Kitty Kaviar - It is like catnip for your cat!!

Kitty KaviarKitty Kaviar is an all-natural fish treat for cats of all ages. It is made from 100% dried Bonito filets, carved paper thin, and has no additives, preservatives, or by-products. Kitty Kaviar possesses a strong fish-like aroma, which entices all felines. Kitty Kaviar is 75% protein, 4% ash and 0.95% magnesium, and is a good source of taurine (39%). Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair.

One of the benefits of Kitty Kaviar is that it is low in ash and magnesium. Lowering magnesium and ash helps to decrease damage to kidneys and helps to prevent urinary tract diseases. Make a great treat, reward, food enhancer or medicinal aid.

The following are various usages for Kitty Kaviar:
  • a gourmet cat treat
  • a reward for good behavior
  • a food garnish to aid finicky eaters
  • and as a medicinal aid

  • Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (1.5 oz)
    Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (1.5 oz)

    ($9.99)  $7.95
    Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (4 oz)
    Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (4 oz)

    ($24.99)  $18.99
    4-PACK Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (16 oz)
    4-PACK Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (16 oz)

    ($79.99)  $69.99

    ($11.66 Each)

    Kitty Kaviar is an all-natural fish treat for cats of all ages. It is made from 100% dried Bonito filets, carved paper thin, and has no additives, preservatives, or by-products. Kitty Kaviar possesses a strong fish-like aroma, which entices all felines. Kitty Kaviar is 75% protein, 4% ash and 0.95% magnesium, and is a good source of taurine (39%). Taurine is used in body growth and tissue repair.

    One of the benefits of Kitty Kaviar is that it is low in ash and magnesium. Lowering magnesium and ash helps to decrease damage to kidneys and helps to prevent urinary tract diseases. Make a great treat, reward, food enhancer or medicinal aid.
    Crude Protein min. 75%
    Fat min. 3.0%
    Crude Fibre max. 1%
    Moisture max. 13%
    Taurine min. 0.35%
    Ash max. 3.8%
    Magnesium max. 0.095%
    4.83 rating based on 12 reviews
    Featured Reviews for Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (1.5 oz)
    by roni11/01/2011

    Sophie loves her kitty kaviar! She gets it nightly on top of her Wellness food.

    Best kitty treat ever by possum baty from Austin, TX03/18/2013

    It's not cheap, so if you can't afford to keep it on hand, be careful about buying it.... my cats are addicted and get 'tude if I run out. : )

    My kats won't touch it by Skybyrd from Princeton, NJ08/21/2012

    Good idea, but my two cat wouldn't touch it.

    A hit with any kitty, no matter how fussy... by loopy from New York, NY12/01/2011

    Both our cats really love their daily dose of their all-natural bonito treats; on its own or with their biscuits. Sometimes they get a small can of wet food to share and if they happen to be fussy that day, a sprinkling of bonito flakes will change their minds :) Keep refrigerated to maintain freshness.

    Best Cat treat ever ! by MsHollygolly from King City Ontario Canada05/07/2013

    I will have to stock up on this treat, because my cats are crazy about this product. Must taste really good because they will do almost anything to get this treat. I have bought many different treat items over the last couple of years but have found that they have tired of many of them after a while. Will be very interesting to see if this happens to this Kitty Kaviar, but i highly doubt it....they LOVE it so much. Kitty Candy fur-sure !

    quick to ship by rockinmom1 from Mansfield, TX11/11/2012

    My order arrived exactly when anticipated, less than a week from order date. Also shipped quick because items were in stock.

    They wouldn't touch it by Peanut from Princeton, NJ12/26/2012

    Not a bad idea to tempt finicky cats, but all four of them wouldn't touch the product.

    by from 01/02/2013

    Cats go bonkers by Alex02/04/2009

    My two cats absolutely love Kitty Kaviar. Subi is our finicky girl and I've never seen her so in love with a cat treat before. And it's healthy too...paper-thin flakes of fish with no filler or mysterious ingredients. One can will last you quite a while.

    Googie lives for it !! by Harry Piehl06/13/2008

    Our cat "GOOGLE" (alias Googie) absolutely loves this stuff. We have another cat, Stinker, who doesn't like it - until - the bottom of the can, when it is mostly powder. So - nothing in the can goes to waste. We buy it (1 oz. cans), 12 at a time (Need a second job to support Googies "habit".

