foggers, sprays, or insect growth regulators.

    Larvicidal activity
    Imidacloprid is the premier flea control product, in large part, due to its unsurpassed adulticidal activity. However, imidacloprid also possesses significant larvicidal activity. In fact, Advantage, ® and now K9 Advantix, ® are the only flea adulticides that can make a larvicidal claim.

    How imidacloprid kills flea larvae in the environment
    Once K9 Advantix Dog is applied, both active ingredients (imidacloprid and permethrin) spread across the body. Imidacloprid, in particular, spreads rapidly. During this process, imidacloprid forms very fine particles that bind with the superficial lipid layer on the skin surface. This lipid material is slowly shed off of the animal, via the normal replenishing activity of the epidermis. This "dander," made up of bits of epidermal cells, lipid, hair fragments and such, also contains imidacloprid. Thus, the treated dog, in essence, treats its own environment. As imidacloprid is an extremely potent compound (i.e., very small amounts kill fleas and flea larvae), sufficient amounts are deposited to effectively kill flea larvae in the pet's surroundings.

    Inhibition of flea biting
    Studies conducted in Germany by Dr. Heinz Mehlhorn also demonstrate that imidacloprid possesses significant anti-feeding activity, and fleas that jump onto an imidacloprid-treated dog stop feeding in 3 to 5 minutes. Additional studies, conducted by Dr. Michael Rust at the University of California at Riverside, confirmed that imidacloprid demonstrates significant anti-feeding activity, even at very low doses. These results are significant as it is the feeding activity of fleas that elicits an allergic condition known as flea allergy dermatitis.

    Activity of imidacloprid against ticks
    The highly specific mode of action of imidacloprid makes it an ideal compound for insect control. However, it does limit its utility against ticks and mites because they are arachnids (the same class as spiders) rather than insects. Research has shown that imidacloprid does not bind as well to arachnid receptors as it does to insect receptors. For this reason, imidacloprid is not utilized as a stand-alone ingredient for canine tick control. Rather, its limited activity against ticks is best exploited to enhance the efficacy of other compounds, permethrin in particular.

    K9 Advantix Commercial

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: How long does K9 Advantix last?
    A: A single application of K9 Advantix keeps working for one month.

    Q: How often should customers use K9 Advantix?
    A: Experts recommend that pet owners should apply monthly to keep their dogs protected year round

    Q: My pet is strictly indoors. Should I still use Advantage?
    A: Yes, Ticks and fleas can be brought into the home by people or other pets without pet owners even realizing it. Immature flea stages remain dormant until conditions are appropriate for development and infest pets after hatching. That's why it is important to also protect indoor pets.

    Q: Can I bathe my pets during the month after application?
    A: Yes, you can give your dogs or cats a bath. We recommend a non-detergent shampoo for best results.

    Q: For what age pets can I use K9 Advantix on?
    A: K9 Advantix is gentle enough for puppies as young as 7 weeks.
    4.85 rating based on 48 reviews
    Featured Reviews for 4 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)
    No more flea's by Scotty from Mt. Morris, NY11/26/2011

    Time line between purchase and delivery was really fast. Product works better than what we bought from the Vet.

    good price by sunny01/13/2012

    like the savings received by ordering here

    Advantix and the Vet. by Juneau from Roseville, CA11/14/2011

    Entirely Pets allows me to buy the products I need for my little guy. The vet requires an appointment and exam when all we need is something to stop the fleas. Entirely Pets saves me time and money and I do not have to make an extra trip to the vet.

    Works okay by Kam08/11/2009

    this stuff seems to be decently effective at best, my dog definitely stopped chewing and scratching at fleas within a day or so. however, i did find a flea on him that im not sure was dead or not. i recommend looking for fleas and picking them out even after applying this. only time will tell if this stuff works the entire month because my dog is in constant exposure to new fleas with the multiple walks he takes per day!

    Great stuff by Gail T. from Eaton, OH11/21/2013

    K-9 Advantage Green seems to work better than a lot of the other flea products I've tried. Kept fleas off my dog longer than most.

    Never had a problem by marie06/11/2008

    It's a really bad flea season this year and k9 advantix keeps them little nasty bugs off my puppy.

    GREAT! by Tonya08/19/2008

    I love this product mostly due to the fact it is for mosquito's, as well as flea's & ticks. I live in Vermont and it has been a nasty and terrible year for those buggers, but my pups are protected and we have had no problems with mosquito's, ticks or fleas! i love this product and will only use this on my dogs!!

    Flea Killer by LadyLyn from Northern CA04/07/2010

    This is the most reasonable site for Advantix K9 around. This is the only product that works on my dogs, and I have four dogs!