    Kitties treats by Gaga from upstate NY03/12/2012

    My twin Ragdoll kitties look forward to a little of this every day after they are brushed. They love it.

    Great price. by fasbynan from lm Beach Gardens, FL04/24/2013

    We have 3 cats that have been addicted to Kitty Kaviar forever. Twice a day, they line up in front of me, waiting for their "fix". It should be called Kitty Heroin. Their are few foods or treats that all 3 agree on, but they can't get enough of this stuff.

    Not as advertised by Dan01/05/2014

    I think that there is a lot of smoke and mirror about this product. Sorry!

    The Famous Kitty Kaviar by Jillski01/01/2013

    Our cat loves this stuff. The flakes are so light, healthy & natural. She never leaves any left in the bowl. I think it's more of a delicacy for her. It's definitely a treat that she never can get enough of. Highly reccommend!

    Featured Reviews for 4-PACK Kitty Kaviar™ Shaved Bonita Fish Treats (16 oz)
    by from 02/24/2013

    Andy's favorite treat by mly from upstate NY11/06/2012

    Andy, the ragdoll kitty, looks forward to his kitty kaviar treat every morning after he is brushed. He loves it!

    Great stuff by Angostura from Brooklyn, NY06/21/2013

    My cats love this snack. They get it every morning.

    Kitty Kaviar by Buddy from Perris, CA06/02/2012

    We have used it many times -- good! But I am going to try Kitty Kuisine next time-- Seems like less crumbly product in the bottom of the sample product. Kityy Kaviar does have crumblies in bottom.

    Kitty Kaviar by Kandee08/19/2013

    My cat is 8yr old now and will not eat any other treats I've tried them all and always give then away. But kitty kaviar she goes crazy for its all natural shaved Bonita fish she has loved it since a friend gave me some when I first got my kitty and she still hooked! If you have a finicky kitty give it a try.

    I'm the Pied Piper! by Billings11/13/2010

    My cat Billings loves his Kitty Caviar so much that he waits in front of the fridge door for me to give him some. It's the only treat he has ever liked - better than catnip!!!! If I take the can out and walk around with it, he follows me wherever I go.

    Great Treat For A Kitty by JR03/21/2012

    Kitty Kaviar is the best treat I have ever seen! My cats just love it and can not get enough of it!

    My Cats Love This by Iceherinit from Brooklyn Heights, NY06/05/2012

    I first bought Kitty Kaviar for one of my cats who was sick, and would not eat. This was the one thing that he would touch, although his illness eventually took his life. My new cats love it as a snack, besides which it gives them the essential amino acid Taurine. Highly recommended!

    Kitty Kaviar by babsbeck from Huntington Beach, CA03/18/2012

    Used this product per Vet's recommendation. Should have listened to Clinical Nutritionist from UC Davis. Fish is a very high allergen to cats. Some mix breed cats do ok, but if you have a purebred cat or one who exhibits any allergy symptoms, AVOID fish flakes at all Costs!! It exacerbated one of my cats allergy problems so badly, we've been trying for 2 years to stabilize him. At first it was the only way we could get the cat to eat. Yes like people, cat's will eat things that are bad for them, but eventually we all pay the price.

    Great Product by kwest8407/16/2012

    We have two cats and they love the kitty kaviar. We give it to them as a treat each day and they just can't get enough. Even our one cat who is not a big eater digs into the fish flakes. I highly recommend this product to anyone. We will continue to buy more!!

    My cats are CRAZY about Kitty Kaviar by Vonn07/11/2014

    Have had several generations of cats that love Kitty Kaviar. The doggies love it too. Guilt free treat.

    Inconsistent quality by Bella01/20/2012

    This latest shipment is stale and the flakes are all crumbs which my cat will not eat. I am returning those I have not opened. This is not the first time this has happened. While my cat loves this product, it is inconsistent as to the quality. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. I have ordered LOTS of it and am sorry to say I am going to try something else.

    The treat cats love! by Nancy from Dallas, TX07/23/2013

    My cats love this treat. They wait by the fridge door for me to get their treats. Fresh and natural...Great for all cats!

    Great low calorie treat by Bay Watcher12/01/2011

    This is a great low calorie treat that helps keep my cats' coats shinny and healthy. They look forward to their once a week treat.

    "Fishies!" by Phil09/01/2008

    Our four-year old Cornish Rex, CC, goes bonkers for what my wife calls "fishies." I have never seen anything like it! (This is not meant to subtract from the five-stars, but our fourteen year old Cornish Rex simply sniffed it and walked away!)

    the best EVER!!!!!!!! by Donna jean01/02/2009

    Four cats love these treats, they know every night at 7PM they have treats before going to their beds.....cannot say enough to have found these....thats what the cats made me write....Big SMILE...... G

    Excellent Treat by Coconut from Hookstown, PA01/29/2013

    My cats go crazy over Kitty Kaviar.....they keep trying to climb into the kitchen cabinet to get at the cans! Good training treat....I can get them to do almost anything for this! Also, thanks for the great customer service and turn-around time on my orders.

    Addicted to Kitty Kavair by Charlotte02/23/2008

    This is an awesome treat!! My cats love it and can't live without it!!

    8 cats didn't like by Cynthia from South San Francisco, CA06/12/2012

    I tried this and none of my 8 cats would touch it -- and these are feral/abandoned cats, too.

    Kitty Kaviar by paul45511/22/2013

    Very good Cats love it!!! Would say by as much as possible

    Kitty Caviar - YummO!! by Big George from Riverview Florida08/23/2013

    I have ordered Kitty Caviar from these folks a few times. Both of my short hair Tabby's love this stuff!!

    Kitty Kaviar by Lucille05/07/2008

    The only treat they never tire of. This is just the best ever.

    Blackie says "MEOW" -- the best by Keith07/14/2008

    The 'child' (Blackie) meows persistently to get his treat before bedtime.

    Yummy by Squeaker from As03/13/2012

    My kitty is crazy for kitty kaviar. She has become Very demanding

    Amazing Product by Dee from Emporia, VA03/03/2013

    I have 3 cats. All I have to do is "reach" for the container of Kitty Kaviar and they go wild! They love the stuff! They would eat it 24/7 if I would let them. By the way, they are all picky eaters. They will "shake" their paws if they don't like something, they also "cover" it with toys, you know, just to say that's's litter pan "stuff" and not meant to be eaten. NOT SO WITH KITTY KAVIAR!

    by from 12/27/2011

    My cat cannot get enough of his Kitty Kaviar. And because of the price offered at Entirely Pets, he is able to have this special treat every day.

    six by pack from forI


    6-PACK Kitty Kaviar (6 oz by devotee from Bronx, NY03/04/2013

    I received five cans of Kitty Kaviar and one can of another shredded fish treat. I did get a call from one of the operator's telling me that they did not have the 1.05 oz of K. K., in a larger quantity on hand, and wanted to know if I would accept the 6 oz. cans instead. At first I thought the cans would cost more because of size,, but the operatorI assured me it would be cheaper because I would only be getting six. I said ok, but I was not told, at that time, that I would receive one can of another brand' of shredded fish and only five cans of Kitty Kaviar. The 'odd' can was the same size, but I wasn't sure if my cat would like it. Not to worry! My 'buddy' eats anything that is a treat --- he didn't mind if it was Kitty Kaviar or not. So, Entirely Pets, YOU lucked out! I gave three stars because of the switch in cans and not being told.

    by Oh Reo03/08/2013

    great and friendly people..!

    by from 03/07/2013

    This is the only kitty treat my cat will eat, and I've tried everything!

    The only thing.... by ChrisShe


    Worst Purchasing Experience Ever by Frankiesmum11/10/2011

    The order took over 2 weeks to reach me and there is more powder in the canisters than flakes. Might not be an issue for most people but I have a finicky cat who won't touch the powder. I learned my lesson...will purchase elsewhere in the future.

    Great purchase and service by Ritaweb from San Diego05/29/2012

    My cats go bonkers for Kitty Kaviar! And this time the shipment was delivered way faster than ever before. Thanks for the great service!