    Product does not work like it says by Gina from California11/12/2013

    I had to use all my product on both my dogs the first month. After all the time it took to get the product to me and the hassles with that...my dogs were getting sick and had sores all over them from all the flees they got moving to California. Even after getting a shot at the Vet, an ecxpensice dog shampoo and the first initial dose of Advantix, my dogs flees were still not gone. I had to use the other one on both of them to finally get rid of the flees. This was a horribly miserable time for them and for me to see them like that. The company was like pulling teeth to get the product sent to me in a timely manner and without a lot of confusion.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K 9 ADVANTIX Green (for dogs up to 10lbs.)
    Never had a problem by marie06/11/2008

    It's a really bad flea season this year and k9 advantix keeps them little nasty bugs off my puppy.

    Featured Reviews for 12 MONTH K9 ADVANTIX Red (for dogs 21-55lbs)
    Perfect by J01/19/2008

    We have 3 shelter dogs. Mainly inside, but go out to play in back yard that has a lot of flea and tick carrying squirrels. NEVER a FLEA, NEVER a TICK, and the mosquitos don't bite!!! PERFECT. I would NEVER use anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WORKS GREAT by Troy01/15/2008

    I Have an outside dog and and one inside/outside dog. We used Frontline and it kinda worked but K9 Is Awesome! Spend the extra money and say good by to the flees. Within 3 days the flees are gone and have not seen them since, Not in the carpet, out side on on the animals.

    great price by lajaelna from sc08/31/2014

    I have been using this product on my dogs for years and it works great. my dogs had never had any bad reaction to this and I am very pleased with it. This was the best price I have ever gotten it, and delivery was better than expected.

    by from 12/10/2012

    On my last order of K9Advantix I was, as always, totally satisfied and delighted with the prompt service from your company. The product arrived very quickly and was, of course, exactly what was ordered. I have been shopping with Entirely Pets for varioous items for a long time and have never had any problem or disappointment. Keep up the great service! Sincerely,

    sashlo by Sarasota, Florida from Sarah

    Love shopping with Entirely Pets

    BEST PRODUCT @ EVEN BETTER PRICE by amy7552 from Tennessee07/01/2012

    K9 ADVANTIX is by far, the best dog pest control product that I have ever used for our dogs. We took them in for their Spring Vet visit, and they were amazed that between the 3 of them not1 flea or tick could be found, and they are indoor/outdoor dogs. I also like the fact that it protects against musquitos and biting flies. It can get quite expensive to purchase this for 3 dogs, So I have to shop around for sales & good pricing. Entirely Pets had, hands down, the very best price that I have found.

    by from 03/24/2008

    I have used this on my dogs for a few years now.It provides wonderful coverage, and lasts for 1 month. I apply a stripe from the neck area to the base of the tail. That area will appear a bit greasy, but the dogs will have absolutely NO ticks, NO fleas, and will not be bitten by mosquitoes. This is a wonderful product, and I highly recommend it!

    consider by using from anythingI


    Dogs allergic by Farm Chick from Texas12/30/2011

    I cannot recommend this only because my dogs are allergic and all broke out and had a "burn" mark where it was placed. Had to return item. Entirely Pets was great and understanding and refunded me my entire purchase price.

    Bad year for ticks! by Peg from Nebraska04/15/2012

    This year came with a bumper crop of ticks. I started Advantix early in March this year after picking a dozen or so ticks off my dogs. I haven't seen any ticks on my dogs for a couple of weeks now. Advantix really works.

    I wouldn't leave home without it! by Lee from Desert Southwest11/06/2011

    There just are not enough words to describe the awful feeling you get when you find that your beloved pets have ticks. Suddenly you are consumed with worry over your pets health and your own. Ticks are a severe dicomfort for your pet and interrupt your daily routine. Advantix not only wipes out the ticks but keeps them from returning. It is the most effective product that I've tried and it protects from fleas and mosquitos as well.

    Worked After Frontline Failed by George's Mom from Southern Delaware11/21/2011

    I told my vet that Frontline had stopped working and she tried to convince me I had just been using it incorrectly. If I hadn't been on Facebook and talked to other dog moms with the same problem I might have tried for longer than the 3 weeks I gave it to wait for Frontline to kick-in after my dog and home were flea ridden (vacuuming every night and waking up every morning to pick fleas out of the sheets). 3 long wasted weeks of my life. K9 Advantix is the best. Never have had a problem since i switched.

    We love it! by Soandsew from Washington State10/12/2011

    We tried several products that my dog hated and didn't work. Been using this for 3 years and haven't seen a flea since. So easy!

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