    Kitty Kaviar by ord03 from Texas12/13/2011

    One of the cats loves it, the other doesn't care. But, the one who loves it REALLY loves it! You may get different results and your mileage may vary.

    yum yum yummy by eziller from Sabattus, Maine10/23/2012

    this stuff is still my cats' most favorite treat of all time!

    kitty kaviar by donnam from quakertown, PA03/31/2014

    I have been buying this product for probably 10 years. I have two very picky Siamese cats who really like NO cat treats and have sensitive digestive systems. Both love this treats. One will eat no other treat at all. It is consistently in its quality. I buy it by a six pack from Entirely Pets making it very affordable for me to indulge them.

    The Cat's Meow by ritaweb12/02/2013

    Kitty Kaviar is like a drug for my cats. They go nuts as soon as they see the can and believe they become vocal when I pull it off the shelf. They cry until I put some down for them to eat. Best find ever!

    My cats love it by Katkat from Bradenton fl09/26/2013

    Bonito flakes from cat man doo in the past had been all my 2 spoiled cats would accept as treats until I introduced them to kitty Kaviar . They sit in my husband's chair and wait for their treats, I know I will be ordering more very quickly!

    cats favorite snack by catlover from upstate NY10/26/2011

    Every day after they get brushed, my two ragdoll cats know they with get their kitty kaviar treat. They love it more than any other treat and I like it because it is fortified with vitamins but doesn't contain any grain like all other treats do. One of my babies is grain-intolerant. Great natural product.

    Best Cat Treat on the planet by Tommie from Fountain Hills, AZ11/29/2011

    This is an excellent product and Entirely Pets has the best price I have come across. All my cats LOVE Kitty Kaviar. Since it is just dried fish is is also healthy.

    Cats LOVE it by PJ from Somewhere in Georgia12/05/2012

    My cats love this special treat. They won't let me go to sleep without their nighttime snack and will come from anywhere in the house when I rattle the can. Great product and all natural too!

    kitty kaviar by janis03/16/2013

    my cats love this stuff they hear me open the can and come running

    Great Product by Katt from Plover WI01/06/2012

    My cat is loves this! She has a sensitive stomach but tolerates this with no issues. Pricing is terrific, and shipping was prompt!

    Great Treats by Nancy from Dallas, TX04/17/2012

    Fast service, and always friendly to deal with. My cats love their treats!!

    Kitty Kaviar addiction by Eriks mom from The great NW08/02/2013

    Hello, my name is Tammy, and my cat is a Kaviar-aholic. My cat will do anything for this stuff. His absolute favorite thing is to have a few flakes mixed in with his moist tuna food. He loves me so much when he gets his Kitty Kaviar that I can't help but enable him! It makes me so happy to give Erik something he loves so much and is so good for him. The lower ash and magnesium makes it even more healthy for my kitty. Try it once, you and your cat will be hooked!!!

    Can't travel without it by hikerpatrick from home is where you park it01/14/2014

    I'm full time 3 yrs now in a motorhome with two 14 yr old cats named Boots & Bomber. Many years ago I started giving the cats Kitty Kaviar as a treat about 3 pm each day at the house. They make sure it still happens. Somehow they know when 3 pm is in any time zone. Can't travel without it and Entirely Pets ships it right away to where ever I am. Thanks for great service.

    Kitty Kavair from Entirely Pets by Smoky Mountain02/23/2013

    Shawnee loves Kitty Kavair and Kitty Kuisine.! Our furkids deserve the best on their Birthdays and every day!

    Kitty Kaviar by hercules550 from Tampa, FL08/29/2013

    Cocaine for cats. If your cat is on a specific diet which he or she abhors, this mixed into and garniashed on food will do the trick.

    Demanding Kitty by Tami from Mendocino, CA.10/22/2012

    I have a Cornish Rex who says to me, get my Kitty kaviar and hurry. He doesn't even say please or thank you. He just eats it up. He just yelled at me to get him some more. His voice makes a Siamese's meow sound like a kitten. I always have to be careful to make sure I do not run out of his Kitty Kaviar. Entirley Pets has never let me down to get Rex his treat and when I had to call on the phone they were very helpful and friendly. Thank you. Tami Jefferson

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